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    Her story really begins a few days before her actual birth. Thursday night I was sent to L&D by my doc because I was dehydrated and he wanted me to get IV fluids. While there I still had protein in my urine also and my blood pressure was higher than normal. So, he decided to do a 24 hour urine analysis on me. I was sent home with instructions to catch all my pee, keep it on ice and bring it back Saturday morning. Friday night we decided to have some friends over to play cards. I'd been on bedrest for 2 weeks and really just wanted a change of pace from watching TV all the time. So, while we were playing I began having contractions. (My friends swears they were brought on by the mexican cheese dip we ate!) They were fairly regular, but not strong, so I just kept on playing and didn't say anything. I was able to sleep Friday night, and Saturday morning was still having them, although they really weren't too much stronger than before.

    We arrived at the hospital to drop off my pee and thought we were just going to leave it and go, but my doc wanted to monitor me until the results came back. So, I'm strapped to a monitor in evaluation and we sat, watching TV. The monitor started picking up my contractions immediately, and they were coming about 8 minutes apart. They were getting stronger, but still weren't too bad. The nurse checked me and I was still not dilated at all. Eventually the urine results came back, and my doc and the on call doc decided that since the protein level was still high, since I was already having contractions, to admit me. DH and I were really surprised and overwhelmed by this...we were expecting to drop off the pee and then go eat breakfast, and now we were being admitted to the hospital and wouldn't leave until we had a baby!

    The plan was to let me contract and labor throughout the day, and hopefully I would begin to dilate on my own. The on call doc was going to come in around 4pm to check me again and administer Cervidil if I needed it.All day long I sat, eating only clear liquids and popsicles...remember, I hadn't even had breakfast that day! I was not happy with the thought of no real food until after delivery! When the doc came in to check me, I still hadn't dilated...of course. So, Cervidil was administered and I would be left for 12 hours. The night was rough. The good thing was my parents and my DHs mother and sister all arrived and I got to see them, but the contractions were getting strong and coming closer together by the second. I was finally given Staydol (sp?) to help with the pain, and it worked. It only lasted for 1 1/2 hours at a time though, so I would wake up feeling a contraction after an hour and a half pretty much to the minute. I didn't get much good sleep that night, and DH, who was worried about my pain and was watching the monitor like a hawk, didn't sleep at all. At 4:30am Sunday morning, the nurses came in and removed the Cervidil. I still hadn't dilated, so Pitocin was started.Once the Pit started, the morning was horrid. The contractions started coming two minutes apart and were strong. I did my breathing through them, and DH said he was really surprised and proud of how well I handled the contractions. At 8:20 my doc (who I LOVE) came in and checked me. GUESS WHAT? NO DILATION! I was still firmly closed. He sighed and looked at me with a small smile. Basically, I wasn't going to dilate on my own, he didn't think, especially since I'd been contracting regularly for nearly 24 hours and the contractions were already really close together. He also said that while it wasn't an emergency yet, Caroline's heartrate dropped a little with each contraction, which he wasn't thrilled about. He recommended a c-section and I looked at DH, who nodded, and the decision was made.

    Everything happened really fast after that. I was taken off the Pit, I got up for a quick shower and then was rolled off. I had a spinal block, which was seriously the weirdest feeling I'd ever had. DH was given scrubs and we were in the OR. It seemed like no time and the doc said, "Dad, get the camera ready, she's coming out!" and then we heard her cry. That is BY FAR the best sound I've ever heard. She was cleaned up a bit, then I got to meet her and then they took her off. DH went with her, and he got all the family and everyone met her. It was about 30 minutes and I was wheeled back into our room. She was still under the heating lights, but really soon after I got in there they had me set up to nurse. We're working on the nursing. It gets better everyday. My milk is in now, so that's really made a huge difference.

    She is happy and healthy! My recovery is going well...can't complain!
    Caroline Marie
    11.11.07 @ 9:50am
    39w5d gestation
    6lbs 15oz 19 1/2 in long

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    OK, this is REALLY long, but I just didn't want to leave anything out.  It was the most amazing day in my life, and I just feel so blessed and thankful every time I look back on each moment that led up to meeting my precious baby girl, and each moment afterward.  What a gift!!

    The Birth of Lucy Shea!!!

    You are the light of the world. A city on a hill cannot be hidden. Neither do people light a lamp and put it under a bowl. Instead they put it on its stand, and it gives light to everyone in the house. In the same way, let your light shine before men, that they may see your good deeds and praise your Father in heaven.(Matthew 5:14-16)

    I was thinking of Lucy’s name the week before her birth, and how it means “luminous,” and the above verse is what the Lord gave me for her.Through the expectation of her birth and through her arrival, I see how she’s brought light into our lives in so many ways, and I also see how God desires for her to be a light for Him.

    First of all, she’s brought light into our lives through the miracle of her conception.After TTC for many, many months, I had become so discouraged.I kept asking God why He would place a desire in my heart and leave it unfulfilled.He began to teach me that it wasn’t that He was going to leave it unfulfilled, but instead He was placing that desire in my heart early on as a way to prepare me for the path He had already walked ahead of me.Towards the end of my pregnancy, people kept saying “I’m sure you are SO ready to not be pregnant anymore!” and I would just look at them and smile.Yes, I was ready not to be pregnant anymore because that would mean my baby would be in my arms, but not because I was unhappy in my pregnancy.Not a day passed by, even with all of the sickness and discomfort, that I did not thank God for allowing me to take such an amazing journey, and I think had I gotten pregnant easily, I would have missed out on feeling that blessing.I’m not saying that people who get pregnant easily don’t feel the same way.I just remember several years back getting really discouraged by how negative people were about being parents, and I remember asking God to give me a thankful heart once we were parents.I truly believe that our having to “wait for Lucy” longer than we had anticipated was God’s answer to that prayer of mine so many years ago.

    Lucy’s also brought light into our lives after some very dark times.On December 30th, 2006 I received a call that my husband was going into emergency surgery and was then diagnosed with testicular cancer.So many dreams seemed placed on hold or completely over, and so much of life seemed uncertain.Before his surgery, I had been struggling with contentment—wanting to be pregnant, not liking my job, etc.—and within a matter of a few hours, nothing else in life seemed to matter other than making sure my husband was going to be okay.God was using this dark time to teach me though—to teach me that there was a purpose for me being employed where I was (benefits to cover Michael’s condition) and there was a reason we had not gotten pregnant just yet: He was, once again, asking us to wait so that He could prepare us for the perfect time—HIS perfect time.

    Lucy also has lit up a very dark time for my family, which was the passing of my Daddy in July.I have heard so many people say how God often brings about a new life once there has been a death, and Lucy certainly has breathed new life into my family.I still grieve more than I can express over not being able to see my Daddy with her and not even being able to tell him about her.But God is teaching me His sovereignty through this situation.I don’t understand why it had to be this way, but I know that I can ultimately trust my Jesus, and the light of Lucy’s birth reminds me that I can trust Him not only in the good times, but also in the bad.

    I can also see the bigger picture of how God desires for her to be HIS light throughout her life.I don’t know what all that entails, but I do know I must continually be willing to give this precious gift back to the One who’s placed her in my life.I must look to Him daily to help me show Him to her through everything I do and to guide her to Him.I cannot wait to see what God has in store for my little girl!!

    …But I’m getting a bit ahead of myself now, because I know you’re all very anxious to hear how she made her way into this world in the first place!So, here goes…

    I couldn’t really sleep much the nights prior to Lucy’s birth—I was so anxious and excited and scared and nervous and…well, basically every emotion you can think of!A friend of mine (Thank you, Angie!) sent me some scriptures to look over and I just poured over them that whole week.And even with as nervous as I was, I had this amazing peace and confidence knowing that my Jesus had gone before me—anything that was about to happen He had ordained, so I knew I could rest in Him…easier said than done sometimes, but He continually reminded me of that truth even in my “fleshly” momentsJ

    I got up around 5:40 on Thursday morning and took a shower.As I stood in the shower I started praying, and the main thing I remember coming out of my mouth was “Lord, I just want to be thankful every single day of Lucy’s life—I don’t ever want to take her for granted or forget what a miracle she is.Help me to praise you in the good AND bad days…”

    After I took my shower, I got everyone else up in the house and gave Michael his present—a green hat with the words “Lucy’s Daddy” stitched on the front.

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    …I was STARVING that morning!I couldn’t eat anything past midnight, and for some reason if I get up earlier than usual I’m REALLY really hungry.I would later be VERY happy I didn’t give in and eat or drink anything though…

    Before we left the house, Michael, Mom and I prayed for the event that was about to take place, and before we left, it was as if Michael and I both just stopped and looked into the house, realizing that next time we would be standing there, it would be with our little Lucy!

    I kept staring down at my belly and rubbing it on the way to the hospital—what was it going to be like when she wasn’t in there anymore?I remember being worried that I was going to get depressed about her not being inside of me anymore.It’s something I’ve really prayed about throughout my pregnancy…

    We left the house around 7AM.Traffic was CRAZY, but we arrived on time.I had no idea it would take so long to get admitted though.You have to tell them your name and why you’re there and then wait for them to call your name to get in all of the paperwork.I had sent mine in ahead of time, so I figured they’d just send me on up, but that didn’t exactly happen.I was just so excited to get everything started!Soon after we had arrived, Michael’s dad, mom, and sister came in.  Here's us anxiously waiting in the lobby!

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    DH and I went back into a little cubicle area where they got us all registered and starting the multitude of arm bands that would soon be on my right arm.One of the forms I signed was allowing the hospital staff to medically care for the baby, and underneath I had to write in my relationship to the patient: “mother.”What a cool feeling!!Then, the guy registering us put me in a wheelchair and we all headed for the elevator and the maternity suites—it was finally happening!I couldn’t believe it!

    They wheeled us all into my room and we all sat in there for a bit before the nursing staff came in.


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    The nurses came in and I got dressed in my “lovely” gownJAfter that, they started hooking the monitors up

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    They did a quick u/s to see if Lucy had flipped—nope, still in the exact same spot.But they figured out what that “little knobby thing” was I had been feeling for months—she had her fists up over her face!(and she still likes to sprawl out like that)

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    But I’m getting ahead of myself againJ

    …I was having several contractions (nothing incredibly consistent) and I had also been having a BUNCH the night before, so I think Lucy was planning to make her appearance soon even if the C-section had not been scheduled.

    The nurses came in after a bit and said another woman had come in who was scheduled to have a C-section at a later date but her water had broken, so my surgery got bumped back a bit.I was actually kind of relieved—I did NOT feel ready to go into surgery yet!Around that time they had me drink this cup of antacid or something like that—I can still taste it.It was like a liquefied version of the sour coating on a warhead candy!

    The IV getting put in was not near as bad as I had anticipated.Definitely a big prick, but bearable.It sure was uncomfortable once they got the fluid going though—it was so cold and stung.And then came the catheter…*cringe*O…my…GOSH!No one had prepared me for how bad that was going to hurt….and that started my first big meltdown of the day.For some reason it just sent my nerves over the edge and I started getting REALLY nervous and anxious.Michael was amazing though.I had told him the night before that the one thing that really comforts me when I’m hurting or anxious is to have my head rubbed—and there he was, rubbing my head.He kept encouraging me and telling me what a great job I was doing.His love and support was so amazing…I love him so much!

    I met with Dr. R a bit before the surgery.I had really prayed she would get to deliver Lucy, so that’s another reason that the scheduled C-section was a blessing. (There are 4 doctors in the practice, and if I had gone into labor on my own and she wasn’t on call one of the other 3 would have delivered RK.)Michael got his scrubs on—doesn’t he look adorable??!

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    and then they started wheeling me back around 11:25 to the OR.The family followed until we reached the waiting area.Michael had to wait there, too (which made my anxiety increase even more, but it was something I was prepared for, and I knew they would bring him back soon.)As they were wheeling me back I started having the worst feeling.I remember thinking, “I just do NOT want to do this—I don’t want to be here right now.”I don’t know that I’ve ever had that exact feeling—it wasn’t that I didn’t want to meet my little girl, but I just remember wishing there was some other way.But I knew there was no turning back.I was just so nervous to go through the surgery and especially anxious about the soon-to-come spinal…

    We reached the OR at 11:28 (so the C-section was an hour and a half delayed.)I remember looking at the clock and not being able to read it myself because I was so nervous and then glancing quickly around the room—there were these huge round lights on the ceiling and it was SO bright in there.I remember noticing the operating table, too—it looks so tiny!It was covered with like a green sheet and there was a little pillow at the top.They wheeled my bed right up to the left side of the operating table and then I had to move over to the operating table—NOT a very easy task when you’ve been laying flat and have a big round belly in front of you!Also, the catheter was still very uncomfortable, and I was so afraid I was going to somehow rip it out if I moved the wrong way.The nurse helped me roll over to my right side and then we slowly but surely got me over to the operating table.I sat up on the end of the table with the nurse in front of me, and the anesthesiologist got me all prepped for the spinal—when they say they’re going to rub your back down they aren’t lying!It felt like I had an SOS pad being ground in my back (getting my tattoo was more comfortable than that!)Then came time for the spinal.*shudders*The nurse was so good about telling me to breath out the pain (although a part of me was thinking “seriously?I’m actually going to breathe out this pain??Yea RIGHT!!” LOL!It did help keep me somewhat calm though.)and the anesthesiologist reminded me how I needed to slouch and round my back over and that I was going to feel some pressure/stinging.Holy COW!It was really intense burning and it lasted a lot longer than I had anticipated..It starting kicking in almost immediately though.I started feeling this crazy-warm sensation from my belly down to my legs and they quickly got me laying down flat (before I lost all feeling!)At first, it actually felt pretty good.I was tingly all over and somewhat numb, but I still had control over my body.After he finished the spinal though and I was getting laid down I had my second big meltdown for the day.I just remember wanting DH in there with me.And then the spinal REALLY went into effect. I got to wear I could feel NOTHING and it was seriously one of the worst feelings ever.I started getting very anxious and just wanted DH in there so badly, and I just had this overwhelming sense of “I REALLY don’t want to be in here right now...I don’t know if I can do this…but I know I have to…”

    They got the big blue sheet put up (I don’t know that I was expecting it to be so close to my face—It was at the top of my breasts, so literally right in front of my face), and then the doctor pinched me with some tweezers—which I didn’t feel at ALL.

    DH finally got to come in and he sat to my left. He grabbed my hand (the right hand was kind of strapped and the left was laid out flat as well but it was free for DH to be able to hold) and started stroking my head and telling me, once again, what a great job I was doing.

    I also had the most AMAZING nurse at the top of my head—she was so sweet and comforting and I felt so blessed that she was there with me.

    I remember looking over to the left corner of the room at one point and seeing everything set up for Lucy—it was so weird to think that in a matter of minutes my daughter would be over there!

    Michael handed over his camera to one of the nurses who offered to take pics and he had his ihpone ready to take pics as well.Then they got started.I just kept thinking, “I do NOT want to do this right now…I know I have to so that I can meet my daughter but I wish there were another way…”(have I mentioned this feeling before??HeheeJ)

    …And then I heard the words “Michael, you’ll want to look up—she’s got her butt up in the air!”I saw some hesitation in Michael’s eyes as he looked at me and then finally peeked his head to look over the sheet.He later told me he was glad he didn’t watch the whole thing as there was a LOT of blood.Then the doctors said “She’s already PEEING everywhere!” and then she was OUT!It was 11:55 AM.The held her up over the sheet on my left side and I think we both started crying.

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    …I remember thinking I couldn’t believe how BIG and chubby she looked!Was she REALLY inside of my belly??!I was so overcome with emotion that my daughter had made her arrival—I just couldn’t believe it!Even as I type this my heart is racing as I think of what an amazing moment it was to see her for the first time.It made it all worth it those feelings of “I don’t want to do this.”I can’t say that I really would like to go through a C-section again, but at the same time I would do it again in a heartbeat to have my precious daughter here.

    They took her over to that left corner of the room and Michael looked at me so sweetly and asked, “Can I go over there with her??”Michael then rushed over there to meet his daughter—it was so precious!

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    The nurse behind me then stepped in and started rubbing my head and talking to me.She even pulled the left side of the sheet back so I could see what they were doing—and then I heard them say it: “8 pounds, 1 oz”!

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    I couldn’t believe it!I knew the u/s had shown her to be close to 8 pounds, but they aren’t always accurate with their guestimates.Her head also measured at 15 inches in diameter.The dr made a comment that it was good we did a C-section, because if she had flipped and I went into labor, we would have ended up doing a C-section most likely.I’m going to try not to give TMI here, but I seriously don’t think my body could have handled her coming out “down there” just for several different reasons which I will spare you the details ofJThe dr also kept saying “Your stomach is SO flat now!You were all baby!!”I didn’t really believe them when they said it, as I thought they were just being nice, but it sure did make me feel good to hear that!

    DH soon got to bring Lucy over to meet me—he was so proud of her and I just couldn’t get over her—I kept saying it over and over, “She’s just SO pretty!”They soon unstrapped my arms and let me hold her, too.That was something I was NOT expecting to get to do, and it thrilled my heart more than I can even express.

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    Her eyes were opened up wide and she immediately started staring into my eyes—it was the most amazing moment, and there are just no words to explain what I was feeling.I couldn’t believe she had been inside my belly and now she was in my arms…amazing…And DH was just so excited as well—he couldn’t stop staring at her either!It was so awesome to see him with her—it was something I had really looked forward to throughout my pregnancy, and it totally exceeded my expectations.He instantly went into a Daddy instinct and has been so amazing with her—he’s actually better than anyone else at changing her diaper!See in our first family photo how he is just staring right at her—so precious!

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    They had to take her back over to the left corner of the room to check some other things and DH went with her (I wanted him to!) and the nurse asked me “Are you started to feel nauseous?” and just as the words left her mouth, this horrible feeling of nausea overtook me.She gave me a little tray in case I started throwing up (how do you throw up laying down anyway?!) and I leaned my head over to the left and just kept praying “Please, Lord, I don’t want to throw up—please let this pass.”It was the worst case of nausea I had ever experienced in my life—like the first 14 weeks of my pregnancy all combined into a matter of minutes.The nurse said it was totally normal at this point and it had something to do with what they were doing to my uterus.She gave me something to try and calm it down.I kept dry heaving and gagging, but it passed fairly quickly without me throwing anything up.(Thank you, Lord!)And that was when I remembered how hungry I had been up until the surgery and was SO thankful I hadn’t had a single thing to eat or drink

    They started sewing me up and were almost finished when the dr peeked her head over the top of the sheet.“I’ve got you all sewn up but now we’ve discovered that we’re missing a sponge.It’s probably laying around somewhere but we’re going to do an X-ray just to make sure.”(Thank goodness they count all that stuff ahead of time—I had remembered when I first came into the OR they were counting all of the operating utensils—how many pairs of scissors do they really need??!I quickly had turned my head in another direction to try and avoid thinking of what was going to be opening up my tummy!)

    They sent DH and the baby out of the room while they did the X-ray and then the tech said it would be about 10-15 minutes when they’d call with the results.I remember thinking, “I just want this to all be over with!”They called and stated they found a drain—which is something that definitely was NOT in my stomach!They were going to do another u/s and Dr R called them back and they decided it was probably the angle but that something was in there and they probably needed to open me back up to get it out.This time, I could REALLY feel the pulling and tugging.I’m not sure if I was feeling pain or not, but I had been in there for over and hour, and the spinal only lasts about 2, so they decided it would be best to give me some med to help through this last bit.DH was back in the room with our precious baby girl at that point.The nurse said “This is what we use to make you sleep during surgery but we’re going to give you just a TINY bit to get this part finished up—you’ll probably go to sleep for just a little bit.”I think I said “OK” and that’s all I remember!I woke up just as they had finished.So, technically I had two surgeries that morning, and gave birth TWICE—first to a beautiful baby girl, and second to a bloody sponge!DH later told me Dr R was pretty upset about the whole thing.I guess the staff in the room is supposed to keep a better count on all of that stuff and just as she was finishing sewing me up the first time, someone said, “Um, we’re missing a sponge.”She couldn’t just leave me opened up so they went ahead and finished sewing me up while they waited for the x-ray tech.

    After it was all over (PTL!) they snapped a quick shot of DH, Lucy, and Dr R

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    and placed Lucy in my arms and then wheeled us back over to my room.We didn’t think anyone would get to see her until after I had been in recovery for awhile, but since the waiting area was on the way to my room they let us stop for just a few moments.As we turned the corner I could see my momma just jumping up and down and all excited.I pulled her cap off so they could see her dark, curly/kinky hair and they all snapped several quick pictures.


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    They all said how beautiful she is and I was still spouting off every few minutes “She’s just SO pretty!”.

    We didn’t get back to my room until around 1:15 (due to the birth of the sponge!) and I was getting very uncomfortable.The spinal had almost all worn off by the time they got me started on morphine, so the morphine just was NOT helping.They had to up my dosage of it two more times before it finally started helping, and by then I was SO doped up that I couldn’t really see.I tried to post an update on things that night and I literally had my face as close to the screen as possible and I still could barely make anything out.


    We spent time with family that afternoon, everyone getting acquainted with the newest member of the T household, and then DH and I spent our first of many sleepless nights with our little girl!I don’t think it would have been so bad except I literally could NOT keep my eyes opened from all of the morphine I was on, and DH was dozing off as well.One of the nurses came in around 3AM and said “Why don’t you just let me take her to the nursery for a few hours so ya’ll can sleep, then I’ll bring her back in when it’s time for her to eat.”(I had made it VERY clear that she was not to have a pacifier or a bottle!)I was a little hesitant—I kept thinking of this TV movie I had seen when I was younger called “Switched at birth,” and it’s been a huge fear of mine since that I would get the wrong baby.We both desperately needed a few hours of sleep though, so they took Lucy to the nursery and wheeled her cart back in at 6AM…I say her “cart” because Lucy wasn’t actually IN it…They have these security bands they place on the baby, you and your DH so any time she gets taken from the room they match the numbers on the bracelet to make sure you get the your baby…well, the nurse calls out the number and it didn’t match.DH gets up and goes over to her cart and says, “Um, that’s not our baby!”The nurse was mortified and was like “This has never happened before.”She took the baby away to go “find” Lucy.I was panicked!I couldn’t believe that had just happened.Thankfully though, they brought Lucy back in, safe and sound.Apparently, they had quite a few babies in the nursery and Lucy had gotten fussy so they moved her into a swing then mixed her up with another baby.*sigh*Looking back on it, I have to laugh that it happened, but deep down it REALLY scared me, and DH and I decided from that moment on that Lucy would be staying within our sight at all times!

    It’s kind of funny when I look back on it all—the whole sponge thing and then the baby mix-up—you would think I’d say I would never deliver at that hospital again, but I really don’t feel that way.The nursing staff was amazing—so helpful (except for one lady who kept questioning every time I asked for pain medicine and she wouldn’t give it to me every 3 hours like I was supposed to have it.Grrrr….!)and very encouraging.And even with all of the mishaps, I just felt such a peace about everything.I knew God had gone before every step, so I just felt this incredible peace.

    The doctors said Lucy was “perfect,” and my dr said my incision looked good.Lucy goes in for her first appointment on Monday, and then I don’t go in for my first appointment until around mid-December.

    We came home from the hospital early Sunday evening, and everything has been such a whirlwind.I was telling Mom and DH today how it feels as if life has just been turned completely upside down in a matter of moments—but in the most wonderful way!I just can’t believe this LO is ours and that we get to keep her!!I had been really worried that I would miss feeling her inside of my belly, and while it is odd to have a completely different body now, I just love having her out where I can hold her and look at her.It’s been the most wonderful experience.And even through the sleepless nights and some problems with nursing, I \ keep thanking God any time I start getting a little stressed—I just can’t imagine a greater blessing in the world.She is amazing, and all I can say is God is just SO, so very good!Thank you, Lord, for lighting up our lives through Lucy!

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    Default Nathaniel David has entered the building, I mean world!

    I suppose my official labor story would have to go all the way back to October 22-23. I was only 36w3 days at this point. Due to some swelling and a 2 day headache, I decided to have my BP checked prior to going to work. Well, it was taken a few different times and was high - 160/100. I was sent to the hospital triage area to be monitored and after some time, they started to fall BUT I began to have contractions. By the time I was discharged, I was dialated to 3cm and was 70-85% effaced. They released me due to lack of progress but figured I would be in within the next week or so to have my baby... Baby had other plans.

    Fast forward to the wee morning hours of 11/11. I had woken up to use the potty and upon return to bed started cramping. It was just before 3a. I waited to see if they would keep coming and sure enough, every 2-4 minutes I was having them AND they were more intense than the ones I had when I had been in the hospital. I decided after about 20min. to wake up DH to tell him that I thought something was going on. We timed them for an hour and then decided to call L&D to ask them what they thought we should do since we live an hour away. The nurse took my info and suggested I eat, shower, etc. and see if they progressed or spaced out. She wanted me to call her back in 2 hours for an update, so that is what we did.

    By the time we called the nurse, it was 6a and my contrax were about 2 minutes apart. She told us to head on in. We finally called my mom who lives about an hour from us and she followed us to the hospital. We arrived around 8a and after a check in the triage area, I was admitted. I had dialated to about 4-5. They noticed my BP was high and this scared me because I didn't want a c/s! I figured if my BP got higher, they would want the baby out ASAP but later I was told they don't like to do c/s with elevated BPs due to excessive bleeding. WHEW!

    Being such a special gal with GD and now the BP issue, I was in the high risk area. This meant I had a sweet nurse all to myself! My mom and best friend and husband stayed with me throughout the laboring hours up until the pushing. Then the girls went to the hallway and listened. I don't know how much time passed between when I was in that room and the next time they checked me. I would have to say it was probably around 3-4p. At that point, I was only dialated to a 6 but 90% effaced. GAH! They offered to break my water but I was so scared of how intense the contractions might get that I declined. They said they would check in another 2 hours if I could make it that long. I had gone into this whole thing really wanting to do it 'naturally' without any pain meds or an epidural. The contractions got worse but my mom and DH started doing some counter pressure on my back as at some points during my labor the pain seemed to go there for some reason. They were initally worried that baby was facing the wrong way but he came out the way he was suppose to! Good boy! Anyhoot, after those 2 hours, I was at an 8 and I decided to let them break my water. They did but nothing came out! Apparently baby's head was in front of the majority of the fluid. After this, the contractions started to get so intense it was awful! I tried to keep my cool and looking back feel like I had left my body during this time. I feel like it was minutes but DH says he thinks it was more like an hour or so. I had my eyes closed from here on out. I think I was tuning out the world or something. I know I listened to what they were saying but that was about it. I was feeling all of this pressure and the nurse had told me when I start to get that feeling between contractions that it meant it is usually time to push. I didn't feel like I needed to push but the nurse asked me if I had pushed during a contraction and I was like, I dunno... then the baby's heartrate had a huge deceleration which sent everyone scrambling and them telling me I had to get on my left side. I couldn't move by this point and just let them flop me around and stick that stupid oxygen mask on my face. Someone checked me and said I was complete and that it was time to go!

    I didn't feel that pushing was a horrible thing. I was just trying to concentrate on doing it right and doing what they were telling me to. I didn't feel the 'ring of fire' either... darn! I pushed for about 30 minutes and out came baby! DH was so emotional and said 'it's a boy!' before anyone else had the chance. Even though he wanted to cut the cord, the whisked the baby out and away to the crib thing in the corner. They were concerned because he wasn't crying. From where I was, I couldn't tell if his color was okay so DH and I were freaking out for a bit. The nurse told me his color looked good and after a few minutes they ticked him off enough for him to whimper some. He still isn't a big crier to this day although he is getting the hang of letting us know he is unhappy during diaper changes! They wiped him down and said he needed to warm up so they brought him to me and put him under my gown for skin to skin warming! That was pretty neat but sort of strange as I hadn't really even looked at him or anything and back into hiding on my belly he went!
    DH was so amazing. When he finally got to hold him for the first time, he sobbed. Yes, we were all tried but DH was so emotionally exhausted and relieved to have me and baby make it thru all the pain of labor.

    BTW, I am so glad that I waited to have my water broken when I was at 6cm because Nathaniel was born with the cord around his neck twice. So scary!

    The rest of my hospital stay was quite poopy. I was so excited to be able to eat something after the birth as I was no longer on a restricted diet, I had only eaten 1 english muffin at about 4a on the 11th. Well, by the time we were settled in our new room and eating, it was 11p! Since my BP kept creeping upward, they decided the next morning to start me on magnesium to prevent seizures! Goodness! Well, I had a good experience with the stuff. They didn't make me have a catheter, thankfully, and I didn't feel any side effects from the meds. I was not allowed to eat though for that entire day. They finally fed me late in the day so I had gone almost another day without eating or sleeping and still the BP issue was not resolving itself like they might have thought. I started trembling in the night as I was getting quite anxious with no sleep, food and still caring for baby. I had sent DH home for the night to rest as he was so emotionally drained that it wasn't doing anyone any good to have him there. My mom stayed with me but slept a majority of the time. It was so frustrating! There was no one in the nursery either so I had to care for baby too. What a mess. And they wonder why my BP was out of control?! Finally on Tues., they started me on BP meds and sent me packin'! I was glad to be released although sleep wouldn't come for another few days. I was so exhausted I couldn't sleep and the adrenaline kept going and going.

    That is basically it!

    Thank you Lord for the safe delivery of our miracle!
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    with my family


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    DS1 (10/07), DS2 (06/09) & DS3 (01/12)
    Angel Baby 01/15

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    Default Samuel Paul 8lbs, 13 oz.

    I got induced on the 15th at 6AM. I got to experience full back labor the entire time. I got stuck at 2cm for like 2 hours and then I got stuck at 6cm for four hours. The doctor started talking about c/section when I was stuck at 6cm (if I didn't progress). I didn't progress. I got really mad at the nurses and demanded to be taken off the induction drugs so that the contractions would stop. They took me off of them, but the contractions did not stop at all. They seemed to get worse. I had the epidural, but I could still feel everything. I also got IV drugs, but they only lasted a few hours. At about 5PM I started to feel this really strange feeling when I was contracting. So, I let the nurse check me. I was between 9 and 10 cm...and the nurse told me to push. So I did, but nothing happened. I pushed until the doctor showed up at 6:30 (she was stuck in surgery until then). When the doctor finally showed up she said that the baby was lower, but it wasn't enough, and my the lip of my cervix was starting to swell. She ordered a c/section. But they could not find the the doctor to give me the spinal for my c/section. My regular doctor gave me some IV drugs, but that was the best she could do until they found him at 8:30. Then they had to prep the room and that took until almost 9PM. Samuel was born at 9:14 PM. I got to see him for a minute before they took him to the nursery, and after that I did not get to see him until 10:35 PM.

    Jonathan held out pretty well, he only passed out once (when they were putting my IV in place).
    ....waiting for baby.

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    Mr. Mason was born November 21 @ 9:49 P.M. weighing 8 lbs 2 oz - 20 in long. He is perfect in every way and looks just like his big brother Simon.
    We showed up at the hospital to be induced at 5:30 a.m. - got hooked up to everything around 6 and was given some gel to help soften my cervix some more and was told to walk for an hour. Walking was VERY uncomfortable and really got the contractions going so I wanted to stay in bed after that! Then the pitocin was started (drug used via IV to increase contractions) and we just waited and waited while the contractions got stronger and stronger. I handled them pretty well I think No one was cursed at our injured Then it got to a point where I needed something to take the edge off until I could get my epidural. (I wasnt dialating so they wouldnt give me my epi yet) - so they put something in my IV and man did that ever help!! The world was good. Our best friends Courtney and Mike were there all day with us to keep us company and share in our laboring experience, it helped the time go by then it was time for the epi. YAY!!! That went smoothly - a bit painful but sooo worth it. After that life was REALLY good. Next step was to break my water. The baby was not low enough so they couldnt do that until he was so of course we waited some more all the while having my pitocin cranked up each nurse visit. Justin and the Dancz's got a kick out of watching my contractions peak and telling me when I was having one, I didnt feel them! Then around 8:00 P.M. I feel a gush and knew my water had broke! WOOHOO! The doc was going to come in within a half hour to break it for me, but no need! So I called the nurse and she came in to verify and yup, that was my water We hung out some more and then I started feeling alot of pressure. Not so much pain, just pressure. I told the nurse and she said "good, we want pressure!" that meant the baby was going down, down, down! A little time goes by and I tell the nurse "um....I'm feeling some serious pressure down there" and she asked if I wanted to be checked and I said oh yes! She checked me and said right away "oh theres a noggin and you're complete!! You're 10 CM!" yay it was go time!!! So our friends leave the room and doc comes in and prep me for delivery. Justin startes the camera from the side and takes his position up at my head and doc told me to go ahead and push with the next contraction and I did. I pushed for a total of about 4 contractions which total time equalled 9 minutes. :P I was not messing around, I wanted our baby! Out he came and daddy cut the cord and Mason was laid immediately on my chest. Justin and I were in awe of our little man. He looked just liked Simon did. He also resembled his Gpa Bowser and Great Gpa Bowser. We were in love all over again. He was cleaned and bathed (which he didnt mind) and his apgars were 9 & 9. Perfectly healthy!!!

    Justin & Roxy 04/20/2002
    Simon: 02/02/04
    Mason: 11/21/07

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    Default Elliott Rose

    Dh and I went to the hospital to check in for my induction at 6:30 a.m. on Friday, November 23. They set me up in my room and said they would be by to start my pitocin around 8:00. After starting the pitocin, they checked me and said I was still 2 cm and 40% effaced. I started feeling some minor contractions around 9 a.m. They were a little uncomfortable as I have never had menstrual cramps. The anesthesiologist came in around 9:45 and gave me the epidural (how heavenly). My OB came to the hospital around 10 and he broke my water. I couldn't feel a thing!! Around noon, I was checked and I was 3 cm and 60 percent effaced. One hour later, I was at a 9.5 cm and fully effaced. The nurses said they were expecting a LO by around 4 p.m. At 2:30, I was at 10 cm and they said I could either start pushing or wait another hour for the baby to descend a little more. I waited another hour and began pushing little Elliott at 3:30. I continued to push until approximately 4:30 when the OB came back in. He said he could use a suction to help me out and I was all for it. Needless to say the suction kept coming off because Elliott had so much hair. He then used forceps and out came her head (that part hurt!). I screamed that I couldn't push anymore and he said I just had to get her shoulders out. One more push and out came her shoulders! A very easy labor all in all!
    ELLIOTT ROSE 11/23/07

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    I was scheduled to be induced the 13, Sunday the 11 we DTD and walked as much as you could fit into one day trying to avoid the induction, so I could have my natural L&D. around 530 that evening I started timing contractions at about 7 minutes apart, they stayed that way till about 700, when they got down to 2-5 minutes. They weren't painful, and only had I slight crampy feeling to them. So I thought that from a past D&C gone wrong that I was so scarred up that maybe they wouldn't start hurting and decided to get ready. at 11 30 we went to walmart to get batteries for the camera, walk around some more, and look at video games (DH's idea) We then went to the ER to get admitted.

    We went up to L&D, got hooked up to the monitors, and was checked. Still at a one, which I had been for weeks. The nurse told me to go for an hour walk and be back up there by 2:00. So we did. So heres me in a gown, swinging the plugs to my belly monitors at my side, waddling around a park bench for about 30 minutes while DH tries to sleep because he was tired of walking. This is when the contractions actually started to feel like contractions should. We went back up and she checked me again and I was 1 1/2 to 2 cm dilated so she said she would call my doctor to find out what he wanted to do. She came back with the admittance papers, and many empty vials for blood work.

    Around 4:00 I still hadn't made much progress so I sent DH home to get some sleep, since the chair he was attempting to sleep on didn't recline. At 5:00 a nurse came in and hooked an IV up to my line. She hooked it up and THEN told me it was pitocin because the doctor wanted to "speed things up a bit." GREAT! Next PG I'm making sure the doctor is fine with natural L&D.
    I have NEVER seen a doctor that is so dead set on women having drugs during labor. I guarantee you he did this because he knew I would not take an epi or any narcotic unless I had to. So here I am started off on a high dose of pit instead of getting worked up to it, and my progress stops. They contractions start coming every 30 secs and lasting 20-30 secs long, and they were hard. I started seeing spots with each one, and blacking out. The nurse came in and asked If I wanted IV narcs or an epi. I said I wanted to wait. So about 30 minutes later I called the nurse back in and asked how long I would have to wait to get the epi. She said I could have it when I wanted it. So I called DH and discussed it with him, and told the nurse to get the anesthesiologist.

    Around 700y MIL arrives, and I will tell you I have never been so happy to see her. She brought mints, and gum, and got me a glass of ice water. She was not happy with them putting me on pit especially for "convenience" but was more than willing to help me breath and to massage my back. She was a great help. The anesthesiologist came around 7 15 and stuck me in the back. That was hard. They had me on the very edge of the bed which was put on it highest setting. The nurse wouldn't let me lean on her, and they wouldn't let me lean on a rail either.So here I am trying very hard not to slide of the bed without tensing my back while I get stuck with a needle in my spine...lovely. MIL leaves to drop kids off at school. and I try to get some sleep. around 830 my Doctor comes in and checks me. I was at a three or a four, I don't remember. Without telling me he breaks my water, and then he tells me he broke my water...Well no ****! Mil comes back at this time, and is once again angered by the doctor and nurses. DH also comes in. after this there was a lot of sleeping and visits by SILs and MIL.

    Around 1 I do believe, I was checked again and was at a 7. They started bringing their scales and beds in for the baby to get them set up and warm. Through ll this, even the intense contrax Edrick did great, no drop in heart rate at all. He was handling it well. around this time my epi wore off and the contractions got terrible again. The little button they told me to push if I needed more pain meds wasn't working, so the anesthesiologist in and gave me another full dose of spinal narc since he couldn't figure out the machine that was causing the problem.

    This is where it becomes a blur. around 300 the nurse came in and was at 10, and ready to push. I started to get alot of pressure with each contraction. every one got set, and the nurses had me push a couple times while we waited for the doctor to get ready I pushed 6 times his head crowned and the doctor cut me(5 stitches). about 6 more times a the doctor told me to reach down and pull my baby out. So I did...The first thing I said when I turned him to me was he has a cleft lip, DH kept saying no over and over. I kept asking if it was just his lip or his palate too, but noone would answer. I cried uncontrollably, and so did DH...but he wouldn't even look at him. I thought they were going to take him from me and hide him. They wouldn't let me hold him for the longest time, and kept standing in front of me so I didn't see him till he already had a diaper on. They finally let me hold him and try to nurse...but she was no help at all in that dept. she said he was breathing to fast and handed him to DH before they took him to the nursery. I thought I would never see him again. When my epi wore off they took me to the nursery to see him, and to speak with a pedi. They then decided to life flight him to a better hospital, due to his fast breathing. The next time I seen him was in the incubator tat he would flying in. They wouldn't transfer me to that hospital so they discharged me that night is I could go to the hospital to see my son.
    instead we went home and went to bed. A 45 minute drive, no sleep, in the dark isn't we went to see him the next morning.

    He was in the NICU for 5 days. Felt like forever. I feel so bad for the parents whose children are in there for months. Edricks "neighbor" was born around 23 weeks, She is just now at 33 weeks and still wont be going home for a long time. This NICU was absolutely full. The nurses said there are quite a few LOs whose partents never come to see them, and some that practically live there.
    Thats not all, but the rest is a different story.

    Lisa & Eric
    Edrick 11/12/07
    Donovan 6/5/09
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    Started having contracts Tuesday night, woke up about 1 w/ about 8 min apart, last a couple hours and decreased. stayed about 15 min until Thursday morning (thanksgiving). Started to be much harder. took dog for a walk and left for family dinner. by the time we ate they were about 5 min. went to mil house b/c it was empty (we live 45 min from hospital, parents live 5). went to the hospital @10pm w/4 min apart, was dialated to 4 and complety effaced (big improv from dr on wednesday - nothing). I had cluster contracts - three right in a row then a five min break. Was getting very shaky and nausous. got shot of stadol (?) at midnight, epidural started by 3(6 cent). Water broke bt 6am, started pushing @ 10:30. Lauren Elizabeth was born @ 12:05pm on Friday, Nov 23.

    we are both doing really well!!
    Mommy to Lauren - born 11/23/07

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