Nov 09 Cranberries Arrivals & Birth Stories!
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Thread: Nov 09 Cranberries Arrivals & Birth Stories!

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    Default Nov 09 Cranberries Arrivals & Birth Stories!

    Post your birth stories here but no comments please! Thanks!

    November 2009 Cranberries


    29th - Emily (linusmom) - Allison Olivia 3lbs 6oz 15.5'' @ 5:55am


    3rd - Kris (KrisRN) - Reese Joseph 6lbs 2oz 19'' @ 9:15 pm

    8th - Suzanne (berrylicious) - Robyn 7lbs 6oz 18'' @ 11:52am

    12th - Rachael (Shininglight) - Nate 6lbs 3oz 18'' @ 4:48pm

    14th - Charlene (Charlene H) - Liam Louis 6lbs 5oz @ 5:16pm

    17th - Pamela (MrsHooah2U) - Jacob James 5lbs 13oz 19'' @ 5:58am

    18th - Jessica (Omrithekat) - CameronDean 5lbs 14oz 18.25'' @ 7:19pm & Jameson Richard 7lbs 4.8oz 18.75'' @ 7:38pm

    19th - Peggy (baylin) - Luke Baden 5lbs 4oz @ 8:41am

    20th - Marta (lilolme2105) - Donovan Michael 7lbs 2oz 18.5'' @ 3:47pm

    21st - Kristi (kristi4040) - Jorden Drake 7lbs 11oz 20'' @ 2:53pm

    22nd - Sherie (Sherie26) - Luke Justin 6lbs 20z 18'' @ 7:4pam

    26th - Megan (MeganHanna) - Katie Mae 7lbs 6.5oz 20.5" @ 2:09pm

    27th - Bethany (sunflower418.) - Ella Beth 8lbs 5.6oz

    29th - Christine (Pixacious) - Jack Ryan 6lbs 8oz 19.5'' @ 8:39am

    29th - Tracy (setai) - Teryn 8lbs 2oz (needing correct date)

    29th - Melissa (melissa1983) - Sybella Elizabeth 9lbs 2oz


    2nd - Robin (disneymagic55) - Emma Marie 6lbs 8oz @ 8:21am

    2nd - Brooke (bar403) - Shane Christian 8lbs 8oz @ 6:10pm

    2nd - Sara (SaraGriffy) - Chloe Jude 6lbs 4oz @ 8:40am

    3rd - Jennifer (Inked_Mama) - Silas Matthew 8lbs 5oz 20'' @ 7:06pm

    4th - Angie (gaidinsgirl) - Allison Rain 8lbs 9oz 19.5'' @ 10:06am

    4th - Erin (Rollerwings) - Benjamin David 9lbs 14oz 22'' @ 10:27am

    4th - Kristie (kristie_b1) - Parker Sabrina 6lbs 13oz 18.5'' @ 9:52pm

    5th - Stephanie (sr1d3r) - Delilah Juliet 8lbs 13oz 20'' @ 11:24pm

    7th - Micah (Zade) - Hudson Travis 6lbs 3oz 18.75'' @ 11:47pm

    7th - Kissha (youbeme) - Elisa LaRee 8lbs 4oz 22'' @ 6:24pm

    Kim (KimnChad) - Olivia Joyce 7lbs 4oz 20.75'' (Need date)

    9th - Yvonne (ybernal) - Gavin Albert 7lbs 15oz 20''

    11th - Sarah (SA5263) - Evan Kaia 6lbs 12oz 20''

    11th - Jennie (gump) - Logan James 8lbs 10oz 22.5'' @ 8:29am

    13th - Tiffany (tiff_a_roo) - Liam Jude 7lbs 6oz 20'' @ 12:16pm

    13th - Summer (SummerP) - Paityn Brooke 9lbs 4oz 20'' @ 3:56pm

    15th - D'Ahn (ceinman) - Margeaux Vahn 7lbs 13oz 21'' @ 12:02pm

    16th - Vanessa (Vanessa87) - Finneas James 7lbs 7oz 21'' @ 8:23am

    17th - Tara (Tjoy) - Liam Raymond 7lbs 13os 22'' @ 2:28am

    18th - Angela (Anngie60) - Aaron Kriss 7lbs 13oz 21.5'' @ 5:49pm

    18th - Shannon (Sap0928.) - Benjamin William 5lbs 11oz 19.25'' @7:32am

    19th - Allie (Allie1116) - Gabriella Paige 8lbs 5oz 19 3/4 @ 12:54

    20th - Caitlin (caitvan) - Annalise Megan 7lbs 3oz 20.5'' @ 10:35pm

    21st - Dawn (athensdawn) - Gillian Rhea 8lbs 3oz @ 7:56pm

    23rd - Cariese (5blessings) - Eva Gabrielle 7lbs 7oz 20.5'' @ 3:34am

    28th - Melanie (Baby4Soon) - Rocky Wayne 8lbs 20.75'' @ 8:22am


    1st - Jaime (jaime_spurlock) - Zachary Michael 8lbs 12oz 21.5'' @ 3:41am

    1st - Jan (Winkiemarie) - Gregory Howard 7lbs 10oz 20" @ 11:03am

    Our Sweet Angel

    October 20th - Carole (kellmommy01) - Olivier - born silently @ 6:26am, forever in our hearts.
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    Okay, as promised, my birth story..

    My birth story actually starts 5 days before my daughter was born. On Monday, August 24th, I had a routine OB appointment at 30 weeks. I never had any problems with my blood pressure before, but all of a sudden it was extremely high, 170/105ish. I also had protein in my urine. My BP did not get better after rest, so the doctor sent me over to L&D to be monitored. Long story short, my blood pressure did finally go down after a few hours, so I was sent home.

    Two days later, on Wednesday, August 26th, I went back to the OB for a follow-up appointment. I don’t know why, but I was really not expecting my blood pressure to be high again, but it was. Same as before, around 170/100, and still a high amount of protein in my urine. I was sent back over to L&D.

    I figured it would be the same deal, be monitored for a few hours, then maybe sent home on bed rest. We were so scared when after several hours, my BP was still not down. They started an IV of magnesium sulfate, which is used to prevent seizures from the high BP. This is a good thing, but the magnesium has nasty side effects too. Almost immediately I began to feel hot and felt a migraine coming on. I was later told most people who go on it feel like they have the flu.

    The doctor came in and told us I would have to be transferred to a medical center an hour and a half away from home, where they have a NICU and the capability to deal with premature babies and high-risk patients. He told us that he expected the baby to be born in as little as a few days, or up to a few weeks if they could get me stabilized. This was such a shock—having a preemie just never entered my thoughts as a possibility before.

    While we were waiting for the ambulance to arrive to transport me, my MIL brought my son to come see me so I could say goodbye to him. I lost it then—just couldn’t believe I was leaving my baby and wouldn’t be home with him that night, and who knows when I would see him next. And I knew he wouldn’t understand what was going on. L

    By the time the ambulance got there, my migraine was pretty intense. Also they made me lay on my left side the whole time, and I was getting SO sore. The tiny little stretcher was even more painful. It was a loooong ride to the hospital. A very surreal experience. The blood pressure machine went off every 15 minutes, and my BP was still so, so high. The nurse kept asking me questions about my symptoms which scared me. A part of me was really scared I was going to die, because I really had no idea what was going on.

    Finally arrived at the hospital and got set up in the room (really really nice big room). The next 2 days are pretty much a blur for me. Wednesday night they gave me the first steroid shot to help mature the baby’s lungs in case she had to be born. I had ice packs on my head constantly over the next 2 days due to the migraine. They tried a number of different pain meds, but nothing really helped. I remember throwing up a couple of times. I still felt like I was burning up. I remember teams of doctors and nurses coming in and out of the room all hours of the day and night. I didn’t sleep much, but wasn’t really altogether with it either. I remember people commenting how freezing cold the room was (I had them turn it down to 60), but I was still burning up. On Friday morning, I got the second steroid shot.

    My migraine never went away, and my blood pressure never went down. I kept thinking that this would just turn around and be resolved, and maybe I would just be hospitalized for a few weeks for baby to bake a little longer. But on Friday evening, August 28th around 6pm, the doctors came in and told me they needed to induce me now because I wasn’t getting any better. In my delusional state of mind I asked them if they could wait just one hour to see if I got better. I really had no sense of time at that point or any sense of just how sick I was. Before this I didn't know anything about pre-eclampsia and that the only real way to "cure" it is to deliver the baby. They gave me a half hour, then got the induction started.

    I was only a fingertip dilated, so they started the induction with a foley balloon. It’s this catheter they put in there, and it manually begins to dilate the cervix. It was not painful at all. It fell out in a couple hours, and I was dilated to 4cm. At that point they started pitocin, broke my water, and I requested an epidural. Epidural placement went well. I continued laying there fighting my migraine, and over the next several hours they would come in periodically to check on my dilation.

    When I was around 8cm dilated, I started feeling the contractions again. I would push the button for more medicine, but it didn’t work. The doctor came in to give more medicine, but still I didn’t feel any relief. The contraction pain eventually got really intense, and contractions were one on top of the other. I had a feeling I was fully dilated, so I called the nurse, and she checked me, and I was at 10cm. The pain was very intense! I wanted to push, but they made me not push as they had to hurry and wheel me down to a room closer to the NICU. That was agony, having to wait to push! I had 2 or 3 really bad contractions before finally they were all suited up and let me push.

    She was out in 2 very very painful pushes! I can only imagine what it would have been like with a full term baby. My epidural worked really well when I had my son, so this was a new experience for me, feeling the pain of childbirth.

    Allison Olivia was born at 5:55am on August 29th. She was 3lb 6oz. They whisked her away immediately to the NICU, so I only saw her for about 2 seconds. My uterus wouldn’t contract, so the doctors had to manually contract it.. almost as painful as giving birth! I don’t remember much of the rest of that day. They continued the magnesium IV as my blood pressure was still high, and I still felt so sick. After a few hours they did allow me to have imitrex for my migraine, so eventually that did get better. That evening they wheeled me into the NICU to see my baby. I couldn’t see much, just that she was so very tiny, and I got to touch her little body through the isolette.

    I didn’t really start feeling better until Sunday when they finally took away the magnesium IV. My BP was still high though, so they started a BP medication. I stayed in the hospital until Wednesday. My doctor said that pre-e can sometimes take weeks to resolve, so I am still on the medication for now.

    Recovery for me has been really fast. Since Allie was so tiny, I had no tears or anything. Physically, my body was only 6 ½ months pregnant, so it’s been a lot easier than last time to bounce back. Which is a good thing because I need all the energy I can muster right now.

    Needless to say this has been a crazy couple of weeks! I never would have guessed it would happen this way, but now I can’t imagine it any different. I’m so in love with my little girl, and can’t wait to be able to bring her home in a couple of weeks.

    1 day old:

    11 days old:

    2 months old, 1 day after her due date:
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    Okay, I'm going to try and sneak this in now. I hope I don't forget too much.

    On Sunday at 36 weeks and 6 days, I woke up to a lot of prelabor signs; however, I had been having them for a week & was really sick of it. I did notice that I felt more pressure, but I also realized that that was a vague symptom which could mean absolutely nothing. I tell you, they say that you will know when you are in labor. I didn’t when I went in- that’s for sure!

    Jon's grandma and mom were still in town, and they were leaving that night to go back to Toledo. They had really been hoping that I would go into labor before they left town. They had been hinting/hoping for me to go to labor & delivery for about 2 days, but I kept telling them that they would only send me home if it wasn't active labor. After all, they don't just keep you because you're close.

    While they were still in town, Jon and I decided to take advantage of the babysitters and go grocery shopping by ourselves (yeah, I know- we are exciting people!) As I was walking around the store, I did notice that my lower back hurt & that I was having contractions every 5-7 minutes. I told Jon "Maybe today is the day," but I wasn't really feeling confident about that or anything.

    When we got home, we all sat down to eat lunch together & I casually mentioned that Jon & I were going to leave for the hospital to go get checked out. After all, if we were going to have a false alarm, this was a convenient time. Not only did we have 2 babysitters, but my mom was also en route to Columbus to take over taking care of me & Corbin during the week.

    So, I give the doctor on call a heads up, and we get to the hospital. When the nurse hooks me up to the monitors, I was surprised to find out that I was contracting every 1-3 minutes. Not only that, but the tocometer was measuring in the 100's, which was the range that I was in labor with Corbin.But when they did the internal, she said that I was maybe 4 cm dilated at best & still 70% effaced. Figures, I thought. Well, no big deal. I would go home and wait it out.

    Because I was 1 day shy of 37 weeks, per hospital protocol, I couldn’t walk the halls or anything. I was certain I was going home. The nurse said that they needed to keep me on the monitor for 1 hour though & recheck me to be certain.

    When she rechecked me, I was shocked that I was 6 cm! That is when I texted some friends to let them know. Then we went to my birthing suite & got set up. My doctor had told me that he wanted to be present if possible, so I told the nurse to make sure she called him. She did, but he was “otherwise engaged”. I really didn’t care that my doc wasn’t going to be there for some reason, though. I think I was too hyped up about giving birth.

    They confirmed that they were both head down via ultrasound & I was so happy. The doctor was there almost immediately. He said he was going to hang around until I gave birth, which surprised me. For my first birth, I was laboring for 8 hours, and then I pushed for 3 hours. With Corbin, my doctor went home, slept, showered, went to the office to work, etc. before he delivered me.

    I got my epidural in a timely manner. The anesthesiologist had a resident with him & she did the actual procedure. She looked like Taylor Swift. I was a little nervous about the epi, because with Corbin’s birth, it didn’t work at first & I needed re-bolused. I also threw up during the entire labor partially b/c of the anesthesia, but I had no ill effects this time. In fact, I did not throw up one single time during the pregnancy or labor with these twins. I was very lucky.

    The nurse had checked me right before the doctor got there, and I was 7-8 cm. When the doc came in minutes later, he checked me not & I was already a good eight.

    I was comfortable pretty much the entire time up until I started pushing. I did stall out slightly at 8 cm for a while, so they decided to give me a tiny bit of pitocin to push me over the edge. They okayed it with me first, as I had previously said no pit. I decided that with the rate things were going, it would probably not hurt at all, and it would probably help with the bleeding, as I had two placentas that would need to heal. They started it at a very low rate. Jon talked for a minute with my mother on his cell phone at 6:50 pm. Literally, just as Jon was hanging up on her, the doctor checked me & said, “Oh, there is still a rim there” (referring to my cervix). But he also felt the head move down to +2 at the same time, so he immediately re-checked me & I was fully dilated.

    They told me to start pushing & I was totally shocked. It barely registered, but I started pushing as hard as I could right away. I couldn’t make it all the way to ten every time they counted because I was trying hard to use every bit of effort in me to get baby A’s head out. I was, in fact, bearing down so hard on those handlebars that I strained my back pretty badly (realized this the next day).

    After about 20-25 minutes of pushing, the doctor said that the head wasn’t budging at all. He asked me if I wanted to be assisted with suctioning & I consented. From there on out, it was much easier.

    Cameron Dean was born at 7:19 PM, October 18, 2009
    Weight: 5 lbs 14 oz
    Length: 18 ¼ inches
    Head circumference: 13 ¼ inches
    Apgars: 9 & 9

    They put him on my belly & I welled up. I was so excited to have successfully delivered him the way that I wanted & that he was finally here! He had a head of dark brown hair. After his initial couple of cries, he was very quiet and calm.

    Jameson Richard was born at 7:38 PM, October 18, 2009
    Weight: 7 lbs 4.8 oz
    Length: 18 ¾ inches
    Head circumference: 14 inches
    Apgars: 8 & 9

    Jameson also had some dark hair, although his had a little bit more of a wave to it & it was not as plentiful as Cameron’s. In contrast to his brother, he screamed the entire hour after his birth. Jon jokingly said that he had poor coping skills.

    My birthing experience was just great. I ended up loving the doctor who delivered me & I had an excellent nurse, Kathy, who followed me from triage to delivery & even stayed 45 minutes over her shift to see the delivery through.

    We had our first night at home with the twins last night. Although it wasn't easy, it was exciting. I feel very blessed to be the mommy to 3 wonderful, beautiful little boys.

    laboring... and updating facebook!


    Approximately 7-8 cm dilated


    First out: Cameron Dean


    With both of the twinkies, Cameron & Jameson


    Jameson on the left, Cameron on the right




    Cameron, winking at ya!

    ~ jess ~

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    Oooh I can post here!! Yay!!

    On Thursday October 15th I went to the DR for a regular 37 week OB check up. We got there and they took my BP several times b/c naturally- it was high! Due to the fact I had spent Sunday-Tuesday prior to that in the hospital b/c of my dang BP, the DR decided it was best if we finally just started my induction- no point in waiting any longer! So, as of about noon on Thursday I was officially admitted to the hospital and baby Jacob was on his way..well, sorta!

    They started off by trying to get an IV in me- haha! What a joke. Three people later, seven sticks and one pulled out IV- They FINALLY got it! The bed, my gown and the sheets had looked like someone died though and I hadn't given birth yet! I can seriously count the number of holes on my arms from the past week of hospital visits. On a positive note, I HATE IV's and I feel like I can feel them and this was the BEST IV I had ever had haha! I suppose something positive out of all that

    Since I hadn't eaten more then applesauce for breakfast that morning- they sent DH off to get me something easy to eat since it was going to be a looong haul. He also had to run home and pick up all our bags since we weren't exactly planning on this happening so soon. They did all the boring paperwork and DH finally returned around 2 ish for me to start eating. Around 4 pm on 10/15 they FINALLY started my Cervidil (haha sorry Allie for not knowing what they were talking about haha.. I had no clue how to spell it haha). I got one dose orally and two vaginally. With pretty much NO progression from that, we finally just bit the bullet and about 5 am on 10/16 (Friday) we started hell..err, I mean pitocin

    (FYI: this is where my times get foggy..) When they started the pit I was only about 1.5 dilated and barley effaced.. great to start out NOT.. By early afternoon I had actually made it to 3 and I was given my epidrual right away. My blood pressures for a while got pretty high (uh- hello..I was in labor..) so to help avoid the magnesium sulfate they thought they'd give me an epidural in hopes to calm me down (and drop my bp's)- thankfully, it worked!! Getting the epidural was NOT BAD!! The worst part was the damn lidacane (the numbing medication they give you before they poke you.. it buuurns!!!) I hate that stuff!! That was my first outburst haha! Dh was holding me (thankfully) while they got everything ready, the anesthesiologist was talking me through everything and telling me: "okay, you'll feel a stick and a burn"... and there was the stick..and the burn, and burn and more burn and yup.. I yelled out "F***" and immediately started balling "I'm sorry! I didn't mean to say that! Don't be bad" The nurses said it was the first time they realized I was an apologizer haha Once the epidural was done I felt like a million bucks! It was great! Dh and I played cards and hung out. Around noon I think I had progressed to slightly between 3/4 dilation but still barley effaced. So- we broke my water. Woo!

    Sometime later that afternoon things started to go down hill. I started to feel the pressures down in my lady parts and was really uncomfortable. Everyone was all excited telling me how that's a good sign and I'm progressing! Yet, when I was checked, to no avail- no progression Then things got REALLY bad... I was having contractions every 1-2 minutes apart and my epidural machine starts beeping. The nurse did some fiddling around and told me hopefully the pain will go away soon- ha, it got worse! Apparently my bag had ran out and I was now completely pain medicine free. They rushed anesthesiologist back up to my room with another bag and gave me several extra boosts through my cath. to try to get my pain gone. It went away for a little bit but I was still feeling the top of the contractions before they would fall back down. After an hour or so, I finally hit 6 cm's (mid evening). My epidural finally gave out again and pretty much was never restored. I was in so much pain they finally turned my pit down and the contractions were just as strong but now every 2-3 minutes apart.

    My midwife that I had been seeing the whole pregnancy happen to be on call that day and came in to check me and see how I was doing- by this point, I was miserable and had NO CLUE how really un-miserable I was haha! I was still sitting at 6 cms and barely had anything left in me. We also realized at that point WHY I wasn't going anywhere..Baby Boy had his head resting up against his shoulders and was trying to come out ear first- his poor cone head was off to the side haha! He wasn't descending like he should so I wasn't dilating like I should- we make a great team! At about 9pm she had told me, with the contractions I'm having (as wonderful as they are in text book terms) and the pit I'm not going anywhere, perhaps we should talk C-section. By that point, I was soooo exhausted and just miserable. The doctor came in (b/c my midwife can't deliver me since I'm high risk) and we talked about it and he told me he'd support whatever we decided but we needed to pick either labor more or c-section. Tanner and I talked about it and decided for my sake and baby's let's just do the section and get him out so we can all rest and be healthy and happy. We called the doctor back in and let him know what we wanted to do. He checked me again and I said I had changed to 6.5 so I was making progression to let's hold off for another hour.. I was getting so pissed.

    By this point, I was so exhausted that I was actually falling asleep between contractions! I would get a contraction, moan through it, and literally in the 2-3 minutes until the next one fall asleep to the point I was snoring! I was so beat. The nurse was wonderful and she sat and talked to DH because he was a big mess too- he just wanted to help and knew he couldn't. I barley remember most of that hour or so because I was just so drained. Finally the doctor came back in about midnight and checked me again and I had made it to 7 going on 8 and told me he wouldn't do the c-section to ride it out. We tried to have the anesthesiologist come back and work on my epidural but he had no luck getting it to work. I absolutely remember hardly anything (other than I was in insane pain) from 8 to full dilation.

    At 2:00am (10/17- Saturday) I was finally able to push. They let me push for an hour to get things going. Then they told me I needed to take an hour break and they'd come back and we'd work at it some more. That hour "break" was the worst, I was so worked up and cried for pretty much the entire time while trying to not throw up/hyperventilate through my contractions. By 5 am we were ready to go! We had tons of freaking people in there and he doctor finally came in to get it all going. We realized Jacob was NOT going to turn, despite all our efforts and having a lady stick her fingers in my yahoo every time I pushed to try to turn him that way (OW!). So the Dr. went in for it: the episiotomy! Eek! He used that darn numbing crap and snipped away- I think DH about fell over when he saw the DR coming at me with scissors! Then it was some more pushing with no luck. So they broke out the vacuum and damn I pushed with all I could and finally I heard: "Baby! I see his head! I see him!" For someone who wanted me to have a completely G-rated birth and not see ANYTHING, he watched it all! Silly boy! Then I felt the "POP" and there he was, Little Jacob laying on my belly and all I could was stare at the nurses and Tanner haha. I was in total shock. I couldn't talk- they kept asking me "Do you see him?"; Tanner kept asking me things and talking to me and I just stared as they rubbed him on my belly haha! Finally they took him to the warmer and Tanner went with him. He needed NO oxygen and his scores were 8/9 not too shabby for being 37 weeks!
    Pamela ♥ Tanner
    Jacob James:10/17/09 @ 5:58 am/ 5.13 lbs 19"(37w2d)
    Aubree Olivia: 6/24/11@ 10:31 pm/ 8.3 lbs 19" (38w4d)

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    My dearest Nate:

    It's already an amazing story of how you got here. After we had Hannah, we didn't want any more kids. Back in January of 2009, I was reading the story of Nathanael in the Bible. I knew this story well because your daddy always wanted a little boy and he just knew somehow he wanted to name his son Nathanael. As I was reading this story that night, God asked me if He gave us another child, would I be willing to accept this gift? I told Him 'ok, I guess.' It wasn't but a couple of months later that I found out I was pregnant. I knew something was off with me that day, as I was very cranky which isn't usually my nature. It was March 14, 2009 and the first person who knew was your Aunt Meme because I was on the phone with her.

    My first reaction was complete panic. And then worry over how I was going to tell your daddy. As it turns out, God was already working on him. He was just thinking about what it would be like for us to have another child. He just didn't expect me to tell him so quickly that you were coming. Nonetheless, he was excited, and he hugged me and assured me that it would be ok.

    All went well until I took an AFP test around 18 weeks. The cutoff was 2.5, and my levels came back at 2.56. After 4 weeks of worrying and praying, the doctors finally ruled out spinabifida. They noted then that you had a hemivertibrae (1/2 vertebrae) missing in the lumbar region of your spine, but none of them felt it was anything major to worry about and they would do an x-ray on your spine after you were born.

    Around 28 weeks I began experiencing braxton hicks. Nothing too major, but annoying. Just after 32 weeks I began the biweekly NST's. Your 2nd NST was on October 8th. They noted that morning I was contracting, but they weren't much different than anything I felt before, so I declined to have my cervix checked. Your dad went to work at 2pm that day, and it was soon after I noticed that my contractions felt very different. So we waited for him to get off work that night and then dropped your brothers and sisters off at the babysitters and made it to the hospital at 11:30.

    We went up 3 flights of stairs only to discover that the entryway to the walkway to the labor and delivery unit was locked. I made it up the stairs with zero contractions but had 3 on the way back down the stairs. So we loaded back up in the car and drove around to the other side of the parking garage and took the elevator to the walkway. About that time, our doula, Grammy Carol, called and said she was on her way. It was a loooong walk to labor and delivery. Too bad the hospital didn't have valet parking by the front doors past 9 p.m....or that they couldn't post a sign on the stairwell doors posting the hours either.

    We arrived on the 4th floor and started signing forms. Not much later, they hooked me up to the monitors and I was contracting every 2-3 minutes. By this time, I had to start focusing on working through the contractions, and of course, the OB on call picked right in the middle of a contraction to check how far along we were. I was at a 3, 70% effaced, and -2 station. After another long wait, the docs decided that you were coming, so I would be getting procardia to slow down/stop labor and two doses of steroids for your lungs that we had to give 48 hours to work. Thankfully, we had an awesome nurse who got my IV in the first time and made the first steroid shot painless. We were then moved to the high risk labor and delivery suite.

    It was a quiet 48 hours there. The same nurse came and gave me the second steroid dose around 4 a.m. on Saturday morning. I was still contracting, even with the procardia, but you were doing well with every single contraction. Around 7 a.m. a doc came in with the good old (and I mean OLD) ultrasound machine. She estimated you were around 7 lb, 10 oz. I laughed heartily at her because there was no way you went from 5.5 lbs two weeks prior to that much in weight. Even the NICU team that came in later to talk to me about your birth agreed that you weren't that big. Later on that Saturday they decided to move me to an antenatal room on the same floor and would stop the procardia at Midnight on Sunday and would plan to take the cerclage out on Sunday. It was a good thing for me that the procardia stopped because I was really having some negative effects from it. I was beginning to feel very dizzy and felt like there was a lead weight on my chest.

    Sunday morning came and your daddy and I decided to bunker down and watch the church service on the internet. We had everything set up, and just about the time praise and worship was done, I noticed a huge amount of water on the room floor. I was like, "woah, I know my water didn't break!" and then we discovered the shower was overflowing out the bathroom door with sewer water. I don't know why but I couldn't help but laugh hysterically! A team of nurses helped us move down the hall to another room. And then the laptop broke somewhere in the move. Soon after, the docs came to take me back to labor and delivery so I could have my cerclage removed.

    Usually this is a pretty quick, albeit a bit uncomfortable, procedure. After about 30 minutes, they decided to give me a double dose of stadol to help me deal with the pain. Part of the stitch had embedded itself in my cervix and they couldn't remove it. The stadol made me very sleepy but it didn't stop the pain, and so, they had to take me to the OR and give me a spinal. After about 10 minutes they were done and I was back in Labor & Delivery, now at 4 cm, 70% effaced, and -2 station. The doc told me that what they had done would likely put me into active labor. As soon as the spinal wore off, I was moved back to my antenatal room. I was feeling contractions again, but they felt more period-like cervical cramps, and so, I decided to go to sleep. That was around 11 p.m. Sunday night.

    At 1:00 a.m. I woke up and noticed my bed was completely soaked. I called the nurse and the test they do was immediately positive for amniotic fluid. I called your daddy and the doula to get to the hospital, because the contractions were coming every 3 minutes now, and they felt entirely different. My pain went from a 2 to a 20 on a scale of 1-10! Instead of starting at the top of my uterus, radiating down and around to the back, they only hurt in the lower part of my uterus and in my back at the same time. The contractions weren't even showing up on the monitor! The on call OB came in to check me and wouldn't do anything but a speculum check. I was still at 4 cm. She said they were going to keep me in antenatal until I was 34 weeks and let me labor b/c I still wasn't in active labor. About then, your dad and I both got mad. In no uncertain terms (read: screaming at the doc until he was red in the face), your dad forced them to get a different doctor. I was in tears by then. My doula was there talking me through every contraction and she knew by then I was worn out and couldn't take much more. I remember her telling me I was the strongest person she knew, and that I could do this.

    The new doc moved us back over to the high risk labor & delivery suite 6. They didn't understand why my contractions were that painful and not showing up on the monitor. I spent about 4 hours laboring through the worst contractions I've ever experienced. Even my contractions on pitocin didn't hurt this much! I was jumping through the contractions and holding my stomach. I was standing up through contractions, squeezing your dad's shirt, chest, and arms, in a labor dance of sorts. I was screaming in the bathroom and hitting the wall. The doula and your daddy got me settled back into a rocking chair. It was about then I finally passed out from the pain. A nurse gave me morphine to help me through more contractions until the anesthesiologist could arrive. That gave me enough strength to merely sleep in between contractions and scream "God help me!" and "Jesus" through the contractions. (It was in a modicum of reverent prayer, not of cursing. All I could think is to say the name of Jesus because I knew without Him I wasn't going to make it through this.) Around 7 a.m. the new on call OB came in and did a check. I was at 5cm, 80% effaced, and -2 station. And then the anesthesiologist finally arrived and the OB said something about if I wasn't actually in labor and I got the epidural now, I wouldn't be able to get an epidural when active labor hit. About 5 contractions later, peace. I can't even begin to describe how relieved I was to be done with all the pain. And then the nurse finally got the bright idea to put an internal contraction monitor in. And lo, and behold, I was actually having contractions!

    Basically, the rest of labor was quiet. I was in a state of being asleep but awake enough that I would talk to anyone who came in the room. I recall that our small group leader showed up and prayed with us. And then my best friend Melanie showed up. But your poor daddy was so worn out and so shaken by what I'd just been through, he passed out.

    I dilated quickly to 8 cm. And then things stalled out due to the swelling around my cervix from the cerclage removal. So they gave me a light dose of pitocin, and the nurse brought in a birth ball so I could lean over it to get you down the rest of the way.

    It wasn't a few minutes later that I felt your head right there and called he docs and NICU team in. I literally had to wait for the NICU team arrive and the doc was telling me not to push b/c you were going to be born if I did. They arrived finally, although I felt your head coming down with every contraction despite my efforts not to push. A few small controlled pushes and you were out, screaming and hollering for the world to hear. All the docs were amazed-for a 33 weeker, you got apgars of 9 & 9! You weighed 6lb, 3 oz and were 18 inches long and arrived at 4:48 p.m. on Monday, Oct. 12, 2009!

    And then...they brought you over to meet me for the first time, and you just looked at me and I at you in silent wonder...

    They took you off to the NICU so I could recover. About 5 hours later we went to see you for a good length of time. You needed no help and all you were hooked up to was the heart, oxygen sat, and respiration monitors for 3 days.

    I think they were mainly watching you for jaundice, because 3 days after your birth, you came home. The xray of your spine showed that you were missing 2 half vertebrae and 2 ribs. So we have an appointment with Orthopedics on Nov. 9th for a followup. The pediatrician wasn't too concerned about your Bell's Palsey affecting the muscle on the right side of your mouth. And we're still waiting to hear back from the genetic team on those tests. But I'll tell you what bud, you have an entire church family praying their hearts out for a creative miracle in your spine and ribs. So your daddy decided your life scripture is now James 1:17:

    Every good and perfect gift is from above, coming down from the Father of the heavenly lights, who does not change like shifting shadows. (NIV)

    You are a good and perfect gift, Nater Tater. We are so blessed by the gift of life that God gave us. Plus, your daddy finally got a son. I just look at you and know God's love for all of us. I know that God will be glorified in your healing and in your life. And the four LONG days of labor with you truly was a labor of love.

    We love you much! ~Mom & Dad (October 25, 2009)
    Ryan and Rachael
    Parents to Chase, Abby, Hunter, Rachel, Caleb, Hannah & Nate

    ~Remembering sweet baby Oliver, born to Heaven October 20, 2009, & keeping Carole in our prayers~

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    Default Luke's Birth Story

    Luke Justin R. Born Oct. 22,2009 @ 7:49am
    Weight: 6lbs 2oz 18inches

    Hi Ladies,
    I finally have a little time to get online.
    Well we got to the hospital at 5:15am (a lil late) on Thursday Oct 22. They put us on the monitors, and put in my IV. My DH mom was there while they prepted me for the c/section. The Hubby put on his scrubs and around 7:15am they walked me back to the O R. Thats when the nerves started to kick in. I got up on the table got numb for the spinal (it burned bad) but the spinal didn't hurt. I got hot and my legs got heavy and numb almost immeaditly. I was so nervous b/c I hate being out of control and not being able to control my legs almost sent me into a panic attack several times. My DH new how I was feeling and kept my mind off of it as much as he could. He was so nervous about seeing them cut me. Shortly after the started the told me that they were going to start the pushing on the upper part of my stomach to help get him out. That was the worse feeling ever it felt like my head was going to explode and I could not breath at all. Finally I heard them say his head was out and with some more pushing on me they said he was out and mentioned how handsome he was. I was laying there still waiting to hear him cry, I think I stopped breathing until I heard the beautiful sound. Finally music to my ears, his first cry. I just bursted into tears, I was sobbing, I was soooo happy he was here what a beautiful perfect little cry. I told daddy go to him "he needs you",I said he was still nervous about seeing me cut and said to me I dont think I can go over there and one of thr Dr's replied yes you can. So he went over to him but returned to me shortly. I was happy he did b/c I felt myself about to hv a panic attack. They bought him over to my DH and I looked at him and told him to bring him closer so I can kiss him. We got back to recovery, they cleaned him up and I nursed him. We stayed the whole four days at the hospital and came home on Monday afternoon. I am in aww of this gift God has giving me. I love him sooo much.
    Thanks for reading.
    minutes old
    getting cleaned up
    In the Nicu
    In the Nicu w/ sis and mommy
    Rashidi/Sherie Married(09)
    DD. Ashley 13yrs old

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    Now that things have finally settled down a little I'll put up my story too:

    Sunday, October 25th, was a "normal" Sunday for DH an I. We did lots of relaxing and football watching. I woke up around eleven (taking sweet advantage of sleeping in while I still could) feeling crampy and uncomfortable. I figured I was just super hungry and grabed some breakfast. At around four p.m., I noticed I was having contractions and Katie wasn't being her usual wiggely self. They weren't close enough together for me to call them "regular" so I just ignored them and kept watching football on the couch with hubby. However, Katie had other plans for me. I became conerened when around seven p.m. I felt VERY uncomforatable and (TMI, sorry) felt like I had to have a BM, but just couldn't go. I also felt very wierd if I tried to push. So, as far as the story is concerend here is where my labor "started"; seven p.m. on Sunday night.
    As the night dragged on, the contractions became closer together and stronger. Soon they were ten minutes apart and I decided it would be good to let my mother know. For those of you who don't remember, she and my aunt were due to fly down that following Saturday (6 days later) to try and coax "Little Bug" out of my belly. So of course my mother got all wound up and upset, worried she would miss it all. I told her to calm down and would keep her posted. Foolish me, I assumed they could go away and it was all just one big fluke. WRONG!
    After a few more hours of waves of pain and driving poor Bryon crazy, we decided to call L&D at around 9:30, and again around 10 o'clock. The doctor on call told me that I should stay home until I just couldn't take the pain anymore and/or the contractions were three minutes apart. Well, poor Bryon had work in the morning and so I told him to scoot off to bed. I, of course, couldn't sleep, but figured if I just drank a boat load of water and relaxed it would go away. So I started posting on here with you lovely ladies and played some FB Farmville Go figure haha. Less than an hour later, I had to pee and thought I felt my water break. I woke up Bryon and we left for the hospital. On the ride there, after we surprisingly and calmly left the house, I turned to him and said "I don't understand how some women can scream when they're in labor." My contractions weren't that bad at all! (At that point)
    After we got singed in through the E.R. and I was hooked up to the machines in L&D it was ten til 12. The nurse didn't think my water broke, but I was 4cm dialated so they "let" me stay. I texted Allie letting her know, all the while feeling guilty about the late hour.
    By two a.m. I was in my room with IV fluids and hooked up to one too may machines for comfort. I was told I should deliver by late morning since my contractions were coming so hard and fast. All the while I was upset that my mother wouldn't be there for ANY of it. So, I, being the stubborn woman that I am, figured I don't need an epideral. I'm a tough woman and can handle it. Well, after going all night in pain and unable to sleep I asked for my epideral at 7 a.m. - I was 7 cm dialated and told I was a champ. I felt like a poor pathetic little thing and wanted nothing more than to cuddle up to Bryon and sleep.
    At 8 my actualy OB was the doctor on duty and my epideral finally showed. I jumped when the numbing needle was put into my back. Bryon said it went in like three inches and he almost fainted after seeing that. My nurse was amazing though, and held me while they put the epideral in. They put the actualy epideral in durring a contraction so I didn't notice a thing. Oh, and I know it sounds silly, but my nurse smelled like a mother rather than a nurse and it was very comforting. It was 8:12 when the epideral was in and the anestethiologist (sp?) said "In three minutes, so at 8:15, you should start to feel it work." 8:15, on the button, a contraction hit and I could feel the pain starting to ebb. Thank God for small miracles! By now Bryon was up and organizing my mother coming down. His father was already on the road and headed for us, and I cannot say how greatful I am for him.My mother's flight landed in Philly a little after one, perfect timing since Bryon's dad was right there around one. He picked her up at the airport and they drove down together.
    At some point in the morning they actually broke my water, but with the epideral I lost track of time.
    I started pushing a little after eleven (upset my Price is Right viewing was interuppted, but glad to finally be getting somewhere). I felt like I wanted to push through the epideral, but not like I had to, so after an hour and a half they let me rest. So, once again I texted Allie and relaxed for a few minutes.
    At one thirty I really started to feel the need to push, and it was show time. Bryon was amazing the whole time. Even if he and the doctor started talking about broken bones and golf . The last thirty minutes of pushing I felt like I was going to rip apart and started screaming. Not crazy or high pitched, but just a loud and frustrated howl. At 2:09 she was born. 7lbs 6.5 oz and 20.5 in. I ended up tearing badly and stopped counting my stitches at six. Sixteen hours of labor and almost three hours of pushing.
    I was so happy to see her, though. The only thing I could think was "Oh, my baby." I wanted to hold her and feed her right away. She looked perfect all upside down and with her mop of dark hair. She screamed right away and I knew I loved her more than anything in that moment. Daddy cut her cord and I was finally given my baby. Emotions I never imagined swept over me and I cried. I held her and I cried. It was the most amazing and beautiful moment of my life. Suddenly I understood what "It's worth it" meant. All those uncomfortable nights and things I "missed out" on meant so little to me all of a sudden. I had my baby girl, and I she was so perfect. She IS so perfect, and I am so greatful for her.
    Not long after, my mom and Bryon's dad and girlfriend were there. If it hadn't been for traffic, they would have made it for her birth, but in the end, I think it all worked out for the best.
    Little-Bug: 26 October 2009

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    On monday, November 2, I got to the hospital about 7 am for my induction. I was 39 weeks 6 days. They started the pitocin at about 8:30 am and about 9:00, my OB came in and broke my water. The contractions started to get pretty bad by noon and they were all in my back so I decided to get the epi. The first time they tried to get the epi in, it HURT! Apparently he threaded it wrong or something, so he took it out and started it on the other side and that time it was ok. However, my entire right leg was completely numb up to my waist (complete dead weight) and my left side really only felt like it had fallen asleep. I could still feel the contractions and they were still pretty painful. The next few hours, all I remember is pain. I wasn't dilated more than 4 cm for most of the afternoon and finally the nurse had me lay on my left side to try and help move things along. While I was on my left side, I started feeling this weird itch in my fingertips and toes. No matter what we tried, I couldn't get any relief in my right toes because they were completely dead except for this itch that felt like it was in the bones. If it was just the pain from the contractions I was having, I think I could have dealt with that but that weird feeling that I couldn't do anything about was so unnerving it had me in tears! I was fully dilated by 4ish (we weren't really tracking the time) and they started to have my try and push Shane down - he had decided he didn't want to come out! I couldn't feel anything when I was pushing and I was getting pretty worn out. As it turns out, he was face up and curled up into a ball on my left side which is why it was taking so long to push him down. They turned off the epi because I was having such a hard time feeling anything to push - once I could actually feel enough to push, I was able to push him right out!

    Shane Christian was born at 6:10 pm, on Monday, November 2nd. He was 8 lbs 8 oz and 20 inches.

    Since we couldn't have any other visitors, I requested to be discharge Tuesday so we could go home to Loralei. Everything seemed fine so they granted that request and we went home! Shane's discharge weight was 8 lb 6 oz. When we got home, Loralei was so excited to finally meet her baby brother! She is in love with him.

    Our hospital always does follow up visits 2 days after discharge so on Thursday, we headed back to the hospital for the follow up. Shane had lost 3/4 of a lb and his bili levels went up from 7 to 15.something so they decided to take blood to get a more accurate reading. I was told to supplement after every nursing session as well to try and get his weight back up. The bloodwork came back and his levels were at 16.8 so the hospital sent over a bili blanket to our house. Over the next 4 days, we went back to the hospital every day to have his blood taken, poor baby. They threatened to admit him if his levels didn't drop but thank goodness, yesterday his levels dropped down to 12.9 and we were able to take him off the blanket!! That was the best news I had all week!

    This morning we had his 1 week appt and he had gained some weight and also got taller!

    1 week wcc
    Weight - 8 lbs 11.5 oz
    Height - 20 3/4 in
    Head - 14 in

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    Default Extremely Detailed Birth Story

    I wrote this for myself. I wanted to include every detail that I could remember. There were lots of details which is why it is so long lol.

    I woke up around 8am contracting. I thought maybe it was just because my bladder was full. So I got up to pee. My back was killing me, as it had been for months. I figured I’d try to take a nice n hot shower to help with the pain. I needed one anyways lol.

    The shower felt great. I stayed in there for a long time and let the bathtub fill up as well. I was trying to pretend I was having a water-birth since I knew I wasn’t really going to get one at the hospital. The contractions died down while I was in the shower though.

    Around 9:30am, after I had already gotten out of the shower, I was on the toilet to pee again. When I wiped I got a load of something completely disgusting – my bloody show! There was absolutely no doubt in my mind about what it was. I wanted to wake up my husband and show him haha. But I figured if I were going into labor that day he needed all the sleep he could get. So, I took a picture of it instead haha.

    My contractions had started up again shortly after getting out of the shower. I have an app for my iPod touch that times them. I was excited that I’d finally get to use it!! I decided I should get started on all that last minute cleaning and packing.

    Somewhere around 11am I finally woke up hubby. I told him about the contractions being regular and about the bloody show. I told him if there was anything he needed to do before being stuck in a hospital for 48+ hours that he should get started on it NOW lol.

    I finished all my last minute cleaning around 1:30pm. That’s when we headed to the hospital. They put me in the triage area and hooked me up to the monitors to judge if I really was in labor or not.

    (2:45pm) An hour on the monitors showed that my contractions were about 5 to 7 minutes apart. I swear at home they were 2 to 3 minutes apart, but I was up and moving around the whole time. At the hospital I was stuck in that bed. Maybe it didn’t really make a difference but I feel like being stuck in the bed slowed the contractions down. Anyways, that’s not frequent enough to typically warrant being admitted. But, I was checked a few times and judged to be 3cm and 97% effaced. That is very favorable for an induction! And I didn’t really need any inducing. I just needed a little bit of something to speed up my contractions and make them more regular.

    I told the nurse I wouldn’t mind a little pitocin to get things moving along. I was sick and tired of being pregnant, in horrible back pain, and ready to have my baby (I didn’t tell her those things though lol). So she talked with my midwife over the phone and got the o-k to admit me!

    So for the next couple of hours (and all that morning) the contractions were completely manageable. Yeah they hurt, but I could handle it. I think the pitocin was finally started around 4:45pm. Within 45min I was feeling its effects full force. Contractions have a beginning, middle (a peak) and an end. Well, the pitocin caused my contractions to have a beginning, a middle, another middle, another middle, and then an end. They kept peaking over and over without going back down all the way. The first time it happened it shocked me. I was expecting the worse to be over and to go back down to the “pain free” zone, only to have the contraction peak again without a break in between. I was like, WTF IS THIS BULLSH*T!?? haha. Yeah I wasn’t a happy camper after that. It kept happening like that again and again. I missed my natural contractions lol.

    The nurse told us that the anesthesiologist was going into a scheduled C-Section shortly and if I wanted an epidural I should act fast otherwise I’d have a good 2+ hour wait ahead of me. I thought about it for maybe 5 minutes lol. Then hubby asked me if I wanted him to get the nurses to send the anesthesiologist in. I was quickly getting tired of these pitocin contractions and said yes. Thank goodness I said yes. More on why later lol.

    When they came in to get me ready for the epidural they needed me to sit up in the bed. Oh man that was difficult. As if my back didn’t hurt enough already, now they want me to move during my “pitocin contractions” haha. The placing of the epidural didn’t bother me really. There was one point where the Dr. did something that made my body jerk automatically. He warned me but it wasn’t a very good warning because I wasn’t expecting the jolt to be so severe! It freaked hubby and me out for a moment there.

    I stupidly thought the epidural would kick in pretty quickly but it took awhile. 30 minutes later the contractions finally started feeling less severe. An hour later they weren’t bothering me much at all. An hour and half later all the pain was gone. Yay! After that they put my catheter in place.

    I was checked vaginally a few times during all this. I went from 3cm to 7.5cm in about an hour and a half (thanks to those nasty “pitocin contractions.”) By 7pm I was 9cm and 100% effaced. My water still hadn’t broken, but it was bulging out according to the nurses. My blood pressure had been kind of elevated through all of this. It stayed between 130/80 to 159/99. Normal for me is around 110/70.

    I think around 9pm my midwife arrived at the hospital. She broke my water and got me ready to push. Of all things, right when she wants me to start pushing I start vomiting!! Ugh!! I began to feel really crappy after that. I was already starting to lose my energy. Then, with each contraction the baby’s heart rate kept dropping. Ugh!! So now I REALLY need to push her out fast, and I am sitting there vomiting, with no energy, can’t even get enough air in my lungs to do the 3 pushes they were counting me out on (they count to 10, then you take in a breath, then count to 10 again, then take in another breath, and then do a final count to 10, then you take a break). Well by the third count of 10 I ran out of air and couldn’t hold the push and was gasping. I have a crappy lung capacity lol. They had the oxygen mask on me. I breathed deeply to get to the air to me and baby. But, at the same time, wearing the mask felt very claustrophobic because of my nausea. I was afraid of puking into it lol. I kept trying to take it off and they kept telling me to put it back on. But two of the times I took it off were for good reason because I did end up vomiting!

    I felt incredibly lame and was getting worried because they paged the Doc to get me ready for an emergency C-Section. My room filled with hospital staff due to the baby being in distress. I don’t remember how many pushes it took, but right when I pushed her head out the Doc arrived. Sorry Doc! Wasted his time lol. I didn’t push her head out on my own though. My midwife used the vacuum, which proceeded to get stuck on the baby’s head afterward haha. I also had an episiotomy (one of the reasons I’m glad I had an epidural).

    So they get the vacuum off the baby’s head and yank the rest of her out of me and put her on my tummy. It was kind of a surreal moment. I didn’t have a big rush of emotion. I was almost checking myself to see if this was a dream or if it was reality. I waited for her to cry. She took a moment, but finally did. Hubby cut the cord, and then before I knew it, they whisked her away! Hubby chased after her with the camera and got an awesome video of her first moments out of the womb. While he was doing that I got stitched up. So Parker Sabrina was born Nov 4, 2009 at 9:52pm. She was 6lbs 13oz, 18.5inches. Her APGARS were 9 & 9. Yay!

    When my midwife was done tending to me I got the chance to breastfeed. I didn’t have her in my arms for long before my nurses noticed that I threw a pretty large clot. I started shaking a bit (not from nerves, but because I felt cold). They took the baby away. I threw more clots. Suddenly I was surrounded by a ton of people again.

    I was losing blood. The blood loss put my body into shock. The shaking got worse. My blood pressure started dropping really low. Something like 80/60. I had several more episodes of vomiting. I felt absolutely horrible and soooo cold. I got a second IV and got pumped full of different medications, including more pitocin to get my uterus to contract. The nurses kept poking and prodding me. They said my uterus wasn’t firming up. That made me scared. I didn’t want to get a hysterectomy and I didn’t want to bleed out and die. But thankfully, after taking some liquid medication, Cytotec pills, getting an injection of something, (tmi warning) a rectal suppository of something, and like I already mentioned, all of those bags of IV medications, and lots of uterine massage by the nurses, my uterus began to firm up. After that I started to feel ok about my situation. I still felt like absolute crap but I didn’t think surgery or death was imminent lol. I’m so glad I got that epidural because all of that poking and prodding would have been very uncomfortable otherwise and I already felt like ****. I ended up losing around 1/3 of my total blood volume. Eeek!

    I began to stabilize around 1am. The nurses were leaving my room. I was still scared though, just about new things! I was afraid I was going to have an allergic reaction to one of the medications they were giving me. I suppose I would already have had the reaction by then but I wasn’t in my right mind at the time lol. All I knew is that I didn’t want Shane to leave my side. I wanted him to watch me. I was also afraid of throwing up again – but this time in my sleep. I couldn’t keep my eyes open any longer. I didn’t want to aspirate on my own vomit. I begged him to stay with me. I figured if he wanted to see the baby he could send a nurse off to get her and keep her in the room. I didn’t want him to leave to go to the nursery. He had been holding the baby off and on the whole time I was being worked on though.

    I’m not sure when I got transferred to the post-partum suite. Maybe 2:30am. I was so drugged out. I was asking my nurse all kinds of questions about the medications I was given. I wasn’t making much sense. I tried hard to make sense but I just couldn’t form my words/sentences lol. I must have sounded nuts. When I woke up the next day my whole body was extremely swollen from all the IV fluids and medications they pumped into me. I felt like my eyes were going to pop out of my head. My mom said I looked horrible haha. She showed up right when I was waking up for the day. I had just paged my nurse for help. I didn’t know why but I was in pain!! Apparently I just needed to pee lol. She and her CNA helped get me into the bathroom. I peed 800ml! Crap! Lol Well, that’s not the only reason I was in pain. My hoo-hoo was also sore from my episiotomy. So I got me some nice pain medications to help with that. Unfortunately they also made me really drowsy. I couldn’t take care of the baby. They brought her to the room throughout my stay at the hospital. But I didn’t really feel up to feeding her or changing her or anything. I kept letting them take her back to the nursery.

    I continued to get poked and prodded. They checked my uterus so many times. Ouchie. I got poked a bunch more for various blood draws to check various things. I was definitely anemic. I was given a blood transfusion of 2 units in the evening. Before that was started my IVs were flushed, one was hep-locked, and I was given a medication in the other one (I can’t remember what it was though, hell it might have just been saline). That one IV getting the medication became dislodged. Fluid was filling in my arm – and not in my vein. It hurt! Ouchie! I turned the IV off lol. They used the other IV in my other arm to do my blood transfusion. I tried very hard to keep that arm still so that IV wouldn't dislodge as well. Success! It went off without a hitch.

    The next day my midwife checked on me during her rounds. I was still anemic according to my early morning blood draw. It sucks to be woken up at 6am to a phlebotomist poking you repeatedly because your veins suck lol. I just sat there and stuck my arm out though. I was too tired to care lol.

    Even with all of the complications I had my midwife gave the approval to discharge me right on time. I was surprised that’s for sure. I was also happy though because it meant I got to go home and sleep in my own bed and have my baby with me. But just as I was getting excited I was told that only I was getting discharged. The approval for the baby hadn’t gone through yet.

    Much to my displeasure they told me that she was being admitted to the NICU!! I didn’t understand why a seemingly healthy baby could be sent there 2 days after birth. Well, it was because one of her blood sugar tests came back too low. This caused a bunch of other tests to be ordered. Those tests showed that her C-Reactive Protein level was too low (whatever that is), that she had white blood cell count was up (indicating infection), and that her bilirubin level was too high (indication she was jaundiced). So that’s why she was sent to the NICU. She was there for 2 days. While there hubby and I stayed at the hospital as boarders, meaning we used the room (for free) but didn’t have a nurse assigned to us (we were on our own!). I had hubby wheel me to the NICU every few hours to feed Parker. After the first day I began to walk myself down there, which wasn’t an easy task lol. I couldn’t wait for her to get discharged!! She had an IV in her head, a bunch of electrodes on her chest, and a probe attached to her foot. Poor baby! All those wires made breastfeeding her and even just holding her a pain in the butt.

    Her test results had improved enough for her to be released from the hospital on Sunday November 8th around noon. Yay! The next day we had to take her to the pediatrician for a checkup and to get her bilirubin level checked again. It had gone up slightly so we were told she needed light therapy. The hospital had a special device sent over called a bili bed. She was supposed to stay in it at all times except for feedings and diaper changes. The next day we went back to the hospital for another bilirubin level check. It had gone down! Time to pack up the bili bed!

    I was thrilled that she was all ok. But I was still on a few medications and not feeling like myself yet. I also had developed superficial phlebitis. The veins in my forearm that had the botched IV had hardened. My whole forearm hurt and felt bruised. It was very strange! Just one more thing to add to me not feeling so great. Thankfully Shane was there to help! And he was a huge help!! I couldn’t have gotten through that first week and a half without him!

    Right about the time that week and a half was over, and Shane went back to work, I developed yet two more complications. One was a urinary tract infection. I’ve never had one of those before and it majorly sucks. The other was a strange smattering of spots that looked like small bug bites. However there is absolutely no reason to believe they are bug bites other than their appearance. I am convinced it is some kind of rash.

    The only other problem so far has been Parker’s desire to eat and eat and eat. She doesn’t always know when she is full and so we are tempted to keep feeding her even when we think she should be full. This leads to her projectile vomiting (not just spitting up a little) from overeating. So I have to watch how many oz of milk I give her otherwise I have a big mess to clean up later hehe.

    Anyways, that’s my birth story.
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    Default it goes. My husband and I were sitting at home on Saturday night, the 14th, just having a calm evening hanging out getting ready to watch the LSU football game. We decided to run down to the store to get something to cook for dinner before the game started. The cute little old lady that checked us out asked when I was due and my husband jokingly said "any time now." We got home and put everything up and started watching the game. The game started at 7:00 and at 7:30 I got up and went to the bathroom then came back and "plopped" down on the couch, you know there is no easying down on the coach at 9 mon pregnant. When I did a felt VERY wet all the sudden, and I looked at my husband and said "OHHHH." I jumped up ran to the bathroom, and he called L&D, they confirmed that more than likely my water had broken and to come on in. By the time we got to the hospital it felt like someone had turned on a faucet and I was soaking wet. They admitted me and we started the waiting game. About 11:30pm I started feeling contractions and tried to handle them as long as possible. Finally around 2:30am they came in and gave me the epidural. It was wonderful for about 30 min and then I started feeling everything on my right side. It had only taken to 1/2 my body. The pain was horrible, and they kept trying to fix it by having me lay on my right side, and then they gave me pain medicine through my IV which only knocked me out, but everytime I would have a contraction it would wake me up. It got so bad that I started dry heaving, which was not fun. The RN finally made the anthesoloigst take out the catheter and replace it. He kept trying to tell me if he took it he may not be able to get it back in then I would have total feeling. Thank God for the RN because she came in the room and said that the chances of him not getting it back in where slim to none. So around 7:00am he did it and it worked!!!!!! YAY!!!!!! The Dr came in and checked me once the epidural took affect and I had already dialated to a 9. So I pretty much was able to feel all the contraction all the way up to a 9, it was joyous fun!! I do give credit to all those women go without anything. I could only feel 1/2 my body and it was HORRIBLE!! After a couple of hours I was to a complete 10 but we waited as long as possible to let the baby and contraction do most of the work so I woldn't have to push for very long. Finally around 11:20 am we started pushing. Once she started coming the RN noticed that she was coming sunny side up and was hoping she would turn on her own as she got further down. I kept pushing and I swear I was able to feel her turn and it was SOOOO painful!!!! After about 45 min she made her grand entrance and was born at 12:02 pm on Sunday!!! She was absolutely perfect in every way, and even though I felt the majority of the pain, and it was aweful I would do it again in a second to get her here. Daddy is being so helpful and wonderful since we have been home, and I don't know what I would do without him.

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