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my little man

my son fredrick john was born on july 28 2007. he weighed 3lbs 3 ozs. he was 15 1/2 inches long.he was also born at 28 weeks. i went for the rutine ultrasound on wednesday july 18th... it went great. that afternoon i got really crampy, but i was wooking so i didn't pay any attention to it.I had those craps untill i desided to go to the hospital friday july 20. when i went i found out that i was contracting....which they shot me up with 4 shots so they can stop the contracting and then i got 2 shots so that they can mature my sons lungs.just in case i had the baby. they sent me home on pills to stop the contractions. I was fine.... i counldn't of felt any better. then on monday night i woke up to use the bathroom and there was blood in my underware. I when and asked my husband to call my parents so i had a babysitter for my other 3 kids. i went back to the bathroom to go pee again and the blood was pouring into the toliet. my husband called 911 and i went by ambulance to the hospital.when i got there they took ultrasound and found out i had a hematoma (bruise on the inside of my stomach) that was causing my placenta to pull away from the uterus wall (placenta abrubtion is what they called it).They then they transported me to a hospital that could take care of my baby when he was born. They said that i would be there till i had the baby. now i'm thinking what about my other 3 kids... ages 11 months, 3 years and 6 years.i was not aloud out of bed i was catherized. i couldn't even wash myself they had a nurse wash me. my hair hadn't been washed in 3 days. The hospital i was in was 1 hour away from home....i was so scared.i had a full time job. my husband had a full time job and we had the other kids what do i do. On saturday the 28th i was feeling great and i had planned that my other children see me the next day. i was finally happy. then around 9:00 pm i started to feel really sick the checked me it was ok they said that it would pass. my husband called i told him that i couldn't talk i didn't feel good. as i hung up the doctor said that they were taking my son.the nurse asked if i wanted to call some one to come ....of couse my remeber that he was 1 hour away , taking care of our other children. i called him and he said what and he hung up on me. i guess he called my parents and my sisters watched the other kids and Mike( my husband) and my parents came.meanwhile i was rushed into the operating room. they took him out and i was bleeding soo bad.they did everything they needed to to . they found 700 milleters of blood in my uterus.i got a quick look at my tiny little boy. he looked so sick.they took him strait to the nicu.i didn't see him till the next morning because they had to intabate him.because he wasn't breathing.I touched him once and because it was a lot of activity for him his heart rate went really high. because of that i couldn't touch him for a week.he wouldn't keep his tempeture at a normal rate. he was in this incubator and i couldn't help him, couldn't touch him.then it started to get better. he was breathing on his own. i was so happy but that night they put him an cpap because he was having a hard time again.he wasn't feeding. he would take my breastmilk.they tryed formula and it worked he was on a feeding tube for 4 weeks.he went off cpap when he was 2 weeks old. on top of that he had jaundice. they diagnosed him with respitor distress syndrome. now i was just trying to get over what happened because it happened so quickly. then i get all these big words thrown at me. thak god there was a nurse that explained everything to me.he was in the nicu for 39 days. a very long , exausting 39 days. back and forth. he is now home and he has pt,ot and a feeding theripst. he also has to have a doc band because his head is so asymetrical.he also needs to have a full audoligcal screening because he can't hear. He get synigis so it can reduce the risk for rsv. He has been hospitalized 2 times for not breathing just in november.everything seems to be getting better but we are allways. worring and looking at him to make sure that he is ok.