Melynda's (Melychang) Lodge!
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Thread: Melynda's (Melychang) Lodge!

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    Default Melynda's (Melychang) Lodge!

    Congrats on your lodge, Melynda! I can't wait to follow your homebirth journey!

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    Welcome to your lodge
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    Hooray, Another lodge! Congrats, I look forward to hearing your story!

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    Welcome to your lodge! (have I mentioned how much I LOVE this idea??)

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    Congrats on being so close, can't wait to hear about your journey.

    Tell us about yourself.
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    Yeah! I am so excited that I finally have a lodge. I have enjoyed reading everyone else's so much that I have really looked forward to this stepping stone. I hope I can do a lodge justice!

    A little about me, I am 24 and as of Sunday married for one year to Mike. A great husband and he is going to be a great dad! I am not the best with details but if anyone listens to country music and knows of the song by George Strait "It Just Comes Naturally" That is how I think of our relationship!

    I have been wanting a baby for two years, ever since I was fortunate enough to be able to attend my friend's birth of her daughter. It was the most amazing thing and so emotional. I wanted to cry whenever she had a contraction and I finally did bawl at one point. You would think that seeing a birth would deter me from wanting to have a child, but no it increased the desire like 100 fold! But I wanted to take care of a few things first like marriage and houses.

    I have had an amazing pregnancy! I am really astonished because the only pregnancy I have experienced was my friend's and for her it was horrible. I really enjoy being pregnant. My only complaint is sometimes I wish my baby would move more. But then from what I have heard, it could be a good thing after the baby is born.

    So right now I am exhausted and really looking forward to finishing work. 3 more days, tomorrow is going to be horrible because I have a staff meeting in the evening so I will be working for 13 hrs! Thankfully I have a fairly easy job, which I love.

    Today was also my home visit! It was great despite the stress of trying to get my house clean. I am not a clean freak but I get so stressed when people come over. The visit went very well, uneventful, but my mw and I got to talk about the various situations that could come up during the birth. Like Karly had mentioned in her lodge, I don't have any fear yet but I do want to find it and get in touch with my fear so that it doesn't hit my like a train during labour or something.

    Well, that is my novel for now. Thanks for this wonderful venue to express my thoughts and recieve fabulous support.
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    YAY for almost being on maternity leave! I have been fortunate to not work through this pregnancy, I'd have probably died, quit, or been fired

    I am so glad your homevisit went well, that's exciting! And I agree, better to deal with any fears early than to get broadsided. I think we have both been reading too much "Birthing From Within".

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    I'm so thrilled to follow another homebirth lodge. You ladies are so inspirational. I'm glad things are going so well!!

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    Hi Melynda and welcome to your lodge! How very exciting. I love your picture of your hubbie and puppy dog - it is absolutely adorable.

    I think that is so incredible that you got to attend your friend's birth first hand and see how "it all works"! How very inspirational.

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    Hi Melynda---look forward to sharing this time with you!

    How cool that you were able to attend your friend's birth--I think that is great and that people either respond to the experience with a big I'm going natural or quick give me meds Glad you found it inspirational...

    Glad you had a good home visit. Mine is on Monday and I'm eager to figure out "logistics" and it will make it so much more real.
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