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November 07 Spaces

**Edited by Laurie to add cookbook link from a previous sticky thread**
Here is a link to our cookbook! Thank you Christy for your great idea!

Spaces are reserved for pictures of our growing bellies, ultrasound photos, and nursery shots.


* This is a NO COMMENTS thread. Please post your newest belly pictures to the general threads for comments.

* Reserve your "space" and edit it each time you post a new picture. DO NOT create a new post for each new picture you are posting. Make a post ONE TIME and then EDIT it each time you'd like to add new pictures. Do this by clicking the "edit" button in the top right hand corner of YOUR post.

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* Because this is already a picture heavy thread, please turn off your signatures. You can do this by unchecking the "attach signature" button before your hit submit to post your message.

* Most importantly, POST PICTURES! We want to see those growing bumps and beautiful babies!


Below you will see the pairing for Birth Buddies. If problems arise please contact me privately by PM. Please do not reply to this message. I hope you enjoy getting to know one another! LIL' ACORNS ROCK!

melliebellie & Snaresie
karebare1980 & soon2bmomof3
laursie03 & pookiesmom
Jacen & your.cyn & ~kanga~ (We had an odd number so this group has 3 buddies!
3boys&Roo & ChristianMommy
Maygen13 & lj365
cjasy & klong
Spagirl03 & mom2boyz
Acmewildcat & 88keys
Lily55 & Lauriesch22
jalilahsumi4life & 317Mommy
Southclarkson & juliekb
Jereed & JoyceLee
JaynieLou & lilsoph
traciwatters & LindseySB
BhamGirl & SelahFaith
kayleigh2000 & watermelonseed &christyb918 (we had another group of three after the new sign up, and I didn't want to split the former group of 3)
Tgillock & firsttimemommy
chale & Laney & winair
mareyerickson98 & mommyof1.5
ashleytread & redheadedmommy

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Jenny's Space

BFP on March 11

5 weeks ~~~~~~~~ 7 weeks

10 weeks ~~~~~~~~~~ 13 weeks

15 weeks ~~~~~~~~~~~~ 20 weeks

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Julie's Little Acorn Space
Due November 12

Belly Pics

~~~~7, 15, 23 weeks~~~~

~~~~25, 30 weeks~~~~

Ultrasound Pics

Isaac Lee

~~~~7, 13 weeks~~~~

~~~~19 weeks~~~~




Knitting Projects

Our Family

~~~~Julie and Steven (Prom 1998, Wedding 2005, With Isaac Lee 2007~~~~

~~~~Our Furbabies: Astro, Pippin, and Gimli~~~~

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Jennest (Jen) and Jared

Birthday - November 28

Minutes old

1 month

2 months

3 months

4 months

5 months

6 months

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My Space for Abdul Jalil #2

(Daughter Jalilah Shama Abdul Jalil-July 4th 2006)

Personalized Glitter Graphics

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Sarah's Space
Our first little bean due 30 November.

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Melissa's Space

Born on October 18, 2007
Our Turkey Baby EDD was November 4th

1 day old

Our 3rd Ultrasound at around 9 weeks

Our 1st and 2nd ultrasounds early on in our pregnancy

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Laura's Little Acorn Space
Jaidyn Tyrel
Born November 16, 2007 2:22am
7lbs 2oz, 20in

Heartbeat heard May 4 at 10 weeks 3 days
First ultrasound May 7, cutest little baby!!!

Baby's first pictures!!! May 26, 13 weeks 4 days
Profile and baby's foot

Make your own free clipart like this @ <a href=""></a> with free web based tools (hundreds of image generators that run through a web broswer, no software to buy or install).
Made with free image tools @

My baby blog:

My furbabies and a pic of DSO

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My 20 week belly picture

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still trying to figure out how to center this...I'm a dork!

Selah's Space to pause and reflect on Faith...

comparing (10, 15, 27, 32, 33 weeks)

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

The Nursey:

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

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Aaron and Courtney's Little Acorn Space!

It's funny how something you pee on changes your life forever!

Daddy and Mommy

First Baby Picture

20 Weeks!

Mommy's Tummy at 23 weeks!

Crib and Bedding
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13 weeks

29 weeks 1 day. Some things: sorry for the goofy look on my face but I feel like a real tool taking pics of myself. Smile Also, YES, there is a FULL MIRRORED WALL in my bathroom, across from the toilet. I DO NOT own this house--and I HATE THAT WALL! Who in the hell would think that was a good idea? It's really taking a toll on my self esteem. Smile

my husband and daughter when he came home to visit for a week

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Jane and Jonathan's Little Acorn

Due November 16th 2007

Me and my baby's Daddy

4 weeks-----------------------------6 weeks

8 weeks-----------------------------10 weeks

12 weeks----------------------------14 weeks

16 weeks----------------------------25 weeks

27 weeks----------------------------30 weeks

34 weeks-----------------------------36 weeks

Bean's first photo, at 7 weeks 6 days---------The second scan at 14 weeks 5 days

Grandma's Knitting Projects

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Reservation Smile

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Lily & Will's Little Acorn
Due November 15th 2007

Mommy & Daddy:

And Introducing...

William Justus

At 8 weeks and 1 Day

At 20 Weeks and 1 Day

March 7, 2007

March 18, 2007
May 8, 2007

May 22, 2007

June 5, 2007

June 19, 2007

July 3, 2007
Coming soon...

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Danielle's Baby Space
6 weeks 1 day
8 weeks 4 days

11 weeks 2 days

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U/S at 18w 2d

My prediction: Baby is a girl and she will be born on the afternoon of Tuesday, October 16th. I had a dream about it, and I looked up the date and discovered that October 16th was in fact a Tuesday. Anyone want the action? Smile

3D u/s images from August 3 (26w + 6 d)

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Bragan's Little Acorn!

Bragan's little girl!
We are due November 24, 2007!
Nursery pictures...Click to view slide show.

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"Having a child is surely the most beautifully irrational act that two people in love can commit." -- Bill Cosby

Headed to my shower - August 4th

31 Weeks

In Loving Memory of Sarah's (Uropachild) Precious Angels

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Jen's Space

13 weeks

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:blob5: Laurie's Space :blob5:

U/S photos:
7 weeks / 11 weeks

13 week NT scan photo / 17 week U/S photo

18 Week Gender U/S

23 week U/S

15 week belly pic

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Dawn's Little Acorn Space!
It all started with our wedding, July 14th, 2001...

And on our first anniversary we conceived our first child.

I grew and grew...

And on a gorgeous day in April, delivered our beautiful son...

We decided to try again when Brendan was 14 months old, and got pregnant right away. I grew again, but not quite as much...

And on a gorgeous day in March, delivered our beautiful daughter...

Which brings us to now....

16 1/2 weeks

My family:

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Alicia's Little Acorn!

My big belly at 11 weeks 4 days!

Baby at 8 weeks 2 days!

Baby at 10 weeks 3 days!

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Mommy and Daddy (Oct 2006, March 2006, July 2007)

June 19th...IT'S A GIRL!

Daylin(11)...Greg, Jr(12)...Trinity(5).....and a pciture of Dezaray(2), my niece/cousin who I am adopting

Me at my motorcycle clubs Annual Luau (June 23rd) and a picture of my tattoo

As Pregnant As Can Be (Conception, 17 wks, 20 wks, 25 wks, 25 wks, 26 wks x 2, 28 wk/4 dys x2)

U/S and 3D U/S pictures from Sept. 19, 2007...Baby Girl, I can't wait to meet you:

1) She is still a girl...(Cheeks and Virginia 091907)
2) Her first footprint 091907
3) Her profile 091907

4) Face shot (arm is up next to face) 091907

5) 3D Leg & Foot 091907
6) 3D Laying on Arms 091907
7) 3D Face Shot

Dirol 3D Face Shot w/Tongue Out

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Reserving a space... even though too shy to post pictures for a while!

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First u/s pic...

Here's a pic of my family from last October...

Belly Shot at 25 weeks...

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- - -


10 weeks

12 weeks

15 weeks

17 weeks

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Kristin's Little Acorn

Our family (including the furbaby)

See Mommy Grow
14 weeks

15 weeks

16 weeks

7 weeks 1 day

9 weeks 4 days

Our little acorn will be sharing a room with his/her big brother. We found a pattern that has both crib sets as well as toddler bedding. Here are all of the color options. The colors we get will depend on whether our little acorn is a boy or a girl. (I'm thinking sage and lavender if it's a girl, and navy and red if it's a boy...but I still need to get DH's okay)

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Reserving my space

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Sunchyne231's Lil Acorn

My lovely boy, Jayden Luke, born 2nd August 2005

Angel Baby 30th January 2007

Then on 17th March 2007...

14th November 2007!!!

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~Kati's Little Acorn ~

EDD: November 4th
Gender: It's a BOY! Smile

Ultrasound Video

Belly Pics
Coming soon!!

Nursery Pics
Coming soon!!

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Lexi's Spot!
:wavehello: Hi! I'm Lexi!

This is me and my sweet DH

This is our baby boy, Xavier! (a 2006 September Sparkle)

On April 4th, 2007, we got a huge surprise!

On April 5th, 2007, I retested to be sure.

And here is baby bean's first picture!!

Here are baby bean's NT scan pics:

Grow, Baby Bean! Grow!!!

:oops: Belly Pics :oops:

I almost feel like I am cheating because I was fat in the belly from the previous baby. :oops:

Coming Events:

July 5th, 1:40 pm -- 3rd OB appt

December 7th -- C/S Scheduled

Thanks for visiting my space! :wavehello:

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Myspace Text

4 WEEKS,13 WEEKS,17 WEEKS,20 WEEKS,24 WEEKS, 25 WEEKS,27 weeks,28 weeks,28 bare belly--31 weeks and 33 weeks
Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at PhotobucketPhoto Sharing and Video Hosting at PhotobucketPhoto Sharing and Video Hosting at PhotobucketPhoto Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

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11 weeks: 13w5d:
16 weeks: 20 weeks:
23 weeks: 27+ wks:
35 weeks: 37 weeks:
40 weeks:

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18-1/2 Week Ultrasound

My honey and I at Christmas last year.......

22 Weeks Pregnant

18 Weeks Pregnant

16.5 Weeks Pregnant

Our "current" child......

DUE NOVEMBER 15th, 2007

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Katie's Space!!!!!

Mom and dad on their wedding day August 12, 2006

March 13, 2007

11 weeks

Ultrasound April 2007

Mommy at 16 weeks

18 weeks with Patrick!!!!!

23 weeks and 4 days (I look grungy, sorry):

Close up:

28 weeks

31 weeks

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mom and dad

and then comes baby.

and little Gummybears first picture

16W 6D babypict emergency ultrasound

Heart beat ultrasound (ER Visit)

20 week Ultrasound

14 week belly pict

16 week belly

27 week belly

here are one set of the proud grandparents(moms fam)

and daddys family

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Ashley's Space

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Amber's SPACE


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MERRICK'S ULTRASOUND PICTURES - You'll find no gender one's because we waited till he was born to find that out! It was SOOOOOOOOO EXCITING that way!!

22 weeks and 2 days

31 weeks

My pregnancy photos
5 weeks 3 days

13 weeks 4 days

17 weeks 3 days

22 weeks 2 days

27 weeks 6 days

30 weeks

31 weeks 3 days

33 weeks 3 days

36 weeks 5 days

Merrick Anthony was born by induction on Nov.9th at 1:31 p.m. My edd was Nov.28th. He weighed 7 lbs. 15.9 oz and was 19 inches long. He was very alert and calm! Here is his birthstory in my husband's words.
It was about 12:50 when we finally arrived at the hospital. After the long trek to Labor and Delivery from the Emergency Room, we got settled into our room. Room #13. Hopefully that’s not a bad omen.

Cherie got dot dressed in the gown, got settled into the bed with the baby monitors hooked up and got the first drip started: Lactated Ringer’s Injection USP.

I checked the baby monitors. The baby’s heartbeat hovering around 143-147.

It was at this point that I took the long trek back out to the van and got the laptop, the camera and the four (4) pillows and made the even longer trek from the van, back through the ER, and back through the labyrinth of the hospital.

The Low Battery warning alarm started ringing on the drip machine.

At 2:03am the Petocin (OXYTOCIN) got added to the drip, starting at 1. Nurse gave the visitation guidelines and gave information about children visiting. She also went over the hospital’s security measures to prevent baby theft. There was also a form to sign for the epidural, and to put her to sleep in the event of an emergency. It was also time for 1,000,000 questions. (i.e. “Any stomach problems other than being pregnant?”) Cherie asked for something to help her sleep. The nurse said they would get her something. She also got the usual “care and feeding” guide. There was a checklist of things about how to take care of the baby. Then the nurse did an exam and found Cherie to be 3cm dilated (as opposed to the 4 that Dr. Andre had said) and she was still “thick”. (Afterwards, Cherie said that the check was extremely painful.)

2:32 Cherie got a shot of Stadol to help her sleep, and for pain, and for everything generally uncomfortable, apparently. Sounds pretty nice. How do I get some?
At 2:35 Cherie said, “wow, I feel that.” It works pretty quickly, I see. “Oh, wow, it feels… Woa.” She wanted me to get the camera out and take a picture of her. One last belly shot. Besides, I wanted to get the camera out and take pictures of the fairly large room, also.

Took ‘em. Also got a little more familiar with the new flash in the current surroundings.

2:47a.m., a very uncomfortable contraction. I checked the contraction monitor and the contraction shot up to 51. It’s been hovering around 5-10. The heart beat is at 125-126.

2:54, Cherie thinks she’s falling asleep. A few minutes later, she asks for the last pillow and I’m starting to think she’s falling asleep, too. I put my coat on because I’m very, very cold. (And she’s definitely sleeping.)

3:04 – Apparently the baby switched position a little bit. I heard a thump on the monitor then the heartbeat got a little quieter. It didn’t slow down at all, just got quieter.

3:12 – Nurse visit. Just computer stuff, it seems. Cherie stirred and asked about the Petocin. She’s upping it to 6. I have to pee, and I need a cigarette.

4:26 Upped Petocin to 12. (Maximum is 42.) Cherie can’t get comfortable, and can’t get to sleep.
Went searching for snacks. Only found chewy Jolly Ranchers. Not very good.

5:14 Petocin upped to 18. Still freezing in this room. It’s actually warmer outside.

6:06 Petocin to 24. Contractions 2-3 min. apart. Got some blankets to help with the cold. Heat should be fixed around 6:30 apparently.

6:20 – Attempting nap.

6:35 – Not warmer. Cherie gets her first exam with Dr. Andre. The baby is still too high to break the water bag. Petocin upped to 30.

6:42 – Another stadol requested.

7:04 contractions about every 1 ½ minutes apart. Called nurse about stadol. Also asked again about maintenance.

7:10 – Got stadol & Petocin up to 36. Cherie also got something else to help her sleep. This worked very quickly again. I attempted to get some sleep, so that’s why there’s a little bit of a lapse in detailed notes following this one.

Sometime during this period, the next nurse came in and upped the petocin to 42, the maximum. Asked again about maintenance. The new nurse made a feeble attempt to change the temperature controls. “We’ll see if that does anything, if not we’ll get maintenance up here.”
The contractions have been coming strong, and painful.

8:45 – Cherie called for the epidural. Still ****ing freezing! Too freezing to get some sleep, so I’m not even going to bother.

At some point in here I had to go to the desk to call for the epidural again. They acted like it had never been ordered and said that they’d give him a call. The nurse came back to the room about 5 minutes later and said she’d call the anesthesiologist to get the epidural started.

9:40 – Got epidural. I was exiled from the room for the next 20 minutes while it was done. (I went to the van to have a cigarette with some actual HEAT.) I got back around
10:00 after the process was finished.

10:10 – The anesthesiologist was called back to check the epidural because there was a problem with the latest blood pressure reading. Cherie is feeling nauseated, and the contractions appear to be about 2 minutes apart. Cherie wants more ice, but they’re holding off until her blood pressure comes back to normal. They’re increasing her fluids, and added a shot of something to her drip line to help with the nausea. It seemed to take immediate effect, and woke her up a little bit from her groggy, drugged state. (But I think that effect was only temporary.) They also give her the ice.

10:20 – I think I can finally take off my trench coat.

10:35 – Dr. Andre came in to check Cherie and break the water. It’s clear. “Yay,” Cherie exclaimed. Also, she’s 5cm dilated. The decision to take most of the tube out right away has been made. It’s the best way, and it can be done here and now instead of having to wait 6 weeks, according to Dr. Andre. Dr. Andre is guessing 12:45 for the time of birth. (I’m still holding on to 12:12…) Cherie is feeling heartburn.

11:18 – Cherie gets another exam because the baby’s heartbeat has slowed a little bit. She’s currently 6 to 7cm dilated. Baby has dropped just a little bit, maybe. Cherie is switched to her right side.

11:30 – The nurse adjusted Cherie’s position again. She’s also giving Cherie some extra oxygen right now – in case there’s some stress on the chord.

11:52 – Contractions are currently about 5 minutes apart. They were at 4 minutes apart just 30 minutes ago. Heartbeat is at approximately 145. Cherie is sleeping, and bordering on snoring.

12:12 p.m. – No baby yet. I don’t think the 12:45 prediction will come through, either. Cherie is still sleeping.

12:45 – No baby now, either. Cherie is awake now, and since she woke up the contractions seem to be measuring about three minutes apart instead of the 5 that they slowed to when she was sleeping. The baby’s heartbeat is holding around 145 with dips (down to around 120) during the contractions. Cherie thinks the baby is still pretty high. It’s got her a little worried.

12:49 – She’s drifted back off to sleep again.

1:00 – Cherie says when she has her contractions now she can feel it wanting to open. Dr. Andre just came in and asked if she had been checked again. No, she hadn’t.

1:04 – Baby’s heartbeat sounded like it almost stopped! It wasn’t as if it just wasn’t being picked up anymore, but the sound itself slowed down to almost nothing. Ran out to the nurse’s station to let them know. Apparently this happens.

1:07 – Started pushing a little to see what happens. They’re going to reposition her now. And it looks like we’re starting.

1:31 – 8lbs, 19in. IT’S A BOY! Merrick Bublitz is born! Cherie only has very slight tearing.

Baby is very quiet and content. Also very alert. Eyes are open and attempting to look all around the room.

Merrick took to the breast right away. (approx. 2:05 p.m.)

Here is our very beautiful baby boy!








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Reserving a space!

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A little bit about me....DH, Brad, and I were married in May of 2000. He wanted to start right away trying to start a family. I wanted to wait a bit. Had I known how hard thigns would be...I would have started then. After 2 years of marriage we began to try, thinking that all we would have to do would be DTD and eventually all would work out. Well not so much for us. After many tests and drugs and about 2 miscarriage and many disappointments, a DX of PCOS, we stopped trying. It was too much on my body and too much emotionally.

That January 2004 I had a cyst rupture, I also began to work on losing weight and just taking some maintenance drugs for my PCOS. On April 24th we found out we were pg with our daughter.

What a blessing. She was born in January 2005 by c-section 2 weeks past her due date. We found out within a couple of days that she had Craniosynostosis of the metopic suture. Basically the suture that runs down the middle of the forehead was already fused shut when she was born. She had to have major surgery when she was 4 months old to correct this.

You can see how her little forehead was peaked looking.

a little blurry and she is still a little puffy but you can see how her forehead changed.

She is a perfectly fine 2.5 year old today, eagerly awaiting becoming a big sister. which brings me to why I am posting on the November 2007 birth board. Smile

We decided not to do anything to prevent a pregnancy after Josey but also that if after she was 2 years old we were not pg we would re-visit our RE to begin to more actively try again. In May of 2006 I revisited the PCOS clinic that I had been attending, met with a nutritionist and started trying to get my body ready for the process of getting pregnant. I lost 30 pounds, no before and after sorry!, and began to take maintenance drugs more faithfully again. In December we did our first round with the oral fertility drug that my body responds too but in too small a dose. I did not ovulate and was pretty disappointed as I thought this may make things tougher this time around. I was not sure I could go through all that again.

In February I started again. I took the drug and we "timed" it all correctly. :oops: This cycle was weird and I was sure it was a bust. I felt really bloated and in pain around the time I should be ovulating so I called the clinic to let them know that I thought I had a cyst and could I just come in for a P4 to make sure I had ovulated. The nurse told me she thought I had O'ed twice....I thought she was nuts! :-?

I went in for my P4 and it was through the roof, 50 to be exact. This meant I had definitely O'ed and even possibly had O'ed twice as the nurse thought. That Wed. I took a pg test and it came back positive. I was elated but surprised, my DH asked if it was a real positive...still not sure what he was thinking. Lol I told him that I only knew of real ones.

We found out at 7 weeks that there were two babies in there....I had started wondering. I got pretty big pretty fast, I had some exaggerated symptoms but overall was just an instinct that something was different.

And here we are. Wink Here are some pics of my belly progression.
8-10-12 weeks

14 weeks

16 weeks, Josey hugging her babies.

18 weeks

20 weeks

22 weeks

24 weeks

and here is my belly button progression starting at 20 weeks....

and of course a couple of baby shots!

here they are at 16 weeks

and 20 weeks

Baby A--Okey

Baby B--Dokey

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U/S pic ~ 9 weeks

U/S ~ 20w
IT'S A...

11w2d ~ 13w3d

14w3d ~ 17w2d

19w3d ~ 21w4d

23w2d ~ 25w2d

27w2d ~ 29w2d

31w2d ~ 33w2d

35w2d ~ 37w3d