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Sending lots of love to you Melynda. Ally will be fine. We were in the same boat and it does get better. She will gain and grow. I am so sorry for your BFing troubles. No advice here. BTDT. But if Ally is willing to nurse, then I have hope for you that you will be able to get up your supply. I think the Domperidone would have worked for me if my DD was interested at all in nursing.

But know that you are a great mom and Ally is lucky to have you. I know how heart breaking it is to formula feed. I hope your supply increases, but if not, it will be ok. She will do well and you will do well. It takes time, but it does get better.

Feel free to PM me anytime if you need to vent or a friendly ear.

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I'm hoping that the extra water and herbs will do the trick. Sounds good that Ally is willing to nurse, so hopefully things will turn around. Good luck.

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I had an emergency c/s with my first, and on top of it he ended up in NICU, due to strep B infection, and nothing about his birth became what/how I had pictured it before hand. What has helped me deal with that, was talking, talking and talking about it. Tell people what you went through, sharing and talking about it help you to come to "term" with the situation, and it will also help you to heal emotionally. It was a very traumatic situation for me, and I too, had a hard time breastfeeding. we got trush, and I was determined to breastfeed because all advocates how good it is for you and the baby - so I rented an electrical medela pump at the hospital and pumped for three months. I wasn't able to breastfeed properly until he was 4 months old and I could starting giving him oatmeal and carrots and things. When I felt that I wasn't the only one who could feed him and that his weightgain depended on me I was finally able to relax and breastfeed without any problems.

I hope you can talk to people about your birth experience and how it wasn't what you had expected, because that will help you heal emotionally.