June 2003-June Bugs Birth Stories!!!

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June 2003-June Bugs Birth Stories!!!

Welcome to the June 2003 June Bugs & Siblings Birth Stories Topic!

Each week a new birth story will be added by each member that has signed up on the Birth Stories - Sign-up Topic. We also have a Birth Stories - Comments Topic for those wanting to post comments, do not do so in the Birth Stories topic itself. Reason for a different member each week is that some have more than 1 story to share and this gives everyone a time to read it and comment as well. We'll double up on weeks where the members only have one story each and those we'll do two, the schedule will be posted in the signup topic.

Of course exceptions to this are those that have their babies early, please post them up on here and share them with us. Thanks!

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Mish's Birth Story (son - Dylan Michael)

I posted this birth story as an article to Pregnancy.org back in December 2001. It is under the Birth Stories Topics, just click on the title below to see the article as it was put on Pregnancy.org.

My Miracle...My Son!

I'll start by saying that motherhood was something I always dreamed of since I was a little girl. I have always hoped to have a little girl or boy of my own. After puberty, something weird happened and suddenly I had an odd feeling the thing I most wanted was going to be an obstacle to becoming a mother. I was right in that.

Being a silly teen I didn't always use birth control, but I never got pregnant. It wasn't until I was engaged for three years to my ex-fiancé that we decided we wanted children -- but it wasn't meant to be. There was no problem with him but there was with me -- no explanations to be given really.

Around August 1999 a fibroid was found in my uterus that wasn't there the previously. The fibroid was giving me symptoms of terrible pain, especially during my period. Because the fibroid was 8-9 cm it was potentially adding to my infertility.

In April 2000, I had a new procedure that would rid me of it. I had already been with Ron, my common-law partner (Dylan's father) for about 3 months before. Things hadn't worked out in the previous relationship because we thought I couldn't have children. Around May 15-16th (the first time Ron and I had intercourse since the procedure to remove the fibroid) a miracle happened.

It wasn't until July 4th, 2000 that my dream came true. I was a mom-to-be! God had given us a gift of true love. Ron at 36 never ever thought that he'd be a father and it kind of scared him. It was stressful for us for a while. For most of my pregnancy things were blissful.

Some problems started to occur but it really wasn't a concern until about 32 weeks. At that time, I went to my appointment like every other time and ended up being admitted to labor and delivery in pre-term labor. The monitors were showing I was at 2 minutes apart. What was supposed to be just a night to relax in the hospital away from the stresses of home and for observation became 6 weeks apart from Ron in a hospital 4-5 hours away from home over Christmas 2000.

Silly me, I sent Ron home reassuring I'd be home the next day. I went to the doctor in only the clothes I wore that night. I was rushed to the other hospital because the same hospital I was born at 27 years ago at that time couldn't handle preemies. Well on December 23rd an ultrasound was done and our baby was transverse. While the doctor tried to turn the baby we also found out that I was having a son. That night I called Ron from my hospital room and gave him the news that we were going to have a son. We had picked the name Dylan Michael for a son early into the pregnancy.

This situation was really hard on our relationship because we weren't spending our first Christmas together. It also didn't help that there was a storm every weekend back where we lived. Of course, one good thing is that my parents lived an hour away from the hospital, 30 minutes by car, and one hour by bus. I spent most of my time between the hospital and their house.

I had many false alarms. They told me to keep track of Dylan's movements. Dylan, being a stubborn one, had me in and out of the hospital for a couple weeks twice a week. I counted about 12 ultrasounds during my whole pregnancy -- 9 because I think he just wanted to be seen.

On the evening of February 4th, I ended up in the hospital with regular contractions at 5 minutes apart. They fell to 3 minutes apart overnight. The day before I had cleaned up my parent's house, with I might add, an intense desire to do so. Too bad my nesting hadn't cleaned up our house first!

Well, I was in a lot of pain and was given Demerol. The next morning my OB did another ultrasound to check on the size of the baby. He decided, after I begged to be induced, that it was fair to put this situation under "dysfunctional labor." After all, the reports from my old OB/GYN had said there were other fibroids beside the one that was removed. So what did this mean? I was to spend more time in the hospital. I was induced on Wednesday, February 7th at 7 a.m. I had called Ron the day before and told him he had to be up early the next morning. Of course it had been storming back home, and up in the city as well, so it took Ron longer than expected to make it there.

My mom had spent a few nights in the hospital room with me, and my father was there during the day of Dylan's birth. They were the best support I could have had next to Ron, who being a nervous father and not a big fan of hospitals did the best as he could. When he had arrived at the hospital they had already given me the second dose of the induction medication and my contractions were starting to overlap. It was around 7:35 p.m. when they decided to stop giving me the induction medication after the nurse had remarked that the baby's heart rate was a bit odd with my contractions.

The next hour flew by fast as the nurse told Ron that it could be until the next day before the baby was born. I told him to go his brother's and get some supper. Well 10 minutes after he left the doctor decided to try to reach inside me to see where Dylan's head was so he could put on a fetal scalp monitor. Dylan hadn't dropped at all. I was dilated and about 70% effaced. They broke my water and Dylan still didn't drop. At this point, which was around 8 p.m. or so, my contractions were right on top of each other and Dylan was having decelerations with each contraction. I was in so much pain (and very panicked) that I was barely aware that they had just told me that I would have to have a c-section right away.

My father made a quick call to Ron's brother's house (about a 20 minute drive away from the hospital) and phoned his oldest niece and told her to send Ron back as soon as he got there, that his son was going to be coming soon. Of course it didn't help my panicked state that Ron wasn't going to be there in the operating room with me. My mom decided that she'd go in with me as Dad had gone in with my aunt when my oldest male cousin was born and his father was in Germany. It turns out at the same time another woman induced at 7 a.m. that day had complications like me. Dr. Allen, who was the OB on duty, took the other woman and to my surprise when they wheeled me to the operating room, I saw Dr. Corkum. He was the doctor that found my fibroids and had gotten one removed for me. Well it was a shock for him, too! There were never any guarantees that I'd ever get pregnant.

They prepped me in the operating room, and mom was given a stool to sit beside me as I got my spinal block. Now that was the best relief from pain I had in days. It seemed like in no time at all that I heard Dylan's cry. It was 8:35 p.m. and mom overheard the nurses saying how beautiful a little baby boy he was and that he had big feet and hands for a newborn. Suddenly I overheard he was blue -- my heart came up to my throat at that point.

It was a few minutes later that the nurse brought Dylan over to my mother so she could hold him and so I could see him. I felt nothing in my body at all. God bless the anesthesiologist! I could have kissed the ground he walked on that day. Dylan was so perfect to me -- his Apgar scores were 8 at 1 minute, 9 at 5 minutes weighing in at 7 lbs 14 oz and 20 inches long. My son had a beautiful head of blonde hair and big, beautiful blue eyes.

I was taken to the recovery room. It took a bit before I saw Dylan. The nurse had taken him out to Ron for him to hold. It was against procedure, but I found it the best gesture they could have done. It was a rough first week. The first night Dylan was kept at the nurse's station for observation. They told me that babies born by c-section don't have a chance to get rid of mucus like a normal vaginal birth. They brought him to me to be breastfed, and despite exhaustion, I held my little miracle in my arms. At 4 days we had to take him to the trauma room because of breathing problems. He stopped breathing twice and he spent until Valentine's Day in the Special Care Nursery. That week I'll never forget as I was given a special little angel to live with me here on Earth.

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Emily Michele's Birth story:

Saturday, Dh and i decided to finish cleaning up the house for the company we were expesting to have on Easter... Well we cleaned and i took a shower before I went to bed...JUST IN CASE...lol Well I had heard a noise at 2;30 in the morning and it woke me out of a dead sleep, wel I didn't end up getting back to sleep till 5:00. Well at 5:30 I feel a pop, then water all over the place...(Shannon I will have to agree with you, it was GROSS)..lol So I woke up Dh and he ran around hear like a chicken with it's head cut off getting things ready, I called my mom, and she got here in 8 minutes. So FINALLY at 6:30 we are leaving for the hospital. Making my mom a nervous wreck that we wouldn't make it in time.. Valerie's birth was and hour and a half!!! She was afraid I was gonna have her in the car. So get to the hospital in about 30 minutes, Dh driving 100mph, our hospital is normally 1 hour away, no traffic, no cops it took 25-30 min... So check in start having very mild contractions sit in triage for about 1 hour, getting into the delivery room at 8:30, they check me and I am at 8-9 , thinking I would have time for a epi, but NOT SO MUCH I think I had all of 10-15 VERY HARD contractions... I told the dr. I had a very strong urge to push and she said well give it a couple of min, I just checked you. I said NO really SHE IS HERE, so she lifted up my sheet and said , UM yea she is right there... 5 pushes and here she, is... WOW... No pain med or anything , she is 6lbs 3oz 20 in, long... full head of hair, and gorgeous!!! Hope you all enjoyed reading this.... Thanks for letting me share!!!

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My Twins.

You would think after being in the hospital for 8 days that the babies would get the hint that it was not time to come. Ha, Madyson said I will show you. After being home only one day, at 9:45pm on Friday the 25 my water broke. Talk about running around crazy. So not prepared for that. I was just resting and had nothing done. It was about 5 minutes after my water broke that I started to feel contractions. This time much stronger than the 2 previous time I had gone into labor. So Jason running to get the Dogs walked I started to pack my bags. Mean while the whole time thinking it's to early. I guess in my heart I knew they would be fine. We arrived at the hospital at about 10 after 10pm and the look on the nurse’s face was priceless. She said Mrs. Feldman what in the world is you doing here? I said my water broke. I hit the floor and concentrated really hard on not throwing up. She said I think you just miss us here. I was taken back to the same L&d room I had just left only one day ago. I was hooked up to the fetal monitors and checked I was at 4cm and complete. I thought by then the pain was just going to kill me. They put in my IV and I filled out more paperwork. My contractions were like every minute. Never ending. They went from the start of one to the start of another. Childbirth classes would have been really helpful right about then. I think was breathing way wrong because I started to hyperventilate and then proceed to throw up. Not sure which was worse that alone or having to do it through a contraction. By then I was hurting so much and was ready to push. The doc came running in screaming no no no no! He said let me look. So I was checked again and in 20 minutes I had gone from 4 to 7. By this time I though for sure my heart was going to stop beating from all the pain. So I requested the Epidural. It was like pure torture. It took 20 minutes of trying and he still could not place it in. I by then was in so much pain I told him to stop. Right about then I felt the urge to push again. NO everyone screamed. The doc came in and looked again and in 30 minutes I went from 7 to 10 and ready to push. I was quickly rolled in to the OR and there was what felt like a million and one people in there. No sooner did I get in there did the doc say Now you can push. If I had only how hard pushing would be I would have never said I wanted to. haha No really. I was told I needed to have 3 pushes per contraction. I push like 6 times before I could really feel Madyson's head. Then it appeared as all the nurses were yelling there she is Samantha. They brought a mirror in so I could see. What a sight! I could see the top of my baby girl's head, full of brown hair. That was a great insensitive to push. With 3 more really good pushed she was out. Full of life and just crying away. Her moment of glory was here. She had fought me for 3 weeks to enter the world and now she was here. No sooner did she come out did the doc break my water for Logan. Man it was nice to be pain free for all of like 2 minutes. I could not believe how fast the contractions started again. The doc said with the next contraction give me a good push. So I took a deep breath and wow in 3 pushes and 4 minutes later my beautiful son had made his way in to the world much like his sister. The sound of his cry was like music to my ears.

Both babies were taken right away to the NICU and that was really hard. I was not able to hold them and touch them like I had planed for all those months. I was in the OR maybe 30 mins more. I was doing great no rips no nothing. And the pain was gone to boot. I was taken back to my room. And told since I had no medication I was free when ever I felt ready to get up and use the bathroom and get ready to see the babies. I waited for like 30 minutes and just gathered myself and tried to prepare for what I was going to see when I arrived there. I get to the Nicu and scrub. We walk in and for the first time I really get to look at my children. There are no words that could ever describe that one moment in time. I know it' was then that I realized how fully my children owned my heart and soul.

Both babies looked good. They were under the O2 bubbles but breathing on their own. Mady had a lot of swelling accompanied by some bruising and what looked like a heat rash. Logan to had some bruising and only a very mild looking rash. Both babies were having a hard time maintain their body heat and had to be placed on the warmers. There were so many cords and things going off and people running around that after about 30 minutes with them she suggested I go and rest and she would come and talk with us as soon as everything was done. I took one last look at them and touched their tiny faces and turned to leave. It was never so hard to make my feet move toward the door and then through it. Out side the door I stopped and cried. My only though was my children. Jason strong as ever put up a really brave front for me even though I could see what I was feeling in his eyes.

I got back in my room a little before 5am. I was feeling good physically but emotional I was drained. I took a long shower and tried to sleep. Easier said than done. At about 6:30 the Nicu doc and in. She began to explain all that the babies were going though right now. Madyson and Logan both had really low Platelet counts. This explained all the bruising. She said she really was not sure what was causing it though. That we would keep and eye on it and see if it was going up or down. Madyson was retaining a lot of fluid and she was again unsure why. Thankfully she was breathing on her own and well. Logan was having a harder time of it. Looking a his chest X-ray he has a lot of fluid in his lungs and this was making it really hard for him to breathe. They had to put him on the respirator. Other than that he looked good. The doc said that they were just going to monitor them closely over the next couple of days. How could I not cry after she left? My heart was breaking. For the first time I was mommy and could not fix the ouchie.

Later that morning Jason and I went back to see them. Madyson was looking really good she was out from under the O2 bubble and breathing all by herself. Logan was on the respirator. Very hard sight to see. The doc explained to us that both babies were having a hard time maintaining their blood pressure so that hard to be put on a Dopamine drip. We were then just waiting for all the blood work to come back and see how they were doing. We stayed for a few hours then left. Over the course of the day and night each baby was progressing well. At around 11pm Sunday night we went back to see them and they were doing so much better. Both babies platelet count had come up to normal range and there had been no more additional bursting. Sunday early afternoon Logan was taken of the respirator. He has small oxygen tubs in his nose but is breathing well. Both babies have had a bath. Really hated it. Ha. They are really doing well. Jason and I were able to hold them for the first time yesterday. What a moment for two very proud parents. I am sure it's because they are mine but I do believe they are the most beautiful children I have ever seen. They are almost 3 days old and it seems like a lifetime ago that they were inside of me. They will have to be in the Nicu for at least 5 weeks the doc said. This is very hard. I am trying really hard to find comfort in the fact I have two beautiful children and they are doing well and are in the best place for them right now but I can't help the ache in my heart. Their journey in to this world was very unexpected and incredible fast but every day I count the 2 blessing that God gave to Jason and I. We are very lucky. I can't imagine 2 parents prouder of their children than we are.

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Neely Grace's birth story:

I had absolutely no problems with this pregnancy, so when I was going to bed Thursday night and my stomach started to hurt, I thiught it was just gas or something. I tried to sleep it off, but The pain got so bad, I couldn't fall asleep. About 3:00, the pain was constant. I decided to go to the hospital and they could assure me that it was something else...but they checked me and I was having contractions every 2-3 minutes, at a 4, completely effaced, and at a 2 station. They gave me magnesium to stop the contractions and had me sign all the paperwork "just in case". The contractions only got stronger and closer together. At 5:30 they checked me again and I was at a 10. So much for the magnesium! I asked if it was too late for an epidural...the nurse laughed! The doctor broke my water and I felt the pressure instantly, like she slid down. 3 pushes later she was out. The nurse held her up and let me get a quick look at her, then she was taken to NICU. The neonatologist said she would be there until her original due date (7 more weeks), but I think they tell you that so you don't get your hopes up. She is now 10 days old. She weighed 4 lbs .07 oz at birth and after losing 8 oz. she is now past her birthweight at 4 lbs 1 oz. She was under the bilirubin light for 1 day. She didn't need and oxygen tubes. As soon as she gets the suck, swallow, breath thing down, she gets to move to an open crib. For all of you who can't wait for this pregnancy to be over...it is definatly (sp?) worth the wait!

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Tyler Andrew and Erin Elizabeth's birth story:

WARNING: not for faint of heart! Also, this will be VERY long since I want to preserve my memory of everything that happened.

After a relatively uncomplicated twin pregnancy, I was scheduled for induction at 38 weeks on May 27, 2003. We arrived at the hospital at 7:30 am to begin checkin. We were shown to our room, changed and signed all needed paperwork. The ultrasound tech showed up to do one final ultrasound. She estimated their weights to be 7 lb 10-14 oz for Tyler and 5 lb 10-12 oz for Erin. Erin was still facing breech, but it still sounded like that wouldn't be a problem for a vaginal delivery. My ob showed up at 11am to get us started by breaking Tyler's water. Wow - did I gush!!! and kept gushing! Everytime I stood to go to the bathroom and also when I had a hard contraction I would feel more water come out. At the time my water was broken and membranes stripped, I was about 4 cm dialtated. All was sounding good for a vaginal delivery so the pitocin was started around 11:30am. They started it pretty low and I was feeling pretty good for awhile. But as I kept getting checked, I wasn't making any progress and the pitocin kept getting upped. I really wanted to wait until atleast 5cm dialated before getting the epidural so it wouldn't slow down the labor. I had no idea that I would feel so much rectal pressure with contractions. I assumed I would feel them in my abdomen. I was finally there around 4:30pm and I couldn't take the contractions anymore, so I asked for the epidural. The relief was wonderful. The first dosing was great. The only issue was that it didn't block the saddle area. From there we had to keep calling more and more often to be redosed on the epidural because it wasn't lasting/being affective. It was getting discouraging considering that I kept feeling the labor pains and everytime I was checked for progress, there wasn't any. By that evening I had only progressed to 80% effaced, maybe 6 cm dialated, and at 0 station. Most of that progress had happened when my water was broken! By my check at 11:30pm, I was pretty sure I was ready to call it off and go for the c-section. When my ob saw that there still wasn't progress plus she didn't like the pattern of contractions I was having, she said that we could continue to go to max pitocin dosage and try it for 2 hours. If it didn't do anything, we would have to do the c-section. But in her opinion, the way it was going, she thought there was less than a 50% chance that we would be able to have the vaginal delivery. At that point, I was so tired (I also hadn't eaten since 5:15am) that I didn't think I would be able to push even if we could get there. So, I called it there. Dr. Karlsson would have the anethestialogist start the level of epidural needed while she delivered another baby and we would finally get to have ours. There were some concerns about the epidural since I never was able to get full coverage. Even though it was put in earlier in the day by someone else, this md felt that he could get the level of coverage sufficient and didn't need to re-do it. We spent the next hour having him test when I would start to feel things and keep adding more and more meds to it. Finally we were ready to go to the operating room. When they moved my bed into the OR, they hit an oxygen tank and broke off it's lid. There was now gas spewing into the air. Everyone was standing around asking what should we do now? Finally they wheeled me out of that room and decided to move me back into my labor room while they cleaned out another OR. A little while later, we were back in an OR. They whole time we were waiting, anethestia was working on me to make sure I was covered. Now, we had to wait a few minutes for the assistant ob to show up so we could begin. Again the anethestialogist kept checking me and giving more meds. He was assuring me the whole time that it was going to be fine. Finally we are about to start. As my ob goes to make the first incision, the anethestialogist leans down to me and says in my ear that since I am more "in-tune" than most people, I probably will feel more discomfort. Therefore he wanted me to not focus on the operation and to talk to him and my husband about other things to keep my mind off of it! I'm thinking WTH???? This is the birth of my babies - I sure as hell want to know what is going on during their birth! But, I did as he asked. Since I was behind the drape, I don't know exactly at what point and where I started feeling the surgery, but I think it was after the skin and muscles were cut and being retracted. I think I felt the area of the lower retractor.
***babies crying - more to come***
ok, back to surgery. The pain started in the pubic region. In order to reach the babies, they had to keep tugging on the retractors. The anethestiologist kept saying that he couldn't give me anything other than nitrious oxide until the babies came out. Then he would be able to give me effective meds. He put the nitrious mask over my face. For awhile I was able to tolerate the mask fairly well. After a while, my nose got pinched and I started to feel VERY clausterphobic and had to keep pulling my head away. Besides, the gas wasn't doing ANYTHING for the pain. At this point my ob realized I was in pain, but really couldn't do anything but try to get the babies out as quickly as possible. I felt the relief as each baby came out and heard their cry. Then a nurse brought the baby over to my side of the screen so I could see each one for a second. As soon as I saw the Erin, I was pumped full of some cocktail of drugs and went to sleep (luckily not a general so no intubation). I woke up when the surger was over, but I was still on the table. I was drugged to where I could barely open my eyes, but was completely conscious. At this point, I wasn't feeling much pain. They moved me onto the recover bed and started to roll me out of the OR. Unfortunately, they did not remember to move over my Foley catheter. As my bed started moving, the Foley (with ballon to hold in place still inflated) was then yanked out. The nurses and anethestiologist freaked out, checked that there was no damage done and put a new one in. After that, I dozed again and woke up in the recover room. At this point, my epidural had been removed. Unfortunately, all my pain meds had also completely worn off and they weren't ready yet with my recovery pain meds. While waiting for my morphine to arrive and start to take effect, I felt the burning and pain of my incision. All I could do is lay there repeating "it hurts". My husband was torn between staying with me (where he was helpless to do anything) and helping with the babies. He kept going back and forth, bring the babies over for me to see. He also tried to have me hold them, but I was in too much pain. Also during this time, the nurses had to push on my uterus every 15 minutes to help get the normal bleeding to stop. It was awful when they had to push. The morphine finally kicked in and I don't remember much more until we arrived in our maternity room around 5am. The nurses took the babies to the nursery until it closed at 7am so we could get some sleep. When I woke up at 7, I was feeling pretty good with very little pain. Later that day, they even stopped my morphine drip because not only was I not needing to self dose, but for some reason it didn't even give me as much on a drip as I was supposed to get and I felt fine. The recovery days all run together. For the first few, I wanted to doze all the time. We did have them take the twins to the nursery every night (which is only open from 1:30am - 7am). Being able to get 5-6 hours of sleep helped so much. For as awful as the delivery was, my recovery was a piece of cake. My ob did find out during the delivery that Tyler's head was not tucked chin in, it was extended back. That is why I wasn't dialating. Also, I would not have been able to have a vaginal delivery even if we did let the pitocin go longer, so I'm glad we made the call when we did.

Honestly, for as awful as the birth was, my recovery has been great. I don't look back as feeling cheated or have bad feelings about the way my babies came into this world. I could dwell on all the negatives, but I just want to remember the positives from here on out and enjoy these 2 wonderful bundles of joy.
So, my babies:
Tyler Andrew born 5/28/03 at 1:15am
7lbs 3 oz 20" length
Erin Elizabeth born 5/28/03 at 1:16am
5lbs 10oz 18" length

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Well, I had been 1cm and 65% effaced for well over a month. The week before I was induced I was 2cm and 70% effaced so doctor decided to induce me in a week if I hadn't gone into labor by then. DH and I went inot the hospital Wed morning and I was hooked up to pitocin at 6:30am. I was a "loose 2 cm" and 80% effaced at that time. Doctor came in at 7:45 and I was 3-4cm so he broke my bag of waters and ordered me an epidural. About 30 minutes later I got my epidural (boy was I happy!) the nurse rechecked me when I layed back down and I was 5 cm. 45 minutes later I called the nurse because I could move one leg but not the other and thought it was wierd. She said it was ok and decided to check me again. I was 9cm. She told me to push a little so she could see how I would do with the epdural in. I pushed once and she told me to stop so she could get the doctor. 15 minutes later the doctor came in and 3 pushes after out came my baby. I'd have to consider myself very lucky. My little one of course was perfect, no cone head and great skin complexion! My labor was super easy!

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Well figured I'd post up my Mayflower's birth story. Not that there is much to it. Lol

We started TTC #2 back in March 2002, our first cycle we got pg and we're due in December 2002 but we miscarried on April 1st (feels somewhat like a cruel joke even now, but if we hadn't lost that one we'd never have Brendon now). We really didn't take much of a break after the m/c, we continued to TTC till September when I had a feeling by late September I was either pregnant or in pre-menopause. Well on Oct. 2nd I decided to take an HPT to rule out pregnancy just in case I was going to have another long cycle and needed meds to restart a new cycle. Well it came back positive and on Oct. 3rd, we had the pg confirmed by the dr.

Overall it was a pretty much uneventful pregnancy except some problems with BH around 23 wks or so and some bad hip and pelvic pain for some time and return of morning sickness for 6 wks from 30-36 wks. We already knew that it would be a repeat c-section so it'd be much easier than with my older son Dylan (his birth story is an article here on pg.org -> My Miracle...My Son!.

Well my original due date was May 31st and OB originally scheduled the c-section for May 26th (DH's 39th birthday), I had hoped to avoid Ron's birthday as I believe in a child being able to have as much possibility of one's own birthday than having to share with someone else. So I asked OB if we could to the c-section on the 23rd instead, she said if I showed up at my appt. that day that we could probably do an 'emergency c-section' due to my fibroids bothering me.

Well on May 8th, I started getting contractions about 5 minutes apart, so off we went to the hospital, bags packed and all just in case...only to find out it was false labor. Next morning after a night's stay my OB came in and told me to be at L&D on May 21st in the morning for assessment and possible c-section. Apparently she was concerned about my fluid levels and that I was measuring almost 10 wks ahead in fundal height. So off we went home to wait to see if labor was going to start or whether I'd make it to my c-section date of May 26th (which was the date in stone apparently).

It felt like forever before May 21st was going to arrive but it finally did. So we packed my bags into the car, as well as Dylan, my mother, myself and Ron and headed to the hospital in hopes that we'd be greeting our newest addition that day. Well 8am came and Dr. Seraf-Dhar came in and asked me how I was feeling...of course I wasn't feeling too great, my fibroids had been causing me considerable pain and all. So at 38w+4d (by u/s dating in 1st tri), she warned me that there could be problems and such. I could accept that, been through stuff like that with Dylan even at 40 wks. And with that they were going to arrange OR time, for either morning or afternoon...unfortunately OR time ended up going longer for another operation so we ended up sitting around 5-6 hours waiting to be called to the OR.

Well that was just enough time for me to feel extremely nervous about the spinal block. Around 11am-12pm, the nurse came in and did the cathether in the bladder thing...yuck! That thing is miserable. Well 2pm came and they finally came up and got me and wheeled me down in a wheel chair, now I was taken in on gurney with Dylan so it was like I had no choice but be there but going in as I did, started wanting to run...don't like surgeries period, especially knowing this one would end with my tubal ligation.

Well got to the OR, the anaesthesiologist did the IV and the spinal block and ended up feeling really nauseous after the spinal block was done and a bit of a headache. In the meantime, my mother knew of Ron's reluctance to go into the OR with me so she went to the nurse's desk and told the nurses that I really wanted him in there with me as he wasn't there the first time with Dylan as he didn't make it back from the hospital in time, so mom had to be with me. Well the nurses managed to get him down to the OR and suited up, it surprised me that he did come. I thought for sure as he's a chicken in hospitals and around such stuff that he wouldn't end up with me...and if he did, he'd faint.

Well they started the c-section and supposedly I had a whole lot of amniotic fluid as Ron said one of the doctors got soaked as it had gushed out. Amazingly Ron actually watched it all even to the part where they took the baby out and the placenta. Well I was a bit shocked hearing that I had a 'big boy', I had hoped for a girl and I think a lot of others thought for sure this time I'd have had a girl. Oh well, we have the most beautiful little baby boy...looking almost like an exact copy of his older brother as a baby. Baby Brendon Nicholas arrived at 2:57pm. The nurses and neonatologist and all checked him out, got him cleaned up and Ron got to take him upstairs to where my room was. There Ron, Dylan and my mother got to spend the first two hours of Brendon's life with him before I did. Oh well, while that was going on, my tubes were tied and I was sent to the recovery room for a while till the anaesthesia was wearing off enough I could go upstairs.

It was so amazing when I arrived upstairs and was finally able to breastfeed Brendon for the first time and hold him and all. I couldn't get over how big he was when Ron and my mom told me that the neonatologist had come up to talk to them and told them that Brendon only had the appearance of a baby that arrived at 37 wks, not 38 wks. He had also told them there were about 6-7 large dead patches throughout the placenta and it was good they did the c-section when they did or something could have went wrong if they didn't and had me wait longer to have the c-section. Thank god they did it that day or we might not have had our angelbug, Brendon with us.

Brendon weighed in at 8lbs 6oz and 20 inches long and we were released 4 days after the c-section, Brendon had jaundice and had to spend an extra night in an incubator in my room under billi lights and on a billi blanket and had to work extra hard as he had dropped to 7lbs 10oz, thank goodness the billirubin levels went down the next day and his weight at discharge was 7lbs 12oz. I never was so relieved to hear the results of a blood test or weighing a baby as I did this time with Brendon, though had to do it with Dylan, I never realized how much it meant to know that my baby was going to be alright and not end up with the problems like his brother had.

It was the best trip home despite it being a rainy day. We had our family complete finally.

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June 5, 2003.

At my ob appointment I was told to be at Labor and Delievery the next day at 8am to be induced.

June 6, 2003.

DH and I arrive at the hospital ready to be induced. Of course, we are there at 8am, but my doc doesn't come in until 9:30am. After getting settled in my room, my doc came in a broke my water. Around 10:15am, the nurse hooked me up to a citocin(sp?) drip. DH and I kept busy reading and doing crossword puzzles. Every 20 minutes or so, the nurse would come in a up my dosage of meds. Unfortunately, at our hospital, they don't hook the tv up until around dinner time. SO, DH and I had to entertain ourselves until around 2:30pm, when the tv lady came early!! WOO HOO. Throughout the morning and early afternoon, my contractions started. They increased in both pain and time quite quickly. Around 2pm or so, I got my epidural. They had a bit of trouble getting it in, the doc kept hitting the bone. But after I was hooked up, it was pure bliss! I took a short nap. DH and I were watching Oprah when the nurse came to empty my bladder. She wasn't getting anything, so decided to check me. The babys head was right there. I couldn't feel a thing with the epidural in, so I had no clue he was so low so quickly. The nurse got us set up for delivery and had me start pushing. A call was put in to my doctor, who was just at his office across the street. The doctor got there just in time for my last set of pushes that helped Cameron into the world. It was the easiest most simple delivery I could have imagined! I only had to do 4 set of pushes, which only took 10 minutes! There was no need for stitches, which made me happy.

Cameron Jakob weighed in at 8lbs 15ozs (which surprised the hell out of me!) 21.5inches long. He's a beautiful little boy who has added so much to our family already!

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Our Shaylah

The more of these stories I read, the more I realize how different other hospitals really are. Not hooking up a tv until evening time...HELLO..hehehe. Anyhow, Here is my story.

I had been having contractions since I was 29 1/2 weeks, due to lack of fluids..which I drank fluids all the time. Anyhow, my past pregnancy was uneventful with Keegan, so this little one gave me something to really think about. I spent 4 weeks out of the last 9 weeks of my pg in OB triage strapped to monitors and watching tv...hheheh. Mind you, I did not spent the whole time there, just one day a week per week.
Anyhow, I had my 39 week appointment on June 4th and he did the usual yucky assessment and determined that only had I not dilated any, but she was now transverse instead of posteroir. Can you believe that!! She turned on me... Smile
Anyhow, decision was made by me to have another repeat C Sect(Eric was in the car with Keegan because he was throwing his usual 2 yr old tantrums) and I was nervous as Hell when I had to go get eric to come inside for consult. They did another sono on me, to see where she was at so my dr would not be suprised when he did the surgery the next day.
So after that, we loaded up, went home, packed our bags, went to our churchs small group program, sent Keegan to his MiMi's house and tried to sleep. I fell asleep at 1230am, awoke at 230am, laid in bed until 430am, and got up to get ready for my big week in the hospital. We had to be there at 730am to get prepped, my C section was scheduled at 9am. On the way to the hospital we stopped to get my grandmother for moral support for me and Eric and got there just in time.
They set me up in Ob triage to await the operation. At 8am, they came and put my IV in, at 825am, they came and put my cathedar in(suprisingly, that one did not hurt all that much) and about 10 til 9, they wheeled me to OR. The anestegiologist came in to insert my epidural but wanted to wait to start the meds until my doc was ready. Well my doctor was in the other Or next door performing a hysterectomy and was running late. Anyhow, by 940am they gave me a test dose of epidural, which immediately put my left leg to sleep which freaked me out because I was strapped to the operating table unable to really move. By this time, I was getting really anxious about the operation and cant wait to have it over and done with. Well, he gave me my epidural and I started to hyperventilate. You truly dont understand what it is like to not have the pains of labor, to be feeling fine, and then all of a sudden not be able to feel your lower body. That is what scared me this time around. I felt like I had been paralyzed. Anyhow, my heart rate shot to 150 and my palpitations started back up and he had to give me heart meds to slow my rate down and then he gave me pure oxygen. I hate having those tubes in my nose. Anyhow, Dr Tucker was there at 10am on the dot, pinched the hell out of my lower region, which I did not feel, so he began.
I did not feel anything in the operation this time, compared to the awful experience of my emergency one, and at 1029am Shaylah Rhian was born.
So let me tell you about my little girl.
She is beautiful. Shaylah weighed in at 6lbs 14oz, she lost some weight and is now at 6lbs 4oz, she was 20inches long. With copper colored hair and blue eyes, she is already my little heart breaker. She has been the next best thing to happen to us besides our little man Keegan. He is a wonderful big brother and I cant wait to see them grow up and closer together. He is not acting like I would have expected, I would have expected him to feel left out or alone, but he is involved with everything we do with her, including when I am breastfeeding her or changing her. He likes to be right there and she already adores her brother. We are truly blessed!!!

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Ok, better write this down or I'm gonna forget really soon.

Hunter has been the baby we've waited for for five long years. I spent my first trimester worrying about miscarriage, and had a heart attack when I started bleeding at 9 weeks. When I went into the doctor that day, I had a fever, and my heart sank. I thought for sure I was going to loose Hunter. But there he was, on the monitor, just moving around all over the place! At 13 weeks on December 23rd we got a great Christmas present...Hunter! The doc put in the cerclage and I couldn't believe that we made it that far!

Things were pretty uneventful until around 30 weeks. Then I started having all the problems...my blood pressure was too high, the blood sugars were too low, and there was too much amniotic fluid. Most of those problems, thankfully, corrected themselves.

At my 35 1/2 week appointment, the doc took out the cerclage. Contractions started almost immediately, but I didn't want to get my hopes up. I ended up going to labor and delivery on May 29th due to early contractions. Although I dialated overnight from 1 cm to 3 cm, the doc standing in for my doc made me go home, still contracting. I wasn't really in labor, she said. I was just having braxton hicks.

Two more times I went to the hospital with contractions, and two more times I was sent home because I wouldn't dialate to a 4 cm. In that time frame I also had two amniocentesis tests done to test for lung maturity. Both came back as mature-the first L/S ratio being a 2.4 and the second L/S ratio being a 2.9. But the stand in doc wouldn't induce me because I there wasn't a PG factor present.

Finally, my doc got back into town on Wednesday, June 11th. He called me that day and told me that I would need to be at the hospital at 4:00 p.m. the next day for an induction. I couldn't believe it. I wasn't going to get my hopes up until I was in the hospital and all hooked up. Well, 4:00 p.m. came on the 12th, and when we arrived at the hospital, the nurses actually knew we were coming! I was awed, because I couldn't believe my two weeks of labor was about to be over.

The nurse who was taking care of me at the time was a complete wreck. She was really grumpy. She also managed to collapse my vein when she tried to stick an IV in. And she really dug around with the needle. That hurt badly. I don't usually cry when I get stuck with needles but I did that time. Finally she gave up and called in an IV team. They stuck one in my right hand, which stayed, thankfully.

Of course, Dr. Bohman was late getting there. He was supposed to be there around 4:30 p.m. but didn't arrive until 7:00 p.m. that night. He started the induction with cervadil because my cervix kept lengthening back out. So for two hours I laid in bed waiting for the cervadil to work. It worked immediately. Contractions started picking up in intensity almost the second it was placed. After two hours they let me get up and take a shower, because it wasn't likely that I would be up and around for too much longer. i also got to eat dinner. Bland, but at least it was food!

Over the course of the night, I kept contracting. Hunter kept moving, to the annoyance of the hospital nurses. I just had to keep laughing because he just didn't want to stay still long enough to keep his heartbeat monitored. I told the nurses they would be glad when my doc broke my water so he could put an internal monitor on Hunter.

At 7:00 a.m. the next morning, my doc came back in. He broke my water and got the internal monitor put on Hunter's head, much to the pleasure of the nurses. My water breaking was quite the disgusting feeling. Plus, I kept feeling the internal monitor cords brush up against my legs every time Hunter would roll around. It was a very weird feeling. As soon as my water broke, however, the contractions started hitting me harder and harder. Within about 10 minutes, I told my husband to screw the hypnobirthing-I wanted an epidural. He wanted me to wait, but I kept yelling at him until he got someone upstairs.

And God bless the anesthesiologists! While he placed the epidural, the nurse started IV fluids, antibiotics, and pitocin. And my vein collapsed in my hand. I wanted to cry. So while the drug doc was placing the epidural, another nurse stuck an IV in my left hand. The IV being placed hurt worse than the epidural. But soon the epidural took effect, and I was on cloud nine! I kept telling the drug doc, "You are THE MAN!" Which kept making him laugh. 10 minutes later, I was checked and dialated to 5 cm and 100% effaced! I couldn't believe it! I wasn't at 3 cm anymore! I could have hugged the resident doctor!

After about two hours, I started feeling contractions again and a different drug doc came in. They gave me more meds and I got comfy again. The nurse also had to lower the dose of pitocin because it was working too well. I was contracting every minute with like a 10 second break in between them and Hunter wasn't tolerating it well. His heartbeat kept dropping after contractions. When the resident doc came back in and checked me, I was at 7 cm! I was excited because I knew then that my labor was close to ending and soon.

About 2 hours later, I had to ask for more pain meds because I was about to die from the contractions. So I got more drugs and the nurse had to disconnect the pitocin because I was contracting far too well on my own. When Dr. Worley (the resident doc, who, by the way, sure was a happy doctor and she was very smiley Smile ) came back in to check me, I was at 9 cm. By that time I was feeling Hunter's head push down with each contraction. Ten minutes later I was dialted to a ten. My doc walked in and supervised Dr. Worley delivering Hunter. And then the kitchen staff brought in food that my hubby and mom had ordered. If you ever want great incentive to push a baby out, have someone deliver food at the beginning of the pushing stage. It works wonders! After 6 contractions and 20 minutes of pushing, Hunter's head was out! He was born looking sideways and the Dr. Worley kept trying to pull Hunter out but his shoulders were stuck. So Dr. Bohman told her to stop pulling and turn Hunter a bit. Then he popped right out. They asked my dh if he wanted to cut the cord, but he just told the docs that they were more qualified to do that. They, of course, laughed. As soon as the cord was cut and they had him suctioned, boy did he scream! And what a beautiful sound it was, too! My doc had told me earlier that day that there was a 20% chance Hunter would have to go to the NICU because of lung maturity. The first thing the doc said when Hunter came out was "That guy is half grown already! And definitely NOT a girl!"

The nurse took Hunter over to the warming bed and checked his blood sugar and lungs and prounced him healthy, another fact that I couldn't believe! I was prepared for the possibility that Hunter would have to be in the NICU because I'm diabetic. So when I was told he was healthy and could go home with me, I couldn't help but cry! I was actually going to take my angel home with me! Woo-who!

After two days in the hospital, we got to go home. Breastfeeding started off as a 24 hour event, but we're down to eating every 3 hours for 30 minutes, thank goodness!

And you know, it's been just over a week since Hunter was born on Friday the 13th, weighing in at 7 lbs, 15.2 oz and 20 inches long. Ladies on up in their years like to tell me that when Hunter smiles, it's just gas. But I know better. I wonder what babies dream about that makes them smile so big and giggle in their sleep. But I do know that, even now, I wonder how people can't believe in God when they look at a newborn baby, smiling contently in their sleep.

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Hi everyone,

I'm overjoyed to report that I am now the proud momma to a beautiful little boy. Kieren Alexandre was born Friday June 20 at 3:00am - thanks to all that were giving me labour vibes that evening... it worked!! Smile

I'd been having contractions for about a day by Thurs evening, but they weren't very strong and weren't getting much closer together. They stopped for a little while in the afternoon altogether, so we called my doctor's office to ask if he thought we were in labour. He thought we were, but in the earliest stages and that we could continue the same for another day or two before any big changes happened.

After dinner we decided to go down to the hot tub in our building to see if it would relax me or speed things up at all. While in the hot tub, I found the contractions milder than before.. but suddenly we started noticing that they were much closer together. After 1/2 hour in the tub, they were coming regularly at 4 minutes apart. That's when we decided to go back upstairs and head to the hospital for a checkup. While upstairs changing, the contractions became MUCH stronger... I suddenly had to concentrate on breathing and couldn't talk through them, although they were spacing out slightly again (5-6 minutes). We left for the hospital at around 11pm and arrived just before midnight.

The hospital admitting procedure was a bit surreal. When we arrived, there was an assessment doctor and receptionist at l & d, none of whom looked up at us or said anything when we walked in. There was one person sitting in a waiting chair by himself (young man) who just continued to stare openly at me as I leaned over the desk and had 2 contractions before anyone said a word to us. (Weird!) Finally, the doctor came to ask me my history etc. and then the receptionist booked us in (about 20 minutes later). We were taken to an assessment room, and told that we'd be there for awhile as they were really busy that night.

The assessment doctor checked me and was surprised to find me at 5-6cm. Also, my water had already broken... I had no idea. It must have been in the hot tub for me not to have noticed it... which also accounts for why the contractions suddenly started coming so much faster too. Anyway... I was still doing well with the pain, but it was building fast... so I asked about getting an epidural. It was then that we heard the bad news... l & d was slammed and not only were there were no labour rooms available, but all 4 assessment rooms at triage were full ( I got the last one) and there were 3 people ahead of me waiting to get a labour room. I was stuck where I was on a cot, and would not be permitted an epidural until (if) I ever got a labour room. Then things kicked into high gear.

The next hour passed in a fog of pain. I had gas and 2 shots of Fentanol (sp?) both of which only last for seconds to minutes. I couldn't get out of bed at all, as I was hooked up to a fetal monitor (the fetal heartrate was decelerating on contractions when I arrived). I think that was the worst part of it... I couldn't move, get out of bed, or even change positions for my entire labour. I had to lay flat on my back with a wedge under my right hip. (NOT what I had expected about how my birth would go!) The other thing I would have wanted was a nurse or SOMEBODY in the room with us... they were so full that we were pretty much left to it - me, DH and my sister (none of us ever having been at a birth before). DH and my sister had to run out and tell the assessment doctor if something happened (like one time the fetal heart rate went up to 200). That made it MUCH scarier for me... not knowing if what was happening was okay, or even where I was most of the time in terms of progress.

I was checked again just before 2am and found to be at 8-9 cm (they were all shocked at how fast I was progressing for a first baby). Still no rooms to be had. At that point they were calling a delivery team to one of the other assessment rooms.... I relegated myself to delivering in triage. DH begged the assessment doctor to find somewhere to put us for the delivery... he really didn't want me to have to deliver on a cot that was too short for me, with no stirrups or anything to help me. They finally found a room just after I started having the urge to push.

When we got to our room, my OB and 2 other staff were waiting for us. I was really happy to see my doc... a familiar and friendly face at last!! There were times in my prenatal care that I didn't think he was all that caring... but he was WONDERFUL in the delivery room. I started pushing at 2:40 am. My sister asked the resident how long it would take from there, and he said about 2 hours for a first baby. I didn't think I'd make it. My doctor was very concerned about the fetal heartrate, which continued to go down at every contraction. It went down to 60 a couple of times, so he called for a vacuum pump. When I heard that, I think I REALLY got my act together - as I didn't want to experience an episiotomy and vaccuum delivery with no pain meds. I leaned into my pushing with everything I had, and he was born at 3:00 am (cord wrapped around neck - the cause of the decelerations). But he came out crying, so I was able to have him on my belly right away and we waited to cut the cord for a couple of minutes.

As I'm sure you all know (or are about to know in a few days!!)... words cannot convey an experience like having your first baby placed on your belly after pushing him into the world. Despite the fact that I had little control or choices in my labour and delivery, I look on it as a beautiful and empowering experience. Not just for the prize at the end, but the process itself. I never knew my body was as strong or resilient as it is… and I value the difficulty of it in a way because it makes the rewards a little sweeter (if that’s even possible!) J

Now, 5 days later, I’m falling more and more in love with my son. It’s true that mothers can’t be impartial… he’s the most intelligent, charming, gorgeous and sweet baby I’ve ever seen! I’m not getting much sleep, and breastfeeding isn’t the easiest thing in the world, but none of that matters when I look into the face of my little pumpkin.

I’ve completely enjoyed taking this journey with all of you… sharing our experiences, ideas and expertise. Thanks to everyone for all your support and kindness over the past nine months. I wish you all love and happiness with your new little bundles!!

(I've posted pictures on another thread if anyone wants to see...)

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My Birth Story!

June 26
I had my 40-week appointment with my midwife. I arrived at the hospital and after waiting an hour after my appointment was originally scheduled I was taken back to a room where I was asked to strip down. My midwife came in and checked Cassidy’s heart rate and preformed a vaginal exam on me. She found that I had dilated to 3 cm, 50% and the baby still wasn’t engaged. She went ahead and striped my membranes and told me that if anything were going to happen it would most likely happen within 24 hours. She also told me to use “natural” forms of inductions like nipple stimulation, sex and walking in order to get things going.

We got home around 2:00 pm and partook in some of the recommended extracurricular activities, which got things going full force. After walking around the neighborhood for about an hour my contractions were coming at about 2 min. apart and didn’t show any signs of stopping. At around 11:00 (after fighting with the idea for hours because I didn’t want to be sent home and told it was a figment of my imagination) we decided to head to the hospital. While on our way to the hospital my contractions became very irregular and I thought about having DH turn back around but decided to go ahead and “just see”. We made it to L&D and were taken to a room where I was immediately checked and was told that there was NO change, my cervix was posterior, my contractions were irregular and I was NOT in labor. There wasn’t going to be a baby that night!

June 27
We headed home and I complained about being told that I wasn’t in labor because I was having irregular contractions even though I knew that I was (the same thing happened with Keelin). We laid down and tried to get some sleep. I was plagued with contractions the rest of the night and was up in the bathroom every 15-30 minutes until 7:00am.

At 7:00 I decided that I wasn’t going to get any sleep so I would just go ahead and take a HOT shower and try to relieve some of the pressure in my back. After I showered I promptly returned back to bed and laid on my side until that became uncomfortable. Keelin woke up I made her breakfast. After breakfast I started a movie for her and started a contentious cycle of HOT baths, side laying, bathroom visits, laying on heating pads, crawling around on all fours, etc…

At 11:00 am I called DH at work and asked him to come home for lunch. I told him that I was having severe back labor and needed someone to rub my back and give me counter pressure. At this point I had lost complete control of my bladder, I couldn’t eat or drink, and I was crying through contractions. We started to time my contractions which were still irregular they ranged anywhere from 7-3 minutes apart. After toughing it out for 3 hours I decided to call L&D once I couldn’t walk or stand through my contractions. I told the lady that my contractions were irregular and they had sent me home the night before for the very same reason. She told me to come in and get checked because she thought the baby would be here very soon.

We made it to the hospital and DH ran into the hospital to get a wheel chair since I could barely move to stand up. The guy at the front desk told DH that he didn’t have a wheel chair and he wasn’t going to help DH find one either. He told DH that since my contractions were irregular and up to 7 min. apart I needed to suck it up and walk in because that was what they would make me do in L&D.

DH said fine he'd just drive around to the ER (which is around the back of the hospital on a hill on the 2nd floor which is the same floor as L&D). He runs in and 2 orderlies follow him outside to the truck with a wheel chair they helped me into the chair and took me straight to L&D with DH and Keelin following close behind.

I made it to L&D (3:37) and they automatically checked my Cervix. I was in the middle of saying, “It’s probably nothing because I was here last night and I was still posterior and at 3” when the nurse interrupted me and told me, “Not Anymore!” I was already at 7 CM and 90% effaced. They had me sign a few papers, hooked me up to a drip (since I was so dehydrated) and then to the external fetal monitors and then checked my cervix again since I was still having irregular contractions. In a matter of 10 min. I had dilated 1 cm (now at Dirol and was completely effaced. They ran and got the midwife who was with another patient who was close to 6 cm and moving slow. The midwife came in broke my water and 2 minutes later I was fully dilated and pushing.

Cassidy came down my birth canal posterior and her little nose got hooked on my pelvic bone and caused her to have an unstable heart beat. After lots of pushing, an oxygen mask and hard work on behalf of the midwife we were able to get her to do a 180 (this took the longest) and it was smooth sailing and QUICK from there (my contractions finally became regular and Cassidy's heart beat became stable). Cassidy and I made it through a pretty hard UNMEDICATED delivery with only a smashed nose (no tears, stitches, etc..) She came less then an hour after arriving at the hospital (4:32pm). Her ASPGAR scores were 8 and 9, she weighed a healthy 8lbs 7oz, and had a head full of black hair.

Keelin sat in a chair next to my head and played and talked to me between contractions. She did so well and she adjusted nicely to the arrival of Cassidy. The only problem we had was that she wanted to hold Cassidy first and had a fit when the nurses handed her to me.

I wasn’t allowed to stay in the room for my recovery because they needed the birthing room so I was promptly (20 minutes after birth) asked to walk to the restroom and then I was wheeled to my room. We had a problem controlling the bleeding for the first hour or so which resulted in them keeping me hooked up to an IV for about 12 hours to help control the bleeding. After that my bleeding slowed down to an almost non-existent flow (THANK GOD!!) and I was released Sunday morning.

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Jordan Elora’s Birth Story

I had been having “minor” contractions all weekend, convinced I was going to go into labor at any minute, and that I’d have a June baby. Alas, that didn’t happen. I woke up around 2 am on July 1 with contractions. At first I thought I was dreaming, but since they kept happening, I soon realized that they were real. I began to time the duration from start to peak (30 seconds) and the time from start to start (6 minutes). After almost an hour, I couldn’t lie in bed anymore. I came downstairs, had a snack, and chatted with a friend on the computer. I called the hospital at 3, and the labor nurse told me to drink a ton of water, sit with my feet up, and give it an hour. She said that if things progressed at that point to call my midwife. At 3:55, I went to wake Rich up to let him know that contractions were 3 minutes apart, but only lasting 30 seconds. I called my midwife, Margie, apologized for waking her up, and let her know what was going on. She asked if I wanted to labor at home, and I told her that I was worried that I’d all of a sudden be ready to push and wouldn’t be at the hospital. So, she told me to go right in.
I was ready to go! Rich, on the other hand, wasn’t. He had to send some work related emails, letting his office know he wouldn’t be there. Then he had to eat and get dressed. We didn’t get to the hospital until 5! (Margie told me later she was grateful for the extra 90 minutes of sleep). I was checked by a labor nurse, who told me “You’re about 2 cm”. It must have been the look on my face, because then she said, “well, 3 maybe 4 cm”. I had been 2cm the previous Friday, so it wasn’t what I wanted to hear! She hooked me up to the monitor to see how Jordan was doing. Jordan wasn’t moving enough, so I had to drink some apple juice. Finally, she started to move around, and I was allowed to get up and walk. Margie arrived at around 6, and I was about 5-6 cm at that point. She encouraged me to keep walking. I had to stop every 15 minutes for my labor nurse, Julie, to check Jordan’s heart rate.
Margie was really awesome! She encouraged me to have the labor I wanted to have, to be in control of decisions that were made. She was really funny though, she told me I had to have Jordan before 10:30 or after 2:30 because she needed to assist a c-section. I told her I really planned on having this baby before 10:30!
At about 8:30, I decided I wanted to labor some in the tub, since my water hadn’t broken yet. My contractions slowed a little bit when I first got in, but it sure felt relaxing. Soon I got too hot to stay in the tub, and we started walking again. At 9, Margie checked me and I was 6 cm. She told me that I could be laboring like this all day, and offered to break my water. Knowing that the contractions would get harder when my water was broken, but wanting to speed things up, I consented. And it wasn’t bad at all! I had thought it would hurt, but it didn’t. We walked around some more, and the contractions got closer together and stronger. I laid down around 10 to be monitored, and just didn’t want to get up from there. I spent some time on my side, but it seemed to make the pain worse. At 10:30, I was still only at 8 cm, but felt a lot of pressure down below. I wanted to push, but knew it was too early, and it was a lot of work to breathe through those contractions. At 11, I knew it was time to push. In fact, I think I yelled something to the effect that I HAD to push. Margie was called from the ER, and appeared soon after. Julie brought the mirror over, but I couldn’t see anything. What I remember most from the pushing was the screaming that went with it. It felt so good to scream with each push! I didn’t have an episiotomy, so the pushing hurt a lot more as her head appeared. I only had to push for 15 minutes, which was such a relief. Once her head was out, I couldn’t wait to get the rest of her body out, and finally meet her!!! A couple of pushes later, and she was out! I did ask to make sure that she was a girl, and indeed, she was. Jordan Elora arrived at 11:16 am on July 1, 2003. She weighed 8 lbs 2 oz and was 21 inches long. She had a head full of brown hair, and blue-gray eyes. I got to hold her immediately, before she was even cleaned off, and it just felt so good to have her on my chest!!!!! Her apgars were 8 & 9. Margie made me a couple cranberry spritzers, which really hit the spot! Once Jordan was cleaned and measured, I got to nurse her for an hour, and she nursed like a champ!

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I really should have gotton this posted sooner but oh well here it is now.
On the morning of June 22 I started castor oil like my midwife instucted me to. That stuff is NASTY. I went about my day trying to stay busy and not think about going into labor. We went to my BIL house for dinner and had a great time. About 9:15pm I noticed contractions starting so told Josh that we better get home and put the girls to bed. By the time we got home contractions were about 3 min apart and 30-45 sec long. At 12:00am I called my midwives told them what was going on and they made their way over to our house. When they got settled in they checked me and I was 60% efaced but not opened at all. My cervix was still posterior. I was so bummed. They had me get into the tub. I labored in the tub until 3:30am when I told them to please check me again at this point I was almost 100% efaced but still not dialated. My cervix was still not in the right posistion. SO Patti (my midwife) played with my cervix and got it in the right posistion. They told me to rest in bed with Josh and try to get some sleep. Well an hour later at 4:30 I told them they better check me again because I was feeling kind of pushy. This time I was 5 cm dialated and 100 % efaced with a Huge bag of bulgding waters. My midwife told me about a pint of fluid was buldging with each contraction. I really felt like I wanted to push but the pressure was so great with each contraction because of the amount of water that I could barely get a grip during contractions. At 5:10 I decided I wanted them to break my water so at 5:15 they broke my water (boy ws there a lot of water!!!) and as soon as they did I started pushing and could not stop Sarah Caitlyn was born at 5:16 with one big push. She wieghed 9lbs 4 oz and was 21 3/4 in long. It still amazes me this is my 3rd birth and each time it has been so diferent and still so incredible.
Sarah is now 2 weeks and 4 days old at her two week check she was already at 10lbs 2 oz and had grown almost 2 inches. I'm already asking myself where did the time go!

DH Josh
Mommy To
Victoria Elise 3/28/99
Emilie Alysabeth 10/08/00
Sarah Caitlyn 6/23/03

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I am going to post mine Mish hope you don't mind. I can't sleep so I thought I would.

wel after badgering my dr he finally agreed to induce me 2 days after my due date. Friday I went to work and some friends walked me downtown to a restaurant that we swear induces labor since the last person we forced to walk there went into labor that day. We walked back uptown and I felt great. Everyone said I bet you have that baby with the new moon and all. I said "see you all Monday" and went home for the weekend. I went to bed around 10:00 and around around 3:00 Ryan wandered in out room and got in bed with us. I could not sleep and tried to put him back in his room,but he wanted to stay with us. I am laying there mentally ticking off the million things I have to do that weekend like clean the house do some laundry pack Ryan's bag when I feel a trickle and I am like "oh no" that had not happened before so I get up run to the bathroom and go and I think well I just had to use the bathroom, but there was this little voice in the back of my head going you are in labor. When I wiped I noticed blood and then a trickle down my leg. I yelled for dh and when he asked what he could do I said " run and get the dr.s phone number". I call and they say come to the ER and they will get you to L&D. So and hour later after some creative packing for Ryan we are off. We drop off Ry at his grandparents and we arrive at the hospital. I am admitted and hooked up and then the fun begins I am now gushing water which I keep calling "Yucky" my to my dh's dismay he thinks I am weird for not saying gross. I am now having contractions and I ask Matt if we can go home now...he tells me no so I squeeze his hand until he tells me it hurts I tell him to damn bad. I get my epi which was given to me by a hottie of a dr. this was the worst part since I have some sort of curvature of the spine and he kept missing which sents jolts of pain down my leg. I get my epi and Matt is allowed back in the room and I feel great!!!! My Mom calls I tell her to hurry it up and get home (they were 4 hours away on vacation) and the nurse checks me I am at 10!!!! I start to push and 10 minutes later Natalie Paige came into the world screaming!!!!! and beautiful. They laid her on my chest I thought who does she look like??? It was very easy and a great experience.

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I finally thought I would post my story, now that I have the chance. I think I can get through it without out crying since it has been 5 weeks.

Well, Monday, June 9, I went in for my ob visit. I had been 2cm for a couple of weeks already. The doc said at this visit that I was almost three and 80% so she asked me if I wanted to be induced since I was so miserable. Of course I said yes. So we decided to go in on Wednesday the 11th. Yippie!!! The next day I spent all day cleaning up the house and getting things ready for the big day. We had to take my 5 year old to her grandma's that day also. so it was about 10pm and I decided to take a shower the night before since we had to be at the hospital at 6am. While I was taking a shower, I thought I peed myself, which wasn't unusual. After the shower, the fluid didn't stop coming out but I still thought it was pee so I just put on a pad and left it at that. I told hubby and he told the kids. Anthony, our 13 year old, said "do you want me to open the door so you guys can go??". now i am still sitting on the toilet, half naked. i will never forget that. I decided to call my doc. she said that it saounds like my water broke. i have never had my water break naturally before so i didn't know what it was like. hubby took a shower and grabbed something to eat and we were off to the hospital at about midnight.
at the hospital everything was calm. they hooked me up to the monitors and iv's. no contractions though. the doc said to wait to see if i start laboring myself through the night and if not she will induce in the morning. the hospital had no bed for hubby to seelp on so he had to sleep with his upper body in one chair and his lower body in another chair. he was so uncomfortable. poor him. no contractions though through the whole night. my doc decided to give me pitocin at about 7am. the contractions came slowly and irregular so they kept upping the dose. i was making no progress, not dilating at all. so they kept upping the dose. at about 1030 the doc came in and sid that i should get an epidural. i really wasn't in any pain yet and i told her that i wanted to wait a bit. she said that that would relax me and it would help me to dilate and contract more. the anesthesiologist was so cool. he was commenting on how cool he thought hubby was and how cool my tattoos were. the epidural was the best thing ever. this was my third pregnancy and first epidural. it was the best thing ever. the nurses or doctor didn't check my cervix at all over the next few hours. i had the epi man come back and give me more meds cuz i started feeling pain on the right side. after that hubby and i fell asleep for an hour or so. i woke up feeling pressure down there and i knew that it was time. hubby was soo excited and scared too. the nurses cam to check my cervix and said that i was at 9 and during a contraction i would go to 10. it was about 3pm and the nurses had to call the doc. it took her 10-15 minutes to get here and ready to deliver. finally she said when you feel the pressure push. so i pushed a grand total of three times and her head was out. during each push, though, i couldn't stop crying because i was soo happy, realizing what was going on. i pushed one more time and she was out! hubby cut the cord andshe layed leilah on my belly. we couldn't stop crying. she was beautiful. leilah destini was born at 3:28 pm on 6-11-03 and was 6lbs 11oz and 20 1/2 in.
it was the easiest labor ever. i pushed a total of 8 minutes. i surprised mysself. dh went immediately to her and started snapping pictures when they were bathing and weighing her. he was so cute with her. all of the discomfort and misery is all worth it in the end. look at what you get!! a beautiful little baby.


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Abigail Margaret Michelle's Birth Story~June/27th/03~

On June/25th I had my 40 week ob appt...my edd was June 28th...my ob checked to see if I was dilating and I was 2cms...she said that my body was ripe for delivery and could by the weekend! I laughed thinking I would be induced the next week...joke was on me.

All day Thursday I didn't feel "right" just sluggish and not totally right in the head...early placenta brain. :mrgreen: At 1:00pm I sat down at the table to eat lunch when I leaked a lil' bit of fluid out...it was just a lil' trickle, not a gush. I went to the bathroom and sorry if this is TMI but my book said if it smelled salty then the waters are breaking, and if it smelled like urine..that is likely what it was...it smelled like pee to me since I had had problems with that my entire pg!!! Lol I put a mini-pad on and went about my day, had a shower later on and my mom came to take us to do my errands...I got in the car when it happened again!!! The time was approximately 3:45pm...I repeated the above procedure and decided I was peeing, again.

Hunter and I returned home and I put him down for a late nap and dh called to say he would be late....I told him to not be too long as I thought something wasn't right...but then I shrugged it off.

I decided to rethread the infant car seat that night around 9:30..I sat with dh on the bed and I was doing it when I suddenly had a pretty strong contraction...dh knew that was it...I denied it thinking it was braxton-hicks. Whatever. :rollingeyes:

At 9:50 I had a show so I knew things were happening...my contractions were about 9 minutes apart or less(can't remember now) I called my mom to tell her and said I would call her closer to the time we would be leaving for the hospital...I didn't think I would be until morning! HA! I had a shower with Hunter, read him his stories, did a load of laundry, all through some pretty hefty contractions..dh called the hospital and said we were on our way...Hunter was having a crying fit and so was I...he knew I was in pain and didn't want me to leave. Dh was actually yelling from the side door for me to move my butt!!! It was 11:40, we picked up my sil Kelly was my other support person and we arrived at 12:10...I was taken up to maternity in a wheel chair.

I changed my clothes...while leaning on the bathroom door for support through a contraction...I was still in denial thinking my baby wouldn't come for hours. My labour nurse was awesome, her name was Liz. She checked me and I was 5cms...and a few minutes later, maybe 20 minutes I was already 8cms!!!

They do not have epis at the hospital I delivered at as there is not enough births per year...I turned down the gas for pain relief as it made me puke with Hunter...I didn't want that again. My sil was helping me breathe and I was holding on to dh..but the pain wasn't that bad to be honest.

They called the doctor but all of a sudden I felt like I had to poop...so much pressure and I said, "I have to push now." I just started to push...my nurse had to tell me to wait while she flagged down a nurse to help her!!! I started to push and about 8 minutes later I had my girl!!! I didn't look in the mirror as I didn't with Hunter but I did look up and all I saw was dark hair and the cord! They didn't let dh cut the cord which is odd to me now that I think about it...oh well.

The on call ob came as my ob signed out at midnight...and he delivered the placenta. Abby was born at 1:24...no tears, no episiotimy, no skid marks! I felt really great!

Abby took to bf right away and nursed for 20 minutes! Our first concern was jaundice and we were pleased she was pink but the jaundice waited 48 hours before it appeared this time...my ds had it 8 hours after birth. She looked like me, right from the start! I called my mom and she knew I had a girl! She said I carried Abby the way she carried my sister and I.

I had a shower and then we went down to the maternity floor and watched her have her first bath....she was brought to my room when her temp came up....and I just stared at her for hours as I could not sleep a wink...we came home the same day...Friday afternoon!!! I want to do it again!!!

Abby is a wonderful, lil' baby and we love her soooo much!