long story for a short birth

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long story for a short birth

Hi girls this is it.

I woke at 5:15 and was pissed that I was not in labor. I was so upset I made it to a new day I just cried and DH held me. Then he got up an went to work.

Shortly after DH left, I sat up and it felt like someone punched me in the pelvis slamming down hard. (all I can think is it was the babies head, going into my pelvis)

Peter woke shortly after and wanted to nurse. Well while he was nursing I had 2 strong "real" contractions 5 min apart. I had to make him stop nursing and not sure if the nursing was causing it or if this was it. I got out of bed to bring him crackers.

Then I laid down with him and watched my Friends DVD. Contractions kept coming just as strong 5 min apart. At 6am I called David and told him to come home from work.

At 6:27 he called me back saying he was on his way and wanted to know if I called SIL yet to come and get Peter. I told him not yet because I was not sure it was the real thing and then I had a contraction and my water broke. So he called SIL.

I called Kim and told her what is going on. She talked to me during a few contractions.

6:50am DH got home and SIL got here at 6:55am.

I am leaking with every contraction. They are 4/5 min apart. I think I will be going to the hospital soon and Kim (Waterfall) will keep you posted.

I got everything ready for SIL and helped get Peter up. We kissed him good bye and she left.

I told DH I did not want to rush and that I was going to go take a shower and get dressed, I was till thinking I had time. Well I sat on the toilet and that was it. They started coming every 3 min and hard. DH helped me get dressed and I told him we had to leave NOW!!!!

He got the rest of the stuff in the car and I labored in the kitchen standing up.

Good thing the car ride was fast because it hurt so much to sit. I kept lifting myself off the seat during a contraction. I did take the time to call Kim and my Dad to tell them we where on the way to the hospital.

We got to the hospital and the labor was fast. I had 2 contracts in the parking lot one in the elevator and one walking down the hall to registration.

Once a registration the lady was with another family and we had to wait. When she was done with them she brought them to there room and asked if I was in labor on the way by and told us to take a seat in her office. I leaked all over her floor.

She seemed to take forever but came back saying she had a room for us and we could go to it if we wanted all DH would have to do is fill out stuff for me in there because we had preregistered. She tired to get me a wheelchair and I tried to sit in it but the contractions just hurt that way so I wanted to walk.

Once in the room the nurse got the baby on the monitor and let me labor on her (oops she had nail marks on her arm) because DH was doing the paper work.

I answered questions and tell her I had GBS she sent someone else to get the antibiotics. I was in a lot of pain and leaking a ton of water. She kept saying "You will be OK, I know it hurts, I will check you in a min and see what you are doing" OK so up on the bed I go and between contractions she checked me. 10cm, head down but still high, bulging bag. She left to call the OB. Came back and said we are going to delivery and no time for antibiotics.

We walked to the delivery room. I stood as they did my IV, some blood drawn and got baby on monitor. I was not feeling the need to push. But contractions where on top of each other.

At about 8:30am I felt like I had to have a BM and was told to get on the bed. I begged not to have to get on it. The bed hurt so much. My OB showed up and broke the rest of the bag of water and it was a warm splash. I asked if it was clear and was told yes. I said thank you and one of them said "Don't thank us thank your baby" At that time DH arrived at my head from doing the paper work.

I kept yelling at everyone "I want to get up I want to get up" or "I need to stand I need to stand" The nurse kept telling me I had to stay on the bed. And I freaked out Screaming "You aren't listening to me" She said "We are listing to you" and I kept screaming "No you aren't I need to get up" and waving my hands and arms around. I hit her 3 times. She listened then and told me they would fix the bed so it would feel like I was standing. The helped a ton. My SIL Jen arrived at that time and started rubbing my head.

The OB was not the midwife and I was upset about that but did not have time to dwell on it the contractions where to close so I just thought "well I have to do it now and show her I can have a VBAC"

Nothing seemed to be happening. It was hard to learn to push and after about 15 min of them trying to teach me how I looked at the clock. The OB checked me and said I had to get the head 2 more centimeters to get it under the bone. I was reliving Peters birth thinking I could not do this and I would need a C. They told me if I would let them lower the bed a little and lay more on my back it would help the baby get under the bone so I agreed to go back to laying down.

I asked them to undress me so I was naked and another nurse waved a fan over me. A few contractions latter I pushed filling my lungs like they told me and at the end of that contractions said "WOW" I was asked what happened and I said "I don't know but something" She checked me and it turns out I had pushed the head under the bone and to crowning all in one push.

That's when DH got excited and started telling me I could do it and how much he loved me. The head started to crown and the nurse took my hand so I could feel it and I knew then that I could do it. It was so soft and wrinkly and wet. OMG the burning!!!! I was yelling/screeching during contractions and one nurse told me to use all my pain to push and not yell. From that point on I just kept making eye contact with her and she was making circles with her hands that I used as a visual and she was counting an telling me when to breath. The head got stuck at the ears for a few contractions and everyone was cheering me on and I felt myself tear an tried to just let it happen. Then I felt the chin pass out and it felt so good that the head was out and the burning over. I knew I still had to he push the shoulders out. That nurse made eye contact with me and said "You have to push with all you have to get that baby out" I took a deep breath and pushed and felt all the parts come out. DH yelled "It's a girl" before I even realized it was over. I peeked over my legs and saw that yes we had a girl. DH was asked to cut the cord and then she was put right on me.

It took a while to deliver the placenta. I had a small internal left vaginal wall tear and a skid mark tear by my clit. That hurt to be stitched up. While being stitched up DH was asked what her name was and he said I think Summer but looked at me to confirm. I said I have to look at her once more first.

After they looked her over and weighed her 6lbs 13oz 19 inches long. I got her back to nurse. And Peter was in the room. We asked Peter if he liked Summer, Karmella or Tessa and Peter said Tessa.

So he named her Tessa and DH and I agreed on Karmella for a middle name. But I call her Moon Beam.

We had to stay for 48 hours because we never got the antibiotics and she had to be monitored for the GBS and they did a culture.

She is a good nurser. Peter loves her. And we are so excited. It was so worth being overdue.

It was all shocking. I was in shock contractions started so close and hard, in shock then that I arrived at 10cm and went right to delivery. But mostly that I only pushed for 32 min and had not only a VBAC but a little girl.

Tessa Karmella (Moon Beam)
6lbs 13oz
19 inches

July 3rd 9:02am

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Wow, that brought tears to my eyes. That almost mimiced my sons birth. Except I wanted to lay down and they kept telling me to stand up to get his head off the bone.

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bump for myself

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great story!

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I ca't belive she was just 3 yesterday!!!