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    Ok so monday i was supposed to be induced, but about 2 in the morning i started having contractions around every 10-15 min and i tried to sleep and had to go to the bathroom like every hour and around 5 am i started losing my mucus plug and still called the hospital at 6 to see when i had to go in for inuction and by 7 i was at the hospital, when the nurse first check me she said i was 4cm dilated so walah i did go into labor myself and i couldnt beleive it , around 11 i was at 7 cm dil, and i did get an epidural but it only worked on my right side, i could feel everything on my left still . I tried to rest throught the contractions which were tolerable and the baby wasnt dropping for like 2-3 hours so final around 2:45 pm i was watching the moniter and the babys heartrate kept going and coming and goin burzerk and i was gonna call the nurse but she came in when i was about to do it and i was having a contraction which was painful and she check and told me i was complete and could feel the head , and she told me not to push yet so she could call the dr and stuff and while i was waiting i started balling cuz i couldnt wait to meet my baby , the dr was talking forever and i thought the baby was gonna come on her own finally he showed up and about 3 pushed later she came , he didnt have to cut me but i did tear a little so he did have to give me a couple stictes. So all i think total labor was 13 hours or so . I didnt have to get pitocin which i was thankful for i did everything on my own .
    Heres the hospital picture because i didnt download pics from the digi yet .
    BORN: 12-7-09
    TIME: 3:01 PM
    Height : 19 inches

    [B]Jenn 26: UMI TO JALILAH july 2006, JABRIL november 2007, JAMEELA december 2009, JAZEERA april 2011, JADA april 2012]

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    its been forever and a day since ive been on the site.

    I thought i would add my story!

    Caleb was born October 29, 2009 at 3:18pm

    On Weds the 28th i went to the zoo with family and walked and walked. I by no means was trying to walk out my baby lol. I had an appt that following morning the 29th. The doc checked me said my waters were bulging and i may have to have a c section cause Caleb was head to the side. After an US and talking about a version i decided to go with the C section. I hadnt not packed any bags what so ever lol.. I called everyone i could crying SCARED, i still needed to pack my things he wasnt not due for another 2 weeks at the least. He weighed 7lbs 9oz and was 21 inches long

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