Josie's birth story

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Josie's birth story

Josephine was born on July 31st, 2004
I just thought it would be fun to share my horrific experience… now that I’ve had a year to forget all the details.
I am a Canadian living in Taiwan. We got pregnant and went looking for a hospital. My doctor was great. We both liked him. So we decided to stay at that hospital.
I started having contractions at 1:30 am, didn’t sleep all night, couldn’t eat, and finally I felt I couldn’t deal with the pain at 4pm so we went in. The resident didn’t speak English. Interesting, since all doctors in Taiwan function in English. English records on the patients, English phrases in operating rooms, medicines in English, English everything. Well, he couldn’t speak. Using our friend as a translator, we were told that I didn’t have “real uterine contractions” and that it may be two days before the baby came out. So later at 10pm, it was the same pain, the same 5 minutes between contractions, everything was the same, but it was just so consistent that I told my husband we should go back just to see if they could give me anything for the pain. Apparently they were “real uterine contractions” now. We told the doctor I wanted pain relief, pain killers, um simplify it…. MEDICINE! His reaction was “OH MY GOD!” and he walked away. In his defense, I think I heard a lady scream in the delivery room, so perhaps he was delivering a baby, but why didn’t he tell the nurses about the MEDICINE? So finally I was at 5 cm and I could get my epidural. So the nurse said “You are too big. You cannot have medicine.” They didn’t understand “Epidural”. And they didn’t offer it because they didn’t think I wanted to pay the extra money. Apparently, I should have been saying “painless labour”. Nonetheless, I found out about a month later that my husband had gone to the nurses and yelled at them for their complete uselessness. Not knowing how to deal with an angry foreigner speaking a language they could hardly understand, they got the doctor on the phone. We explained to him that we wanted the epidural. Okay, easily translated, and I got my epidural and the doctor was on his way.
So then I had the serious pushing urge. They broke my water and beep, beep, beep. They turned off the epidural that I had only had for like an hour. I said turn it back on… They laughed, “No, you have to feel push.” Um, they would not have known I felt the push urge if I had not told them so obviously I FELT IT and didn’t need more pain. So I think it was the (insert bad word here) resident who told them to do that. In fact I’m sure he did. Then we got in the delivery room and we got down to business. My doctor left for just a second and that bleeping resident said something to the nurses and then they JUMPED ON MY STOMACH. Like I wasn’t in enough pain already. I screamed and my doctor came running in saying not to scream because I wouldn’t be able to have a strong push. My husband told him what happened and I vaguely remember him getting angry at the nurses. Then the grrrr resident decided to cut the episiotomy. Right, remember, no epidural, oh and no freezing. And after everything was said and done the resident was pulling on the placenta. I was concentrating on that because I know you’re not supposed to do that. And then I saw my doctor get angry at him and the pulling stopped. And then it occurred to me that my daughter hadn’t cried yet. Well, at that point, they had resuscitated her and she cried, but she spent the next 6 days in NICU. And to top it all off, the resident decided to stitch up my episiotomy with no freezing. At least I got something after I freaked out and nearly kicked him in the head. Needless to say if I am blessed with another little baby, I will take measures to avoid this situation again. I refuse want to be learned on again.

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WOW! I'm so sorry you had go through something that horrible!