My little stinky's birth story

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My little stinky's birth story

Here's how it all happened for me........

Well here is a recap on what has been going on with me. I had the baby on 7/18 Friday afternoon at 4:10 p.m. (details..... sorry if its TMI) My water broke at about 12:30 a.m. that morning. I was just about to go to sleep and beg my baby to come out since he was going to be 4days over due. But at the same time we were going to the movies the next morning to see Bad Boys 2 so I kind of didn't really want him to come.(I ended up with a bad boy of my own) But anyway I was laying there and I kept saying to myself it feels like I have to pee and it felt like I was starting to pee on myself but I knew I wasn't using any muscles to pee so I said to Rico (my S.O.) that I didn't feel right and I went to the bathroom. Well it just so happens that I had to use the bathroom anyway (Bowel movement sorry again TMI) and then I noticed that for some strange reason that I seemed to be peeing for a very long time so that's when I realized that my water broke. So when Rico came to check on me I told him to start getting ready. So we got in the shower and headed over to the hospital.

We got there about 2 a.m. and I checked in and everything. And I tell you what a small world it is. One of the nurses on the floor was a girl I went to J.H.S. with and we remembered each other instantly. Anyway after all that and they checked me and got me in my room it was about 3:30 almost 4 a.m. So I laid there and tried to get some sleep and not worry about anything going wrong. By the way I wasn't feeling any of my contractions which were coming every 5-8 mins apart so they said that wasn't good I needed to be feeling something and I wasn't. So my doctor told them to give me pitocin to help along my contractions and I told them no. They let me wait it out for a little while, then they did give me the pitocin at about 6 a.m. but I still wasn't feeling them like they wanted. Then the anesthesiologist (?sp) came and tried to convince me to get the stupid epidural and I kept telling her I didnt want it because I have a bad back and I dont mess with my back. Plus I wasnt in any excruciating pain so I didnt need it. When the doctor came to check me at 9 that morning he said that I was the same from the time I came in which actually was the same way I've been for about 2wks (4cm). So he told me he would be back at 1 and if there wasn't any change that they would more than likely have to give me a c-section. So I asked him why wouldn't there be any change and he said because more than likely the baby was either too big to fit through my pelvis or that he wasn't positioned properly or the most common answer no known reason. So they upped the dosage of pitocin and told me to try to sleep. I finally started to feel the contractions so I just knew that I was making progress.

Ok so at 15 mins to 2 the doctor came and checked me and there was absolutely no change. The only thing was that when he checked me this time he did something and it hurt really bad. I dont know what he lost when he checked me at 9 but he must have went to search for it and found it cause I now felt nothing but pain and I was shaking and crying uncontrollably. So I was really scared about getting a c-section because they would have to give me an epidural which I told them from the beginning I didn’t want because I have a very bad back and I don't like people messing with my back and on top of that I was shaking so bad that I thought I might be moving too much when they needed me to be still. (Throughout this whole time my S.O. is trying to keep me calm and laughing so I wouldn't be scared of the c-section)

So they took me to the operating room and I barely was able to stand since I was in so much pain since the doctor checked me. I had to tell the anesthesiologist to let me know what they were doing step by step since I was shaking so bad I wanted to let them know when I was having a contraction so they could wait to continue prepping me. The doctor was telling me to let him know if and when I felt pain since I kept shaking. So I told him that I was feeling a little dizzy and he was saying that I shouldn't feel dizzy and I didn't get a chance to respond to him because I was told that I passed out and I had a seizure. Now I remember hearing everything that went on around me and I was trying to respond to people but I couldn't. In my mind I was there and I thought I was talking but I wasn't. (sorry if I scared u there) So they had to give me magnesium to calm down my heart rate and bring me back to consciousness. At that point they were just asking me a bunch of questions to see if I knew where I was, how I got there, etc. (making sure there was no memory loss) It was then that they told me that I had a seizure and I couldn't believe it. I never had a serious medical condition in my life. They said that when they put the needle in my back that they hit a blood vessel and the medicine reacted negatively which caused me to have the seizure. But after that they of course had to do something to give me pain relief since they still didn't perform the c-section yet. So they gave me a spinal tap and after that all was well. The baby was fine throughout the whole situation. He never went into distress or anything.

Ok they let Rico back in the room and began the operation. I was awake the whole time and about 20 mins later Anthony Ricardo George was letting his presence be known. He was 7lbs 7.7oz and was 19.5 inches long. He has straight black hair and he looks like his daddy with a little touch of mommy here and there. (not much as far as im concerned and as everyone who has seem him says he looks like his daddy. The nurses in the hospital were great. I actually ended up having more fun than I should have in a hospital.

All is going well with us. I'm happy most of the time. As long as I don't think about what happened and think about the negative stuff that has happened (the seizure and the c-section) and can happen (god only knows). So far no real postpartum drama. Im mostly happy when Im around the baby. When he's sleeping Im constantly checking him just to make sure he's breathing and he's not too hot or whatever. Im still in a lot of pain from the operation so Im going to take on my drugs as needed. In the hospital I did pretty well since their drugs are so much better. I actually chose not to take them so I could handle the pain without medicine since I knew they wouldn't be as strong when I came home.

Sorry Im so late with this birth story. I just found this board.