Jelly Beans' Birth Dates, Stats, and Birth Stories
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Thread: Jelly Beans' Birth Dates, Stats, and Birth Stories

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    Default Jelly Beans' Important Info (BFPs, Birthdays, Birth Stories)

    January Jelly Beans' INFO

    This thread is for us to list our January Jelly Beans' birth stats, birth stories and of course pics! Please do not comment on this thread unless you're sharing your birth story or pics of your new LO. Please PM me (ButtonsMama) with your stats if you would like them added.


    LydiaQOTU (Lydia) - EDD 9/7/10

    madisonbaby - EDD 10/18/10
    Mia78 (Mia) - EDD 10/22/10

    Jelly Bean Siblings!
    Sebastien David, little brother to Stella Gabrielle, born 1/6/09 to Mandora
    Hayley Grace, little sister to Addison Jean and Paige Mooreen, born 6/11/09 to af1656
    Quinn, little brother to Tess, born 7/10/09 to SandiCarr
    Kismet Ilise, little sister to Aiden Scott, born 7/13/09 to Champloo
    Scarlett, little sister to Caitlin Grace, born 8/14/09 to bonita_paki
    Gracie Lou, little sister to Molly Mae, born 8/17/09 to Bribaby
    Gavin Cash, little brother to Jackson, born 9/4/09 to Jaymers
    Tyler Lyman, little brother to Skyla Helen, born 9/6/09 to skylamommy2
    Karah Aslynn, little sister to Khloe Isabel, born 9/10/09 to Eils0312
    Carson Richard, little brother to Kaden, born 9/14/09 to AVoiceintheWilderness
    Seth Josiah, little brother to Janae Charisse, born 9/20/09 to lomelindi
    Madelyn Marin, little sister to Maxwell, born 10/3/09 to TB34
    Matthew Alexander, little brother to Michael Henry, born 10/6/09 to whawuzthat
    Morrigan, little sister to Paige Jasmine, born 10/9/09 to cjmaxell
    Liam Taylor, little brother to Grayson Jeffrey, born 11/14/09 to KassnJeff
    Everly Grace, little sister to Eden, born 11/30/09 to Azmokitty
    Lila Kay, little sister to Dietrich James (DJ), born 12/9/09 to nitefire_98
    Isaac James, little brother to Abigail Grace, born 2/20/10 to snelson924
    Rowynn Cordelia, little sister to Fiona Lorelai, born 3/8/10 to irishgirl
    Nathaniel John, little brother to Gabriel William, born 3/25/10 to SM1day
    Tahj, little brother to Paisley, born 3/27/10 to flowerpot
    Lauren Abigail, little sister to Evan William, born 6/16/10 to peanut's mommy

    TheJelly Bean Gang!

    02 BRENAM GRACE (lori07), 7:58 a.m., 2 lb. 8 oz., 14.5" (Born 30w0d)
    10 ABIGAIL GRACE (snelson924), 1:44 a.m., 3 lb. 10.5 oz., 15.5" (Born 31w0d)
    30 C (michou), 2:15 a.m., 4 lb. 13 oz., 16" (Born 33w0d)
    30 N (michou), 2:15 a.m., 4 lb. 6 oz., 17" (Born 33w0d)

    03 DIETRICH JAMES (nitefire_98 ), 7:06 p.m., 5 lb. 10 oz., 19.75" (Born 33w5d)
    08 IVY MARIE (katenov6), 4:10 p.m., 6 lb. 10 oz., 19.5" (Born 36w1d)
    11 DALTON SHEY (Tiny8504), 11:24 a.m., 6 lb. 13 oz., 20" (Born 38w0d)
    12 SAMUEL RICHARD (beckyjj0816), 4:11 p.m., 6 lb. 14 oz., 20" (Born 37w3d)
    15 JUDE OWEN (Joley), 4:27 p.m., 8 lb. 7 oz., 19.5" (Born 40w0d)
    19 NICHOLAS ANTHONY (mw7_7), 8:01 a.m., 4 lb. 12 oz., 18" (Born 38w0d)
    20 AIDEN SCOTT (Champloo), 5:55 a.m., 8 lb. 0 oz., 20" (Born 37w3d)
    20 ELLIS GREGORY (violetjed), 4:27 p.m., 8 lb. 10 oz., 21.75" (Born 37w2d)
    21 KALEB ANTHONY (dragonfly123), 4:13 a.m., 6 lb. 1 oz., 18" (Born 38w3d)
    21 AHMAD (aisha786), 7:48 a.m., 4 lb. 8 oz., ?" (Born 33w5d)
    21 NICO JOHN (Mia78 ), 3:40 p.m., 8 lb. 8 oz., 19.5" (Born 38w0d)
    26 JESSIAH JOHN (mom2bugnbuga), 10:54 a.m., 8 lb. 8 oz., 21" (Born 38w1d)
    26 AVA GRACE (gguest321), 4:00 p.m., 6 lb. 6 oz., 18.5" (Born 36w0d)
    26 CONNER (beth0108 ), 9:56 p.m., 5 lb. 10 oz., 19" (Born 36w6d)
    26 MACAYLA (beth0108 ), 9:57 p.m., 4 lb. 12 oz., 18.5" (Born 36w6d)
    27 FRANCESCA GRACE (matt&sadiesma), ? time, 8 lb. 5 oz., ?" (Born 38w1d)
    27 KEVIN DAVID (rockies17), 8:38 a.m., 10 lb. 3 oz., 22" (Born 39w2d)
    27 JACIE (vienna), 9:50 a.m., 7 lb. 9 oz., 20" (Born 38w4d)
    27 CYRIL CHRISTOPHER (LydiaQOTU), 6:48 p.m., 7 lb. 7 oz., 19" (Born 38w6d)
    28 BRENT (batgirlandrobin), 1:11 a.m., 7 lb. 7 oz., 20" (Born 37w2d)
    28 BENJAMIN DEAN (madisonbaby), 5:26 a.m., 7 lb. 3 oz., 20.5" (Born 38w5d)
    28 LUKE JAMES (delightdee), 9:39 a.m., 6 lb. 14 oz., 20" (Born 37w2d)
    28 ADDISON JEAN (af1656), 10:22 a.m., 5 lb. 10 oz., 17" (Born 38w0d)
    28 PAIGE MOOREEN (af1656), 10:23 a.m., 5 lb. 3 oz., 18" (Born 38w0d)
    28 MAXWELL (TB34), 4:26 p.m., 6 lb. 6 oz., 20.5" (Born 38w3d)
    30 ALEXANDER BRYAN JOHN (BellaandAlex'sMum), 2:57 a.m., 6 lb. 8 oz., 51 cm. (Born 37w4d)
    31 ELLA GRACE (Babycrazed82), 8:15 p.m., 6 lb. 12 oz., ?" (Born 38w0d)
    31 STELLA GABRIELLE (mandora), 8:50 p.m., 6 lb. 5 oz., 19.25" (Born 36w2d)

    02 BRENNAN MATTHEW (SickGirl), 11:22 a.m., 7 lb. 2 oz., 19.25" (Born 38w3d)
    02 MASON (jenandgreg), 11:17 p.m., 5 lb. 10 oz., 17" (Born 37w0d)
    03 PAIGE JASMINE (cjmaxell), 6:50 a.m., 6 lb. 15 oz., 19.5" (Born 38w4d)
    04 TUCKER JACKSON (mrsky), 7:57 a.m., ? weight, ?" (Born 39w0d)
    04 MARISSA RUTH (mstrish), 12:02 p.m., 8 lb. 8 oz., 20" (Born 38w2d)
    05 CONNOR THOMAS (littleblessings), ? time, 9 lb. 3 oz., 21.5" (Born ?w?d)
    05 EVAN WILLIAM (peanut's mommy), 7:30 a.m., 7 lb. 5 oz., 21" (Born 40w0d)
    05NATHANIEL CHRISTOPHER (jenkuhns28 ), 8:41 a.m., 6 lb. 13 oz., 19.5" (Born 37w4d)
    05 ALICIA (FirstBabyForBeth), 1:48 p.m., 6 lb. 9 oz., 19" (Born ?w?d)
    05 VIOLET IRENE (Nix_girl), 9:17 p.m., 8 lb. 7 oz., 21" (Born 39w0d)
    05 COLIN JOSHUA (Ceres), 10:08 p.m., 7 lb. 5 oz., 20" (Born 36w6d)
    06 MARYN ANNE (Birdie), 3:14 a.m., 9 lb. 11 oz., 20" (Born 40w0d)
    06 XYANDER LEROY (wiltedrose314), 10:23 a.m., 6 lb. 10 oz., 20" (Born 37w1d)
    07 RICHARD CHASE (Kittiebear), ? time, 7 lb. 5 oz., ?" (Born 37w6d)
    08 ALYSSA (smoore), 6:30 p.m., 7 lb. 6.5 oz., 20.5" (Born 40w4d)
    08 MADILYN SKYE (melkitty18 ), 8:07 p.m., 6 lb. 1 oz., 18.5" (Born 37w4d)
    09 GRAYSON JEFFREY (KassnJeff), 10:14 a.m., 7 lb. 15 oz., 20.5" (Born 38w5d)
    09 JOSHUA ALEXANDER (yorkshirebird), 1:59 p.m., 6 lb. 12 oz., 21" (Born 39w1d)
    09MICHAEL HENRY (whawuzthat), 8:51 p.m., 8 lb. 1 oz., 20" (Born 40w4d)
    11 SLOAN (babymcns), 10:50 a.m., 7 lb. 15 oz., 20.5" (Born 39w4d)
    11 JACKSON (Jaymers), 4:26, 6 lb. 3 oz., 19" (Born 36w0d)
    12 SOPHIA NOEL (mrs_christmas), 12:29 a.m., 8 lb. 2 oz., 19" (Born 41w2d)
    12 MURRAY (MaritimeMommy), 2:24 a.m., 9 lb. 10 oz., 20" (Born 39w4d)
    12 CALEB MICHAEL (krayzieandie), 3:25 p.m., 10 lb. 0 oz., 22.5" (Born 39w4d)
    14 BOBBY (i_need_a_massage), 6:44 a.m., 7 lb. 1 oz. (Born 39w1d)
    15 HOPE LOUANN (going2b3), 2:08 a.m., 8 lb. 8 oz., 20" (Born 40w5d)
    15 TYLER DEAN (redmom), 3:44 a.m., 7 lb. 8 oz., 20.25" (Born 38w1d)
    16 COREY, JR. (CharmedMom4LittleMonkeys), 10:34 a.m., 9 lb. 2.25 oz, 20.5" (Born 39w4d)
    16 MOLLY MAE (Bribaby), 12:08 p.m., 9 lb. 13 oz., 22" (Born 39w0d)
    16 JOAQUIN (pol&jus), 7:36 p.m., 8 lb. 7 oz., 20.5" (Born 39w4d)
    16 CALEB WILLIAM PHILIP (ButtonsMama), 8:38 p.m., 6 lb. 11 oz., 19.5" (Born 38w2d)
    17 DELILAH ANNALISE (cherokeebaby83) 5:58 a.m., 8 lb. 0 oz., 20.5" (Born 40w0d)
    17 CAITLIN GRACE (bonita_paki), 1:41 p.m., 6 lb. 7 oz., 19" (Born 38w3d)
    18 KAILA GRACE (tigger529), 8:03 p.m., 9 lb. 1 oz., 21.5" (Born 39w3d)
    19 MARIUS ALEXANDER (SgtElias), 11:13 a.m., 6 lb. 14 oz., 19.5" (Born 39w2d)
    19 MICHAEL EDWARD (janowick), 7:23 a.m., 8 lb. 5.5 oz., 21.5" (Born 42w1d)
    19 MADELINE ROSE (kayaker01), 2:37 p.m., 7 lb. 0 oz., 19" (Born 40w0d)
    22 BRODY WILLIAM (OctoberBaby), 7:56 a.m., 7 lb. 1 oz., 19" (Born 39w3d)
    22 FIONA LORELAI (irishgirl), 2:51 p.m., 6 lb. 12 oz., 19.5" (Born 39w4d)
    22 EMMA (emmismom), 7:29 p.m., 7 lb. 9 oz., 19.5" (Born ?w?d)
    22 ELLEANA GRACE (rosec08 ), 9:22 p.m., 8 lb. 2 oz., 20" (Born 40w6d)
    24 MADALYN FAITH (TnMomof2), 11:36 a.m., 7 lb. 8.9 oz., 19.5" (Born 39w1d)
    25 WYATT (~Angie~), ? time, 10 lb. 2 oz., 21.75" (Born 39w1d)
    25 ALEXANDER ELLIOT (Foxsummer), 7:36 a.m., 8 lbs. 8 oz., 20.5" (Born 39w1d)
    26 HELENA DOROTHY MATILDA (Jubilee), 7:23 a.m., 8 lb. 7 oz., 20.5" (Born 40w5d)
    28 MAXWELL GRANT (kerlas), 2:06 p.m., 9 lb. 5 0z., 21.75" (Born 40w5d)
    28 HOLLY BRIANNA (fluromandy), 11:59 p.m., 8 lb. 4 oz., 21" (Born 42w0d)
    29 KHLOE ISABEL (Eils0312), 11:40 a.m., 9 lb. 9 oz., 20.25" (Born ?w?d)
    30 NOLAN KAI (Capricorns), 3:51 p.m., 7 lb. 6 oz., 20.25" (Born 38w2d)

    01 JANAE CHARISSE (lomelindi), 12:03 p.m., 8 lb. 11 oz., 20" (Born 40w5d)
    01 JULIA LEIGH (noble_house), 10:51 p.m., 9 lb. 6 oz., 21.75" (Born 40w5d)
    01 DAWSON (dani8145), 8:45 p.m., 7 lb. 6 oz., 20" (Born 40w0d)
    02 SKYLA HELEN (sprintcarkelly), ? time, 7 lb. 13 oz., 19.5" (Born 40w1d)
    02 BRAYDEN JAMES (Baby Brain), 1:46 p.m., 8 lb. 12 oz., 22" (Born ?w?d)
    05 EDEN (azmokitty), 11:51 p.m., 8 lb. 4 oz., 19.5" (Born ?w?d)
    21 TESS (SandiCarr), 12:01 p.m., 10 lb. 0.5 oz., 21.75" (Born 43w2d)
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    Quote Originally Posted by lori07 View Post
    I had our baby last week on November 2nd. I have been in the hospital very sick until today.

    I went to l&d on Thursday (11/1) and my blood pressure just sky rocketed and I was having really bad chest pains. So the dr decided to do an emergency C-Secestion Friday morning (11/2). I never even had a contraction!! Which made me happy when I heard the other ladies in l&d screaming and I knew I would never have to go through those contractions!!

    So Brenam was born at 7:58 on 11/2 and weighed 2 lbs and 8 oz. She is doing as best as can be excepted for her little body right now.

    I just came home today, because my blood pressure was so high for so long that they were having a hard time getting it under control. It took almost 10 whole days but finally it seems to be stable. Not as low as it should be but it is way better than it was.

    I hate that I haven't gotten to let all ya'll know till now, but I was so sick I couldn't even really get out of bed for days.

    I hope that ya'll are doing well.
    My "babies" are Abigail (6/06) and Caleb (1/08 )

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    Hope you don't mind, Jill!

    Quote Originally Posted by snelson924 View Post
    Abigail Grace Snelson – Birth Story

    After 2 rounds of going into labor and it being stopped, Thursday, Nov 9, 2007 at 12:00am contractions began and this time were accompanied by bloody show. Time to go to the hospital…again! So off we went. We got to the hospital and they quickly began another round of terbutaline but to no avail. The contractions kept coming every 2 -3 minutes. For a few hours they were tolerable. But soon they started coming harder and harder. My entire labor was back labor – which is almost worse than having all the contractions up front (so I’m told…and I believe it!!). At 1:00pm the doctor came to assess me and I was 4 cm 100% effaced. They kept trying everything they could think of to stop my labor from more terbutaline to procardia to narcotics but nothing worked! She was just ready to come!!! Funny insert here: when I was on the narcotics, they dulled the pain just enough so I could nap in between contractions. Apparently when I was “out of it” I began asking to use the bathroom IN FRENCH! I haven’t used my French in about 2 years! Robert also go a kick out of me seeing my IV and pointing very enthusiastically saying “BUBBLES!!!” Finally around 12:30am (Saturday morning) my doctor decided this was going to happen no matter what he did so he ordered the epidural. Thank God!!! My contractions at this point had been VERY hard for 12 hours straight and I was exhausted and completely worn out. Epidural meant relief!!! Once I got the epidural I had progressed to 6 cm 100%, 0 station. I met the anesthesiologist (my new best friend!) and he hooked me up! I screamed at the local anesthetic – he didn’t tell me it would burn (BURN!) and it scared me! But once it was in, the epidural took about 2 minutes to take effect and all my pain was gone. 10 minutes later my doctor came to check me and said “it’s time to push!” so I got into position. Robert held my right leg, my nurse held my left leg, Erin and Mom stood right behind the doctor watching the whole thing from a front row seat! So here I go! I started pushing and couldn’t feel a thing…just pressure. I wasn’t sure if I was doing it right, but apparently I was because my I kept hearing “I see her head!” I pushed for a total of 6 minutes and out she came!!! From the way I was sitting/laying in the bed I could see the entire thing.

    She immediately turned pink (THANK GOD!) and cried just a bit. The doctor suctioned her out and quickly passed her off to the NICU team (3 nurses) who took over Abigail’s care. I finished up with the delivery of the placenta and such. But honestly I had no idea at that point what was going on “down there” – I kept my eyes on my baby girl! She seemed so far away from me, but the way the nurse was standing, I could see everything they were doing. She started out breathing on her own but they decided to put a breathing tube in just to help her out a bit. The first try didn’t go so well: Abigail didn’t like it and she coughed it out! (a very good sign!) The second time worked. They put her in an incubator and wheeled her over to me so I could touch her and spend a quick minute with her (through glass) before she went to the NICU. I wasn’t going to see her again for another 5 ½ hours…

    I still didn’t know any of her stats: weight, length or anything. That came later.

    My first visit with Abigail

    If anyone ever tells you that your epidural will wear off in an hour, do not believe them! It took 5 hours for me to feel my legs again! Then again, she was born 20 minutes after getting it. But I couldn’t get up until I could walk and having no feeling in my legs doesn’t make walking very easy! So as soon as I felt strong enough, they moved me to a mother/baby room – but on my way I was allowed to stop in and see my daughter. When I got there, she was hooked up to the breathing tubes and had an IV in her right hand. She also had what looked to me like a gazillion wires coming from every part of her body measuring everything imaginable: heartrate, breaths per minute for both what the machine was doing and what she was doing on her own, body temperature, etc. She looked so small!!! But she was here and the nurse assured me that she was doing quite well. I was told that she weighed in at 3 lbs 10.5 oz and was 15.5 inches long. Apparently that’s quite big for a 31 weeker! (that’s my girl!) I spent about 20 minutes with her then had to head back to my room. It was 6:30 am at this point and I was exhausted! We were told that we would be able to go back in at 8:00am to see her during her “hands on” time. “Hands on” is when Mommy and Daddy (and 4 other previously approved people) can go in and change her diaper, check her temperature, hold her, feed her, and do whatever she can tolerate at the time. The first time we had our “hands on” we were only allowed to touch her. We took about 50 bagillion pictures of her!! She was doing very well – the nurses were very pleased!

    The second time we went (12 noon) she was doing so well that we were allowed to hold her for about 15 minutes each. I cannot describe how it felt to hold my daughter for the first time! She was so tiny and beautiful and perfect!!! I kept looking at her thinking “this is MY daughter! WOW!” Robert also held her and to see him with her made me melt! It was even more amazing then the feeling I had of me holding her! Seeing my husband hold my daughter just did something to me that I have no words to describe.

    We got a call from the NICU at 2:00pm telling us that Abigail was doing so well they were taking her off the breathing machines. She was able to breathe completely on her own!!! The only thing she had was a nasal canola to keep her oxygen level up – but she was doing all the work herself! We went in again at 3:00 but weren’t allowed to hold her. She got a little stressed by us holding her at noon and I didn’t want to push it. I kept telling her how much I love her and how beautiful she is!!!

    On Sunday I went in at 8:00am with Auntie Erin who got to change her diaper! At this point she had had 4 VERY full diapers! Her kidneys seem to be working just fine! At noon JoJo (grandma) got to hold her for the first time and everyone cried! She was completely free of any help and the only machines she was hooked up to were for nourishment! AMAZING!!! I held her again for just a few minutes then put her back. Thankfully, this round of holding her did not stress her out in the slightest!

    At 3:00pm we went back for our last visit of the day since I was being discharged from the hospital. Just before we were on our way down, we got a call from the NICU telling me that she was doing so well and was so stable that she was being moved down from the NICU to the Intermediate Nursery!!! Robert and I went to see her and tell her bye and that we would be back tomorrow.
    My "babies" are Abigail (6/06) and Caleb (1/08 )

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    Delivery Pictures

    First Moments With Abigail

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    Both girls were born on November 30th at 2:15 in the afternoon, and here's the details:

    C: 4 lbs 13 ounces, 16 inches
    N: 4 lbs 6 ounces, 17 inches

    November 25th at a few days past 32 weeks I was admitted to the hospital -- I didn't want to go in but my SO was more convinced than I that the pains below my right breast meant something. The obgyn agreed with him and blood tests revealed that my liver function levels were elevated. Very elevated in fact, and over the next 5 days the situation worsened. On the 29th my liver tests returned with a level of 400; 10 times even the upper range of the liver function test.

    I'd like to say that it was agreed that we deliver, but that makes it seem like I wasn't party to the decision, which isn't true. After much discussion my ObGyn convinced me that an induction was not the best option for the girls, and in particular for Baby B. She was in breech position and an extraction could possibly be hard on her in a way that wouldn't be a problem were I full term. I agreed that a c-section would be better for the girls and in turn my doctor agreed that we could take a 'wait and see' attitude regarding my liver tests; if they stabilized we could wait, and if they worsened we would start plans for a section.

    The night of the 29th and early morning of the 30th I was miserable -- cramping, panting, awake all night, in pain. At some point I recall turning down a chest xray since I knew that the shortness of breath and panting was pain related and not something warranting a chest xray. Besides, who offers a chest xray to a pregnant woman?

    The ObGyn on call strongly suggested that we deliver on the 30th; my liver levels were continued to worsen and we knew that the nursery had 2 beds for the girls. The delivery was very routine for a C-section.

    (to be continued)
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    Talking Dietrich James

    Dietrich James
    Birth date: 12-03-2007
    Time: 7:06 pm
    5 lb 10 oz (doctor said he's impressed with his size!)
    19 ¾ inches long
    33 weeks 5 days

    For those of you who remember my #9 coincidences, this’ll be interesting to you:
    Water broke at 9 am at 33 weeks 3 days: 3 + 3 + 3 = 9
    12-03-2007: 12 – 3 = 9 and 2 + 0 + 0 + 7 = 9
    Cool huh? Anyway…on to his story…

    Saturday, December 1st:
    I woke up at 8:55am. Went to the bathroom…finished…went to stand up and felt something like a bubble burst inside. Then I started leaking a LOT of clear fluid. I looked at the clock…9 am. I yelled for DH and told him my water just broke. He got the deer in the headlight look…it was cute. Then he frantically ran around trying to get a hold of the doctor. Hospital said to call doc…doc’s office was closed and machine referred us to the hospital. We gave up calling and I just took a shower, we packed my bag and went into Labor & Delivery. They checked me and sure enough…water broke!

    I was having a few contractions, but nothing really bad or close together so they admitted me and said we’ll just wait it out. They didn’t want to stop it since my water broke, but they didn’t want to induce either since we were only at 33 weeks 3 days. They said to stay in my hospital bed on strict bed rest and we’ll see what happens.

    Sunday, December 2nd:
    Bored as h*ll!! I was having contractions every 20-30 minutes…nothing bad. More like bad cramps.

    Doctor came in and said that if I didn’t go into natural labor by Wednesday, they were going to induce me. Then they started the IV to give me antibiotics since we knew Dietrich was going to be born this week. What an ordeal that was!! They stuck me 4 times in my right arm…couldn’t get it to work. Then went to my left arm and got it to work, but by early Monday morning, I was in so much pain from the IV location, they had to move it again! Remember how I said I hated IVs?? Yeah, that’s why! My arms are so bruised…it’s gross.

    Monday, December 3rd:
    Having stronger contractions, but they couldn’t pick any up on the monitor. I was beginning to think it was all in my head! DH went home for a while to take care of some things and then was going to come back at 3:30 so we could take a tour of the NICU since we hadn’t seen that yet. I started having really bad cramping at 2:00pm. The nurse gave me some pain killers and hooked me up to the monitor. Nothing, again!! DH came back right on-time and I told him that the pains were coming every 5 minutes and getting very painful. We buzzed the nurse and I told her that I wasn’t kidding…I really thought I was in labor. She said there’s nothing on the monitor. I told her that the pains weren’t where the monitor was. They were lowers. My stomach wasn’t tightening as they said it should, but my lower stomach sure was. She moved the monitor lower and sure enough…lo and behold!!...CONTRACTIONS!! I was actually relieved! I thought I was going crazy.

    Anyway, the doctor came in to check me around 5pm and said I was already 6 cm dilated!! They moved me to L&D. They gave me a pain shot (can’t remember the name). It worked, but not for long. By 6:30pm I was at 9 ½ cm. The nurse asked me if I wanted another shot, I said yes. She had just put the needle into the IV (which I forgot to mention, had to be moved again and the vein blew so they moved it one more time in the middle of all of this!!) and the urge came to push at 6:55pm and Dietrich James was born at 7:06pm. It was quick…not painless…but quick!

    He has all 10 fingers and all 10 toes and NO CLEFT LIP OR PALATE!! We were worried about that. Being so early, his lungs aren’t completely mature yet and he’s working hard to breathe, but he’s breathing on his own. He is using a CPAP machine, but he’s doing the work. It’s still possible that he may have to use a ventilator, but we’re hoping not. They think he might even be able to come home before Christmas!! What a great way to celebrate the holidays!!

    I’m doing just fine. Sore, but healing well. Only needed 4 stitches on the inside so they don’t even bother me. I was truly lucky and blessed to have everything go as well as it did. DH was a dream…he was by my side the whole time and I KNOW he’s going to be an awesome dad.

    That’s about it! Sorry so long…but it was a long weekend!

    I can't get the slide show to show up directly in this post so I'll just give you the link. Just click on his picture.

    ~DS DJ - January 2008 Jelly Beans
    ~DD Lila - December 2009 Diamonds (Cohost)

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    Aiden's Story

    I was very uncomfortable and just plain eww feeling all day that day but I didn't think anything of it and went on with my life. Then around 5pm I started feeling really bad pressure down below and had to get in a warm tub to relieve it. After awhile the tub wouldn't even relieve it. I sat down on a heating pad after this. At 10:00 the contractions started coming strong and regular at 4 mins apart. I decided to sit and wait for awhile so that I didn't go to l&d too my water was still intact. 11:00pm The contractions got unbarable so I decided to go as I was shaking and getting sick. They checked me in and checked me I was 3.5 and 90% and since I was so thin they kept me on the monitors and decided to check again in an hour. That hour was so unbelieveably uncomfortable for me as the pressure and contractions got worse and worse. Time to get checked again! The nurse came in and as soon as she put her fingers in she smiled and said 5.5 and 100% with a bulging bag of waters! It wasn't long before they got me into a room and hooked up my IV and after about 5 tries they get this right. By now I am like in need of some serious pain medication so they order that and order my epidural. 30 minutes of unbarable pain later they give me the pain medication and check my cervix was 6.5/100%/bulging bag of waters. By this time my nurse said if my water hadn't broken by the time I get my epidural she'd go ahead and break it for me as the pressure of the bag was irratating me. An hour and fifteen minutes later the epidural was given to me and my water had to be broken. Not 30 minutes later I got an urge to push and quickly called my nurse. She came running in and sure enough I went from 6.5 to 9.5 in 30 minutes so she called my doctor in. After 5 or 6 pushes Aiden came out at 5:55 am and he was so precious!!

    Professional (had to take a pic of a pic)

    Spending time with daddy:

    I have more but I gotta get them on a cd!

    DB: Aaron
    DS: Aiden,1 12-20-07
    DD: Kismet 7:59am 7-13-09
    Angels: 09/03/12

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    I have always said I had such an easy pregnancy, but getting this kiddo out of me is another story

    Nicholas Anthony
    Born on December 19th
    4pounds 12 ounces 18 inches long
    born at 8:01am by C-Section

    On Tuesday Decemeber 18th I went for a biophysical U/S - I thought this was going to be a normal visit. That afternoon my doctor called me and said that the U/S looked good and there was no reason he could not deliver me. He said the only problem was that he will be small. My doctor told me to be at the hospital at 8pm Tuesday and they would induce me.

    We got to the hospital and it felt like forever to get me ready. My cervix was still closed. They put a gel on it - very ouchy! When I started mild contractions my LO's heartrate went down. The contractions were not even that bad. They had to pull out the gel strip, because he had too many D-Cell (when heart rate goes down). After they pulled out the strip - breathing still was not normal, so they put oxygen on me. Nicholas seemed to like the oxygen. I almost had an emergency c-section early Wed. morning, if they could not get his heartbeat at a normal pace. I was scared! They were waiting for my doctor to induce me some more or just do a c-section. The doctor opted for a c-section because he did not know how Nicholas would handled the "natural" way. While they were getting me ready for the c-section, the doctor got me DH and told him that he was concerned with the heartbeat but did not want to tell me due to my high BP. Nicholas was born very healthy. He did have the cord wrapped around his neck - but he is just so handsome and good so far. The nurses say how tiny he is and how they want to take him home. He was born full term, but because of high blood pressure the placenta was tiny - which they had my placenta tested.
    He is truly my Christmas angel. We had so many complications in the end, but he turned out perfect. I am sore, but it was all worth it in the end.
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    Mandy (DH-Chris (10-21-06)) (DS-Niko) (DS2-Jacob- 5-23-11) 6 furbabies

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    Dalton Shey born on Dec 11th at 11:24 am by c-section.
    6 lbs 13 oz.
    almost 21 inches

    I went to the hosptial on the 9th of Dec. because I thought my water had broke and the nurse said that I had her stumped because I was leaking fluids but it wasnt coming back as if my water broke so after being in the hospital for 6 hours they sent me home. That night I started having contractions really bad and could barely talk but I didnt want to go back to the hospital. My dh called the hospital Monday night at 6 pm and he made me go to the hospital and we got there at 7 pm. I got put on the monitores and my water broke at 10 pm, (and we didnt bring the bag so my dh and my dad had to drive a hour back home to the bag and the carseat). By 4 am the nurse comes in the room and tells me that she is going to get me ready for a c-section because the way I was contracting I should of had Dalton by 2 am, but I wasnt dilating past 2 cm. By 6 am I am ready for my c-section and have to wait for the dr to get there because of the ice storm. They came and got me at 10:45 am and got the epidural and at 11:24 am Dalton was born and he was peeing all over the nurses. The weighed him and then let me give him a kiss before they took him. My dh said that they had to measure him 3 times because they couldnt believe how long he was. My dr told my parents he couldnt believe how big he was and know wonder I was complaining of chest pain because he was taking up all my space.
    I got to hold him for 5 minutes when I got back to my room and I had to have my sister take him because my arms were numb and I didnt want to drop him. Then my family took turns holding him and they left an hour after he was born because of the storm. The nurses kept be drugged up for 14 hours, so I didnt get to see Dalton again until Wednesday morning and that is when the nurse tells me that he had to be under the heat lap all night because he wasnt keeping up his body temp. I was a little disappointed that I didnt get to see him as much as I wanted, because of the drugs. We got to go home on Friday and I was so ready to get out of there.
    One good thing was that I had a friend as my nurse every morning and she was in the operating room too.

    Melissa K
    Dh Greg

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    Nico John, 8.5lbs, 19.5 ins, born 3:40pm Fridat Dec 21, 2007 at 38wks.

    My water broke early Friday morning. I was in bed sleeping and felt a pop sensation down below, so got out of bed to use the bathroom (and luckily made it there!). Thought I was done, got back in bed to rest b/c I thought it'd be a while longer before things really got going and that I should rest. Well, got back out of bed as soon as I got in to go to the bathroom again. Had to keep going back a few times between the "water" and the #2 I kept having to do. When all was what I thought finally done, I got back into bed, debating about if I should tell DH, or let him sleep longer. Since he seemed to be lightly asleep, I mentioned it to him. He wanted me to call the midwives, I thought about waiting longer, but called just to let them know my water broke. I ended up calling back about an hour later b/c the contractions were coming about every 2mins for at least 30 seconds - 45 seconds, so I call back and basically indicate that we'll come down to the birth center now in hopes of avoiding rush hour traffic (it was 4am on Friday when we left home) and that I'd rather have an hour drive and get there too early, then 2 hours+ drive in traffic.

    Well, we get there around 5am and I'm 5 cents already so we stay. At 7am I'm feeling ready to push, so we start. Unfortunately, this is where things slow down as I really don't make any progress pushing. So around 2pm we go across the street to the hospital. They try the vaccuum and its not working. So, I ended up with a C-section. Apparently, the biggest part of his forehead was coming first, so it was making it really hard for him to come vaganially. But, after about 8 hours of trying to push, I was tired and getting concerned. I'm slightly disappointed that I had a c-section and part of me now wonders if I would have rested for awhile more and stopped pushing (which I did for about an hour at the birth center already) if he would have turned on his own. But, at the time, I was very happy with how things went and everyone who was involved in the birth was great. They told me my options, didn't push anything on me, answered all my questions. And, the best part, is that baby and I are healthy.

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