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    Jaidyn Tyrel
    Born November 16, 2007 2:22am
    7lbs 2oz, 20 inches
    Born at 38 weeks 3 days

    So after at least 2 weeks of walking around at 3cm dialated and being almost fully effaced, I had a doctors appointment on Tuesday November 13. My doctor still couldn’t believe that I had not gone into labor yet, and she tried to break my water. Didn’t work, but it started things going a bit. For the rest of the day I felt crampy and sore, but went out and about with my mom.

    The next morning I woke up with DSO, and sat on the couch. I started having mild contractions but didn’t think much of it. DSO went to work and I started to notice that my contractions were about 2-3 minutes apart, lasting for at least a minute. I called DSO who came home right away, and then I called our doula who came over. Over the next 5 hours I continued to have contractions, but they never got worse. The doula went home, and I slept for a bit. Nothing much happened for the rest of the day. I had contractions but they were all in my back, and I could never tell when the started or stopped.

    November 15, I woke up with the same back pain, and I was starting to get frustrated and uncomfortable. So I called my doctor again who told me to come in and get checked. I had progressed to almost 5 cm. She tried to break my water again, and it still didn’t work. She told me that she had never seen anyone as ‘ripe’ as me and not be in labor. After that appointment, I started getting contractions at around 1 pm. I didn’t time them until I got home after my mom and I got some lunch. The contractions were about every 3 minutes, and starting to get stronger. So my mom drove me to the hospital at about 4 pm to get checked just like my doctor suggested. DSO met us up there shortly after.

    They hooked me up to the monitor, and baby was sleeping, so they had me eat some food. Contractions were showing up on the monitor, and at 5 pm they said they would keep me for a few hours to see if I started progressing more. The contractions started getting stronger, and I started having trouble coping with them, so DSO called our doula to come to the hospital.

    A nurse came in the room and offered an exercise ball to sit on to take some of the pressure off. Sitting on that felt a bit better, until the contractions started getting even stronger. I was sitting on the ball at the end of the bed crying, not knowing how to deal with the contractions, when our doula showed up. She got straight to work rubbing my lower back which was where I was feeling all the pain. The nurse kept coming in to check the baby’s heart rate while I was sitting on the ball. I was the only patient in labor and delivery at the time, so the nurses were fighting over me.

    Soon the back rubbing wasn’t helping, so the nurse suggested getting in the bath tub. Before getting in the bath, they checked me again and I was at 6-7cm. The bath was really nice at first. DSO and the doula took turns spraying my belly and back with the shower head. While I was in the bath, the nurse continued to monitor me. It looked like the baby was sleeping again so I had to drink orange juice while in the bath, which woke up the baby.

    I think I got out of the bath an hour later. The contractions were starting to get really painful and I wanted something for them. Once I was out of the bath, the contractions hurt even more. The nurse gave me the laughing gas, to hold me over until she got the IV in, and could give me the fentanyl. It was too late for an epidural as I was at 7cm. I had always imagined I would get an epidural so I was a little scared at the thought of not having one. I didn’t like the gas at all. The nurse told me to stop breathing the gas when I started to feel dizzy. I stopped when I started to feel a little funny, and then all of a sudden the room started spinning. I just endured the contractions without pain control until I got the fentanyl.

    Once I got the shot of the drugs I was a much happier person. I was able to talk and joke around. I got the shot of fentanyl at about 10:40 pm. My doctor came in just before my second short of fentanyl to break my water and I was still around 7cm. I had the second shot of the drugs at 11:40, and that one didn’t really do much. The contractions started coming one on top of the other with only a few second in between them. DSO was really great. He sat beside me and gave me his hand to squeeze during every contraction. The nurse came in at 12:10am and checked me, I was almost fully dilated, so she told me to push a little and she did something that really hurt while I was pushing. She then pronounced that I was fully dilated and ready to push.

    When the nurse told me I was ready to push, I was in total shock. I looked at DSO with a look of panic. The pain was horrible and I didn’t want to go through with the rest of it. The nurse and DSO got me into the bathroom and onto the toilet to get me to start pushing. I had a nurse sitting beside me on the edge of the bathtub and DSO sitting in front of me on a stool. I tried pushing but it really hurt and I couldn’t hold the push for more that a second or two. Then I started to feel sick. I pointed at the garbage can in time for DSO to grab it for me to throw up. Looking back now, I think it would have been kind of funny not to give him any warning.

    DSO and the nurse helped me back to bed. Getting off the toilet was the biggest challenge because of the contractions. I could barely stand. I should also add that the nurses had changed from the really nice one who helped me through the earlier stages, to a nurse who actually called herself ‘the mean pushing nurse.’ This new nurse had me in all sorts of positions trying to get me to push. The worst thing was that she kept touching my belly to see if I was having a contraction. The pain when she touched my belly was unbearable. I kept yelling at her to stop touching my belly, but since I was having trouble telling when a contraction was starting, she kept doing it.

    After long time, the nurse got me on my left side and told me to push when I felt I needed to, leaving me to do my own thing. I was much happier with that. She kept coming in to check on me, but wasn’t telling me what to do which really helped. DSO stayed right beside me, giving me ice when I asked for it and encouraging me constantly. I never did swear, but I remember telling DSO that he should do it instead. And I also remember saying over and over again that I couldn’t do it. But in this new position, I finally figured out how to push properly. I think the first hour I was just in complete denial and I couldn’t tell the contractions apart as all I felt was a horrible pain and pressure in my lower back.

    All of a sudden I felt a burning sensation. When I felt that, I had to keep pushing. If I stopped, it hurt more, so I just kept on pushing, harder and harder. The nurse told me to reach down and feel my baby’s head. I’ll never forget feeling him there, ready to come out. The nurse went to get my doctor who was sleeping in the room next door. I kept screaming asking where the doctor was, trying to hold back because it felt like if I pushed any more the baby would come out. I screamed like I never screamed before. My voice was hoarse for several days after the birth. My doctor came in, and a few minutes later my baby’s head was out. And with another push, out Jaidyn came at 2:22am, November 16, 2007.

    He was put on my chest and I was instantly in love. He was perfect. Jaidyn was crying and grabbing onto my fingers and looking at me. After they weighed him (7lbs 2oz), measured him (20 inches) and cleaned him up, the nurse gave him to DSO to hold. Jaidyn stopped crying and looked at his daddy. It was so precious. My mom came in the room and held her first grandchild. She was over the moon.

    After everyone had left, and I had had some food, I tried feeding him. It took a few times to get him latched on, but it worked. Then after that we all went to sleep. DSO had Jaidyn in the arm chair that turned into a bed. I wish I could have gotten a picture of it. Jaidyn was sleeping with his daddy holding him protectively while sleeping on this tiny bed.
    Picture perfect.

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    Laura to Ty, the love of my life.
    DS - Jaidyn ~ November 16, 2007

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    Well, it's been five weeks already, and though I never actively posted tons on the boards, I read them every day To make it short and sweet:

    The Friday before Thanksgiving I started having contractions. They got stronger and were about 8 minutes apart by Saturday night, but I was having very very bad back pain, so I told hubby to take me in just to get checked. They said I had a UTI (which I had not had any other symptoms for, whatsoever), gave me antibiotics and sent me home. Sunday night at about 2am my contractions were very strong, very painful, so I went in again. I was only dilated to 2cm, but they kept me there.

    At 10am the doc came in under the guise of 'checking me', and ended up breaking my water while he was at it, without even asking me first. That sucked. They then started me on pit. By 1pm I was dilated to 6, and I asked for the epi, contractions were only 30 seconds apart, lasting a minute and a half, and so painful I was having seizure-like shaking from my head to my feet. So, at four o'clock. Yes, four o'clock.. still no epi, still only at 6cm, and now I was passing out cold and quittin gbreathing in between contractions (good thing they were only 20 seconds apart!). So doc comes in again, says they'll take the baby c-section because her head was being squeezed in the birth canal. FOUR HOURS later they finally get me in for c-section.

    Madelynn Rae was born at 8:20pm on November 19, weighing in at 6lbs 15 ounces, Apgar scores of 10, 10! Yey, I was so happy because I was SO worried. Recovery has been a long hard road, but Im finally feeling more myself!

    In labor, at her crib

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    Default Grier Lillianne

    I went in for my 38 week check-up on Wednesday, November 14, 2007. The week prior my doctor had discussed a c-section on the 21st, that would have been the day before Thanksgiving. So I went in to this appointment with cookies as a bribe to see if we could do it the next Monday so I wouldn’t have to been in the hospital over the holiday. At the appointment my blood pressure was 120/90 and it had always been low prior. He said I could lie down for a while and he would re-check. If it was still high he would send me down to triage to blood work and monitoring. After checking me and showing no progress he took my blood pressure again and it was 120/94, so down to the hospital I went. They hooked me up to the monitors and it showed I was contracting but it wasn’t progressing anything. My blood pressure began to decline so I called my husband and told him I would be home as soon as the doctor came and released me. Well one of the liver tests came back elevated so I had to stay put. I would spend the night there and they would perform the c-section the next morning. My husband came and spent the night and we eagerly awaited the next day. I woke up at 4:00 am to get a shower and put on makeup, I refused to have ugly surgery pictures! The nurse came in at 5:00 to start my IV, and my family came around 7:00 am to see me before surgery. The only one that didn’t make it before hand was my sister. She left ffice:smarttags" />Auburn at 5:00 am and her car broke down half-way to lace w:st="on">Birminghamlace>. Only Morgan! They came to wheel me away at 8:00, gave me a wonderful spinal and at 8:32 my precious little girl was born. Grier Lillianne (after my grandmothers Lillieth and Anne) made her appearance wide-eyed and beautiful. She weighed 7 pounds 4 ounces and was 9 ½ inches long. The c-section was a piece of cake and I would do it again in a heart beat. Recovery was wonderful and I didn’t miss a beat. I could not have prayed for a more perfect birth experience. Grier is growing by leaps and bounds, she is already sitting up in her Bumbo, and Mommy is already crying because she is growing too fast.

    fficeffice" />>>

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    So here's my story!!! (kelz-07)
    Alex Ryan
    Born November 27, 2007 12.42pm
    7lbs 11oz, 49cm
    Born at 39 weeks 3 days

    Alex was born via a scheduled c-section because there were a few bp issues during the pregnancy and that i had already had a previous c section so i knew what to expect. It was scheduled for 9am that morning but 2 emergencies had to go before me. I left my room about 11.30am that day to get prepped up for the c-section, but there were a few probs they had difficulties getting the epi in. Usually it would take about 15-20 mins to put in your back it took about 30-45 mins as they couldnt find the right place. After several tries they finally found it. Mind you i was feeling very nauseous because i was freaking out about the c section last time was quick this time they could take their time. So i had time to think about it. As i was being wheeled into theatre my DD said mummy and that just got my emotions going! Anyways after about 15-20 mins of tugging and pulling Alex was born!! yay!! he even cried.. We spent about half an hour in recovery til i felt the feeling in my legs and tummy again then i was wheeled back to my room where i was to spend the next 5 days. I was up out if bed the next morning!! I must say i recovered really well. As this was my second baby there was harly any need for midwives to help me out with alex in hospital. It all came back to me. Except for the bathing i hadnt bathed a baby for about 2 and a half years so i got the nurses to show me and the second time i was confident to do it myself!! so i was proud!! most of the time the nurses come in they would say you are doing really well, if you need a break just let us know. Anyways when it came to going home i must admit i was abit teary as it was time where i had to put everything into practice. It was all overhwhelming. So the first few days at home were abit emotional for me, i must admit i think i had what they call the baby blues. Anything seemed to make me cry!! But looking back now im glad i let it out.
    Anyways thats my long birth story!! If you made it to the end Thank you for reading!!
    Til next time goodbye!!

    And some pics:

    Sorry about the size of pics!!! hope ya all like!!
    Kelly & Scott~

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