March 2006 Birth Stories

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March 2006 Birth Stories

Our Arrivals GIRLS – 37 BOYS – 46
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February Arrivals

8 – David Andrew (Anne – nepean) born at 11:00 a.m. --7 lb 8 oz/19 ½ inches long Due March 6
8 – Zachary Stephen (Bridgette – 20fingersandtoes) born at 12:48 p.m. – 5 lbs 11 oz/18 ¾ inches long Due March 20
8 – Elizabeth Anne (Bridgette – 20fingersandtoes) born at 12:49 p.m. – 6 lbs 4 oz/19 inches long Due March 20
9 – Noah Jude (Jenny – JennyJ143) born at 6:29 p.m. – 5 lbs 3 oz/19 inches long Due March 1
11 - Ella Marie (Meredith - MLucas914) born at 10:18 a.m. - 6 lbs 8 oz/19 inches long Due March 6
11 – Ian Michael (Colleen – kycyster) born at 11:45 p.m – 7 lbs 4 oz/19 inches long Due March 1
14 – Lola Quinn (Eryin – mamaskin) born at 12:12 p.m. – 7 lbs 6 oz/18 inches long Due March 1
15 - Braden Lee (Erin - Erin311) Born at 9:40 p.m - 7 lbs 1 oz/20 1/2 inches long Due February 27
17 - Peyton Tyler (Susan - Vegas30) born at 10:33 a.m. - 3 lbs 8 oz Due March 26
17 - Kailey Jade (Susan - Vegas30 born at 10:35 a.m. - 4 lbs 4 oz Due March 26
17 - Denis Ege Barbaros (LadyVictoria) born at 11:41am. - 6 lbs 9 oz Due March 17
18 - David William (Julya - Baby_Vol) born at 5:37 a.m. - 6 lbs 11 oz/19 1/2 inches long ) Due March 13
18 - Whitaker Smith (Erin - epigglet) born at 7:02 - 8 lbs 2 oz/20 3/4 inches long Due March 10
20 - Brogan Richard (Brandy - BrandyWK) born at 12:58am - 7 lbs 3 oz/19 3/4 inches long Due March 3
20 - Jacob Ryan (Sheri- Sherimama) born at 4:07am - 7 lbs 13.5 oz/19 1/2 inches long Due February 27
20-Ashley Nicole (Crystal - LoveBean06 born at 2:04 - 7 lbs 4 oz 19 inches long Due March 3
22 - William David (kami - Kamico) born at 4:22am - 8 lbs 1 oz/20 3/4 inches long Due February 22
22 - John Daniel (Angie-ampepper) born at 5:44am - 5 lbs 3 oz/19 1/2inches long Due March 20
23 – Grace Nicole (Ivy-Ivyts) born at 12:25 p.m. – 6 lbs 5 oz/19 1/2 inches longDue March 12
23 – Noelle Adelaide (Greta-funkyg) born at 6:35pm– 7 lbs 13 oz/21 inches long Due March 13
23 – Shae'la Monet (ladyshelvin99) born at 8:29 a.m. – 6 lbs 9 oz/20 1/2 inches long Due March 14
25 – Alexis Elizabeth (Stacey-Miasma65) born at 4:59pm– 7 lbs 11 oz/19 1/4 inches long Due March 6
25 - Roegen Cicero (Cheryl-Lyrehc) born at 8:05pm - 6 lbs 14 oz/17 1/2 inches long Due March 18
25 - Kyle Timothy (Peggy-Peggy9) born at 10:34pm - 7 lbs 1 oz/18 1/4 inches long Due March 11
26 – Evangeline Abrielle (Lisette-lisetterenee) born at 6:44 am– 6 lbs 6 oz/18 1/2 inches long Due March 4
28 – Caroline Hope (Tracey-bean4max) born at 9:59pm– 6 lbs 11 oz/19 1/2 inches long Due March 13
28 – Maggie (Anne-Eaw1) born at 7:56pm– 7 lbs 8oz/ 20 inches long Due March 10

March Arrivals :stpatricks:

1 - Dylan (Kristen-KristenMajewski) born at 10:03am-7 lbs 11 oz/20 inches long Due March 1
1 – Miranda Faith (Terri-terriluvsbooks) born at 1:22pm– 6 lbs 4 oz/19 inches long Due February 24
1 - Joshua Quinn (Ellen-NewMom06) born at 9:04pm-6 lbs 2 oz/19 inches long Due March 14
2 - Dayley Clare (Leslie-3isenough) born at 6:45 p.m. - 7 lbs 12 oz/21 inches long Due March 3
3 - Katie Ann (Kathy-KathyNJ05) born at ? - 6 lbs 1 oz/18 inches long Due March 29
4 - Luke (Eve-SouthFloridaMommy23) born at 2:00am-8lbs /20 3/4 inches long Due March 7
4 - Andrew Justin (Diane-DianeInOz) born at 7:13 pm-8lbs 3oz /20 1/2 inches long Due March 15
5 - Sarah Isabelle (Trish-TimTrish) born at 1:11am- 8 lbs 12 oz/22 inches long Due March 16
5 - Clara Madelyn (Susan-Kutisusie) born at 2:50am- 6 lbs 11 oz/19 inches long Due March 5
5 - Alexandra Faith (Shannon-Sdunn) born at 8:49am- 9 lbs/21 1/2 inches long Due March 6
5 - Kiira Elizabeth (cjasy21) born at 8:49am- 8 lbs 19.6 19.6 inches long Due ?
6 - Madison (Mary-theSpodas) born at 6:54pm- 6 lbs 4 oz/19 1/2inches long Due March 13
6 - Brandon Patrick (Merri-MerriD) born at 9:42am-8lbs 13oz /20 1/2 inches long Due March 18
6 - Lucas James (Lauren-Lauren918) born at ?-8lbs 12oz /20 1/4 inches long Due March 7
6-Hannah Elizabeth (mique- born at 8:04 - 8.4 lbs 20.25 inches long Due ?
6-Meredith Eliza (flingem-Melissa born at 10:10am - 8 lbs 8 oz 21 inches long Due March 7
6 - Sutton Hawk (Arky74-Kristen) born at 9:58 -9lbs 12oz /? inches long Due March 6
7 - Karly Ryan Leonard (elabraleon) born at 10:13am -5lbs 5oz 19 inches long Due ?
8 – Robert Thomas (lconrad-Lydia) born at 8:50 p.m. --7 lb 4 oz/20 inches long Due March 30
8-Maggie (Priss-Jessica born at 10:18am - 8 lbs 5 oz 21 inches long Due March 14
8 - Ryder Lee (AKBaby- Amy) born at 8:50pm -7lbs 4oz 20 inches long Due 11
8-Kelly Rae (Mom2BMarch06-) born at 9:58 - 5 lbs 11 oz ? inches long Due March ?
9-Hannah Isabella (FloridaBelle-Laura born at 3:24 - 7.23 lbs 20.25 inches long Due March 12
9-Laurel Emaleigh (Chasondreams- Harmony) born at 12:04pm - 6 lbs 13oz 20 inches long Due March 16
10-Benen Paul Edwin (mmcperry-Margie) born at 6:21 pm -9lbs 3oz 20.75 inches long Due 20
10-Meghan Catherine (firsttimemommy306- Kerri) born at 7:21 pm - 7 lbs 12oz 20 inches long Due March 19
11-Emmett Joseph (MrsJ4-Tara) born at 6:21 pm -7lbs 6oz 21 inches long Due 8
11-Jackson Avery (christy32- Christy) born at 8:38am -7lbs 0oz 19.75 inches long Due 3-16
12 - Connor Derian (eniper- Jenn) born at 1:09 am -8lbs 9oz 21 inches long Due 16
12-Harrison (MSUDawgs- Amy) born at ? -8lbs 12oz 20 inches long Due 17
12-Cooper Scott (Brennie- Brenda) born at 2:45am-9lbs 9oz 20.5 inches long Due 17
13-Vince Michael (Meegan28- Meegan) born at 1:30 -7lbs 5oz 20 inches long Due March 12
13-Joshua David Trojan (myblueyes2u- Jayme) born at 3:01 am -8lbs 2oz 19.25 inches long Due March 4
14-Casper (ClearWater- Crystal) born at 8:50 -9lbs 9oz ? inches long Due 15
14-Natalie Ann (484Indiana- Jen) born at 1:24pm- 7lbs 4oz 20.5 inches long Due March 12
14-Drew John (Pubs- Rachael) born at 3:45am -7lbs 1oz 20 inches long Due 27
14-Kaylee (bubbaloo) born at 6:26 am- 6lbs 5oz 20.5 inches long Due March 6
14-Fallyn (xgrrrl- Heather) born at 3:26 pm- 6lbs 6oz 19 inches long Due March 16
15-Conner Jordan (JKMorris- Jen) born at 3:15am -8lbs 7oz 20.5 inches long Due 22
16-Sarah Beth (kelbelle- Kelley) born at 9:08 pm- 8lbs 0oz 21 inches long Due March 21
17-Alexander Patrick (Mommy2Andrew- Donna) born at 2:22pm -7lbs 14oz 19.5 inches long Due March 29
17-Malia Lynn (Erin – momtobe306) born at ?? - 5lbs 14 oz, 19 inches long Due march 29
19- Calvin James Michael Bowman (mylilchloebug- Heather) born at 9:50 pm -7lbs 10oz ? inches long Due April 7
19-Ariana Angeline (madrecita- Alesandra) born at 3:45 pm- 7lbs 11oz 20.75 inches long Due March 16
20-Zachary John (Tricia – kariabi) born at 11:44 a.m. – 8 lbs 7 oz, 21.5 inches long Due March 24
20-Liam Jacob (waitingforjack) 6 lbs 13 oz, 19.75 inches long Due March 27
21-Ethan Robert (lovelymomma- Ashley) born at 7:22am -9lbs 15oz ? inches long Due April 1
23-Kimberly-Elise Mikaela {Tara Alena – sweetja) born at 11:21 p.m. – 7 lbs 9 oz Due March 27
24-Jackson {Aly – AlySchroeder) born at 11:42 a.m. – 6 lbs 14 oz, 21 inches long Due March 28
25-London Marie (Juliette – chikkity) 6 lbs 6 oz, 18 ¾ inches long Due March 28
26-Tyler (Layne – layne) born at 8:59 a.m. – 8 ½ lbs Due March 28
27-Megan Anna (Erika – meaam5) born at 3:59 a.m. – 8 lbs 3 oz, 19 ¾ inches long Due March 28
27-?????? (Jennie - selkiemom) 7 lbs 1 oz, 20 inches long Due March 27
27-Afton (Bronwyn - BronwynLisa) born at 2:48 p.m. - 9 lbs Due March 28
27-Sarah (Jennifer – jsmarchesano) born at 4:20 p.m. – 8 lbs 14 oz, 19 inches long Due March 16
27-Porter Joseph (Nicole – boompagirl) 7 lbs 3 oz, 19 ½ inches long Due March 23

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Posted by Anne (nepean):

As many of you are now aware our Son David Andrew entered the world at 11.00am eastern time.

He is healthy and well dispite his early arrival (36w 1d), and i am doing well also - we are so blessed!

So i woke up, felt an odd gush, went to the bathroom, more gushing. Dh was already up - he is an early riser - we called the doctor, they said to make our way to the hospital, but no need to rush. I had a shower, got things together, for us all, including our 3yr old DD. We dropped her at friends place. By this time i was having nregular contractions, that were moderately uncomfortable.

We arrived at the hospital around 6.00, they checked me and i was 3 cm and 80% effaced, they asked if i wanted epidural - sign me up i say, and by 7am i had the epidural in and i was much more comfortable. Praise the Lord for pain relief!! They checked me again at 9am ans i was still only 3-4 cm, they suggested pitocin to move things along.

They checked me again at 10.30am and i was shocked to learn i was 9cm WooHoo!! I pushed for about 20min and there he was - the cord was around his neck twice, but nice and loose, so he was in good shape.

I can't believe how smooth things went this time, with my DD 3 years ago things were so different (pre eclampsia and associated complications)

He has latched on and we are feeding well - -yeah. Paeditrician just came to check him and all is great.

He is beautiful, my DD has been in to meet her new baby brother, she was a little confused, but warmed up quickly. Dh and i are in love with the newest addition to our family.

Thanks for all your best wishes and thoughts

Be Blessed

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Posted by Jenny~

"JennyJ143" wrote:

Hi everyone! We've made it home. First I would like to say thanks to Brennie for letting everyone know that Noah arrived and we were all doing well. Also thanks to everyone for the well wishes.

So here's the story.

Thursday afternoon I had my regular appt. I got on the NST and everything was going fine. We only were monitored for about 10 minutes and doc said it looked good enough that she was going to check me and send me on my way. Well....She checked me and I was 4 cm with a bulging bag! So she sent me straight the hospital. Since he was breech, she didn't want to chance my water breaking at home.

I was admitted and after she finished working for the day, she came to check on me. I had been having contractions, so she said it was time to go to surgery. Noah arrived at 6:29 p.m. on Feb. 9. He is absolutely adorable! He's a tiny little thing...Only 5 lbs 3 oz, but he's 19 inches long.

We got home a little while ago so I'm still trying to get situated. I will post pics just as soon as I can. I feel great. The surgery couldn't have gone better.

I will try to post pics soon. Thank again, everyone! :bighug:

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Posted by Bridgette ~

"20fingersandtoes" wrote:

We went in for the routine 34 week appt last Wed not expecting anything out of the ordinary. My OB wanted to check me since I had been having some contraction off and on. None were terribly painful and had never developed into a regular pattern. Imagine everyone's suprise when I dilated to 5 and 80% effaced :? !

So off dh, 2yr old dd, and I go to the hospital for a non stress test. Went from 5-6 there over an hour with only 3-4 measurable contractions. After talking with the perinatologist and my doc, we decided to do a c-section to get them both out quickly and safely. Dh took our dd to some friends and barely made it back!

The section went very quickly. They gave me a spinal block instead of an epidural. That was the worst part because I couldn't move the lower part of my body for 3-4 hours.

Zachary Stephen was born Feb 8 at 12:48PM weighing 5lbs 11oz and 18 3/4 inches long.

Elizabeth Anne came at 12:49PM weighing 6lbs 4oz and 19 inches long.

Both babies are still in the nursery since they arrived at 34 weeks and 2 days. They have been on room air since Wed night and started maintaining there own body temperatures themselves on Thurs night. Their feedings are done thru a nasogastric tube and both are on IV's. We hope to lose the IV's tomorrow as they are able to digest enough breast milk now they no longer need the extra supplementation. The next step is to get them strong enough to nurse!

We are absolutely 100% in love with our babies!!! Post pics once we get them down loaded. Off to go pump, my newest hobby Biggrin

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Posted by Eryin~

"mamaskin" wrote:

I went in for my scheduled induction on Valentines Day. I had my water broke at 8am, epidural by 9:30 ( I didnt feel one painful contraction!! it was heaven!!) I was 5 cen. at noon and completely delivered by 12:12 haha. I wasnt kidding when I told them I go fast once I hit 5. The worst part of the whole delivery was pushing, since I had felt no pain the pain of her coming out was shocking. :-? My epidural wasnt fun they had to stick me a few times (I am fluffy which made it hard) and my back has a few huge bruises.

Lola is 7 pounds 6 ounces 18 inches. We think she wanted to be petite like her namesake. Lol

We have pictures up on our family site, ignore my post birth horrible picture.

I can't wait for everyone else to have their babies!

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Posted by Colleen (kycyster)

Hi All:

Just back from the hospital tonight with our beautiful baby boy! He was born 2/11 at 11:45 p.m weighing 7#, 4 oz and 19 inches long.

I was due March 1, but had a high BP reading last Monday (2/6) at my OB's. She could not get a good NST (crappy OB - I ended up firing her), so I went to the hospital. They found my BP through the roof and put me on strict hospital bed rest (the Peri was talking about the possibility of a stroke my BP was so high ). I was induced 2/11 with Cervidal about noon.

My water broke with just the cervidal, and my natural contractions were so strong and frequent they could not use pitocin About 8 cm, 90% effaced, the baby's HB started to dip badly. They rushed me to an emergency C-section because it stopped with each contraction.

Short story is that while they were not gentle with me (huge Frankenstien up & down belly incision), they got Ian out in a hurry and he is PERFECT! He scored a 7 and 9 on his APGARs.

Let me know if anyone has questions about labor (not nearly as bad as I expected), C-sections (WOW - really bad for me) or anything else.

Best of luck to all you girls - may you all get you little Ian's!!!


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Posted by Julya (Baby_Vol)~

"Baby_Vol" wrote:

My little man is full of surprises! Here I thought I'd have a late baby, and he came almost a full month early! We couldn't be happier.

Let me tell you the story first:

Thursday night, February 16th, I went into pre-term labor. Bob and I went to the hosptial where they gave me two shots to stop the process. It was a painfull experience because the nurse straped me down to my back and wouldn't let me move with the labor pains. She wanted to find out if it was real labor or "false" labor, so she needed me to lie down while strapped to the machines. It was not fun at all. We got home at 2am, went to sleep, and thought that was that.

Well, Friday, around 4pm, I started feeling the menstral-like cramps again. They weren't as strong this time though, so I thought it was just an achy side affect of the shots they gave me.

By 7pm, I was having strong labor pains. They were around four minutes apart and consistant. Time to go to the hospital, right? Well, after the experience I had Thursday night, I didn't really want to go back so soon. We decided to wait a little longer to go into the hospital. I ate dinner, used Lamaze to deal with the strong contractions, and took a hot bath. During the process, my water broke! This was it! Off to the hospital we went!

We arrived around 9:30 or so, and I was in serious pain. I was 4cm dialated, and I was also very scared. I had only gotten half-way through my lamaze classes and I didn't really know what to expect next. David was coming early. So, even though I wanted a natural deliver at first, I did decide to take the epidural because I was very tense from being so scared. It helped a lot! However, it also lead to the hosptial staff wanting to use Pitocen. I let them, and my labor actual progressed too fast for little David. His heartrate dropped to 60 bpm at around 3am and they had to put me on oxygen to slow down the labor process. The oxygen worked, and his heartrate came back up immediately. My doc then stayed in the room with me until 4:30am when it was time to push!!

I only pushed for an hour, but my epidural was not strong so I felt every glorious moment! It really was great, even though it was painful. My favorite part was watching his progress in the mirror that they set up for me.

He arrived at 5:37am on February 18th! They put him on my tummy, and Bob cut the cord. He is the cutest little man I've ever seen! Absolutely perfect! He weighed in at 6lbs 11oz, and he was 19 and a half inches long! It's the hardest and most glorious thing I've ever done in my whole life!!

We're home and breastfeeding is gong very well! He was a "lazy eater" at first, but the lactation consultants at the hosptial were great!

Jana, you'll LOVE Parkwest!! The staff is wonderful! Even though I didn't stick with my origional birthplan, they didn't push me into anything. It's honestly the best hospital experience I've ever had, and I plan to have all my babies there. I was terrified of having a pre-term baby, but they calmed all my fears and helped me through it.

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OK, so my birth story goes like this...

I didn't sleep at all on Thursday night (2-16) b/c I couldn't get comfortable. Friday morning I was super nauseated and had "stomach issues." I tried to eat something but couldn't keep anything down. DH went on to work, but made me call my aunt to come sit with me. Once she got here (around 11:30am) we went for a long walk which is when the contractions started.

We started timing them and they were 5-8 minutes apart and getting more intense. She left to go home and get ready (just in case). DH came home from work and by this time they were 4-7minutes apart and getting stronger (especially when I walked.) I called the dr. office and they told me to come in and get checked. Once there the dr. told me that I was still 2cm dilated & 80% effaced but could tell the contractions were taking there toll and sent me on to the hospital.

Once at the hospital (4:15pm) I was hooked up to a monitor w/contractions 2-3min. apart...I was staying and having that baby. After walking around the hospital for about 1.5hrs I was still only 2cm dilated & about 90% effaced. So they broke my water to get things moving on the dilation and gave me an epidural 30min later. About 3-4 hours later, still no progress and contractions were a steady 2min apart. They decided to put me on Pitocin.

Ever so slowly I started to dilate, but they felt this weird lump every time they checked me and they didn't think it was the head (turns out it was, but it was in a sideways position hence I wasn't dilating like I should.) At this point, I was experiencing windows of pain b/c my epi was only taking in certain places. They kept uping the dosage, but it wasn't working...

The head was still in a weird position and they started making me turn from side to side in order to get it in the right place. During this Whitaker's heart rate shot way down and they had to put me on oxygen. They maxed out the Pitocin levels to try to really move things along and were minutes away from doing an emergency c-section. Luckily, right before they made that call, his heart rate went up & started progressing more. (I'm not sure what time this was, but it was after many long hours.)

At this point I was feeling every contraction & they were intensified b/c I could only feel them in one spot. Unfortunately, there was nothing they could do for the pain b/c I was maxed out on the epidural. Finally at about 5:00am (Saturday morning) it was time to push. It took about 2hrs and I thought I was going die...actually I think I preferred it at that time b/c I was so tired and it was so painful. Right when his head was crowning, they made me stop pushing b/c the stupid dr. couldn't be found. I started yelling a string a explicitives that she better get there quick or else the baby was coming with out her!!! :evil:

Finally, she got there & Whitaker was born at 7:02am Saturday morning!(thanks to an episotomy-otherwise the head wouldn't have come didn't care at that point.) He was pretty blue at first due to being stuck in the birth canal so long and having his cord wrapped around his neck, but when he started to cry it was the best sound in the world!!!

I love him so much! He is the sweetest little thing and even knowing what I do now & that I would have 15hrs of hard labor, I would do it over again in a heartbeat!

Thanks for reading!

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Posted by Erin~

"Erin311" wrote:

We decided to induce on Wednesday the 15th, as my doc (who I love) was going on vacation, and I wanted him to do the delivery, plus Braden was almost 39 weeks, so he was "fully cooked". We went in Wednesday at 7:00 am. At 8:00, when the doc came in and looked at my moniter, he said "Do you know your'e already having contractions on your own?" I had no idea! My back was hurting a bit, but I would never have known hey were contractions! So he didn't give me any pitocin, but did break my water.
Oh! Then the nurse was trying to put an IV in my arm, and it burst my vein which hurt like HECK!! So then I almost passed out ( i know, it was just a vein, but it really got to me!) Luckily, then my doc gave me a shot of lytocane and numbed my other arm up, and put the IV in with no problem- yeah for Dr. Murray! The problem was, then the baby's heart rate dropped like crazy after my "pass out" episode. They were concerned about that, which made me all worried.
So then we just waited, and at first, I could feel contractions, but they really weren't all that bad, I was reading Harry Potter through them. Smile After about 2 hours, they started to get more intense. It hurt like CRAZY and I was trying to stay calm and breath, but they were less than 2 minutes apart, which didn't give me much time to recoup between each one. I put my "order" in for the epidural. By the time he got there, I had been having painful contractions for about 2 hours.. just enough to appreciate labor, and REALLY appreciate the anesthesiologist! The epidural wasn't all that bad, my stupid IV hurt worse than that. The hardest part was staying still through the contractions, but really, honestly, for those of you who are nervous about an epidural- and I HATE HATE HATE needles.... it's not bad at all!!
So then I was as happy as a clam. I was 100% effaced, but about 7-8 cm. dialted. They tried to give me a low dose of pitocin, but Braden's heart rate dropped again, so they just decided to lay off of it! I took a little nap, read some more, and then finally at about 7:30, the doc claimed it "show time"! I was sooooo excited!
Now is my two cents for first time laborers.... the pushing part is freaking HARD!! I thought the worst part of labor was going to be the contractions, but OH MY GOSH, it was the most exausting thing I've ever done! I was pushing for about 2 hours, with no breaks. Every minute or so, I would have a contraction, and give 3-4 good pushes. Finally, at 9:40 pm, Braden came into this world. I had no tear, and no episiotomy, which was wonderful.
I was completely overcome with emotion when they gave him to me. They put him right on my chest, and let me hold him and breast feed him for over an hour and a half before they weighed him and everything. It was AMAZING. My heart felt like it was going to burst (and not from the giant cardio workout I had just done!) Smile
I had my husband and mom in the delivery room with me, and they were wonderful. My husband was amazing and supportive, and motivating to me. We are all so happy, and feel incredibly BLESSED to have this little boy. I now truly understand the power of God and his miracles....
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Posted by Brandy~

"BrandyWK" wrote:

Well, folks, sorry it has taken so long to post, but as you can imagine, a lot has been going on. Brogan Richard made his appearance two days ahead of the induction date. He was born at 12:58 AM on Monday, February 20th (President's Day). There was no time for the epidural, as he arrived less than 2 hours after arrived at the hospital. Trust me...I was begging for it, but the doc didn't come in time. It was crazy, and super painful, but all worth it, of course. It's amazing what you can do when you don't have a choice! Brogan weighed in at 7 pounds 3 ounces and was 19 3/4 inches long. I think he's so tiny, as both Zach and Jackson weighed a pound more. But Brogan also came 2 weeks early! He's adorable, of course. Smile The nurses kept telling me what a pretty boy he was. I told them, "Yes, pretty boys is just what I do." Wink Anyway, I'm feeling great, other than being tired, of course. Unfortunately, I have to go back to the hospital on Friday for them to perform the procedure that will break up this kidney stone. I have to be put under. Apparently when I wake up, I'll feel as though someone just beat the snot out of me. Lovely! But at least now I won't feel guilty for taking any pain meds that they give me. So..bring it on!! Wink Anyway, Jackson (who is 22 months) wants to hold his little brother and kiss him all the time. It's so cute. And Zach (who is 10 years old) is so happy that he has another brother. He didn't want a girl in the house. Wink I personally am happy that I'm the only female. I think my boys can all take care of me. Wink Anyway, I was bummed that my parents, aunt, and Zach were out of town when Brogan made his arrival. If you remember, I was scheduled for the induction on Wednesday, and they were all due back on Tuesday. Brogan has his own agenda. But I can't complain about anything. Everyone is happy and healthy, and I'm feeling great! No tears or anything down below, so I have very little pain. The cramping can be a little painful, but nothing too bad. Life is good.
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Posted by Kami~

"Kamico" wrote:

Wow, you ladies are great. Thank you for all the comments on Lydia's post about the birth of our baby. We just got home from the hospital and are doing great!
We did hope for a girl for our first baby but there was not an ounce of disappointment when our little boy arrived. We are thrilled to have a son.
So, you all got the stats from Lydia but here they are again:

William David (We're calling him Liam for short)
20 3/4 inches long
8 lb 1.1 oz
Born 4:22 AM on 2-22-06 his ACTUAL due date (he is just like his dad, very punctual and on time)
He has beautiful blonde hair
9 on first apgar test and a 10 on the second
All his lab tests came back perfect
He's a breast feeding freak. He eats all the time.

Here is my birth story:
Contractions started on Monday morning (4ish) and lasted for two days. Most of that time they weren't very intense and were very bearable. They would get regular for awhile and then back off. It was very frustrating but Dave and I toughed it out. It wasn't until later in the day on Tuesday that the contractions started to get more intense and a bit painful but still not very consistent. By late tuesday night they were around 7 minutes apart and strong enough to keep me from sleeping. My water broke at 12:30 AM on Wednesday (all over the couch). Immediately after that the contractions were even more strong and only 3 minutes apart. We headed to the hospital, got there a bit after 1 AM and I was 6 cm dialted and almost 100% effaced. I labored some on the birth ball, in the tub (which was awesome) and some on the toilet of all places. I had gone to the bathroom to pee and after going through a few cx there I decided to stay there for awhile because it was such a good position for me for some reason. Maybe it was because there was no pressure on my bottom area. I got to bare down while on the toilet but my midwife wanted to get me out of the bathroom before the baby was so low it would be tough to walk. I went back to the bed and finished the job on the bed sitting up and holding my knees. I had some slight back pain but only noticed it in between the cx. Anyway, I did the whole thing without any pain meds and it was not as bad as I expected. Transition wasn't nearly as difficult and long as I thought it would be. I am glad I did it w/out anything as it was so nice to move around and the experience of feeling my baby coming out was absolutely incredible. When they put him on my chest right away I was speechless. It was so amazing words could not explain the emotions I felt. What an experience!! I tore a little and had one spot inside that kept bleeding but my midwife had a hard time finding it and when she did it was hard to get to so the repairs took awhile and that was pretty uncomfortable and painful. I still have some swelling and a little pain down there but I'm on the mend and glad it's all over.

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As posted by Sheri~

"sherimama" wrote:

We are delighted to welcome little Jacob Ryan into our family.

As most most of you know, I was scheduled for a c-section on this coming Monday (2/27) which was one week before my due date b/c the little guy was breech. However...this past Monday morning (2/20) at 1am my water broke, and so our "planned" c-section became not-so-planned.

Born on February 20, 2006
Time: 4:07 am
Weight: 7 lbs 13.5 oz
Length: 19.5 inches

Baby and mommy are doing fine. We came home from the hospital today (2/24) and are enjoying being home with little Jacob (a.k.a. Jake, Jakey, little J, J-man, buddy, or Squeaker (b/c he squeaks when he cries)).

In our humble opinion, he's the cutest little boy we've ever seen Smile And he's got quite a head of hair. More hair than all our grandfathers combined.

Photos are not downloaded as of yet. There are 180 of them. Safe to say, we're picture happy!

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JD’s (John Daniel) Birth Story

After being diagnosed w/ high BP on Feb 7th, I was being monitored every 3-4 days. After my very good appt on Friday, Feb 17 (BP 130/82, no protein, etc) I thought we would be good for at least another week. Little did I know!

Over the weekend, I was taking my BP’s at home and they were elevated and I didn’t feel “quite right”. No headaches, blurred vision or abdominal pain, but I was just bloated and out of sorts. So, I got everything ready for my Monday appt as if I was having the baby – bags were packed and in the car, etc. I told DH on Sunday night that I thought we’d be having the baby this week. At my appt, the NST went well – baby looked good. My BP was very high, around 160/100 I think, and there was trace protein in my urine again. I’d also done the 24 hr urine test on Sunday and it came back w/ 534 mg protein… So the NP sent me straight to L&D for monitoring. I knew we were in trouble when the L&D nurse looks at my chart, says “36.5 weeks” and puts me in and L&D room instead of an exam room!!

They hook me to the monitors and everything looks ok. Baby hb is great, my bp is stable on my left side around 130/87 ish. The doc walks in, looks at my chart and says, “yep, it’s time to get that baby out and get your BP back down…” YIKES!!!!!!!!!!! So, he puts the Cervadil in at 6 pm on Monday night. The cervadil started doing its thing and I was mildly crampy all night. They gave me an Ambien and I slept ok for a few hours. At 6 am the next morning, they gave me my second course of Cervadil. At that point I wasn’t dilated yet, but had thinned.

Throughout Tuesday, the contractions got harder and harder. In the morning, I was playing cards through the contractions, but by afternoon I was in the shower, enjoying the hot hard spray on my back through them. (I highly recommend laboring in the shower for a while if you can!) At 6 pm, they check me again and I’m only a fingertip dilated. The doc (different one this time), says he’s going to stop the Cervadil and start Pitocin to get things going. Thank goodness a knowledgeable nurse talked him out of this! Pitocin doesn’t really help with dilation but can cause killer contractions! So, they decide to start a third course of cervadil at 9 pm on Tuesday night.

I tried to sleep through the contractions, but by 1:30 am I was in quite a bit of pain. I called the nurse and she said she would put me on Stadol to try to take the edge off so I could get some sleep. She puts in the IV and puts me on the monitor again to make sure everything is ok. Then she checks my cervix. After a little “fiddling” she says, Oh good, you’re at a 3”!! WOOHOO – epidural time!! So, the epidural man comes in – yawning and rubbing his eyes I might add. (Frightening when a man is about to stick a tube in your back!) He did a fine job and within minutes I was feeling no pain! The nurse starts me on Pitocin to keep the contractions going. I slept for about an hour or so – it was great!

This is where it got scary. The baby’s HB started dipping during the contractions (to around 90 bpm). The nurse started playing with my BP w/ medicine to get them stabilized. They continued to cycle up and down, so in comes the doc. He checks me and says I’m at 5 cm and that if I keep progressing, we’ll just watch the baby’s hb, but if I don’t progress or the hb doesn’t stabilize in 15 minutes we’re going to have to do an emergency c-section. The nurse has me switch sides and the baby’s hb seems to stabilize. The doc comes in and checks me and says “Oh, you’re complete”!!

My DH calls my parents and his and says “HURRY, get to the hospital, we’re ready to push”. So, around 5:15 am the nurse comes in and tells me how to push and she helps me push through one contraction, at which point she runs out and gets the doc to come catch. One and a half contractions later, we hear a cry and an “It’s a BOY!”

He arrived at 5:44 am on Wednesday, Feb 22. His apgars were 8/9. He weighed in at 5 lbs 3 oz and 19.5” long. I was able to nurse him for about 15 minutes within a half hour of birth (thank goodness for a great nurse!). He did have some blood sugar issues, so his next feeding was a bottle. We’ve had to supplement with formula after my feedings, but he is still BFing great. His blood sugar is back in line, too. He has very slight jaundice and we’re trying to get him a little sun each day. Hopefully my milk will come in shortly and we can really start putting some weight on the little guy! He lost 2 oz in the hospital and was down a total of 5 oz today, but his pediatrician was fine with this. Said he looked great and wasn’t worried about a thing!!

Whew, it was a long week as you can tell from the length of this post!! His first night home was not a fun one! I’m hoping tonight will be better.

Little JD is such a joy!! Truly, the love of my life – along with my DH… Oh and I forgot to mention, my DH was wonderful through the whole long ordeal. Very supportive and loving and I couldn’t ask for anything more!

Thanks for reading this very long story!!

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Kyle Timothy born Feb 25 10:34pm via c-section
7 pounds 1 oz
18 1/4 inches

So i had been feeling yucky all day..feeling nausous and i just couldnt eat to save my soul.Finally i was able to eat at like 4:30..a few hours after grocery shopping.I was watching a new movis..feels like heaven and DH laid down on the bed with me to watch it and i felt a gush of liquid...i have never moved so fast in my life then when i got up it came gushing out..they should really tell a person that when your water really i run to the bathroom and put a pad on all the while DH is running around like a chicken with his head chopped off.We get to the hospital and i get out of the truck and low and behold more fluid gushes im wheeled into labor and delivery and put on moniters and they check to make sure my waters broke..they had.I told them my baby was breech and that i needed and u/s.well after a few they came in and got an iv going and they called my doc and he said get her prepped i will be there in 10 minutes(he does his own calls no other docs do them)so they have to call the anesthesiologist(sp?)from home to come in and they get me prepped really fast i didnt do any paper work until after i had my c-section!So i get to the OR and its so cold in i have the shakes from nerves.They gave me the spinal which wasnt bad at all and my legs went numb.They started doing what they do and before i knew it Kyle was out and they were sewing me up..very fast..i was amazed by how fast it was!I wasnt even mom was actually the one freaking out the whole time not me!i had to tell her to calm down.They finally brought Kyle to me so i could see him and kiss him and i was so in love at that moment!So after everything was done i was sent to recovery..which was really odd becuase i had no feeling in my legs and i was getting feeling back in my tummy..and of course they have to press on your stomach which hurts like hell i might add and they do that several times a day after you have a c-section.I did enjoy having the pain medicine button though Blum 3 ...But once i got off it early the next day i was just on motrin and have been fine since.I was very happy with my c-section and will have one again.The recovery has been painful but nothing i cannot cope with..the staples were removed yesterday and i just have butterfly stiches.We got home last night at 11pm from the hospital.

edited to add-The nurse told me while in recovery that i had been having contractions every 2-3 minutes..and i didnt even know it!

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Roegen Cicero's birth story

When I saw my OB on Tuesday I was still only a fingertip dilated. She told me that the following day I'd be off of bedrest and you may remember that I posted about how happy I was that I'd finally be able to have sex. Unfortunately, Tuesday I had quite a few contractions, and that made Scott decide that we WOULDN'T have sex, because we were really hoping that Roegen would wait until his scheduled due date to arrive.

Wednesday night I was up for about 3 hours with some painful cramping, but it went away. Thursday night I started contracting again, although not regularly. Scott stayed home from work Friday to help me with the boys and be close by in case I really was going into labor. He was also starting to get sick with a nasty cold, and was hoping to beat it before Roegen's arrival.

Saturday morning Breydon and Jude woke up at 5:30 a.m. I was actually feeling more energy than I had for a while, so I got up with them and let Scott sleep. We made a run to Jack in the Box so that they could get some blueberry french toast sticks because I didn't feel like cooking, and then hung around the house until Scott got up around 10.

Once Scott was up, I took a quick shower, and then insisted on installing Roegen's carseat in our minivan. It was pouring down rain, and Scott tried to convince me to wait until a clearer day, but I just felt that it was something I *had* to do.

Two hours after I got back into the house from installing the carseat, I started feeling contractions. I've had a ton this entire pg, so at 1st I wasn't paying a lot of attention to them, but as time went on I realized that they were more frequent and stronger than before. I called my OB's hotline, and was told to go to the hospital for monitoring, and to be prepared to deliver Roegen if the contractions were big enough.

We got to the hospital around 4:30 p.m., and I was immediately hoooked up to the monitor. Contractions were between 2 and 5 minutes apart. I was hooked up tot he machines measuring the contractions and Roegen's heart rate for about an hour, and then the dr who was on call for my OB came in to talk to me. She told me that based on how strong and frequent my contractions were, that I needed to go ahead and have Roegen, because otherwise with him being transverse there was a risk of uterine rupture.

We tried reaching our babysitters, but they are all from Galveston, and were unreachable because of Mardi Gras festivities. So Scott was going to have to stay in my hospital room with the boys, while I had surgery by myself - NOT something I had been expecting!

When I got into the operating room, the dr told me that she needed to do an ultrasound to make sure that Roegen's back wasn't to the uterus since he was transverse. If his back was to the uterus, for his safety she would have to make a vertical incision on the uterus itself. I'd been feeling some very weird movements from him, but imagine the shock when we discovered that he was head down!!! He went head down at point point during the 15 minutes between leaving the room where they monitored me and when the scan was done in the OR - talk about waiting until the last minute!

The surgery started, and the OB held Roegen up so that I could see him. (The nurse anesthesiologist was nice enough to take pictures of everything.) I looked at him, and I remember thinking that he was beautiful and then wondering why he wasn't crying. And then I heard someone say "call the NICU Stat!" which just terrified me. They took him out of the room, and kept saying he was going to be okay, but I was so worried. They wheeled him in briefly while he was under an oxygen hood so that I could see him before we were separated again.

The whole time I was in the recovery room, I kept worrying about Roegen, especially since the nurses told me that he had been taken to the Level II NICU. Finally, about 10 p.m., they took me from recovery to the NICU so that I could see him, before taking me to my room. He spent Sunday and Monday in the NICU, and was cleared to join me yesterday around noon or so.

This birth experience wasn't anything like I would have predicted, but I guess Roegen wanted to have his own birthday. He seems so tiny to me because he is over 2 lbs smaller than Breydon was at birth, and is almost 2 lbs smaller than Jude was. The boys are very excited about their new brother, and keep wanting to pick him up and hold him.

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Posted by me- terriluvsbooks

On Tuesday, Feb. 28, I went in for my normal appointment. I was feeling the normal pregnancy issues. I thought for sure Miranda had dropped because my back had been killing me and I knew I had gained weight. I went to lunch with my mom and mil. DH had fixed two pair of my tennis shoes so I could wear them and not be stuck wearing his sandals. So I guess I really didn’t notice the swelling. Got to the doc, gained three pounds in a week and bp was higher than it had been. When the doc came in and said, “so watcha doing tonight?” I did not know whether to be happy or scared. Then the internal exam came and I had not even begun to efface yet! So she told us to go to the hospital and we were having Miranda tonight. Within 45 minutes, I was in a bed, checking into the hospital and having an IV put in. Because of the bp I was hooked up to Magnesium Sulfate, and since that can cause kidney shut down, I had to get a catheter to monitor liquid output. That meant staying in bed. I was to get a dose of some gel stuff, but they could not even find my cervix to put in. My cervix was still that high. By this time my bp was off the charts because I was so scared. Every nurse that came in we stressed to them how we were willing to do anything to avoid a csect. One nurse scared us by saying this could take days, but every nurse agreed with us. One nurse even assured us that we had the right doctor because she did not believe in csects. My water broke after about an hour. By 3:00 am I was only at 1! The contractions were hard. I had to get an internal fetal monitor and a contraction monitor. They were all over the place. I never had a pattern. Because I was bed bound and had swollen even more, moving was really not even an option. They said I was having a dysfunctional labor and decided to use pictosin. At that point I asked for drugs. The epi was the easiest part of this while thing, which I think is funny since I was most afraid of that. Went in the first time and between that and the narcotics, labor became a lot easier. Finally about 9 in the morning things got going and once they did, they did. Around 12:30 I asked my mom to leave and I knew it was time to push. By 1:22 she was out. The pushing wasn’t hard but it was hard to tell what was exactly happening. DH was a real trooper and held one of my legs and got to see the whole thing. I was proud of him. I had to have an epistomy, but like others have said, by that point I did not care. The hardest part of this while experience was not being in control of what was happening. So much for planning! However, I still felt better before having some kind of plan. After the birth I still had to be on the mag for the next 24 hours that meant I should have stayed on the catheter. I begged them to take it out and they gave me two hours to output enough liquid or it was going back in. I started guzzling the water. It worked. I figured a way to get out of bed, roll my IV into the bathroom, and go. Getting up was the best feeling and when I they took the IV out the next day that was even better. At first I was very angry about the whole situation. I felt like I had really been cheated. It was even a little frustrating trying to bond with Miranda. But since coming home and getting into some kind of normalcy, I feel a lot better. I just love looking at her. I love the way she feels and how soft she is and the way she smells. We’ve had a lot of trouble with latching on and so I have begun basically pumping and then giving her the bottle right after pumping. Though this has not been ideal, it has helped Miranda and me. I can tell she is getting more food and dh has been able to help with feeding. Pumping has not been any easier as far as getting ready for it, but it is easier to get her to feed and that is what I care about right now. I have an appointment tomorrow with a lactation consultant and we will try to get some help. But with being off work right now and all the family help I have I think I can make pumping work. I have not given up on breast feeding from the breast, I am just starting to make the perfectionist side of me realize that I am not a failure if I can not be perfect at this. So that is my story. I know it is long and if you make it all the way through, thanks for reading.

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Clara Madelyn Silver
March 5, 2006
2:50 AM
6 lbs 11 ½ oz, 19 ½ in.

I had just gotten off the phone with my mom after a nap, and I had said to her, “The most frustrating part is you don’t know if labor with start in 10 minutes or 10 days.” It turns out, I got the first contraction in ten minutes. At about 2:45 on March 4th, I had a contraction that was different than every other one that I had felt. I was sure that either it was a one time thing, or they would stop soon. They were about 10 minutes apart for about an hour, when I thought they might be the real thing.

A few people had made requests the day before. Michael (dad) wanted to watch the King’s hockey game before I went into labor. My mom wanted to finish putting in the new shelf paper in her kitchen and get a good night’s sleep. My dad wanted her to come before Monday. They all got their requests granted. Isn’t Clara nice?

After the game was over, I told Michael that since we were going out to dinner with my mom and brother, maybe we should go up to their house to eat—and we should take the birth ball, because I thought I might be in labor. The contractions continued, and by the time we got to my mom’s, they were about 7 minutes apart. We went to dinner, and all I had was soup. If this really was labor, I did not want anything heavy in my stomach. The contractions were 5 minutes apart during dinner, and more painful all the time. We decided to go to the hospital, just to get things checked out.

We got to the hospital about 7:15 pm, and they took us to a room and hooked me up to the monitors. The baby looked great, and my contractions were about 2 to 3 minutes apart and lasting about a minute. The nurse checked me, and I was almost 3 cm dialated, and 90% to 100% effaced. This was a big change from the 1 cm and 70% effaced at the doctor’s office the day before. After a few hours of being monitored, they checked me, and I had no change, even though the contractions were long and intense. I had two choice: labor at home or walk the halls of the hospital. I chose to go back to my mom’s for a while. We left the hospital about 10:30, and we had to stop three times between the maternity ward and the car for my contractions.

I labored at my mom’s for about an hour and a half. I walked with Michael, sat on the toilet (which felt great, by the way), and leaned on my birth ball on my hands and knees. At midnight, I said that we needed to go back to the hospital. I only had about 30 seconds between the end of one contractions and the beginning of the next. The hospital is only about 7 minutes from my mom’s house, and I had three really good contractions in the car.

When I got back, the nurse checked me and I was 6 cm and 100% effaced—a huge difference for 1 ½ hours in a first time mom. The nurses really got moving. I needed an IV with fluids and antibiotics before the baby was born. They started to set up for the birth. My contractions were very intense, and I asked for an epidural. In the mean time, the nurse gave me nubain to help dull the pain. I love that stuff. It made the contractions much more bearable, and the time flew by.

About 1:15 AM, I felt a huge gush during a contraction. My water had broken. The nurse came to check me, and I was 8cm. There was meconium in the fluid, and now we also had to call the pediatrician to be at the birth. There was no time for an epidural. The contractions got even more intense, and I suddenly felt like I had to push about 2:00. I was complete, but we had to wait for the OB and the pediatrician to start pushing. That was the hardest part. My body wanted to push more than anything in the world, and we had to wait. I did my best to breathe through my urges, and Michael and my mom were champs at helping me cope. I do not think I could have done it without them.

Finally, the docs arrived about 2:30, and they did their final preparation. We were ready to start pushing at 2:30, just as Michael’s mom and dad arrived. Apparently I was a good pusher, because her head was out just 10 minutes later after about 10 pushes. Pushing was the greatest feeling in the world. They quickly suctioned Clara’s mouth and finished delivering her. She was placed on my chest, and Michael cut the cord. She was then whisked away to the corner of the room where she was poked and prodded and suctioned. She finally cried, and it was the best sound I had ever heard.

I had torn just a little, and got 2 stitches. Clara’s apgars were 7 and 8, but she was doing great just a little bit later, and is a healthy girl and a great eater. She was smaller than I expected, and everything I have is too big on her (even newborn sizes), but she is precious and looks a lot like her daddy. We love her so much. Michael and I agree that she is by far the greatest thing we have ever done in our entire lives. We cannot wait to show Clara all of the wonderful and beautiful experiences that this world can offer.

Just born

Checking it all out

Our little family

Read to go home

First Bath at home (after a very explosive poop)

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Posted by timtrish:

You knew I was feeling strange all day, with wierd pains. So I decided to see if we could move things along since they were off and on. We went to the mall to walk and see if we could increase these pains, and on the way there I decided to time the pains even though they didn't feel like ctxs. They were every 8-10min and lasted over a minute. Hum I thought.
We went to the mall, I bought Phoebe a pair of shoes, Tim has a watch fixed, and we decided to get Tim's hair cut. I was going to go ahead and have mine trimed, but the pains started getting to where I had to stop and breath thru them. I put my hand at the top of my tummy and realized that the whole thing was hard as a rock. OK they are ctx, I time them, they are 3-5min...
We decide we should go to the hospital. On the way out of the mall we call Tim's parents and ask them to come pick the kids up at the hospital, cause I'm thinking at this point it might be a bad idea to try to go home, drop them and grab my stuff. We went back and forth on this for a little while, and Tim's parents said they could bring my bag and the video camera to the hospital. Tim tells them where to find everything, and off we go.
All the way to the hospital the older kids are asking questions. Does this mean you are going into labor, is it really gross when your water breaks, etc... They are getting louder and louder with excitment, so we know at this point they are going to wait in the lobby while I go in to L&D.
We get to the hospital at 8pm, and I ask right off for the epidural. The nurse just laughed, said they had to assess me, and fill out some paperwork, and run an entire bag of fluid first. I told them, I go really fast, so lets get that done now. So in the questioning they asked how long my labors have been, and tell them the last 2 were with in 3 1/2 hrs. They check me and I'm at 4cm and 70%. Tim asked on his way out to meet his parents if they were keeping me or not, and they said with ctx and being at 4cm YES!
So I get moved to a real room. It's 9, and now we are just waiting. At 10pm I get an epidural, and they kick Tim out of the room (new policy, some dad feel, hit his head and died last year...ok WOW) So now we are back to waiting. Watch TV, Tim doses off for a little bit, and at 11pm my ob comes in. Checks and I am stillat 4 and 70...UGH this might take a little longer than expected. So she breaks my water after asking if I want to have a baby now. At Midnight she comes back to check me, and wouldn't you know it, I'm still at 4cm and 70%. She asked if I felt like moving things along, and if I wanted a low dose of pit. I said I've got the epi, you do whatever you want to move it along. At 12:20am they get the pit loaded up. At 1am she comes in and asks if I'm feeling anything, and I tell her just a little pressure really low. She checks and says "That's because it's time to push. She runs out changes (man is she fast!) comes back in and I push. OB says this child just did a 180, she turned all the way around while I was pushing, It takes like 7 min of pushing and she's out. Sarah Isabelle makes her debute at 1:11 am. She had a really short cord, so she had to cut it to get her out all the way. And on her way out she had her first merc. They wipe off some of the cheese and lay her on me. She's all gurgly, and they have to suck some more fluid out of her, but she's perfect. I guess that she weighed 8lbs 8 oz after holding her.
They assess her and and the kid has bruises on both arms from coming out so fast, but she gets a 9/9 on her apgars. She weighs 8lbs 12oz, and is 22" long.
Tim says thank goodness we have everything labeled with dates or we'd never know which kid was which from the first days.

Abby and Phoebe were instantly in love when Tim brought them up later in the day. You should have heard the cooing from the big girls. And now that we have her at home, Abby wants to hold her, adn pet her all the time. Phoebe has a new oppinion, I think if she spoke, she'd ask us to take her back. Phoebe has moments where she warms up to her, but mostly she cries when she sees her. I hope that changes soon. Phoebe won't go to whoever has been holding Sarah last. You have to make it a point to hold and love on Phoebe before she sees you with Sarah. This is going to take some work.
Sarah is eating like a champ. My milk came in yesterday, and all this kid wants to do is eat and sleep.

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posted by newmom06:

I am pleased to announce the arrival of Joshua Quinn. He was born March 1 at 9:04 PM via emergency C-section. He was due to arrive on March 10, so he was a few days early. He did make it to March though!

6 lbs 2 oz
19 inches long
Born at 38 weeks 6 days

Web Nursery:

Josh had a slightly rough start into the world. He is very happy and healthy, but if you are one to worry, you might not want to read further...

On the afternoon of March 1, I called the doc concerned that Josh was not moving as vigorously as he normally did. I still felt him squirming around, but he was much mellower than usual. The triage nurse called me back, had me drink juice and lie on my left side. Josh responded to the juice, but with less vigor than I have felt in the past. The nurse was great. Insead of making me feel like a paranoid first timer for calling, she encouraged me come in to get monitored ASAP (I live very close to the clinic). I called DH to let him know that I was going to get checked out, just to make sure the baby was OK.

They hooked me up to the monitor and I watched the machine for a few minutes. When I saw the heart rate dip from the 140-150s to the 90s, I started to get concerned. The doc came in and looked at the print out. She did her best to calm me by focussing on the fact that the baby showed a lot of encouraging signs (all the heart rate peaks) but that I was going to be having a baby that afternoon. The doc took the print out, but left me hooked up to the monitors. The heart rate dipped again, for a little longer this time. The doc came back and saw the new deceleration. They decided to wheel chair me over to L&D, which is right next to the clinic. What they didn't tell me at the time, but the doc told me the next day is that there was a debate as to whether they should call 911 or just wheel me over as fast as possible. I'm glad they chose tha latter... I would have been a wreck if they called an ambulance to take me a few hundred yards. DH met me at L&D.

In L&D, they hooked me up to the monitors. The admitting nurse got me on an IV, just in case the baby crashed and they had to give me a general. I think this was the first time it really hit me that I was probably in for a C-section and not the natural birth I was hoping for.

Josh was behaving himself for a while and then another deceleration came. The labor nurse was great. She was very calm, kind, and honest. She had me change positions and Josh's heart rate went back up again. The suspicion at this point was that he was compressing his umbilical cord. The doc in L&D (part of the same practice as my doc, but they take shifts in deliveries) decided that we should do a stress test to see if Josh could handle labor. We talked to the doc about the options in front of us. She thought that Josh might be OK with a vaginal delivery, if he handled the stress test well. She assured us that with Pitocin they could quickly stop the test, and would, at any sign of fetal distress. If he failed, I was in for an emergency C-section. The anesthesiologist came in and talked about generals, spinals, and epidurals before the test.

The nurse was a little nervous about administering Pitocin for the stress test and told us her concerns. She didn't think he was going to pass and assured us that she was going to make sure to pull the Pitocin at the first sign of trouble. The Pitocin started and shortly afterward I felt a mild contraction. Josh's heart rate droped, the Pitocin was stopped and I was in line for a C-section 45 minutes later.

It was surreal to be in the OR after just going to the clinic for what I expected was routine reassurance. Things went really quickly. The anesthesiologist was great. He gave me the spinal they started prepping me. DH came in, sat by my head, and held my hand. The anesthesiologist talked me through the whole procedure and explained the tugs and pressures I was feeling. It took them 15 minutes to open me up and get Josh out. His cries were the best sound I have ever heard. He had his cord wrapped around his leg and he had ZERO amniotic fluid. The doc said she had never seen such an absence of fluid. In her words, "We did the right thing" in going forward with the C-section. In the OR, she told me that they were sending his placenta off to pathology to see if they could root cause what had happened.

DH came over with a swaddled Joshua and I got to see my beautiful baby. He looked great. He was already wanting to nurse! He scored a 9 on both apgars (minus 1 for purple feet). DH took him and they weighed him and cleaned him up while they closed me up. I have to tell you, that was the longest 30 minutes I have spent in my life!

In the recovery room, the wonderful nurse put us in the quietest part of the recovery area (the room was shared with curtains), so that I could nurse. My birth plan was to nurse within the first hour, and she was determined to help me keep that aspect of my plan in tact. She helped me get him to latch and he has been a breast feeding fool ever since.

The next morning, my doc came and saw me. He thanked me for coming in when I did. He then told me something that I suspected, but no one had said aloud. The chances of my perfect little boy surviving had I not gone in when I did were very low. If I had gone into labor, he would certainly have been still born. He also said that the odds that the placenta pathology would show anything definitive were not good, but that we would have to monitor any subsequent pregnancies very carefully, to ensure that there was no repeat. Fortunately, he said this kind of complication is very rare. After he left, I completely fell apart.

I am SO glad I listened to that little voice that told me that something was just not right. I honestly thought that they would just tell me to drink water and relax, since I had felt him moving. On the day of discharge another of the practice's OBs came in to talk to me. She reconfirmed what my doc said and added that often times the only difference between a still and a live birth is a mother listening to her instincts.

I had a fairly uneventful pregnancy, so it was kind of a shock to suddenly end up with a C-section. I had some false labor, that sent me home for a few weeks (although in hindsight I wonder if this is when the placenta started acting funny). I am a little disappointed that I didn't get to experience labor, but luckily I have no regrets. We are all home, happy, and healthy, which is all I ever hoped.

We did have our first pediatrician appt today. He thought Josh looked completely healthy. We did request that his kidney function be tested, since amniotic fluid is partly made up of fetal urine.

I wish all you ladies easy, uneventful deliveries! Trust your instincts and never hesitate to call if things just seem odd. You will never regret any calls that you made, only the ones you didn't!

Well, I'm heading for a snooze while I can! Babies wake up a lot.


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Posted by ampepper:

JD’s (John Daniel) Birth Story

After being diagnosed w/ high BP on Feb 7th, I was being monitored every 3-4 days. After my very good appt on Friday, Feb 17 (BP 130/82, no protein, etc) I thought we would be good for at least another week. Little did I know!

Over the weekend, I was taking my BP’s at home and they were elevated and I didn’t feel “quite right”. No headaches, blurred vision or abdominal pain, but I was just bloated and out of sorts. So, I got everything ready for my Monday appt as if I was having the baby – bags were packed and in the car, etc. I told DH on Sunday night that I thought we’d be having the baby this week. At my appt, the NST went well – baby looked good. My BP was very high, around 160/100 I think, and there was trace protein in my urine again. I’d also done the 24 hr urine test on Sunday and it came back w/ 534 mg protein… So the NP sent me straight to L&D for monitoring. I knew we were in trouble when the L&D nurse looks at my chart, says “36.5 weeks” and puts me in and L&D room instead of an exam room!!

They hook me to the monitors and everything looks ok. Baby hb is great, my bp is stable on my left side around 130/87 ish. The doc walks in, looks at my chart and says, “yep, it’s time to get that baby out and get your BP back down…” YIKES!!!!!!!!!!! So, he puts the Cervadil in at 6 pm on Monday night. The cervadil started doing its thing and I was mildly crampy all night. They gave me an Ambien and I slept ok for a few hours. At 6 am the next morning, they gave me my second course of Cervadil. At that point I wasn’t dilated yet, but had thinned.

Throughout Tuesday, the contractions got harder and harder. In the morning, I was playing cards through the contractions, but by afternoon I was in the shower, enjoying the hot hard spray on my back through them. (I highly recommend laboring in the shower for a while if you can!) At 6 pm, they check me again and I’m only a fingertip dilated. The doc (different one this time), says he’s going to stop the Cervadil and start Pitocin to get things going. Thank goodness a knowledgeable nurse talked him out of this! Pitocin doesn’t really help with dilation but can cause killer contractions! So, they decide to start a third course of cervadil at 9 pm on Tuesday night.

I tried to sleep through the contractions, but by 1:30 am I was in quite a bit of pain. I called the nurse and she said she would put me on Stadol to try to take the edge off so I could get some sleep. She puts in the IV and puts me on the monitor again to make sure everything is ok. Then she checks my cervix. After a little “fiddling” she says, Oh good, you’re at a 3”!! WOOHOO – epidural time!! So, the epidural man comes in – yawning and rubbing his eyes I might add. (Frightening when a man is about to stick a tube in your back!) He did a fine job and within minutes I was feeling no pain! The nurse starts me on Pitocin to keep the contractions going. I slept for about an hour or so – it was great!

This is where it got scary. The baby’s HB started dipping during the contractions (to around 90 bpm). The nurse started playing with my BP w/ medicine to get them stabilized. They continued to cycle up and down, so in comes the doc. He checks me and says I’m at 5 cm and that if I keep progressing, we’ll just watch the baby’s hb, but if I don’t progress or the hb doesn’t stabilize in 15 minutes we’re going to have to do an emergency c-section. The nurse has me switch sides and the baby’s hb seems to stabilize. The doc comes in and checks me and says “Oh, you’re complete”!!

My DH calls my parents and his and says “HURRY, get to the hospital, we’re ready to push”. So, around 5:15 am the nurse comes in and tells me how to push and she helps me push through one contraction, at which point she runs out and gets the doc to come catch. One and a half contractions later, we hear a cry and an “It’s a BOY!”

ETA: Forgot to mention the cord was around his neck at delivery, thus the reason his heart rate was dipping.....

He arrived at 5:44 am on Wednesday, Feb 22. His apgars were 8/9. He weighed in at 5 lbs 3 oz and 19.5” long. I was able to nurse him for about 15 minutes within a half hour of birth (thank goodness for a great nurse!). He did have some blood sugar issues, so his next feeding was a bottle. We’ve had to supplement with formula after my feedings, but he is still BFing great. His blood sugar is back in line, too. He has very slight jaundice and we’re trying to get him a little sun each day. Hopefully my milk will come in shortly and we can really start putting some weight on the little guy! He lost 2 oz in the hospital and was down a total of 5 oz today, but his pediatrician was fine with this. Said he looked great and wasn’t worried about a thing!!

Whew, it was a long week as you can tell from the length of this post!! His first night home was not a fun one! I’m hoping tonight will be better.

Little JD is such a joy!! Truly, the love of my life – along with my DH… Oh and I forgot to mention, my DH was wonderful through the whole long ordeal. Very supportive and loving and I couldn’t ask for anything more!

Thanks for reading this very long story!!

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Posted by SouthFloridaMommy23:

*Birth Story*

My labor was induced Friday morning and the Dr. broke my water, and gave me pitocin. I got the epidural sometime in the afternoon, it wore off twice and the anestisiologist had to give me more meds. Which didnt work. But I listened to my body and labored until about 11:30pm. I was fully dialated but there was a little notch of my cervix that wouldnt go away. I was dying to push so the nurses helped push on my cervix while I pushed. And after about 2 hours of pushing he was born! He was really stubborn and didnt want to come out, I heard "just one more push" about 50 times, lol. Now that we are home dh and I are soo happy and I'm trying to get used to life with a newborn. I had an emotional day yesterday, I cried every time I thought about how much I loved him and my dh. I guess it's just part of the hormone change. My milk came in today so my little A's turned into full C's. Breast feeding is going great, we have been feeding about every 3 hours since he was born. Enough of the nitty gritty, here is a link to some pics.

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Posted by Miasma65:

I woke up on Friday the 24th feeling so fed up of being pregnant, I rolled over (laboriously) and said to my husband "this baby is coming today". I meant every word. So we went to my appointment and my midwife checked me and was going to strip my membranes again when there was a gush and out came a whole lot of water. She said that was my waters and that this baby would be here in around 24 hours. I was so relieved. Anyway, since I wasn't having contractions and I was only 2-3 and 50% she sent me home and said to come into the hospital when I got strong contractions and if they didn't come, we had to show up to the hospital by 8pm. By 8pm nothing was happening so I went to the hospital all excited that she'd induce me and we'd have a baby sometime in the night. Unfortunately, my midwife didn't show up and I was given an IV - not pleasant, I still have the last bit of the bruise from the THIRD attempt to stick me with the IV and they gave me Cytotec pills to thin my cervix over the night. By the morning I was still not progressing even with the cytotec and I was furious that I'd been there 12 hours and nothing was happening. I was worried that I was going to have to have a C section since my waters had broken almost 24 hours ago. Anyway, at 10am my midwife came and checked me and then got me with the amnio hook to break the rest of my waters. After this, my body started to move but very slowly. I was sitting playing cards and feeling period cramps but nothing too regular and certainly not painful painful so an hour later they started me on Pitocin and that really kicked the contractions into gear. I had wanted to do it naturally but after two hours of strong contractions, I had still not progressed more than a centimeter and I was still only 50% effaced so I decided to get the epidural and my husband TOLD me to get the epidural! I got the epi and was told to try to sleep until things got moving so around 2.30 I woke up and was feeling like I needed to push or go to the bathroom. Keith was sleeping like a baby so I just lay there for an hour wondering if it was important but then it got so painful and I was getting desperate to push that I really had to shout and wake him up. Then we called for the nurse but she was in a delivery so I was writhing in agony on the bed with this really strong urge to push. Finally the nurse came and called my midwife (Who was in JCpenny's!) and she said I could push and see if it got anywhere. So for maybe 20 mins I pushed and the baby was still only at +2 station so they called the meds guy and he came and upped the epi and said they would give the baby time to come down a little more. it was about 30 mins later when the urge to push was there again and I was in a lot of pain doing the breathing thing with my husband and then the midwife arrived just in time and we were pushing and 20mins later, out came Alexis. I managed not to poo on the table, I felt great right after I had her even though it hurt like hell getting her out because even though the midwife was there giving me shots of local anesthetic around the perineum, I tore upwards and felt ever milimeter of the tear! I was up and moving around pretty soon after the birth because I really had to go to the bathroom (still had the catheter in so not sure why I needed to go...hadn't thought of that yet!) but the nurse helped me up and made sure I could stand (the epi was still in effect) and then they let me move around pretty much however I wanted. About an hour after we had her, they moved us to a recovery room and an hour after that, they took my IV out of me with a lot of my begging but they didn't want to because I had a slight temp.

The baby has been absolutely great, she sleeps an awful lot, clustering during the day and sleeping up to 5 hours at night which is wonderful. Breastfeeding is going great and we both seemed to know what we were doing right away. I love every bit of motherhood! I am going to try to post some pics now.... wish me luck!

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this is a copy and paste from my blog. I was induced on February 20th.

She is HERE!! Welcome to the world Ashley Nicole

My sweet girl was born February 20th at 2:04 pm. She weighed 7lbs 4 oz and was 19 inches long.

Monday morning we were to arrive at the hospital at 7am. They wasted NO time getting me set up. As soon as I got up to the delivery suite I got changed and put on an IV. Pitocin and the usual saline drip. Contractions were very light at first, no big deal. Around 8 my midwife came by and broke my water. At the point I was still just dilated to 3. but she was sure I would have the baby by noon.

Time goes on, contractions are ok at this point, but I was not making progress as fast as they thought I should, so up went the pitocin. At this point the contractions were getting pretty painful. (Did I mention I HATE piticon!?) so I have my Mom go ask the nurse if I could get the epidural then. Well anesthesia was finishing up with a c-section, that he would be down as soon as it was done.

I was checked again at this point I was dilated to 5. I could'nt stand the pain anymore,so they gave me a round of stadol, that stuff is wild! You still feel the pain, but you dont really care about a way. Well anesthesia calls down and says the section is almost over,to get me ready for my epi. The nurses send my Mom & Dad & Mike out while they me ready for my epi. So they all go down to the cafeteria for soda and snacks. They were told there was no hurry I was just dilated to 5 and sometimes the eipdural can slow things down. So off they went.

That is when I started having contraction upon contraction, one lasted so long I thought I was going to die! I started crying (for my Mommy of course LOL) so the nurse checks me again and I am fully dilated,and baby is RIGHT there! She was ready to be born NOW! I went from dilated 5 to 10 is less than 10 minutes! Mike just so happen to come back up to check on me, they had to page my parents over the intercom. I finallly got my epidural while we waiting for my parents to show up.

The only reason I was able to get it still is because I was getting a tubal right after birth.

My parents rush up,get cameras rolling, and here we go.... I pushed about 7-8 times (I guess I was exhausted and loopy from the stadol) then there she was! My beautiful baby girl! I tore just a little, he shoulder got hung on the way out.

her apgars were 8 and 9. She is simply amazing! such a sweet personality already.

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Posted by KristenMajewski

Well on Tuesday Feb.28th DH and I went to my regular OB appt. We had an U/S and Dylan was estimated to weigh 8lbs, 6 oz. Since my due date was the next day and I wasn't dialated at all he said I could get induced. So off we went to the hospital that night. Over night I got 2 doses of the vaginal pill cervadil and then started pitocin. At about 3am I got my epidural (didn't work like I thought it would). I kept having to change positions in bed b/c Dylan didn't klike my contractions. By 9am I was complete and I pushed for 1 hour.

Dylan Christopher was born at 10:03 am, March 1st
7lbs, 11oz
20 inches long
9/9 apgars

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"DianeInOz" wrote:

Sorry to be so late in posting, but we've been quite busy!

Andrew Justin arrived March 4th (on his great grandpa's birthday) at 7:13pm.
8lbs 3 oz
20 1/2 inches long

I went into the birth center March 3rd at around 6pm. They had told me that because of my high BP and protein that they would "begin" the induction and that I would most likely be going home and waiting... that it can take days before anything happens, even with the induction.
I decided to pack my bags anyway, figuring that if I brought everything, I would get to go home! Nope. As soon as I got there, the midwife said that we weren't leaving without a baby! AHHHH!

There were a couple of emergencies when I got there (one woman was in labor at 26 weeks and they had to get her sent to the birth center in Boston), They finally gave me the "pill" at 9:10 pm on Friday. Rich went home to get some stuff he had forgotten and I decided to rest my eyes at about 10:30ish. I awoke at 11:10 to my water breaking. I sure am glad THAT happened at the hospital and not on my furniture!!

I got cleaned up and called Rich. He was on his way back and I told him about the broken water. He actually seemed disappointed that he missed it! He got back shortly after and we had a few bites to eat and went to bed. I woke up around 1:00 and my contractions at that point were about 20 minutes apart. Just enough so that I could fall asleep in time to be woken up by another one! By 3:00, they were about 5 minutes apart. The midwife came to check me at 7am and I was 2cm and 80% thinned. (By the way, we were soooooo lucky that the midwife both DH and I really liked was the one that was there the whole weekend and delivered out baby!)

To shorten the story a bit, I was in labor all day, and it wasn’t too bad, I moved from bed, to taking walks, to the birth ball, to the tub, back to bed. Switching positions is great, it makes the contractions seem less intense – once they start to feel really painful, switch to a new position.

At about 3:00, I was checked again and was 5 cm and 90%. The midwife said that she would call and get the epidural ready. We had talked briefly about the epidural and I had said that if I could do it without, I would prefer that, but I wouldn’t feel bad if I needed or wanted it. Rich was great. He ran out of the room after the Lisa (the midwife) to ask her questions before “we” decided if we wanted to go with the epidural. Essentially, because of my BP, they suggested it because the BP goes up with the pain of each contraction. At that point, I was good to get one anyway!!!

At about 3:30, the contractions were much worse and the epi-man came in and gave me the drugs! HOWEVER, half an hour later, the contractions were much much worse. They called epi-man back in and he tried a higher dose and still nothing. Apparently I was one of the 1 in 87 bazillion people where the epidural had to be readministered. They had to rip off the sheet of duct tape adhering the needle to my back (worse than the contractions!!) and do it all over again.

Relief came and I was able to sleep from on and off from about 4-6:30. By then, I was feeling a lot of pressure, like I had to poop. Lisa came in and said I was 9cm and 90%. The nurse started telling me to slow my breathing, but not 5 minutes later, I felt like I had to push. My body started doing it on its own. It was the hardest part of the entire process, having the nurse keep telling you not to push when your body is doing it anyway. I felt like I was struggling against nature here!! The midwife saw that I was trying to push (or rather trying NOT to push) and checked again and said we were ready to go. Once I was “allowed” to push, it was such a relief, I felt like pushing was the easy part! I pushed once or twice and she was called to answer a question. She figured we had a while to go, so she left for a minute with the nurse and Rich. All I can say is that I am so lucky that Rich is not squeamish! The nurse was fiddling around with the BP cuff, the midwife was out the door, and Rich was holding my legs and coaching me pushing. He told the nurse that the thought he was seeing a head and she looked down and immediately went to get the midwife. A couple of pushes later and out came little Andrew. Rich said that it was amazing to watch and that he really actually liked being such a part of the process, but I know that most of the guys I know would have wanted nothing to do with that!

Anyway, I know this is long, and I can’t believe that little AJ was quiet enough for me to write it all down so I will end it here and post some pics. We are all doing great and Andrew is just about the cutest thing that there ever was. That and when I woke up yesterday morning, Rich was holding him and singing quietly to him. I don’t think I have ever seen such a cute site.

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This is going to be long.

Our appointment on Thursday (the 9th) didn't turn out as planned. The RN checked my blood pressure and it had gone up to 158/98. Not only that, but I had swelling, visual changes, headaches and dizziness. He told me I had a half hour to get to the hospital that I was being induced. He did a quick internal and I was only a fingertip dilated (still...grumble grumble) with minimal effacement. Scott and I went to L&D and got settled into a bed by 2:40. They started the cervadil and did a NST and I was already having contractions that were 2 minutes apart - I just couldn't feel them. It took forever for them to finally get the which point they started fluids because they thought I was dehydrated. Long story short, contractions really picked up at around 1am on Friday morning. Still only 1 cm dilated...but at least I was 80% effaced. I got the stadol at that point - wow...that's good stuff. I was so "high" that I was apparently talking to the nurse about delivery trucks...which I know nothing about. Biggrin She was a good sport about it and told me that she hoped they would bring my baby with them. I slept until about 7am or so. The Dr came in and checked me and I was just barely 2cm dilated. He started another round of cervadil. I labored throughout the day with the contractions getting more intense. We (the RN and I) thought I was definitely progressing. I started to "tremor" around 11am or so - then started vomiting...then started spotting. *sigh* 2pm the Dr comes back in to check on me and I am in so much pain that I am begging him for a csection. They decide to start the pitocin and recheck me - still at 2cm. By 5:30 all the medication in the world isn't helping. The Dr calls to find out my progress (still no more than 2cm) and says that he'll call the staff back. 10 minutes later he calls them back and says the OR will be ready for us in an hour... I have been diagnosed with "failure to progress in labor". Translation: I just labored for almost 27 hours (plus) and still end up with the csection. Things were a little blurry after that for a while... I was shaved...catheterized..."flooded' with fluids and given a medication to calm the acids in my stomach...all while still tremoring. I puked up the drink that was supposed to settle my stomach ... and we were on our way to the OR. They did the epidural (which was great) and started the surgery. Thanks to a semi-reflective ceiling, I got to watch most of it. Meghan was born on March 10 at 7:21PM. She was 7lbs, 12 oz and 20 inches long. Turns out she never dropped, never engaged, nothing. Scott said the Dr literally just about had his shoulder inside my abdomen trying to get her out and that the RN looked funny pushing down on me trying to push her down.

My recovery from the csection has been so much better than the labor itself....I was up and walking around 12 hours later (I love Demerol) and haven't stopped since. The one thing I wasn't prepared for was the numbness in my abdomen...though it does make sense to me now...another thing I didn't expect? One section of my abdomen never went there were *small* portions of the surgery that I could actually feel the pain...(not horrible)...

She is so worth it...she's a bit jaundiced so we see her pediatrician on Thursday morning...and I have a fever, so I have to go back to my OB on Thursday afternoon.

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Emmett's birth story:

My water broke on Friday, March 10, shortly before noon. Thankfully at that time I was just finishing cleaning the house! It was just a trickle but kept on coming.

James and I got to the hospital around 2pm; they assessed me and confirmed that my water had broken. They monitored me and I was 2 cm and no contractions, so they decided to give me until Saturday morning to go into labour on my own. James and I walked and walked the hallways all night, waiting for something to happen. Having your waters trickle/gush for that long is not fun, let me tell you!

Saturday morning came with a mild contraction or two, but nothing that would put me into labour. I was also still 2 cm. They started an IV with antibiotics, since I had had ruptured membranes for 18 hours and no baby. They started the induction drip (Cytodil, I think?) around 9 am.

I started getting contractions around 10am...rather mild, and very manageable. They turned up the drip a couple of times and by 1pm I was definitely feeling it, but was doing a good job of getting through the contractions on my own. They turned up the drip again and at 1:30pm the contractions suddenly went from painful to was like going from (on a scale from 1 to 10) a 5 to a 10 instantly. I panicked, and was barely getting through each contraction (at this point they were 2-3 minutes apart) and begging for pain meds. The nurse checked me; I was a tight 3, and agreed to give me morphine but wanted to hold off on the epi until I was further along. I got the morphine at 2pm; it didn't help with the pain and just made me sleepy and stoned between contractions. I ended up getting the epi at 2:30pm, and in about 10-15 minutes I was feeling a lot better and dozed off.

Around 4pm I started feeling a lot of pressure so the nurse checked me; I had dilated to 5. About 15 minutes later I started feeling a *lot* of pressure and the urge to push; she checked me again and I was already an 8! She went to consult with the doctor and when she came back a few minutes later I was doing everything I could not to push. Sure enough, I was complete!

I pushed for 2 hours; he was almost starting to crown for the last 45 minutes but wouldn't budge. The doctor came to talk to me about using the vaccuum or forceps; I agreed and kept pushing while they got that ready. James was holding onto my feet and coaching me and the nurse and doctor weren't paying much attention. All of a sudden, I got him unstuck, and out popped his head and a shoulder! The doctor had only gotten one glove on, and when he turned around and saw what was happening (he heard James say "Whoa!") he put the one hand on Emmett's head, yelled "Don't push! Don't push!" while the nurse got his other glove on! I managed to hold back long enough for the doctor to deliver the rest of him! Emmett was delivered at 6:21pm.

He was pink and cried right away; he cried for the next 2 hours, actually! His head was pretty bruised and misshapen from being stuck down so low for so long. James held him while I got stitched up; I had 3rd degree tearing due to his head coming so fast, and I didn't even ask how many stitches I needed. At this point the epi was wearing off and I could feel the stitching, but it only stung a little.

Emmett's birth was pretty much the opposite of what I was expecting; I was hoping to go naturally, with no induction and little or no meds. I am recovering quite well though, and Emmett is doing really well. Smile

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My birth story is so long!!!!

Lost my mucus plug sunday the 5th at 12:30 in the afternoon, contractions started at 10:30pm 20 min apart and not too painful. I went into the dr's mon morning and they checked me, only 1 cm dialted, barely. So they sent me home, contractions continued all day/night mon at about 15 min apart, all day at 7 min apart and tues night about 5-7 apart and so painful!!! Went into the dr's wed morning 9:30 and only 3cm and they almost sent me home but he baby had little movement so they kept me and checked for progress at 1:00 which the baby was fine and now I was barely 4cm. I got to stay and today was the day, finally!!!!

They let me be and contractions were awful all day long, they checked me at 7pm and the contractions had little if no breaks in the middle and i was still only 6cm's, very very slow progression.

Water still has not broken yet, at 7:30 they decided to break it and that was it, it was full blown labor from there. I still had no drugs and the pain was very intense. I asked for nubane to calm my nerves, which is not a pain killer, just a relaxer, worked a little. I pushed for about 2 hours and felt everything, let me tell you, everything!!!! It was amazing!

I did end up bleeding a lot, I guess a lot more than normal. They tried to not worry me, so they did not tell me this until discharge that I caused everyone a bit of a scare. I also tore inside and out and have stitches, not fun!

We named her Kelly Rae and she was born on March 8th at 9:58pm, she was due on the 17th. She weighed in at 5lbs 11oz, left the hospital at 5lbs 9oz and has been maintaining that which is good. She is also 19" long!

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Well, I just had a nap and both girls are still sleeping, so here goes. The times are estimates b/c everything happened sooo quickly, I couldn't really keep track:

I woke up on Sunday morning after getting a great night's sleep (2x up to pee, but back to bed quickly). At around 6:30 AM I felt like I had to "go" (#2 that is) but couldn't. Tried to go back to sleep, but was feeling rather crampy. Woke DH and just walked around a bit, still not timing or anything b/c I still wasn't convinced I was in labor! I decided to go switch over the laundry in the basement and as I was doing so, had to rush back upstairs with a major contraction.
At this point, (around 7:00) we called my mom to tell her we may be needing her soon to come watch my DD. While on the phone with her I had 2 contractions pretty close together that I couldn't talk through and although he wasn't timing them, DH said, "these are coming really close." I was still thinking it was too early to go to the hospital, but he said he wanted to call. So we called the midwife and she knew I wanted to labor at home as long as possible, so she said it was up to me, but while on the phone with her, I had some more really close together and we decided we'd get ready to go. (this was around 7:15 or so). Called my parents back and they said they were on their way.
As DH was putting our stuff together, I breathed through the contrax, which were coming fast and furious. Around 7:40 or so, I started feeling the urge to push. . yes, at home!! A little scary. FInally I said, "WE NEED to GO!" My parents were still about 10 min out, so we called my neighbor (God Bless her) who came down in her PJ"S to stay with DD.
The hospital ride took about 20 minutes, I was doing some heavy panting-type breathing to resist the urge to push I was feeling the entire time. WE got to the hospital around 8:15, left the car running and the doors open and rushed in, told them I COULD NOT fill out any paper work at the moment and they let us go right up to L & D. . I remember lying down on the floor of the elevator to get through a contrax!
They took us right into a room, where the nurse found I was fully dialated, but my water was still in tact (which was the only thing holding that baby in!!)
We had to wait about 15 minutes for the midwife to arrive (otherwise she would've been born even earlier!) She got there and broke my water at 8:30. I started pusing and Alexandra arrived at 8:49!! All nine pounds of her! I was so in shock, esp. after pushing for 3 /12 hours with DD.
It was truly a great experience, a little scary, but everything worked out perfectly.
By the way, the nurses had to call security to go park our car, which we had left running with the doors open at the entrance. We never even brought our labor bag or anything inside. . I delivered in the T-shirt I had on, never even put on a hospital gown.


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Baby girl Ulani is here!

I was having mild contractions for several days, maybe 10 contractions per day. My due date was 3/8. On that day I was ony 85% effaced and a fingertip dilated. On 3/10 I woke up at 5am with contractions that were regular. They were about thirty seconds in duration and about 3.5 minutes apart. After an hour they were 1.5 minutes apart.

I called Labor and Delivery and they said to come in to be checked but be ready to be sent home if I was not far enough along. I got to the hospital around 7am. The contractions continued to be very close together but I was only 1 centimeter dilated. I was 100% effaced though, so they had me walk around and labor in the shower. After about an hour I was 3.5 centimeters dilated so they admitted me.

After maybe an hour and a half I asked for Fentanyl to take the edge off the pain. A couple of hours later I asked for an epidural but the anesthesiologist was busy with another epidural and then a c-section, so she didn’t show up until 1:30. I was at 5 centimeters dilated when I got the epidural. It only worked on the left side of my body so they adjusted the tube twice, having me wait 10-20 minutes after each adjustment to see if that worked. It didn’t. The right side of my body was feeling everything.

Someone said all they could do was take out the epidural and give me another one, but I told them I thought the baby was already coming. They checked, and sure enough, she was. I pushed for about 10 minutes and out she came at 3:35pm. Since she came so fast, there was no time for much stretching to occur, so I got torn up pretty bad from the inside out. There was a lot of bleeding and sewing me up after her birth took a long time.

Her breathing was a bit raspy at the beginning, and they were concerned because there was meconium in the amniotic fluid (my water broke during my labor). But after a bit of suctioning all was fine.

We went home 28 hours later with our beautiful baby girl. 5 lbs 9 oz, 18 inches long.

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I have to start by saying that this birth was 110% better and easier than Andrew's. Andrew was a cervadil induction at 40w 3d, followed by 11 hours of labor, 45 minutes to get an epidural inserted, vomiting, 1 hr 15 min of pushing, a rather large episiotomy and 3rd degree internal tear. Compare that with the following.....

Thursday's appt was good. Good NST, 2 cm and 50%. OB also gave me the "roto-rooter" exam, and I was rather uncomfy at the grocery store that evening. We took Andrew to my parents' house to spend the night.

Friday, we showed up at L & D at 6:45 am. I was 38 w 2d. Got taken back to a room and settled in shortly thereafter. Pitocin was started around 8:15 am at the lowest dose and then increased every 15 minutes until I was feeling good strong contractions in a regular pattern.

During this time of waiting for the contractions to intensify, my OB came in and broke my water around 10:00 am. We chatted for a bit. I was in a regular contraction pattern, but I wasn't really uncomfy yet. About 3cm and 60%.

The epidural guy came in and took my info. He then inserted the catheter and test dose of medicine, but then capped it off until I was ready for my full dose. This was something we had discussed with my OB at length due to Andrew's birth. The epi was great with Andrew, but it took forever to insert because of my scoliosis. This time, the epi guy told me it was a challenge. More so than he thought it would be. He stuck me once, but had to reposition three times based on what I was telling him. I was so happy that we had made this decision!

Contractions started to get uncomfy about 1:00. I was 5cm. Got the epi guy to come back and dose me. I rested for a bit. Thank God for epidurals!!!!!

My OB came in and checked me around 1:30 as I was starting to feel some pressure. I was 7cm and 100%. It went so fast from there. We were still chatting, more pressure, chatting, more pressure. They are setting up the room for delivery.

Finally, I looked at my OB and based on my expression and groan, she said "That's what I was waiting for!"

10 minutes of pushing - tops - about 3 sets altogether, and Alex was born at 2:22 pm! A much smaller episiotomy, but no tearing!

He weighed in at 7 lbs. 14 oz. and measured 19 1/2 inches long. His APGARs were 9 and 9. He is absolutely perfect with a full head of blonde hair!

We also discovered the reason for his consistent variables on the NSTs. His cord was loosely wrapped around his shoulders TWICE. Any time he would roll over or move, he would put pressure on his cord. So it all makes sense now!

This was such a better birth experience. It was much more controlled (and me being the control freak I am - it was great!) and I was so much more aware of everything. Total labor was about half the time of Andrew's. I felt awesome afterward! I'm so happy with how everything turned out, but most of all, I'm just thankful for Alex and his health. Soooo in love with the little guy!

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Benen Paul Edwin
born March 10, 2006 at 8:36 am
9 lbs 3 oz, 20 3/4 inches long

I had a planned c section this time around, and boy what a difference from my last birth experience! We went to the hospital at 6:00 am, registered and were taken to a room to get changed. Our nurse came in to talk about the surgery and do the dreaded shave (not so bad), then the anesthesiologist came to tell us what he does. After that we just waited, sat relaxing reading books. They came for me at 7:20 or so, took us to the OR(which I walked into, strange feeling!). I got onto the table and got my spinal, which was the only bad part. The guy was new and he couldn't find the spot, he must have poked me 50 times before someone else stepped in and did it for him. Things went so fast after that, before I knew it Ben was born! They kept saying how big he was, and how much fluid I had in there. He scored 7 and 8 on his apgars, and was such a beautiful little guy! Biggrin He's got lots of brown hair and blue eyes, just like his big brother. They sewed me up (no staples, hurray!) and I went to recovery where I got to hold him for the first time. All in all a great experience for me (and DH, he was pretty nervous too!)

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Ava Rose made her arrival on March 17th (11 days overdue - EDD was March 6th). She weighed 7lbs 9oz and was 21 inches long. I'll post the birth story separately.

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I’ll do my best to give a detailed birth story. I want to write it now before I forget anything. Also, it is VERY long.

Okay, on Sunday March 26th, I had been having bloody show ALL day long. It was so gross. Plus, I was having a lot of wetness (which I thought was leaking) during the day. By 6:00pm that night, I started feeling what I thought were contractions. I honestly didn’t know what to expect because I had never gone into labor on my own before. I was induced with both Ashlyne and Alex and was afraid I would not know what real labor was on my own.

Anyway, the contractions I was feeling weren’t that painful, so I didn’t think they were for real. It was pretty much the same until around 10:30pm that same evening, and then they started getting a little more intense. I tried to go to bed because I still wasn’t convinced that I was in labor, lol. After laying there for about 15 minutes I felt a few strong contractions, and I knew there was no way I could lay down. So, I went out in the family room and turned on the TV. I just walked circles around the room to see if they would go away. They were coming stronger and faster within the next couple of hours. I started timing them, and by 12:30am, they were about 5 minutes apart, and each contraction was lasting about a minute long. They were so intense, that I was convinced I was in real labor, so I woke up Dh and told him we needed to go to the hospital. I got my mom to watch the kids, etc and we were out the door. Luckily, since it was the middle of the night, there was no traffic, and we got to the hospital at about 1:15am on Monday morning the 27th.

I walked into L&D and they asked what I was there for. I told the nurse that I thought I was in labor, lol. So, we checked in and got into the room right away so they could check me out. I changed and then got into the bed so they could monitor me and the baby. I told the nurse from the start that I wanted to be able to get up and move around because I didn’t like the bed. It made my contractions worse. So, she checked me and I couldn’t believe that I was already dilated to 6cm!! I thought I was going to be lucky to be at a 3, lol. They went ahead and started my IV, so I could get the antibiotics that I needed since I was GBS positive. Then about 20 minutes later at about 1:40am, my water broke. I was pleasantly surprised. My doctor also happened to be on call that night (which never happens), so that was convenient. The nurse asked me if I wanted to walk to my room or be wheel chaired up, and I said WALK!! She left the room for a few minutes and then came back. She told me that since my water had broken that my doctor wanted me wheeled up and that I shouldn’t walk. GRR!

So, I was wheeled up to my room and when I got up there I told the nurse that I didn’t want to get in my bed. I want to stand up and walk mini circles. I was just dragging my IV with me. She asked me if I wanted to get an epidural and I told her no. I actually felt pretty good. Not much long after my doctor came in, and he wanted me to get in the bed so they could monitor me. WAA! I really did not want to, but oh well. After I go in the bed he checked me again – it was about 2:00am and I was at 7cm. I was really starting to feel a lot of pain at this point, but I was just sucking it up. My doctor asked me if I wanted any pain meds, and I said no again. I was being very ornery because I was still ticked about having to be in bed.

Anyway, I layed there for the next 1 ½ hour hurting a LOT, but I kept myself distracted by watching TV and talking to Dh. At around 3:00am it was getting so bad, I asked Dh if he thought I should get an epidural. I was in pain and I thought I was insane at the point for not getting one. I didn’t say much about this before, but I was really hoping for a natural birth this time. I honestly think that not getting induced this time helped so much! I was induced with Pitocin in the past and that makes for a very strong and hard labor. I was instantly able to tell a HUGE difference going on my own this time. Anyway, Dh knew that this is what I really wanted, so he was very supportive of me. By the time 3:00am rolled around he told me that if I had made it this far that I could do it! Plus, it was probably too late at this point anyway, lol.

At about 3:45am the nurse checked me again and I was complete at 10 cm! At that point I started freaking out. I started crying and saying that I couldn’t do it. I was so scared to push her out because I didn’t know how much it would hurt. I started to talk myself into calming down. My doctor came in right away and prepared. They got me ready to push. They had me do 2 pushed and the baby’s head was right there. 2 more pushes and her head was out! That was definitely the most painful part. It felt like a ring of fire down there – owie! Then after another push she came right out.

I felt so good after it was over. I was still sore down there and I had torn too. I had to get stitched up down there and I could feel it all, youch! The doctor even gave me shots first and I could still feel it. Anyway, I was still crying because I was so emotional. I was happy…and happy that it was over. After it was all over, my doctor even gave me a hug and said “you did it!” The best part was that I was able to get right up and go to the bathroom alone and take a shower. It felt good!!

Anyway, Megan Anna came into the world at 3:59AM. She weighed a whopping 8lbs, 3oz (which was big for me!) and was 19 ¾ inches long. She has light brown hair and bluish eyes. She didn’t nurse very well the first day because she was so sleepy, but she is doing really well now! We stayed in the hospital for 2 days. My labor went so quick, that I didn’t get all of the antibiotics for my GBS. They just wanted to keep an eye on Megan. She is doing wonderfully though!

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Posted by Jen (484Indiana)


Okay... finally thought I'd post my story. I typed it all out for her baby book... so I'm sorry if it's really long, I'm just going to copy/paste it.

Sunday, 03.12.06

Painful contractions early in the morning coming about 2-3 minutes apart. They do not stop with change of activities and keep going for 8 hours. Decide to take a nap incase this is "it". Wake up, contractions are no longer regular or as painful.

Monday 03.13.06

Painful contractions in the morning coming every 5 minutes. Take a bath which helps with the pain. Go to doctor's appointment as scheduled at 1:45. Contractions are shown as every 2-4 minutes. Cervix is at 2cm. Doctor H confirms this is early labor and offers to break bag of waters in office, break water in the morning at the hospital, or just do scheduled c-section on Wednesday. Bloody show after examination.

Contractions get stronger throughout the night.

Tuesday, 03.14.06

Go in to hospital around 7:15. Contractions are very strong.

Doctor H comes in and is shocked that I didn't come in last night.

8:25 a.m. 3cm - 100% dilation, baby still high (broke water)

Nurse asks if I'd like to get checked. I reluctantly say yes.

9:03 a.m. 5cm - Nurse remarks that baby is very low

Nurse Michelle asks if I'd like an epidural. After going from 3-5 so quickly, I'm a bit scared. I figure I want one anyways for the pushing stage so I agree.

9:30 a.m. epidural

Not as bad as I thought it would be after the initial numbing shot. I do not feel any contractions from the time they started doing the epidural to a few minutes after it's done. I ask the nurse if I'd had any contractions since getting it. She says, "You've had... 1, 2, 3, and 4... and you're having one right now!". Wow.

11:10 a.m. 6-7cm

The nurse shows the doctor my contractions, "2-3 minutes apart all by herself".. doctor says, "she's been doing that for weeks now!!"

12:00 p.m. 7-8cm 0-station

I start feeling some pain in my lower left pelvis. I also move a little and feel what seems like a softball in my crotch!! I call the nurse to tell that my epidural is running out. She comes in and says that sometimes that can mean that it's time to push, so she checks me.

1:05 p.m. 10cm! oh shit!

The nurse says that the baby is seriously only inside by like a half an inch. She explains how to push and asks me to push once. I do and she is impressed by how much progress it did. I do it again, and the same response. She goes to tell everyone and to call the doctor.

Several nurses come in with a bunch of equipment and start setting everything up. Each one would comment on how the baby had a ton of hair-- "you better have some bows for that baby girl's hair!". Doctor gets there a little later, I push through a few contractions-- maybe 10 minutes tops. I cannot feel the contractions so they had to tell me when to push. It seemed like only 1 minute had passed.

They tell me to stop pushing and Zach says, "she's out!". The doctor starts suctioning out baby's nose and mouth and pulls her the rest of the way out.

1:24 p.m. Birthday!

They put her on my stomach and Zach cuts the cord (big shocker!!). They take her over to the little warming table and check her out. She's 7lb 4 oz and 20.5" long. She scores 9s on both her apgars.

1:50-2 p.m. First feeding
With help of a lactation consultant, latched on for 7 minutes.

The nurse brags about how out of 6 women being induced today, I was the first to have my baby... and the only one not using Pitocin.

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Birth Story:

Friday evening March 24th:

(this date is interesting because it was actually the date I "predicted" I might deliver and just wanted her to wait until after the baby shower thing commenced)

So after I attended that baby shower extravaganza thing on the radio show I started to feel really icky. I got what felt like a terrible migraine headache and later on in the evening around 7ish I started feeling nauseated. By 8:30, I had vomited a couple of times, the headache got increasingly worse and I was on the phone with the on call doctor and told to come in to L and D right away. I was told my doc was not on call and completely unavailable this weekend.

I got to the hospital and they collected my urine, hooked me up to the contraction/baby monitor thing and I spoke with the nurse. They took my blood pressure and it was 183/107 (CRAZY!!) It had been a bit high, but nothing like that. I had had a lot of swelling in the previous weeks, but today was even worse. The on call doctor was on the way as soon as she got word of my BP levels. They took lots of blood/hooked me up to an IV (I cried, I hate that part) and continued to monitor my BP levels. At this point I was still unsure as to if I was going to be monitored and just sent home or what.

When the on call doc arrived: 9:45 or so, I was informed of my pregnancy induced hypertension, the risks involved (brain hemorage/liver failure/stroke), the protein they found spilling into my urine and the only cure (delivery). Being that I was 38 weeks, she said it was imperative that they start the induction asap. I was told I was not allowed to leave without delivering. I cried a bit, was nervous about the induction, the hypertension, the baby's health etc. I agreed immediately and they started an IV drip of magnesium sulfate to get my BP down. They also administered the antibiotics because I tested positive for Strep B.

Then around midnight or so the induction process began. She checked my cervix and I was still onlt 1 centimeter and 60 percent effaced. She told me pitocin would take too long to work in my case (infavorable cervix) and that they would have to use cytotec (which can cause booming harsh labor) instead. So I labored all night, had some pretty intense regular contractions. A couple of times in the night I woke up Danny because I noticed that the baby's heartrate seemed to drop at times, and I wondered if something was wrong. He thought the monitor was just off place. By 7:00 am the on call doc was back in with the BAD NEWS.

The baby's heartrate was dropping durning moderate/heavy contractions and was not conducive to laboring. Cause: UNKNOWN My cervix was only about a 2 with 80% effacement - not too good. She said the baby was in distress and could not handle the long labor that was ahead with a slow progressing induction. I was floored, started balling, had about 2 seconds to digest the info and I was signing the papers for the C- Section. I did not realize how emergent the whole thing was. Everyone was scrubbed and ready to go by the time I had finished signing my name. But guess who was on the way: My doctor!! (he is amazing) They called his emergency number to inform him of the cesarean and he expressed his wish to be there and do the procedure and was there within 30 minutes.

8:00 am - spinal was being set up (I hate that part too because the pressure freaks me out) The numbing needle hurts more than the actual spinal, but I still freak. By 8:10 I was on the table ready to go. They have me nausea meds right away this time per my request because when I had the spinal for the cerclage I was vomiting through the whole procedure. The doc came in, tested my numbness, Danny came in and they started right away.

I heard my doc say: Okay you will feel a lot of pressure and pulling, I did, and it was weird. Then they annouced little London is here! They all remarked at how beautiful she is, but I did not hear her cry right away. That was scary, but as soon as they got her to the table to clean her up I heard her cry. The most beautiful sound I have ever heard. They all announced how great her color was and she got like an 8/9 on the apgars if I remember right. They held her up so I could see. It was surreal. Then after they finished suctioning and cleaning, Danny brought her over to me sat in a chair my my head so I could see her and touch her soft little face. She is so beautiful, tiny and precious.

I did not like the fact I could not hold her for a while... and that Danny got to go with her to the nursery while I had to go recover. I did not want to leave her for one second. But on a lighter note, as soon as they brought her to me, I held her and got to keep her for the entire stay - as long as I wanted. She took to breastfeeding right away and learned to latch in literally 15 seconds. My milk came in yesterday (day 3) and I am fully engorged and sore, but the breastfeeding is going so well and it is such a beautiful and bonding experience. I would not trade it for the world. Since the delivery did not go as planned, I was happy that she took to breastfeeding so naturally and that it is working out.

(now I need to buy some more bras and nursing tops)

I am a bit sore, and swollen, but it gets better daily. Everything was worth it the minute I got to hold my little princess. The myth is true! None of the pain or worry even matter as soon as you meet your baby. I have heard this said before so I cannot take credit - but I do feel exactly the same way. It is like my heart has left my body. She means more to me than anything in the world. I love her more than I thought possible. She gets her blood drawn - (she's fine) I cry. She is so precious and my entire world! Being a mother is simply a dream come true. Danny and I are so excited to be parents and love this little baby with our whole hearts.

Her stats:
Name: London Marie
Date: March 25th, 2006 Time: 8:24am
Weight at birth: 6 lbs 6 oz. Weight at discharge 5lbs 14 oz. (so tiny!)
Length: 18 3/4 inches

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Ethans birth story

March 21, 2006
Of course I couldnt sleep a wink the whole night and i was so greatful when 430am rolled around. I got Darren up who took his time getting ready, we got in the car and off we went. We spoke of what it would be like to have both our sons home and how we thought Elliott would react to being a big brother. Before we knew it we were walking into the doors of Plantation General. The gentleman at the security counter asked if we were delivering today which of course we happily said yes. He asked who was having the baby, I erupted into laughter. I looked at Darren and told him he could have him if he wanted to but would probally have to get him out of my belly first, the guy looked at me like "ok smart a$$" and we went back. After three failed attempts of getting my IV started another nurse came in and got it on one shot in the other arm. I could hear the nurse talking to my ob telling him i was about ready and we would see him soon. My mom walked in to greet Darren and I to wish us luck and Darren asked her if she wanted to witness his birth like she did Elliotts, Of course she said yes and we were on our way. My mother in law had Elliott out in the hall. While we were taking that last walk into the room I couldnt help but think this was it, before I knew it i would be a mom of two boys, my time had come. All the tears and worrying would be over in the next hour. As I got on the table for my spinal I asked my ob how big he thought Ethan would be. He laughed and said between 7 & 8lbs. They got my spinal started and no sooner did they lay me down I was throwing up from the morphine (I dont handle ANY pain meds well) My mom and Darren walked in and they began surgery. The anetesiologist had given me something to settle my stomach and I was able to start enjoying what was going on. My ob walked my mom and Darren through the surgery explaining everything he was doing as he did it. Before I knew it Cohen (my ob) was telling them to get their cameras ready this was it. They dropped the drapes so I could watch as well. Cohen kept saying how big his head was, and couldnt believe how big he was looking, it was then he thought he could be close to 10lbs. Then all of a sudden there was his head, and the tears started flowing. He was born at 7:55am with apgars of 9 & 9. Once he was born and taken to the other room to get cleaned up I could hear my mom and Darren talking, my mom said "OMG almost 10lbs!" Upon hearing that I looked at Cohen who was removing my placenta up at this point and said "did she just say 10lbs!" lol... laughing they walked back in and told me how much he weighed. I couldnt believe my ears, no wonder my hips were bothering me! Ethan was more than a pound heavier than Elliott was. The nurse briefly brought Ethan in so i could see him and off he went for the nursery. While Cohen was closing me up he gave my mom and Darren a look at my insides, he pointed out everything (gross) and explained how the insides worked to support baby, exc. It was neat hearing it i wish i could have seen it too lmao. Anyway before I knew it the small talk was over and I was on my way to recovery. I stayed down there for about an hour with my eyes closed (i felt like i had spent the night drinking) my mil, mom, and darren came in to see me telling me how big and beautiful our little boy was. I was sent upstairs to meet Ethan once again and the nausea returned. I threw up for nearly 24 hours... Only opening my eyes long enough to nurse Ethan and take a look at him. I remember the conversations that went on in the room but thats about it. At 3am the next morning my belly was steady enough to look around the room and begin enjoying my new son. We had a few family members come and see us, just as i wished (i didnt want a parade) Elliott came up to see us once as well. I was up and walking the day after I had him and started becoming myself once again, the rest is history.... if you stuck it out with me this long thanks

Weight: 9lbs 15oz
Length: 21½ inches

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Wow it almost seems like a dream now, the day Katie Ann was born felt like an entire week worth of events!

Friday March 3rd - the longest day of my life: I had two appointments a 12 o'clock NST (at L&D, my doctor was on call, I was hoping to discuss a induction date w/ him) & a 2 o'clock Biophysical profile (across the street at the perinatologists office).

I got set -up for the NST late at 12:30 pm & once it was completed about 1 hr 1/2 later, my doctor comes in & says well I think you are starting to see through my poker face. I have been concerned about this baby for a few weeks now. Just then a nurse runs in & says "Doctor she is fully". He finishes his sentence by saying I'll call you later. Feeling bummed ‘cause I wanted a date for induction & hurried because I was late for my next appt. I got dressed & went across the street. I noticed when I got out of the van I was contracting & panting. I tried to calm down hoping I was just upset about being late. I grabbed a magazine in the waiting room & just then one of the nurses comes out & says Dr. Matt wants you to go back to L&D when you are done here. I am semi-concerned, he wants to talk to me about a game plan which I had hoped for, or he is going to induce me, I just had a feeling. At my BPP I scored a 6 out of 8 & a 0 for the NST. Out of a possible 10, I scored a 6, which is border line, & yet another reason for concern. After this appointment I got back to L&D at around 4:45. Dr. comes and meets me in the waiting area. He explains that the biggest risk of gestational diabetes is stillbirth, which I knew (Scary). He goes on to say the baby has been showing us non-reactive NST’s for weeks & there has to be a reason. He wants to see how the baby reacts to a STRESS TEST. This includes an IV & pitocin. I knew I was having the baby that night, my 2 other labors took off when they put pitocin on board, he also said it would be less risky to do a C-section since I had polyhydramnios (excessive amniotic fluid) & there would be a risk that baby’s cord would come out first if he broke my water (cord prolapse). All of a sudden I turned 3 shades of red. I had birthed 2 large boys & now with this little peanut baby he was going to have to cut me?

By this time I still couldn’t reach my husband? He was at an offsite location which he neglected to tell me. I finally got hold of his Dad (whose birthday Katie was Born on) & asked him to take over trying to reach him. He finally got to the hospital about 6:30 pm, with 2-dozen beautiful peach and salmon roses (he was forgiven) and he was shocked to find out that I was contracting every 1-2 minutes with mild to moderate pain. Doctor checked me after he saw I was contracting on my own & I was a good 3-4 cm, he thought this was encouraging enough to try for a vaginal delivery. YES! By 7:30 pm my Dr. decided that we were safer to deliver her that night at 36 weeks & 2 days. At least at that point I had a concrete answer & I could start digesting what was going on. I had my bag in the van from the NST the weekend before (Remember my Murphy’s Law theory), I am glad I had it.

At 7:45 he broke my water, he also told me he had an OR ready just incase the cord prolapsed & he also had the other surgeon in my room when he broke my water. Because of the high fluid level, he had to keep his hand in there (TMI) & let the water out slowly, plugging it, & letting more out, I swear it sounded like a gushing faucet & it stopped when he plugged it up. Thank God all went well – NO C-SECTION. He asked my nurse to get a 5 lb sand bag, I had no idea why, it turns out that since the baby was a real swimmer/turner it would keep the baby head down & in place. The Anesthesiologist came in for the epidural at about 8:15pm. Within the hour I was feeling a lot of pressure & he checked me one more time before he scrubbed in to a twin C-section. I was at 6cm but I could have sworn I was more like 8 cm since there was tons of pressure & I was really uncomfortable even with the epidural.

So Dr. says, “I can scrub out if I need to, I have a back up, but we should be fine, you’re only at 6 cm.” Famous last words. By this time it was 9:30 or so, with every contraction I had the baby’s heart rate was dropping into the low 60’s, and my nurse had me switching sides, this is not so easy with extreme back labor & numbness from the epidural. Baby’s heart rate would be fine for what felt like a few seconds then drop again. I labored this way for about 25 minutes. At around 10 pm I called for my nurse who had just stepped out for a second, the charge nurse came in, I felt as though I was going to the bathroom on myself (TMI-sorry) and not pee (KWIM? yuk) I didn’t but she checked me & I was complete with only an anterior lip. She yelled for someone to get my Doctor to scrub out of surgery. He came in immediately & didn’t like the dips in the heart rate at all, he asked the nurse for a vacuum. He said he never has to use them – oh that is really reassuring I thought, why me, this must be pretty serious. The pain was so bad I couldn’t even hold my own head up, thank god for DH, I pushed maybe twice & the baby was OUT. Mostly due to what the doctor & the vacuum did, he needed the baby out she was really not tolerating labor well. He said “IT’S A GIRL” & they had to be the sweetest words I have ever heard. Her umbilical cord was tightly wrapped around her neck,that is why her NST's were crummy. She was born at 10:14 pm, less than 3 hours after we began, it turns out she was coming that night regardless of our plans. He put her on my belly long enough to see her & Jim to cut the cord. She was whisked away to the neo-natologists waiting in the anti-room adjacent to my room to check her out. Her initial apgars were 8 & 9 which surprised me. She was placed on my chest again after a few minutes & I could tell immediately that she was having trouble breathing & she sounded as if she needed to be suctioned. Because she was born so quickly none of the juices got squeezed out of her, kind of like a C-section baby.

She spent 6 days in the NICU but is doing great now. She was born at 6 lbs. 1 ounce, released from the NICU at 5 lbs. 9 oz’s & now is up to 6 lbs. 5.5 ounces. I thank god for my doctor who anticipated all of the problems ahead of time & did all of the right things.

I thank god everyday for a healthy baby girl. Yet I am sad at points that she is here, a month before her due date I miss her swimming inside of me. Now I have to share her with the world. I want to thank all of you for listening to my drama as it unfolded these past few months. You really kept me going at times.

There was Drama at every turn with this delivery I am so sorry this is a novel but I honestly don’t know how to edit the longest day of my life. Thanks for reading; I have enjoyed all of your birth adventures as well.

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Sarah Beth

Ok, I guess it's about time I write this out! Here goes...

Tuesday morning, March 14th, at 4:30 am I woke with a gasping pain in my stomach and back that lasted about an hour. Then it spread out to mild contractions about every 10 minutes for the whole of Monday and most of Tuesday. By Tuesday evening they were close enough and painful enough that I started timing them. They were about 6-8 minutes apart, but not consistent. I didn't go to school on Wednesday and decided to go in to see the obgyn to get checked out. By then the contractions were pretty painful, but not regular. The gyn wasn't impressed and told me I was only at 2 cm, 80% effaced and certainly wasn't going into labor anytime soon. She said I would probably go during the weekend. I cried a little and went home!

Shortly after the appt the contractions got more regular and by 10:30 Wednesday evening I was timing them at 5 minutes apart, but they would come and go, so I still thought I wasn't in labor. I waited until 3am (at this point I hadn't slept since I woke up Monday morning with that pain) to call the midwife, and she said to go on in. But as soon as I hung up with her I didn't have another contraction for 10 minutes! I was so frustrated with my body! I decided not to go in yet and tried to go back to bed. That must have been when true labor started, because by 4am I was out of my mind with pain- throwing up, diarrhea, couldn't walk or talk. I had been having this sharp pain in my back for about a day or so and thought I had pulled a muscle. Turns out it was back labor, so in between contractions I got no rest because Sarah's head was in my back and that pain didn't go away like each contraction did.

The rest is really fast! Woke DH up at 4:30, we got to the hospital at 5:20, threw up my dinner from the night before (Poor DH- I was like "Honey can you tie this gown, no wait, I need to sit down, no wait I need to go throw up...") got checked and I was at 4cm. Got my epidural at 7, water broke, and the midwife came in around 8 and I was at 8cm!!! Not too shabby for a first time mom! She told me not to get her until I was feeling that needing to poop pressure ALL the time, not just during contractions. She walked out and immediately I said, to no one in particular "Ya know, I think I feel that way right now!" Apparently one of the nurses heard me and got the midwife back in, who checked me and I was at a 10! They quickly broke down the room for labor and I pushed for about 10 minutes, and Sarah was born at 9:08. Had to have a few stitches, a minor episiotomy, but nothing big deal. Hard and long pre-labor, really painful before the epidural, but a quick delivery was awesome! Thanks for reading!!

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We got to the hospital at 7am Monday morning for my induction. The nurse asked all of her questions and we finally got an IV started (on the 3rd try). By 7:20 or so, we were waiting for the doctor to show up to get things going. She didn’t come until 9:40! We could have slept in. She checked me, and I was still only 2cm and 30% effaced and the baby was at a -3 station. After she broke my water, I was “stretchy” to a 3. When she left, she told me she would give me until 1pm to make ‘significant’ progress before starting pitocin. It was the 5 or 6 hours we had agreed on, so I really hoped I wouldn’t have to have it.

My nurse was awesome! I knew we’d be okay when she said, “you are in charge…you call the shots.” She was familiar with my birth plan and knew exactly what I wanted. I did have to be on the monitor 20 minutes of every hour, but I never had to call her when the 20 minutes were up. She always came back in, unplugged me, and let me up. She also didn’t run any fluids in my IV, which I appreciated.

My nurse checked me at noon and I was still 3cm and 50% effaced. She checked me again at 1, and I was at a 4 and 60% effaced. She said she wasn’t starting pitocin since that was good enough for her. At 2pm, my doctor came in and checked me. I was still at 4, but 80% effaced. She said she was starting the pitocin. After she left, the nurse said she was starting it because she had been ordered to, but she didn’t think I needed it and she didn’t agree with it. She turned it on as low as she could. At that point, I had to be on the monitor and that scared me because I knew I would be wanting to get in the shower and stuff as it got more intense.

At 3, she checked me and I was at 5-6 and a -2 station.. I decided to get a half dose of stadol because I was starting to panic. At that point, I had to not only be on the monitor, but also in bed for ½ an hour. I sat up cross-legged and with each contraction could feel the baby moving down. She had bumped up the pitocin some by this point. Some of the contractions were lasting 5 or 6 minutes. Sometimes I’d have 3 in a row with almost no break. Sometimes I’d have 3 or 4 minutes between them. I listened to my husband, we did our breathing, and I really stayed in control (even more so than with my other two). I just focused on the feeling of the baby coming down, even though I really don’t like that feeling!

By 3:45 or so, I was at 8cm and still a -2 station. The nurse told me that she didn’t think it mattered and that she would just come right down and out once I hit 10. At 4:10, I was ready to push though no one checked me. They called the doctor, but kept telling me not to push until she showed up. The doctor told me that since she had some slight meconium in her fluid, she wanted to suction her out first after her head came out. I pushed about 3 or 4 times and her head was out. I then yelled at the doctor to get her out of me. I felt like I was being split in two! Both boys were born so quickly I didn’t have that feeling and I didn’t like it one bit.

The doctor asked how big the boys were and I said 7-5 and 7-11. She said, “Well she has them whooped!” I didn’t think she looked all that big.

They put her on my chest but she looked really blue. The doctor asked if they could take her to the warmer and I let them. I was watching them, and they were getting the oxygen out, and I saw they had the thing out to intubate her. When she was born, she took a breath in to scream and clamped her vocal cords shut. They had to use the intubation instrument to pry her cords apart. Her 1 minute APGAR was only a 3 ~ 2 for tone (because she was strong) and 1 for grimace. Her heartrate was in the 50’s and she wasn’t breathing. Once they did that and gave her about 15 seconds of oxygen, she was pink and doing great. Her 5 minute APGAR was 9.

Then they weighed her and said she was 8 pounds, 14 ounces (and she had pooped as soon as she was born so we think she was probably close to 9). I could not believe it! For a 9 pound baby, it was a relatively easy delivery. I thought she’d maybe be just over 8.

Joshua is so in love with his baby sister. He holds her and kisses on her constantly. Zachary still isn’t so sure…he told my Mom he didn’t want to bring her home. She is a total pig but breastfeeds like a champ. I only tore a little and had 2 stitches.

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FINALLY...I'm posting my birth story.

We had a sch. induction on Monday, March 6th. We got to the hospital at 4:45 am. They had me hooked up and ready to start pitocin by 5. When the nurse checked me she said I was already dialated and have contractions about 4-5 mins apart (which I couln't feel at all), so she didn't know if my Dr. would still want to do the pitocin. She put a call in for him and he finally called back around 7 am. They started the pitocin then. About every 30-45 mins they uped the dose of the pitocin. I didn't start feeling the contractions til about 9am. They weren't that bad. I think he worst part at that time was when she checked my cervix again. Then it all went down hill from there. I was in pretty bad pain and my contractions were about 2mins apart. Around 11:30 am I said I had, had enough fun for one day and to give me an epidural. The epidural wasn't that bad until he had to take it out and re do it for a second time and re numb me. That was no fun. LOL. By noon I was feel really good. =0) My dr came in and checked me and said I was about 3cm dialated. Around 2 pm the nurse checked and said I was between 4-5 cm. The epidural started to wear off on my right side and I could start to feel my contrations again. So they came in and gave me more. =0) My dr came back in at 5 and checked me and said the nurse was wrong and I was still only 3cm dialated. And that I needed to think about having a C section. I got very upset and cried so hard I made myself sick. LOL. Sometime after 6pm he came in and said the OR was ready and waiting for me.

So off I went to have a C Section. DH came along for the ride too. when they started they asked me if I could feel any thing and I could on right side. It was burning like living hell on that side. So they said they were going to have to give me something to make me sleepy. So off I went to La La land. I kept drifting in and out. More out than anything. So I missed the whole thing. But she was born at 6:54 pm and was 6 pds 4 ounces and was 19 1/2 inches long. I remember the nurse coming to me and showing me Madison but DH said I opened my eyes and they just rolled back into my head. Revcovery was a little bumpy. I got pretty sick and puked til about 11pm that night. I was so out of it and when they finally took me to a room I still didnt want to see her. So she spent her first night in the nursery. At 2am I woke up and told DH I wanted to see her. So he should me pictures on the camera. So the first time I was fully awake and saw my little girl was in pictures. =0( We got her the next morning. She was just beautiful.

Right after the C sectiona DH went with her to the nursery. He said she rolled from her back to her belly twice. Him and the nurse were so shocked. (of course she hasnt done it again...haha). And the first time she opened her eyes was when he told her, her name,..... Madison Summer.

Well sorry its taken me sooooooooooo long to post it.

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Hannah’s birth story… Sorry it took so long to post it!

We arrived at the hospital at 6 am for the induction. I was changed and connected to monitors by 6:30. The nurses monitored me until 8:30 and then started me on Pitocin. I started having noticeable contractions by 9 am. My nurse (who was awesome by the way) thought that I was handling the contractions very impressively. She kept commenting that she was shocked I was smiling and happy… Lol

Somewhere between 10 and 10:30 she checked to see my progress… I was 5 cm (I was 4 cm two days before) and that was one painful internal!!! (Still think the nurse was awesome though! Wink ) Oddly enough, after the internal, my contractions changed and started getting much more painful, though they were still registering the same intensity on the monitor… actually at one point they were way more painful and barely registering! Man was I upset. Wink If they hurt that bad… you should at least be able to see them on the monitor! Then the nurse came in and adjusted the belt… Lol and they started showing up again.

Around 12:30, I decided that I was getting close to needing the epi, but I wanted to wait for my mom, who was driving in from about 5 hours away… My DH was with me, but wanted to leave the room for the epi as needles freak him out and I didn’t want to be alone for it. Mom should arrive by 1:30 and I figured I could hold out till then. They went ahead and gave me something else for the pain in the meantime.

Just before 1 pm, my Dr. came in and checked on me, she was on her way into a c/s… Her very gentle internal put me at about 8 cm. By 1:10, my contractions were so painful I didn’t care if mom was there or not… I needed that epi! I could not believe the pain! It was so bad that during the contractions I could literally do nothing… couldn’t move, scream, breath, nothing! DH had joked before hand about me squeezing the crud out of his hand during the contractions… he was totally safe, I couldn’t even close my hand!!! Massive cudos to those who can do that without anything!!! Funny thing was… I waited just a few minutes too long. The anesthesiologist was now in that c/s with my Dr.! I think he was there to give the epi about 20 minutes later… but that was a LONG 20 minutes! And while mom had not made it yet… DH actually stayed with me, thankfully, and kept me from falling off the bed during the contractions while the epi was being placed.

Mom got there just after 2pm… to late for the epi, but in time for the birth! Around 2:30, I was at 10 cm, Hannah was in place and it was time to push… one problem, my Dr. was not there! She had run back to her office after the c/s! My nurse kept telling the others to “GET HER HERE NOW!!!” and was telling me when and how to push. Mom was helping me with one leg and DH was helping with the other. I was joking with the nurse about whether or not she would get a bonus if she had to deliver without the Dr. Smile

My Dr. got there just before 3pm… she had been stuck in traffic, something about everyone deciding to drive the speed limit! About a minute after that the top of Hannah’s head was visible, DH was able to see that she had some hair! The pushing continued for a bit more and then suddenly the little heartbeat that had been staying between 130 and 140 dropped to between 80 and 90! Mom moved out of the way to give the nurse room by my side and she started having me flip from side to side, which did not help. They put me on oxygen and we tried 1 or 2 more pushes while flipping from side to side again. It just got worse… Hannah’s heartbeat actually went down to the 60’s!!! :shock: That was it, time for an emergency c/s.

The decision for the c/s was made at 3:15 pm. I was prepped on the way to the OR, everyone appoligiezed for not explaining everything since they needed to hurry... said "no problem, just get her out!" and Hannah was out and crying at 3:24 pm… nine minutes after they decided to do the c/s!!! Amazing!!! That cry was the best sound in the world and the site of her was completely beyond words!!!

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Hi ladies!

I'm finally sitting down to write Jack's birth story.
Here it goes:

On Thursday, March 23rd I had an appt. with my OB at 9:30am.
DH went with me and we were excited to hear how far along I had come.
Doctor checked me and said I was barely at 2cm but was nearly fully effaced. She was concerned about my high blood pressure and requested some lab work. I was also put on a fetal monitor and went through a non-stress test. The test went fine, but there was a little concern that Jack wasn't moving very much. We left the office and were told we'd have the results of my blood work by 1pm.

Blood work came back okay, but she was worried I was on my way to pre-eclampsia. She said to monitor Jack over the next few hours. If he didn't move much, she wanted to induce that night.

For the next 3 hours Jack didn't budge. It was enough to have me in tears, worried about every little thing. I talked to DH and we decided to go ahead w/ the induction.

DH was at work and I told him to finish things up as I would need time to pack and check-in at the hospital. At 4:30pm a good friend of mine drove me to the hospital and sat in the room with me as they put me on an IV and various monitors. Thank god she was there! I didn't realize how fast I'd be in a gown and on machines. I would have been v. scared had I been alone.

DH showed up at 6pm. As they monitored me, they realized I was going into true labor on my own. They let me labor through the night but by 5am I hadn't moved much past 2cm. They gave me pitocin at that time to hurry things up. My BP was rising and they wanted to get Jack out. By 6:30am I had an epidural. I felt some of the contractions, but mostly I slept. The nurse checked on me at 9:30am and I was 9.5 cm!! I had progressed that much w/o feeling much of anything!

By 10:30 I started pushing. It was very relaxed and was just DH, myself and the nurse. (Who is now in my book of saints!!) I pushed for an hour taking breaks here and there. By 11:30am my OB showed up and the bed I was on suddenly turned into a Transformer! I felt like I was a car in the pits at some big race. Stirrups popped out of nowhere and they had me in position to deliver w/in minutes. I kept pushing and could feel a lot of pressure. Nothing bad though!! I was surprised when the doctor told me to look down. I said "Why??"... her response... "He's here Aly!!". I looked down to see her pull this little guy out of me. The sound of his cry was the best thing I've ever heard.

Jack arrived at 11:42am and was 6lbs, 14 oz.... 21 inches long.

DH was in tears, as was I. The look on his face is something I will always treasure. That, and the words "thank you". He pulled out the video cam and got some great footage of Jack's first moments. I didn't want the birth itself on tape, but DH did a good job of capturing what followed.

The rest of the day was a blur. I was moved to a recovery room w/ a beautiful queen size bed. It was like a big suite at a hotel. Some of my favorite memories of that room are the 3 of us starting life as a family.

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I guess I'll finally post my story here too as I wrote it a day after delivering with a few updates in italics....

He came right on his due date 3/4, @ 6:38 am, 8 lbs 2oz, 21.25 in long.

Kaedon was born real healthy. No plans for any tests (for his kidneys since they were enlarged on all the prenatal u/s's) till he is a few weeks old, but the Pediatrician was really positive. (We actually just had the U/S yesterday 4/4 and are waiting for the results) He's alredy pee'd and pooped so thats all good. He is nursing really well...right from the start. Although, right now he just wants to nurse and nurse and nurse. I think he just wants to suck and be close to me cause I know he's gotten a good amount of colostrum even though my milk is not in yet.

So my water broke about 1030ish Friday night (3/3/06). At home it was just constant trickles and little gushes. I thought that was a lot until I stepped out of the car at the hospital and WOOOSH!!! It was like Niagra Falls. OMG!!! IT was aweful. I wanted to change my pants before I went inside, but DH was like..."I think they've seen this before". But I was kind of freaking a funny embarrassed way. I was SOO glad I didn't see anyone I knew in the ER (since I work at the hospital). My pants were soaked and I mean SOAKED front and back all the way down. I was 4 cm when I checked in and 80% effaced I think.

My contx slowed once I got there so I had to walk for an hour or so to get them started back up and then they really started coming. I was doing good on the birthing ball until I started having back labor. Thats what I had with Elise and it was AWFUL. So instead of just asking for the epidural LIKE I PLANNED.... I decided to try a "on all fours like" position on the bed with the head of the bed up, on my knees, sort of squating. They checked right before I got into that position and I was 6 cm. I decided I would see how a few contx went and decide on an epidural or not. Well, let me just say that this is an EXCELLENT position if you plan to do things quickly and perhaps without pain meds!!! My contx came really hard and I imediately had a TON or pressure after 2-3 contx. I asked for the epidural now, still having a ton of back pain and pelvic pressure. About 40 minutes went by where they were hooking up an IV to get fluids in me (protocol for an epidural I guess) and waiting for the anesthesiologist to get up there.

They checked me again cause I was having so much pressure "down there" and I was NINE (9) CM!!!! It was too late for the epidural and too late for any narcotics that close to delivery. The anesthesiologist was beign nice though and gave me an intrathecal (like a small spinal block I guess) injection of some pain meds. However it was only one dose and only lasted an hour. It helped through some contractions, but by the time I dilated to 10 and then pushed for a whopping 1.5 hours (sigh) it was GONE by the time Kaedon was making his entrance (or shall I say EXIT).

I was SOOOO not prepared to push him out without meds or something.....I'm a wimp!! With Elise I didn't feel a thing with my epidural. I did tear...and frontwards at that, almost into my urethra, so I needed a few stitches and I guess I bled alot from that, but so far so good, and not horribly painful (knock of wood). His APGARS were awesome and he was really alert for the first few hours, and seems to be a good sleeper so far. Except this AM and his newfound desire to suck 24/7 now.

Kaedon was circumsized the next morning on Sunday (poor guy), had his pictures taken and hearing test done and we were discharged by 3 in the afternoon!

I'm adding in that the only issue I was having at the hospital Sunday as I was leaving was a TERRIBLE headache. I was waiting for DH to come back to the hospital and pick us up. I was supposed to go to a little class to watch these videos on safety stuff, but I felt like I was going to pass out my head hurt so bad. AFTER I was discharged and spoke with a nurse and my doctors office we realized I was having a spinal headache caused from that intrathecal spinal shot I had for pain....yeah...the one that wore off and didn't help in the end anyway :roll: . So go figure I was actually on bedrest for two days AFTER I gave birth. I had the option of going back in for a "blood patch" procedure, but since it would involve more pokes including one in my spine and several hours in the hospital, I opted to give it a few days to improve and thank God it did.

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Kiira Elizabeth

Kiira enter the world March 5, 2006 at 8:49pm via c-section because she was breeched. However, the week leading up to this date was very stressful. It started at my 37 week appointment the doctor checked to see if I was dilated and to check the baby. At this appointment I was already 2 cm dilated. The doctor realized that it was no longer a head she could feel when she was checking so she ordered and ultrasound for the next day. The doctor told me if she was breeched we had the option to try and flip her though this was a very painful option and the baby could go into distress. So Tuesday we came back for an ultrasound to verify that she was breeched which she was. Kiira was feet first, that is not what bothered me it was the fact that they realized the amniotic fluid was low. So Friday I had to go back for another ultrasound and to see the doctor again. On Friday the fluid was back up to an acceptable level. We decided to schedule our c-section instead of trying to flip her. So we scheduled the c-section for March 16 at 12:00pm which was the soonest they could get me in. The doctor checked me then and I was now 3cm dilated and 50% effaced. She told me she didn’t think I would make it to my scheduled date so if I started contractions to call the office. On Sunday I was out with my sister we went to visit my mom and husband at work (My husband, my mom, and I all work at the same place). I was feeling a little press every once and a while but nothing that was consistent or painful. Though by looking at my expression apparently my mom and some of the people I work with told me I should call the doctor and explain what I was feeling. So I called and talked to the doctor on call and he told me to come into the hospital so they could check me out. So my sister headed over to the hospital with me and I checked in, this was at 4pm. They set me up on the machine to read my contractions which were every few minutes, which I could feel occasionally but defiantly not that often. So the doctor came in to check me and said I was 3cm and 75% effaced but they would be back to check on me in an hour. After an hour my doctor came to see me and when she checked I was now 4cm and 100% effaced, however, my contractions had stopped. She told me to go and walk around for a half hour to see if I could get the contractions to start again. By this time my husband had joined me at the hospital even though I was sure they were going to send me home. After we walked around this was about 7:30pm now the doctor told me it was to risky at 4cm to send me home because if my water broke the cord could come out because the baby’s head was not blocked it. She said to be ready to go in for my c-section in one hour. I thought this was crazy a half hour ago they were thinking of sending me home. So my sister and my husband started calling people to let them know. My mom had my dad pick her up from work and they came over with my other sister. At about 8pm I was brought in for my spinal and so they could shave me and get me ready. I didn’t feel anything as the worked on getting her out. And at 8:49pm Kiira was born exactly two weeks before her due date. She was 8lbs 0ozs and 19.6 inches long. They let me see her and kiss her as they finished taking out the placenta and closing me up. Then they took her along with my husband away to go to the nursery and get checked out. I was then rolled back to my room after getting to peek in the nursery at her. My family joined me in my room and then they brought Kiira back to me. For the next three days nurses must have come in every couple of hours to check my temperature, my blood pressure, check my incision, and check how Kiira was doing. All I know is I was so glad when we finally got to go home on the 9th so I didn’t have to constantly be watched.

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My due date was March 16th. Everyone said that with your first child you usually go over due yada yada...
I just didnt feel like myslef. I felt bloated and heavy and just ready to pop!!
DH works out of town during the week and was supposed to go to Dallas Mon-Thurs. On sunday, I asked him to stay with me (just in case). I was having lots of BH contrax. On Wednesday I decided to make an appointment with my OBGYN to get checked (just in case). I had "bloody show" so she sent me to the hospital to be monitored. They decided that I was not in true labor so they sent me home and told me to come back in the morning for my scheduled induction (3/9)..or sooner if the contrax got worse.
I went home and took a bath, ate dinner and SLEPT. I woke up at midnight with major contrax!!! I labored at home in the tub, on my exercise ball, on ther floor, and on the toilet until about 3:30 am. DH would hear me moaning and ask if I was o.k...we both had the mindset that we were going in for an induction in the morning anyway. I wasnt really sure what was happening. I had been sent home from the hospital, so I was trying to wait until our induction appointment at 6:30 am!! I felt *afraid* like I might have my baby on the toilet! My contrax were 2 minutes apart at this point, so I informed DH that we needed to head to the hospital..and off we went.
The car ride was hell. I never thought we would get there. DH kept asking if I was o.k...and I thought I might strangle the life out of him. When he asked to stop for coffee at the McDonald's, someone really needed to hold me back.
We were admitted to the hospital. I felt *safe*. My contrax slowed down a bit and I labored happily until about 7:30 am. Then I asked for the epi. It was all well and good after that. DH got his coffee, I continued to progress and we listened to some C.D.s. The Doctor stopped by to check on me and said I would probably have my baby in my arms by lunch time.
I started pushing at around 11:20am. It was just me, a wonderful nurse and my DH. He was very excited at this point, coaching me and running around saying things like "I see the head!" and "Holy s*it!!"
The Doctor came in just in time to catch the baby. I was sitting up and saw Laurel's head coming out, so I reached down and guided her into the world. DH cut the cord. She was born at 12:04pm.
She went straight to my chest and we got to know each other, and she nursed. family came in for a couple of hours and stood around our bed looking at her and taking pics. Then the nurse came in, everyone left and she and DH helped us to the bathroom where we had our first bath together. It felt good for me to sit and soak. I held her up on my knees and washed her off with a washcloth. Then I handed her to DH who put on her first diaper and dressed her.
It was the most beautiful, amazing, awesome, miraculous, empowering thing that I have ever in my life done or been a part of.
I have never been more in love with anyone as I am with my daughter and my DH.
It was truely the best experience of my life.

*Recovery has been better than I expected. I had one stitch and have had no real pain from that. the worst thing for me was day two. I was just really sore in my upper body from holding myslef up and pushing.
All soooooo worth it! Biggrin

Here are some pictures that I wanted to share with you
(BEWARE!! some are graphic!!)
Me in LABOR~

Laurel's first pic (I LOVE this..I know some of you will love it too, sorry if it grosses you out!! Ya'll know I aint shy Wink )

Daddy cutting the cord Biggrin

Holding my daughter for the first time

My girl!!

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Ridley's birth story 3/27/06

I was awake in the bathroom on Monday at 4:10 am when my water broke. I felt and thought I also heard a “pop,” and I lost a little bit of fluid. I called dh, and we discussed that labor would probably start.

Sure enough I began to have contractions which were 30-45 seconds long every 7-10 minutes apart. That lasted about 30 minutes, and then they began to get closer together. I was able to communicate when they started, peaked, and stopped. By around 5-5:15 they were the same length but coming every 2-6 minutes apart, so I called the midwife. She suggested walking around for 20 minutes to see if labor stopped or kept going. My dh started packing the car with our bags. I called my parents to give them early warning. My son, Edward, woke up a couple of times and wanted to snuggle with me so we spent some contractions together. Not easy to do! The midwife called back and asked how it was going, and I said ‘no change’ (mostly because I hadn’t done more walking than going to the kitchen to pour dh a thermos of coffee). She said to come in. At 6 am I asked our au pair (live-in childcare) to start taking care of Edward.

As we drove to the birthing center, I had a couple of less intense contractions and told dh. He worried that labor was petering out. I said, no, I’ve had 5 contractions in the 15 minute trip. It’s labor.

We arrived at the center, and I was 6 cm dilated. Yay! We all just hung out together. About an hour later at 8 I said I felt like I was in transition. The midwives checked me again, and I was a minimum of 8 but they’d call it 9 cm dilated. Wow. Mom and Dad arrived soon after, and I walked out to the living room area of the birthing center and told them I was 8-9 cm dilated and in transition, the hardest part of labor. I told them that I’d begin pushing the baby out soon. Then I felt another contraction coming, so I went back into my room.

Then I started to feel the urge to push at the end of contractions. I felt I was pushing against the amniotic sac, which the midwives had said was bulging out, so I labored over the toilet for 2-3 contractions until it broke in a big burst. Then I moved out to the bedroom area. I was standing up and with each contraction I put my hands on my knees and went into a seated position. When the head got to be about 2 inches from the opening, I put my hands on myself to apply counterpressure so I didn’t rip upwards as the head crowned. With the next contraction I went into a deep squat. Then I lost my balance and gently rolled backwards onto my back. The head was half out to just above the ears. I pushed the head all the way out, and my dh stepped in saying he’d deliver the baby. (Our birthplan was for me to deliver the baby. We’d asked our midwives not to help us because I wanted an unassisted birth.) He checked for the cord around the neck, and began putting pressure on top. I leaned up with my head and torso and tilted my hips up, and with the next contraction I gave a big push and the baby’s shoulders thrust out. I got to see the birth happening, and my dh caught him and handed him to me. And then I got to announce “It’s a boy!” And we lay there with him on my chest and me massaging him for several minutes.

It was a great birth. The feeling to the whole day was like we were all hanging out together and oh yeah, by the way, at some point a baby will be born.

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I told the doc to take her out!!! That is my story......Nothing fancy here.

Went in, gave my name and told them that I was there "To be TORTURED"

I was a 3 and 80% upon arrival. They started the pic, things picked up fast, got the epi before I was truely hurting. Didnt take the first time, they ripped it out and that had to be one of the creepiest feelings EVER!! Put it in again--two bee sting shots later--and all was GOOD.

As usual I BARFED the whole labor, be it whether I had something to spew or not. I was gagging the whole time. It was at this point I decided that I am a very "barfy" person. By noon I was a 5 and by 4 she was coming down hard and sunny-side up, I was screaming and crying and barfing--oh yeah it was FUN. By 6 time to push. Two GOOD pushes and we had ANOTHER girl (I was so ready for this party to end). I held her for a moment, and then somehow I was left alone in the room w/her. Well--I wasnt finished BARFING!! I couldnt hardly move--epi still in full swing--I paged the nurse she QUICKLY came in and helped me. (they had to call the janitor--it was UGLY) I still dont know where all my family was..........hhhmmmm, I need to ask them about this. My first impression was that she looked like a lil Garden Knome.....funny looking, but sweet as can be.

After an hour or so the IL's brought my 2 other daughters and they met Baby Dayley for the first time. My 3 yr old thought that was the coolest thing ever!! The 9 yr old well-she had BTDT--wasnt that impressed.

Our last and final addition was here with us. Baby's are so special. They are precious little people who come from Heaven. Pure Love, Baby Love.

Dayley Clare
March 2, 2006
7 lbs 8 oz 21 inches
3rd girl in a family of 5
NO BOYS HERE except for Daddy Wink