Marjorie's (HopelessPoet) Birthing Lodge!!
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Thread: Marjorie's (HopelessPoet) Birthing Lodge!!

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    Default Marjorie's (HopelessPoet) Birthing Lodge!!

    Woo hoo!!! Welcome to your lodge, hon!! I'm so excited for you. Can't wait for you to post an intro and to share this journey with you.

    Congrats on making it to the homestretch!!
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    Congrats on making it this far! Tell us everything!

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    Congrats Marjorie! Welcome to your birth lodge!
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    Thanks so much girls!! I'm excited about this lodge because the other lodges have inspired me so much. An intro...

    Jon, my husband, and I met online in '05. He was co-living with is mom so that he could take care of her. I was living at home with my parents. From the day we met I knew he was going to be my husband. I moved in with them in Jan. '06. His mom died in May and it was a very rough time. We got engaged in June. In August we were financially forced to move into my parents house. We were married Oct. 31.

    I went off birth control in Jan '07 and we didn't really TTC rather left it up to the Gods. We decided that we really wanted to start a family despite our financial situation and I started my half attempt at charting in May. At the end of July I end up horribly sick and really thought I was pregnant. Doing the logical thing we bought a home test. It was negative. I stayed sick and on August 20th I had my gallbladder removed. By this time I know I'm pregnant despite the many home tests and blood tests that had come up negative. I'm still sick and mid-Sept. I called the health department to book me in for a pregnancy test. On 9-18-07 I finally get a positive test and my LMP dates me to be due May 3.

    Jon was very happy to hear the news. My parents really didn't respond either way. It's been a wild ride getting to 36 wks. Including a gender screw up so we'll have a good story about why Christopher's baby shower cake says 'Welcome Jacqueline Ann'. LOL

    I'm having NSTs done twice a week at this point and BPPs every two weeks. I'm insulin dependent due to GD. I'm really really hoping that I go into labor on my own since my OB is telling me that the longest he can 'let' me go is 40wks. He fears placenta failure due to the insulin. I'm taking it day by day and we'll cross those bridges when we come to them. I feel very educated about my situation and I know I'll do the right thing for my baby and I when the time comes.

    I'm an open book so if anyone wants to know anything just ask. Here's my 36wk belly pic and the latest pic of Christopher we've got.

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    Congratulations on your lodge!!

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    Congratulations on your lodge! Great pics!
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    Congrats and welcome to your lodge, I really liked the wedding pics.
    Crystal, wife to Sterling and Mom to O 7/06, E 5/08, C 6/10 and Baby​

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    I am so excited for your lodge. I always love reading your posts.

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    Welcome to your lodge!!! You are almost there now. It's nice to hear a bit more about you!
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    congrats on your lodge!!!

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