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    Well, as mentioned earlier, on Thursday my BP had still not gone down and had actually been going up. I had a headache that had not gone away and had some off and on dizziness. My mw actually called me to let me know she was headed to another birth. She suggested I head to L&D for monitoring.

    We packed our bags and headed on and got checked in. The BP had not gone down, the headache was horrible and they found protein in my urine. They gave me BP meds to try and lower it, but that wasn't really working. Even the massive amount of magnesium sulfate they added (soooo not fun). They then checked me and unfortunately I was completely closed and Finn was still up high (after being out, he has had his hands wedged up to each side of his face constantly...I think that is why he hadn't engaged) which meant they could not induce with cytotec. So, a repeat c-section was my only option. I cried and cried which of course made my head hurt worse and made me more congested. They then did an ultrasound before surgery and estimated Finn to only be about 7 1/2 pounds. I talked to anesthesiology and voiced my concerns re: my CMT and epidurals/spinal taps. They went back and checked and felt it would be much safer to do general anesthesia. By no means was this my first choice, but I also know the issues I had before with both a spinal and an epidural. Plus at this point, I was so outfought.

    They took me back at 8 for my c-section and unfortunately Doug could not go back with me. I can't stand not being able to breathe and definitely have a bad claustrophobia, so putting the oxygen mask on me was sheer will power. They put that on about 10 mins before knocking me out while they prepped me...that was definitely the most difficult part. I woke up later in my room (not sure what exact time) screaming because they were pulling on stuff and it hurt like mad!

    I ended up finally seeing Ian about 2-3 hours after the c-section and lo and behold my "large" baby weighed in at 7 lbs 11 oz and 20 in long...Finnegan Cullum N. He is so tiny compared to Ian at birth.

    Finn immediately latched on which was great, but because of the 24+ hours of Mag Sulfate, both of us have been so tired! He has pretty much slept non-stop and I am having to wake him each time to feed him....he has been so quite beyond his little grunting sounds. And of course because he is so tired, he has 0 interest in bf. They finally stopped the Mag this morning and it has finally worn off. Finn finally pooped this afternoon and then bf with glee! He still didn't really want to bf later tonight, but finally did. They actually had to put him on the warming table this morning due to being cold and his temp dropping. He finally has color back though and I'm hoping tomorrow has him more wide awake.

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    Will & Sam's birth story

    Starting in early April, I was asked to come in twice a week to the perinatologist's office for monitoring. One appointment would be a bio-physical profile (BPP) and a Non-Stress Test (NST) and the other would be just a BPP. A BPP is just an ultrasound (u/s) where they monitor blood flow and breathing techniques etc. A NST is where they put "belts" around you to monitor the baby's heart rate and one for contractions. I also had to incorporate in there an appointment with the OB's office.

    I kept asking the OB for a date for the c-section, but apparently the hospital didn't schedule them unless you were within 30 days. So finally at the beginning of April, I was finally scheduled for May 17th. That was Emily's due date and according to an old classmate of mine, was also the day we graduated from high school. Even though I had that date - I knew I wasn't going to make it.

    The weekend of April 24th, I thought for sure I was going into labor. But it was not to be. My back started to be "twingy" when I went in for my Monday appointment on the 26th. I ended up lying on their bed too long a certain way and seemed to make it worse. But the babies looked really good in all aspects. So by Wednesday, my back was completely out. I could barely walk, it hurt to stand, sit, or lie down. I was miserable. Thursday the 29th, I had another appointment and I just knew this was going to be "it". So Stephen and I pack things together just on the off chance it was it - last year with Sarah, we didn't and had nothing with us. I ended up using a cane to walk - it really helped.

    Well the babies were still looking good. The peri said she was concerned about us going home. Apparently the flow in the brains changes when it's getting closer to the time for a baby to be born. Both of the kiddos had done that. She thought because we live so far from the hospital and the flow had change and both of them were now breech, as soon as she sent us home, I could go into labor and out of the possible outcomes (the cord coming out first) she called the OB to set up us delivering today.

    I had not eaten since 6 pm the night before and had not taken my blood thinner since 5 am the morning before - so it was perfect timing. So we were scheduled for a 3:30pm c-section. This meant I needed to be at the hospital by 1:30pm. It was 11 am when we found this out - so Stephen went to get lunch and I was busy making phone calls. We then went to our friend’s house where Emily was going to stay while I was in the hospital to chill until it was time to go.

    The family that was to watch Emily during this time, the lady of the house was actually heading to England later that day. So the man of the house watched her during the day and Stephen went over to their house at night. His mother was due to come in on Saturday and would take over watching her until we were home.

    I get to Labor and Deliver - fill out all the paperwork I needed (and it's twice the paperwork when you have twins) and tried to call the OB's office to let them know I was there. Unfortunately I have AT&T and the hospital is geared toward Verizon. Because of that I had intermittent cellular coverage - which meant none in L&D lobby. Luckily, the OB wandered out to see if I was there just as I was "trying" to call.

    I eventually got back in their prep-recovery area. The nurse that met us there was very "stern" looking and I thought "oh great! She'll be fun to have as a nurse". It turned out she was great! She shared the responsibility with another nurse because I was an unscheduled section. Plus it was twins. Between Stephen and the nurses, we were having a good time trying to get set up.

    Last year I ended up there kind of in the same position and it took 8 tries and the anesthesiologist to finally get the IV in. The stern nurse - it only took one. Bless her soul! They drew blood to run the type/screen that would have normally been done the day before and then got me started on fluids.

    I then found out that they may have to draw the blood again, because apparently the sample they sent in their tube system "got stuck". Just as she was about to poke me for another sample - they got the news that the lab finally had gotten the original. Thank God.. I hate getting stick and that's all I seemed to do this entire pregnancy.

    Everything seemed to be going well, until the anesthesiologist wanted to make sure that the positive type was from my last Rhogam shot. That took awhile, hence the reason I didn't end up in the Operating Room until 4-4:30. They also gave me some med as an antibiotic. I don't remember the name though. It was different then penicillin - because I'm allergic to that.

    We walk back to the room finally and again it's different than last time - last time, we had all sorts of people in the OR, due to Sarah's Trisomy 18 issue. This time, not so many people. Of course the OB was the same and so was the resident. What also was different was the spinal. Last year, they had me on a separate table and I distinctly remember a "pop" (painful) when it went in. This time, I felt the needle for the numbing agent and then kept waiting for the pop and I didn't get it. Jury is still out whether that was a good thing or bad. What I did feel however was a pain just under my shoulder. They also didn't strap my arms down again.. Yea!! The nurses were arguing who was going to take Baby A versus B.

    They started to cut and brought Stephen in. I distinctly remember them stating that Baby A was breech and sure enough still was and was born butt first. Will's cry was a beautiful thing to hear - especially after Sarah not crying for us. The next thing I knew they were pushing on my stomach to turn Sam. To this day I'm not sure if they were turning her so she wasn't breech or back to breech. Stephen thinks it was to turn her breech so that they had something to grab onto - other than her head - due to her brain issue. Either way they finally got her out after 2 minutes after Will at 5:24pm. She too cried and I think both Stephen and I after that point were crying as well. Everyone there told us that they were good size babies for twins and early. They brought each baby to me to kiss before they took them to the NICU due to Sam breathing a bit hard. I have no idea of Apgar scores because at that moment things started going hazy for me. Apparently they started pitocin or something and I was having an allergic reaction to it. I don't know what they saw - but I felt really out of it. They gave me something else to counteract it and after that I started feeling better. They all commented on how much better I looked. They still don't know which med made me have the reaction. I personally think it was the shot for the spinal.

    I ended back up in the recovery area - last year they stuck me in a private type room - I am assuming because of the circumstance. So I felt "normal" for once. I was there for about an hour or so before they moved me to my normal room. At this time, the babies were both still in the NICU. I was trying to have Stephen get things ready for me before he left - aka within reach since I still had the cath and calf "massagers".
    About 8 pm Stephen left to go be with Emily for the night and I thought I could finally sleep, as the past couple of days I couldn't due to my back being out. Around 10 pm they wheel in the babies. Apparently they were both doing alright. It was then I found out that they only had a "night" nursery (from 10p-6a). Since I had only gotten a brief look at the babies, I kept them in bed with me until 1 am when I finally "had" to sleep. The nurses then took them to the nursery.

    You would think that would have been the end of the story, but not so... my second night recoop, I ended up having issues with my bladder. Luckily a nurse suggested I drink some cranberry juice and that seemed to do the trick. Meanwhile, they had circumcised Will and my mellow man was then fussy that whole night. Along with his sister. My first foray into "double teaming". Sam had her head ultrasound, which was "inconclusive" -- so they decided to do an MRI and get a better picture. So instead of 3 days we were in there 4. Stephen and Emily decided to get colds at this time and both the babies and I ended up getting it when we were home. We found out from the MRI that Sam is missing the corpus callosum (middle part of the brain that communicates between hemispheres). At this point we don't know what that means or going to entail. They decided while she was still in the NICU to draw some blood to do a more detailed chromosome test. By the time she was "done" in the NICU and all the tests, packed everything up, drove home, it was after 10pm by the time we got home.

    This time it was a bunch of first for us.. babies coming home with us from the hospital, caring for a boy with a circumcision, two babies that were premies, and having a toddler on top of it.
    Erin & Stephen 4/10/04
    Emily 5/16/06
    Sarah 5/22/09-5/24/09
    William Graham & Samantha Lynne 4/29/10
    4/1997, 9/2003, 6/2007, 1/2008

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    Emerson Paige was born on Saturday 6/19 at 11:46am via C-section (38 weeks). 11 lbs 1.4 oz, 21 inches long.

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    Sydney Jo born 6:02 pm. Weighing 7lbs 11.2oz, 21inches long. Her head was 14.4 cm.

    At my appointment on Wednesday (6-9) when my dr did my first internal I was 3cm dilated about 50 to 60% effaced and her head was at -2 station. He stripped my membranes hoping to get something started and it hurt really bad, which most people say is a great thing and should of done something. After I left there my lower back was hurting and I kind of figured it was because of climbing the table while he was doing my internal/stripping my membranes. I didnt think anything of it really. I went to bed around 9:30 or so since I was really tired. I was up again at 1:30ish in the morning because of the pain in my back. I went downstairs and took a shower making it so the water was running on my back where the pain was since it hurt so bad. I tried going back to sleep after that but couldnt get the pain to stop. So I went downstairs and got online to see who was on and try to keep my mind off the pain. I ended up taking another shower awhile later because the pain was getting worse and I was having contractions off and on but nothing too strong or consistent so I really didnt think much of it. I called a friend of mine at 7am to talk to her to keep my mind off things and told her I was going to call my dr soon to see about going in to get checked since I was having more contractions, my back labor was getting worse and I lost a huge part of my plug(which I've never lost that much before so I knew something was happening. So I texted my friend who was going to watch my kids while I was in the hospital to tell her that I was going to be calling our dr to see about getting checked so they would need to come into town. I called our dr and told him what was going on at about 7:15 and we he asked me if I wanted to meet him at the hospital to get checked out or his office. I told him I would wait a bit longer to go anywhere since I needed my friend to come into town to help wth the kids. He said thats fine and I misheard him about him telling me to call him before I left the house so he knew where to meet us. He thought I wasnt really in labor. I called my friend and asked her to get her kids up and come into town. We met at the dr's office a bit after 8am. Since I misheard him about calling him he wasnt there and wouldnt be in until 9:30. With my contractions getting worse my mom who was driving and my friend decided it would be best to just go to the hospital so we called the dr on the way there and told him we were heading to the hospital. When we got here he checked me it still hurt really bad to get checked and I was only at 4cm dilated but I was 100% effaced and she was still -2 but I had a bulging bag. So I had a long ways to go. But because of how fast I went with Taylor they werent going to let me leave. So we talked it over and decided that they would get me into my suite and check me again and possibly break my water and have the baby. When they checked me again I was still at 4 but he didnt want to break my water just yet. So I walked the halls for awhile trying to get my contractions consistent and harder. At one point while walking the halls it felt like she had moved down farther. So I told them and we decided to check me again. I was still only at 4cm. They broke my water a bit after 1130 to get things going. But my contractions seemed to stop when they broke my water or it was to the point I wasnt feeling them since they were having me lay down. So they let me get up and walk the halls some more. They checked me again and I was almost 4cm, 100% effaced and -2. I asked for an epi around 1 or so when I couldnt stand the contractions any longer and so they could also start the pitocin since I was barely feeling the contractions. After the epi I felt great and things started moving along with the pitocin. Around 3 or so they checked me and I was 6cm, 100% effaced and -1 everyone in the room was happy and got really excited since there was finally more progress. They upped the pit around 5 and I was told they would check me around 5:30 to see if I was complete. About 5:15 I told the nurse I needed them to come in and check me because I was feeling a ton of pressure. When my dr, his student(who I had allowed to "help") and the resident all came in along with a nurse or two. I dont remember who checked me first but they said I was at 9.5 or so with just a little lip but could start pushing soon. So all of a sudden everyone was getting gowned and masked. There were about 4 or 5 nurses that were in the room to. They told me I could start trying to push while they were still trying to get gowned. At 5:30 is when I started pushing and she was born at 6:02 pm. Weighing 7lbs 11.2oz, 21inches long. Her head was 14.4 cm. She was my biggest and longest baby I've had. I didnt tear much, I guess they call it skid marks since they werent bad enough to require stitches. She was bruised, red, running a temp, breathing fast and grunting a bit when she came out so they were observing her longer then they normally do. I really didnt get a chance to see her for awhile but my parents who were both in the room and my friend got to see her and take pix. Her temp came down after half hour to normal which was fast so they wanted to continue to watch her close. They also ran blood tests because of her issues. All the tests came back normal and her blood sugars that they ran extras cam back normal to. She is a really good eater and easy burp at frst but when you try to burp her after the first time she gets mad so it takes awhile to get her to finish eating. We go home sometime today after our dr comes and releases us. She passed all her newborn screenings so everything is good. She is perfect. Trinity and Taylor both seem to enjoy her when they were up here both times. Although I'm not totally sure Taylor understands completely so we will see when we all go home.

    Some Pix
    First born

    Warming up

    Me holding Sydney with Trinity and Taylor


    After her bath

    About 16 hours old

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    Just wanted to add/update a few things for my arrival (6/17)... Nicholas was 21.5 inches long. His middle name is Joseph. My screen name is lj365. Thank you so much and you are doing an awesome job staying on top of all these births!

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    My user name is wrong on the arrival list- it is Karen624. Rebecca's middle name is Denise. Thanks!

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    I was scheduled for an induction on June 22. I had mixed feelings about this, since I really wanted to go into labor on my own, but had finally come to terms with it and decided it really was the right thing to do. In hindsight, I am very glad given her size. If she had been born much later, it would have been a challenge for me to get her out. The day before, I started having decent contractions throughout the day and evening. I was hoping they would progress to full blown labor before I went in.

    It was such a strange thing to know that the next day I would be having my baby. We all went out to a nice dinner at Olive Garden. My mom was already up here, and my in laws arrived on Monday.

    We arrived at the hospital at 8 am. They hooked me up to the monitor, and I was having mild contractions every 3-5 minutes. They got me all registered, started my IV and drew my labs. They decided to start the pitocin about 9:30. The nurse was great, and went very slow with increasing it. Our moms got to the hospital about 10 am. At about 10:30, my doctor (Dr. Bass) came and ruptured my membranes. I was about 4 cm and 75% effaced at this point. The contractions were not too strong, and I was easily getting through them with breathing and visualization. Dr. Bass came back at 12:40 to check me. At this point, the contractions were getting pretty strong, but I was still in control for most of the time. They came on super strong on the front half, and there were a few moments where it was hard to stay on top of them. I was disappointed to find out I was only 5 cm and 100% effaced, but that she had moved down a lot. I was hoping to be closer to transition. They picked up all of a sudden and I decided to take a little bit of Nubain. At this point I was worried I still had hours of labor left. My mother in law and nurse were joking that you never knew about third babies, and that I could be complete in less than an hour. I did not believe them. I went to the bathroom and had a killer contractions in there before I got the Nubain. The Nubain helped me to relax between contractions, and to stay in control a little better. They started getting really intense, and I broke down and said call for an epi, in case I want one. I knew if I did, I had to get the ball rolling, but that I could still back out. My nurse came in to tell me that anesthesia was tied up, so it would be awhile. While she was in there, I started to feel nauseous, shaky and felt pressure, a lot of pressure. I asked her to check me (this was at about 1:10 or 1:15.) She said I was complete, but that the baby was posterior (my mil told me later she was more transverse to oblique than fully posterior.) This explained the intense back pain I had been feeling with contractions. They let me push, which felt amazing, but she did not budge, even though she was getting pretty low, I think a +2. For some reaon, they did not want me to push through the next several contractions, in hopes that she would turn on her own. I am still not exactly clear why they did this, since I had a strong urge to push. My mother in law thinks they were waiting on the doctor. It was absolutely torture to grunt and groan and breathe through the contractions when my body wanted to push. I finally was not able to hold back, and had to push a little. After about 1/2 an hour, they let me start pushing for real. The first push out of each set hurt, the next two felt good. She was coming down slow, and then all of a sudden everyone yelled at me to stop. Apparently she corkscrewed her head and came flying out, and was crowning. I had to wait again through a contraction or so to allow things to stretch and to get the doctor there. At this point I was mad, it hurt so bad to have her sitting right there at the perineum, crowning, and I knew the bed was not broken down and I had TWO nurses right there, I knew my mother in law had delivered many babies on her own, so why couldn’t I just get her out then? If my doctor had not gotten in there when he did, I could not have held back. Bill told me he basically ran into the room, into his gown and slid into the bed. He let me start pushing again right away and her head was out, one more and her body was out. Pushing her head out was so intense (it was very large) and Bill told me I let out a primal scream from the depths of my soul. Pushing her body out was a strange combination of pain and relief, but once it was out, all the pain was gone.She was born at 2:23 pm. I pushed for about 1/2 an hour. They placed her on my chest, and it was all so surreal. The last hour of labor was so intense that I think I was not completely there. Her cord was quite short, They took her over to the warmer, and weighed her. My jaw dropped when they told me she was 8 lbs 7 oz. She was a pound and 1/2 a pound larger than my other two girls. Everyone thought she would be a small baby because I did not gain as much and seemed to be smaller with her. My doctor did my repair, which was significant given the size of her head and the rapidity with which she was born. I think it was finally labeled a deep 2nd degree, although for awhile it was being called a 3rd. My mother in law said my doctor did a good job putting counter pressure on her head to keep her from coming out too fast. My placenta did not want to detach, so I had to endure some fairly uncomfortable massaging and the pit turned wide open for awhile. Finally, at the 1/2 hour mark, it came out. My doctor held it up and said, “Wow, that is a heavy placenta,” and my mother in law told me it was huge as well. I am just glad it came out, because after the 1/2 hour mark they would have had to think about taking me back to the OR. I couldn’t really hold Rebecca while all of this was going on, because it was so painful when he would start massaging me, and I had to lay back. I finally got to hold her and nurse her which was wonderful. I had another hemorrhage, and had lots of bleeding and tennis ball size clots. I had to get a dose of Methergine as a shot, and a few more doses later. Thankfully the bleeding slowed down before anything else had to be done. The nurses and my doctor kept complimenting me on what a level head I had and how in control I was which I thought was so ironic, because for the last hour, I felt so out of control. Rebecca had to go to the nursery for 2 hours, which I did not like, but I was having a lot done to me while this was going on. My mom and mother in law stayed with me while Bill went with her. We got to my room only a few minutes before she did. I was so glad to finally be able really hold her and look at her. Things were so hectic right after the delivery, it was hard for me to focus just on her. I was so out of it for a little while. The rest of our stay was nice and uneventful, and she stayed with us all the time except for when they took her out for the peds to check her or to have her weighed. We got home from the hospital on my birthday at around lunch time. The girls and our moms had put together a nice little party and birthday dinner for me which was really sweet.

    We named her after both of our moms, and when we told them her name after she was born, it was a very sweet moment. They were both so touched since they had no idea that we were doing that. I was glad they could both be there to see her being born.

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    Jorden's Birth Story (pic heavy)


    On Monday the 21st I had my last Dr. appointment. At that time we scheduled an induction for Thursday June 24th. Haylie stayed with my parents on Wednesday night so DH and I could be up bright and early to go to the hospital by 6:30am. So we checked in at 6:30am. The nurses started my IV at 7am and the Doctor came in at 7:30am. I was having contraction about 5-7 minutes apart but not real regular yet. I was 25% effaced and 2cm dialated; he did P gel at that time. Once he did the P gel I was instructed to lay there for an hour and then I would have to walk for an hour. At 8am my MIL came. So at 8:40am I got up to walk the halls. Contractions were 1 1/2-2 mins apart and getting stronger. An hour later the Dr. came back to check me; at 9:34am I was 50% effaced and still at 2cm. He broke my water at that time. An hour later I was at 3-4cm and 60% effaced. I signed the consent for an epidural (just incase). I went into this pregnancy and labor not planning on having an epidural. Basically my instructions to everyone was "Do not offer me pain meds. I know what my options are and if I want it I will ask for it." Everyone was very good about following my "rule". My contractions were still coming about 1 - 1 1/2 mins apart and getting stronger. I kept trying to relax in between but there wasn't enough time. As the contractions got stronger they started to wrap around to my back. That freaked me out because I was afraid it was back labor which in my head meant that he would be face up like DD and cause a long and drawn out labor ending in the use of forceps or worse. I asked the nurse at what point could I have an epi. She said between 4-5cm. So she checked me and that's what I was. I opted for an epidural. She called for the anesthesioliget and started a bag of fluids that had to be ran before I could get the epi. At 11:45am I got my epidural and things got harry. Once they sat me up to do the epidural my body started to push. I pushed 3 times while sitting there. The nurse told me not to but my body was controling it not me. Once he was done putting in the epidural they laid me down to check and I was at 10cm and ready! So during the time of getting my epidurall I went from a 4-5 to a 10. The Dr. came in and said I was ready and to push with my contractions...but the epidural worked so well that I wasn't feeling my contractions anymore (which was fine by me). I kept telling them that they would have to tell me when to push because I couldn't feel. So anyway at 12:08pm I started pushing and at 12:16pm Jorden Ross was born! As I started pushing the Dr said there was maconium (which worried me) but Jorden is fine and he didn't breath any in.

    June 24, 2010 12:16pm
    7lbs 15oz 20 1/2 in.
    Jorden Ross

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    Default Orson Graeme born at home 7-1-2010

    I could tell things were gearing up as the school year was wrapping up. Our classrooms were moved around the building. Thanks to lots of help from my coworkers my room was moved. I was feeling lots of Braxton Hicks every time I was up on my feet from that point on. Cleaning up around the house or getting things done those last days of work was difficult. Orson held off until June 30th....that is when things got started.

    The morning of June 30th I was 39w 1d oddly enough the same gestational day when my water broke before labor started with Daemon I was also 39w1d. I had felt pretty crampy the days leading up to June 30th and felt maybe something was going on, but wasn't banking on anything.

    I tossed and turned all night and around 5:40 a.m. I noticed some blood in the toilet. I figured this must be bloody show and went back to bed to get some rest. Early labor contractions were irregular all day. I spent time listening to Hypnobabies, resting lying down, or sitting in the birth tub. I preferred to labor on my own and when my midwife and birth assistant arrived they spent time chatting and sipping tea on the front porch and let me do my thing. Troy also spent time on the computer and was there when I needed him. He wrote me sweet little love notes and left them where I would see them when I lifted my head after a contraction.

    Temperatures were very comfortable and not humid and hot like they had been. outside Around 7 I got out of the tub because my contractions had spaced way out. My body was very relaxed and we discussed a nice long walk before dinner. Troy was making lasagna and garlic bread, so that's what we did. We walked up and down the driveway a few times and up and down our quiet street. It was not hot out and it was such a wonderful time we spent together as a couple holding hands and sharing our excitement over our new little one. During each wave I hung on Troy's neck and relaxed every muscle in my body. My body knew exactly what to do. Walking got things moving a bit and the contractions were getting closer together and more intense, which felt great.

    Around 9 we ate dinner and timed contractions to see what was happening. Things were really spacing out now that I sat down. I had only a few contractions during dinner as they spaced out to around 7 minutes apart. Dinner was great! We talked and laughed during dinner. It was a very enjoyable time spent together. I felt so happy we chose these ladies to be present during my birthing time. They seemed to know just what I needed and gave me space to do what I needed to do and let me make decisions for myself, which made me feel in control. My midwife discussed the possibility of going home for some rest since she lives so close to us, but we were unsure about it since my birthing assistant lives further away in D.C. It seemed I was only in early labor, since things were not gearing up yet at all.

    My midwife does not do internal exams unless you ask for them and I was starting to wonder what all this early labor was doing to my cervix. Before she planned on leaving I asked her to check me. She checked me and found me to be 5-6 cm. thin cervix and a bulging bag of water. I was so happy I asked her to check me because I knew active labor was on it's way and things would speed up here soon. She said she was definitely not leaving now and that baby should be on his way soon. After dinner around 9:30 I got into the shower. I hung on the wall during each wave and rocked my hips through the contractions. Things were moving along, getting more intense, and it felt right. Around 10ish I got out feeling refreshed and walked sideways up and down the stairs to rock the baby down into my hips a little more. I held onto the railing during each wave. Troy hung out with me at the top of the stairs and ate a bowl of cereal. We laughed as we spent these quiet moments together. My midwife and birthing assistant were resting downstairs. I decided to move to the bedroom. I rocked on the birth ball in the bedroom on hands and knees for a few waves. That wasn't very comfortable so I laid down on my left side on the bed and during a wave. During that wave it felt like Orson kicked me in my cervix and a explosion happened. It scared me a bit. I think I said what heck was that! I thought I peed myself! Troy ran downstairs and told the midwife he thought my water had broken. This was at 11:20 p.m.

    Sure enough it had broken and now things got really going! Contractions came right on top of one another and they felt very intense. I hung on the wall and vocalized through each wave as I rocked back and forth. Rocking and hanging felt good because of all of the pressure I was feeling. I knew baby was coming soon, which was so exciting. My midwife and birth assistant quickly ran downstairs to gather up the supplies and put them on top of the dresser and around the room where they were needed. Around 11:40 I was completely focused on my baby. I started pushing with good progress. I felt like I was going to vomit and felt a lot of pressure in my bottom, so I got on the bed. After having a baby with an epidural I didn't know what to expect when it came to pushing. Let me just say this was the most intense thing I have ever felt in my entire life. My body was involuntarily pushing. As my birthing assistant said, "Without an epidural you feel the whole enchilada!" and she is right on. There was so much power with each wave that came over my body I had not choice but to go with it and push. The first few waves I just felt it and was just taking it all in. I was caught off guard at the intensity. I got focused and went with it. I was so close to meeting my baby boy! I pushed on my side and on my back. I wanted to switch positions because the pressure was so intense, but the contractions came so close together I could not get out of the position I was in. I pushed for longer then I expected. There was some stinging as I tore a bit and out he came.

    Labor stats: early labor 5:30 am-9:30 p.m. stage 1 was 2 hr.31 mins. stage 2 was 1 hour 32 minutes stage 3 was 36 minutes
    Total labor time 4 hours 39 minutes.

    Orson Graeme was born at 1:33 a.m. on July 1st, 2010. The whole experience was everything I wanted it to be. Calm, relaxed, and without intervention or unnecessary procedures. Orson came out calm without crying. His apgars were 9 and 10. He laid on my chest and showed an interest in nursing while I was repaired. I had a 2nd degree tear. He was never separated from mommy. His cord wasn't cut until it stopped pulsing. His baby exam was done last at 4:15 a.m. before the midwife left at 5:30 a.m. and we found him to be 7 lbs. 15 oz. and 20 1/2 inches long. My midwife and birth assistant tucked us all into bed gave us hugs and kisses and went quietly on their way.

    Since the birth Orson is doing well. He sleeps great and nurses like a pro.

    Getting weighed

    Orson and mommy

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