Things are going fairly well. Lucas wouldn't latch on to BF for quite some time and my milk seems to always take awhile to come in. On Monday when my milk was in, I gave the nipple shields a try and he has been eating that way ever since. It's nice to not be pumping (especially since I never have seemed to get too much with a pump), but now it's just the new worry of supply, is he gaining weight, will he be up to his birth weight by the 2 weeks that they like to see...Right now I am just feeding him whenever he wants to eat and hoping for the best. My MW will be over in the next day or so and will get a new weight, so I am crossing my fingers.

Kailey is totally fine with her brother right now, but my mom is here so she is getting all that one-on-one attention. The prospect of taking care of two so close in age is a little more daunting in person, especially when BFing is taking up so much time. I think that was the aspect that I didn't truly realize. I mean, I knew intellectually how much work BFing is, but I am not sure you really get it until you have a baby attached to your boob all day long!

Taryl ~ you will have to share your closely spaced sibling tips!