March 2010 birthdates and birth stories.
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Thread: March 2010 birthdates and birth stories.

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    Default March 2010 birthdates and birth stories.

    22 Kyle Thomas (33w) -- born at 6:48/ 5lb 1oz/ 17.75 inches to mummytobesoon/vy
    25 Jake Walker (32w) -- born at 6:36 am to I'm_a_peper/Kim
    29 Abigail "Abby" Jaicee (35w) born at 3lbs 5 oz/ 16.5 inches to MommytoAJ2 / Angie
    30 Jacob (34w1d) -- born at 10:58 pm / 5lbs 7 oz to momemle/Emily
    30 Elise (34w1d) -- born at 11:23 pm / 5lbs 2 oz to momemle/Emily
    30 Weston James (34w6d) -- born at 5:19pm/ 4lbs 7oz/ 17 inches to Palmetto Mom/Jamie


    8 Laydon (34w2d) -- born at 11:24am/3 lbs 7 oz/14.75 inches to hopefulT/Tamika
    8 London (34w2ds) -- born at 11:24am/4 lbs 13 oz/16 inches to hopefulT/Tamika
    8 Christopher "Cohen" (37w) -- born at 4:37pm/6lb 4oz/19inches to MommyCB/Charys
    10 Samantha Dael Veenstra (36w5d) -- born at 10:54 am to MamaFuture/Jolene
    15 Claire Juliet (37w5d) -- born at 8:51pm/5lbs 14oz/19 inches to Jocelyn29/Jocelyn
    16 AnnaBella Marie (38w1D) -- born at 6:52am/6lbs 13oz/19 inches to KimMomof2/Kim
    16 Mary Skye (37w6d) -- born at 6:00pm/7lbs 7oz/20 inches to Graceless/Liz
    18 Gabriel Alex (37w) -- born at 1:16pm/7lbs8.5oz/20inches to Mommy2ndTime/Adria
    19 Marianne Frances (40w) -- born at 8:16am/8lbs 15oz/20 inches to lmh101979/Lindsay
    20 Cooper Nicholas (38w5d) -- born at 3:38 pm/7lbs7.8oz/21 inches to Jillie Bean/Jill
    20 Aidan Joseph (38w3d) -- born at 6lbs 9oz/18 inches to Sweetart32/Tiff
    21 Owen Michael (36w) -- born at 9:14am/6lbs 8oz/19 inches to JDBabyHopes/Jen
    24 Brandon Evan (39w1d) -- born at 3:52 pm/8lbs 4oz/20.25inches to TaylorAna/Taylor
    24 Brady Joseph (38w) -- born at 8:46pm/6lbs/18inches to 1st-time-mom/Erin
    24 Brody Charles (38w) -- born at 8:47/6lbs 3oz/19inches to 1st-time-mom/Erin
    26 Cody Dennis (39w 4d) -- born at 9:38am/9lbs 11oz/20inches to thrashej/Janice


    1 Clara Lena (40w3d) -- born at 5:02am/7lbs 15oz/20inches to CanadianaSally/Sally
    1 Bailey Scott (38w3d)-- born at 2:51am/6lbs 7 oz/19.3inches to palagi-fob/Leah
    1 Emily Grace (38w) -- born at 5:54 pm/8lbs .5oz/21inches to rennea
    2 Jamyson Randall (40w) -- born at 11:32 am / 8lbs 2 oz/19.5 inches to Cassiee93/Cassie
    2 Anasia Jean (35w35d) -- born at 6:37pm/7lbs 11oz to kara1110/Kara
    2 Kiernan Gray (39) -- born at 12:58 pm/8lbs 4oz/20.25 inches to Smashcc/Searcy
    3 Gavin Thomas (39w3d) --born at 9:48pm/6lbs 13oz/20inches to whitney1/Whitney
    3 Callie Mae (39w) -- born at 2:57 pm/8lbs 1oz/ 20.5 inches to Jen78/Jen
    4 Brooklyn Rose (36w4d) -- born at 10:27pm/6lbs 15oz/20 inches to NYButterfly3.5/Alaina
    4 Dylan Christopher(36w4d) -- born at 10:29pm/6lbs 5oz/19 inches to NYButterfly3.5/Alaina
    5 Marley Jane (39w 1d) -- born at 3:02 pm/7lbs 2oz/19inches to B'smom/Jenny
    6 Teio Tiatia Edward (39w5d) -- born at 1:47 am/7lbs 10oz/19 inches to MrsMangoBabe/Brittany
    6 Ryan Jameson (38w1d) -- born at 6:35pm/6lbs 2.2oz/19.2 inches to cheryl929/Cheryl
    8 Rowynn Cordelia (39w3d) -- born at 7:25am/7lbs 7oz/19.25 inches to irishgirl/Ann-Marie
    8 Tristan Erich William (39w1d) -- born at 5:31 pm/7lbs 9oz/20.5 inches to Pryncesstini/Martina
    8 Dean Edward (39w5d) -- born at 5:03/6lbs 1oz/19 inches to prattmommy/Charity
    8 Travis Jackson -- born at 12:26pm/9lbs/20.5 inches to jackinola/Jackie
    9 Emma Siku Angela (38w1d) -- born at 10:47am/6lbs 15.5oz/19inches to amanda_83/Amanda
    9 Gustavo Anthony (39w) -- born at 11:03 am/7lbs 7oz/19.25 inches to AKmama/Mary
    9 Calista Jeannie (39w) -- born at 5:55 pm/7lbs 3oz/ 20.25inches to lincs mom/Kelly
    10 Delia Key (38w6d) -- born at 12:15/8lbs 8oz/19in to Babylurv/Chailynn
    10 Harper Lee (40w6d) -- born at 2:19pm/7lbs 4oz/20.25inches to DrakesMommy/Sarah
    11 Shelby Jacklyn (39w1d) -- born at 1:40am/7lbs 14oz/20.5 inches to emfritz00/Erin
    11 Logan Roy (39w5d) -- born at 4:12 am/7lbs 14oz/19.7inches to ~KiwiMama~/Amber
    11 Ruby Marie (37w 4d) -- born at 2:10 pm/6lbs 7oz/19 inches to mom2ct-furbaby/Shelley
    15 Ava Allison (39w1d) -- born at 1:06pm/7lbs 9oz/19.5inches to Bcalkins/Brittany
    15 Landon Jay (40w5d) -- born at 7:19pm/6lbs 13oz/19.75 inches to dentalsquared/Shannon
    16 Jackson Drew (39w3d) -- born at 5:25am/7lbs 6oz/21 inches to Ladybugsteph/Stephanie
    17 Chloe Grace (39w1d) -- born at 12:08 pm/6lbs 4oz/21.25inches to TeraBKnits/Tera
    17 Gabrielle Francesca (40w2d) -- born at 12:05am/6lbs 12oz/20.5inches to susanjpt/Susan
    18 Elliot James -- born at 11:35 am/8lbs 2oz/20.5inches to stuntmonkey/Jamie
    19 Bram Edward Leonard Otesanek -- born at 8lbs 1 oz to dehlia/Karen
    19 Adan David (39w) -- born at 7:30am/8lbs 11oz/21 inches to AdamsMomAgain/Melissa
    19 Hudson Slade (39w6d)-- born at 7:25 am/9lbs 4oz/22inch3es to twinsplusone/Kelli
    21 Michael Bentley ( ) -- born at 10:49 am/7lbs 5oz/19.5inches to Sarah210/Sarah
    23 Ava Grace (41w2d) -- born at 6:00pm/8lbs 13oz/21.5inches to lablover1/Tori
    23 Hallie June -- born at 4:33am/6 lbs 15 oz/19.75 inches to shygirl1977/Shyla
    23 Zaiden Ryan Wesley (41w2d) -- born at 1:57 am/8lbs 4oz/20in born to HopefullySoon/Vicky
    25 Nathaniel John -- born at 6:31/10lbs 1oz/21inches to SM1day/Shelia
    29 Noah Nikolas (41w1d) -- born at 8:35pm/9lbs 5oz/22.5inches to Nickerbocker2/Nicole
    31 Halloway Page Wilde -- born at 7:35pm/7.5lbs/19.5inches to kilahmaree/Kilah


    1 Gage -- born at 8lbs 7oz/20inches to boysmom/Andi

    March 2010 Siblings!

    11/(18 or 19?) Marshall baby brother to Zaiden -- HopefullySoon/Vicki

    Kilah -- due Aug 26th
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    Default mummytobesoon

    Due March 12th
    Born Jan 22nd at 648pm (33 weeks 0days)
    5lbs 1oz
    Length 17 3/4"
    6hrs (roughly) labor

    Story: (long)
    Thursday night I noticed A LOT less movement from Kyle during the day that day- I mentioned it to Jeff and told him if I dont feel more tomorrow (Friday the 22nd), I was gonna call the doc.
    Friday comes- feeling pretty good. Meet Jeff for lunch with Autumn. Enjoy a good lunch, Feeling crampy, but good. After Lunch I mention to jeff that the cramps were getting worse (about 130). I still hadnt felt much movement so I was gonna call the doc and see what she had to say. Called doc from my moms house, and she reccomended I go to Olds (the hospital in the small town I wanted to deliver in- NO NICU). and get a NST done. After waitng AN HOUR in the waiting room because they were too busy to hook me up to the monitor, I finally get in. The cramps are starting to shape somewhat of a pattern, but from my last labor, this was no where NEAR what it felt like. (think bad period cramps this time= vs SEVERE cripple you over pains last time). On the monitor, he wasnt moving much (which I was right about), but I was having A LOT of contractions. From 1 minute to 5 minutes appart, varying greatly. My sister was with me and got quite the kick out of being able to see when the contractions were comming, it was cute. They said they wanted to doc to come in and check me because they were getting concerned. My sister then texts Jeff and tells him he needs to come to the hospital in Olds.

    They move me to the Labor and delivery room in Olds. My doctor shows up, completly out of breath, worried, and with my chart in hand. Jeff shows up. The staff at the hospital are slowly getting things set up for Kyle. I have VERY quick labors- 5hrs 2 minutes start to finish with my daughter. They dont want me delivering in Olds because he wasnt moving much and there could be things wrong requireing more care then Olds can provide. Doctor Onsongo checks me, she goes- "Violet, your a 6". I let out an "OH SH!T!". Theres no going back from a 6! I didnt even think they were real contractions let alone getting me from 2cm last week to 6cm!

    Now things start moving FAST so details are a tad bit sketchy! Doctor Onsongo rushes to call Red Deer (the city to deliver at with a "Neonatal Special Care Unit"- same as ICU). She also arranges for an ambulance and another doctor to make the trip with me (45minutes by ambulance!!). They refuse to transfer me without the doctor because if I do deliver and he is premie a doc is better then a paramedic (agreed!). I also have to be checked, any further then 8cm at time of transfer its a no go- baby would be delivered in Olds and then flown to the city.
    I call my mom at work and tell her to be here (Olds) 5 minutes ago Im at 6cm.
    They load me up on Antibiotics since I never got the strep B testing. I also got ANOTHER shot of steroids for his lungs.
    I then send my sister to walmart to grab me some disposable cameras! I didnt know I was in labor let alone have my camera or ANYTHING else with me!
    She comes back, and gives Jeff the cameras. about 5 minutes later, paramedics and the other doctor show up! YAY!!
    Get checked. Im at 6 still. even better safe to transfer!
    I tell my sister to please wait for my mom (who doesnt have a cell phone) and when she gets here (Olds) tell her Ive been transfered and that she needs to get to Red Deer ASAP.
    They transfer me to the stretcher, and OFF WE GO! Into the back of the ambulance. (Can I just add it is the creapiest feeling going from normal height to being lifted to transfer height!). Into the Ambulance, I warn them Im a very motion sick person and TO PLEASE give me something for nausia. I get gravol. It was so neat watching the cars behind us, the sirens and lights going... (it was after dark so I could see the reflections off the back doors)
    About half way there, the contractions are now becommign REALLY painful, very intense, very hard to tollorate. Nothing is worse then getting a contraction AND HITTING BUMPS... EXCEPT FOR when we got into Red Deer and there were a few turns to make into the hospital. The quick slow down and then quick acceleration were almost to much to handle. The whole ride, Im on my side trying to find some comfort from the contractions I was having every 2 minutes appart.
    Get into the L&D room in Red Deer and its HOT. They cranked the heat for the premie baby not expected to be able to control his body temp. get checked- Im at 8 and they break my buldging bag of water!
    Meet ob doctor, my nurse- Patty, Pediatrition, and Ryan- a paramedic in training. (later find out he would rather learn in a safe and controlled enviroment then in the back of an ambulance, thus volunteering).
    Everyone was fantastic! they explained to me how everything was gonna be set up for baby, how there was gonna be lots of people in the room etc etc. Ryan was exceptional at helping me remember to breath and try to focus. Jeff was outstanding, did anything I asked him to do and tried his best to comfort me.
    My mom shows up about 30 minutes after I got to red deer (she showed up at 530pm). That was amazing. My mom KNOWS how to get me to focus, relax, ect ect. Tricks you only learn after 21 years of raising your child.
    The contractions are INTENSE! I ask for an epidural (which I didnt really want, but at the time I just needed the pain to stop!), they tell me the anesthesiologist is in OR but theyd place an order. They asked me if Id like some Fentenol (SP?) to help. I greatfully accepted!
    Well- I never got my Epidural! (heindsight Im glad!)
    All of a sudden I got THRISTY. But I was nautious also, so I asked for some Ice. I could NOT keep laboring without something moistening my mouth- however, it did make me vomit.


    I have to puke, but I am in so much pain I am trying to find ANY WAY to be comfortable. They checked me again. I had just a small lip. I get onto my hands and knees! SOME RELIEF YAY!!! But here I go pukin into the bed pan thingy they give you to puke in.... Well as Im sure all of you know, NOT pushing, goes right out the window with the force! So Im pukin, pushing, and leaking water all over the place!

    They are getting really worried I was going to deliver in that position, they tell me I can push, but I need to get onto my back. OK, thats fine! but someone PLEASE wipe off my legs (they were so sticky and grose between having my water broken, the vomiting and squirting, it was really nasty!). I roll onto my back and I NEED TO PUSH NOW!!!!!!!! theres NO stopping this!

    They quickly ask if its okay for Ryan to deliver with Obs help- SURE! I had an intern deliver unassisted with my daughter without choice, I have no problem with students that are being assisted by a doc!

    I push, and half his head comes out. I quite litterally feel like Im about to push my butt out my butt hole! and Im yelling this to the staff. As I feel the first push let up, I DID NOT want to stop, so I was RIGHT on top of it immediately. And pushed a 2nd time. Out came his head. "STOP PUSHING" I hear through the middle of the 3rd push. It took all that I had but I managed to stop for a couple of seconds MAX. All I kept thinking was "If you dont stop, your going to split in 2 violet!".
    Then I HAVE to push again, no more holding back! and BOOM out he came!

    A beautiful little boy. They kept trying to get me to look at him- I couldnt, I was so scared something was wrong, but I am reassured now by everyone he was fine. I still couldnt get myself to do it at the time.

    They hurried him to the warmer to be checked on etc etc fully expecting to have to intubate etc etc givin he was so premature.

    They didnt have to! He is on room air. Breathing a little fast (68RPM they want 60 or fewer). He is maintaining his body temp beautifully. as soon as he slows his breathing down to the 60 or less, theyll try introducing whatever I can pump to him. I will also be allowed to try an nurse. I dont think hes going to have trouble with that! He roots like a champ! opens wide! I think itll be just fine They tried 15 times to get an IV in, and had to shave his head a bit (which is COVERED in hair btw! maybe there is truth to the myth of heartburn / acid refulx and hair), and then caved and did an Umbilical Line. Heres hopeing we can be rid of that dreadful thing soon! His cord was cut waay too short to support something such as this, but when its your only option, you go for it. Pediatrition is pretty sure my dates were off- maybe by one or two weeks.
    They say we can bring him home as soon as he is a competant feeder. Could be a few days to a few weeks. So far, looking like maybe 2 week stay max as long as there are no complications.
    I am discharged and at home- let me tell you, the worst feeling in the world is leaving your baby in the hospital.
    I stoped at walmart to develop the 2 cameras we filled up.... 8 photos turned out! all of which were me in Labor and NONE of the delivery or right after birth. I will DEFFINATLY be writing to Kodak and throwing a fit! I am going to take my camera with me tomorrow when I see him (and hopefully get to try and feed him!), and I will get some pictures of my little man for you all to see. I am crushed the pictures didnt turn out. But, I can move forward and get some tomorrow I hope the last of the 3 cameras at least work.
    Autumn was able to come and see him today, and when she held him she kissed him and says to me "Mommy, I love my baby brother!" Talk about tear jerking! Im sure if I wasnt still racing ahead of hormons I woulda balled like a baby! We got a few pictures of her, and I and Jeff holding Kyle (which we wernt able to do until 11am this morning). I truely hope those ones turn out! I will try and retake what pictures we can retake just to maybe get some peace of mind that all the really important once in a lifetime pictures are gone.
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    Default KimMomof2

    Monday night, the 15th we got home from almost 2hrs of shopping and just starting to eat dinner I felt a contraction...This was completely normal so I dismissed it as false labor. Then 3 mins later another...This went on for about an hour so I decided to call the Dr. I was told to head on over to the hospital! One I got settled the nurse checked me (11:15pm), I was at 4 1/2 but could stretch to 6. She called my Dr to see if he could order my epi. The anesthesiologist came in and started. I don't think she did it correctly because I was feeling this strong most awful pain in my entire life! Sharp pains going down my left hip to my ankle and pain in my spine. I couldn't move or flinch because I had a long a.s.s needle in my back. She then told me I should feel tingles going down my legs..NO WOMAN I FEEL PAIN!!! Finally 20 mins later it was over! But wait!!! I can STILL feel contractions...OMG! The epi wasn't working... About 30 mins later my dr came in checked me and I didn't change so he broke my water. About 2 hrs went by and my contractions waeren't strong enough to change my cervix so my Dr ordered pitocin. So now not only am I feeling contractions but I get to experience pitocin contractions almost natural. I was crying and shaking in pain, at one point they got so bad I couldn't hear/understand what anyone was saying to me until the contrax was over. The nurse called the anesthesiologist back in and the offered to do the epi again. HELL no! So instead she was giving me fentanyl all night(it's a derivative of morphine)...Finally I got to rest some until 5am when the pain was THE WORST, I got another shot of that morphine stuff but it didn't help this time At 6:40 my Dr comes in and tells me when I feel a contrax push so he can check me...So on the next one I did as he said and I was a full 10 and Bella's head was in the birth canal. He told the nurses to get everything set up. By this time it was 6:45am, he told me I'll have the baby by 7! I didn't believe him, LOL. So the next contrax I pushed as hard as I could. The nurse told me to push, my dr said not to after I pushed. Then he said to push again...After 4 pushes and less than 10 mins later Bella's born! Turns out if I hadn't pushed I would not have torn. Both my dr and myself heard the nurse say push but she swears she said "don't push". Anyway, my dr was telling me how fast she came out, it hurt his stomach, lmao..Like getting a football slammed in his stomach,hahaha.

    Apgars were 8 and 9!! Gestational age based on tests 39 weeks! Maybe my dates were wrong!!

    If I missed anything I'll be sure to add
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    Default MommyCB

    Quote Originally Posted by MommyCB View Post
    Early Monday morning (the 8th) at 2:10am I couldn't sleep because I started feeling strong -what I thought to be- Braxton-Hicks contractions. I got up at 2:50am and started cleaning the house, because I felt these may be the "real" thing. they lasted exactly 10 minutes apart. I swept, mopped, did laundry, both bathrooms, etc. to pass the time and so that I would walk into a clean house if we ended up heading to the hospital. LOL

    At 4:00am they were still about 10 minutes apart, so I woke Scott up and told him that I was in early stages of labor. He asked if we should head out now and I told him I wanted to wait a while. By 5:00am they were about 7 minutes apart and getting stronger. So I woke him up, we dressed Kayson, loaded up the car, I took a shower, called my hospital to let them know we were headed there, called my co-workers to let them know I wouldn't be in, and hit the road at 6:30am.

    We arrived at the hospital at 8:00am and they had me in a room to monitor the contrax by 8:17am. I was dialated to a 3cm when I got there, which I was happy about! We then called my sister Sarah who lives 2 hours from San Angelo and let her know I was in labor. She was going to be there and take Kayson during the actual birth. (Thank heavens for her!!) She arrived about 10:30am and entertained Kayson for us.

    waiting in the room

    By this time I wasn't dialating anymore, but my contrax were 5-7 minutes apart. The nurse called my doc and she didn't want to start me on pitocin, because she wanted me to reach the "magic number of 37 weeks...which would be the next day...the 9th". She was still going by my original due date of March 2nd. (It turns out after Cohen was born that they assessed him and believe he was a 37 weeker after all, so March 2nd was the correct due date.) So my doc said to keep monitoring me and we'd start pitocin in the morning, if I didn't labor on my own throughout the night. I was kindof bummed because the pain was getting worse, but respected her decision and just prayed that I could do it naturally.

    Around 1pm Scott, Sarah and Kayson went and grabbed something to eat. They got back around 2pm and I was feeling a lot more pain. The nurse checked and I was at 5 1/2 cm! (yay) So I knew I wouldn't have to have pitocin. Around 3:30pm the pain was becoming unbearable. I asked for an took a little over an hour to finally get it. When I got the epi I was already at 8cm! By the time it was in I was at 8 1/2cm! It started going so quick from there. The nurse called my doc and she said to break my water and she would be on her way. When the nurse broke my water she asked scott to grab a leg and help me push. She was the BEST nurse and stayed with me through all of labor. She was as close to a labor coach as I could hope for! I pushed twice and his head was there. She said "stop pushing...we've got to wait for the doctor". When my doc arrived I pushed through 4 or 5 more contrax (which were at this point right on top of eachother) and out he came at 4:37pm! He started crying immediantly and they layed him on my chest as Scott cut the cord. He weighed 6lbs. 4 oz. We were both crying and praising the Lord. He was just perfect!

    They cleaned him up and we called Sarah and Kayson in the room. Kayson was able to hold him when he was only about 5 minutes old. That was one of the best memories I'll ever have. He held him so tenderly. He scored 8 and 9 on his apgars and was sooo bright eyed. All the nurses commented on how alert he was. He took to the breast amazingly well and had no latch issues. I was worried with him being early that we'd have some issues, as Kayson took a while to get the hang of b'fing.

    I had requested a tubal so they scheduled it for 8:30pm that night. (my doc had an emergency and she had to leave, so they couldn't do it right away) Because of this they were going to use the epi I already had and so I wasn't able to move to another room until after the tubal. I was in recovery until 10:30pm and was moved to our room around 11pm. I b'fed Cohen right away and when feeling started returning to my legs I took a nice long bath. With everything going on I didn't sleep at all that night. Sarah had to leave and head home, so we kept kayson at the hospital with us. The staff was wonderful!! They are so family orientated and made it special for Kayson.

    Because Cohen was early they wanted to keep him one more day. They did an u/s on his heart and brain because we had some previous concerns. his doctor says so far everything looks perfect!! Another answered prayer!

    Every nurse I had from start to finish were so kind and caring. The care was the best and I couldn't ask for a better delivery.

    We were discharged around 3:30pm yesterday (the 10th). Cohen weighed 6 lbs. 0oz at discharge. It was wonderful being home as a family of 4 last night! A friend had left us dinner in the fridge, so we heated that up and had a very relaxing evening. I got some much needed sleep too.

    We have his first appt. tomorrow with his pediatrician to check for jaundice. My milk has come in and is pretty painful. I started pumping to relieve the pressure, but holy moly my boobs are enormous. I don't even own a bra big enough. Gotta go bra shopping tomorrow after Cohen's appt.
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    Default jocelyn29

    Quote Originally Posted by jocelyn29 View Post
    Hi everyone! I know that I haven't been a super-frequent poster this pregnancy, but having a toddler will do that for you! Anyway, like Sally posted, my new little baby is here!

    I woke up on Monday morning at around 4:30am with some mild contractions I thought were just stomach pains from some greasy pizza the night before. By 6:30am, I woke up John and we started timing them. In the bathroom, there was some pinkish blood on the tp as well. I called the midwives when their office opened and they told me to drink a lot of water and walk...if it was false labor the contractions would stop, if it was real, they would speed up. I start packing my suitcase and Molly's stuff for when she would go stay with my parents.

    So, I am freaking out at this point because I have NOTHING done for my long term sub. My due date was March 3rd, so I thought I'd have 2 more weeks to prepare. Plus, we were hit with a ridiculous double blizzard here in Maryland so I hadn't even been at work for a week. I called my principal and went to school (it was closed) to pull some stuff, make some copies and write about a billion notes. John and my daughter Molly came with me.

    Around 11:30, I feel a small gush of fluid and I know it's the start of my water breaking. John starts freaking out, telling me to leave to call the doctor. I'm still writing emails and pulling files. Finally, I pause and call the midwives. They ask me to come in at 1:50pm to get checked. I put the finishing touches on what I can and leave.

    At this point, the contractions are about 8 minutes apart and getting stronger. We get to the midwives office and my water REALLY breaks all over the floor, my feet, and the exam table. She checks me and I am 3 cm. Since it's not a huge hurry, we drop off Molly and go back home to get the bags we forgot. Also, it's snowing so traffic is a little crazy.

    We get to the hospital at 4:30 and just start waiting. My contractions are getting stronger but by 6:30, I'm still at a 3 and 90% effaced. I'm really wanting an epi at this point, but I wait another hour because I don't want pitocin. The epi kicked in FINALLY and by 7:30, I'm at a 7 and they can feel the baby's head right on my cervix. At 8:30, they check me again and I'm at a 10 and the baby is RIGHT THERE!

    One big push and she was out at 8:51pm. I watched this time with the mirror and it was amazing to see her come into the world! She weighed 5 lbs, 14 oz which was very easy on me, let me tell you! No episiotomy! I just happen to produce small babies (Molly was 5lbs, 8 oz)...the midwife told me that I should just keep having them...umm...let me get through this one first!

    If you got this far, thanks for reading! I'm thinking about all of you about to go into labor and those of you still waiting! Here are some pictures...

    Just born


    Claire and Molly

    My family

    At home
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    Default Graceless / Mary Skye

    Quote Originally Posted by Graceless View Post
    Tuesday, February 16th started out as normal a day as any other. C and I woke up 11-ish and I got her dressed and made her breakfast, and I made an egg and cheese sandwich for myself. After we ate I vacuumed the apartment and turned her loose on her toys. My big plans for the day included going to Walmart for odds and ends so I could finally get my hospital bag together, so I putzed around with writing a list. After that I putzed around on the computer for a little while and C watched Elmo. I started a load of diapers.

    Around 2:30 I went to the bathroom to pee and I had quite the shock. When I wiped there was blood. Lots of bright, red blood and even some clots. It looked like I was on day 2 or 3 of my period. My experience with C was a little slime and some blood-streaked mucous that I lost over a period of 4 days before contractions started. This was thin red frank blood, and there wasn't any mucous to it. And there was a lot. I put on a pad and began to panic. I called DH first and then I called the midwives. All I could think about was the car accident I was in a week and a half ago, and that I was having an abruption. I am not sure if it's even possible to have an abruption or a partial abruption a week and a half after but that is all that was in my head. Their nurse on the phone asked me questions: Was she moving? I had to stop and think. Yes, she had slowed down, but she was still moving. Was I having sharp abdominal pain? No, definitely not. I felt slightly achy, just like when I was on my period. Was it so heavy I was soaking a pad an hour? I went to the bathroom to check. No, I told the nurse it was moderate. She told me I needed to come in to be checked, but that I was okay to come there (a 45-minute drive) rather than the nearest hospital (about 15 minutes) unless things changed. I called DH back and told him he needed to leave work, and I put Elmo back in and took a quick shower. I called my step-mom to come get C and I packed a bag for her and a bag for me. By the time DH and my step-mom got there the dull, achy feeling had turned into cramps. I still wasn't sure they were contractions at the time, because they were not anything close to the crazy back labor I had with C... but looking back that was the start of them and so they started about 3 o'clock. I had to finish packing, and DH had to put C's carseat in my step-mom's car and get some things for himself, just in case. You know, all those things we thought we still had 2 weeks to do... We finally left at about 4 o'clock. The car ride was really uncomfortable, but I was expecting that. Contractions were about every 3-4 minutes and lasting a minute. I timed them with the clock in the car as best I could while DH drove. I changed positions a few times, put the air conditioning on in my face, and breathed through the contractions. In between we joked about having the baby on the highway. Traffic was rush hour, and the snow was covering the shoulder, so we got there about 5 pm. I had to check in and go to the L & D triage instead of the birth center, because of the bleeding that was where I was suppose to go and they were expecting me. I got there and gave a urine sample, got hooked up to the monitors, and the nurse got enough of a strip to tell that the baby's heartbeat was reassuring. She called the midwife and updated her and asked her if she wanted to come up since I was acting "pretty uncomfortable" (I was still panting and breathing through contractions.. maybe every 2-3 minutes now?) She finally checked me and I was at 7 centimeters! She called the nurse at the birth center and told her I was coming and called the midwife again. I was wheeled to the birth center at about 5:30.

    I got on my hands and knees on the bed while the nurse checked me with the handheld doppler and filled the tub. Sitting upright or hands and knees positions were the most comfortable for me. That kept the pain out of my back. I got in the tub at 5:40 even though it was still only half full. Contractions were a lot more intense and I was moaning through them now, but still very bearable and nowhere near what they had been with C. Because of that, I was pretty sure the baby was in a good position. I started to feel a lot of pressure and the midwife got there and checked me and I was a 10. She broke my water and the pressure eased up. Pretty soon it was right back though and a whole lot worse. I wasn't really prepared for what crowning would feel like, and it wasn't at all what I expected. I had thought it would be easier than the contractions, but it wasn't at all. I felt like my insides were all being pushed out, and there was a lot of sharp burning, and no rest in between the contractions. I was very vocal at this point, saying I couldn't do it, and swearing and all. This was the worst part of the entire labor for me, including being stitched up afterward and feeling that too.. luckily it only lasted 3-4 contractions or so. In between I would reach down and feel our baby's head, I could feel it getting bigger and bigger and I could feel all of her hair. Then it felt like there was a pop and a gush and she was out, and the midwife put her on my chest and she cried, and it was over and it was so wonderful..

    Mary Skye was born at 6 pm on the dot on 2-16-10.

    She was 7 lbs. 7 oz. and 20 inches long, exactly the same as C! (but at 37 weeks, 6 days... C was 40 weeks, 3 days.)

    From the first contractions to the birth my labor was 3 hours long.

    I had one 2nd-degree tear.

    The bleeding I was told was probably from my cervix thinning/effacing/dilating very quickly.
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    Default Sweetart32 / Aidan

    Quote Originally Posted by Sweetart32 View Post
    Thank you for the well wishes everyone. I finally have a chance to post. Hospital has no wifi so I had to wait for DH to bring my aircard, then I needed a free moment as we've had a bunch of visitors at the hospital. Fine by me. Better now than when I'm home.

    Thursday evening I started having painless contractions. I really wasn't sure if it was real or not but I sure hoped it was doing something.They were infrequent but continued off and on through Friday. Friday morning I had an appt with my OB and found I had gone from hanging out at 2 as I've been to a solid 3 and 70% effaced. Scheduled an induction for Thurs. 2/25

    I didn't think too much of being at 3. I walked around at 3 almost 4 for a week or more before being induced with DD. Saturday morning I woke up at 6:15 with painful contractions. Still didn't think this could be it so I decided to take a bath and time them. I've never been the greatest at timing contractions, but was a bit shocked that they seemed to be coming every 3-5 minutes.

    After a half hour I decided to wake up DH and got ready to go to the hospital. Dropped DD off at Grandma's and we were on our way. At the hospital they took me to an observation room instead of a L&D suite. Things started hapenning quickly when the nurse checked me and found I was 7 almost 8 cm with a bulging bag of waters.

    To say DH and I were shocked was a bit of an understatement. The first words out of my mouth were But I need an epi!! The nurse told me as long as my water didn't break I should be able to get the epi in time. If my water broke it would probably go too fast to even bother.

    Labor wasn't that bad. So much better than labor with pitocin. With pitocin there was no break in contractions. Without it I was able to tolerate it much better before the epi. I got the epi within the hour but hung out at 8cm for a couple hours after the ob broke my water. They decided to start pitocin which was fine by me as I had the epi already. Baby's heartrate was good and within 45 minutes of the pitocin I was at 10.

    4 or 5 pushes later the nurse told me to stop as she didn't want to deliver the baby and ran for the dr. Within 15 minutes of pushing out Aidan came. 6 hours total labor. Sooo much better an easier than DD's birth. Of course I'm sure it helped that he's almost 2lbs lighter than DD at birth.

    He's such a good baby. Doesn't really cry, just sleeps. He is a bit of a pain to feed. Unless he's really hungry he just pushes everything out his mouth. Breast or bottle doesn't matter. I'd wait until he's hungry to feed but sometimes he could go for way too many hours. We're working on it though.

    Aidan born 2/20/10. 6lbs, 9ozs 18ins. Here are a few pics:


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    Default lmh101979

    Marianne Frances
    8lb 15 oz
    20 inches
    2/19/10 8:16am
    40 weeks exactly

    I think I’m the first planned c-section for “March” so this really won’t be that interesting, but I wanted to share some cool stuff that happened. The section was scheduled for 8:30 am on Friday. We had to be at the hospital at 6:30 am, not so much fun. We got there in plenty of time, registered in no time at all and I was given a ride up to L&D in a wheelchair. My DH and MIL were with me and we all got sent to the recovery/prep room. I got my super fashionable gown and they put the monitors on me and baby. Since all was well they only monitored for about half an hour, and then came the IV. The first nurse tried to put it in my wrist and had to dig pretty hard. I thought I was going to come unglued when she wouldn’t stop. She finally got it in and of course, the vein blew. The second nurse tried and I barely felt it. She got the IV about 4 inches up my arm away from my wrist which worked really well for me for nursing and stuff later. I got to walk into the operating theatre which made me really happy for some strange reason. This is the really cool part. There is a new kind of spinal block called Astromorph. It lasts for 24 hours. I got feeling back in my legs after about 4, but no pain for the whole first day. I had no pain pump or any other pain medication until the second day and all I had then was the naproxium (aleeve). This is my second section and I have to say it was amazing what a difference it made. I was itchy as hell, and didn’t want to take benedryl because I didn’t want to be sleepy. But the difference the spinal made was amazing! I could press on my stomach to help my uteru contract and it didn’t hurt AT ALL! Unbelievable! Anyway. They did the surgery and when they pulled her out my DH got to be the one to tell me it was a girl. I cried. They cleaned her up and her apgar was 7 and 9 because of her coloring. This was cleared up fairly quickly once she started breathing on her own. The nurses took Marianne to the nursery and DH went with her. I got put back together and sent to recovery for an hour. I really felt fine while I was in there it was so weird. DH came back and said that Marianne was getting cleaned up but her body temp was still a half a degree low and she couldn’t leave the nursery yet. By the time I was settled in my room she was finally ready to come out of the nursery. The nurse that brought her to me said all kinds of stuff but I truly wasn’t listening. All I could do was stare at the amazing little person in my arms. When she was finally done talking I asked if I could go ahead and nurse now. She said that would be great and everyone left so I could nurse. Marianne took to the breast right away and had a good 10 minute feeding. The whole time we were in the hospital Marianne nursed like a champ. Of course being as big as she was she would nurse a lot and then want to sleep for 4 or 5 hours. This has caused an issue with her bilirubin scores being a little high and we have had to have them checked since we left the hospital. I am hoping that her continued eating well will flush it from her system. We will find out tomorrow what her scores are. Other than that she is amazing, she is a great baby and we are so blessed to have her.
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    Default whitney1

    Gavin Thomas: Born March 3 at 9:48 pm 6 lb 13 oz, 20 inches

    Well I got to the hospital at 7:30 am. They did the Citotec at about 9:00. I was having regular contractions but they were not very painful. I was up walking the halls. Then the doctor came and broke my water at 2:30. At this point I was only a solid 3 cm. As soon as my water broke I started having painful contractions ever 1-2 minutes. It was crazy. By four I was moaning in pain and clutching Tom. I was only 4 cm and didn't want the epidural yet. They gave me Stadol and I calmed down immensely and was able to breathe through the contractions. At 5:30 I was a 6 and I got the epidural. It was heaven sent. I had no problems with it, the worse part was being in that position and having contractions. OW! So I laid there for awhile and I started getting the shakes really bad but they eventually went away. They checked me at one point and I was still only 6-7. At 9 the nurse was worried that my contractions had slowed as they were barely showing up on the monitor. I was sure I had hours and pitocin ahead of me. Well they checked me and I was complete and ready to push! Big surprise, turned out the monitor just wasn't picking it up cuz I was on my side. I started pushing which was so weird b/c I couldn't feel anything down there. I could sort of feel the contractions. Anyway I guess I was doing it as he came out at 9:48. He looked so tiny but he was 6 lb 13 oz and 20 in, he was beautiful and his Apgars were 8 and 9. I did have a small episiotomy w/ no extension. The nurses and hospital experience was amazing.
    He is eating great and is such an awesome baby!

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    Default CanadianaSally

    On February 22nd at 39 weeks I awoke around 3am to strong contractions. After a few hours we decided to make the trip to Labour & Delivery... contractions were 5 minutes apart and I started to get bloody show. Once hooked up to the monitor my contractions started to get farther apart and even though I was 4cm's dialated they decided to send me home. I continued to get bad contractions and a lot of bloody show over the next three days. I had never experienced prodromal labour before so this was very frustrating to say the least!

    The following Sunday, two days after my due date I decided to try the pineapple trick of eating an entire fresh pineapple to bring on labour. So I drove to the grocery store and picked out a big one! Chris cut it up for me and I ate the entire thing... it was delicious! Later that night around 11pm I felt the first contraction... it wasn't very painful but it got my attention. Chris was getting ready for bed and I said to him... "you might want to reconsider going to sleep" which we both kinda shrugged off as I had been having so many contractions on and off we had no idea what was going on anymore. After about an hour of contractions ranging 7 minutes apart we decided to start using the Contraction Master online.

    Around 1am the contractions started to get more intense and I wanted to spend time on the bed and toilet... but they were still erratic and we didn't want to make the trip to the hospital just to get sent home again! By 2am I started to get the shakes and bloody show, contractions were still a bit erratic, sometimes 5 minutes apart, sometimes 8-10 minutes apart but lasting for a minute and starting to hurt. We had the laptop on the bed and Chris timed all of them with the Contraction Master but all I remember most of that time at home is going from the toilet to the bed with our room lit up blue from the laptop!

    By 2:45am we thought it might be wise to make the trip in, I was in pain and the bloody show was getting worse... plus it's a 45 minute drive to the hospital! Chris called his mom to come over and watch the boys and we headed out. During the car ride the pain really intensified and I remember them coming every 5 minutes and digging my nails into the car door! I couldn't be quiet anymore, as much as I tried the pain was just too intense, such a deep stabbing pain around my cervix and into my back.

    We got to the hospital at 3:30am and had one contraction in the hallway on the way up to Labour & Delivery. I was taken to triage right away and they checked me and I was still 4cm's! I was having trouble with my breathing during the contractions and the nurse had to help me to focus on breathing through them. They took my blood right away and started to work at getting my IV in as I was GBS +++ Two nurses and two blown veins later, a third nurse came in to try and suddenly my contractions were back to back and I was in agony!!! The nurse decided to check me again and 45 minutes after I arrived I was now 6cm's dialated. I felt my water break and really started to panic and completely lose all control with my breathing. The pain was now completely unbearable! The nurse suddenly wanted me to get up and get to a labour room and I found the walk to the room really difficult as I felt tremendous pressure between my legs and my waters leaking. I got to the labour room about 4:30am and the doctor was called from home... suddenly there were lots of nurses in the room and I was moaning really loud while hunched over the bed. I was in so much pain I couldn't even get onto the bed. It was at this point I realized I was not going to get an epidural as I still hadn't had a IV line and an hour of antibiotics (you have to have this first before you get the epidural). I did not want a natural drug free birth like my first and remembering the pain of that delivery was almost too much to bear (my last two were epidurals).

    Suddenly I hear all the nurses telling me not to push, I could not fathom why they were telling me this! I guess by the noise I was making they new baby was coming fast. I got on the bed and was checked to be an 8, a few minutes later I was a 9. By this time I was screaming out in pain, the contractions were back to back and I felt like I was seriously going to die. They gave me the gas to breathe and I told Chris to get the camera which was still in our car. The nurse said to him "you might miss the delivery" and he looked at me and I said "go!!" There was no way I was going to have the baby that fast I thought to myself, I've only been here an hour! Someone stabbed an IV into my left arm which I never felt with the contractions and suddenly it seemed Chris was back. I was 10cm's by the time Chris returned and the urge to push hit like something I've never felt before. It was intense, like I had no control over my body.... almost like when you throw up, your body is going to do it whether you want to control it or not. By this time I started hyperventilating and was clutching onto the gas and breathing so hard I suddenly felt all pain drift off. I could hear everyone yelling my name and feel my eyes roll into the back of my head but I was in never never land. All I remember was really bright lights and people yelling my name but I couldn't answer them, everything felt numb, my lips were frozen, I couldn't answer them. They took the gas off me and as I came too the doctor was there and told them "no more gas for her!" Chris said it was really scary when I passed out and everyone stopped what they were doing and looked concerned. But then, in an instant that freight train of pain was back and everyone was telling me to pull back my legs and push. There wasn't even time to break down the bed. Chris was by my head and I had four nurses holding my legs helping me and coaching me. The pain was indescribably bad!! I was screaming and moaning to everyone that I couldn't do it, I didn't want to do it, it hurt too bed, it stung too bad, please give me the gas... begging in it's most pathetic form. Chris said I kept apologizing in between and that it was somewhat comical. I gave 4 hard pushes and felt every inch of her rotate out... the stinging pain was absolutely unreal but as soon as she popped out the pain vanished and I had a beautiful baby girl with lots of dark hair!! She was born at 5:02am, weighing 7lbs 15oz and was 20 inches long. We named her Clara Lena H******* after two great grandmother's on Chris's side.

    A picture of her great grandmother Klara in 1912...

    I was really in shock from it all and Chris stayed with her and held her while I delivered the placenta. They gave me a shot in the leg and the placenta came out about 5 minutes after she was born. I didn't have any rips/tears but my vagina was stinging for a good hour afterwards. The put the ice pads on me down there and it brought a lot of relief. I think for the first two hours I was pretty dazed and confused from everything that had happened but I was soooooo in love!! Everytime I looked over at Chris he was holding her and just staring so lovingly at her while mouthing "I love you..." to me. It was really the best moment of my entire life. Chris stayed with me for the first day but I sent him home later that night to take care of the boys since I was really feeling good. I stayed up the first night just staring at her, I just couldn't believe I had such a beautiful baby girl and everything went so well. I really had prepared myself for another csection, I really never thought I'd end up having two vbac's and painfree recoveries.

    We went home the next day after she was born... and I couldn't have asked for a better birthday present! I turned 32 and brought my baby daughter home from the hospital on the same day. Nursing is going great, she's very content and rarely cries... she is even sleeping 5-7 hours stretches at night. Chris and I are very proud and feel very blessed that all went well and we have a beautiful thriving daughter.

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