Lestina's Birth Story

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Lestina's Birth Story

Lestina Rachel's Birth Story

Lestina was born October 11th, 2004 at 6:29 am weighing 7lbs 9 oz and measuring 20 3/4 inches. She was born naturally via vaginal delivery by Jennifer L Weiner-Smith.

It all started at 2:01 am Monday October 11th when I woke up for the second time that night having to go pee. When I got to the edge of the bed I felt a big gush that felt like I have peed myself. I hollared for my husband as he was sleeping down stairs and he came running up instantly. He helped me up and to the bathroom and proceeded to wake my mother who was in her room sleeping down the hall. She came into bedroom and had Justin check the sheets to see if my sac had ruptured for sure. And it had. She told us that it was only the beginning, to get settled in for the night and then proceeded back to bed.
I spent the next hour and a half between the bathroom and my bedroom. Everytime I had a contraction I would lean on my dear husband. It also helped for me to get down on all four and rock back and forth to relax through each contraction. At about 3:45 am Justin went back into my mothers room to wake her once again and told her it was time to go. As she got dressed Justin helped me down the stairs and grabbed our hospital bags.
At 4 am we climbed into the car for the journey that seemed like it lasted forever. The whole way to the hospital my contractions got closer together and longer. I was certain my daughter was going to come at anytime. Everytime I contracted I braced myself against the floorboard and my butt never touched the seat. Once arriving at the hospital after a 20 minute ride that lasted longer to me I had my mother park in the Emergency Room parking lot so I could walk. I insisted that if I sat in a wheel chair I would not make the progress I wanted and made my way slowly to the Labor and Delivery unit stopping to brace myself with every contration.
Once we got upstairs the nurses quickly got me into a room and checked me out. The findings were that I was already 7 cm dialated and 80% effaced.Seeing I was in pain my dh decided to rub my feet to try and relax me but I did not reciprocate the affection as I was in pain and it felt like he was tickeling me. After kicking him he decided to step away for a few minutes. Once he decided to return to console me he tried to hold my hand as I was grabbing for a handrail to make it through a contration. I smacked him which in turn hurt his feelings and caused him to leave. I cried to my mother that he had left and wasnt coming back until the doctor came in. After checking the babys heartbeat the doctor gave me the okay to move around freely. I would spend the next hour between the bathroom and my room. After several trips to the bathroom I was barred from going back in as the doctor was afraid I would give birth to Lestina in the toilet.I spent the next half hour leaning on my mother in pain to make it through every contration.I had told her I wanted Lestina to go back where she came from that I didn't want her any more, she hurt way to much. I begged for pain medication as I hurt too much.
At about 5:45 am the doctor came in to check my progress so that she could order my pain medication. I was at 9 cm and fully effaced. The doctor told me she would get me a shot for the pain but wanted me to dialate a little more before pushing. I moved around more and more and Justin finally came back in time for the baby. At around 6:15 am the doctor returned to my room with the pain medication and had me get back in bed to check me. I was wanting to push. The doctor was a little uneasy as I still had a brim but decided it would be okay.
With everyone in place the doctor gave me my pain medication (a little late as it didn't have time to take effect) and gave the go ahead to push. With my husband on the left holding my leg and my mother on the right I started the pushing. During this time I vomited 3 times. My mother and a nurse had to strip me (and even though I was in labor I was still embarrassed as everyone was seeing me) and clean me up. With everyone back in place I was okay to go again. I pushed with every contration. After 9 pushes my daughters head was half out and I stopped pushing when my contraction. The doctor had to quickly grab my babys head as the nurses were yelling to keep pushing. I sat up and quickly told them my contraction had already stopped. With the next contraction my daughters head was completely out and it was immediately disovered she was face up and had a perfect head of dark hair. With one more push my daughter was completely out with a birth time of 6:29 am. Justin chalked up his queasiness and cut our babys umbilical cord.
The nurses immediately whisked my daughter over to the infant station and she had a apgar score of 9 and 9. I was so proud of her. With everyone having their backs turned I delivered the placenta 3 minutes later with a quick plop. The doctor began the next battle of my delivery and that was firming up my uterus. I was shaking still and the doctor announced I was hemmorhaging. The immediately got two shots that they injected into my stomach to help with the bleeding. It took the doctor 15 minutes of constantly pressing on my uterus to get the bleeding under control. I was scared but when they were done I was immediately allowed to hold my beautiful angel which caused a flood of emotions. I cried and asked if she was really mine. I spent the next half an hour holding my daughter before she was taken away for tests and I went to sleep. The next few days were sore as they discovered my daughter had broken my tail bone on her way out. I was extremely excited to have a new addition to our family and couldnt wait to have more.