Lions and Lambs Arrivals and Birth Stories!!

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Lions and Lambs Arrivals and Birth Stories!!

Now that our first baby has arrived, let's start up the arrivals and birth stories thread!

As your Lions and Lambs arrive, post date/time/name/weight/length here to be included in the arrival list!! Also please share your birth story!

January 24

[SIZE=3]Rachel (Blessedwith4)
[COLOR=Magenta]Karolynn Faith

4 pounds 15 ounces, 19 inches[/SIZE][/COLOR]


January 30

[SIZE=3]Jade (jaders)
[COLOR=Magenta]Claire Victoria

7 pounds 4 ounces, 18 inches


February 14

[SIZE=3]Lizi (lilybet)
[COLOR=RoyalBlue]Jasper Christopher David

8 pounds 12 ounces


February 21

[SIZE=3]Angela (Angela724)
[COLOR=RoyalBlue]Ian Joseph Drake

8 pounds 6 ounces, 22 inches


February 23

Lindsy (capricity)
[COLOR=Magenta]Riley Laine

6 pounds 3 ounces, 18.5 inches


Shruti (alusmom)
Rehan Jay
8 pounds 0 ounces, 21 inches


February 24

[SIZE=3]Christina (christinacc)
[COLOR=RoyalBlue]Christian Joshua

6 pounds 3 ounces


February 25

[SIZE=3]Allie (Allie01979)
[COLOR=RoyalBlue]William Brian

6 pounds 15 ounces


February 28

[SIZE=3]Renee (Fingers Crossed in FL)
[COLOR=RoyalBlue]Cole Mason

8 pounds 6 ounces, 21 inches


Brittany (Mommy2007)
Joseph Robert
8 pounds 13 ounces, 21.5 inches


Mary (marymoonu)
Calvin Michael
6 pounds 8 ounces, 18 inches


March 1

Ashleigh (ashleigheg12)
[COLOR=Magenta]Cailyn Ruth

7 pounds 3 ounces, 21 inches


March 3

Laurie (led082607)
[COLOR=Magenta]Charlotte Jean

9 pounds 9 ounces, 20 inches


Brianne (GoodEyeSniper)
Emmett Jude
8 pounds 4 ounces, 20.5 inches


March 4

Callie (callie2)
[COLOR=Magenta]Harper Claire

5 pounds 15 ounces, 18.1 inches


March 10

Philly (aidansxmommy)
[COLOR=RoyalBlue]Nolan Parker

6 pounds 14 ounces, 19 inches


March 14

Angela (Anngie60)
[COLOR=RoyalBlue]Kieran Thomas

6 pounds 14 ounces


[COLOR=RoyalBlue]Layne (middle name TBD)

6 pounds 2 ounces



March 16

[SIZE=3]Manda (mandora)
[COLOR=Magenta]Selene Katherine Alice (aka "Lilu")

7 pounds 15 ounces, 21 inches


Lisa (girlnamedlisa)
[COLOR=RoyalBlue]Colton Emanuel

8 pounds 2 ounces, 19.5 inches


March 18

[SIZE=3]Amy (asteuck)
[COLOR=Magenta]Lauren Kay

9 pounds 2 ounces, 21 inches


Erica (peach74)

6 pounds 11 ounces



Lisa (kerowyn)
[COLOR=RoyalBlue]Thomas Oliver

7 pounds 9 ounces, 20.5 inches



March 20

[SIZE=3]Amber (Amber_daisy)
[COLOR=RoyalBlue]Quinn Oliver

9 pounds 3 ounces, 52 cm


March 22

[SIZE=3]Jodi (Snapplebear09)
[COLOR=Magenta]Riley Amelia

7 pounds 8 ounces, 21.5 inches


Jules (kiwi_babe)
[COLOR=Plum]~~~It's Twins!!~~~

Tessa Fleur - 8lb 2oz, 52cm at 3:13pm
Sophie Violet - 6lb 5oz, 50cm at 3:21pm



[COLOR=Magenta]Hannah Josette

7 pounds 4 ounces, 19.5 inches



Rebecca (rmacburn)

8 pounds 6 ounces



March 23

[SIZE=3]Meg (Maggies Mom)
[COLOR=Magenta]Piper Morley

8 pounds 6 ounces, 20 inches


March 26

[SIZE=3]Donna (dn2011)
[COLOR=Magenta]Makena Leilani Adelle

5 pounds 14 ounces, 20 inches


March 28

[SIZE=3]Lauren (La123)
[COLOR=RoyalBlue]Oliver Finn

10 pounds 6 ounces

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Karolynn Faith's Birth story ~ Rachel (Blessedwith4)

Karolynn Faith's story

"Blessedwith4" wrote:

Sunday January 23rd at 8:00pm I went into the hospital to start the induction. I dont remember what it is called but they started out with a tiny pill they put behind my cervix, and after all night of that every 3-4 hours I was having some very mild contractions and was dilated to about a 2 1/2 by around noon on Monday. They did one more of those and the next time they checked me I was at 3 so the midwife came in and broke my water and started pitocin. It took about an hour after that but I started to feel the contractions regularly and getting stronger. I had the epidural before they got seriously painful, but for some reason it didn't numb my right side as well as my left. I didn't mind at all actually cause my right side felt "asleep" and I was able to get a break from the contractions and sit and talk with my husband for a few hours. I ate some ice and noticed the numbness in my right side wearing off as the contractions got stronger. The nurse came in and checked me and I was about a 6-7 and I told her about the epidural and she had me lay at an angle to try and get the meds to go to my other side. She asked me on a scale of one to ten what my pain was and I said it was like a 5-6. She checked me and got this look on her face and I knew she was concerned. She looked at me and said my baby had her hand sticking out and was holding on to her finger! She went to tell my Dr and I swear the second she left my pain went from 5-6 to 10! I could feel my baby moving down into the birth canal and the contractions were so intense and non stop! My left leg was competely numb but the rest of my body was totally UNnumb so I kept trying to get into a comfortable position but I could not move my leg at all. The nurse came back and my dh told her what happened and all I could think about was pushing! I had the epidural with my daughter before this birth and it worked perfectly, my two kids before her were completely natural (one was a planned home birth) this was my most medicated birth and it was by FAR the most pain I have ever felt in my life. I have never felt like I couldn't handle it, or think past it but this time I felt seriously like I just couldn't take it. I was begging the nurse to get the dr when she finally walked in! She put my legs up and pulled the handles on the bed out for me to hold on to, and in one push my little Karolynn Faith appeared. She was so beautiful and pink and after about 10 seconds she even started crying. She was 4lbs 15oz and 19" long, born 6 weeks premature. She was tiny, pink, and perfect. The nurse brought her to me for a good 10 minutes before they took her into the NICU and she just sat there with her eyes open looking at me. My dh got to go with them into the NICU and said all the nurses couldn't believe how well she was doing. She didn't need any breathing tubes and sucked down a bottle all on her own. It has been emotionally hard on me, as I knew it would. Spending the night in a hospital bed alone, without my little baby was really hard. And leaving the hospital without her was even harder, but I am so unbelievably relieved and thankful that she is so strong and healthy. One of the nurses from the NICU goes to our church and so everyone in the NICU knew about my story and why little Karrie was going in there. It was so special for me to know she was already loved and so well cared for, but its not the same as being able to do it myself. Karrie got to come home at what would have been 35 weeks gestation age, which the nurse told me she had never seen. She was warmly welcomed by her siblings and is doing so so well. Thanks to everyone who was praying for us and following my blog. Smile

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Claire Victoria's Birth Story... (xp)

Claire Victoria
(DH's little velociraptor and my sweet eclair)
January 30, 2011 at 6:45am
18" long and 7lbs 4oz

Her birth story really began Friday (January 28th), when I noticed bloody show and had mild cramps all day. Saturday (January 29th) I had more of the same, but no definite signs of progress, so we ran some errands, visited the in-laws, and talked them into watching the bunny for us. (Thank goodness!) DH and I headed home to get some rest, and I made a nest of pillows and blankets on the couch in a vain attempt to get comfortable.

(And took one last belly pic that afternoon!)

Sunday (January 30th) around 4:30 am, I was awakened by a sharp, stabbing pain in the cervix. I think I actually tried to leap off the couch (didn't work obviously) so I could hop around and swear (it really hurt), when I felt/heard that tell-tale pop. Yup, labor started with my water breaking *again*.

I think I must have had a lot of fluid, because there was a gush on the couch, a gush on the floor, a gush on the way to the bathroom, a puddle on the bathroom floor, and another gush into the toilet. At least it was clear.

I woke DH up to deal with the mess, make a light breakfast (I was *not* going to go to the hospital with an empty stomach, then not be allowed to eat again), and otherwise get us ready to go. I got a quick rinse-off in the shower and fresh clothes, then we were ready to head in.

(I had wanted to have as natural a hospital birth as possible, but with her being so early, my water definitely breaking, and contractions starting, we decided not to wait it out at home. DH had a bad feeling and wanted to go in - glad I listened.)

My contractions started very soon after my water broke (YAY for starting on my own this time!) and went from low cramps to painful and every 2-3 minutes almost immediately. They hurt much more than I thought they would - it actually felt just like the pitocin ones except that I had a short break in-between to refocus. It was amazing to moan and rock through them...I felt like I was really working with my body and not against it like last time.

By the time we were actually at the hospital, I'd been having the contractions like that for about an hour. Then things got a little crazy with the initial assessment... The nurse took my information and went to check my cervix, then yelped, 'Holy ****, that's a foot!'. (She was so surprised, she actually forgot to check for dilation and had to do it again...6cm, with foot.)

(That changed things - with a pre-term, footling-breech baby and broken water, a vaginal delivery was out and they started prepping me for a c-section. I was really proud of myself for getting that far on my own, though. I was making excellent progress (6cm after one hour of hard contractions), and had she been head down, I think I could have had a totally natural vaginal delivery.)

It was awful waiting for the doctor, though. After a few more really painful contractions, I started feeling pushy. They didn't check my cervix again, but didn't seem to doubt that I could have finished dilating that quickly. I was a little disappointed about needing the c-section, but I'm glad to know my body *can* and *did* do what it was supposed to. Claire just had other ideas, apparently.

Things were moving extremely fast then (though not nearly fast enough from my point of view), and they were getting me to the OR while the doc was speeding to the hospital. I was getting the spinal while she scrubbed (I don't think she even got into her scrubs, just gowned over her clothes), they fetched DH, and Claire was out at 6:45am.

After that, the mood really relaxed and the team started joking with each other, with me (I was appreciating them now that I was numb and knew Claire was okay), and with DH. Apparently he was sneaking peeks behind the drape while they patched me back together and made a few cracks about my internal organs. They were awesome, and took great care of me and Claire.

(Brand new, meeting her big sister...and look at all that hair!)

Claire did give us a few scares, though, and was transferred to Children's Hospital for additional testing. So far, she's passed everything with flying colors (just had some low blood sugars and a touch of jaundice), and was known as the 'feisty baby' in the NICU.

We're all home now and doing well - getting into a routine, working out the kinks of breastfeeding and toddler-wrangling, getting acquainted and really enjoying ourselves.

(Three weeks old, and modeling the hat I knit for her.)

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Ian's Birth Story ~ Angela (Angela724)

Ian's Birth Story ~ Angela (Angela724)

"Angela724" wrote:

**This is taken from my journal...and in case you wonder: Keith is my husband, Kessin and Rowyn are my older kids and Kylie is my 9 year old sister that was there. Smile

At my appointment on Thursday Feb 17,2011, I was told that I was 3cm and that the baby was very low. I became excited, thinking I would go into labor in the next day or two. I was only 38 wks along but had been having lots of contractions and pressure. My guess at the due date was Feb 19th and Keith’s was Feb 21st. Nothing happened over the next two days. I began looking into natural ways to progress labor and came across something that said Mexican and Chinese food can help. Keith and the kids love Chinese food so on Sunday about 1pm we ate at the Chinese Buffet. I immediately developed diarrhea (joy,joy) on the way home. I also stopped and picked up some castor oil. I thought I would try that and see what happens. Once we got home, I took a tablespoon of castor oil mixed in orange juice. This was about 4pm. I started feeling very sleepy and laid on the couch while the kids played and keith went to work. I noticed some contractions at about 6pm but didn’t pay attention because they were like the ones I had been having for weeks. Around 8pm I took another tablespoon of castor oil. I never got sick with diarrhea and cramping like I read it would do. The contractions started to come every 10 minutes though. Nothing painful, just lots of pressure. By 10pm, they were about every 7 minutes and by 11pm they were coming every 5 minutes so I called Keith at work and told him to come home. The kids had been in bed since 8pm and were sound asleep. While I waited for him to drive home from Mt. Vernon (45 minute drive), I began to get all my bags gathered up and got the kids some clothes picked out. I called my mom (I had warned her around 8pm that I might be close) and told her what was going on. She said she would call my aunt and they would meet us at the hospital (they live about 25 minutes away). Once Keith got home, we woke the kids up. By this time, the contractions were about 4 minutes apart and picking up intensity. I was still able to talk through them but had to sit down until they passed.
We arrived at the hospital ER at 12:15am. A nurse wheeled me upstairs to labor and delivery. Once there, we realized I was the only patient there! A nurse checked me and I was already 4, almost 5cm dilated. She moved us into the birthing suite and got my IV ready. I was given two bags of saline while we waited for the doctor. It was originally supposed to be just one bag, but keith thought the doctor wanted to wait for a bit so they gave me a second bag, which they ran very slowly through. He may or may not have been right! Time gets fuzzy here, but I think it was around 2am that the dr came, broke my water, said I was 5cm, and I could have an epidural. The pain of the contractions was still not bad at all and I was able to talk through them. I didn’t have Pitocin and was surprised at how easy contractions are without it. With my other two labors I was given pit right away and the contractions were awful.
Getting the epidural was HORRIBLE. My left side was not numbing and the anesthetist told me he had use three times the normal amount of numbing agent. Everytime he tried to put the needle in, I felt the worst pain shoot down my left side. At one point, I almost yelled “just forget the epidural!” Once it was in though, I felt fine. My blood pressure started to drop as did baby’s heartrate so I was given oxygen, which helped both. In the meantime, Kessin and Rowyn were wide awake, running around the waiting room with my aunt and sister Kylie. Keith and my mom stayed with me, taking turns checking on the kids.
At about 5am, I was fully dilated and told I could start pushing. The problem was, my contractions had almost completely stopped. They were only coming 15-20 mins apart and I couldn’t feel anything when it was time to push. I pushed for about an hour and a half without much progress. I was given a small amount of pictocin to try to make them pick back up. Keith, my mom and I were all about falling asleep in between in each contraction! I remember laying there, legs spread in the stirrups, thinking, “I could fall asleep like this!” Finally, at around 6:30-ish, the nurse turned my epi almost all the way down. I could feel where to push! We just had to wait for another contraction. One push and he was crowning, but the OB was nowhere to be found! His cell phone was ringing busy and the nurse told me to hold the baby in. It was damn near impossible because he was trying to push himself out! After 5 minutes of this, the nurse moved her hand and out popped the baby! A minute later, the OB ran in. He was too late!
At 6:55am, Ian Joseph Drake was born. He was laid on my stomach but then whisked over to the warmer to get checked out. He was given oxygen because he was blue, but pinked up right away. His poor face was covered in a huge bruise from being held in while we waited for the OB.
Keith and my mom were both mad about the OB not being there and the nurse making me stop pushing. They heard the other nurse tell her not to deliver the baby yet because the OB likes to get credit for the delivery and he would be mad she didn’t wait. I was fine with everything because the baby was healthy. He is doing well and weighed in at 8lbs 6oz and 22in long, even with being nearly 2 weeks early! Keith was right on when he guessed the birth date! Ian had a lot of mucus in his stomach so he was grumbling quite a bit at first, but has stopped.
He has a head full of reddish blonde hair and reminds me so much of Rowyn when she was born. Overall, the labor and delivery were very easy, even easier than my first two. I didn’t get any stitches or tears and was able to get up and walk around about 2 hours after birth.

We were sent home with a bili-blanket because his jaundice level was just over 13 and it was still that yesterday. We will check it tomorrow morning. He looks like a little glowworm in it!

Now some pics (I just realized that we didn't get any pics of DH and I with him!)

8lbs 6oz 22in long

Ian and I

Daddy, Rowyn, and Ian

Kessin, Rowyn, and Ian (they just adore him!)

Ian laying on his bili-blanket, still looking jaundiced

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Rehan's Birth Story ~ Shruti (alusmom)

Rehan's Birth Story ~ Shruti (alusmom)

"alusmom" wrote:

Went in for my OB appointment on Wednesday 02/23 at 9:30. She checked my cervix and I was 4 cm. She asked me to repeat the 24 hour urine test (SO not fun!). DH and I were walking over to the lab to pick up the can for the urine test. On our way over I felt a trickle. Rushed to the bathroom.....I wasn't sure if it was my water or just pee :). Emptied my bladder and walked over to the lab. I felt more stuff trickle and told DH that something was weird. So we walked back to my OB. She checked and confirmed it was my water breaking. Somehow, I imagined water breaking to be the huge gush of water (thats what they show in the movies anyway lol). So DH and I rushed home, I ate a quick lunch and we drove over to the hospital. Got there by noon. They waited for my contractions to pick up, but since it wasn't progressing, they decided to put me on some pitocin at 4PM to prevent infection since my water had already broken. The contractions started getting intense and I took the epidural at 7 PM. I was 7 cm at 8 PM and fully dilated at 10:45 PM. I started pushing at 10:55.....4 pushes and 10 minutes later, I had my beautiful boy.....Rehan Jay was born at 11:05 PM....8 Lbs and 21 inches in height. He latched immediately and nursing has been wonderful! It is so much easier the second time around :).
Got back home today and am enjoying my little baby. Thank you all for the ELVs.....sure did help Smile
Goin off to catch up on all your posts now :)......
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Jasper's Birth Story ~ Lizi (lilybet)

Jasper's Birth Story ~ Lizi (lilybet)

"Lilybet" wrote:

Hey ladies - I've not been able to log in for weeks for some unknown reason so you're all a bit out of the loop on us.

My SPD and hip complications got so bad after hitting 30 weeks that I ended up first on crutches then, when I couldn't even get around my own home on those because of the pain, I was in a wheelchair; my midwife finally referred me to a consultant (telling me that mine was the worst case of SPD she'd seen in over 30 years in the job) and the consultant said she wouldn't let me birth naturally because of the damage it could do to my pelvis (I had months of physio after Roman to repair the damage his birth had done and my aunt broke her pelvis birthing naturally with the same condition I have) so I was booked for a c-section on Valentines day, at 37+5.

I was taken into hospital the week before to be monitered and given higher levels of pain relief and to get rest before the baby arrived as I'd been unable to sleep with the pain for weeks and was slowly losing the plot! That few days in hospital was absolute heaven - I was given a private room on the labour ward and because I'm friends with so many of the midwives, from my role running the local community breastfeeding support group, they were popping in and out all the time for chats and reassurance and Alex and Roman visited twice a day, it was just lovely.

On Monday 14th (Valentines baby, hurrah!) Alex arrived nice and early and I was gowned up and shaved (:eek: ) ready for the big op and then at around lunchtime we were wheeled through to theatre and set up all ready. 45 minutes later the surgeon arrived !!! (it was shift change just after the op was due to start and the one who was there when I went into the theatre didn't want to start the op because she wanted her lunch break and the one who was outside the room argueing with her didn't want to start his shift early just so she could get a sandwich - that was the gist of what we heard through the doors!) in the end they bickered so long that she went for her break because his shift had started and once he was in the room he was hugely professional and I don't think he realised we'd been able to hear them - but the nurses in the theatre were most unimpressed!

The c-section was really straightforward - not at all what I expected and I was upset that they wouldn't let me watch, but Alex watched everything and gave me all the details afterwards - I won't say too much here in case some of you are squeemish or having your own section but it's a weird feeling, not at all painful in any way but odd, but it's so quick and efficient and baboom, there's your baby! People say it's like they're washing dishes in side you but it's not like that - Alex said that it was more like they were trying to dress a furious jaguar inside me and that's much more accurate! Baby was furious at the whole thing and kicking like crazy throughout! Also odd, they don't pull baby out the opening, they push from the top of your bump to get the head out then pull the shoulders - really weird feeling!

At 13.36 baby Jasper Christopher David arrived weighing a very hefty 8lb12oz (not bad for a preterm!) and was shouting his head off right away. Alex got to go over to cut the cord and was almost immediately handed Jasper, and he brought him over and because he couldn't put him on my chest he pressed our faces together. What felt like seconds later I was stitched up and being wheeled back to my room with my baby in my arms, it was just amazing.

Later that same day, once my anaesthetic had worn off, I stood up on my own, no crutches, and walked to the bathroom by myself. I hadn't been able to do that for well over a month. It was the best feeling ever, standing, walking, holding my baby. The best.

I've tried to upload lots of pics but not many have worked but here's one of Jasper at a week old being scrumptious. He's very similar to Roman at the same age but there are so many differences. Being a Mummy to two is amazing and magical and so far nowhere near as hard as people kept telling me it was going to be. I am ridiculously happy, and healing really well. My hips are still sore and I'm going to need months of physio again and can't walk long distances because they still click and grind a bit - but compared to before it's great - and the c-section wound doesn't bother me at all now, less than two weeks later, and I'm completely painkiller free. :yahoo::yahoo::yahoo:

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Cole's Birth Story ~ Renee (Fingers Crossed in FL)

Cole's Birth Story ~ Renee (Fingers Crossed in FL)

Cole Mason

Thanks everyone for your well wishes! Here is the basic birth story and initial pics. I just weaned myself off the narcotics so for the first time today I don't feel I am living in a fog. Me? I am doing pretty good. I have been bleeding quite a fact when I was walking around the room a bit straightening up earlier this afternoon I looked down at the ground and saw a trail of 10-12 penny-size spots of blood on the floor. Oops...I am multitasking when I shouldn't be. I grabbed one of the hospital's absorbant sheets and mopped up right before DD and DH showed up to meet Cole and have dinner together. Nothing like freaking your older child out by leaving a trail of blood on the ground. :rolleyes:

So here is the birth story. I got about 1 1/2 hours of sleep the night before we went in for the delivery. Between my jitters and DH's snores a full night's sleep just wasn't meant to be. We left home on time at 4:30 AM and I convinced DH to drive to the hospital in our convertible with the top down. It was 74 degrees even at that early in the heaven! We checked into Labor & Delivery at 5:30 AM and got settled fairly quickly. The midwife confirmed Cole still was vertex (head down).:D He was kicking around quite a bit while we waited for the stream of nurses and doctors to flow past us. I had an IV inserted, two blood draws, a round of antibiotics, two bags of fluid, and anti-nausea medication and a ton of paperwork to sign before we made it into the OR. Of all things they had a class of med students in attendance for the delivery. A little intimidating but I was alright with it. In all there were 13 people in the operating room for the delivery, not including DH or myself. The spinal was relatively painless; the doctor did an awesome job. The only nervewrecking time for me was when they were pressing down on the top of my uterus, up by my sternum to help push Cole down and out. What a strange suffocating feeling that was!

The doctor told DH to look over the fabric partition...I could hear them say look at the big head - we have a football player. Then he was being held up for me to see above the partition at 7:29 AM. He was blue-y at first but he quickly changed to a healthy pink as they began to clean him up. He received an Apgar of 9/9, weighed 8 lbs 6 oz, and measuring 21 inches in length. He came out screaming like a small baby jaguar but still had some fluid in his lungs that they had to suction out. (One of the bad things about having a baby via C is they don't get the fluid naturally squeezed out of their lungs that vaginal birth babies do.) They took a photo of the three of us together, let me see him for about 5 minutes, and then had DH follow to the nursery for more vitals, vitamin K shot, etc. They skipped the eye goo on him - yeah! While they were finishing up on me in the OR for 45 minutes, DH did kangaroo care with Cole and told me later that it was such an amazing bonding experience with his son. He-man bawling the whole time.

I asked to see my placenta and cord because I didn't the first time. It was in great condition and no sign of aging at all. I could have gone another week or so but I am glad I pulled the plug when I did. My recovery was really smooth- no shakes like I had last time. My OB put in two pain killer tubes around my incision site so I am super comfortable. I also got medication to prevent adhesions and get to wear a belly binder right away. (It feels GREAT!!) The only complaint I have is a TON of itching which is aside effect of the anethesia. I am opting to not take any meds for it and hope it will pass on its own within today. I don't want anything to pass onto breast milk. Which brings me to latching - he is interested! Yeah! He has had four meconium poops so far but we are still waiting for a wet diaper. I don't think we will get one today as I just don't have any meconium or milk yet. Sad Yet here I am breastfeeding on demand.

Cole is a sweet tempered boy. If he gets cold or hungry he lets you know by starting a little goat-like cry with a quivering bottom lip. Too cute. I had DH google the bottom lip action for newborns and it said it is common for newborns to do when they have underdeveloped central nervous systems. So now I feel bad as he may have wanted to cook for another week? It is so hard to be a new mom and not beat yourself up for something or another, ya know?

I am waiting for our pediatrician to show tomorrow AM. All indications show he is super healthy which I am so grateful for. One of my biggest concerns was that he would have some type of gene abnormality due to my superr old eggs. This isn't the case. He is a totally normal, healthy little boy. Without getting too holy roller on anyone I just want to say God is Great. We have been totally blessed.

He has dark brown hair and slate gray eyes. I am hoping for brown hair and brown eyes but we shall see. We love him so much! If you have made it this far into our story, thanks!

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Calvin's Birth Story ~ Mary (marymoonu)

Calvin's Birth Story ~ Mary (marymoonu)

Calvin Michael's Birth Story
February 28th, 2011 - 7:39PM
Weight: 6 Pounds 8.4 Ounces
Length: 18 Inches
Head circumference: 13.25 Inches

L&D Nurses:

PP Nurses:
Linda (another one)

Monday, February 28th, 2011 at 9am was my OB appointment for 37 weeks, 5 days. My blood pressure was great for the third week in a row after being high or borderline high at all of my prenatal appointments. The doctor had been talking about inducing at 37 weeks based on the BP's, but decided that it probably wasn't necessary afterall. He informed me that he would be out of town the following week and that we could induce before then if I wanted to, or wait for natural labor and potentially have one of the partners deliver the baby. That was all under the assumption that my fluid levels were still okay. We had been keeping an eye on them because they were borderline low. That day, he did an ultrasound himself and found the fluid was too low. Two of the four pockets of fluid were totally empty and one measured 3.8cm. The fourth he said technically should be considered empty also, but he might be able to count a small amount of fluid there. Regardless, it wasn't enough to put me into the "safe zone" because my fluid only measured 4cm, tops. They induce under 5. He told us we were going to be meeting our baby that day and to head to the hospital.

I hadn't eaten anything yet that day and I knew they wouldn't let me eat, so we stopped at Chick-Fil-A for a breakfast sandwich. I didn't feel hungry, but needed my strength.
Tom dropped me off at the hospital while he and Sean went home to gather some bags, do some last minute cleaning, and wait for the grandparents to come watch Sean.
I went up to L&D and got checked in, then waited several grueling minutes alone in the waiting room until they were ready to take me to my room.

By 11am, we were getting started. I had already changed into my gown and gotten into bed to be checked out on the monitor. They had to have a good tracing of the baby on the monitor before they could begin my induction. I was group B strep positive, and my first IV of clindamycin (antibiotic) was started for that at 11am. My cervix wasn't favorable. It was only 1-2cm and was still posterior and pretty thick, so we had to begin with cervical ripening. This was started at 11:15am. They used a foley catheter which was placed in my cervix and inflated, along with low level pictocin (started at 11:20am) to help things along. It made me feel crampy and I found it uncomfortable because part of it hung outside of my body. I couldn't wait to be done with it because it made going to the bathroom difficult.

Then night before, I had been awake all night with nausea and that morning I had battled diarrhea multiple times. When they offered me phenergan for nausea, I jumped on it because I wanted to feel as good as possible for the delivery and the upset stomach was miserable. At this point, my belly was feeling pretty crampy from the foley.

At 2:30pm, the foley finally came out and I was overjoyed to be done with it. My cervix was 3-4cm, but baby was still high at -2 station. The nurse went to find out whether the doctor wanted to crank the pitocin, break my water, or both. The doctor decided on both. The midwife who was working at the hospital that day came to break my water. I had met her before in the midst of all my NST's and she was nice. At 3pm, my water was broken. It was horribly painful because my cervix was still so high and a bit posterior. I had to really breathe through the pain.

After my water was broken, the contractions became a lot more intense. I was still handling them really well and was able to tell Tom exactly what I needed. He helped by rubbing my back and applying pressure to my tailbone region. Although I was doing really well with the labor, I got scared and finally asked for the epidural.

At 5pm, nurse anesthetist Joe came to place the epidural. He and nurse Donna were really awesome during this time. The contractions were pretty intense and I was breathing through them. They both told me repeatedly how great I was doing. I really was doing well and I questioned why I was even getting the epidural, but I was just scared of the pain.
At 5:30pm, I was 5cm dilated and 80% effaced. My blood pressures started to really dip. They got as low as 80's/40's. It scared me, but I felt fine throughout. Nurse Donna and nurse anesthetist Joe were keeping an eye on me. This epidural was way different than the one with Sean. I wasn't in pain at all, but I could still feel contractions and other sensations like touch. With Sean, I was so numb I couldn't feel anything at all and couldn't move my legs at all. This time, I could still move my legs somewhat.

At 6:20pm, I was still 5cm and baby's heart began decelerating. I was scared at this point. Scared for the safety of the baby and scared that I would need a c-section.
His heart rate decelerated every time I had a contraction. The weird part is, mine did too.
Our heart rates were really mimicking each other. The baby and I were one for that moment, for just one last time.

The nurse told me that the reason for the heart decelerations could be that the baby was decending and his head was being compressed by the birth canal. She checked me again at 6:40pm and I had progressed to 6cm and 90% effaced. I was happy to see some progress and also happy that the nurse gave me a possible non-scary explanation for the heart decelerations.

At 7:15pm, I had progressed to 10cm and +1 station. The nurse didn't expect me to move that fast and called Dr. K. She said he gave an overly dramatic "OH NOOOO!" on the phone, afraid he would miss the birth because he likes to be called at 7cm. It took him 10 or 15 minutes to get there, and he rushed in talking about all the traffic violations he made on the way there. I found it very humorous because I just figured he was used to that sort of thing happening, but he was all flustered. Nurse Angela later told me that after the birth, he told her all about how he had such a bad day and I started it all that morning with my low fluid, haha!

As soon as he was ready, I was told I could push with the next contraction. I pushed twice through that contraction and the baby moved down pretty far, so they told me. I couldn't see anything in the mirror yet. I was told to try to push four times through the next contraction. I made it through about three and a half pushes before I tuckered out. But the baby's head had crowned and was almost all the way out. It was apparent that we were going to have a baby with the next contraction. But of course the next contraction took FOREVER to come! We waited and waited, and then finally it began! I pushed twice and we had a baby!

Calvin Michael was placed immediately on my chest at 7:39pm on February 28th, 2011.
I had always remembered being in a totally different world when Sean was born because I pushed for longer, bled a lot, and was just exhausted. I have trouble remembering his first cry, so I wanted to savor this one. Calvin came out looking purple. I knew it was normal until he started crying, but it still made me nervous. It was no time before he started to cry and I just held him and took it all in. I laughed because as soon as he was on my chest, he started peeing on me! The nurse came to me and asked if she could take Calvin to be weighed, measured, and assessed. I thought it seemed quick in comparison to my delivery with Sean, where I got to hold him for a long time before he was taken away. The nurse told me they normally leave baby with mom while the doctor finishes up, but that I hadn't torn a bit, so he had nothing else to do. No stitches! I was overjoyed and in disbelief at the time to have no tears, but I'm even happier about it now because my recovery has been SO much easier. She took Calvin to the warmer for his assessment and Tom went with her to watch and take pictures. I watched from my bed and fell in love. I couldn't believe how tiny he was.

I loved the actual delivery because it just felt so low-key and casual. There were only three people in the room other than me, Tom, and Calvin. Dr. K., nurse Donna, and nurse Angela were the only other people there. It just felt so calm, quiet, laid-back. It was perfect for me. I almost didn't even have nurse Donna there. She was actually supposed to be off for the day at 7pm, but I think they were short-staffed due to a call-off and she stayed extra for the birth. I appreciated her staying because I'd had her as my nurse all day and felt comfortable with her.

Once everyone had cleared the room and we were doing well, it was just the three of us and nurse Angela in there. She told me that if Calvin started acting hungry, to let her know because she'd help me get him to nurse. I had told her about the latching problems with Sean, and so I was nervous for a repeat. To my surprise, he latched on immediately with no problem and we've been going strong ever since. The nurses in the post-partum department were amazed by what a good nurser he was. He wanted to eat every hour, but that was fine with me. I just wanted to nurture my baby the way my body was made to do! I'm so overjoyed to have this experience this time after pumping for so long for Sean.
I would do it again in a heartbeat to feed my baby the food that is best for him, but I love the additional bonding time that I get. It's something special for just the two of us!

Tom and the nurses kept asking when I wanted to invite the rest of the family in. I hesitated to do it and kept putting it off. I loved the bonding time with just the three of us. It was perfect and I wasn't in a hurry to end it. Sometime around 9pm, we finally asked the rest of the family to come in. My parents were the only ones there at the moment because Tom's parents were watching Sean at our house. My mom and dad were in love and amazed by how tiny Calvin was compared to Sean. Tom had thought his mom was in the waiting room also because he hadn't heard her say earlier that she was leaving to go be with Sean. So at this point, his parents didn't even know he was born yet.
Finally my parents left to come stay with Sean so that Tom's parents could come meet the new baby. His mom had already left for the hospital, so Tom's dad was alone with Sean.
When my parents got to my house, my mom stayed with Sean and my dad came back to the hospital with Tom's dad. I was surprised and happy to see my dad show up at the door again with Tom's dad. His face was happy just like a kid at Christmas!

I am so in love! Sean has been curious and excited about the new baby, and I can't wait to watch their relationship grow!

With Mommy:

With Daddy:

DH says it looks like he's kissing his biceps, LOL:

Meeting his big brother for the first time:

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Charlotte's Birth Story ~ Laurie (led082607)

Charlotte's Birth Story ~ Laurie (led082607)

Charlotte Jean
March 3, 2011
9lbs 9oz
20 inches

I was laying in bed asleep when I was awoken by a popping sound at 2:30am. It was a familiar sound. I was sure my water just broke, but nothing was coming out. I stood up and still nothing happened, so I figured it was just the baby moving. I started walking to the bathroom and that’s when I felt the gush. I was now certain that my water had broken. I woke Tyler up and we started calling people. I called my mom and my sister. He called his mom. I knew my midwife was on vacation this week, so I called the answering service and was told who was on call. It was a new doctor and I had never heard of her before. She called me back shortly after. She had a thick German accent, and to be honest, it scared me from the beginning. She just sounded like she was going to do things differently than I wanted. I wanted a drug-free/intervention-free birth just like my other two. I wanted my body to do what it was supposed to do and progress on its own without being pushed or pressured to do anything. She recommended that I head to the hospital because with this being my third, she thought things would progress quickly and the baby would come faster than my other two.

I ended up taking a shower since contractions hadn’t picked up much yet. I paced around the house for a bit making sure everything was all set. Tyler’s father ended up coming over to watch the kids, who were still in bed, and we left for the hospital around 4:30am. When we got to the hospital and were being checked in and brought to my room, I was asked what kind of labor I was looking for. I told the nurse and she warned me that the on call dr did things differently and was very strict. She likes her patients to labor in bed only and not get up. She also doesn’t like her patients drinking anything at all, which included water and ice chips. I almost started crying. I didn’t want my birth to be ruined by a dr with different beliefs than me. I was then told that the shift change was coming up in about 3 hours and this dr would be leaving and a midwife would be coming in. It just so happens that this was the midwife that delivered Madelyn. I really liked her a lot, so I was really relieved. I only had to make it through 3 hours with the dr before Lucy, the midwife, would be in. I knew I could do it!

Things were progressing slowly. I thought for sure that with this being my third child and being so close to my last, that labor would pick up quickly. I was wrong. Things were so slow. Contractions where not regular and they were very mild. I tried to get some sleep, which was hard. Then it was time for the shift change and Lucy came in! I was very excited and she was excited that she got to deliver another one of my babies since that rarely happens for her. My parents got there shortly after.
Hours went by. I was stuck at 4cm for what seemed like forever. I was getting frustrated and upset. I started getting emotional and crying because I was so anxious to begin with and it just seemed like all this time, so much was building up and I didn’t know what to do. I sat on the birth ball, I stood up, I laid down and tried to get some sleep, I sat up in bed. I didn’t really do a ton of walking because I was tied to my bed for the first three hours and I was just so tired at that point. There isn’t a whole lot of area to walk around here since it’s a small hospital, but I walked around my room as much as I could.
My water continued leaking , but the baby’s head was sealing part of the amniotic sac so Lucy decided to break that bit of water. I had a lot more amniotic fluid leaking out and I thought for sure that things would pick up, but they were still slow. Still stuck at 4cm. I was STARVING. They told me that I couldn’t eat anything, but I could drink anything I wanted or have a popsicle. I hadn’t eaten since dinner the night before and my stomach was grumbling so much. I felt like my hunger pangs were competing with my contractions!

Finally, things started to pick up and I was progressing. I knew at this point, it wouldn’t be long before my least favorite part, the pushing stage. I was at about 8cm-9cm when my sister came to visit. I told her that she could stay while I delivered the baby If she wanted. This was the first time that she would watch me deliver a baby. My mother, mother-in-law and Tyler were all there for the birth as well, just as they had been for my other two. I started getting emotional again and crying. Just the anticipation of having another baby and everything I had gone through during the day.

I started to feel really pushy. I knew it wasn’t going to be long. I was asked if it was ok if some of the student nurses watched the delivery. At that point, I didn’t care. When it was time to start pushing, I think there were somewhere around 10 or 11 people in the hospital room watching. I can honestly say it didn’t bother me one bit. I was in my own world. I was ready to push. I started pushing, but I didn’t feel right. I didn’t feel like she was ready, even though I was feeling the urge to push very strongly. I pushed a few times, but then stopped and let my body move the baby down on its own. I had to really focus and breathe through these contractions because I really felt like I needed to push, but I wanted to let her move down on her own a bit. Finally, I felt ready and started to push. Charlotte’s head was out within 1-2 pushes. After her head was out, Lucy told me to push slowly because Charlotte’s shoulders were stuck. The next thing I knew, I was laying flat on the bed and nurses were holding up my legs and pushing on my stomach to get the baby out. Lucy’s hands felt like they were up in my vagina trying to get the baby out. It was such intense pain. It was scary, but she finally came out in another couple of pushes. She was turning blue and not crying, so they put her on my chest for only a minute before taking her to the warmer. She was only at the warmer for a couple of minutes before she started crying and turning pink, so they brought her back over to me. She was perfect! Nothing was wrong with her; she just got a little stuck because of her size.

After she was born, I held her for a while. She nursed great from the start and has been since. When I was finally ready to get up and walk around and shower, one of the nurses wanted to feel my uterus first and check my bleeding. When she pushed on my uterus, a lot of blood came out. She was pushing and kneading on my uterus so hard and it was excruciating. I wanted to cry. They called Lucy back in and Lucy literally shoved her entire hand up my uterus and started pulling out blood clots. She told me that they were worried about post-partum hemorrhaging. She then told me about these pills that help stop the bleeding and help firm up the uterus. The only thing is that these pills need to be inserted up the rectum. There were five pills and she described having to put them in like a roll of Sweet Tarts. Just lovely. That was super painful as well. After that, I had nurses constantly poking and prodding and squeezing my uterus. It was so painful, but finally my uterus started to cooperate and firmed up and the bleeding lessened.
Since then, everything has been fine. This was my longest labor, which lasted 13 hours. I know it could be a lot worse, but I was hoping It would be shorter than my other two! Tyler brought the kids to visit last night. Parker was so excited to finally meet Charlotte. He kept asking questions about her and wanting to hold her and touch her. It was cute. Madelyn was interested, but really didn’t know what was going on. Charlotte is doing great and they are releasing us today. We need to wait until she is 24 hours old to get another test and we should be able to leave. I can’t wait. I’m a little sad because there were so many people here visiting yesterday when I was in labor, but no visitors yet today. People have to work, Tyler’s at home with the kids. It’s just a little sad. I’ll be home soon though. I can’t wait.

Now to share some pictures. Smile

Trying the birth ball

Brand new!

Back to mommy

Parker meeting his sister for the first time. He loves her so much already!

My beautiful baby girl

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William's Birthstory ~Allie01979~

William's Birthstory

"Allie01979" wrote:

William Brian
February 25, 2011 @ 12:15am
6lbs 15ozs

I'm just getting a chance now to get on here, we got home from the hospital today and it's been a whirwind of guests and a sick toddler. Bill is holding the newbie and i'm holding a beer WOOT.

So as you all know, I had my weekly NST/BPP/blood draw on Thursday. Well of course I waited a good 6 hours and the OB checked me and said I was super soft and 2cms, very favourable for induction, she gave me the choice to have the baby Thursday or come back next week, I was going to say lets go for next week, but the OB also mentioned that because the tests went so well she didn't want to tempt fate and have something go wrong in the next week which she had seen before, so I made the decision to say ok, lets go for it. At my BPP the baby was estimated at 7lbs 7ozs, I know they can be off but I felt he was a good size and wasn't concerned about a too small baby. I called Bill and asked him if he was ready to have a baby, the smart a$$ said only if we could get the hockey game in the labour room, so I agreed (I love me some hockey).

Bill ran a few errands and I got the cervadil (sp?) put in. The cramping started pretty early, they monitored me for an hour and them I was set free to walk on the labour. The cervadil was pretty bad I have to say, I wasn't expecting it but the cramping and pressure on the cervix was almost unbearable, I asked about an Epi and was told I wasn't even in labour yet:eek:. So I got in the jacuzzi tub and fell asleep for 2 hours, Bill came in between periods (yes we got the hockey game lol) and refilled the tub for me. around 11:30 they got me out of the tub to check me and said I was at a 3-4 and decided to break my water to get things started (STARTED????) that's when it all went fast, as soon as she broke my water the contractions started big time, I cried for the epi, thank goodness the epi god was in surgery and couldn't get there for a while. The contractions were crazy, one on top of the other, I tried to keep my tones low but as I progressed I could feel my tones get higher pitched and less controlled. My secondary midwife was there and excellent at keeping me grounded. My body started pushing and I was told to stop, (suuure, tell my body that) they checked me and I was at an 8, this is about 35 minutes after my water broke. The anesthesiologist got there and they checked me again and said I was full and ready to push, they said if I still wanted it I could, I said no, get this kid out, my body was involuntarily pushing and I could feel him dropping into the birth canal. A few good pushes and he was out. So 45 minutes of actual labour :eek: although I had quite a few hours of pain.

He was super waxy and super perfect, his apgars were 8/9 as he was a bit floppy at birth and required a little bit of oxygen, but nursed like a champ right from the get go. Bill and I agreed on William (after Bill of course, or as my mom jokes, Prince William lol) and Brian after my mom's DH who has been an amazing grandfather to Aidan and put up with my teenage BS when I was younger lol) I'm still getting used to his name as we know it wasn't my first choice, but I know before long I won't be able to imagine him as anything but a William.

Bill and I were talking today and he informed me that my midwife was the one who stalled the epi for me, I'm so so so happy she did, I have to tell you that the recovery is night and day between an epi birth and a non epi birth, I didn't tear in either and this one I was up and walking around right away, I feel great, With Aidan I had so many issues with my knees and girlie bits from the long pushing phase. It hurt like hell but I couldn't be happier with how it turned out in the end. I didn't get my home water birth, but I did, at least get the drug free aspect of it that I wanted. Of course the staff was, as always, absolutely amazing. The nurse that was there to assist in Aidan's delivery was there for the first part of Williams before the shift change as well as an old high school aquaintance, it was so nice to have them there.

So without further ado, here he is, William Brian, The pics are big as I'm only cutting and pasting from FB

(Oh and I'm screwed tonight as I haven't been able to keep the boy awake for any significant amount of time since 2pm, it's now 10pm, at least I've been able to get him to nurse YIKES)

waxy boy

meeting mommy from the outside

meeting his big sister and brother

peanut with cheeks

WOOT a dimple :grin:

OK off to finish my beer and get to bed in time for the boy to wake up and start a good cluster feed for the night.

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Nolan's Birth Story ~ Philly (aidansxmommy)

Nolan's Birth Story ~ Philly (aidansxmommy)

Sorry ive been MIA its been a ruff couple of days around here but things are finally starting to get back to normal.

Its all started thurdays morning i woke up feel crampy & cranky but nothing that indicated labor was starting soon so i desided to wait it out until my scheduled induction at 7:00pm.
around 6:00 the contractions started to get worse so i packed up, said goodbye to aidan, went to pick up my aunt and off to the hospital. On the way to the hospital i started to have more contractions. we finally found a parking space & as i stepped out of the car i felt my water break but at the time i seriously thought i had peed on myself so i didnt say anything to anyone. We got up the maternity floor and even though i has a scheduled induction they didnt have a room ready & was put in the waiting room for 2 hours. While waiting my water kept breaking i had figured out what was going on by then but i was already at the hospital so i waiting to tell them. By 9:00pm when i finally got a room i was having pretty intense contractions maybe 4-5mins apart ( i never really timed them ) i told them my water had broken & got checked i was already at 6 1/2cm & 90% effaced. Yay for not needing cervidel (sp?) or pit!!!! an hour later at 10:00pm i was checked again and at 8-9cm,finally at 10:28 i was fully dialated. I pushed for 10mins and Nolan Parker L. Came into the world at 10:38pm weighting 6lb 14oz & 19in so much smaller then the doctors expected.

Nolans now 6 days old & has his first doctors appointment tomorrow ( i cant believe it already!! ) i attempted to breastfeed but it was very painful, even pumping or showers were painful the first couples days. Nolan just wont latch on correctly. I was very upset i was not able to feeding him myself & had to use formula but after 2 days i felt a little better and was sucessfully able to pump right now im pumping almost 3 1/2oz at a time so i only need formula a couple times a day im hoping soon ill make enough to get rid of the formula at together. Nolans also a little flipped flopped right now he sleeps all day & aidan sleeps all night so ive been a little sleep deprived. But overall im so in love with my 2 little boy & couldnt be happier with my life right now Smile

Finally time for some pictures of my new little man::
These are all from the hospital ill post more tomorrow with his first apt update
( sorry i didnt resize them )




now im off to pump, feed nolan & get a little sleep in hopefully Smile

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Connor's Birth Story ~ Erica (peach74)

Connor's Birth Story ~ Erica (peach74)

Well, it all began WEEKS ago with lousy contractions (LOL!), but yesterday morning, March 18th, after not sleeping a wink, I was taking DH to a work and kept feeling a trickle. I was having contractions and thought maybe I had a small leak. I called my OB office and left a message for the triage nurse. When the nurse called me back, she asked for the details and then said she'd talk with my midwife and let me know what I should do. Within 5 minutes, she called back and said I should go to triage at the hospital and see if my membranes rupture. I called DH, picked him up, and he, Lily and myslef headed to triage. I was contracting every 8 minutes or so. At noon the MW showed up and checked me, I was 3-4 and she checked to see if I was leaking. Fortuntately, it was not my water, BUT She thought I was in early labor and wanted time to walk to see if I made changes. I walked from 12:45- 1:50 and when I returned I was 5cms and Connor was a 0 station, so I was admitted. I had no pain at all.

Once in the L and D room, I declined a epidural b/c I had no pain, and I was told I could walk, take a shower, use the ball, etc. We walked and then returned to the room. By this point my contraxs were few and far between. I was not sure if the midwife would send me home or not after she came back at 6pm. At 5:15, the nurse came and told me my mw was going to break my water so if I wanted I could take the epi then. I decided I should since I was already 5cm. I had the epi and then waited 30 minutes for the mw. When she arrived, my nurse mentioned she thought she heard his heartbeat up high for a second, but then it returned below. My mw went to check me and she no longer felt Connor's head, but thought it was a hand or foot. It was 6:35 at this point, and they called for ultrasound STAT. U/S came and Connor was now transverse. Within seconds he went breech. The dr was called. When the dr arrived, he ultrasound me and by that time Connor was a footling breech. I was rushed into the OR to avoid membrane rupture and cord prolapse. Connor was born at 7:25pm weighing 6lbs 11oz and 18.5 inches long. His sugars are great, as is his breathing. Smile I was very ill last night, so today was my first time holding him. We'll be released Monday and Tuesday.

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Quinn's Birth Story ~ Amber (Amber_daisy)

Quinn's Birth Story ~ Amber (Amber_daisy)

I woke up 4:30 am on March 20th in active labour. Called the midwife, doula, and my aunt (who was to be there for Jesse) and then puttered around doing a couple things before waking mom. I left Steve and Jesse (Steve was sleeping in Jesse's room because Jesse woke up crying in the middle of the night). Midwife, her assistant, and my doula got here around 6:15 maybe. The midwife got my vitals and checked fetal heart tones and told me to eat (I didn't want to but she insisted) and everyone else went to work setting up stuff. My doula gave me a bit of a neck massage. Steve, hearing all the commotion, thought my mom was up making a racket and was about to rip into her when he saw all the people and figured out what was going on. Jesse figured out that the baby was coming, lifted up my night dress and started rubbing my belly saying "". (hilarious!)

I decided at around 7 am that I should go pee (last time I did was around 5 am) so I went upstairs. I peed and then things started getting really intense. I had a couple of intense contractions where I just had to vocalize and I started feeling grunty. The birth pool was about filled at that time and I said I wanted to get in "NOW". Apparently Jayme (midwife) said something about making sure I was at least 5 cm dilated before getting in and apparently I cursed at her and had another contraction and felt really pushy and felt something come out (likely a lot of bloody show) so I whipped off my night dress and climbed in the birth pool. That was 7:20 am. I immediately got on my hands and knees and leaned against the side of the birth pool. The next contraction I had that really overwhelming urge to push and gave 'er. My membranes ruptured with a pop and I felt the baby move down and felt the stretching and burning. Baby started crowning and I was cursing and yelling. I yelled, "I wish I had that ****ing gas!" All this while Jesse was calm as anything (my mom was watching him...Aunt Cathy was coming from 2 hours away and didn't have nearly enough time to get there before all this happened). He brought me over his baby doll (the one that I had as a child) to make me feel better. Anyways, baby was crowning FAST and Jayme was doing all she could to protect my perineum and slow things down. I was even able to breathe through some of it. But in the end instinct won over and out came Quinn's head and then his shoulders. Jayme said "Amber, catch your baby!" and I put my hands down and she passed him through my legs and I pulled him up and sat back down in the pool. That was 7:29 am. I'd been in the birth pool for 9 minutes.

Quinn was corded twice so Jayme quickly unwrapped it so I could pull him up a bit higher. He was breathing right away. Jayme had been prepared for deep suctioning because a nurse at my second last biophysical profile had said that a hazy area of fluid looked like meconium to her. In the end, there was no meconium and she didn't even need the bulb syringe. Everyone started saying, "What is it?!" and someone said to let Jesse check. So we asked Jesse (I held the baby's legs open) and he said, "It's a BABY!" Lol We asked again and he said, "It's a boy!" So sweet. The midwife checked the babe out a little while we sat there in the pool and he was obviously fine, with the exception of some facial bruising and a couple of broken blood vessels in his eyes (due to the precipitous birth). Apgars of 8 and 9. She was a bit worried about me though because I was a bit shell-shocked. She kept checking my pulse, thinking she might have to break out the oxygen for me.

Shortly after that I started feeling really bad. My whole bottom started aching really badly and I was moaning a lot. So with the baby still attached and him in my arms, everyone lifted me to stand and helped me out of the pool and onto the bed. They got me all dried off and we got the baby latched on to help encourage the placenta along. Jesse, seeing a baby on his boobies, insisted on nursing too....the more the merrier. I wasn't bleeding much at all though. There was very little blood in the pool water, and I wasn't bleeding heavily. I cramped and delivered the placenta at 8:03 am. Jayme estimates I lost less than 250 mls total. Shortly after that she checked me out and I had torn...we just weren't sure how badly. After I rested a bit she was able to assess me better and figured the tear was too much for her to suture, so she called Dr. Miller, who said I should head in to the L&D ward for the repair. We sort of decided to wait a bit and then go, since I was still pretty out of it and didn't really want to move at all. In the meantime, the baby was all weighed and measured and Jayme did his newborn assessment. He was 9 lbs 3 oz, 52 cms long, with a 36.5 cm head (completely unmolded, just like Jesse's was at birth).

In the afternoon, after the 6 hours PP observation, Jayme needed to go check on another client who was contracting and possibly ruptured, so she sent me in to the L&D with her other assistant, Erin, who's also a nurse. My mom came too and we brought the baby. Dr. Miller came in to assess me and numbed me up pretty well for it. He decided I had a partial 3rd degree tear so he got the OB to come in and assess me and she ended up doing the suturing. I tore right along my scar from Jesse's birth (which is part of the reason it didn't bleed much). You could tell the OB was pretty hostile towards home birth and all, but she really didn't say anything about it with Dr. Miller there. You could also tell she wasn't thrilled with this being a very post-dates pregnancy. Apparently she's VERY pushy with induction for post-dates. There was some talk of admitting me and taking me to the OR for an epidural/spinal etc... but Dr. Miller knew that I really did not want that. The OB also ordered 900 mg of clindamycin IV to prevent infection since it had been a few hours since the birth (she then prescribed a very high dose of oral clindamycin for 5 days...which I didn't really take notice of since I had other things on my mind). Anyways, the repair was done under local numbing (though I could still feel a LOT and it was incredibly uncomfortable) and then I got to go home. We were only there for about 2 hours total, and the suturing took a good hour of that, so it wasn't too bad.

We came home to a wonderful supper delivered by my mom's friend (she also brought gifts for Jesse and the baby). I tried to go to sleep around midnight, but the baby was having none of it. He was wide awake and HUNGRY from midnight til 6 am, when we both finally drifted off for a couple of hours. Steve had to go out with Jesse around 2 am, so I was on my own for all of that. It was HARD. It hurt so bad to move or to even sit, so I ended up figuring out how to nurse a newborn lying down. This baby has a MUCH better latch than Jesse did, and I actually have nipples this time, so I'm expecting that part to be much easier.

Oh, and today we finally decided on his name. We'd been throwing around the name Quinn for a while, and Steve figured it was appropriate, since the baby was born on the spring eQUINox. Lol Then we had to figure out a middle name. And really, there isn't much that goes well with Quinn, but we both liked Oliver.

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Riley's Birth Story ~ Jodi (Snapplebear09)

Riley's Birth Story ~ Jodi (Snapplebear09)

March 21, 2011, Rob and I went to Cottonwood Hospital for me to be induced we met mom Shirley there, Things went smoothly they started to induce my labor, I was already 3cm Dilated and 75% effaced. They broke my water at 12:30pm and contractions started to come a lot, I think I was a little crabby. They moved me into the Delivery room and I was having strong contractions I got checked again and I was dilated 4cm I waited as long as I could to have an epidural I sat in a rocking chair for about 2 hours rocking and for a while that rocking helped with my contractions it came down to it around 5ish I just couldn’t take it anymore they gave me the epidural around 5:30 ish from there on I don’t remember a lot of things I was very talkative and bubbly so I was told. LOL!

Around 10pm or 11pm I was dilated to a 9cm and everything looked great, except for the part about Riley’s cord being around her neck, They told me about it but that epidural I was hurting so bad I didn’t hear it. A lot of hard work and at 12:05am on March 22, 2011 Riley Amelia came and joined the world and my family. The cord was wrapped around her neck twice but the dr was quick and got it off. Riley weighs 7 pounds and 8 ounces and 21 ½ inches long. Her hair at one point looks dark than it looks a little blonde to me so we still don’t know her hair color or eyes really right now they are blue. She is my pride and joy. I’m still getting use to the fact I gave birth to a beautiful little girl.

So in conclusion we have a new family member and we are all happy, excited and so in love with her. Dustin and Emma Love being a Big Brother and Big Sister. They are so amazing. Anyways there is my update.

Here is a few pictures taken today Smile

Daddy with his 2 girls (taken yesterday)

Big sis, Daddy, Riley and Big brother.

Last night

This morning I couldn't help myself

I really like this picture of her Smile

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Riley Laine's Birth Story ~ Lindsy (capricity)

Riley Laine's Birth Story ~ Lindsy (capricity)

We took DS to a children's museum yesterday because DH had the day off from work and we wanted to get it in before the baby came - little did we know how close we were cutting it.
I woke up at 3:30am to pee, thought I felt a little pop while I was in there, but no fluid, so I just figured she kicked at my bladder? I laid down and then a couple of minutes later I started gushing fluid. Shook DH awake, we had a neighbor come keep an eye on Cam until my mom could get there.
I was dilated to a 4 when they checked me (from a 1 at my OB appt this past Monday). Contrax were 2 minutes apart on the drive in and stayed that way until just about 5:30am - then they started to get very painful and even closer together. My OB said he would be here at 6am, so I tried to survive until then. As soon as they wheeled me into the OR at 6am, the pressure was SO bad, so they checked me and I was complete. I could feel her feet in my vaginal canal or somewhere of the like? The OB didn't think there would be time to try the spinal block, so he wanted general anesthesia. The anesthesiologist insisted he could do it.
My OB said that was one of the quickest spinals he'd seen done. Riley was born at 6:15am. Since she was still a little early they had her looked over by special care, but she passed!
I didn't get to see her until about a half hour after that when I was all stapled back together. I got to hold her on the ride from OR to the recovery room. It took over an hour, close to two(?) for me to get feeling back and wiggle my toes and then they moved me to a room.

Oh, and blessing in disguise, due to the c-section the OB saw that I have a bit of a septum in my uterus which is why both her and DS sat on my right side only for the entire pregnancies. And also what probably the cause of my early deliveries. I don't plan on having more, but it's still nice to have the mystery cleared up a bit.

She has latched twice!!!! But only on my left breast so far. I'm not sure how much she's getting and her sugars are a little low - (off the chart low when she was born, so they gave her an ounce or so of formula), but the lactation consultant told me I had "perfect breasts" and "ready milk," so..I'm just going to keep plugging away and hopefully she'll want to take the right one, too. Her sugar has been dropping again, pretty low, so the may have to supplement her again. She's sleeping right beside me right now in her little cart.

She is beautiful! Full dark hair! Her hair is seriously the thickest softest thing I have ever felt in my life. It's just amazing. 6lbs3oz, 18.5inches long. Shares a 'day' with her brother. He was April 23rd and she's February 23rd. Biggrin I am in love with her! She looks a lot like I did as a newborn - way more like me than her brother, at least.

Sorry if pics are big, I didn't have time to resize them...

Here's our last family pic before she came...nothing good - just a snapshot of one of the exhibits as the children's museum:

Brand new right after she got cleaned up:

With Daddy:

In my arms (She's a little coneheaded from how she was laying in my uterus):

All I have are the cell phone shots for camera is somewhere in this hospital room, but danged if I can get out of this bed with my incision to find it. And DH is at home showering and picking some stuff up for me right now.
I stood up for the first time about an hour ago - not fun, but making progress. Smile

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Hannah's Birth Story ~ (youbeme)

Hannah's Birth Story ~ (youbeme)

Tuesday I woke up early and decided to shower in case the hospital decided to call. Just I was getting ready to dry my hair they called and said to be there within two hours for induction. I immediately got nervous. I had no idea what to expect! We finished getting ready, woke Elise so I could see her one last time as my only baby and took our last family of three picture.

We got to the hospital a little after 9 a.m. checked in and we were directed to triage. Luckily the unit was very slow that day and it didn't take long to get us into our L&D room. Our nurse was fantastic and started the check-in process. I felt very at ease and comfortable with her. Then the doctor came in to break my water to try and get labor started without pitocin, but turned out there was still lots of fluid and baby's head was too far up to break my water safely (risk of prolapse cord). So, we started on pitocin and I really didn't feel much at all. I could feel a contraction every now and again, but I was totally comfortable. I sat on the yoga ball for a while to try and get the head farther down into my pelvis and it seemed to work, because when the doctor checked me I was 4cm and still relatively pain free and the baby was in a better position so they broke my water.

Very similar to my last birth, breaking my water brought hard labor on quick! Contractions went from barely noticeable to very painful within probably 10 minutes. I was working through my labor with breathing, and I could tell I was entering transition because I was becoming quite nauseated with each contraction. I got up and went to the bathroom and while in there things were getting really intense. I had a long hard conversation with myself and decided that I wanted an epidural. I didn't want the out-of-control feeling I had with Elise's birth, I wanted to try and enjoy every second that I could. I asked for the epidural and in no time the doctor was there to put it in. It was fantastic! I don't regret it for one minute. I called my mom and gave her an update. I was feeling contractions, but they were very manageable. Then all the sudden I was having intense rectal pressure and having to breathe through my contractions. My nurse called for the doctor and she checks me and says, "your baby is RIGHT THERE, you are going to have her in about two pushes". I got into position and seven minutes later, Hannah was born! It was so wonderful, I was able to watch her come out and she was placed onto my chest. It was such a different experience than my first birth and the labor was only 1 hour and 45 minutes! I am kinda glad we did an induction, because if I had been somewhere, or had to wait for Jon, I don't know that I would have made it. I guess my body likes labor fast and furious.

We have been home now for three days and things are going pretty good. Elise is really sweet with her, but having a few more tantrums than normal. Breast feeding is a struggle as I expected, but I have not used anything other than expressed milk to supplement! We are definitely working hard on that aspect of things. She is also battling jaundice, but since my milk is now coming in I think we should be OK. She is such a sweet little cuddle bug, and I am proud to be her Mama!

Hannah Josette born March 22nd at 3:59 P.M., weighing 7lbs 4 oz. and 19.5".

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Piper's Birth Story ~ Meg (Maggies Mom)

Piper's Birth Story ~ Meg (Maggies Mom)

I was surprised that I slept so well the night before. I thought I would be up with anticipation of the C-Section. At 0530 3-23-11 we arrived at the hospital. Typical check in. Had my FAVORITE anestheologist give me an awesome "new" spinal. Baby Girl arrived at 0748 at a healthy 8lb 6oz. 20 inches long. I went straight to my room for recovery with baby and my husband. She looked SO much like my DD, I actually called her Maggie by accident. We had an uneventful day. My family came, and DD met her sister. She could care less, actually. She was more worried about me seeing an IV in my hand and hooked up to a blood pressure. It was pretty sweet. I had NO pain and was doing well. Was up and walking in a few short hours. I was getting nervous because the list of names we brought with us for a girl just didn't fit.

Night time was horrible. The nurse came every 2 hours to check on us. I swear I got maybe 40 minutes sleep. The nurse was also concerned because the baby was "singing" in her sleep. I guess that the noises she was making could be indicative of a breathing problem. She showed no signs of distress so I was not too concerned. I thought it was typical baby noises. The Pedi came in and assessed her in the morning and thought everything was fine. He would monitor her and if she was doing it more he was going to get some blood work to see if she was brewing an infection. I wound up having a mental breakdown due to lack of sleep in the morning. That morning, I was up walking, still no pain. I convinced my OB to let me leave that day due to I would kill him if I had to spend another night with no sleep Smile He said if Pedi was ok, he was ok.... So, we went home about 6pm the 24th. An hour before we left, we came up with Piper as her name. It fits her so well. She is beautiful, perfect and the most wonderful addition to our family.

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Nolan's Birth Story ~ Rebecca (rmacburn)

Nolan's Birth Story ~ Rebecca (rmacburn)

On Monday, March 21st I went to a "post dates" appointment for a NST and a BPP. The obstetrical resident offered a cervical check and a sweep. Since I was 41+2, and my other kiddos came at 10 and 11 days post EDD, I thought a sweep might be just the trick to get things going. I was 2cm dilated and 70% effaced during the check. I headed home at 4pm.

The rest of the evening was pretty normal. I was having some sporadic contractions, similar to the days preceding. I did call my mom to come stay the night, just in case we would need the childcare later. I went to bed at 11pm. During the night contractions woke me up regularly, but I still felt like I was having a good rest. They weren't really uncomfortable and I was getting some decent periods of sleep.

Around 4am (now March 22nd) I decided to get up, eat something and time them for a bit. Once up, they were coming every 2.5-3 minutes, but they were very short. They were only lasting for about 30 seconds or so, and the painful portion of the contraction was even shorter. I also hadn't had a bit of spotting or mucous plug. I was unsure that this was "go time", but I decided, since we needed to pick up our doula, and the drive to our chosen hospital was over an hour, we should start heading out.

At around 5:30am or so, we finally had things in the van and I was helping hubby remove the kid's car seats. At this moment, it started feeling different, and intense. The contractions were one, after the other and very strong, it also felt like my water was going to break at any second. I said to my husband, "I don't think we're going to make it to the city." We made the 10 minute drive to our doula's house and decided to go to our local hospital to "be checked" before continuing.

We arrived there at 6:15am. In the main lobby I felt a little pushy, but I said, "It's just because my water hasn't broke yet." My husband got a wheelchair and we rushed up to the second floor (and he only rammed me into one door frame! lol). I knew they wouldn't be thrilled to see me because I have never been a patient at this hospital. They knew nothing about my history or previous pregnancies... but I had no idea that the obstetrician would be so PO'd about it. We were apparently the "3rd ones that week". Boo hoo! So we had to answer a lot of questions, but my doula and husband were pretty good at covering the basics (lots of extra questions when they discovered I was vbac-ing!) The nurses also read my birth plan quickly and were really excellent.

I made it into their assessment room at 6:30am. They asked me to give a pee sample in this tiny cup... yeah... right... haha I sat on the toilet and my membranes exploded. My doula and the nurse heard it break from outside the bathroom. It took a whole lot of pressure off! I was able to relax for about 2 minutes. At this time, the nurse first checked babe's heart rate and it was pretty low. Around 80 BPM or so. We were a little concerned that it could be a cord prolapse, so she rushed me to the delivery room to put on the continuous monitor belt. I dreaded being in that bed, but I wanted to know baby was ok too. He had a few more little decels during contractions, but he sounded happier in the position I was in. They were guessing the slower rate at times was due to "rapid descent". I was thinking, "yeah right, it took me 3 hours to push my second out, nothing is descending rapidly from there!". I agreed to a check so the nurse could rule out a prolapsed cord. She declared that I was 5-6 cm.

At this point I was feeling really out of control. It was intense and I just couldn't find my zen. My body was just taking me along for a crazy ride. I couldn't believe I was like this at only 5-6cm. I was feeling like I was in transition since leaving our house.

Indeed, just 5 minutes after that check, I was complete and my body involuntarily started pushing (about 7am). I had my eyes closed almost the entire time I was in this room. I was vaguely aware that the doctor arrived and I was being urged into a semi reclined position on my back. I said, "I feel like I'm going to tear if you put me like this..." but no one responded so I just went with it. I also kept saying, "He needs to come out!", so pushing out that head was top priority. Smile

I was so swollen last time, I didn't get to experience the ring of fire, things just felt numb. This time I did! It was an... experience. lol So after what felt like 3 hours (actually 20 minutes), at 7:21am his head was out and his body slipped out after. What sweet sweet relief!

Nolan was a little shell shocked. The doctor did not delay his cord clamping, although it may not have made any difference because the placenta detached only a minute after he was out. They suctioned him and they took him for a bit to "get him going". I was upset by this because I kept thinking that I did things naturally without drugs, I should be rewarded with my baby (comes from my two previous birth experiences... not because it actually made sense at the time). I was actually pretty weepy that he wasn't in my arms.

The doctor stitched up my tear (along the "dotted line" of my tear/episiotomy scar from my last birth). I consented to the IM shot of pitocin just to avoid the argument that would likely happen if I declined. In my experience, the bleeding that followed was completely normal. There were some little gushes when my fundus was pressed, but that is to be expected. The doctor then said that I was bleeding too much and she wanted the nurse to start an IV and give me a bag of fluid with added pitocin. I said, "Are you sure it's more than normal?". Doctor replied, "I don't know what you're asking me right now? Honestly, we give everyone here an IV with pitocin, so I don't know what normal is. A tsunami and a hurricane is normal, they still kill people. And after they start the IV, I will reach in and remove the clots." This is an OBSETRICIAN, in her fifties, and she doesn't know what normal postpartum bleeding looks like.

I declined the IV (and her hand in my va-jah-jah) and asked to nurse my baby instead. Just on cue, my husband came back in the room with my sweet new baby. He latched on and nursed like a little champ. And I didn't die of a hemorrhage, wonders never cease. Wink

Baby boy weighed in at 8 pounds 6 ounces, 21 inches long and with a perfectly round 14.5 inch head. He's a lovely little package! Time of birth was 7:21am (51 minutes from first assessment in hospital, to baby), meaning had we continued to our chosen hospital/doctor, he would have been born on the side of the highway. So the doctor was a little shocking, but my short labour and short stay made it bearable, and we didn't have to clean all the lovely fluids of birth out of our van!

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Tessa and Sophie's Birth Story ~ Jules (kiwi_babe)

Tessa and Sophie's Birth Story ~ Jules (kiwi_babe)


So I have been rubbish at actually doing anything except keeping my head above water with a never-ending cycle of feeding, changing and sleeping over the last week. But I have finally managed to complete my birth story of my twins.

At 40+1 weeks gestation, I went to the hospital for the prostaglandin induction. For the first hour I was strapped to the CTG monitor. Nothing special – I was 2cm dilated and 75% effaced with a soft cervix. The prostin gel was applied at 9.00am and I had to remain on the bed for another hour. During this time I started having increased contractions and by the end I was definitely uncomfortable and desperately wanted to move off my back. For the next few hours I just walked around the room, sat on the gym ball and chatted to DH with intermittent monitoring of the babies (every 30 mins or so). Contractions were coming every three minutes, but to be honest, they were only just marginally more uncomfortable than I had been having for the last few weeks.

At around 2pm I asked my midwife to complete a vaginal examination as I really wanted to know whether the prostaglandin was working so I could make a decision about what to do next. She was reluctant as there was nothing that could be clinically done until 3.00pm when the obstetrician was back on the ward (he was running a clinic somewhere else in the hospital) and/or a decision could be made about attempting another gel application. But I wanted time to discuss my options with DH without having to feel pressurised into making a decision with everyone around. So she completed an examination and I was 4cm, almost completely effaced and very stretchy. Baby A STILL had not come into my pelvis and made good contact with my cervix. At this point, I decided to have a rest and remained on the bed in side lying to chat through the options with DH and my midwife.

Suddenly while I was still resting (around 2.15 or 2.30pm??), my contractions changed in intensity and frequency. This is the point at which I actually feel and it was documented that I was in active labour. I had to stand up and breathe through contractions which came every 2 minutes and around 2.45pm I walked to the bathroom and had a major bloody show. At that point, the midwife and myself realised that this was going to happen very soon and I walked through to a delivery room. As soon as we arrived in the room they placed an IV lure (something we had agreed on prior to labour) for a syntocinon (pitocin) infusion “just in case” of PPH. It was REALLY not easy to keep still in full blown transition, especially as I then started to feel a little pushy.

Foetal monitors were then attached to keep an eye on Baby B and got on the bed, I was checked and fully dilated with bulging membranes. I just rolled onto my side and started pushing at 3.04pm. It was very instinctive and I requested Gas & Air - primarily to have something to focus on during contractions. In my previous labour with DD2, I was hyper aware of everything going on around me; however, this time I was totally focused on my body and only vaguely aware of other people. I could feel something coming out of me…it was the membranes / waters. I knew that the baby could not be born in the caul as the sac was attached to the other twin's so when they asked to break my waters I nodded. My waters burst out and I can remember them covering my feet so they must have been coming at quite a rate!

Baby A presented with a hand (knuckles first) after nine minutes of pushing at 3.13pm. The baby was immediately handed to me by my midwife where I announced to the room that we had another little girl. She was bigger than any of my other babies and covered in vermix so I think that she would have been happy to stay in a bit longer! DH cut the cord when it had stopped pulsing. I completely forgot about everything else as she was all I could focus on – it didn’t even cross my mind that I would have to do this again - I was just so in love.

Apparently as soon as A came out my uterus “fell” to the side so the obstetrician (who had just been waiting in the room while I was pushing) externally applied pressure to return it to midline, he checked internally to make sure that B’s head was presenting (and not a cord) and broke my waters. He then stepped back and let my midwife take over again - that was the extent of his involvement. With my next contraction I delivered B’s head. Totally surprising everyone by B presenting face to pubes - that’s a close up photo which will not be appearing in the family album! One contraction later and 8 minutes after it’s twin, B was out. Covered by a towel and handed to me (placed on top of A who had been on my chest while I birthed B), DH and myself looked between the legs and laughed….another little girl.

After I had delivered both babies a syntocinon/pit infusion was started as the risk of PPH is higher with twin births. Something to do with the size of the placenta attachment site and a hyper-extended uterus which is less likely to contract down effectively following labour?? This stage occurred pretty quickly as well and a single large placenta arrived a couple of minutes later. Hospital policy is for the infusion to run for 6 hours post-delivery; however, after an hour there was no sign of PPH so the IV was stopped. I needed some stitches due to the second degree tear caused by twin A and her presenting hand. This was easily repaired with local anaesthetic.

Both girls latched on and started breastfeeding within 30 minutes of their arrival. After having the repair done, the babies were weighed and measured in the room with me. I never understand why they would have to go off elsewhere for this to be completed? Both babies had Apgars of 9 at one minute and were nice and healthy with just a weight difference. So the final results were:

Tessa Fleur
22/03/11 at 3.13pm
8lbs 2ozs
52cm long, HC 37cm

Sophie Violet
22/03/11 at 3.21pm
6lbs 5ozs
50cm long, HC 35cm

After an hour or so, when the IV was stopped, I got up to have a shower (and a wee!). Got dressed and walked over to the postnatal area of the ward where we all settled down into our new room.

To be honest, apart from the tear (hey ho) the birth really couldn't have gone any better. It was a hard slog to get the birth I wanted but that all work beforehand seemed to pay off and everyone really listened to what I wanted and did not push any interventions that weren't essential. I do feel exceptionally lucky to have had such an "easy" twins birth and know that things could have gone very differently. But I do feel very proud of myself at the moment :).

Now I am just looking forward to life in a chaotic household with four girls for a few years!

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Lauren's Birth Story ~ Amy (asteuck)

Lauren's Birth Story ~ Amy (asteuck)

We were scheduled to be induced at 9am on March 18. I didn't get much sleep the night before just like when I was induced with Alyssa! That morning we had to bring Alyssa to my mom's. I thought I was going to have a total meltdown dropping her off but I did alright! Had it been the day before it may have been a different story, I had a completely emotional day on thurs just thinking about how Alyssa wouldn't be my baby anymore and how was I going to handle 2 kids. I must have gotten it all out then! This was Alyssa first time sleeping away from home and me.

Anyway....We got to the hospital at 8:45 to check in. They brought us up to the delivery room and got all the paper work and check in stuff started. My nurse Sarah was so great! Much better experience than the nurse I got with Alyssa. After all the check in stuff was done, IV was in, the Dr came in a broke my water at a little after 10 am. I was still 6cm and about 75% effaced. I had to be monitored for 30 mins before I could get up to walk around. So we walked around the halls going back to get monitored every once in a while. It didn't really do much to start contractions. I did have a couple pretty good contractions but nothing consistant. So at 1pm they started pitocen. I started feeling a couple contractions and decided that I was too much of a wimp to go much longer so I got my epidural right away! I ended up with another perfect epi!! I wasn't feeling contractions but I could still mostly move my legs on my own and could feel some pressure with contractions and when I needed to push. My Dr stopped in to see me (she didnt deliver, Sarah she they dont normally do that!) she said that I was making her pretty nervous and had been thinking about me at home which she normally doesn't do! Didn't take terribly long to finish dilating to 10. I think it was a little after 3 or so Sarah checked me and said I just had a little bit of a lip left on the left side, so I turned on my left for a few minutes before the Dr came in, Sarah informed her, and she checked again too, and they both thought I could probably just push right past it and decided that I could start pushing. Sarah joked that there was another girl down the hall that was fully dilated and starting to push too and that she wanted to beat the other nurse to a baby first!! I started pushing at 3:38, after just a couple contractions of pushing Sarah said this isn't going to be very long at all! After about the 3rd contraction she had me stop pushing so they could get the Dr back in the room and call for back up incase the other girl went fast too! With the next couple contractions I pushed her out (3:55 pm, just 17 mins after I started pushing!) and they put her on my chest! Something I didn't get to experience with Alyssa b/c she was delievered with the help of the vacuum. After a few mins the took her to clean her up more and weigh her. It took the same amount of time, 17 min, to deliver the placenta. I just had a small 1st degree tear, more of a 'skid mark' the Dr said that they stitched up with a couple stitches. She latched and nursed pretty well right away.

After she nursed, Jason went out to get Alyssa. I wanted it to be just the 4 of us at first. She was a little nervous at first b/c I started crying when she walked in!! SHe stood on the bed next to me and looked her over. I think she was more concerned about everything else going on in the room! After my parents, brother and BFF came in she seemed a little more interested in the baby!!

Now she just loves her and is always touching and kissing her! She has been so helpful and wanted to help me change her diaper! If she is crying she'll say "its ok baby sister, hold my hand!"

Lauren Kay
9lbs 2oz
21 in
14 in head circ.
She looks just like her big sister! I'll have to find some pics of Alyssa for comparison!

On wed we took Lauren for her check up and to the LC to see how things were going. At the LC she ate 4 oz!!! She gonig to be a little oinker!! At the pedi she was already back up and past her birth weight (was 8lbs 8oz when we left hospital) at 9lbs 4oz. And she measured her at 20 in so who knows if they measured wrong or if the hospital did!

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Emily's Birth Story ~ (photogalv)

Emily's Birth Story ~ (photogalv)

Hi there,
Sorry about my lengthy absence from the board. My main computer completely died Sad Terrible timing with all the new arrivals!!!

The night before she came, I told Vu I was having Braxton Hicks. He timed them and said, "They're every 5 minutes. Should we call your midwife?"

"No. They don't hurt at all."

I fell asleep to Shawn Gallagher's Hypnosis for Childbirth CD,which I'd been falling asleep to for the past month or so.

I woke up at 4:20AM needing to go the bathroom, but also having cramps.

I started worrying thinking, "Gee, I don't want to have this baby on the toilet. I better time these in case they're contractions." I checked the microwave clock. They were mild, but coming every 4 minutes. I called my midwife.

She timed them and said, " You are probably in the early stages of labour." "They are only lasting 10 seconds."

"How long was your last labour?"

"6 hours."

" I better come and check you. You were GBS +, so I need to come and give you the antibiotics anyway."

I agreed.

I woke Vu up at around 4:50 AM. I actually felt a little bad for calling Mahnaz, since I thought it could be awhile longer.

Mahnaz arrived around 5:05. She asked me if Tatyana, the student midwife (who had just started with the clinic last week) could check me, but said she would also need to check me. I said I would prefer only one check. I had a few contractions (but not many), then she checked me.

Her expression changed as she said, "Danielle, I don't believe this. You are 9 centimetres. Don't push. Vu-get the receiving blankets" She ran to her car to get her birthing kit.

Tatyana arrived (in what would be her first ever homebirth, as she is from Ukraine and they don't do homebirths there).

My mom came as I had called her right after I woke Vu up. It was 5:30AM.

I told my midwives I wanted to push. I had to wait until they got the antibiotics into me. I told Mahnaz I was really itchy. She told me later that she had Benadryl just in case, but decided to concentrate on getting the baby out, since there were 2 of us to worry about-me and the baby (the right decision as the itching went away).

When they finished the antibiotics, I started to push.

I did the first 2 pushes with my face, then Mahnaz explained how I need to push farther down and my mom said to push in the shape of a J.

I pushed and my water broke. There was meconium.

They said, "Call the paramedics now. It was only a little bit, so hopefully it is ok, but we need to call them" (I wonder if they said that so I would be more calm).

My mom left the room to do that. Then they said, ``Level 3, ask for level 3.`` Vu left the room to tell my mom to ask for Level 3 as I pushed. I was highly motivated, since I knew meconium could be dangerous. Then they shouted out, "Cancel the paramedics." She had already come out! After only 7 minutes of pushing. It was 5:55AM. My mom and Vu were in the kitchen when she came out.

She weighed 8 lbs, 2 oz., was 20 inches long and her head circumference was 37.5 cm. We didn't know the gender until I asked and someone told Vu to check (as the midwives were busy getting what they needed for cord blood banking).

Somehow, I did not tear (but the after pains were probably worse than labour).

Julia woke up around 8AM and wanted to give her a stuffed lamb, then asked to cuddle her. She was pretty excited to be a big sister!

Note: It is very difficult for me to do anything on this computer, hence the lack of photos. I am getting a new computer next week, but I will try to post one or two before then.

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Makena's Birth Story ~ Donna (dn2011)

Makena's Birth Story ~ Donna (dn2011)

Friday, March 25th I woke up with a surge of "nesting"...I scrubbed the bathroom and kitchen floors, vacuumed & dusted the living room and bedroom floors and did the kitchen dishes. My BFF came over in the morning to visit and all the while, DH was calling me on an hourly basis, just to check on me and see if he was "needed". Around 4pm that afternoon, I started getting pretty regular contractions, about 10-12 min apart and lasting anywhere from 1-2 minutes. I tried laying down and resting, even went so far as to take a long, relaxing hot shower, but they were still consistently there, so I knew they weren't BH contractions. Around 7pm I decided to call my OB's office to fill them in on what was going on. Since it was the weekend, my OB's office was not "on call" (more on that later), but I did get a callback from the dr who was, who instructed me to "come in to L& d". So, I called DH at work and told him we were a "GO"!!

Since my DH works about 40min from home, and my water HADN'T yet broken, I knew we were ok to wait, so I got all the stuff together and waited for DH to arrive. Once home, he quickly took a shower and got ready, loaded up the car and off we went to the hospital, where we arrived around 8:30pm. We got checked in, monitors hooked up and they ran the standard intake tests (blood pressure, Doppler, ultrasound, FHR and blood work). By the time all of my tests came back, my contractions were closer to 6-8 min apart, but I still wasn't dilating at all, so plans were made to move me upstairs to start my induction. In the 45minutes it took to get me moved, my blood pressure shot astronomically high, over 210, so I wasn't even in my L&D suite for 10minutes before they came and moved me directly into the High Risk unit, where I would stay until I delivered.

Just like two weeks before, my BP was causing considerable issues. They started me on the anti-seizure meds and hooked me up to monitor my BP. They needed to get me more stabilized, fearing that I could stroke-out during delivery, so they decided to put off the start my induction, until they could safely consider me for a vaginal delivery--if not, then they would perform an emergency C-section. By now, it was almost 2am, my entire support team (my husband, mom, sister and aunt) were there and they all were a bundle of nervous energy. They finally got my BP to an acceptable level around 4am, so they started my Foley Bulb placement, since I could no longer have the Cervidil with the BP issues. After the Foley was inserted, I sent everyone home, including my DH, since there was nothing to do but wait, and if everyone was there---NO ONE (including me) would get any rest. So, after everyone left, I tried to get some assemblance of shut-eye, which was NOT happening and hunker down to wait.

During the night, we found out--much to our disappointment, that on nights and weekends, our practice works with two other groups for coverage. What this meant for us is that there would be no guarantee that neither MY doctor, nor any from her practice would be delivering our baby. Now, at no time during the 9months of my pregnancy did our practice EVER disclose this possibility to me about this possible occurrence. What they did stress to us, over and over, was that we HAD to see every doctor in our practice at least TWICE, in case that my OB was not available, we would be aware and comfortable with someone else from the practice doing the delivery. Logically, this would work, but when we got to hospital on Friday night and found out about this "other" plan, it did NOT go over well, understandably. By Saturday morning, we had found out that, in fact NONE of the doctor's from our practice were "ON CALL" that weekend, so I would be guaranteed that a "stranger" would be delivering our daughter! At that point, I lost IT.....with everything else that was happening, to have this stress added on top was just too much!!

My Foley Bulb came out around 7:30am, so at that point I was 3cm dilated and ready for them to start my Pitocin. My family arrived back in around 8am, which is when the new OB doctor arrived. We asked to have a meeting with her, in which I was very candid and straight---there was nothing against her as a doctor, it was just that I didn't know her from "Adam" and with all of the misinformation we'd be given, DH and I both felt we had been a bit blind-sided by everything. The new OB was so sweet and understanding--she spent about 40min sitting on the edge of my bed, being grilled by DH and family and in the end, she left me feeling so reassured and comfortable! The Anesthesiologist came and discussed my pain options with me--since it was safe, I could still have the epidural if I wanted it, and just needed to let the nurses know when.

By 2:30pm, I was 5cm dilated, 80% effaced at a -2. By 3pm, they decided to break my water and I was ready to have my epidural, so they came and did that, which I SO LOVED--I wanted to KISS the anesthesiologist!! Dilation continued, but slowed down at one point---they were having issues with the baby's HR, which significantly dropped with each contraction peak, so they were slightly worried that I'd still end up in an OR for a C-section. By 6:00pm, I was really starting to feel the "pressure", for which the epidural really had no effect on. In the course of an hour, I went from 7cm to 10cm dilated, so just after 7pm, I was ready to start pushing!

By now, I was exhausted...from my family, to the lack of sleep and the overall anxiousness of the situation, it felt as if I was going to completely shut down. They asked DH to get on my left leg, and my sister on my right. At that point, I said "I just CAN'T do this..." to which my baby sister got right up in my face and kissed me on the forehead and said--"You CAN do this...remember what POOH said--"you're stronger than you think you are". I smiled at her, and the pushing started. I did three groups of 3 pushes and on the 4th push group, she was out!

Makena Leilani Adelle was born at 7:18pm on Saturday, March 26th weighing in at 5pounds 14ounces and 20 inches long

The room erupted in joy and (from what I was told afterwards, because I was SO overwhelmed), when she came out she was facing my mom, aunt and DH with eyes WIDE open and smiling. DH cut the umbilical cord and they laid her on my chest--she was SO tiny--much smaller than I expected, so I was a bit overwhelmed with everything that was going on. They collected our Cord Blood and proceeded to work on me a bit, while DH and the nurses took baby for her cleanup and processing. I had a slight tear, which required two stitches, and with the epidural, I did not feel a bit. They had a problem with my placental delivery, so that took a bit of time and was quite discomforting, having them press and squeeze on my abdomen, but finally they were able to get it out. My uterus contracted perfectly, so they were really happy with that. AND, the biggest joy---they let me EAT, which was so great, considering the last food I'd had was Friday afternoon, around 4pm! My sister when to RED ROBIN for takeout and the rest of the family stayed and took tons of pictures. DH's mom and SIL came in to see the baby and they were just in LOVE with her! After my sister came back with the food, and everyone ate, they let our new family get settled in for the first night. Since I was on the anti-seizure meds, we could not be moved directly into the post-partum unit, so we had to stay in High Risk until Sunday. The good news is that they let Makena room in with DH and I, rather than being taken to different floor for the first night. They tried to have me breastfeed, but due to flat nipple issues (which did NOT resolve even with the initial pumping attempts), we had to resort to formula feeding.

Overnight, they continually monitored both Makena and I for issues with blood sugar and my BP, both of which CONSIDERABLY improved once the baby was out. By morning, they had me off the anti-seizure meds and up walking. I was able to eat breakfast and then they moved all of us up into our post-partum suite. By then it was 10:30am, and I knew that my DH was exhausted beyond belief. I told him to go home, nap & shower and come back later in the afternoon. Since it was Sunday, there would be nothing really for us to gain by him being there at the hospital all day, since they have no classes or maternity services on Sundays. The only thing that I did get to do was a one-on-one session with my nurse, who instructed me on how to bathe the baby. Other than that, both momma and baby slept most of the day.

Sunday evening DH was back to spend the night, and we had a few rounds of visitors. Early Monday morning, we received a visit from our Pediatrician, who also happens to be our family doctor--baby was checked out and released to go home. By Monday, her weight had dropped only to 5pounds 9.5oz. My other docs came and released me for discharge, we just had to wait around for a lactation consultant to come by and meet with me. While waiting, the baby's professional photos were taken, right there in our hospital room! I'll be posting them later in the month, once we get the CD from the shoot. The lactation consultant came and talked with me about the problems I am having with my nipples (one is slightly inverted and both are very flat and do not stay erect), so I've opted to skip BF'ing and instead just stimulate my milk by pumping and then bottle-feed with my breast milk, if it comes in. In the meantime, we’ll continue with the formula that she's been on since birth. After all of that, DH took most of our "gear" down to the car and pulled it around to the hospital's main entrance, for my discharge. Just before the hospital's escort service came to take us downstairs, Makena decided that she needed to EAT and right then and there! So, we had to stop, unpack the baby from her car seat and get her fed. By the time we were done, we had to wait another 20minutes for escort to come back to get us. By that time, both DH and I were antsy to get HOME with our baby girl, and we finally made our way downstairs. They started to take me out through Maternity, when we told escort that my husband was at the main hospital entrance---OOPS--they conveniently forgot to instruct us that all delivery discharges are through Maternity, so DH was going to have to go and get his car and come to the Maternity entrance to pick us up. So, while they wheeled me and the baby to Maternity, DH went to the front entrance of the hospital, where he found they were just getting ready to tow our car from the entrance loop---GREAT!!

After commandeering our vehicle, he drove over to Maternity; loaded us both up in the car and home we went. It's been a whirlwind of the last few days---lots of sleeplessness and fatigue, trying to get Miss Ladybug on a feeding and nap schedule and most of all, just trying to stay sane! We've had visitors every day, although we have instituted a visitors schedule (nothing before 2pm or after 8pm) and we've been inundated with offers of food and help if we need it, which we're taking advantage of, as needed. We have our FIRST pediatrician visit this morning, so we'll be happy to get that under our belts! Pumping has bit a bit of a challange--I'm getting just a tiny bit from my right side, and my left (the one with the problem nipple) is sore and nothing is getting expelled yet. The plan is to continue this until the end of April, when my pump rental is up, and see where we're at before I extend the rental contract.

Without FURTHER ADO, meet Makena Leilani Adelle --

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Oliver's Birth Story ~ Lauren (La123)

Oliver's Birth Story ~ Lauren (La123)

I only have the ipad right now, so i'll come back and add the whole story soon hopefully! for now here is a pic of Oliver at the hospital

OK, so I'm going to attempt to write a birth story for the first time. They botched the epidural, and I had the fluid leak to the brain, causing a migraine for the first four days, until yesterday when I went back to the hospital for a blood patch, where they draw blood and inject it into my spine, to form a block... Ugh... So recovery has not been fun. Things are looking up today though, and I can move around my house a little better. but still not supposed to do anything. If I so much as sneeze I could dislodge the clot, and the migraine will return.

So on Sunday night at 9 O'clock (March 27th) I blended up three tablespoons of castor oil, some orange juice, and a lot of ice, and drank it. I went to bed at 10, only to wake up an hour later feeling really crampy, and nasty. I came downstairs, and James made me some ginger tea, because I was feeling a bit nauseous. The tea really helped and I just lay on the couch for an hour or so, contractions were coming every few minutes, but I didn't know if it was going to fizzle off or not. Eventually James went to bed, and I tried to fall asleep, with no luck. I called my midwife and let her know what was happening, and she said I could go into the hospital now if I wanted, but I was so worried that it would turn out to be more of the false labor I had been having, so I said no, I'll stay home a bit longer. My mom is visiting, so I woke her up and asked her to go for a walk with me. We went outside and walked for an hour or so, came back inside, and had some more tea. It was getting to be about 4 am at that point, and I was so tired. I thought I would take one last try for some sleep so I lay down on the couch again, and as the next contraction came we heard a loud pop sound. I jumped up, and said... was that my water breaking. I moved around a bit, and nothing leaked out, so I lied back down. Next contraction and another super loud POP, and water came gushing out. At that point I knew things were going to go extremely quickly so I told my mom to run and wake james. We were all frantic for a few minutes, grabbing all the bags and everything... trying to change my pants... lol. So we get in the car, and contractions are getting super strong at this point, and I'm like... ok, lets get there fast... then two minutes down the road, we realize that neither of us knows where the hospital is. It was the same hospital we had our first at, so I assumed that james remembered, and he assumed that I had looked it up. So we called 911 to get directions... crazy. I got into the hospital and was checked by the nurse. 7 cm... I was freaking out because I really wanted an epidural, and was NOT prepared for the pain. I didn't feel pain like that in my last labor, or ever in my life for that matter. They wheeled my bed upstairs... and the midwife arrived. She checked me again, and she said actually I would say your 5 or 6... So I got the epidural. What a relief. Contractions slowed down a bit at that point, but I didn't need any oxytocin in the end. The midwife left for an hour or so, then when she came back I was ready to push. I'm really not sure how long it took, but I felt the baby coming out this time, even with the epidural... again, crazy. :eek: Oliver Finn H. was born at 8:17 AM on March 28th. 10 lbs 6 oz. He is a dream baby so far, and I am so in love with him Smile Thanks for reading if you made it this far!

Oliver Hospital 096

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Layne's Birth Story ~ KessyWessy

Layne's Birth Story ~ KessyWessy

Sorry this is so long, but it is a three week long story, because I never have enough hands to type with! Also sorry:not spellchecked-baby is getting up.

At around 3 am on March 14th I got up to pee, and when I got back in bed my water broke. But I'm an idiot and I thought I might be peeing myself, since it broke in small gushes. I did suspect this could be it so I called my husband to come home. He was on business in Calgary, whiich is about a 3.5 hr drive. Fastest trip from Calgary to Edmonton EVER!

Around 4 or so I started having contractions, and had more gushed of fluid, so I had figured out I was in labour. I called the hospital for advice to see how long I could wait before going in and we decided it would probably be ok to wait for my husband. So I did some laundry and started packing a bag for myself and and the baby and another one for my 3 yr old. I started calling people around 5-6am. I needed to make arrangements for my 3 yr old-Layne was coming early and blew all my plans to hell. So my sister arranged to meet me at the hospital to pick Kailey up and keep her for the day. And I got my BIL who lives close by to be on stand by to take me to the hospital if things went too fast for my husband to get home.

I got Kailey out of bed and she was so tired her legs were shaking while she was getting dressed! But she knew what was going on and was a super good girl. At 6:30am DH arrived home and Kailey and I were sitting by the door with our coats and boots on, so off we went.
When we arrived at the hospital I was about 4cm dilated and contractions were about 3 mins apart so they started getting me ready to give birth. The nurse had to page my ob and look for my test results for GBS. It turned out I was positive, so we got the IV started at 8:20am and the nurse arranged for my epidural, which was awesome.

Over the next 4 hours I progressed quickly and everyone was just hoping baby would hold off long enough to get the full course of antibiotics in. We managed it and I was ready to push around 12:30pm. I was given oxytocin around that time to help with labour, because even though my contractions were natural, they were weaker than ideal and the dr wanted me to have some help getting good strong contractions. Layne Sullivan was born fairly quickly after that, coming into the world at 1:02pm weighing 6lbs 2oz.

He was taken aside to get cleaned up and assessed by the nurse from the nicu, which is standard becaue he was a preemie by a couple of days. Then DH and I got to see him and hold him for a few minutes until it was decided he was pale and showing some signs to breathing problems (flaring nostrils). So off he and DH went to the nicu for observation.

I had to stay behind because the placenta would not detach. My dr gave me 30 mins to birth the placenta, using massage and oxytocin to engourage it to come out, but it wouldn't. After 30 minutes she called the anesthesiologist to come back and give me more drugs since the epidural had nearly worn off. An hour after I gave birth she had her hand inside my uterus manually removing the placenta. That was unpleasant. Apparantly it was really stuck. Then I was stuck in bed for another hour or so until I could move enough to get into a wheelchair and be moved to my room. At the same time Layne was released from the nicu, so we all got into our room at the same time.

The next afternoon we were cleared to come home, which was a great relief.
The next day we were visited by the public health nurse to do some tests on Layne (standard). DH and I had noticed Layne was becoming jaundiced, and he was doing worse at the breast-not better. So the nurse checked him for jaundice and arranged for us to have another visit the next day. Thursday morning his jaundice was getting worse, so they did a blood test and took his weight. He was down to 5lbs 8oz! Around suppertime my ob called for us to come in to the hospital- she arranged for us to go to the closest, but smaller hospital vs the slightly farther away but bigger and better equipped hospital where I gave birth. So off we went.

Kailey spent the night with my sister (different one than before) so DH could stay at the hospital with Layne and I. I had some pretty good tearing I was recovering from and I was hurting pretty bad. When we got in our room at the hospital I was so uncomfortable I couldn't breastfeed any more, simply due to positioning, so I started pumping and bottle feeding. By the time we got in he was down another 2 oz to 5lbs 6oz. Layne spent the night in an incubator for his phototherapy, and we had to feed him every 2 hours. He had to wear these eye protectors so he looked like a little alien in there.

He did really well overnight, and we were released the next day around noon, with instructions to keep feeding him every 2 hours. We had already scheduled and appointment for a check up so my dr was comfortable letting us go home, knowing she'd see us in a few days anyway. It was also noted that he had a mild tongue tie, so the dr arranged to have it clipped if we wanted. It may or may not have been enough to hinder breastfeeding, but considering we were having problems we thought we'd take what help we could get.
So we went to see the dr who clips tongue ties- we didn't even need an appointment, she was expecting us. He didn't even cry, and it bled the tiniest bit.

Finally we could go home. The next week and a half were exhausting. I had to breastfeed unsucessfully, pump, bottle feed, wait 2 hrs and repeat. Oh yeah and I was still really sore and tender from the tearing. When we saw the Dr on the 23rd Layne was up to 6lbs, and she asked us to keep up with the feeding every 2 hrs until after the weekend, then, as she put it "he could tolerate some teaching" with breastfeeding. So we did.

On the 24th help arrived! My sisters had been doing their best to hold my house together for me, but now Mom and Dad were here! The plan had been for Mom and Dad to be staying with me for the birth, but Layne was in a hurry. And considering they were coming from Newfoundland it didn't make sense to change all their flights and stuff.

Breastfeeding has been a struggle this time. Its a darn good thing I breastfed my first, or I might have thrown in the towel by now. Layne could latch well, but wouldn't always. He would get frustrated and refuse the breast. And he wouldn't suck well, which was the start of all the problems. I think he was just a little bit too small, a little bit too weak and a little bit to tongue tied and it made eating a little bit too hard. Of course that becomes a vicious circle , doesn't it?

But we're there now- He latches more quickly all the time and we don't have nearly as many fights about it. He was weighed on monday and was up to 6lbs 10oz. And I have not had to pump in days! I think I have a breastfeed baby again.

If you've hung in- thanks for reading!