May Monkey's Birthday, Stats and Birth Stories
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Thread: May Monkey's Birthday, Stats and Birth Stories

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    Default May Monkey's Birthday, Stats and Birth Stories

    Thought I would do a master list of our arrivals. Please feel free to edit or add if needed. I'll try to keep it updated.

    ~May Monkeys Are Here~


    April 14th
    Matilyn Leigh (ttmt): 12:02am; 5lbs 10oz, 19in (36w)

    April 20th
    Andrew Lewis(Avasmommy313): 5lbs 15oz, 19.5 (37w)
    Benjamin Kenneth (Avasmommy313): 6lbs 8oz, 18.5 (37w)

    April 22nd
    Sophia (JennsDesertCrew): 10:21pm; 7lbs 0oz, 18in (37w4d)

    April 23rd
    Alexa Rain (KittenChops): 3:40pm; 5lbs 8oz, 16in (37w2d)
    Mikayla Nichole: 3:47pm; 6lbs 1oz, 17.5in (37w2d)

    April 24th
    Veronica (girl0007): 3am; 8lbs 0oz, ?in (37w)

    April 26th
    Oliver William (pico83): 12:50am; 6lbs 14oz, 19.5in (38w5d)

    April 27th
    Brendan (Shy girl): 12:30am; 9lbs 0oz; 19in (38w5d)
    Claire Elise (anderlauren): 5lbs 13oz
    Lauren Camille (anderlauren): 6lbs 15oz

    April 28th
    Mateo (pol&jus): 3:27pm; 8 lb 1oz, 19 3/4in (39w)


    May 2nd
    Sophie Evelyn (amanduh): 9:25pm; 7lbs 0oz, 20in (39w)

    May 3rd
    Kinsley Nicole (Stacey26): 2:46pm; 7lbs 7oz, 19 1/4 in (39w)

    May 5th
    Sean Isaac (Rollergirly2): 1:40pm; 7lbs 11oz, 19.5in (38w5d)

    May 6th
    Ian Wayne (CharleneDokter): 6:18pm (37w2d)

    May 7th
    Amelia (Kally_Ann): 8lbs 0oz (39w5d)

    May 9th
    Irelyn Grace (janet&tim): 3:42pm; 7lbs 12oz, 19.5in (39w5d)

    May 11th
    Silje (Runi) (41w1d)

    May 13th
    Marielle Michelle (buckeyebaby): 8:03am; 6lbs 11oz, 19 1/4in (?weeks)
    Hailey Christine (grbrbby): 6lbs 3oz, 18in (39w)

    May 14th
    Romy Meredith (VickiS): 1:37pm; 9lbs 13oz, ?in (40w5d)

    May 16th
    Milo Henry (April777): 3:10am, 7lbs 9oz, 21in (39w2d)
    Grayson William (MsJill): 10lbs 8.6oz, 22in (40w1d)
    SurroPrincess (Joley): 8lbs 12oz, 21in (39w1d)

    May 24th
    Grace Katherine ( jski88 ): 5:57am, 6lbs 8oz, 19in (38w6d)
    Helen Grace (jgriffith): 7:30am, 9lbs 1oz, 20.5in (39w4d)

    May 26th
    Willow Avery (renee24): 11:02am; 7lbs 4.9oz, ?in (40w2d)


    June 6th
    Esther Irene (lemongirl): 8lbs (41w3d)

    June 9th
    Liam Robert Edward (emommyof2): 10:19pm, 7lbs 15.5oz, 20.5in (41w5d)
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    Default Oliver William (pico83)

    I've got a happy sleeping baby and no visitors, so we'll see if I can get this typed up. Long and detailed. Sorry.

    At 3:24am on 4/25 I got up to pee and felt a gush. I knew immediately my water had broken, but had trouble believing it at first since I hadn't expected labor to start for a while yet. Fortunately there wasn't much mess and it was pink. I got my computer to look up the labor # for my MW. I heard DH get up, so told him and sent him back to bed. I informed my MW and by 4am I started contracting. They were immediately 8-10 minutes apart and felt like labor. I ate lightly and went back to bed, figuring I should rest while I could. But, the contractions and a very excited baby kept me from sleeping. Around 7 the contractions began to space out. They went to 20 minutes apart then stopped. I got up and bounced on the birth ball, went for a walk... nothing.

    At 10 I went to the bathroom to pee and on the toilet felt sudden, intense pressure. I hadn't felt anything like that with my other until I was almost fully dilated. I almost called DH to come in, thinking it might be the baby suddenly and inexplicably descending. It started to let up so I went downstairs and called the MW. They had me come in because it was weird. They confirmed my water was broken and since the midwives were switching shifts 2 of them checked me. The first said 2-3cm, 80% and 0 station. The second said 2cm, 50%, and -1 station. They monitored for a bit. Baby was fine but I only contracted a few times far apart. So they sent me home with a few suggestions for getting labor going and instructions to come back by 9pm. I had lunch, napped, and still nothing.

    I started to get really anxious at the idea of having to go back and get induced. It was starting to feel way too much like my labor with DS1 (which was less than ideal). I started telling DH I wanted to go in now and just get the induction done because my body wasn't doing anything and I was just going to get more tired. I was already exhausted from fighting the nasty cold and not sleeping much the previous night. He managed to calm me down and talk me out of it. Then I decided to try the nipple stim the MW had recommended. It worked and I was soon having contractions 4-5min apart. Around 4pm we went back to the hosp.

    The contractions fizzled out again and I was stuck in triage for a while because they didn't have any rooms free. But, at least they kept feeding me. I even got solid food! They finally got me to L&D and I did more nipple stim (the nurse was skeptical but the MW was all for it). The first round got the contrax to 5-6min and the second got then to 3 min apart. But they quickly spaced and became sporadic. At this point I hadn't been checked since around noon and had managed 2-3 hours of relatively frequent contractions. The MW checked and I was 3cm and 60%. We were all pretty disappointed. She reluctantly suggested we slowly start some pitocin. Knowing I had reacted strongly in the past and wanted to avoid an epidural she planned at start at 1 unit and stay there for 30-40 minutes before increasing to 2. She hoped my body just needed a little nudge. I agreed, hoping the same.

    They started the pit and the contractions got more intense. But they were really sporadic at 1-8 minutes apart. At 8:30 I was in pretty intense pain during contractions. They began to feel like the transition contractions with DS2. I was having coughing fits and was terribly congested. The combination made it really hard to breathe through the contractions and at times I felt like I wasn't getting enough air, which made me feel anxious. I started falling asleep between contractions. I asked for the MW back to check me. Again, we were all disappointed that I was only 4cm and 80%. I brought up the idea of pain medicine because I I barely had the energy to deal with the contractions I was getting. The MW mentioned that I had said in my birth plan I wanted to avoid meds but if I did decide to go that way she'd recommend the epidural. She told us to discuss it and left. As he had been instructed, DH tried to talk me out of it. After a long discussion we decided it was probably best. I was already hooked up to the IV and the monitors because of the pit, so my coping was somewhat limited. When the MW came back in she agreed and said it might help me progress since I was clearly exhausted and very tense.

    The epidural was started around 9:30pm. The anesthesiologist was awesome. He had just the right balance of business and humor. It was such a relief to lie down. I reacted perfectly to the epidural. I didn't even get any nausea, just pain relief. In fact, I got hungry again and got to enjoy some jello. I rested as much as possible between interruptions, but the coughing and congestion made it impossible to really sleep. DH was given a cot and napped.

    At 12:05 am the MW checked me. complete and +1. Whew. They got the room ready, woke DH (took a couple tries) and made sure they had everything ready for the cord blood donation. The nurse lifted the sheet to remove my catheter and exclaimed "Wow, there's a head!" Baby was crowning from the contractions alone! The MW scrambled into her gown and gloves and the pushing started. I think it was 20min or so. Maybe 5 contractions. They tried to stretch me but I ended up tearing. Oliver was born 12:50am, 21.5 hours after my water broke. He cried immediately and went right on my chest. Apgars were 8 and 9 and he nursed at 20min old. He nursed 90 min in his first 2 hours.

    The MW started repairing me then said that it looked like 3rd degree so she was going to get the Ob to do it. He came in and thought 2nd, but did the repair. I tore front and back (only tore back with the others) and have a hematoma (think blood blister) on one side. At 3am I got moved to PP and sent LO to the nursery for a few hours. They finally let me sleep at 4am. Oliver slept 3am to 9am, but they had me up again at 7:30.

    He's doing great. Nursing well. Went to the nursery last night because I had only slept 4 hours in the 40+ hours since my water had broken. I got two 4 hour stretches last night. He's pooping well, peeing some, nice and pink, and very sweet. Unfortunately, the coughing has given me costochondritis (swollen rib cartilage) so my ribs are in a ton on pain. I accepted the offered percocet for that and the afterpains. Hopefully it clears up quickly.

    Some pics from yesterday

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    Default Matilyn Leigh (ttmt)

    Well you all know it started last week or following week i dont even remember now its been so hectic..... so i got released out of the hospital April 12th i started having contractions again that night but thought there just false since the last days i was in hospital my cervics was stuck at a 6, so i just tried to sleep couldnt so, tried to lay around the next day was impossible about 1pm the pain got so bad i was about to loose my stomach and was just in constant pain so i new i didnt wanna end up sitting in hospital for another week i call ob a half hour before they closed to see if i could just come get checked, they let me come in i love my new OB she checked me and said i was half cm more dialated then before and Matilyn was now 80 % affaced and she could tell i was in labor!! so they wheeled me down to labor and delivery and hooked me up!! they asked if i wanted a epi i said pain was okay for now didnt want it stalling out i just had enough well they rechecked me i was a 7, dr comes in asked after awhile do you want a epi i go well what if it stalls then i just got a pointless epi she's like No your in true labor we will break your water so, i got the epi she came in broke my water this labor was the longest and hardest of all labors i've had!!!! so , she came in broke my water by that time i was 8cm, well took me atleast 2 hours to get to 8cm-10cm, i went in about 5pm and had Matilyn 12:02pm on April 14th. The nurse said i was the second person to be in labor the longest!! since i was in labor a week before that, also when they broke my water there was maconum in it so, that was a worry...she only took 4 pushes and she was out, her heartrate kept dropping with contractions they said with everything you have PUSH we need to get her out so i pushed with everything and she came shooting out like a rockET!!! i did tear!! nicu was in there to make sure, and 5 min. later they brought her to me she was perfect she weighed 5 lbs 10 oz 19in long!! we stayed in the hospital for 2 days and we both got to come home, she's doing good and is a little piggy!!! she's perfect... ill post pictures tomorrow when at my moms cause, for some reason my computer wont let me on here!! She's so tiny all the newborn clothes fall off of her!!!..

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    Hey, I copied your update into the sticky for arrivals. Thanks for doing this. I keep meaning to but just haven't gotten around to it. Your awesome!
    My Handsome Boy

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    I put the boys full names in the sticky
    Lindsey & Michael 9/20/2009
    Ava: 3/13/2005
    Andrew & Benjamin: 4/20/2011

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    Matilyn was 19in i seen there was no in for her i may of forgot to write that in my story!!!
    Briar Mae 4 years
    Irelynn Rose 2 Years Old.
    Matilyn Leigh born April 14th,2011, 12:02am , 5 lbs 10oz!

    Lilypie First Birthday tickers

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    Default Brendan (Shy girl)

    Tuesday,4/26 around 3 am, I stared noticing a really MILD contraction every 45 minutes.... enough to wake me up, but only JUST (not even like a menstrual cramp)

    Throughought tuesday, I kept an eye on the timing, and they were getting closer and closer, but were not increasing in intensity at all untill just around 10 pm, so me and DH went to the hospital.

    This is when it started to really s*ck. First of all, I had managed to get to 7cm dialated- and my labor went into a really hard, fast active labor, so no drugs- poor DH was besides himself he hates to see me in pain!

    12:30 am, wednesday, BABY ARRIVES! Like I said- active labor was fast, fast, fast for me!

    Now the good news:

    A healthy baby boy! 9 lbs even, 19 inches long, 14 inch head.

    NO TEARING! Seriously- I am hardly sore down there at all!


    for pictures, follow the link:

    We are conquering breastfeeding, slowly- I have large, awkward nipples and he does not like to open his mouth all the way, so I have to REALLY get him pissed off and crying before I can get a good latch.

    Daddy is doing good, super nervous, but he is putting himself out there trying to learn about what works with the boy.

    Thanks all!

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    Default Mateo's Birth story

    So things started the day before, on Wednesday the 27th. I had a scheduled appointment at 2:15. There I was told I was already 5cm dilated and 60% effaced so my doctor asked me if I just wanted to stay then and there and get things going. I was definitely not prepared for that and elected to go home and come back the following morning and start with an induction. I was 39 weeks then.

    As expected I slept very little that night. I kept reliving the birth of my son in my mind and praying to god so that he would help me with this little one's arrival.
    The next morning we took our time, dropped DS off at daycare and headed to the hospital with DH and my mom. On the way we picked up some Decaf Starbucks coffee and pastries . I needed my energy boost for the big day.
    We got to the hospital around 9:30 am and got admitted and settled in.
    At about 10:30 my Pitocin was started. Very mild initially and was really not doing much. They upped it three times without much effect. Around 12 my doctor came in and broke my water. Holly cow was there a lot in there!! By then I was 6cm dilated and 80% effaced. They increased the Pit once again and now things really started to pick up. The contractions were much more intense and about 4-5 minutes apart. I was managing ok with pain and was able to breath through them. Still things were getting a bit harder to deal with and I was worried that by the time I was desperate that I would be at 8cm and could no longer get my Epidural.So, I elected to have it done then and not wait. I think it was around 1:30 pm. The anesthesiologist was very nice and calm. He put it in with minimal discomfort but unfortunately the first time it took heavily on the left side and barely on the right, so he re did it. No big deal and huge relief. By then I think it was 2:15 or so.
    Suddenly I started shacking uncontrollably so the nurse decided to check me again. I was now 8cm but baby was still at a -1 station. Contractions were huge on the monitor but I was blissfully unaware. At 3pm my nurse checked me again, I was still 8cm but the baby had dropped significantly so she called my doctor. He was in at about 3pm and we all chatted about his kids and school and other stuff. He told me to let him know if I felt any pressure.
    At about 3:15 I started to notice a different feeling down there. Not sure if it was pressure since my epi was quite effective. I just felt something was there. So he checked me and said: "oh my Paula baby is right there, two contractions and he'll be out" I didn't trully believe that.
    He changed and had me push through one contraction and we could all see his head already. I was beside myself since my DS's birth had been quite difficult and I got him out after 3 straight hours of pushing.
    Next contraction came and with my first push he was out. Exactly 3:27pm after pushing for literally 5minutes. Unbelievable!!! I really didn't even have time to get emotional, I was beside myself in how fast everything had happened and how different the experience was compared to my first.
    Mateo was wonderful. Healthy baby boy at 8lbs 1oz and 19.75 inches long. I don't know what his Apgars were but he looked great! What a relief.
    I had a very small tear that only needed 2 stiches and off I went to my room with my new baby boy. Recovery was easy and I was up moving just a couple of hours later once my epidural wore off. Breast feeding was also much smoother this second time around and he latched on like he had done it a million times before

    Now some pictures!!!

    Here we go again.....

    Just entering the world

    Getting cleaned up

    My beautiful baby boy

    My three boys

    The both of us

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    Default Introducing Claire and Lauren (anderlauren)

    Claire Elise 5 lbs 13 oz and Lauren Camille 6 lbs 15 oz

    We are so extremely blessed to have these girls safe and sound. My water broke at 1:45 a.m. on 4/27. We drove to the hospital and arrived by 3:30 a.m. (it's over an hour drive to the hospital we were using). Contractions started progressing pretty regularly at that point and I was given an epidural when I had dilated to 3 cms. About this time, tornados started hitting the Southeast. Even though we were watching the news during the time I was in labor and even though they had moved all of the patients' beds away from the windows of their rooms, I really didn't think much about the weather. It's April in Alabama. Storms and tornados are pretty much the norm. They hit and we think "oh those poor people, I'm sorry that they lost their home". It's usually not widespread damage and it usually doesn't affect more than a handful of people that we know. This day would prove to be very different.

    I continued to progress pretty well and around 1:30 p.m. I had reached 10 cms. My doctor (who I have used since I was 1, came into the room to let me know that the hospital was sending her home along with some other doctors because of the storm. Another doctor would have to deliver my girls. I wasn't very happy about this, but I understood. She had children that she had to make sure were safe and sound. I had met the other doctor and felt comfortable with him so I sucked it up and was moved to the delivery room around 3:30. My labor nurse kept getting text messages during the time they were prepping the delivery room. She was really emotional and told us that several of her family members had experienced severe home damage in her North Alabama community. I still had no clue what was going on. I pushed for an hour and a half. The doctor said that Claire's head was not in the best position and recommended a C-section. This was somewhat hard to agree to. I felt like it was the best option, but I really thought I was going to be able to deliver vaginally. After what seemed like forever, my two little girls arrived....perfectly pink and healthy. They are breathtakingly beautiful and I am in love

    Afterwards, I was rolled back to my room....except I wasn't taken to my room...I was left in the hallway. It was a bit confusing (because I was on morphine) but I understood that we were still under tornado warnings and so everyone was required to be in the hallways. My babies were in a warming station at the nurses desk. All of my family came in to see me and the girls and then I start learning a little about what happened to my precious state of Alabama. While I was in delivery, a tornado passed very close by the hospital. It didn't touch down, but my family members watched debris (shingles, bricks, and 2 x 4s) fly by the windows of the hospital. The next day I learned the full story - over 300 dead in Alabama alone. Several members of our church were directly affected. One family lost everything they owned - you can't even tell where their home once stood. It's been a very emotional week. I am so very thankful to be home in my air-conditioned comfortable house with two beautifully precious little girls.

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    Default Introducing Sophie Evelyn (amanduh)

    Hi all, I know I don't post much... but I am on here everyday lurking

    Thought I would pop in and tell you all that my baby girl is here!! (After a loooong weekend thinking "this is it" and having everyone on call)
    Everything started on Friday, when my midwife came for her home visit and gave me a stretch and sweep. I was 2-3 cm's and she was able to stretch me to a 5 She said my body responded VERY well, and she said she was pretty sure I would have a baby by the weekend. (I was really hoping she was right, because I really wanted an April baby as DH and my birthday's are in May.... but oh well, I obviously love her just the same! ... Even if my future family ring includes 3 emeralds and a ruby LOL)
    Fast-forward to Monday and still no baby! Lots of contractions, but nothing regular. Monday I had an appointment with my secondary midwife at 3pm. She offered another stretch and sweep, but I declined. When my appointment was done, I ended up running into my primary midwife who said she was SOOO surprised she didn't hear from me over the weekend. I told her I had a gut feeling it was going to me soon, so she jokingly said "Ok, but let me get home and have a nap first".
    On the way home I felt some trickling, but thought nothing of it as I have been having a lot of discharge lately. Once I got home, and out of the car I felt like I was peeing myself. Rushed into the house and sure enough.... my water broke! WHAT A MESS lol. So I called the midwife and DH (who was at work) and everyone met me at the hospital (father-in-law drove me)
    Once there (around 4:30pm) they confirmed that my water had broke, and hooked me up with an IV so I could get my meds as I was positive for strep-B. Midwife gave me another small stretch and sweep, and broke the last little bit of water. Then DH and I started doing laps to get contractions going. We also grabbed some food because I was STARVING and knew that if they had to induce me, I would not be able to eat.
    Turns out walking worked and soon enough I was having contractions every 5 mins. About half an hour later they were every 2 mins. Things were happening SO FAST! Around 9pm she checked me again and I was 7-8 cms. She said that since this was my second baby, this would happen soon, but we still had some time. She sent my secondary midwife home (as she had been at the hospital all day) for a few hours. At about 9:15, BAM huge contraction..... and OMG I'm pushing and I CAN'T control it! Instantly they called back my other midwife who had just made it to her car. Then another contraction, another small push. Once my second midwife was back, 2 big pushes later and out she came!!

    Sophie Evelyn was born May 2nd at 9:25pm weighing 7lbs exactly, 20 in long and 100% perfect! She is so mellow, sleeps all the time and only cries when she's hungry... and even then it's more of a whimper.

    We are so in love with her, and her big sister is absolutely amazing with her.

    Anyways... onto some pictures!

    Meeting her big sister for the first time

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