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That is nuts, you should be able to have him seen and have them bill you for the vist. Medicade will back pay for any appointment. Besides NO ONE on Medicade has a card for the first ped visit, they have to mail it to you no matter what?? I think that is outrageous. Just tell the doc that your waiting on his card, it's going to come for sure it's just a matter of time. Sorry for the rant, I think this is crazy. On another note, I'm glad you doing well, and I hope you can take care of yourself and not have to deal with PPD. (((HUGS))) Mama, and glad your doing well.

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Oh man I hear you. It took me 4 months!!! to get a birth certificate on my girls. Really it would have been three - but then they came and there were typo's with the names. Chloe Lyla was Chloe Layla and Miriam Elizabeth was Mirima. grrrrrrr It's such a hassle. Why does everything have to be so difficult. If it makes you feel a bit better. none of my babies have been to a doc before 3 weeks old (and the twins were 4 weeks) My MW with Olivia did the newborn metabolic screening and mailed it in when she was a week old. With the twins we got the cards for the deaprtment of health...but we never did them :rolleyes:. I know you "shouldn't" have to deal with all of this - but if there is an emergency - you'll walk into the ER.

Take care of yourself with the PPD. I had a terrifying experience PP with Olivia. I found a lot of holistic things to help me PP with the twins. It still creeps up but I feel like I have it somewhat harnessed. Be good about you vitamins and fatty acids. There is a wonderful book called. The Natural Guide to Pregnancy and Post Partum: the only book that addresses post partum recovery by Rafflelock, Dean,a nd Block. I found it very helpful PP with the PPD with Olivia. It's FAR more about post partum and address pregnancy from the recovery end (sort of reverse).

Thinking of you!!