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    I cant believe Ive never read these before and I was so inspired I thought I should write my own!

    It all started on October 26th when I went to the hospital with what I thought was labor but turned out to be just really terrible back pain and was a little dehydrated. They hooked me up to the monitors, gave me an IV, and I wasnt really having any regular contractions,and was only dialated 1cm. They sent me home with a sleeping pill and told me to take IBprofren, and keep drinking water. I woke up around 3am with contractions painful enough to keep me awake. I tried to ride it out till later that morning and tried to sleep. I only made it till 6am or so when I woke DH. DH wanted to take a shower so I let him, knowing that he probably wouldnt have any other time. Im not a very nice person when Im in pain We got to the hospital, October 27th, checked in, with the lovely people who ask you if you're pregnant, DUH, and if you think you're in labor, UH YEAH isnt that why we're here!

    They got me in, undressed, and hooked up to everything, checked me and I was only at 1cm still. Oh man! So they told me to go walking for a bit while I was still reasonably comfortable. I could only walk in the circle hall 5 times or so before it got old and too uncomfortable. I got back in the bed and they decided to break my water and start me on pitocin. I was only 2cm at that point. I was getting to the point where I was super uncomfortable and asked, or more DH asked for and Epi. While they were doing the epi, I was hanging my legs off the side of the bed all the while my fluid was gushing three big gushes each time I had a contraction. Before the Epi was done my pad I was sitting on was full and one more contraction came with three more big gushes...then it started flowing down my leg onto the floor! DH realized it and goes to the nurse, "umm, uh-oh theres water on the floor" the nurse and DH had a good laugh. I just didnt care at that point That was like at 9am and I still didnt dialate several hours later to anything over a 4. Around 3pm I was getting a severe urge to push with each contraction, and even was some of the time Everyone there was trying their hardest to keep me from pushing. Its hard to describe the feeling, but I was only dialated 5cm at that point and all I wanted to do was push. Upon examination at 4pm I was 5cm and was getting more and more swollen because of Zylin's head was right on my cervix pushing, and I WAS not helping with the pushing sensations. My doc came in and briefed me on the fact that I was NOT allowed to push because it was just making everything worse, and I probably wasnt going to get any better along the way. She told me that if I wanted her to deliver a C-section I was going to have to do it now. I just flipped! I so didnt want a C but she told me Zylin was going to be sitting on my cervix creating the urge to push, in turn making me want to push, and only making me stay at a 5 and miserable until I dialated fully, in which I would still have the possibility of having a C because of his Heart Rate was getting low, and then she wouldnt be there. So I decided to go ahead with the C under the stipulation that they would have to sedate me because of my anxiety. I dont really remember much except for being all flipped out and strapped down. I remember them telling me there would be some pressure and that's it. Justin said it was really cool with a suction machine, and Zylin came out a little blue and sleepy because of my meds but he recovered quickly.

    He weighed in at 8lbs 6oz! and 21in long. He was so cute because of his round perfect little Csection head, and his head is more proportioned to his body compared to other kids, cause his head is a little smaller but longer.

    Soon after delivery they wheeled me back to my room where I was quite loopy, and without glasses so I couldt see. They handed me Zylin and told me how cute and how pretty his semi-red hair was. I remember Asking for my Glasses since I couldnt see him. He was so cute. He was kinda cold so they put him with me to hold instead of bundling him in blankies. He wanted to nurse shortly later, but a day later that wasnt enough and he wanted REAL MILK NOW!! After listening to him cry and fuss all day and into the night every time I tried to feed him, I had enough. The nurses taught us how to feed him via the artificial system, with a syringe full of formula and a tube hooked to my nipple. It worked akwardly but satisfyed his hunger for real food.

    The nurses made me get up only a few hours after delivering, OUCH! So that my C tummy wouldnt get all locked up. We went home on the 29th with my brother and my mom to escort us. I remember being so hormonal and really sad. Zylin wanted to constantly be held and nursed. He woke up every hour. At one point I tried to get up from the couch and falling over with Zylin in my arms. Thank goodness he was okay, but it even woke DH up! And wouldnt you know it, he only slept in his crib for about 4 hours! And only returned to it 4 times EVER in his life

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