November 07 Acorn Birth Stories (no comments please)
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Thread: November 07 Acorn Birth Stories (no comments please)

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    Default November 07 Acorn Birth Stories (no comments please)

    **Please place any comments about the stories on another thread**

    if you can provide Name, DOB, time if desired, weight, inches, weeks gestation (ie 37 weeks), and screen name/real name (if you feel comfortable doing so) that would be great!!
    Pics are always great too!!!!!!


    Little Acorns and their siblings!

    Lisa ~ TurkeyBB4Me due 6/4/09
    Christy ~ cfree
    Alicia ~ ChristianMommy c-section 6/30/09 or 7/1/09
    Jenn ~ PCOSMama due 6/09
    Nathalie ~ Chloe&Matt due 7/6/09
    Katie ~ ktlablover due 8/09
    Jessica ~ jereed

    11/14/08 Cayden Michael son of Chrissy ~ cjasy21


    Little Acorn Birthday List
    9/11/07 Hayden John son of Katie ~ ktlablover

    10/3/07 Isaac Lee son of Julie ~ juliekb
    10/3/07 Jacob Dwayne son of Jen ~ wanna b mama
    10/5/07 Georgia Rae daughter of Tamar ~ Tgillock
    10/6/07 Ta'Bria Kenyelle daughter of Ta-Meia ~ 317Mommy
    10/8/07 Brianna Kae daughter of Brandi ~ BrandiK
    10/17/07 Hayden Christopher son of Jessica ~ jereed
    10/17/07 Nicholas Ishaan son of Sandy ~ enchantedlife
    10/18/07 Isabella Marie daughter of Melissa ~ ttcbb1
    10/18/07 Thomas Jacob son of Kati ~ acoacheswife
    10/19/07 Constance Joy daughter of Jenn ~ PCOS Mama
    10/21/07 Sasha daughter of Sheridan ~ soon2bmomof3
    10/22/07 Azshara Riley daughter of Marey ~ Mareyerickson98
    10/22/07 Wyatt Oliver son of Stephanie ~ cameronsmom
    10/23/07 Kara daughter of Emma ~ trinn
    10/23/07 Zachary Robert son of Liz ~ LizC
    10/24/07 Soren Vaughn son of Stefanie ~ Netnie
    10/24/07 Alexis Faith daughter of Christine ~ cjasy21
    10/24/07 Baby boy son of Andrea ~ ajqbaby
    10/25/07 Addie daughter of Sandy ~ winair
    10/27/07 Caitlin daughter of Courtney ~ mom2boyz
    10/28/07 Callen Lukas son of Lauraann ~ sunshynesdaze
    10/28/07 Edward Scot son of *Laney*
    10/28/07 Christopher Neal son of *Laney*
    10/28/07 Kayla Faith daughter of Melissa ~ mks1223
    10/28/07 Matthieu Marcel Aldege son of Nathalie ~ Chloe&Matt
    10/29/07 Silas Bodhi son of Amy ~ amylizh
    10/29/07 Aiden son of Tina ~ tvannucci
    10/29/07 Mena Kathryn daughter of Megan ~ Maygen13
    10/29/07 Ava Marie daughter of Annmarie ~ mommatwobe
    10/29/07 Madden Grey son of Alisha ~ AlishanHayzley
    10/30/07 Royce Anthony son of LilCowPokeDueNov
    10/31/07 Lucey Sue daughter of Gretchen ~ pgwithtwins
    10/31/07 Brady George son of Gretchen ~ pgwithtwins

    11/1/07 Christopher Philip son of Kari ~ Tryin2006
    11/1/07 Lucy Shea daughter of SelahFaith
    11/1/07 Jayden Paul son of Christy ~ christyb918
    11/1/07 Lexie Margene daughter of Traci ~ traciwatters
    11/3/07 Emma daughter of Carrie ~ momtoalex
    11/2/07 Alyssa Katherine daughter of Katie ~ klong
    11/5/07 Locke James son of Jen ~ jenchat4fun
    11/5/07 Hunter Avery daughter of Julie ~ novhotmama
    11/5/07 Violet Linn daughter of Emily ~ 88keys
    11/5/07 Adam Thomas son of Joyce ~ JoyceLee
    11/6/07 Hunter David son of Laurie ~ lauriesch22
    11/6/07 Sophia Ann daughter of Michelle ~ bellamac
    11/6/07 Bryson son of Christy ~ cfree
    11/6/07 Dylan Scott son of Adria ~ Adria1026
    11/7/07 Ammon Riley son of Sarah ~ baby#2ontheway
    11/7/07 Nathan Tyler son of Gunabird
    11/7/07 Addison Loraine daugher of Amanda ~ mommyof1.5
    11/7/07 Cora Mae daughter of Sarah'smom
    11/7/07 Max Cameron son of 2princesses
    11/7/07 Chance David son of Dawn ~ acmewildcat
    11/7/07 Kira Faye daughter of Lisa ~ LisaKira
    11/7/07 Robert Wayne son of batbird
    11/8/07 Lily Jane daughter of Sarah ~ Snaresie
    11/8/07 Carson Christopher son of Cheryl ~ caneely
    11/8/07 Oliver James son of Brandy ~ redheadedmommy
    11/9/07 Kate Siena daughter of Brit Mum
    11/9/07 Olivia daughter of LilMe05
    11/9/07 Marisa Grace Mei-Ling daughter of Kate ~ DisneyKat
    11/9/07 Merrick Anthony son of Cherie ~ cheriejb
    11/9/07 Alexander Gage son of GradleRock
    11/10/07 Jane daughter of Ashley ~ Ashleytread
    11/10/07 Samuel Owen son of Jenny ~ jen_3200
    11/10/07 Blake Roland Marc son of Jess ~ pookiesmom
    11/11/07 Caroline Marie daughter of Courtney ~ hereshoping
    11/11/07 Oliver son of Chale
    11/11/07 Nathaniel David son of lj365
    11/11/07 Rylee daughter of Courtney ~ wildcat13
    11/12/07 Bailey Madison daughter of vodiesgirl1
    11/12/07 Ruben son of Debi ~ DebiW
    11/12/07 Edrick Vincent son of TurkeyBB4me
    11/12/07 Makyla Sunset daughter of April ~ April428
    11/13/07 Reuben Ellis son of Michelle (Sunny) ~ sunchyne231
    11/13/07 Athena Violet daughter of Sara ~ sdombros
    11/13/07 Victoria daughter of Laura ~ fatpony
    11/13/07 Ella Renee daughter of Jeanetta ~ chasindreams
    11/13/07 Niccolas Francis son of Crystal ~ mommyevans
    11/14/07 David Frank son of Lisa ~ LisaP
    11/14/07 Keeran Christina daughter of Carrie ~ K9Trainer
    11/14/07 Jaelynn Breanne daughter of Angela ~ luvnherphil
    11/14/07 Imogen Elizabeth daughter of Jane ~ JaynieLou
    11/14/07 Talia Janice daughter of Tegan ~ Safranski
    11/14/07 Oliver Manuel son of Robyn ~ robbyrabbit902
    11/15/07 Sean Rudy son of Julie ~ mamachicken
    11/15/07 Franklin Scott son of Fawn ~ GonnabeaMOM
    11/15/07 Gabriel William son of Amanda ~ Rose15206
    11/15/07 Sam son of Cheryl ~ acoustic370
    11/15/07 Samuel Paul son of bigbrowneyes78
    11/15/07 Grier Lillianne daughter of Bragan ~ BhamGirl
    11/16/07 Cole Jacob son of Amanda ~ mommy2four
    11/16/07 Jaidyn Tyrel son of Laura ~ Laursie03
    11/16/07 Cael Jackson son of Michelle ~ luckyno3
    11/16/07 Tayler Makenzie daughter of Katie ~ Katiegirl
    11/17/07 Ian Alfred son of Jessica ~ jess7674
    11/17/07 Brady Christian Beauchamp son of Amanda ~ mamacitamilks
    11/17/07 Zackary John son of Jen ~ firsttimemommy
    11/17/07 William Justus son of Lily ~ Lily55
    11/18/07 Archer Matthew son of Cindy ~ your.cyn
    11/19/07 Savannah "Rose" daughter of Mary Catherine ~ southclarkson
    11/19/07 Joy daughter of Crystal ~ domommy
    11/19/07 Jack son of Lindsey ~ LindseySB
    11/19/07 Isabella daughter of Ann ~ watermelonseed
    11/19/07 Noah son of Mandi ~ Mandi06
    11/19/07 Noah son of Alicia ~ ChristianMommy
    11/19/07 Fletcher Cole son of Amanda ~ coachdean
    11/19/07 Madelynn Rae daughter of ~FutureMom~
    11/19/07 Lucy Sky daughter of aholland125
    11/20/07 Yaseen son of nalam678
    11/20/07 Addison Lynn daughter of Amber ~ 3boys&roo
    11/21/07 Elena Renee daugher of Lexicat
    11/21/07 Jabril Muhammad Sadiq Adbul Jalil son of Jenn ~ jalilahsumi4life
    11/21/07 Mason son of Roxy ~ Chookie07
    11/23/07 Morella Adelaide daughter of hadjare
    11/23/07 Elliott Rose daughter of skendall
    11/23/07 Lauren Elizabeth daughter of spagirl03
    11/26/07 Ebony Louise daughter of Melliebellie
    11/27/07 Alex Ryan son of kelz_07
    11/28/07 Jared son of Jen ~ Jennest
    11/29/07 Alixzander Boyd son of Konica ~ Jacen
    11/30/07 Joshua Michael son of Sophie ~ lilsoph

    12/5/07 Brooklyn Elora daughter of Kara ~ karebare1980
    12/6/07 Vincent Barret son of Angela ~ ~kanga~
    12/6/07 Ella daughter of Casey ~ lilac0422
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    Hayden John
    born 9/11/07 at 8:09am cst (yeah that is right 9:09am est if anyone remembers this time and date) via "urgent" c-section for placenta previa.
    weight 4 lbs 10.1 oz
    length 16.5
    32.2 weeks gestation
    Proud momma Katie/ktlablover
    My birth story, wow, where to begin! It all started on Monday, August 13 when I had some brown spotting and went in for a non stress test and a vag exam since I had been having many braxton hicks daily since 20 weeks. I went to L&D and was closed and not thinned at all. I was contracting so they gave me motrin to try to stop the contractions. It didn't work so they gave me Vistaril. I was about 30minutes from getting discharged home and I felt a warm gush go over my leg. I immediately thought my water broke and told DH to go get my nurse NOW! While he was gone to the nurses station, the fluid kept coming and I thought I was going to throw up as I was only 28 weeks 1 day. When the nurse checked me it was blood! I had been told I had a low lying placenta or a partial placenta previa at 20 weeks, but was to return at 28 weeks for follow up sono to see if the placenta moved. Needless to say, I didn't make it to that sono since it was to be on Friday. I did have a 3D/4D sono the week before and she told me that my placenta was no where near my cervix...imagine my surprise! I lost a ton of blood, but baby always looked great. I had a sono the next day to determine if I had an abruption or a previa. They could only see the little lobe of the placenta over my cervix via transvaginal sono. They couldn't see it with the abdominal sono because the baby's head was in the way. I was kept in the hospital for two weeks on bedrest(5 of those days I was not allowed out of bed!). I went into labor as a result of the bleeding irritating my uterus and had to be on Magnesium Sulfate(HORRIBLE!). I was discharged home on Monday August 27 on complete bedrest. I was told by the perinatologist that the next time I had any bright red blood that I would be readmitted to the hospital and stay until I delivered. Her plan was to do an amniocentesis at 36 weeks and then a scheduled c-section based on lung maturity. Well my baby had another plan. I was at home on bedrest(only allowed up 15 minutes out of every hour and to go to appointments and nst twice weekly). This was the hardest thing I have ever been through! I was at home until the morning of Friday, September 7. I woke up at 1:45 am as a result of a huge thunderstorm and noticed I was cramping. When I went to the bathroom, I had bright red blood. I called the doctor on call and was on my way back to hospital for good. I was crying hysterically and scared to death. By the time I stopped freaking out I noticed I was contracting every 2-3 minutes. It was down pouring on the way to the hospital and cannot believe we made it safely. The nurse was waiting for me when we arrived and I was admitted right away and had an IV started. I was in preterm labor again and they tried to stop it with IV my heart raced! It worked for a little bit and by Friday afternoon I had bathroom privileges and could shower. I had sent my DH home that night as he was exhausted(the first time he left me alone in the hospital at night). Big mistake because at 1:30am I woke up with a big bleed in the toilet! I went into labor again and they finally started me on Magnesium again by Saturday afternoon. I was on it less than 24 hours due to a reaction. I was very close to getting fluid on my lungs(pulmonary edema). I was now out of options for stopping labor. My doctor also promised me we were done since I had received steroids for lung maturity and was now 32 weeks. I continued to have little contractions Sunday and Monday. By Monday evening I was allowed to get out of bed to use the restroom and then allowed to eat. It is the scariest thing to be a time bomb and never know when the bleed will happen that would harm baby or me. DH and I watched a movie and then went to bed. Well finally for the last time I woke up at 4:30 am Tuesday morning(September 11) bleeding again. I then proceded to go into full blown labor. They tried to stop my contractions with Morphine, but it didn't work. I was painfully contracting every 2 minutes and having gushes of blood. My doctor was called and we went ahead with my c-section. I was wheeled into the OR where I had to sit up for my spinal/epidural and was crying hysterically and bleeding everywhere. I have never been so terrified in my life. I almost hyperventilated. I thought I was feeling them cut, but I wasn't...just having a little panic attack! I really felt absolutely nothing, and soon my little angel came out screaming. I heard my doctor say "it's a boy" as it was a surprise. His apgars were 8/9/9 and he weighed 4lbs 10.1oz and was 16.5 inches long. The neonatologist and neonatal nurse practitioner along with 2 of my nurse coworkers were there to care for him. He did great, and they let DH hold him for a second and he brought him over to me to touch. Then he started working a little hard to breathe so they took him to the NICU where he had central lines placed in his umbilical cord and was intubated and placed on a ventilator so they could give him surfactant to help his lungs mature. He did great and was taken off of the ventilator 2 days later. He was in the NICU for 28days while he learned to eat, which is great since his adjusted age at discharge was 36 week 2 days. What a birth experience. I can only hope my next one will be a little less eventful. Thanks for reading.
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    Hayden John born 9/11/07 at 32w2d, Logan Kate born 8/9/09

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    I'm so sorry it took me so long to update you guys, I know you must be dying to know how it went and how we are doing.

    Briefly, Isaac was born 6 weeks early, the day after I went of meds and bed rest for preterm labor, I was in active labor (back labor) about 2.5 hours, I had a 20% abruption and he was born vaginally with episiotomy and tearing with absolutely no drugs - Nothing about that was how I planned it or thought it would be.

    As you guys know from my last posts, I went to the doctor on Monday for my 34 week appointment. I was having tons of mild painless contractions that day as usual, but my doc checked me and I was not dialted at all. She said all looked well and the contractions were not productive and since they hadn't been for the last 2 months, I would prob be fine for the next 2-3 weeks. So she said no more terbutaline or home monitoring, and I could begin to ease off bed rest. She predicted I would deliver around 37 weeks or later. I was feeling great that day.

    On Tuesday, I decided to spend my first day of freedom shopping for some things I would need for the hospital stay. I went to Wal-Mart and got everything, but my back was killing me. I figured it was just from being up more and moving around. I met Steve for lunch, and my back was feeling better so I stopped by Motherhood and picked up some maternity bras. By the time I left there, my back was killing me again. By night I was having regular contractions every 2-3 minutes with excruciating back pain. That's when we went to L&D. I was dialted 2cm and they kept me all night for observation. I never progressed passed 2cm and my contractions slowed down, although they were still very painful.

    They sent me home Wednesday around noon. I knew I didn't want to go home, I was still in a ton of pain, but they said there was no reason for me to stay. So we made the 35 min bumpy ride home. I got home and slept about an hour, but was hurting so bad so I called my Dr. office to see if they could prescribe me something for the pain. They sent me back to the hospital. We got there around 3pm after being home only about 2 hours. When we got there I went to the bathroom and had bloody show - I knew it wasn't spotting from the cervix check because it was quite a bit of blood. I knew then they weren't going to send us home again. By the time I finally got a room (the place was packed), I was in tears. They checked me and I was 5cm dialated. The anesthesiologist got there and we filled out all the paperwork for the epidural, signed all the consents, heard all the risks, side effects, etc - I didn't care at this point I just wanted it right then. They had to wait until a room opened up for me to do the epidural though - they kept saying it was being cleaned or something, but it took about an hour. By then, my doc was there (she was actually on-call that day, I'm soooo glad). We got into my room and she checked me and I was 9cm - went from 5-9cm in an hour. The doc then told me my water would probably break with the next contraction or two and then the pressure would be unbearable. I remember asking when I was getting the epidural and no one answered me - that scared me, I knew it was too late. As I climbed onto the bed off the stretcher, my water broke and the pain in my back was past all limits. I was screaming so loud by that point. I started pushing almost immediately. Then I felt another warm gush (which was blood) and I heard the doc say that it looked like an abruption and she sounded really worried. They were telling me I had to get him out immediately, but I felt like I was pushing against a wall, then I felt a ton of burning - which turned out to be the doc cutting me. She had to practically cut his head out (remember, no meds either, she managed to get some lidocaine on there, but it wasn't enough) to get him out in a hurry because turned out they lost his heartbeat (I didn't find this out till later). As soon as his head was free, they yanked him out and the pediatrician ran off with him. They were telling me he was fine, but I knew something was wrong. The instant they pulled him out, the pain was instantly relieved - that was the strangest thing. My back no longer hurt and I was just numb everywhere. Then I got some demerol and they stitched me up. I had a 2-3rd degree episiotomy and tearing. I must say honestly, childbirth was so much worse then I could ever have imagined and I still remember the pain very well. I didn't have the priviledge of having my baby in my arms the moment he was delivered to help me forget the pain.

    We didn't get to see Isaac for 4 hours, and had no idea how he was. His first apgar score was 4 (and that being very generous), and they said he was making no effort to breathe, was blue, and had no tone. But his second score was 8. He perked up pretty quick thank God. They had to put him on O2 for a day and a half and under a warmer. Today, he is off the O2, and in a big boy crib and is feeding wonderfully (formula that is). I started trying to BF this morning, he isn't latching on too well yet, but we'll keep trying. Pumping started out horribly because I was given the wrong equipment and ended up blistering bad, but that's a whole other story I'll share later.

    Isaac's stats:
    Wednesday, October 3, 2007 5:51pm @ 34 weeks 1 day
    4lbs 15oz
    He has a full head of long thick wavy light brown hair, and looks just like his daddy.

    He will likely get to go home Monday. He had some signs of jaundice today and will be treated for that over the next couple of days.
    I am doing great and was up walking around only 30 minutes after giving birth. My episiotomy of course is very sore, but other than that I feel totally normal. I must say, if you have a tear or episiotomy, stool softeners, tucks pads, and dermoplast spray will be your best friends - thanks to you guys I was prepared. Also, I've been amazed at how little bleeding I've had, I was prepared for it to be much worse after reading all the posts on here, but after the first night I haven't bled any more than a heavy period and have only passed one small clot. The stitches suck, but seem to be feeling better all the time. I'm dreading going home tonight without him though.

    If you read all this, I applaud you, it was exhausting just reliving it.

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    Isaac Lee - 10/3/07 @ 34 weeks 1 day - 4lbs15oz
    Lucas Vincent - 1/8/10 @ 34 weeks 2 days - 4lbs7oz

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    Default Brianna Kae

    Now for the story you've all been waiting for. So Sunday morning around 10 or so (36 weeks, 2 days) I was laying in the bed when I felt some liquid come out from down yonder, I thought I had peed on myself, but I hadn't been having a problem with that, so I was confused. I got up and did actually pee, but when I stood up more fluid just ran down my leg. At this point I'm shocked and in denial. So I'm telling myself it's just me peeing on myself, but to lay down for 30 minutes and see if when I get back up it happens again. I ended up falling asleep, when I got back up around 2 some more fluid gushed out. I immediately put on some clothes, finished packing my hospital bag, put the car seat in the back seat. Called my husband who was at work.....called my doctor who said "Yep, your water broke, let's get to the hosptial." I get to the hospital and up until now it had just been trickling. After signing in Niagara Falls began and I totally soaked my jeans.

    They get me in a room and check me, at 3:30, I'm still only 1 1/2 cm dilated so they get everything started. I'm still feeling pretty good, no strong contractions. Around 5 the contractions started getting stronger, I progressed, but by 12 the next day I had not dilated past 6 and the baby's head was engaged and coning. So they decided on a C-Section.

    Miss Brianna Kae was born at 1:08. Her blood sugar was low so they kept her in the special nursery, not NICU, and gave her IV dextrose to bring it up. She had to stay there that night and then they brought her to me the next morning. I am truly blessed and in love.

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    Mine is pretty straight forward.

    As most of you know I had a prob with my uterus. So on Friday (Oct 5) I went to the doc for my reg checkup/us and everything looked good. She put me on the moniters due to me being crampy and my lower back KILLING me. She got 2 contrax. She checked my cervix and it was starting to shorten she asked if I wanted to have baby today, I said not really, but would do what she felt best for me. She said she felt that we had made it so far with nothing bad happening and really really didn't want to risk it and that she advised to go ahead and do the section that day. So we did.

    She was born at 34wks 6dys at 5:48pm weighing 4lbs 14oz was 18in long. She was having a hard time breathing in, so she went to the NICU to get a "jump start" is what they called it. She needed no feeding tube, oxygen or an IV. She did GREAT! She stayed for 4 days due to losing weight. She came home weighing 4lbs 8oz. She is doing really good now.
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    Default The Birth Story of Ta'Bria Kenyelle...

    Parents: Ta-Meia & Mikel
    Screen Name: 317Mommy
    Baby's Name: Ta'Bria Kenyelle
    Born: October 6, 2007
    Time of Birth: 7:51 p.m.
    Baby's Length: 18 inches
    Baby's Weight: 4 lbs. 7 oz.
    Gestation: 34 weeks and 4 days

    Saturday at 5 a.m. Diesel got to my house from being out with his motorcycle brothers and we got in a wrestling match but I ended up quitting because he had been drinking and was being too rough so I got mad and just wanted to go to bed which is what we did. I woke up at 7:30 and was just laying in the bed and around 8:30, I noticed that I had not felt the baby move yet which was unusual. I chopped it up to the early morning wrestling that I had done with Diesel and figured maybe she was still worn out. I laid there for another 30 and then Diesel woke up and about 15 minutes later, I mentioned to him that I had not felt the baby move since I had been awake. We thought maybe I just needed to eat or get something to drink.

    I got out of bed and made a big breakfast for my family and been on the phone discussing the baby's open house that I was planning after her birth over doing a baby shower. We ate breakfast about 11 a.m. and then I drank a glass of water and a huge glass of cranberry juice and went and got back in the bed with Diesel. Around noon, I still had not felt the baby move but I did not say anything to Diesel because I did not want him to think that I was just being paranoid. I decided instead to turn to my other side, put a pillow between my knees and see how things went from there.

    At 1:30 p.m. Diesel got out of bed to get his day started and I went ahead and got up too. I walked him out to his car and was thinking that the baby still had not moved, but I did not want to worry him so I still did not say anything. I came back in the house and decided that maybe I just needed to get out and about a little bit so I called the barber to see if he was in to get Greg and Daylin a haircut. He was not there and after I hung up from calling him, I started thinking about the story I ready on these boards about somebody having a stillborn baby that was full term and I could not stop thinking about it so I decided to call the oncall number for my ob just to see what she would say and was hoping that she would ease my mind a bit.

    My ob's partner called me back about 10 minutes later around 1:50 p.m. and I told her about the wrestiling Diesel and I had done and that the baby had not moved at all that day and the last time I recall her moving was from the Friday night around 11 p.m. while I was eating a salad with my son. She said that she wanted me to go ahead into labor and delivery because healthy babies move and sick babies don't.

    I was still thinking that it was not going to be a major deal and I let my 12 year old son and my 5 year old daughter go to the hospital with me to be monitored. By 2:30 p.m. I was at the hospital and hooked up to the contraction machine and we could hear that the baby had a strong heartbeat but there was no kicks or movements whatsoever. At 6:20 p.m. the doctor told them to have a biophysical profile ultrasound done and the u/s tech arrived about 5 minutes later and began to do her thing. She told me that there were a total of 10 points that my baby could score to pass her exam and went on taking measurements and whatnot. At about 7:15 p.m., she called in a nurse and told the nurse that while listening and looking at the heartbeat, she would she that every so often the heart would momentarily stop and then resume beating and then she said that she also noticed that there was no movement during the entire 45 minutes she had been looking at the baby on the u/s. So two more nurses came in and they were watching the heartbeat stop and start and I was losing my mind. Finally, one nurse said that she would go call the doctor right now and the other nurse asked the u/s tech how many points did she give the baby and the tech said that she could only give her two points. As they went off to call the doctor, I asked the tech if maybe we could look at the cord and she if she was pressed up against it or something and she said we could. As she highlighted the blood and oxygen in the cord, her eyes got big and she said, "oh my God, I think the cord is wrapped around her neck but I can't say for certain because the way she is positioned, her spine is in the way. Let me have the radiologist take a look at this right away." She radioed for the radiologist right away and as she was doing that, the nurse came back in and said that the doctor was on the way to the hospital and was going to go ahead and c-section me in an hour and a half and was trying to explain all this stuff to me and I was overwhelmed and just started crying.

    They told me to call who ever would accompany me during the c-section and to call someone who could sit with Greg and Trinity in the waiting area. As I pulled my cellphone out to start calling Diesel and my friend Kelly, the radiologist yelled out, "no, you are having a c-section in 5 - 10 minutes because this baby is strangling herself. Her cord is wrapped around her neck, her wrist and her ankle." I called Diesel quickly and let him know what was going on as they were putting in my IV and giving me all this stuff and taking my clothes and belongings. I told him that he would not be able to get there in time but to just come when he could. They told me they would have a nurse sit with my children and they would be in my labor and delivery suite where I would be taken after surgery and then they quickly whisked me off down the hallway from the triage area to the delivery room.

    I was so scared. I was by myself and the operating room, while nice, was very very cold and final. They gave me this really really tart drink before I went back to the operating room. Once I got in the operating room, I straddled the table that I would be cut on and the anethesiologist talked me through the my spinal tap. First he pushed on the bottom of my spinal area to find a good spot and then he have me a numbing shot to numb the area where he would insert the spinal tap. This shot felt like a pinch with a follow up sensation down my leg which they told me to expect. After that he washed my back with betadine and inserted the spinal tap which only felt like a little bit of pressure to me. About 2 minutes afterwards, I was a done deal...numb like ice and unable to do anything but lay there feeling high and helpless. I did not feel anything throughout the procedure...not a pull, a tug, or anything...quite different from my first c-section 13 years earlier where I did feel the pulls, tugs, and hear the muscle cutting.

    I almost lost it in the operating room because as the doctor was lasering through my skin, I looked up in the light they had over my stomach for the doctor to see and it was stainless steel and I could see right into it like a mirror and I saw everything she was doing to me. I was scared to say something because I did not want them to panic and make any mistakes so I just started taking deep, slow breathes and thinking about seeing my baby within moments.

    From the time she started the laser cutting of my skin, my baby was pulled out of my stomach is 4 minutes and she was crying very very loudly and as I watched them carrying her over to the heating bed, I felt a huge relief in my back where she had been giving me the blues. The doctor said, "thank God, this baby was all tangled up and on top of that she was also breach with meconium in her cord which indicates that she had been in distress for a couple of days." She stitched me on the inside and glued my outside skin back together and then came up to me and thanked me for calling her when I did and told me had I waited until Saturday night to call as opposed to the early afternoon, she was almost certain that she would have been delivering me a stillborn baby instead of a live one.
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    Greg Anthony 02/95
    Daylin Marcel 06/96
    Trinity Syan 11/01
    Ta'Bria Kenyelle 10/07
    Dezaray Lee 06/05 (Adopted March 2010!!!)

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    Wink Isabella Marie's Birth Story

    6 pounds 6.2 ounces and lots of hair just like the u/s tech said

    18.5 inches

    Born on Thursday, October 18, 2007 at 12:29 just a little past midnight.

    37 weeks 4 days

    She is healthy and I'm doing just fine

    I had been freaking out the past 1 1/2 weeks about babies lack of movements. So, I went in to the dr. on Wendesday morning because I couldn't feel the baby and I had a headache. They had been worried about my blood pressure. So I also wanted them to check my blood pressure.

    They found that my blood pressure was 150/100 so they sent me to l & d by 11 a.m.

    At l & d u/s showed baby was ok. But my blood pressure was 150/100. After a while my BP came down and dr. said "Let's just get you started, why wait for a problem to arise?" So that's what we did. He started me on Pitocin at 4:30 p.m. on Wednesday.

    Pitocin was started. When the dr. checked me I was 2 cm dilated and 80% effaced still (since 31 weeks). He went ahead and broke my water. It started trickling and after a while huge gushes of water were coming it. Not long after that I started feeling mestrual like cramping in the front and really bad lower back pain. The machine was not picking up any significant contractions to speak of. But it really hurt.

    I was having so much back pain I could not speak, I couldn't focus, I could not read, I could not watch tv. It was horrible. All I could do was grab the side of the bed and breathe through the pain. So I asked the nurse when would it be possible to check if I have dilated so that I could get my epidural. She said, when we start seeing more contractions. So the pain continued until 7:30 pm. when the new shift of nurses came in. My new nurse came in to get my vitals and ask questions etc and at that point I was in so much pain I was hardly talking to her. DH had to answer all of the questions.

    The new nurse was great. She said, she was going to get a dr. in right away to check me to see if I had dilated. She thinks I am having contractions but they were not doing a good job at picking them up. The hospital dr. came in and checked me, he said that I was 4.5 dilated and 90% effaced. At that point the nurse got the ball rolling for me to get my epidural. Thank God! I got my epidural at 9:00 pm. I was 5.5 dilated at that time. I was starting to get anxious and bothering the nurse every few minutes because I felt like I couldn't breathe. I couldn't feel any of my legs, any contractions, I couldn't feel anything from the neck down. The nurse figured that is why I felt like I could not breathe. She was upset because the dr. set the epidural at 12(the highest) and she felt it was too much for my small frame. I was pretty much having a panic attack when they checked me at 11:45 and found that I was fully dilated. They had me start pushing. She kept telling me to take a deep breathe and hold for 10 seconds. The only problem was that I could not take any deep breathes. Finally, when they lowered my epidural I gradually was able to take deep breathes and baby was born within 45 minutes of pushing.

    So my experience was good and bad with a good ending of course. I definitely had lower back labor. The only good thing was that I moved from 5.5 to 10 in a matter of two hours.


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    Default Constance Joy's Birth Story

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    ~ Jenn ~
    Wife to Jon and mama to my girls...
    Claudia, Constance & Chloe

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    Default Soren Vaughn's Birth Story

    Soren was being a little lethargic starting Saturday afternoon. I was getting him to move, but only in response to me persuading him. He was having lots of hiccups, though, so that reassured me. I went in for my regular appointment on Monday and let doc know that his movement had been greatly decreased. We did a NST and a biophysical profile u/s. He only got a 4 of 8, so they sent me over to the hospital for extended monitoring. His heart rate was excellent, though it was dipping when I was having contractions. They sent me home with the understanding that I was to be extra vigilant and if he spooked me by not moving around enough I was to go back in for monitoring. I also set up another appointment with my OB for another NST and u/s on Thursday.

    So, Wednesday morning, he hadn't moved at all, only some hiccups. Wasn't even responding to my pokes and prods. So off to the hospital we went for monitoring. Again, he looked great on the monitors. My OB came in and basically said that we could do the monitoring every day, or just induce. She said that while it didn't appear that anything was really wrong, there was nothing to gain at this point by letting him bake anymore. So I got admitted and we started teh pitocin at about 12:30 that afternoon.

    I progressed pretty quickly. Got my epidural around 4. By a little after six, I was fully dialated and effaced. I started pushing about 6:20. I had to work a little harder this time around, but after about 30 minutes of pushing, out he came.

    He was born at 6:50pm on October 24th. 7 lbs. 11 oz. (same as Jensen) and 21 inches long. He is perfectly healthy, just got cramped and lazy, I guess. I'm so glad I held out and got to hear "It's a boy!". He didn't have a name until he was about 30 minutes old. We had spent the afternoon making and narrowing a list of boy names. We had chosen two names and waited to meet him before we chose Soren. He's doing so well, eating like a champ and filling lots of diapers. We are so happy to have our family complete. (Will post some pics once I get them off the camera...)

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    Alexis’ Birth Story

    Alexis Faith
    7lbs 11.8ozs and 19.5inches

    I had my c-section scheduled for Nov 1st but if she was going to come early I decided I would try a VBAC. However even being 3cm dilated at my 37 week checkup the doctor said she thought I would make it to my c-section. Then since my doctor was away for the week of my 38 week appointment I saw one of the other doctors. He was afraid to check to see if I was more dilated because he thought it could get things going but I didn’t care and I wanted to know. So he checked and I was 3 and a half cm dilated. He said that I would probably have the baby that week. (This was Tuesday).
    On Wednesday the 24th I went to work like I had been and work my shift 7 to 4 though around 3:30 I was starting to have pains but I was blowing them off to gas because I had eaten an unhealthy lunch. By 4 when I was going to head home people were worried about me and my mom didn’t want me to drive home by myself but around 4:30 she finally let me drive the hour home. So I got home at 5:30 and in the car I had been timing what I was now realizing might be contractions and they were about 7 minutes apart. So I called to warn my husband who of course was the only closing manager that day but the other managers were on call. By 6:30 I knew something was wrong I could barely time the contractions they seemed to be on top of each other so I called my husband hysterical and made him come home. As I am calling him my 19 month old is going crazy but I was in to much pain to yell at her so I turned on a movie and let her be. My husband got home and I decided to call the on call doctor who took over a half hour to get back to me and he said to come in right away. Of course we live about 45 minutes away from the hospital so my husband packed up my daughter and we left. We met my sister there so she could take my daughter.
    I had called my mom at work to let her know we were on our way and she sent my dad to get my daughter and bring her home and my mom and sister would wait at the hospital. So I made my husband valet park but refused a wheelchair because I still refused to admit I was in labor so we walk though I could barely do that with all the pain. So at 8:30pm we registered and they brought me into a room, where I start puking. The resident doctor said that means you are really in labor but let me see how dilated you are he check and told me I was 7cm this was just after 9pm. Then they kept taking my blood pressure and it was high so they were asking me questions and trying to draw blood but I couldn’t stand the pain and couldn’t focus enough to answer. Around 10pm I finally got my own delivery room and they let me have an epidural around 10:30pm. Of course as soon as they gave me the epidural he checked and I was 10cm and my fluid was bulging. He told the nurse to page the on call doctor because this baby was going to come as soon as he broke the water. So the doctor told the nurse to have him break it he came in the suited up then he told me to start pushing when I felt the urge. Well I did and since the epidural had not kicked in it was horrible pain. But in ten minutes and about 20 pushes Alexis came flying out. At 10:52pm my little girl arrived via VBAC in less then three hours since we got to the hospital. So I got to hold her and they stitched up the 3rd degree rips she caused and I felt the whole thing I think that was the worst part.
    Kiira 3/5/06, Alexis 10/24/07, and Cayden 11/14/08

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