October 09 Birth Stories

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October 09 Birth Stories

Post your birth story here, but please NO COMMENTS! This is for birth stories only.

Thanks! Smile

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Caitlyn Dawn ****** was born on September 11, 2009. 3lbs 15oz and 18" long. It was a crazy pregnancy right from the beginning. I had slow rising beta levels and I was sure I would m/c the baby. I didn't and we were truly blessed. At 19 1/2 weeks my blood pressure went way up and I was put on modified bed rest and meds. At that point, I was so afraid that I would have to have the baby before it was old enough to make it (I had pre-e with DD1 and from when I found out to when I gave birth was only 4 weeks). Remarkably my BP stayed controlled on medication. Then at 26 weeks I found out I had Gestational diabetes. This brought me to the high risk specialist. At that Specialist, we found out that the blood flow to the baby was bad and that she was not growing. This caused all kinds of stress and a nice stay in the hospital. At that point they thought I would only be pg for 24-48 more hours. The blood flow amazingly got better and I was able to come home after a week. I made it until 32 1/2 weeks pregnant when I started having contractions. I told my doctor about them and he said false labor is normal. Well early in the morning on Sept. 11 I woke up from a sound sleep in pain. I though it was more false labor until I went to the bathroom and found I was bleeding. I timed my contractions for an hour and then called the on call doctor (mine was on vacation). He said to come on in. I did. We brought the girls with us and they stayed with us until a baby sitter came. We felt weird calling someone at 4am so we waited a bit. The doctor put me on Magnesium to stop the contractions because I was only 32 1/2 weeks. It did not work. I had Caitlyn at 8:55 AM a 5 hour labor. I had no epedural or anything (I would have loved one, but there was not time). Right after I was put on the magnesium, I went to sleep and was completely out of it. No one was really paying attention (DH was on face book, nurses were doing other things) when the nurse decided to check me. I was fully dilated and ready to have her. The room when crazy. They needed a doctor and couldn't get one. The doctor finally came. He broke my water and out came Caitlyn with the water. Amazingly, she came out screaming. They checked her out and then let me see her before taking her to the NICU. She spent 2 1/2 weeks in the NICU growing and learning to eat. She is doing Just fine now and is happily taking a nap.

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I posted this on a seperate thread before I realized we had a sticky thread here. Opps. Now you have to read it twice. Sorry.

I was at my scheduled OB/GYN apt on Thursday the 1st and they put me on the NST machine. I was contracting every three minutes but was not dilating. The doctor encouraged me to go to the hospital if the pains continued. I was still coughing and feeling run down from the flu and was refusing to give in to the fact that it was baby time. I had so much that I still needed to do so I went home and tried to rest. By Friday I was just not feeling well. I can't explain the feeling but I knew that it would be baby time that weekend. I tried to get all the loose ends done. I was still contracting frequently.

I woke up Saturday morning feeling even worse. I finally gave in about 2 pm and called Nana to come and stay with the boys so we could go get checked in at the hospital. We got to L&D at about 5pm.

The Doctor on call was one that I had never met before. I was in tears from the contractions by this point and tried to explain to her that I was scheduled for my C section on the 16th but that I was hurting a bunch and contracting since Thursday. She obviously wasn't in the mood to do a high risk C section and kept insisting that I was having Brackston Hicks contractions and was not in labor since my cervix was closed. I tried to explain through the screams that I NEVER DIALATE. She proceeded to try to stop the "false labor" with shots and pain medications. Needless to say that didn't work. She then scared me half to death saying that the baby was considered premature until 37 weeks. Keep in mind that I was 36 weeks and 6 days pregnant. One day shy of 37 weeks. Not exactly a micro preemie.

She finally realized that I was in labor like it or not, and I was prep for my surgery. My blood levels were so low that I required 2 units of blood during the surgery and afterwards. The anesthesiologist decided that I should receive an epidural instead of a spinal because of my low blood levels. Unfortunately the epidural left a few spots with less numbness and I started feeling sharp pain during the surgery. I got nervous and the anesthesiologist said that he was going to give me "a little something" for the pain. Next thing I know I hear the baby crying in Hector's arms. Yes! I slept during the entire surgery. I was told that I was snoring. I know I had a wacky dream. When I woke up I had no idea where I even was. I think that I would have been bummed if it was my first delivery but I was my fourth and I loved it.

Reese Joseph was born on October 3rd 2009 at 9:15 pm. He was 6 pounds 2 oz and 19 inches long. APGARS were 8 and 9. He is the spitting image of his older brother Donovan with tons of straight black hair and brown eyes. He is a sweet baby and we are in love.

Reese 006

Reese 025

Reese 037

Reese 046

Reese 031

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Vann's Birth Story

Vann Cosmo Birth story.

3:00am at 3:00 in the morning I got up to go to the washroom, and came back to bed. As I was re-settling, I noticed a gush of fluid. I thought “Oh crap, I wet the bed.:” I immediately jumped up and noticed I kept going. DH was sleeping, and in shock I said” I think my water just broke” he watched on as I spent a couple minutes sniffing around to figure out if it was amnio fluid or pee. It was for sure amnio fluid.
I called the hospital, to let them know it had broke, and my contractions had not yet started, they said hold off coming in until noon.

3:15 DH and I were excited and started finishing packing for the hospital,
3:23am contractions started, and the first couple were 9 minutes or so apart, but very quickly became closer together..and I mean very quickly. DH had run out to finish up some banking, and was gone for about 30minutes when I called him to tell him we needed to get to the hospital right away.I timed them on contraction master online, and surfed the net to pass the time, although there was not much time to pass.

4:30am we arrived at the hospital, I was contracting every 3min, the on call nurse was shocked, as we had spoken an hour earlier, and I think she thought maybe I was being a little dramatic. I wasn’t. I was 2cm dilated, having bloody show, lots of mucus, etc…
she gave us the option of staying at the hospital, and laboring there, or going home. I decided to labor there, and have a shower on the birth ball.

5:30am I labored in the shower for about 40 minutes, I can’t believe how much pain I was in. The contractions were right on top of each other, and I kept jumping out to sit on the toilet, as it was the only place I could sit, besides the ball

6:10am I got out of the shower, and told the nurse I wanted the epideral, The pain was too intense and the contractions were coming so quickly.
They checked me ….I was 8cm dilated.
No epidural.
I wasshocked, afraid & MAD! They gave me entinox ( gas) made me really light headed. My teeth marks are still probably indented on the mouth piece.

6:45am I started feeling ready to push , DR wasn’t there yet, they checked me, I had a slight cervical lip. DR arrived shortly after and checked me, and told me it was ok to push.

7:48am The most beautiful little baby boy was born. They placed him on my tummy, I couldn’t believe I had a little boy! Weighing 8lbs 5oz. Mommy and daddy were shocked and overjoyed! He was really bruised on his face and forehead from the delivery, as it was so quick.

7:48-8:35 I had 3rd degree tearing, in my vagina and sphincter. However they couldn’t find where I was bleeding from, and I bled out for about 45 minutes losing ½ of my blood volume, DH said it was coming out of me like a faucet. After they finally found the tares and stitched me up. They considered doing a blood transfusion, but I refused ( I was explained the risks) and decided I could heal on my own.

8:45-11:45 We rested in the delivery room for about 3 hours, I got really dizzy and passed out from the blood loss, and came to with O2 on my face, and 2 Ivs in my arms. After I felt better I snuggled up my little boy and nursed. After that they took us to our room, to rest and greet our happy families.

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Kellan Todd 9/20/2009 8:27 a.m. 5 lbs 12 oz. 18 in.
Chloe Rose 9/20/2009 8:29 a.m. 5 lbs 2 oz 18 in.

After being on hospital bed rest for eight days and home bed rest for 8 days, I was really itching to get some things done. Saturday, September 19 I drove myself to Michael’s to pick up the last few things I needed to finish up the nursery. I did all my shopping and got into line to pay, when the cash register in my line broke. I had to stand there for at least ten minutes after already walking around the store for about 45 minutes and I really started to get uncomfortable. When I got home I got back into bed but by this point my back was hurting pretty bad.
I stayed in bed all afternoon working on craft projects but around 5:30 pm I started cramping and my contractions started to get more intense. I timed then online for a while. They weren’t regular at all, but some were only 2 minutes apart. My OB had told me to come in immediately if I was contracting because “Baby A” was breech and there is a high risk of cord prolapse. Also, my second delivery was lightening fast and she thought that by the time I figured out I was in labor I could be 8 cm.
I called the on-call doc who told me to come in and get checked and not to eat anything because I needed a c-sect. We got to the hospital at 7:15 and I was monitored for about an hour. When the doc came in I was still 4 cm and 80%, which I had been for 2 ½ weeks. I broke down crying because I really felt like I was in labor. I told her that if that wasn’t labor I had no idea what it was and that I was so scared to go home and not know. I was contracting a lot on the monitors so she agreed to admit me overnight for monitoring, and she’d come check me in one hour to see if I had any change. An hour later she said I hadn’t changed much, but there was definite change. She’d be back at 3:30 am to check me again and make a decision. I got moved to a regular room and she let me order some food, since I hadn’t eaten since lunch and she really didn’t think this was it. I got food quickly and started eating but my contractions were really picking up so my nurse asked me to hold off finishing it. DH went to sleep and I watched the monitors and watched some TV to pass the time.
The doc finally came in sometime after 4, and I was 5+ cm so we decided to schedule the c-sect for first thing in the morning when all the teams were there. I asked for a shower but was told to stay put in bed so that I didn’t progress too quickly. My contractions were pretty intense but I was doing good breathing through them. I woke up DH at around 6:45 to tell him the plan. Then we called my parents, who had our other kiddos to tell them the news.

My OB came in at around 8, and then the anesthesiologist came in shortly after. DH got into his scrubs and we walked to the OR. I was fine until we walked into that freezing cold OR and they sat me on the table. That’s when I completely lost it and started bawling. They did the spinal and by the time they laid me down I had calmed down. They got started and I nearly passed out three times. Each time they gave me meds to up my BP and I came back around. Apparently I lost a lot of blood. That’s when they brought DH in. The assisting OB said that they were close to delivering so I told DH to stand up. DH just stood there with jaw dropped. I remember that I kept telling him “tell me what you see. Take pictures!” He was in stunned silence. LOL. Kellan was born at 8:27. Chloe came two minutes later at 8:29. She was really high so that had to manipulate a lot to get up to her, and then her head got stuck coming out of the incision. As soon as they were both delivered DH went to be with them in the next room. I didn’t get to see them at all. I could hear a baby crying but didn’t know who it was. I waited a few minutes then asked if they were doing okay and was told that the neonatologist gave two thumbs up. It wasn’t until about an hour later that I found out that Chloe actually had a hard time starting to breathe and all the crying was Kellan. There was scarring on my uterus from the partial placental abruption I had early in my second trimester, so they had to really scrape my uterus well. The babies went to the NICU and I went directly back to my room to recover.

The next hour or two was a blur. DH went back and forth between me and the NICU. They finally let me see the babies at around 11:00 am, but I was laying flat in my bed and the babies were on CPAP so it was hard to actually see anything.

I had two blood transfusions, but it took until about 5:00 pm to finally get the IVs going. I was really emotional all day. All I wanted to do was see my babies and pump, neither of which they would let me do. I finally sent DH to our house to pick up my pump so that the nurses had no control over it. As soon as the transfusions were complete and I had something to eat I insisted on going to the NICU; that was about 11 pm. When I got there the nurses asked if I wanted to nurse and the babies latched right on.
Chloe spent 5 days in the NICU. Kellan spent 12 days, only because he was too sleepy to eat.

They are home now and doing great. I’m still sore at my incision, but part of that is because I know I’m doing way more than I should. I got a UTI from the catheter used during the surgery, but I’ve been on antibiotics for a couple days and am doing much better.

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Lexie’s birth story!

I went in for my induction on the morning of October 7th. At my 40 week appointment the day before I was given the choice of induction dates and since I had been waiting long enough I chose to be induced the next day. I was given a gel to help soften my cervix but not much happened for 6 hours. I had a second dose at 2 in the afternoon. At this point I was 2cm dilated. By 5:30 I was 7cm dilated. It was time to head to the delivery room. I was determined to avoid an epidural as much as possible so was using gas and had a shot of pethidine to ‘take the edge off the pain’ – interesting way to put it! It took just over 2 hours for me to dilate from 7cm to 10cm. At this point the pain was so bad that I asked for an epidural but it was too late. I was 10cm and ready to push. After 10 minutes and a vacuum extraction, Lexie entered the world screaming! I tore a little and needed 2 stitches.

After 4 years of infertility and failed cycles of Clomid, IUI's, IVF and FET's, our spontaneous miracle, Lexie Grace arrived on Wednesday, October 7th at 8:06pm. She weighed 3.366 kgs (7.3 lbs) and measured 54cms (~21 in).

An interesting side note: that day the phone company was having a lot of problems with its service so the nurses were having trouble reaching the OB. They kept paging and calling him and couldn’t get through. They had another OB on standby and were about to get the police to go to his house to get him had he not called in to check on my progress. Crazy!

Breastfeeding has been an adventure to say the least but DH and I are in love!

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Ethan Bradley
Born 10-7-2009, 3:17 am
8 lbs. 5.8 oz. 19 inches long

Here is Ethan’s birth story:
On Tuesday night at 10:30 pm I went to the bathroom and when I sat down I felt a little gush. It was clear but it wasn’t as much as I had expected so I called L & D and told them that I think my water broke but it wasn’t much. The nurse told me to lay down for 10-15 minutes and call back to let them know if it was leaking. I called Tom and told him to come home from work since he had an hour drive. I called L & D back and told them that I had no leaking. They asked if I was having contractions and I said that I didn’t think so because the pain was only in my lower back. I reminded them that I had been dilated to 4 cm for the past 6 days. At 11:20 pm DH got home and we both took showers. The pain in my lower back continued to get much worse and I was very uncomfortable by the time I got out of the shower. Tom thought that we better go to the hospital and I kept telling him that they didn’t want me to come if I wasn’t having contractions. I called L & D again and told them that I have tried heat, ice, moving positions, taking a shower, and nothing has helped my lower back pain. They suggested that I try a warm bath because I still didn’t feel like I was having contractions. I told them that I was coming in and that I at least wanted to be put on a monitor to see if I was having contractions. They said that if I feel that I needed to come in then I should. We packed the car and left our house around 1:00 am. The 1 hour ride to the hospital was very uncomfortable. I was in so much pain that no matter how I sat in the car the pain just seemed to get worse. When we got to the hospital at 1:55 am I was taken to L & D in a wheel chair, taken to a room, and changed into a gown. The nurse checked me and I was dilated to 7 cm and my contractions were 2 minutes apart on the monitor! The nurse asked if I wanted anything for pain and I said that I wasn’t planning on it but something may help. They put a dose of pain medication in my IV. I breathed through contractions for about a half hour. The nurse said that it would be time to push soon. Then the nurse called the doctor in and he waited for a bit and then had to leave and deliver another baby. He returned and I began to push. My blood pressure was high so they used a catheter to get a urine sample. The baby’s head started to crown and the dr. decided that I needed an episiotomy so he made a medium cut. I pushed for about 45 minutes total and finally Ethan Bradley had arrived at 3:17 am! The dr. put him on my chest and Tom cut the umbilical cord. Ethan cried on and off for the first few hours. He has great lungs! After 4 ½ years of heartache we finally have our little boy! He is a blessing from God and the answer to our prayers! There was protein in my urine so I was treated for pre eclampsia with a medication in my IV for the first 12 hours following delivery. Ethan and I are doing well and DH and I cherish every moment that we have to spend with him!

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My Ridiculously Long Birth Story

So because I’m simply overwhelmed by the magnitude of this development in my life, I guess I’ll start this story on October 8th, which happened to be my due date, and skip over the actual pregnant part because it was pretty routine and just consisted of me getting bigger and bigger and getting kicked in the ribs a lot. Anyway I had an appointment on the 8th and being full term my midwife started threatening induction if I didn’t go into labor in the next few days. This was one of my biggest fears because I’d really been hoping to go naturally and being induced meant pitocin and super scary pit contractions. She scheduled me for an induction starting on the 14th and I knew I was on the clock, so I was determined to do anything to get this baby out before then. Jenny talked me into trying castor oil, because she said it made her go into labor with Nathan and I’d heard many other people say it worked for them too. (If you know what castor oil is, this is a pretty scary idea. It’s a laxative, pretty much it’s supposed to work by making you poop so much you start having contractions) I took it on Saturday morning and two doses and hours later when nothing had happened yet(absolutely nothing, not even going to the bathroom) I was getting pretty discouraged with this idea and thinking that it wasn’t going to work. I went to bed that night attempting to think up a new labor inducing idea (by this time I’d tried everything but sex, for obvious reasons) and ‘woke up’ moments later to my first contraction at 11-ish pm. I wasn’t too excited yet because it wasn’t the first time I’d had contractions at night, so I lay around for a while to wait it out and see if they tapered off like always but 3 minutes later there was another one…and 3 minutes after that another. So I got up and wandered around, walked and rocked and sat and just dealt with the contractions that kept coming every 3 minutes. Around 3am I took a shower and checked my hospital bag to make sure I packed everything but most of the night was just spent in 3 minute spans trying to rest as much as I could in between and waiting for my sister, Alissa, to wake up.
She finally woke up around 10am and I decided it was time to head to the hospital. We went up to triage, got all checked in, and found out that after 12 hours of labor I had made no progress. They hooked me up to the monitors to make sure I was having contractions (yep, they were there…and off the charts) and then sent me to walk for an hour. After shuffling through the halls half asleep (btw, l&d is really boring on Sunday morning, there were only like 3 other people there so we couldn’t even spy on other people having babies) I still was only fingertip dialated so they decided to send me home with instructions to take tylenol pm and sleep for a few hours (If I could sleep, I wouldn’t have been awake all night!), they said “we’ll see you on Wednesday for your induction”. (All the times from here on aren’t very accurate, I was pretty out of it and very rarely looked at the clock)
We drove home and I was beyond disappointed at this point, so I crawled in bed and sent my sister out to get me mall pizza and sleeping drugs because I was starving and sure that if I could just get up some more energy I could make it through this. This turned out to be a bad idea because I quickly learned that whenever I was in bed my 3 minute contractions would turn into one long never ending contraction…a trend that would continue for the rest of labor. I made it through about an hour this way before I gave up on attempting to sleep and got up to move around again, being in bed had made the contractions a lot more intense. By the time A came back with my food Brian, my BIL, and the kids had found their way downstairs to my room and B was rubbing my back while I cried through contractions, it was a little awkward but still nice( he was a good labor partner…much better than my sister who just kinda stood around and watched). I devoured two pieces of pizza and took the Tylenol hoping that the hospital people were right and I would be able to sleep some.
This delusion didn’t last long and I convinced my sister I was dying so she called the hospital again and talked them into letting me come back. The car ride was a lot worse this time, quite possibly the longest 15 minutes ever and I’m sure we hit every bump possible on the way. It took an eternity to get back upstairs to triage because I kept having to stop and lean on the wall during contractions. By now the Tylenol had started to kick in so I was unnaturally sleepy on top of the general exhaustion. I got checked and monitored again, hurray, 3 centimeters; I was going to get to stay! (I don’t know why being at the hospital made me feel better, I guess it just made it seem like something was actually happening and I was in the close vicinity of drugs in case I needed them.) I got sent to walk for another hour with the promise that I’d be put in my room when I was done. I remember leaning heavily on the railing the whole time, I was completely dependent on it to tell me where I was going because I couldn’t open my eyes, I was too tired, and I kept having to stop and lean on the wall every few minutes to deal with the contractions. Actually it was probably a pretty amusing sight. Eventually my midwife, Kathy, showed up; I was still walking around the halls but I also registered that it was dark outside again so I don’t know what time it was, but suddenly it seemed like everything was going to be okay because she was there. I trusted her to make sure we didn’t die (which still seemed like a very plausible idea in my head at this time). She took me back to my birthing suite, my wonderful awesome room with a birthing ball and a spa tub, and my horrible nurse who seemed to know nothing about natural birthing. Kathy concluded that I was progressing, I think I was a 4 1/2 then, and we decided to break my water to see if it would speed things up. This was an extremely painful process and also turned out to be pointless because no fluid came out, apparently my water had already broken without us knowing. Kathy went off to do paperwork or something and I was left with Evil Nurse who decided she wanted to hook me up to the monitors again, meaning more time in bed dealing with the never-ending-contraction. This became an ongoing fight because Kathy kept telling her I only needed to be monitored 10 minutes an hour but every time K would leave the room EN would stick the monitors back on, and every time EN would leave the room I would get up and take them off, after I had battled my way through the never-ending-contraction. (EN wanted the monitors on because it meant she could go sit at the nurse’s station and do whatever she wanted while watching me on the computer instead of actually having to be in the room.)
The next few hours are really blurry, I was very tired and kept fighting with the EN over everything. I remember I spent some time on the birth ball and that worked really well until EN came back in and insisted on the monitors again. Finally I got to 6cm and I was allowed to get in the tub, it was around this time that K came back in and got on EN about the monitors again which is why I was allowed out of bed. She made EN go fill up the tub for me and that was really great, the contractions were still really intense and close together but I could relax in between them so it was a lot easier to deal. Sadly as soon as Kathy left the room again EN came and pulled the plug on my tub, I only got to spend barely 20 minutes in there(this is the point where I reeeaaallly started to hate her). This time she let me sit on the birth ball for monitoring, mostly because I was adamantly refusing to get back into bed (I might have thrown a tantrum), but she kept getting pissed off because every time I moved the monitors came off (I should probably mention that all the monitoring was COMPLETELY unnecessary because the baby’s heart rate was perfect the whole time). EN finally talked me back in to bed saying that she needed to check my progress, right about that time Kathy came back in to check on me and bit EN head off for checking me because it was unnecessary. It was about 11pm, because K mentioned that it had been 24 hours already, and I was only at 7cm still. She wanted to start pitocin to help things along and thought I should get an epidural to let me rest for a few hours because she was afraid that I wouldn’t have any energy left for pushing (I’d been awake for about 38 hours at this point). I thought about this for awhile, while EN held me hostage in bed, and finally agreed. So EN hooked up my IV and forced me to stay in bed on the moniters while K went to page the anesthesiologist. It took him 2 hours to get there while I endured a never-ending-contraction. I cried, and kicked, and screamed, and possibly threatened EN’s life because she wouldn’t let me get up. Oddly enough crying actually helped with the contractions because I was distracted from them.
Anyway the drug man finally showed up and we finally got the epidural show on the road. I was really scared of getting one because I was afraid it wouldn’t work and I had watched my sister get one when she had Riley and it involves a HUGE corkscrewed needle that they twist into your spinal cord. They make you lean over and sit perfectly still (impossible to do during a never-ending-contraction) but this was the only time EN was nice to me, she let me hold her hand and lean on her (I think it’s because I was finally doing something that would make me stay in bed on the monitors). The epidural man was kind of mean but I still like him anyway because I finally got to go to sleep.
Once the epidural was in they started hooking me up to a lot of machines, I think I got another IV and they started pitocin and put all the monitors back on and I had to wear this automatic blood pressure cuff. It went off like every ten minutes and was the bane of my existence; my entire right upper arm was a bruise for a whole week. I didn’t even really care though because I couldn’t feel the contractions anymore and I passed the f*ck out!
I slept for about 2 wonderful hours before Kathy came back in at 4:10am woke me up and said it was time to push. They turned the epidural off but the meds had pooled on my right side and I couldn’t feel or move my leg at all. The pushing part was really easy and went pretty fast, I still couldn’t feel much but that was okay. At 4:59am Jaime came out into the world and they plunked her on my stomach. She just laid there staring at me and making cute faces, the nurses got worried because she wouldn’t cry so they started holding an oxygen mask over her face, but she was just a really content baby and never did cry. After awhile they took her off to the side to check her because they were afraid her clavicle might have broken because both her shoulders came out at the same time. During this time the midwife was messing around down where I couldn’t see, she gave me a couple stitches because I got a first degree tear from her shoulders and after the placenta came out she started pushing around on my stomach and I could feel blood gushing out everywhere. It was pretty gross but she said it wasn’t too much and gave me a shot of something to help it stop, I know it wasn’t pitocin because the pump was still hooked up.
Jaime was over getting cleaned up and being attacked by three different cameras and a camcorder wielded by my mom, aunt, and sister. I feel asleep again pretty quickly but Jaime got checked over and had a bath. After about an hour of checking they decided that all of her bones were intact and the popping noise they heard must have been me tearing. My family hung out with the baby while I was comatose and then around 6am the nurses came to wake me up and move us to our mom & baby room.
From here on the hospital story contains a lot of daddy drama so I’m just going to leave it out. I’m pretty sure Jaime is the best baby ever, she was so content the entire time we were at the hospital. I didn’t even hear her cry until our last day there, she was always just sleeping or looking around at the world. We went home on Wednesday only to find that our electricity had been shut off while B & A came to pick us up. We couldn’t get it turned back on that day so we ended up all going to my mom’s house for the night. That was an adventure because my brother was sick and had to stay away from everyone, which wasn’t easy with 4 adults and 3 kids in a small three bedroom house. I had a fun time sleeping on the couch my first night ‘home’ and Jaime was pretty ticked off because she was hungry and my milk hadn’t come in yet. The next day our power got turned back on though and we trooped home again.
Since then things have been going pretty well. I feel good, I’m hardly even tired anymore and Jaime is wonderful. I have pretty much been living in my jammies for the last week but that’s more a result of the fact that I still don’t have any clothes that fit. Jaime’s favorite thing is nursing, she took to it like she’s been doing it her whole life (lol, I’m so funny) but honestly she hasn’t been having any problems. She’s just been eating and growing this week…she acts like a baby that is much older than 1 week, she is so alert and easy to soothe. I probably shouldn’t brag too much though so I don’t jinx it.
I can’t wait for everyone to meet her. I dunno if you felt this way, but it’s like I just want to show her off to everyone because it’s so surreal. I made this. She’s this perfect, beautiful, wonderful little girl…and I made her, from scratch! I’m so proud and I just want to show everyone because I can’t even believe it. ….I made this baby, like you would make cookies or a blanket, but she’s alive and moves and has a personality. This is so unbelievable to me, it’s just a miracle. And now she’s mine, to love and take care of and protect. It is just so cool. She is my whole world and I don’t know what I did before I had her.

**I'll try to come back and add pictures later.

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Addison’s Birth Story

Her story begins the day before we went to the hospital.

Tuesday, October 13th, 2009

Went to work as normal, I was feeling REALLY run down and tired and sick of being pregnant, or maybe more sick of being at work pregnant, either way I had a doctor appt that afternoon.

All the normal stuff happened, pee in a cup etc. When I went to weigh in the scale read 205 and I gasped. I had known that just the week before I had actually lost a pound and was at 197, so I was in total shock and appalled that I had gained 8 lbs in 1 freaking week. The nurse didn’t seem concerned by it so far so we waited for the doctor. The nurse took my blood pressure and then took notice that it was high, unusual for me because I haven’t had any blood pressure issues the entire pregnancy even though I had swollen up like a balloon since early in my 25th week. Anyways blood pressure was 140 over 80 or 90 or something, I can’t honestly remember now but it was high. The nurse immediately grabbed my chart and noted the 8 lbs weight gain in 1 week and said they would more than likely send me to give some blood because the risk of pre-eclampsia was pretty clear.

When the doctor came in she checked my reflexes and noticed they were a bit hyper extended which also eluded too pre-eclampsia. We did my normal exam, uterus measured 37 weeks and her heartbeat was in the 140’s, all normal. She did an internal exam and I had dilated to 2 cm (from 1 cm the week before). Our doctor asked if we were ready to be parents as she thought it was best that I be induced as soon as possible, the risks of pre-e were too evident and since I was dilating on my own pretty steadily each week and was considered full term already (since I was 37 weeks, 6 days) it seemed little Addie was ready to come into the world. She said she had tomorrow or Friday open, so we picked the next day! We we’re going to be parents.

Here are my LAST belly pics, 38 weeks:

last pic in the nursery before we have our baby:

Wednesday October 14th, 2009
It was GO time. We got to the hospital as we were told at 7:30am, got all checked in and:

8:45am- they inserted the gel to start contractions and have my cervix start to soften even more. I had to lay in bed for 2 hours without getting up.

11:00am-I’m allowed to get up and the hall walking started. I was surprised how fast the contrax started when the gel went in, it was probably only about 15-20 minutes before I started feeling them, mild menstrual cramps really is all they were. I bounced on the medicine ball, rolled around on it and walked the halls. Contrax though uncomfortable weren’t terrible.

1:50p- Doc comes in and checks me, I’m 4 cm! “Woo hoo” I thought! They decided to break my water. Which by the way….totally weird. Pretty uncomfortable as she fished around with what looked like a crochet needle. I heard a “pop” and then a bunch of warmth between my legs. SOOO weird. We walked the halls and were monitored 20 minutes of every hour for the next several hours. The contrax seemed to slowly get stronger and I had Dion start timing them just out of curiousity. They were right on cue…lasting around 35-50 seconds and coming regularly every 2-3 minutes.

4:00p- tried to walk the halls again and the squats that I was doing previously we’re now not even touching the immense pain. I felt like a crazy person for 40 seconds every 2 minutes I had to moan and deep breath and try everything possible to get through the pain. They had kicked themselves up a notch in a BIG hurry. The pain seemed to go from a 4 or 5 on a scale of 1 to 10 to a 7 or 8 in a matter of minutes. I immediately asked for the epidural!

5:20p- The epi was in and I started feeling wonderful again! Seriously, it’s like nothing else!

5:40p-I started feeling really nauseous, the nurses were there thank god and my blood pressure plummeted to 63/30, they laid me down and pushed 3 rounds of epinephrine. I felt sooooo sick, I threw up several times and couldn’t open my eyes, the room was spinning and I felt like I was going to pass out. I’m not sure how long it lasted, maybe 10-30 minutes and I started to feel better and was allowed to sit up. It was definitely the most nervewracking time of the whole birth experience. Dion said I turned white as a ghost, lost all the pigment in my lips and I couldn’t open my eyes, they were just so heavy and I didn’t want to barf, I kept thinking that I was going to pass out and choke on my vomit for some reason. Anyways….

6:15p- epi was in full effect and I was super woman again, laughing and joking with Dion and the nurses. Doctor came in and checked me and I was only at 5cm (honestly, kind of bummed) I had been watching the contrax monitor and those suckers looked big, I was certain they had to be doing something but only 1 cm. Booo. I got a cathedar at this point also but felt no pain.

8:30p- got checked again and was at 6 cm…again…bummer.

9:00p- They decided to start the pitocin.

10:30-decided to UP the pitocin as the contrax on the monitor seemed to be about the same as they were.

11:45p- I woke up to my doctor in my room after a little nap and she said she was going to check me……..(drum roll please)….”10 cm, you are complete” she said….honestly I started freaking out inside, I felt like all of a sudden I wasn’t ready, like she needed to stay in me for as long as possible. Dion woke up in a panic when he heard we were ready and admitted to being freaked out. The nurse talked to him about ‘getting in the game” now and how to hold my leg and what to do when contrax came. I threw up again.

just before pushing:

11:50-we started pushing. She was at 0 station and after only 1 push…I was doing well and got her down to +2….doc started to get ready and said she didn’t think I would be pushing long. YAY….I totally felt like a champ! I could only mildly feel the contrax, sort of high in my stomach, not painful just a hardening. The nurse counted to 10 three times each contrax and I pushed with all my might! I felt like I was pushing all in my face, I know I turned bright red each time and didn’t think I was doing anything until the doctor said, “do you want to feel the head”…I reached down and there was a soft squishyness. The nurse offered to get a mirror so I could watch and honestly I highly recommend this to ANYONE, it was the most amazing experience watching her come down with each push. So after about 8-12 contrax, he head was out. They suctioned her and she started crying without even being fully out yet. My tears were already streaming down my face. I could not believe that our precious little girl was finally here, here on earth, safe and healthy! All this time and she was really here.

October 15th, 2009

12:18a- one final push….and our miracle was here! They put her right on my chest and I got to hold her for like 15 minutes, just cuddling and talking to her, looking at her gorgeous face that at one point I never thought I’d get to see. She was perfect, the most precious child I’ve ever seen in my entire life. She was ours and she was here!

I ended up having a 2nd degree tear and required a couple of stitches, the placenta was delivered without any problems, Dion cut the cord and we were done!

I am sooooo proud to introduce our daughter:

Addison Dori E***
Born on October 15th, 2009 12:18am
Weighing 6 lbs, 4 ounces
19 inches long

I would like to mention that during this entire pregnancy I have felt like Kylie was here with us, watching over her sister and somehow in this very last instance she made her presence known. October 15th is a day of remembrance for pregnancy and infant loss awareness. Every year from this one forward I not only get to celebrate the life of my precious Addison with her birthday but also remember the short life of her sister Kylie.

here are some pics from her moments:

ad a few from her first week:

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Kaelynn Elise was born on the due date...26th October 2009

I woke up and 2.30am and about 5 seconds later my water broke in a huge gush. I got up and called Delivery Suite (it's what it's called here) and they told me to take a bath and go back to bed coz I still wasn't having contractions. They told me that if I saw more water I should go and be admitted. As soon as I hung up another gush came out so I woke up DBF, prepared the last things for my bag and went to hospital. By then I was contracting every 10 minutes already.

3.30am we arrived at Delivery Suite. They took me to the admission room to check me out. The midwife examined me only to find that I was only a fingertip dilated but her head was way down. The examination hurt a lot because her head was so low that the cervix positioned itself behind it...and she ended up having to put her hand in rather than her fingers. I was so crushed that I wasn't dilated coz I thought it meant a very long labour but they kept me there because a lot of water was coming. She called the obs and stuck a monitor to me to see how baby was doing with contractions. After an hour of monitoring I asked to be transferred to my delivery room because the stretcher in the admission room was quite uncomfortable.

5am I got into my room and decided to sleep a bit. Me and my bf tried to fit into the single bed but we managed and slept till 7am. To my horror, contractions had stopped which only meant that they would have to induce them again.

8-9am Obs came and examined me again. I was dilated 2 cm but fully effaced. They started the syntocinon drip to induce contractions and about 15 seconds later the contractions started coming about 5 minutes apart.

10.15 am Contractions were coming a minute apart and 30 seconds long and I really couldn't stand the pain any longer. I used the gas but it only worked for a few contractions. The obs examined me again and she found me dilated 5cm. She was quite shocked coz I was dilating so quickly. They called the anaesthetist to come give me an epidural because I wanted to rest, afraid that I wouldn't have the energy to push at the end of it all.

10.45-11am Anaesthetist came and gave me epi. Worked wonders and my left side was totally numb. He told me it would because the meds would work there more coz of my scoliosis.

12.15pm Obs came and examined me. I didn't feel a thing...I was thanking God that I had a good anaesthetist and that the epi worked. She found me dilated 10. Said it would be time to push soon...they had to stop epi and wait for it's effect to wear off.

1.15-2pm Epi finally wore off well enough that I could feel the extreme urge to push so I started to with the guidance of my midwife. She gave me some local to numb the area and started preparing the stuff she'd need to perform an episiotomy. By the time she almost got everything prepared it was too late because the baby's head was out. She was born at 2pm weighing 3.55 kilos (that's I think about 8 pounds)

She's blonde and has my lips and BF's chin. I am completely in love but I really can't associate her with the thing I had inside me...I don't know why because I did feel and see her being born. She was such a quiet baby in hospital...didn't even cry once except when the paediatrician did the Moro reflex test. She got such a fright poor thing. We got home yesterday and she's crying a lot. She suffers from colic a lot and really cries when she needs to poop. She's not constipated so I don't know why it hurts so much. We're trying our best to communicate with each other and I'm trying to learn her cries.

Sorry it was so long. So here she is...introducing Miss Kaelynn Elise

First photo...finally out
Sleeping on my empty tummy
All snuggled up!
With her favourite toy!
In my fav outfit!

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Rose v d B
30th October
9lbs 4oz

We all got up at 8, and had some breakfast before I phoned the hospital at around 8.30am to see when they wanted me in for monitoring (having agreed to go in daily due to being past 42 weeks). They wanted us in at 10, so we rushed about, got ready, and felt a few tightenings, but nothing more than I'd been feeling for the few weeks prior, and they went away as soon as we got in the car, so just assumed they were braxton hicks'.

Being 42+2 at this point, we felt it would be wise to have someone in the house in case I had to be induced as scheduled the following Monday, so we had arranged for my mum to come down from Scotland for a few days. Thankfully, she agreed to come down on the Friday, and I got a message at 9am to say she was on the train, and should be at our house at around 4pm.

The contractions picked up again just after I got to the hospital at 10.15 (about a 45 minute drive because of traffic), and mentioned it to the midwife who was in charge of my monitor. Again, at that point, they were just mild cramps. I was put in one of the delivery rooms, and that's when I started to feel them more, and noticed on the monitor they were coming every 10 minutes, and the baby was reacting to them. I was there for about 30 minutes, then got told to go home, and to phone if anything changed.

I told DH in the car I might be in labour (he had taken DS to the park instead of being sat bored), but because they were just starting to get uncomfortable, and still far apart, couldn't be sure.

We got home from the hospital at 11.50, I decided to go for a bath, try and relax a bit, and as soon as I hit the water, they got fairly intense and started every 5 minutes!!! I stayed in for 30 minutes reading my book before I had to get out and move. They slowed down then to every 8/9 minutes, but I was having to start breathing through them, so got Jitte to put the TENS on my back.

At 1pm, they shot from every 8 minutes, to every 4 minutes and I was struggling with pressure at this point as my waters hadn't broke. We phoned the hospital about 1.30pm, DH started filling the pool at 2pm, and the midwife arrived at 2.30ish-pm.

This is where everything gets very hazy as she very kindly gave me gas and air, because at this point I was struggling, they were coming every 2 minutes, lasting about a minute. DS at this point was still kicking around his bed, so we had a small discussion about someone who could come and take him for a few hours, but in the middle of talking, he fell asleep, thankfully.

At 3.15pm roughly, I got in the pool, and it was sweet relief for about 5 minutes, then things got really hard. My waters hadn't broke yet, and I was starting to feel the need to push. I was 9cm now, so she burst the membranes, and in the next contraction I started to push, having gone fully dilated.

After 20 minutes of pushing, the midwife had me change positions, as something was clearly preventing her from coming out, so I turned round, legs on the side of the pool, and 2 contractions later her head came out. I've never done that naturally before (DS was born by ventouse), and it bloody hurt! She was moving her head and wiggling her body which was both weird and very sore! The next contraction came about 5 minutes later at 3.50pm, and she was born weighing 9lbs 4oz! She immediately pooed on me, lovely girl she is.

My mum turned up then, so she started getting clothes and nappies ready. I opted to have a natural 3rd stage, and had been expecting to be waiting a while, but 5 minutes after she was born, the placenta came on its own with a surprisingly painful contraction. DH cut the cord, and got her dressed while I stayed in the pool waiting for a towel and dressing gown.

After getting out, I got a tea and some toast, and then the midwife began the stitching - I had a small second degree tear. Getting stitched was fairly uncomfortable, but didn't take long, and as soon as it was done, had another tea, and popped baby on my chest for some food.

The second midwife turned up just after I had been stitched (at home births, 2 midwives are usually in attendance, one for mother, one for baby, to cover any possible emergencies), I don't think anyone expected it to happen that quickly.

The midwife left at 5pm, we got DS up out of bed (he had just woken up!!) and introduced them to each other before spending the evening sending messages and emails with photos to lots of people.

I could not fault my birth at all. It went exactly as I had imagined, and would recommend a home birth and a water birth (at home or not) to anyone. It was so relaxed, and DH didn't feel like a spare part. DS didn't have much change to his daily routine, which was a huge worry of mine. I am so glad I held out for a few more days, and turned down a hospital based intervention - I knew she would come when she was ready, not when the doctors decided she was ready.

30 minutes old

2 days old

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my birth story of Ayla Elizabeth Joy - 21st October 2009 9lbs 1oz

I went to bed feeling restless and irritable and couldnt get comfy at all, after a few toilet stops I tried to sleep on and off and read a bit too..I sort of got an inkling somthing may be happening..

I started to get not so bad pains and lay there for a bit wondering if i should get up and time them on the computer. Hubby was sleeping in the lounge (to give me a better sleep) so I went to wake him and sent him back to our bed, while I fiddled on the computer, chatted on FB and MSN and timed contractions...within about 40 mins they were a consistant 3 mins apart and I felt this may be the real thing.

I rang my midwife at the birth centre and told her what was happening and she said to come in. Rang my mum to come over...hoped she would hurry as the pain was getting stronger and I was having to pause and breath a little.

Woke hubby and told him we were going to hospital, then went out and organised dogs in the runs etc for mum...hubby put in car seat and my bags in the car..meanwhile hoping mum would hurry the heck up. As soon as she arrived we left.

Hubby dropped me off at door where another lady was waiting for her hubby to park his car also in labour..lol funny i made my way up the lift with her and nurse (it was almost 4am) both of us breathing through a contraction in lift, lol

Got to my suite and midwife did all her checks and when i contracted she put her fingertips on my belly feeling the contraction and timing it (no major intervention here)

Hubby came into room with bags. My waters broke with a HUGE SPLASH..oh my i was mortified!! Lucky it didnt happen in a shopping centre!! bath was being run and I got changed into my sports bra and then hopped into the warm water, bliss.

We were joking with the midwiofe that we may have a baby before her shift ended at 7.30 casue I usually had babies fast...

Now you know you are close when you start saying you dont want to do this anymore and you want to go home..lol, midwife said if I needed to puse I could, adn I was thinking, push?? Now, why?? and then INEEDED TO PUSH!!

Got on my hands and knees in the bath and turned to face my baby end to the idwife so she would direct what was happening. We had been at birthcenter for about 1/2 and hour...I felt the sting of the head but felt my utres was contracting nowhere near as hard as the last times...I actually had to push myself when last time I didnt, the utres did all the work! Wierd.

Her head was out in two pushes and body in another one. I remeber pulling her up to my chest and thinking she was so small...we had a nice connected cuddle, but I wanted to get out of the bath.

Hubby and Midwife gelped me and as I stood up a gush of blood, more then usual gushed out and I asked if that was quite normal..her reply made me a bit nervous she said, well no not that much...ummm

I was helped to the bed and lay ther while waited for placenta and she kept an I on the bleeding..turns out a huge clot came out beofre the placenta. Phew.

No stitches. After about 20 mins cord was cut and we just cuddled and fed.

I get so bored in hospital, after a nap and email and texting people, it was still early damn it I got up to go and get some M&Ms, LOL!!

We left the hospital to come home that late afternoon.

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Sorry it has taken me so long to post this. Danny got home from
They were going to give me some pill that was supposed to help ripen my cervix but the monitors were showing too many contractions (although I couldn't feel them). So we had to wait until 9am to start the oxytocin. The day time nurse started me on a low dose and was supposed to increase it every 1/2 hour. Well she really didn't want me to have the baby on her shift. From 12am-7pm there was no change. I was still 2cm and not really feeling any contractions. Not even 1/4 of the iv bag of oxytocin was used up from 9am-7pm. She wouldn't check to see if I was progressing any more and wasn't upping the oxytocin like she should have been. MIL went home around 4pm to get some sleep.

Five til seven she came in and told me she was upping the oxytocin to 19. The highest they will go is 20. And to feel free to have the baby at any time. She was leaving for the night. By 10pm I was at 3cm and baby head was way down so they broke my water. We called MIL to let her know and she came back. I was in extreme amount of pain. I was screaming my head off and they wouldn't give me anything. I was not planning on having this baby all natural. I even signed papers stating that I wanted pain meds and epidural. By 12am 10/29 I was at 9cm and was given the okay to push. I was still begging for any type of pain relief but was not given anything. Danny was yelling at the nurse and doctor to give me something. They said there was no time, he said that he and I both have been asking for the last few hours that there was time.

At 12:35am Wilbur Joseph-Tyler came into this world. 8lbs 15oz and 20 inches long. The look on Danny's face was priceless. Even MIL was surprised. She thought for sure I was having a girl. I had some small tears, no stitches needed. Nursing hurt like hell this time. They wouldn't give me anything for the cramping pain because I was going to have my tubes tied later that day. So again I was in loads of pain for another 12 hours. At noon the OR nurses came in to get me. For the first time I was pain free. They knocked me out. I came around about 1:30. Things were well until the pain meds wore off. My stomach is still bruised. I was given 3 tylenol 3s while I was there at the hospital and was sent home with nothing the next day.

We have been home since Friday. Danny was great. He cleaned the entire house for me and did every load of laundry, I was under the impression that he didn't know how to do the wash. lol. He left Sunday night to go back to . We wont see him until Thursday night. Nursing has been a bit rough, Wilbur has a perfect latch but I am not making milk quick enough. I am hoping to get this milk thing going great. I have a pump but am not all that impressed with it. Maybe because I am not making enough milk.

Two nights ago and yesterday was hell. Wilbur wouldn't sleep for more than 15-20 minutes at a time. Then 6:30 came and he was out like a light. I got both Michael and Remedy to sleep at 7 and then I was out. I woke up at 10 with bulging boobs so I woke Wilbur up to feed and pumped the other side. He went back out until I woke up at 1 and had him feed again. He woke me up at 4:30 fed again. Now we are on a good every 3hours.

Pictures not in a good order
Danny with Wilbur

Wilbur with his first toy

Remedy and Michael holding baby brother

After I came to my first request was a iced mocha latte


Danny and Wilbur both sleeping


Me before I felt any pain

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Michael Reed's Birth Story

My little guy decided he was tired of kicking my ribs and wanted to come out and visit 5 WEEKS early!

Friday (8/29/2009), as I was peacefully eating my bagel at work, I coughed and just thought I had peed myself. But after I felt a gush, I ran to the bathroom to be suprised by the sight of completely wetting my pants (by the way - wear black if you are afraid of your water breaking at work, not khaki like I did. lol!)

So we called DBF, my parents and the doctor and went to L&D (after I stopped at home to change my pants). I wasn't having any contractions yet. They admitted us and basically said we were having a baby within the next 24 hours. I was dilated to 3 cm, but not technically in labor yet. By 4 pm, they started Pitocin because I hadn't started contracting on my own, just very slight cramping.

The pitocin was increased until about 7 pm when I went to nothing to full speed. There was no break in my contractions and i have to admit I tried everything I had been practicing, but the combination of no build up gradually in labor and the pitocin, I was shaking and had to take the epidural.

After the epidural, I got some rest and the nurses told us to tell them if I felt pressure. I started feeling pressure around 12 am really low in my pelvis about every 2 minutes for 30-40 seconds, told the nurse and she could check me because his head was already there!!

They ran around and got all the stuff ready to deliver. We delivered in 10 minutes if u can belive it with only two contractions/pushes.

He's beautiful and perfect!

Let me introduce Michael Reed (he will go by Reed), 6lbs 8oz, 19 3/4 inches long
born 8/29/2009 at 1:10 am

Side note: I finished my degree in marketing while I was in the hospital too! Smile