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    That is empowering to me. You really co-managed your labor, you really did. You did all you could, and what an amazing job. What a beautiful girl, and she is so big, I guess that is from growing in mom an extra 3 wks. I wouldn't have the patience to wait that long, you truly are amazing!
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    I think your mental perseverance through all of this to be really admirable. Not many people can say they made it to 43wks with as much stability as you have. I think you handled the entire situation wonderfully and I'm sorry you feel regret for accepting the induction, I think you did great & hope that once your able to digest everything you'll be able to see how great you did.

    It *is* a bit mind boggling how quickly things can spiral out of control. I've experienced that to one degree or another with each of my pregnancies, some have been harder to come to terms with than others. I think what we need to remind ourselves of is that we did the best we could with what we had at the time.

    Congrats again hun!
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    I think you are amazing for making it to 43 weeks! I hope you can feel peace with the birth - There is no shame in having gone with the induction!

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    Don't doubt your decisions, you held out longer than most women would be able to and you did a great job laboring through and giving yourself the best options possible. I'm happy to read your feeling great and have a great eater your hands.



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    Girl, you are amazing. I am so proud of you for doing the right thing by your baby. Tess is beautiful, and her birth sounds beautiful too. WTG momma.

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    Your story was amazing, Sandi. You did everything you could and I'm still totally amazed that you labored on pit for so long. I also think it's awesome that you didn't get induced when you were leaking amniotic fluid--that's pretty much what happened to me. I think my leak would have re-sealed was a very slow drip and Tehani's head was pretty low, so she was blocking up my cervix from allowing the fluid to drip.

    You ended up with a birth full of medical intervention, but it was done with your informed consent, and that distinguishes you from so many poor mamas who just do whatever the doctor says. You don't know what would have happened if you had refused induction and waited to go into labor on your own--you may have still had a c-section or there could have been other complications, you never know. You made the decision because you felt at the time that it was best with the information that was available to you, and that's the best anyone can do.
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