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Thread: Nadine's (Monty's Mom) twin birth Lodge!

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    Yayy, another twins mommy! Congrats on making it this far Nadine!
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    Nadine, you are my strength some days when I start to complain about bedrest! I just remind myself that you've been on it since October and in a hospital for most of it, so if Nadine can handle that I can handle a few more weeks. I look forward to following your journey in these last few weeks. Thanks for being such a strong momma!!

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    Wow, time for a lodge already! I can't quite believe it. I have a great post to start my lodge off with too!
    We had my first OB appointment today since I got admitted to the hospital. I've actually been home on bedrest a few days but I wasn't willing to say anything to anyone until today in case she sent me back. Turns out I needn't worry. I had an awesome time. She told me to go ahead and stay home, and in 3 days I'm off bedrest so she said I can do whatever I want. I find it hard to believe that I'll be able to stand up and have showers, or go to the mall or wal mart. It feels like forever since I've had freedom!
    My biggest deal is I can't wait to get in shape again! I don't mean top physical condition obviously but as I am right now I'm not sure I'd have the strength to withstand the birthing. Finally! I can get in my place and get ready.
    My OB mentioned that we're in a great place for a vaginal delivery, which made me very happy. She said she has total faith in my ability to have a nice easy vaginal birth, since I've managed to safely deliver two large babies, she figures even if I have two 7 lb babies, I'd do wonderfully. And (so I totally thought of Robin here..) she said that with my history, even if SHE is frank breech, she'd be willing to do a vaginal breech delivery. Being multipar with two large babies plus one before her to sort of "pave the way" she feels plenty confident that it would go perfectly. I was shocked, amazed maybe even a bit beyond amazed! My initial thought was I'd wind up having to battle with her if she was breech (which she still is). As long as he's head down we're good.
    So since she brought up birth, I figured that now was a good time to discuss my tentative birth plan. So, we talked. My first question was if she had any issues with delaying eye ointment treatment for at least 2 hours so we could all bond. She had no problems with that. Second question was about the big E.. I told her straight up I had some serious issues with episiotomies, deep seated issues. She understood and told me her point of view regarding episiotomies, and said that all her partners knew she felt that way. She feels that she would much rather repair a tear than a cut, once you cut the tissue you weaken it resulting in bigger wounds.
    Holy crap Marcia.. she is up to date! This woman is modern, and knows her stuff. She's also stopped recommending an epidural now. She totally is confident with my abilities. I could have hugged her, but instead I hugged myself inside. She also didn't check me, said she won't bother until I'm term/overdue or I ask. Man this woman is pretty fantastic.
    I still have to deliver in the OR, but she said they try to make us as comfortable as possible. Pillows for positioning or whatever. No beds, though. Only the table. I guess my midwife tried it once and got in trouble Now I need to suck up to anesthesia and beg them to let me have two people present at the birth. My last hurdle!
    So off to ultrasound. Babies look wonderful, he's head down and engaged, which would explain all the pain and discomfort from yesterday (I swore I was going to wind up with full moon babies )and the tech said he's ready to go! His head is big, measuring around 35 weeks, and he's looking to average about 5 1/2 lbs. She is around 5lbs even, and normal sized head.. and she's still breech, her head is up in my ribs. They look wonderful though and I got to see her cute little button nose in a profile shot.
    So without checking me, she said he's nice and deep and engaged so it really could be any time. Way to make me pee my pants! I'd like to keep them till at least 37 weeks, I've come this far and I'd hate to stop now.
    Thank you girls so much for the support through my big fear stage.. I don't think I could have had the strength without you. And I'm really glad that I have you with me for this last leg

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    Oh, Nadine, I'm just so happy for you and your babies. I honestly didn't know if you'd make it this far. Obviously the hospital did a good job of helping you cook your babies until they're ready. They sound very healthy and just about ready to meet mommy. I'm also glad your happy with your OB, Im sure that lowers your stress temendously. She does sound pretty great for around here. Let me know when you want to get out of the house for some coffee or something...I'm around.
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    Wow, your doc sounds really amazing and so up to date with natural birth. She'll even deliver a breech if necessary? I'm impressed. Great find!

    I hope that you are able to have 2 people present at your birth - when will you get to have that convo?

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    Oh Nadine that is has got to be some of the best news I've heard!!! I know we've spoken a lot about what your OB will and will not allow & how stressed you were, THANK GOODNESS she is so up to date and willing to work with you, seriously, that is just awsome.

    I'm so glad your little ones are looking good too, I can't WAIT to meet them!!!

    Love ya hun
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    Hi Nadine, welcome to your lodge! I've been following your story, and you are such a strong person! That's awesome that your mw is willing to do a vag breech birth Here's sending you lots of "baking till 37 weeks" vibes!
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    That was a great appointment! Sounds like things are set; just another 3 or so weeks.

    You've done such a great job!

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    You're an inspiration! I commend you for staying on bedrest so long to allow your little munchkins cooking time. It is wonderful to read that both twins are healthy and of good size.

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    Nadine, I'm so happy for you! Sounds like you and your doctor are clicking...that's so important! Off bedrest...that will be a treat. Do you have any feelings about it? Do you think you'll go sooner rather than later?


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