My emergent c-section

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My emergent c-section

This is my birth story for dd Elizabeth. She was due on April 11, but was born on March 27 by emergent c-section. That was the scariest day of my life in addition to being the most wonderful day of my life!

I had my regular doctor’s appointments (regular ob and perinatologist) on Monday, March 24. Elizabeth passed the nonstress test and the biophysical profile at the perinatologist’s office. At my regular ob’s I was still only 1 cm dilated and soft. He stripped my membranes and said he wanted to see me on Thursday. I went to my Thursday appointment, and I was 1.5 cm. He stripped my membranes again, and then sent me over to the hospital for another nonstress test.

They started the nonstress test on me at about 11:30 am. Elizabeth’s heartrate was running about 150, but after about 15 minutes it took a huge dive – down into the low 50’s high 40’s – but I still felt her moving, so I wasn’t too worried. The nurse came in and said that I was being admitted, and the dr. was going to induce me in the morning. I was there by myself – I had drove our car (we commute together) to the appt. and my DH was at work with no way to get to me. I tried calling my mom and couldn’t get her either. They left me hooked up to the monitors (man do I hate those belly bands), and got me admitted (thankfully, I had just preregistered on Monday). I finally got my SIL on the phone, and she said she would find mom for me.

In the meantime, the nurses come back and say they are moving me to a labor room and the dr. is going to induce me NOW! :shock: !!! I’m still alone, can’t get hold of anyone, and they’re inducing me!!! As soon as I get in the labor room and after they get the IV put in my hand, I’m on the phone searching for family! The pitocin got started and I call DH, and tell him they are inducing now, to try to come asap. I finally reach MIL who said she would go get him and bring him in. While I’m on the phone to MIL (about 10 minutes after pitocin started), a BUNCH of nurses come flying in – they turn the pitocin off, said she’s not tolerating the contractions (which I haven’t even felt yet), and they are getting me ready for a section. I just totally broke down – and told MIL to GET DH NOW! The nurses catheterize me (ouch!), shave me and I don’t even remember what else they did to me. Within about 10 minutes I was being rolled down the hall to surgery.

On the way to surgery – we run into mom – thank heavens – at least now I wasn’t alone through all of this! They get me in the operating room – and the anesthesiologist does the spinal on me. He said my feet should start feeling warm, and then tingle and the sensations should move up my legs. It only affected my left leg :shock: for what seemed like the longest time! They went ahead and laid me back on the table, and after a few minutes, everything finally went numb (anesthesiologist said he’d never had that happen before – what a comforting thought :?). DH finally arrived, and the dr. was right on his heels. At 3:15pm Elizabeth Michelle was born. Her umbilical cord was wrapped tightly around her neck. If I had gone into labor on my own (especially at home – 1 hour away from the hospital), we’d have lost her! She came out screaming, and screamed for about 10 minutes. She was 7 lb 11 oz and 20 inches long, and as you can see from her pic in my siggy – had lots and lots of black hair!

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How sweet!!...and quick!! Lol

She is beautiful!

Thank you for sharing your birth story with us. It's good to know that the staff acted quickly and your little girl is healthy and happy now Smile