My little Sari's birth story...Born on May 12th @ 5:20 pm
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Thread: My little Sari's birth story...Born on May 12th @ 5:20 pm

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    Default My little Sari's birth story...Born on May 12th @ 5:20 pm

    I woke up at 730 in the morning to go to the bathroom when i noticed something leaking....I figured I just couldnt hold myself long enough to make it to the bathroom, ok so no big i went to the bathreoom (cuz i still had to go) and on my way there, i felt more leaking, ok still no big deal its happened before it cant possibly be my water cuz it just cant be! So I'm up for the next hour getting mild contractions they werent bad at all trying to push the thought that it could really be labor out of my head, so i decided when dh wakes up ill let him know what happened....he woke up at 830 and i told him to come back to our room after he went to the bathroom cuz i needa talk to him he says ok fine no problem....he comes back and asks what i need so i told him to come sit on the bed. i went into his arms and i asked him if he could hang out with me a little bit today instead of going to work so he got allll confused and hes like why? so then i told him everything that happened but im not sure if its my water so dont get ur hopes up or he pops up and he goes o wow let me put on a new shirt for the baby just in case its real! so we staretd timing the contractions and i was getting them 5 minutes apart for an hour....i was still convincing myself that it cant be cuz i figured i wasnt gunna go until after friday and its only monday...finally DH convinced me to call the doc so I did....He told us to be at his office by 12 so he could check we went and of course that has to be the daythat the whole world decided they needa go to the doc so we waited for a half hour....then they started to get worse and harder and closer the doc finally sees me and says wow u look like u need some pain i go yeh i think so too they just got really bad all of a sudden so he checked me and he goes well its time for you to go to the hospital...ur 2 cm!!!!!!!!!! FINALLY I WAS DIALTED SOMEThING!!!!!!!I waited a looooooooong time for those words!!!! so we went to the hospital ...I got to the hospital then they got really hard its like my body knew ok when i get to the hospital make them unbearable..... so they put me into the birthing room and she goes ok change into this took me maybe 15 minutes to change!!! cuz i was changing in between contractions!! so finally i get changed (its like 130 now) and my mom came shes like ok ok breathe the anesthesiologist is coming......breathe breathe...i was like no it doesnt work...and my mothers like no u have to focus ready? then finally my friend came- the epidural man!!!!!!!!!!!such a sweet nice man!!!!! so my mothers like ok ull get it now so i go no im scared im gunna move.......shes like no dont worry u wont im gunna hold you......well all i gotta say is I got some kind of miracle cuz when he was doing the epidural i was breathing away and it was helping....(of course w\ a couple of prayers here and there finally they finished putting it in and i was ALLLL happy making jokes and everything...Im telling you the nurses thought I was nuts!!!!!(especally after i told her i needa hold some1s hand for a little IV..... )then the doc checked me (its like 230 now) and I was 5 cm!!! OK so halfway we were all haging and talking (I was shivering and itching away from the epidural but i was making jokes about it while my mothers like ok well breathe itll take away the shakes i go why? I like them!!!! ) so finally my doc comes in I was sooo happy to see him!!!! when I saw him i screamed HEYYYYYYYYYY!!!!! so he goes HEYYY how you doing? then he checked me and hes like youre 9 cm so u have a minute before you push and also the babys head STILL ISNT DOWN...I went nuts!! hahaha still not all the way down and im in labor!!!!
    so then he checked me again and said ok the babys still not down but u could push if u wanna get her i said ok ill push her down cuz im not waiting any more! so hes like ok and i pushed after 20-25 minutes of pushing the doc said wait stop so i go why??? he goes look down.....I SAW THE HEAD HALF OUT OF ME!! so i flipped out kept saying it cant be shes not really coming out of me and im not really a mother.......then he told me to push again and then he told me to look again.....then i saw her shoulders!! finally Sari came out and the doc goes to my mom ok grandma u wanna cut the cord?? so i flipped and im like no way she doesnt thats gross and its dr's work not mommy work!!!! so the doc and my mom both turned to me and theyre like what the big deal???? i was like ewwwwwwww grossed out!!! hahaha so she cut it and the doc said ITS A GIRL!!!!!!!!!!!!! then i felt the docs hand in me and i go whoa what r u doing? so he goes the placenta cant stay in the forever can it? then he took it out and chucked it into this bowl....GROSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!! hahahahaha then they cleaned my baby and we're all flipping out then the nurse told it to me: Victoria are you ready to hold your daughter? So i go my WHAT?????? those were the most touching words from the whole day!!!! I'm a mommy!!!!!!! It really was a great experiance even thru all the pain once you see the little baby all the pain disappears....Sari...She's MY daughter....nobody elses!!! I love her soooo much and she is the most beautiful person i have ever seen!!!

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    I like your story! I'm glad I'm not the only one who thinks birth is kind of slimy, bloody, and as a result at times gross! I'm looking forward to it though!

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