October 2007 Lil' Boo's: Birth Stories & Pictures!!!

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October 2007 Lil' Boo's: Birth Stories & Pictures!!!

[size=+3]It's time girls! Post your birth stories and pictures of your new little additions here!![/size]
***Birth Stories & Pictures Only Please***


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Thank you so much!!

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Bumping Smile

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I am working on it Smile

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Hi ladies!!! I'm so sorry I didn't update sooner, but things have been crazy today!

I started having contractions around 4:30 yesterday afternoon, but didn't head to the hospital until around 8:00 when I was sure of what was going on! They checked me and I was still only 3 cm and 50% effaced, so they said they might send me home if I didn't progress. An hour later, I was a loose 4 and 70%, so I was admitted, which was when I updated last.

Two hours later, I was checked again and only a 5 even though my contractions were about 2 minutes apart. Two hours later, a 6. So it's 3 am and labor isn't progressing. I was having intense back pain and cramping, so I opted then for an epidural. I was hoping not to have one, but with labor not progressing, I was worried I would be too worn out to push if I didn't sleep.

So I slept from then until 7:00 when the doctor on call came in and checked me. I was still only 7 cm, so he broke my water. The epidural was still working great though, so even though my contractions were intense, pain was non-existent. Around 8:15, I felt pressure (kinda like I needed to go to the bathroom). I told DH I thought it was time and the nurse checked me. I was fully dilated and Anna was ready to come. We had to wait though for her pediatrician, so it was good I had the epidural since the urge to push wasn't , too great.

My new OB and our regular pediatrician both arrived and at 9:00 I began pushing. Two contractions later, I was looking like I was going to tear up rather than down through the perineum, so I had to have an episiotomy. The next contraction, she came right out.

Annabelle Grace was born at 9:15am weighing in at 5lbs, 3.2 ounces and 18 inches long. She scored 8 on both APGARS, however she had some fluid left in her lungs. DH cut her cord, I got to hold her for a minute or two and then DH carried her down to the NICU with the pediatrician for further exams.

Around lunch today, it was determined her lungs weren't quite ready. She is breathing on her own, but it's a fight. She didn't have enough surfactant to coat her lungs, so when she was breathing, her lungs would try to close completely and she was really struggling to open again. Her CO2 levels were 60%, which was high... It was so sad to see, so the pediatrician said it would be best to put her on a ventilator. So, we agreed, and she was hooked up. They gave her a dose of surfactant to help coat her lungs and have continuously monitored her blood gases.

Oxygen levels are great, ph levels are now perfect, and her carbon dioxide level is as well perfect. She is trying to suck even with the ventilator, so once she is removed, the pediatrician believes she will be ready to eat.

She is just absolutely perfect and I will post pictures when I get a chance! I don't have many yet, so I'm hoping to get more in a day or two when (hopefully) she is taken off the ventilator!

Thoughts and prayers for her to continue to do so well would be appreciated immensely!

I'll add pictures soon Smile

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CHAYSE RILEY BUTLER born on 9/3/07, Labor Day!
1:33 p.m Weighing in at 3 lbs, 12 oz and 17 inches long.

9/6/07 - I'm working on my little Chayse's birth story!

Birth Story posted on 9/7/07:

I finally have enough energy to post this! After being in the hospital the week before and then going to the doctor on Friday, I knew we were getting closer to delivering. The doctor put me on no work restrictions on Friday, Aug 31. So, I lounged around the whole weekend taking it easy. I kind of had a feeling about Labor Day being the day of Chayse's arrival because that's just what my family does. We love being born on holidays. I was looking forward to staying at home on that Tuesday and not going to work, getting a few things done at home for our impeding arrival.

So, after enjoying a great dinner, I went to bed and slept so well. Usually I wake up at 7 am anyway, so Monday was no different. Except it was, because I was leaking water. I stood up and felt a gush and knew that my DD was going to be born that day! It was very exciting. I woke up DH and said, Honey it's time! Just like the movies. He said "Are you sure?". Yep! I wasn't having any contractions, so I knew we were okay time wise. He took a quick shower and I knew I couldn't bathe, even though I knew I needed one since I had been lazy all weekend. I did wash off in the tub standing up. I had my bag packed already, I re-packed it from the week before when I had been in the hospital, so it was all ready. I even posted that I was going in! We left all 4 kids here just in case they sent us back home, but I really didn't think they would. We tried to get Grandma on the phone a couple of times, but left messages.

We started driving and I realized I should have eaten something. So, we stopped at McDonalds for a small sausage biscuit. We pulled over and I ate, the hospital was across the street! It was nice spending those few moments with DH. I fed the birds what I didn't eat. We were both so calm, even though we knew we were in for a big day, with possible problems - we just didn't worry about it then.

So, I get up to L&D at about 8:30 am, they put me in a room right away. I got into my gown and laid in bed. The nurses were super sweet. They hooked me up to the monitor and checked me. I was at a 2 at that point. Of course, my doctor was not on call. It was Labor Day! The one I saw the week before was on call. I actually liked him and he is the one who put me on 24 hr steroids. We were okay with that, we knew he'd take good care of us. For some reason, the TV channel landed on a John Wayne marathon. While DH went down to finish registering us in the ER, I was stuck watching that since the bed remote didn't work, LOL. The Dr. came in and did an ultrasound and said that I had fluid in there, but from my point, I had lost lots of fluid already! Things were good.

I really wasn't contracting too much. I told the nurses that I wanted an epidural, but no Pitocin or C-section unless absolutely necessary. Well, after an hour or so with hardly anything, they brought in the bag of Pitocin. Dr. Wells had ordered it since I wasn't progressing. They told me that they wouldn't let me go more than 12 hours after my water broke since I was 35 weeks. I was okay with the Pitocin because I knew it was important. Grandma called and she said she would go get the kids and bring them up to the hospital. They all came in and visited me while I was being monitored. That was so great to have them all there.

I believe I went from a 2 to a 6 within a couple of hours. Suddenly, I felt something POP and then looked down and there was blood. I started to worry at that point. I had a placental abruption with my son before and he lost oxygen. He has had a hearing loss since birth, so I was worried about that happening again. The nurse came in and said it wasn't a major amount of blood, that it was normal. So, I felt better! She listened to my concerns.

I had my epidural at some point! I was having contractions by then and it hurt, but I just wasn't sure that it was major contractions and DH said - go ahead and get the epidural! OH Okay! I did very well during that, luckily, I don't remember having a major contraction during the time he was actually doing the procedure. I felt really good after it started kicking in. I realized I could have had it sooner and just how much the contractions did hurt. What was I thinking?

My mom was sitting in the room for a bit before that and I believe that the nurses kicked her out right before the epidural. I was a little stressed that she was in there, because DH and I wanted it to be just us. Little did I know she was already gone.

So, then I went from a 6 to a 10 just like that. It was time to start pushing to get ready for her to come out. They told me how to push - It's been 10 years since I have given birth! Even though I knew roughly what to do, it was great to have them explain it and me follow the right way. I'm a stickler for rules. LOL

I started pushing and DH said he was so impressed. He was holding my hand the whole time. I know that they had to clean me up several times. I told them that I felt like I had to go when I arrived, but they said don't go because we didn't want to deliver in the toilet. So, I just held it until then, of course!! TMI, I know!

I did about 4 rounds of pushing. They had been trying to get the doctor in there. I was pushing SO well that before the doctor arrived they told me to STOP pushing. UH, that was near impossible, but I did it. The pressure from pushing was so unbelievable. Even though I had the epidural, I still felt all of the pressure and it wasn't pleasant! Then they are telling me to stop. I knew her head was right there. The doctor literally walked in the door, sat down and the nurse was right in front of me and Chayse came out on her own. I didn't push anymore! It was such a relief, though! THEN, the placenta literally popped out on it's own. I didn't see it, but I felt it. DH said it was bigger than she was!!

Chayse was laying there for a second, I couldn't tell if she was okay or not. She didn't cry that I remember, then they took her over to the bed and checked her out. DH was in front of my view. I told him to move and he wouldn't until he knew she was okay. He stayed by my side the whole time, making sure I was okay. Then I heard her cry and felt a lot better. DH said she wasn't blue, she didn't look like it to me either. I don't know her APGAR scores, but I don't think they were too bad if she didn't need oxygen right away. I think she was just quiet, I guess! I do remember them announcing the time and then weighing her. They gave all three of us our wristbands. They bundled her up and handed her to me finally. I was literally in shock at how small she was. Her face was so tiny, I was overwhelmed with fear that she wouldn't be okay. That was very difficult to go through. Luckily, they said that she was fine, but were going to take her to NICU because of her weight. Daddy and her left the room together. I'm sure he was just as scared as I was.

The Dr. checked me out and I didn't tear at all. I don't know that he actually earned his money Wink during this delivery. He barely did anything, j/k!! I was so happy I didn't tear and that my placenta hadn't torn away from my uterus like last time. He said they send the placenta to the lab to check for reasons why it was a preterm labor. Most of the time, they don't know. I have a history, so I knew it could happen anyway.

I was able to get up and walk to the bathroom right away and get fixed up and go potty. Not too bad since I didn't tear.

She was born at 1:33. My mom came back in the delivery room. I had DH go down there and get some pictures on the digital to show her and the kids.

I got to my room a bit later. The kiddos got to come by and sit with me. I was waiting to be able to go see her in the NICU. I was already walking around my room by this time. I had to call the nurses to go to the bathroom for at least 3 times, though. I felt like I could run around, probably the stress was giving me energy! We all sat around, I ordered some food. You can order it any time at the hospital and it's fresh. That was cool! My stepdd's mom came to pick them up later. They wouldn't let them go see Chayse without their shot records. My big kids couldn't go either. I did get a wheelchair and took Grandma down to the NICU and we saw her for a little bit. That was so nice to get to see her again. The next day, I was walking to the NICU by myself every few hours. I had one nurse ask me "Are you the patient??". She couldn't believe I was walking around so well. I was released on Wednesday, Sept 5th. We've been at the hospital every day since. I took my big kids to go see her on Wednesday evening. They are in love with their baby sister!

She is doing well still and will be there for a bit longer for her weight. 4 days old today!

ETA: My doctor came in Tuesday morning and said "Hmm, she just had to be born on Labor Day? I'm sorry I missed it". He seemed genuinely bummed that he wasn't here for her birth! Then he asked me for a piece of gum that was laying on the table tray!! It was funny. He said congrats.

I did have a bout of high blood pressure during my hospital stay, but he still let me out on Wednesday. I haven't needed any pain pills or anything. I feel really good, besides some cramping. I'm not sure if that is from breastfeeding now. I did have some afterbirth cramping but that was gone by Wednesday morning.

She is doing well today. We went last night and the big kids went and saw her. My son bawled his eyes out! I know he was scared because she was so little. It was so sweet. I told him we all cried when we saw her, that she is so tiny. Poor kid. I loved having my family together in her room. My DD was so awesome with her, it was just beautiful.

She took her first feeding from a bottle last night perfectly! Gobbled it up in fact. She took 15 cc in about 10 minutes. And today she did 23 cc in 5 minutes! She'll definitely be heading home soon if she keeps up the good work. I know us girls love to eat, lol!

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Here's my story!!!

Saturday September 8th I went into the hospital for a non-stress-test and they admited me since my blood levels weren't great, and protein in my urine kept going up... They kept monitoring me and said I needed to stay until the baby was born - had no idea it would be so soon though!

I gave birth Tuesday (September 11th) night at 9:19pm to a baby girl. We’ve named her Georgia Signe. Since I was only 35 weeks plus 4 days pregnant, little Georgia is pretty small indeed. She came out at 5 pounds exactly and 17 inches long. Georgia’s in the critical care nursery and being taken care of by the doctors and nurses down there. I can visit anytime. We’re told she’ll likely stay there for about a week to get stronger, but she’s healthy and well-taken-care-of.

I'm doing well recovering, just got home. I was induced first by gel at midnight the night before for reasons related to my continued hypertension and pre-e, contracted on my own for about 15 hours... had some oxytocin and at 3pm got an epidural (I didn't want one originally but once I was hooked up to machines I couldn't get out of bed and labouring that way is no fun at all). At 6:00pm I was only 1cm, then at 8:55 ready to go! The actual pushing stage only lasted twenty minutes or so. The doctors, nurses, pediatricians, and our midwife have all been fantastic explaining every option we had through all stages of the process.

I'll post more photos later, here's one without any of the tubes...

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Awwww.....congrats Lisa!! What a beautiful little girl you have there.

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On Monday I woke up and puked, I knew something had to be up. I went to work and everything was normal. About 3 in the afternoon I started to feel kind of crampy, nothing painful.

At 8 in the evening I started having pretty consistent "cramps" that would last about 20-30 seconds each. I fell asleep at about 9:30 and woke up at 11 and I knew I was in labor. The contractions were only down low and in the front like period cramps so I called the hospital at 1 a.m. and told them I was having contractions 5 minutes apart and they were lasting 35-45 seconds each. I then told her where they were and her response was -"your probably not in labor but you can come get checked if you want but we'll probably send you home" Gee thanks. Just what a pregnant woman who thinks she's in labor wants to hear. I figured I would try to wait it out but let me tell you - Labor HURTS! I went and sat downstairs on the couch and my water broke. There was no huge gush like you see on the movies. It felt like a water baloon went off in my crotch, there was only a small trickle. So I went and woke up my husband and we got to the hospital at about 2:45 a.m.

After getting checked in the nurse who I had spoken to on the phone told me that she needed to see my underwear since my water broke. I told her they were dry because I had just put on a fresh pair (we only live 8 blocks from the hospital) and her response -"I don't think your in labor and I certainly don't think your water broke" and then to my amaze she says -"Alot of women pee their pants and just don't like to admit it" WHAT? So she examins me and says "oh my God! Your 4 centimeters dilated and your water IS broke" Noooo shit lady!

I continued to have painful contractions till about 5 when the guy finally came to give me my epi. GET THE EPIDURAL! I felt better within 20 minutes and I could actually close my eyes for a bit. The nurse came back to check me at about 6:15 or so and surprise surprise I was fully dilated. Not too bad for someone who was not in labor huh? My doc arrived and I started pushing at 6:50. Parker came out at 8:35 a.m. weighing 7 lbs 13 ounces and 21 inches long with a full head of hair. Right when she came out I looked up at my husband who was holding my leg and we both just started crying. It was by far the most emotional and wonderful moment of my life. I had no tears and I didn't poop on the table! Parker latched right on to my breast after she came out! I'm still pretty sore down there but that is to be expected I guess. Even though I had the epi - it still hurts! The pressure was unbelievable!

We went home after a short 24 hours in the hospital and I love every single second of it. Parker is such a good baby, she hardly ever cries. I just keep on top of her feedings, my milk is almost in and she is much happier now when she sucks on me. I never thought we could love something so much. My husband told me that he has fallen in love with another girl.

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Saturday Sept 29 I was contracting ALL day long with definite real contrax that were 7-10 minutes apart. Then Sunday morning I was a bit depressed because I wasn't having anything at all . . . . all day!! At about 8pm Sunday I had about an hour of the same thing. We went to bed and fell asleep with me being a little upset that nothing was happening. (Tuesday 9/25 Doc said I was MAYBE 1cm and still pretty thick.)

1:30am this morning, 10/1/07, I woke up with contrax again. I thought for sure this was just my body giving me heck and playing even more trix on me. So, I went back to sleep. I was woken up again about every 10 mins with REAL contrax. So real that I had to breathe through them. Oh, dear that was painful.

DH woke up and asked if I was ok at about 4am. I said I don't want you to go to work today and he said ok, but are you doing ok? I said yes just go back to sleep their still about 10 mins apart. At about 5:30am I had a couple of contrax that DH had timed. He said, "Hon, their only 3 mins apart. I think we should get ready to go!!" So, we took our time and got the girls up (they were super excited when they realized what was going on), got DS up and ready, and dropped everybody off at the designated relatives houses.

On the way to the hospital DH asked if he could go thru the drive through to grab something to eat for breakfast (this is at about 6:30am). I said that's fine since I didn't think I was progressing very fast. So he grabbed some McD's and off we went again. By now the contrax are really having to be "blown away" because their getting pretty strong.

We got to the hospital at about 7am +/- and we were in the room at hooked up at about 7:30am. It took 4 sticks to get my IV in because I was apparently REALLY dehydrated and my veins kept collapsing. That never happens to me. I said right away "I want an epi" . . . I had decided on our drive to the hospital that I wanted one because I was just in soooooooo much pain. After I was hooked up to the IV the nurse checked me and I was 5+cm fully effaced with a bulging bag. So, my epi gets hooked up and I almost immediately feel some relief from the contrax. I sat there with the contrax getting stronger and feeling them less.

My doc came in right after a c-section, checks me, and says well your complete are you ready to have a baby? I was feeling really good and said, "Oh, heck yeah!!" and chuckled. The nurse was prepping me and put my feet in the stirrups and looked down and said, "His head is right there!" Doc said, "Ok with the next contrax push". I said I can't feel when the contrax are coming so when the nurse said your having one I started to push . . . 2 pushes with 1 contrax and his head was out . . . a small push a few seconds later and there our little boy was!!!! Born with basically 3 pushes.

His stats . . . 8lb 3oz, 20 1/2 inches long, APGAR was 9 & 10, born at 9:07am on 10/1/07!! We get to go home tomorrow morning some time. Our other 3 kids got to come see the baby and hold him . . . the girls were especially excited! My parents and sister said they'll keep them until Wednesday to give us a night with Jude by himself.

Here are some initial pix . . . I'm sure I'll be posting more pix as we take them!! Sorry these may be really big. I'm in the hospital still and using my husbands work laptop!

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

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O.m.g.......................how Sweet!

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Nathan's Birth Story:

After eating the mystical labor inducing salad at Ciaote Pizza Cafe on Saturday I promptly started early labor on Sunday morning at 7:00 am. My contractions were very irregular and only mildly uncomfortable for about 7 hours.

Rich and I decided that we should go to the grocery store to pick up some food before I had the baby, so we went to Ralph’s Grocery and my water conveniently broke in the restroom at about 2:20 pm. I came out and told Rich “You need to take me home”. He sprung into furious action and took charge!

We went home and called the Dr. My contractions picked up to about 3-5 min apart. We both showered and made sure everything was packed up and headed out to the hospital when my contractions were feeling very serious and consistently 2 min apart at around 4:00 pm.

We arrived at the hospital shortly and were admitted while my contractions were becoming very painful. I was checked and found to be 4-5 cm dilated. Rich was an amazing coach and I continued to labor naturally for the first several hours at the hospital. When I reached 6-7 cm the contractions became so painful and my stomach so hard that I could no longer breathe deeply through the pain. I was worried that I would stall my labor if I could not manage the pain with breathing, so I decided it would be best to get an epidural.

The epidural took effect at around 7:30 pm and the rest of the birth experience was so peaceful. Rich and I giggled and relished the last 2 hours of my now painless labor. I was fully dilated and began pushing at around 9:00 pm. It took 5 or 6 contractions and a small episiotomy to bring Nathan into the world at 9:32 pm!

I loved everything about giving birth to our little boy. It was amazing to feel the power of the contractions and beautifully peaceful awaiting his arrival once the pain was gone. I wouldn’t change a single thing about any of it.

Funny to note: DH and I know our conception date, and when you calculate the due date based on conception date and not last menstrual period...our little boy was actual born on his due date!!![/COLOR]

There are a bunch of pictures posted on my webpage (see siggy for link) but here are some for now.

Just Born:

Mom and Baby:

Dad and Baby:

Baby at Home:

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I was admitted to the hospital at 8 p.m. on 9/25/07 to put cervadil in my cervix to help get me dialated. On Wednesday morning I was not dialated, but cervix was long and thin and was 50 % effaced. I had been having mild contractions all night. At 10 a.m. I was given pitocin. A little after 11, i told everyone in my room (Dh, mom, dad, cousins, aunt and best friend) that either my water just broke or I was peeing on myself, and i really didn't care if it was the latter. LOL!! My water did break and that's when the contractions started getting intense. They were coming about 1-2 minutes apart. This went on for an hour and my husband insisted that I get the epi then. I had always planned on the drugs, just wasn't sure when I would get it. But, with the contractions coming so close (they weren't very long though) I just couldn't get catch my breath.

I got the epidural and the anesthesiologist said that in 20 % of cases the epi will not take completely. Guess what percentage I was in. The epi immediately numbed my left side but not on my right side. I could still feel the contractions on my right side but they were tolerable for a bit. Then for an hour or so they started to get intense, more painful and i started feeling really nauseated and just plain bad. They gave me so more meds and for about 2 hours I felt great. Then I started feeling bad again, I could still feel the cotnractions the whole time but they became more intense again. I tried to sleep but couldn't.

At 2 p.m. I was 4 cm. dialated and then again at 6 p.m. I was still 4 cm dialate, no prgress in 4 hours. The doctor also said that the top of the baby's head was a little swollen, a sign that his head was stuck in my pelvis area . Because of the size of the baby and that I was in such pain,t he doc didn't want me to continue to labor since she didn't think I would dialate anymore. It was then that we decided it was time do a c-section. Once the decision was made, they stopped the pitocin and my intense contractions stopped. JOY!!

My epi was taken out and I was given a spinal. AT 6:52 pm. Robert Diego (RD) blessed our lives by coming into this world at 8.54 lbs and 20 3/4 inches long. I barely got to see him before they took him to the nursery, but I was so out of it. i had been given so much medication that I felt like I couldn't breath. I was assured I could breath but that the spinal had traveled up to my chest and I just couldn't feel myself breath.

i was taken to recovery and my blood pressure was very low and the room kept spinning. It took about an hour and a half for me to get better. I was taken to my room right before ten and got to meet my son.

The next night we were told that RD's billieruben levels were high. he was put under the photomapping lights for about 20 hours and his levels started going down. He is now out of the woods. We were discharged Saturday night and have been doing great at home ever since.

I hope this pic shows up.

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Naomi's Birth Story

Arrival Saturday September 22, 2007
Naomi Faith Skye Baker
9:21 am

5 lbs. 11 oz

18 ¾ inches

Blue eyes

Dark brown hair

Thinking back I guess you could say it started on Thursday night the 20th . I went to my dr. office for my NST and check up. The NST was fine and uneventful, BP was fine and Naomi’s heartbeat was great. When he checked me he told me that I was still just a fingertip dilated. That depressed me horribly and I left the office in tears. Then later on that night around 9 pm I started having contractions. I ignored most of them, unless they were very intense and about every 5th one was. John and I went to bed around midnight. I had been wanting sex for days so we dtd. Funny thing was we had to stop 2 times in the middle due to contractions…ha ha ROFL Afterwards we went to bed for the night…however, I could not sleep, I was having 4 minute contractions all night long. So I finally got 2 ½ hours of shut eye b4 time to start my day again (6:30 am) I went to the bathroom and there was my mucus plug. (Wohoo! Maybe my cervix was changing!:yahoo:)

Off and on all day long I had been having contractions, some very very intense that I had to stop what I was doing and concentrate on them then others that just were nothing to speak of. They ranged from 3 minutes apart to 8 minutes apart while I was up and moving around. If I would stop and just sit still or lay down they went to 12 – 16 minutes apart, so I just chalked them up to being BH again. I was keeping notes on the contractions and at times I was having like 16 contractions an hour!! John wanted me to call the dr. so I did in hopes of going into his office and being checked again, however, he was out of the office. So they wanted me to time them for an hour or two and if they were 6 minutes or less, go to L& D to get checked out…So I decided that all my loose ends had to be finished first. I gave Madi and Nick a list of things to get done ASAP and I finished packing my bag and realized that CJ needed a bag as well so I packed him one. Madi and I cooked dinner and we all ate and cleaned up the mess. Then I finally sat down to time the contractions (@ 6:45 pm) I timed them till 8 pm they were from 4 – 10 minutes apart varying all over the place. I went to store to get milk then came home and took a bath. Started timing them again at 9:40 pm they were still all over the place form 3 minutes apart to 13 minutes apart but they had slowed down and were not as intense so I thought, well here we go again those stupid BH. So I sat down at my sewing machine and was working on my blankets and John was at the computer.. I would have one really strong contraction and then several very mild ones. I kept sewing, and sewing. I went to the bathroom about 11 pm and had a light pink tinge discharge. Another hour passed went to the bathroom again and the discharge was a tiny bit darker. Then another hour, now it is 1 am and I am tired so we decided to go to bed. I got all my pillows adjusted and got comfortable then they hit me! Very very intense contractions lasting 60-90 seconds each and they started coming very regular. I had to sit up during the strong ones so I could deal with them. John actually had to raise me up 3 times in that hour because I could not get up on my own, they were that painful. He said honey they are coming pretty regular now and I was like yep. Then at 2:10 am I went to the bathroom again and the pink was now almost bright red. I went back to our bedroom and he said “are you ok?” I told him yeah and then tears came to my eyes, and I said “I think we should go now” And he asked me “what’s wrong” and I told him that the discharge was now red…And then we both had the flashback of CJ’s birth and the emergency c-section. We got dressed and I called my Mom to come over. We left the house about 2:25 and now the contractions were all very intense and coming 2 minutes apart and some closer than that. John got me to the hospital pretty fast and we went to triage, I of course had to give them a urine specimen and then it was bright red now. They got me on the monitors and Naomi was doing wonderfully! I was so relieved that her heartbeat was strong. I knew that she was still with us because this little girl fought every contraction that I had all day long Friday and Friday night!! She would squirm until she couldn’t move anymore and then as soon as I started feeling that the contraction was easing up she started moving again! She did that thru the whole thing!!! We went thru all the paperwork and would you believe that they were NOT going to call my OB

Trying to lighten the mood a little bit there was a lady down the hall screaming her head off and I asked DH if he had any earplugs? He looked at me puzzled and said why? I said well I hope you brought 2 sets cause I think that I needed a set too, to block out that lady down the hall.. He chuckled. Then I asked for his laptop which he brought to pass the time. That is one thing he would not let me do, was get on the internet! He found it odd that I wanted to keep ya’ll posted minute by minute..

John was so wonderful the whole time! He rubbed Mineral Ice on my lower, lower back for the back pain. It did wonders for my lower back!! He massaged my arms and legs and did anything I asked him to do for me. At 6 am my contractions were so intense and the nurses had checked me 3 times and I still was not dilating that I thought well 2 more hours of this and then I will be doing a c-section again. I asked them for some nubain to take the edge off, but I didn’t want a full dose, so they gave me ½ a dose and that definitely was just enough to help me relax a little bit more. I actually rested some between contractions which were now between 1 – 2 minutes lasting 60-90 sec. The nurses kept coming in and asking me aren’t those hurting? I was like well yep! Just don’t talk to me or touch my belly while I am having a contraction. I need to concentrate to get thru it. My contractions were off the chart! I would have a gradual contraction that slowly intensified (those were easy to breath thru) then it would be followed up with either 1 -3 very fast painful ones where the graph line would go straight up and off the chart then straight down when over. Those were like ok, I have to wait until it was peaking out that I could take my deep breath and relax. Because it intensified so quickly I didn’t really have time to react.

At 8:10 my

This was a better adventure than last time. I met the anestisologist and he agreed that he would not give me so much medication. I just wanted enough to numb me but not make me goofy and out of my mind for the day, and I wanted to be walking in a couple of hours. He said he would do his best… He did an awesome job! I must commend him, he was on top of things. My nurse on the other hand had something to be desired. She came in to do my foley and I was not even numb!!!! John had stepped out to make a couple of phone calls to family when she came into do this. I verbally told her that I did not want it till I had the epidural. She was very insistent and I told her no again. She said,” we have our way of doing things here”. So I pressed one more time” NO I want to wait till I have my epi”. She promptly came back with, “I am doing it now because if something happens to the baby when we get the epi in we will need to move quickly” and I looked at her and said well “I have already been there with my last child. He was an emergency c-section and they did my foley AFTER I was numb!!! And they still had him out in less than 20 minutes!!” By the time John came in I had already given up..And was in tears for being upset and also mad at that lady. The c-section its self was good. It was very pleasant and I was very clear minded and my arms were not tied down this time!! Yeah.:yahoo: I did make my wishes be known upfront with everything! They were very nice about it and were as accommodating as can be!

I felt good thru the whole c-section. I was numb but knew what he was doing to me. I was able to talk to everyone except the one nurse that I really disliked at that time. I asked John to take pics of the c-section and he said that he didn’t think he could handle it. So I asked my anestist and he gladly took pics for us!! I was so happy. I got a little queasy when he gave me the pitocin to make my uterus contract after he got Naomi out, but that didn’t last long.

When my Dr. took her out she had the umbilical cord wrapped around her neck 2 times and man it was the longest cord I had ever seen!! John said to me “ Honey she was not suppose to be born vaginally, Thank God he was watching over her!” I knew what he meant. What made it strange was the fact that not even 2 weeks b4 the u/s teck said that the cord was NOT around her neck. I went and recovered for a little while, had some water, and a little bit of ice tea. I have never been sick on anesthesia, but this time I got it bad!! Poor DH had to hold the pan for me cause I could not. I had to hold my incision site. They gave me some meds for it and after about 4 hours it had finally subsided. Naomi was with us the whole time at this point. She was so healthy and I was praising God for taking care of her and me thru this. Her apgars were 8 & 9. She had a little bit of a problem keeping her body temperature up for about 24 hours but that was it. Her sugars were Great, which was a relief to me since my numbers had been a bit off for the previous 2 weeks. She has had a touch of jaundice but not bad enough for the lights.

I specialist that came in to check Naomi and he told me that the cord around a baby’s neck one time is usually ok. But 2 times was not good at all. As little as she is she might have had brain damage/died. So he confirmed what john and I were thinking in the OR. (that she wasn’t supposed to be born vaginally).

So we have our beautiful little girl and we are so happy and thankful to God for our blessing!

I am doing well. Moving a little better now that a week has passed. And almost totally off of Motrin and Vicodin. Naomi, is nursing very well and my milk supply is good. I am trying to pump one bottle out each day and freeze it.

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OK, so you all KNOW that the ONE DAY I didn't want to be in labor was Thursday, right? We went to the chiro at four, and then we took Tori to the park for awhile. Came home, made dinner, and decided we'd put Tori in the bath, get her to bed early and then have our CSI night. We had recorded last season's finale so we were going to watch that and then watch the new one right after.

OK, so we put Tori in the tub and she was so cute and I was snapping pictures of her and we were having a grand old time. I leaned over to pick up her towel and said, "Honey, I peed!" We were all in silly moods so we were both laughing at me... and then it kept coming out! I wiped and it was bloody. So that's when I posted here that I thought my water might have broken. When I stood up, it started gushing much more.

We called FIL to come get Tori. MIL was out of town (another reason we didn't want it to be that night!) so FIL called Jon's aunt to come with him. I think he was nervous to have Tori alone! So now I'm trying to calmly pack the last minute things in my bag while a river flows from my legs. I straightned my hair, packed my straightener, and then just sat around... Jon packed Tori's bags and a bag for himself and then Jon's dad and aunt got here about 8pm. So now I'm a little nervous b/c it's been 1.5 hours and I haven't had any real contractions. Also, it's only an hour until CSI and it takes half an hour to get there and I was freaking out about missing the show (obviously in denial!!!).

8:45 - So we got to the hospital and I was in a room by 8:55. We told the nurse how excited we were for CSI so she promised to work with me during commercial breaks! AND SHE DID!!! Smile That's right, I watched the entire show!!!!!!!!!!! Woo hoo!!!!!!!!!!!! Each commercial she came in and did my IV, my paper work, checked me, etc.

9:30 - I was 3cm - I had been 2cm and my appt the day before. Still no contractions worth mentioning.

10:00 CSI ended and I still was not contracting any more than the ones I'd been having for weeks. The doctor came in at 10:30 and said that he was a bit concerned since it had been almost four hours since my water broke and still nothing was happening. He wanted to give me a small dose of pitocin to see if it would kick start things for me. I decided that if I was getting ANY pitocin, I was getting the epidural. My hips were aching from the chiro already (they always do the first day) and he hadn't been able to completely align me b/c of baby's position so I was hurting.

10:55pm - They put the epi in and started the pit by 11:15. I got really, really dizzy and started throwing up when the contractions started. So they gave me a shot of Phenergan. The nurse said it would help me sleep while I dilated b/c I still had a long way to go (she didn't check me then). Jon went to sleep.

12:15a - excrucitating pain was concerning me. My left hip felt like it was on FIRE every time I had a contraction. It wan't even contraction pain... it was the weirdest most painful thing I have ever felt. THe nerves were shooting off weird pain signals or something and I felt like I was being electrocuted. I woke Jon up and told him I needed him. Every contraction was agony at that point. They tried rolling me on my side so the epi meds would concentrate in my hip but all it did was make my left leg really, really numb. Nothing helped me hip. Doctor said that with all the damage in there, probably the pain blocking signals of the epi just weren't getting through. AWESOME. That was WHY I got the epi!

12:25 - Nurse decides to check me since I'm in so much pain. 7cm.

12:30 - Checked again for some reason, I forget. 9cm. Yes. In five minutes.

12:40 - Room is suddenly bright and full of people. I'm told I can push. I liked pushing - the pressure against my hip relieved all of that pain and I couldn't feel anything else so pushing was a relief!

12:53-ish - Told to stop pushing to allow his head to stretch me out. I manage to breathe through two contractions before the pain is unbearable.

12:59am - LUcas Mark was born!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I had minor tearing but otherwsie it was perfect. Could have done without the hip pain but I kinda knew that was coming so it wasn't a shock at least!

They were suprised at his size. Doc felt my belly before he came out and said, "No bigger than seven". Heh.

Eight pounds, six ounces, 21 inches. Just what I guessed, actually.

1:15am - all the doctors and nurses are gone and the room is dark and quiet again. Jon and I look at eachother and start laughing. I said, "What the heck just happened???" I had woken him up only an hour before b/c I was worried about my hip pain and suddenly we are sitting there holding a baby!

Could have stayed at the hospital until tomorrow since he was born after midnight, but in-laws had a funeral today and Tori was so sick of being at the hospital that she was getting on my nerves!!! So we just got fed up and came home!!! The food was so good, though, could have stayed longer for that...

His circumcision went perfectly this morning. he was a little grouchy but he's ok now. He loves to eat. I'm having some issues, I'll start a new post about b/c I have questions about conflicting answers different nurses gave me. I'll post tons more pictures later! I've taken at least a hundred already!

Saving this here also, my post about water breaking. Want to be able to keep this for my own remembrance!!
Here we go, more and more fluid. Crampy. Doctor says head in. Waiting on a baby-sitter so it's going to be about an hour. Still just crampy, no contractions. I just left the chiro 3 hours ago - think he loosened me up just right?

So yeah, when I stand up, it runs down my leg. Lots more bloody mucous. Some serious back aches but no contractions as of yet. Waiting for the on-call doctor to call me back. I never did ask what you do when you go into labor on your own - I had a date! Aah! OMG, this is so gross... it just keep trickling.

I think my water just broke. OMG. This is not freaking happening. I liked my plan.

I was helping Jon give Tori a bath and I leaned over to pick up her towel and said, "Oh no, I just peed!" And then I took my pants off and it just didn't look like pee - it was too far back in my undies. I sat on the toilet and more trickled out without me feeling like I was peeing. And when I wiped it was all bloody and mucous. I'm sitting on a towel now and still feel wet but I'm not gushing or anything.

Now I'm just waiting... I'm not contracting at all. I was crampy all day and every time I wiped, I had more mucous in one wipe than I have in the past week combined (which has been a lot, trust me).

Seriously. I'll let you all know what happens, I promise. I'm just waiting now to see if more comes out or if I really did have a weird pee/blood combo. This is so weird.

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Well to make a long story short: My water broke Sun at 4:30am & we went to the hospital. They hooked me up to that contaction monitoring machine & much to my suprise told me I was having pretty stong contrations about a minute apart & that I was 100% effaced but only 1 cm dialted & they predicted I would have the baby by 10:00am. Well at about 9:30am I did not dialate any further & they suggested Potsin & I declined. An hour later when my contractions had become irragular I aggreed. An hour after that I wanted an epidural & I mean I wanted it now. They said ok but then had to wait because the lab still did not call back w/ my blood work results from a million hours earlier soooooo a long hour later I got the epidural. I had Owen at 8:55pm.

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On Monday Oct 1st I went in at 7pm for them to start softening my cervix. By 9pm they finally put the stuff in there. Surprisingly I started contracting sooo bad with just that around midnight. At about 2am they took it out because my contractions were coming about every 1 to 3 min. At about 5am I decided to stop trying to be wonder woman and get an epidural lol. That was HORRIBLE! I have to say that getting that done was worse then giving birth this time. With my son I didn't even feel the epidural at all. This guy was hurting me SO bad! I wanted to just say forget it! And on top of that, he ended up numbing me all the way to my NECK! I called the nurse in and I was like "umm am I not supposed to feel my arms??" Which I knew I wasn't but I was pissed off! The guy comes back and he is poking me with a needle "do you feel this? how about this?" all over me. I am like NO! So they sat me up right and slowed down the meds. I finally was able to feel my arms again and not feel like my lungs were going to collapse. Anyways, it was now like 6:30am. They told me they were going to break my water at 630 so I was just waiting and waiting. Finally at about 7:15am they come in and do it. It took the lady like 15 min to break it. She said that the hook or whatever wouldn't grab on. At about 730am I called my parents and told them they just broke my water so they should start heading up soon since I went pretty fast with my son after my water had broke. At 8:15 I called the nurse and told her I was feeling a lot of pressure. She checked me and said that baby is like right there but my doc won't be there for another 15 min. AHHH! So for 15 min I am holding back the baby. It wasn't TOO bad, but it was still horrible lol. Finally at 8:30am my doc walks in and I was like THANK GOD! She gets all ready and she told me next contraction I can start to push. It was SO nice because it was just the nurse, my doc, my hubby and I in the room. When I had my son I had about 35 people in the room. Since it was just the 4 of us we were laughing and stuff between contractions and talking. It was so relaxing. After 3 pushes for 3 contractions my baby girl was born. It was so nice because I got to hold her for a long time before the nurse took her to clean her off. I started cleaning her off and Dan n I were talking to her and we were both just so happy. No tears though. We were both so relaxed that we were both just happy and things went really smooth. Plus Dan wasn't freaked out this time because he knew what to expect. Anyways, I tore a tiny bit and had to get 2 stitches. I also got something that looks like a tiny rug burn but it wasn't bleeding. She said it will sting when I pee for a little while. And oh yeah it did. lol. As far as bleeding goes, I only bled heavy the first day. Now it is so light I could wear a pantiliner if I wanted to, but I won't just incase! Here are her stats;

Gwen Marie G.
October 2nd @ 8:47am
8 lbs 2 oz 20 inches

I will post pictures later. Smile

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Charlie Jaye
3 October 2007
7lb 5oz
55cms long
scheduled c-section

Wow, these are great stories. Mine is so simple. I went into the hospital at 6am on Wednesday the 3rd October. They put me in my room and I had a shower put on the gown and waited. Waited for what seemed an eternitiy but it was only about an hour. I was taken up to the OR at about 7.55 am and given a spinal. (Much better than the one I had with Ethan - it worked so fast.) Dh came in with a hat and gown on and I laughed at him - he looked so funny. I was nervous laying there but knew it wouldn't be long before I met my little girl. I felt a lot of pushing and pulling. My blood pressure dropped really low and I felt so sick like I was going to pass out for about a minute. This passed and I felts so much better. I told the Dr not to forget to tie my tubes about three times. Everything went really fast and Charlie was out at 8.19am. They held her up so I could see and she was given to my Dh. He layed her on my chest for a few minutes until they took Chalie and Dh down stairs to weigh her. I was stiched up (yes he remembered to tie my tubes) and taken back to my room by 9.20am. Dh was in the nursery with Charlie, she had to be in the humidy crib for a while as her body temp was a little low. After about 5 minutes of being in my room they arrived. He had been with her the whole time. I had a great recovery in the hospital and came home after three days. My family is now complete. I love my baby girl and ther other kids just adore her!

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Luke Matthew's Birth Story:

Born On: September 27, 2007
Time: 11:45am
Weight: 8lbs 2oz
Length: 19 1/2


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6 lbs, 7 ounces 18 inches long

It's not much of a story, actually...I went in for my weekly appointment last Tuesday, and Kenlee's heart rate was a bit down, and they found some protein in my urine, so they had me go into L&D to be monitored again. While I was there, my urine came back with MORE protein and there was something off with my blood results (I don't remember what)...also, my BP was spiking alot...my doctor was scheduled to go out of town this weekend, and said that since she didn't see my condition improving, she'd suggest inducing, so we could avoid any problems with my placenta failing.

So, they admitted me at 9:30 Tuesday night, and inserted the cervix-softening pill (don't remember the name), and at 8:00 Wednesday morning, they started the Pitocin. About an hour after the Pitocin, they gave me some Phenergren for the contractions, which knocked me out for quite awhile...but then...the REAL contractions began, and ladies...labor sucks! Anyway, as soon as I'd gone through the required 2 bags of IV fluid, the anesthesiologist came in to do my epidural...I was in so much pain at that point, that I honestly don't remember alot of what happened. I DO remember him telling me exactly what he was about to do, what I was about to feel, and where I should feel it. He was GREAT at what he did...the epidural was less painful than some of the blood draws I've had!

Anyway, apparently, as soon as I got the epi, I passed out. The doctor came in at one point to break my water (strangest feeling in the world!). The next thing I knew, the nurse had come in to check me and said "Um...you're 10 centimeters!" So I pushed for about 20 minutes, and at 2:38 PM on Wednesday September 26th, Kenlee Hope was born. They had to do an episiotomy, but it only required one stitch, so it wasn't too bad. I was in labor for a TOTAL of 6 1/2 hours...it was so much better than I anticpiated!

I'm SO in love with my daughter, and Jeremy and I are more in love than ever and TOTALLY obsessed with Kenlee...this is the most amazing feeling in the world.

I've missed all of yall...thanks so much for your prayers and support, and congrats to all of our new mommies!! :bighug:

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Cora Lu's Birth Story

So, we all know I was debating on what to do on Sunday. Contractions started sporatically on Saturday and got more "regular" throughout the night. By morning I did call in to triage and they said to wait until they were 5-8 min apart. At that time they were about 10 minutes apart. So we waited. And Waited. And waited.

Finally at about 6:30, my contractions got to be about 7 minutes apart and I called in and the nurse told me that at 7 min apart the contrax probably weren't doing anything to change my cervix and even if they were, since I had not had an internal done at all yet, that even if I was dialted to a 3, they couldn't admit me because they wouldn't know if I was making progress. So she told us to stay home and call back when things seemed closer.

This whole time we still had COhen at home. I had to call my mom and have her come get Cohen because he was getting really concerned about me being in such pain. He was trying to do things to make my tummy feel better. He even helped Ryan rub lotion on my back. He was so sweet, but looking back on it, we should have sent him to my mom's earlier so he didn't have to see me going through that.

So, at 6:30 they told me to stay home. My cousin came over and he and Ryan were going to watch the Packer game which started at 7. The game kicked off and I got a contraction that gave me one of those "MOANS." I went ou tto Ryan and said, "I don't care what they said, we need to go, NOW." So we got everything in the car and raced to the hospital. I called on my way there and said that we would be there in 20-30 minutes, that I couldn't stay home any longer.

So we get to the hospital and we park in the lot. I am trying to walk and some stranger runs and gets me a wheelchair. Ryan pushes me to triage and the nurse that I had talked to on the phone took us to a waiting room. Then SHE LEFT!!! My contractions were about 2 minutes apart and I had 3 while we were waiting so we were in there for about 5 minutes!!! I think she thought that I was overreacting.

So she comes in and tells me to take my pants off. I took my pants and underwear off and there was this huge blob of mucus. So I was losing some of my plug earlier, but apparently not much because this glob was HUGE!!! Ryan was like... "What is that?" It was kind of funny.

So she comes back in and checks me and says, "Well, I have news, you are fully dialated!" I seriously said, "That means no medicine" and I think I almost cried. She said I would probably not get any. I knew I wouldn't.

So, they wheeled me right in that bed to a room and suddenly everyone was in there. We were wheeling through the door and I was like, "I made it through my doc going to Amsterdam and now she isn't going to have enough time to get here." They paged her and she said she could be there in 10 minutes. A huge feeling of relief swept over me - I could wait 10 minutes. They did have me push once while a doc had his hand up me to see how quickly the baby would be arriving and he said that we could wait to push more until the doc got there.

My doc walked through the door and I sau, "Lets do this." In between the next contraction I said, "We need to have a serious discussion about birth control after this is over." We laughed. One the first or second push my water broke. I hadn't had a bm in 3 days because Cora was putting so much pressure on me. Needless to say that there was a bm with almost every push (ewww, but you seriously could care less.)

So, like I said, we left our house at 7:15, we got to the hospital at like 7:45, my doctor go there at about 8, and Cora was born at 8:32! They said that had my water broken while we were at home, that we never would have made it to the hospital with the baby inside! I could have had this baby in the CAR! WTF? Thankfully we did not listen to the nurse and went in.

They put her on my stomach and I knew immediately that she was not the 10 pound baby that I was expecting. 6 pounds 11 ounces 18.5 inches!!!! OMG! Her but is soooo tiny. We had to stop at the store on the way home today to get premie diapers!

She is perfect. The cord got wrapped around her as she came out, but it wasn't serious. Her apgars were 9 and 9. She is nursing like a champ already. Milk started coming in today. She is in the sling I made for her right now and is sound asleep and I am so going to join her in her doze when I am done posting! It is amazing. I can't believe it still. She is really here.

Cohen is doing good. I will post a separate thread later about his reaction. it was hilarious. But here are some pics. Enjoy. And congrats to all those who also had their babes and best of luck to those of you still waiting. Can't wait to catch up!

Cora and big bro Cohen

Two of Cora

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A quick birth story for a quick labor...

So after I posted here around 2:30ish on Sunday afternoon about having ctx that were 6-7 minutes apart (that's how they started :D), I started getting dd ready, called my dh (he was at the grocery store and thus had no signal :(), and called my mom to tell her to start driving! She's 3.5 hours away.

Dh got home from the store and I had quick few bites to eat since I hadn't yet eaten lunch. I'd sat in the tub for about 10 minutes prior to that to relieve the pressure...definitely did not want to get out!

We left for the hospital around 3:35ish (hospital is 2 miles away). In the car, the ctx began to be 3-4 minutes apart! We got checked in (paperwork) at 4 and then I was admitted to the maternity triage room at around 4:20. The nurse was checking another woman at first, so I waited. Dh and dd got to wait in the room, but dd had to sit in a chair by the door. Nurse showed dh and dd to the waiting room and then came back and checked me at 4:45. 3 cm, 90% effaced. Not as dilated as I expected with the quick onset and all. Oh well...I started walking (the hospital was FREEZING...I was literally shaking with chills) for a few minutes but then realized I was more comfortable under some covers. Got back to the room around 5:15. Nurse came and asked how I was feeling...I said they were definitely stronger. She checked me at 5:40ish and I was 6 cm! YAY me! But now I started thinking my about how quickly I went from 6-10 with dd and worried that I'd be all alone to deliver since my mom was still driving and dh had to stay with dd!

They move me out of triage and into the room in which I will deliver (and stay). Ctx were very intense now...but I had a fantastic nurse who talked me through them. She had a very soothing and calm voice, which definitely made me relax as much as possible. At around 6:25ish, my mom arrived! YAY! I wouldn't have to deliver alone! The nurse checked me again after my mom left the room and dh came in and I was now 8/9. She was so cute trying to get the other nurses to make sure my doctor was on his way without trying to scare me. She said that he was about 5 minutes away at around 6:45. My doctor arrived around 6:53ish. He walked in, said "hi" and immediately got to work. He broke my waters and it was time to push (I'd already felt the urge a few times, but had to hold back). I pushed for 4 ctx (total of 10-12 pushes) and my baby boy was born at 7:01 p.m. - less than 10 minutes after my doctor got to the hospital and almost exactly 5 hours after having my first ctx! Yay for fast labor and a big fat yay for no tearing Biggrin

So here are all of the important details:

Jamil Aidan
born October 7th at 7:01 p.m.
8 lbs. 8 oz. (everyone in the room - I think there were like 4 nurses in the room, plus doctor - said how huge he was so I was expecting a larger number based on their reactions when he was born)
20 3/4 inches

Big sister Kaia is doing very well, but wasn't feeling well yesterday (headache). She's being a big helper and lovs kissing her baby brother!

And of course the pictures!

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Tuesday: Went to doc for 38 week appt, Doc said that I was 3 cm but not effaced so I figured that I still had plenty of time before anything would happen.

Wednesday: woke up at 4:00 am with a need to unpack (we just moved last week) I unpacked from 4:00 am until 2:00 pm when DS went down for a nap. Then I finished painting from 2:00 until 4:30 when DS woke up. I hung up all the pictures and paintings that had been unpacked. We went to the park and came home. I was noticing some minor cramps, but they were not at all regular. I made DS dinner and bathed him since DH was coming home late. DH got home and I had him put the nursery furniture together since I had found all the pieces while unpacking. Around 10 I thought that I might try timing the cramps to see if there was any pattern but there was not.

Thursday: woke up at 3:00 to go pee and thought I would try timing the cramps again to see if they were at all regular. I went on contraction master and started timing them they were about 30-45 seconds long and anywhere from 3-4 min apart. I timed them for about an hour and around 4:15 I woke up DH to tell him that I might be having some real contractions. He told me to call the oncall doc back in ABQ where I had planned on having the baby. The doc said that I might want to go in just to be checked since it was my second. So by 4:45 we had DS loaded in the car and ready to go. The cramping seemed to slow down on the way to the hospital and I figured we would be back on our way home soon.

The receptionist asked if we were there for the baby and we said yes. She asked for DOB and I gave her my DOB, she ased “for the baby?” That was when we realized she thought we were bringing DS in for something. We explained that no we were there for the baby in my belly and that I thought that I might be in labor. Things moved quickly after that. They got us a wheelchair and DS rode on my lap and we got to go up to L & D.

Once we were up there I told the nurse that I thought it was prob false labor, but hey at least we got to see the hospital. She agreed with me that it was prob false labor since I was standing there chatting and smiling. I got the gown on and got all the monitors put on my belly and about 5:20 they checked my cervix. The nurse got a funny look on her face and asked if I was having a contrax, I said yes and when it ended I told her. She looked at me and said “ you will be having this baby in the next couple of hours, you are 8 cm”

Ummm what about my planned labor in another city with another doctor, with an epidural, without my son in the room????

I asked if that meant that I could not get an epi and she said that they could try. But I knew that there was no way. About 10 min later the contrax got intense, very intense. I was having back labor like no other, I could not lay back and had to lean forward to deal with the pain. They called my doc in ABQ to get my records and called the oncall doc to come back to the hospital. She got there about 6:15 and checked my, by that point I was already almost at a 10. I was already wanting to push during the contrax to alleviated some of the pain. I started pushing about 6:40 and at some point I heard the doc say that she was sunny side up which explained the intense back pain and why it took awhile for me to push her out. Once I could feel the head coming out I just kept pushing even when the contrax was over. I just had to get her out to make the pain stop. It took 20 min of pushing, but I survived and came out with a beautiful baby girl. Recovery has been great. I did not tear, the bleeding has been much much lighter than with DS. Ali is bfing like a champ and DS seems to like her quite a bit.
To make a very long story short, expect the unexpected:
What I wanted: to be induced in ABQ with an epidural and my ob and DS staying with the grandparents

What I got: No induction in another city, without any drugs and an ob I had never meet with DS in the room (thank goodness for portable DVD players). At the end Dh was splitting his time between me and DS for every contrax he would come try and support me and the rest of the time he was trying to keep DS entertained.

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Here we are a week later....

Last Friday I went to the OB for a follow-up visit and was told that we needed to induce due to my pre-e. We were supposed to go to the hospital later that night. I called my DH, who had to be a couple of hours away for work that day. Needless to say, I was upset and freaking out a bit. I was crying on the phone actually. Poor DH. He was home by 5:30 and we packed stuff up, took the dog to MIL's, grabbed some Subway and headed to the hospital. Once I got there and registered, etc, the doc came in and talked to me for a moment. Because of my pre-e, she wanted me to be on Magnesium in order to prevent me from having seizures due to BP issues during labor. In hindsight, it would have been nice to know about this ahead of time so I would have a better idea of what to expect. Ladies, if you have a choice, avoid the mag!!!! This crap is nasty. It's very caustic. It burns like heck in your veins (IV). The only thing I can liken it to is battery acid. Imagine someone injecting you with battery acid...that's sort of what it feels like. It's a muscle relaxer....which of course counteracts the induction meds since those are trying to stimulate labor. It also impacts the baby, often making them very lethargic and causing other issues in higher dosages. I was on Mag for 24 hrs, all the while they're giving me the suppository things to get me dialated. It didn't work. After about 16 hrs, DH and I started talking alternatives and agreed that this needed to stop...if that meant a c-section, then so be it....this couldn't be good for me or the baby. At 24 hrs the doc talked to us and we immediately voiced our concerns...she not only agreed, but had already notified surgery that we were coming down. This was @ 9:45 pm on Saturday. The c-section itself was very quick since Matthew was born at 10:01 pm. :eek::)
Since he had been on the Mag with me for so long, he had to go to the NICU. While I wasn't nuts about this, I was overall okay with it since MIL works there. Once she found out about the mag, she knew Matt was coming her way, so she picked who his caregivers would be (no, she wasn't allowed to). I have a good relationship with MIL and trust her a lot. TG! Matt was not the lethargic limp noodle baby that most mag babies are though. He is feisty and came out screaming. His mag level was over 4.5 which everyone says is "very high." His Pediatrician said babies usually start having issues around 2! Matt did have some breathing issues and was on the vent for about 12 hrs. The nurses nicknamed him little Moose because he was so feisty, big and strong. He actually pulled out his nose tubes several times, the IV once and was working on the throat tube. I have a picture of him turning his little hand palm up and working his finger behind the nose tube right before ripping it out again. They finally had to swaddle him super tightly because he kept undoing their swaddles and tubing. He was 8 lbs 4oz at birth. He dropped 1 oz, but regained it before leaving the hospital.
In the meantime, I got to go back to L&D and remain on the mag for another 24 hrs as a precaution (lower dosages this time). I finally got off of it about 11 pm Sunday night. After that I got moved to the mother/baby area and DH wheeled me upstairs to see Matt in the NICU. I was still seeing double from the drugs, but I wanted to hold my baby so bad!!! I got to for a few minutes and it was wonderful. Matt remained in the NICU until Tuesday afternoon, when he was transferred to the regular nursery and therefore could come to my room. We were all discharged on Wednesday afternoon.
Matt is doing fine. I'm healing, but still moving pretty slow of course. LOL.
He's just a precious as can be and I'm still amazed that I have a son. Biggrin Luckily, he's a pretty laid-back baby most of the time....feisty when he wants to be, but overall very good-natured.
So, long story short, all are home and are doing well!!

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Spencer James Isaiah's Birth Story

I wish I could have posted sooner but I think this is the first 5 minutes I have had to do anything and it will probably run out before I finish typing this.

Tuesday night, we had gone to our baby class and got home around 10pm. I was watching tv in bed until 11 and Jay had already gone to sleep. I had some mild cramps but fell asleep shortly and started dreaming about having contractions and being in a hospital with a couple from our baby class. I woke up at 12:45 am and had to go to the bathroom. As soon as I crawled back into bed, I thought I had what could be a contraction and it lasted about 45 seconds followed by 2 more each 2 minutes apart and about 45-60 seconds long. Jay woke up and I said "I think I just had 3 contractions but they can't be real because they came about 2 minutes apart and when they first start, they are supposed to be so far apart and we aren't even supposed to go to the hospital until they are 5 minutes apart for at least an hour". Well, I kept getting the contractions anywhere from 1-2 minutes apart and they were lasting at least a minute and were getting stronger so we called the heath line after about 30 minutes and she said we should go in right away because I hadn't felt the baby move hardly at all that day.

We arrived at the hospital at about 3 am on Wednesday, October 10th. They admitted me right away and then finally checked me and I was 3 cm dialated. They tried to give me an IV so we could get the epidural but my veins kept collapsing. Jay was sent down to admitting to get me admitted and the contractions starting coming in couplets so I was having two together and they were very intense and coming still 1-2 minutes.

I finally got some gas while they were starting an IV for the epidural at around 4:15 am and then I threw up about 3 times. They got the epidural started and then I threw up again about 4 more times. They checked me again at about 6am and I was 5-6 centimeters dialated. The epidural kicked in and I couldn't feel anything except a little bit of a sore back up high. They said the baby was at station negative 3 which is the highest he could be from what I understand. They didn't expect much to happen fast and said the doctor might want to break my water in a few hours. No need because at about 7:45am my water broke and the nurse said it was green and had meconium. The told me they would need a special team in there when he was born so they could take him right away to suction him.

By 10 am I was fully dialated to 10 cm and the baby had dropped 4 stations which they said was amazing. I was so numb from the epidural I hadn't felt a thing since I got it. They discovered the baby was posterior and his heartbeat would drop but would always pick back up. Because posterior deliveries are so hard and because I had no pain at all with the epidural, they didn't want me to push because they wanted the baby to turn. The doctor tried to turn him manually but it didn't work. Then they had me flip from side to side every 20-30 minutes in hopes the baby would turn. At 1 pm they thought he had turned and decided I should start pushing. I pushed for about 1 hour and still felt no contractions, nothing while pushing, no pressure or anything at all but I was still pushing really well. They brought in a bar for me so I could put my feet up on it and then wrapped a towel around the middle that I would grab with my hands and pull myself up with. I was so numb I couldn't even move my legs to grab them to push so this was a good position.

The pushing brought him down to where we could see the top of his head and where they had put the electrode on to better monitor his heartbeat. They finally brought a mirror in that we asked for so I could see how the pushing was working since I couldn't feel it. I had one session of pushing (3 pushes) with the mirror and saw him drop way more. They decided it was time to call the doctor and while they were waiting for her to come, they told me to push again. I took a breath and started to push and all of a sudden they said "Stop pushing!" I said okay I'm not pushing and then his head just popped out! The nurse was trying to get a gown on the doctor and gloves on. The nurse then had to turn away from the doctor and catch the babies head, and the doctor was over in two seconds. Spencer had the cord wrapped tight around his neck twice and once around the shoulder. The doctor managed to clamp the cord and cut it off and then she said okay push and his little body just slid right out. I still never felt the contractions, pushing, crowning or anything so I guess I am super lucky.

The "other team" that was supposed to be in the room ready to suction him wasn't there. The doctor took him right over to start clearing his lungs and the other team finally arrived. He came out with a bit of a cone head and bruising on the forehead because he was delivered posterior.

After all of that, he is perfect and doing great. He weighs 7 lbs 12.5 ounces and was 21.75 inches long.

I delivered the placenta within 5 minutes and the doctor stitched up my second degree tears . We left the hospital Friday and are both home doing well.

I think that's it for now!

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On Thursday October 11, 2007 Shawn and I headed into the hospital at 5:00am for my induction. I was a ball of nerves – the dr had told me to eat toast or something light I barely could get water down.

We assumed we would be waiting a bit at the hospital but to our surprise were admitted and in the L&D room by 6:10am. For the next few hours we met all the people that would be helping us all day. Our hospital is a teaching hospital so everyone comes to introduce themselves. We also learned there were 5 babies born the night before and 4 inductions including me and 1 woman in active labor. I had the pitocin started at about 8:00am. My dr came in just to check in about 9:00am. I was having irregular contractions in the 40’s and was still 4cm dilated, but the baby had not dropped yet. Most of the nurses thought I would deliver long before noon. At about 10:00am the epi docter came in to read me the risks and have me sign papers. I was also notified my doctor had to go into emergency c-section to deliver a set of twins so she insisted to wait to break my water herself.

My nurse suggested to get the epi as soon as my contractions were getting stronger before my water was broken I agreed because she thought I would go fast. It was not bad and did take at first. My delivery team had me move from my left to my right and on my back to keep my baby active and hopefully engage. Well sometime in between the epi was moved out of place – argh!! My doctor came in to break my water at about 12:30pm.

That is when the contractions got very intense and I realized the epi was not taking. I was in intense pain. With my 1st baby in between contraction I would have intense cramping not giving me a break to catch my breath. Well this time was no different I was in horrible pain. By 1:30pm I was 10cm dilated but my stubborn little guy still had not engaged and was up too high to attempt to push. I knew I was not going to make it without the epi. The epi doctor kept trying different medicine instead of replacing the epi. DH was furious and basically told them to take it out and replace it. That is what they ended up doing but it was the waiting period that killed us. I was so nervous the epi doctor was going to tell me he could not get it to work. I kind of snapped at him and told him to tell me what he needed me to do because I NEEDED it to work. Well a few pokes later it worked. They ended up giving me the mother load because they felt so bad about the pain I had been in.

At this point it was about 2:30pm and I was feeling good and numb from the waist down. My baby still had not dropped. My nurse was so awesome she really remained calm the whole time but I guess there were times when Cody’s heart rate dropped really low. She would just kind of have me move from side to side. Well by 3:30 it was getting unsafe so they decided to have me start pushing. The nurse needed my sister to stay in the room to help hold one of my legs – they were so numb for the epi. The floor was crazy and the only people in the room at this point were me, Shawn, the nurse, and my sister while the dr’s and residents were checking room to room. I started pushing at 3:30pm I pushed for TWO hours!!! I was one my side, my back, on my hands and knees. Cody just did not want to engage. I was just about 15 minutes from a c-section!! I started crying because I did not want that. I was exhausted from pushing for so long. I just put everything I had into it at that point. Cody was finally delivered at 5:21pm just about 12 hours after I had arrived at the hospital.

I thought your second delivery was supposed to be EASIER than the first!! I have 2 second degree tears and a bunch of stitches but no c-section. Cody did have the cord around his neck which maybe some of the reason he did not engage but other than that he is 100% healthy and gorgeous. He was 7lbs 13oz(much bigger than I was expecting) and 20 inches long. He is a GREAT breast feeder and latched immediately. We left the hospital yesterday at 11:00am. He only lost 5 oz in the hospital.

I feel really good. This delivery was much harder but my recovery feels so much better this time. My back is still bothering me from the epi trauma but I can deal with it. I am just excited to be home with my husband and two amazing sons.

Cody just after birth:

Daddy and Cody

Mommy and Cody

Mommy, Daddy, and Cody

Big Brother Owen first meeting Cody

Getting ready to go home!!

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Here is our story. Maybe some of you remember me being upset last week because my husband is leaving (starting a new job in another country) and I want him to spend time with the baby before he goes. I was really upset because the dr said it wold be at least 2 weeks until he would induce.
Well after freaking out for a few days, I called and explained my situation. He said I could do it at the end of the week or at the beginning of next week. I chose the end of the week.
BTW I never wanted to induce, I have always thought unless it is medically necessary, I would never do it. But I couldn't stand the thought of having no one with me after the baby was born.
I went in Thurs7 am. I had cervadril inserted and because of that I had to stay in bed hooked upto machines all day. I was totally miserable. They sent me home ~9pm. One cm dialated. The dr guessed the baby's weight to be ~7lbs 6 oz.
Came back Fri morning at 6:30. The dr broke my water and started pit shortly thereafter. One cm dialated. the baby and my cervix were so high, she could barely touch them. again I really didn't want to do pit for fear of pit turning into epi turning into c/s. I really wanted it to be as natural as possible.
so the pit started at 8. All morning I had really intense contrax one right after the other. The baby's heart rate dropped several times, so they took me off the pit. The contrax stayed pretty steady for a while. They checked I was 2-3 cm and 50% effaced. so they strated the pit again. After a while of being in horrible pain and not wanting anyone around wishing my husband would go home and leave me alone, every time they tried to touch my cervix I was in excruciating pain-worse than contrax, I decided if I can't deal with this pain, there is no way I will make it when the tough stuff starts.
So I chose to do the epi. agin I still felt really down on myself becaus I did not want to do any outside meds and this was one step closer to my nighmare delivery.
When they gave me the epi, I started laughing and smiling and really enjoying my labor. They cranked up the pit and I felt nothing, the baby wasn't reacting like it had been earlier. I thought things were going great.
Apparently not, I had stayed at 2-3 cm the entire time, no progression. The dr told me according to guidelines she is supposed to recommend a c/s after 5 hours, but she would let me labor on if I wanted to. But she wouldn't let me labor forever without progress.
My husband and I talked it over and decided it was best to go ahead and go for the c/s. Again I was so disappointed in myself.
So i go in the or, he gets wisked away. They told he would have to wait a minute in the waiting area before he could come back. They pumped me full a more epi stuff and morphine. The dr came in and was ready to start and I was like noooo I have to have my husband. So they went and got him. Suddenly I fellt really sick and started puking up stomach bile, because I wasn't allowed to eat all day (another misery of being strapped to a bed with monitors). They had to give me something else to calm my stomach. I could barely keep my eyes open. I could feel the pinching and jabbing down there and it was very uncomfortable.
They had her out in a few minutes. Told it was not a girl (my husband and I had been thinking boy, so we were surprised). It seemd unreal to me since I was thinking a boy. Then about 2 seconds later my husband left with the pediatrician and the baby and I was wheeled into recovery- or at least that is what it seemed like. Apparently as she was about to close me up, blood started squirting everywhere and she had to cut me open, fix the problem and sew me back up.
In the meantime, they had told my husband it would be about 30 minutes til we could see each other again. The baby was delivered at 5:11, I didn't see my husband until 8:30/9ish. I was totally passed out for the recovery room part.
But after it was all said and done. I was extremely happy with every decision I had made. If I had waited to go into labor naturally, that would have taken away days from me and my husband. My cervix most likely wouldn't have dialated naturally either which would have caused an emergency c/s due to no drugs. Then my baby was 9lbs 6.7oz, so she was pretty big. The dr said, she didn't think I could have delivered her naturally, so it was best in the end, that I experinced a little natural labor, a little with drugs and a quick c/s. I just hope my recovery time goes as fast as everything else did!
Here is little chubby's first picture:

Here she is lounging on the couch:

Here is a close up on the couch:

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I guess I'll stop being lazy and add my birth story too, it's been a month already!

I was 36 weeks and 5 days pregnant and had a regular old OB check up on Thurs 9/20. My BP had been rising for a few weeks and I kept having to go to L&D or my OB's office for non stress tests and BP checks, I was uncomfortable and just wanted to meet my baby. I knew my Ob was on call on that Saturday 9/22 so I asked him if he would induce me on Saturday, I didn't think he'd say yes but to my surprise he said he was thinking the same thing and that there was no way I'd make it to my EDD anyways which was october 13th. I had been dilating and effacing from 30 weeks on and an ultrasound at 32 weeks estimated the baby to be over 6lbs. already. I have a herniated disc in my back which could cause trouble during labor and a history of pre-e so when my BP started rising he was watching me very closely. So it was all set to happen on Sat 9/22 at 6:30am, I could have kissed him, I was so excited. I loved having a date and time set up, I now knew how much time I had left and DH and I spent the rest of the day shopping and finishing up some last minute things like packing my bag and grocery shopping.

Later that night I was having some contractions nothing consistent or too painful, I just figured I overdid it that day with all the walking. I decided to take a shower and lay down to go to sleep. Just as I fell asleep I both heard and felt a popping type of sound down below, it startled me and I jumped up out of bed. I stood there for a minute trying to grasp what the sound/feeling was and then I felt it....my water had broken and was trickling down my leg. I "ran" to the bathroom so I wouldn't get the carpet in the bedroom all messy and I called DH to come with me and to bring the phone. He called my OB's service and they told me to keep track of the contrax and to come in when I felt I couldn't handle it anymore. Obviously this little girl did not want to be scheduled, she has her own plans!

I labored at home and even fell asleep for an hour or so, I started to have bloody mucous (show) and the contrax were 5 minutes apart but not very painful but i headed to the hospital anyways, it was about 4am. I got to L&D and gave them my name, a resident checked me to make sure my water had actually broken (it had) and I was 3cm dilated, they got me into my L&D room pretty quickly. The on call OB (my ob's partner) starts at 8am so they decided to let me chill until he got there and then he'd start my pitocin right away which he did. The pitocin made the contrax a lot more intense which I knew would happen so I was really looking forward to my epidural!

At about noon the anesthesiologist came in and started the epidural. Them putting it in wasn't as bad as I thought it would be. I had a spinal block injection for a herniated disc in my back earlier this year so I was concerned that it would effect this epidural. The dr's told me it shouldn't have an effect but you never know, sometimes epidurals don't even "take" at all. I was in a lot of pain at this point and speaking to 3 dr's at once in between my contractions, very awkward BTW. So they do the epi and it starts working. the left side of my body was numb but my right side still had some feeling, not 100% feeling but not as numb as the left side. I thought maybe it would get number with time but the more time passed the less numb the right side felt. I told the nurses and they had the anesth. guys come back and give me more medicine, they did and still I felt my right side, my left side was still numb though. My back problem causes pain on my right side so if there was a side I NEEDED numbed...it was my right. I was having terrible back labor, I thought I was gonna die, I was worried i wouldn't be able to push her out with my back the way it was.

It was about 1pm at this point and I was in excrutiating pain. The OB came in and explained that the baby was sunny side up which was causing the back labor so he was going to push the pitocin and get this moving which I agreed to...for some crazy reason!! The next 2 hours were a blur as I tried to just deal with the pain, the contrax were right on top of eachother and way more intense than ever. I kept my eyes closed for almost this whole time just as a way to block everything out and focus. When I opened my eyes there were like 4 nurses, 3 doctors and some other people in my room looking at me and my hoo hoo. The docs on the side were the pediatrician and the 2 nurses were for the baby obviously and my OB had 2 residents with him that were going to assist, whatever just get this baby out!

At 3:00pm I was fully dilated and ready to push. I can't remember the number of pushes but I DO remember the pain and the burning that came with them, thanks you stupid epidural!!! At 3:26pm Drea Gisele came into the world screaming! She weighed 7lbs. 7oz. and 20.5 inches long. Her apgars were 8 and 9 respectively. Surprisingly...I had no tearing and they didn't have to cut me. The OB would have me stop pushing at various times and he would stretch the skin to avoid an episiotomy and tearing, I am SO thankful for that, I had an episiotomy with ds and recovery sucked. I was kinda sad that my own OB didn't get to deliver but he did come in to see me on saturday and sunday to see how me and baby were doing.

We're all doing well now, just sleep deprived. baby had mild jaundice for a week which worried the daylights out of me but her levels were checked 2 days in a row and they were decreasing so we didn't have to go back to the hospital for her to go under the lights. She's now almost a month old, eating about 3oz every 3 hours during the day and every 4 at night. I don't know what I ever did without her!!!

Drea and her big brother, 1 day old 9/22/07


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I went in Tuesday morning at 7:30am for my scheduled c-section. I got there right on time with my son Austyn, DH, and my 2 sisters. They got me all set up in my room and I just waited to be prepped. Well, there was nursing students, and I really didnt mind because I was so happy I was going to see my little girl. So the IV went awesome...I was very pleased. Then they had to shave "down there", well that took 25 minutes (and there wasn't even a lot because I did it myself) she knicked me 2 times, but that was still ok. Now it's time for the catheter to go in...she tried 2 times and said...I just cant do it. OUCH! So the nurse tried and got it on the first try. So by then I am getting nervous because its almost time to go back. At 10am I go into the OR, the spinal went very well. I was so nervous, but it did not hurt as bad as I thought, it went very smoothly. So they hurried up and laid me down and DH came in and held my hand. I didnt even hear the doctor come in...I just was laying there and all the sudden saw smoke lol and knew they were opening me up. I felt absolutely NOTHING! No pressure, no pain, no pulling, no tugging. I was loving it. So they get to her and say...I see a lot of dark hair...I almost cried! They brought her around and showed me...she looked a little purple, but soooo tiny! Her apgars were 7 and 9. My BP did drop some, so I unfortunately got sick as they were sewing me up...that was aweful, I didn't want DH to see me like that. But in recovery I was so happy...I got to take Chloe right to my room and everyone came in....I was in heaven! I came home on Thursday, only 2 days after having her. I am feeling great! This recovery is so much better then my last sections. I am so in love with her it's unbelieveable! She is so laid back and content...she wakes every 3 hours to feed...and hardley every cries. My photobucket is not working for some reason, so I will post pictures later!

Chloe Nicole C.
October 16, 2007
7lbs 13 ozs
19 1/2 inches long

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Here's my birthstory:

On Tuesday, October 16th, I woke up really early because I was starving. I checked my email, ate some food, played Wheel of Fortune on the computer ( Lol ) and went back to bed around 7:30 AM. I woke up for the day around 10 AM, since we had to be at our midwife appointment (almost 39 weeks) at 11:30 AM. I went to the living room to let our dogs out when I felt a curious trickle "down there". I wondered if it could be my water, but then I had been losing my plug and having some discharge for a while, so I figured it couldn't be. Tim was home from work by this time, and he announced that he wasn't going back to work until I had the baby. I told him it could be a week or more still, but he said that he had a feeling it would be sooner! Talk about psychic! Smile I told him about my "possible water leakage" and we decided we'd ask the midwife to check it out. So at our appointment, she does the Litmus test and says, "Yes! That's your water!" WHAT???? :eek: I really wasn't prepared to hear that; I was almost SURE it had to be regular cervical fluid! Then I asked her to check my progress (worst mistake of my life - the pain was horrible!!!!!) and she said I was 2 cm dilated and 80% effaced. She said that it seemed as though my hind water had a hole in it, not my forewater, so she wasn't too concerned about infection. However, since she had confirmed that I was leaking amniotic fluid, she wanted me to check into the birthing center in a couple of hours. Her words were, "Go get some lunch and then come back." To show you how much in denial I was, I said, "Come back for what??" Lol And she said, "You're going to have this baby today!" I almost passed out. Lol So Tim and I went and drove around for a little while, and he got some lunch. I was too wound up to eat, and then - BAM! I started having regular contractions! We decided to call his mom and fill her in on the news, and then headed to the birthing center. After we got checked in, we just hung out in our room. I ordered some food from the menu and we hung out and talked on the phone with his parents some more. I was so excited, but also really nervous! Luckily we had all our stuff with us in the car (Tim's psychic instincts and always wanting to be prepared really saved us!) so I was able to change into comfy labor clothes. Things were going really, really slow for us. My contractions were right around the 10 minute mark, but they weren't progressing from there. I knew from talking with my midwife that if I wasn't making progress by the next morning, I'd likely be induced since my water had broken. I really, really didn't want to have to deal with that since it would increase my chance of wanting pain medication. So we walked around a bit, I did some squats and tried to make things happen more quickly. Our doula Debbie came and hung out with us for a while, but when it was clear that I was still in the first stage of labor, we told her she could go home and we'd call her in the morning when things progressed. I tried to sleep, but just couldn't with the contractions being so strong and regular. So we walked some more, and then Tim got me a birthing ball from one of the nurses! Ah, heaven!! Biggrin I loved that thing so much, I would just hang out on it for long stretches at a time. The contractions weren't picking up, and I didn't want them checking me, so my L&D nurse suggested around 3 AM that we try nipple stimulation as a natural way to induce hard labor. Three words: Oh my GOD!!!! The pain was incredible as the contractions started coming closer and closer together. It worked almost immediately! Once I had a triple-peak contraction (they had me hooked up to the monitor so we were able to see) and that one was a real killer. Anyway, around 7 AM I decided to get into the jacuzzi to try and ease the pain. I noticed that my modesty was slowly starting to go (up until then I was in a t-shirt and pants, but for the jacuzzi I stripped to just my t-shirt) and figured that labor was probably progressing well. At this point my midwife came in for her shift and said she wanted to check me. I still remembered the pain from that, and I didn't really want to feel like I was being rushed, so I was hesitant. She explained that since it was so close to the 24-hour mark since my water broke, she really needed to check me. So I said okay. Once again, it was absolutely miserable. I actually screamed from the pain! Apparently the bag of waters was in the way, and behind that the baby was blocking the hole to the cervix in just the right way that she had to REALLY dig around to be able to check my progress. It was horrible, and after that Tim and I were so traumatized that we decided that would be my last check. Anyway, she had good news - I was 5+ cm dilated (she couldn't tell exactly since it was so awkward to check) and effacing well. Soon after that our doula Debbie came back and sat with us in the jacuzzi room. I wasn't really enjoying the jacuzzi anymore after the check, so we decided to head back to our room. Debbie told us that if we wanted to progress fast and avoid induction, we'd have to get more active with our labor and push it along. We agreed, so she showed us a variety of ways to get this done. We tried squats (this was soooo intense, it was incredible!), standing up during contractions with my feet apart and myriad other things. I really liked leaning on Tim and doing the contraction dance. It helped so much to know that he was right there and would help me get through them. Debbie compressed my hips and pressed on my back through these contractions, since they were getting more and more painful. I was hardly getting a break between them anymore. I labored that way for a long, long time. My midwife came back in at some point and asked if she could check me. I said no, and she insisted. So I said no again. She talked to Tim and told him she really needed to since it had been past 24 hours since my water broke. He told her we just didn't want to. I was so horribly afraid of that awful pain, I just didn't think I could deal with contractions AND that. So she said she'd give us 3 more hours and if I hadn't had the baby by then, she'd have to check us. She also sent in this nurse who we absolutely hated! She kept wanting to monitor me during contractions and instead of keeping still, she'd poke and prod my stomach! She was not used to a natural birther, so she didn't let us have any space. We finally told her that we needed her to be less invasive, and that bought us some time alone. Sometime during the next few hours I hit transition, and that was soooo hard! I kept getting contractions one on top of the other. Tim was so amazing, he would hold my hands and tell me he loved me and when the contractions peaked he'd say things like, "We're doing this for our baby boy" or "You're so strong and I love you so much, you're doing great". It helped SO MUCH to be able to look into his eyes and see that he was right there with me, and willing to help me in any way possible. He was having a hard time watching me in so much pain, and not to mention his back was killing him from me hanging on to him for dear life every time a contraction peaked! Lol But he was just the best coach ever - strong, calm and collected and so positive. He was my rock. I was laying on the bed on my side trying to conserve energy and get through the transition phase when my water broke. It was this POP! and then two gushes of water flooded around me! I was so excited because I just knew this meant that I was near the end. We figured that I was probably 9 cm dilated. My midwife came in again at this point and said she needed to check me since it had been a lot more than 3 hours since she had last spoken to us. I really didn't want her to, but she assured me that it wouldn't be as painful this time since my bag of waters was out of the way now. She was right, it was nothing like before! BUT she had some very bad news for us - I was only at 7 cm. That means my labor had stalled. She guessed that the baby was not coming down straight like he needed to since my cervix was lopsided. She also thought that maybe he was too big for my pelvis, since Tim is so much bigger than me. I didn't feel like the baby was too big, but hearing these words just made me cry. She told me my options were a C-section right away, or they could apply a cathode to the baby's head and see what my contractions were doing. That way, if they were registering as strong contractions but the baby wasn't progressing, they'd know that there was something wrong. Basically, my options were a c-section straight away or monitoring and then a c-section. It was crazy. I just couldn't believe that we had come so far just to get a c-section! I was bawling at this point, and Tim was crying too because he felt so bad that my dream of a natural birth were disappearing right before our eyes. The midwife tried to soothe us by telling us that I was so exhausted and this was the best thing for me and the baby, but it didn't help. I relented and said if a c-section was what was going to happen, then I would get an epidural. I was so defeated at this point and the contractions were so much stronger with the bag of waters gone that I just figured I'd get through it in the least painful way possible. But suddenly, as they were getting my IV ready, I started grunting. Debbie looked at my midwife and said, "I think she's ready to push!" And sure enough, my cervix had dilated to 9.5 cm!!!! I was sooooo happy and so relieved!! My midwife asked if I wanted to push or wanted the epidural, and I almost yelled, "OF course I want to push!!" I finally felt like maybe my dream wasn't going to be shattered after all. I pushed on the bed for a while, and then the nurses offered to get me a birthing stool. Debbie said things would go faster on the stool, so I agreed to push on that. I pushed for about 35 minutes and Tim was right there beside me, encouraging me and saying things like, "You're so close! I see so much progress!" Finally I heard, "There's his head!" The midwife turned around to get gloves, and I decided I wanted this baby OUT! I was ready to meet my son! So I gave a big, giant push and the baby was born in about 20 seconds! It happened so fast that Debbie said, "Tim hold out your hands!" And all the sudden he was catching the baby!! Biggrin He was the first person to touch our son, and then he got handed to me. I looked at him in wonder and amazement. He was soooo beautiful! I just couldn't believe that this little person had come out of me! This is who I had been waiting to meet all this time. It was such an amazing feeling. The feeling of pushing him out was just the coolest thing too. It was like I felt his first moments of life. I was so, so glad that I had decided to do this naturally. I was able to experience EVERYthing so clearly, and the baby was so lucid. But then suddenly they were whisking him away and saying things like, "Suction" and "Fluid in the lungs". It was so scary, and I started to cry. Tim went with the baby. Luckily they just went over to the warmer so I was able to watch what they were doing. I remember there was a flood of people, and someone said I was bleeding too much and I was carried over to the bed. Then before I knew it the attending physician was in there saying they needed to stitch me up. I didn't care, I just wanted to know what was going on with the baby! They reassured me and told me he was just fine, that he had some fluid in his lungs that they had bulb syringed out, but that he was going to be just fine. I felt better then, and was able to focus more on what was going on with me. I heard Tim say, "What's going on?" And then someone explained that I had extensive tearing from the baby coming out so fast. They kept saying it was remarkable that a first time mom was such a strong pusher, and that they had no idea that I was going to do that or they would've directed me more. Lol I delivered the placenta (surprisingly easy!) and I got a shot in my thigh that would numb me up and relax me for all the stitching I had to have done. I had second and third degree tears and it took the doctor 1 hour to stitch me up! She said it was amazing that I didn't have any fourth degree tears. They checked me for internal bleeding and then everyone left. Debbie got me some food and took some pictures and then she left too. After that it was just me, Tim and the baby. It was so amazing. We couldn't stop staring at him and talking about his various features. Smile I will always remember the time after I gave birth because it was just the best feeling in the world. The nurse and Tim gave the baby his first bath, and I breastfed him right away. He was soooo sweet; calm and so small. We couldn't stop staring at him. 32 hours after my water broke, he was here! It was an absolute miracle. Smile


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Wesley’s Birth Story

Born 10/11/07 at 5:14 p.m.
Weight 7lbs 13 ozs
19 ½ long

Our induction was setup for Thursday, October 11, 2007. We arrived at the hospital at 6:50 a.m. and got checked in. They started the IV and started the antibiotics. Got real hot from IV and almost passed out. I was really scared of the IV and thought it would not be bad because I would be in pain from contractions. But now am being induced, so no pain. I was still at 4 cm and 70% effaced. The midwife stripped my membranes again. It was okay for several hours with the contractions. About 11 a.m. the contractions started to get harder and were in my back. They brought in the beanbag for me to lean on. By 12:30 I request some pain medication through the IV. The pain from back labor was getting me sick. At 12:59 p.m. I was at 5 cm and they broke my water. Labor progressed and at 2:30, they told my husband the window was closing for the Epi and he asked if I wanted it. I said yes. Got the Epi and my new nickname (Butdown) and was leaking water all over my nurse and midwife. After the Epi, I was still able to feel the contractions but without the pain. I don’t know when but I threw up again and they said where going to check you and I was almost at 10 cm. I had that feeling of needing to push. The hardest part other than getting the head out was waiting for my midwife when I needed to push. She was very busy delivering another baby at the time. (I should say that the hospital we delivered at is small and when we arrived there were three other people in labor and by the time it was time to deliver it was up to 6 or 7 for one midwife and one OB. ) My midwife arrived and she helped me to push. I started pushing about 3 p.m. and I was having trouble get the breathing down. I kept making raspberries sounds with my mouth. They asked if I would like a mirror and I decided yes. It really helped me see what I was supposed to be doing. I could see his head. I could see it moving. I could also see my hemorrhoids (bad). At 5 p.m., my midwife had a meeting with the president of the hospital and Amy our other midwife was brought in. She helped me get though the next 14 minutes. I finally got the head out and then it was all over. I never realized that get the head out and the baby popped out. He was put on my chest as I sew for a small tear. He was beautiful and perfect.

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**Disturbing, VERY long, VERY pic heavy**

Ayden Ali
October 18, 2007
5:47 PM EDT
8 pounds 5 ounces
20.5 inches long

*The following birth story is disturbing, graphic, and may contain too much information or information that is not comfortable to read. Please be advised that my birth experience is not one I consider average – if you are currently pregnant or considering pregnancy, please do not take this birth story as one you would see everyday. I don’t want anyone to be upset or concerned after reading my story. Thank you**

First and foremost I should remind everyone of my viewpoint just a week ago. I stole another board member’s signature picture reading “GET OUT” and was counting down the days until my induction – I wanted to see my son. I wanted to hear his first cry and hold him, and pat his little butt like I did everyday while I was pregnant.

I want everyone to know before even reading my story that I made peace with what happened to me and my husband to moment it began happening. I am not in anyway depressed or upset at how my birth turned out. After months of reading birth stories on this site, both good and bad, I had always wondered “well what’s it really like, what’s a contraction feel like, how will I feel when I hear his first cry…” – months of anticipation came down to my induction, and I tried to have an open mind. I’ve heard so many disappointing stories about how people had planned on doing something one way – and it turned out another, sometimes causing a postpartum breakdown.

On October 18, 2007 at 6 AM I arrived at my hospital (the one with the private rooms, of course!!) to be induced. At last check, my fetal specialist felt Ayden had grown to around 8 and a half pounds. Constantly I’ve heard through people on this site, “that’s what a woman’s body is made for, and ultrasounds are usually wrong…” I tried to carry that with me, but when I say I have a small pelvis, I’m really not kidding  I have a small pelvis, so my doctor made it clear that waiting until full term was just not going to happen.

After arriving and being checked in (a VERY quick process, I was so shocked) – I got comfortable and began pitocin around 8:30 AM. I was already contracting 6-7 minutes apart without pitocin when I got there due to the effect of a cervical balloon I had inserted the afternoon before – which caused me intense pain for a good 12 hours before letting up right before the induction. Upon my first check I was 2 CM and 25% effaced on my own, which was a great change from my cervix of steel I’d had up until then. I wasn’t in unbearable pain – was definitely having some nasty contractions. I waited it out until my next check around 10 AM – 2.5 CM…and then 11 AM, still 2-3…at that point I was contracting every 1-2 minutes and I was afraid I was going to get tired. I’ve heard too much about how slow inductions are so I took the next step in getting the epidural. They had also broken my water and there was excess fluid – which could mean, excess baby.

The epidural didn’t hurt at all – maybe I just don’t care about needles, but it really wasn’t bad all. It began working about 20 minutes later, and that continued for about two hours. The epidural then actually began to wear off – I thought this was normal since at this point the pitocin had been upped at least 5 times – baby’s heartrate was very high. The doctor was concerned but it wasn’t something that was causing an emergency. The doctor came back in and upped the epidural. In turn, this did not work again. I was still feeling the pressure and it was beginning to turn into pure pain. At this point, my doctor checked me again and I was still 4 CM (as I had been about an hour and a half prior) – my doctor expressed concern. He said that in first time mothers, usually the mother contracts and then subsequently dialates about a centimeter per hour. I was not meeting this criteria but my contractions were off the charts. The baby’s head was also swollen. Because of that, the problems with his heartrate, and my non-progressive labor, the decision was made to have a c-section shortly after 5 PM. Honestly, going into it, I really wasn’t scared. My biggest fear was the fact that most women vomit during a c-section and I hate vomiting.

My doctor held my hand the whole time the crew prepared the room. We were even making bets on the weight of the baby – like The Price is Right (as they called it in the OR) – you can’t go over. I remember saying “He weighs 8 pounds 5 oz…" When they let my husband in, he said that I’m the boy's mother, and I’m right…(referring to me) The highest bet was by my husband at 8/15 – the doctor was the lowest at 7/11. My husband was allowed in at the last second. Just at that time, I began to throw up. My husband held the cup for me while my doctor made the incision. I didn’t feel the incision and I didn’t feel the drilling. Shortly after, however, once he was cutting into my uterus, something went wrong. I felt everything. I started screaming. I have never been in that much pain before. The anesthesiologist asked me if it was just pulling or if it was sharp. I told her it was pulling and sharp and then, I felt him dig into me – for real – like The Texas Chainsaw Massacre. I screamed “TELL HIM TO STOP!!” – and then I heard what you only see on the Discovery Channel…in movies, in the news – but it doesn’t happen to you.

“We have to put her out – get the General Anesthetic…”

No – I was not going to miss the birth of my son. After all this time, the dreaming of him, the imagining of him, the wanting to hold him as he came out – this was not going to happen to me – and then there was the worst part…

I heard my doctor tell my DH “HE has to leave NOW”…all of a sudden it was an emergency. All of a sudden, both me and my husband were not going to see our son born. I was still throwing up when they told him to leave ,they told him to drop the bucket. I threw up all over the side of the bed and then they turned my head and put on the mask. I kept saying “this isn’t happening, no no no” – and that was it.

The next thing I knew, I heard voices echoing saying “You have a baby, you have a baby!” and I panicked – what just happened? I opened my eyes and in between trying to catch my breath raised my voice to say “Where’s my baby? Where’s my baby?” and I saw my mom, my mother in law ,and my husband – and they said “He’s okay…he’s okay.”

I woke up in a room full of people – the same LDR room I had been in just before the c-section. I felt a lot of pain. I felt woozy. My husband came over and told me how beautiful the baby was and showed me pictures. I kept thinking “why does he look like me? He’s supposed to look like his daddy!” I looked at the clock. It was 7 PM.

“What time was he born??”
“5:47 PM”

The next thing I said brought me to tears … “I missed it. I missed the birth of my son.”

Okay so how long will it be before I meet my son?? Then I heard the doctor exclaim:

“And you were right – 8 pounds 5 oz exactly …” Mother is always right 

He was not descending through the birth canal because he was too big. I couldn’t believe it. An ultrasound was actually right? They actually induced TOO LATE? Imagine that for all the non-believers. Not all women can fit a baby that size through their pelvis – let it be a lesson to those who think all women can do it – they can’t.

My son was brought to me at 7:15 PM. The moment they brought him in – I saw my husband walk through the door and say “here’s someone I want you to meet.” I busted into tears. I couldn’t even talk. I couldn’t believe how beautiful he was, that he was mine. I held him for the first time and I could not stop crying. I have the pictures to prove it. Everyone in the room broke into tears. I finally had my baby – and really, it didn’t even matter that I had missed it.

The next thing I knew, a pediatrician came in. There was a problem with my baby. His testicles were enlarged and they feared that he may need surgery for a twisted testicle. I’m on two doses of morphine, liquid motrin, and an epidural X 3 – and they’re telling me this. He had to be transferred to Washington D.C. that night, he said, and soon – for an ultrasound and possible surgery. They gave me a time limit and told me he’d be back for his time with me later on after his bath. They were taking my baby away … again.

The transport team showed up at 10 PM and I held his hand while they put him in the isolette. My mother wanted to take a picture – I told her no. I didn’t really want to remember that moment. They left with my son. They took him away from me. I didn’t even get to see him born – and they already took him from me.

Ayden also had a heart murmur when he was born. I’d had 15 perfect ultrasounds and not one predicted either of the problems. The murmur explained his problems during labor on the monitor.

That night, my husband left my side as well to be with Ayden in Washington. I began to vomit around 2 AM, Ali came back to be with me and my mother went back to my house. I could not stop throwing up – it was the worst feeling. My staples were killing me and I was throwing up on top of it. The anti-nausea meds made it worse. I don’t remember waking up but apparently I told a lot of people to leave me alone the next day – Friday was a blur. I threw up the whole day but slept in between. I had a reaction to all the medication from the day before. Worse than that, I wouldn’t be allowed to see Ayden until around 8:30 PM that night, making it almost a full day without him, when I only had an hour with him before.

I threw up for the last time at 4 PM on Friday after trying to take a dose of an anti-gas pill. My stomach is currently (and was at the time) severely distended. The swelling was off the charts and I had a lot of gas built up from the surgery, and it was making it very painful to pass. I still have a 9 month looking belly – which they put constant pressure on and do their best to keep down – but it’s not going anywhere.

I finally got out of bed around 8 PM Friday night, still on a catheter and still on an IV. They moved me to a chair where I waited until Ayden finally got back into my arms that night. He had been discharged from Washington and his test results were negative, he did not need surgery, and his murmur had dissipated. I was finally given a dose of Darvocet, which I told the doctor in the first place was the best thing for me – not the morphine. The Darvocet stayed down, along with all the water, the ice and ginger ale. I was starving by this time but was told to stay on clear liquids. I was not released from the diet until 12 PM on Saturday. The last time I had food was at 10 PM on Wednesday. I had also not had a shower. I got a shower at 11 AM on Saturday, my last one being around 10 AM on Wednesday.

My throat is terribly sore from all the vomiting – I finally got rid of the IV and the catheter which was heaven, and had been walking up and down the halls. The nurses didn’t even recognize me. I was told later Saturday that it appeared that Ayden had jaundice. He also wasn’t feeding – or using the bathroom - he refused the breast because the first thing he was given was formula at the Washington hospital because I couldn’t be with my son. He had become very addicted to the formula and we finally got him to latch around 3 PM on Saturday. We are working on it, I’m pumping too to help stimulate things.

We were discharged at 1 PM today, Sunday, and I got my staples out right before hand. I’m still taking the Percaset because getting the staples out caused my uterus to drop even more, and it KILLED! I mean REALLY hurt, so I’m going to continue the next few days. My son is now home with me and I’m so happy to have him in my arms AND safe. He is dehydrated at the moment but we see the pediatrician tomorrow. He cannot be circumsized anytime soon but we are hoping he will be able to sooner rather than later.

He is the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen. He is everything I’ve ever wanted and I’d go through it all again in a minute if it meant I’d be able to have him in my life. I plan on having another child, c-section or not, if not more than that. My courage has been called “unbelievable” by those around me over the past few days – and I agree. I can’t say enough of how good I feel to have handled this so well, it was absolutely the worst but yet the best experience I’ve ever had. I love my son, and I thank all of you ladies for always being there for me and supporting me. I love my October 2007 little boo board and can’t wait to share many more memories with you. I’ve missed you!

Now – back to my son…wow…did I say that…my…son.

Beginning of Induction

Uh oh - have to have a c-section!

Going to meet daddy

What?? I look like my mother??!!

Daddy brought me to mommy

I waited so long to meet him...

Grandma got real emotional when I finally met my baby!!

Hello my love!

Ewe I'm swollen

Me and baby, so cute

Mi familia grande

Awww daddy! That's mommy's hospital bed!

Vomiting sucks

Awww...if only I would breastfeed!

And my little boo is going home!!!!

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Addison Elizabeth

Was born on Oct. 18th at 4:10 p.m. after a scheduled induction. My labor was only 9 hours long, and I had a wonderful epidural! No stiches, no problems! She was 7 lbs, 3 oz, and 20 in. long. She is wonderful! I will update with pics when my cd's are done.

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We were scheduled for an induction Thursday, October 18th at 7:00 am PST. At my apt last Thursday I was 3 1/2 cm, 50% effaced and baby had dropped. I called into the hospital at 5:30 am on Thursday the 18th and were told that the Family Birthing Center was full except one room, and they didn't want to give it to me in case someone walked in the door in active labor. They said they would call me back, but it would probably be early afternoon before a room would be ready. I had slept about 4 hours the night before, but couldn't go back to sleep. So, I posted and checked on Jenn (VTAlum01) who was also being induced. Keeping up with her L&D was the only thing that got me through the day without going insane!

At about 1:15 my friend Kelly came over and we did some final preggo pictures. Then, at 1:45 we got the call to be at the hospital at 2:30. I grabbed a quick bite and a cup of coffee and headed out the door.

When we got to the hospital we got checked in. They hooked me up to the monitors and checked my cervix. I was still 3 1/2 and 50%. I told the nurse about my previous inductions and discussed our plan for the day. I wanted to hold off on the pit, so my doctor came in and said she was okay with breaking my bag and seeing how things go. They placed an IV (owww), but didn't hook it up and at 3:50 my doctor broke my water. They watched Kaden on the monitor for 15 minutes and then said I could move around if I wanted to. As soon as I stood up I could feel some major cramping. We walked around for about 20 minutes, but I got paranoid since I went so quickly last time so I went back to the room. My doctor came back at 5 and checked me. I was now 4 cm and 60%, but wasn't contracting that regularly so she ordered the pit. As soon as she walked out the contrax became much more regular and (Yowsa) painful. I requested the epi and we decided to hold off for the time-being on the pit.

The anesthesiologist came and did the epi. It was hands down the worst pain I have ever felt in my life. Let's just say he wasn't very gentle. I had a picture of my girls across the room so I focused on that and it really helped. The epi was working perfectly, but by 7:00 contrax really slowed down so I asked the nurse to go ahead with the pit. I wouldn't feel the contrax anyway . Really quickly the contrax became very regular and strong. Kaden's HR was on the lower side of normal, but everything was looking pretty good. I didn't feel the contrax, except some pressure.

There was an EMT student who had never seen a birth so they asked if he could witness the delivery. I said sure. He was a super sweet kid, and completely in awe of the whole process.

By 8:30 or so I was 9 cm and completely (the nurse said 110%) effaced. Then about 15 minutes later I was 9 1/2, then by 8:55 or so I just had a lip. We were just hanging around waiting for me to be complete when all of a sudden I felt tons of pressure in my bum and Kaden's heart rate dropped down to the 40s...then nothing for a second or two. It was so scary. The student called for my doc and the baby nurse and I started taking huge breaths of O2. Todd (my DH) didn't understand what was going on so he looked like total deer in the headlights. They flipped me onto my back and the doc was in there in about 10 seconds. DH took one leg and the student took the other. My nurse, who was completely amazing, stood at my waist on the right side and guided everybody. Once I pushed through the first contrax Kaden's HR came back up to normal and stayed that way for the rest of the delivery. I pushed for about 20 minutes while my doctor slowly eased him out. She was great about massaging me the whole time to reduce the damage.

Kaden came out screaming at 9:22. They placed him on my chest and let the cord pulse while my doctor delivered the placenta. I didn't feel any of it. Everything was perfect. I only needed one little stitch, what a huge difference from my last delivery. We double checked to make sure it was a boy, LOL. You never know My doctor was so happy with how it went. She said I could come back and have a baby any time I think I'm all set for now! His apgars were 9 and 9 and he pinked up almost immediately.

He was 7 lbs 6 1/2 oz, but the computer rounded it up so he is officially 7,7 and 21 inches long. At first I thought he was the spitting image of Caroline, but now I think he looks so much like each of the girls.

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[COLOR=black][FONT=verdana]Hi guys!! thanks for all your support-Well I'm a bit here and there what with the lack of sleep and whole birth situ. I stopped and started with labor from the wed after having a stretch and sweep. I spent some time in hospital on Saturday with a very long and painful false start where I didn't dilate from the 2cm I was already and stopped contracting so went home. Started labor again at about 10pm on Sunday after random contractions all day. wow it hurt! went into hospital at 3am to be told I was only 3 cm but that they would keep me in. Had the old gas and air and a tens machine and carried on. Right time goes blurry from here on- I hit 6cm some hours later then didn't dilate anymore, had pethadine and my contractions slowed right down after a long time a doctor was called and said I had to have a drip to induce more frequent contractions or I would have to have a c-section. I couldn't take any more pain and was exhausted so had to be given an epidural. I was monitored and it took a long time to progress. I was checked again and I still hadn't dilated past 6cm. After another long wait they called for the doctor to make a final decision on having a cesarean and I had gone to 8cm. then I got a spinal block with my epidural so I was in agony again they tried 2 different blasts of stuff but it didn't work properly. they kept losing the baby's heartbeat and I was big style stressed. time to push! the epidural had worn off completely by this point, I went for it and struggled. I know there was more people in the room at this point. they told me they were going to have to cut me and I started screaming no. 2 big pushes and whoosh out she came. I needed stitches internally and externally due to 2nd degree tearing and I have bruises all over my body from all the needles and tubes I had but she is absolutely perfect. Apparently none of the staff thought she was going to be born naturally and I saw that many staff changes they were ringing up from home to see how I had got on! I saw one on the ward later on and she gave me a big hug. they were soooo good to me I was quite frightened throughout, I didn't make it easy. I screamed and cried a lot!!! oh the placenta didn't come out easily either. now I have tried to condense all that but it was about 24hrs and my beautiful baby Molly Elizabeth was born at 9.50pm on Monday 8th at 10lbs 3oz. I never knew how much I could love something.


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William Allen, Jr.
October 19, 2007
10:41 am
7lb 9oz
20.5 inches long
13 3/4 inch head
27.5 hours of labor!!

My water broke around 7am on Thursday, October 18th. I woke up that morning and had LOTS of energy despite being up every two hours with contractions through the night. I kissed Allen goodbye and sent him off to work and then had some breakfast. I was online checking message boards and email when all of a sudden I felt this big gush. I stood up and it kept flowing and made a mess on the floor ( Lol ). I noticed that the fluid wasn't clear though. It had a green tint, meaning there was meconium present. I was SO excited that my water broke but of course concerned about the meconium. I called Allen right away and told him that he might want to turn around and come back home because my water broke. He was very excited! I then called Amber to let her know and to ask her about the meconium issue. I called my Mom and also spoke with my Grandma (my Grandparents were staying with her for a couple of days). They were very excited. I posted a quick update on the message board, called the doctor, and got to gathering the last few items I would need to throw into the suitcase for the hospital. Allen was home about 15 minutes later. He hadn't gotten very far away from the house when he got my call!

We were both so excited that in our efforts to get out the door we left alot of things behind ( Lol ). We got to the hospital around 8:30 and they got us checked into a room. My blood pressure was slightly elevated so they had me lying on my left side in bed. They checked me and I was dialated 1.5 and Will was at a -2 station. I was having contractions but they were mild and irregular. They let me labor on my own until about noon and then decided that they needed to start Pitocin since I was on the 24 hour clock for infection after your water breaks. As soon as they started the Pitocin on the lowest level my contractions became regular so they thought they wouldn't have to use a larger dose for me.

Sometime right after this, Allen's cell phone rang. His Mom and Stepdad had driven down (from 4 hours away) as soon as they heard I was in labor and they were on their way to the hospital. They got to the hospital and sat in the room with Allen and me while I was laboring. It was great to see them but at the same time it was another distraction from laboring, along with the nurses coming in and out, the Pitocin, and the pressure to have this kid before my 24 hour window was up.

The hospital staff wouldn't let me get up and move around to labor after the Pitocin except to go to the bathroom. I was totally pinned down to the bed and that was one of the hardest things to deal with. Also, they allowed me clear fluids so I was trying to drink juices and things to keep my strength up. They wouldn't let me eat, so I couldn't have anything with protein to help balance out those carbs and that made my energy sort of like a rollercoaster. By 2:00 I was only at 2 cm. They kept upping the dose of Pitocin every 40 minutes at this point and by 4:00 I was a 3 and Will was still -2 station. By this point the contractions were STRONG and HARD (no building of contractions, they just punched me). Along with this, I was having back labor. I was doing a good job of breathing through the contractions but since I was not progressing as quickly as they would have liked they wanted to keep increasing the dose. Since I was pretty much at my pain threshhold they decided to place an epidural. At this point, Allen's Mom and Stepdad decided to leave the hospital.

I got the epidural around 5:30. The actual process of them placing the epidural was really no big deal. It didn't hurt at all. But, then they administered my test dose of medicine and instead of my blood pressure dropping like most people's, it SPIKED. Next thing I know, they had me lying down and they were taking my blood pressure every two minutes. I could feel my heart pounding out of my chest and it was very scary. I couldn't focus on laboring because I was too focused on trying to bring my heart rate and blood pressure down.

After they placed the epidural, my labor stalled despite their continually increasing my dose of Pitocin and the hard contractions I was experiencing. Due to the back labor I also still had some nerve pain. The epidural cut down on the overall pain but it also rendered me nearly paralyzed so I couldn't get into different positions to relieve the back labor. At 11pm the doctor came in and said I was still at a 3 and Will was still at -2 and she said that his head was swelling and she didn't think my pelvis was large enough for him to get out. She wanted me to agree to a c-section right then and there. It didn't feel right in my spirit. I told her that I heard what she was saying but that I was not there yet and so I told her I needed more time. She sort-of snidely said, "well, we can keep doing this just as long as you like," in a tone that made it sound like I was stupid. She made it abundantly clear that she felt my labor was going nowhere, that I wouldn't dialate, that Will couldn't get out, and that we'd be in a c-section...that there was no other way. She tried to scare us by talking about infection risks and such. She even told me that I wouldn't care how the baby came out. It didn't work. She acted like it would be no big deal, but having had many surgeries in the past (and knowing that I do not heal quickly or well from them) I knew that major surgery WAS a big deal, especially if I had to have it and then take care of a newborn.

Allen and I were both extremely upset by all of the talk of c-section and even though we were strongly against it (since niether Will nor I seemed to be in distress) we began to doubt ourselves and question my ability to have a vaginal birth. It felt like we'd been put on a rollercoaster ride that we couldn't get off of. Other people had taken charge of our experience and it was no longer ours or what was meant to be. It was at this time that we decided that we needed to pray together and pray hard. We prayed that if there was a miracle to be had that God would give us that miracle and that if there wasn't one that we would feel complete peace and ease with whatever happened. We asked that God show us what we needed to do and give us strength.

After praying, I felt strongly that I needed to call Amber. I called and left a message for her and then talked on the phone with my Mom. Finally, Amber and I connected and I told her my situation and then she reminded me of the portion of Ina May's book that talks about the lady who used imagery to turn the baby and move the baby down to open her cervix. I decided at that point to give the imagery a good full shot to see if something might happen. After I got off the phone with Amber I told my nurse that I was going to do the imagery and that if after a couple of hours of doing that there was no change that then we would talk more about a c-section, but that I felt I needed to give this and my body the chance it deserved to do a vaginal childbirth.

When I made this decision I changed the nature of our childbirth experience. While the first part had been an out of control rollercoaster I realized that it didn't have to stay that way and I felt God's presence with me. I focused deeply inward and began to visualize Will turning to the optimum position for delivery. I imagined his head dialating my cervix and him moving down through the birth canal in a perfect vaginal birth. Anytime I felt myself losing focus at all I turned deeply to prayer asking God to continue to guide me and to keep working on our miracle. The epidural began wearing off. The nurse said she could get the anesthesiologist to come in and give me a booster, but remembering what happened with my heart rate and blood pressure the first time, I declined. I also felt strongly that being able to feel what was going on and what Will was doing would help me to know how to use the imagery and how to talk to Will to move things forward. I was still having some back labor so it wasn't comfortable, but it was productive and it felt great. I used deep breathing to manage the pain and just kept focused on the imagery. I blocked out anyone who came into the room except for Allen. His presence in the room helped me to feel calm and at peace, protected, and more able to focus. I knew when I hit transition because I started throwing up. I told myself, "this is transition and we can do this." I started using the imagery at 12:00 and was at 3cm and -2 station. By 2:00 am I was at 6cm and -1 station. The doctor was amazed (and seemed annoyed) and said she didn't undersand. My nurse was amazing and just told me to keep doing what I was doing because it was working. A couple of hours later I was at 8cm and 0 station. By 9:30 I was complete, at 1, and ready to push. I pushed for about an hour and was doing really well but all of a sudden Will's heartrate dropped and wasn't coming back up again. So, the doctor said he needed to use the vacuum to get him out. I knew it would hurt but I didn't care because I just wanted my son out safe and sound. He put the vacuum in and let me say....OUCH! He used it while I gave one mamoth last push and out came Will!

I saw his beautiful moving, squirming body and they set him on my tummy while they suctioned him well. I started screaming and crying, "Oh my God, MY BABY!!!! MY BABY!!" over and over. Allen was jumping up and down and saying, "CUTE STUFF YOU DID IT!!!!!! YOU DID IT!!!!" It was the most overwhelming and wonderful moment of our lifetime to finally be there with our son in our arms after everything we went through to get there. The spirituality of the moment was overwhelming. God did perform the miracle. Peoples' prayers worked and were answered. We were all safe and sound and I was able to have the vaginal birth that I so desperately wanted so that I could enjoy the son God finally gave us without recovering from surgery at the same time. The two words just describing that moment are "GOD'S MIRACLE." There is no other way to say it.

It turned out that the reason Will's heartrate dropped was because he had the cord wrapped around his neck twice. So, I do believe it's a good thing they used the vacuum to get him out. The vacuum hurt like heck though (epidural was pretty much worn off) and I did get a second degree tear so I had to have some stitches. But, honestly, I don't care about that. It was all worth it to have my son safe and sound and in our arms.

The doctor who was there to catch Will at his birth was a different doctor than the doctor who had been trying to get us to go for the c-section earlier. Shift change occured about 30 minutes before I started pushing. Apparently the other doctor had still wanted to take me in for a c-section even though I had progressed and the doctor that ended up being there for the birth had disagreed with her and pushed for me to be able to labor on my own even though the 24-hour window had expired. I am so grateful for that and for his consideration of what we were going through and our wants and needs. I also feel that he was in-tune with God and the whole spiritual nature of what was going on and that was good. It made it easier for me to focus while pushing. Incidentally, this doctor also delivered dh's cousin's two kids and he was also there for us (along with my main doc) for the ectopic pregnancy and so it was special for him to be able to be there for the healthy birth of our son.

Overall, I am grateful for my entire birth experience. I learned alot and learned what works for me and what doesn't work for me. While I know that medical intervention is sometimes necessary and it can be helpful for many people (and people in general just have different preferences), I learned that for me it tends to get in the way more than anything else. I learned that I do better on my own and keeping a spiritual focus and going inward rather than focusing on anything external. For my next birth, I will do things differently. As long as there are no major risk factors I will labor at home as long as possible. I will not get an epidural and will try to avoid any other interventions such as Pitocin. I will probably have an all-natural childbirth that allows me to move into different positions to get the baby into my pelvis and to relieve back labor, etc. Due to my own medical risks, I'll probably still opt for a hospital delivery but not a hospital labor, if that makes sense.

Tomorrow is the 1-year loss anniversary for our ectopic baby, baby Grace. It's going to be a bit easier getting to that day with a baby in our arms. I hope that Grace is looking down on her brother and smiling. He's lucky to have someone like her looking out for him.

So, here we are...totally HAPPY, at peace, and grateful. After years of struggle we have a healty little baby boy in our arms. I feel like I was able to close the door on a chapter of my life that was beyond painful and scary and like I have set out on a new era where I can relax in knowing that I am right where I want to be, doing what I want to do, living how I want to live.

Will is the most precious little baby and everytime I look at him I can't help but smile. I enjoy every feeding, diaper change, sleepless night, cry, smile, and breath. Every single one of them are his and for them to be his that means that he is alive and living life and I am blessed to be the one to care for him in the early days of his journey. What a gift of God.

Things have been going well since Will arrived. The stay in the hospital was annoying. We all just wanted to get home to our nest. Amber, Mike, and Evan came to visit though and that was a bright spot (and she makes REALLY good zucchini bread, btw Lol ). Will had jaundice and had to be in the bilibed for a bit. The way his numbers were going we had to supplement with formula for a couple of days but still established breastfeeding. He latched on and nursed from both sides during the hour immediately following his birth. We've been going strong since. After his jaundice improved and my milk came in I was able to pump enough to get him totally on breastmilk, which is wonderful. We came home on Sunday afternoon and have been enjoying getting into our routine since then. Will is such a happy little baby and loves the calm atmosphere of home so much. I have been enjoying doing skin on skin contact with him in the Moby wrap from Amber. He loves that thing more than life itself Lol . Allen has been doing some skin on skin as well. We had the first pediatrician's appointment today and all is looking well and healthy. Allen is off of work and at home with us until November 1st.

Here are some pictures for you.....

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Sorry so late! I copied my birth story from when I posted about it because it's so long!

I'll try to make this as short as possible! I went to my Dr. appt on Monday 10/1 and my bp was 180/96 so Dr. said enough is enough and decided to induce. We got to L & D at around 8 and they started the cervadil which surprisingly made me contract pretty bad. We were hoping w/all the contractions we wouldn't need pitocin but by 9am the Tuesday morning I still had not made any progress so we started the pitocin. By 5pm I was 4cm so they broke my water and I sat on the birthing ball trying to put off getting the epidural for as long as possible. I didn't last very long and finally got the epidural around 8pm. By 11pm I was ready to push. I pushed for 23 minutes and she was out! The only bad thing was my epidural only took to my right side so I felt alot of pain throughout. They gave me the option of having the anesthesiologist come back and fix it but at that point I just wanted it over with! I give soooo much credit to anyone who goes drug free.....I was in so much pain! Anyway, I didn't tear or have an episiotomy and Amaya came out at 11:23 weighing 6lbs13oz and 20.5 inches. We're so in love with her! We thought we would get to go home Thursday but I started hemorraghing pretty bad yesterday so I had to have a D & C and apparantely had large "chunks" of the placenta left inside me which is why I was bleeding so bad. Then this morning the nurse told me Amaya had irregular heart rythyms so she had to have an EKG, Echocardiagram, and chest X-rays. Thank God everything turned out ok and we are finally home. The pediatrician said she just has benign arythmia (sic) and will grow out of it. Sorry this was so long!

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Birth Story XP

Last Friday I went back to the doctors and still was only dialted to one, baby was still high but cervix was a bit soft. The doctor set up an appointment for the following Wednesday and would induce Thursday. Since I was already late I was figuring I would be induced because I was feeling less and less contractions.

Since I knew I would be early with this baby dh still hadn't made it up to Michigan to close up our camper. Since this is the first year we have it we really don't know how to close it up and only had 2 weekends left before our resort closes. Our friends were going up there last weekend so we planned to have dh meet them Sunday morning. Well Saturday evening I say why don't you drive up there tonight (1 1/2 hour ride) so you can start 1st thing in the am and get home. Jokingly saying "I know I'll go into labor then tonight"...of course, I wasn't feeling anything so didn't really think it would happen.

DH calls about 8 and asks how I'm feeling which is right when the contractions begin. I warn him and tell him I'll call if they go anywhere. By 11 I'm pretty sure this is it...dh is starting to drive home, I call my sister and her boyfriend so I can at least get a ride to the hospital and have her stay with Zack (who's sleeping) and Ryan who is having a friend spend the night.

I arrive at the hospital, I'm only dialted to 2 1/2 but the contractions are coming. DH shows up right before they put me into my room which is around 1:30 pm. Around 3:00 I ask for an epi which was wonderful...I was able to sleep for a while. I was given oxygen which I never had before in labor. About 6 the doc. comes in to break my water but apparently it did...I didn't feel it. After a few pushes Jason is out at 6:48 am.

Jason Michael weighed 7 lbs. 7 oz. and was 20 inches long.

As far as not finding out the sex...it was the best decision I made. Since this is our last one (I was hoping for a girl) when you're in that situation and your baby comes out the last thing in the world I cared about was sex...I wanted to hold my precious baby and they couldn't get him cleaned up fast enough for me.

It's funny because they say your labors get shorter with each one and mine were the complete opposite. My first was so fast I couldn't even get an epi and they got longer with each one.

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Madeline's birth story

The stats:
October 12, 2007 at 6:05a.m.
6 lbs, 13 oz
19.5 inches long
Born at exactly 39 weeks

The story:
Thursday, October 11
7:30 am
I woke up feeling energetic for the first time in quite awhile, so I decided to run a few of the remaining errands I had left. I decided to make it “Gwen’s special day” since I’d been so tired and crabby the past few weeks and hadn’t done much with her. We went out for lunch, went to the bookstore and bought some new books, shared a chocolate chip cookie, and went to Target to look for some dolls for her dollhouse. We had a great time together and I was so happy to have had one special day of Gwen and mommy time before I delivered.

6:30 pm
I was getting my hair cut and I started noticing that I was having contractions fairly close together. There wasn’t a clock anywhere, but I felt like they were coming on closer than the other bouts of false labor I’d had. Since I’d had so many rounds of false labor, I decided it was probably just because I ate too much and was sitting too long crunched up. I told Michael about the contractions as we headed home, and had a bunch more in the car (all non-painful, just the tightening feeling). When we got home they let up a little, coming at 10-12 minutes apart. I started timing them on the computer. They were so mild it was hard to tell when one was coming on because they were just tightening. I decided they were too hard to time, so I went to clean up the kitchen and then planned to head to bed early in case this turned out to be real labor.

10:30 p.m.
As I was finishing up washing dishes, I felt a little ‘pop’ and a small gush of fluid. I figured it was my mucous plug coming out, so I quickly finished up what I was doing and headed upstairs to see if I had indeed lost my mucous plug. My pantyliner was soaked with a mucousy liquid, so I changed clothes and headed back downstairs to tell Michael that I had lost my mucous plug. In the middle of telling him, I felt a bigger gush of fluid and said “um, I think maybe my water broke.” I ran back upstairs and the gushes kept on coming. We got all giddy because we realized that we were finally having this baby! At this point I was still having very mild contractions at about 7-8 minutes apart.

I called the hospital and explained what happened and the doctor suggested I head on in so he could get me set up with a pitocin drip to speed things along since I was now on the 24-hour clock. I was so disappointed because I wanted a drug-free labor. I asked if it was alright if I waited a few hours for my parents to arrive to watch Gwen and he said that was fine as long as I was getting some regular movement from the baby. I was, so I called my parents who live 1.5 hours away and told them my water broke and asked if they would get ready and head up thinking I’d have to head in to the hospital. Then, I called my doula and told her what was going on. She told me to feel free to relax and labor at home, that having your water break isn’t an emergency, and that I didn’t need pitocin anytime soon. I felt better after talking to her and she told me to keep her posted.

October 12...12:30am
My parents arrived and labor hadn’t really kicked in yet, so we had them get a hotel room just in case my labor didn’t pick up (we don’t have a guest bedroom and I figured they may as well get some sleep). I called the hospital back, told them that my contractions were getting more regular and that I wanted to stay at home for a few more hours and get some sleep while I still could. He reluctantly said that would be okay but encouraged me not to wait more than early morning as he didn’t want to lose those precious hours of pitocin. Ugh. My parents headed off to their hotel, and Michael and I hung out on the couch watching t.v., timing contractions, and eating oatmeal. Finally we were getting tired and decided to just head up to bed. I figured nothing was going to happen anytime soon. We tried to sleep, but couldn’t so we hung out timing contractions and talking.

Contractions finally started getting closer together, about 5 minutes apart and started to get stronger. They were still easy to get through, but I started needing to focus a little and started experimenting with different positions. What really worked well for my contractions was sitting on my exercise ball in between contractions and then as one hit, getting on my knees on the floor and draping my arms and chest over the bed while swaying my hips from side to side or in circles (this position was REALLY helpful once the contractions got really intense!!).

Contractions are getting more intense and coming every 3-4 minutes. I need to focus through them, but as long as I am on my knees and resting my head on the bed, they are still quite manageable.

Contractions continued to get stronger and closer. It’s the closeness that was scaring me the most at that point because they still didn’t seem as severe as the contractions I had during my first labor. Some contractions would double up on me too, which was getting hard to deal with. We called my parents and told them to head over, and then called our doula again to tell her we were ready to head to the hospital. She agreed that would be a good idea and told us to call her when we were ready to leave. While waiting for my parents, my contractions got even closer together and almost seem on top of one another. During each contraction I would sway my hips from side to side or in a circle and that really seemed to help take the edge off the contraction pain. Also, I really focused on my breathing.

My parents arrived at 4:15 a.m. and we headed to the hospital (which is fortunately only 1 mile away). I started having hard contractions in the car that lasted closer to 2 mintues.

I got checked into the hospital and into my room (thankfully I had called ahead so they were ready for me). In the room, I had to get down on my knees and drape over the hospital bed for each contraction to stay in control. The nurse disapproved of me being on the floor and suggested that she raise the head of the bed up so I could labor in my preferred position on the bed. My doula arrived shortly after, and they got me up on the bed on my knees, leaning over the head of the bed. Much better! The nurse then needed to do a monitor strip, and told me I could stay in that position while she did it, which was a life saver (usually they make you lie down in bed). She also didn’t check my dilation since I had requested in my birth plan only necessary vaginal exams. I was handling labor well and didn’t want to get discouraged if I wasn’t dilated enough.

I started feeling some pressure with my contractions and the nurse suggested I try hopping in the tub and having Michael use the sprayer on my tummy. The warm water felt amazing, but I just couldn’t get comfortable in the tub during a contraction because the tub was so small, so I got out after two contractions and went back to my kneeling position on the bed. The nurse then said the doctor wanted her to check me to make sure baby was head down and that I was progressing. As she checked me I was thinking to myself “do not be discouraged if you are only a 4”. Turns out I was 8cm, fully effaced, and at zero station. This was so energizing to hear. I knew at that point that I could do it.

Right after my check I had two incredibly intense contractions that caused me to start bearing down uncontrollably. I started to get scared and panic, but my doula was right there talking me through it, telling me to relax and to just let it happen, that my cervix was melting away, etc. Her words were so helpful right at that critical point. I suddenly flipped over on the bed, sat down, and with the next contraction started pushing full force. I just couldn’t kneel anymore, and I couldn’t stop pushing. The nurse came over, saw the baby’s head and paged the doctor. Her head went back up as the contraction ended and the doctor came in and said in an annoyed tone “what’s the emergency? I was paged stat.” (this is the first time he came in the room. I didn’t like this doctor.) The nurse said “we had a head.”

So, he immediately started throwing on his scrubs and getting things set up. I pushed one more time and her head was out. Suddenly everyone was yelling “stop pushing!!" I stopped and focused on breathing, which really wasn’t very difficult (I always imagined having a baby half in and half out would be excruciating, but it wasn’t). Apparently, the umbilical cord was wrapped twice around her neck, and then looped around her shoulder and body. My doula said she’d never seen a baby so wrapped up in it’s cord in all her experience! The doctor unwrapped her and then I pushed one more time and she was out. I immediately sat up in bed and reached for her. She was beautiful and perfect! I just snuggled her to my chest while we waited for the umbilical cord to stop pulsing. Once it stopped, it was clamped and Michael cut the cord. We waited about 30 minutes for the placenta to come out and with a simple push it popped right out. Madeline was having a little trouble maintaining her body temp at first, so after about 45 mintues of being on my chest, they put her on the warming table while I took a quick shower. By the time I got out and dressed she was ready to come back to me. I felt absolutely wonderful after the birth. I had no medications of any kind during the entire birth, I only had a skid mark tear, and I just felt on top of the world!

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I think I have time to do this. DH took Charlotte to the park and Ramona is sleeping (I think she's always sleeping)....

The Stats:
Ramona Soleil
Sunday, October 28th
40 weeks 5 days
6:33PM EST
7lbs 7oz
21 inches

To compare, Charlotte was:
Thursday, May 18th
40 weeks 6 days
6:51 AM EST
7lbs 10oz
20 inches

Alright so I had mild contrax for most of the evening and night on the Sat, but they quit altogether and I got 3.5 hours of sleep. I woke up around 430am and was a little disappointed that I had slept because I figured I would never have her.

I went on the laptop around 5am and zefroim/sara was online and they contrax picked up around 530AM...I was debating with myself and outloud to sara about going and calling my mom or not. she wanted an hourish to get ready and then another hour to get here. So I timed them and they were strong for 45-60 secs every 5 mins at that point.

I decided to call my mom around 630 and shortly after DH got up and I told him They stayed strong but they were anywhere from 3-5 mins apart. My mom didn't get here until 9am and I had a terrible time saying goodbye to Charlotte. Must've been the hormones but I had a mini breakdown but had too stop to breathe through the contrax.

The labour this time was all in the front and I just did not know how to deal with that pain AT ALL...In comparison back labour was easier to deal with.

At 945 we were in a cab and on the way. I was disappointed that I was only a 2.5 cms but my cervix was really effacing so I guess that was something. I was told to walk for two hours and return. I did and man oh man I couldn't take the last thirty mins of walking. We got back and she checked me and I was only just barely a 4. They wanted me to walk 30 more mins and told me to think about it for a min. The next three contrax (before they came back to see me) made me cry. I was done, it hurt too much I wanted to be in a room without the entire hospital watching me I just wanted a room already!!!!

They came in, saw me, and go things going for me to get in a room. By this time (with all the travel and waiting time we did) it was 130ish PM. Got into a room and we talked epidural. I agreed to get it now but I was really doubting myself. I didn't want to stall labour and was terrified of c/s. Still decided to do it though.

By 230 the epi was finally in and by 3 I was only feeling pain in one rib on the right with every contraction (her foot was there). Of course the contrax slowed and they gave me the minimal oxytocin dose. they upped it once and that's all I needed to get back on track.

At this point I could still feel my legs but they were a little tingly and I didn't have that paralyzed from the boobs down feeling that I had with Charlotte's. I was getting worried and then the nurse said she thought I knew that they only did walking epi's now. Heck I didn't even know there were walking epi's!!!

I had a full dose of meds at 230 btw for the GBS+ and by 4 I was sitting in my bed. The docs came in and I was only 4.5 cms and I was starting to get discouraged... At 515 I got up to empty my bladder, and walk around. I could feel pressure at every contraction and by 545 it was suggested I get back into bed and push the epi button because I had walked off alot of it. I got to push the button twice but the pressure was mounting and I could see that the contrax were almost constant!

At 6PM DH went to get a coffee because I told him it would be a long long while. he was back at 610 and the nurse said she was sure we'd have her before she left at 645...I laughed. At 618 I wasn't laughing anymore. She said she was going to get the doc to come and break my water and get this show on the road. at 620 I said dont bother It just broke. I felt it! That's all I wanted, I wanted to have my water break on its own and feel it.

Things were nuts after that. She checked to see the fluid it was clear and she looked at me and said to let her check me. I had a cervical lip and was at 8cms. DEAR LORD the contrax picked up and the epi wasn't really working because it takes a long time to catch up when you walk it off. I told her not to leave she was coming NOW...she checked me again (625) and her head was there and I was complete. Another nurse came in and they paged the doctor and I said I felt like I had too hold her in. Their eyes bulged out and DH took his sweater off because it was looking like he was going to catch her!

They told me to push once, and the mirror was there and all i did was get my legs up and I saw her coming, I pushed once, the doc ran in got her gloves on while I panted through to the next contraction and did a half push and there she was. 13 mins ladies. I NEVER want my water to break at home. Also I felt the ring of fire it just wasnt as intense (I think) as with NO epi but I felt her. I didn't get to feel Charlotte. That being said I dont ever want to go completely natural...that was as much as I wanted to ever feel.

So 13 hours later (exactly half of Charlotte's labour) Ramona Soleil was born screaming into the world with a head of hair

I held her for a bit but didn't get to feed right away as I did with Charlotte. DH held her beside me for 30 mins while they worked on me so that I wouldn't have PPH this time around.

The gave me Duratocin (sp)...its pit that lasts 24 hours or so. got my placenta out and immediately pushed and massaged the uterus. They pushed out one clot and my bleeding was right on target. I got 5 stitches spread over the same three superficial wounds as with Charlotte (which was only 4 stitches for her)...

I fed Ramona for a good hour after that and I stayed in that room for 3.5 hours instead of 2ish. I got to eat and shower before heading out to the Mother baby unit.

Ladies I didn't feel like I had a baby. I have been feeling great. By the time I left that room my uterus was 2cms below my belly button which is terrific. Overnight after constant feeding...it was 3cms below the belly button.

I dont feel like I had a baby. I didn't realize how horrible I felt after Charlotte since I never had a "normal" birth to compare it too. I'm not dizzy, not really tired, bleeding is almost gone (big switch from 12 weeks of hemorraging on and off the last time). my biggest complaint this time is the nips. Ramona is like a vaccuum (even the ped made a comment yesterday morning) and I'm still thinking of bottles...really not asking for opinions I know all the facts, I added a bottle at 3 weeks old...we'll see this time!


Ramona was 7lbs when we left the hospital and at her appt at 5 days old (friday) shes back to 7lbs 2 oz....the child does not wake in the night she does 6ish hours so she's now getting 6-7 feeds in a 24 hour period. The ped said she's back on her way up so he's not worried!

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Chloes Birth story
Born OCT 3RD,2007

I was up at 2am since i couldnt sleep prior to the c-section.We got to the hospital at 530 and i was taken to be prepped for the surgery...while i did that Will had to wait in the waiting room.He was finally brought in and my doctor came in to see me and he was all ready but told me the surgery would be pushed back a couple hours..which upset me becuase i was starving and nervous...The reason for my delay?An emergency c-section that they couldnt get the doctor out of bed to come perform it.So Will decides to go get a soda...and like in the movies thats when the nurses all came in and said its time to go and here i am without Will so he is being called and paged to come back....meanwhile he is still MIA and im being wheeled to the OR.Its 7:14 when i get in the OR and they put the spinal in and the doctors talking and joking with us.Will was finally back and let in and sat down..it seemed like no sooner did he sit down then Chloe was out in like a few minutes!Chloe was born screaming her head off at 7:32 weighing a whopping 8 pounds 9 ounces and 21 inches long!I loved her cry and got to watch her when they were getting her cleaned up.The doctor was really happy with the surgery since i had absolutly no scar tissue.He even said when he was sewing me up that i would be in my low rise jeans very very soon..which made my day.I had to be given nausea meds becuase i was getting sick.Finally i was taken to recovery where they monitered me for awhile i guess i gave them a small scare since my heartrate was low but i was fine and it went up afterwards.The doctor actually went into the nursery just to see how much Chloe weighed becuase he was so shocked by how big she was..a week earlier they guesstimated her at 7-7 1/2 pounds so i was shocked by her weight!Chloe had to go to the NICU for a short time since she swallowed amniotic fluid on her way out and her blood sugar was low.She was given formula and i got to see her 30 minutes after i got to recovery.She is my angel and such a great baby and kyles being a great big brother!