I woke up at 6 on Friday, June 25th and I noticed that my water was leaking. I’m pretty

sure it had been trickling for a week or so, but this was a noticeably larger amount. I

decided to cut Trevor’s hair in case Friday ended up being the day. I didn’t want him to look

like a caveman in the pictures... lol I had a Dr’s appointment scheduled for the afternoon,

so I decided to wait until then to tell him about the leaking fluid. Trevor had other ideas,

called the hospital, and they wanted me to come in.

Got to the hospital, did an NST- and I was having very few mild contractions. The nurse

confirmed that it was in fact amniotic fluid. We live in a small remote city which only has

one Obstetrician, so our family doctor was our attending physician. He had been wonderful

my entire pregnancy and was very supportive of my wishes to have a natural birth. We

knew our baby was going to be large, but he never suggested an induction to me because

he knew it would raise the risk of medical interventions significantly. He was especially

mindful of the fact that Ainsley was in a posterior position, increasing the risk of a c/s even


He has to report to the OB on any obstetrical cases, and the OB had been pushing for an

elective c/s. When the OB found out I was leaking fluid without going into active labor, he

pushed for an immediate induction, followed by c/s at 24 hours if there was no baby. My

doctor stood up to him, and bought me the rest of the evening to go into labor on my

own. If I didn’t go into labor, he would start an induction the next morning.

I was pretty stressed because I was nervous about being induced and the possibility of a

c/s. Plus, I knew I was on a time limit, and I hate that feeling! I went walking that night

and spent a lot of time on my birth ball trying to get labor started. I was sipping RRL tea

the entire time, too. 

I didn’t go into labor on my own, so Trevor and I reported to the hospital at 4 a.m. (ugh) I

have horrible veins, so they finally got my IV set up and monitors on at about 6 a.m. They

started an oxytocin drip, and I started feeling contractions at 6:30 a.m. I was pretty

discouraged (but trying to be positive), because this was turning out to be the opposite of

what I wanted. Here I am on oxytocin, lying on my back in a hospital bed.

At least our nurse was pretty awesome. She and a fellow nurse had just started the daily

crossword puzzle from the newspaper, so she brought it in for me to work on while we

were waiting for labor to begin. I kept thinking, wow, I’m going to look like a moron. It’s

five in the morning, I’m having contractions, I’m not in any mindframe to be doing a

crossword. But, my competitive nature won out, and I almost completed it before the

contractions got more serious.

At 9 a.m., the nurse told me that the baby was responding so well to the induction that

they would let me go off the monitors and have free reign to move around and do

whatever I’d like. I was ecstatic! My doctor came in at 9:30 to check my progress. When

the nurses told me he was coming in, I took my earbuds out of my ears. (I was listening to

my ipod.) Well, only one ear bud came out. The little squishy attachment for the other

earbud stayed in my ear. Then, when I tried to get it out with my fingers, I pushed it way

up in my ear out of reach. So here I am panicking about looking like an idiot with an earbud

stuck in my ear... lol I quickly told the nurse and she had to use these long tweezers to get

it out before the Dr. came in. Lol I told her I bet she never used those for that purpose


So back to the story- Doctor R. Is checking my progress. Well, lack of progress I guess. I

was still 3 cm, (which I had been for at least 2 weeks already), and I could tell he was a

little worried. He got permission from the OB to up my oxytocin level past the maximum

amount, and he decided to completely break my water. Once my water broke, the

contractions were immediately super intense. I don’t remember ever having contractions

like that with Aidan!

I decided to go into the shower on my birth ball to encourage Ainsley to move down (due

to her position, she was having a hard time moving down in my pelvis). The contractions

became almost intolerable. I am a Christian, and prepared for this birth by using prayer,

worship, and meditation on scripture to deal with the pain. So I’m in the shower listening

to my worship music and DH was reading my scriptures to me when the contractions got

stronger. I was not prepared for the intensity of the contractions- oxytocin contractions

with a very large baby in posterior position were not fun. They were so close together that

I would only have a second to regroup before the next one hit. I started to panic a bit and

felt like I was losing my composure.

We had an amazing nurse who actually used to be a hospital chaplain. She was amazing!

She was so encouraging, and it really felt like I had a doula there instead of a typical nurse.

She is a travelling nurse, and this was only her second shift. (I had her the day before when

I went in). Now that I look back wondering why I wasn’t going into labor earlier, I can see

how much I needed her and how hard it would have been to do this without her. She

challenged me and pushed me to stay with my wishes of having a natural birth, and even

prayed with me and calmed me down when I started panicking. She was reminding me

how to breathe (funny how fast you forget how to breathe during labor! ) and helping me

focus. She and Trevor did an amazing job encouraging me.

Even with their encouragement, the pain was getting so bad that I asked for some fentanyl

ready in case I couldn’t take it anymore. I just wanted a second of relief to regain my

composure because the pain was starting to panic me. I figured just knowing it was there

waiting for me if I needed it would help. I just kept thinking how I was only 3 cm an hour

ago, and I was going to have to be dealing with this for quite some time before I’d be ready

to push.

About 20 minutes later, I told the nurse that I felt like I needed to have a BM and I couldn’t

sit on my ball anymore because there was too much pressure. That caught her off guard- I

thought that I really just needed to have a BM, but she knew that it wouldn’t be long.

Right then my Dr. came in to check on me. I got on the bed and he said I was a good 7

cm, and he figured I would be ready to push in an hour. (it was 11 a.m. now- an hour and a

half after I was 3 cm) When he left I had to get off the bed! My contractions were on top

of each other so much that it took the span of three of them to get from my bed to

standing, to on my knees on the floor at the end of my bed. So, I’m on my knees on the

floor with my head and hands on the foot of the bed. My contractions and the pressure are

so strong, every time I had one I felt like I was climbing the bed trying to get away from


When my Dr. came in at 11, he knew I was close so he told the nurse not to give me the

drugs. He knew that I would regret it, and he didn’t want it to slow down the process or for

Ainsley to have any side effects from it. I probably could have hurt them at that point,

because I was in so much pain. I’m really glad now that they didn’t give it to me. I was

trying to breathe and just kept reading the same scripture over and over again.

Here, everything went crazy. I was on my knees for about 10 minutes when I told the

nurse I couldn’t help but push. I would give two little pushes every contraction because I

couldn’t handle it otherwise. The nurse figured I was just feeling more pressure, so she

encouraged me not to push, and told me it would be soon. Then she checked me, and sure

enough Ainsley’s head was crowning. All of a sudden I heard her ripping things open behind

me and getting everything ready for delivery while calling in the other nurse. I guess she

was talking to me, but I was in my own space and had no idea.

The nurses told me I needed to get on the bed, so here I was frantically trying to crawl up

on the bed. Somehow by the miracle of God, I got partially on the bed. I was still on my

hands and knees and now they were asking me to move up on the bed. I tried my best,

but I’m pretty sure I didn’t do a very good job of this. The whole time they’re telling me not

to push, and I was crying out “Jesus, help me!” during contractions (lol), and when a

contraction ended, I would apologize profusely for pushing when they asked me not to. I’m

pretty sure they got quite a kick out of this- especially Trevor. They asked me to get on

my back, and I told them no. I wasn’t going to push out a posterior baby on my back. I

did manage to get on my right side, which felt so much better, and I think opened up my

pelvis the right way to help Ainsley come out. The nurse then assured me that she had

delivered before, so now that they were prepared, I could push (my doctor was frantically

trying to get to the hospital now- he had just left thinking he had an hour or so).

By the time my Dr. came in, Ainsley’s head was out to her ears. It was amazing. Even

with an epi, when I had Aidan all I could remember was the horrible pain when giving birth.

This time, I could feel everything and really focus on what was going on. Even though I felt

like I was out of control, all of a sudden I could feel when the burning would become

intense, and I would relax my muscles and quit pushing for a moment. No one told me

when to push, no one counted. They just told me to do what felt right. It was amazing.

The problem was, she had shoulder dystocia. She came out with her head turned

sideways, and her shoulder was stuck on my pubic bone. So, she was “turtle-ing” meaning

her head would only come out to her ears, and then go back in again. Also, her cord was

wrapped around her neck. That wouldn’t have been serious, except for the dystocia, which

causes pressure on the cord.

So, it was a good thing that the Dr. showed up. We had previously discussed the

possibilities of this happening (it’s more common with large posterior babies), so when he

told me to go on my back, I knew exactly what was going on. They had to hyperflex my

hips (which feels fantastic* (sarcasm) when you already have a misaligned pelvis), and I

had to push as hard as a I could while the Dr. reached in and released her shoulder. After

that, she came right out screaming! 

I couldn’t believe everything went so well. It was very intense, but even with the induction,

I got to follow my birth plan beautifully. Ainsley was 10 lbs 4 oz, and 21 inches long. Even

with her head coming out sideways, I ended up with a tiny tear. I only got that because of

her shoulder. I am beyond thrilled!  I still can’t believe how fast it went- I walked in the

hospital thinking an induction would take a while, and preparing to have to have a c/s, but I

got my wishes.

Our first family picture

Big Brother

Happy Momma