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Sweet Morgan!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Welcome to the world honey!!!

I know your mommy and daddy are over the moon right now, that is why I haven't seen photos yet! Smile

Congrats Rita (((HUGE HUG))) I'm a little late getting over here, but I thought of you in my dreams last night and remember, "Dang, she must had delivered by now!"

So happy for you - can't wait to see/hear more!!!

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I hope your title is changed to post partum soon! It would make checking in on people so much easier...and that was the point of it anyway. I wonder who is in charge of that? Probably a new mommy who doesn't have the time! Wink

How are things going with the new family? I hope you are enjoying each new phase!

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Congrats! So happy for your family!

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I completely missed this announcement!

Congratulations on your new arrival! How exciting for you!

I can't wait to hear your birth story and see some pics!



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nak...Bumping.... I am working on my birth story, hopefully I will have that and some pictures soon!!

(sorry, I have totally been mia, but everything is going great. Morgan is a wonderful baby!!)

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I can't wait to hear your story! Congrats!

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It's been awhile since I've come back here, and alot of that has to do with my labor experience. I am really not at peace with my decision, but I am trying to make peace with myself. So one way to accomplish that is by writing my birth experience here, and try to stop feeling guilty for not having given birth "right".

So I was due on the 10th, and very anxious to have the baby. I had been having false labor for over a month. I went in for my 40 week appt on the 10th, and everything was normal. I declined the internal exam, I'd been checking myself at home, and I knew that nothing was really happening. I went home pretty dejected about being at 40 weeks. I went to bed that night and felt normal, but I woke up around 4:30, and was having pretty regular contractions. I got up and timed them for an hour, and they were 3-4 minutes apart and they lasted about 60 yo 80 seconds. I called the mw, and she said it sounded good, and to call her back when they were more intense and I was "miserable". Well, DH decided to go to work, but I would call him as soon as I thought it was getting closer. So I hung out at home, and tried to get myself readuy to have a baby. But by lunchtime, my contractions had tapered off and were coming every 8 to 10 minutes. At this point, I was uncomfortable, but I was more frustrated by my body. Was I "in labor" or not??

My mw called me later that evening to check on my status. I explained to her that my contractions were coming and going. I would take a walk, or run to the grocery store, and they increased in frequency and strength. But within an hour or so, they would stretch out to ten minutes again. I also told her they seemed to be stronger in my back then in my stomach. This was the first time anybody mentioned podromal labor. She said my body was not maintaining a good contraction pattern, and that it may be awhile before I delivered. But I was supposed to call if they became regular or my water broke.

I tried to get some sleep on weds night, and I was able to get a few hours, but the pain in my back woke me up a few times every hour. My dh got up with me through the night, and he would gve me counterpressure through each contraction. The next morning, I felt like we were moving along to a more steady pattern, so we decided that DH would stay home with me. By mid-morning, I called the MW back, and we discussed my contraction patterns. She still didn't feel like I was ready, but she asked that I come in to the office and have a NST. By the time I got to the office, about three hours later, my contractions had spread out to 10 or 15 minutes, again. I was pretty upset as I had the NST and the nurse came in and I was barely having measurable contractions. I felt like a neurotic pregnant lady who kept crying wolf. I started to wonder if the pain I'd been feeling was in my head, since the contractions were so "small". The mw came in, and explained again that she thought I was in podromal labor, and that being a first time mom, there was no telling how long before I would go into regular labor. She did offer to check my dilation, and this time I thought it was a good idea. Well, we were all shocked when she said I was 5cm and 80% effaced. I don' think anybody in the office thought I was actually making any progress. She gave me the option of going to the hospital right then, but without a regular contraction pattern, I would not be allowed into the alternative birthing center suites, I would have to check into the regular hospital. So I decided to go back home and wait until my labor became more consistent. But at this time, Thursday afternoon, I was sure I would be in the hospital that evening, Friday morning at the latest.

We went home, and I was a walking fool! The fact that I was 5cm was so exciting, it made all the work so far worth it! Plus, I felt like I was in such good shape as far as my birth plan was concerned. Still at home laboring at 5cm?! That was great, right?

Well, Thursday night was a long night. Although my contractions would not get into a regular pattern, they were definitely becoming more intense. And again, the back pain was becoming stronger and stronger. I spent most of the night with my fist shoved into my back trying to get through each contraction. But they were far enough apart for me to be able to doze off a little between each one. So Friday morning came, and I still did not have any kind of consistent labor pattern. We talked to the mw again, and she was becoming more convinced that the baby was facing the wrong way, and this podromal labor was my body trying to turn the baby around before it was ready to deliver. I wasn't sure that she was facing the wrong way, every appt so far she had been presenting perfectly, and she had not changed position at all. But, I did worry because I have an old lower back injury (3 herniated discs), and I was concerned that was the cause of my pain. But, I didn't want an induction, so we decided that I would labor as far as Sunday night (this seemed like the longest stretch of time in the world) before we would talk about any induction method.

My emotions were becoming as unpredictable as my contractions. I went through feeling like "this is it!" to being upset that all of my laboring, 2 1/2 days, wasn't gettting anything accomplished. I had been in and out of the shower, DH was doing everything he could to help me handle the contractions. I was getting exhausted and I was losing my appetite, but I decided to do the best I could until Sunday night. So Friday afternoon, I decided to take one last walk for the day to see if I could get anything going, and if the contractions weren't full force in a few hours, I was going to drink a healthy glass of wine (mw's orders), and try to get some sleep that night. So we went walking around the neighborhood, and as they always did during our walks, my contractions got closer together. But this time, they were down to 1 1/2 to 2 minutes apart. That was good, but the real test is when I got back home if they would stay there or not. So we went back home, and while DH made dinner, I tried to get comfortable. But they were still pretty consistent. So, after having been burned already thinking they were "real", only to have them taper off once I called the MW, I decided we would watch a movie. I me relaxing in a chair for a few hours didn't get them to slow down, then I would call the MW. So we put the movie in, and within the first hour, I really felt like this time the contractions were different. We were timing them, and they stayed between 2 1/2 to 4 minutes apart. Around 9:30 I decided to call the MW, I couldn't stay in my chair to watch the movie anymore, and I couldn't talk through my contractions. I talked to her for a few minutes, and she suggested we give it another hour to make sure they were getting stronger. So after another hour and my contractions getting to 2 to 3 minutes apart, we made the call and decided to head into the hospital.

We got to the hospital, and the MW was already there. I had to go to a triage room and get monitored and checked. We were all thrilled when the MW told me that I was at 7cm! This was it, in my head, I was thinking of the labor breakdowns, and how 7 cm means your going into transition, so I figured I was only a few hours away from giving birth, four to six hours at the most! (This was eleven on Friday night)

I was in the triage room for over an hour. The baby's heartrate was not reacting to the contractions the way they wanted. And I was forced to lay flat on the bed while they were monitoring, and my back was becoming more and more painful. At that point, we were trying to do anything possible to get me off the monitor and into the ABC suite. Finally, after a ton of juice and water, they finally released me into the mw's care.

As soon as we got into the room, I changed into comfy pajamas and decided that I wanted to walk the halls. I figured if I could still walk, I didn't need to be in the tub yet. So DH and I walked to halls for another hour or so, then I decided I was really getting uncomfortable, so I wanted to get into the shower. My MW and I both agreed that with my labor being so unpredictable, I didn't want to get into the water too soon and risk stalling out again. So I went into the shower, which felt fantastic. DH stayed with me and gave me water to drink between each contraction to help keep me hydrated. I must have been in the shower for another hour, maybe more. I finally decided that I wanted to get out and warm up a little bit. I decided to get out and try walking just a little bit more before I got into the tub. My MW checked me before we started walking, and I was at 8 1/2 cm. I didn't get very far in the hall before I decided that it didn't feel good to walk, and I wanted to be in the tub. We went back to the room, and she had already got the tub ready. She told me that she would let me labor in the tub, but if I didn't progress in a few hours, she would want to break my water.

I got in the tub and tried to work through the contractions. But the tub was a jacuzzi style tub in a corner, and I was laying on my back. I just did not feel comfortable, and it seemed like the contractions were affecting my back more and more. I really wanted to get on my hands and knees, but never did. Looking back, this is something that I really regret not trying. After about two hours, she checked me and I had not progressed past 8 1/2. So at that point she decided to break my water. Again, looking back, I wonder if this was a good decision.

Within another hour, I was still having horrible back pain, and I wanted out of the tub. The shower had really felt the best, and I wanted to try and get back in again. But, by now, the contractions were so strong, I wasn't able to get that comfortable rythym going. I tried the birthing ball, and stool, but the shower was not helping. My MW suggested getting on the bed and laying on my side to help things along. So I got out of the shower and made my way to the bed. From here, I feel like I lost control. I couldn't catch my breath between each contraction, and I was shaking uncontrollably. Another hour or so had passed since she'd checked me last, and I was still at 8 1/2 cm. Although the baby was doing great, my contractions had started to get shorter and spread out again. I could believe my labor was stalling at 8 1/2 cm... The pain in my back was so bad, I couldn't even get the strength to try and bear down, the pressure from pushing was horrible. It was at this point I lost the ability to handle the contractions, I couldn't take any direction from the MW or my DH, and I spent the few moments between each contraction dreading the next. And the fact that I wasn't progressing was just too much, I asked for an epidural. DH was very supportive, he later told me that I had fought so hard, and he knew I was not a quitter, so if I was telling him that I needed relief, he knew it was serious. The MW was very supportive as well, and she said that she really felt like my body needed just a small dose of pitocin to regulate my contractions and get my body ready to push. In my mind, I knew they were just being nice, but I couldn't handle the pain in my back any longer. I was crying as we left the ABC room to go to a regular hospital room and get the epidural.

Once I made the decision, around 5:30 am, it didn't take long for them to get everything ready. The dr came in to give me the epidural, and the MW gave me a very low dose of pitocin. Within minutes of getting the epidural, I fell asleep and didn't wake up for two hours. I asked the MW afterwards if that was from the epidural, and she said maybe a little bit, but it was mostly due to me being exhausted.

At 9am, the MW who had been with us all night was ready to go home. She checked me, and I was fully dialated, but I had a very swollen lip that needed to go away before I could push. The other MW came on, and after she got settled, she checked me around 9:30, and the baby's head was already crowning, she called my DH over to show him all of the hair on the baby's head! I knew that I couldn't feel my legs, and I would have no idea where to push, so I asked them to put a mirror up so I could watch, and that is the only way I knew where I was pushing. DH held one leg as a nurse held the other, and it was amazing to watch my little girl come out! Within 35 minutes of pushing, she was out! DH and I both started crying, and she was put to my chest right away. She had her eyes wide open and was crying before I got her into my arms. I asked if I could breastfeed her, and the MW said "It's your baby, do whatever you want to do!" She had no trouble latching on, and I got to breastfeed her within minutes of her being born!

DH cut the cord, and went with her to the nursery to be weighed. But then they brought her back, and she didn't leave my side again. I had one tiny tear, and she gave me one stitch, but otherwise I was fine.

Morgan Lorraine was born at 10:19 am on Saturday July 14. She weighed 7lb 12 oz and was 19 1/2 in long. She had a full head of hair and dark blue eyes. We only stayed in the hospital one night, and we went home Sunday morning.

Here are some pictures of Morgan

After she was born and we had just breastfed for the first time

Getting weighed in the nursery

With daddy at the hospital

Our dog Linus making sure she is comfy

A tummy time moment

The love of our lives!!

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nak Rita, your birth story brought tears to my eyes. It may not all have happened s you planned it,but you did great! Morgan is a gorgeous little girl!

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You did a great job and your DD is precious! Things rarely go as we plan in life...we just have to roll with it.