Junebugs 2010 Arrivals & Birth Stories!

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Junebugs 2010 Arrivals & Birth Stories!

This thread is for the arrivals, birth stories, and pictures of our 2010 Junebugs! Please DO NOT comment unless posting your birth story or adding pics! And please TURN OFF all siggies so it stays unclogged for pictures! If you'd like your babies stats added please PM me (or MrsDisel, BloomingRose, or HarleyGirl) and they'll be added!

The Boys: 23
The Girls: 25

Nibbles_Bits_and_Snack: March 25th
Tristen was born at 7:52 PM weight 2 lbs 11 oz

Grumit_10: April 27th
Madalynn Marie was born at 2:26 AM weight 6lbs 1 oz

kerina313: April 29th
William was born at 5:22 pm weight 5lbs 7oz and 18 1/2 inches long
Samantha was born at 5:24 pm weight 5lbs 12 oz and 18 inches long

BloomingRose: May 17th
Hailey Marie was born at 7:25 AM weight 7 lbs 11 oz and 21.5 inches

tesshokie: May 20th
Connor Monroe Light was born at 7:14 pm weight 6lbs 6oz and 20 inches long

MrsDisel: May 21st
Sadie Belle was born at 2:30 AM weight 8 lbs 4 oz and 19 inches

Madisonsmom07: May 27th
Jaymeson Drew was born at 6:20 pm weight 8lbs 13oz and 21 inches long

FlyChick: May 29th
Annamieka was born at 5:05 PM weight 5 lbs and 18 inches

Luvable_Mommy: May 30th
Savannah Rose was born at 12:32 PM weight 7 lbs 11 oz and 24 inches

jaimelr: May 31st
William Benjamin was born at 11:13 AM weight 7 lbs

wfvandergriff: June 1st
Augustus William was born at 7:39 AM weight 8lbs 5oz and 19 inches

boxofhair: June 1st
Cohen Robert was born at 9:14 AM weighing 8 lbs 14 oz and was 21 3/4 inches

Leahgoogle: June 2nd
Morgan was born at 4:38 AM weight 6 lbs 7 oz and 20 inches

KaellyNicole: June 2nd
Allison "Alice" Marie was born at 8:14 AM weight 8 lbs 15 oz and 21 3/4 inches

baby_schulz: June 3rd
Coraline June was born at 2:26 PM weight 8 lbs 6.7 oz and 19 inches

StormyWeather: June 4th
Ivor was born at 9:25 AM weight 8lbs 15oz

superbowlmomma: June 4th
Alex was born at 8:01 AM weight 9lbs 1oz and 21 inches

CamelNoodle: June 5th
John Michael was born at 6:57 AM weight 8lbs and 21 inches

wowser5: June 5th
William Jeffery was born at 3:22 PM weight 8lbs 14oz and 21 1/2 inches

HarleyGurl: June 5th
Emma Taylor was born at 4:50 PM weight 8 lbs 6 oz and 21 1/2 inches

Jen5176: June 5th
Marisa Grace was born at 11:05pm weighing 7lb 15 oz and 19 3/4 inches

MandyGirl_DFW: June 7th
Emilie Paige was born at 9:59 AM weighing 7lb 9 oz and 19.31 inches

nurseamanda: June 7th
Hailey Lynn was born at 5:37pm weighing 8lb 6 oz

Mrs_Knight: June 8th
Camryn Elizabeth was born at 5:12pm weighing 7lb 9 oz

ian'smom: June 10th
Finnegan Cullum N.was born at 8:27 PM weight 7lbs 11oz and 201/2 inches

keaty: June 10th
Sydney Jo was born at 6:02pm weighing 7lb 11.2 oz and 21 inches

kevsgirl: June 10th
Wyatt was born at weighing 7lbs 15 oz and was 19 inches

LindseyS: June 11th
Sullivan Theodore S. was born at 10:28 AM weight 8lbs 10oz and 20 1/2 inches

Kimmie1977: June 13th
Zachary Logan was born at 1:17 AM weighing 10lbs. 5 ozs. and was 22 inches long.

livingforhim: June 14th
Lily Ann was born at 10:23 weighing 8lb 1 oz and 20 1/2 inches

RedSonja: June 15th
Ian Graigner was born at 4:39 AM weighing 9lbs 8 oz and was 21 1/2 inches

lj365: June 17th
Nicholas Joseph was born at 6:20 PM weighing 7lbs 1.9 oz and 21.5 inches

Mama-2-2: June 19nd
K was born at 12:28 AM weight 10 lbs and 21 inches

Redmachick: June 19th
Riley Hayden was born at 7:29 AM weighing 9lbs 7 oz and was 20 inches

Alley912: June 19th
Emerson Paige was born at 11:46 AM weight 11 lbs 1.4 oz and 21 inches

edmmsizemore: June 22nd
Emma was born at 8:20 AM weight 8 lbs 4 oz and 20 inches

stillsurprised: June 22th
Drew garret was born at 8:43 AM weighing 6lbs 7 oz and was 19 1/2 inches

Karen624: June 22nd
Rebecca Denise was born at 2:23 PM weight 8 lbs 7 oz and 19.75 inches

kvo: June 24th
Liam was born at 7:29 AM weighing 8lbs 7 oz and was 21 inches

BrandiRae82: June 24th
Jorden Ross was born at 12:16 PM weighing 7lbs 15 oz and was 21.5 inches

yellow.rose.of.canada: June 26th
Ainsley Lynn Elizabeth was born at 11:27 AM weight 10 lbs 4 oz and 21 inches

stercry: June 28th
Cobalt was born at 4:18 AM weighing 7lbs 14 oz and was 20.5 inches

AliD: June 28th
Megan Elizabeth was born at 1:40 PM weight 7 lbs 11.5 oz

awini8: July 1st
Orson Graeme was born at 1:33 AM weighing 7lbs 15 oz and was 20.5 inches

Shadowlark: July 1st
Stephanie Elizabeth was born at 8:15 AM weight 8 lbs 14 oz and 21 inches

ananar23: July 1st
Evangeline Violet was born at weight 9 lbs 3 oz and 20 inches

cactuswren: July 6th
Adair Lucille was born at 3:10 PM weight 8 lbs 3 oz

You can find the June 2010 EDD and Gender List HERE

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Ok, So I get to the hospital that is 45 min away. Oh wait I must tell you we got pulled over by a cop just as we arrived to that town. :rolleyes: Can you believe he DID NOT escort us. I told my ex to NOT stop for the four way as I was contracting every 2-3 min now and was in a lot of pain. So this damn cop pulled us over. He just said well you still need to follow the traffic laws. And he did let us go. Then the cop drove by the hospital as if to make sure we were not lying to him. :mad: Anyhow when I got there they checked me and said you are 7 cm dialated and 100% effaced. :eek: By this time it was nearly 1:00 am. I was strep B postivive so they were trying to hurry up and find a vein to get an IV in me so they could put this medicine in it to keep Maddie from getting it. It took 5 attempts but they finally got it in. OMG nothing like having both of your arms being poked while you are having hard contractions. So my dr asks me how I am doing with the pain and if I want anything. I said to give me something in my IV. So they did. A few min later she broke my water (after the meds were done going in) and with the next contraction she asked if I had to push. I said no. They had me lay on my left side as little Maddie was facing face up. (she knew this when she broke my water) She said I was a 9 when she broke my water. With the next contraction I am BEGGING to push and find myself doing just that as I was on my left side. Although my legs were closed. It still felt so much better to push. I felt tons of fluid gush out of me. They had me roll over as my dr got gowned up. They were telling me DO NOT push as they could already see her there. The room was full of staff because of her being 5 weeks early. With only two contractions Madalynn made her arrival. She was laying on my chest crying little cries. I do have a short video of it. Not sure if I will post it as I have not seen it on the computer yet. Not sure how much you can see. The ped examed her. Her apgar scores were 7 and 9.
Anyhow, we spent 13 days in the NICU. She had to eat on her own and gain weight daily. She did drop down to 5lbs 4 oz. And was 5lbs 13oz when we got discharged yesterday. Or when she got discharged. I was able to stay in the INN to be close to her and was there for all of her feedings except for the 2am and 5am. I had my 3 yro with me most of the time. TG this babies daddy was there to help as well. Although, it was exhausting to run back and forth for her feedings I was determined to have her know I was mommy. I had to pump in between feedings as well. I am still pumping some of the time as I am getting engorged. I am trying to transition her soley to breast.

I am not sure if I got everything included in here as it has been a LONG two weeks. But if i think of something I missed I will add it in later. I hope to have a few pictures to share with you all soon. I can't right now as I have not had time to do much of anything. She is waking to eat so I must go.

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My baby girl, Hailey Marie! She was born at 37 weeks, 2 days along on Monday May 17th @ 7:25am, weighing in at 7lbs, 11ozs and was 21.5 inches long!

Off and on during Sunday I was having contractions and just kinda felt off. At one point I went and sat on the couch and sorta laid down a bit on my left side, and even then, nothing seemed to help. So, we ate supper and since it was Sunday the boys needed showers. So while Bruce was upstairs dealing with that, contractions started coming every 5 mins or so. I hadn't timed them for about 20 mins, but when he got back downstairs, I told him, and he said I should time them, so I did. I was right and they were every 5, and strong enough to make me slightly uncomfy. So I called in to the hospital to see what they said, and they said since I was contracting and whatnot, I could either go to the hospital here (no thanks) or just go in. So we got our friend to come stay with the kids, and headed out. We actually expected to possibly just be there for a couple hours being monitored and then sent home. For the whole 45 min drive, contractions kept up and yep, 5 mins apart.

So we got there, and I got checked out. Was 3 cms dilated, and despite being told I was fully effaced on Friday, I was actually about 60-70%. Ok, so no big deal, everyone has their own defination of how far you are. This was at 8:40pm. They felt my belly a few times when I let them know that I was contracting and they confirmed the contractions, I wasn't imagining them lol! So they went and called up the Dr and explained to him how far dilated I was and that the contractions are consistantly every 5 and will have been for almost 3 hours at that point. They came back and said he was on his way and was going to break my water - which is exactly what I told Bruce I hoped was the outcome.

10pm, he arrives, checks me over, and breaks my water. He estimated I'd have her by 2am... haha oh boy was he ever wrong!! From then till 2am, the nurses checked me over a couple times, and each time it was the same - no changes. The dread of a possible c-section was starting to sink in, and Bruce said he even had the same thought, cause surely, I should have had SOME change.. right? So we both tried to sleep and caught small cat naps along the way. At 2am they came and checked me and said they were gonna call him and see what he wanted to do. I said well, he should just throw the drip in and it should go quick it did with the last one. So off to call him and came back with wonderful news - they were going to hook me up to the machine for 20 mins to see how things were going and then I was getting my lovely friend, the pitocin drip. 2:50am I had the IV in and was well on my way to what I suspected, a delivery within a couple hours - I even said maybe we'd be lucky and it would be around 5.

Finally, things started picking up, but it sure wasn't no 5am delivery! 5am came around and things finally started getting stronger. I was still going every couple of minutes, and I was literally wishing I could just zoom to 10 cause at this point, we were up for almost 24 hours and we were both dead tired :doh: Then came the great moment - the moment where the pain was so bad I was in tears, and I must say, for some reason everything seemed to hurt more with this one than the others. I did get a shot of morphene but pft, that didn't do a darn thing for me! Close to 7am I was a good 7cms dilated and got the urge to push. They went and called the Dr and when he got there shortly after 7am and they told him what was going on. He checked me, said I still had a bit of a rim and hey, if I wanted to push than go right ahead. Ahhhhh music to my ears finally! He said reason for that was sometimes a push is all you need to get that last bit of rim to disappear, and he could feel her head right there. About 4 good pushes and out she came! I couldn't believe how small she was - I finally got my wish for a small baby, but I certainly didn't expect THAT small lol!! I almost fainted when they told me her weight.

APGAR scores were 8 and 9, she passed her hearing test and all her blood work came back great. She has slight jaundice but all that came back good and they said if we noticed her getting a bit more yellow, just sit her in the sun for a bit, but she should be fine. Breastfeeding has started to pick up, I had to give a bit of formula yesterday and today as a top up cause flow hadn't fully started yet, but now it seems to be coming in good and she's chowing down. I should have been there till tomorrow but I asked to come home since I feel not too bad and she's doing so well.

Thanks Elizabeth for keeping everyone updated and even my hubby too I guess lol :p. And yes I know you didn't find out all the details but even though I know other people were using their phones in the hospital I didn't want to risk being the one who got in crap for using mine lol. It's funny cause I was reading up on all the stages of labor and all the symptoms you experience and here I was, already in early labor. I wonder though, since it took so long with a bit of medical help for me to have her, if I had gone on my own just how long it truely would have took. But at least we now know why I was so uncomfortable, she was 21.5 inches long, she's the longest out of all of them. Who knows how big she would have been 3 weeks from now :eek:.

And here's a couple pics for your viewing pleasure. Please stop tapping your feet ladies, you'll wake her up Lol I will post more pics tomorrow as I'm off to bed when I'm done here Smile If the pics are big I apologize, I resized them in photobucket so it might take a bit for them to get down to size.

Just born:

Cleaned up, few minutes old:

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Sadie Belle Disel
Born on May 21st, 2010 at 2:30am
Born at 38 weeks 1 day
8lbs 4oz and 19inches long

Tuesday May 18th, 2010
Went to my 38 week OB appointment. They checked my blood pressure, urine, weight and the doctor checked my cervix. I was dilated 2-3 cm and still 50% effaced. Everything was fine, except my blood pressure was higher then usual, which has been fine and hasn’t been elevated for a long time. It was most likely high due to the cold/infection that I had. So my OB doctor said that she wanted me and the baby to be monitored for a bit since she was worried about my blood pressure, she wanted to make sure that the baby was doing okay in there. So my doctor walked me over to the Labor & Delivery ward which was just down the hall from my OB’s office. She let the nursing staff know what was going on and they took over and got me in one of their lovely hospital gowns and hooked up to the monitors.
The doctor said that as long as baby looked good on the monitors for an hour then she would send me home, if not she was going to keep me. Baby did good on the monitors though, so they sent me home and DH picked me up.
I was told to return the following Thursday to be induced because of my high blood pressure and I was to be on bed rest until then.

Thursday May 20th, 2010
I woke up Thursday morning, showered and DH put the hospital bags and car seat in the van and we headed out and got to the hospital at 7:30am.
We got to the hospital and got registered first then headed up to L&D once all the papers were signed. We got to L&D and I changed into a gown and was then hooked up to the monitors. Blood pressure was still high…..although I can’t quite remember what numbers they were. Then one of the nurses came in and started my IV and got the pitocin going. They said that my cervix was still quite high and that the pitocin would help bring it down so that it would be easy to break my water. They started my IV and the pitocin around 8am and the contractions started soon after although they didn’t hurt much. Hours passed and my contractions still didn’t hurt and they weren’t very consistent or anything. Baby was also not co-operating and they kept losing her on the monitors. They would find her heartbeat then she would move. She kept kicking the monitors so we knew she was fine….she was just being a little stinker. It took a good 20 minutes and 3 nurses to get her on the monitor finally.
Around noon, my doctor finally came in and she checked my cervix, inserted an internal monitor on the baby and broke my water. OH GOD did that ever hurt!!! Just the hand up my who-ha trying to put the monitor on plus her breaking my water…..ugh it was awful!! Plus I was still only at a 2-3cm dilated so that was very discouraging.
So after that, it was pretty slow and boring. Nothing much was happening, my contractions weren’t consistent or hurting even. They kept upping the dose of Pitocin but it still didn’t feel like it was doing anything.
There was a time though when things got a bit scary. My blood pressure was getting higher and higher then all of a sudden it had gotten to 173/103. My nurse had come in and told me to roll over onto my left side. So I did and that made my contractions feel even worse. They weren’t bad, but just having to lay down while contracting made them feel pretty bad. My blood pressure had to come down though, so on my side I stayed. While laying on my side I would get the weirdest sensation in my chest. It wasn’t pain or pressure…..I don’t know how to describe it really. It only did it though while I was having a contraction. So my nurse said it was probably just the baby kicking my diaphragm or something. Eventually my blood pressure went back to a reasonable level and I was able to sit back up again instead of being on my side. Word of wisdom to all who haven’t given birth yet….NEVER LAY DOWN WHILE IN LABOR!! It is horrible!!
I got up and used the bathroom every so often, and each time that I did I would either sit back in bed, or switch to a chair that they had, (kind of like a Lazy boy, just not as cushioned) My blood pressure was actually better when I would sit in that chair and it felt better when I would have a contraction, so I would sit in that chair as often as I could rather then on the bed. The only bad thing though was that my contractions only seemed to come when I was in a reclined position, so I contracted more while I was on the bed.
The doctor came in again later on. (I’m not even sure of the times LOL) and she checked my cervix which had no change in it, I was still at 3cm. Actually I think that time I was 80% effaced rather then the 50% effaced I was to begin with. It was still discouraging though. She also inserted the internal monitor that would monitor my contractions. I already had the internal monitor in that monitored the baby’s heart rate. It was after this cervical check that things got a bit more intense. The nurses were able to keep upping my dose of pitocin after this because they could see more accurately what my contractions were doing and they could give me the proper dose of pitocin.
Things picked up after that, but it still went pretty slow. Each time they checked me it never did much. I stayed at 3cm then 4cm for the longest time. The only changes in my cervix was it effaced more and dropped down more. The contractions finally got to the point where I had to sit and concentrate while I was having them. They didn’t check my cervix very often, but when they did there was never any change. I got more and more upset after each check, and started worrying about needing a c-section. I thought for sure that’s where it was heading. I think this was when it go dark outside. I remember having them turn the lights down low and I told DH to sleep so that I could properly concentrate. I couldn’t concentrate with him hovering around me asking me at each contraction what was wrong and if I was okay.
It took a lot of praying, visualizing, concentration and waiting to get my cervix to dilate all the way. I prayed a lot during those last few hours when my contractions had gotten pretty painful, but still manageable. During each contractions I would put my chin on my chest, close my eyes and breathe slowly, then visualize the baby moving down and getting in the right position, and then visualize my cervix opening, thinning out and moving down. Pretty sure that didn’t do anything, but it helped me to not feel so bad. I also brought out my computer and turned on my music and played all my soothing Christian music and put my headphones in and sat quietly listening and then breathing and concentrating through each contraction. By this point they were about 3-3 ½ minutes apart and about 45-50 seconds long. I remember this because I started using that online contraction timer for about a half hour.
I think about midnight, maybe a bit before then…..my nurse checked my cervix and it was at 5cm. She asked me then if I wanted anything for the pain. Up until then I kept saying no, because the pain really wasn’t that bad. Sure it hurt, but I could get through them just fine as long as I could sit and concentrate. By this time though, I felt like I needed to rest even just for a little bit. She told me that this would be a very good time to use something for pain since I was at a 5 and things would start going pretty quick after about an hour or so and the meds should have worn off by them. I told her okay, just not an epidural. So she gave me a dose of Stadol through my IV.
I sat and waited for the Stadol to take effect. It only took a few moments before I could feel it. It kinda just made the room look like it was moving around and it felt weird to keep my eyes open, so I closed them. I felt very sleepy and told me nurse that I was going to fall asleep. She laughed and said to go ahead and sleep if I could. So I closed my eyes and tried to sleep. I don’t even know how long the drug lasted, or even what time she gave it to me at. I only remember maybe 3-4 contractions during that time, and I can’t even recall if I slept or not. I just remember laying there waiting for each contraction. They still hurt, but I was feeling too tired to care……so basically it just took the edge off a bit and allowed me to relax.
After the drugs started to wear off and I had to start breathing and concentrating through each contraction again, I got up and used the bathroom. I finished up and started making my way back to the bed. Mid way I had a contraction and I suddenly felt the urge to run back to the toilet and go #2 because I felt like I had to go. When I stopped and told my nurse that, she told me “Nope, get on the bed I need to check your cervix.” So I did and it was then she told me that I was at 6cm and fully effaced. Baby was moving down and probably pushing on everything down there and that is why I felt the urge to go #2, which I felt about every time I had a contraction after that.
(A bit of background info on this nurse….she was with me when I had DD#1. She was with me after I had DD#2. And She was with me when I was in labor with Isaac. So she knows the history of my labors. My labors are always long and drawn out and slow going from the beginning. Then when I get to 6cm or 7cm it goes very quickly after that. )
So now that I was at 6cm and everything else was ready to go down there we knew that baby would be born pretty soon. I think it must have been about 1:45am by then…….she told me that they were going to start preparing the room for the baby’s delivery and she was going to get the doctor as well in a little bit. So they brought in the things they needed for the delivery, the big bright light, the little cart with all the medical tools and whatever else they use. All the while checking my cervix every so often. It must have been about 2 - 2:15am when the doctor came in and another nurse (the one that was with me when I had Isaac). She checked my cervix and told me that I was at 9cm almost 10cm. On one side it was 10cm and the other side it was still at 9cm. My contractions were pretty bad and coming about every 2 minutes. I remember just wanting to push!! For one, I had a tiny urge to push, and part of me knew that once I started pushing, the baby would be out soon and I wouldn’t be in any more pain!! I was practically begging them to let me push. My nurse told me that my cervix wasn’t completely dilated on the one side and if I started pushing that it might tear my cervix and that it would be a pain to fix. After hearing that, I tried to hold off the urge to push.
My nurse also stopped and explained to me that I had to push differently this time, differently then when I did with my other children. She said that they suspected something was going on with the cord so I needed to stop pushing as soon as the head was out and wait to make sure that the cord was okay…..or something like that. I don’t remember exactly what she said, but it was something like that. She told me that was the game plan though.
So they had taken the bottom part off of the bed and got their things set up below me to catch all the yucky stuff and brought the stirrups out and got my feet propped up on them. I hated those things. It is so not easy for me to push with my legs in the air!!!
I finally got to the point where I HAD to push, I didn’t care what they said…..I was pushing!!! LOL I would push all the way from the beginning of a contraction until I had to take a breath and then start pushing again. I think I pushed for maybe 3-4 minutes. DH would have to tell me to breathe because when I pushed, I totally forgot to breathe. My nurse also had to keep reminding me to relax my hips and open my legs more to open up the birth canal and let the baby come out more easily. Dang it though, it hurt like heck and it felt better to tense up my hips!! LOL (Don’t do that though…..its not good to tense up your hips while your baby is trying to come out!)
I felt her head come out and then stopped pushing, then pushed at the next contraction and out she came the rest of the way!! OH GOD that feeling was amazing!! The instant she came out my pain ended!!! I remember exclaiming “Thank You Jesus!!” as she finally emerged all the way LOL
They placed her on my chest almost as soon as she was born and started suctioning out her air way and what not. She had not started crying yet and made no sound at all until a few moments after they started suctioning out her airway. Then I heard her cry and it was so beautiful!! They then clamped off her cord and DH cut it.
I just laid there holding her and staring at her trying not to cry with happiness. All those many long months and weeks after finding out Isaacs diagnosis, after losing and burying my son, then the months it took to conceive again and the eternity that it felt like to carry her those 38 weeks…..I finally had my baby. She was here and it was amazing.
I felt my contractions start up again only a few minutes later and I pushed a little bit and the placenta was delivered. My doctor then cleaned me up down there and started to repair my perineum. I didn’t tear, but after having 3 previous children with which I tore with the first 2, my perineum needed some fixing. It would bleed where I previously tore with my older DD’s every time I DTD and some sexual positions where very painful for me. So things where patched up down there and made to look pretty again Biggrin
After the placenta was delivered, they took her to be weighed and measured. She was 8lbs 4oz. Way bigger then I thought she was going to be, especially for being 2 weeks early. She was 19 inches long…..shorter then I thought she would be. I think her APGAR score was 8/9. She had her cord wrapped loosely around her neck twice. I keep thinking what could have happened had I gone the full 40 weeks. It scares me to think what would have happened had I not been induced early. So I’m very thankful that I was induced.
It wasn’t the all natural birth I wanted, but it was much better then when I was induced with my older DD’s. I had to have an IV and was on pitocin the entire time which I didn’t want, but I’m okay with that now. I didn’t need an epidural, which totally amazes me!!! I needed a dose of Stadol, but I still feel like I did it all on my own.
I remember thinking with each contraction…..”Just one more contraction, you can get through this!! Then you can have something for pain.’ I told myself that for several hours before I asked for pain meds. Even before I got the Stadol, I made sure I made it through a few more contractions before they gave it to me just to be sure that it was getting to be to much for me.
I also remember waiting for it to get worse. It was nearing the end, and I kept thinking…..”Anytime now its going to get so unbearable I’ll be begging for an epidural.” Even after the Stadol wore off, I was waiting for it to get worse……but it never did. It was bad, but not as bad as I thought it was going to be especially for being on Pitocin.
I also didn’t have the horrible back pain that I remember having with my 3 previous births. I had horrible back pain with all of them!! I think that’s why I needed the epidural with my oldest DD’s. With this one though, I kept waiting for the back pain to get worse but it never did. So I never needed the epidural which I thought for sure I would need. Sadie must have been in a different position then my previous 3 children. I’m grateful for that because even though I was induced with pitocin and needed the IV and was stuck on the bed or the chair…..it was a good experience. Not like my older DD’s births.
Another thing I loved about this birth…..it was a more spiritual experience for me. With the last 3 kids, I was so worried about the pain that that was all I concentrated on. With this one I concentrated on God. I listened to the Christian music and that calmed me. While contracting I concentrated on God and I prayed A lot the entire time I was in labor. I just felt so connected to God for some reason…..just focusing on him the entire time. That would probably explain the “Thank You Jesus!!“ as she came out!! It was amazing! That’s the only word I can think of….Amazing!!

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Jaymeson Drew
May 27, 2010
Born at 6:20
Weight: 8 lbs 13 ozs
Length: 21 inches

I went into the hospital at 5:45 on the morning of May 27th for my induction. They started the pitocin sometime around 8 and then I had my epidural by 9:30. The anesthesiologist did a great job placing the epi. Around 1, my dr came back to break my water and by this time I was already dialated to 6 cms. I didn't feel any pain with the contractions, but I could feel a heaviness with each contraction but it didn't hurt at all. It was so different than it was with Madison because even though I couldn't feel any pain with her, the pressure was almost unbearable. They checked me again around 3 and I was dialated to about 8 cms and I was 90% effaced. Then at 4:45 my dr came in to check me. I was dialated to 10 and almost completely effaced. She said, "Get ready, you're going to start pushing in about 15-20 minutes". I was caught off guard because I don't think I was quite ready for it to all start. I began to feel nervous because I was so afraid that I would have a repeat of Madison's delivery when the placenta didn't come out like it was supposed to. I had a little emotional breakdown, but once I was prayed for I started to feel better. Then at 5:06 I was ready to start pushing. The epidural was up pretty high and they had to turn it down because I couldn't feel enough to tell if I was actually pushing. That made me nervous because I didn't want to feel the pain with the contractions (and I didn't because he was out before the feeling completely returned). However, with each push, I kept feeling what I called "goo" come out. It was really gross and I almost dreaded it each time, lol. Around 6 pm, Jaymeson's head was crowning, so the nurse sent for my dr and by the time she got there he was ready to come out. In fact, the nurse was holding his head. At this point, I could definitely feel the burning sensation that you get when the head is about to come out. All I wanted to do was push to get him out, lol. I think it took a few more pushes before his head was out and that in itself was relief because Jaymeson's head was so big, lol. By 6:20 he was completely out. I had a 2nd degree tear, which is much better than the 3rd degree tear I had with Madison. While my dr, stitched me up, she said that she thought the placenta would come out if I pushed one more time. Praise God, it came out with no complications. It was a wonderful feeling to not have to be rushed to the OR after delivery. I was pretty worn out though so I didn't try nursing right away. Jaymeson's face was quite swollen and he was bruised up from coming out. I think his head was sitting on my pubic bone for a little too long, but fortunately the bruising is almost completely cleared up now. Then around 8 pm, I coughed and it sent my heart into an SVT where my hr was 230 bpm. I was terrified that something was going to happen. After about an hour they gave me some pretty intense medicine called adenosine which instantly kicked my heart back into a normal rythym. Unfortunately the nurses were too scared that it would start up again so they took Jaymeson to the nursery for a few hours and they gave him a bottle of formula. I hate that they had to do that, but they did the same thing with Madison after I had to go to the OR and it didn't create a problem. Jaymeson is still struggling with latching on, so we've been using a breast shield and it helps a lot. I'll sure be glad when I don't have to use that anymore though. He's a big boy and I can't believe that I was able to push him out without tearing more than I did, but praise God the labor and delivery were both a success.

The morning of the induction.

About 20 minutes after Jaymeson was born.

Madison meeting Jaymeson for the first time.

One day old.

Getting ready to go home. (for some reason

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Can you add me to May 30... VBAC at 12:32pm Savannah Rose 7lbs 11oz 24 inches long.... I'll add my story later... When I am not typing on my iPhone.

SOMEONE please add me.

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Connor’s Birth Story
It all started with a recheck of his amniotic fluid level on May 19th 2010 where we found that is was a low 2-3. So it was off to the hospital for me. They placed the cervidil Wednesday night to ripen my cervix for induction with pitocin on Thursday. I started out that night at 1cm dilated and 50-60% effaced. They took the Cervidil out around 1am then I got to sleep for a while.
They started my IV around 8am and my doc came in at about 8:30 I was 2cm dilated and 70% effaced when she checked me. She “broke” my water (nothing came out) with the internal scalp monitor and also placed an internal contraction monitor that would also allow for an amnioinfusion if he showed signs of distress. This got tiny contracting going. My GBS results had not come back yet so I ended up having to get the antibiotics anyway as a precaution.
They started the Pitocin at 9:35am and the contractions started to get slightly stronger after about ½ hour but still didn’t hurt. They kept increasing the pitocin slowly to improve the contractions. I did have some fluid leak when I got up to the bathroom which was good. We were happy to see him tolerating the pitocin so well.
I sat in the rocking chair for awhile to help him move his way down and because I was tired of laying in bed. My doc came back to check me at 12:30 and I was at 3cm and still about 70% effaced. They kept increasing the pitocin because she didn’t feel like the contractions at this point wear very productive. The contractions wear starting to get uncomfortable but not so bad that I couldn’t get past them and relax. My I-POD like the last time was all important in helping me though contractions. I was trying to hold out until I was a 4 or so before getting the epidural because I hate getting stuck in bed.
Around 2:30 I got up to use the bathroom and (TMI alert) had a large BM and some bloody show. My nurse checked me at about 3pm and I was a 4 (happy dance) I was starting to get very uncomfortable with contractions and decided that I was ready for the epidural. My mom went to pick Mackenzie up from daycare so she would get back in time not to miss him being born if he decided to come quickly after the epidural.
The epidural was placed by 4pm and starting to take effect quickly and worked very well…a little to well. I started to feel very drugged and woozy. My BP dropped and Connors HR dropped so they called Anastasia. They decided to decrease my continuous med rate on the epidural and increased my fluid. We both responded well after a while.
My contractions also decreased in frequency for a while after the epidural so I didn’t think that I was making much progress. But….Surprise when my doc came in to check my at 6pm and I was a easy 5-6 with a “very stretchy” cervix she stayed with me for a few contractions which took awhile since they had slowed down and stretched me a bit with each one. This got me to a 7, 90-100% effaced and he was moving down well. She said she thought it would be about an hour before I would be at the pushing point and that she would be in to check me at 7:20pm.
It was 6:30 or so when she left the room. The contractions picked up very quickly and I started feeling a lot of pressure with each one. I had asked Mackenzie earlier if she wanted to stay in the room or leave with grandma when Connor came out and she said that she wanted to leave but now as he was about to come she just said out of the blue “I want to stay while Connor comes out”.
At about 6:50 I was feeling a lot of pressure with and with out contractions then it felt like he was right there so I hit the nurse call button . My nurse came right in to check me. I was 10cm and complete. He really was sitting right there. She grabbed my doc and called in a 2nd nurse to help out.
Luckily they had brought in the delivery set up when she had last checked me. They finished getting set up and told me to try to breath through the contractions and not push and I told them “ I’m not pushing he is just coming out with each contraction”. It only took them a minute to get ready. The nurses grabbed my legs and I pushed about 4-5 time through one contraction and he was out and screaming.
They placed him on my chest and he was beautiful. I was ecstatic when my daughter was born but when my son came out and I got to hear a cry that I had been worried about never getting to hear I can’t even describe the amount of love and happiness I felt. They let me hold him while his cord stopped pulsing then cut the cord. By this time he had started grunting a little and having a little bit of a hard time breathing. He weighed in at 6lbs 6 oz and was 20 inches long.
We tried stimulating him and he would let out a good cry or two but then would go back to grunting. He stayed under the warmer while we watched and hoped that he would improve. I felt helpless because I couldn’t get out of bed to see him well or touch him. By 9:00pm he was grunting loudly with respirations 90-100 so they called the pediatrician and had him moved to the NICU.
I still couldn’t use my legs and was unable to walk until about 10:45 or so. I started my first pumping session while we waited. They wanted to get everything hooked up before we went back to see him. We finally got to see him again around 11:30 or so. He looked a little more relaxed and I knew he was in good hands.
Throughout the night I checked on him after each pumping and he continued to improve little by little. On Friday his chest x-ray had improved and his preliminary renal us was normal. My this morning (sat) he was peeing like a champ was HUNGRY but they wouldn’t let him eat until he could stay off of the oxygen for 2 hours without signs of respiratory distress. He chowed down on him paci though. His respirations were back down into the normal range most of the time and his lungs sounds were clear by this morning but they still needed to wean him off of the oxygen.
They did one trial early this morning going off of the oxygen but ended up having to go back on. They tried again at 11am and we had Success!!!!! He remained stable for the required time so we did our first breast feeding at a little after 2pm.He nursed like a champ off and on till about 3:30. He tolerated it very well, in fact he did better while held and nursed. After this first successful feeding they were able to take out the nasogastric tube. If he does well for another feeding he should be able to come back to my room this evening!!! I’m so glad to be nursing instead of pumping.
Oh and my daughter did great watching the birth. She was as cool as a cucumber watching all of the action. After, when we asked what she thought about Connor coming out she said to all of us “I already saw that on TV” like it was an every day occurrence bawhahahahahahaha!

Here are some pictures:
Our little family waiting for Connor:

Holding Connor afterbirth, before the cord was cut

In the warmer while daddy watches

My OB doc checking out her newest arrival

I told my doc this was my last kiddo and in this pic she is trying to convince me that in 3-4 years I'll want another one and I am go no no no

My Connor before heading off to NICU

Connor in NICU

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This entire pregnancy I've been thinking I was going to be late, at least 41 weeks but maybe even longer and that I would have to be induced. I was so wrong and the whole thing caught me completely off guard. In fact we had planned to go out on the boat on the lake the next morning because it was supposed to be a beautiful day.

The night of May 28th I didn't feel different at all. I had run errands during the day and cooked dinner at night and everything was completely normal. I wonder if I kind of knew something was up though without realizing it. For the past few weeks I've been dreading the idea of labor and I just did not want to do it at all. But that evening I told DH I was ok if she decided to come that night because I felt calmer about it although I was saying it tongue in cheek because I just figured I had a few more weeks left. Around 11 that night I was out walking the dogs before bed and I got a horrible non-pregnancy related scare. I turned a corner and there was someone right there. The dogs freaked and the other person freaked and it was just very startling. I only mention that because after that I started getting BH contractions regularly 16 minutes apart til I went to sleep. DH was kidding me about it saying to wake him up if they got to 14 minutes during the night.

I woke up a little past 2 with what felt like a bad stomach ache. I just lay in bed for awhile while I felt this cramping and eventually I went to the bathroom. Tmi alert but my body cleaned itself out. I figured I was better and tried to go back to sleep, but then I realized that I was getting what I thought were BH in time with stomach cramping. Then it dawned on me that it felt like menstrual cramps and a bad back ache and BH all at once. Ding, light went off in my head and I started timing and sure enough they were every 11-12 minutes apart. I did freak out at that point when I realized this could be the real deal and I just did not feel ready for it. But luckily I didn't have a choice! The contractions got closer together and more painful and finally at 4:45 it was so bad I had to squeeze DH during one. Of course this woke him up and I told him what was going on. He was excited but still sleepy. We cuddled for a few hours til they were about 4 minutes apart and lasting a minute and a half. At that point I went and showered and DH called the doctor, then DH showered and we got in the car and left. I think I posted that morning before we left that I was unsure if it was really happening and that's part denial (I was seriously really scared) and also because the contractions were mainly in my back and after the uterus ones would end the back would continue to hurt so it was screwing up my timing.

We checked into the hospital and they told me they'd check me out soon. Due to the intensity I was expecting at least to be 3cm. Nope, only 1! I was so disappointed. I asked them if it meant I could go home and do the majority of my labor there. But they had noticed that during the contractions the baby's heart rate occasionally dropped. They assured me that it probably was nothing, most likely she was on her cord or something and as she moved further along it would get better. However, since they had noticed it they wanted me to stay in the hospital. At that time my doctor told me that I was definitely going to have a baby that day. Woohoo! We called my sister in North Carolina and my parents in Phoenix and let them know so that they could scramble to get on flights that day. About an hour later I got checked again and was 3cm and 100% effaced. That seemed promising and I was hopeful that it wouldn't be one the 36 hour labors I've heard about.

Well several hours later I got checked again and was still 3cm. The contractions were absolutely awful and back labor is nothing like I'd imagined. It truly felt like my lower spine was trying to snap in half. The front part felt fairly manageable in comparison. My OB came in and told me the baby's heart rate was not improving during contractions and they'd like to move things along. I absolutely did not want medical intervention at all and I asked the OB about all that I've heard about the unreliability of FHM's and how they often lead to unnecessary medical interventions. I should point out that my OB was out of town so this was doctor on call at the practice who I had never met before and he was AMAZING. He didn't act like I was crazy or paranoid or try to tell me that I was wrong. He just said that I was right. Good heart rates pretty much mean things are good, and bad heart rates mean things are most likely still good. But since you don't know who has a real problem and who doesn't, you have to treat every case like there's a potential problem. I knew all this but I was glad he was being upfront with me. And since things seemed to be getting a little worse over time he really wanted to move everything along.

I wanted to hold out on an epidural as long as possible because I've heard that during early labor it has the potential to stall labor. Plus I didn't want it to wear out. I really was trying to hold out to at least 5cm and I was only 3. But they wanted to break my water and I knew it would be too much and I just figured I would be laboring long into the night so I'd need some rest. I got the epidural, at which point I was 4cm and as soon as it took effect they broke my water. There was meconium but they told me not to worry. So I didn't and oh I felt fantastic from the pain relief. I slept for maybe 45 minutes and my sister showed up, woohoo! She got out on the first flight available and made it to the hospital in time. She, DH, MIL, and I chatted for awhile. Oh I should mention that several times after I got the epi the doctor and nurse would rush in due to baby HR issues. They kept reassuring me that it meant nothing so I didn't get concerned.

Alright so about an hour and a half after the epi they checked me again (and everyone was very rushed about it this time) and I was fully dilated and fully effaced. Up til now everyone had been very calm and we would chat and banter with everyone who came in the room. The new tone in the room was a little unnerving. The fully dilated news caught me completely off guard because the nurse and I had been chatting awhile earlier about how I was likely going to be there well into the next day and they were thinking of trying pitocin. I mean think about it, I went from 4cm - 10cm in 1.5 hours. Anyway people were super rushed at this point and MIL and my sister left. DH and I still didn't realize quite how fast it was all happening. He was still finishing an email and the nurse was like, no, this is happening now. LO's heart rate had dropped and wasn't rising. Plus throughout the day her HR was getting progressively worse and they had done too good of a job in reassuring me that it was fine, so now I just had no idea what was going on.

I kind of freaked for a moment when I realized it was time to push and again I thought it would take hours and I didn't really get that there was a problem with LO. But my doctor said to me that they needed to get the baby out immediately and this was not going to be a 2 hour delivery. They were prepping for forceps and later I found out for a c-section. He told me that they were going to have extra OB's and pediatricians in the room. Honestly from the time they told me I was fully dilated everything just seemed like I was in a fog. It all happened so fast, probably less than 10 minutes from when I was checked til it was time to push. They told me to do one practice push to see how things looked and see if I could get her out on my own quickly enough. Well the first push she started crowning. I did a second push, and then on the third she came out halfway and they had me stop so they could do something to her, then one more push and she was out at 5:05pm, 5lbs, 18 inches long.

I thought I would get to hold her and all that but they took her away immediately. I can't get over how surreal it all was. DH agrees, it just didn't not even feel real at all. They showed her to me and then she was gone. DH was standing next to me but I told him to follow her. I was thinking about how small she looked and my OB said that she was really tiny. It just didn’t feel like I had had a baby but I was really concerned about her. The placenta came out right after and they finished with me. About 20 minutes later they gave her to DH and he brought her over to me. They said she was great, apgar scores of 8 and 9 and they let me and DH be alone with her. That was when it felt real again and DH and I both completely lost it and we were sobbing over her (but in a good way). It was just amazing that we were a family and she was ok and I was ok. That time alone as just the three of us was absolutely wonderful.

Things didn’t happen even close to how I wanted for the delivery. I didn’t have a birth plan or anything because I had just wanted to go with the flow but the one thing that was very important to me was delayed cord clamping. My OB was ok with it as long as everything was routine, and since this didn’t end up routine they didn’t do it. Even more upsetting was that she was taken away immediately and I never got the skin to skin time since she was bundled when I got her. I am beyond thankful that we have a healthy baby and a smooth delivery but I really feel like we missed out on important bonding time. But oh well, what’s done is done.
As for my recovery, it was amazing. I kept expecting to feel pain and that the epi was not entirely worn off but nope, never got any pain the entire time. My parents got in later that night and I felt kind of bad because we had all just assumed I’d still be in labor and they missed it. But I’m so happy they came and got in that day.

Overall it was a very mixed experience with lots of good and bad. Definitely more good though, especially as now we have a sweet little munchkin at home.

Fun times, pre epi, I look thrilled!

Nothing is more fun or comfortable than a hospital setting

Baby girl!

First family shot

About 2 seconds after putting her on her back she always rolls to her side

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There isn't a whole lot to my birth story since it was a scheduled c-section, but there was a little drama. Went in the morning of June 4th for a scheduled c-section for 0730. I walked back to the OR at around 0720 and got my spinal. Everything got started and when it was time to get Alex out the Dr. couldn't get a good grip on him. He was apparently in an odd position and she couldn't get him. She called for the vacuum and the Dr. assisting her was pushing with all his might on the top of my uterus. I didn't think I could breathe for a few minutes. The vacuum ended up popping off and not working. The Dr. then cut me just a bit more and Alex came out! I was on pins and needles until I heard that beautiful cry! He was born at 0801 and his weight was 9 pounds 1 oz and was 21 inches long. His apgars were 8 and 9. He did have periodic grunting for about the first 12-16 hours after birth- which as a NICU nurse I had already had a chat with him before he was born that it was the one thing he was NOT allowed to do. He didn't get the memo! We are now home and doing really well. I am so blessed with the birth of my new man!

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My story begins on Thursday June 3rd. I had some menstrual like cramping at night, but I wasn't quite sure what it was. I figured maybe it was BH. I told my sister about it on Friday, and she told me to call the doctor. Of course I didn't call, because I was too busy at work! I went home that night, and felt fine. I woke up every hour on Friday night, with a big pain. It felt like I had to pee, and then the pain would go away. I talked to my mom in the morning, and she insisted I call the doc.

So I figured I would take a shower and then call. Well, as I was getting in I went to the bathroom and had some bloody show. I was like, ok well I guess I better call.
The doctor told me to monitor the contractions. If I had more than four per hour to head to the hospital. I live about forty minutes away from the hospital, and didn't want to go into full labor knowing I was scheduled for a c/s. I called him back around 11:30, and told him they were about ten minutes apart. He told me to go in and he will call and let them know.

So I figured for sure I was going to have the baby on Saturday, because why would they let me leave if I was in labor. To my surprise, the nurse didn't think they were going to keep me. She said I may just be dehydrated, and that is why I was contracting. We were stunned. I wanted to have him, because I did not want to come back the next day. I didn't realize having a c/s on a Saturday when no one was there was a big deal. They have to calll everyone in! Thank god the doctor gave us the go ahead. I was still contracting even after they gave me four bags of fluid. So around 2pm, he said ok we are set to deliver at 3pm. They prepped me, and we went into the O/R at 3pm and he was delivered at 3:22pm. Daddy left the room with the baby once he was born, and I was sewn up. They tied my tubes, so no more babies for me! I am happy....I went through too many heart aches over the last five years with m/c. I have my two boys and I am a proud mommy!

Surprisingly, my recovering is going so awesome. I was discharged in two days! I was shocked...it was my choice. They told me I could stay, but being at home is much better.

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Well, as mentioned earlier, on Thursday my BP had still not gone down and had actually been going up. I had a headache that had not gone away and had some off and on dizziness. My mw actually called me to let me know she was headed to another birth. She suggested I head to L&D for monitoring.

We packed our bags and headed on and got checked in. The BP had not gone down, the headache was horrible and they found protein in my urine. They gave me BP meds to try and lower it, but that wasn't really working. Even the massive amount of magnesium sulfate they added (soooo not fun). They then checked me and unfortunately I was completely closed and Finn was still up high (after being out, he has had his hands wedged up to each side of his face constantly...I think that is why he hadn't engaged) which meant they could not induce with cytotec. So, a repeat c-section was my only option. I cried and cried which of course made my head hurt worse and made me more congested. They then did an ultrasound before surgery and estimated Finn to only be about 7 1/2 pounds. I talked to anesthesiology and voiced my concerns re: my CMT and epidurals/spinal taps. They went back and checked and felt it would be much safer to do general anesthesia. By no means was this my first choice, but I also know the issues I had before with both a spinal and an epidural. Plus at this point, I was so outfought.

They took me back at 8 for my c-section and unfortunately Doug could not go back with me. I can't stand not being able to breathe and definitely have a bad claustrophobia, so putting the oxygen mask on me was sheer will power. They put that on about 10 mins before knocking me out while they prepped me...that was definitely the most difficult part. I woke up later in my room (not sure what exact time) screaming because they were pulling on stuff and it hurt like mad!

I ended up finally seeing Ian about 2-3 hours after the c-section and lo and behold my "large" baby weighed in at 7 lbs 11 oz and 20 in long...Finnegan Cullum N. He is so tiny compared to Ian at birth.

Finn immediately latched on which was great, but because of the 24+ hours of Mag Sulfate, both of us have been so tired! He has pretty much slept non-stop and I am having to wake him each time to feed him....he has been so quite beyond his little grunting sounds. And of course because he is so tired, he has 0 interest in bf. They finally stopped the Mag this morning and it has finally worn off. Finn finally pooped this afternoon and then bf with glee! He still didn't really want to bf later tonight, but finally did. They actually had to put him on the warming table this morning due to being cold and his temp dropping. He finally has color back though and I'm hoping tomorrow has him more wide awake.

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Will & Sam's birth story

Starting in early April, I was asked to come in twice a week to the perinatologist's office for monitoring. One appointment would be a bio-physical profile (BPP) and a Non-Stress Test (NST) and the other would be just a BPP. A BPP is just an ultrasound (u/s) where they monitor blood flow and breathing techniques etc. A NST is where they put "belts" around you to monitor the baby's heart rate and one for contractions. I also had to incorporate in there an appointment with the OB's office.

I kept asking the OB for a date for the c-section, but apparently the hospital didn't schedule them unless you were within 30 days. So finally at the beginning of April, I was finally scheduled for May 17th. That was Emily's due date and according to an old classmate of mine, was also the day we graduated from high school. Even though I had that date - I knew I wasn't going to make it.

The weekend of April 24th, I thought for sure I was going into labor. But it was not to be. My back started to be "twingy" when I went in for my Monday appointment on the 26th. I ended up lying on their bed too long a certain way and seemed to make it worse. But the babies looked really good in all aspects. So by Wednesday, my back was completely out. I could barely walk, it hurt to stand, sit, or lie down. I was miserable. Thursday the 29th, I had another appointment and I just knew this was going to be "it". So Stephen and I pack things together just on the off chance it was it - last year with Sarah, we didn't and had nothing with us. I ended up using a cane to walk - it really helped.

Well the babies were still looking good. The peri said she was concerned about us going home. Apparently the flow in the brains changes when it's getting closer to the time for a baby to be born. Both of the kiddos had done that. She thought because we live so far from the hospital and the flow had change and both of them were now breech, as soon as she sent us home, I could go into labor and out of the possible outcomes (the cord coming out first) she called the OB to set up us delivering today.

I had not eaten since 6 pm the night before and had not taken my blood thinner since 5 am the morning before - so it was perfect timing. So we were scheduled for a 3:30pm c-section. This meant I needed to be at the hospital by 1:30pm. It was 11 am when we found this out - so Stephen went to get lunch and I was busy making phone calls. We then went to our friend’s house where Emily was going to stay while I was in the hospital to chill until it was time to go.

The family that was to watch Emily during this time, the lady of the house was actually heading to England later that day. So the man of the house watched her during the day and Stephen went over to their house at night. His mother was due to come in on Saturday and would take over watching her until we were home.

I get to Labor and Deliver - fill out all the paperwork I needed (and it's twice the paperwork when you have twins) and tried to call the OB's office to let them know I was there. Unfortunately I have AT&T and the hospital is geared toward Verizon. Because of that I had intermittent cellular coverage - which meant none in L&D lobby. Luckily, the OB wandered out to see if I was there just as I was "trying" to call.

I eventually got back in their prep-recovery area. The nurse that met us there was very "stern" looking and I thought "oh great! She'll be fun to have as a nurse". It turned out she was great! She shared the responsibility with another nurse because I was an unscheduled section. Plus it was twins. Between Stephen and the nurses, we were having a good time trying to get set up.

Last year I ended up there kind of in the same position and it took 8 tries and the anesthesiologist to finally get the IV in. The stern nurse - it only took one. Bless her soul! They drew blood to run the type/screen that would have normally been done the day before and then got me started on fluids.

I then found out that they may have to draw the blood again, because apparently the sample they sent in their tube system "got stuck". Just as she was about to poke me for another sample - they got the news that the lab finally had gotten the original. Thank God.. I hate getting stick and that's all I seemed to do this entire pregnancy.

Everything seemed to be going well, until the anesthesiologist wanted to make sure that the positive type was from my last Rhogam shot. That took awhile, hence the reason I didn't end up in the Operating Room until 4-4:30. They also gave me some med as an antibiotic. I don't remember the name though. It was different then penicillin - because I'm allergic to that.

We walk back to the room finally and again it's different than last time - last time, we had all sorts of people in the OR, due to Sarah's Trisomy 18 issue. This time, not so many people. Of course the OB was the same and so was the resident. What also was different was the spinal. Last year, they had me on a separate table and I distinctly remember a "pop" (painful) when it went in. This time, I felt the needle for the numbing agent and then kept waiting for the pop and I didn't get it. Jury is still out whether that was a good thing or bad. What I did feel however was a pain just under my shoulder. They also didn't strap my arms down again.. Yea!! The nurses were arguing who was going to take Baby A versus B.

They started to cut and brought Stephen in. I distinctly remember them stating that Baby A was breech and sure enough still was and was born butt first. Will's cry was a beautiful thing to hear - especially after Sarah not crying for us. The next thing I knew they were pushing on my stomach to turn Sam. To this day I'm not sure if they were turning her so she wasn't breech or back to breech. Stephen thinks it was to turn her breech so that they had something to grab onto - other than her head - due to her brain issue. Either way they finally got her out after 2 minutes after Will at 5:24pm. She too cried and I think both Stephen and I after that point were crying as well. Everyone there told us that they were good size babies for twins and early. They brought each baby to me to kiss before they took them to the NICU due to Sam breathing a bit hard. I have no idea of Apgar scores because at that moment things started going hazy for me. Apparently they started pitocin or something and I was having an allergic reaction to it. I don't know what they saw - but I felt really out of it. They gave me something else to counteract it and after that I started feeling better. They all commented on how much better I looked. They still don't know which med made me have the reaction. I personally think it was the shot for the spinal.

I ended back up in the recovery area - last year they stuck me in a private type room - I am assuming because of the circumstance. So I felt "normal" for once. I was there for about an hour or so before they moved me to my normal room. At this time, the babies were both still in the NICU. I was trying to have Stephen get things ready for me before he left - aka within reach since I still had the cath and calf "massagers".
About 8 pm Stephen left to go be with Emily for the night and I thought I could finally sleep, as the past couple of days I couldn't due to my back being out. Around 10 pm they wheel in the babies. Apparently they were both doing alright. It was then I found out that they only had a "night" nursery (from 10p-6a). Since I had only gotten a brief look at the babies, I kept them in bed with me until 1 am when I finally "had" to sleep. The nurses then took them to the nursery.

You would think that would have been the end of the story, but not so... my second night recoop, I ended up having issues with my bladder. Luckily a nurse suggested I drink some cranberry juice and that seemed to do the trick. Meanwhile, they had circumcised Will and my mellow man was then fussy that whole night. Along with his sister. My first foray into "double teaming". Sam had her head ultrasound, which was "inconclusive" -- so they decided to do an MRI and get a better picture. So instead of 3 days we were in there 4. Stephen and Emily decided to get colds at this time and both the babies and I ended up getting it when we were home. We found out from the MRI that Sam is missing the corpus callosum (middle part of the brain that communicates between hemispheres). At this point we don't know what that means or going to entail. They decided while she was still in the NICU to draw some blood to do a more detailed chromosome test. By the time she was "done" in the NICU and all the tests, packed everything up, drove home, it was after 10pm by the time we got home.

This time it was a bunch of first for us.. babies coming home with us from the hospital, caring for a boy with a circumcision, two babies that were premies, and having a toddler on top of it.

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Emerson Paige was born on Saturday 6/19 at 11:46am via C-section (38 weeks). 11 lbs 1.4 oz, 21 inches long.

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Sydney Jo born 6:02 pm. Weighing 7lbs 11.2oz, 21inches long. Her head was 14.4 cm.

At my appointment on Wednesday (6-9) when my dr did my first internal I was 3cm dilated about 50 to 60% effaced and her head was at -2 station. He stripped my membranes hoping to get something started and it hurt really bad, which most people say is a great thing and should of done something. After I left there my lower back was hurting and I kind of figured it was because of climbing the table while he was doing my internal/stripping my membranes. I didnt think anything of it really. I went to bed around 9:30 or so since I was really tired. I was up again at 1:30ish in the morning because of the pain in my back. I went downstairs and took a shower making it so the water was running on my back where the pain was since it hurt so bad. I tried going back to sleep after that but couldnt get the pain to stop. So I went downstairs and got online to see who was on and try to keep my mind off the pain. I ended up taking another shower awhile later because the pain was getting worse and I was having contractions off and on but nothing too strong or consistent so I really didnt think much of it. I called a friend of mine at 7am to talk to her to keep my mind off things and told her I was going to call my dr soon to see about going in to get checked since I was having more contractions, my back labor was getting worse and I lost a huge part of my plug(which I've never lost that much before so I knew something was happening. So I texted my friend who was going to watch my kids while I was in the hospital to tell her that I was going to be calling our dr to see about getting checked so they would need to come into town. I called our dr and told him what was going on at about 7:15 and we he asked me if I wanted to meet him at the hospital to get checked out or his office. I told him I would wait a bit longer to go anywhere since I needed my friend to come into town to help wth the kids. He said thats fine and I misheard him about him telling me to call him before I left the house so he knew where to meet us. He thought I wasnt really in labor. I called my friend and asked her to get her kids up and come into town. We met at the dr's office a bit after 8am. Since I misheard him about calling him he wasnt there and wouldnt be in until 9:30. With my contractions getting worse my mom who was driving and my friend decided it would be best to just go to the hospital so we called the dr on the way there and told him we were heading to the hospital. When we got here he checked me it still hurt really bad to get checked and I was only at 4cm dilated but I was 100% effaced and she was still -2 but I had a bulging bag. So I had a long ways to go. But because of how fast I went with Taylor they werent going to let me leave. So we talked it over and decided that they would get me into my suite and check me again and possibly break my water and have the baby. When they checked me again I was still at 4 but he didnt want to break my water just yet. So I walked the halls for awhile trying to get my contractions consistent and harder. At one point while walking the halls it felt like she had moved down farther. So I told them and we decided to check me again. I was still only at 4cm. They broke my water a bit after 1130 to get things going. But my contractions seemed to stop when they broke my water or it was to the point I wasnt feeling them since they were having me lay down. So they let me get up and walk the halls some more. They checked me again and I was almost 4cm, 100% effaced and -2. I asked for an epi around 1 or so when I couldnt stand the contractions any longer and so they could also start the pitocin since I was barely feeling the contractions. After the epi I felt great and things started moving along with the pitocin. Around 3 or so they checked me and I was 6cm, 100% effaced and -1 everyone in the room was happy and got really excited since there was finally more progress. They upped the pit around 5 and I was told they would check me around 5:30 to see if I was complete. About 5:15 I told the nurse I needed them to come in and check me because I was feeling a ton of pressure. When my dr, his student(who I had allowed to "help") and the resident all came in along with a nurse or two. I dont remember who checked me first but they said I was at 9.5 or so with just a little lip but could start pushing soon. So all of a sudden everyone was getting gowned and masked. There were about 4 or 5 nurses that were in the room to. They told me I could start trying to push while they were still trying to get gowned. At 5:30 is when I started pushing and she was born at 6:02 pm. Weighing 7lbs 11.2oz, 21inches long. Her head was 14.4 cm. She was my biggest and longest baby I've had. I didnt tear much, I guess they call it skid marks since they werent bad enough to require stitches. She was bruised, red, running a temp, breathing fast and grunting a bit when she came out so they were observing her longer then they normally do. I really didnt get a chance to see her for awhile but my parents who were both in the room and my friend got to see her and take pix. Her temp came down after half hour to normal which was fast so they wanted to continue to watch her close. They also ran blood tests because of her issues. All the tests came back normal and her blood sugars that they ran extras cam back normal to. She is a really good eater and easy burp at frst but when you try to burp her after the first time she gets mad so it takes awhile to get her to finish eating. We go home sometime today after our dr comes and releases us. She passed all her newborn screenings so everything is good. She is perfect. Trinity and Taylor both seem to enjoy her when they were up here both times. Although I'm not totally sure Taylor understands completely so we will see when we all go home.

Some Pix
First born

Warming up

Me holding Sydney with Trinity and Taylor


After her bath

About 16 hours old

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Just wanted to add/update a few things for my arrival (6/17)... Nicholas was 21.5 inches long. His middle name is Joseph. My screen name is lj365. Thank you so much and you are doing an awesome job staying on top of all these births!

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My user name is wrong on the arrival list- it is Karen624. Rebecca's middle name is Denise. Thanks!

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I was scheduled for an induction on June 22. I had mixed feelings about this, since I really wanted to go into labor on my own, but had finally come to terms with it and decided it really was the right thing to do. In hindsight, I am very glad given her size. If she had been born much later, it would have been a challenge for me to get her out. The day before, I started having decent contractions throughout the day and evening. I was hoping they would progress to full blown labor before I went in.

It was such a strange thing to know that the next day I would be having my baby. We all went out to a nice dinner at Olive Garden. My mom was already up here, and my in laws arrived on Monday.

We arrived at the hospital at 8 am. They hooked me up to the monitor, and I was having mild contractions every 3-5 minutes. They got me all registered, started my IV and drew my labs. They decided to start the pitocin about 9:30. The nurse was great, and went very slow with increasing it. Our moms got to the hospital about 10 am. At about 10:30, my doctor (Dr. Bass) came and ruptured my membranes. I was about 4 cm and 75% effaced at this point. The contractions were not too strong, and I was easily getting through them with breathing and visualization. Dr. Bass came back at 12:40 to check me. At this point, the contractions were getting pretty strong, but I was still in control for most of the time. They came on super strong on the front half, and there were a few moments where it was hard to stay on top of them. I was disappointed to find out I was only 5 cm and 100% effaced, but that she had moved down a lot. I was hoping to be closer to transition. They picked up all of a sudden and I decided to take a little bit of Nubain. At this point I was worried I still had hours of labor left. My mother in law and nurse were joking that you never knew about third babies, and that I could be complete in less than an hour. I did not believe them. I went to the bathroom and had a killer contractions in there before I got the Nubain. The Nubain helped me to relax between contractions, and to stay in control a little better. They started getting really intense, and I broke down and said call for an epi, in case I want one. I knew if I did, I had to get the ball rolling, but that I could still back out. My nurse came in to tell me that anesthesia was tied up, so it would be awhile. While she was in there, I started to feel nauseous, shaky and felt pressure, a lot of pressure. I asked her to check me (this was at about 1:10 or 1:15.) She said I was complete, but that the baby was posterior (my mil told me later she was more transverse to oblique than fully posterior.) This explained the intense back pain I had been feeling with contractions. They let me push, which felt amazing, but she did not budge, even though she was getting pretty low, I think a +2. For some reaon, they did not want me to push through the next several contractions, in hopes that she would turn on her own. I am still not exactly clear why they did this, since I had a strong urge to push. My mother in law thinks they were waiting on the doctor. It was absolutely torture to grunt and groan and breathe through the contractions when my body wanted to push. I finally was not able to hold back, and had to push a little. After about 1/2 an hour, they let me start pushing for real. The first push out of each set hurt, the next two felt good. She was coming down slow, and then all of a sudden everyone yelled at me to stop. Apparently she corkscrewed her head and came flying out, and was crowning. I had to wait again through a contraction or so to allow things to stretch and to get the doctor there. At this point I was mad, it hurt so bad to have her sitting right there at the perineum, crowning, and I knew the bed was not broken down and I had TWO nurses right there, I knew my mother in law had delivered many babies on her own, so why couldn’t I just get her out then? If my doctor had not gotten in there when he did, I could not have held back. Bill told me he basically ran into the room, into his gown and slid into the bed. He let me start pushing again right away and her head was out, one more and her body was out. Pushing her head out was so intense (it was very large) and Bill told me I let out a primal scream from the depths of my soul. Pushing her body out was a strange combination of pain and relief, but once it was out, all the pain was gone.She was born at 2:23 pm. I pushed for about 1/2 an hour. They placed her on my chest, and it was all so surreal. The last hour of labor was so intense that I think I was not completely there. Her cord was quite short, They took her over to the warmer, and weighed her. My jaw dropped when they told me she was 8 lbs 7 oz. She was a pound and 1/2 a pound larger than my other two girls. Everyone thought she would be a small baby because I did not gain as much and seemed to be smaller with her. My doctor did my repair, which was significant given the size of her head and the rapidity with which she was born. I think it was finally labeled a deep 2nd degree, although for awhile it was being called a 3rd. My mother in law said my doctor did a good job putting counter pressure on her head to keep her from coming out too fast. My placenta did not want to detach, so I had to endure some fairly uncomfortable massaging and the pit turned wide open for awhile. Finally, at the 1/2 hour mark, it came out. My doctor held it up and said, “Wow, that is a heavy placenta,” and my mother in law told me it was huge as well. I am just glad it came out, because after the 1/2 hour mark they would have had to think about taking me back to the OR. I couldn’t really hold Rebecca while all of this was going on, because it was so painful when he would start massaging me, and I had to lay back. I finally got to hold her and nurse her which was wonderful. I had another hemorrhage, and had lots of bleeding and tennis ball size clots. I had to get a dose of Methergine as a shot, and a few more doses later. Thankfully the bleeding slowed down before anything else had to be done. The nurses and my doctor kept complimenting me on what a level head I had and how in control I was which I thought was so ironic, because for the last hour, I felt so out of control. Rebecca had to go to the nursery for 2 hours, which I did not like, but I was having a lot done to me while this was going on. My mom and mother in law stayed with me while Bill went with her. We got to my room only a few minutes before she did. I was so glad to finally be able really hold her and look at her. Things were so hectic right after the delivery, it was hard for me to focus just on her. I was so out of it for a little while. The rest of our stay was nice and uneventful, and she stayed with us all the time except for when they took her out for the peds to check her or to have her weighed. We got home from the hospital on my birthday at around lunch time. The girls and our moms had put together a nice little party and birthday dinner for me which was really sweet.

We named her after both of our moms, and when we told them her name after she was born, it was a very sweet moment. They were both so touched since they had no idea that we were doing that. I was glad they could both be there to see her being born.

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Jorden's Birth Story (pic heavy)


On Monday the 21st I had my last Dr. appointment. At that time we scheduled an induction for Thursday June 24th. Haylie stayed with my parents on Wednesday night so DH and I could be up bright and early to go to the hospital by 6:30am. So we checked in at 6:30am. The nurses started my IV at 7am and the Doctor came in at 7:30am. I was having contraction about 5-7 minutes apart but not real regular yet. I was 25% effaced and 2cm dialated; he did P gel at that time. Once he did the P gel I was instructed to lay there for an hour and then I would have to walk for an hour. At 8am my MIL came. So at 8:40am I got up to walk the halls. Contractions were 1 1/2-2 mins apart and getting stronger. An hour later the Dr. came back to check me; at 9:34am I was 50% effaced and still at 2cm. He broke my water at that time. An hour later I was at 3-4cm and 60% effaced. I signed the consent for an epidural (just incase). I went into this pregnancy and labor not planning on having an epidural. Basically my instructions to everyone was "Do not offer me pain meds. I know what my options are and if I want it I will ask for it." Everyone was very good about following my "rule". My contractions were still coming about 1 - 1 1/2 mins apart and getting stronger. I kept trying to relax in between but there wasn't enough time. As the contractions got stronger they started to wrap around to my back. That freaked me out because I was afraid it was back labor which in my head meant that he would be face up like DD and cause a long and drawn out labor ending in the use of forceps or worse. I asked the nurse at what point could I have an epi. She said between 4-5cm. So she checked me and that's what I was. I opted for an epidural. She called for the anesthesioliget and started a bag of fluids that had to be ran before I could get the epi. At 11:45am I got my epidural and things got harry. Once they sat me up to do the epidural my body started to push. I pushed 3 times while sitting there. The nurse told me not to but my body was controling it not me. Once he was done putting in the epidural they laid me down to check and I was at 10cm and ready! So during the time of getting my epidurall I went from a 4-5 to a 10. The Dr. came in and said I was ready and to push with my contractions...but the epidural worked so well that I wasn't feeling my contractions anymore (which was fine by me). I kept telling them that they would have to tell me when to push because I couldn't feel. So anyway at 12:08pm I started pushing and at 12:16pm Jorden Ross was born! As I started pushing the Dr said there was maconium (which worried me) but Jorden is fine and he didn't breath any in.

June 24, 2010 12:16pm
7lbs 15oz 20 1/2 in.
Jorden Ross

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Orson Graeme born at home 7-1-2010

I could tell things were gearing up as the school year was wrapping up. Our classrooms were moved around the building. Thanks to lots of help from my coworkers my room was moved. I was feeling lots of Braxton Hicks every time I was up on my feet from that point on. Cleaning up around the house or getting things done those last days of work was difficult. Orson held off until June 30th....that is when things got started.

The morning of June 30th I was 39w 1d oddly enough the same gestational day when my water broke before labor started with Daemon I was also 39w1d. I had felt pretty crampy the days leading up to June 30th and felt maybe something was going on, but wasn't banking on anything.

I tossed and turned all night and around 5:40 a.m. I noticed some blood in the toilet. I figured this must be bloody show and went back to bed to get some rest. Early labor contractions were irregular all day. I spent time listening to Hypnobabies, resting lying down, or sitting in the birth tub. I preferred to labor on my own and when my midwife and birth assistant arrived they spent time chatting and sipping tea on the front porch and let me do my thing. Troy also spent time on the computer and was there when I needed him. He wrote me sweet little love notes and left them where I would see them when I lifted my head after a contraction.

Temperatures were very comfortable and not humid and hot like they had been. outside Around 7 I got out of the tub because my contractions had spaced way out. My body was very relaxed and we discussed a nice long walk before dinner. Troy was making lasagna and garlic bread, so that's what we did. We walked up and down the driveway a few times and up and down our quiet street. It was not hot out and it was such a wonderful time we spent together as a couple holding hands and sharing our excitement over our new little one. During each wave I hung on Troy's neck and relaxed every muscle in my body. My body knew exactly what to do. Walking got things moving a bit and the contractions were getting closer together and more intense, which felt great.

Around 9 we ate dinner and timed contractions to see what was happening. Things were really spacing out now that I sat down. I had only a few contractions during dinner as they spaced out to around 7 minutes apart. Dinner was great! We talked and laughed during dinner. It was a very enjoyable time spent together. I felt so happy we chose these ladies to be present during my birthing time. They seemed to know just what I needed and gave me space to do what I needed to do and let me make decisions for myself, which made me feel in control. My midwife discussed the possibility of going home for some rest since she lives so close to us, but we were unsure about it since my birthing assistant lives further away in D.C. It seemed I was only in early labor, since things were not gearing up yet at all.

My midwife does not do internal exams unless you ask for them and I was starting to wonder what all this early labor was doing to my cervix. Before she planned on leaving I asked her to check me. She checked me and found me to be 5-6 cm. thin cervix and a bulging bag of water. I was so happy I asked her to check me because I knew active labor was on it's way and things would speed up here soon. She said she was definitely not leaving now and that baby should be on his way soon. After dinner around 9:30 I got into the shower. I hung on the wall during each wave and rocked my hips through the contractions. Things were moving along, getting more intense, and it felt right. Around 10ish I got out feeling refreshed and walked sideways up and down the stairs to rock the baby down into my hips a little more. I held onto the railing during each wave. Troy hung out with me at the top of the stairs and ate a bowl of cereal. We laughed as we spent these quiet moments together. My midwife and birthing assistant were resting downstairs. I decided to move to the bedroom. I rocked on the birth ball in the bedroom on hands and knees for a few waves. That wasn't very comfortable so I laid down on my left side on the bed and during a wave. During that wave it felt like Orson kicked me in my cervix and a explosion happened. It scared me a bit. I think I said what heck was that! I thought I peed myself! Troy ran downstairs and told the midwife he thought my water had broken. This was at 11:20 p.m.

Sure enough it had broken and now things got really going! Contractions came right on top of one another and they felt very intense. I hung on the wall and vocalized through each wave as I rocked back and forth. Rocking and hanging felt good because of all of the pressure I was feeling. I knew baby was coming soon, which was so exciting. My midwife and birth assistant quickly ran downstairs to gather up the supplies and put them on top of the dresser and around the room where they were needed. Around 11:40 I was completely focused on my baby. I started pushing with good progress. I felt like I was going to vomit and felt a lot of pressure in my bottom, so I got on the bed. After having a baby with an epidural I didn't know what to expect when it came to pushing. Let me just say this was the most intense thing I have ever felt in my entire life. My body was involuntarily pushing. As my birthing assistant said, "Without an epidural you feel the whole enchilada!" and she is right on. There was so much power with each wave that came over my body I had not choice but to go with it and push. The first few waves I just felt it and was just taking it all in. I was caught off guard at the intensity. I got focused and went with it. I was so close to meeting my baby boy! I pushed on my side and on my back. I wanted to switch positions because the pressure was so intense, but the contractions came so close together I could not get out of the position I was in. I pushed for longer then I expected. There was some stinging as I tore a bit and out he came.

Labor stats: early labor 5:30 am-9:30 p.m. stage 1 was 2 hr.31 mins. stage 2 was 1 hour 32 minutes stage 3 was 36 minutes
Total labor time 4 hours 39 minutes.

Orson Graeme was born at 1:33 a.m. on July 1st, 2010. The whole experience was everything I wanted it to be. Calm, relaxed, and without intervention or unnecessary procedures. Orson came out calm without crying. His apgars were 9 and 10. He laid on my chest and showed an interest in nursing while I was repaired. I had a 2nd degree tear. He was never separated from mommy. His cord wasn't cut until it stopped pulsing. His baby exam was done last at 4:15 a.m. before the midwife left at 5:30 a.m. and we found him to be 7 lbs. 15 oz. and 20 1/2 inches long. My midwife and birth assistant tucked us all into bed gave us hugs and kisses and went quietly on their way.

Since the birth Orson is doing well. He sleeps great and nurses like a pro.

Getting weighed

Orson and mommy

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I woke up at 6 on Friday, June 25th and I noticed that my water was leaking. I’m pretty

sure it had been trickling for a week or so, but this was a noticeably larger amount. I

decided to cut Trevor’s hair in case Friday ended up being the day. I didn’t want him to look

like a caveman in the pictures... lol I had a Dr’s appointment scheduled for the afternoon,

so I decided to wait until then to tell him about the leaking fluid. Trevor had other ideas,

called the hospital, and they wanted me to come in.

Got to the hospital, did an NST- and I was having very few mild contractions. The nurse

confirmed that it was in fact amniotic fluid. We live in a small remote city which only has

one Obstetrician, so our family doctor was our attending physician. He had been wonderful

my entire pregnancy and was very supportive of my wishes to have a natural birth. We

knew our baby was going to be large, but he never suggested an induction to me because

he knew it would raise the risk of medical interventions significantly. He was especially

mindful of the fact that Ainsley was in a posterior position, increasing the risk of a c/s even


He has to report to the OB on any obstetrical cases, and the OB had been pushing for an

elective c/s. When the OB found out I was leaking fluid without going into active labor, he

pushed for an immediate induction, followed by c/s at 24 hours if there was no baby. My

doctor stood up to him, and bought me the rest of the evening to go into labor on my

own. If I didn’t go into labor, he would start an induction the next morning.

I was pretty stressed because I was nervous about being induced and the possibility of a

c/s. Plus, I knew I was on a time limit, and I hate that feeling! I went walking that night

and spent a lot of time on my birth ball trying to get labor started. I was sipping RRL tea

the entire time, too. 

I didn’t go into labor on my own, so Trevor and I reported to the hospital at 4 a.m. (ugh) I

have horrible veins, so they finally got my IV set up and monitors on at about 6 a.m. They

started an oxytocin drip, and I started feeling contractions at 6:30 a.m. I was pretty

discouraged (but trying to be positive), because this was turning out to be the opposite of

what I wanted. Here I am on oxytocin, lying on my back in a hospital bed.

At least our nurse was pretty awesome. She and a fellow nurse had just started the daily

crossword puzzle from the newspaper, so she brought it in for me to work on while we

were waiting for labor to begin. I kept thinking, wow, I’m going to look like a moron. It’s

five in the morning, I’m having contractions, I’m not in any mindframe to be doing a

crossword. But, my competitive nature won out, and I almost completed it before the

contractions got more serious.

At 9 a.m., the nurse told me that the baby was responding so well to the induction that

they would let me go off the monitors and have free reign to move around and do

whatever I’d like. I was ecstatic! My doctor came in at 9:30 to check my progress. When

the nurses told me he was coming in, I took my earbuds out of my ears. (I was listening to

my ipod.) Well, only one ear bud came out. The little squishy attachment for the other

earbud stayed in my ear. Then, when I tried to get it out with my fingers, I pushed it way

up in my ear out of reach. So here I am panicking about looking like an idiot with an earbud

stuck in my ear... lol I quickly told the nurse and she had to use these long tweezers to get

it out before the Dr. came in. Lol I told her I bet she never used those for that purpose


So back to the story- Doctor R. Is checking my progress. Well, lack of progress I guess. I

was still 3 cm, (which I had been for at least 2 weeks already), and I could tell he was a

little worried. He got permission from the OB to up my oxytocin level past the maximum

amount, and he decided to completely break my water. Once my water broke, the

contractions were immediately super intense. I don’t remember ever having contractions

like that with Aidan!

I decided to go into the shower on my birth ball to encourage Ainsley to move down (due

to her position, she was having a hard time moving down in my pelvis). The contractions

became almost intolerable. I am a Christian, and prepared for this birth by using prayer,

worship, and meditation on scripture to deal with the pain. So I’m in the shower listening

to my worship music and DH was reading my scriptures to me when the contractions got

stronger. I was not prepared for the intensity of the contractions- oxytocin contractions

with a very large baby in posterior position were not fun. They were so close together that

I would only have a second to regroup before the next one hit. I started to panic a bit and

felt like I was losing my composure.

We had an amazing nurse who actually used to be a hospital chaplain. She was amazing!

She was so encouraging, and it really felt like I had a doula there instead of a typical nurse.

She is a travelling nurse, and this was only her second shift. (I had her the day before when

I went in). Now that I look back wondering why I wasn’t going into labor earlier, I can see

how much I needed her and how hard it would have been to do this without her. She

challenged me and pushed me to stay with my wishes of having a natural birth, and even

prayed with me and calmed me down when I started panicking. She was reminding me

how to breathe (funny how fast you forget how to breathe during labor! ) and helping me

focus. She and Trevor did an amazing job encouraging me.

Even with their encouragement, the pain was getting so bad that I asked for some fentanyl

ready in case I couldn’t take it anymore. I just wanted a second of relief to regain my

composure because the pain was starting to panic me. I figured just knowing it was there

waiting for me if I needed it would help. I just kept thinking how I was only 3 cm an hour

ago, and I was going to have to be dealing with this for quite some time before I’d be ready

to push.

About 20 minutes later, I told the nurse that I felt like I needed to have a BM and I couldn’t

sit on my ball anymore because there was too much pressure. That caught her off guard- I

thought that I really just needed to have a BM, but she knew that it wouldn’t be long.

Right then my Dr. came in to check on me. I got on the bed and he said I was a good 7

cm, and he figured I would be ready to push in an hour. (it was 11 a.m. now- an hour and a

half after I was 3 cm) When he left I had to get off the bed! My contractions were on top

of each other so much that it took the span of three of them to get from my bed to

standing, to on my knees on the floor at the end of my bed. So, I’m on my knees on the

floor with my head and hands on the foot of the bed. My contractions and the pressure are

so strong, every time I had one I felt like I was climbing the bed trying to get away from


When my Dr. came in at 11, he knew I was close so he told the nurse not to give me the

drugs. He knew that I would regret it, and he didn’t want it to slow down the process or for

Ainsley to have any side effects from it. I probably could have hurt them at that point,

because I was in so much pain. I’m really glad now that they didn’t give it to me. I was

trying to breathe and just kept reading the same scripture over and over again.

Here, everything went crazy. I was on my knees for about 10 minutes when I told the

nurse I couldn’t help but push. I would give two little pushes every contraction because I

couldn’t handle it otherwise. The nurse figured I was just feeling more pressure, so she

encouraged me not to push, and told me it would be soon. Then she checked me, and sure

enough Ainsley’s head was crowning. All of a sudden I heard her ripping things open behind

me and getting everything ready for delivery while calling in the other nurse. I guess she

was talking to me, but I was in my own space and had no idea.

The nurses told me I needed to get on the bed, so here I was frantically trying to crawl up

on the bed. Somehow by the miracle of God, I got partially on the bed. I was still on my

hands and knees and now they were asking me to move up on the bed. I tried my best,

but I’m pretty sure I didn’t do a very good job of this. The whole time they’re telling me not

to push, and I was crying out “Jesus, help me!” during contractions (lol), and when a

contraction ended, I would apologize profusely for pushing when they asked me not to. I’m

pretty sure they got quite a kick out of this- especially Trevor. They asked me to get on

my back, and I told them no. I wasn’t going to push out a posterior baby on my back. I

did manage to get on my right side, which felt so much better, and I think opened up my

pelvis the right way to help Ainsley come out. The nurse then assured me that she had

delivered before, so now that they were prepared, I could push (my doctor was frantically

trying to get to the hospital now- he had just left thinking he had an hour or so).

By the time my Dr. came in, Ainsley’s head was out to her ears. It was amazing. Even

with an epi, when I had Aidan all I could remember was the horrible pain when giving birth.

This time, I could feel everything and really focus on what was going on. Even though I felt

like I was out of control, all of a sudden I could feel when the burning would become

intense, and I would relax my muscles and quit pushing for a moment. No one told me

when to push, no one counted. They just told me to do what felt right. It was amazing.

The problem was, she had shoulder dystocia. She came out with her head turned

sideways, and her shoulder was stuck on my pubic bone. So, she was “turtle-ing” meaning

her head would only come out to her ears, and then go back in again. Also, her cord was

wrapped around her neck. That wouldn’t have been serious, except for the dystocia, which

causes pressure on the cord.

So, it was a good thing that the Dr. showed up. We had previously discussed the

possibilities of this happening (it’s more common with large posterior babies), so when he

told me to go on my back, I knew exactly what was going on. They had to hyperflex my

hips (which feels fantastic* (sarcasm) when you already have a misaligned pelvis), and I

had to push as hard as a I could while the Dr. reached in and released her shoulder. After

that, she came right out screaming! 

I couldn’t believe everything went so well. It was very intense, but even with the induction,

I got to follow my birth plan beautifully. Ainsley was 10 lbs 4 oz, and 21 inches long. Even

with her head coming out sideways, I ended up with a tiny tear. I only got that because of

her shoulder. I am beyond thrilled!  I still can’t believe how fast it went- I walked in the

hospital thinking an induction would take a while, and preparing to have to have a c/s, but I

got my wishes.

Our first family picture

Big Brother

Happy Momma