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    I was scheduled for an induction for Dec. 26. I was to be at the hospital at 5:30 AM. I get there, and guess what? NO PAPERWORK! They call the dr. on call for my dr. and he decides to admit me until we can get in touch with my dr. to see why I wasn't on the schedule. They talk to my dr. at 8:00 am and start my pitocin at 8:15 am. My dr. comes in and breaks my water around 8:45 am. I was just over 5 cms and still only 80% effaced. Well, at 9:30 am, I gave in and started begging for an epidural. Just my luck, the anestiologist (sp?) was in a c-section and would be there for at least 30 more minutes. So they give me 5 cc's of something called Nubane. It made me not care about the pain for about 15 minutes. At 10:00 am the nurse checks me and I am 7 cms and 100% effaced. The nurse starts setting things up and tells someone to call the dr. to let him know that he should get on over when he got a chance. At 10:20 I started feeling the need to push, all the while begging for my epidural. The nurse told me it was too late. I started pushing, the dr. came in at 10:30. After a few more minutes, the dr. wanted to know how big my dd was since he knew she was born at 38 weeks as well, when I told him she was 6 lb 5 oz, he looked over his shoulder and said something about morphine and telling the anestisologist to be ready. He told dh, that we were looking at possibly a 9 lbr and he didn't know if he was going to fit. I pushed for the next few minutes his head came out and I got about 10 seconds of relief until I felt the most horrible pain of his shoulders. He had shoulder discocia (sp?). He came out. He was 8 lb 8 ozs, 21 inches long, 14.75 inch head, and a 14 in. chest. Everyone, dr included was amazed at his size since he was only 38 weeks and 1 day and even more amazed that I did it without meds! He is currently in the NICU on oxygen. According to the peditrician he didn't get squeezed enough in the birth canal and he had some retained fluid on his lungs. Here is a few pictures of my little man

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    Default The Birth of Jude Owen

    Jude was actually born full-term, so Krista, if you could change that in the stats up top, I'd appreciate it!

    My first baby, Quentin, was born in November of 2004 via cesarean section due to breech positioning. Also, he was huge (over 10 lbs!!). I had planned a natural in-hospital waterbirth with my CNMs, so I was already on board with a lot of natural concepts at that point. In the aftermath, I was constantly reading and researching natural birth, home birth, VBAC, etc. When we decided to have another baby, we also decided to try a home birth VBAC with a midwife. She dated my pregnancy based on my LMP, giving me a due date of 1/13/08.

    The way things transpired in our lives, my midwife care got discontinued after an appointment at the end of July. We moved to another state and I had just gotten approved for state aid and was about to find a midwife when my water started leaking around 10 p.m. on Monday night, December 10th, at what I thought was 35.5 weeks gestation. I wasn't sure the leak was actually amniotic fluid, so we decided to go to bed and reassess in the morning.

    By morning, I had been leaking heavily enough all night I knew it must be my water. I sent Luke to work and started calling the VBAC-friendly midwives I'd found in my search, trying to figure out what was best to do - come into the office to be checked, go to the ER to be checked, wait it out, etc. The midwife who helped me the most said I really should go to the ER to be sure it was my water. She told me if my water HAD broken, I should plan to stay in the hospital until I had my baby, because I was unlikely to be released. She told me that in my situation I was unlikely to be able to VBAC at any hospital nearby and gave me the name of two hospitals in the City where she knew the heads of the OB department were VBAC advocates.

    I began calling my SIL (our childcare 3 hours away) to come and watch our son at the hospital, updating the Internet on what was happening, and packing our bag for the hospital. The whole time I'm packing, I'm crying "I don't WANT to go to the hospital!!!" Like a 3-year-old who detests his nap.

    Finally, around 2:30 p.m. on Tuesday, Dec. 11, we arrived at Mercy hospital in Chicago. I was expecting to be checked in ER before being send up to L&D, but nope. They wheeled me right up. Turns out they don't let children under 16 on the L&D floor AT ALL. So my kid wouldn't be allowed to visit me as long as I was there. BOO.

    I knew every hour my water had been broken would be one more hour off of my chance to VBAC, so I fudged the numbers a little and told them at Mercy they had broken at 10 a.m. that morning. My nurses were WONDERFUL, incredibly supportive and excited for me and my potential VBAC. They had me on continuous fetal monitoring, but assured me I'd be able to be mobile at least as far as the cords would reach. Mara (my first nurse) assured me they had birthing balls/stools, etc.

    I spent a lot of time declining procedures. I declined an IV, declined a Hep Lock, declined pitocin augmentation and a pitocin shot after delivery. Declined a cesarean (just in case), declined all kinds of crap for the baby. Also declined any internal exams except a sterile speculum, because HELLO, infection risk.

    I found out they take the baby from you after he's born as standard procedure and take him to the nursery. Dad can stay to watch from a window IF the baby doesn't need to go to NICU. In NICU, the curtains are closed. Um, Excuse me???

    Evidently my crazy hippie ways attracted the attention of the head resident. She came in to lecture me, making sure to tell me first that she had been a CNM for 25 years. Insert Eyeroll here, I perfectly well know some CNMs are no better than OBs as far as interventions go. She was incredibly condescending, lecturing me about how "dangerous" I was being (and how my midwife had "promised me things" that "were danerous"). She insisted on a sterile vaginal exam, which I eventually consented to mostly out of curiosity. I was at 50% effacement and no dilation. They did an u/s to determine size and position, because I was measuring big (41 cm) and palpation led them to believe he was big. Turns out I'm around 40 weeks and he's probably around 8 lbs (they said 9 but you know how that goes). I believed that assessment, since my last period was a little shorter & lighter than usual. Based on my PREVIOUS LMP, my corrected due date would have been 12/14.

    The resident bullied the hell out of me, honestly. She wanted to get me on pitocin right away to get things moving. I was terrified, since my SIL just had tons of problems with her induction, and I know augmentation is bad for VBACs, increasing the chance of uterine rupture. Plus, when your body's not ready, it doesn't work! And I would have ended up with a cesarean.

    When I pressed, she told me they would only give me 8-10 hours on the pit before demanding a section, and I about threw up. "Isn't 24 hours from ROM the normal waiting period?" I asked. No, she said, we want the baby OUT in 24 hours. So I told her, ok, I'll try the pitocin. But I want you to understand I'm NOT going to consent to a c-section later on just because you decide time is up. I will not consent to a section except in the case of an emergency.

    She practically SCREAMED "dead baby" at me. I tell you what. I'm well read, educated, and supported in my ideas about natural birth. I know what the hell I'm talking about. I can't imagine being a woman with less information and less, well, thick-headedness being in that situation and not caving. I felt terrible as it was. She kept saying, "is that what you want? Is that what you want for your baby? Oh, I wanted to slap her.

    In the end, they said I had "tied their hands." She said I had come to them for care but wouldn't let them give me the care they thought was best. So it was best that I found a different hospital. I about died of relief. I didn't want to be the one to say, "LET ME OUT OF HERE!!!" because I could see the establishment construing that as negligence or something stupid.

    We returned home to await labor to begin naturally. After a day or so, I was feeling under a lot of pressure to get things moving. After trying walking, swinging, stair climbing, etc., I eventually decided to try Castor Oil. I'd heard bad things about it, of course, but I'd also heard it is the closest thing to failsafe. And I figured it'd be better than Pit, if it worked.

    Contractions started up that night (Wednesday the 12th). They continued on through Thursday, then began to slow. Never having labored before, I wasn't really sure what to expect contractions to feel like. Now that I've been through it, I suspect the "contractions" I was feeling Wednesday and Thursday were actually just after-effects of the Castor Oil. Ah well, hindsight is 20/20.

    When my "contractions" started slowing Thursday night, I decided to return to the hospital. But a different hospital!! We arrived at the University of Illinois Chicago Med Center around 1 p.m. on Friday 12/14. In L&D triage, they confirmed my waters had broken, double-checked the dating with ultrasound, and agreed with Mercy that I was most likely term. I was given a sterile exam (1 cm, 50% effaced) and admitted into L&D.

    The residents and attendings at UIC were more wonderful than I had dared to hope for. EVERYONE was incredibly supportive of my wish to VBAC. They were all amazed that my water had broken 3 days earlier, and a little concerned, of course. The baby and I were monitored closely for signs of infection/distress/fatigue. I was to be started on Pitocin and antibiotics, and they told me they'd give me 24 hours and evaluate things further at that time. My sigh of relief was probably heard in Mexico. They did a surprising amount of vaginal exams considering, but since they were monitoring carefully, and giving me the opportunity I wanted, I didn't put up a fuss.

    Pitocin was started around 4 p.m. (12/14), I think. I labored for 12 hours on the pitocin before they checked me again. It was ok at first, but quickly became pretty horrible. Being on continuous monitoring (their telemetry equipment was on the fritz) meant I was confined to the bed and the 2 feet surrounding the bed, seriously limiting my pain management techniques. I spent a lot of time laboring in a rocking chair, and a lot of time hanging off of Luke, swaying my hips and moaning, trying to remember to breathe and relax. At some point in there, I was put on an internal contraction monitor since nothing seemed to be happening - they wanted to make sure I was having "adequate" contractions.

    I was checked again around 3 or 4 a.m. (12/15) and I was still only 1 cm dilated, but 80% effaced. I was devastated. The monitor said my contractions were adequate (should have been causing cervical change), but no change. All of that pain, and I wasn't even in active labor (which starts at 4 cm). I finally asked for an epidural. I knew I needed rest, and I knew I couldn't handle much more of this.

    It was about an hour before the epi was in, and in the meantime, I had a 20+ minute long contraction. The baseline on my internal monitor was about 18. During those 20 minutes, contractions got as strong as 90 and never went below about 30. I thought I was going to die, it was just AWFUL. I was given a shot of terbutaline and the pit was turned off. It took a long time for things to slow down and I continued to have contractions, but they weren't as horrible and I did get a break.

    Finally, at about 5 a.m., the epidural was in place. It was a "walking" epidural, so I could still move my lower body, feel the baby, and the contractions (they turned the pit back on a lower dose once the epi was in). But it was MUCH more manageable, like bad menstrual cramps instead of my uterus exploding. I was able to sleep for a couple of hours and regain my composure somewhat. At around noon, I was checked again. I had dilated to 2-3 cm. The resident said she'd give me two hours and check me again for progress. They said as long as I was progressing and not showing any signs of infection, they'd continue to allow me to labor.

    At 1 p.m., the resident came back. I said (rather desperately), "don't I have another hour?" I was terrified nothing would have changed. After all, 12 hours of labor hadn't made any change! She said she'd check me now and give me another 2 hours regardless. I was so grateful. As it turned out, I had already progressed to 4 cm. HORRAY!

    I have to say, despite all my natural birth tendencies, that FOR ME, I think the epidural made a difference. I wasn't able to use natural pain management techniques effectively, and was having a hard time relaxing. I suspect I was tensing a lot and probably working against my body. With the epi, I was allowed to relax and let my body work.

    The epi had a button to allow me to dispense more medication to myself as the dose started to wear off. I wouldn't push it for a long time, trying to be strong and honestly feeling a little guilty I had the epidural at all. But there came a point where I was feeling a lot more pain than I wanted to, and I asked to be re-dosed. The anesthesiologist told me it probably wouldn't have worn off so much if I'd used the button. Oh well.

    At around 3 (right before or after my epi was dosed again, actually, can't remember which), I was checked again. I was hoping with all my heart I'd made some progress. Give me a 6, at least, I thought. Imagine my surprise when I was told I was at 9 cm dilated!! I almost cried. I was going to get my VBAC. Everyone was cheering and just thrilled for me. I had progressed from a 4 to a 9 in TWO HOURS!!

    Fifteen minutes later, I was feeling serious pressure, thinking my body would start pushing on its own soon whether I pushed or not! They checked me one last time, and I was complete. There was a huge rush and influx of people. I wasn't thrilled about that, but oh well. Luke, my nurse, the resident, the attending OB, and a med student were all clustered around. Peds was waiting nearby just in case. I started to push.

    The resident wanted me to hold my breath and push to a count of ten. SCREW THAT. Luckily, my nurse was familiar with open glottal pushing and helped me with that. I pushed for a total of about 25 minutes, I guess.

    After the first few pushes, a head started to emerge. I reached down and touched the soft hair of my baby's head. It was probably the most amazing experience of the entire thing. There was a baby in there, getting ready to be born!! I pushed some more, stretching, hollering. I asked for perenial support, but didn't really get it. The resident was trying to do perenial massage but it mostly just hurt. I made her stop.

    Everyone was telling me to keep pushing, that he was almost there. I was expecting the head to be born, followed by a short rest before the body. I felt a really strange sensation, like there were several hands reaching into me to pull the baby out. I screamed "WHAT IS THAT?!" and the response was, "It's the baby!!" I was still pushing through that and then there was my baby. They put him up on my chest. He was incredibly blue and quiet. After a minute, he cried, a very weak, gurgley cry.

    Luke got to cut the cord (horray!) and they took the baby over to the table to suction him. He ended up needing oxygen, too. I had two small tears requiring just one stitch each. They showed me the cord, which had a big knot in it. I had been wondering why they were so worried about his not breathing - as long as he's attached to the placenta, he's getting oxygen, right? Well, not when there's a knot in the cord!

    He recovered well and quickly, though, his APGAR rising from 5 to 9. I got to nurse him pretty quickly, and they didn't take him from me for awhile. A little over an hour after his birth, we named our baby. Jude Owen. Shortly thereafter, they took him to a section of the NICU get some bloodwork done, but I was ok with that, since Luke got to go with him. It didn't take long, then he was back and we were able to transfer to recovery.

    Jude Owen
    Born December 15, 2007 at 4:27 p.m.
    8 lbs, 7 oz, 19.5 inches, with a full head of dark golden hair
    My beautiful and perfect VBAC baby

    It was a long and exhausting labor, especially when you add in the days between my water breaking and the birth. I am so incredibly grateful to the awesome team of doctors who supported me in my wish to VBAC. I'm thrilled I was able to have this experience, and I'm definitely DONE having babies.
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    Talking Meeting Cyril Christopher...

    We arrived on time at the hospital at 6:30 a.m. as scheduled. They made us wait until about 8:00 to head to our LDR room. Apparently they had scheduled about a million other C sections and inductions on the same day, so rooms were hard to come by. At least I didn't have to wait 3 hours like a few others my mom observed in the lobby while I was being induced.

    Ok, so we finally made it to LDR after a sleepy wait in the lobby which had followed a restless night of anticipation. After undressing, my labor nurse Theresa and the induction specialist asked me about a million questions at the same time for around 30 minutes to an hour. They put me on fluids and external fetal and contraction monitors. Then Dr. Shephard came in and let me know I was at that point 3 cm dilated, 80% effaced, at -2 station. I was also having contractions that could be detected regularly on the monitor. I'm assuming that progress was a result of him stripping my membranes the day before. Dr. S broke my water at 9 a.m. and had Theresa start my Pitocin at a low dose.

    My contractions started increasing dramatically and quickly, and they were totally irratic. I found the unpredictability of the contractions' intensities unbearable, so after about 1-1/2 hours of pain, I went for the epidural (as Ace slept in the chair next to me). I heart epidurals! Couldn't have done it without one.

    Around 1:30, Dr. S came in and checked me, and I had only progressed to 4 cm. Theresa kept reminding me that getting to 5 cm was the hardest part. Luckily the epidural had given me the chance to rest throughout pretty much the entire labor. Needless to say, I was starting to think it was going to take all week to pop this kid out since my contractions had become so strong and regular for so long and not much had happened.

    Anyway, Dr. Shephard said he would be back at 5 to check me again, and he inserted an internal uterine monitor to get a better idea of what my contractions were doing. He was telling me I would probably deliver around 9 p.m. So Theresa increased the Pitocin drip a little bit. It was only at a 1 on a scale of 1 to 32 since I was already laboring a bit when I arrived, so she increased it to a 2. They also let me know baby's head was chin up instead of chin down which would most likely result in 3 hours of pushing. FUN! That activity seemed to do the trick, though. My contractions increased a TON, and my epidural began to wear off on my left side (because I had been laying on my right side all day). I finally started feeling major pressure when Ace was out in the lobby talking to my mom and grabbing a bite to eat. I wasn't allowed to roll onto my left side because that would cause baby's heart rate to drop, so I couldn't reach the nurse button. Thank God I had asked Ace to give me my cell phone before he left the room just in case!! The nurses were busy with a million other C sections, so I hadn't seen them in a while.

    I called Ace to let him know I needed a nurse immediately because my IV ran out just as I had to hit the epidural-increaser-buttony-thingy becaus of the wicked contractions and immense pressure, and I couldn't reach the nurse button. It was like the worst series of things to happen inside 30 seconds. Anyway, again, thank God I had my cell phone because he came back in and called a nurse for me. Theresa checked me becuase Dr. Shephard was busy with another patient, and I was at 10 cm and fully effaced around 5:30.

    They kinda let me chill like that for a while to let the baby and the contractions do a bit of work for me so I wouldn't end up pushing for 3 hours like they said. I said *F* that! I want to push! So they called in Dr. Shephard. I began pushing...LIKE A CHAMPION...I might add.

    58 minutes, a trash can full of vomit and one episiotomy later, Cyril Christopher Griego arrived at 6:48 p.m.

    He's 7 pounds 7 ounces, 19 inches long, 9 APGAR, and looks just like his daddy.

    I'm still on the mom and baby floor and will be going home tomorrow morning! I'm wrapping this up quick now because baby needs to eat again, and grandma's tired of holding him while he fusses.

    Here are some pics from the big day! I'll talk to you all more about it when things quiet down a bit. (I'll definitely vent about the post-labor nursing staff, lol. CHAOS! They scheduled way to many deliveries on the same day and kinda left us hanging until 2 a.m. with no Tylenol or food or stuff.)

    And by the way...Ace, the man with the weakest stomach of all time, was a near perfect labor partner.


    P.S. I look a little haggard in these pictures. Don't mind me! Super sweaty and tired.





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    It all started at around 4 pm on December 26th after cleaning whole house, doing all laundry and getting all kids giftes put awat. I went to the bathroom and lost mucos plug with some pink blood. I had really bad back pain and figured it was from doing too much. At 5 pm went to my Uncles for his birthday and got contractioons off and on but I had them so much before I thought they were braxton hicks and gigured they would stop. Well aroung 6:30 started to realize they were coming pretty regular and not slowing down. So we start timing and they were about 5-7 minutes apart. I called my doc at 7:30 pm and he said go right to the hospital. Got there around 8pm and put on the monitors the contractions were showing every 2-3 minutes. My doc came in at 8:30 pm and checked me and I was 3 cm dialted which I wasn't dialted at all last exam so he said lets prep for the csection. Started to get nervous made some calls, signed papers and went back around 9 and got the spinal. The were born at 9:56 and 9:57 connor was 5lbs 10 oz 19 in. and Macayla was 4lbs 12oz and 18.5 in. Got alittle sick from eating right befor I came in. FInally at 10:50 pm came out of surgery and got to see my babies. They were perfect. They had scores of 8 and 9 on the apgar. We are so happy and adjusting very well to our big family.
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    Mine is kinda boring since it was a scheduled c-section, on 28 Dec 2007(37weeks 4 days)... nothing went wrong, everything went very very good. We arrived at the hospital at 5 am as scheduled... got my room right away, (plus the biggest one!) got my IV going, blood drawn, and NST set up. There was another c-section scheduled for that day so the doctors went ahead and did her first since a single baby, and less complicated... finally 9:30am comes around, and they wheel me on my bed into the OR and transfer me onto the OR bed, i get a spinal tab(WHICH IS AWESOME!) i was so shocked it didnt hurt at all,.... just a small pinching feeling.... they put the sheet up so i cant see anyone, and they bring Brian in the room(which is getting cramped.... there was about 10 doctors, 5 nurses, and 5 med techs in the room the size of normal kitchen) . Addison was born at 10:21am 5lbs10oz and Paige was born at 10:23 5lbs 4oz. Both got 8/9 on their Apgar Tests....I was back in my room with the girls by 11:30. I never was in any "pain" due to the spinal, and then the pain killers im on now, and really feel 90% as well as i normally do... and then today 31 Dec 2007, 3 days after having the girls we are all home.

    Addison on left, Paige on Right

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    Jacie was born on the 27th, not the 28th

    Not much of a birth story, had a repeat c-section and everything went smoothly She is definately our last, since my tubes were tied in the OR. Stayed in the hospital for 2 days and was home by 7pm saturday.

    Getting ready

    About 30 seconds after being delivered

    First kiss from mama

    Not happy with the eye goop

    Going home (I was very sick in this pic)
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    Here's the birth story for Stella Gabrielle, born Dec 31 2007 at 8:50pm - 6lbs, 5 oz

    So, as most of you know, about 1:30pm on Dec 30 I started leaking fluid. The midwife wanted me to go to the hospital and get checked out, so we set out for l&d around 4pm. When I got there I was having small contractions, about 5 minutes apart, so we thought we'd wait it out and see if my body would start labour on it's own. The next morning at 7am, she checked me and I still wasn't dilating at all, and was still only 80% effaced (what I came in at). So, we started a pitocin drip, hoping to sort of jump start things, and then maybe we could turn it off. No such luck. After 9 hours on pit and with really strong close contractions I was only 1cm dilated. At this point they decided that something had to happen because it had been over 24 hours since my membranes ruptured. So, they ruptured the rest of teh membranes (I had a tear at the top so was only leaking slowly) and uped my pit dosage by almost double. Instantly I was hit with contractions that were so strong and constant that it was one big unbearable pain, with most of it centred in my lower back. I had absolutely zero relief, so after only half an hour of these contractions I was begging for the epidural (something I was so proud to have avoided for 9 hours during a pit induction!) As soon as that was in, it was bliss. The epi itself almost killed me going in, with the pain from that and the pain from the contractions I almost passed out.

    So, as soon as they got the epi in we thought we'd have clear sailing. No such luck. About 20 minutes later my blood pressure plummeted, taking Stellas heart rate down with it. Her hb feel to 80-90 and they were getting ready to do an emerg c-sec. But, all on her own she corrected it, and they let me continue with the understanding that I had until 8pm to see some real progess (3 hours at this point). No problem, except that the epi also stopped the contractions! So, I wasn't contracting and had 3 hours to dilate 9cm. No one expected that I'd really do it, but they humoured me. I said there was no way I was giving up (even though I said I'd consent to a sec if I hadn't hit atleast 7 or 8cm by 8pm). So, I sat there and focussed my energy on opening my cervix, visualizing it, etc, even though I wasn't contracting. At about 5 minutes to 8 I turned to my m/w and said 'something's happening... it feels like stretching'. She thought it was probably Stellas head pushing on my cervix, and she said maybe it would start opening now. 5 minutes later I said that no way - this was something else. I was really uncomfortable and was feeling a lot of pressure now too. So, she said she'd check me, more to humour me than anything else I think. When she checked me, her face was total shock - she turned to me and said 'um.... you only have a tiny little lip of cervix left and your baby is halfway through it.' So, with that, I decided 'nuts to this!' and started pushing her down, pushing against the cervix.

    While I was doing that (against the m/w's orders mind you), she was running around trying to get a birth team together. No one had expected me to go vaginally and certainly not at 8pm, so nothing was ready. Because Stella was technically a preemie, we had to get the nicu team there as well, and they weren't prepared. But there was no way I was going to fight what my body wanted and risk having her get stuck or something.

    5 minutes later we got an oncall OB and 2 nicu nurses in the room and I started pushing with everything I had. 20 minutes later, baby Stella was out. She was born at 8:50pm, Dec 31st, 6lbs 5oz at 36weeks, 2days. My husband cut the cord. She was good and strong right from the start, but they insisted on taking her to the nicu anyway just as a precaution. So, after I held her for a few minutes, they took her down to the nicu with my dh. I hadn't even noticed because I was too focussed on her, but there was a team of people working on me. Once she was gone I realized something was up and asked what was wrong. Apparently I was hemoragging, and they couldn't find my uterus to massage it... they suspected it had prolapsed. After about 20 minutes of really good bleeding, and just as they were about to prep me for the OR, my uterus finally contracted enough for them to locate it, and we were good. I didn't end up needing a transfusion, but I had to keep my fluid intake up for a couple days.

    So, that's the birth story. A full day of close calls and near misses. Overall I was so proud to deliver vaginally. It wasn't the homebirth I wanted, but I'm happy with how stuff turned out. We have a beautiful little girl and I couldn't be happier. We're having issues with breastfeeding - I guess she's just too little to really get the 'sucking' thing correct, so we're pumping right now. I suspect I'll probably keep pumping, since we're using bottles, and the whole 'nipple confusion' thing... but, we'll see. I have hope that she'll get it eventually. If not, hey, she's eating and I'm lactating... good enough for me!!

    I've got horror stories that I'll post later about our hospital stay and the maternity nurses, but that's a whole 'nother post. Thanks for reading everyone, and thanks to you all who sent well wishes. Stella, DH and I appreciate it!!
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    Default Masons birth story

    Mason James born on Jan 2 2008 at 11:17 pm
    5 lbs 10 oz 17 inches long

    Well my story wont take very long because Mason decided to make his entrance to this world very quickly.

    On Jan 2 I went to work and was feeling really good all day. I told DH that I was feeling too good to be having a baby that day so I went about as business as usual. At 10 that night we went to bed and turned on the news and then it all started. About 10:15 I rolled over and felt a trickle of fluid. I told DH that I think my water broke but I was not sure. Then I felt more fluid come out so we got up and called MIL. We also had to call SIL to come get DS. We decided that everyone would meet at the hospital. As we were getting ready to go I started to get pretty strong contractions and by the time we got to the hospital they were pretty much non stop. They wheeled me up to L&D and I told the nurse that I wanted an EPI so if they could please set me up with an IV right away. I got into my room and MIL and SIL show up. They decided to wait and see how dilated I am before they were going to take DS home to aunties house. The nurses got me all hooked up and checked me, I was already and 8 so MIL and SIL decided to wait because my last baby came so fast. They went out in the hall to let DS walk around when they came back the nurses kicked them out of the room because the anesthesiologist was coming up to give me my EPI. As soon as the doctor was walking into the room I could feel Masons coming out. I told the nurses that I am not going to make it and she came and checked and his head was right there. I think by this time it was like 11:10 pm. They kept telling me not to push but is was so hard not too. I know I kept swearing. They yelled for the doc and told her that there is no time to dress. As soon as she got in I gave one big push and his head was out. The cord was wrapped around his neck twice but loose. One more push and he was out born at 11:17 pm 40 min after getting to the hospital. Every thing was fine with him and I had no tears. I was in a bit of shock for a couple hours because of how fast he came and the fact that I did it with out drugs. We are both happy and healthy and my family is now complete!


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    Hey Everybody! Just spending our first afternoon home from the hospital. No time to upload pics right now, but I will post some later tonight or tomorrow. I have some great ones to show ya!!!

    Anyway... heres my story:
    You all know I was scheduled to be induced on Monday, but Violet had other plans. Friday night I was just miserable all night long and couldn't sleep. No contractions that I could actually time, but a constant serious cramp that wouldn't go away. I got up early Saturday morning and almost couldn't stand up straight it was so uncomfortable. So, I did my usual things to feel better... took a bath, walked around... nothing worked.
    So about 8am I got Nick up and told him that he needed to shower and get ready to go, just in case. I wasn't sure if something was happening or not, but I was thinking it was time to get ready.
    I called the nurses at my hospital and told them what was going on and asked if I should come in. They said that if I wasn't having contractions that I could time that it probably wasn't labor yet, but I could come in and get checked out if I wanted to.
    I was really torn as to what to do... didnt want to spend my last weekend of free-time with my husband sitting at the hospital only to be sent home, not in labor.
    So Nick and I decided to make a quick trip to the grocery store to stock up on a few things. I figured that the walking would either make things progress or make it stop, either way I'd know what to do at that point.

    We got to the grocery store and walked around for about 10 minutes and I started to notice that the constant cramp I had been having was getting severely worse for short periods of time and then back off again. I knew then that it was contractions and I figured them to be about 5 min. apart. I told him it was time to go so we headed to the register and checked out and were headed out the door to get going. As we walked across the parking lot to our car I suddenly felt something quite warm and wet running down my leg. My water broke!!! It wasn't a total break, I wasn't soaked. But it was enough that it was no doubt what was going on and that it was time to go to the hospital. This was around noon.
    Luckily our house and hospital were less than 5 minutes away. We ran home, Nick unloaded the refridgerated groceries and grabbed our hospital bags and away we went.

    When we got to the hospital, we had to check in through the ER before they'd send us up to L&D. Nick tells the woman at the ER window that my water just broke and I was in labor. The woman tells us to have a seat in the waiting room and she'd get to us shortly. We were like "are you serious?" I mean we were already pre-registered with the OB floor, all we were doing was checking in.
    By this time my contractions were way stronger and about 3 minutes apart. So that 15 minutes or so sitting in the ER waiting room, with a bunch of strangers, felt like an eternity!
    Finally the OB nurse came and got me and I was excited to see that she was one of the nurses that I loved working with during my nursing clinical time.

    She checked me and sure enough my water had broken and my contractions were coming along pretty strong.
    They finally got me situated in a room at about 1:00. I was progressing fairly quickly and my contractions were getting unbearable. So finally about 4:00 they started the epidural.
    Wow, was that ever relief!!! I was almost instantly feeling like a human being again and able to relax. Unfortunately that relief was short lived. No sooner had I commented on how great I felt..... I suddenly felt sick. Before I realized what was happening I was dizzy and passing out on and off. My blood pressure bottomed out and Violets heart rate dropped to the low 60's. I was in and out of it, so I wasn't fully aware of what was going on. But my husband told me later that it was terrifying. An army of nurses ran in the room and were literally tossing me from side to side and shaking my belly and jabbing the babys head trying to get her going. Luckily only a few minutes later my B/P went back up to normal and Violets heart rate shot right back up where it should be. Apparently that initial dose of the epidural just hit us both really hard. From there on out, thankfully, we did fine.

    At around 7:30 or just before 8:00 sometime they told me to start pushing. I was exhausted but pushed with all I had.
    She was born at 9:17 pm. (at 39 weeks and 2 days)
    She was instantly pink and screaming and active, with APGARS of 8 & 9.
    Her weight was 8 pounds 7 ounces and she is 21 inches long. She has the thickest most unbelievable head of black hair that you can even imagine. That u/s tech was right about that!
    She took to nursing almost right away and has a powerful latch and appetite. The pediatrician actually told me today to not allow her to nurse for so long at each feeding because she's not even giving me a chance to fill up again. My little piglet!!!
    The pediatrician also said she looks extremely good and is in great shape.

    Now I'm just excited to be home with her and spend our first night here as a family.

    My doctor and delivery nurse were so sweet and wonderful with me. Even with a baby that size I ended up with no episiotomy. Just 2 tiny tears, one didn't need any stitches, one only took 1 stitch, and the Dr said it was borderline whether it really needed that. So, I feel like I got off pretty lucky there.

    My husband was so amazing. I couldn't have asked for a better coach. He knew exactly just what to do, counting and reminding me to slow down my breathing. It was so cute...I didn't even realize what he and I were doing until he told me later. With every contraction, and push he would bend over me and I would push my head into his chest, or he would put his forehead against mine. I just focused on the sound of his voice and whatever he was telling me to do and it really got me though it.

    All in all, as tough as labor was... I don't feel that my overall experience was that bad for a first time mom. I labored for a total of just over 9 hours and came out of it all in pretty good shape.
    I'm feeling great now, a little sore, but honestly not too bad. Just happy to be home!

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    Im going to start this off on Friday night because thats when I believe my labor really started...

    Colin Joshua Stilwell
    January 5th 2008 10:08 pm
    7lbs even
    20 inches even
    (Little even steven boy!)

    Friday I had some cramping and was not comfortable, I ended up getting in the tub around 7pm to try to relax and thought it worked but as I stood up to get out of the tub I felt what I thought was a pop but it may have been Colin punching me in the cervix lol. I looked down and blood was just dripping out of me and spreading around in the tub. I splashed water on myself and a couple of quarter sized blood clots came out as well. I tried to be calm and put on clothes, tucking one of Aiden diapers into my undies to catch blood. We arrived at the hospital and they checked me, there was a lot of blood but they couldt figure out where it was coming from or why. They kept me on the monitors for about 3 hours and I was having very irregular contrax every 3-8 min, no pain tho and no change in my cervix from my appt on Wed (2 cm, 50%, -2) We went home and I was really disappointed, I fell asleep immediatly tho and only got up a couple of times that night to pee.

    Saturday morning Aiden decided to sleep in so when I woke at 10am all wet and drippy I freaked out! I went to the bathroom and sat on the toilet but it wasn't a continuous drip so once again I thought it was nothing. I wandered around the house and packed some things for Aiden "Just in case". At 11:30 I began noticing gushes everytime I would walk or go from sitting to standing ect. I put another diaper in my undies to catch the fluid and DH started running around the house while I told him all the last min. things We needed to do (feed the animals, ect) We got in the car and drove to the hospital. On the way I called my sister and my mom to let them know what was happening.

    We arrived at the hospital around 1pm and went up to L&D, I got in a gown and got in the bed where they put all the monitors on. At that point I was havng small contrax about every 4 min, but nothing I could feel. At 2pm my OB arrived and checked me he was very suprised to see me back and commented that "I just wouldn't take no for an answer lol" I was now 4cm dialated 85% effaced and still at a -2 station. My nurse came and put in my I.V. I got to have just the IV in with no fluids or anything hooked up so I still was able to do lots of moving around. My nurse asked if I had eaten yet and I said no, she had me order lunch so I would have enough energy (SOOOO AWESOME!). There ended up being some mix up at the cafeteria so they forgot to bring my lunch for a while. I got to eat cookies and crackers and drink a couple cups of juice, then they finally brought my Lunch around 4pm (an amazing club sandwich btw) After I finished eating I went for a walk to see if my contrax would pick up at all. I walked for almost an hour and that when I found the comp at the hospital and updated everyone that I was really in Labor...YAY!

    At 5:30 I was checked again and was still 4cm, 90% tho and -2 station. My OB Broke my water the rest of the way and ordered the Pit drip. I was a little freaked out about the Pit. but he assured me he would start it on the lowest setting and very slowing increase by 2 notches every 30-40 min instead of every 15 like they normaly do! At 7:30 I was feeling contrax but they were still very bareable I was checked again and was finally progressing, 6cm 95% effaced and at a +1!! This is when things started getting crazy for me. After my OB left the next several contrax I had to breathe through and focus on the floor. I called the nurse and requested my epi. It was about 7:45 when I called and about 8:30 by the time the epi was actually administered.
    DH was so awesome for my epi, seriously one of my most memorable moments, I was hunched over his shoulders listening to his breathing and having one hell of a contraction right as the epi catheder was going in. All of a sudden the TV sounded really loud and it was some comercial that had "in the arms of an angel" playing on it, I was almost in tears it was so comforting. I just enjoyed that pefect moment as he hugged me and my pain began to subside....then all hell broke loose, As I was laying down I could feel that my right side was wonderfully numb but my left was not numb at all, the nurse kept having me turn one way then the other, Id press my epi button and roll, id roll and then press the button again, nothing was helping. My pit was still being upped and my left hip and butt felt like they were on fire. I was having to cover my face and breathe heavily though my contractions. The epi guy came back and pulled the catheder out slightly. He wanted to make sure I was going to stop feeling so much pain so he gave me a bolus (sp?) of lidocane in the cath. He then explained that this was "An extremely strong anestetic" and refered to what I had now as a "Super epidural" Moments later I was numb from my nipples to my toes. I couldnt even move my legs or wiggle my toes. My Nuse explained it would begin to wear off by the time I was complete and needed to push...haha...yeah right.

    I commented that with DS as soon as my epi started working I became complete within an hour. My nurse laughed and decided to call my ob in to check me but didnt think I would have changed much at all. My ob came in and they had to get DH's help moving my legs apart. Sure enough I was complete and at a +3-4 station ready to push! I guess I know my body!

    They got things set up and then all these other people came in and explained that my baby would be considered a preemie and would be admitted to the NICU at birth. This really scared me because no one had said anything about him having any problems, suddenly I was having a preemie, suddenly he could have problems breathing and I may not even get to see him after birth!

    All these things got pushed to the back of my mind as my OB focused my attention on him and explained that I needed to "guess" where to push and just give it my all. I laughed at this as my limp legs were sliding down out of the sturups. Okay, focus on my numb *** and push lol!! I tried a few practice pushes and just visualised my bum. at first I just flexed my tummy or would make my leg jump...yeah effective! Finally the ob said Okay whatever you just did, keep going it!! So with the next contraction I pushed as hard as I could and everyone started freaking out "theres his head!! he's right there!!" I was in disbelief because with DS it took over an hour and a half of pushing to get his head in view and in the end they used a vacume to pull him out the rest of the way. With the next push Colins head was halfway out and the ob realized his cord was around the neck. He tried to unwrap it with my next push but discovered Colin had his had next to his face so the cord wouldn't come free. He told me to just keep pushing, contraction or not because colin was very purple and needed to come out, so I pushed once or twice more and he was out!! DH couldn't cut the cord because Colin was in too much distress so the doc cut it quickly and handed him over to another nurse.

    He was very dark purple and was just sort of grumbling and gurgling, all the NICU people grabbed him and crowded around im at the warmer. They suctioned a lot of fluid out of him and put a little oxygen mask over his face. he finally started to turn more pinkish and they got him to breathe a few times on his own. They wrapped him up and put the mask over his face. they brought him to my bedside for a few moments, I touched his little head and felt his fingers as they wisked him out of the room. DH went with them to the NICU, amazingly I didnt cry!! I think I just knew he was okay. DH finally came back about 20 min later with a couple pictures of him and said he weighed 7lbs 5 oz, we later found out DH was wrong, he was just 7lbs even. He was breathing on his own but having a hard time, they were going to admit him and we were told he would be in the NICU for 24 hours at least. I wouldn't be able to see him until my super epi wore off and I was tranfered to the womens care unit.

    I felt fine and My OB stitched up a tiny tear. They started to take my after-birth vitals and realized something was wierd when my blood pressure was only 80/40. They retook it several times but it was only going up a point or two. They were starting to talk about blood transfusions when finally they were able to get my blood pressure to 95/50 and decided to just give me a bag of saline to stabalize me.

    My sister and mom laft a little while later and then I told DH he could head home too since he needed to go be with Aiden anyway. It was about 11:20 pm at this point and I was alone in my giant room with no baby I watched TV for a little bit and then started to feel like maybe I would just go to sleep when there was a knock on my door and a woman came in with Colin in a bassenette!! She explained that he was not tolerating anymore tests until he could eat. He was yelling at all the nurses and rooting around like crazy sucking on his hands ect. She put him in my arms and helped me sit up. He latched on like a champ and the nurse exclaimed that I was a pro and she was so happy to have a mom that knew how to nurse. I felt so proud looking down at him just swallowing away. She left us alone and he nursed on one side for 10 min and then switched and nursed the other side for 10 min! He had no problems latching and just was content and happy. The nurse came back and explained that since he nursed so well she would be bringing him to be every couple hours to nurse so he wouldn't need an IV or anything. She also said she would personally make sure he didnt get any pacifiers or bottles or anything because she didnt want to mess up his natural nursing abilitys.

    She took him away and I was all smiles, My epi wore off and they prepped me to go to the WCU (womens care unit) I was in my wheelchair and we cruised down the hall toward my new room. As we turned one corner my nurse leaned down and said she had a treat for me, we stopped at the NICU door and they let me in to see colin. He was the only baby there and was just sleeping peacefully, they wrapped him up and let me hold him while they explained that he was perfect in everyway and was now breathing great. his only issue was his blood pressure was a tad low but it would hamper his ability to leave the NICU as soon as all his tests came back!

    I got to my room around 1:30 am and tried to sleep but that wasn't happening. between the checks and blood drws and bringing Colin to feed I couldn't sleep at all. At 7am they brought Colin in and told me he would be transfered over to the regular nursery because he was doing so well, he could now room in with me!! I held him for about 2 hours straight and fed him several times. My family visted later and it got a little crazy for a while, Colin was overwhelmed my all the visitors and would wake up to eat for 5 hours. He made up for this by waking up every 45min-hour last night. This morning I finally got a few hours of sleep and now Colin is on a solid 3 hour feeding clock lol. DH and I left the hospital today at 3pm, it feels so strange being home!!

    Colin is sooooooo tiny, he wears preemie clothes and the newborn size diapers are pretty big on him so he has a few preemie diapers to get us through till he gets a little bigger! I know hes 7lbs but in my family the smallest baby was still almost 8lbs so he seems so itsy bitsy to me!!
    Hes a wonderful baby and just sleeps most of the time, but when he wakes up and wants to eat, hes MAD and he wants is NOW! His hair is really thick and all black, soooo cute!! I noticed at his first feeding that he has dimples just like DH and DS so now im the wierd one without dimples haha...My boys are gonna be lady killers I tell ya!

    Anyway, sorry for the novel but it was a very exciting birth, deff. not what I expected!! If you made it this far you deserve a medal!!!
    Sarah and Saul Married 3/17/07
    DS Aiden 05/27/05
    DS Colin 01/05/08
    DS Ashton 9/19/11

    11/10 @ 6 weeks

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