Meet the Ladies of October '06!

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Meet the Ladies of October '06!

October 2006 Girls and Families!

Here you will find a little bit about our regulars here at October 2006! Pictures of our little ones, recent updates/news, our birth stories, and lots of other tidbits we wish to share!

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Rebecca’s Space!

I’m a 24 year old Canadian. I married the love of my life September 3rd, 2005. The second love of my life arrived November 10th, 2006 - my dear daughter Ella.

Our Wedding…


A few hours old… Born November 10th, 2006 at 10:52am, 8lbs 13oz.

Now 1 year old!…

Click here for my Birth Story and Journal

Recent News!

She's a walking, talking toddler! She now has 8 teeth poking through and her vocabulary includes: Mama, Daddy, doggie, kitty, bird, ow, baby, hot and Papa.


Breastfeeding has been a great birth control... unfortunately. Long cycles, short luteal phase. Currently giving B vitamins a shot and I actually o'd a semi-normal time the cycle. Come on BFP!

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Christina's Space
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Rebekah's Space

Hi my name is Rebekah, I am 22 and Jonathon is 23. Jonathon and I met back in highschool when I was in grade 9 and him in grade 10, it is really odd how we met but I am beyond exscatic that we did, I guess we are high school sweethearts LOL!!

He had alcohol poisioning and was out of school for 2 months and in the hospital in acoma for a long time he was only 15 and had 44% Blood Alcohol Level in his blood the doctors told the family/friends that he would never walk again and may never come out of acoma well he came to one night and got out of bed and walk, he knows how lucky he is to be alive because he knows he should have died, and he didn't but he was honestly close. When he tells his story it makes me cry everytime he saw that light that you hear about and then he woke up and had no clue where he was what had happened nothing at all. He was allowed to leave the hospital 1 week later the doctors told him not to go back to school right away untill they Ok it in a couple of months later. When he did the teachers decided in order for him to pass the year this was in March he had to go get help from the Resource and Methods Room and well I was in there because I can't and still can't do math so they stuck me in there with easy work so I was asked to help him it was english he was doing and that is what I did. I helped him all the time and saw him everyday untill he was done with the book To Kill A Mockingbird. He asked me out and I made him wait untill May before I gave him even an answer I didn't know who he was and I was so scared of guys at the time.

Jonathon and I started going together on May 21st, 2000 he was doing drugs, smoking cigerettes, and drank beer occasionly but never ever Bacardy Rum again.

By the time we graduated from highscool in the 2003, he stop doing drugs and hardly ever drinks he smokes still and that is Ok I don't do any of the 3 used to smoke but quit in grade 10 and never picked it up again. We graduated from a small school called P.A.L.S. on my birthday that was the best birthday present ever, getting my diploma and being done. His mom also graduated with us that year as well because she was getting her aldult diploma and where we didn't go to the high school we went to alternative school there were lots of adults there and it was actually an awesome experience and small classrooms and I loved that place.

Well I decided to go to college in the fall and got accepted to one in Moncton but it took a long while I wanted to take Child and Youth Care Worker so that is what I began doing but then the college went under in February and that was the end of that dream, and have never gone back again to any other one.

Jonathon and I worked Iknow one summer we work 2 and 3 different jobs one of them that we did together was work on a farm haying, and milking cows I loved that job and the ppl were great that we worked for but their son took over and he had 5 kids so they didn't need us anymore so it was winter and that was the end of that job. Jonathon worked security in out hospital and did that for quite awhile untill he was layed off. I started working on another farm but didn't like it as much as the one before but I stuck it out and continued to work there the bosses were not nice and made me do everything this was in year 2004 and Jonathon ended up getting laid off at the hopsital (short of work), so he worked with me on the farm we spent more time there than at home we worked 7 days a week for minum wage at the time $6.10 I worked there for a whole year and a half, they didn't pay us they owed us money were there the whole time on Christmas Day and well the deal was we were supposed to have New Years Eve off and well they told us that we had to work well Jonathon flipped because we had plans so as much as this sounds horrible we quit that day and never went back.

We had an awesome New years Eve together and well we decided it was time for a baby not knowing that it would only take that one time this was December 31st, 2005 Alexis was conceived....

I found out I was pregnant on January 20th and that was the best news ever. We were both surprised it happened so quick but we were extremly happy. I had my 1st doctor's appt on February 15 and I didn't like the fact that I had to go for blood i hate needles and hyperventilated on the poor nurses I knew it was going to happen it always did.

I was sick from about that time on 24/7 only in the afternoon and all night never in the morning. I was on 4 Dicletin and it only worked when it wanted to. I only ate in the morning all day and that was it so I went for alot of U/S to make sure the baby was gaining weight because I wasn't I kept losing it because I was so sick all the time. I went for my gender U/S on May 3rd and they told us we were having a girl so that was exciting it didn't matter to me or John either way though.

Well I was like that for the entire pregnancy and continue to go past my due date which was September 30th, 2006 went for lots of doctors aptts which were an hour away from where I live I went to them everyother day and then she told me they were going to induce me if I havn't gone into labour on my own well my induction day came October 10, 2006 she told me to wake up call the hospital to see if they have apace which they did so I ate and headed and we headed up there. We arrived there at 11:00am and they got things going, she checked me I was 1 cm dialted so there for she broke my water and got the me hook up to an IV which took forver and at one point of time they looked at John and asked him if he coudl calm me down and he asked " is that a needles you are sticking in her?" and the nurse said"yes we have to" so then he responed with "Good Luck with that one!" they finally got it after the 6th time I was crying, hyperventilating it was bad, once the nurse got it she taped up my entire arm there was no way she was putting me through that again.

They got everything all hooked up and the Pictocin in me by 11:30am and they were trying to tell me to get an Epideral NO WAY we they sticking a needles in my back I didn't want drugs and the IV was bad enough but I had no choice on that matter, they monitored me and I walked the halls and at the end I was too tired to walk so I went back to me room and actually decided to get the Epideral so i didn't have to walk anymore well the Epi doctor was called and we waited in the meantime they were telling me I was going to be there all day and all night so that is all they kept telling us, my contraxions were off the charts and coming really close together back to back, they continued to do this. They checked me and I was cm so I was making some progress but not much little did they know......

Jonathon went out for a smoke and I went to go pee well I had this major contraxion that I jumped off the toilet and peed all over the floor I was crying and felt soo bad and the nurse was really young and nice and told me I am not the 1st nor will I be the last which made me laugh and I thank her and she also todl me that I lose my dignity when I come to have a baby lol!

Well I got back into my bed and waited some more for the Epi doctor to come he was really busy that day. Jonathon had not been back either yet but I had the push feeling and I told the nurse she said no you shouldn't have that already you are only 3 cm dialted you have to be 10 cm so she decided to check me anyway and the baby was coming out when she checked and the doctor had left the building and they had to call her to come back to deliver the baby...

I pushed 4 times and our baby girl was out and where Jonathon was not there with me when she was born I got to cut the cord and pull her up to my chest that was an amazing experience. The baby was on the exam table and I was being stitched up because everything went so quick 2 hours and 10 min from start to finish so that was really good and no time for drugs LOL! Jonathon's brother went to walk in and well he looks at John and satys "ummmm John I think you missed something" He was disappointed but happy to hear that she was healthy she apgars were 10/10 both times so that was good they told him. I tried to breastfeed her because her sugars were low and well she would not latch on even though my milk had come in all the way, so they asked me if they could feed her an oz of formula and I agreed because it was for the benefit of the baby, and she took the bottle no problem at all.

I was done being stitched up and was told to take a shower OMG that was the best feeling thing ever and it was baby and daddy time when I was in there he got to see her, hold her and just look at her she looked identical to him with his blonde hair that he had as a child I was very surprise to hear the doctor say "oh look at that blonde hair!" I was thinking blonde hair are you sure?

Well I was done my shower and was wheeled to my room holding my baby girl while John wheeled me down the hallways and we went and got set up in our little space and then they took Alexis to do blood work and clean her up. I was feeling wonderful and Jonathon asked me "Ummmmm Hunny where did your belly go I lost it and was smaller than I started which was a bonus.

They brought the baby back in after a hour or so and I tried feeding her again and she still wouldn't latch I ended up having to use a nipple shield and had to go see a Lactaction Consulatant she just would not latch propertly unless I used the nipple shield so that is what I did. We got to go home on October 12, 2006 before she wasn't even 2 days old when we reached Sussex the clock turned 1:50pm that is when she was 48 hours old and we were almost home it was the best feeling ever it downpoured whne we left the hospial I was soaked and we covered Alexis so she wouldn't get wet.

We had to go to the Lactaction Consulatant every other day for 2 weeks it was also a hour away so that was not working and that is when I stopped breatfeeding Alexis because everytime we went in she wasn't gaining enough weight and they were concerned so we switch her to the bottle and she took it no problem and drank 16oz she was sooo hungry so I feel as I was starving her, but I know it wasn't on purpose.
Alexis Grace is what we named her and that is the name we had picked out before she was even born.

Alexis stats were....
7lbs 0oz
19.7 inches long

Today she is....
19lbs 2oz
29 inches long

So she has come a long way since we left the hospital and it was a wonderful experince and I was glad I didn't have to get the Epideral and that I had her with no pain meds.

She is happy and healthly and a busy little girl who doesn't stay still anymore. She can sit, crawl, clap her hands, wave goodbye and say babye she loves anything she can't have and finds everything she can get into.

Jonathon and I are busy planning a wedding and although this might sound strange we wanted to keep the original date that we started going out so that would be May 21st so that is the date for our wedding the only down fall is that it falls on a wednesday but we will work around that. I am so happy that we will be married next year if all things go right and that Alexis will be able to be our flower girl that is really important to both of us.

Although I didn't fulfill my dream of doing the career I wanted to do I did fulfill my dream of becoming a mom that is the best feeling and job ever and I wouldn't change it for the world!


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~Isaiah's Space~

After 17 months of trying off and on, finally TWO [COLOR=Magenta]PINK LINES![/COLOR]

The Big Ultrasound -- It's a [COLOR=RoyalBlue]BOY!!![/COLOR]

The Nursery

Stopping the pre-term labor at St. Mary's Hospital

Our awesome gift from the baby shower exchange

My only belly shot. Noah is loving up his new little brother to be.

Let's get this c-section on the road!

First Doctor's Appointment

Bathtime in the bathroom sink

Happy Halloween little pumpkin

Hospitalized with pneumonia

First Christmas

First Birthday

Christmas 2007

First Haircut

Big Boy Room

Isaiah loves airplanes

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Christa - Craig - Kendall

More to Come - under construction!

All about Christa
Christa Joy, 34 -- Birthdate: December 22, 1972

Christa's Family and Childhood:
Christa, who's father, John, was in the AirForce, grew up traveling the world. With her family, she has been fortunate enough to have lived in North Dakota, Italy, Texas, Germany & New Hampshire. Her mother, Carleen, is a sixth grade teacher who raised three beautiful girls; Christa is the oldest. Her parents and youngest sister Dyan live in North Dakota while her other sister Amy lives in Colorado.

Spreading her wings:
After graduating from High School in 1991, Christa attended University. She graduated in 1996 with a bachelor's in Computer Science. After stints with companies in ND, NE, & MO, she currently is employed as an Information Technology Audit Manager for Kellogg's in Oak Brook, IL. She holds certifications in Internal Auditing (CIA) and Information Technology Audit (CISA).

All about Craig
Craig Patrick, 41 -- February 14, 1966

Craig's Family and Childhood:
Craig is the fourth of five children born to Vincent and Arla Faye. His childhood was spent on a farm in small town Iowa. From his up bringing, Craig learned to appreciate the outdoors and still loves to play in the dirt / garden! His father worked at Caterpillar, as a tool maker for 22-1/2 years, while his mother stayed home to raise their family. His older brother Jeff and younger sister Michele still live in Iowa. Eldest brother Steve passed away in 2004 and older sister Theresa died shortly after birth.

Spreading his wings:
Craig graduated from High School in 1985. In 1988, after obtaining his bachelor's in Business Administration from Mount Mercy College in Cedar Rapids, Craig moved to Chicago to attend Graduate school at Northwestern University. In 1991, he received his Master's in Direct Marketing! After various other jobs in the Chicago land area, currently, Craig is employed as a Marketing Manager with Harrah's Entertainment in Joliet, IL.

Our Love Story
Anniversary Date: August 19, 2005

Pregnancy & Birth

The Pregnancy

Birth Story
Thursday, 10-5-06:
5:30 a.m.-7:00 a.m.: Christa woke up at 5:30 a.m. having contractions; while her whole belly would tighten and her back was a bit achy, the most pain was across her lower pelvis. The contractions were pretty painful, so she assumed they weren’t the braxton hicks she had experienced earlier. At the time, they were coming about every 20 minutes or so.

7:00 a.m.-11:00 a.m.: At about 7:00 Craig left for work and Christa fell back to sleep for a couple of hours. When she woke up, she was still having contractions, but they hadn’t increased in intensity and were still about 20 minutes apart.

11:00 a.m. – 3:00 p.m.: Christa decided to get up and do a few things around the house. She double checked her hospital bag and put in a few last minute items. Then she took a bubble bath, got dressed and did her hair and makeup. The contractions stopped for a few hours, so at this point she was thinking that she was in false labor and her body was still just preparing.

3:00 p.m.- 5:30 p.m.: At around 3:00 p.m. the contractions started back up and she was feeling a bit nauseous. So, she thought she better put a little something on her stomach, so at about 4:00, she ate a cheese sandwich. The contractions were now about 10 minutes apart, very painful, and now shooting pain down the front of her thighs with each one.

5:30 p.m.– 7:00 p.m.: Craig came home at 5:30 and we got ready to go to Christa's 39/40 week OB Appointment. At the appointment, Christa had lost 2 ½ pounds, the baby was head down and the heart rate was good, but they kept losing it on the doppler. They did an internal and said Christa was about 80% effaced and barely 1 cm dilated. However, her blood pressure which had been great the whole pregnancy was elevated to 140/80. They re-checked it and it measured 150/80. The doctor decided to send Christa to labor and delivery to be monitored for two hours and do blood and urine tests. It was now just after 7 p.m.

7:00 p.m. – 8:30 p.m.: Since Christa didn’t have her insurance card with her (it was packed in my hospital bag), we decided to head home first and get it. Craig decided we should take the bags with us just in case, but at this point, Christa was still thinking we would be coming home! On the way to the hospital we also noticed that it was a full moon!!

8:30 p.m. – 11:30 p.m.: We got to the hospital and they hooked Christa to the monitors about 8:30 p.m. Her blood pressure was jumping all over, but appeared to increase with the contractions. The machine was measuring the pressure of her stomach with each contraction; without a contraction it was about 14 and with the contractions was rising into the 80 & 90’s. The nurses said these were really strong contractions! Christa was still feeling them concentrated in her lower pelvis and down the front of her thighs.

By the time the two hours were up, the doctor decided that Christa's blood pressure was stable enough to be safe and the blood and urine work came back good. However, Christa was throwing up and her contractions were now between 2 and 4 minutes apart. In addition, for the past hour or so, she had been experiencing coupling/clustering contractions. Essentially, the contractions would come in two’s and three’s one right after the other before pausing for the 2-4 minutes. The nurse said these types of contractions are pretty rare. They rechecked Christa and said she was about 80% effaced and was now a loose 1 cm dilated. The doctor still considered this early labor since she wasn’t really progressing. We were told our options were 1) get up and walk around for about an hour and they would recheck for progress, 2) go home and by morning the contractions would either have progressed and we would be back or they would have quit, or 3) stay the night in the hospital where they could administer pain and anti-nausea medicine. It was now 11:30 p.m.

Friday, 10-6-06
12 Midnight: At midnight, Christa was moved from the triage area to a labor/delivery/post-partum room since we decided to stay; they gave her nubain for the pain and something for nausea via a shot in her butt. They also kept her hooked to the monitors.

3:45 a.m.: At 3:45 a.m. the doctor came in and did an internal exam and Christa was now 4 cm dilated, still having the coupling/clustering contractions and in a lot of pain. They decided to start an IV, break her water, and give her the epidural – even with all her concerns / hesitations about the epidural, when they asked if she wanted it, she immediately said yes. She was just in too much pain. The epidural had to be done twice, since they couldn’t get the line to feed the first time, but it really wasn’t painful, just a slight burn when they numbed the spot to insert the needle. The epidural made Christa totally numb from her hips down. She could still feel pain with the contractions in her lower pelvis, but the epidural provided a little relief since she no longer felt them in her thighs. She was also hooked to a catheter, but didn’t feel that being placed at all; if they hadn’t told her about it, she would never have known! Christa tried to sleep, but it didn’t work!

5:00 a.m.: At about 5:00, the doctor decided the epidural had slowed down the contractions a bit so she hooked Christa up to pitocin to keep them going. Not only did the pitocin increase the frequency, but also the intensity of the contractions. Christa didn’t like this drug at all!

6:00 a.m.: Christa was re-checked at 6:00 a.m. and they said she was now at 8 cm! The doctor told Craig that we would have a baby within a few hours. So, within just two hours, Christa dilated from a 4 to an 8!

7:15 a.m. – 9:16 a.m.: At 7:15 a.m. Christa was checked again and they said she was now at 10 cm and ready to push! So, in just one hour, she dilated the remaining two centimeters. The nurse had Christa pushing with every other contraction since they were coming so close together and they needed to allow the baby and Christa some recovery time.

By 8:00 a.m. Christa was throwing up again and the baby started showing some signs of distress, they were having difficulty keeping track of her heart rate and she appeared to be periodically skipping a beat. So, they put the baby on an internal monitor, which seemed to show the same thing. At about 9:00 a.m., the doctor decided to give Christa an episiotomy and use the vacuum to help pull the baby out. They used three different vacuums before the doctor had a good suction. As a precaution, they also called in the perinatologist (sp? – a doctor who specializes in infants) to be there once the baby was born.

9:16 a.m.: At 9:16 a.m. our beautiful daughter made your debut. Once she was out, the doctor cut her cord and immediately passed her off to the perinatologist. She didn’t cry right away, which concerned Christa, but as soon as she asked why the baby wasn’t crying the whole room laughed as the baby cried right on cue!

It turns out that Kendall had the cord wrapped around her torso and her arm. Her legs and one arm looked gray/purple when she was first born. But, she checked out fine with apgar scores of 8 & 9!! We also had to ask the doctor whether it was a boy or girl – she forgot to tell us!

Even with the episiotomy, Christa still tore. The doctor said she has a fourth degree tear. While the doctor delivered the placenta and gave Christa stitches, Craig watched them clean up our daughter and took lots of pictures! He was then able to hold her and brought her over to meet her Mommy!

They told us that Christa's total "active" labor time was considered less than 9 hours and was great for a first time Mommy! We are so in love and still getting settled; Kendall is nursing about every 2-3 hours and doing wonderfully. When we left the hospital her weight was down to 6 lbs, 7oz. But, her jaundice and PKU tests came back normal!

All about Kendall

Kendall made her debute October 6, 2006 at 9:16am. She weighed 6lbs, 14oz and was 19.5 inches long. Since then, she has been growing and growing!

Kendall's Growth Stats:
4 mo Stats: 13pds, 5oz and 24-3/4 inches long
6 mo Stats: 14pds, 9oz (20%) and 26 inches long (56%)
9 mo Stats: 17lbs (18%) and 27-3/4 inches long (56%)
1 yr Stats: 18pds, 6oz (10%) and 28-1/4 inches long (24th Wacko
15 mo Stats: 20pds, 1oz (11%), 31 inches (67%), head circumference is 45.3(32%)
18 mo Stats: 22lbs, 10oz (22%), 32 inches (55%), head circumference 47cm (61%)

2 yr Stats: 25pds, 4oz. (33%) and 33.5 inches (43%)

Kendall's major milestones:

Latest News

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First came Love...then came marriage...

Then came the baby in the baby carriage...

The Latest...


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We met as friends when we were younger. He was far too old to be anything other than my best friends cousins friend for a while, but as i got older i started to see him in a different light. He asked me out after seeing me do a bungee jump when i was 16. I told him that i would go to the cinema with him as a friend but i wasnt interested in anything else! Lol 10 years later we were married in Vegas. Biggrin

On 16 October 2006 our baby boy was born. On 17 October 2006 he died.

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My name is Jen. I am 30 years old. My birthdate is 3/2/1977. My DH Jon is also 30. We live in Illinois, in the Chicago area. We were married on September 30, 2000.


After TTC for 3 years, and going through 1 round of invitro-fertilization, we were blessed to find out that we were expecting! We found out on February 22, 2006, one of the happiest days of my life! I had a wonderful pregnancy, and I loved every second of it!! The feeling of Connor kicking for the first time was just amazing. I had no morning sickness, and I felt good the entire time (except for the last 3 weeks or so when it was becoming hard to move around!). I only gained 14 lbs. I did have borderline gestational diabetes, but it was controlled with diet. My due date was October 31, 2006.

My last belly pic, the day before my water broke at 38 weeks, 3 days:


Connor Michael was born on October 22, 2006 at 7:17pm. He weighed 8 lbs 10 oz, and was 20.5 inches long.
Here is my birth story:
On Saturday October 21, I wasn’t feeling real good. I was real tired and my body was achey so I decided to just lay around. Jon had gone into work to finish up a job, so I had the house to myself. I laid down in bed around 1:00pm to take a nap. Around 2:30pm, I jumped out of bed and ran to the bathroom, realizing that my water had just broken! What a weird feeling!

So, I was in the bathroom still trying to figure out if this was really happening, since I had been to the doctor the day before and had really not progressed at all, and I had no labor signs. I was a fingertip dilated, and soft, but not effaced and the baby had not dropped. I was convinced he wouldn’t be born until November. I called Jon immediately to let him know. He was ready to come home, but I told him I was going to call the doctor first. I called the doctors office, and he called me back within 5 minutes. I explained that I was not having any contractions, so he said since it was my first baby, to just stay at home and to call him when I started getting regular contractions. He said I should start having contractions within 12 hours.

Around 8pm, I still wasn’t noticing anything - the doctor ended up calling me back to check on me. He told me if I started getting anything regular in the middle of the night, to just head to the birthing center and he would be calling them to let them know I was coming. If nothing happened, he told me to head to the hospital at 7am the next morning, which was Sunday October 22.

I decided to try and get some rest, although it’s hard when you have a constant seepage of the water leaking out! I managed to sleep a couple hours intermitently, but I was too excited and anxious.

When we got ready to leave in the morning, I was having some very mild contractions, but nothing consistant – maybe 10-15 minutes apart, but barely noticeable. We packed up everything and headed to the hospital. When we got there, they said they were expecting us and took me right to my room. I got undressed, got into bed and they hooked me up to the monitors, and checked me. I was still only a fingertip dilated and 0% effaced. They started an IV of antibiotics to prevent infection since my water had been ruptured for over 12 hours, and they started pitocin at 8:30am to get things moving. The baby’s heart rate was good and I was contracting every 6-8 minutes.

I just laid in bed at that point, and watched TV. Within 30 minutes, I already started feeling the contractions getting closer together and stronger. It was bearable until around 11:30am when all of a sudden they were coming every 2 minutes and were becoming very painful. I started crying at that point because I was so uncomfortable. I decided to request an epidural at that time. By this point I was 3 cm dilated and 100% affaced. I had gone from 0-100% in 3 hours. The epidural doc got to my room around 12pm. Within 10 minutes, I felt so much better. I was very comfortable and just laid in my bed talking to Jon and my parents and sister who were there visiting.

At 2pm, they checked me again and I was at 8 cm, got checked again at 4pm and I was 9 cm. I was starting to feel the pressure of the contractions and got the feeling to push. They told me to breathe through it, and I tried, but it was so hard! They checked again at 5:15pm and I was almost at 10 cm but not yet complete. At 6pm, I was finally fully dilated and ready to start pushing.

The nurse held my left leg and Jon held my right leg. I started feeling a contraction and started to push – at first I didn’t know if I was doing it right because I couldn’t feel anything happening. My contractions were really inconsistant at this point – sometimes they were 2 minutes, sometimes 4, so we wouldjust sit and wait for another one. I started feeling the baby’s head coming down after about 30 minutes. The nurse and Jon were so supportive – they could see the baby’s head crowing, and they told me he had a little bit of hair! That was so exciting to me and really motivated me to give some good pushes. Once the baby’s head was out, she told me to look down and I could see him coming out – after 1 hour and 15 minutes of pushing, Connor Michael was born 9 days early, and he came out screaming! He weighed 8 pounds 10 ounces. I couldn’t believe I was carrying a 9 pound baby! When they put him on my chest, I immediately started to cry. It was such an emotional moment for me – just absolutely amazing. Jon was also very emotional and we just looked at our son in amazement. Jon went over to the warmer to take pictures and immediately started sending the pics to everyone in our address books while I delivered the placenta and they stitched up the episiotomy. I didn’t tear at all.

Jon went out to the waiting room to tell everyone and after about an hour, my parents, my sister and Jon’s parents came in to see me and the baby. They were so excited and proud, especially my parents because Connor is their first grandchild.

Before they moved me to my post partum room, I had to get up after the epidural wore off and go to the bathroom. I felt like I needed to go, but barely nothing would come out.
The nurse explained that sometimes the epidural will cause the bladder to not work right

After everyone left, they moved me to my post partum room – the nurse came in to check my uterus. It was smaller and firm, but I was bleeding very heavily, especially when they pushed on my stomach. She said the full bladder can cause pressure on the uterus which causes heavy bleeding. I had to get a catheter and have that in through out the night because the epidural had not completely warn off. It wasn’t too bad because I was so sore, I could barely get out of the bed. Once they emptied my bladder, the bleeding eased up. I couldn’t sleep though just from being so excited about the baby’s birth!

I started feeling better and better everyday and Connor was doing great. We were discharged on Tuesday October 24.

We are really enjoying our son – he is just absolutely perfect and we love him so much. I never knew I could love someone as much as I love my son. We are so happy and feel so blessed to finally have the family we had been dreaming of for so long.

Connor's first picture:

Our first "family picture" taken a few minutes after the birth:


As of 1/31/08
Weight: 22 lb 5 oz
Height: 32 inches


Connor is a ball of energy! Walking, running, talking a lot - he never stops moving!

He has 11 teeth now (3 molars) - he says so many words now too - his favorites are down, no, and ball. He also says mama, dada, cheese, wow, night-night, water, book, bath, duck, socks, shoe, nana (for banana)

He has a great appetite and eats pretty much anything we give him. He LOVES his vegetables and fruit - bananas especially. He is off bottles, and he practicing using a spoon and fork.

Jon and I are in the middle of our 2nd IVF cycle. We are doing a frozen embryo transfer. I started BCP on 1/01/08, and have gone through that, Lupron, and I am currently on estrogen injections every other day until my uterine lining is up to 10mm. Once we reach that, we will stop the estrogen, and Lupron, and start progesterone injections. I go to the doc on Monday 2/4 to check my lining. If it's thick enough, we will be doing the transfer on 2/11. It is getting so close! We are super excited and are just praying that we are blessed a 2nd time.

More updates to come!

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Laurie's space...

Cassidy Elizabeth
Born - October 5, 2006
6 lbs. 10 oz.

Recent pics -

Santa Parade 11/07

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Becoming Mom and Dad
My husband and I decided it was time for kids and a month later I was knocked up. I was a little taken aback that it happened so quickly, but we had waited a while. In August DH and I mark our tenth year of marriage, our first child will be ten months old. I think that's kinda cool.

Life with Anaya
So Far...

On October 20 2006 at 1:48pm Anaya was born. She weighed 7lbs 11oz.
She spent her first week in the NICU getting antibiotics to treat her lungs.
It seems like that was a lifetime ago, but I won't ever forget those long days by her bed. She came home happy, healthy gained weight, nursed like a champ, slept well. I got so lucky, just a great baby. She was born with hip dysplasia, however, we have seem some pretty strange things in the process of dealing with that. She wore a plavik harness for six weeks beginning at four months, at six months she went into her first of two casts. Her treatment is nearly and end (We hope). On July 2nd her cast will finally come off!!!!

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Reserved! (Ditto Laurie...stupid computers!)

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Amy's Spot....

To be continued!

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PVP in the hospital:

PVP recent:

I dunno why she wanted to completely change her hair colour and style. Must take after her mummy!

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Salstas Space

I am the one they call Sally. Or Salferret. Or Salsta. Or Sallymander. Im 29 and I live in South Wales in the UK with my other half Dave and our precious daughter Ava Rose who was born on September 27th 2006. We've also got 2 moggies called Oscar and Harvey who like to think they rule the roost!! At the mo, I am currently on a 2 year career break from my job as a tax officer. I am loving being a SAHM!!

Here is a pic of me and my other half, Dave. We met in work 5 years ago and moved in together in 2004.

I fell pregnant in January 2006 after suffering from a miscarriage in October in 2005. We were all over the moon!! Our families were just as excited cos it was the first grandchild on my side of the family and the first grandchild in 10 years on Daves side. My pregnancy was quite eventful what with high blood pressure, kidney infections, bladder infections, bowel infections, SPD....Ha ha!! I still loved every minute of being pregnant. Here is my 20 week scan and a pic of me a few weeks before I gave birth!!

My precious girl (we didnt know she was a girl at the time!)

And here I am at around 36 weeks!!

My Darling Daughter
My baby girl was born on September 27th 2006 at 10.20am weighing 8lbs 2 and a half oz. She was born by a planned c section after 2 failed attempts at induction. The doctors wanted to induce me as according to the scans at 36 weeks, she was weighing around 11 lbs!! Um, think they got it wrong there!! The section was an amazing experience and seeing my daughter for the first time was the best moment of my life. Here she is minutes after the birth;

Here are some of my favourite photos of Ava Rose;
First family photo

First Christmas

First snow

On her Naming Day on March 3rd 2007

First solids!!

Mammy and baby hugs!!

Ava as she is today!!

Avas News
June 21st 2007 - Ava Rose now has 2 teeth. She has one on the top and one on the bottom!! The top tooth came through first then the bottom one arrived a week later! She doesnt seem to be in a lot of pain with them which is great!!
Walking wise, I dont think we are far off Ava doing a proper walk across the room. She can pull herself up and lean on things for ages, looking around. When we hold her hands, she can walk for a good 10 feet.

July 17th 2007 - We are up to 5 teeth now!! Still havent had a complete walk but she does stand on her own for around 10 seconds now before flopping on to her bum again!! Ava has had her first pair of shoes fitted and even though they buckle up, its still a nightmare keeping them on! We have just had our first family holiday together and it was amazing!!

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Hi, I'm Aimee and I'm 32 years old. My husband Boyd is 36 and we've been married for 4 wonderful years! We were TTC for about 6 months and I got pregnant my first cycle on Clomid (yes, the miracle maker Smile Our little girl Emily is growing so fast and she's about to become a big sister! We are expecting a little boy on Aug 2, 2008!

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My name is Catherine. I was born in Rochester, NY. My parents liked to buy and renovate old houses, so I never stayed in one town log until I was about 12. We moved to Shelter Island, NY. I small, very small, island between the north and south forks of Long Island. You have to take a ferry to get there. Here I attended middle and high school. When I was in 10th grade one of my best friends started dating a boy from another town, his name was Matt. When they broke up, my friend wanted me to be mean to him over AIM so she gave me his screen name. We started talking and 6 months later we decided to meet. Our second date was August 2, 2000, and we have been together since. We moved to Cape Cod, MA so i could attend college, and 2 years later we found out we were expencting our first child. We moved back to New York to be close to Family, and we got married October 23, 2004. March1, 2005 our son Elijah was born. We had moved back to Shelter Island where I worked as a book keeper. When we got pregnant we baby #2, we were over joyed by worried, we had no money, one car, and a one bedroom apartment. We had to make some changed fast, so we worked hard and got a bigger apartment and banked some money to get ready for the babies upcoming birth. Hayden Dean was born September 28, 2006. We shortly after moved to another town to a bigger house.

Catherine 24
Matthew 25
Married October 23, 2004
Elijah 3-1-05
Hayden 9-28-06

We do not plan on expanding our family any time soon, but I think once the kids are in school we may try for a girl.

Hayden's Birth:

Hayden was due October 4. We were worried I would go into labor when my husband was at work, leaving me home with no car, so we scheduled an induction for September 28. I was admitted into the hospital September 27 to begin the process. As soon as they put me on the monitors they said that I was already in labor. They put in the cervagel anyway just to help things along. I stayed the night at the hospital, and I sent my husband home with Elijah. The next morning (5am) they came in and took the cervagel out, I had not yet dialated anymore (was 3cm for a week before). The moved me to the birthing suite and by 8am I was in full blown labor. Dh arrived shortly after. They never needed to use pitocin, I was just naturally in labor. By 10ish I was about 6cm and just about dying in pain. Around 11:30 I sent dh out to have lunch with his buds from work. Just before he left I was given the epidural. So dh is gone, I am trying to take a nap, and after 30 minutes and I wake to what feels like hell. the epidural had stopped working and I was ready to push. doctor was in a c-section and needed me to hold the baby in. Literally, thats what they asked me to do. At the time, I actually thought I was going to die. I had never experienced such pain, and this baby wanted out! Dh got back just in time, the doc had finished up the csection and I was ok'ed to start pushing. During the actual pushing, I felt no pain, I was napping inbetween pushes, they actually couldnt keep me awake. it was just weirest feeling, it was this calm that came out of no where. Hayden Dean was born at 1:38pm (i think). he looked huge and pink and cute as ever. During the delivery of the placenta the doc let me know that i had a 4th degree tear that she was having difficulties fixing. She said my tiisues were so think and damaged from my first delivery that she would have to really "get in there" and fix things up. 40 stitches later, I was comfertable and holding my new little baby. We had a pleasent hospital stay, although i couldnt breastfeed, and we headed home with both kids.

Life at home with 2 kids:
Elijah cried the whole way home from the hospital. He was scared of his new brother, and didnt like his crying. The first couple weeks were long and hard, but Elijah very quickly fell in love. The boys are 18 months apart, and as hard as it can be at times, they are such great children and amaze me every day with their intellegence. I love them dearly.

Hayden to date:
Hayden is walking, running, climbing, and jumping.
He says: mama, dada, ball, bra (brother), cat, dog, dat (that), more, uh oh, baba, ma (grandma), ayiya, book, door, nanana (banana), go, bath
to be continued.....

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eat me.

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Still working on it

Bill and I met in October of 1994 at the Univ. of South Carolina when we were both freshmen. We were set up by my roommate and his friend. We dated all through college, and were married 5 days after we both graduated and Bill was commissioned into the Navy, on December 19, 1998.

Bill then got stationed in Charleston, SC, then onto Groton, CT, followed by a 3 year stint in Washington State. I attended the Univ. of WA where I got my Masters of Nursing. We travelled, I went to see him on Port Calls, and we had a lot of fun in the years we were married before we had kids. Here is a picture of us, at our last Sub Ball in WA, right around the time we got pregnant with Elizabeth

While we were driving cross country from Washington to Virginia, in the middle of Arizona, we found out we were pregnant with our first dd Elizabeth. On January 10, 2004 we became parents

We found out we were pregnant with Sarah on January 18, 2006.

On September 13, 2006 at 37 weeks 5 days pregnant, while I was getting ready to go to the gym, my water broke with a bang, and later that day we welcomed our second precious daughter, Sarah Janet into the world. She weighed 7 lbs, 6 oz and was 20 inches long

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Lets see...
My DH and I (Pedro) met a long time ago when we were still in high school. It's a funny story, I was on the city bus and a car with 2 cute guys drove up beside us at the stop light. My friends dared me to wave, so of course I did. Then we realized who was in the car, the 2 most popular guys at the public High School! All of my friends had a crush on one of them (Pedro) except me. I just didn't see the point since I had never even met him. Well, he called me the following week. Turns out he asked everyone he knew until he found out who I was, and then asked more people until he found someone who would give him my number. We've been together since then, 14 years.

Pedro proposed to me a few years later after I left for university. We had broken up since he couldn't handle the long distance relationship, but after a very close call he realized that he had made a big mistake. My family was not happy that I was engaged at 20, but Pedro promised me (and them) that we would wait until I had graduated to get married.

Fast forward to October 2, 2004. Pedro and I were finally married in a small community museum at the chapel. It was very cool, we got to take pictures in and outside of the historical buildings. We had a family dinner with 35 guests at a local restaurant, then went back to our house (The Farm) for desserts. I didn't want the expense of a traditional wedding cake, so I bought 3 gourmet cakes from the bakery and had way more cake than anyone should ever eat!

We decided that I would stop taking my MS medication the previous summer and start to TTC. When we moved the next fall (October 2005) Pedro and I were starting to have doubts, since we had been trying for 15 months. We weren't temping or anything, and my doc didn't want me to do that either. We had a very stressful year and he said that my body wasn't ready to have a baby because of it. So in December 2005 he gave me the go ahead to start temping, half way through my cycle.

So when the end of January came and went with no sign of AF and constantly sore boobs I knew I was pregnant. But I waited until I was a week late to POAS. I had a shower, then started drying my hair. I already knew I was preggers, but I was so scared to see the truth. I have to say that was the darkest pink line I have ever seen!! Pedro and I were estatic! he called everyone in his family right away, but I waited until the next day to tell anyone since I wanted to see my mom's reaction face to face.

I had a relatively normal pregnancy. Average weight gain, no GD, but I was borderline, so I had to be careful what I ate.

On August 25 we had our last party as a childless couple. It was called "Pedro's Last Hurrah!" I planned so much for that party, but during it I ended up in the basement hugging the dog and sobbing. I just wanted everyone to go home!

Apparently that was the beginning of labour. The next morning at 7:45 I got up thinking I had peed a little. I went to the washroom, cleaned up then back into bed. Same thing 5 mins later. I sat on the toilet in fear for about 5 mins. I couldn't believe it, the baby wasn't due for another 6 weeks!. I cleaned up again, but as soon as I stood up I was wet again. I went and sat on the edge of the bed, debating whether to wake Pedro up. He had been up late the night before celebrating. Everyone had been quite drunk but me.

But I had to wake him. he panicked a bit. I woke up my twin sister (who had stayed the night) laughing my head off. I kept saying "I can't put my pants on!!" Have you ever tried to put pants on with water running down your leg?? Eventually I shoved a big handtowel down my pants and ran out to the car.

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reserved.... if i have time Smile

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Reserved for Jan (Four4us) as soon as I re-orient myself with this site again!

After I had Charlotte I went on Maternity leave for a year and a bit and we don't have the internet at home so I had to leave here for a bit- but now I am back!!!

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