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    Default Emily's Birth Story ~ (photogalv)

    Emily's Birth Story ~ (photogalv)

    Hi there,
    Sorry about my lengthy absence from the board. My main computer completely died Terrible timing with all the new arrivals!!!

    The night before she came, I told Vu I was having Braxton Hicks. He timed them and said, "They're every 5 minutes. Should we call your midwife?"

    "No. They don't hurt at all."

    I fell asleep to Shawn Gallagher's Hypnosis for Childbirth CD,which I'd been falling asleep to for the past month or so.

    I woke up at 4:20AM needing to go the bathroom, but also having cramps.

    I started worrying thinking, "Gee, I don't want to have this baby on the toilet. I better time these in case they're contractions." I checked the microwave clock. They were mild, but coming every 4 minutes. I called my midwife.

    She timed them and said, " You are probably in the early stages of labour." "They are only lasting 10 seconds."

    "How long was your last labour?"

    "6 hours."

    " I better come and check you. You were GBS +, so I need to come and give you the antibiotics anyway."

    I agreed.

    I woke Vu up at around 4:50 AM. I actually felt a little bad for calling Mahnaz, since I thought it could be awhile longer.

    Mahnaz arrived around 5:05. She asked me if Tatyana, the student midwife (who had just started with the clinic last week) could check me, but said she would also need to check me. I said I would prefer only one check. I had a few contractions (but not many), then she checked me.

    Her expression changed as she said, "Danielle, I don't believe this. You are 9 centimetres. Don't push. Vu-get the receiving blankets" She ran to her car to get her birthing kit.

    Tatyana arrived (in what would be her first ever homebirth, as she is from Ukraine and they don't do homebirths there).

    My mom came as I had called her right after I woke Vu up. It was 5:30AM.

    I told my midwives I wanted to push. I had to wait until they got the antibiotics into me. I told Mahnaz I was really itchy. She told me later that she had Benadryl just in case, but decided to concentrate on getting the baby out, since there were 2 of us to worry about-me and the baby (the right decision as the itching went away).

    When they finished the antibiotics, I started to push.

    I did the first 2 pushes with my face, then Mahnaz explained how I need to push farther down and my mom said to push in the shape of a J.

    I pushed and my water broke. There was meconium.

    They said, "Call the paramedics now. It was only a little bit, so hopefully it is ok, but we need to call them" (I wonder if they said that so I would be more calm).

    My mom left the room to do that. Then they said, ``Level 3, ask for level 3.`` Vu left the room to tell my mom to ask for Level 3 as I pushed. I was highly motivated, since I knew meconium could be dangerous. Then they shouted out, "Cancel the paramedics." She had already come out! After only 7 minutes of pushing. It was 5:55AM. My mom and Vu were in the kitchen when she came out.

    She weighed 8 lbs, 2 oz., was 20 inches long and her head circumference was 37.5 cm. We didn't know the gender until I asked and someone told Vu to check (as the midwives were busy getting what they needed for cord blood banking).

    Somehow, I did not tear (but the after pains were probably worse than labour).

    Julia woke up around 8AM and wanted to give her a stuffed lamb, then asked to cuddle her. She was pretty excited to be a big sister!

    Note: It is very difficult for me to do anything on this computer, hence the lack of photos. I am getting a new computer next week, but I will try to post one or two before then.
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    Default Makena's Birth Story ~ Donna (dn2011)

    Makena's Birth Story ~ Donna (dn2011)

    Friday, March 25th I woke up with a surge of "nesting"...I scrubbed the bathroom and kitchen floors, vacuumed & dusted the living room and bedroom floors and did the kitchen dishes. My BFF came over in the morning to visit and all the while, DH was calling me on an hourly basis, just to check on me and see if he was "needed". Around 4pm that afternoon, I started getting pretty regular contractions, about 10-12 min apart and lasting anywhere from 1-2 minutes. I tried laying down and resting, even went so far as to take a long, relaxing hot shower, but they were still consistently there, so I knew they weren't BH contractions. Around 7pm I decided to call my OB's office to fill them in on what was going on. Since it was the weekend, my OB's office was not "on call" (more on that later), but I did get a callback from the dr who was, who instructed me to "come in to L& d". So, I called DH at work and told him we were a "GO"!!

    Since my DH works about 40min from home, and my water HADN'T yet broken, I knew we were ok to wait, so I got all the stuff together and waited for DH to arrive. Once home, he quickly took a shower and got ready, loaded up the car and off we went to the hospital, where we arrived around 8:30pm. We got checked in, monitors hooked up and they ran the standard intake tests (blood pressure, Doppler, ultrasound, FHR and blood work). By the time all of my tests came back, my contractions were closer to 6-8 min apart, but I still wasn't dilating at all, so plans were made to move me upstairs to start my induction. In the 45minutes it took to get me moved, my blood pressure shot astronomically high, over 210, so I wasn't even in my L&D suite for 10minutes before they came and moved me directly into the High Risk unit, where I would stay until I delivered.

    Just like two weeks before, my BP was causing considerable issues. They started me on the anti-seizure meds and hooked me up to monitor my BP. They needed to get me more stabilized, fearing that I could stroke-out during delivery, so they decided to put off the start my induction, until they could safely consider me for a vaginal delivery--if not, then they would perform an emergency C-section. By now, it was almost 2am, my entire support team (my husband, mom, sister and aunt) were there and they all were a bundle of nervous energy. They finally got my BP to an acceptable level around 4am, so they started my Foley Bulb placement, since I could no longer have the Cervidil with the BP issues. After the Foley was inserted, I sent everyone home, including my DH, since there was nothing to do but wait, and if everyone was there---NO ONE (including me) would get any rest. So, after everyone left, I tried to get some assemblance of shut-eye, which was NOT happening and hunker down to wait.

    During the night, we found out--much to our disappointment, that on nights and weekends, our practice works with two other groups for coverage. What this meant for us is that there would be no guarantee that neither MY doctor, nor any from her practice would be delivering our baby. Now, at no time during the 9months of my pregnancy did our practice EVER disclose this possibility to me about this possible occurrence. What they did stress to us, over and over, was that we HAD to see every doctor in our practice at least TWICE, in case that my OB was not available, we would be aware and comfortable with someone else from the practice doing the delivery. Logically, this would work, but when we got to hospital on Friday night and found out about this "other" plan, it did NOT go over well, understandably. By Saturday morning, we had found out that, in fact NONE of the doctor's from our practice were "ON CALL" that weekend, so I would be guaranteed that a "stranger" would be delivering our daughter! At that point, I lost IT.....with everything else that was happening, to have this stress added on top was just too much!!

    My Foley Bulb came out around 7:30am, so at that point I was 3cm dilated and ready for them to start my Pitocin. My family arrived back in around 8am, which is when the new OB doctor arrived. We asked to have a meeting with her, in which I was very candid and straight---there was nothing against her as a doctor, it was just that I didn't know her from "Adam" and with all of the misinformation we'd be given, DH and I both felt we had been a bit blind-sided by everything. The new OB was so sweet and understanding--she spent about 40min sitting on the edge of my bed, being grilled by DH and family and in the end, she left me feeling so reassured and comfortable! The Anesthesiologist came and discussed my pain options with me--since it was safe, I could still have the epidural if I wanted it, and just needed to let the nurses know when.

    By 2:30pm, I was 5cm dilated, 80% effaced at a -2. By 3pm, they decided to break my water and I was ready to have my epidural, so they came and did that, which I SO LOVED--I wanted to KISS the anesthesiologist!! Dilation continued, but slowed down at one point---they were having issues with the baby's HR, which significantly dropped with each contraction peak, so they were slightly worried that I'd still end up in an OR for a C-section. By 6:00pm, I was really starting to feel the "pressure", for which the epidural really had no effect on. In the course of an hour, I went from 7cm to 10cm dilated, so just after 7pm, I was ready to start pushing!

    By now, I was exhausted...from my family, to the lack of sleep and the overall anxiousness of the situation, it felt as if I was going to completely shut down. They asked DH to get on my left leg, and my sister on my right. At that point, I said "I just CAN'T do this..." to which my baby sister got right up in my face and kissed me on the forehead and said--"You CAN do this...remember what POOH said--"you're stronger than you think you are". I smiled at her, and the pushing started. I did three groups of 3 pushes and on the 4th push group, she was out!

    Makena Leilani Adelle was born at 7:18pm on Saturday, March 26th weighing in at 5pounds 14ounces and 20 inches long

    The room erupted in joy and (from what I was told afterwards, because I was SO overwhelmed), when she came out she was facing my mom, aunt and DH with eyes WIDE open and smiling. DH cut the umbilical cord and they laid her on my chest--she was SO tiny--much smaller than I expected, so I was a bit overwhelmed with everything that was going on. They collected our Cord Blood and proceeded to work on me a bit, while DH and the nurses took baby for her cleanup and processing. I had a slight tear, which required two stitches, and with the epidural, I did not feel a bit. They had a problem with my placental delivery, so that took a bit of time and was quite discomforting, having them press and squeeze on my abdomen, but finally they were able to get it out. My uterus contracted perfectly, so they were really happy with that. AND, the biggest joy---they let me EAT, which was so great, considering the last food I'd had was Friday afternoon, around 4pm! My sister when to RED ROBIN for takeout and the rest of the family stayed and took tons of pictures. DH's mom and SIL came in to see the baby and they were just in LOVE with her! After my sister came back with the food, and everyone ate, they let our new family get settled in for the first night. Since I was on the anti-seizure meds, we could not be moved directly into the post-partum unit, so we had to stay in High Risk until Sunday. The good news is that they let Makena room in with DH and I, rather than being taken to different floor for the first night. They tried to have me breastfeed, but due to flat nipple issues (which did NOT resolve even with the initial pumping attempts), we had to resort to formula feeding.

    Overnight, they continually monitored both Makena and I for issues with blood sugar and my BP, both of which CONSIDERABLY improved once the baby was out. By morning, they had me off the anti-seizure meds and up walking. I was able to eat breakfast and then they moved all of us up into our post-partum suite. By then it was 10:30am, and I knew that my DH was exhausted beyond belief. I told him to go home, nap & shower and come back later in the afternoon. Since it was Sunday, there would be nothing really for us to gain by him being there at the hospital all day, since they have no classes or maternity services on Sundays. The only thing that I did get to do was a one-on-one session with my nurse, who instructed me on how to bathe the baby. Other than that, both momma and baby slept most of the day.

    Sunday evening DH was back to spend the night, and we had a few rounds of visitors. Early Monday morning, we received a visit from our Pediatrician, who also happens to be our family doctor--baby was checked out and released to go home. By Monday, her weight had dropped only to 5pounds 9.5oz. My other docs came and released me for discharge, we just had to wait around for a lactation consultant to come by and meet with me. While waiting, the baby's professional photos were taken, right there in our hospital room! I'll be posting them later in the month, once we get the CD from the shoot. The lactation consultant came and talked with me about the problems I am having with my nipples (one is slightly inverted and both are very flat and do not stay erect), so I've opted to skip BF'ing and instead just stimulate my milk by pumping and then bottle-feed with my breast milk, if it comes in. In the meantime, we’ll continue with the formula that she's been on since birth. After all of that, DH took most of our "gear" down to the car and pulled it around to the hospital's main entrance, for my discharge. Just before the hospital's escort service came to take us downstairs, Makena decided that she needed to EAT and right then and there! So, we had to stop, unpack the baby from her car seat and get her fed. By the time we were done, we had to wait another 20minutes for escort to come back to get us. By that time, both DH and I were antsy to get HOME with our baby girl, and we finally made our way downstairs. They started to take me out through Maternity, when we told escort that my husband was at the main hospital entrance---OOPS--they conveniently forgot to instruct us that all delivery discharges are through Maternity, so DH was going to have to go and get his car and come to the Maternity entrance to pick us up. So, while they wheeled me and the baby to Maternity, DH went to the front entrance of the hospital, where he found they were just getting ready to tow our car from the entrance loop---GREAT!!

    After commandeering our vehicle, he drove over to Maternity; loaded us both up in the car and home we went. It's been a whirlwind of the last few days---lots of sleeplessness and fatigue, trying to get Miss Ladybug on a feeding and nap schedule and most of all, just trying to stay sane! We've had visitors every day, although we have instituted a visitors schedule (nothing before 2pm or after 8pm) and we've been inundated with offers of food and help if we need it, which we're taking advantage of, as needed. We have our FIRST pediatrician visit this morning, so we'll be happy to get that under our belts! Pumping has bit a bit of a challange--I'm getting just a tiny bit from my right side, and my left (the one with the problem nipple) is sore and nothing is getting expelled yet. The plan is to continue this until the end of April, when my pump rental is up, and see where we're at before I extend the rental contract.

    Without FURTHER ADO, meet Makena Leilani Adelle --

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    Default Oliver's Birth Story ~ Lauren (La123)

    Oliver's Birth Story ~ Lauren (La123)

    I only have the ipad right now, so i'll come back and add the whole story soon hopefully! for now here is a pic of Oliver at the hospital

    OK, so I'm going to attempt to write a birth story for the first time. They botched the epidural, and I had the fluid leak to the brain, causing a migraine for the first four days, until yesterday when I went back to the hospital for a blood patch, where they draw blood and inject it into my spine, to form a block... Ugh... So recovery has not been fun. Things are looking up today though, and I can move around my house a little better. but still not supposed to do anything. If I so much as sneeze I could dislodge the clot, and the migraine will return.

    So on Sunday night at 9 O'clock (March 27th) I blended up three tablespoons of castor oil, some orange juice, and a lot of ice, and drank it. I went to bed at 10, only to wake up an hour later feeling really crampy, and nasty. I came downstairs, and James made me some ginger tea, because I was feeling a bit nauseous. The tea really helped and I just lay on the couch for an hour or so, contractions were coming every few minutes, but I didn't know if it was going to fizzle off or not. Eventually James went to bed, and I tried to fall asleep, with no luck. I called my midwife and let her know what was happening, and she said I could go into the hospital now if I wanted, but I was so worried that it would turn out to be more of the false labor I had been having, so I said no, I'll stay home a bit longer. My mom is visiting, so I woke her up and asked her to go for a walk with me. We went outside and walked for an hour or so, came back inside, and had some more tea. It was getting to be about 4 am at that point, and I was so tired. I thought I would take one last try for some sleep so I lay down on the couch again, and as the next contraction came we heard a loud pop sound. I jumped up, and said... was that my water breaking. I moved around a bit, and nothing leaked out, so I lied back down. Next contraction and another super loud POP, and water came gushing out. At that point I knew things were going to go extremely quickly so I told my mom to run and wake james. We were all frantic for a few minutes, grabbing all the bags and everything... trying to change my pants... lol. So we get in the car, and contractions are getting super strong at this point, and I'm like... ok, lets get there fast... then two minutes down the road, we realize that neither of us knows where the hospital is. It was the same hospital we had our first at, so I assumed that james remembered, and he assumed that I had looked it up. So we called 911 to get directions... crazy. I got into the hospital and was checked by the nurse. 7 cm... I was freaking out because I really wanted an epidural, and was NOT prepared for the pain. I didn't feel pain like that in my last labor, or ever in my life for that matter. They wheeled my bed upstairs... and the midwife arrived. She checked me again, and she said actually I would say your 5 or 6... So I got the epidural. What a relief. Contractions slowed down a bit at that point, but I didn't need any oxytocin in the end. The midwife left for an hour or so, then when she came back I was ready to push. I'm really not sure how long it took, but I felt the baby coming out this time, even with the epidural... again, crazy. Oliver Finn H. was born at 8:17 AM on March 28th. 10 lbs 6 oz. He is a dream baby so far, and I am so in love with him Thanks for reading if you made it this far!

    Oliver Hospital 096
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    Default Layne's Birth Story ~ KessyWessy

    Layne's Birth Story ~ KessyWessy

    Sorry this is so long, but it is a three week long story, because I never have enough hands to type with! Also sorry:not spellchecked-baby is getting up.

    At around 3 am on March 14th I got up to pee, and when I got back in bed my water broke. But I'm an idiot and I thought I might be peeing myself, since it broke in small gushes. I did suspect this could be it so I called my husband to come home. He was on business in Calgary, whiich is about a 3.5 hr drive. Fastest trip from Calgary to Edmonton EVER!

    Around 4 or so I started having contractions, and had more gushed of fluid, so I had figured out I was in labour. I called the hospital for advice to see how long I could wait before going in and we decided it would probably be ok to wait for my husband. So I did some laundry and started packing a bag for myself and and the baby and another one for my 3 yr old. I started calling people around 5-6am. I needed to make arrangements for my 3 yr old-Layne was coming early and blew all my plans to hell. So my sister arranged to meet me at the hospital to pick Kailey up and keep her for the day. And I got my BIL who lives close by to be on stand by to take me to the hospital if things went too fast for my husband to get home.

    I got Kailey out of bed and she was so tired her legs were shaking while she was getting dressed! But she knew what was going on and was a super good girl. At 6:30am DH arrived home and Kailey and I were sitting by the door with our coats and boots on, so off we went.
    When we arrived at the hospital I was about 4cm dilated and contractions were about 3 mins apart so they started getting me ready to give birth. The nurse had to page my ob and look for my test results for GBS. It turned out I was positive, so we got the IV started at 8:20am and the nurse arranged for my epidural, which was awesome.

    Over the next 4 hours I progressed quickly and everyone was just hoping baby would hold off long enough to get the full course of antibiotics in. We managed it and I was ready to push around 12:30pm. I was given oxytocin around that time to help with labour, because even though my contractions were natural, they were weaker than ideal and the dr wanted me to have some help getting good strong contractions. Layne Sullivan was born fairly quickly after that, coming into the world at 1:02pm weighing 6lbs 2oz.

    He was taken aside to get cleaned up and assessed by the nurse from the nicu, which is standard becaue he was a preemie by a couple of days. Then DH and I got to see him and hold him for a few minutes until it was decided he was pale and showing some signs to breathing problems (flaring nostrils). So off he and DH went to the nicu for observation.

    I had to stay behind because the placenta would not detach. My dr gave me 30 mins to birth the placenta, using massage and oxytocin to engourage it to come out, but it wouldn't. After 30 minutes she called the anesthesiologist to come back and give me more drugs since the epidural had nearly worn off. An hour after I gave birth she had her hand inside my uterus manually removing the placenta. That was unpleasant. Apparantly it was really stuck. Then I was stuck in bed for another hour or so until I could move enough to get into a wheelchair and be moved to my room. At the same time Layne was released from the nicu, so we all got into our room at the same time.

    The next afternoon we were cleared to come home, which was a great relief.
    The next day we were visited by the public health nurse to do some tests on Layne (standard). DH and I had noticed Layne was becoming jaundiced, and he was doing worse at the breast-not better. So the nurse checked him for jaundice and arranged for us to have another visit the next day. Thursday morning his jaundice was getting worse, so they did a blood test and took his weight. He was down to 5lbs 8oz! Around suppertime my ob called for us to come in to the hospital- she arranged for us to go to the closest, but smaller hospital vs the slightly farther away but bigger and better equipped hospital where I gave birth. So off we went.

    Kailey spent the night with my sister (different one than before) so DH could stay at the hospital with Layne and I. I had some pretty good tearing I was recovering from and I was hurting pretty bad. When we got in our room at the hospital I was so uncomfortable I couldn't breastfeed any more, simply due to positioning, so I started pumping and bottle feeding. By the time we got in he was down another 2 oz to 5lbs 6oz. Layne spent the night in an incubator for his phototherapy, and we had to feed him every 2 hours. He had to wear these eye protectors so he looked like a little alien in there.

    He did really well overnight, and we were released the next day around noon, with instructions to keep feeding him every 2 hours. We had already scheduled and appointment for a check up so my dr was comfortable letting us go home, knowing she'd see us in a few days anyway. It was also noted that he had a mild tongue tie, so the dr arranged to have it clipped if we wanted. It may or may not have been enough to hinder breastfeeding, but considering we were having problems we thought we'd take what help we could get.
    So we went to see the dr who clips tongue ties- we didn't even need an appointment, she was expecting us. He didn't even cry, and it bled the tiniest bit.

    Finally we could go home. The next week and a half were exhausting. I had to breastfeed unsucessfully, pump, bottle feed, wait 2 hrs and repeat. Oh yeah and I was still really sore and tender from the tearing. When we saw the Dr on the 23rd Layne was up to 6lbs, and she asked us to keep up with the feeding every 2 hrs until after the weekend, then, as she put it "he could tolerate some teaching" with breastfeeding. So we did.

    On the 24th help arrived! My sisters had been doing their best to hold my house together for me, but now Mom and Dad were here! The plan had been for Mom and Dad to be staying with me for the birth, but Layne was in a hurry. And considering they were coming from Newfoundland it didn't make sense to change all their flights and stuff.

    Breastfeeding has been a struggle this time. Its a darn good thing I breastfed my first, or I might have thrown in the towel by now. Layne could latch well, but wouldn't always. He would get frustrated and refuse the breast. And he wouldn't suck well, which was the start of all the problems. I think he was just a little bit too small, a little bit too weak and a little bit to tongue tied and it made eating a little bit too hard. Of course that becomes a vicious circle , doesn't it?

    But we're there now- He latches more quickly all the time and we don't have nearly as many fights about it. He was weighed on monday and was up to 6lbs 10oz. And I have not had to pump in days! I think I have a breastfeed baby again.

    If you've hung in- thanks for reading!

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