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    Post your birth stories here.

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    I went for my 38 week check-up on Wednesday the 16th, and asked my midwife Karen to check me and see if anything was going on. I was at 1 cm and 75% effaced. She said to expect some mild cramping from the exam, so when I started feeling crampy at 2 that afternoon I figured that's what was going on. By 4 that afternoon I started thinking it was more than just cramps from the exam as they seemed to be coming at a steady pace. I was feeling them down low in my tummy and mainly in my back, which is something I didn't feel with my DD. I continued to have what I determined to be contractions all through the night, and was only able to rest a total of 2-3 hours that night. I woke at 9:00 am from a doze with a bigger, stronger contraction. I labored all morning with mild contractions, causing a lot of back pain. At 11:00 am I went to take a bath and soak for a while and had DH call Karen, my midwife. She called right back and I told her I wasn't sure, but she might want to plan her day out as I was pretty sure things were happening. She told me to soak as long as I could, relax and get some rest and to call her back in a few hours with an update. I spoke with her again around 3 in the afternoon, and told her they hadn't gotten worse, but hadn't stopped either. She said she would be here at our home around 4:30 - 5:00 pm. I went to bed to relax and watch some tv while DH waited on me. Karen arrived and checked me. I was almost 100% effaced and about 3 - 3.5 dilated. She settled in, and had me walk around the house for a while. By 7:25 pm my contractions were getting a bit stronger and closer. We checked at 7:30 pm and as she was almost done checking my water broke in a huge gush.
    Thats when things really started to get intense. I got back up and walked around my kitchen "dancing" with DH when my contractions came. At around 8:00 Karen told DH it was probably a good idea to start filling up our birth pool. By 8:30 the pool was filled and I quickly changed into a tank top and hopped into it, panties, poise pantyliner and all! The water was so relaxing, but we just couldn't keep it warm for long. I labored in the water for about 2 hours before I got too cold, and also felt like I had to poop. She had been checking me while I was in the water and there was just a lip of cervix left right before I got out of the pool - I was vocalizing a lot...trying to keep the "O" vocalization going...not saying "no" but "ooooooooooooooooo" and "out baby out baby out baby", DH was so supportive, and I know I tried to bite him a few times, and slapped him to kind of "tap out" of the pain while I was in the tub. Anyway, I went to the potty, and pushed a few times while there after going potty. I then decided I was just too tired and cold to get back in the pool and headed to our bed to finish laboring. I tried hands and knees as my back pain was unbearable at that point. Karen and DH applied counter-pressure but it just wasn't a good way for me to push. I flipped over to semi-sitting, holding onto our headboard and bed post when I pushed. I was a lazy pusher this time, I really didn't want to push, even though I knew I had to. I had one foot up on DH shoulder and one on Karens hips. I was so exhausted I actually caught a minute of sleep in between some of the contractions. I finally gathered all my strength and pushed about six times to move him completely down. It took only three final pushes to get him completely out. He was immediately put on my belly and didn't even cry or fuss (despite what hospitals say, this is a good thing!) He didn't have to be suctioned at all, his breathing and movement was wonderful. He got an 8 on his 1 min apgar and a 9 on his 5 min apgar. DH cut the cord after it was done pulsing, and within 5 minutes the placenta was delivered. Karen applied ice pack and checked my bleeding while DH and DD bonded with Drake. (DD was WONDERFUL during the birth, she was helping Karen outt, handing her warm compresses etc) I did not tear at all, and required no kind of treatment to my perineal area. I was up 15 minutes or so after I had Drake to use the restroom and clean up. I'm not disappointed we didn't birth Drake in the water, everything was just wonderful and I wouldn't change a thing - well, other than the pain! LOL

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    I'll start with my dr's appt the evening before. I was really upset my b/p was still very high, still leaking protein, so the dr figured he'd deliver me the following week. I was also put on b/p med's to keep me stable for the remainder of the week. That night I was so VERY upset and cried a lot. I just couldn't understand why my b/p was high and I had been on bedrest for over 3 weeks already...
    Next morning I get out of bed at 10:30 and a little gush of water comes right out of me. I ran to the bathroom expecting blood and all this mucous is leaking out of control. I call me mom she rushes over and we suspect my water had broke. So I call the dr, and he asked me to come in right away. He checks me and yes my water had broke and I was 1cm dialated. He told me to get to the hospital right away because I had a b/p issue and also GBS to get treated for. So I get to the hospital about 20 minutes later and they start me on antibiotics and pitocin. So I start to progress pretty quickly. At 5cm I got an epidural...I'm terrible with pain. I went from 5 to 7cm really really fast. Then DH and the dr decided to leave...LOL. Dr. figured I'd be a while and DH is starving so he went to get something to eat. I went from 7cm to 10cm in about 15-20 min. They both had to be rushed back. By the time DH got there I was pushing already. My mom HAPPEN to come in to visit me while I'm pushing so she got to see everything (I was SOOOO happy to have her support) While pushing things got really bad for me. I just couldn't do it. I was getting EXTREMEMLY dizzy. The whole room was spinning. I think my b/p started rising at the point. So the doctor went ahead and cut me and I was able to push the baby out. I was disappointed but I just didn't feel right. I honestly thought I was going to pass out everything was spinning and my vision getting spotty.
    Well she came out small and perfect, cried immediately. She needed no help eating or breathing. She is my perfect little princess. My b/p continues to be high, and I became EXTREMELY swollen right after. So bad that my skin folded in my ankles. I'm still on med's for my b/p and I will be seeing a doctor for it.

    Well that's my story. Emily came early but very healthy thank God. Thanks for reading it, I hop you guys enjoy.

    DD Emily 2/10/05
    DS Sebastian 4/18/14

    *IVF #1: Failed early MC*
    *IVF #2: Baby Cecilia born at 22 weeks.
    *IVF #3: Positive!

    Lilypie First Birthday tickers

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    I started having really irregular ctx starting at about 11am. I laid down for an hour or so, but nothing changed. I drank a bunch of water, sat in my recliner and caught up on my Tivo'ing. They just kept coming... not terribly painful but they did hurt. They never seemed to get regular or stronger, but I went ahead and called my cnm around 2pm to see what she thought. She said it sounds like false labor, which is pretty much what I was thinking. After another hour or so I decided to take a bath.

    The bath actually seemed to help, so then I was thinking it was going to go away. I was floating around without actually timing anything but they seemed less intense and farther apart. Then I had a couple that really hurt. I looked at the clock thinking it must be past 4pm by now. (I was waiting for Dh to get home.) But it was only 3:45. I figured I was really in labor but I could wait 15 minutes rather that drag Dh out of work early. Now that I think of it... knowing my history, "I can wait 15 minutes" should not be part of my thought process. Anyway, at 4:10 I called him to ask where the $&(%*# he was because things were *really* starting to get intense. Well, he was on his way to pick up Juli because I never actually called him after the cnm and I decided I was having false labor. I told him to get home NOW! So, I'm dragging my sopping wet, in hard labor butt out of the tub and trying to get myself dressed. (Last time I was packing a hospital bag in hard labor. Why do these things keep happening to me?) I picked up the phone to call the cnm back, but the line sounded dead. Then I heard a voice and we did a "hello, hello" thing. Turns out the cnm was calling me to check up just as I picked up the phone to call her. So, after we got that all sorted out I told her I was going to the hospital as soon as Dh got home.

    So Dh made it. I don't know when exactly because I quit caring. I went out to the car and even though it was snowing and I was still wet I was soooo hot! Of course, since it's snowing everyone forgets how to drive. So, Dh was laying on the horn for 3/4 of the ride. We get to the hospital and my water broke as we were getting on the elevator. I made it up to the maternity ward and into the room. As I started to undress I had a giganto contraction and started pushing. Of course the nurses are telling me not to because my cnm wasn't there. (Why do nurses insist on telling me not to push? Don't they know I can't follow instructions?) I managed to get on the bed and continued pushing. One nurse was trying to hook me up to the fetal monitor and another was apparently waiting for me to finish my current ctx to check for dilation. Then Miranda started to crown. The dilation checker gave up but the fetal monitor nurse was still trying. After a couple pushes her head was out then, according to Dh, she reached out with her hand to wave at him. Although, I believe that was obviously an attempt to pull herself out as I was clearly taking too long.

    Miranda was born 2/21/05 at 4:50pm. 6lbs 5oz and 19.5 inches.

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    Pretty easy birth story. Thursday I was really uncomfortable all day long. No contractions, I just felt Dylan REALLY low and had cramps and just a general yuck feeling. About 5 oclock it got to where i couldnt sit still, I just wasnt comfortable. Kyle called after work and I told him to go to class because I wasnt having cx or anything so there wasnt really a reason for him to not go. About 6:30 I was regretting that decision. I was feeling even worse. Still no cx, but I just felt that something was up. Luckily Kyle called while on break at class and I told him that I wasnt having cx, but that something was up and he didnt have to come home, but I wanted him to know. He knows me too well lol and announced that he wasnt taking any chances and came straight home. He got home about 8 and we packed the kids into the car and headed up to grandmas house. He played with the kids while we were there and I did laps around the upstairs and then spent about an hour on the treadmill downstairs. Finally about 10 I started having contractions I could feel, and they were about 5 min apart. So I called my Midwife and she said to head on down once they got painful. Around midnight Kyle was dragging me out to the car to go to the hospital. I didnt want to go because I could still totally talk through the contractions, and I have this huge fear of being sent home from the hospital. Once we got there they put me in triage and hooked me up to the monitors. My cx got pretty painfull then because of the semi upright position they put you in so they have access to your belly. I had only been monitored for about 10 min when I was saying "owie" through the cx (amazing how just sitting in the wrong position can make them seem worse!) The nurse heard me and they decided that I was worth admitting and they checked me and I was at a 7 and 100%. I spent the next hour in the bathtubin my room chatting away with Kyle. the tub was just the right length for me to push against the end with my feet and it applied great counter pressure against my back. I had a really nice talk with Kyle and was able to keep talking through cx because of that nice counter pressure. About 1:45 they were starting to hurt alot so I got out and just leaned against the end of the bed and swayed my hips and chatted with my midwife and Kyle. As long as I was distracted and talking I was good, but if I let myself think about the cx they were really starting to hurt. Then about 2:10 they REALLY hurt. I was ready to be done. we waited till there was a gap between them and checked me and I was complete. So I hopped up on the bed and waited for the urge to push to start. nothing. I kept waiting and nothing. At this point I just wanted him OUT. I started pushing on my own, but with out that natural urge it just hurt too much. I will admit, I started to cry. I think I even begged my midwife to just pull him out. finally I started having the urge to push and after that my body just took over, he was out in like ten min flat. I didnt tear at all and everything was great on my end, but he was pretty floppy when he came out, and pretty purple. he only got a 5 on his first APGAR and a 7 on his second. He whined a little bit, but didnt really cry. So they had to work on him a little bit to get him going. After a half an hour or so he was doing better and they gave him to me and we got to snuggle and bond and all of that fun stuff.
    because I am only 36 weeks they did my GBS testing just on tuesday, so they didnt have the results back yet. the results came back about two hours after he was born. Im positive. So they had to do extra blood work on him and they did vitals every ten min I swear. Plus he is Jaundice, plus he got circ'ed on friday, so between those three he has been a real sleepyhead. I have to wake him every 3 hours to feed him, other wise he would just keep sleeping.
    His Jaundice was only 13 today so he didnt have to go on lights like Kate and Drew did. And he has only lost 6% of his body fat so they didnt make me supplement. Hes doing ok, but I have to be really careful about how long I let him sleep and keeping him warm. Not too bad on a whole for a 36 week 2 day baby.
    Dylan Jeffree (spelling of Jeffree taken from Kyles favorite companion from when he was a missionary for our church)
    6 lbs 11 oz
    19 inches
    2/ 24/ 2005 2:22 am.
    *Becky- Mom to Andrew age 10- Katie age 8- Dylan age 5- Tyler age 3*

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    I was induced on Friday, February 25 at 9:00 am and things went well. Jack's heart rate would change often because of the pitocin and so we were closely monitored all throughout the day. At 1:00 the doctor came in and broke my water wich was a pretty amazing feeling. Then the pain started to kick in and contractions were pretty painful. At 3:30 I was given an epidural and continued to progress slowly. To jump ahead, at 9:00 pm, my nurse told me that I was dilated to 6 and would check on me at 10:00. My contractions were intense and I had started the labor shakes. By 9:30 I was yelling at my husband to get our nurse because I thought he was crowning. She came in and sure enough his head was right there. They called my dr and my nurse, whom was so wonderful, would let me push through my contractions. I did try to not push on all of them, but it felt better to. My dr came in around 10:00 and got ready and I continued to push delivering John "Jack" Justice Schneider at 10:12 pm. Jack weighed in at 8 pounds 10 ounces, 20 inches long. He got 9/9 on his tests at 1 and 5 minutes and has done so great. We came home from the hospital yesterday, which I admit was pretty emotional for me. Our first night went pretty well. Here are some pictures

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    As some of you might know, I started having some pre-e issues during the week of Valentine's. Well, Saturday the 19th they asked me to come and stay at the hospital so that they could monitor us. DH and I packed our bags planning on the possible arrival of Jared. After being in the hospital all weekend and no signs of getting better, the decided it would be best to induce me on the morning of he 21st. Before we started induction, I was only 1 cm dialated and they couldn't feel his head. After 1 1/2 days of induction, we asked the doctor to check me and see if there was any change at all. Nothing!! DH and I had a serious talk and weighed all the pros and cons and then decided for as much pain as I had been in and the fact that we were getting nowhere, we told the dr we like to see about just having a c section. She talked to us about the procedure and asked us to talk it over and give her our final decision. It really was one of the toughest decisions I've ever had to make. Both DH and I were upset and crying. I didn't want to be a failure, but with my blood pressure, swelling and the protein in my urine not decreasing we thought it was for the best. We told the dr and not even 20 mins later she had put together a team to do the section. We didn't even really have time to call anyone to let them know. Mike called my mom and told her to leave work. They took me in for the section around 1pm and Jared Michael was born at 133pm weighing 8lbs 7oz and 21 inches long. What a perfect baby boy! Mike and I were amazed and just kept squeezing each others hands. Mike even cut the cord. I can't believe our precious son is here. Because of the section and my bp issues we didn't get to come home officially till Sunday night. And I am still having issues, but hopefully with time things will get even better. I have to be on two diff kinds of medication. I am working on getting some pictures for everyone to see him.

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    Gregory’s Birth Story

    His labor and delivery were mercifully short for me. L&D with my first was 40 hours, so I feel it was sweet payback for me.

    Monday, February 28, 2005
    2:30 a.m. – I woke up to a ‘pop’ feeling low in my belly. I started leaking fluid immediately, and when I stood up, it was a lot more than a leak. I ran to the bathroom and jumped on the carpet to keep from making too much of a mess. I stood there for a couple minutes, not really knowing what to do next. I waited until I stopped leaking, grabbed a couple towels, and went back to bed with the intent of trying to get some sleep before labor decided to kick in. Yeah, right! Chris woke up because he could tell I was moving restlessly, and I told him he didn’t need to go to work that morning.

    3:15 a.m. – Contractions started, and they were immediately consistent and regular. They were 3.5-4 minutes apart, lasting about 30-45 seconds. They started getting pretty strong about 10 minutes later. I let them go for about 45 minutes before I decided I should call the midwife. I was so scared of going to the hospital too early, but I was leaking a lot of fluid with each contraction, and they were getting very strong. The midwife recommended I come in as soon as we could get out of the house. Chris called his parents to come over to watch Mark, and they arrived about 30 minutes later. In the meantime, my contractions were getting even stronger, and they were just as consistent.

    4:45 a.m. – We arrived at the hospital and checked into our room. They asked me all the obligatory questions, and the midwife checked me. I was terrified to still be at the 2cm I was all weekend, but I was already at a 5! Bolstered by that news, I had them fill up the labor tub. Gregory was facing posterior, and I was really starting to feel the contractions in my back. Getting into the tub really felt good.

    6 a.m. – I labored in the tub for about 45 minutes before I started feeling the pressure of needing to go to the bathroom. This sent the midwife and nurse into a tizzy – “don’t push!” They had me get out of the tub so they could check me. 7cm! I decided to get back into the tub to labor some more.

    6:30 a.m. – After laboring another half hour in the tub, I started feeling a strong urge to push. The back labor was excruciating, but I had a feeling I was pretty close. The contractions were starting to come almost on top of each other, and my throat was getting sore from all my yelling. The midwife checked me, and I was complete on one side and almost complete on the other. She said if I got back onto the bed, she could probably push the lip of cervix out of the way while I pushed. I was more than willing to give this a try, so I hobbled back to the bed and propped myself up on my hands and knees. It hurt too much to lie on my back.

    6:39 a.m. – I started pushing while the midwife pushed the cervix out of the way. It was still excruciating, but there was a tiny bit of relief with pushing. The contractions were still coming one right after the other, so I felt the need to push constantly. The midwife started yelling for me to slow down on the pushing, and I couldn’t figure out why until I suddenly felt the baby’s head crowning. I couldn’t believe he was coming down so fast, but I wasn’t about to argue.

    6:42 a.m. – Gregory James Collins debuted his beautiful little self to the world. He weighed in at 7lb 15.8oz (we’re calling it an even 8lbs) and was 20 inches long. His apgars were 8 and 9, and he latched on immediately. I needed one stitch for a very minor tear.
    DH Christopher 7/20/02
    DS Mark 7/6/03
    DS Gregory 2/28/05
    DS John 5/11/07

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    I'll keep this quick.

    Repeat C-section:

    March 1, woke up around 6 and the nurse gave me a special scrub soap for pre-op and I washed myself from head to toe in this awful antibacterial soap. Including hair--yuck. Nurse came in and said, "somone will come and pick you up and take you to the OR". So I'm thinking a wheelchair or a hospital bed will arrive...nope a nurse escorts me down to L&D by foot. and I am told to hang out, in a hospital gown in the hallway and continue to get the blood flowing to my extremities by walking and moving my arms to help with I do that with DH running around beside me freaking out that he is about to be a daddy for the second time!

    OR doors open and I put on the sterile hair cap, the nurse 'pats' the OR table as a sign for me to hop up on the table. The anesthesologist comes, asks me "what I'm looking for today", as if I'm ordering pain meds off a menu, I say "spinal", and he says "no problem, we'll freeze you from the waist down". So the meds are in and I lie down and the sheet goes up and then I comment that I can still feel my feet to the anesthesologist and he replies "it doesn't matter, you won't soon and BTW, WE'VE STARTED TO CUT, so YOUR'RE GOOD AND FROZEN ANYWAY...". a few tugs and pulls and She's out. Screaming......she scrored wonderfully from APGAR. I vomit from the spinal. My DH only job during birth is to hold the tray for vomit, and take pics of the newborn, poor him!!!

    Doctor comments that he had to use FORECEPTS to take the baby out. What, I say, is my stomach and pelvis and his cut you've made not enough room for a near 7lb baby, c'mon????? Guess it was a good idea I didn't try for a VBAC it would have been unsuccessful. The forecepts come close to her eye, but just bruising result. recovery room, I spent 3 hours there, itchy from the morphine (allergic reaction???), and vomiting, which makes my tummy bleed a bit but not worries....

    POST OR--no maj complications except for a very bad case of itchiness from the morphine they put in the spinal. Bad, bad, had to take some benadryl in an IV. And an allergic reaction to the surgical tape that made me blister. Oh well. I was up and walking that evening. Fainted in the hallway on day 2 but no biggie. Incision is one straight line, no lumps, no bruising....

    funny story--pediatrican at the hospital is like this neonatal specialist.....blah blah. comes in, looks like a hippy draft dodger from this garb, no name tags, etc. Checks out the baby, all is well. In my hospital it is the ped that declares the length....he says 53cm (almost 21"), huh, I think. I have measured her myself and thought around 48cm (18.5"). This guy is off his rocker. So when I am discharged and given my 'baby book' it doesn't include the length...sure enough at my own Ped's office, she measured 49cm (19") long. Gotta love specialists who can't measure...

    Lauren 4 and Kieran 2

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    Harrison James
    7lbs 12 oz
    20 1/2 inches
    March 3, 2005
    3:56 pm

    I went to the doctor on Tuesday March 2, 2005 and the internal exam showed me to be high and tight. March 3, I helped out at AWANA as usual and got home around 9 pm. About 10 I began having very mild contractions 5-7 min apart. When Bill arrived home at 11pm we decided to head to the hospital which is 45 miles from my home.

    When I arrived I was 3 cm dialated but not thinning out. My doctor said she would check me out at 6 am when she did her rounds. We started the IV at 5 am and awaited the doctor, the nurse was sure she would break my water when she arrived. When she arrived at 6 am I was dialated to 4 cm. The doctor would not break my water because I opted not to have an epidural. She said she had a full morning and 5 surgery's in the afternoon and would be back around 3 to break my water.

    I labored all day and around noon we began pition. I was beginning to get tired and anxious about the delivery. The doctor broke my water at about 3 pm and I was 6cm dialated. The contractions hit me fast and hard. I was not prepared because I was so tired from laboring so long. I felt I had to have a bm. The doctor stayed with me because of how fast I was dialating and thinning. I finally told the doctor I had to push and she said fine. I began to push while the nurses began to take apart the bed, but did not succeed. Harrison came out on the first push, head and body. I did not realize he was out so I continued to push.

    Bill was not able to cut the cord because it happened so fast, the doctor cut the cord handed the baby to a nurse and then continued to deliver my placenta I suppose, because I do not recall delivery it. After about a minute the doctor asked what it was and the nurse said a boy.

    I was so excited to have another son, he is so sweet. But I ended up having awful hemmoids and could barely walk. The drive home was awful. I did not have a home to go home to because we were in the mist of moving. So I went to my cousins who helped take care of the kids. I cried alot because I felt like an awful mother. My cousin tended Harrison and only brought him to my to be nursed, which was a chore because I could not sit up.

    I am still a little sore, but I am able to tend to Harrison. My mom has stayed with me as well as my sister from Hawaii and her boyfriend. They leave tomorrow to head back home, so my mom will also go home. I will really miss the help because Harrison has his nights and days mixed up, so my sister sits up with him until 1 or 2 am, because of the time change she is up at that time anyway. She brings him to me to be nursed.

    To view hospital photo
    Wife to Bill 10-25-97
    mother to
    Madeline 10-10-98
    Jackson 9-13-00
    Harrison 3-3-05

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