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Keagen Nathaniel

My little man took 21 hours of labor to come out. My water broke at 1am on thursday december 6th and i was induced at 7am that morning. I got my epidural at 2pm that day and he didnt come out till 1030 that night. I only had to push for 25 minutes which was awsome. I love my son more then anything. His biological father was never there and now all of a sudden wants something to do with him. My boyfriend who i live with has been there through everything with my pregnancy. Hes keagen's father not the sperm donor. Im scared hes gona take me to court. Hes not on the birth certificate and hes never seen keagen and i live in a different county then he does. Hes stalking me through people i know or use to hang out with. Hes driving through my town i live in now looking for my car. its kind of scary. I have my step kids at home with me at night that i care for and a new baby i cant have him stalking me. any advice?