July 2009 Birth Stories

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July 2009 Birth Stories

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Abigail Josette Lea
EDD: 19 July 2009
Born: 3 May 2009 at 12:21pm, 29 weeks gestation.
1260g (2lbs 12oz)

I have a connective tissue disorder that's been progressively causing more issues this pregnancy. They warned me that I could deliver at any point from 32w, but I was hoping to at least hold out until my DD's gestation of 34w. Turns out Abigail had other plans.

April 28:
My brother's 18th birthday. Had been getting BH contrax all day, but noticed them getting regular (about every 4 minutes for about 20 seconds) and uncomfortable at about 7pm. Decided to go ahead to my brother's birthday dinner anyway and see if eating/drinking helped any because I hadn't done much of either during the day. Left at 9pm because they were more uncomfortable and went to the hospital to get checked. Hooked up to the CTG and found out they were 'true' contrax, had first steroid shot and kept under observation.

April 29:
Still contracting. Had ultrasound to check growth and cervix length. Down to 1.4 - Had a check done only 2 weeks prior that was 4.5, so they kept me for more observation. Second steroid shot.

April 30:
Nothing new. Just monitoring. Contrax continue - Though they are about 7-8 minutes apart and last about 45 seconds now. Still not painful, just uncomfortable. Have to use sleeping tablets to get some rest.

May 1:
Second growth scan and ultrasound. Cervix is back up to 2.4cm, despite ongoing contractions. Had bloody show, but plan to discharge the next day and have twice weekly visits and scans instead.

May 2:
Water broke overnight. In hospital until I deliver - though they can't say if it will be days, weeks or months away. Started antibiotics, blood/urine tests and regular CTG/doppler monitoring.

May 3:
Woke with a fever at midnight when they came to give more antibiotics. Temp was 38.5, pulse was 140. Talk about inducing, but decide to do more scans in the morning and add more antibiotics to see if we can treat me and keep the baby in longer since Speck is doing well on emergency ultrasound and CTG. Manage to get back to sleep.
Wake again at 6am with painful contractions - call the nurse. Hook me up to the CTG again and call the doctors, confirm it's true labour. Moved to L&D at 8am - only 2cm dilated. Sucked down the gas like a demon and had codeine. Had pethadine shot at 10am. At 12pm, beg for an internal again so they can tell me if I can have an epidural because the pain is too much. Doctors refuse, conviced I have several hours to go - midwife does an internal for me. At 10cm (surprise surprise - told you it hurt...) and +2 station. Room goes crazy getting all the neonatal staff in and ready. Little girl born in 2 pushes at 12:22pm. Cried after a moment, only quiet but it was there. Apgars of 6 and 8. Got to go see her an hour and a half after she was born to make sure I wasn't going to bleed out (I'm a bleed risk). 1260g, born at exactly 29 weeks (and 12 hours!). Went in with our name list and picked out Abigail Josette Lea. Josette was a friend who died last year, Lea is a family middle name. We just liked Abigail, and so here she is!

Couple of pictures:

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Will post Alex's birth story as soon as I get my act together!

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Nora Kai and Lillian Joelle's birth story!

Friday 6/12 DH and I went in for my induction at 3:45 in the morning. After being registered I went to the L & D floor, the nurses set me up with pitocin. Going into the induction I was 50% effaced and 2 cm dilated. Once the pitocin was administered labor progressed quickly! By 8am I was 5 cm and -1. At 9am the contractions were getting constant and pretty unbearable (nothing like my non-pitocin labor with Izzy!).
Since baby B was transverse, the risk of me having a c-section was pretty high, therefore the docs asked if I would object to an epidural in case I had to have an emergency c-section. So at 9 I requested an epidural...it was heaven!
at 12:30 I was 10cm and completely effaced. I was wheeled to the surgical room (again because of the risk of needing a c-section). I started pushing, and at 12:50 Nora Kai was born weighing 5lbs 12oz and 20in long. They put her on my chest and she cried immediately..along with DH and I.
Lillian's birth gets interesting! My doc is not trained in breech births (although she is a Harvard Medical Graduate...crazy huh!), so one of the older docs in the practice was also present, he also was the doc who delivered Izzy, and a resident was present as well.
Ok back to the birth...
Doc B, my doc, tried to manipulate Lilly externally and internally, however 2 minutes in Lilly's water broke, and out came her feet! Doc R (the other doc) talked Doc B and Doc P (the resident) through the procedure. Basically they pulled on Lilly's legs and out she popped, 9 minutes after her sister, weighing 6lbs 9oz and 18.5in! I'm sure it was a bit more complicated than that, but that's all I remember! When she came out she was not breathing and very limp, they immediately began working on her. Her initial apgar was a 4, but two minutes later she was at an 8. Lilly's legs were very bruised but that's the only sign of her difficult birth.
My placenta was delivered and Doc P stitched me up, I only had a small tear.
DH went to the nursery with the girls, and I went back to my room to wait. We stayed at the hospital for 48 hours, it was well needed!
The twins birth was considerably different than Izzy's birth! However, I am so proud of the experience! Delivering twins vaginally, especially with one being breech is so rare at my hospital, it was definitely cause for celebration! DH said when he came back from the nursery he overheard the docs and nurses talking about it like they were retelling a war story! My delivery was one of only three vaginal twin births my doc has ever performed.
Nora and Lilly had high bili levels, however Lilly's were higher due to the bruising in her legs. Finally after a week her levels went down, and both girls are perfectly healthy!
We are now adjusting to being a family of five, it has been quite the roller coaster, but I think we're finally starting to figure it out!

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Nicholas' Birth Story:

I was supposed to go to the hospital Tues night 6/23 for cervadil. Called at 4:30pm and they said come in between 7:30 and 8. Got to the hospital at 7:20 (eager and ready!) and was checked in. We ended up with a HUGE mommy and me suite (one out of seven) which was the one we saw on the tour of the hospital. Such great luck! The nurse checked me in and put in my IV. The doctor came in and did an u/s to confirm head down and then checked me. I was 3cm and contracting a little so they decided to skip the cervadil and just start pitocin at 4am on Wed. Got an ambien and woke up around 3am to shower for the last time without a son.

Wed morning they started the pitocin. I was contracting a little,they kept upping the dose and the doctor came to check around 10. I was 4cm. They upped the pitocin again and then I started feeling some contractions. Joni my awesome nurse got the hospital massage therapist to come in and give me a message around 11am which felt wonderful and then I sat on the birth ball for a while. The contrax were getting even worse and I asked for the epidural around 12 noon. Got some fluids and epi man came at 12:30. It felt weird but he did a good job and I couldn't feel/move anything waist down by 1pm. Didn't feel contrax or anything for a few hours. At 4pm the nurse checked me and said I was only 5cm She upped the pitocin again. I was so discouraged. The doctor came at 6pm and when he went to check me, they found out my water broke spontaneously sometime between 4pm and 6. I didn't feel it because of the epi. I didn't like the epi at this point because I couldn't move and DH and nurse had to turn me all of the time, but boy did I love it from here on out. I could feel the contractions through the epidural and noticed that it had run out. I freaked out and they gave me a bolus and replaced the empty meds. Looking back, I don't think it had run out, just that the contrax were stronger.

Then complications. At the peak of each contrax, Nicholas' heartrate would drop really low into the 80's but it would recover nice. The nurses explained to me what was going on and if I hadn't progressed any, they would be looking at a possible c-section. They lowered the pitocin and then eventually turned it off. they checked me at 8pm and I was 8cm!! Heartrate wasn't dropping as bad since they turned off the pitocin. Ashley, my new nurse came in and we talked about what I wanted with the birth (cord cutting, mirrors, laboring down, etc) and she told me to tell her when I felt the urge to push since I could feel pressure with each contraction (I could imagine without the epi...) I wanted to labor down a while so I breathed through a few tough contrax and we decided to start pushing at 9:45. I "practice pushed" for a few and then they got the doctor.

Dr. was amazing. Ashley and DH held my legs and Dr. massaged my perenium the whole time I pushed. When the head was getting closer, he put KY jelly all over it. All I felt was pressure with the contractions but it felt Good to push during them. They told me I was a good pusher I had a mirror to see what was going on and when I could start to see the head it seemed like it took forever for each contrax to come. Doctor turned on the pitocin so my contractions would be closer together and at 11:05 I pushed Nicholas' head out!. Apparently his shoulder got stuck in my pelvis though so next thing I know I am on my back, DH and Asheley have my legs in the air and the dr. is on a stool and got him out. I just kept pushing and pushing to help get him out. They put him immediately on top of me and it was amazing looking at my baby boy for the first time. I got to hold him the entire time I got stiched (2nd degree tear, due to the shoulder complication) and then he went over in the corner to get weighed and get under the light. Apgar's scores of 7 and 9. He didn't want to cry too much so they suctioned him a lot. We tried to breastfeed but he didn't want to latch (I have small nipples, he has a small mouth, we are working through it hopefully). DH's parents came in and met their grandson and I just starred at him so much. He is perfect in everyway!

Nicholas Andrew M___
7lbs 14.8 oz
6/24/09 11:05pm
19'' long

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Evan Michael
June 23, 2009 3:10 a.m.
6 lb. 12 oz.
20 3/4 inches long

It's been a long week, but we are home and healthy so I thought I'd share the tale.

On Monday the 22nd, we showed up at the hospital at 7:00 a.m. to get things rolling. I was only dilated about a fingertip, but my cervix was soft and "getting there" in the words of the nurse. I was given cytotec to get things started, and they had me walking the halls as much as possible until the doctor arrived. They let me eat lunch, but after that, at about 1:00 Dr. H got there and broke my water, which was surprisingly painful. It hurt pretty badly when they checked my cervix each time, too, which hadn't been the case when Dr. H had checked me at my appointment. The cytotec had done its job though; I was dilated to between 3 & 4 cm and having semi-regular contractions before the doctor got there.

Once he broke my water, my contractions intensified and became progressively more and more painful. I tried to hold out as long as possible on starting pain medications because I didn't want to slow anything down. They gave me pain meds through my IV later in the afternoon, which helped me relax, but the pain was still there. Around 7 p.m. I was dilated between 4 & 5 cm, and I asked for the epidural. It was very discouraging that I wasn't dilating any faster than that. Maybe I had unrealistic expectations of the speed of labor, but I hurt and was getting tired.

The anesthesiologist came between 7:30 and 8:00. The epidural was amazing. It took effect almost immediately, and I didn't feel the pain of another contraction. I was still able to feel the pressure of contractions, and I could still kind of move my legs, but the pain was non-existent. They also started a small dose of Pitocin at this time. I was able to sleep some, but I woke up every time the blood pressure cuff tightened and sometimes the contractions still woke me up. They checked my cervix about every hour or so. A little before midnight, I was only dilated to 6 but I was completely thinned out and things progressed relatively quickly from there. They checked me at 1:00 a.m. and I was at 8 cm. At about 1:45, I told the nurses that I was having a lot of pressure really low, and they checked me again. I was completely dilated, and they moved everything around quickly for me to start pushing.

The baby was already really low, so I really didn't have it that bad. They took the monitor off of me since I could feel my contractions so well. One thing that I remember about this time that seemed strange was that I felt really cold at first and my teeth kept chattering. I quickly warmed up though. DH was right beside me the whole time, and kept giving me drinks of water. He did really well through the whole thing.

I pushed for about an hour before they called the doctor. He was there for a few minutes, and then asked how long I had been pushing. They told him, and he moved quickly. I had to have an episiotomy and he used the vacuum extractor, but at 3:10 a.m. on June 23rd, Evan Michael was born. FINALLY! He weighed 6 lbs 12 oz. and was 20 3/4 inches long. Dr. H said his cord was very skinny, and he was glad that we delivered when we did.

I cried when they put him up on my stomach, both from amazement at him and total relief that it was all over. Honestly, labor and delivery was really not a bad process for me. It took a while and was exhausting, but I really came through pretty well.

Little did I know that the hard part of the week was just beginning. We struggled to get him to eat, and he only had very small bowel movements. The next afternoon, they did some x-rays and ended up transferring him to the NICU at Children's Hospital in Columbus. The doctor was kind enough to discharge me that same night so that I could go to Columbus to be with him. But, I received less than 24 hours of postpartum care, which was less than ideal.

I'm not going to go into all the details of his medical issues because I'm not ready. I may never be ready. I will say this - every issue that they found or thought they found either turned out to be a non-issue or was resolved very quickly. We were discharged from Children's on Saturday evening June 27, and I brought home a healthy baby. We would've been home sooner, but he developed jaundice so we had to wait until they were happy with his billirubin levels. We still have a lot of follow-up appointments, and there is also still a minor chance that he will have to have surgery down the road. But things are good. Everyone within a hundred miles was praying for him, and I know that God had His hand on us. I can't say enough about the nurses and doctors both at my delivery hospital and at Children's. I had one bad experience with a doctor at Children's, but everyone else was kind and knowledgeable and wonderful all around.

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While I have a minute, i figuered i would type it out Smile

Anthony Richard Patrick C
36 weeks 5 days
7 lbs 1 oz
20 in.

Thursday night (6/25) I started having contractions every 7-8 minutes. I ate dinner and then decided to lay down. Well they were getting closer together and I was feeling very nauseous. So I called my dr and he said to go to L&D to get checked. He was on call that night. So I get to L&D, and the nurse puts me on the monitor, i was having ctx every 6-8 minutes. When she checked me i was 4cm, 80% and 0 station still. But my dr said he wanted to keep me overnight just to make sure. I went for a walk around the halls, there was 1 other woman in labor at the time. While I was walking the ctx were every 5-7 min. But still not painful. When I got back to my room, the contractions were every 3-4 minutes. The nurse didnt want to check me to often, because since i was still only 36wks and 4 days, she didnt want to make it worse. Around 2am, i asked for something to sleep, they gave my ambien. My contractions completely stopped. And i hadnt dilated anymore. So I slept til about 8am-ish on the 26th. My dr came in to talk with me and discharge me around 830am. But first he wanted to check me. So he started checking me and he said ok your still the same, well i started getting a contraction and the look and his face scared me. He said "omg you just went to 7cm with that contraction!, you are not going home, you are having this baby today" I started freaking out. They let me eat breakfast, but i wasnt really in the mood to eat. So i just had some toast and apple juice. My mother and I started calling everyone telling them that today was the day. Around 930ish the contractions started up again, still no pain, they were about every 4-5 min. My dr came in around 1030 and checked me again, I was 8cm, 100 % effaced and +2 station with buldging membranes. He said they were going to break my water around 1130ish.

Well when they came in at 1130, they told me that some of my blood work came back questionable. They said that it showed Anthony and I had a blood incompatibility. His red blood cells had a "little c" antibody attached to them, and my red blood cells were destroying his. They had the NICU dr come and talk to me because they said it could have affected him very severly. Worst case scenrio, he would need a whole body blood transfusion and be sent to a level 1 hospital. I started freaking out thinking something was going to be wrong. Thank god my parents were with me when they were telling me all this because it was going in one ear and out the other. I was still having painless contractions, i was actualy texting and updating my facebook the whole time.. lol.. They didnt end up breaking my water at 1130, because my dr thought that it wouldnt be long after they did that, that i would deliver him. The waited because they had to order blood from the red cross and had to wait for it to get there. Around 1215ish my dr came in and broke my water, it was clear, that was a big relief. At that point I was still the same in dilation, effacement, and station. The contractions got a little painful, but I was still txting and updating facebook in between them, and alotof my family and friends were in and out to visit. My DD, was scared because she didnt want to see me hooked up to all the machines. At that point I gave her the gift that baby anthony "bought" her. She was sooo excited! Around 130, the dr came in and checked me. I was 9cm, 100%, +2, and having lots of pressure. My DD left the room at this point and sat in the waiting room with: my dad,my sister, and best friend. In the room with me was my mom, my aunt, and my cousin (who is going to be his godmother). My dr decided to give me some pitocin on th lowest dose cause i had a "lip" left of cervix. About 35min later, I had the urge to push. But the lip of cervix was still there. My dr said lets do a couple of practice pushes to see if the lip goes away. So as im pushing the lip of cervix goes away. At about 215pm. my dr suits up, I am still not in alot of pain. It just felt like i was getting a bad period. So I push and I feel him coming thru my pubic bone, and i thought oh f*ck, theres no turning back. lol... Then i feel him starting to crown, and im still not in alot of pain, just saying "ow" every once in a while, but not a scream "ow", just a casual ow. lol.. (dont really know how to explain it lol) His head is coming out, and i felt a little bit of burning but not to bad. My mom and aunt and cousin are all saying OMG look at his hair!! So then the dr said come on Kris just 2 more pushes, well I only did one more and he rocketed out. At 231pm, Anthony was born. My dr, put him right on my chest. He was so bruised he looked blue Sad but it was cause he was in my pubic bone pushing down for so long (for over 6 weeks) that he was really brusied. He was crying and wriggling his little body on me. My mom cut the umbilical cord. As soon as my dr gave him to the NICU dr, all i could think about was did i tear? And the answer was "NO". I was relieved.

I thought he looked soo small, I thought he wasnt going to be more than 6 lbs. But when the dr said 7lbs 1 oz, my mouth dropped open. The NICU dr said that he was very healthy, and there were no signs that the antibody incompatiblity actually affected him. his apgars were 8/9. i was so relieved about that also. So they cleaned him up and gave him to me... I was soo amazed at myself that I actually went all natural, no pain meds, nothing. I was very proud of myself! After the nurse cleaned me up, they brought in the rest of my family. My dad ran right over to me, and took Anthony and my dad started to cry saying how beautiful he was.

The nurse I had was amazing! She was so supportive thru everything. Before I left the hospital, I filled out a paper that if you think someone did an exceptional job, you fill it out, and if they get enought, they get a paid day off.

right after i had him, i got up to go pee. It felt so good to be able to move around right afterwards. Around 430, I walked to my room. Anthony did awesome at breastfeeding the first couple of nihts, but then when my milk came in, my boobs got really engorged, so he couldnt latch on. So now I just pump and give it to him in a bottle. While we were in the hospital his bilirubin levels kept going up, because of the little c antibody. They discharged us Sunday around 1pm, he was 6lbs 9oz. Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday we had to go back to the hospital to have his bilirubin level checked. Monday it was 14, Tuesday it was 16, and then it went down to 15 on Wednesday. On Thursday he had his circumcision. They had to wait til his bilirubin levels went down. I was able to stay in the room with him while they did it. he is recovering very well from it, when they weighed him he was 6lbs 10oz... his umbilical cord is about to fall off, its hanging on by a thread.

well thats his birth story and then some.. lol.. if you read the whole thing props to you.. lol.. Smile his pics are in another thread...

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So on Tuesday, June 30 I woke up around 3 a.m. because DH was just getting home from work. I sat up in bed to hug him and felt a little something trickle out. I wasn’t sure if it was pee or my water, so I went to the bathroom where it continued to trickle/gush out for a good 5 minutes and I thought, ok this is it. No contractions yet though.
DH and I kinda hung out watching t.v. waiting for contractions to start but since they weren’t really coming I sent him to bed. I figured I could use him more once they started, which happened around 4:00 a.m. At 6:00 a.m. they were 5 minutes apart and lasting about 45 seconds so I decided it was time to go in.
Once at the hospital, after determining I was only 3 centimeters, 70% effaced, my doctor wanted to get some pitocin going since my water broke at home, they wanted to ensure I would deliver within the 24 hour window. Once that pitocin went in holy crap the contractions were one after another, lasting about 2 minutes each. After a couple of hours, I was only at 6 centimeters so I started yelling for the epidural. Once that was in place I went from 6 centimeters to 10 in about 45 minutes. At 2:16 p.m., after about 20 minutes of pushing, and 10 hours since the start of my contractions, out came Joshua! My doctor had to do an episiotomy but it only needed 2 stitches to close up so I was happy.
I was NOT happy however, when my lovely nurse Summer came over and messaged my belly. It felt like I was having another baby. I’m telling you that DID NOT happen with DD so I was pretty shocked by the intensity of the pain. Luckily some Motrin took the edge off and I was so distracted by my beautiful baby boy I was able to deal.
All in all it was an amazing labor. I am very happy with how it went and the level of care I had at the hospital, not to mention the little baby that resulted from all the pain ☺

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Ayla Carys
June 29, 2009 (38w 2d)
7lb 12oz
19 inches long

DH and I arrived at the hospital at 7:00am to begin my scheduled induction. At around 8:00 was when my pitocin got started and I began the laboring process. It started off really slowly and easily. I was having frequent contractions but they weren’t painful at all. We just kind of sat around and relaxed for a little while.

Around 9:00 they checked me for the first time, and I was 3cm dilated. I was hoping for more, but since the contractions still weren’t painful, I guess it was a little unrealistic to hope for that. They broke my water and increased my pitocin a little. When they broke my water they found that it was totally clear with no blood in it, which means that there was no placental abruption this time! (The reason I was induced was to prevent that from happening, so it worked!) They also began getting me ready for an epidural. They placed the epidural without actually starting the medication, so that when I asked for it, they would be able to get it to me as quickly as possible.

I wasn’t checked again until 11:45. I was really hoping to be around a 6 at that point… but nope. I was 4cm. I still wasn’t in a lot of pain though, so I wasn’t too surprised. DH and I read and watched TV all morning.

At 12:45 I was checked again and I had made it to 5cm! I was glad about that because the pain was starting to increase. On a scale of 1-10 I would say my pain at that point was at about a 7. The doctor recommended that they start my epidural soon, so I agreed and we got that taken care of very quickly.

At about 2:00 I was checked again and was still a 5. That was discouraging. Earlier in the day I had told DH that my “goal” was to have the baby by 3:00. I said to him at that point that there was no way I would get anywhere close to making that goal.

Right after getting checked that time, I started being able to feel the contractions again… even with the epidural. At first the pain was very minor, but it got progressively worse. I also started to feel nauseous and over-heated. I had DH turn the fan on full-blast so it would blow on me. I also drank some water and ate some ice chips. That all helped a little, but I still felt really off. The nurse grabbed a cold, wet cloth and put it on my face and forehead. I felt like I was going to throw-up and pass out. Plus the contractions were getting more and more painful. The nurse checked me again at 2:45 because of the pain and discomfort that I was experiencing, and I was 7.5cm. I asked for an increase in my epidural because the pain at that point was worse than before I had even gotten it to begin with. Eventually the nausea and feverish feeling left, and I was able to just focus on breathing through the contractions.

The anesthesiologist came in around 3:10 and gave me some more of the lovely epidural. It took about 15 minutes for it to kick in, but when it did, I was VERY numb. At 3:30 my doctor came in to check me. I was 10cm! She said “Yep, you’re ready. Let’s have this baby.”

I only had to push for 21 minutes (with my first DD it was over an hour.) I couldn't feel ANYTHING down there, but apparently I was able to still do it effectively. She was born at 3:51pm. When all was said and done, I only tore a TINY amount and needed just 1 stitch.

When she was born, they laid Ayla on my chest and I got to help clean her off. Tears came to my eyes as I realized that this little one I had been praying and hoping for for so long was now here with me. We are so in love.

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Derek Bennett O_____'s Birth Story (VBAC)

Derek Bennett [Last Name] was born on Sunday, July 5, 2009, at 1:38 p.m. CA time. He weighed in at 7 lbs 10 ozs (2 ozs less than older brother Jackson), and measured in at 21.5 inches (two inches longer than newborn Jack). No wonder I felt like his feet were in my throat all the time!

I did get my VBAC , although it was a toss-up right up until the end. I was in labor for 40 hours and pushed for more than 2.5 hours. Friday night, July 3, I started having real contractions. They stayed at 30-45 seconds long every 10 minutes all the way until Saturday evening, when they started coming fast and furious. I was instructed by the hospital not to go until the contractions were at least a minute long, very intense and coming every 3-5 minutes, so DH and I kept putting it off. Finally, we got into the car when my contractions were more than a minute each every 3-4 minutes. When the triage doctor checked me out, I was pleased to hear that I was already at 5 cm, 80% effaced, and at -2 station. I had been so afraid that they would tell me I wasn't even 1 cm yet! (That would have been so sad with the intense contractions!) We settled into our delivery room, and I planned to have an all-natural VBAC and told the anesthesiologist so.

So that was at 12:30 a.m. Saturday morning. I labored until 4:30 a.m., when the doctor who was working with my midwife came back to check me again. She found me at 7 cm, still at -2 station, now 90% effaced. She consulted my midwife and they decided to break my bag of waters to get things going faster. Boy, was that a weird experience ... all this warm water gushing down my legs! The doctor advised me that things would get intense from here on out, so if I wanted an epidural, to tell her now. I said no. She said she would come back at 6 a.m. to check my progress.

Well, by the time she came back at 6:30 a.m., I had been laboring hard, with DH acting as labor coach, for a while. The contractions were so intense, it seemed. She checked me and pronounced that I had not experienced any changes at all. She and the midwife said that Derek was posterior (this was a change since my last appt), and my contractions, despite ample moving around and posterior laboring positions, were not frequent enough. They suggested giving me an extremely light dose of Pitocin. The doctor asked me if I wanted an epidural; the midwife emphasized that it was up to me. At that point, I was running on more than 24 hours of labor and very little sleep. I was already at my breaking point before the news that I hadn't dilated at all from 4 a.m. to 6:30 a.m. I felt so tired, and like there was no way I could deal with the extra contrax from the Pitocin. Right away I said, "OK, I want the epidural." DH asked me if I was sure, and I said yes, because I knew I was at the end of my rope. I just wanted relief. Soon afterward the anesthesiologist came in and started hooking me up. While he was there, the contrax started coming one on top of the other, way off the charts, and I was just crying and crying. The nurse was trying to get an intermittent monitor on my belly, and I felt like her movements made me have even more contrax (probably not true), and I was just almost hysterical. DH was awesome and kept reminding me to breathe and squeezing my hand.

Soon the epi was in, but they had to come back three times to adjust the dosage, so I had another 45 minutes where the contrax were so painful, and I just whimpered through them. I was just so discouraged that after going to 7 cm, I had stalled. At this point, I was convinced that between Derek's posterior position, the Pitocin and the epidural (which meant lying down in bed), I wasn't going to get my VBAC. But, my midwife was really positive and said that it was likely Derek would descend down the birth canal. She told me to just get some rest and relax. So I did. I got the epi around 8:30, and by 10 a.m., I felt an awful urge to poop. I called the midwife, and she determined that in only 1.5 hours, I had proceeded from 7 cm to 10 cm, and Derek's head was at +2 station, ready to push, and he had turned so he wasn't as posterior as before! She made me "labor down" with more contractions for one more hour, and kept flipping me from side to side on the bed to encourage more turning. I started pushing shortly after 11 a.m., with great coaching from my midwife. She turned down the epi and turned off the Pitocin. They said I was a great pusher, but it still took until 1:38 a.m. WHEW! Oh and by the time Derek appeared, he was anterior!

Big difference from c-section: He was put right away on my abdomen, for me to hold and admire, even before his cord was cut! I love my little boy so much -- he looks exactly like Jack as a baby. And, I love being able to sit up right away.

However, little Derek had his hand kind of up by his face when he came out, and a sharp fingernail scratched the inside of my vagina and my labia, giving me a second-degree tear that took forever to finish up. Also ,I was so swollen from pushing that I couldn't pee, so now I had a catheter in until the morning after the delivery. Oh well!

I am really proud of myself for going to 7 cm unmedicated, and I'm also proud of the fact that I wasn't stubborn about the epidural and trusting my doctor and midwife. I think in this case, given how tired I was, the epidural and Pitocin really saved my opportunity for a VBAC -- that and the fact that the hospital staff was so supportive of VBAC. There were so many times when they could have just said, "OK, straight to the OR," but they didn't.

And now, some pictures:

First family pic, taken soon after delivery


The brothers meet!

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Names: Logan- DS
Bobby- DH
Aletha- MIL

Here's our story:

I woke up at 4am (30 mins before I was to call l&d to see if all was still go) and decided to call a little early since I was feeling up. The nurse that answered told us to come in between 0530-0600 and I told her I was told to come at around 10, so she said come in at 10. Being a worry wart I convinced myself and Bobbby to just go ahead in just in case, I mean they can always just send us home, I just didn't want to get bounced. So in we went and out we were sent, told to come back at 10. So we got home and just spent the morning playing with Logan since we wouldn't see much of him for the next 2 days. 0900 rolled around and we decided to take Aletha (MIL) to the base to show her Bobby's work place. Finally we were headed towards the hospital and there were no parking places so Bobby dropped me off at the door and I grabbed Logan while Aletha and Bobby went to park the cars. Looking at the time I realized I needed to start heading up to check in so I called Bobby and told him we'd be in L&D waiting for them. So up went Logan and I passing a woman in labor on the way and once again the worrier in me started to think that if she got there first they'd be out of room so as soon as she stopped for a contraction Logan and I literally ran to the elevator, lol. Mean, but I wanted in. Guess it didn't matter much in the end, but we got checked in and soon followed the rest of the gang. I took them about 2 hours to get us back, in the meantime I had an NST and some blood drawn. While hooked up to the NST I found out that what I thought was Rya aggrivating my hips were actually contractions and they soon started to pick up in frequency and intensity. Once they took me back I was having to really concentrate through them, so I'm guessing c-sec or not Rya was coming that day (or at least soon). It took the anestesiologist a few tries to get the epi in (I think I got a trainie) but finally my right leg went numb and while I started panicing thinking it was only going to be good for 1/2 of me, my other leg soon followed. Finally Bobby was shown in and we were ready to get started. It was so much different from Logan's birth. This time I was awake and able to talk to Bobby and others while being worked on. Finally the time came for Rya to be "born". Inlike her brother she came out crying which was a blessed relief to her father and I. They held her up for me to briefly see and away she went to get cleaned up. It seemed to take forever for her to get back to me, but she finally did and I got to see her, better yet, this time I was able to remember seeing her. And in too short of a time off she went again. I don't remember much after this, I think I ended up going to sleep.

Finally I was wheeled back to the recovery room and though I'm not sure how much time passed in there, but not long after waking up in came Bobby, Logan, Aletha and baby.

Rya was 7lbs 10 oz, 19.5 inches long. Her apgar scores were 8 & 9 (I think) and all was well. Apparently she peed and pooped first thing when she got out, so they were happy about that.

While in the hospital they took her for an u/s and a dye contrast test, both of which confirmed the bad kidney and showed the other kidney was 100% fine and the bladder was working perfectly, so great news all in all. We'll be heading back in a month to talk to the kidney doc and see what all is going to happen next.

Nursing is going well so far. Rya is slightly tongue tied and I can't decided if it is her or her tongue, but her latches always hurt. Right now she is favoring my right boobie so I've been pumping my left which is going well as a routine. The docs are concerned a little with her weight loss and she lost almost a whole pound before we left but now that my milk is in I'm sure she'll gain it back in no time.

Big brother Logan is in love with his sister. He loves coming up to give her hugs, touch her nose and hold her. Its always so cute.

The silly anestesiologist:

First pic of Rya:

First family pic:


Meeting big brother Logan (It was so cute)

With Oma (Aletha):

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Abigail Elise
EDD: July 2
Birth Date: June 26, 2009
Weight: 6 lb 12 oz
Height: 19 in

On June 19 (38 weeks), I went into the hospital because I was afraid my water had broken. Through various tests, the doctors determined that my water had not broken. They did do an ultrasound, though, to determine if I had enough fluid and found that little Abby was breech! This came as a huge surprise to DH and myself, given that I had had 3 internal exams by 2 doctors that all said that she was head-down. Oh well. Through many tears and research, DH and I decided that having a c-section was the best option. I called my OB and scheduled the operation for July 1. Someone ended up going into labor early and they were able to move me up to June 26.

The morning of June 26, DH and I got up and showered and dressed and drove to the hospital. The drive to the hospital was a very odd experience - not at all like I had expected it to be (i.e. a lot calmer). They checked me in and got me ready for surgery. We had a lovely nurse named Lorraine from Scotland and kept calling me "love." She was such a calming influence – even when I had to leave DH to go into the OR. The doctor came in about an hour before my surgery and did an ultrasound and, yes, Abby was still breech.

A little after 10am, they came and got me to go to the OR, but DH couldn’t go with me at that point. I walked to the OR with my IV attached and everything – very surreal. The room was so cold when I got in there that I was shivering very badly – partially because I was really scared as well. I didn’t expect that DH wouldn’t be there the entire time. They put the spinal in and laid me down with warm blankets on me. Almost immediately, my legs started to feel warm and tingly and I knew it was working (thank god!). The doctors came in and they got me all set up, but still no DH. They started making the incision and still no DH. Finally he came in and had to walk around the far side of the drape and he could see them working on me. I was nervous, but all I could see was the drape and the ceiling and him. He could see everything else! There was no pain, but I could feel myself being pulled around on the table while they were doing the surgery.

Finally came the words “there’s a foot!” and then she was out! The nurses went over to get her and it seemed like an eternity before she started to cry. That was 10:38am. When she did, it was the most beautiful sound and I couldn’t stop crying myself! They showed her to DH and I while they were cleaning her up and weighing her – she cried the entire time. Eventually, they brought her over to DH and put her in his arms (after instructing him on how to hold a newborn). She immediately knew that he was her daddy and stopped crying. It was amazing. He brought her over to me and the nurses took a picture. I’m upside down and DH and Abby are all bundled up, but it’s my absolute favorite picture.

Eventually, they took Abby back and DH had to go wait out in the recovery room again until I was closed up and they brought me in on the bed. I was given a morphine drip to help with the pain, but they said that it was still OK to breastfeed. They let me feed her right there in the recovery room! After the appropriate amount of time, DH, Abby, and I were carted to my hospital room. The oddest thing at that point was that I still couldn’t feel my butt that well and my abs were sore, so I kept thinking that I was holding myself up off of the bed! I kept feeling with my hands to make sure my butt was actually on the bed. DH and I had some good time alone in the room with Abby before my parents and my inlaws came to visit.

It’s amazing how you can fall in love with something so immediately and completely. Both DH and I can watch her sleep for hours. Even when she cries, it’s not grating – all we want to do is help and make her feel better. When she was born, she weighed in at 6lbs 12oz and was 19 inches.

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I was a June 2009 mommy, but lurked over here thinking that my baby was gonna be a July 09 baby so I thought I should post by birth story here too!

Lauren's birth story:

I was scheduled fo an induction and asked to come in to the hospital on Thursday, July 2nd at 5pm for Miso (oral) to ripen my cervix. I checked in with DH after dropping of DD at my parents at 5pm. By the time I was admitted and in bed it was 7pm and the monitors were picking up regular contractions about 10 minutes apart. But they were not painful. I was a fingertip dilated but my cervix was still long.

We ate dinner, and they gave me something to help me sleep and sent me to bed without any unduction drugs. I was woken up at 11:30pm by the nurse stating that my contractions had stopped so they gave me the oral meds and put me back to sleep. I slept OK, but not great. I was up for the day around 5:30am and waited for the dr to arrive. I was checked around 9am and I was 1-2 CM dilated - so basically nothing much had happened, but my contractions had picked back up - still not painful.

They started petocin around 10am and let me rest. About an hour later they decided that they would insert a bulb in my cervix to dilate it manually to see if that kickstarted that. At 1pm I was having more painful contractions and when I got up to pee, the bulb fell out and I was bleeding a bit. I walked around for about 30 minutes and labored through the contractions.

Around 5pm they have to move me to a new room (closing the wing I was in cause there was only 2 patients in it) and by then the contractions were really painful and I was about 5-6cm. I told the nurse that I wanted the epi as soon as I got to my new room. It took the anastesiologist 30+ minutes to get there and I was having a hard time with the pain. It took two tries for her to get it. but when she did, I was in heaven. I could feel my legs but NO pain!!!!

My family went and got dinner together and when they got back it was like 6:30pm. I was checked again at 8pm and I was 8cm. My 9pm I was full and complete and ready to push. After two short pushes Lauren arrived and they placed her right on my chest!! I never got that with DD #1 cause she had pooped in utero. She nurse right away and I was in HEAVEN!!! She was 7lbs, 9.9oz and 19 inches. 13 inch head.

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Quick and dirty:

Arriana Joyce arrived July 6, 2009 at 7:58am. She weighed 8lbs 11oz and was 22in long. Not only was she big weight wise but her head is 75%+!


I was scheduled to go in Sunday night for induction if she didn't leave of her own accord. Monday the 6th was the 41 week mark and Powell didn't want me to go past that with my BP creeping up and swelling and so on. So we have an organized chaos of family set up tenitivly to watch the girls. Basic game plan is DH drops me off at the hospital and comes back in the morning when the morning baby sitters arrive. His grandmother gets sick on Friday and his mom can be there at 9am at the earliest, so a friend (the one with the henna) says she'll help out if he needs to be at the hospital sooner. Thank God she did or he would have missed it!

Comparing it to the girls labor and delivery I was hoping to have her by afternoon but prepared for it to go longer as my body wasn't doing anything on it's own aside from a few braxton hix contrax here and there over the weekend. Because of the off and on contractions earlier in the weekend I was hoping for some progress, but no. We get in and they check me. Still zero change from over a month ago. The night crew was awesome. My nurse was Kathy and she was wonderful. She did mess up my IV though. First stick missed the vien. When she took the needle out, it was a pumper. Blood shot across the room on the floor. So after that one was bandaged up she put it in my hand. Not awesome but she didn't want to miss again which I was thankful for.

They had student doctor a and b at night. The lead resident or whatever was actually there for the girls birth and was good. I liked her bunches. The other guy was SO green, but he introduced himself that way and was actually pretty alright. He was learning about radiology so he practiced on me. They did an ultrasound to check the size and position of the kiddo and I think I learned a lot, lol. Like what organs need to be in view to take what measurements and why and such. Was actually a pretty fun experience. They came up with ~7 1/2lbs, give or take a pound (which is the normal margin of error). I asked the lady doc so we're sure we're well under 9lbs, right? She said probably...

She comes back with the cervidil and the nurse gets me a baby benydril to help me sleep. So I do what I can to sleep in between the pokes and prods and BP checks and so on. I actually do quite well and sleep for 1-2hour chunks. They come back around 3am to check me again. No dilation, no effacement, but I'm soft so it's doing what it should. One more dose to be sure and they'll probably start the pit in 4-5 hours. Yay. So I try to go back to sleep. Can't move for an hour anyway... Soon before 4 I feel crampy and have to pee but it's too early to move. Nurse pops in for another BP check and I ask anyway. She says if it's not an emergency she'll be back in 10. Fine I can wait 10. SO as I'm laying there I'm thinking it's not the "full bladder cramps" and they are actually contractions. Doesn't make sense as they won't be giving me pit for hours yet. Nurse pops back in and unhooks the monitors so I can use the restroom. As I'm walking around I'm pretty sure I'm having contractions, regularly too. Not hurty, just noticeable.

By 5am they HURT. It felt just like it did with the girls after they broke the first water. I call DH and tell him to get up ASAP. Not sure delivery is imminent or even less than 5 hours away, but I hurt and I really want him there sooner than later. I call the nurse and the dr and ask to be checked. They ask silly questions and say how they don't like to check too much. I say I hurt enough I want a pain killer now. Look at my read out, contrax are way less than 5min apart. (All I can think of is OMG my water hasn't even broke and I don't know if I'll be able to stand this very long without something to take the edge off.) Student dr lady checks me and says I'm almost a 5cm and more than 50% effaced. OKs a shot of nubane and goes to call my dr. It's about 5:30 and I still haven't seen DH so I give him a call to find out his ETA. Turns out he's in the waiting room but no one is at the desk to let him in. My nurse goes and gets him.

At about 6am I start asking where my doctor is and to check me again. They do and I'm at a 6+. I'm not impressed with the nubane. Last time around it brought me back down to where I could almost sleep through the contrax. I'm not sure it did anything this time around. Still I can breathe through them and talk in between OK.

At 6:30 I ask if I can have another shot. Last time I had 2 doses, and wondered if I was able to this time. I think I was just hoping more in my system would actually do something. Now it seems a really silly request, but OMG did it hurt. Nurse says she'll ask the doctor, and then seemingly vanishes. Turns out there a shift change and a brief so no doctors can be bothered. She's bugging them for me but I'm being ignored. About 7:15 my doctor comes in checks me, the new student doctors introduce themselves and it's worse than I imagined. Dr "I think that's a head" from the girls labor is the head student dr for the next shift. You have to be kidding me... SO I'm all "I've asked about some kind of drugs for like an hour, can I have anything or what?" Green student dr lady with curly hair checks me, then my dr follows behind to confirm. I'm at an 8 and not completely effaced. Waters are still in tact so he OKs a 1/2 dose of morphine and heads out to get in his scrubs. My new nurse is evil, but some others on staff are OK. One in particular becomes my new best friend. Best friend nurse asks about breaking my water and Powell doesn't want to. She makes this comment under her breath about how Dr Powell should experience labor for himself for a change. In my mind I giggled. Evil nurse is craby about giving me the drug (now 7:30ish), but I didn't care. At that moment in time I'd claw someone's face off if I knew it would make the pain go away. Evil nurse makes snippy comments like "if you can't slow your breathing I'm going to have to give you oxygen." Slow my breathing? You have GOT to be kidding. Contrax are on top of each other and I want to push, slow my breathing? DH even said it's not like I was hyperventilating or anything.

I tell, well more like yell, that I REALLY want to push now not joking (7:40ish) and the staff is all NONO you aren't complete! After the fact I think they were trying to stall waiting for my doctor... LOL stall. Oh at this point crabby nurse is all "you need to work with the pain or the kid won't come out" like I'm actually freaking out and not allowing my body to progress. HELLO the opposite is occurring, pay attention! So I spend the next 10-15 minutes doing everything in my power not to push. Student dr 'I think that's a head' checks me and says I'm close but she wants to see if I'll stretch around her head and not tare even though I'm not complete so go ahead and try pushing a little with the next contraction. "try pushing a little" ... Is she kidding me? My best friend nurse is up by my head and she tells me to do what my body needs to do. If pushing feels good at this point, push. Besides it might just break my water. SO I pretty much block out the staff and focus on the contrax trying to work with them. My water breaks, but there's not much. Like I think maybe I peed... Student curly hair goes to break my water, during a contraction and that hurt like nobody's business. And it already broke so instead of confirming that fact, she's just really confused and spends way to much time in my ho-haa.

Next contraction I push and push and it HURTS so much more than the girls ever did. Excruciating comes to mind. Then the contraction stops and the pain is SO intense all I want to do is keep pushing through it, but the staff tells me to stop. WTF stop?? Yeah right... Best friend nurse is over by my head and is trying to explain that the head is out, they want to suction her before I push the rest out. My brain screams suction her after she's out and let me push before I kick your face! I think I actually just screamed something more like WHAT? I HAVE TO PUSH!!! Next contraction she was out. So the entire L&D went from "I think that's a contraction" to baby in 4 hours. I pushed a total 4 contractions. First broke my water. Second was with them trying to break my water, third was the head, and 4th she was out. It was intense so I'm glad it was short.

DH cuts the cord, but I'm not hearing a cry so I ask if she's OK. They say yes but I don't see or hear her. Scary moment for me until I hear that sweet sweet cry~

At this point Dr Powell walks in and says "What happened here" as he was gone at most 20 min. He oversees the placenta delivery which somehow dr curly hair makes hurt. I'm telling her OW and she's all yeah yeah silly lady. Finally I yell out will you stop pressing on my pubic bone?! Stupid student doctors... Powell scolds her for being dumb. He scolds them both for letting me tare too, 3rd degree and it's ugly. He lets tweedle dum and tweedle dee sew me up while he supervises. Also not awesome as dr curly hair is ROUGH. She's even rough when cleaning me up after all the stitches are in. My lord PAT do not WIPE! I think they are used to women who get epis and can't feel all that.

After the fact I learned she came out facing my left hip. The fact that she had a good 3 lbs on the girls and came out oddly explains a lot of the pain difference with the actual delivery. (well that and the speed) Her hair is this dark brown color with like frosted tips or highlights in it. Very cool and yet I have no idea where that came from. Her eyebrows are platinum blonde so we're thinking it will lighten.

Breast feeding is going rough. This girl has an insane suck reflex. Stronger than the LC has seen in a very long time. Good news is she can take my breast no problem. That was an issue with the girls. Bad news is I still need nipple shields because she is SO rough. The LC said do not let her comfort suck on you. If she has the need save yourself and use a paci. I'm also not to pump until things get better and I heal. In the 20 min after delivery where we breast fed, she tore me up simply because her suck is so strong. So when she learns to back off a bit and I toughen up, I think we'll be good.

She's already picking her head up and in a lot of ways a head of where the girls were when they were born. Thinking about it, it does make sense though. She's 3-4 weeks older then they were. She almost has more hair than the girls do now at a year old too!


Elly playing with the belly the Sunday.

Just born

back in PP

At home

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So here is our birth story....
On Wednesday July 1st I was up alot during the early morning hours with cramping and contractions but dismissed them because I had been having them lke that for days. I went about my day cleaning and getting things ready for my inlaws to arrive and throughout the day they were uncomfortable but nothing to write home about so I just kept about my day really denying that this was the day. Around 5:30 my hubby came home and was not feeling well so he asked if I could go pick up his parents at the airport. I joked with him about the contractions I had been having all day and said to him, "now you watch my water will break on the way," He said, "not funny!" I really was joking though. So I left for the airport and of course it's Houston and traffic has to be crawling at this point because everyone is getting off work and while in the car I notice the contractions are getting closer and more uncomfortable. I get a little concerned at that point but they are still 7 min. apart and I am ok so I keep going. It takes 45 min. to get there and I pick them up and head home. I mentioned how bad the traffic was and we decided to take the beltway home instead of I-10 so that we could get home and eat dinner at a reasonable hour otherwise it would be another hour or more before we got home. The drive home got interesting. I didn't want to say anything about how hard they were starting to hit me and were now 5 min. apart. I just hurried home and by the time I got home they were about 3 min. apart. I went upstairs to tell Greg that I think I am in labor. He say's really, oh yeah, I can't hardly talk through them now. So we call the dr. and it's about 7:45 at them point and about 15 min. later the dr. calls back after I just told Greg, "Screw it, I can't wait any longer." So anyhow he told us to go in and he would let them know I was on the way. We got there about 8:15 and by that point they are back to back and everyone in the ER is staring at me while they get a wheel chair to take me to L&D. I just wanted to yell at all of them. I am not a piece of artwork so would you stop staring at me. After we finally get up to L&D they ask me to put on the gown and realize there is no time between the contractions. The nurse says let's get you checked and I could tell by the look on her face that things were getting ready to get crazy. She looks at me and says, I think you are fully dialated. What? seriously. I knew they were bad and close but really! Another nurse came in and checked again and started franticly trying to get ahold of the dr. They started setting everything up and all of a sudden my water broke and I had to push. They were telling me to blow because the dr. wasn't there yet and were even paging for any dr. to get up there now but there was nothing I could do. The blowing wasn't working so the nurse called for everyone to get in there and they were going to have to deliver. After a few pushes and feeling like his head was stuck he finally crowned and then his head was out. They had to loosen the cord from around his neck and then 3 more pushes and he was out. He didn't cry and looked blue so they immediatly took him over to the bed and worked on him. He had had a bowel movement so they wanted to make sure that it wasn't in his lungs so they suctioned him out, gave him oxygen, and then after a few minutes you could hear him cry and those were the sweetest sounds to my ears ever. I got to hold him after that and kiss his sweet little cheeks. Finally the dr. arrived and couldn't believe that yet again he missed my delivery. He delivered the placenta and they cleaned us up, gave us time to nurse and the kids came up to see their new brother. I am in heaven! These are the greatest times of my life. Thanks for reading!
Ok, now for the pics!

Elijah, me and Benjamin

Hannah, Isaiah, and THomas

Thomas and I

My sweet hubby and Thomas

Time to come home!

In his new bed

and yesterday at 5 days old.

I hope I didn't overwhelm you all. That was alot of pics and story. One thing is for sure, I am glad I didn't take the other way home. He would have been born on the highway. Yikes! Thanks for reading and sharing my pregnancy with me! I look forward to sharing the baby times now. Hugs to all!


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fast and furious birth story
Friday, July 10
BPP and growth scan - everything looks healthy. Jordan seems to be right on track in the 50%tile, estimated weight 7.5 lbs. Doctor didn't think I would have him this weekend
Saturday, July 11
My mom flies in from Germany. My biggest fear was that I would go into labor befor she arrives and I was worried about the babysitter situation for Renee. But everything went well and Renee and Oma got along from the first minute on
Sunday, July 12
The whole family went to the pool in the morning. It was a beautiful and hot day and the cool water felt so good on my 39 week belly and back. We spent a couple of hours there and came back home pretty relaxed. Came back home, all took naps and showers and baths and we decided to go out for dinner that evening. We went to Golden Corral and of course I ate way too much.
Back home we took Renee to bed, watched the rest of a rented movie and went to bed early. DH thought it would be a good idea to do some nipple stimulation. At 10:40 pm, about a half hour in the game, I had felt about 3-4 contractions, I feel that weird "popp" inside of me and a gush of liquid runs out of me. I tell DH "babe, I think my water just broke" and he's like "you're joking, right?". Both in total disbelive. I thought, that can't be it. They all told me that I have lots of water and that really just felt like 2 hand full. So I decide to go to the bathroom and sit down on the toilet for a while. Sitting there I feel more running out, but really not a lot. But I feel some contractions starting. I get and start walking around a little bit because I had a leg cramp and during this walk I feel more and more water running out. By then I was sure, my waters had broke. DH called our doula and she told us to slowly get ready to go to the hospital and time the contrax and she would meet us there in an hour. I woke up my mom and told her what to do with Renee in the morning and wrote her a big whole list with stuff. I was just so worried she wouldn't know what to do since she just had arrived and basicly did not even know yet where everything was at. I took a quick shower. Ray was bugging me the whole time to tell him when contractions start, stopped and how long and hard they were. It was so surreal, I didn't really pay that much attention to the whole contraction thing and forgot to tell him quiet often. By 11:45 pm we were in the car and on the road to Chapel Hill. My contractions were about 3 min apart and lasted 30-70 sec. They didn't hurt alot, just were unfomy. I was talking and laughing through them and told Ray, if I would stop talking through them he would know that it got bad. On the bumpy road to the hospital I felt a few stronger contrax but still in the same time frame. Came to the hospital, met Grace (doula), got admitted and settled into the triage room at midnight.
Monday, July 13
The nurse there took all my data, put in an IV lock and an annoying medical student asked me tons of annoying questions. I couldn't care less, it all still felt very unreal to me. A resident doctor checked me and I was at a 3 cm. She then checked me if I had broken my water. that was the funniest for me. I thought that woman must have been out of her mind. What else did she know was all that stuff I was leaking around. We all (nurse, doula, DH and I) had quiet a laugh about it. So she "confirmed" I had my water broken and was good to be sent to an L&D room, DUH!!!! In the L&D room while nurse Lisa tried to hook me up to the wireless monitors, Ray asked me how I felt and if it was ok if he would go out for a quick smoke. It was 2 am and I didn't feel much different then the whole time, so I let him go and just told him not to take to long. I went to the bathroom, joked around with Grace and had another annoying and hurtful cramp in my right leg which I walked off in circles in my room. The cramp in my leg went away or I just couldn't feel it anymore because all of a sudden I was hit by a contraction that was NOT funny or annoying anymore but painful. Ray came back the same moment. Grace suggested to keep standing and leaning on Ray in kind of a slow dance position while she stood behind me massaging my back and cooling me off with a cold wet towel. Now things really got nasty. The doc on call came in and it happend to be one of my primary providers, Doc Ewers. We joked a little around that he would most likely again not be there for the delivery since his shift would be over at 7 am and it was already something like quarter to 3. So he left the room, me still standing there trying to get over the contrax when they got worse and worse every minute. I started screaming, swearing, cursing and threatening people. I wanted an epidural, IMMEDIATELY and got really mad at my doula for telling me I could do without. I guess at that point thet realized I was serious. I wanted to lay down on my side. Nurse Lisa had to adjust the monitors because she kept loosing Jordan's heartbeat because of all my moving around. The resident had checked me and had said I was at a 6 cm. The anestaesiologist came in and irritaded me with stupid questions. Lisa had already some pain meds ready to put into my IV and they asked me if I wanted those or the epi. This question was so hilarious to me - of course I wanted both, what a question. Lisa told me they would make me a little loopy. I didn't care. The anestaesiologist kept asking me questions and I almost didn't hear her because I was drifting away just to be present during my contrax. All of a sudden I felt this huge urge to push and I actually couldn't even stop myself from pushing through this contraction. I told them about it the same time Ray noticed that more water came shooting out of me. Lisa pushed the anesteasiologist out of her way and called the resident to check me again and sure enough I had gone from 6 to 9 in 5 min!!!!!!!! Everybody got into a rush now, calling Doc Ewers, breaking down the bed, trying to convince me not to push (yeah, right!). Doc comes in, jokes around about how I couldn't wait until his shift was over, looks at me and gets serious. He tells me real quick what would be going on in the next minutes. He suggests a numbing medication he would directly inject into the vagina to help relax everything, apparently something they do quiet often for VBACs. I kinda heart all of that just in a blur, like I was hypnotized or dreaming , just not really there. Him and Grace directed me through the next couple of contractions by counting for me and telling me how to push. He told how he already sees Jordans head and that it would take me just a few pushes to deliver the head and then he would want to have my legs held up by Ray and Grace so he could turn the baby to deliver the rest of him. The head came out with the next push, my legs were held up and Jordan came flying out with the next push like a torpedo right into Doc Ewers chest. I had a second degree tear
Jordan was born on 4:05 am. Weight 7.8 lbs, 19 3/4 inches and a head full of black hair. Apgar 8/9. Total time of labor from breaking of water to delivery: 6hours and 20 min
Jordan was placed on my belly and Ray got to cut the cord. He stayed on me for the next half hour and then was just taken over to the scale and back to me. I nursed him already for a good hour and he was all alert. He went for his bath and assessment after 2 hours when I was transfered from L&D to my hospital room and was back with me as soon as I got settled in there.
I left him for a few hours in the nursery to get a good snooze (as good as you can get in a hospital were every 15 min somebody peaks his/her head into the door). We left the hospital on Tuesday around lunch time.

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I went in to be induced on Tuesday, July 7th at 5:30am. I got hooked up to the IV and the Pitocin was started at about 6:15. I was barely getting any pitocin though, because I was 3cm, and 90% effaced, and although they weren't painful, aparently I was contracting lots on my own. They actually didn't turn the pitocin up at all until after my OB broke my water at around 8:30. Once she did that, the contractions came much closer together and much more painful. The pitocin was turned up very little. Just enough to keep things progressing. I waited it out for the epi, but by 11:00am, I couldn't stand it anymore. I could barely breathe through the contractions, which were coming about every 2 minutes, and I started to feel like I'd throw up with every contraction, and that was just not fun. I got my epi about 12:00, and it kicked in pretty quick. I was 4cm and 100% effaced before they put in the epi. I got checked again after the epi took effect, which was about 12:15 or so, and I was 7! In a matter of 15 minutes! The nurse said it would probably only be about another hour or so, so that was exciting. But then she read the monitor paper and said she wanted to check me again. I was at 10cm! DH and I were floored! My first DD's labor took 15 hours, and so we were expecting about 11 or 12 hours with this one, not 6. The nurse said I shouldn't push, and she was calling my OB. My wonderful doctor arrived in about 3 minutes, got her stuff all set up, and I started pushing. I started pushing at 12:28pm, and 3 pushes and 3 minutes later, at 12:31 am, Maura Marie K. came screaming into the world. She had the cord around her neck 3 times:eek:, but her heart rate never went down. She was healthy and beautiful and we were thrilled to find out we had another daughter. She was 7lbs 3oz, and took to BFing immediately. So far, she is a wonderful baby, and we are all loving having her here. Her big sister has been great with her.

Her birth was such a different experience from her sister's, but I am thrilled that it went so fast! Here are a few pics from the last 9 days. Thanks for all your congrats! I want to say congrats to everyone who has had their baby in the last 2 weeks. I will try to catch up the best I can, but I know I won't be able to post on every post.

The day we brought her home:

Tiny feet:

Just hanging out:

Holding onto my rings:

And being burped by her big sister:

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Elizabeth Kathleen C______
July 14, 2009 at 11:20pm
7lbs 7oz, 20 inches

Tuesday evening DH and I headed to the next town over (20 minutes by highway) for supper with friends. At around 7:00 I started getting mild cramping which I had been having since Friday but this time there was a bit of regularity to it. Then I started getting a leaking feeling between my legs and went to the bathroom to check. I had a ton of mucus in my underwear and in the toilet as well... this kept happening for a while but I wasn't feeling any pain so I didn't say anything. Then around 8:15 the contractions stepped up and actually started feeling uncomfortable so I told DH I thought we should head back to town to be close the hospital in case "this was it". Well when I went to stand up my friend shouts "your water has broken!" I guess the seat of my pants was soaked from all the mucus discharge.

So we got back to town and told the hospital we were coming in. Got to the hospital around 9:30 and the nurse hooked me up to the fetal monitor and checked me. I was 5cm dilated but my cervix was still thick... I found this weird as my doctor always told me I was thin and stretchy... so she phoned my doctor who said just run a non-stress and keep her informed. The contractions were stepping up in pain and spreading into my hips so after about 30 minutes on the monitor I asked the nurse to phone my doctor for some pain relief. My doc got to the hospital around 10:30 and when she saw how close my contractions were she figured she'd better check me... well, I was fully dilated! I begged for pain relief though and since the baby's head was still fairly high she agreed to an epidural. They got me sitting up but the contractions were one on top of the other and I couldn't keep the position... then my water broke... after about 15 minutes of waiting for the breaks in the contractions and trying to get the epidural in, I asked if there was something else... well doctor checked me again and the head was right there so she said "laughing gas and get this baby out". I sucked in a breath of the laughing gas, the room started spinning and I thought I was going to pass out... so I threw the mask away and felt the urge to push... first push out came her head and second push out came the rest of her!!! I had 1 small tear and delivered her in less than 5 hours naturally!!!

She is perfect and her big brother is completely in love with her. We came home from the hospital this morning and she weighs 3oz less than her birth weight. She's breastfeeding like a champ and is constantly looking for the boob! I'll post some pictures once I get them organized.

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DH and I got to the hospital at 5pm on Thursday, June 9th for my induction. The plan was to put cervadil in and let it sit overnight, then start pitocin in the morning. When the doctor came in to check my cervix and put in the cervadil, I was 2 cm dilated and 100% effaced, so she told me no cervadil. Instead they hooked me up to the monitors, gave me a sleeping pill and told me to get some rest. The doctor came back in at 8:30 am on Friday and checked me again, I was 4 cm. They started pitocin at 9:30 am. By around 11 am I was in so much pain and all I wanted was the epidural, but I barely had half a bag of IV fluids in me, so I could not get it. I finally got my epidural around 1:30 pm and at 2:10 pm I was 8 cm. At 3:10 pm it was time to push. After 1 hour of pushing, Arthur William ******, Jr. was born at 4:10 pm. He weighed 7 lb 14 oz and was 20" long. After he was born, the doctor told me he was amazed I got him out and so quickly. He thought I was going to need a c-section because AJ had his head turned slightly which made it appear much bigger than it was. I have a 2nd degree tear, but I am feeling great and moving around really well. We were discharged from the hospital on Sunday the 12th and have all been doing really well at home. (sorry some of the pictures are so big, I resized them all, but some didn't take)





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Anthony Dilmer C. born July 12

On Friday, July 10, my OB scheduled a c-sec for Sunday July 12 at 8:30 in the morning. The day before my scheduled c-sec I spend it cleaning and getting everything ready for the big day. That night I tossed and turned and woke up every 30 minutes. At 5:45am I woke up and got ready to arrive at the the hospital at 7:00am. As we walked towards the hospital I took my last pregnant photos.

I was immediately admitted and put in a room to monitor the baby's heart rate. As the nurse was informing me on what to expect in surgery, she kept a close ear at his heart beats. She asked me if anyone had ever mentioned that the baby would skip a heart beat every so often. I said no, and got so worried. She told me not to worry that it could just be a temporary thing that would go away shortly after birth. The doctor also noticed and made a note of this. I was walked into the OR at 8:25am and started getting a spinal anesthetic. I was mortified about everything. A few minutes later after laying on the surgical bed my bottom half was tingling and getting all numb. Finally I could not feel or move my body and the c-sec started. There were two doctors, two nurses, and the anesthesiologist. Finally after starting, my husband was allowed to walk in to join me. I tried to resist to let out a tear, but I could not stop it. My husband wiped of my tears and started speaking to me and making me feel better. I could feel my body being moved on as they worked on me, but had no sensation.

I was all scared and the minutes seem to last forever. I could see the monitor that had my heart rate and kept a close eye at the time. Oldies music played in the background as the surgery was performed. Finally at 9:02am Anthony was born. I can remember one of the doctors saying, “He is ready for kindergarten.” I was so sleepy, but waited to hear him cry. It was such an emotional time when I hear his first cry, a river of tears rolled down my face. In everything that was happening I can remember hearing the song “Kiss and Say Goodbye” being played in the background. It was a sweet moment to finally say goodbye to my belly and be able to soon have my child to kiss and hug.

My husband stayed by Anthony's side the whole time. He even got to cut Anthony's cord (which he once told me he would not do), and it is all on film. Anthony Dilmer was born July 12 at 9:02am, weighing 8 pounds and 6 ounces, 19 inches long, a head measurement of 38.5 cm, and his umbilical cord wrapped around his neck once. My OB was so glad that we did not try to deliver him vaginally, he was big not only in weight, but also a big head size and the wrapped cord could have lead to complications. I was just happy to have Anthony all healthy regardless of how he got here. After Anthony was checked and cleaned, my husband brought him over and let me see him for the first time, and it felt so good to be able to give my baby a kiss. Anthony looks like a photograph of me as an infant.

My surgery ended at 9:24am. My husband and Anthony where moved to a recovery room. I laid in the OR for around another 10 minutes as the nurses cleaned me. I was then moved from the OR into the recovery room were Anthony and my husband were in, joined with my mother and sister . Immediately after, I was given Anthony to breast feed. He had a good latch from the start, already eating like a professional. I was still extremely sleepy and could hardly keep my eyes open.

An hour after his birth I was swarmed with a visit from my sister in law & boyfriend, brother in law, and an old high school teacher (who has been a good friend to us for years). I apologize to them for me constantly tuning out and almost falling asleep in some moments. My blood pressure was monitored through that time, it was initially well but increased drastically. The nurse then decided to end my visitors stay to see if my blood pressure dropped. Two hours after the surgery I was moved to another floor and given a post partum room. I received two huge flower arrangements from my mother who came back to visit, and another from my best friend with her bf and brother. At some point there were 10 visitors in our post partum room. The nurses were surprised at how many visitors we had and kept on complimenting me on the flowers that we got.

I was glad that my husband never left Anthony's side. I was too numb, and having my husband take care of Anthony was so relieving and comforting. Anthony did not spend a single minute in the nursery, instead he roomed with us. Anthony's first care provider became my husband, who learned how to change a diaper and to swaddle. I am so proud of what a great father he is.

My whole c--sec experience was not as bad as I had imagined. All the staff was very nice, friendly, and helpful. I was not in excruciating pain as I thought I would. In the whole time, the worst was having to get up to walk on my second day, and urinating on my own after the caterer was removed. In my first 24 hours I asked for pain killer shots around three times, I wasn't in extreme pain but made sure it didn't get near it either. When it came time to take tablets the nurses were surprised that I didn't ask for medication, they had to remind me if I needed them (for the most part I denied them). My milk came in around the second day. We were released on Wednesday morning. I was all well and walking like if nothing happened. Pain or discomfort only happens when I get up in the middle of the night, it is hard to get out of bed.

Anthony is doing great, but he didn't pass his ear exam for his right ear. The technician said it is most likely due to fluid in his ear and we need to go back to retest in a few weeks. DH had to go to back to work yesterday and it broke his hard to have to leave Anthony. My husband and I are so in love with our little man, we can't snap out of cloud 9. He is such an angel, hardly gives much grief. Everything he does is just too adorable to us. I had a hard pregnancy, and then having to accept my c-sec was painful emotinally. Regardless of how hard it was, seeing him makes me (who swore to make this my last child) want another. I told my husband I must be insane to think of having one or even two more babies.:D

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"You're not going home for any damn bag." Famous last words from my OB. Wink

Things probably had started developing on Sunday. We were out in the yard and I just wasn't able to ignore my discomforts anymore. I ended up supervising hubby in the garden instead of doing any work. Monday, I don't think I set foot outside at all. I wasn't in pain, but things just weren't right, if you know what I mean. Ended up trying to get the house together instead. Tuesday morning I woke up definitely contracting. As the morning progressed, it was becoming apparent that they were both regular (though I wasn't timing them) and creeping around to my lower back. Since they weren't any more painful than any of the IU contractions I'd been having for the last 22 weeks or so, I was doing my best to get through them - stop and breathe - and continue going about the morning. I called hubby to see if he could slip home earlier (he was getting off at noon so we could go to my afternoon appointment in the city) because I was really struggling. Started getting some of the pet and house things organized for my neighbour to do chores for us just in case we didn't come home. I was still in denial, though, and although I packed my bag, we didn't bring it along to the city; the plan was to bring home a truck bed load of mulch from the garden centre, in which case the bags would have been in the way. Lol Started timing the contractions in the truck on the way to the city; they were roughly five minutes apart, give or take. The drive on our bumpy highway was pretty rough, to say the least.

We went straight to my appointment. The nurses at the office (I was having to stop while they were taking my stats) remarked that my contractions seemed quite long - they were consistently about a minute in duration. Dr. S checked me around 3 p.m. and said I was 3 to 4 cm and 100 percent dilated. I guess we should have brought our bags! He told me not to leave the city, so we made a quick stop at BRU for a couple of last-minute things and then headed to my dad's. Erin and I stayed there and sent Cam home for our stuff. At this point, I still thought we had lots of time. It just so happened that things were happening at roughly the same time of day as they did with Erin and she was born at 3:39 the next morning. We knew second births are often quicker, but still thought we had until maybe midnight, give or take, since I was handling the contractions alright. About half an hour after hubby left, though, they started getting much more intense. I started trying to think of ways to try and slow things down - completely opposite of all I had been learning to do in labour this whole pregnancy, lol. Kneeling on the floor and resting my arms and head on the sofa worked for a little bit. Then I went right down on the floor with my butt up, thinking of trying to take pressure off the cervix. I was still able to carry on conversations between contractions and even eat a bit of toast. When those positions stopped working, I really needed to lie down. Contractions got worse then, but my dad sat on the arm of the sofa, so wringing his hand or knee seemed to get me through them (poor Dad, lol). Of course all this time he's trying to get me to go to the hospital and I'm telling him all this is normal and not to worry. Around 5 o'clock, however, I asked him to start timing them for me to help me decide whether to go in; they were still 4 minutes apart, so I didn't feel any urgency (he's only 5 minutes from the hospital). He also got me an ice pack because my back was killing me by now. The contraction after I put that ice pack on - WHAM! I don't know if it did something or if it was pure coincidence, but that contraction hit me like a Mac truck and wrapped around halfway up my back so hard I nearly lost it. It was time to go.

The rest is a bit of a blur and I'm not sure of times. I'm guessing that we started heading to the hospital sometime between 5:30 and 5:40. It should have been a 5-minute trip, but there was construction that took forever to get around. We got onto the university campus alright, but my dad had trouble finding the Emergency entrance to RUH (I knew, but was in no position to help). I suspect I hit transition sometime in the car because I remember getting the shakes and there was no longer any break in the contractions, just a change in intensity. We finally found the Emergency doors and a woman who was moving her car jumped out to help my dad get me inside; I was having trouble moving my legs to walk. I slung my purse on the closest admin desk and muttered that my papers were in the black binder. I had to sit down. I'm sure it was quite the spectacle! There were no wheelchairs handy, but a nurse took one look at me and had someone flying to find one. "You can't have a baby here," she said. "They don't handle it well down here. There's chaos and yelling and it's just not a good thing." I wanted to laugh, but I couldn't. Lol They manhandled me into the wheelchair because I could hardly move anymore. I begged them to wait for the contraction to break, but they knew it wasn't going to. I kept asking why they were being so mean to me. As they wheeled me up to L and D, the nurse kept telling me to breathe and relax my inner thighs and let baby come down. I was afraid to. I had such intense pressure down there that I felt if I did, the baby would fall out right then and there. At some point, someone told my poor dad that he was in the way, so he went home, lol!

We arrived at the delivery room at 6 p.m. on the dot, I'm told. They knew from my papers that I was GBS+ so they slammed a dose of antibiotics into my hand (it felt so cold) while they were ripping off my pants. I had curled up on my left side and only my right hand was available. I remember there being a whole swarm of nurses around me - eight or ten or twelve, I don't know. They all seemed to be trying desperately to follow procedures but I kept hearing them say there just wasn't time. I don't remember pushing at all. It was like my body completely took over. I felt (what I was told later) a bulge in the sac towards the rear and the baby's head nearer the front, like there were two things trying to come out at once. They asked me not to push, but I couldn't help anything. I remember moaning really deeply as her head came out. No ring of fire or anything, just really intense pressure and relief. They told me to stop pushing when she crowned, but since I wasn't pushing in the first place, all I could do was try and imagine I was sucking her back in. It must have helped because they were saying, "Good, good!" Then another contraction pushed her body out and there she was on top of my belly. :grin: She stayed with me for ages and they didn't take her to the table to check her out until after I had pushed out the placenta.

So, from the time I entered the delivery room to the time she was born was 3 minutes. :eek: For the next few hours, nearly every nurse that came to see me was asking if I was the girl who came in fully dilated and had the baby in 3 minutes. One of the gals who was there said it was just like you see in the movies. Lol The nurses looked all over the place for my dad because Cam hadn't made it to the hospital yet. He finally arrived roughly an hour after Eliot was born. We were still in the delivery room. I think they were waiting for him to come so he could be with baby while I showered. They're very attentive at our hospital about baby not leaving the sight of mom or dad. Nothing was done automatically either and I was asked for consent for absolutely everything, which was wonderful because I obviously hadn't had time to give them my birth plan!

So, while the birth itself was great, our hospital stay was much like the last time. While the hospital itself seems to have very up-to-date policies - the literature they give out actually encourages safe co-sleeping, for example - unfortunately the nursing staff is, for the most part, stuck in the stone ages. I was frustrated yet again by conflicting information from nearly every nurse who walked in the room. With one of them, I had to actually stop and breathe to compose myself because I was about to explode on her. Both of us were doing so well that the doctor actually offered to discharge us just shy of 24 hours; she had forgotten that Eliot had to stay for 48 hours observation because I didn't get the abx for the GBS. They got pretty busy and needed the bed, though, and we were sent home at 42 hours - Eliot wasn't showing any hint of infection. Smile

We had to finish up the errands that didn't get done on Tuesday. Eliot slept through all the shops we had to go to. My milk came in just before we were discharged (amazing to me because it didn't come until the fifth day with Erin), so I think that had something to do with it! Then we stopped at my dad's - he had brought his camera to the hospital, but forgot the memory card, lol - and then my mom's before heading out to the in-laws' farm to pick up Erin. When we got there, we found out that SIL and her family were supposed to be arriving shortly, so we waited around (forever, grrr) until they showed so they could all meet Eliot. Didn't get home that night until around midnight, I think. Friday we went in to hubby's work so all the girls could meet baby. They're so sweet over there! Got some groceries, too. Saturday, we went to the family reunion (MIL's side) at the old homestead. Eliot was sooo mellow the whole afternoon and slept most of the time... must have been the fresh air! We had to change her first big diaper blowout in the truck!

I feel awesome except for two things. You know that area of your pelvis bones that baby passes through closest to? (I can't remember what the area is called... it's the part that you feel against the saddle when you ride horseback in the three-point position... I'm sure that's clear as mud to everyone, lol.) It aches so much that lifting my legs any higher than it takes to walk is quite painful still. Maybe it got bruised - ouch! I've also been fighting a migraine for two days. I'm thinking it's some sort of hormone crash - not fun. Sad On the good side, I can't say enough how AWESOME it was not to have torn. Smile Recovery is entirely different down there than it was last time. If we ever had another baby (not in the plan, but if it did) that would top my list of goals for the birth - doing everything possible to help/let my body stretch the way it was meant to!

Eliot Dana Fifer C
Born June 30, 2009
8 lbs 12.5 oz
21 inches long


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Well it has been long enough, I should post my birth story!

All day Friday I had been having huge energy spurts, so I spent the day cleaning the house. Then Nathan and I had a relaxing evening sitting in my baby pool. We then went to bed and I quickly fell asleep. At 3 am I got up to use the bathroom and had a feeling that I should use the hallway bathroom so I could turn on the light. I do my business and then stand up and then a gush runs down my legs. I think wow I have actually peed on myself so I sat on the toilet and listened as the gush hit the water. I thought to myself, this is bad as I am not actually trying to pee! I then realized that it was my water and not pee and I went to wake up Nathan.

He jumps up right away and we get into the shower. There were no contractions up until that point, but once I got out they started and boy were they strong.

We get to the hospital half an hour later and they hook me up, I am still 2 cm but I have definitely lost my bag of water. I kinda figured that as I went through 2 pads before leaving the house. I continue to gush during the internal check and they take me to my room including all over the floor in my room.

Contractions pick up and they are all in my lower back. so from 3:30 to 8:30 we spent either walking around or sitting on the ball or in the shower. I didn't have too many contractions in my abdomen just in my back so the shower really helped. By 8:30 they were so bad that I was asking for the morphine shot. The back labor was so bad I was getting sick during each contraction. They checked me and I was only 3 cm. The shot didn't do anything but make me sleepy, so I asked for the epidural.

The epi guy came in right away as he was about to go to a cesarean so I didn't have to wait long. It didn't hurt at all going in which was a relief! It was ag reat epi as i could still feel my legs and toes, just no pain! So from 10 am to 3:00 I napped and read and took it easy. At 3 I was checked and I was fully dialated and ready to push, but the doc realized that Lili was sunny side up.

So I started pushing while on my back as well as laying on both of my sides. My amazing nurses were able to get me to shift positions at the right time for Lili to turn around and get in the right position. After 2 hours of pushing Lili was born at 5:01 pm. I had a pretty high fever during the entire labor so they brought in the NICU staff to help Lili out in case she was sick too. Lili was 7lbs 8oz and 22 cm long.

The doctor put her on my chest and I was so emotional that I was crying my eyes out. Lili wasn't though and that was worrying me. She was so quiet and the NICU staff took her to the warming bed. I still could not hear her crying so I started freaking out asking the doctors and nurses what was wrong with her. They told me she was fine and breathing and looking around. She just didn't need to cry I guess. So they take her to the NICU and I get Nathan to go with her while they fix me up.

I had a few stitches internally and 4 stitches externally. Once I elivered her my fever went away but Lili did have a pretty high fever so they hooked her up to IV antibiotics. So Nathan and his mom stayed with her in the NICU while I was in delivery still, and he was freaking out cause no one would tell him how I was doing or what was wrong with me. And I was in delivery wondering what was wrong with her. It was a ver emotional time and very scary! So I didn't get to see her until an hour later and I was so upset that everyone had a chance to bond with her before I could even get my chance, but that went away once I saw her.

Her fever went away pretty quick and she was on the antibiotics for the next day and a half.

Anyways that is my story! Thanks for reading!

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I’ll try to do the best I can. I was taking notes of times and progress but after a while…that went out the window.

So Monday June 29th I woke up around 5am or so. I just couldn’t sleep. I tossed and turned for a while and finally got up and went to the living room at about 6am. I was online for a while and by around 7:05am I started feeling sleepy again. So I logged off and head off to bed. But first made a pit stop to the restroom. I did what I had to do and headed towards the door when I felt a trickle. I thought…oh great I’m started to pee uncontrollably. So I went into my bedroom, changed and went to bed. I started dozing off when I felt another trickle…and another…and another. I woke up DH and told him “either I’m peeing or my water broke” So I got up and started heading to the door and had to hurry cause it was really coming! There was no doubt in my mind that my water broke. DH started getting our bags ready and in the car along with the car seat. Doc said not to go until my contrax are 2-3 minutes apart for 2-3 hours. Contrax weren’t that close or that intense so I jumped in the shower instead. Then I started thinking that because of my GBS…I should go in sooner to get on antibiotics. I waited for 9am to come along so I could call my docs office. They told me to go in so I could be checked. So we went in and the fluid was checked. Both tests done came back negative for AF. Doc said maybe I am just peeing uncontrollably. Are you kidding me!? So we headed back home. I continued to leak all day and finally at around 10pm I decided to call the hospital and ask to see what I should do. They said…better to be safe than sorry…so we went in.

We got to the hospital at 11:30pm. They hooked me up to the monitors and were able to tell that the contrax were there. They tested the fluid and again negative!!!! I was getting really really annoyed. So by around 1:30am…the nurse came in to help me get to the restroom. She was helping me with the pad under me when another gush came out and she saw it this time. She tested that one right away and it was super positive. She tested the pad and again positive. Aside from that the baby’s heart beat was a little fast. So they called my doctor and he said to go ahead and keep me overnight but not to start me on antibiotics or anything till he came in to see me in the morning. I thought that was strange. So the entire night I dealt with contrax that were about a minute and a half and coming every 2 minutes. So of course I didn’t rest at all. So my doctor showed up around 9:30am. He looked annoyed like I was lying or something. He saw me through a contrax and said “I told you contractions don’t mean labor…I told you that in the office” I’m thinking ok you think I’m lying!!!??? So he tested the AF…like the nurses were lying…and said “ok so it’s positive” and then did an internal…and it hurt like no other!!! He was sooo not gentle. Then I hear I’m only dilated to 1! Ugh!!! So he had me admitted got me on antibiotics, pitocin and an epidural (if I wanted). By 11:30am…I wanted that epidural. The pitocin was killing me!!! What really sucked is that by then…I was only dilated to 2! I was going really really slow. So the epidural was great….just hated that I couldn’t get up anymore. I was watching the monitor and boy was I glad I wasn’t feeling those contrax. I lost track of the times I was getting checked but it was happening every 3 hours or so. And nothing was happening. By around…I wanna say 6pm…I started feeling the contrax again. They said it wasn’t cause it was wearing out but because the contrax were getting stronger…so the button was getting pushed every 15 minutes!

Ok so by 9pm…I was dilated to 4 ½ - 5. That’s it!!! From the strength of the contrax I should have been ready to go. This was already Tuesday the 30th. So my doctor kept checking in but there was no progress. I was 100% effaced but not dilated much. So my doctor called at around 6am to check my progress. The nurse told him I was at a 6 – 7. I was hopeful. So the nurse came back and said that the doctor wanted me off of the pitocin till he came back in. I didn’t understand why but didn’t ask her either. So at 7:05am Wednesday the 1st my doctor walked in and following him was a whole bunch of nurses. He said “it’s not happening and we gotta get her out. You’ve had great contractions and you should have had her by now.” I asked him to check me again and he said I was at a 5! What happened to 6 – 7? My DH told me later that he heard the doctor say he was upset cause the nurse kept saying I was making great progress but in reality I was at all. He said he would have shown up at 3am to to a c-section had he have known.

So all of that happened so quickly I didn’t even have time to think. I had never been in the hospital, hooked up to IVs…much less gone through surgery! My mom left the room to make phone calls and so did DH. I looked over at my sister and both our eyes started watering! I was sooooo scared!!!! I was wheeled into surgery and started getting prepped. DH finally came in and I looked at him and started crying. He did his best to calm me down. He held pictures of Julizah’s u/s and that did the trick. As long as my baby girl was safe and healthy that’s all that mattered.

Finally at 7:41am after 32 hours of labor I heard that cry…and I started crying like a baby. I couldn’t believe she was here and sounded healthy and strong. I looked over at DH and he couldn’t hold back the tears either. Finally they brought her over and gave her to him. She was soooo beautiful! But she had to go get finished up and DH went with her while I got finished up. And of course I got sick. Said it was normal so whatever I just let it go. Once I was put back together doc told me that there was no way she was going to come out on her own no matter what. She was sideways and wasn’t budging. So after that I was wheeled out to recovery where again I got sick so I couldn’t hold my baby girl yet. Then the pain started setting in. I got 2 different pain meds in a matter of 15 minutes and nothing! It finally started calming down after the last one and told them I was feeling better so that they could take me to my room and I could see Julizah. I got a stronger dose of something else and finally started feeling better. I fed her and had my skin to skin time with her and was in absolute heaven!

So I was discharged on Saturday July 4th...but Julizah wasn't. She had to stay an extra day because she was jaundiced. I was in tears. Aside from that she had a bit of weight loss. She dropped to 5 lbs 13 oz. I also was pumped with IV fluids for so long...29 hours with her still in my belly...so I believe that she had access fluid and that "weight" probably wouldn't have been there to begin with...well according to my research. And it didn't help that the on call doc was blaming me for all of that!!! I was readmitted for the extra day. I concentrated on BFing every hour to 2 hours and she had UV therapy in our room. By Sunday morning her bili levels dropped quite a bit and she went up to 6 lbs 1 oz. That afternoon we left. Monday we went for another blood draw and to a weidh in. Her bili levels drpped even more and she went up to 6 lbs 4 oz!

And let me just tell you, this little girl is strong!! She lifts her head, rolls to her side and pushes herself up with her toes, she's been "ooing" and "aahing" since day 1! Is that normal?
Oh and her little stump fell at 10 days old yesterday.

Julizah Esperanza
July 1, 2009 (9 days early)
Born @ 7:41am via C-Section
Weighed 6 lbs 10 oz
Measured 18.5 inches long
Apgar @ 1 minute = 9
Apgar @ 5 minutes = 10

Here are some pictures...
Just born and so alert.......................................1 day old..............................................2 days old

My little glow worm.............................sleeping on daddy's chest.....................ready for her outfit

Ready to go home..................................loves car rides already.................................sucking her thumb

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Julia's Birth Story:

I woke up on July 12th with mild cramps. They came and went all day long. They weren't painful at all, but around 2:30 that afternoon, they got noticeably stronger and more frequent, so that's when I was pretty sure that it was the beginning of labor. The contractions continued getting stronger and closer together, but I wanted to wait at home as long as possible because I knew that that would increase my chances of having a natural birth. At 5:00, I still wasn't in a great deal of pain, but the contractions were much more intense, and I wanted to be able to walk into the hospital before things got too bad, so we headed out.

I think the nurses were skeptical when I calmly walked in and said, "I think I'm in labor." But when the triage nurse checked me I was 7 cm! She took me to the L&D room, and I had to lie in bed for about 8 minutes while they inserted the cath for the IV (I didn't have to be hooked up to the IV.) and checked my BP and monitored the baby. After that they let me get into the whirlpool tub. The contractions started getting pretty painful then, but I was able to breathe (and moan) through them pretty well. Being in the tub was wonderful! Not only did the warm water feel great, but it made it easier to move around. I found that it really seemed to help ease the pain if I moved my hips side to side or slid myself forward & backward in the tub.

When the pain got nearly unbearable, I asked DH to get the nurse to check me, and I was disappointed to be only 8 cm. But I guess they could tell from the way I was groaning and writhing in the tub that it wouldn't be much longer because it seemed like only 5 minutes later that the doctor was in the room asking if I needed to push. That's when I realized that I had kind of been holding back and that I actually did feel the urge to push.

After the next contraction, I moved to the table. The doctor asked me if I wanted to push with the squatting bar or push lying down on the bed. I knew that squatting was supposed to be better, but I couldn't imagine keeping myself in that position and just wanted to lie down. I didn't have to push for very long -- I don't think it was more than 15 minutes -- but boy was I a screamer! I was embarrassed about it afterward because I didn't yell like that when I had Kevin. Of course, I had been given a shot of morphine with him and Julia was 9 oz. bigger than Kevin. But I felt like that whole area of my body was just splitting apart! Some of it was probably from my fear of tearing, since I had gotten a 3rd degree tear with Kevin. I did tear this time, but it was just a 1st degree tear.

Since my tear was minimal, and I only pushed for 10-15 minutes (as opposed to the 2.5 hours I pushed with Kevin), my recovery has been very easy. I've really felt wonderful even in the first few days after giving birth. The only problem or pain that I've had at all has been from the BFing, but that's going a little bit better now.

We had gotten to the hospital at 5:20 pm, and Julia was born at 7:09 pm, so I spent less than 2 hours in labor at the hospital! And it was only the last hour that was very painful. All in all, it was a great delivery, and I'm so happy that I was able to go natural with no interventions at all this time! Smile

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On Sunday July 19th 2009, I woke up with some mild cramping that had started around 3am. My feeling was that I was going to have the baby that day … I just felt like these cramps were really the beginning of labor contractions that were going to eventually get more intense.

It was a beautiful day and Ahmad and I decided to take Nelly for a walk up Mount Royal and then to hang out at the park for a bit. The plan was that my mother would pick her up at 2pm and take her home for the rest of the day while Ahmad and I hung out downtown and went out to dinner.

The cramping slowed down a tiny bit while we were walking in Mount Royal, although this was an hour long walk. We went on to the park and had a nice time with Nelly. Once my mom picked her up, we took off for more walking around town. We stopped for some Chai and had snacks and then tried on Birkenstocks and later ended up both buying Marc Jacobs sunglasses. It was a nice, fun day.

Around 4pm (at this point we’d been walking for a total of 2 or 2.5 hours), I had a real contraction. This was followed by more contractions which were about 10 minutes apart. Ahmad and I decided we should head to dinner. By the time we got to St. Laurent Blvd., the contractions were more intense, but still 8-10 min apart. We were going to eat at Moishe’s, the best steak-house in town, but decided against it because it was already 5pm and we would be there for at least an hour. I was worried things would get really intense just as we were getting our food. We opted for a quicker, more casual Mexican restaurant. I couldn’t really eat that much. I was too excited and having regular, fairly intense contractions, that were about 7-8 min apart by this point.

After we were done eating, Ahmad decided we shouldn’t take the 40 min subway ride home (in addition to a 20 min walk there and then from the station back home). We just cabbed it home and arrived by 6:30 or 6:45 and I told my mom that I was having the baby really soon. We debated as to whether to go to the hospital right away. I wanted to put Nelly to bed around 8:30 and then go, rather than have my mother do it and have to leave Nelly for a long time only to just sit around at the hospital. So we did wait a while, but by 7:30, my instinct was telling me I should take off. The pain was getting exponentially worse with each contraction and I started to worry that by the time I got to the hospital and got set up, I may not have time to get an epidural if I needed one.

My mother drove us to the hospital, which was 10 minutes away from home, and Nelly even came along for the ride. Mom took Nelly back home for her bedtime and would return to the hospital with my brother staying at home with Nelly. I was in my hospital room by 8pm. A student nurse came in to ask some routine questions and have me fill out some forms. The main nurse attending me, I think her name was Claudia, also came in to hook me up to a foetal monitor and to monitor my contractions. At this point, things started getting blurry. The contractions were getting really painful and I was already thinking I would be getting that epidural for sure.

The resident attending me also came in at some point around 8:30 or 8:45 to examine me. He was barely able to because contractions were about 4 minutes apart. He said I was 4 cm dilated, which is nothing and I was really surprised. They were actually thinking of sending me back home. Nurse Claudia seemed to think that this is what would happen, but the resident said, “we’re gonna keep you because this is probably the real thing”. I was thinking, “duh”, but it seemed the resident and the nurse weren’t entirely convinced. The resident said the slow part of labor was probably over, but that I still had a ways to go to reach 10 cm. He asked if I wanted an epidural and I said I did.

I could barely keep my eyes open because the contractions were really painful and I felt like I was having mini contractions in between each big contraction. Deep down my gut was telling me that the baby was coming really soon, but I doubted myself because with Nelly, I had the epidural fairly early on and didn’t really feel a lot of pain, so I had nothing to compare the current situation to. I did know that with Nelly, I had a pitocin drip and that causes pretty painful contractions, and the ones I was having now were way worse. My reaction to the contractions was still pretty conservative and I think this may be why Claudia was pretending I wasn’t in labor.

Claudia went to inform the anestethist of my desire for an epidural and came back to say that he was on his way. That was good news to me. Nurse made me sit up and back up onto the bed in an epidural-ready position. Then she took off and Ahmad went to refill my cup of ice water. That’s when things got crazy.

I had this one contraction that was REALLY painful. Now I was getting vocal. A couple of minutes later, another one hit, and this time I just didn’t know what to do with myself. I had to shift around because I had that feeling that I wanted to push. I couldn’t believe it. Wasn’t it still too early for “the urge to push?” I started to panic. The contraction seemed to last forever and just when I thought it couldn’t get any more painful, it did. Suddenly, it felt like I was sitting on the baby! And there was no one in the room and no one believed that the baby was really on her way and I was all tangled up in my IVs and I was in too much pain to change positions and here I was sitting right on my butt (or on the baby) and I was terrified and screaming.

I yelled, “The baby’s coming!!” not sure if anyone heard me (in hindsight, I think the whole hospital did). My mother arrived just as I was yelling, “the baby’s coming” and she said “Alya, that’s great!” and she and Ahmad stood at the back of the room as Stupid Nurse Claudia quickly came in. She looked at me incredulously and on top of the look, started admonishing me because I had accidently sat on my IV while shifting around and it had backed up. She said, “see now we have to clean-up the IV before the doctor gets here and if you don’t move, you’re not getting your epidural” … SHE was threatening me! I was suddenly reminded of One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest and wondered what this woman would be like in an environment where patients are even more vulnerable, like a nursing home or something (yes, I did think that while in the throws of labor).

I’m guessing since she couldn’t manage to move me off the IVs, Claudia ran out again and came back with another, more professional and decisive nurse who examined me. With a look of where-the-heck-were-you-all-this-time to Claudia, she said, “the head’s right there”. My thoughts were a mix of “What??!” and “Yes!!” and “Oh, no, what about the epidural?” I didn’t think you could go from 4cm dilated to “the head’s right there” in 15 minutes!

New nurse very quickly started getting me in a labouring position, while another contraction hit. She said “don’t push yet!” and I wasn’t but I think my body was pushing anyway. I was screaming at the top of my lungs as it dawned on me that I was going to have to do this without pain killers and as I caught a glimpse of my mom looking very anxious and Ahmad about to have a complete breakdown. By then there were no less than 8 medical staff in the room.

I had Evil Claudia to my left and Good Nurse to my right and she said, “ok, the next contraction that comes, you’re gonna push.” The physician had arrived by then and she said, “the baby’s right there. If you push, she’s gonna come right out”. I was like “yeah right, I’m probably gonna have to push for an hour and they’re just saying that to encourage me”. But I had really felt like pushing the last 3 contractions, so I was just gonna give it a try. A few seconds later, a contraction hit again. I pushed for oh a few seconds when I felt a gush and just felt the baby slip right out. I was in so much pain! And then they just said, “ok, hold your baby, hold your baby” and they put slimy little Baby Kenzy on my chest. I was still moaning and groaning and hurting so much and feeling too tired to hold Kenzy, but I did it and she was so adorable.

Baby Kenzy arrived on Sunday, July 19th 2009, at 9:26pm weighing 7lbs 9oz.

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I went in for my 39+2 week appt on July 27th, my pressure was a little high (I think 132/90). My Dr was not comfortable with that so she sent me to L&D to be admitted and monitored. I arrived at the Hospital around noonish and was given a room and in gown at 12:45pm. They believed I had Pre-eclamsia because I also had some swelling, I was given IV meds and was told what that she basically had to come out ASAP. I was told I would need to take Magnesium Sulfate for 24 hrs if my pressure doesnt go down to prevent seizures. I was not happy about that because I would have to get a catheter and was nervous about that. Eventually my pressure went down so I was in the clear (so I thought).

I was having light contraction for what seemed like forever, nothing was happening for hours atleast I didnt think it was. I was stuck at 3cm for HOURS. I believe around 8pm the contractions started to get stronger, so I asked for some pains meds. They gave me stadol, I was in heaven knocked out for about an hour. After the stadol wore off, I was screaming for them to check me. They said my Dr. (who wasnt there yet) didnt want me to keep getting checked and said I couldnt get checked until they knew I was close to 10cm. DH argued how would they know if they didnt check me. They claimed they would know by the compression off the baby head on the monitors (whatever!) After hearing that bull I said I want an epidural, they called my Dr and she told them to give it to me

Before administering the epi, they wanted to check me first (go figure), while waiting for the Dr (not mine) to come check me the epi guy asked if I wanted him to just give it to me, I was i so much pain I couldnt answer him. The Dr then came and said I was 10cm (this was around 11:15pm). He then left the room, I had the urge to push and the said not too. I said she is coming, I have to push and I did. One push and her head was out, the nurse yelled for a Dr then I remember them telling me push again and she was out at 11:28pm.. Oh yea at some point DH went home to shower and get Kenneth since they told him I wasnt progressing so he missed the birth. My mom and brother were with me at that point. Because of the pre-eclamsia they were collecting my unrine every hour for 24 hrs, so by wednsday when Im suppose to go home I was tole that the protein levels were too high so I indeed had to get the magnesium sulfate for 24 hrs with the lovely catheter (which wasnt as bad as I thought) Thursday it was hectic they has 3 people in one L&D room so I couldnt wait to get out of there, I was finally discharged at around 7pm on Thursday the 30th.
I am almost 100 percent positive I am done having children....LOL Thanks for reading

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Ethan Benjamin O______
born June 21, 2009 at 38weeks, 4 days
7lb, 7oz
19 1/2 inches long

Went to dinner with friends on Saturday June 20th, but called it an early night and went to bed around 10:00ish. At 11:30 I woke up when my water broke. At first it was just a trickle, but by the time I got to the bathroom it was small gushes. Then the contractions started. Ben helped me set-up the Hypnobabies CDs and I started listening to them in the living room. Much to my surprise, I hated being on the birth ball, and I quickly discovered either hands and knees, or leaning against the wall felt best. I was feeling the contractions pretty strongly, and mostly in my back, as the baby was sunny-side up. Ben started to get the birth bag ready to go to the hospital. I was feeling the contractions stronger and stronger, so we started timing them. We both questioned whether we were timing correctly when we discovered they were a minute long coming every one to two minutes apart. This went on for over an hour. Then we called the midwives and checked in with them. At this point, I decided that we needed to go to the hospital to get checked out at least. The ride to the hospital was very uncomfortable and felt like it took forever. We arrived to the hospital around 2:30am on Sunday, June 21, 2009. When we got to the hospital we went into triage. They checked my blood pressure and pulse and I answered general questions. Then we had to wait for a space in triage to get an internal check. At this point, Ben thought we’d probably be going home and wouldn’t be admitted still. I think he felt this way because I was doing so well with the contractions just breathing through them. After a little bit a space opened up and I got checked by Lucie, one of the midwives. Much to everyone’s surprise I was 8cm dilated and our baby was coming that day – a Father’s Day gift for Ben! Also the first day of summer! We were taken up to the Alternative Birth Center room where we got settled. At that point, I probably should have told Ben to get the birth bag from the car, but I really needed him by my side and didn’t want him to leave. The contractions kept coming and I found the best position was leaning face first against the wall. Ben was rubbing my back most of the time and I just kept trying to breathe through what was now pain, not just strong pressure. This went on for awhile. Eventually I tried the ‘birthing tub’. This felt good on my back, but I couldn’t stay in for very long as I was feeling restless and just couldn’t. Around this time I just felt like I couldn’t handle things anymore and Ben had to coax me through the contractions. After some time, around 4:00am, I felt like it was time to push. Lucie checked me and I was almost fully dilated with only the rim of the cervix present. At that point, I was told I could push so that’s what I started to do. I know some women say the pushing feels good because you are finally doing something with the pain and pressure, but to me it felt awful. My back was killing me and the pressure just felt enormous. I was having a really hard time pushing and it felt like the baby wasn’t coming out. Lucie, the nurse and Ben kept telling me I was making progress and to keep going, but after awhile I felt like they were lying to me! I was getting very tired at this point. Lucie and our nurse both commented to Ben that I must have been an athlete as my legs were so strong. After what felt like forever, we could finally touch our baby’s head and he really was getting closer. Unfortunately, he just wasn’t coming out – he’d come out a bit, then go back in. For a while, we just kept doing this as his heart rate was extremely stable. I could tell the nurse and Lucie were a little surprised he was handling the contractions and the pushing so well. Eventually, this wasn’t the case. The baby’s heart rate started to drop and was at 80bpm and Lucie and I decided that an episiotomy was necessary to get him out of the birth canal. So the episiotomy was cut and I kept pushing. Finally, at 6:48am, after 2 ½ hours of pushing, our baby was born! I turns out that he had his hand up next to his head, so I had been trying to push both his head and hand through at the same time!

Our baby was born with a full head of black hair, blue eyes, Ben’s nose, and a mixture of other features we haven’t figured out yet! I held him on my chest for a little while, but he wasn’t interested in breastfeeding. At that point, my placenta detached and I started gushing blood, in fact a little too much blood. So I was given a shot of pitocin to stop the bleeding. It didn’t stop for a bit, so Lucie asked the nurse to start putting an IV together as I might need one. Thank goodness, it stopped right after she had the IV ready! Ben was holding his son at this point. Then the nurse took the baby and weighed him at 7lb, 7oz. and gave him a bath in our room with daddy watching. I was cleaned up and stitched.

Then finally, we were left as a family of three to get to know each other. We marveled over our son’s features and mulled over a name for him, finally deciding on Ethan Benjamin O______. Life was good! We spent over four hours in the ABC room. The nurse was so surprised that I went to the bathroom so many times during those hours. I felt a little dizzy from the blood loss, but otherwise good. After this time, I got into a wheel chair and we were wheeled up to our postpartum room. We kept Ethan with us the whole time and I just didn’t want to let him out of our sight!

Overall, the birth went fairly well. I was very glad to have done the Hypnobabies classes as they really helped with the pain tolerance. I have a really low pain threshold and I think I would have been a mess without Hypnobabies. I was very pleased to get the natural birth I wanted without any drugs. The only interventions I had were the episiotomy and the pitocin shot after Ethan was born. Both seemed necessary at the time, and afterwards as well. I think we made the right decisions throughout our birthing time. Most of all, I was thrilled that our son was healthy and happy and that we had created our own little miracle! I’m still amazed at how much happiness and joy he brings into my life.

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Grace Elizabeth
August 1, 2009
6 lbs, 14 oz
19 inches

In great anticipation of the arrival of Grace, my family made arrangements to be here at the end of July. Her due date was July 30, however we never expected to make it to the end of July. We were hoping, and so planning, for a July baby. My mom came up from Florida on July 23 and planned to stay with us until Grace’s arrival. Our doctor’s appointment that week showed some promising progress (3 cm and 30/40% effaced) and we were hopeful she would come sooner than later.

The following week my stepdad drove up from Florida with my two little siblings and dog. My grandma came into town on July 30. She, too, had hoped that Grace would have been here already. Our doctor’s appointment that Friday (now 40 weeks – full term!) showed no progress from the week prior. Everyone was sad. We set the following Tuesday to be our induction date. We were told to call before going in, but we knew by Tuesday we’d be holding our baby girl! Finally!

We went on to finish some shopping and projects at our condo that afternoon. We went to dinner with the family and then played at the beach. Brock had some work calls to make, so while he talked we walked around the beach, hand in hand. We walked and walked and walked. John and the kids were due to leave for Tampa first thing in the morning. My mom put a bottle of Castor Oil out... not forcing me, but just encouraging me... But I figured, what did I have to lose at that point? We’re past our due date, our family is here, and I’m ready! The worst case, I get diarrhea! The best case, it progresses to labor! So I took a tablespoon around 11/11:30 and headed to bed soon after that.

WHAM! It’s 3:00am and I am wide awake with strong aches and pains. I’m up going to the bathroom every few minutes. I then get nauseous and start vomiting in between bathroom visits. Surprisingly, no one wakes up through my trips to the bathroom. As I watch the clock, I realize these bouts of nausea and diarrhea are coming every few minutes. I wake Brock up and realize I am definitely contracting. He begins timing them and getting things ready. We watch it for about an hour and, sure enough, they are every 2 to 4 minutes. We call the hospital where Dr. P is on call. She calls us back and agrees that we should head in. Not knowing how things were progressing, we ask my mom to come with us. As we’re getting into the car, I continue to get sick. My mom puts towels down and gives me a bag and says, “We have to go! Get in the car!” So I get in, not knowing how I’m going to make it all the way to Milwaukee without getting sick through these contractions.

By 6:00 am we were in L&D. They hook me up and notice the same pattern of contractions. They check me and I am already at 5 cm and 100% effaced. Dr. P is called and decides to come in, not knowing how fast labor will go. I still remember them moving me down to the first room. With my IV hooked up and mom and husband by my side, I realize, for the first time, that I am going to be meeting my daughter today! Tears start flowing down my face and I tell the nurses, as they are wheeling me into the room, that these are happy tears. They smile and share in my joy with me!

A change in nurses happened and Brenda entered the scene. She went over our Birth Plan and was completely supportive (she was just awesome!). She gets everything organized and helps me remain calm and focused. After just a short time of being in our first room, she offers to take us down to the laboring tub. I am all for that! So we pack up our stuff (again!) and head down to the next room. I walk down there this time and by the time we had walked those few rooms down, I am in a whole new world of pressure and contractions. She has me get into the tub and I try to relax. It felt so good to get some pressure off from so low. The baby was in a very low station the whole labor and that increased my desire to push throughout the end. As I was in the tub, I had those urges to push. Brenda checked me and I was at 8 cm. I stayed in the water and my mom helped me focus through the contractions. She did different breathing patterns for me to focus on. That was the only thing that kept me from pushing so early. Brock stood next to me and continued to encourage me.

The urges got stronger so I got out of the tub. I climbed into the bed and Brenda brought a birthing ball for me to lean over. That also helped in changing the pressure down low. I was 9 cm and wanting to push more than ever. I rocked on the ball and tried to listen to my mom’s voice for breathing and my husband’s words of encouragement. That last centimeter seemed to take forever to get through. But finally, I was checked once again and told I could push when I felt the urge!

I started pushing around 11 and that felt great! I don’t remember that hurting as much as the not pushing phase. Everyone was excited that Grace was going to be with us by lunch! The new doctor on call was told to stand by! Brenda set a mirror up for me to use and help guide myself. It was great to see what was going on. Brenda helped prepare me by stretching things out. She could tell I was tighter, but kept trying. I remember Brenda saying “I can see a full head of black hair!” And we all said, “What? Black?? That’s crazy!” Finally, baby girl was low enough and close enough to coming that the doctor and a med student were called in to take over.

I pushed and pushed. I couldn’t feel the contractions anymore, just the urge to push came and went. It made it difficult, at times, to know when to push. But I gave it everything I could with each push. At some point during this, Brock started getting tired and worn down from not eating all day. He was brought in some juice and told he had to sit – since he had been holding my body as I pushed each time. As I watched her head crowning I started to feel like I wasn’t getting anywhere. The doctor said I had three options, “One, keep pushing. Two, vacuum. Three, episiotomy.” I looked to my husband and my mom for support, but didn’t feel I could make that decision just yet. So I pushed awhile longer. Finally, I couldn’t take it anymore. I knew I wouldn’t be able to get past this last section on my own, and my mom was too tired to keep watching so she finally said something too. At that point the doctor said, “OK, get the vacuum!” And with that, in two more pushes Grace had arrived! August 1, 2009 at 1:00pm! 2 ½ hours of pushing!

Tears… nothing but tears. Brock sat beside me and cried and cried and cried with me. I could see my baby. I could hear my baby. And finally, I could touch my baby. Brock cut the umbilical cord and we all got a good look at each other. She stayed on me, getting warm and acquainted with the world for a good bit of time. Finally Brenda had to weigh her and get her vitals. 6 lbs, 14 oz and 19 inches long. Apgars were 8 & 9 according to Brenda, 9 & 10 according the doctor! I tore in two places and the doc got me stitched up. My tears aren't in the perineum actually and I'm wondering how that will be when DTDing later... Sad

Shortly after the birth, my family came in to welcome Grace. Jacob, Maddy, John, and my grandma all got to hold the little baby girl! Jacob was a natural, telling us to watch her neck! Maddy was happy to see the baby out of my tummy. And John cried when he held her. Grandma brought in some chocolate to help celebrate and I was happy to partake in such a treat! So much joy filled the room!

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Part 1: Pre-labour, Labour and Birth
Sat 18/07 – Intermittent pains started. Not too strong and not at all regular (between 10 and 30 minutes apart).
Sun 19/07 - Pains continued. Went for walk in afternoon and pains stopped for several (about 4) hours before beginning again that night
Monday 20/07 – Pains continued with exception of 2 hr break in the afternoon. Had gross night sweats overnight.
Tuesday21/07– Contractions continued. Got down to 6 minutes apart overnight but didn’t stay regular. Strong enough to wake me and continued frequently through the day but not regularly (6 – 30 minutes apart).
Wednesday 22/07 – Contractions continued frequently but not regularly. At appointment Doctor said am starting another incoordinate labour like my son and not much we could do. She offered to do a stretch and sweep to see if that would get things moving. When she tried though my cervix was high, closed and posterior so couldn’t reach to do the sweep. Started to lose mucus plug in the afternoon. Took 2 panadol and a warm bath at bedtime and was able to get 2 hours sleep before the contractions woke me again.
Thursday 23/07 – Lost more of my mucus plug. Contractions are definitely stronger again today then they have been on previous days. In the morning they were between 5 and 20 minutes apart. Am starting to get really worn down and am wondering how I’ll cope with labour once it actually starts.

Between 8 and ffice:smarttags" />9pm I went to the toilet and noticed a light pink tinge on the toilet paper when I wiped. There wasn’t much so I didn’t pay it a lot of attention, I kind of just assumed it had to do with loosing my plug. The contractions are requiring more concentration now then they have been. They are still irregular when I time them. I might get two in a row that are 8 or 9 minutes apart but then the next one wont come for 10 – 20 minutes. When each contraction hits I have to really focus and breath through them. I’ve found if I stand when I first feel one coming and sway or rock my hips it really helps.

Around 10pm-ish I took another couple of panadol and went to lie down. The contractions are much worse when I lie down and a few I feel I’m not going to make it through without crying out. I have to concentrate hard and breathe with each one. Most of the time I try and make a picture in my head and concentrate on it – for example, I’m sitting on a white sandy beach under an umbrella looking out at blue ocean with yachts bobbing in the water. The longer the contraction goes for the more detail I try and fill in. I time a few contractions but they are still all over the place. I’ll have a contraction lasting 40 seconds followed by one 8 minutes later lasting 1min then another 12 minutes later lasting 1.5minutes. There is no pattern to them at all.

Eventually I decided I wasn’t going to sleep and they were too painful lying down. I got up and went and told Rob this baby better come soon because I can’t take too much more of this. Then I went to the toilet and while there had a little gush of red blood – maybe a couple of teaspoons worth. A few more visits to the toilet over the next hour showed more pink but no more red. I decided to call the hospital anyway just in case. I was told that I could come in and be checked but that I would probably be sent home. I had a contraction on the phone that I was able to talk though so they thought I was probably still not in true labour. We packed Hayden and his things up, DH dropped him off at my parents and then we headed in.

Friday 24/07 – On the way to the hospital DH asked if I wanted to go the bumpy road or the main road. I told him to take the bumpy road as it might help things along. On the trip in the contraction were around 7 minutes apart, give or take and lasting about a minute each.

Rob dropped me off at the front door of emergency then took the car around to the parking area. I had a contraction when I first tried to get out of the car but then didn’t have another one for quite a while adding to my suspicion we'd be sent home. Being the middle of the night security escorted me to L&D. There was a bit of confusion in emergency and DH didn't get escorted up after parking the car and ended up sitting in emergency watching the tv for a while.

I was made to give a urine sample and hooked up to the monitors. Bubs was moving around nicely and contractions were still frequent but not regular and I could talk through them. My urine sample contained a lot of blood. A doctor came and examined me and found I was still high, closed and posterior but thought that my hind waters had broken. I thought they'd send me home but they said as I hadn't slept well all week they'd admit me, give me some panadeine and tamazapan plus a heat pack to see if they'd take the edge off enough for me to sleep and I'd be induced the next morning.

DH was told he could stay the night with me or go home and get some sleep. As they thought the next day would be a long one based on my being closed, etc, he said he'd head home and get some proper sleep. This was around 2.30am. DH brought my bags up and then headed home.

The contractions kept coming but there didn't seem to be any pattern to them. They still hurt most if I was lying down but if I stood and swayed or rocked they weren't as bad. I kept getting up to use the bathroom and it seemed like getting in and out of bed brought them on.

At 3.20 I messaged DH to say hope he got home safely and to tell him they contractions were coming thick and fast and making me have to focus. I then buzzed the midwives as they'd said they wanted to do my obs an hour after I was last checked. They came and said they'd decided to do them at 2hrs instead so I went back to bed.

As soon as I lay down I was hit by a strong contraction and felt like I had to stand up if I was going to be able to deal with it. I think I had already started moaning before I lifted my head, but the second I did I felt my waters go. They literally exploded - I was fully clothed and they still managed to soak most of the double bed from my waist to my feet! I wasn’t immediately sure if my waters broken or if I’d wet myself but I could feel it gushing everywhere and I had no control of it at all. The contraction seemed to go on forever and I couldn’t get my body to move to hit the call button.

I started moaning very loudly and calling out ‘help me’. A student doctor opened the door and asked if I was alright. As he was asking I felt the baby start to come down so I yelled out ‘the baby’s coming!’ I heard him yell out down the hallway ‘the baby’s coming’ but I had closed my eyes. When I next opened them the room was full of people. I saw the Doctor who had checked me earlier and someone was saying ‘I thought you said she wasn’t dilated.’ Things were moving very quickly and the contractions were sapping my energy. I think I had my eyes squeezed shut most of the time. The doctor was telling me she had to check me again then I could hear her telling the midwives she was looking to see if there was any lip. I knew this meant I had to be close to dilated. The doctor then said to me ‘I can tell you your baby has a full head of black hair.’ She was right there and ready. She then told someone else in the room that I was at +1 or +2 (?) station – I think, it was a bit hazy and I was more concentrating on the contractions. The main point was I could push her out whenever I wanted to.

I think I’d started to go in to shock already as my body kept shaking uncontrollably. They gave me dry clothes to change in to then said there was no point if baby was coming. Instead they wrapped me in blankets and put a heat pad underneath me. I still couldn’t stop the shaking.

The midwives were then asking me if I had the urge to push. I told them other than with that big contraction I didn’t and then was telling them I wanted Rob to come back in. Somebody went to make sure he was called and Sam (my midwife) stayed with me. I could hear someone telling her that it was probably good that I didn’t want to push straight away as baby had come down so fast it would not be in the right position for birth.

As things had happened and were happening so quickly they were using a pressure cuff to monitor my blood pressure and a stethoscope to monitor the baby during and after each contraction. At some point they swapped to using something else, I just don’t know what it was.

The contractions seemed to have eased off in intensity once I got through the big one that broke my water. They were still painful but I was back to what they were like before my waters broke. I was lying on my back with my knees bent and heels near my bum. I’d been lying on my left side when my waters broke and hadn’t wanted to move but they’d had me roll on to my back for the internal. Once it was over I didn’t want to move and part of me knew that lying like that would slow things down enough that Rob might make it there in time. With each contraction I knew there wouldn’t be much longer I could hold on. Sam was holding my hand with one of her hands and rubbing my leg with the other. I was able to talk to Sam and the student doctor between contractions and they were offering me sips of water which I was gladly accepting. I don’t really recall being aware of Rob coming in the room, just knowing at one stage that he had arrived. I had a few contractions where I could feel the baby starting to move but I was scared of pushing. The urge wasn’t strong enough that I couldn’t resist. Eventually I had a big contraction and felt her coming and automatically pushed. Because I had started to push the midwives had me keep pushing with each subsequent contraction. I never really had the urge to push again but the contractions didn’t stop this time like with Hayden. I never went numb this time either and the burn was unreal. I kept trying to picture what she would look like in my mind but the pain made it hard to think. Eventually they told me to start panting and I knew her head was almost out.

Finally she was out and they brought her to my chest. She didn’t really cry until she up and I held her. That sound was like music to my ears.

Part 2: Retained Placenta - poss tmi
I could feel the cord and it was uncomfortable. I don’t remember being able to feel it with Hayden. I could also feel myself burning a little down there and thought I must have torn. Rob was able to cut the cord and I was vaguely aware of him leaning over to do that.

I was given a shot of syntocin to try and help me contract and force the placenta out. I could feel them pulling on the cord and they had me push. I think they were pushing on my belly trying to get it to come away too. We repeated this a few times, each time having to stop as it wasn’t working. Then on yet another attempt the cord came away from the placenta. I can vaguely remember thinking ‘crap’. By this point the shock had me well and truly in its grasp. At some stage I asked if the baby was a girl and they said we had better check (it was). At some point I was also asked if I would like to try breastfeeding and I said yes. Because of everything going on they had me lie on my side and feed her like that. She took to it like a champ.

I’m not sure when my doctor arrived though she later told me she got the call around 5.30am. That is not quite half an hour after Kaia was born. They gave me gas and explained it would only take the edge off. They also told me that gas when in labour is different to gas when not labouring. I had to pass Kaia over to Rob and then they got me to take a few deep breaths. I was concentrating on sucking the gas in as hard and long as I could then letting it out as quickly as I could. The pain was absolutely horrendous. It felt like everything was on fire and I could feel Dr N. poking and pulling at stuff. Every now and then I could feel a slimy feeling as stuff came out. It felt like big slimy clots. At

first Dr N.
thought she’d be able to get it easily as it appeared to be in the birth canal. When she went to remove it it completely crumbled. I think she was explaining things as she went but I could only concentrate on sucking that gas in as hard as I could. I was gripping the tube so hard my hands were probably white and I was sucking back as if it was the last gulp of oxygen on earth. At one stage someone was asking me questions and Sam told them to leave me be as I was concentrating. I don’t even know who was in the room at that stage so don’t know who she was talking to. Eventually they told me it hadn’t worked and that I had to stop sucking. By this stage I was as high as a kite. As soon as I stopped sucking I started to giggle and then I couldn’t stop giggling. My eyes wouldn’t focus on anything either. When they finally focused the hospital doctor from earlier was there. She said ‘I think she’s starting to come around now, her eyes are starting to clear.’

Dr N. then explained that part of my placenta was wrapped around my cervix and that she thought some more was still attached to my uterus where it had been implanted (at the top of the fundus). She said she couldn’t manually extract it and I would have to go to theatre. She kept apologizing to me over and over.

We're left alone while they go and call people in and get things organized. I’m starting to get some decent contractions (due to being put on a syntocinin infusion plus syntometrin (sp)) so I focus on Kaia through each one.

Sam comes back and tells me I have to have a catheter before surgery. She tells me no one likes her when she does one of them. She inserted it and I wanted to scream. I was already burning down there and this just added a whole new dimension to the pain. Fortunately it was soon over and the pain subsided. I also had to sign the waver forms about this time. I know I signed them, I just don’t really remember doing so.

A nurse comes in and gives me a drink that I will have to drink before theatre. I’m told that it is bitter and horrible but I have to drink it anyway. They check my stats and say they’ll be back. I just keep trying to feed Kaia and memorise her face. Richard comes in and explains that he’ll be looking after me this morning and taking me to theatre. They ask if I can move to the trolley and I tell them I’ll try. I haven’t really moved other than to roll to feed Kaia. They wake Rob up and give him Kaia. I didn’t really want to let her go.

Moving beds HURTS! They try to help me as much as possible but basically it is still up to me. I feel like my insides are coming out and the burn in my genitals is pretty unbelievable.
Once on the new bed I get to drink my lovely drink. The nurse keeps telling me sorry it is so horrible. I tell her it is bad, but it isn’t like I can’t swallow it. I just do it very quickly. Then they are wheeling me out of the room. I quickly say goodbye to DH and we’re off.

By now I’m getting pretty strong, regular contractions. A few times I automatically start to hold my breath through them which just makes them worse. Richard keeps telling me I’m being brave and that I’m going through a lot. I’m aware of everything going on around me but at the same time it seems like a bit of a dream.

I am wheeled into the staging area (for lack of a better term) and have numerous nurses fussing over me telling me ‘poor thing’, etc. Richard and the nurse from labour and delivery stay for a while and are coaching me through my contractions. I’m still shivering uncontrollably and have basically lost all control of my body. I keep telling them with every contraction that it feels like something is coming out and they keep telling me that would be the best scenario and that it does often happen. They also say that at this point even if the placenta does come out on its own I’d still have to go to theatre because it had crumbled and they couldn’t be sure it was all out. Several times I feel something come out but I still don’t know even know if that was some of the placenta or gushes of blood. I know I haemorrhaged, I just don’t know when.

The anesthetist comes and asks me to decide whether I’ll have an epidural or general anesthetic. Dr N. had told me they’d remove it under a general so I wasn’t expecting to have a choice. I told him I didn’t really have a preference so he started going through all the risks. He said if I had a general they would give me morphine for the pain and that I wouldn’t be able to breastfeed for a certain amount of time (they told me but I forget). I was terrified of having an epidural but I didn’t want to get off on the wrong foot breastfeeding right from the start so I said epidural. The nurse then came back and said if they’d known that I was going to have the epidural I wouldn’t have had to drink the yucky drink.

They then read through all the risks of both the epidural and the general – if the epidural failed I would have to have the general. They were reeling numbers off at me but between the shock and the contractions I couldn’t really take in what they were saying. I could hear them, but it was like they were talking in another language.

I was then wheeled into theatre. They had told me they were going to move me again and I said I didn’t know if I could. They then said they’d do most of the work. They rolled me so that they could slide a board under me then had me roll the other way – I’m not sure why. Then I was slid across to the new bed. This was all timed around the contractions that were coming thick and fast. Richard was now coaching me through every contraction, reminding me to breathe and telling me when to slow my breathing down. He’d tell me when to breath in and when to breath out because when left to my own devices I kept resorting to moaning. The pain was so overwhelming. I kept my eyes closed a lot and kept picturing Kaia’s face in my mind. In my mind I was focusing on every little detail that I had just memorized and just trying to hold on to her. When I focused on her I was able to control my breathing better. I could hear people telling me I was doing really well but I kept thinking I was just being a big sook.

They had me lie on my side for the epidural. The contractions were coming so fast I was scared I was going to get one and move and be damaged from the epidural. They wanted me to arch my back but when I tried I had another contraction. I wanted to just moan but Richard reminded me to breath so I concentrated on Kaia and on breathing in through my nose and out through my mouth.
I could feel them prepping me but I wasn’t really there anymore. I could feel the anesthetist trying to get the needle in but it wasn’t working. They told me that they couldn’t find the space because I hadn’t arched my back. They told me to pretend I was arching my back like a cat. I was able to arch it just the smallest amount before being hit by another contraction. Richard told me it would probably be the last one I had to feel (it was the second last.) They were finally able to get the needle in and I was set. They explained I would be able to feel pushing and tugging but no pain. They then asked me to let them know when I started to feel any sensations such as warmth or coolness or pain. I was just starting to feel my hands go warm / cold (can’t remember which now) when I was hit by another contraction. It wasn’t as bad as the others so obviously the drugs had started to set in.

I could feel someone poking and prodding at my legs. Dr N. was asking if she could remove the catheter and someone was telling her to leave it in as I would need it later. I could then hear her saying she needed to wash me down to see if there was any tearing. In my head I was thinking I was sure there was because of the burning but I don’t know if I spoke aloud or not.

I started to feel really, really tired. The voices in the room were all muddled and I couldn’t focus on what anyone was saying. It was too hard to keep my eyes open so I didn’t and then I started to drift in and out of consciousness. I was woken a couple of times by someone asking me if I was alright and I’m sure I said something to them but then I would pass out again.

4.5 hrs after Kaia was born I finally made it to maternity and got to see her again. She'd slept the whole time. DH had been so worried he hadn't even told his parents she'd been born yet

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This was co-authored by me and my doula Val. All of Val"s parts are proceeded by the time and my thoughts follow her notes.

Jeffery Connor Birth Timeline
At my 40 week appointment we scheduled me to be induced because my asthma was a ticking time bomb this time of year. We decided to do it with Cytotec ( I know there is a lot of scary stories about this drug but iv had it before after a 6 day miscarriage and my ob has used it on a number of occasions and is comfortable with it. And after the horrible time I had with pitosin I was only open to that if it was to avoid a C-section.) Everyone hoped that I would go sooner. The Saturday before my induction, I had blacked out a few times so after that. I did it right before bedtime we decided I better go in to the birth center. Got there and the hooked me up to the monitors I was having irregular painless contractions they also too my blood sugar and oxygen levels. The decided it must be my asthma. Sure enough it was the next day I woke up needing a breathing treatment. I had stayed at my moms so I wouldn’t need to make the 45 minute drive back to the hospital. Lucky for me I have a nebulizer there. But needing to use it there I blew right through my supply of solution and had to call my pulminoligist on a Sunday. She is great but she hates me pregnant my asthma isn’t controlled well when not pregnant and worse when I am. She was like you’re still pregnant how far along are you; I tell here almost 41 weeks. I let her know that I'm being induced the next day; if they have a bed. She said OH they will have a bed cause if not call me and I’ll admit you. I spend the whole day every 4 hours attached to my nebulizer.
I wake up at 6am to call the hospital to check to see if they have a bed they do so I get up and shower and eat a big breakfast cause god know when I’ll get to eat again. I get there at a quarter to 8am.

7:45 AM Heather arrives at hospital to start induction
They hook me up and I try to nap.
8:30 Cytotec is administered. Meet nurse Emily. 3 CM dilated
Stuart gets there after walking the dog and having breakfast. I’ve been watching TV.
9:45 Val arrives at hospital and checks in. Heather just had an Ensure, there have been no contractions. Heather and Stuart are chatting and emptying their cameras disc to make room.
10:00 Heather wants to try to rest, not sure of when labor will start and she still has a 1/2 hour left to stay in bed. We give her some alone time.
I do try to rest but nurses keep coming in and I get a few calls from family. I’m really missing my best friend she was there the whole time with Victor. I give up and start walking
12:30 PM Meet Heather in the hall. We do a couple of laps before heading back to the room for the next dose of Cytotec.
12:55 Nurse Emily monitors baby and contractions, and then gives the second dose. She discusses the possibility of another dose and if nothing is happening, going home. Heather and Stuart don't like that idea very much, they are determined to have their baby in their arms by tonight.
I know that if I leave the nice filtered air of the hospital my breathing will get bad again. And I would probably go in to labor the next day when Stu is taking his mom to the Doctors because Cytotec works to ways to induce its softens the cervix and causes contractions So my luck I would start moving fast with out any one around to take me to the hospital with a 4year old with me. So no we are not leaving.
Stuart has brought me ensure shakes and some french bread that he sneaks to me when its only us and Val in the room.
1:15 Heather in bed for another two hours. Decide to do a foot and leg massage this time with some acupressure with the idea that may help get things going.
Boy did that feel good and it did help the contractions come in a better pattern so every few minutes it did get uncomfortable. So far all my contractions a relatively painless. I have endometriosis and my Aunt Flow cramps are very bad. I also had back labor with Victor and those were much worse.
1:47 Heather seems to have to concentrate through a contraction for the first time. continue foot massage until 2:05
3:15 Stuart goes and gets cards to help pass the time.
3:30 Heather is able to get out of bed, uses the bathroom and continues to walk the halls again. She goes into a squat at the end of the hall each time- she is very determined. There is a lot of chatter between Heather and another laboring mom who is less determined- Heather cheers her on!!
I find out later that we were induced by the same way and received our doses at the same time She is younger and seemed kind of scared about it but in a good mood. I walk with them a lot of the time I'm doing laps. I’m doing squats at the ends of the halls the Birth center ward has a square race track. The other lady asked what I was doing I tell her that squats help the baby come down and help things stretch down there. She couldn’t bring herself to try one her family is trying to bribe her into trying it.
4:10 Heather gets bored with walking the halls- not much scenery. We find some steps and try those and then move to her room. There she does some yoga, which seems to slow contractions down, then to the birth ball which seems to speed things up.
5:00 Back to bed for some monitoring- baby sounds great.
5:25 Emily does an exam and finds that Heather has dilated to 4 CM, 80% effaced, and Dr. Krauss thinks that because things are moving they can let it go without more medication for induction.
5:40 Decides to get back out and walk some more
5:52 Stop to use the bathroom, she is needing to do some moaning through contractions while sitting on toilet.
6:00 Heather's mom, sister and big brother Victor come for a visit. Her sister helps pass the time while walking the halls, while Victor finds the TV.
Because the toilet seemed to intensify the contractions, Heather decides to try the commode My contractions start to space out cause as much as I love my sister she stresses me out.
7:00 Meet the new nurse, Paula
I want to get up and walk some more but the Paula wants me to ware full isolation gear causes of my past positive MERSA infection. The rest of the nurses on the shift before her just made me was my hand and sanitize them a lot. It’s not worth it.
7:35 After a the visit from family, we suggest some alone time to try to rest and center again. She is unable to stay in bed for long. Heather gets back on the ball, resting her upper body on the bed.
8:10 Back into bed for some more monitoring
I hate the bed cause the bottom is designed to be able to drop off for delivery it’s uncomfortable.
8:15 Check. 4 CM, 90% effaced
8:17 After talking with Dr. Krauss and discussing the slow dilation, Heather decides to try rupturing membranes before going to Pitocin.
I chose this because I don’t want to be tied down with an I.V. and if I can avoid being poked that one less spot I have to worry about a possible MERSA infection.
8:50 It doesn't take long after breaking the water for contractions to pick up. Heather is asking for Stuart to do lots of music changes, nothing seems right. We talk about something with low tones and she starts focusing on making them herself. Heather gets up to use bathroom and says she feels like she needs to have a bowel movement asks for nurse Paula to check her. She also asks for a shot for the pain. When asked if that was what she really wanted, she says "no, I don't know, I don't think so." Her attention is quickly diverted to something else and she seems to forget that she wanted it.
I know as the request comes out of my mouth that there isn’t any time for the drugs to get to me.
9:00 Check. 5 CM, 100% effaced -1/0 station
9:17 Check. 7 CM Heather realizes how quickly things are now changing in her body and needs reminders to stay relaxed and stay with her breath.
At this point I’m leaning over the bed Val is using counter pressure on the small of my back I’m having all over contractions front and back. Stu is on the other side holding my hands. The Phone rings I tell him “I don’t care who it is don’t answer.” When contractions are peaking I get angry I’m not cussing Stu or any one out but I am beating the bed.
9:25 Check. 9 CM
They hook me up to the monitors and I instantly hate them they are to tight my brain is telling me if there are off it will all get better.
9:30 Heather feels herself pushing. We help her get into a squatting position. Paula tells her there is still a lip, but Dr. Krauss encourages her to listen to what her body is telling her. She says that her body is telling her to get the monitor off!
Paula removes the contraction one but leaves the baby one on. If she had gotten any closes I might have decked her I know that he is coming very soon and it doesn’t matter if it was on or not. I just can’t stand it. Every contraction I’m literally begging them to remove it Paula’s voice is really irritating me telling me no. When they help me into a squat position because there is know way I’m doing this laying down. I pushed over an hour with Victor and I want going to push that way with out drugs. Stuart is pushing against the back of my hips because I keep trying to move back from the contraction which is counter productive. I have him in a reverse head lock and Val almost in the same position.
9:41 A handsome baby boy is born. He is placed on Heather's chest and she declares that one of the names will be Connor. After the cord stops pulsing, Heather cuts the cord. Mom and Dad discuss the name: Jeffery Connor a healthy 7lb 10oz baby.
I knew Connor was right as soon as I saw him I don’t know where it came from it was on the list as an O.K name that neither of us had a problem with but no where near the top. I tell Stuart he needs a more peaceful name then Victor. I look it up later and it fits really well with Victor’s name. Victors name means Powerful Victories Ruler. Jeffery Connor means, Powerful Peaceful Ruler. Both middle names are royal name used by many kings.
I am very happy with my birth experience this time if I were to do it again I would defiantly have a doula. I was able to have my unmediated (except for the 2 doses of Cytotec) I was up within 2 hours and was able to us the bathroom with in 5 hours. With Victor, I still needed assistance getting out of bed after 24hours. I also had every drug they would give me that time. Breast feeding didn’t start off that well Jeff kept falling asleep at the breast which caused to get dehydrated and didn’t pee for 16 hours and when he did he had a build up of crystals in his diaper. I ended up needing to supplement every few feeding with formula Even though I repeatedly asked them to make sure I got the larger of the nipple shields cause I know I have flat nipples they still got me the smaller one. The lactation Consultant is really annoyed the next day with the Night nurses about it because if they would have paid attention it was right next to the one they got me. It’s now the second time its happened to me. With Victor they almost ruined Breast feeding for me because the small shield made me bleed and really hurt.

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