my 3rd boy

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my 3rd boy

Even it was my third delivery .. i couldnt beleive my time came out...
i felt a strange pain in my left side.. i went walking in my room.. then it stopped this was 6pm then i went with my husband and 2 lovely sons to the mall.. nothing went wrong i felt nothing i ate icecream and went walking.. and walking until 11pm i was at home..

i gave my lovely sons a warm bath then sat with them until they slept during this iwas having little pain comimg ang going but i was little pain i ignored...

i went bed at 1am and i put my head on the billow .. i started to think might be the contractions .. !!! so i decided to watch the clock and count.. i was surprised that only 7 mints between the contractions... that time was sured that my labour stared ... i had a v.quick shower .. then my husban came asking me ar u feeling well why ur having shower this time .. i told him i must go hospital now.. he was surprised why u didnt tell me what was happing with u... i told him plz hurry up .. we left our sons with my mother in law ...

after getting into car i started to have painfull contractions after 10 mints we were at hospital .. i went hurry up to emergency .. after doctor examination i knew it was 9cm ..

At 3am my lovely 3rd son came in.. that time i thought it was my easiest delivery.. i was blessed..