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    The Spodas


    FINALLY...I'm posting my birth story.

    We had a sch. induction on Monday, March 6th. We got to the hospital at 4:45 am. They had me hooked up and ready to start pitocin by 5. When the nurse checked me she said I was already dialated and have contractions about 4-5 mins apart (which I couln't feel at all), so she didn't know if my Dr. would still want to do the pitocin. She put a call in for him and he finally called back around 7 am. They started the pitocin then. About every 30-45 mins they uped the dose of the pitocin. I didn't start feeling the contractions til about 9am. They weren't that bad. I think he worst part at that time was when she checked my cervix again. Then it all went down hill from there. I was in pretty bad pain and my contractions were about 2mins apart. Around 11:30 am I said I had, had enough fun for one day and to give me an epidural. The epidural wasn't that bad until he had to take it out and re do it for a second time and re numb me. That was no fun. LOL. By noon I was feel really good. =0) My dr came in and checked me and said I was about 3cm dialated. Around 2 pm the nurse checked and said I was between 4-5 cm. The epidural started to wear off on my right side and I could start to feel my contrations again. So they came in and gave me more. =0) My dr came back in at 5 and checked me and said the nurse was wrong and I was still only 3cm dialated. And that I needed to think about having a C section. I got very upset and cried so hard I made myself sick. LOL. Sometime after 6pm he came in and said the OR was ready and waiting for me.

    So off I went to have a C Section. DH came along for the ride too. when they started they asked me if I could feel any thing and I could on right side. It was burning like living hell on that side. So they said they were going to have to give me something to make me sleepy. So off I went to La La land. I kept drifting in and out. More out than anything. So I missed the whole thing. But she was born at 6:54 pm and was 6 pds 4 ounces and was 19 1/2 inches long. I remember the nurse coming to me and showing me Madison but DH said I opened my eyes and they just rolled back into my head. Revcovery was a little bumpy. I got pretty sick and puked til about 11pm that night. I was so out of it and when they finally took me to a room I still didnt want to see her. So she spent her first night in the nursery. At 2am I woke up and told DH I wanted to see her. So he should me pictures on the camera. So the first time I was fully awake and saw my little girl was in pictures. =0( We got her the next morning. She was just beautiful.

    Right after the C sectiona DH went with her to the nursery. He said she rolled from her back to her belly twice. Him and the nurse were so shocked. (of course she hasnt done it again...haha). And the first time she opened her eyes was when he told her, her name,..... Madison Summer.

    Well sorry its taken me sooooooooooo long to post it.

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    Hannah’s birth story… Sorry it took so long to post it!

    We arrived at the hospital at 6 am for the induction. I was changed and connected to monitors by 6:30. The nurses monitored me until 8:30 and then started me on Pitocin. I started having noticeable contractions by 9 am. My nurse (who was awesome by the way) thought that I was handling the contractions very impressively. She kept commenting that she was shocked I was smiling and happy…

    Somewhere between 10 and 10:30 she checked to see my progress… I was 5 cm (I was 4 cm two days before) and that was one painful internal!!! (Still think the nurse was awesome though! ) Oddly enough, after the internal, my contractions changed and started getting much more painful, though they were still registering the same intensity on the monitor… actually at one point they were way more painful and barely registering! Man was I upset. If they hurt that bad… you should at least be able to see them on the monitor! Then the nurse came in and adjusted the belt… and they started showing up again.

    Around 12:30, I decided that I was getting close to needing the epi, but I wanted to wait for my mom, who was driving in from about 5 hours away… My DH was with me, but wanted to leave the room for the epi as needles freak him out and I didn’t want to be alone for it. Mom should arrive by 1:30 and I figured I could hold out till then. They went ahead and gave me something else for the pain in the meantime.

    Just before 1 pm, my Dr. came in and checked on me, she was on her way into a c/s… Her very gentle internal put me at about 8 cm. By 1:10, my contractions were so painful I didn’t care if mom was there or not… I needed that epi! I could not believe the pain! It was so bad that during the contractions I could literally do nothing… couldn’t move, scream, breath, nothing! DH had joked before hand about me squeezing the crud out of his hand during the contractions… he was totally safe, I couldn’t even close my hand!!! Massive cudos to those who can do that without anything!!! Funny thing was… I waited just a few minutes too long. The anesthesiologist was now in that c/s with my Dr.! I think he was there to give the epi about 20 minutes later… but that was a LONG 20 minutes! And while mom had not made it yet… DH actually stayed with me, thankfully, and kept me from falling off the bed during the contractions while the epi was being placed.

    Mom got there just after 2pm… to late for the epi, but in time for the birth! Around 2:30, I was at 10 cm, Hannah was in place and it was time to push… one problem, my Dr. was not there! She had run back to her office after the c/s! My nurse kept telling the others to “GET HER HERE NOW!!!” and was telling me when and how to push. Mom was helping me with one leg and DH was helping with the other. I was joking with the nurse about whether or not she would get a bonus if she had to deliver without the Dr.

    My Dr. got there just before 3pm… she had been stuck in traffic, something about everyone deciding to drive the speed limit! About a minute after that the top of Hannah’s head was visible, DH was able to see that she had some hair! The pushing continued for a bit more and then suddenly the little heartbeat that had been staying between 130 and 140 dropped to between 80 and 90! Mom moved out of the way to give the nurse room by my side and she started having me flip from side to side, which did not help. They put me on oxygen and we tried 1 or 2 more pushes while flipping from side to side again. It just got worse… Hannah’s heartbeat actually went down to the 60’s!!! That was it, time for an emergency c/s.

    The decision for the c/s was made at 3:15 pm. I was prepped on the way to the OR, everyone appoligiezed for not explaining everything since they needed to hurry... said "no problem, just get her out!" and Hannah was out and crying at 3:24 pm… nine minutes after they decided to do the c/s!!! Amazing!!! That cry was the best sound in the world and the site of her was completely beyond words!!!
    ~ Laura
    Hannah Isabella ~ March 9, 2006

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    Hi ladies!

    I'm finally sitting down to write Jack's birth story.
    Here it goes:

    On Thursday, March 23rd I had an appt. with my OB at 9:30am.
    DH went with me and we were excited to hear how far along I had come.
    Doctor checked me and said I was barely at 2cm but was nearly fully effaced. She was concerned about my high blood pressure and requested some lab work. I was also put on a fetal monitor and went through a non-stress test. The test went fine, but there was a little concern that Jack wasn't moving very much. We left the office and were told we'd have the results of my blood work by 1pm.

    Blood work came back okay, but she was worried I was on my way to pre-eclampsia. She said to monitor Jack over the next few hours. If he didn't move much, she wanted to induce that night.

    For the next 3 hours Jack didn't budge. It was enough to have me in tears, worried about every little thing. I talked to DH and we decided to go ahead w/ the induction.

    DH was at work and I told him to finish things up as I would need time to pack and check-in at the hospital. At 4:30pm a good friend of mine drove me to the hospital and sat in the room with me as they put me on an IV and various monitors. Thank god she was there! I didn't realize how fast I'd be in a gown and on machines. I would have been v. scared had I been alone.

    DH showed up at 6pm. As they monitored me, they realized I was going into true labor on my own. They let me labor through the night but by 5am I hadn't moved much past 2cm. They gave me pitocin at that time to hurry things up. My BP was rising and they wanted to get Jack out. By 6:30am I had an epidural. I felt some of the contractions, but mostly I slept. The nurse checked on me at 9:30am and I was 9.5 cm!! I had progressed that much w/o feeling much of anything!

    By 10:30 I started pushing. It was very relaxed and was just DH, myself and the nurse. (Who is now in my book of saints!!) I pushed for an hour taking breaks here and there. By 11:30am my OB showed up and the bed I was on suddenly turned into a Transformer! I felt like I was a car in the pits at some big race. Stirrups popped out of nowhere and they had me in position to deliver w/in minutes. I kept pushing and could feel a lot of pressure. Nothing bad though!! I was surprised when the doctor told me to look down. I said "Why??"... her response... "He's here Aly!!". I looked down to see her pull this little guy out of me. The sound of his cry was the best thing I've ever heard.

    Jack arrived at 11:42am and was 6lbs, 14 oz.... 21 inches long.

    DH was in tears, as was I. The look on his face is something I will always treasure. That, and the words "thank you". He pulled out the video cam and got some great footage of Jack's first moments. I didn't want the birth itself on tape, but DH did a good job of capturing what followed.

    The rest of the day was a blur. I was moved to a recovery room w/ a beautiful queen size bed. It was like a big suite at a hotel. Some of my favorite memories of that room are the 3 of us starting life as a family.

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    I guess I'll finally post my story here too as I wrote it a day after delivering with a few updates in italics....

    He came right on his due date 3/4, @ 6:38 am, 8 lbs 2oz, 21.25 in long.

    Kaedon was born real healthy. No plans for any tests (for his kidneys since they were enlarged on all the prenatal u/s's) till he is a few weeks old, but the Pediatrician was really positive. (We actually just had the U/S yesterday 4/4 and are waiting for the results) He's alredy pee'd and pooped so thats all good. He is nursing really well...right from the start. Although, right now he just wants to nurse and nurse and nurse. I think he just wants to suck and be close to me cause I know he's gotten a good amount of colostrum even though my milk is not in yet.

    So my water broke about 1030ish Friday night (3/3/06). At home it was just constant trickles and little gushes. I thought that was a lot until I stepped out of the car at the hospital and WOOOSH!!! It was like Niagra Falls. OMG!!! IT was aweful. I wanted to change my pants before I went inside, but DH was like..."I think they've seen this before". But I was kind of freaking a funny embarrassed way. I was SOO glad I didn't see anyone I knew in the ER (since I work at the hospital). My pants were soaked and I mean SOAKED front and back all the way down. I was 4 cm when I checked in and 80% effaced I think.

    My contx slowed once I got there so I had to walk for an hour or so to get them started back up and then they really started coming. I was doing good on the birthing ball until I started having back labor. Thats what I had with Elise and it was AWFUL. So instead of just asking for the epidural LIKE I PLANNED.... I decided to try a "on all fours like" position on the bed with the head of the bed up, on my knees, sort of squating. They checked right before I got into that position and I was 6 cm. I decided I would see how a few contx went and decide on an epidural or not. Well, let me just say that this is an EXCELLENT position if you plan to do things quickly and perhaps without pain meds!!! My contx came really hard and I imediately had a TON or pressure after 2-3 contx. I asked for the epidural now, still having a ton of back pain and pelvic pressure. About 40 minutes went by where they were hooking up an IV to get fluids in me (protocol for an epidural I guess) and waiting for the anesthesiologist to get up there.

    They checked me again cause I was having so much pressure "down there" and I was NINE (9) CM!!!! It was too late for the epidural and too late for any narcotics that close to delivery. The anesthesiologist was beign nice though and gave me an intrathecal (like a small spinal block I guess) injection of some pain meds. However it was only one dose and only lasted an hour. It helped through some contractions, but by the time I dilated to 10 and then pushed for a whopping 1.5 hours (sigh) it was GONE by the time Kaedon was making his entrance (or shall I say EXIT).

    I was SOOOO not prepared to push him out without meds or something.....I'm a wimp!! With Elise I didn't feel a thing with my epidural. I did tear...and frontwards at that, almost into my urethra, so I needed a few stitches and I guess I bled alot from that, but so far so good, and not horribly painful (knock of wood). His APGARS were awesome and he was really alert for the first few hours, and seems to be a good sleeper so far. Except this AM and his newfound desire to suck 24/7 now.

    Kaedon was circumsized the next morning on Sunday (poor guy), had his pictures taken and hearing test done and we were discharged by 3 in the afternoon!

    I'm adding in that the only issue I was having at the hospital Sunday as I was leaving was a TERRIBLE headache. I was waiting for DH to come back to the hospital and pick us up. I was supposed to go to a little class to watch these videos on safety stuff, but I felt like I was going to pass out my head hurt so bad. AFTER I was discharged and spoke with a nurse and my doctors office we realized I was having a spinal headache caused from that intrathecal spinal shot I had for pain....yeah...the one that wore off and didn't help in the end anyway . So go figure I was actually on bedrest for two days AFTER I gave birth. I had the option of going back in for a "blood patch" procedure, but since it would involve more pokes including one in my spine and several hours in the hospital, I opted to give it a few days to improve and thank God it did.
    Nicole A.

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    Kiira Elizabeth

    Kiira enter the world March 5, 2006 at 8:49pm via c-section because she was breeched. However, the week leading up to this date was very stressful. It started at my 37 week appointment the doctor checked to see if I was dilated and to check the baby. At this appointment I was already 2 cm dilated. The doctor realized that it was no longer a head she could feel when she was checking so she ordered and ultrasound for the next day. The doctor told me if she was breeched we had the option to try and flip her though this was a very painful option and the baby could go into distress. So Tuesday we came back for an ultrasound to verify that she was breeched which she was. Kiira was feet first, that is not what bothered me it was the fact that they realized the amniotic fluid was low. So Friday I had to go back for another ultrasound and to see the doctor again. On Friday the fluid was back up to an acceptable level. We decided to schedule our c-section instead of trying to flip her. So we scheduled the c-section for March 16 at 12:00pm which was the soonest they could get me in. The doctor checked me then and I was now 3cm dilated and 50% effaced. She told me she didn’t think I would make it to my scheduled date so if I started contractions to call the office. On Sunday I was out with my sister we went to visit my mom and husband at work (My husband, my mom, and I all work at the same place). I was feeling a little press every once and a while but nothing that was consistent or painful. Though by looking at my expression apparently my mom and some of the people I work with told me I should call the doctor and explain what I was feeling. So I called and talked to the doctor on call and he told me to come into the hospital so they could check me out. So my sister headed over to the hospital with me and I checked in, this was at 4pm. They set me up on the machine to read my contractions which were every few minutes, which I could feel occasionally but defiantly not that often. So the doctor came in to check me and said I was 3cm and 75% effaced but they would be back to check on me in an hour. After an hour my doctor came to see me and when she checked I was now 4cm and 100% effaced, however, my contractions had stopped. She told me to go and walk around for a half hour to see if I could get the contractions to start again. By this time my husband had joined me at the hospital even though I was sure they were going to send me home. After we walked around this was about 7:30pm now the doctor told me it was to risky at 4cm to send me home because if my water broke the cord could come out because the baby’s head was not blocked it. She said to be ready to go in for my c-section in one hour. I thought this was crazy a half hour ago they were thinking of sending me home. So my sister and my husband started calling people to let them know. My mom had my dad pick her up from work and they came over with my other sister. At about 8pm I was brought in for my spinal and so they could shave me and get me ready. I didn’t feel anything as the worked on getting her out. And at 8:49pm Kiira was born exactly two weeks before her due date. She was 8lbs 0ozs and 19.6 inches long. They let me see her and kiss her as they finished taking out the placenta and closing me up. Then they took her along with my husband away to go to the nursery and get checked out. I was then rolled back to my room after getting to peek in the nursery at her. My family joined me in my room and then they brought Kiira back to me. For the next three days nurses must have come in every couple of hours to check my temperature, my blood pressure, check my incision, and check how Kiira was doing. All I know is I was so glad when we finally got to go home on the 9th so I didn’t have to constantly be watched.
    Kiira 3/5/06, Alexis 10/24/07, and Cayden 11/14/08

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    Quote Originally Posted by chasondreams
    My due date was March 16th. Everyone said that with your first child you usually go over due yada yada...
    I just didnt feel like myslef. I felt bloated and heavy and just ready to pop!!
    DH works out of town during the week and was supposed to go to Dallas Mon-Thurs. On sunday, I asked him to stay with me (just in case). I was having lots of BH contrax. On Wednesday I decided to make an appointment with my OBGYN to get checked (just in case). I had "bloody show" so she sent me to the hospital to be monitored. They decided that I was not in true labor so they sent me home and told me to come back in the morning for my scheduled induction (3/9)..or sooner if the contrax got worse.
    I went home and took a bath, ate dinner and SLEPT. I woke up at midnight with major contrax!!! I labored at home in the tub, on my exercise ball, on ther floor, and on the toilet until about 3:30 am. DH would hear me moaning and ask if I was o.k...we both had the mindset that we were going in for an induction in the morning anyway. I wasnt really sure what was happening. I had been sent home from the hospital, so I was trying to wait until our induction appointment at 6:30 am!! I felt *afraid* like I might have my baby on the toilet! My contrax were 2 minutes apart at this point, so I informed DH that we needed to head to the hospital..and off we went.
    The car ride was hell. I never thought we would get there. DH kept asking if I was o.k...and I thought I might strangle the life out of him. When he asked to stop for coffee at the McDonald's, someone really needed to hold me back.
    We were admitted to the hospital. I felt *safe*. My contrax slowed down a bit and I labored happily until about 7:30 am. Then I asked for the epi. It was all well and good after that. DH got his coffee, I continued to progress and we listened to some C.D.s. The Doctor stopped by to check on me and said I would probably have my baby in my arms by lunch time.
    I started pushing at around 11:20am. It was just me, a wonderful nurse and my DH. He was very excited at this point, coaching me and running around saying things like "I see the head!" and "Holy s*it!!"
    The Doctor came in just in time to catch the baby. I was sitting up and saw Laurel's head coming out, so I reached down and guided her into the world. DH cut the cord. She was born at 12:04pm.
    She went straight to my chest and we got to know each other, and she nursed. family came in for a couple of hours and stood around our bed looking at her and taking pics. Then the nurse came in, everyone left and she and DH helped us to the bathroom where we had our first bath together. It felt good for me to sit and soak. I held her up on my knees and washed her off with a washcloth. Then I handed her to DH who put on her first diaper and dressed her.
    It was the most beautiful, amazing, awesome, miraculous, empowering thing that I have ever in my life done or been a part of.
    I have never been more in love with anyone as I am with my daughter and my DH.
    It was truely the best experience of my life.

    *Recovery has been better than I expected. I had one stitch and have had no real pain from that. the worst thing for me was day two. I was just really sore in my upper body from holding myslef up and pushing.
    All soooooo worth it!

    Here are some pictures that I wanted to share with you
    (BEWARE!! some are graphic!!)
    Me in LABOR~

    Laurel's first pic (I LOVE this..I know some of you will love it too, sorry if it grosses you out!! Ya'll know I aint shy )

    Daddy cutting the cord

    Holding my daughter for the first time

    My girl!!

    Laurel 3/9/06
    #2 EDD 10/30/08

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    Ridley's birth story 3/27/06

    I was awake in the bathroom on Monday at 4:10 am when my water broke. I felt and thought I also heard a “pop,” and I lost a little bit of fluid. I called dh, and we discussed that labor would probably start.

    Sure enough I began to have contractions which were 30-45 seconds long every 7-10 minutes apart. That lasted about 30 minutes, and then they began to get closer together. I was able to communicate when they started, peaked, and stopped. By around 5-5:15 they were the same length but coming every 2-6 minutes apart, so I called the midwife. She suggested walking around for 20 minutes to see if labor stopped or kept going. My dh started packing the car with our bags. I called my parents to give them early warning. My son, Edward, woke up a couple of times and wanted to snuggle with me so we spent some contractions together. Not easy to do! The midwife called back and asked how it was going, and I said ‘no change’ (mostly because I hadn’t done more walking than going to the kitchen to pour dh a thermos of coffee). She said to come in. At 6 am I asked our au pair (live-in childcare) to start taking care of Edward.

    As we drove to the birthing center, I had a couple of less intense contractions and told dh. He worried that labor was petering out. I said, no, I’ve had 5 contractions in the 15 minute trip. It’s labor.

    We arrived at the center, and I was 6 cm dilated. Yay! We all just hung out together. About an hour later at 8 I said I felt like I was in transition. The midwives checked me again, and I was a minimum of 8 but they’d call it 9 cm dilated. Wow. Mom and Dad arrived soon after, and I walked out to the living room area of the birthing center and told them I was 8-9 cm dilated and in transition, the hardest part of labor. I told them that I’d begin pushing the baby out soon. Then I felt another contraction coming, so I went back into my room.

    Then I started to feel the urge to push at the end of contractions. I felt I was pushing against the amniotic sac, which the midwives had said was bulging out, so I labored over the toilet for 2-3 contractions until it broke in a big burst. Then I moved out to the bedroom area. I was standing up and with each contraction I put my hands on my knees and went into a seated position. When the head got to be about 2 inches from the opening, I put my hands on myself to apply counterpressure so I didn’t rip upwards as the head crowned. With the next contraction I went into a deep squat. Then I lost my balance and gently rolled backwards onto my back. The head was half out to just above the ears. I pushed the head all the way out, and my dh stepped in saying he’d deliver the baby. (Our birthplan was for me to deliver the baby. We’d asked our midwives not to help us because I wanted an unassisted birth.) He checked for the cord around the neck, and began putting pressure on top. I leaned up with my head and torso and tilted my hips up, and with the next contraction I gave a big push and the baby’s shoulders thrust out. I got to see the birth happening, and my dh caught him and handed him to me. And then I got to announce “It’s a boy!” And we lay there with him on my chest and me massaging him for several minutes.

    It was a great birth. The feeling to the whole day was like we were all hanging out together and oh yeah, by the way, at some point a baby will be born.

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    I told the doc to take her out!!! That is my story......Nothing fancy here.

    Went in, gave my name and told them that I was there "To be TORTURED"

    I was a 3 and 80% upon arrival. They started the pic, things picked up fast, got the epi before I was truely hurting. Didnt take the first time, they ripped it out and that had to be one of the creepiest feelings EVER!! Put it in again--two bee sting shots later--and all was GOOD.

    As usual I BARFED the whole labor, be it whether I had something to spew or not. I was gagging the whole time. It was at this point I decided that I am a very "barfy" person. By noon I was a 5 and by 4 she was coming down hard and sunny-side up, I was screaming and crying and barfing--oh yeah it was FUN. By 6 time to push. Two GOOD pushes and we had ANOTHER girl (I was so ready for this party to end). I held her for a moment, and then somehow I was left alone in the room w/her. Well--I wasnt finished BARFING!! I couldnt hardly move--epi still in full swing--I paged the nurse she QUICKLY came in and helped me. (they had to call the janitor--it was UGLY) I still dont know where all my family was..........hhhmmmm, I need to ask them about this. My first impression was that she looked like a lil Garden Knome.....funny looking, but sweet as can be.

    After an hour or so the IL's brought my 2 other daughters and they met Baby Dayley for the first time. My 3 yr old thought that was the coolest thing ever!! The 9 yr old well-she had BTDT--wasnt that impressed.

    Our last and final addition was here with us. Baby's are so special. They are precious little people who come from Heaven. Pure Love, Baby Love.

    Dayley Clare
    March 2, 2006
    7 lbs 8 oz 21 inches
    3rd girl in a family of 5
    NO BOYS HERE except for Daddy

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