We awoke the morning of Monday July 7, 2003 at 5:30 am for the big day. Today was the day Ryan Scott would be born. I was a nervous wreck, in tears, scared of what the whole labor process was about to bring my way.

At 7:00 am we arrived at the hospital to check in and get ready to start my induction of labor. By 8:00 am my I.V. was in place. Ryan’s heart rate was wonderful! This whole time they were concerned about it, and so far so good.

At 8:45 am, Dr. Hundley came in to check my cervix, stating that I was at 2cm. She promptly broke my water, which felt like I was peeing all over the place. She stated she would be back later in the day to see how the process was moving along.

The nurses came in afterwards to start my pitocin. The pitocin seemed to kick in right away. I started out having mild contraction for about an hour, but by 10:00 am they were coming strong and hard. They lasted about 60 seconds and occurring about every 90. There seemed to be no breaks in between.

At 10:15am I was in a lot of pain. The nurses had convinced me an epidural was a good thing so I decided to have one. There went my natural childbirth plans right out the window. By 10:30 I was in no pain. The epidural seemed to be a good thing.

At 11:00 am your heart rate dropped very low. The nurses called in doctors and I was quickly surrounded by about 5 of them. As quickly as it had dropped, it went right back up to where it was supposed to be. That was really frightening, but as usual, Ryan pulled through it.

Around 1:00pm my doctor came back in to determine I was finally at about 4 cm. Finally some progress had begun. I started feeling excited about the whole childbirth thing.

Around 3:00pm I started to feel every contraction, and it was no joke. They gave me some more medication and it gradually went away.

At 6:00 my doctor came in to check me and make me aware she was leaving for the day. That really ticked me off. The whole reason for the induction was so she could deliver the baby! Good news was I was now 5 cm dilated. My new Dr. came in to introduce himself. About 45 minutes later, my new doctor checked my cervix to determine I was now fully dilated! 10 cm!

Then things got crazy. The doctor started prepping the room and none of my family was around. Everyone went outside to smoke and all of a sudden I was alone on the bed pushing my son out. I kept begging for them to wait for everyone, but they didn’t want to hear it. Finally they came back and everyone was in complete shock. Derrick almost passed out on the floor. He didn’t know how to handle everything. It was only 15 minutes later and the doctor decided we needed to use a vacuum and forceps. By 7:30 we hadn’t gotten Ryan to budge an inch. They continued to have me push but Ryan was in a head down position, only his head was transverse. He couldn’t fit through my pelvis. The doctor made me aware that we made need a cesarean if we didn’t make anymore more progress.

By 9:00 they were wheeling me away to the operating room. I had to be given a spinal tap in order to do the cesarean.
At 9:35pm Ryan arrived.