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    Default March 2006 Birth Stories

    Our Arrivals GIRLS – 37 BOYS – 46
    (Cross-posted on the All Purpose Sticky)
    Please PM a host to be added to this list.

    February Arrivals

    8 – David Andrew (Anne – nepean) born at 11:00 a.m. --7 lb 8 oz/19 ½ inches long Due March 6
    8 – Zachary Stephen (Bridgette – 20fingersandtoes) born at 12:48 p.m. – 5 lbs 11 oz/18 ¾ inches long Due March 20
    8 – Elizabeth Anne (Bridgette – 20fingersandtoes) born at 12:49 p.m. – 6 lbs 4 oz/19 inches long Due March 20
    9 – Noah Jude (Jenny – JennyJ143) born at 6:29 p.m. – 5 lbs 3 oz/19 inches long Due March 1
    11 - Ella Marie (Meredith - MLucas914) born at 10:18 a.m. - 6 lbs 8 oz/19 inches long Due March 6
    11 – Ian Michael (Colleen – kycyster) born at 11:45 p.m – 7 lbs 4 oz/19 inches long Due March 1
    14 – Lola Quinn (Eryin – mamaskin) born at 12:12 p.m. – 7 lbs 6 oz/18 inches long Due March 1
    15 - Braden Lee (Erin - Erin311) Born at 9:40 p.m - 7 lbs 1 oz/20 1/2 inches long Due February 27
    17 - Peyton Tyler (Susan - Vegas30) born at 10:33 a.m. - 3 lbs 8 oz Due March 26
    17 - Kailey Jade (Susan - Vegas30 born at 10:35 a.m. - 4 lbs 4 oz Due March 26
    17 - Denis Ege Barbaros (LadyVictoria) born at 11:41am. - 6 lbs 9 oz Due March 17
    18 - David William (Julya - Baby_Vol) born at 5:37 a.m. - 6 lbs 11 oz/19 1/2 inches long ) Due March 13
    18 - Whitaker Smith (Erin - epigglet) born at 7:02 - 8 lbs 2 oz/20 3/4 inches long Due March 10
    20 - Brogan Richard (Brandy - BrandyWK) born at 12:58am - 7 lbs 3 oz/19 3/4 inches long Due March 3
    20 - Jacob Ryan (Sheri- Sherimama) born at 4:07am - 7 lbs 13.5 oz/19 1/2 inches long Due February 27
    20-Ashley Nicole (Crystal - LoveBean06 born at 2:04 - 7 lbs 4 oz 19 inches long Due March 3
    22 - William David (kami - Kamico) born at 4:22am - 8 lbs 1 oz/20 3/4 inches long Due February 22
    22 - John Daniel (Angie-ampepper) born at 5:44am - 5 lbs 3 oz/19 1/2inches long Due March 20
    23 – Grace Nicole (Ivy-Ivyts) born at 12:25 p.m. – 6 lbs 5 oz/19 1/2 inches longDue March 12
    23 – Noelle Adelaide (Greta-funkyg) born at 6:35pm– 7 lbs 13 oz/21 inches long Due March 13
    23 – Shae'la Monet (ladyshelvin99) born at 8:29 a.m. – 6 lbs 9 oz/20 1/2 inches long Due March 14
    25 – Alexis Elizabeth (Stacey-Miasma65) born at 4:59pm– 7 lbs 11 oz/19 1/4 inches long Due March 6
    25 - Roegen Cicero (Cheryl-Lyrehc) born at 8:05pm - 6 lbs 14 oz/17 1/2 inches long Due March 18
    25 - Kyle Timothy (Peggy-Peggy9) born at 10:34pm - 7 lbs 1 oz/18 1/4 inches long Due March 11
    26 – Evangeline Abrielle (Lisette-lisetterenee) born at 6:44 am– 6 lbs 6 oz/18 1/2 inches long Due March 4
    28 – Caroline Hope (Tracey-bean4max) born at 9:59pm– 6 lbs 11 oz/19 1/2 inches long Due March 13
    28 – Maggie (Anne-Eaw1) born at 7:56pm– 7 lbs 8oz/ 20 inches long Due March 10

    March Arrivals

    1 - Dylan (Kristen-KristenMajewski) born at 10:03am-7 lbs 11 oz/20 inches long Due March 1
    1 – Miranda Faith (Terri-terriluvsbooks) born at 1:22pm– 6 lbs 4 oz/19 inches long Due February 24
    1 - Joshua Quinn (Ellen-NewMom06) born at 9:04pm-6 lbs 2 oz/19 inches long Due March 14
    2 - Dayley Clare (Leslie-3isenough) born at 6:45 p.m. - 7 lbs 12 oz/21 inches long Due March 3
    3 - Katie Ann (Kathy-KathyNJ05) born at ? - 6 lbs 1 oz/18 inches long Due March 29
    4 - Luke (Eve-SouthFloridaMommy23) born at 2:00am-8lbs /20 3/4 inches long Due March 7
    4 - Andrew Justin (Diane-DianeInOz) born at 7:13 pm-8lbs 3oz /20 1/2 inches long Due March 15
    5 - Sarah Isabelle (Trish-TimTrish) born at 1:11am- 8 lbs 12 oz/22 inches long Due March 16
    5 - Clara Madelyn (Susan-Kutisusie) born at 2:50am- 6 lbs 11 oz/19 inches long Due March 5
    5 - Alexandra Faith (Shannon-Sdunn) born at 8:49am- 9 lbs/21 1/2 inches long Due March 6
    5 - Kiira Elizabeth (cjasy21) born at 8:49am- 8 lbs 19.6 19.6 inches long Due ?
    6 - Madison (Mary-theSpodas) born at 6:54pm- 6 lbs 4 oz/19 1/2inches long Due March 13
    6 - Brandon Patrick (Merri-MerriD) born at 9:42am-8lbs 13oz /20 1/2 inches long Due March 18
    6 - Lucas James (Lauren-Lauren91 born at ?-8lbs 12oz /20 1/4 inches long Due March 7
    6-Hannah Elizabeth (mique- born at 8:04 - 8.4 lbs 20.25 inches long Due ?
    6-Meredith Eliza (flingem-Melissa born at 10:10am - 8 lbs 8 oz 21 inches long Due March 7
    6 - Sutton Hawk (Arky74-Kristen) born at 9:58 -9lbs 12oz /? inches long Due March 6
    7 - Karly Ryan Leonard (elabraleon) born at 10:13am -5lbs 5oz 19 inches long Due ?
    8 – Robert Thomas (lconrad-Lydia) born at 8:50 p.m. --7 lb 4 oz/20 inches long Due March 30
    8-Maggie (Priss-Jessica born at 10:18am - 8 lbs 5 oz 21 inches long Due March 14
    8 - Ryder Lee (AKBaby- Amy) born at 8:50pm -7lbs 4oz 20 inches long Due 11
    8-Kelly Rae (Mom2BMarch06-) born at 9:58 - 5 lbs 11 oz ? inches long Due March ?
    9-Hannah Isabella (FloridaBelle-Laura born at 3:24 - 7.23 lbs 20.25 inches long Due March 12
    9-Laurel Emaleigh (Chasondreams- Harmony) born at 12:04pm - 6 lbs 13oz 20 inches long Due March 16
    10-Benen Paul Edwin (mmcperry-Margie) born at 6:21 pm -9lbs 3oz 20.75 inches long Due 20
    10-Meghan Catherine (firsttimemommy306- Kerri) born at 7:21 pm - 7 lbs 12oz 20 inches long Due March 19
    11-Emmett Joseph (MrsJ4-Tara) born at 6:21 pm -7lbs 6oz 21 inches long Due 8
    11-Jackson Avery (christy32- Christy) born at 8:38am -7lbs 0oz 19.75 inches long Due 3-16
    12 - Connor Derian (eniper- Jenn) born at 1:09 am -8lbs 9oz 21 inches long Due 16
    12-Harrison (MSUDawgs- Amy) born at ? -8lbs 12oz 20 inches long Due 17
    12-Cooper Scott (Brennie- Brenda) born at 2:45am-9lbs 9oz 20.5 inches long Due 17
    13-Vince Michael (Meegan28- Meegan) born at 1:30 -7lbs 5oz 20 inches long Due March 12
    13-Joshua David Trojan (myblueyes2u- Jayme) born at 3:01 am -8lbs 2oz 19.25 inches long Due March 4
    14-Casper (ClearWater- Crystal) born at 8:50 -9lbs 9oz ? inches long Due 15
    14-Natalie Ann (484Indiana- Jen) born at 1:24pm- 7lbs 4oz 20.5 inches long Due March 12
    14-Drew John (Pubs- Rachael) born at 3:45am -7lbs 1oz 20 inches long Due 27
    14-Kaylee (bubbaloo) born at 6:26 am- 6lbs 5oz 20.5 inches long Due March 6
    14-Fallyn (xgrrrl- Heather) born at 3:26 pm- 6lbs 6oz 19 inches long Due March 16
    15-Conner Jordan (JKMorris- Jen) born at 3:15am -8lbs 7oz 20.5 inches long Due 22
    16-Sarah Beth (kelbelle- Kelley) born at 9:08 pm- 8lbs 0oz 21 inches long Due March 21
    17-Alexander Patrick (Mommy2Andrew- Donna) born at 2:22pm -7lbs 14oz 19.5 inches long Due March 29
    17-Malia Lynn (Erin – momtobe306) born at ?? - 5lbs 14 oz, 19 inches long Due march 29
    19- Calvin James Michael Bowman (mylilchloebug- Heather) born at 9:50 pm -7lbs 10oz ? inches long Due April 7
    19-Ariana Angeline (madrecita- Alesandra) born at 3:45 pm- 7lbs 11oz 20.75 inches long Due March 16
    20-Zachary John (Tricia – kariabi) born at 11:44 a.m. – 8 lbs 7 oz, 21.5 inches long Due March 24
    20-Liam Jacob (waitingforjack) 6 lbs 13 oz, 19.75 inches long Due March 27
    21-Ethan Robert (lovelymomma- Ashley) born at 7:22am -9lbs 15oz ? inches long Due April 1
    23-Kimberly-Elise Mikaela {Tara Alena – sweetja) born at 11:21 p.m. – 7 lbs 9 oz Due March 27
    24-Jackson {Aly – AlySchroeder) born at 11:42 a.m. – 6 lbs 14 oz, 21 inches long Due March 28
    25-London Marie (Juliette – chikkity) 6 lbs 6 oz, 18 ¾ inches long Due March 28
    26-Tyler (Layne – layne) born at 8:59 a.m. – 8 ½ lbs Due March 28
    27-Megan Anna (Erika – meaam5) born at 3:59 a.m. – 8 lbs 3 oz, 19 ¾ inches long Due March 28
    27-?????? (Jennie - selkiemom) 7 lbs 1 oz, 20 inches long Due March 27
    27-Afton (Bronwyn - BronwynLisa) born at 2:48 p.m. - 9 lbs Due March 28
    27-Sarah (Jennifer – jsmarchesano) born at 4:20 p.m. – 8 lbs 14 oz, 19 inches long Due March 16
    27-Porter Joseph (Nicole – boompagirl) 7 lbs 3 oz, 19 ½ inches long Due March 23

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    Posted by Anne (nepean):

    As many of you are now aware our Son David Andrew entered the world at 11.00am eastern time.

    He is healthy and well dispite his early arrival (36w 1d), and i am doing well also - we are so blessed!

    So i woke up, felt an odd gush, went to the bathroom, more gushing. Dh was already up - he is an early riser - we called the doctor, they said to make our way to the hospital, but no need to rush. I had a shower, got things together, for us all, including our 3yr old DD. We dropped her at friends place. By this time i was having nregular contractions, that were moderately uncomfortable.

    We arrived at the hospital around 6.00, they checked me and i was 3 cm and 80% effaced, they asked if i wanted epidural - sign me up i say, and by 7am i had the epidural in and i was much more comfortable. Praise the Lord for pain relief!! They checked me again at 9am ans i was still only 3-4 cm, they suggested pitocin to move things along.

    They checked me again at 10.30am and i was shocked to learn i was 9cm WooHoo!! I pushed for about 20min and there he was - the cord was around his neck twice, but nice and loose, so he was in good shape.

    I can't believe how smooth things went this time, with my DD 3 years ago things were so different (pre eclampsia and associated complications)

    He has latched on and we are feeding well - -yeah. Paeditrician just came to check him and all is great.

    He is beautiful, my DD has been in to meet her new baby brother, she was a little confused, but warmed up quickly. Dh and i are in love with the newest addition to our family.

    Thanks for all your best wishes and thoughts

    Be Blessed

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    Posted by Jenny~

    Quote Originally Posted by JennyJ143
    Hi everyone! We've made it home. First I would like to say thanks to Brennie for letting everyone know that Noah arrived and we were all doing well. Also thanks to everyone for the well wishes.

    So here's the story.

    Thursday afternoon I had my regular appt. I got on the NST and everything was going fine. We only were monitored for about 10 minutes and doc said it looked good enough that she was going to check me and send me on my way. Well....She checked me and I was 4 cm with a bulging bag! So she sent me straight the hospital. Since he was breech, she didn't want to chance my water breaking at home.

    I was admitted and after she finished working for the day, she came to check on me. I had been having contractions, so she said it was time to go to surgery. Noah arrived at 6:29 p.m. on Feb. 9. He is absolutely adorable! He's a tiny little thing...Only 5 lbs 3 oz, but he's 19 inches long.

    We got home a little while ago so I'm still trying to get situated. I will post pics just as soon as I can. I feel great. The surgery couldn't have gone better.

    I will try to post pics soon. Thank again, everyone!

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    Posted by Bridgette ~

    Quote Originally Posted by 20fingersandtoes

    We went in for the routine 34 week appt last Wed not expecting anything out of the ordinary. My OB wanted to check me since I had been having some contraction off and on. None were terribly painful and had never developed into a regular pattern. Imagine everyone's suprise when I dilated to 5 and 80% effaced !

    So off dh, 2yr old dd, and I go to the hospital for a non stress test. Went from 5-6 there over an hour with only 3-4 measurable contractions. After talking with the perinatologist and my doc, we decided to do a c-section to get them both out quickly and safely. Dh took our dd to some friends and barely made it back!

    The section went very quickly. They gave me a spinal block instead of an epidural. That was the worst part because I couldn't move the lower part of my body for 3-4 hours.

    Zachary Stephen was born Feb 8 at 12:48PM weighing 5lbs 11oz and 18 3/4 inches long.

    Elizabeth Anne came at 12:49PM weighing 6lbs 4oz and 19 inches long.

    Both babies are still in the nursery since they arrived at 34 weeks and 2 days. They have been on room air since Wed night and started maintaining there own body temperatures themselves on Thurs night. Their feedings are done thru a nasogastric tube and both are on IV's. We hope to lose the IV's tomorrow as they are able to digest enough breast milk now they no longer need the extra supplementation. The next step is to get them strong enough to nurse!

    We are absolutely 100% in love with our babies!!! Post pics once we get them down loaded. Off to go pump, my newest hobby

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    Posted by Eryin~

    Quote Originally Posted by mamaskin
    I went in for my scheduled induction on Valentines Day. I had my water broke at 8am, epidural by 9:30 ( I didnt feel one painful contraction!! it was heaven!!) I was 5 cen. at noon and completely delivered by 12:12 haha. I wasnt kidding when I told them I go fast once I hit 5. The worst part of the whole delivery was pushing, since I had felt no pain the pain of her coming out was shocking. My epidural wasnt fun they had to stick me a few times (I am fluffy which made it hard) and my back has a few huge bruises.

    Lola is 7 pounds 6 ounces 18 inches. We think she wanted to be petite like her namesake.

    We have pictures up on our family site, ignore my post birth horrible picture.

    I can't wait for everyone else to have their babies!

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    Posted by Colleen (kycyster)

    Hi All:

    Just back from the hospital tonight with our beautiful baby boy! He was born 2/11 at 11:45 p.m weighing 7#, 4 oz and 19 inches long.

    I was due March 1, but had a high BP reading last Monday (2/6) at my OB's. She could not get a good NST (crappy OB - I ended up firing her), so I went to the hospital. They found my BP through the roof and put me on strict hospital bed rest (the Peri was talking about the possibility of a stroke my BP was so high ). I was induced 2/11 with Cervidal about noon.

    My water broke with just the cervidal, and my natural contractions were so strong and frequent they could not use pitocin About 8 cm, 90% effaced, the baby's HB started to dip badly. They rushed me to an emergency C-section because it stopped with each contraction.

    Short story is that while they were not gentle with me (huge Frankenstien up & down belly incision), they got Ian out in a hurry and he is PERFECT! He scored a 7 and 9 on his APGARs.

    Let me know if anyone has questions about labor (not nearly as bad as I expected), C-sections (WOW - really bad for me) or anything else.

    Best of luck to all you girls - may you all get you little Ian's!!!


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    Posted by Julya (Baby_Vol)~

    Quote Originally Posted by Baby_Vol
    My little man is full of surprises! Here I thought I'd have a late baby, and he came almost a full month early! We couldn't be happier.

    Let me tell you the story first:

    Thursday night, February 16th, I went into pre-term labor. Bob and I went to the hosptial where they gave me two shots to stop the process. It was a painfull experience because the nurse straped me down to my back and wouldn't let me move with the labor pains. She wanted to find out if it was real labor or "false" labor, so she needed me to lie down while strapped to the machines. It was not fun at all. We got home at 2am, went to sleep, and thought that was that.

    Well, Friday, around 4pm, I started feeling the menstral-like cramps again. They weren't as strong this time though, so I thought it was just an achy side affect of the shots they gave me.

    By 7pm, I was having strong labor pains. They were around four minutes apart and consistant. Time to go to the hospital, right? Well, after the experience I had Thursday night, I didn't really want to go back so soon. We decided to wait a little longer to go into the hospital. I ate dinner, used Lamaze to deal with the strong contractions, and took a hot bath. During the process, my water broke! This was it! Off to the hospital we went!

    We arrived around 9:30 or so, and I was in serious pain. I was 4cm dialated, and I was also very scared. I had only gotten half-way through my lamaze classes and I didn't really know what to expect next. David was coming early. So, even though I wanted a natural deliver at first, I did decide to take the epidural because I was very tense from being so scared. It helped a lot! However, it also lead to the hosptial staff wanting to use Pitocen. I let them, and my labor actual progressed too fast for little David. His heartrate dropped to 60 bpm at around 3am and they had to put me on oxygen to slow down the labor process. The oxygen worked, and his heartrate came back up immediately. My doc then stayed in the room with me until 4:30am when it was time to push!!

    I only pushed for an hour, but my epidural was not strong so I felt every glorious moment! It really was great, even though it was painful. My favorite part was watching his progress in the mirror that they set up for me.

    He arrived at 5:37am on February 18th! They put him on my tummy, and Bob cut the cord. He is the cutest little man I've ever seen! Absolutely perfect! He weighed in at 6lbs 11oz, and he was 19 and a half inches long! It's the hardest and most glorious thing I've ever done in my whole life!!

    We're home and breastfeeding is gong very well! He was a "lazy eater" at first, but the lactation consultants at the hosptial were great!

    Jana, you'll LOVE Parkwest!! The staff is wonderful! Even though I didn't stick with my origional birthplan, they didn't push me into anything. It's honestly the best hospital experience I've ever had, and I plan to have all my babies there. I was terrified of having a pre-term baby, but they calmed all my fears and helped me through it.

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    OK, so my birth story goes like this...

    I didn't sleep at all on Thursday night (2-16) b/c I couldn't get comfortable. Friday morning I was super nauseated and had "stomach issues." I tried to eat something but couldn't keep anything down. DH went on to work, but made me call my aunt to come sit with me. Once she got here (around 11:30am) we went for a long walk which is when the contractions started.

    We started timing them and they were 5-8 minutes apart and getting more intense. She left to go home and get ready (just in case). DH came home from work and by this time they were 4-7minutes apart and getting stronger (especially when I walked.) I called the dr. office and they told me to come in and get checked. Once there the dr. told me that I was still 2cm dilated & 80% effaced but could tell the contractions were taking there toll and sent me on to the hospital.

    Once at the hospital (4:15pm) I was hooked up to a monitor w/contractions 2-3min. apart...I was staying and having that baby. After walking around the hospital for about 1.5hrs I was still only 2cm dilated & about 90% effaced. So they broke my water to get things moving on the dilation and gave me an epidural 30min later. About 3-4 hours later, still no progress and contractions were a steady 2min apart. They decided to put me on Pitocin.

    Ever so slowly I started to dilate, but they felt this weird lump every time they checked me and they didn't think it was the head (turns out it was, but it was in a sideways position hence I wasn't dilating like I should.) At this point, I was experiencing windows of pain b/c my epi was only taking in certain places. They kept uping the dosage, but it wasn't working...

    The head was still in a weird position and they started making me turn from side to side in order to get it in the right place. During this Whitaker's heart rate shot way down and they had to put me on oxygen. They maxed out the Pitocin levels to try to really move things along and were minutes away from doing an emergency c-section. Luckily, right before they made that call, his heart rate went up & started progressing more. (I'm not sure what time this was, but it was after many long hours.)

    At this point I was feeling every contraction & they were intensified b/c I could only feel them in one spot. Unfortunately, there was nothing they could do for the pain b/c I was maxed out on the epidural. Finally at about 5:00am (Saturday morning) it was time to push. It took about 2hrs and I thought I was going die...actually I think I preferred it at that time b/c I was so tired and it was so painful. Right when his head was crowning, they made me stop pushing b/c the stupid dr. couldn't be found. I started yelling a string a explicitives that she better get there quick or else the baby was coming with out her!!!

    Finally, she got there & Whitaker was born at 7:02am Saturday morning!(thanks to an episotomy-otherwise the head wouldn't have come didn't care at that point.) He was pretty blue at first due to being stuck in the birth canal so long and having his cord wrapped around his neck, but when he started to cry it was the best sound in the world!!!

    I love him so much! He is the sweetest little thing and even knowing what I do now & that I would have 15hrs of hard labor, I would do it over again in a heartbeat!

    Thanks for reading!
    Mommy to Whitaker & Eden

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    Posted by Erin~

    Quote Originally Posted by Erin311
    We decided to induce on Wednesday the 15th, as my doc (who I love) was going on vacation, and I wanted him to do the delivery, plus Braden was almost 39 weeks, so he was "fully cooked". We went in Wednesday at 7:00 am. At 8:00, when the doc came in and looked at my moniter, he said "Do you know your'e already having contractions on your own?" I had no idea! My back was hurting a bit, but I would never have known hey were contractions! So he didn't give me any pitocin, but did break my water.
    Oh! Then the nurse was trying to put an IV in my arm, and it burst my vein which hurt like HECK!! So then I almost passed out ( i know, it was just a vein, but it really got to me!) Luckily, then my doc gave me a shot of lytocane and numbed my other arm up, and put the IV in with no problem- yeah for Dr. Murray! The problem was, then the baby's heart rate dropped like crazy after my "pass out" episode. They were concerned about that, which made me all worried.
    So then we just waited, and at first, I could feel contractions, but they really weren't all that bad, I was reading Harry Potter through them. After about 2 hours, they started to get more intense. It hurt like CRAZY and I was trying to stay calm and breath, but they were less than 2 minutes apart, which didn't give me much time to recoup between each one. I put my "order" in for the epidural. By the time he got there, I had been having painful contractions for about 2 hours.. just enough to appreciate labor, and REALLY appreciate the anesthesiologist! The epidural wasn't all that bad, my stupid IV hurt worse than that. The hardest part was staying still through the contractions, but really, honestly, for those of you who are nervous about an epidural- and I HATE HATE HATE needles.... it's not bad at all!!
    So then I was as happy as a clam. I was 100% effaced, but about 7-8 cm. dialted. They tried to give me a low dose of pitocin, but Braden's heart rate dropped again, so they just decided to lay off of it! I took a little nap, read some more, and then finally at about 7:30, the doc claimed it "show time"! I was sooooo excited!
    Now is my two cents for first time laborers.... the pushing part is freaking HARD!! I thought the worst part of labor was going to be the contractions, but OH MY GOSH, it was the most exausting thing I've ever done! I was pushing for about 2 hours, with no breaks. Every minute or so, I would have a contraction, and give 3-4 good pushes. Finally, at 9:40 pm, Braden came into this world. I had no tear, and no episiotomy, which was wonderful.
    I was completely overcome with emotion when they gave him to me. They put him right on my chest, and let me hold him and breast feed him for over an hour and a half before they weighed him and everything. It was AMAZING. My heart felt like it was going to burst (and not from the giant cardio workout I had just done!)
    I had my husband and mom in the delivery room with me, and they were wonderful. My husband was amazing and supportive, and motivating to me. We are all so happy, and feel incredibly BLESSED to have this little boy. I now truly understand the power of God and his miracles....

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    Posted by Brandy~

    Quote Originally Posted by BrandyWK
    Well, folks, sorry it has taken so long to post, but as you can imagine, a lot has been going on. Brogan Richard made his appearance two days ahead of the induction date. He was born at 12:58 AM on Monday, February 20th (President's Day). There was no time for the epidural, as he arrived less than 2 hours after arrived at the hospital. Trust me...I was begging for it, but the doc didn't come in time. It was crazy, and super painful, but all worth it, of course. It's amazing what you can do when you don't have a choice! Brogan weighed in at 7 pounds 3 ounces and was 19 3/4 inches long. I think he's so tiny, as both Zach and Jackson weighed a pound more. But Brogan also came 2 weeks early! He's adorable, of course. The nurses kept telling me what a pretty boy he was. I told them, "Yes, pretty boys is just what I do." Anyway, I'm feeling great, other than being tired, of course. Unfortunately, I have to go back to the hospital on Friday for them to perform the procedure that will break up this kidney stone. I have to be put under. Apparently when I wake up, I'll feel as though someone just beat the snot out of me. Lovely! But at least now I won't feel guilty for taking any pain meds that they give me. So..bring it on!! Anyway, Jackson (who is 22 months) wants to hold his little brother and kiss him all the time. It's so cute. And Zach (who is 10 years old) is so happy that he has another brother. He didn't want a girl in the house. I personally am happy that I'm the only female. I think my boys can all take care of me. Anyway, I was bummed that my parents, aunt, and Zach were out of town when Brogan made his arrival. If you remember, I was scheduled for the induction on Wednesday, and they were all due back on Tuesday. Brogan has his own agenda. But I can't complain about anything. Everyone is happy and healthy, and I'm feeling great! No tears or anything down below, so I have very little pain. The cramping can be a little painful, but nothing too bad. Life is good.

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