March 2005 Birth Stories

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March 2005 Birth Stories

Post your birth stories here.

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I went for my 38 week check-up on Wednesday the 16th, and asked my midwife Karen to check me and see if anything was going on. I was at 1 cm and 75% effaced. She said to expect some mild cramping from the exam, so when I started feeling crampy at 2 that afternoon I figured that's what was going on. By 4 that afternoon I started thinking it was more than just cramps from the exam as they seemed to be coming at a steady pace. I was feeling them down low in my tummy and mainly in my back, which is something I didn't feel with my DD. I continued to have what I determined to be contractions all through the night, and was only able to rest a total of 2-3 hours that night. I woke at 9:00 am from a doze with a bigger, stronger contraction. I labored all morning with mild contractions, causing a lot of back pain. At 11:00 am I went to take a bath and soak for a while and had DH call Karen, my midwife. She called right back and I told her I wasn't sure, but she might want to plan her day out as I was pretty sure things were happening. She told me to soak as long as I could, relax and get some rest and to call her back in a few hours with an update. I spoke with her again around 3 in the afternoon, and told her they hadn't gotten worse, but hadn't stopped either. She said she would be here at our home around 4:30 - 5:00 pm. I went to bed to relax and watch some tv while DH waited on me. Karen arrived and checked me. I was almost 100% effaced and about 3 - 3.5 dilated. She settled in, and had me walk around the house for a while. By 7:25 pm my contractions were getting a bit stronger and closer. We checked at 7:30 pm and as she was almost done checking my water broke in a huge gush.
Thats when things really started to get intense. I got back up and walked around my kitchen "dancing" with DH when my contractions came. At around 8:00 Karen told DH it was probably a good idea to start filling up our birth pool. By 8:30 the pool was filled and I quickly changed into a tank top and hopped into it, panties, poise pantyliner and all! The water was so relaxing, but we just couldn't keep it warm for long. I labored in the water for about 2 hours before I got too cold, and also felt like I had to poop. She had been checking me while I was in the water and there was just a lip of cervix left right before I got out of the pool - I was vocalizing a lot...trying to keep the "O" vocalization going...not saying "no" but "ooooooooooooooooo" and "out baby out baby out baby", DH was so supportive, and I know I tried to bite him a few times, and slapped him to kind of "tap out" of the pain while I was in the tub. Anyway, I went to the potty, and pushed a few times while there after going potty. I then decided I was just too tired and cold to get back in the pool and headed to our bed to finish laboring. I tried hands and knees as my back pain was unbearable at that point. Karen and DH applied counter-pressure but it just wasn't a good way for me to push. I flipped over to semi-sitting, holding onto our headboard and bed post when I pushed. I was a lazy pusher this time, I really didn't want to push, even though I knew I had to. I had one foot up on DH shoulder and one on Karens hips. I was so exhausted I actually caught a minute of sleep in between some of the contractions. I finally gathered all my strength and pushed about six times to move him completely down. It took only three final pushes to get him completely out. He was immediately put on my belly and didn't even cry or fuss (despite what hospitals say, this is a good thing!) He didn't have to be suctioned at all, his breathing and movement was wonderful. He got an 8 on his 1 min apgar and a 9 on his 5 min apgar. DH cut the cord after it was done pulsing, and within 5 minutes the placenta was delivered. Karen applied ice pack and checked my bleeding while DH and DD bonded with Drake. (DD was WONDERFUL during the birth, she was helping Karen outt, handing her warm compresses etc) I did not tear at all, and required no kind of treatment to my perineal area. I was up 15 minutes or so after I had Drake to use the restroom and clean up. I'm not disappointed we didn't birth Drake in the water, everything was just wonderful and I wouldn't change a thing - well, other than the pain! LOL

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I'll start with my dr's appt the evening before. I was really upset my b/p was still very high, still leaking protein, so the dr figured he'd deliver me the following week. I was also put on b/p med's to keep me stable for the remainder of the week. That night I was so VERY upset and cried a lot. I just couldn't understand why my b/p was high and I had been on bedrest for over 3 weeks already...
Next morning I get out of bed at 10:30 and a little gush of water comes right out of me. I ran to the bathroom expecting blood and all this mucous is leaking out of control. I call me mom she rushes over and we suspect my water had broke. So I call the dr, and he asked me to come in right away. He checks me and yes my water had broke and I was 1cm dialated. He told me to get to the hospital right away because I had a b/p issue and also GBS to get treated for. So I get to the hospital about 20 minutes later and they start me on antibiotics and pitocin. So I start to progress pretty quickly. At 5cm I got an epidural...I'm terrible with pain. I went from 5 to 7cm really really fast. Then DH and the dr decided to leave...LOL. Dr. figured I'd be a while and DH is starving so he went to get something to eat. I went from 7cm to 10cm in about 15-20 min. They both had to be rushed back. By the time DH got there I was pushing already. My mom HAPPEN to come in to visit me while I'm pushing so she got to see everything (I was SOOOO happy to have her support) While pushing things got really bad for me. I just couldn't do it. I was getting EXTREMEMLY dizzy. The whole room was spinning. I think my b/p started rising at the point. So the doctor went ahead and cut me and I was able to push the baby out. I was disappointed but I just didn't feel right. I honestly thought I was going to pass out everything was spinning and my vision getting spotty.
Well she came out small and perfect, cried immediately. She needed no help eating or breathing. She is my perfect little princess. My b/p continues to be high, and I became EXTREMELY swollen right after. So bad that my skin folded in my ankles. I'm still on med's for my b/p and I will be seeing a doctor for it.

Well that's my story. Emily came early but very healthy thank God. Thanks for reading it, I hop you guys enjoy.

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I started having really irregular ctx starting at about 11am. I laid down for an hour or so, but nothing changed. I drank a bunch of water, sat in my recliner and caught up on my Tivo'ing. They just kept coming... not terribly painful but they did hurt. They never seemed to get regular or stronger, but I went ahead and called my cnm around 2pm to see what she thought. She said it sounds like false labor, which is pretty much what I was thinking. After another hour or so I decided to take a bath.

The bath actually seemed to help, so then I was thinking it was going to go away. I was floating around without actually timing anything but they seemed less intense and farther apart. Then I had a couple that really hurt. I looked at the clock thinking it must be past 4pm by now. (I was waiting for Dh to get home.) But it was only 3:45. I figured I was really in labor but I could wait 15 minutes rather that drag Dh out of work early. Now that I think of it... knowing my history, "I can wait 15 minutes" should not be part of my thought process. Anyway, at 4:10 I called him to ask where the $&(%*# he was because things were *really* starting to get intense. Well, he was on his way to pick up Juli because I never actually called him after the cnm and I decided I was having false labor. I told him to get home NOW! So, I'm dragging my sopping wet, in hard labor butt out of the tub and trying to get myself dressed. (Last time I was packing a hospital bag in hard labor. Why do these things keep happening to me?) I picked up the phone to call the cnm back, but the line sounded dead. Then I heard a voice and we did a "hello, hello" thing. Turns out the cnm was calling me to check up just as I picked up the phone to call her. So, after we got that all sorted out I told her I was going to the hospital as soon as Dh got home.

So Dh made it. I don't know when exactly because I quit caring. I went out to the car and even though it was snowing and I was still wet I was soooo hot! Of course, since it's snowing everyone forgets how to drive. So, Dh was laying on the horn for 3/4 of the ride. We get to the hospital and my water broke as we were getting on the elevator. I made it up to the maternity ward and into the room. As I started to undress I had a giganto contraction and started pushing. Of course the nurses are telling me not to because my cnm wasn't there. (Why do nurses insist on telling me not to push? Don't they know I can't follow instructions?) I managed to get on the bed and continued pushing. One nurse was trying to hook me up to the fetal monitor and another was apparently waiting for me to finish my current ctx to check for dilation. Then Miranda started to crown. The dilation checker gave up but the fetal monitor nurse was still trying. After a couple pushes her head was out then, according to Dh, she reached out with her hand to wave at him. Although, I believe that was obviously an attempt to pull herself out as I was clearly taking too long. Smile

Miranda was born 2/21/05 at 4:50pm. 6lbs 5oz and 19.5 inches.

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Pretty easy birth story. Thursday I was really uncomfortable all day long. No contractions, I just felt Dylan REALLY low and had cramps and just a general yuck feeling. About 5 oclock it got to where i couldnt sit still, I just wasnt comfortable. Kyle called after work and I told him to go to class because I wasnt having cx or anything so there wasnt really a reason for him to not go. About 6:30 I was regretting that decision. I was feeling even worse. Still no cx, but I just felt that something was up. Luckily Kyle called while on break at class and I told him that I wasnt having cx, but that something was up and he didnt have to come home, but I wanted him to know. He knows me too well lol and announced that he wasnt taking any chances and came straight home. He got home about 8 and we packed the kids into the car and headed up to grandmas house. He played with the kids while we were there and I did laps around the upstairs and then spent about an hour on the treadmill downstairs. Finally about 10 I started having contractions I could feel, and they were about 5 min apart. So I called my Midwife and she said to head on down once they got painful. Around midnight Kyle was dragging me out to the car to go to the hospital. I didnt want to go because I could still totally talk through the contractions, and I have this huge fear of being sent home from the hospital. Once we got there they put me in triage and hooked me up to the monitors. My cx got pretty painfull then because of the semi upright position they put you in so they have access to your belly. I had only been monitored for about 10 min when I was saying "owie" through the cx (amazing how just sitting in the wrong position can make them seem worse!) The nurse heard me and they decided that I was worth admitting and they checked me and I was at a 7 and 100%. I spent the next hour in the bathtubin my room chatting away with Kyle. the tub was just the right length for me to push against the end with my feet and it applied great counter pressure against my back. I had a really nice talk with Kyle and was able to keep talking through cx because of that nice counter pressure. About 1:45 they were starting to hurt alot so I got out and just leaned against the end of the bed and swayed my hips and chatted with my midwife and Kyle. As long as I was distracted and talking I was good, but if I let myself think about the cx they were really starting to hurt. Then about 2:10 they REALLY hurt. I was ready to be done. we waited till there was a gap between them and checked me and I was complete. So I hopped up on the bed and waited for the urge to push to start. nothing. I kept waiting and nothing. At this point I just wanted him OUT. I started pushing on my own, but with out that natural urge it just hurt too much. I will admit, I started to cry. I think I even begged my midwife to just pull him out. finally I started having the urge to push and after that my body just took over, he was out in like ten min flat. I didnt tear at all and everything was great on my end, but he was pretty floppy when he came out, and pretty purple. he only got a 5 on his first APGAR and a 7 on his second. He whined a little bit, but didnt really cry. So they had to work on him a little bit to get him going. After a half an hour or so he was doing better and they gave him to me and we got to snuggle and bond and all of that fun stuff.
because I am only 36 weeks they did my GBS testing just on tuesday, so they didnt have the results back yet. the results came back about two hours after he was born. Im positive. So they had to do extra blood work on him and they did vitals every ten min I swear. Plus he is Jaundice, plus he got circ'ed on friday, so between those three he has been a real sleepyhead. I have to wake him every 3 hours to feed him, other wise he would just keep sleeping.
His Jaundice was only 13 today so he didnt have to go on lights like Kate and Drew did. And he has only lost 6% of his body fat so they didnt make me supplement. Hes doing ok, but I have to be really careful about how long I let him sleep and keeping him warm. Not too bad on a whole for a 36 week 2 day baby.
Dylan Jeffree (spelling of Jeffree taken from Kyles favorite companion from when he was a missionary for our church)
6 lbs 11 oz
19 inches
2/ 24/ 2005 2:22 am.

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I was induced on Friday, February 25 at 9:00 am and things went well. Jack's heart rate would change often because of the pitocin and so we were closely monitored all throughout the day. At 1:00 the doctor came in and broke my water wich was a pretty amazing feeling. Then the pain started to kick in and contractions were pretty painful. At 3:30 I was given an epidural and continued to progress slowly. To jump ahead, at 9:00 pm, my nurse told me that I was dilated to 6 and would check on me at 10:00. My contractions were intense and I had started the labor shakes. By 9:30 I was yelling at my husband to get our nurse because I thought he was crowning. She came in and sure enough his head was right there. They called my dr and my nurse, whom was so wonderful, would let me push through my contractions. I did try to not push on all of them, but it felt better to. My dr came in around 10:00 and got ready and I continued to push delivering John "Jack" Justice Schneider at 10:12 pm. Jack weighed in at 8 pounds 10 ounces, 20 inches long. He got 9/9 on his tests at 1 and 5 minutes and has done so great. We came home from the hospital yesterday, which I admit was pretty emotional for me. Our first night went pretty well. Here are some pictures

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As some of you might know, I started having some pre-e issues during the week of Valentine's. Well, Saturday the 19th they asked me to come and stay at the hospital so that they could monitor us. DH and I packed our bags planning on the possible arrival of Jared. After being in the hospital all weekend and no signs of getting better, the decided it would be best to induce me on the morning of he 21st. Before we started induction, I was only 1 cm dialated and they couldn't feel his head. After 1 1/2 days of induction, we asked the doctor to check me and see if there was any change at all. Nothing!! DH and I had a serious talk and weighed all the pros and cons and then decided for as much pain as I had been in and the fact that we were getting nowhere, we told the dr we like to see about just having a c section. She talked to us about the procedure and asked us to talk it over and give her our final decision. It really was one of the toughest decisions I've ever had to make. Both DH and I were upset and crying. I didn't want to be a failure, but with my blood pressure, swelling and the protein in my urine not decreasing we thought it was for the best. We told the dr and not even 20 mins later she had put together a team to do the section. We didn't even really have time to call anyone to let them know. Mike called my mom and told her to leave work. They took me in for the section around 1pm and Jared Michael was born at 133pm weighing 8lbs 7oz and 21 inches long. What a perfect baby boy! Mike and I were amazed and just kept squeezing each others hands. Mike even cut the cord. I can't believe our precious son is here. Because of the section and my bp issues we didn't get to come home officially till Sunday night. And I am still having issues, but hopefully with time things will get even better. I have to be on two diff kinds of medication. I am working on getting some pictures for everyone to see him.

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Gregory’s Birth Story

His labor and delivery were mercifully short for me. L&D with my first was 40 hours, so I feel it was sweet payback for me. Biggrin

Monday, February 28, 2005
2:30 a.m. – I woke up to a ‘pop’ feeling low in my belly. I started leaking fluid immediately, and when I stood up, it was a lot more than a leak. I ran to the bathroom and jumped on the carpet to keep from making too much of a mess. I stood there for a couple minutes, not really knowing what to do next. I waited until I stopped leaking, grabbed a couple towels, and went back to bed with the intent of trying to get some sleep before labor decided to kick in. Yeah, right! Chris woke up because he could tell I was moving restlessly, and I told him he didn’t need to go to work that morning.

3:15 a.m. – Contractions started, and they were immediately consistent and regular. They were 3.5-4 minutes apart, lasting about 30-45 seconds. They started getting pretty strong about 10 minutes later. I let them go for about 45 minutes before I decided I should call the midwife. I was so scared of going to the hospital too early, but I was leaking a lot of fluid with each contraction, and they were getting very strong. The midwife recommended I come in as soon as we could get out of the house. Chris called his parents to come over to watch Mark, and they arrived about 30 minutes later. In the meantime, my contractions were getting even stronger, and they were just as consistent.

4:45 a.m. – We arrived at the hospital and checked into our room. They asked me all the obligatory questions, and the midwife checked me. I was terrified to still be at the 2cm I was all weekend, but I was already at a 5! Bolstered by that news, I had them fill up the labor tub. Gregory was facing posterior, and I was really starting to feel the contractions in my back. Getting into the tub really felt good.

6 a.m. – I labored in the tub for about 45 minutes before I started feeling the pressure of needing to go to the bathroom. This sent the midwife and nurse into a tizzy – “don’t push!” They had me get out of the tub so they could check me. 7cm! I decided to get back into the tub to labor some more.

6:30 a.m. – After laboring another half hour in the tub, I started feeling a strong urge to push. The back labor was excruciating, but I had a feeling I was pretty close. The contractions were starting to come almost on top of each other, and my throat was getting sore from all my yelling. The midwife checked me, and I was complete on one side and almost complete on the other. She said if I got back onto the bed, she could probably push the lip of cervix out of the way while I pushed. I was more than willing to give this a try, so I hobbled back to the bed and propped myself up on my hands and knees. It hurt too much to lie on my back.

6:39 a.m. – I started pushing while the midwife pushed the cervix out of the way. It was still excruciating, but there was a tiny bit of relief with pushing. The contractions were still coming one right after the other, so I felt the need to push constantly. The midwife started yelling for me to slow down on the pushing, and I couldn’t figure out why until I suddenly felt the baby’s head crowning. I couldn’t believe he was coming down so fast, but I wasn’t about to argue.

6:42 a.m. – Gregory James Collins debuted his beautiful little self to the world. He weighed in at 7lb 15.8oz (we’re calling it an even 8lbs) and was 20 inches long. His apgars were 8 and 9, and he latched on immediately. I needed one stitch for a very minor tear.

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I'll keep this quick.

Repeat C-section:

March 1, woke up around 6 and the nurse gave me a special scrub soap for pre-op and I washed myself from head to toe in this awful antibacterial soap. Including hair--yuck. Nurse came in and said, "somone will come and pick you up and take you to the OR". So I'm thinking a wheelchair or a hospital bed will arrive...nope a nurse escorts me down to L&D by foot. and I am told to hang out, in a hospital gown in the hallway and continue to get the blood flowing to my extremities by walking and moving my arms to help with I do that with DH running around beside me freaking out that he is about to be a daddy for the second time!

OR doors open and I put on the sterile hair cap, the nurse 'pats' the OR table as a sign for me to hop up on the table. The anesthesologist comes, asks me "what I'm looking for today", as if I'm ordering pain meds off a menu, I say "spinal", and he says "no problem, we'll freeze you from the waist down". So the meds are in and I lie down and the sheet goes up and then I comment that I can still feel my feet to the anesthesologist and he replies "it doesn't matter, you won't soon and BTW, WE'VE STARTED TO CUT, so YOUR'RE GOOD AND FROZEN ANYWAY...". a few tugs and pulls and She's out. Screaming......she scrored wonderfully from APGAR. I vomit from the spinal. My DH only job during birth is to hold the tray for vomit, and take pics of the newborn, poor him!!!

Doctor comments that he had to use FORECEPTS to take the baby out. What, I say, is my stomach and pelvis and his cut you've made not enough room for a near 7lb baby, c'mon????? Guess it was a good idea I didn't try for a VBAC it would have been unsuccessful. The forecepts come close to her eye, but just bruising result. recovery room, I spent 3 hours there, itchy from the morphine (allergic reaction???), and vomiting, which makes my tummy bleed a bit but not worries....

POST OR--no maj complications except for a very bad case of itchiness from the morphine they put in the spinal. Bad, bad, had to take some benadryl in an IV. And an allergic reaction to the surgical tape that made me blister. Oh well. I was up and walking that evening. Fainted in the hallway on day 2 but no biggie. Incision is one straight line, no lumps, no bruising....

funny story--pediatrican at the hospital is like this neonatal specialist.....blah blah. comes in, looks like a hippy draft dodger from this garb, no name tags, etc. Checks out the baby, all is well. In my hospital it is the ped that declares the length....he says 53cm (almost 21"), huh, I think. I have measured her myself and thought around 48cm (18.5"). This guy is off his rocker. So when I am discharged and given my 'baby book' it doesn't include the length...sure enough at my own Ped's office, she measured 49cm (19") long. Gotta love specialists who can't measure...

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Harrison James
7lbs 12 oz
20 1/2 inches
March 3, 2005
3:56 pm

I went to the doctor on Tuesday March 2, 2005 and the internal exam showed me to be high and tight. March 3, I helped out at AWANA as usual and got home around 9 pm. About 10 I began having very mild contractions 5-7 min apart. When Bill arrived home at 11pm we decided to head to the hospital which is 45 miles from my home.

When I arrived I was 3 cm dialated but not thinning out. My doctor said she would check me out at 6 am when she did her rounds. We started the IV at 5 am and awaited the doctor, the nurse was sure she would break my water when she arrived. When she arrived at 6 am I was dialated to 4 cm. The doctor would not break my water because I opted not to have an epidural. She said she had a full morning and 5 surgery's in the afternoon and would be back around 3 to break my water.

I labored all day and around noon we began pition. I was beginning to get tired and anxious about the delivery. The doctor broke my water at about 3 pm and I was 6cm dialated. The contractions hit me fast and hard. I was not prepared because I was so tired from laboring so long. I felt I had to have a bm. The doctor stayed with me because of how fast I was dialating and thinning. I finally told the doctor I had to push and she said fine. I began to push while the nurses began to take apart the bed, but did not succeed. Harrison came out on the first push, head and body. I did not realize he was out so I continued to push.

Bill was not able to cut the cord because it happened so fast, the doctor cut the cord handed the baby to a nurse and then continued to deliver my placenta I suppose, because I do not recall delivery it. After about a minute the doctor asked what it was and the nurse said a boy.

I was so excited to have another son, he is so sweet. But I ended up having awful hemmoids and could barely walk. The drive home was awful. I did not have a home to go home to because we were in the mist of moving. So I went to my cousins who helped take care of the kids. I cried alot because I felt like an awful mother. My cousin tended Harrison and only brought him to my to be nursed, which was a chore because I could not sit up.

I am still a little sore, but I am able to tend to Harrison. My mom has stayed with me as well as my sister from Hawaii and her boyfriend. They leave tomorrow to head back home, so my mom will also go home. I will really miss the help because Harrison has his nights and days mixed up, so my sister sits up with him until 1 or 2 am, because of the time change she is up at that time anyway. She brings him to me to be nursed.

To view hospital photo

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Nicolas Dean
6 lbs. 12 oz.
19 inches
March 7th at 4:02 p.m.

Here it goes.....

I went to bed on Sunday and woke up with my back hurting at 2 a.m. and went to the bathroom. Then I went back to bed. I did this back in forth till 3 a.m. Then I noticed that this was happening every 10 mins. And I thought maybe it was just a nerve bothering me. Well by 4 :00 a.m. they were 6-7 mins. And never really felt like contractions. Just this discomfort that kept coming around. I called my Mom and told her I might be in labor but I didn't know. She said I better go to L&D just to make sure. So I woke DH up while she was on her way here to watch the kids. He really didn't freak out that bad. He has been a wreck every since my last appt. when they said it could be anytime. He didn't want me driving anywhere by myself. Smile Okay back to the story. So my Mom gets here and we head off. I get there and I tell them I do not know if this is real or not. Well she checks me and I am 1 cm and 80%effaced. So we get hooked up to the monitor and I am having contractions every 2-3 mins. They were just like mild cramping. She came back another hour and checked me and I was a 3 and complete. She told me she really didn't think I was going to have changed, since I seemed so calm. So they call my mid-wife to let her know what is going on. My mid-wife doesn't get there till around 9. She checks me and I am at a 4. She said she had to go to the other hospital to check on someone else and would be back around lunch. I guess she thought it would be awhile. Well at 11 or so my water breaks, and the nurse checks and I am at a 6. I go on the rest of the afternoon laboring. Then around 3 my contractions all of sudden drop down to 10 mins and are getting further apart. I was afraid my body was quiting. Since my water had already broke I knew he had to come out anyway. So the pitocin I had been avoiding this whole time, I asked for it. By the way my mid-wife had not made it back yet. She was stuck in traffic and no one had told her my water broke. So she thought everything was still moving slow. They started Pitocin and my contrations picked up again. I felt pressure really fast after that and the nurse checked and I was at an 8. I asked for the pitocin to be turned off for now and they did. And the next thing I know Nicolas is making his way into the world. Right into the nurses arms. I can say this whole preg. has been draining as far as my prenatal care went. The Mid-wife I had left the practice I was at and I got this mid-wife with less than 8 weeks left of my Preg. So I never really had time to build a good relationship with her and then she wasn't even there for the birth. Oh well. At least our son was healthy as can be and my birth was without complications. I sometimes feel like I did not recieve the care I should have. But I know God was watching over us. I have one little issue. I am still bleeding alot and have alot of blood clots coming out. And I think the afterbirth might not have been delivered right. I am going to call the office on Monday if it is still flowing heavy. With my girls it was not like this. Okay I know I have rambled. Anyway that is my story. :roll:

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Andrew Kyle
March 9, 2005, 3:07pm
8lbs 11ozs 21 inches

Tuesday, March 8 I had several appointments in the morning. First I had a NST, then an u/s to check amniotic fluid levels, then a midwife appt. Everything was fine with the NST and u/s. At my appt. I was still 4cm and 90% effaced. She stripped my membranes and I set up another appt. for a NST for Friday, March 11. That afternoon I ran errands before going home. Started to feel crampy, but nothing much. Around 1pm I thought I was having BH contractions again, they were not painful or close together, so I pretty much ignored them. They didn't go away, however, and by 5pm I was having contractions every 10-12 minutes, lasting for 30-40 seconds. Still not painful, though. Alex decided to make homemade fettuccini alfredo for supper. It was AWESOME. We joked how they say to eat a light meal if you're in labor and here I just chugged down the heaviest meal ever. Still didn't believe it was the "real deal." By 8pm my contractions were 8-9 minutes apart and still 30-40 seconds, still not painful. But my midwife said to call in when they were under 10 minutes apart. She told me to come in. So we called my mom and she came over to spend the night with Natalie (who was already in bed by then). We arrived at the hospital about 9:30pm. Contractions were now 5-7 minutes apart....still not painful but I was starting to use my hypnosis. My midwife checked me and I was still the same as my morning appt. After inital monitoring and getting admitted, they let me off the monitors and Alex and I walked the halls until about 10:30pm. 10:45pm - back on the monitors....I tried to sleep with no luck. So I listened to my hypnosis CD. I got off the monitors at 12:10 am and decided to try the birthing ball for a while. My contractions were still 5-6 minutes apart but were getting so that I had to pay more attention to them. After being on the birthing ball a while (half hour or so) my contractions picked up to every 4 minutes or so. Between 1-4am I tried to rest in the rocking contractions were staying about the same. My midwife and I talked and we decided to have her break my water to get things rolling because I was still 4-5 cm and 90% effaced. Right after she broke my water my contractions got much more intense. I spent a little time in the bed but found it to be really uncomfortable. From about 5:30-7am I rotated between standing, using the rocking chair and the birthing ball. I had to be on the monitors now that I was really in active labor. But I had to use the bathroom a LOT. I think I was paying the price for that heavy meal the night before! By 7am I was sitting in the rocking chair with contractions that were close, long and pretty intense. I was using my hypnosis to get through each one with Alex lightly massaging my face and neck. By 8:15 am I wanted to be checked again. I climbed into bed and the contractions were AWFUL there. I was 5-6 cm....that really rocked me, I thought I would be further along. I was losing my ability to stay under hypnosis and was starting to really clench up with each contraction. I had been up for about 28 hours by that point and was getting pretty exhausted. I decided to ask for an epidural. After that I slept until about 10am. My midwife decided to insert internal monitors and see if I needed some Pitocin because my contractions weren't really registering on the external monitors. She checked me and I was 8cm, 100% effaced and 0 station. Baby had rotated from anterior to transverse at that point. By 11:30am I was 10cm but not feeling much urge to push. We decided to wait a bit and by noon I really wanted to push. I pushed until 2:15pm in various position (back, side, hands/knees, using a squat bar, etc.). Baby rotated to OP (posterior) with an asynclitic head but was down to +1 station. He had some molding on his head, as well. Midwife had the doctor on call assess me. We discussed me pushing for another hour or so as baby was handling labor fine. But I was completely out of gas. They said if I pushed another hour I "might" be able to deliver with forceps. I just couldn't do it, my body had nothing left to give. By 2:30 we decided to go ahead with the c/s and Andrew was born at 3:07pm. My recovery nurse was SUPER. She helped me nurse Andrew right away (something I didn't get to do with Natalie) and I was nursing within 90 minutes of him being born. He latched on great right from the beginning.

I have no regrets in trying for a VBAC. Both Alex and I felt with Natalie's birth that not everything was tried to make a vaginal birth possible. This time we know we did everything we could. My midwife was super and I'm very happy I did the hypnosis with her, as well. Under hypnosis she told me that nursing would go very smoothly (it has) and that I would recover very quickly. My recovery this time is a hundred times better than it was with Natalie. So despite the fact that I ended up with a repeat c/s....just the experience really helped heal a lot of emotional scars from Natalie's birth. My little man is just precious and I'm so glad he's here!

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Teagan Ann Chandler
March 16, 2005
7:29 p.m.
8 lb 5 oz, 20 1/4 in

This is long!!

I started having cramping and possible contractions on Tuesday at lunchtime. Went home early from work. My friend Christy came over and we went out walking the neighborhood for over an hour. The pains stopped and I was exhausted. I had hoped that the walking would bring on labor but it didn't seem to work.

Woke up Weds morning at 6 to get ready for work. Cramping like crazy and feeling really odd. Called in and started to really look forward to that afternoon's doctor visit because I had high hopes for some good news about progression towards labor. Jeff headed off to work. Around 9, I noticed that the cramps were becoming more intense and more regular. And more all over my stomach. Around 10, I called Jeff and told him he might want to be home within the next hour because this could be it. Called the doctor's office and told them what was going on and asked if I could come in earlier than my 2:15 appt. They asked some questions and told me to come in right away. I called Jeff back and told him to come home right away- we needed to get to the doctor's office.

Jeff got home, we took off. These are feeling more and more like contractions but I'm still not convinced that this is the day. We see Dr. Payne and he checks me- I'm dialatede to 4 and am 90% effaced- time to head to the hospital!

We get to the hospital around noon. I actually had to sit through admitting while having contractions. We complained about that- not a big deal but it was annoying. When we had our false start on Sunday, they took me to a room right away and Jeff handled admitting for me.

Anyway, they got us into Labor and Delivery Room 9. The contractions are definitely regular and more intense and I can no longer deny what is happening. The pain is pretty managable and Jeff is doing a great job coaching me though them. At 1:30, Dr. Wright checks me and determines that we should break my water. They do and there is a lot of meconium- so the NICU is alerted to be ready when we deliver as she will need extra suctioning attention to remove the meconium from her body. Once my water was broken, the contractions were beyond intense. It was a pain that I cannot put into words. I became very gutteral and withdrawn during the contractions. I would still respond to Jeff's coaching to breath and relax but was groaning out each breath. The neatest thing was the immense feeling of relaxation that occured between each contraction- that let down feeling was incredible. However, the contractions weren't worth that feeling! They got so bad that I was crying and on the verge of not being able to focus and when offered an epidural, I took it. I feel like it was the best decision I made.

Relief was almost immediate and I was then exhausted from the 3 hours of hard contractions (2 after the water breaking) and was able to sleep off and on. We got the epidural around 3:00. Jeff was so wonderful during that epidural. They were adjusting my bed to do the procedure and needed me to sit up. When I started to sit up, a contraction came on. Jeff had been helping me sit up and when the contraction started, I couldn't move forward or backward because the pain was unreal. My husband stood there, braced himself, and kept me in my position with one hand until the contraction was over. He was a hero! During the epidural, he stayed with me and kept his face over mine so I wouldn't raise my head and so that I would feel comforted- which I did. He was everything I needed and more. Anything I asked for- lip balm, ice chips, etc- he was on it. Frequently, I didn't even have to ask as he would just offer.

At 4:30, I was checked and had dialated to a 5. The nurse thought we would probably deliver around 11 or 12 that night.

Around 5:30, our nurse determined that there was something wrong with my contraction monitor. We'd been having trouble with it the whole time- it didn't want to register my contractions. So, she had called Dr Wright to see if we should use an internal monitor. He came to do the monitor at 6:00. He checks me first and it turns out that in an hour and a half I had gone from a 5 to a 10 and was ready to push!

The epidural had spread evenly throughout my lower half and then, because of how I was propped up, I began to feel contractions on my left side. They didn't hurt but I was aware of when a contraction would start. When it was time to start pushing, I was no longer tilting to one side- I was evened out. And I had no sensation in my right leg! The nurse stayed on my right and Jeff stayed on my left. Since the monitor wasn't working, my job was to tell the nurse when I felt a contraction. She would hold up one leg and Jeff was instructed on how to hold the other while still giving me his hand to hold when I pushed. I was coached to push from my gut- like doing crunches.

I pushed for an hour and 10 minutes. A second nurse joined us around 7- shift change- but our first nurse still stayed with us to finish the job! After that hour and 10, the doctor was called in- and told he had better hurry because I could have the baby at any second. I was actually told to not push for the next couple of contractions! Dr Wright arrived, I did a few sets of 3 pushes. I could feel her coming and on the last push, I did the 3 and they asked if I could go four- but I was already going for 4! Her head came out and I began to cry. I couldn't even put into words everything I was feeling.

I pushed again when instructed and our beautiful baby girl was born. She was placed on my stomach for initial suctioning and cord cutting. I couldn't see all of her- but did see her right shoulder and arm. She shot her little hand straight up in the air and I put my finger in her palm and she grabbed on so tight! Then she was taken to the warmer so the NICU team could get her cleaned out. Just hearing her cry made me cry more. I told Jeff that I was fine and that he could go and be with her and he went and held her hand and got to meet his baby girl for the first time.

I was bleeding very heavily and extra measures were taken to stop the bleeding. Teagan was eventually suctioned out and we got the news that she wouldn't have to stay in the NICU nursery. Once I was done being stitched (episiotomy) and my bleeding was under control, Teagan was brought to me. I was so overjoyed. She was (and is) absolutely perfect in every way!

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Jaycee Leann
Feb.24th 2005
7lbs.4ozs. 19in.

Well my birth story is pretty short, I was due on March 8th, but due to me having GD the Dr. thought Jaycee was going to be very big so he scheduled me to have a C-Section on Feb.24th, I woke up that morning and got dressed to go to the hospital at 5a.m. when we opened the door to go to the car it was snowing!!!! It was so pretty! so I get there and they hook me up, and prep me,and then head to the O.R. I was so scared, but then I looked up and saw my beautiful baby girl she was born at 7:40a.m. I dont remember to much more about that day except falling in love with a beautiful little girl named Jaycee

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Ava Claire
March 19, 2005, 3:09pm
7lb, 4oz, 21.5"

Ava’s birth story: (believe it or not, this is the SHORT version!)

Saturday, 3/19, 9:45am
Got to maternity triage after having had contractions all night long, five to eight minutes apart by morning. I could no longer talk through them, but they still seemed too-far-spaced to be active labor. When I called the doc, though, he said go get checked. The hospital nurse did an internal and found I was 5cm dilated. Tears of joy came to my eyes, and Dave was pretty cheered too. We were much farther along than we’d thought. The VBAC seemed attainable. They called my doctor, who was on call that day anyway, who said they should hook me up to the wireless monitor so I could stay out of bed if I preferred. We called Kathy, my doula, and she was on her way.

We were admitted and put in our LDR suite, where I confided in Dave and the nurse that I probably wanted an epidural. These contractions were not friendly, and I wasn’t sure I could handle them for another twelve hours, as I fully expected I might be there. They told me we’d talk to the doc about it when he arrived. However, the thought of being poked in between such heinous bouts of pain did not fill me with glee, so there was that keeping me from going full tilt toward pain relief. My doula and my doctor arrived, and when the doctor checked me, I was dilated to 8cm. Talk about relief. We had only gotten to 7cm with Nicholas’s labor, and stalled there for a good twelve hours, eventually needing the c-section. Now I was crying happy tears again, in between the pain of the contractions. The doctor went ahead and ruptured my membranes during that check, and found meconium in the fluid. He and the nurse hooked up a fluid infusion, where they pumped in clean fluid to flush out the meconium and keep baby as healthy as possible while I continued to labor. Because I was so far along, by the time the anesthesiologist would come, stick me, and get the meds regulated, I might be ready to have that baby. No epidural, and boy am I glad I didn’t do that.

I have no time markers in between triage (9:45am) and birth (3:09pm) because I don’t believe I looked at that big clock ONCE. And, thankfully, no one else called my attention to it. So, I don’t exactly know how long each stage was. My doc had to go help deliver a 10lbr, 9th child of a mom with a history of precipitous labor, and so Kathy, Dave, nurse Janice, and I all worked together to get me to the pushing phase. Pretty soon my contractions went from ultra painful and all the same to a kind with lots of painful little peaks of different sorts. As I breathed through them, I made sounds like a cat (?) and sometimes had to grunt and groan as I felt the baby pushing down inside of me. I just let her come as she wanted, and let my body do what it would. I was laboring on both right and left sides, and had ceased wanting to get out of bed at all. Dave held my hands and breathed with me, telling me how well I was doing, and Kathy would wipe up my sweat. I got a little nauseated during this stage, but never threw up.

Pretty soon my body started trying to push the baby out, so nurse Janice summoned the doctor. She thought it’d be a short time before baby came, but Kathy told me a few days later that I ended up pushing for a good hour and a half. I couldn’t tell you how long I did anything! Well, I pushed and pushed and pushed, and Ava made slow but steady progress toward the land of us upright humans. Before long, though, her heart rate was not recovering well, and my doctor told me I must try really, really hard to push her out. He had been going very slowly with me, massaging my perineum with oil, and doing lots of stretching my birth canal so I could avoid nasty tears or cuts. The meconium and her low heart rate, though, changed things eventually. He had to cut a second degree episiotomy, and in the next two pushes, she was out! At 3:09pm Ava Claire joined our family.

I couldn’t hold her, though, because she was “floppy” and unresponsive at birth. The doctor cut the cord and let me take a very brief look at her before the pediatricians walked her over to the table to begin working on her. Dave was right there with her, talking to her through the work they were doing on her, suctioning her stomach and lungs, and giving her oxygen. One doc just patted her on the soles of her feet the whole time! When I finally heard her cry, I cried too. Meanwhile, Kathy stayed with me while I delivered the placenta and the doctor stitched me up. Then they brought me my dear Ava, who was interested in the breast from the start. And that, as they say, is that. Oh yeah, and then I ordered a sandwich.

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Jillian May
March 20th, 2005 - 4:19 PM
7lbs 12 oz

I had a doctor's appointment on Friday afternoon. After have some contractions on and off all week long, there was really no change, although the doc could strip my membranes this time. So he already had me set up to go in on Sunday to be induced (he called on Monday of the week to do so) and changed it to Saturday so I could have the Cervadil. I was barely a 1 and not effaced at all at this point. Still high & thick!

Saturday at 6 pm we check in and get into our L&D room. The Cervadil is inserted, I had an IV hookup inserted and had dinner. Andy & I watched UW-Milwaukee play in the NCAA tourney and watched the news. Had a few contractions here and there, but not enough to lead to anything, so I sent Andy home to sleep.

About 1 AM I had really bad contractions. Enough to wake me, I asked for something to let me sleep & was off to bed for a few hours at least. At 5 AM the cervadil fell out on its own with a contraction. I buzzed the nurse and found out I was having bloody show. I was allowed to shower before starting the pitocin. I now was still a 1, but 50% effaced.

Andy came back to the hospital around 7:00 and the pitocin was started right around 7:45 AM. I had mild contractions, but again, nothing too bad. The doctor came to see me around 10 AM and broke my water. Well, there was a bit of meconium in there. Nothing much & nothing to be too alarmed with. This is when the contractions really started. I held Andy's hand, he rubbed my back, remembered to make me drink lots of water and I changed positions a lot. I did get a shot of a narcotic to take the edge off. It really did help.

Around 1 PM, I was dialated to a 7 and could not focus anymore. My hips ached. I was crying and just miserable. The no sleep was getting to me and my back ached like no other. I got an epidural and was so glad that I did so. I was almost NOT given it because of the extent of my back acne due to the pregnancy. (Thank god it is there and NOT on my face!!!) He gave me a pretty low dosage, too. It was around 2-ish that it was finally put in.

Now, this is where it gets "weird". I dozed for an hour or so on my back and then my side. Andy continuously was rubbing my back and holding my hand all the while having some crazy dreams. I dreamt about sea serpents, the ocean, hearing my cell phone ring, animals and god only knows what else.

I was finally awake at 3 PM and labored a bit more on my back, I could tell when the contractions were coming, but they did not hurt. It was great! 3:30 PM the nurse checked me and I was almost a 10, one side of my cervix was not. The nurse had me lay on my side to dialate some more. It worked. At 3:45 PM they started prepping me for delivery. At 4 PM the doc arrived and a few pushes later, Jillian arrived!

Andy was able to tell me that it was a girl & he cut the cord! Everything I asked for was met. I would not have traded it for the world or done anything different.

I then ate roast pork, mashed taters, cornbread stuffing and a brownie.

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We went in on Tuesday the 29th to be induced. We had to be there at 6 in the morning. I was so nervous about the procedure. Anyway When we got there they hooked me up to the monitors and Laurens Heart rate dropped pretty low. So they wouldnt start anything (Pitocin) until my Dr arrived at 8 and gave them the green light. At 8 after my Dr said it was a go they began the induction. They could not get my water to break they HONESTLY tried about 10 times. Poor Lauren came out with scratches on the top of her head from their attempts. My Dr joked that my bag of water was made of Teflon hehe. Anyway I guess all of the atemps atleast weakend the bag because When I went to the bathroom an hour later I gushed water everywhere!! I labored for a couple hours VERY uncomfortable. I wished very much to go without any drugs because I did with Katie but the induction brought the contractions so fast and so hard that I didnt have a break in between. I finally decided to get the epidural. It only took on my left side. I could still very much feel them on my right, the nurse told me this was pretty common. Anyway I labored until 1 and was checked I was a 4. I began to feel pressure and quite uncomfortable on my right side an hour later and I was checked and was a 10 and complete. I couldnt believe it. A little after 2 and it was time to push WOW!! Anyway I got mentally ready and began to push and I was really surprised at how much control I had. Since my right side wasnt numb I could feel each contraction. My husband was an AWESOME labor coach he reminded me to breath and kept me calm. I pushed a few times and Lauren Claire arrived at 2:34 and weighed 7 lbs 11 ounces and was 20 1/2 inches long. I was beyond thrilled because I didnt have to have an episiotomy. I cant believe how fast I am already healing. It so much easier this time then with Katie. Well anyway thats my story, Mom and Daddy are so in love with BOTH of our little blessings!!

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I was scheduled to be induced Monday March 14th at 6am. Sunday I had gotten up at 4am with the dog irritating the crap out of me. Later that day I was resting as much as I could and when I went to the restroom (at 10:50..I’ll never forget the time) it felt like I was still peeing when I knew I wasn’t. I got the phone and went to the bedroom (Tim’s mom was there and I didn’t want to say anything until I knew for sure). I layed back on the bed and out came more. I knew then that it was time to call the Dr. I called & left a message with the answering service. Then I told Tim (who was getting ready to go in to work to finish up some stuff before being off for the baby). The Dr. called back and said yes my water had broken and to go to the hospital. I took a quick shower and got dressed. I made Tim’s mom take a picture of us before we left. We got to the hospital about an hour after my water broke. It was around noon by this time. They admitted me and confirmed that yes my water had broken. I was hooked up to the fetal monitor and contraction strip. There really weren’t any contractions registering. After I got in a room mom and dad came. I told them it was going to be a long time and they should go home and get some rest. They didn’t listen though. Every time I would move to my right side Mason’s heartrate would go down so I had to lay on my left side the entire time. It was storming outside and there was NOTHING on the tv except the weather. I remember after 2 hours or so of that I told Tim to please change the station. It was about 4 o’clock then and I was starving! They wouldn’t let me have anything but ice chips. There still weren’t any contractions registering. The Dr. let me have a liquid dinner and it finally arrived around 6pm. Sometime after the dinner we lost Mason’s heartrate and they hooked up an internal monitor. Then they had to put in an internal contraction monitor (thinking that the outside one just wasn’t picking up the contractions). By 9pm there still weren’t any so they had to start some antibiotics and the Pitocin. She had to start it at a high rate and then increased it every 5 minutes. I still never felt any stomach contractions. Every pain I had was in my back. Just like it was breaking in half. Tim would watch the monitor and let me know when the contraction was starting. They lost Mason’s heartrate again (fortunately it was just the monitor coming off). I had a shot of Nubain around 10 and it made me so foggy headed but it eased the pain. I had another shot around 11 and around midnight I was dialated to a 4 and could have the epidural. I don’t remember anything about having the epidural put in. After that I must have slept until 3am. They told me to start pushing and helped me on how to push. The nurse was trying to figure out which way Mason was turned and the monitor came off so they had to put another one on. I remember everything about pushing. I remember Tim helping the nurse and then when she went to get the Dr. she showed Tim where Mason was crowning and told him “see that? If it starts to come out call me.” They had to do an episiotomy and when Mason was born the Dr. looked at Tim and said “you have a camera?” LOL! He held mason up so Tim could get a picture then he cut the cord and they laid him on my tummy. I remember the first thing I said was “He’s so little”. Everyone had said I would have an 8lb baby…LOL! I had to make Tim leave me and go take pictures of Mason being cleaned up and put on the scale. After I was sewn up (I had a lateral tear also) the Dr. asked me if I wanted something cold to drink. I asked for a Sprite and HE went and got it for me…hehe. He was so nice!! I couldn’t have asked for a better doctor. I can honestly say I do NOT remember them handing Mason to me for the first time or when Mom and them came in. Early the next morning I had to move to another room due to construction and I remember everything from that day on. My leg was so swollen that I could not bend my knee so it made getting around difficult. My nurses were excellent and helped me with anything I needed. There are things I would do different if I had it to do over but all in all it was a great easy experience.

Funny thing...we sent the parents home right after they gave me the epidural. Then 2 hrs later we had to call them back.

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Hello you all. Mine isn't going to be as detailed as some.

(Warning...some parts are TMI)

My original due date was March 13-16 but like with my first child I ended up having to be induced a month early because of pre-enclampsia. Fortunately it didn't get as bad this time around.

On Feb. 17 I was supposed to just have a prenatal exam but the Dr. decided that I was gaining too much fluid, blood pressure was high, and protein was in my urine. He said the only thing to do was induce. Fortunately this time I was able to go home, make arrangements for my 19 month old (he's now 22 months), and pack a hospital bag. With my first son I was not allowed to do anything but get wisked upstairs to L&D, no hospital bag, nothing.

Even though I warned my fiance that things could go early again, he had a fit when I told him. While he took our son to his aunt's house I packed my hospital bag.

We got to the hospital around 3 p.m. I got an IV in my hand and they didn't actually start the pitocin till around 4:30 p.m. I was hook up to all the crap by then, so of course I didn't not get to walk around. A nice nurse came in to check my cervix, but it hurt so bad I grabbed her arm. She said "no sweetie, don't grab me." She was so nice I felt bad about it later.

By this time my blood pressure was good and my fiance and I talked and watched TV when I felt like it. I could barely feel any contractions at all. You wouldn't know that from the staff though, because every 5 minutes someone was asking me if I wanted an epidural. The kind of person I am I am more afraid of having a needle stuck in my back than I am of any contraction.

While in labor I got very naseated and developed a TERRIBLE headache. The staff seemed to be puzzled that I hadn't been begging for drugs before, so they saw this as their chance to to offer me something. I still wanted no drugs. On top of the headache and the sick feeling I also started having diarreha (sp) which I had been having off and on for a week. I was allowed to go to the bathroom, but one nurse kept annoying me by worrying about me having the baby in the toliet. I finally told her that I was not having the baby I just wanted to CRAP!

During this time I got very sick to my stomach and felt I had to throw up. So I ended up throwing up in the sink. Unfortunately every time I threw up I would let out a little pee, which did not make one of the older nurses happy (this is why I feel people should be careful who they have in the room while they are laboring. If I had of had all kinds of family and friends in there everyone would have known this happened).. I was so weak that I had put me in a wheelchair to get me back in the bed.

The older nurse, who was not pleased with my puddle, reminded me once I got in the bed that I should throw up in that little basin thing they give you. It is awfully small. Fortunately I didn't throw up again but my headache was awful. So they finally got their wish and got me to accept some demeoral. I did this because I got it last time I was in labor, and it made me a giggly and silly. I felt it would be some harmless relief.

Boy was I wrong! After they put it in my IV tube I was talking to my fiance and after a while I noticed that I was not feeling the high, giggly feeling. The next thing I know I am having a hard time breathing. It felt like someone was standing on my chest. I could hardly talk. It was awful. It was worse than my headache. The older nurse, the same one who did not appreciate my puddle, seemed bothered that I was now having breathing trouble. She went out in the hall and yelled to the other nurse, "this patient says she can't breathe and she is YOUR PATIENT!" Well so what? Who cares when you can't breathe? This nurse had been working with me, so why wasn't I her patient? The gave me some oxygen and I started to get better.

That wasn't the only rude thing that happened. When the doctor came in to break my water my fiance was in there. Later he told me he did not appreciate the doctor coming in with his street clothes on and breaking my water. He says (I wasn't paying attention) that when the doctor came in he looked at my fiance and said to the nurses "who is he? get him out of here!" The nurses said he was okay. I understand that doctors sometimes don't want the partner in the room for some procedures, but to talk to someone like that is unacceptable. I don't know if I will let him deliver another one of my children.

My contractions got a lot stronger after he broke my water. The water would run out at difference times, and I actually had to ASK for a towel. I breathed through the contractions and I dilated pretty good. Next thing I know it was time to push and I actually dreaded it because I thought it was too soon. I was only in labor a little over 8 hours.

At 12:30 a.m. Ajene was born. He was 6 lbs, 8 ounces. He had a few problems when he was born, and we ended up being readmitted to the hospital for his jaundice, but now he is healthy and eating up everything. His brother has finally stopped ignoring him and seems to like his baby brother.

All and all I think the experience went well.

Questions? Comments?

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My labor was not too bad for my first one. I was due on Sunday, March 13th. I had quit work on Friday, March 4th just to give me some extra time to get things ready and I didn’t want to be working when my water exploded. On Wednesday, March 9th my husband got up for work at 5:00 and I got up as well. I couldn’t sleep because I was so uncomfortable. Well I was eating breakfast after my husband had left and it felt like I was peeing and I couldn’t stop. I went into the bathroom and went and then wiped three or four times. Nothing different colored was coming out. I knew it had to be my water though because I hadn’t heard of anything else at that point in time that would cause that stuff to come out. Anyway I hurried and called my husband because I didn’t want him to get too far away. I told him I think my water broke but that I was going to wait a while to make sure. Well he decided to come back. I called my friend I worked with because I wasn’t having any contractions so I wasn’t sure if I was right. She said that yes it was probably my water that broke. So I called the hospital and asked them what I should do. They told me to come down because if it was my water they would need to monitor me because I guess if the baby is without the water sac for too long then they can die. Then I called my parents. They live up in Utah and they were driving down because they were bringing the crib that my brother made so they needed time. When I called they were so excited. They already had their bags packed and left about an hour or so later. It is their first grandbaby. But I took my time. Took a shower got ready finished getting the finishing touches to my bag ready. Then we drove the 45 minutes to the hospital. We got to the hospital at 9:15 a.m. I went into maternity triage and they checked everything and tested it and said that yes it was my water. So I had to wait for maternity to come down and get me. That seemed to take an eternity. Finally at 11:00 I went into labor and delivery and they started monitoring me. They also started the antibiotic because I had the Strep B virus or whatever. I still was not having any contractions. We called family and friends and told them what was happening. Then about 1:00 I still hadn’t had any contractions so they started the Potosin. Within an hour or two I gradually started having contractions. At 4:00 I was dilated to 5 and they gave me the epidural. By then my contractions still weren’t bad but they were getting worse and worse. My family got there about 6:30 p.m. so I was happy about that. They came in for a while, but then my contractions were like 2 minutes apart. At that time too there was something wrong with my epidural line so they called the doctor and he came and fixed it. It had come unattached. Nice!!! I was shooting that thing like it was candy for a few minutes after that. Well at about 11:30 they said that I was dilated to 10 and that I could start pushing. They called the doctor in. I started pushing at 10:50 p.m. and after a few big pushes at 11:14 P.M. on the 9th Hayley was born. Everything was fine with her, but when she came out she did not cry at all. I thought something was really wrong with her, but Sean said she was fine. She was just looking around. I was so happy. The nurse went out to tell the family that she had come into the world and was healthy. She weighed 7 lbs. 10 oz and was 19.5 in. long. After everything we were waiting for a recovery room, but they were booked with a wait. They had 125 rooms and not one to spare, plus 20 of us had just had babies within the last 2 hours. It was crazy!! I did not get into a new room until 1:00 p.m. the next day. For all you women you know what it is like to sleep on those delivering tables?? Not fun. I stayed at the hospital until Friday the 11th at 9:00 p.m. and went home.

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Callie Grace
Thursday March 10th, 2005
12:53 p.m.
8lbs 12ozs start off.....I was due on March 5th. I had my last ob appointment on March 3rd. My doctor just knew I would go into labor myself :-? . I was already 2cm dialated, but we waited and waited....and nothing happened. I went back on the Monday after I was due, and we set up the induction for March 10th. I had been having contractions everyday, but nothing strong enough to do anything. Anyways I could hardly sleep the night before. I woke up at 5:00 because we had to be at the hospital by 7 that morning. All I can really remember was being starving! Anyways we got there, signed in and were moved to the labor and delivery area of the women's floor. My parents were there with me and my DH. I was all set up and ready to go by 7:30, now we just had to wait on my doc to get there and check me. He finally got there around 8:45 and checked me and I was 3 cm dialated and 50% effaced. So, he broke my water and the pitocin was started. Everything was going contractions weren't too bad at first, I was able to talk to my family and friends, but around 10:30 they started to get pretty intense. So I was given some nubain to ease the pain while I waited for my epidural. Smile (after we got home from the hospital my whole family told me I was acting all lovey dovey to everyone, because of the drugs) I was having trouble breathing through the contractions because I had a terrible sinus infection. That eventually went away after I had Callie, come to find out she was squishing my lungs! Anyways, I couldn't feel any pain after the epidural was given to me. I was doing great! My DH and mom decided they were going to get a quick lunch before all the excitement started. So off they went and I was just talking to my sister and aunt it was around 11:15 am. My nurse came in to check me and told me I was completely effaced and 9cm dialated! (Side note: while she was checking me, my 9 year old cousin called and I was talking to her on the cell phone, I told her I had to go and hung up on her..... :D) Anyways I immediately called my DH and mom to come back and they did. After that I waited for my doc to come back and check me and he said looks like we're going to have this baby! So in just a few minutes I felt like I told Chris to get the nurse and he did and I guess this was around 11:45 am. I started pushing and pushing and pushing....(as we know this could go on forever.) I was doing really good and finally you could see her head, then around 12:53 pm she was born! Callie had 2 9's on her Apgar's, and was absolutely perfect! (by my standards!) It was so awesome, I just cried and so did DH and my mom! It was wonderful!

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Birth Story For Lynsloo:

Friday evening, March 11: I start vomiting. I called Aunt Judi, she came over (Mom and Bob have their "date" every Friday night). Then Mom came over later - we went to Wal Mart to do laps. Decide nothing's going to happen anytime soon, but Mom wants to park it on my couch for the night just in case. Judi goes home.

Saturday morning, 3:30, I wake up crying from the pain. We head to pick up aunt Judi, and to the hospital. I was 4 cm, 80%, but the contractions had all but stopped. They doubt I'll progress enough to stay. An hour later, sure enough, I'm 5cm, 90%, and they admitted me and called the midwife. She made me start walking the halls. Still no painful contractions to speak of but some pretty intense lower back pain. We tried the shower, which made me miserable. We tried different positions to "bring the baby down", which was hard for me since I couldn't feel teh contractions over the back pain. At noon, I was 6 cm, 90%, and they determined she was "sunny side up".

Epidural time. They had to do it twice: the first time it kept hitting a blood vessel and made me jump. Such a weird sensation! No sooner did my head hit the pillow after the epi, my blood pressure bottomed out and I started vomiting.

I'd stopped progressing, so they attempted to break my water w/ no success. After several hours, still no progress, they wanted to try to put an internal monitor on Ava's head. That broke the water, but made her head go back in!!!!!!!! The water drenched the midwife, and even splashed the TV across the room! There was sooo much!

Still no progress at 9:30 pm, when my midwife finally gave up and said "I think our best option's a section. We don't want the baby to go into distress and have to have it be an emergency. She's just not coming out!" My aunt was so upset! She wanted to see the birth. But I was fine - I just wanted her OUT.

10:45, they load me back up on a different epidural medicine. My blood pressure goes again, and then into the operating room we went. Then the Dr said she had to deliver someone else first! BUMMER! I wanted her born on the 12th, it was my grandfather's bday. Back to the labor room. They kept coming back in and loading the medicine back up, and then leaving... for hours, and hours... finally at 2 am they took me in FOR GOOD. I freaked out when I heard the lady counting the tools for the surgery. (In case they leave them inside you! Ah!) and waited patiently for my mother.

Man did it hurt. I didn't expect to feel so much during the section, it was awful. I was gripping the arm rests for dear life. Then, there she was! Woo hoo! 2:37 am on March 13. For a quick instant, then off to the warmers. She only let out a quick cry right away, adn then NO cry for a long time. Her apgars stunk: 4, 7, then 9. Then they gave her to my mom and I spoke to her and she TURNED HER HEAD TO THE SOUND OF MY VOICE. Then I started to cry. She was already looking for something to eat, her eyes so open and SO aware. And SO big! In the recovery room, we started nursing right away. Mom, Judi and Kerri went home (it'd been a LOOOOONG few days), and the next few days are really a narcotic-induced haze for me. LOL!

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Hayden Christopher
March 8, 2005
8 lbs 15.8 oz, 20 3/4 inches

Monday March 7
I didn't feel right all day. I had what felt like one big contraction. I called L&D and they told me not to come in until my contractions were 5 minutes apart. How am I supposed to time them if it feels like one giant contraction that lasts for hours? I finally call my ob and he suggests that due to my history, I go in and be put on the monitor.

10pm, Monday
I get to the hospital and am put on the monitor. Definately having contractions, but they are no where near consistent. Anywhere from 5 to 20 minutes apart. I'm 3cm and 70%, so they send me home. Prior to leaving, the nurse comments that maybe I'll have a big contraction that will break my water and I'll be back in the morning.

3:55am, Tuesday, March 8
I have to pee. I take care of business and get back into bed. I have a horrible contraction. I don't know how I'm going to sleep through the night if I have any more like that.

I feel a sudden gush and, yep, my water breaks. I call L&D and let them know that I am on my way back to the hospital and then take a quick shower to clean up a bit. This turned out to be useless because I just continued to leak afterward.

We arrive at the hospital and while sitting at the registration desk getting my wristband, the contractions start and they are hard. They quickly get me upstairs and take my blood and start my IV. I'm told that I cannot have an epidural until my labwork comes back and I have a full bag of fluid through my IV. The nurse checks my cervix during a contraction (the most pain I have ever felt!!!) and says I'm 3cm and 70%...same as the night before.

The contractions are getting pretty tough to take at times, but I keep staring at the flashing light on the smoke detector and counting the flashes until the contraction is over. Most of the time it's over by the time I count 14 of them. The nurse comes in and tells me that it will be another hour until I can get an epidural. My heart just sinks because I don't know how much more I can take. 5 minutes later, EM a.k.a Epidural Man comes in and by 8:30 I'm feeling pretty good.

I feel a strange tightness in my stomach and I look at the monitor to see if I'm having a contraction and sure enough, I am. It's so much different with the epidural. Just a slight tightening. It's GREAT! But, during the contraction, I notice that the baby's heartrate drops drastically....from 150bpm to 70. When the contraction ends, the heartrate goes back up. About this time, I hear someone in the hall calling for my nurse, Mike. Shortly after, Mike comes in my room. Apparently, they were calling for him because someone saw the heartrate drop. Mike put a scalp monitor on the baby to better check him out. He also comments that I'm 6cm now. Hey, at least all those contractions before the epidural were productive!

I feel another tightness and look at the monitor. As the contraction gets stronger, the baby's heartrate drops again. At this moment, DH has left the room to get the suitcase from the car. I hear them calling for Mike. He comes into my room right away and grabs a glove so that he can check my cervix. He says, "Well, that explains it. You're ready." I asked what that meant and he said I was 10cm and 100%. I went from 6cm to 10 in 15 minutes!!!! By the time DH got back to the room, there were so many carts and equipment that he thought he had the wrong room. There is only one problem: My ob is doing a hysterectomy downstairs and it's going to be another 45 minutes until he can finish. Mike asks how I'm feeling and I say fine. The epidural is making it so I don't feel the need to push. Mike says we will try to wait for the doctor, but if the baby gets under too much stress then we will get the baby out without the doctor if necessary.

The doctor arrives. There are 3 of us ready to deliver about the same time, but he is directed to my room since I have been ready the longest and the baby has had some trouble. After all the pg trouble we have had, both he and I are glad that he made it to the delivery. All seems to be going well. I push when they tell me to because I can't feel the contractions. We joke about all sorts of stuff between contractions. By the time that I have pushed 3 times, the baby is starting to have some trouble and the doctor tells me that I have to give him 4 pushes on the next contraction, then 5 pushes. He tells me that I have to get that baby out now. He finally cuts me so that he can get the head out faster.

Hayden Christopher is born into the world and the first thing that he does is poop on the doctor's arm. They weigh him 8 lbs 15.8oz, 20 3/4 inches long. They put him in the warming table and DH holds oxygen up to his nose. While the doctor is stitching me up, we notice that Hayden is making sounds like he is singing. Apparently, this is not a good thing. It could indicate a problem with his lungs. But, he is pink so everyone is confused. After a time, it is determined that he is just going to be a singer and everything with his lungs is fine.

10:30am (approximate)
I'm exhausted, but I finally get to hold my little boy. My miracle that I have waiting so very long for.

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Well my little girl is here and boy was it an adventure to get here.Sunday about 1pm I went to the bathroom and thought my water was leaking but was not quite sure as my water had never broken on its own.I called my mom and asked her what it felt like and she said it should be a gush or continuous trickle.I still was not sure it was not a leak as it was happening about every thirty mins. I called my dr and they redirected me to the dr on call ( whom i dont like at all) .I told her what was going on and she was like ohh well it can happen and if you think you may be in labor go to the hospital.She was really nonchalant over it so I was really starting to think that I was just being paranoid bc I wanted her to come!!Then I started contracting and all so I started calling everyone to get someone to watch Mady and Connor well my godmom came and got them at 730 pm when she got off work.Justin and I arrived at the hospital about 8.They got me in a room and checked me with the litmus paper to see if my water had broken and it only slightly turned so they said that I was leaking and they were going to watch me till morning and see what my dr wanted to do bc sometimes the leak will seal itself.I got up about 15 mins later to go to the bathroom and had a larger gush so called the nurse and she checked me with the paper again and this time it totally turned.So they were like yeah your water broke and I was at 4 and contracting eractically but they went ahead and moved me to an LandD suite.They told me I would not deliver till the morning at least as I was not progressing and had trouble progressing in previous births.So I asked for something for pain to help me rest so I could build up my energy.They gave me that and started me on IV antibiotics since my group B strep results were not in yet.The demerol they gave me for the pain stopped my contractions totally.But I did sleep all night and awoke expecting my doctor to start pitocin.She came in and checked me and I still was the same and she said she would start the pit that afternoon if I had not progressed.I did not they started the pit at 2:45 and it was not doing anything either.I would contact each time they upped it for about 15 mins and then stop.I was getting very frustrated at this point and a little scared bc they told me I had to deliver by 9 pm to decrease her risk of infection.Well night shift came in and I had the same nurse as the night before and she checked me and I had not changed AT ALL in almost 24 hrs.The dr came in right after her and asked if she could check me and try stretch me to a five.I told her yes and she asked the nurse to hand her the hook and I was like wait you didnt ask about the hook.She laughed at me and asked me if she could and I told her only if she promised me that if something went wrong and I had to have a sectin then she would knock me out.(I had already chickend out of the epi when they came in to do it).She said yes and went to try and stretch it out and found out the baby was plugging me up to where the rest of the water couldnt come out.Once they got the wter broke things started to progress.I went from four to six just form them doing that.Then the contractions started hurting and I asked for a demerol shot to help with the pain.The nurse checked me again after the shot and i was 8.I told her she better make sure hte dr was near and she kinda giggled at me but said she would.About five mins later she came in to check on me and let me know the dr never left.I told her I felt a lot more pressure and needed to push and she checked me.They had to see if I was closer to delivering than my drs other patient.I was closest so they pulled out all the setup stuff and while my dr was suiting up I asked her if I could push.She told me yes and I started pushing.I am going at it pushing and my family and hubby are like you are doing great when my drs face goes chalkwhite and she says"Omigosh your baby is breech"My mom said when she said this Makenzies foot was out. I asked what we were supposed to do and she said she could do a section or I could try to deliver vaginally.It was going to take 20 mins or more to set up the section and they werent sure they had enough nurses.I told her I could not stop pushing and she said lets do it.She pushed Makenzie's foot back in and tried to get her to flip but could not.Her heart rate started to drop and I was pushing with all my might.After what seemed like an eternity I got her bottom out then anohter push got hershoulders out.Then I couldnt seem to push hard enough get her head out.Then Justin(hubby) got right next to me and he said push damn it or we are going to lose her.I got myself together and pushed her out.She turned out to be fine.They gave her to me as soon as she came out and then took her to asses.Then my dr had to get my bleeding stopped.Took her awhile but it finally stopped.It was touch and go there for us for a bit but things turned out good.Makenzie is a healthy little girl.Weighed in at 6lbs14oz and was 19 and a half inches long.Sorry this was so long but just wanted to share the whole story with yall.

Makenize Grace Richards born 2/7/05 @ 9:19 pm

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My pregancy with Eben was pretty uneventful. I had only 2 major symptoms - morning sickness and some kind of pubic symphasis problem. This meant that for the first 4.5 months I puked every day (and not neccessarily in the morning, mostly at random times) and in the last 4.5 months, it hurt me a lot to walk. So I shuffled slowly.

Eben was originally due on March 18th, but ultrasounds said that it was more like March 8th. I don't know how it could have been March 8th, but whatever. An ultrasound also showed that I had a double placenta, but just one baby. They said there could have been 2 babies originally, but one didn't make it. When I was about 8-10 weeks along with Eben, I had some very light bleeding for 2 weeks. Maybe it was another baby, maybe it wasn't. I read on the internet that the double placenta could just be hereditary, which makes sense to me given that my mom had the same thing with my brother. The doctors told her that it was probably twins at first. But I guess we'll never know.

On March 16th (8 days after my due date) Scott and I went for a long fast walk in the evening - we were getting desperate to get that baby out! We stayed up really late that night, going to bed around 1:00. At 3:00 I woke up really fast because I thought I was going to pee my bed. I ran to the bathroom and relized that my water had broken. I just sat there shivering and thinking that this was actually it, and there was no going back now. I finally called out for Scott to get up and to call the midwife. She told us to just relax and call her when the contractions were 5 minutes apart. Of course we couldn't rest though!

By 5 that morning, they were already 5 minutes apart and painful, so we called the midwife again. She arrived by 7:00am and said I was in active labour. We were planning a homebirth, so she began setting up her stuff while I went and sat in the shower for a while. This eased the length between contractions a bit. Anyway, I laboured (med free) until about 7pm. I spent a lot of time in our whirlpool tub, and hanging on Scott. Scott also gave me counterpressure for the majority of the contractions (good job Scott!).

By this time, I was at 7 or 8cm but not progressing. Another midwife showed up and they kept sticking their hands in to check. They were also trying to move a cervical lip out of the way while I pushed. Apparently I was having back labour. I didn't know that at the time. But it really hurt. We decided to wait somemore. At around 10:00pm that night we decided that I should probably go to the hospital to get some pain relief. I didn't ask, I just waiting until they suggested it. So we got in the car and drove to the hospital which is a block away from my house Smile

When we got there, the midwife tried to give me an IV but I don't know what the problem was, just that there was my blood all over the floor and her. She finally got it in the other side, but I had a big bruise on my hand for weeks after. at about midnight, my 21 hours of med-free labour was ended with an epidural. Then they told me to go to sleep while they pumped me full of pitocin. I tried to sleep, but I was still feeling the contractions. Turns out that Eben was changing position every 5 minutes. His head was down, but he kept facing forward then backwards. So he was not engaging the cervix enough to finishing the birthing process.

At 5:00am on March 18th they said that I was still only 9cm and I would need a c-section. So off we went, and Eben James was born at 6:11 that morning. He was 7lbs 7.5oz and 21.5inches long. My midwife was still with me, and she was with us during the section. As soon as they determined that Eben was fine, she was in charge of him again (about 1 minute after birth!) He had agpar scores of 10/10/10. So clearly he was nice and healthy! I got to hold him while they sewed me up and then we went to the recovery room where I got to nurse him right away. Our midwife was so good, and made sure we had the first hour or so with him. Only then did she take him and do the tests - right on my bed Smile

So I think I healed pretty quickly from the c-section. Although I was really really tired from the 27 hours of labour! Our only problem was that Eben didn't want to nurse for the first week. It was really tough. I pumped during that whole time and we fed him my colostrum with a tube and syringe. Finally we got the hang of it.

So that's about it. Eben was born 10 days late....or right on time, depending how you look at it.