Sept '06 Sparkles Birthdates/Birth stories (No Comments)

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Sept '06 Sparkles Birthdates/Birth stories (No Comments)

**Please place any comments about the stories on another thread**

if you can provide Name, DOB, time if desired, weight, inches, weeks gestation (ie 37 weeks), and screen name/real name (if you feel comfortable doing so) that would be great!!

Sapphire Sparkles Birth Dates & Stories

~ Brennan Mark ~
Sat 4/15/2006, 1:30pm
11.5 oz, 6 in
^Born To Heaven^
lauriesch22 (Laurie)


August 1st

:sleepygirl: Tzivia Bracha / Harriette Grace (Gracie), 4 lbs.
:sleepyboy: Joseph Morris (Joey), 3lbs 13oz.

adraorien (Shanna)

August 4th

:sleepyboy: Noah Jeffrey, 12:30p.m., 6 lbs ½ oz, 18½" MissyLayton (Missy)

August 14th

:sleepygirl:Macy Marie, 12:34p.m., 7 lbs 4 oz, 20". Amber_2005 (Amber)

August 17th

:sleepyboy:Anthony Larry, 5:14 pm, 5lbs. 4 oz., 18¼"., 36 weeks 3 days Soonermom2b (Misty)

August 19th

:sleepygirl:Barbara "Ainssley", 7:16am, 6lbs. 11oz., 51cm long, Head circ 32.5 cm, 38 weeks Danielle&Owen (Danielle)

August 20th

:sleepygirl:Katherine birdie05

August 21st

:sleepygirl:Isabella, 3:58 am, 4 lbs. 12 oz., 17¾" 35 weeks 5 days MarleenN (Marleen)

:sleepyboy:James Robert, 1:11pm EST 8lb 9oz, 20¾" long Cerenity (Laura)

:sleepygirl:Rayne Maureen, 2:09pm, 6 lbs. 5 oz., 18¾". mommytobeof4 (Sarah)

August 23rd

:sleepygirl: Jayden Mae, 1:58 pm CST, 7lbs 1oz., 19½", soontobemommyof5 (Hillary)

August 24th

:sleepyboy: Terry Lee, 7:06pm, 8lbs. 10oz, 21 ½" Lauryn13 (Heather)

:sleepyboy: Christopher John (CJ), 12:12 p.m., 4lbs and 10oz.,18", 36wks and 3 days sanderson516 (Lisa)

August 26th

:sleepygirl:Lauren Elizabeth-McKenna, 2:45pm, 6lbs 10oz, 19¾". Carey_78 (Carey)

August 27th

:sleepyboy:Thomas Gabriel "Gabe", 9:37 pm., 6 lbs and 15.5 oz.,19½" cannaba (Cathy)

August 28th

:sleepygirl:Ashley Paige, 3:29 a.m., 6lbs and 2oz., 19" ahill181 (Amy)

August 29th

:sleepyboy:Hayden, 5:49am, 6 lbs. 12 oz., 18" LMN713 (Lisa)

:sleepyboy:Nathaniel Graham, 8:26 a.m., 7 lbs. 4 oz., 18.8" Barbygirl43 (Dawnyal)

August 30th

:sleepyboy:Casey Major, 12:25 p.m., 7 lbs. 4 oz., 20" Mommy2Cal&Major (Ivy)

:sleepyboy:Caleb Beckett, 4:56p.m., 8lbs. 5oz., 21" 3weeparakeets (Kelly)

:sleepygirl:Alexandra Jo "Allie", 1:02p.m., 6lbs 14oz 19" 2girlsmom (Becki)

August 31st

:sleepyboy: Xavier Angelo B, 5:14pm., 8lbs 8 oz., 20" nu mommee (Sara)

:sleepygirl: Samantha Ann, 5:37 pm., 8lbs, 10 ozs., 20" pookie1010 (Chris)

:sleepyboy: Wyatt William, 6:35p.m., 6lbs 3oz, 20" fadenaway4 (Amanda)

:sleepyboy: Bradley Matthew, 9:23p.m., 7lbs 11oz, 21" LauraC123 (Laura)

:sleepygirl: Gabriella Renee, 10:30p.m., Indian Standard time., 7.2 lbs angela0902


September 1st

:sleepyboy:Samuel Adams, 7 lbs. 7 oz., 18½" CJWilkes (Cindy) - successful VBAC

September 4th
:sleepygirl: Kathleen Sena, 4:50p.m., 6 lb, 9 oz., 18" atnightingale (Allison)

:sleepygirl:Sarah Catherine, 10:04p.m., 7 lbs 8 oz., 19¾" MandyGirl (Mandy)

September 5th

:sleepygirl:Harriet Marcella, 12:49pm, 7lbs 15oz., 20½" caligula06 (Sarah)

:sleepyboy:Ryan Joseph, 2:26p.m., 7lbs 5 oz., 20" treenbaby (Tree)

September 6th

:sleepygirl:Leah Faith, 1:54am, 6lbs 5oz, 19¾" blessed_mommy (Kimberly)

:sleepyboy:Spencer Scott, 12:30 p.m., 5 lb 12.6oz., 19", head 13" wjennifer (Jen)

:sleepyboy:Carter William, 1:06p.m., 6lb 9½oz., 20" ValKay18 (Valerie)

:sleepyboy:Connor Drew, 5:41 pm. 8 lbs, 3 oz and was 21½", 41 wks 2 days ablondie (April)

:sleepyboy:Gavin Vaughn Kiefer, 11p.m., 7lbs 13 oz., 21" piperdawg (Piper)

September 7th

:sleepygirl:Katelynn Dawn, 4:05a.m., 7lbs 12oz., 21¾" Chelsea_k

:sleepygirl:Madeline Belle Georgette, 5:29a.m., 6lb 4½oz. roseykat (Candi)

:sleepyboy:Carson., 9:06a.m., 8lbs 5 oz., 19½" thrilled2bmom (Julie)

:sleepygirl:Valerie Catherine, 12:54p.m., 7lbs 4oz., 21" Purple_Ball

September 8th

:sleepygirl:Zanthie Paige, 11:47 a.m. (NZ ST) 5lb 11oz., 50cm Redflea (Rebecca)

:sleepyboy:Damian Douglas, 1:22a.m. 8lbs 7oz 20" inches, head 36½cm destany (Brandi)

:sleepygirl:Katherine Elizabeth, 8lb 9oz, and 21" Ehlamback (Elizabeth)

:sleepyboy:Jaxon Gabriel, 2:24p.m. 6lb 8oz MadreJoyce (Joyce)

September 9th

:sleepygirl:Allison Christine, 3:56p.m., 8lbs 13oz., 39w 2d Christine (BabyDreams05)

September 10th

:sleepyboy:Xavier Francis, 10:06p.m. PST, 8 lbs. 1 oz., 20" Alexis (Lexi) (Lexicat)

September 11th

:sleepyboy:Lucas Justin, 6lbs. 15 oz., 21" Mskoala (Lisa)

:sleepygirl:Liliana Joy danischr (Christine)

:sleepyboy:Matthew Dawson, 10:00 am, 8 lbs., 20" peanutfactory (Crystal).

September 12th

:sleepygirl:Andra Hope, 10:30a.m., 7lbs 6oz, 20½" mydollymya (Jenn)

:sleepyboy:Benjamin John, 9:44p.m., 7 lbs 11 oz., 20" bkessler (Breanne)

September 13th

:sleepyboy:Logan Matthew, 8:04 NZST, 3.63kg / 8lb, 55cm/21.6" 40w 2d 3kiwikids (Esther)

:sleepyboy: Kenneth Elijah Rogers, 6:06a.m., lurkersinceJan (LaTasha)

:sleepygirl:Addison Elizabeth, 1:03 pm EST, 6lbs 4oz. Lilac0422 (Casey)

:sleepyboy:Tobin James, 8 lbs 3 oz, 21" jaynazan (Sara)

:sleepygirl:Chloe rntonums1977 (Toni)

September 14th

:sleepyboy:Ian Michael, 7lb 15oz., 20" thaigirl1 (Kim)

:sleepyboy:Alexander (Xander), 1:22 a.m. 7lb 8oz, 20¼" Kellyr2 (Kelly)


September 15th

:sleepygirl:Kathryn Bonnie,1:52 a.m. 8lb, 21" Hauslem (Heather)

:sleepyboy:Harrison Bowden, 07:27a.m. AEST., 3.74kg (8lb 4oz.), 51.5cm (20¾") Dukestar (Angela)

:sleepyboy:Mason David, 8:48 a.m., 5lb 14oz., 20" momof5sweeties (Tina)

:sleepyboy:Micah Shane, 12:05 p.m., 7lbs 3oz., 20" Shisha_25 (Shisha)

:sleepyboy:Makai Schon, 1:28p.m., 8lb 9oz., 20" Ccindicane2 (Cindy)

:sleepygirl:Hayley Marta, 7:09p.m., 7lbs 12oz., 20", (39 weeks 5 days) Jennie+1 (Jennie)

:sleepyboy:Luke Antonio, 10:34 p.m., 6lbs 14oz., 19½" rosanna_danna78 (Rosanne)

:sleepygirl:Katherine May, 10:46 p.m. 7lb 9oz., 19" kmaypottery (Kim)

:sleepyboy:Noah Phillip Joseph, 10:29 p.m., 9lbs. 21¾" prattmommy (Charity)

:sleepyboy:Lucien James mrsdonaldeakins (Rachel)

September 16th

:sleepyboy:Tyler, 3:22 a.m., 8lb 10oz. IBLove (Kylie)

:sleepyboy:Isaac Dearden, 2.00p.m., 8lbs 5oz (or 5lbs 8½oz)., 18½" bekah76 (Rebekah)

:sleepyboy:Maxime Noah, 6:14p.m., 8lbs 13 oz., 21" mford (Melanie) 40 weeks

:sleepygirl:Alexis (Lexi) Henna, 9:59p.m., 7lb 4oz., 21" 1kewlmom (Priya)

September 17th

:sleepygirl:Sofia Ruth Angela, 1:06 p.m., 7 lbs 6 oz., 20½" ahanson74 (Andrea)

:sleepygirl:Bridget Mary, 11:22 am., 6lbs 8oz., 20¾" Mrs.C (Aimee)

September 18th

:sleepyboy:Jacob Andrew, 3:39a.m., 7lb 6½oz, 21" MySweetAGL (Shannon)

:sleepyboy:Mason Vernon, 1:59p.m., 8lb 6oz., 20" Shawnee (soontobemomto3)

:sleepyboy: Joshua Arthur Moe, 3:53p.m., 7lb 7oz., 20" Faith1985 (Samantha)

September 19th

:sleepygirl:Isabella Gianna, 11:10a.m., 8lbs, 20½" (LanaLei)

:sleepygirl:Lacey Jane, 4:23p.m., 7lbs 13oz., 20½" pgtobesoon (Amy)

:sleepygirl:Lucy Aurelia, 10:18 p.m., 7lbs 5oz., 21" Clarf (Clare)

:sleepyboy:Mason David, 7 Lbs, 12 ozs., rooney1977 (Steph)

September 20th

:sleepygirl:Clementine Luna, 11:55p.m. (Thailand), 7lb, 22" MamacitaErin (Erin)

:sleepyboy:Luke Atticus, 7:34a.m. 6lbs 14 oz., 19¾" DogMum/BabyMum2B (Laura)

:sleepygirl:Grace (Gracie) Elizabeth, 5:42 p.m., 6lbs 13oz., 20" Laberglund (Lisa)

:sleepygirl:Eva Clare, 6:35 pm, 6lbs 14oz, 19¾". mythicbubbles (Michelle)

September 21st

:sleepyboy:Isaiah Wesley, 12:13a.m., 8lb 4oz., 20" Mom-n-More (Mattie)

September 22nd

:sleepygirl:Madison Brooke, 8lbs 12oz., 21" AuTigerMommy

:sleepygirl:Cadence Allena, 2:32 p.m., 6lb 9oz., 19" Linda (LindieLu)

:sleepygirl:Name TBA, 5:17p.m., 7lbs 7oz., 20" Lisa (OKTallMommy)

September 23rd

:sleepygirl:Haleigh Jeanne, 2:46p.m., 8lbs, 20" stenzel (Nichole)

:sleepyboy:Vincent, 11:13 a.m., 7lbs 1oz., 19¼" Amandez (Amanda)

September 24th

:sleepygirl:Anna Christine, 10:01 p.m., 7lbs 3oz., 20¼" ELeigh (Erica)

September 25th

:sleepygirl:Ainsley, 12:51p.m., 7lbs 6oz., 20" Alleycatt (Stephanie)

:sleepygirl:Kodi Jennifer Ray3Ray3 (Raelyn)

September 27th

:sleepygirl:Shyla sanskara (Kiran)

September 26th

:sleepygirl:Faith Elizabeth Angel, 1:48p.m., 8lbs 1oz., 20" Mom2BeXoXo (Shanna)

September 29th
[SIZE=2]:sleepyboy: [COLOR=deepskyblue]Shai, 6lb. 15 oz. [COLOR=black]Aingel6 (Oryah)[/COLOR]
September 30th

:sleepygirl: Abigail Prudence., 3.43a.m., 6lbs 7oz., 19½" JacquelineOliver (Jackie)

:sleepygirl:Evalyn (Eva) Mae, 12:13p.m., 7lbs 9oz., 19" Cutiepie27 (Amber)


October 1st

:sleepyboy:John Byron, 7:40a.m., 8lbs 4oz., 21" Lilie2004 (Lilie)

October 3rd

:sleepygirl:Lilah Peggy, 2:24 p.m., 7lbs. 10oz., 19½" LuckyMe2n2 (Lisa)

:sleepygirl:Ellina-Jai, 7:22 a.m., 9lb 4oz, 56.5cm (22")Kylie87 (Kylie)

October 5th

:sleepygirl:Claire Helen, 6:03 a.m., 7lb 7oz., 19.9" saffronelephant (Carla)


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**Thank you all for allowing me to post Brennan's Birth Story**

Well I am finally feeling up to posting Brennan's birth story. Here goes:
Thursday April 13th, 2006 was supposed to be a great day. But during the ultrasound, we learned the horrible news that Brennan would not have any chance of survival outside of me.
So On Friday April 14, 2006 I was induced at about 7pm. When the midwife first checked me, I was already a fingertip dilated. We figured the stress from the past day and a half started the process naturally. The medication they gave me had some bad side effects; such as I developed a fever and vomited several times after each dose. The contractions became regular and very strong almost immediately, but I was not dilating at the speed they had anticipated.
About 10pm the pain was getting pretty bad. I had wanted something for pain, not so much for myself, but for Brennan. I wanted to make sure that he was comfortable, as I could still feel him moving around inside me at this point. I was offered a Demerol PCA, and accepted it. I used it a few times, and felt comfortable with the fact that Brennan would be at peace. I hope that was the right decision.
Around midnight, I didn't really feel Brennan move anymore, so I stopped using the pain meds. At this point I was about 2 cm and all the nurses kept telling me that since Brennan was so small that I would probably only have to get to about 4cm to deliver him.

Morning came and I was still only about 3 cm. The contractions were intense, but I didn't use any medication, as I wanted to be completely alert when Brennan came. By morning I had not felt any movement, so I knew that Brennan had probably already passed.
My OB came in around 10am, but nothing was really discussed. She really didn't even talk to me. I got most of my support from the nurse and the midwife. My mom and sister came to the hospital, something that I had not anticipated, but looking back I am so happy they were there.

My 10am induction drug broke my water. (Yes the meds were given orally and vaginally) WOW! I didnt know what to expect with my water breaking, but I sure wasn't ready for how much water is involved. This was a breaking point for me emotionally. I knew what was going on, but this made everything completely hit home. It was obvious we were not far away, and that really upset me. I wanted to be pregnant so bad, and I knew that my pregnancy was just about over.

At about noon, I was 4cm dilated and they "thought" they could feel Brennan's head. It was "either his head or his butt" they told me. They kept asking me if I felt pressure, and as odd as it sounds I didn't really feel anything. All I felt were the contractions that were one right on top of each other.

About 1pm, something happened. I started feeling extremely jittery. My sister kept asking if I felt things were changing, but I thought I was just real emotional and nervous. But at about 1:05 I knew it was time. I felt pressure, and now I know what they were asking me about all that time.

It was so hard on my husband. He had been sleeping for about 30 minutes when I called for the nurse to tell her I felt the pressure. I could not believe it how fast everyone was in the room. They overhead paged the NICU docs, I guess they had to be prepared if Brennan were to be born alive. Anyways about 20 people ran into the room, just as my husband was waking up. He must have realized what was happening, and jumped off his bed and ran out of the room. Later I found out that he was vomiting for about 10 minutes after this. He had originally told me that he didn't think he would want to see the baby, and I respected that and told him to just leave when I was pushing.

So as he was running out of the room, my mother was running out after him to make sure he was ok. My sister stayed at my head, and just kept telling me that everything would be ok. I was screaming, yes there was pain, but I was just so upset this was all ending. I didn't want my time with Brennan to end. But at 1:27pm on 4/15/2006 my little angel, Brennan Mark Hayes was born into heaven.

Instantly the midwives checked for a pulse and breathing, but there was nothing. He was pronounced dead, and I was slightly relieved. I would have been a wreck if they had to do anything to try and "save" him. I was relieved that he was at peace.

They clamped off his umbilical cord, and then had to work on getting some core blood into a needle. Since everything was so small this took a long time. All the while I was just crying. Then I realized that I still didn't know if it was a boy or girl. I was POSITIVE I was having a girl. I asked, and they told me it was a BOY! I was in shock! So was my sister. At this point my mom and husband was still out of the room, so my sister went out to tell them that I had delivered and that it was a boy!

Shortly after I was able to hold Brennan. I held him for a LONG time. About 30 minutes later, they told me that if I didn't deliver the placenta within a few minutes I was going to need to go in for a D&C. I told them NO WAY, but knew that my options were limited. I looked at Brennan and prayed telling Brennan to help me, as I didn't want to have to leave him. About a minute later I could feel something and I delivered the placenta while holding Brennan! I was so glad I didn't have to leave him.

I got cleaned up and somehow my husband changed his mind and decided to come in to see us. It was nice, and I was glad he decided to come see Brennan. We just sat together with me holding Brennan and cried.

I stayed in the hospital until just about 8:30pm that night. At about 6, we were thinking about leaving, so my mom and my sister went home, so that Wayne and I could spend our last few hours with Brennan alone. When we were about ready to leave, I asked Wayne one last time if he wanted to hold Brennan. Somehow he found the courage and said yes. So it was wonderful that he held his son, even if it was only for a few minutes. I didnt want him to later regret not doing so. It was beautiful, he talked to Brennan quietly, and I have never been so proud of my husband in my life.

Having the nurse wheel Brennan out of the room was the hardest thing I have ever had to do. Then I was wheeled out of the hospital, but not empty-handed. Some wonderful women from, had gone to a lot of trouble to send me up a teddy bear, and I was able to hold that as I left the hospital. It would have been nice writing this in September and having been wheeled out with a baby, but leaving with my arms full helped.

One week later on April 22, 2006 at 10am, we buried Brennan. I have been back to the cemtery almost everyday since then, and everyday I am more and more at peace. I love you Brennan.

**6/9/06** Edited to add-- I finally rec'd Brennan's fianl autopsy report in the mail. For anyone interested, the condition he had was Achondrogenesis Type II (not the Thanatophoric Skeletal Dysplasia that was originally diagnosed). This was determined via the autopsy and the placenta report. Achondrogenesis Type II is described here***
Brennan--as of today it has been 1 month, 3 weeks, and 3 days since we lost you. Our love for you has just grown each day. We love you****

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"adraorien" wrote:

I didn't expect it to be August 1st! Pretty much after I submitted yesterday's post, I got taken down to labor and delivery.

Here it is again for some background:

Our little peanuts were born by c-section last night around 10:30-11:30pm. We have a beautiful baby girl weighing in at about 4lbs and a darling little boy weighing in at 3lbs 13 ounces. No names to give out yet though. Our daughter is being named on Saturday and our son will have to wait about a month til his brit. Pretty much when one of my OB's partners checked me out, he said I wouldn't last a week and that if they were to let me wait, they would just be upping the chances of a crash c-section if my water were to break and that foot and cord came out. He came right out and said that these babies were going to be born that night. I was so relieved when he said it and to have a concrete answer. I'd rather they be born early in a controlled environment than possibly die because of a compressed cord. So they both came out squealing and I got to see them both before they went to the NICU for a moment - even got to kiss my baby girl's head Smile

They are both in the NICU but doing well. She is on an IV and has been moved from an open bed to an isolette today. She ate about 10ccs by bottle - apparently she's gotten the suck and swallow reflex down. Before I went up to my room, I got to go by the NICU and she was already sucking on a purple pacifier. It was the most precious thing! And she didn't need extra oxygen either.

He is doing good too. He's still got a mask-like thing on his nose that helps with lung pressure and he's on 21% oxygen. He's quite the squealer though - makes a ruckus if it's noisy around him! He's not good with the suck/swallow thing, but he's coming along well. I'm just completely in love with them. I can't wait to bring them home. I'm going to get to hold at least her tonight when I get down to the NICU. I don't know if I'll be able to put her down. Last night I put off my pain meds cause it would've kept me in Recovery for an extra 30 min and I wanted to see my babies.

The section wasn't too bad but I swear to G-d I think they were digging for burried treasure in there! I was getting shaken around! I ended up with a spinal block which wasn't anywhere near as bad as I expected it would be - it felt very weird in fact, like when you get your tooth filled and your face is numb, except if was the whole body from the boobs down!

Recovering is going to be fun. I forgot what getting up right after surgery is like but I'm up now and in a chair instead of a bed. Now, if only I could fart a little more! I only got one out this morning but once you're sitting on your butt, they just don't want to come out!

That's really most of it Smile I'm hoping to get some pics today, since everything happened so fast we didn't have a camera til this morning. I'm so happy they are here. I know they're getting some help, but I also know they'll be coming home soon. I can't even express the gratitude I feel toward G-d for nudging me to call my OB. If I hadn't done it, I wouldn't have both my little peanuts!

Updated Birth Story

"adraorien" wrote:

Where to start? Hmm.

On Thursday, July 27th, I had my 31 week appt with my OB (well, one of her partners, Dr. D). Babies were looking good, cervix was closed, Baby A was head down and Baby B was breech. Everything was perfect, but I don’t think he was totally happy that I was still working, even though I have a desk job, but he accepted it.

So over that following weekend, I began to feel crampy here and there – there was no consistency to the crampiness, so I didn’t think anything of it.

Monday morning came along (July 31st) and I was supposed to begin training my replacement at work. I hate having people shadow me, so I was kinda looking for a reason to get at least an afternoon off. I called my OB’s office. I spoke with another of her partners, Dr. H (who was at L&D at the time) and he told me that if I was feeling crampy 3-4 times an hour, to come in to L&D, and if the frequency is any less, just to try and see my OB this week instead of the next. So I call her office and she has an appointment that afternoon at 1pm. There was my afternoon off so I was kind of excited!

So my mom met me at home first then took me to the appointment. My OB examined me and tells me I’m 2cm dilated, she felt a foot, and that I’m done with work. I immediately start thinking that I’m going home on bedrest, but my OB quickly disavowed me of that thought by telling my mom to take me directly to L&D. I still thought that I’ll get to go home after a few hours in L&D.

Boy, was I wrong. I get to L&D and the chief resident checked me out, then gave me the “good” news – hospital bedrest, no getting out of bed for anything. In addition to being 2cm dilated, I was 100% effaced, and around the foot that’s poking out of my cervix, is an umbilical cord. Baby B became Baby A by getting the foot in front of the other’s head. I was totally shocked and bummed because I’m thinking I’m going to spend the next three weeks in the hospital and that will take away from the 12 weeks I hoped to spend with my babies. But I knew I had to be there. They also told me that should I feel any fluid, or think I feel any fluid, to hold down the nurse’s call button.

They got me hooked up to the fetal heart monitors, but had such a hard time finding their heartbeats that once they did, I was afraid to move which resulted in my contractions picking up and me being so very much in pain and uncomfortable on the worst bed on the planet. I got my first steroid shot and they gave me some pill to stop the contractions – I was still having them but not progressing, so I avoided getting Magnesium. I didn’t stop feeling them til around 3am when I was so miserable and still awake despite an Ambien, that I didn’t care if the monitor lost the heartbeats, I was going to roll onto my side in hopes of falling asleep. Thankfully, once I’d moved, the contractions stopped and I fell asleep.

I got moved up to antepartum and a softer bed around 8am and I was so grateful. Dr. D was making rounds so I jokingly said that I’m not working anymore. I got breakfast which I was thankful for cause I was starving. Family came to visit me around lunch time. I sent them out cause I had to pee and it was a good thing they weren’t in the room. Apparently, lifting my hips to accommodate the bedpan, compressed a cord and sent Baby A’s (aka Baby B til that afternoon) heartrate down. Three residents come running in from L&D.

After checking me out and finding everything fine, they left me be. Unfortunately, it happened again a few hours later when I called a nurse to check the sheet below me for fluid. Only one resident came in that time, but she checked me, found that I was at 3.5cm and decided to have me brought back down to L&D. I lost it – I start thinking I’m going to spend three weeks going up and down and have to spend time on that awful bed. I begged to take the antepartum bed with me, but couldn’t. I got my second steroid shot around 5pm and down to L&D I went.

Dr. D comes in to examine me, and gets this funny look on his face before telling us that he feels an umbilical cord. DH and I look at each other and tell him that we knew about that. Apparently, no one had told him. So he left and a bit later, one of the residents comes in because one of the heartrates has been up near 200 for a good 20 minutes so she’s concerned about an infection. She told us she would discuss it with Dr. D and get back with us.

We sit there waiting for about 2 hours – since it was taking so long, I figured it wasn’t a huge deal. That if the high heartrate was urgent, they would’ve been back in the room ASAP. Dr. D finally came in around 9:30pm. He started out talking like we had options to consider, but in reality, he was just telling us what was going to happen. He said that my situation is precarious and that they could try to hold me out as long as possible to give the babies more time to cook and risk my water breaking. If my water broke, it would result in a crash c-section to try and save Baby A’s (aka Baby B til the day before) life because the cord would come out before he/she did. Or, we could do a controlled c-section that night. They would be early and would spend time in the NICU, but they would be fine. And I had gotten the full course of steroids, even if little time had passed from the last shot. He concluded that my babies would be born that night and that I was next in line for the c-section room.

After that, everything happened very quickly. I met with the neonatologist and anesthesiologist and before I knew it, I was numbed up and positioned on the table. So on August 1, 2006, Harriette Grace was born at 10:58pm, at 4lbs 13oz and 17.5in long, and Joseph Morris was born at 10:59pm, at 3lbs 13oz and17.5in long. I heard them both cry and started crying myself. I have no idea what their Apgar’s were but at the time, they seemed okay cause no one was working furiously – they seemed very relaxed, thank G-d. MoJo was the troublemaker – it was his foot stuck in front of Gracie’s head. He was trying to get out first, but still ended up second.

The c-section overall went well as did my recovery. I hated that my babies were in the NICU, but it gave me a good opportunity to heal. Gracie did amazingly well from the beginning. – no oxygen, taking a bottle well, sucking on a pacifier. In 4 days, she went from the heating bed, to an incubator, to an open crib. She started out eating really well, pooped out for little bit, then picked up again and came home August 18th.

MoJo was a bit more complicated. He was on CPAP for one day, then moved to a nasal cannula on 24% O2, then downgraded to forced room air before pulling the cannula out himself at a little more than a week old and was under blue lights for his billirubin levels for about 2 weeks. He had no interest in a bottle for most of his stay there. He didn’t really pickup on it til the weekend Gracie came home. Next thing we knew, he was ready to come home on August 23rd, only 5 days after Gracie.

They did wonderfully from then on with no complications. I thank G-d everyday – it’s such a blessing that they were and are as healthy as they are.

Here they are at a day old – Top is Gracie, bottom is MoJo

And here they are now(ish):
MoJo, now 13lbs, 1oz

Gracie, now 11lbs, 1oz

And if you got this far, thanks for reading!

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***Edited last name***

Here is Noah Jeffrey's birth story:
Since about 20 weeks of pregnancy, I've had problems with gallstones, and had been in the hospital for pain meds 6 times (admitted three times). My OB had discussed with me trying to induce as early as the week of August 14th, and had even said I could consider a c-section if I was really miserable. Beginning July 31st (Monday) in the afternoon, I started having pain, and went to the hospital that night. I got a shot of demerol, then went home. The next day, I was still in a lot of pain and was really uncomfortable and had to go home from work, so my husband came and got me. We called the doctor to see what I could do, other than go to the hospital. He called back and spoke with my husband and mentioned that we should consider doing a c-section - that Friday! I'd seen him earlier that morning for a 35 1/2 week check up, and he saw that I was in a lot of pain. Even taking 2 vicodin wasn't touching the pain. After discussing the option with him, and the risks, we decided to go in for an ultrasound to try and determine baby's size the next day, and if he looked pretty big, we'd go ahead with the C-Section on Friday, August 4th (Baby would be 36 weeks exactly). Well, he was big enough! He was looking like 6 pounds 9 ounces on the U/S, so... everything got scheduled! We went into the hospital at 10:00a.m. on Friday the 4th, and Noah Jeffrey Layton was born by C/S at 12:30p.m. He weighed 6pounds, 1/2 oz and was 18 1/2" long. Noah was having trouble remembering to breath on his own so was taken to the NICU right away after we got to look at him. Neither dad or I got to hold him or touch him, but my husband did get to go to the nursery for a while. I was stuck in bed until the next day at 8:30a.m. when they finally allowed me out to the nursery to see him. We were not able to touch Noah at all until the afternoon of the 5th when we got to hold his hand. He is still on Dopamine for his blood pressure, and a ventilator, but is getting a little better. He's in an isolette and we're still unable to hold him or really "touch" him a lot, because he's so sensitive. We're hoping to be able to bring him home within a week or so, but really don't know when. The C/S went great, though, and my incision is healing really well! I'm up and walking around a lot, and my gallbladder is giving me absolutely no trouble! I'll still be having surgery to get it removed but I am hoping to wait a couple of months. I think that's about it.... our baby is five days old now, and we can't wait to bring him home!

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Ainnsley's Birthstory..things got a little hairy at te end of her birth, but we are doing well

This is LONG! sorry

Well at 130am I woke up hearing Owen in the monitor. He was gibbering happily to himself, and I was decided whether or not to go in, or leave him to try to fall back asleep on his own. Then I notice cramping, but that was common and I thought nothing of it. Then pretty soon after I felt I decided to take note of the time...8 minutes apart...each one is stronger then the next by 2am I wake up Tyler and tell him I am having ctontractions...he says “ so why are you waking me up?” LOL thinking they are like all the others I had been having for the past while. I am I think this might be something, then another stronger one hits, and next thing I know my pants are wet...but not gushing like you would think water breaking would be (turned out not to be my water…so maybe pressure on my bladder?) I went down to pee and noticed I was bleeding…so now I was SURE! This is it! Tyler said he will never forget my face, like a kid at Christmas morning.

We jump in the car, call my mom to say we are on our way. Tyler still not convinced this is the real deal, telling them, “it may be just a practice run,” but we are coming. It is an hour drive. On the way from 2-3am they just kept getting closer and closer...Tyler asks if he can stop at Tim Hortons for a coffee. I reluctantly say yes. I have 2 ctx while he is in there, and they are now 4 minutes apart.

Drop off Owen at my moms, and we dart to the hospital…stopping several times on the walk up to the 5th floor. I tell them when I get there I had my first son in 4 hours, so the fact that it had only been 1 hour since I started meant nothing...they see I am in distress and get me to a room while Tyler finished the paper work..
The Dr comes in at 315 am and declares I am 7 cm!!!!!!! I give Tyler an – “I TOLD you so look!!” And he is feeling a little guilty about the Tim Hortons! LOL

I was feeling like Super Women...7cm and things aren’t all THAT bad. The Dr asks if I would like her to break my water, and I say. *no thank you* not until the epi man arrives. I remember how fast it moves after the water breaking, and wanted my epidural.

Well things start to pick up. I start to loose my freaking mind! They brought in some gas to help me cope (but Tyler and I soon realize it is mostly just to muzzle my screams) that’s right SCREAMS! LOL they were stripping the pain off the walls kinda screams.. I express myself very vocally. I just couldn’t’ help it. I was feeling so embarrassed Nurses yelling at me **ENOUGH, BREATH** and me wanting to punch them in the face...finally they declare there is just a lip left DON”T push... YEAH! Right….I am yelling where is the Drug man...still not’s 4 am now. The Dr asks if I just want my water broken, and get it over with…I say OK , good plan...get THIS over with! After a couple pushes, and more screams, she tells me that the baby is transverse almost backwards……great…but they seem a little more understanding about my screams and the fact that no matter how intense my pushes where nothing was happening...she decided I need the epidural. So she can get in and turn the baby, and to help me push more effectively. Of course I was happy about that…until they told me I had to stay still...I mean ever 25 seconds I have an uncontrollable need to push, and scream I say no I don’t want it lets push...2 nurses holding me down..*pant pant* they say...I still manage to move a little, but the epidural is in. Dr worried it may not be in the *right space* to work. But I start to feel better.
The Dr goes in and turns Ainnsley…I still had some feeling and MAN did it hurt I can’t imagine without the epidural. It is 5 am now. I can still feel a lot of pressure, and the urge to push. I ask if I can, and they say, the Dr has to go do an emergency section I have to wait 45 mins to an hour. I could still really feel it, and I ask again, but what if I want to push, The nurse says they *can* do it without the Dr but would rather not…She checks me again…and the baby has turned again UGH! So now I really have to wait for the Dr to come back. I start to feel like the epi is wearing off…more pressure more pain…the nurse, afraid the screams would come back again suggests that it didn’t take because I moved, and gets the epi man back in the room.. he injects something right into the line and says if it doesn’t work then it isn’t in right, and he will have to come back, let him know…and to turn up the drip.

So now I am REALLY frozen. Eureka it works! But man am I frozen, couldn’t’ feel my legs at all...I didn’t like it...but, at least the pain was gone. OB finally comes in after 6 am and with 2 hands inside my body turns the baby…thank god for the epidural! That would have hurt...she tells me to push, but I can’t feel a thing...they tell me to grab my legs and bring to my chest and push...I suddenly realize, I can’t feel my arms, my chest. ANYTHING… The Dr says “ut oh” and looks at nurse. (great sign I think) the nurse brings in an ice pack and touches me all over my body. The only thing I could feel was my face and it was tingling. Turn off the epidural is yelled out. Tyler is closest so he does it. The Dr announces that she is going to use the vacuum to help me get the baby past the pelvic bone, and then I should be able to push her out on my own...I feel so sleepy.. Then I feel the nurse slapping my face...*stay with us* I am not sure what is going on... I hear “RT Stat!” and start to freak out. Then I hear *should I get the crash cart* The Dr says no, but now I am freaking out...what is the matter with me!! The room is full with people now...Dr’s nurses…I can’t feel anything...I hear the epi man say lower the bed, she must be laying flat (not the best way to push out a baby)…blood pressure thing alarming like crazy...then I hear her head is out...push, push...another slap in the face *Stay with us* then the crying of my baby!! 7:16am She was here, but I couldn’t move...I couldn’t hold her…I was so out of it. Tyler is crying.

I start to feel my arms again…People leave the room. The crisis seems to be over. I am still out of it. The nurse tells me her temp is a little low, and Skin to skin will help, but I am too afraid to hold her.. Tyler sits beside me, and places her on my chest, and helps me hold my arms around her…she here, she is safe...I am here I am safe. Slightly traumatized!

Needless to say, I will never get an Epidural again!!

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Thursday 8/17, our scheduled induction date.

We got hooked up to all monitors, IV's, drips, etc around 8:00 so we consider that our 'start time'
I was doing pretty well on my own but they went ahead and hooked me up to pitocin to speed things along and that worked perfectly. No real side effects it went really smoothly and my contractions were short and close together which was exactly what they wanted. Around 12:00 I got an epidural (really not the bad experience I'd thought it would be) EXCEPT that it only worked for about 30 minutes. So around 3:00 we decide to completely re-do the epidural. So the anesthesiologist comes back in, takes the needle out and re-does it. This time it takes better, but lasts for only about an hour and a half. (((I NEVER wanted a natural birth... but for all intensive purposes... I GOT ONE!!)))) So even through the contractions (and back labor)... we were ok. Anthony's heart rate then started dropping after contractions so the worry begins.
The Dr. came in and said that the baby was posterior which wasn't good, and I was 8cm dialated but the baby was in too much distress so we needed to deliver. So she said she was going to manually 'stretch' me, and deliver him at 8cm, posterior and in distress. So that was about 5:00... by 5:09 she had the bed broken apart and I was told to start pushing. 6 minutes later Anthony Lembo came screaming into the world! Because he was posterior I have a tear about an inch and they had to use a vaccum to help get him out.

He was absolutely the most beautiful thing I have ever seen and his little cry was amazing!
He was 5lbs, 4oz, 18.25inches and scored an 8/9 on his apgars
But heres where it gets interesting.

Anthony starts getting a little hypertensive so he has 3 nurses and a pediatrician all doing checks and working on him to make sure he was ok. It apparently looked a little scary for a while. They of course wouldn't tell me anything at the time.

At the same time my dr. was finishing up with me, I started shaking really bad and got extreme tunnel vision. My swelling started going up quickly and my BP was off the charts. The nurse ran out of the room only to return seconds later with a crash cart. Afterwards the nurse said that I was literally seconds away from going into eclampsia seizures and it's really a miracle that I was able to pull out on my own.

After about an hour they decide that we are both stable enough for me to see and hold my little boy for the first time. So they bring him to me and it was absolutely the most amazing experience to get to hold my son. Both grandma’s got to come in for a minute to see him and they were of course thrilled. After a total of about 20 minutes they ask everyone to leave and they take Anthony to the nursery.

Anthony’s gone for what seems like forever and then the pediatrician comes into my room around 11:30pm and tells me that Anthony needs to be transported to Johns Hopkins Hospital. He's not doing very well and he's hemorrhaging on his skull where the vacuum was used. So they don't know if the bleeding is from between his skin and skull or between his skull and brain, so they need to further check it out and he might need a blood transfusion which requires him to be in a NICU (which our hospital didn't have) He’s also still hypertensive and they are worried about drops in his hemoglobin levels and anemia. So I'd only gotten to hold my son for about 10 minutes immediately after he was born and now he has to be taken about an hour and a half away to Baltimore without me. I was of course devastated. But we have to do what's best for him so around 2am they transport my son to the NICU at John's Hopkins in Baltimore. I was finally stable and being watched by nurses and my mom was there, so Joe went with baby Anthony.

So... we soon found out that the hemmoraging wasn't blood at all. He just had some swelling and fluids that will go away in a couple of days. And his hypertension isn't anything of real concern. Joe and his parents are spending the majority of the time in Baltimore with Anthony and my mom is still staying with me. This was from Thursday through Saturday.

I was released (against everyones better judgement) on Saturday late afternoon and immediately went to Baltimore. Strict orders to watch my blood pressure and swelling, oh and I'm in a wheelchair too. Sad

(Previously a social worker had been in touch with Joe... how they heard our situation I have no idea... and put us up in 'The Childrens House' across the street from the hospital at a very reasonable rate)

We then continued to stay at Johns Hopkins until the next Thursday when Anthony was released. We still have to watch that he eats well and the we keep his temperature up, but otherwise he’s a healthy little boy.

He's absolutely perfect and precious and has sooooooo much personality it's amazing. He melts my heart and Joe and I have never known so much love before!

Anthony Larry
Born 8/17/06, 5:14pm
5lbs, 4oz
18 1/4 inches

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Rayne Maureen is Here!!

Rayne Maureen
August 21, 2006 2:09pm 6# 5oz 18 3/4"

Here is Rayne's birth story...
Sunday, I decide to go school shopping for the kids, with my mom, like 40 minutes from where we live. After walking around a few hours, it was about time to go. My little sister wanted to go look at the cats at Petsmart, so we figured that would be the last stop. I had to use the bathroom something fierce, so I went to the little girls room at Petsmart. My belly had been feeling pretty tight all day from the walking around, so I went potty and turned the corner out of the bathroom to find my mom, and "POP" yea! the embarassing of embarassing, my water broke, in public!! Calmly, I said to my mom "we gotta go", I wasn't like dripping, but it looked like I peed my pants!! So, we headed for home, with not so much as a contraction the whole way, as a matter of fact, there was not so much of a contraction for the next 16 hours!! When I got to L&D, the hooked me up, and just let me go, to see if things would start on its own, it never did. At about 8 am on Monday morning, they started the dreaded Pitocin, urrrgggg.... about 1, I finally asked for my epidural, it only worked for about 40 minutes, and the pain was beyond intense, I kept telling DH he had to get someone in there, I wanted more medicine, so the nurse came in and said, you don't need more medicine, you need to push! So, quick as a whip, they ripped that bed apart, and 3 pushes, Rayne Maureen entered the world, screaming!! They granted my wishes of letting me have her to nurse before they took her, I got to hold her for almost 45 minutes before they finally took her to clean her and wrap her. She is such a peanut! at a whopping 6# 5 oz, and 18 3/4", she has to wear preemie diapers! All is good at home, she is nursing like a champ! Sorry this is kinda short, things have been a little crazy with the addition of #4!!

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Here is my short but painful birth story lol

My water broke around Midnight on Wednesday the 23rd. Got to the hospital, got checked in and waited for the contractions to hit. Waited, waited, waited.... Finally at 9 am they started pitocin. Waited some more.... Noon time came and FINALLY got a contraction. They came on hard and fast. At about 1:50pm told the nurse I had to push. She checked me and said there was still some cervix there and I told her I didnt care Lol I WAS pushing with the next contraction. Doc came in and I started to push at 1:53 pm at about 8 cm. Jayden was born at 1:58pm. No tears or cuts or anything so that was great.

Had my tubal done the next day and had problems coming out of anesthesia(sp?) All is well now, except for the soreness.

Jayden Mae O.
August 23, 2006
1:58 pm
7 lbs 1oz 19.5 inches

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Isabella Elena's Birth Story

Isabella Elena
8/21/06 3:58 a.m.
4 lbs. 12 oz. 17 3/4 inches

I had been in the hospital for 10 days and all was going relatively well. I had not had any major bleeding and the baby looked great on the monitors the whole time. I went to sleep on Sunday night and woke up at 2:57 a.m. and my nurse was in the room to take my vitals. I asked her to unhook me fromt he monitors so I could go pee and I walked to the bathroom. I was chatting for a second with my nurse before going into the bathroom and all of a sudden I felt a big gush of blood. I grabbed her by the arm and told her not to leave that I was bleeding. I sat on the toilet and sure enough, my panties were covered in bright red blood and it was gushing out of me into the toilet. She called another nurse and I heard her say, "no, it's not spotting, it's bad." That, coupled with the look on her face scared the hell out of me. The other nurse came in and asked me if I was peeing. I said, "no, that's blood." It was so much it sounded like I was peeing. They immediately helped me put on 2 pads (at the same time) and got me back in bed. I saturated 1 pad almost immediately. The nurses called the doctor (who was not in the hospital) at 3 a.m. and she was in my hospital room with an ultrasound machine at 3:25 a.m. She put the u/s wand on my belly and within seconds could see that I had placenta previa. She said she suspected an abruption as well (which is what they thought all along and why I had been hospitalized) but couldn't see it as about 60% of abruptions don't show up on u/s. She then told me time was up and that I needed an emergency c-section right then. Immediately, everyone started moving really fast prepping me for surgery. I was absolutely terriifed. The anesthesiologist came in and told me he had to put me under general anesthesia (there was no time for an epidural plus I had eated dinner the night before). I hate general anesthesia. It scares the crap out of me. I had enough time to call my husband and tell him what was going on and to come to the hospital. I was hysterical but held it together for him because I didn't want him to freak out and drive in that condition.

I was wheeled into the operating room at 3:39 a.m. Just then I was told my husband had arrived but wasn't allowed in because I was going under general anesthesia. So he had to wait outside. Poor guy. In the meantime, everyone was getting everything ready. I was awake for a lot of it like cleaning my belly with betadine, the doctor pulling and stretching on my lower abdomen to find the right spot to cut, strapping down my legs and arms. I was really panicking but my nurse was with me the whole time and stroked my forehead and talked to me until I drifted off. The anesthesiologist gave the go ahead to cut at 3:49 a.m. and Isabella made her entrance just 9 minutes later at 3:58 a.m.

My husband got to see her right away in the nursery and took pictures and a movie. Luckily, our little peanut was strong and healthy and never needed any oxygen or assistance. Her Apgar scores were 7 and 8.

I came out of anesthesia in a great deal of pain. It took 45 minutes for them to bring me the morphine PCA pump. I got to hold my little girl before the drugs came and I can honestly say she was a better pain killer than any medication modern science has to offer.

We are thrilled to have our precious little angel.

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Here is Terry Lee's birth story:

Per my dr. I had a scheduled induction set for the 24th of August due primarily to polyhydramnios and an LGA baby. I was 38 weeks 3 days on this date so I felt pretty safe about this. I got to the hospital and they did an u/s right away to verify the baby's position since Terry liked to flip around from minute to minute. Three different professionals verified that indeed Terry was vertex so it was all systems go at this point. They started the pit at around 8am and I walked the halls that morning quite a bit. My contrax were slow to start and they weren't that painful. Around 10 am the dr. came in and broke my water and said I was dilated to 4cm. I was afraid of progressing too quickly so I ordered that my epidural be placed shortly after this point. Placing the epi went without incident and now I was bound to the bed. The rest of the afternoon was filled with waiting and disappointment because my contrax slowed and were very sporadic. The nurse kept cranking up my pitocin until all hell broke loose....
Suddenly I noticed that my left side was number than my right and the contrax were getting more painful and closer together. The anesth. came in to fix my epi to even things out but it didn't work. They gave me one bolus after then other only to make my left side completely numb to the point where I had NO control. I was furious and in complete misery because I could feel everything on my right side. The nurse wanted the dr. to re-do my epi but wanted to check me first. She reached her hand down. and said "We got a foot coming out!" I was horrified! HE FLIPPED over even without amniotic fluid! My dr. was called from home and I was rushed to the OR for an emergency c-section. They had to put me completely under because of the botched epidural. The surgery went well but I woke up unable to swallow and finding it difficult to breathe. They gave me chloreseptic spray which seemed to help.
All in all, Terry arrived healthy and safely but pretty bruised up. He had a full head of dark hair and a strong cry.
I am thankful to have gotten through it but now I have different opinions on pain control during labor. Not sure what I am going to do next time.
For now I am going to recover and enjoy the newest addtion to our family!

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Ivy & Major's birth story.

"Mommy2Cal&Major" wrote:

I'd been having false labor for weeks now, and on Monday night I was in the hospital with contractions 2-3 mins apart for hours, that eventually faded. I went home and the contractions were about an hour or so apart by early evening. I'd really wanted to just sleep on Tuesday night, so I told Major to please not come yet. He had other plans Smile

I couldn't sleep, I just felt weird and had diarrhea. So at 1am DH made some popcorn and we sat down on the couch to watch TV. At about 1:15 I had a pretty painful contraction, and then about a minute after it was over, I felt a gush. I immediately thought it was just a bunch of pregnancy discharge, so I stood up to run to the bathroom. When I stood up, it just burst out of. DH laughed and said "You just pee'd on the couch!" I ran to the bathroom and it was really flowing, and I knew right then that my water had broken!!

DH was so excited, and I don't know if it was nervousness or what, but I started vomiting. I was OK after a few mins and we got Calvin up, packed his bag, threw in our hospital bag the last few things we needed, and headed off to the hospital. We checked in and got to our room at around 2:20am. The nurse who I'd seen the night before said "I just knew you'd be back tonight," when she saw me. She swabbed for amniotic fluid, and it came back negative! I was so upset, but I just knew it was my water. The nurse said it was likely negative from the amount of mucous, so she waited an hour and checked again, and sure enough, my water had most definitely broken. I got my IV at 4am, and then some bloodwork. My bloodwork showed that I was extremely low on potassium, so I had to get that in my IV as well. The nurse said my potassium level was likely the source of all my false labor.

I still was only contracting about once every hour or so at this point, so not really in labor. At 7am, one of the doctor's checked me, and I was a 3-4. She said to start pitocin on me once I'd gotten enough IV fluids. At 8am, another doctor (the one who delivered) came to check me, and I was a good 5. I had still not had pitocin yet. She told me I could have my Epidural ASAP, then they'd get pitocin going on me. I was so excited!! At 8:30, the "Mr. Magic Epidural Man" came, and at that point, I started contracting about 7-10 mins apart. At 9am, they got the pitocin going. Around 10:30, the nurse checked me and I was at 6cm. I was so amazed that I was getting to be in labor without feeling a single contraction, I felt like I was cheating, lol. The nurse told me she thought I'd have the baby between 12 and 12:30. I started to get nervous then.

At 11:30 I was at 8cm, and around 11:45 I started really feeling the need to push. My doctor was down the hall prepping for a c-section then, but she came down to see me and I was only a 9. She left to tell the other patient that it was gonna be a little bit before they could do her section. I had extreme pressure during the contractions, and had to pant to keep from pushing. Around 12:10 I said I needed my doctor, because I really had to push! She came and said I still had a small lip of cervix left, but I could try to push it out of the way. I tried pushing with a contraction, and it felt SO good. It took about 4 pushes to move the cervix out of the way. I pushed 3 or 4 more times, and his head came out. I heard the doctor say "his cord is in a true knot, and around his neck," and I got really scared. DH and I both said "Is he okay!?" and the doc said that he was, and told me to push again. One more push and he was out! She laid him on my chest, and he was pretty blue, and not crying. I was crying, and freaking out, and kept asking if he was OK. They cut the cord and he started crying then. They took him off of me right away and put him in the warmer with some oxygen, and he was just fine. His apgar's were 8 and 9. He weighed 7lbs, 4oz and was 20 inches long. His head was 13 and 3/4 inches, and his chest was 13 inches.

I was only in 'real labor' for 3 hours and 57 minutes, and only had to push about 20 minutes. I can't believe how fast it went!! Something else weird is that when I was born, my cord was in a true knot, and also around my neck.
Now the pics...

About to get pitocin...

Daddy holding Major for the first time

Me holding Major

Calvin meets Major

The gorgeous hair!

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Ok so here is Alexandra's birth story:

I was admitted to the hospital at 6 am Wednesday morning and got all hooked up to the monitors I layed there for about an hour then they took me off the mointors and I got to be free for a bout an hour while I at my breakfast. My ob came in at 8:20 and checked me I was at 2 cm and 50% and then she broke my water and told me that I had till 1 pm to make progress and the I would have to have pitocin. the nurse recommened that I get in the shower and do some nipple stimulation so that is what I did and that was at 9:00 am. So after I got out, I passed my room and nothing was happening. Then at 10:30 I got back into the shower and did more nipple stimulation. When I got out the ctx were about 7 min apart and starting to hurt and I got out of the shower at 11:10 am and at 11:30 I had the worst ctx yet and I was having to breathe thru this one and the nursing staff was walking in with lunch and I told her that she will prolly need to put that in the fridge cause the ctx were every 2-3 min apart. SHe said lets check baby and see what kind of pattern we were getting with the ctx and check to see if I was progressing. Keep in mind that at 11:30, I was still at 2 and 50. And just a few min after this I was asking for the drugs cuz I was getting tired and she wanted to check me first and see a patten on the monitor when the nurse checked at 12:15, I was 6 and 90. So she let me sit up but I had to stay on the monitors. So I was sitting on the edge of the bed with Brian sitting next to me during the ctx in between he was eating lunch. He got to do that for about 20 min and the nurse checked again and I was at 9 and 100. My mom was working that day in the hospital at the front desk and answering the phone. She came up at 12:40 to see me and see how I was doing and that is when the nurse checked and got the 9 and 100. Mom only had 30 min to be there she called her boss and told her that she would not be back for about 30-45 min. I pushed for 4 ctx and 3 times each ctx and Alexandra was born at 1:02 pm on Aug 30.
My labor did not begin till 11:30 so this 1 hr 1/2 labor was nice and short my other girls were 12 1/2 hrs and 14 hrs.

I got no pain meds or pit.

She weighs 6lbs 14oz and is 19 inches long.

I will post pics when I get time she is sitting in her swing and getting hungry.

Edited to add her gestional age: 38wks 1day

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Caleb Beckett's Birth Story

We arrived at the hospital at about 5:45 am on August 30th for our scheduled induction. After arriving and checking in we were walked up to L&D. It was a full house up there, so I ended up in the very small treatment room, until another room opened up. It wasn't too bad in the scheme of things though, one poor girl who came in after I did was in the hall. My IV was started and I was monitored a bit, as well as checked. I was still at 3 cm and having a few minor contractions. At about 7 am my pitocin was started. From 7 am to about 11 am we weren't very aggressive at all with the pit because we all wanted me to be in a different room to break my water, get my epidural, and deliver. Finally, around 11 am one of the other rooms opened up and I was wheeled down there. Shortly after I was checked and still 3 to 4 cm. My pit was bumped up and I had my epidural, then my water was broken. I didn't have very much fluid come out. I also had a catheter inserted.

At about 12 or 1 something (I have no idea of exact times -- other than Caleb's birth time because I didn't have a clock on the wall, Lol ) my nurse left for lunch. There were two nurses taking care of the hall. I started feeling really nauseous and asked Gray to get me some ice and a popscicle from the nurses station and tell them I was feeling sick. He brought them back and said I looked really pale. I told him it was most likely due to feeling so sick. He started looking around the room for something I could vomit in. I started shaking a bit too and was cold. None of the nurses came in though. My Dr. came in (it was around 2 something because OLTL was on) and I told her I was feeling really nauseous and she looked at my monitors. She said no wonder that my blood pressure was way too low. The room was all a buzz for a few minutes. I was given something to stabalize my BP, I think I was also given Finnegrin for the nausea, and the anesthesiologist (Mr. Bill) came in and adjusted my epi. I found out that my BP had bottomed out to 60 over something. My contractions still were only every 2 to 4 minutes apart and I had only progressed to about a 5. My pit was bumped up to try to get the contractions to at least every 2 minutes. When I was next checked I was about 6-7 but contractions were still not at 2 minutes and not as strong as they'd have liked to see on the monitor, and Caleb was still pretty high. My pit kept being bumped up (I was up to 40 --pretty much the highest they would go--by the end, 20 is about the norm.) I finally started feeling a bit of good pressure and was checked and was at a 9, it was around 4 pm. Shortly after I was checked again and had a bit of a lip. My doc had me push once to see how he would move down. We waited a few more minutes and then she had me push again -- I was fully dilated. She had me stop, as baby's head was right there. They broke down the bed and got me into position. I pushed a couple of sets and (probably 5-6 pushes total) and he was born screaming away at 4:56 pm. They were telling me what a big boy he was. I had no tearing and needed no episiotomy!! They placed him on my belly and Gray cut his cord. Then they took him over to clean him up. My doc was cleaning me up and delivering the placenta and I was bleeding out quite a bit. She expected I might since I was anemic and we had to go so high with the pitocin. I was given a shot in the thigh to stop the bleeding and the doc and nurse were kneading my tummy (it still hurts.) The bleeding finally slowed (though I was on meds for it the whole time in the hospital.) After they had Caleb all cleaned up they brought him over and I nursed him. He looked so very tiny to me and very much like his big brother Grayson. I finished up nursing, and Gray held him while I ate a nutrigrain bar, and had some apple juice. The nursery came to get him for assessment. Since they were waiting for shift change they went ahead and kept me in the L&D room and brought me dinner. I began feeling nauseous again and got sick. I felt a bit better, and continued eating. They were going to try to clean me up and I got sick again. I was given something for the nausea (not Phinnegrin) and started feeling better, and finally was able to move to my room sometime after 7 pm.

Overall my recovery has been super easy. My pelvis is still pretty sore, like it was before, but aside from that, all has been really good. All in all I wouldn't change a thing about my experience, and especially about being induced. We were told by the nursery that they assessed Caleb as being 37.5 weeks instead of the 38.5 according to my LMP. Which makes him quite large. He had to have his blood sugar tested due to this, but all was fine, I just grow them really big :lol:. I just know if I'd gone full term I'd have been looking at another 9 lber. Maybe bigger.

So here are Caleb Beckett's stats

He was born Aug 30th at 4:56 pm He weighed 8 lbs 4 &1/2 oz and was 21 in.

And here are some pics!

Last Belly pics 38 weeks 5 days

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I will start with the stats to get them out of the way and for all those who are not interested in reading the whole story:

Samuel Adams Wilkerson - Definitely a boy!
My EDD was Sept. 23, 2006
Born Sept. 1, 2006 at 5:57 AM
Gestation 36W 6D
Weight 7.7 LBS
Height 18.5 inches

On Aug. 30th I was not feeling well and tried to get comfy by taking a warm bath and getting the kids ready for bed. Finally got them all in bed and was going to get in bed. I was feeling a pressure like a balloon was going to pop and decided to go to the bathroom after sitting for a bit. I pee'd (sorry for any TMI) and was going to get up when I felt more trickle out. I wiped and tried to get up and more came. I did this like 6 times. It was very clear and odorless. Finally, I could get up. I had a feeling to go get checked so I told DH (about 3:45 am Aug. 31st) that I was going to the hospital and will call him if it is anything. He made me go sit on the toilet to see if the process would repeat itself and he came in to assess it for himself. The results were the same and he agreed that I should go in. He wanted to come with me but I did not want to wake a babysitter for a possible false alarm.

I drove myself to the hospital at 4:30AM about 15-20 min from my house. My contractions had started and were about 2 minutes appart. By the time I got there I could hardly walk. I would stop and rock and breath through each contraction. They hooked me up to the monitors and checked me with the acid strip. She said she could not see that it was my water... but that they would continue to monitor me. I was Just about a 3 and 60 % ephased.

The contrations just got worse. They were 2-3 minutes long with a 30-45 second break in between. The doctor had me walk the halls and kept monitoring the progress. There was little to no progress even thought the contractions were steady, strong, and extremely hard. However because of the contractions and the fact that I was a VBAC he was not about to let me go home until A- my water broke or progress or B- my labor stopped. I walked the halls for about 4 hours (9am) then called DH crying and asking him to come join me because I needed his help! He found family to watch the children at home and came immediately with his mom. Just before he got there I became very Nauseated and made it back to my room from another walk around L&D shaking. I pee'd then hurridly turned and vomited in the toilet. As I was vomitting I felt lots of trickling down my legs and onto the floor. (Approx. 10:10 am) I buzzed the nurse who came and checked the fluid with the acidity paper. It immediately went Dark blue and she said " it could still be urine." I kept thinking, you are joking me right? I hopped into the bed (I was still in a triage assesment room.) DH and his mom showed up at 10:20 am We waited for the doctor to come check me again. At 11:15 am the doctor came in and checked me verifying what I already knew... that my water was indeed broken and I was at a 3 dialtion and 80% ephased.

They immediately put me in my own birthing room. The doctor explained that he would like me to continue laboring without an epidural as long as I could to avoid slowing or stopping labor all together and avoid having to use pitocin. Pitocin was just an added risk to a uterine abruption. DH had to leave for a mandatory meeting in Salt Lake City (that could not be avoided) at 2pm. His mom stayed with me until he could get back. I was terrified that he would miss the baby being born but things were progressing VERY slowly and painfully.

The remaining water had spilled all over the bed at noon and the nurse told me she would get to it in a while. Just before DH left I begged him to get my nurse to change the wet pad I was sitting in. She would not let me get out of bed and had not bothered to even check in on us. Nathan changed the bedding with me still there then left. While he was gone the same nurse came in and told me I was going to have a C-sec. and that my doctor had left to another hospital to deliver another baby. She did not come in to change my pad (I leaked continually until baby was born... large amounts of Amionic fluid because it kept rebuilding itself.) I finally told the other nurses that my nurse was not welcome in my room anymore and spoke to my doctor about her statement. She was just trying to scare me into a Csec so I did not have to be a burden to her any longer.

5:30 pm DH returned and I was still a 3 and 80% ephased. I asked the doctor if I was allowed to move around because the nurse had told me no and he said I could walk around in the room but stay hooked up to my monitors which were vaginal monitors on baby and my uterus. The outer monitors had a hard time picking up any contractions. My MIL went home and DH walked, rocked, held me through my many contractions. I was checked at 8pm and was now at 85% ephased. Very little progress but it was progress. I lasted a few more contractions and then begged for an epidural that I got at 9pm after 17 hours of hard laboring. They were supposed to give me the minimal amount, but apparently the anesthesiologists minimal amount was not that minimal. My arms and chest went numb too. My contractions stopped all together. I asked for him to turn it down and he cut it in half. It was still too strong and I could not feel my arms so he cut it in half again. Finally it was helping remove the edge without being too strong. However it would fade off very easilly making me feel the contractions on my right side and crotch area. He kept having to be called in to add bullises that would last for an hour more. We found out that my contractions would pick up everytime the epi wore off so I would stretch out the time of getting more meds. In those times I would start progressing.

At 10 pm I was at a 5 and 95% ephased! The doctor felt now that we would probably have the baby before midnight. DH and I were not so optimistic. Sure enough midnight came and went, but the doctor did give me some pitocin... at a 1 then moved it to 2. VERY LOW dosages of the watered down Pit.

I was very nauseated the moment I got the epi to the time it stopped working. I would just vomit and vomit and DH would hold the small buckets for me then wash them out and run back before it would happen again. Then he would scratch me all over sinced I itched like CRAZY due to the narcotic they used in the epi. It was aweful! At 5am Sept. 1st, 2006 my epi wore off completely. The nurse came in at 5:30am and checked me. I was 9+ with nothing but an anterior lip. I told her I felt pressure and that I felt the baby was desending and coming very soon. The room began to buzz and the doctor came in. DH woke up and started video'ing the process. Sure enough... 5 pushes and me feeling the entire thing with no epidural working at all! Samuel entered this world. I did not tear or have an episiotomy. However I sure told them all that I did not like feeling all that pain! My words were: I can feel this and it sucks! Then on to my moaning and panting. LOL They put Samuel on my belly and he was very purple so I asked them to take him. I was so worried. He had swallowed alot of the fluid and blood. They got him breathing and screaming good. I just thought of how beautiful this little boy was and even though it hurt like hell... I would do it all over again for him!

I did get some relief from the epidural that I was grateful for in the 25 hours of laboring... but I truly think it did more harm than help this time around. All in all it ended up not working during the time I needed it most and I basically experienced and all natural birth. (OUCH!!!) The + side was that I did not tear... just one skidmark (paper cut) and I did find that my recovery has been so much easier this time around. I am truly amazed by it all and am more in awe of the girls that have and do go naturally by choice. I almost wish I was strong enough to say if I have another baby I would go natural, but it hurts soooooooooo much and I do like having a bit of a break from the pain.

Anyway, that is my story. I will have to update with pictures later since I am not home and can't figure it out now. Thank you for reading if you made it through.

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Bradley Matthew
August 31, 2006, 9:23 p.m.
7 lbs 11 ounces, 21 inches

I had been up almost all night the night on the 30th with what I assumed were normal pregnancy aches and pains since they subsided when I switched positions. I finally fell asleep around 8 am on the 31st and slept until about 10. At around noon, I was sitting at my laptop when I got another pain like I had been having all night. I didn't think much of it and stood up to get something. It hit me after a bit that the pain wasn't stopping even though I was moving and tryingi to ease it. I began timing the pains and found that they were coming regularly - lasting about 30 - 45 seconds every 4 - 6 minutes or so. They were not horribly painful, so I didn't think I was in labor, but finally decided to call the doc around 1:30. She wanted me to head on to the hospital just in case. We made it there around 3:15ish and I got hooked up to a monitor to time my contractions and monitor Bradley's heart rate. The nurse began lecturing me about false labor and said I didn't look like I was in enough pain so she doubted this was it. After about 45 minutes of being monitored she finally checked my cervix (why didn't she do this before?!) and much to our surprise I was dilated to 5. I was admitted and moved into a labor/delivery suite at about 4:30. The doc came in and asked what I wanted to do next, and I decided to walk the halls for a little while. My contractions still weren't that painful although my back hurt a lot. I was hooked up to an IV at 5:30 and decided to go ahead and get an epidural even though the pain wasn't bad because I didn't want to get to a point when I REALLY needed it and have to wait for the anesthesiologist. They called him and he was there right away. I am a huge needle weenie, but I barely felt it and it was WONDERFUL. I got the shakes really bad, but felt no pain whatsoever when I was checked or had a contraction. At 7:00, the doc came in and checked me and decided to break my water. Again, didn't feel this at all! She checked me again at 8:00, and we were shocked when she said I was already dilated to a 9! At 8:30, I started feeling the contractions again so my nurse topped off my epi and checked me again - I was ready to push ALREADY I had no idea what I was doing, but pushed how I thought I should! My nurse was so encouraging and it felt great to push. I felt no pain, but could feel pressure so knew exactly when to push. I pushed for about half an hour when I felt Bradley right there, ready to come out. It felt really cool! 1 more push and he started to come out. The nurse called for the doc and told me not to push. I didn't - but he was coming out on his own! The doc rushed over and 1 more push and she told me to look down - and there was my baby!! He was born at 9:23 p.m. It was so surreal that he was HERE! He had the cord wrapped twice around his neck, so he was kind of bluish, but she said not to worry and handed him to me slimy and everything . Looking at my baby laying there on my chest was a moment I will never forget. I was speechless and just cried. They cleaned him up and weighed him (7 lbs, 11 ounces) while the doc stitched up a minor tear and pulled the placenta right out. He had some fluid in his lungs since he came out so fast, so he had to go to the nursery for a bit while I recovered. At 11:00 I was given the OK to be moved into my room. I finally ate dinner and at 1:30 am they brought him back to me and I nursed him for the first time. I spent the entire night staring at him - it was just so amazing...

Overall my labor/delivery was pretty easy and a wonderful experience. Recovery has been rough. I'm sore and sooo swollen and can't wait to feel normal again. But I love my son with all my heart and am just so so happy As I type this he is in my arms asleep and I am in heaven just listening to him breathe!!

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“Baby, I think my water bag broke already but not sure if it just discharge. I’m leaking a lot but not that much. It doesn’t look like discharge to me because its thin. I called doctor but she is doing surgery. Talked to the nurse and said to go there. What u think? Should we go to hospital?” --10:13AM August 31,2006.

Sure enough, Bob was biking home fast from work that morning after he received that SMS message. We were on our way to Malar hospital, laughing and thinking to ourselves that it could just be a false alarm. I was not dilated and not at all feeling any contractions. We even hesitated to go to the emergency room and went up to the doctor’s clinic only to be told by the nurse to go directly to the emergency room.

So off we went down to the emergency room, and found out I was having what they call a “high leak” of amniotic fluid. At about 11AM, I was already admitted at the hospital. They had given me a dose to help my cervix dilate and a dose that sure enough started those contractions. After 6 hours of labor, I was only 2 centimeters dilated and they told us that by 9PM, the doctor would have to make a decision if I had to go on c-section not unless I dilate well. Luckily, at around 945PM, doctor came to check me and saw that I am already 8 centimeters and so I was brought to the delivery room quickly.

Push Push Push.. Come on Gabbie, it’s time to go out,” as Bob was saying. 30 minutes has passed, I was pushing and pushing, nurses had to check Gabbie’s heartbeat from time to time to know if she‘s handling everything well. Then, doctor had to do an episiotomy, because I was having difficulty pushing her out because of my narrow pelvic area. So there it goes that episiotomy, had one big push and then one after the other but still Gabbie is in there. Doctor had to use the vacuum to assist Gabbie out. So there goes our baby out in the world with her umbilical cord tied around the neck. But she’s a tough baby girl, cord was untied by the doctor and after about 10 seconds, there she was crying letting mommy and daddy know that she’s fine. It was kind of a tough experience, but everything seemed to happen so fast, we did not have time to be scared.

Gabriella Renee Penry, born at 1030PM, August 31, 2006 Indian Standard time. Healthy at 7.2 lbs and absolutely sweet and beautiful. She melts mommy and daddy’s heart! Bob and I are so in love with her!

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Katelynn Dawn’s Birth story
started September 5th was having contractions 3 minutes apart around 8pm so me and my husband went to the hospital and they hooked me up to the monitors and I was 2CM dilated after about an hour they had me walk around the hospital for about 2 hours and would check me again. After the 2 hours we went back and there was no change but still having contractions so they decided to give me Tylenol 3 and send me home and told me to come back when they are more painful or my water breaks.
I went home and was able to fall asleep the next day September 6th I was still having contractions but in no pattern and not really painful. I had a doctor’s appointment and she checked me and I was at 3CM and she swept my membranes. Went home and made supper and the whole time I was having a lot of cramps. After supper we watched TV for a bit and my mom was over and I started having very painful contractions so I counted them for 2 hours and they were about 5 minutes apart but the pain was just to bad and so I told them that it was time and since we had the false alarm the night before they said to wait a little bit long but I told them that I was going then so we left. When we got there I was 4CM so they decided I was going to stay and they broke my water this was around 9pm. After a couple of hours I got my epidural. After I got the epidural it seemed to take forever to kick in because I could feel ever contraction and they hurt but they did seem to be getting shorter and I was not dilating so they started some picton. After a few hours but did not seem that long since I was sleeping between contractions at this point they checked me and I was ready to push at 230AM on September 7th. Around 3:45 the doctor decided that I would need the vacuum since I was not making much progress. So they had stated that and it was not helping a lot I guess to he had to cut me and she came right out after that at 4:05am September 7th weighing 7lbs and 12OZ, and 21 ¾ inches. Right after she was born they felt that she was having some problems breathing because she had a bowel movement. So I got to hold her for about a minute then the took her to NICU, my husband had checked on her and she was doing better but wanted to keep her there for a few hours to just make sure. That night and the night before there were a lot of births so I had to stay in the labor and delivery area for the night till a room was free. I woke up the next morning just as the nurse was coming in with Breakfast and I asked when I would get to see my daughter and was told she would check. So I ate breakfast and around 9am I was able to see her. I tried to breastfeed her at this time and she would not. I was feeling pretty bad since she had not eaten anything yet. A couple hours later they bright her back and she would only latch on for maybe 5 minutes and was not sucking very much and I was starting to get frustrated so I decided to supplement her with some formula and she had that. I tried a few more times to breastfeed but she would rather the bottle so I decided to just bottle feed her and I got to go home September 8th in the after noon. Since she has been home she mostly sleeps but is a wonderful baby.

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Wyatt William's birth story

"fadenaway4" wrote:

I checked into the hospital @ 8 PM Wednesday August 30th*my due date* to be induced as per the doctor. They started me on cervadil and gave me a sleeping pill. I woke up at 5 the next morning with cramps so I checked the monitor and sure enough I was having contractions.

A quarter after 9 they started me on the pitocin, I was only 1 cm dilated and an hour and 15 minutes later I was only @ 1 1/2 cm. At 12:45 pm the doctor broke my water. I was contracting every 2-3 minutes all day long and wasn't having much progress. I was having back labor and the pain was unbearable, they gave me a double dose of Stadol*sp* and all that did was make me feel weird, but I def still felt the contractions. After another double dose of the stadol, I would pass out during the breaks in the contractions, but still felt the pain. Finally when I hit 3 cm @ 3:15 they let me get my epidural. That was grrrreat for about a half hour to an hour when it stopped working!!! They gave me a single dose of stadol, and of course, the pain was still there.

I was pretty loopy from the drugs so the next few hours went by "quickly." They had to hurry up and page the dr. b/c i was ready to push. 20 minutes of pushing later, at 6:35 PM August 31st Wyatt William was born weighing 6 lbs 3 oz and 20 inches long. He was holding his breath so they had to give him oxygen but everything was ok after that.

The dr. that delivered him happened to be the ONLY dr in the practice I haden't met yet! I think it's kind of funny that the only thing i was worried about was getting an episiotomy, and not the labor itself and it ended up that the labor was horrible and I didn't need an episiotomy. I only had a 1st degree tear and it has pretty much healed.

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Damian Douglas
Born September 8, 2006 @ 1:22 am
Weight 8lbs 7oz and 20.5 inches long
Head 36.5 cm and Chest 36 cm

For many weeks we have been worried about Damians size because of my gestional diabetes. Since 31 weeks, I have had 3 or 4 US done to check weight (estimated weight) and he has always measured big. I also measured big. After many panic attacks lol, finally the dr decided to induce me. The date was scheduled for September 7 at 8am. So I go to bed the night before nervous, but went to sleep. The next morning I got up at 5:20ish and couldnt sleep anymore because I just wanted to go get this over with because my first delivery was hell with a 9lb 1oz baby, probably the worse experience in the world. So I get up get showered, get Dennis up and he showers. Dom was at mom and dads house, because we took him there the night before. All my stuff was ready to go. We were leaving the house at 7:30. 7:26 comes along and the phone rings. I thought it was mom, because we were meeting her at the hospital. But it wasnt, it was the hospital. They call to say that the night before it was so busy with babies coming that they will have to call me in a couple hours to come in. I was upset, but realized they couldnt help it. So I called mom and called my best friend kelli who was going to be there early with me. Then decided that we should go get something to eat because it may be my last chance. So we go to Eat n Park and got the breakfast bar. Then we come home and still no call. So my best friend came over and we sat and looked at stupid pics on line for a while and she said she is going to run home, because it may be a while.. So I said alright. So she left and I decided that since I was up the butt crack of dawn that maybe since I have to wait anyways, I should just lay down and rest my eyes. So I did that while Den sat beside me and played baseball. I finally woke up to the phone rining and looked and it was the hospital. It was around noon then. So I call mom and kelli and tell them that we are leaving. So we go.... When I get there, they take me to my room. Den sat out in the waiting room so I could get my stuff done, paper work, blood work, dressed in my gown, all that good stuff. My dr came in, checked me which really hurt like crap, and said I was 1-2 cm and about 75% effaced and said to start the pitocin. The nurse told another nurse to go get Dennis, but they didnt. It was about 3:30 when they finally got him. I felt bad for him, because he was probably wondering what was going on. And then mom and Kelli came in too. They started the pitocin at 3:30. Nothing happened much. But I got really hungry and they brought me a sandwich. And then a dinner tray. I ate both. Mom ran home to eat dinner, and Den and Kelli ran down to get something to eat. Still not much happening. Little contractions here and there. But it was just tightning of my belly. Nothing too bad. Everyone came back (kelli, Dennis and mom) Finally between 8-9 (cant remember) the dr came in and broke my water. Well, that is when the fun started. lol. My next contraction after my water broke was hard. Then they started to get harder. The nurse came in and checked and said I was about a 4 and said she was going to call for them to do my epi. It didnt take long for them to come. Once they put it in, the nurse gave me a foley cath. Which I felt, yuck, and which I hated. I laid on my left side for a bit and felt some pain, but thought it was the cath. Because that is what it felt like. Then they switched me over to the right side and then the contractions started to get harder. I delt with it a bit, but had the shakes bad. My contractions were coming in threes. I would get three, then I would have a break, get three, have a break. Sometimes though, I was getting 6 or 7 at a time. Finally I told the nurse that it was hurting too bad and for them to come check my epi. He did, and gave me more meds, but they didnt help much because it was pressure from him dropping in my birth canal. And he dropped hard and fast. She finally checked me and said I was complete. THANK GOD. And went and called the dr. You should have seen the poor nurse trying to get my big fat legs in the sturrips. I kept sayin I am so sorry I cant help you. Because I felt hopeless lol. Then she told me to push a few times. It felt really weird, because I couldnt tell if I was pushing because I was numb down there besides the pressure of Damian head. Finally I see the dr come along. And he checked me and said I was doing good and to keep pushing with my contractions. I still kept saying "am I doing anything, because I cant tell" And they kept saying yes. You are doing good. I didnt think I was, but they said I was, so okay. Finally I felt his head starting to come down and I kept pushing with contractions. I was pushing 3 times per contractions and by the 3rd, I was wearing out. But still pushed. Finally his head was really coming out and I could tell. Dr kept telling me to push, push, push. I tried and really was wearing out bad. I didnt think I could do it because I was getting so tired. Then they said stop pushing. I was kinda shocked because I wasnt pushing long. I thought it would take longer then that because with Domonik I pushed for over 2 hours. So I stopped pushing. He was taking care of him down there and damian wasnt breathing at first. He got him out and put him on my belly and Damian turned completly purple. He was alittle worried about him, but then finally he started to breath. They took him over to his little bed and gave him oxygen. I didnt get to see him much lol but everyone else did. He was crying so I knew he was alright. It was about 3ish when I finally got to see him and hold him and love him. His head and above his lip and ears were bruised for a while because he dropped hard and fast, but it seems like it is gone now. At 5 am, I got to my room and was able to relax. Damian stayed with us the whole time besides when the nurses needed him for vitals, bloodwork or the dr saw him. I didnt get much sleep the two nights I was in the hospital. First night, it wasnt til 5 we got in my room and then I slept on and off for a few hours (probably 3 hours the first night) and then the second night, Damian was up all night long with a gassy belly. Poor little man. So needless to say, I was ready to get home and sleep in my own bed. lol.

My labor experience was wonderful this time around. It was a perfect birth. Hardly no pain during birth and no stiches. I hardly can tell I had a baby down there. It does not hurt one bit. I just have cramps, which are almost gone and my back is alittle sore from the epi and the bed. But other then that, I am good. And they arnt bad enough to not do it again.

Right now, Damian is doing wonderful. First night home, he got up once to eat. Now last night was a different story. lol. He was up all night for some reason. But guess what, lol now that Domonik is awake, he is sound asleep. When Den gets home from work, I am napping... lol...

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"roseykat5" wrote:

well here we go lets see where do we start

i start with the weekend first :
since sat sept 2nd ive been contrating on and off as i wasnt sure at first ... i had back pain and hip pain and complained to the doc about it and he said nuthin was happen at the time but sounds like was goin into labour or am in early stages of labour that could take a week ....... then i couldnt sleep it continued well into sunday morning getting pretty intense at 430 am til 630 am then it quit on me just suddenly ... omg i wanted to cry as it kept me up all nite and all then i said ok fine ... then later on that morning on sunday it started up again and didnt quit just the intensity went up and down all day til that nite which turned into mon morn in wee hours i finally said enough was enough and went to l&d and see what going on ... if it would gotten stronger and or made a hugh differacne in 4 hours i was there it was some so they said walk some more til 12 noon it quit on me and was to small of change so they sent me home and said either the water breaks or contration gets stronger again and get back to track ....

now for the story ......

wed afternoon when i picked my girls from the bus stop from school and was on my way back just as i was coming up i felt a twinge that i decided to stop to see if contration was starting again and thats when my water broke in a big gush i went omg thats alot and definately my water..... i crossed my legs to stop the flow likewise :roll: :oops: ..... there was alot of peep walking by and i tried my best to be as normal as i could and not to make a big deal but im was so excited that it was finally happening ....

but i couldnt do anything much right away as i had to call my mother in law and find out when she could come and couldnt come til after 6pm that nite so i waited and then i went to the hopsital

got to the hopsital and arrieved at 930 ... checked and was the same as i was on sunday .... grrrr i said ..... i was told since the floor was out of stock on some meds and the floor was so busy they said to walk around til midnite and come back but stay there at the hospital ... come sooner if it gets pretty strong but i didn t have contrations yet still just twinges .... went back at midnite and still had to wait again for the room but they didnt want to check me as they were coming by an armful the patrients ... they just shove me in my room at 130 am that nite and then i had to wait til doc came in but she didnt come as she was too bsuy but told nurst to go ahead and give me the pit to get contration going it didnt get intense and painful til about 5 am and it was still tolerable and then at 515 i said i know shes there and i can feel her she said i went from 5cm to 7 cm when she checked and said i can go in 10 in sec soon but she was fully effaced but i sitll had anterior lip left ... so dont try to push as it can stall the birth ... then all of sudden she said invalentary push involentary push doc in here stat ... im like what huh but in pain trying to breath ...... wow what a rush i felt ... doc came in and one put her hand in and get rid of my anterior lip as she guided the baby head out of that lip and then she came on her own then while the doc checked for cord she took her hand off her head to clean her nose and mouth she flew out it was kinda funny cause i was trying to sit up and see her come out but she just flew out of me like she was trying say hey im here :shock: .. i was shocked at the size of her as my other kids were big and long she was tiny

she arrived at 5:29 am and weighs 6.4 and half pounds and she so adorable and the kids just loves her and always wanting to hold her i think she gonna be spoiled with lots of love ...sorry we named her madeline-belle georgette ....... thanks for reminding me

now thats my story

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Ryan Josephs' birth story....

"treenbaby" wrote:

So, here is my story:

I lost my plug on the last tues of August. I finished work on the Friday... thank God. On Sunday night I didn't feel comfortable, but thought nothing of it... I was 39 weeks preggo. On Monday morning I went for a really great / fast walk (like I normally do). By noon I was feeling like I had a bad menstural cycle about to happen. My lower back, and lower uterus were both aching. I started contracting about 1pm, but they weren't consistant. Thoughout the day and evening the contractions went from eight minutes apart to five, then stopped for twenty. Consistantly inconsistant. I went to bed, waking at 4am with heaver and consistant contractions. I couldn't sleep, so I played video games, until 6am, when they were now painful... but still tolerable. By 9:30 they were 5min apart.
We went to the hospital at 11am, thinking that my water was going to break. I was 3.5 cm and fully efaced. My OB showed up at 12:30 to break my water. I thought I would have about 5 - 12 hours after that, but the contractions came on with a vengence. By 1:45 I was yelling.... and in a lot of pain. I was 10 cm by 2pm, and started to push. Twenty minutes later Ryan was born. After birth of the placenta.. not too bad. I had two stiches from tearing... ouch! But then the doctor and nurses started to worry me. I was bleeding out. They had to 'open' me with the forceps, and stich my cervix, as there was a tear. I was in SO MUCH pain. Not having an epidural, or any other pain control, and having emergency mending. I must say that this unexpected event was really hard to cope with. I want to cry just remembering. Poor dh.. having to witness all that.
On a lighter note, Ryan was named a few hours later. I was exaugusted, but couldn't sleep... all I wanted to do is look at our little angel. DH was an awesome coach, he has been my lifeline though all of this. Ryan weighed 7lbs 5 oz and was 20 inches long.
The bleeding and pain at the 'scene on the crime' was more then I expected. I am still feeling really sore and don't have a lot of energy just yet. There is so much more to say, but that covers it in a nutshell. The first two nights were the most difficult. Having no sleep, and then no milk yet is really hard. To all those about to go though the 'first two nights' .. things will be better once you have slept. Let loved ones help, and just try to relax and let it happen.

Love to all you ladies... If anyone wants more details, or anything, PM me and I will do my best to get back to you.


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I had an appointment with my doctor on Tuesday, Sept 5th at 9:45 am to check to see if I had made any progress. Since I still hadn’t dilated at all and was 8 days past my due date, he sent me to the hospital to get an ultrasound and to due a non stress test. My doctor told me that I would be induced sometime in the next couple of days, but that the hospital was very full that day, so they would probably send me home after the tests.

We drove to the hospital (an hour away), and then grabbed lunch before heading up to the labor and delivery floor. I am so glad that we ate then since it wound up being the last thing I would eat for about 30 hours! At 12:15 we checked in at the L&D desk and were sent to the waiting room. After an hour we were called back to the prenatal assessment center where an ultrasound and the NST were done. I was in there for about an hour and only had one contraction during that time, but Connor’s heart rate showed a deceleration following the contraction that caused a bit of concern. I was then sent back to the L&D desk with the results of the NST and ultrasound and then we spent the next 2 hours in the waiting room along with several other pregnant women. At 4:15 pm we were called to the triage room to be hooked up to the monitors again. Several of the nurses made comments about admitting me, but said that they couldn’t make the decision- it had to come from the doctors who were very busy. After being hooked up to the monitors again I was told that a doctor would be in to see me shortly. Fast forward one hour and still no sign of a doctor. That is when one of the nurses came and got us from triage and moved us into an actual labor and delivery room. She still couldn’t guarantee that I would be admitted, but she did have me change into a gown and then she put me back on the monitors and started an IV. While I was in triage Connor had another deceleration, so she was pretty sure that I would be admitted. Scott and I spent the next several hours watching tv and wondering if we were going to stay or go home.

At 9 pm I was finally admitted. The next step was for the doctor to insert a Foley catheter to help with dilation. During the course of the day I dilated to 1 cm on my own- not much, but a slight improvement nonetheless. At 10 pm the catheter went in…that was the first time that I saw a doctor all day! At 10:30 pm my sister and best friend showed up to visit for a few hours. They were so excited that I was finally admitted! The pitocin was started at midnight and wasn’t too bad. I was getting contractions, but they were definitely manageable. At 2:30 am the catheter came out and by 4 am I had dilated to 4 cm. I was excited that things seemed to be progressing so quickly. At 4 am the doctor asked if I wanted an epidural. I told him that I was ok for now, but that I would want one later. He suggested putting in the paperwork to request it then and I agreed. It is a good thing that he did that then because within 15 minutes, the contractions really started picking up and getting more painful. I was breathing through them, but they kept getting more intense. The anesthesiologist was busy with another patient, so it was 5:30 am when he finally made it to my room. I was so happy to see him! Once the epidural was in place I was more comfortable and I was able to get some much needed sleep.

My progress seemed to stall at this point- I was stuck at 4 cm for about 6 hours! At 9 am I had a bunch of doctors and nurses rush into the room and they had me keep changing positions and they put me on oxygen because they saw some more decelerations with Connor’s heart rate that they did not like. They took me off the pitocin and gave me some meds to slow the contractions. While the doctors were in the room, they started talking about a possible c-section, depending on how Connor’s heart rate continued to react to the contractions. For awhile I thought that I was going to wind up in the OR. Luckily, Connor stopped scaring the doctors and me with his heart rate and he didn’t have any more decelerations. The docs decided to let me continue to labor and they restarted the pitocin slowly.

I spent the late morning and early afternoon making progress, but between 6 and 8 cm the epidural didn’t seem to be working as well as it should. Eventually the anesthesiologist came in and gave me a bolis to help with the pain, but that didn’t do too much. Around 2 pm he gave me another bolis, and I was good after that! Lots of family members came in throughout the day while I was laboring and it was great to have all of their support. At 4 pm the doc came in to check me, so we sent everyone to the waiting room. I was finally at 10 cm and it was time to push! At 4:10 I started pushing- Scott and the nurse were the only ones in the room with me. I used a mirror while pushing and it was amazing to see my baby’s head as he came down the birth canal. About an hour into pushing, I started to feel a little queasy and I wound up getting sick right after a contraction. As I was puking, my body was continuing to push and after I was done being sick, I felt so much better. It was almost like I got a second wind and before I knew it, the doctor was coming in and getting ready to catch the baby. At 5:41 pm, Connor was born. It was the best feeling in the world (physically and emotionally)! They put him on my chest right away and I was able to hold him for a long time before they started cleaning him up. At that point, we had my sister come into the room to take pictures and video. She sent a text message to the rest of the family in the waiting room with all the details- Connor weighed 8 lbs, 3 oz and was 21.5 inches long. He has dark hair and we still can’t figure out what color his eyes are, but they are beautiful! After the doctor finished sewing me up (I had a 2nd degree tear), the family came in to meet Connor.

We wound up staying in the hospital until Saturday morning…we could have gone home on Friday night, but I didn’t want to get stuck in rush hour traffic with a newborn. We didn’t get much sleep in the hospital- I had a hard time relaxing with all the people coming in and out and Connor had his days and nights mixed up. Since we came home we have been getting caught up on sleep though, and Connor is doing great. Scott and I are so in love with our little boy- we spend so much time looking at him and wondering how we got so lucky. Overall, the entire birth experience was wonderful!

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caligula06 wrote:

(Copied from my blog)

Monday night I could not get comfortable. My sciatica had gotten to the point where moving was nearly impossible and I couldn't find any good position to sleep. At two in the morning I gave up, took a hot shower, got dressed and curled up in the chair next to our bed where I eventually did get to sleep.

The alarm went off at a quarter past six and we scurried to get Sean up and dressed. Mom came to take Sean to school and Ian and I were off to the hospital for the C-section. Mom arrived at the hospital before Harriet was born.

This time I was awake for the whole event. While I loved hearing Harriet's first cry, the spinal was the freakiest and most horrible thing I've ever experienced. Fortunately Dan, the person who administered the spinal was there by my side and talked me down from a complete panic attack. Ian was brought in for the actual birth bit and he got to see her lifted out of the incision (after the surgeon temporarily removed my bladder to get access to her head). I wasn't brave enough after all to ask for a mirror. He says the view behind the curtain was remarkable.

We spent most of our time recovering in a too dark and too warm room with no where comfortable to sit. My last night I was in tears from homesickness and exhaustion.

On Thursday we were released but we had to take Harriet in on Friday to check her bilirubin levels. Jaundice had started to show up on Wednesday night. Friday's labs showed an elevated bilirubin count so she had to be admitted to the hospital for some phototheraphy. I had to spend Friday night and Saturday morning with her, sleeping and reading in a reclining chair. At least the chair was comfortable! When I was scolded for nursing her too long I burst into tears for my second time at the hospital.

Fortunately after thirteen hours of treatment, Harriet's numbers had dropped and she was released by 11 in the morning. We're now home again. My milk has come in and Harriet is much happier for a good supply of warm milk and with her jaundice under control. She is a happier and calmer baby. Hopefully she can stay home with us. We have another appointment on Monday to check on her jaundice and on her weight.

The three of us are adjusting to Harriet's arrival and she in turn is learning our routines. Sean has been a marvelous big brother so far. He's very good at telling us when she needs something and has tried entertaining her. Caligula cat is madly in love with Harriet, having realized she must have been the creature who was petting her from within my belly.

Yesterday was Harriet's follow up appointment after her phototherapy treatment for jaundice. Though she is still a little jaundiced, her bilirubin levels are now average with other breast fed babies. Especially important is her weight gain. In two days she gained seven ounces, bringing her with in two ounces of her birth weight. She has until next Tuesday to regain those last two ounces but she will most likely be well beyond that goal as she's such a good eater.

Ian has also found a way to get Harriet to sleep at night; she likes to sleep in her bouncy seat. We've made a spot for it next to our bed so that she can be within arm's reach while she sleeps in this unconventional way. It also gives Sean a little longer to have his room to himself while she is so restless Last night I managed to get 4.5 hours of sleep and Ian got 5.5 hours. We got up at six-thirty and shared a pot of coffee while Harriet fell back a sleep and snoozed on my lap upstairs.

All of Harriet's pictures are here:

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Carson Joseph. Sept 7, 2006. 9:06AM

Well I am now back home out of the hospital. It feels great to be at home.

We were set for the c/s on Thurs Sept 7th at 8AM. We were to be at the hospital 2 hrs early and call 1 hr before to make sure they were still going to have room for me.
I called and got the all clear to come on in.

We checked in the L&D room a little after 6AM. Everything was ready to go. Then the nurse came in and told us that there was a woman at 9cm and the dr was going to deliver her first. That was no problem to me. Then about a 1/2 hr later dr comes in and said that he was going to deliver me.

So back to the OR. Everything went great. Spinal block was wonderful. No pain. At 9:06 Carson was delivered. He was 8lbs 5 oz. 19 1/2 inches. Looks just like his big brother.

He has been a perfect baby. Doesn't cry, eats well, etc. Logan (DS) is thrilled. He has to keep tabs on his baby at all times.

No excitement here... just a wonderful birth.
Hope you all are doing great!

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Sunday morning at about 6:45 I was woken up with a contraction. This one was much more painful than
the others that I'd been previously having. I got up and showered and told Tim that I kind of just wanted to
stay close to home b/c I felt different. I was timing them and they were about 8-10 minutes apart and lasting about a minute or so.
Around 11 or so we decided to take a walk to see if that made the contractions worse or any different at all.
After the walk they were between 4-6 minutes apart and lasted between 60-90 seconds. Around 3:30 we decided to call the doctor
to see if we should go in b/c they had lasted all morning. We called, and my regular OB had been on call the night before
and so I got to talk to the on call guy. He suggested I come in so they could see what was going on. So, we grabbed our bags (just
in case) and headed in. They hooked me up to the machine and I was about 5-6 minutes apart but the contractions were lasting about
2 minutes each. At the time I was only 2 cm dialated. So, I walked for an hour or so and they got worse while walking. After that
they were still that 2-3 minutes and I was at 3 cm. They decided to keep me there.
So, we called our doula, Josephine, and my parents to let them know what was going on. I'd decided that I wanted to walk as much as
possible and save the painkillers until later. So, we walked for a few hours. well, a couple at least. The contractions were getting
terribly painful. I decided then to get painkillesr, maybe about 11pm. First we decided to try a birthing ball. But that didn't help
much. So, they monitored me and Luke again when they gave me the painkillers (IV) and decided I needed to stay on the monitors. Not
really sure why. The IV pain meds helped alot at first. Then after a couple hours they started to wear off. The second round did virtually
nothing for my pain. I'm wondering if there was a kink in the iv line. Anyways, at 2:30am they decided to give me an epodural and break my water.
They did the epi first,wasn't as horribly bad as I anticipated. Then after that took effect they broke my water. Somewhere in there decided that
we needed to internally monitor my contrations and his heartbeat. The epidural was enough that I was able to get some sleep. a little while after
I got it, however, my blood pressure crashed. I have naturally low blood pressure anyways, but it went down to about 80/35. The doctors
didn't really like that. They were having ALOT of trouble bringing it up. I, wasn't really feeling it too much. But they started pumping me full
of fluids and finally the dipshit doctor gave me ephidrine. Which, made my heart race. Eventually they got it up. And then, they started watching
Luke's heartrate b/c he'd had a period where it'd dropped into the 70's or something. So, they were watching that. It went up to an acceptable
level, but still was watched. At around 5:30 they checked me and I was dialated to an 8. He still had only dropped to a 0, But they figured
in the next while, he'd drop to the right level (-3 or wahtever it's suppose to be)
Around 7am they let me know that my regular OB was coming in to do the delivery. At this time I was feeling a terrible pressure in my butt. I thought
it was probably the dialating that was doing it. Not knowing any better of course. I was also getting really frustrated b/c I couldn't feel my legs,
but I was uncomfortable. So, I had Tim and Josephine moving my legs around trying to get me comfortable. Finally I decided I wanted to be on my right
side but needed help to role over. So, they called a nurse. She came in and they helped me roll over. But rolling that way put Luke in distress.
His heartbeat lowered again. So, they told me I had to go back on my other side. And I lost it. I just started bawling. I was so uncomfortable and stresed
and in pain in my tailbone area that I just bawled. And at that time when they were rolling me, they decided to check his position and my dialation. I was
at 10, but he still hadn't dropped any lower. My doctor came in. She decided she wanted me to push to see what happened. So, I pushed, his heartbeat lowered,
and he came down a little, but when I stopped pushing, he bounced right back up to where he'd been. so, she gave me the choice. Either I could keep pushing, but
she felt for some reason it really wouldn't progress, or I could have a c-section. I chose the c-sec.
So, they prepped me and got me all ready. by this time I was having uncontrolable shakes. Like I looked like I had parkinsons shakes. It was awful.
I also had been neauseous for about 6 hours. So, just as my doc was coming in , I threw up. Right after they got me into the OR I threw up again. This time they couldn't
role me over and I ended up throwing up down the side of my head into my ear and hair (i know, yuk).
but they got him out. Turns out his cord was wrapped around his neck, arm, waist, testicles and ankles. He has a nice big bruise on one of his ankles from it.
And my uterus hadn't softened up completely, so he was stuck up top. So, all in all, the c-section was the totally right choice, b/c if I hadn't chosen that, he may
not have made it.
here's a couple pics.
I will write more. There's more abuot in the hospital and such, but am tired.


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Xavier Francis' Birth Story

Xavier Francis
8 lbs 1 oz, 20 inches long
Born September 10th, 2006 at 10:06 pm in Berkeley,CA
39 weeks and 4 days pregnant

On the night of September 9th, I had a ton of Braxton-Hicks contractions. They just kept coming, albeit irregularly. My back had been achey all evening and I was somewhat more alert. I was not nearly as hungry as I had been normally for that time, and all day I felt just a little "off." In hindsight, I should have known that something was up, but I was really antsy about going into labor, so I just chose to chalk it up to that.

At a little past midnight, I went to the bathroom, and a trickle came out of me that did not feel like urination. I thought that it was probably me just losing bladder control for a second. Then a second came and I caught some on a peice of TP. I smelled it, and it was odorless to me. I had Dave come and smell it, and he said it didn't smell like anything he'd ever smelled before. I got a little nervous, but I figured I would wait and see and try laying down to see if it pooled and gushed when I stood up. As I lied there, I called my doula and we talked about what to do if it was aminiotic fluid. She and I basically agreed that I would rest as much as possible and see how it was in the morning. After that call, I stood up and went and sat on the toilet. The same trickle happened again. Then it happened again. I had Dave get me a white styrofoam cup to see if I could get a better sample of the fluid. It was straw colored and smelled like nothing to me and to Dave this time too. I tried conducting my own experiments to see if it was acidic or basic. I took a small bit and put lemon juice in it. I thought I saw a very weak reaction. Then I took some baking soda solution and put it in another bit of the fluid. It had no reaction at all. I still wasn't totally convinced, so at 2 am, I went to sleep.

I woke up at 5 am really needing to pee. When I sat down on the toilet, a much larger gush came out. I was pretty convinced that this must be it, but I figured I would try to sleep just a tiny bit more. I still didn't want to fully believe that this was it, only to be told it was pee.
When I got into bed and got comfortable, a gush came out that was larger than the first one. At that point I told Dave that I was going to call the OB. I had an unmistakeable real contraction immediately after I decided this. I called the OB and she said to go into L and D immediately. Dave ran and got a car from the city car share area up the street, and I called my doula to tell her we were going in.

When we got to L and D, the nurse did a nitrazine test, and it came up positive within a nanosecond after swabbing. She even said she smelled the amniotic fluid before she tested. She did the microscopic test and it came up positive too. I was admitted right there, at 7 am.

At about 8:30 am, the nurse checked me and I was at 2 cm, 85% effaced and Xavi was at -2 station. I was contracting for 30-40 seconds every 3-4 minutes, but they were little contractions. The OB ordered a low-dose pitocin drip, and I asked to be allowed an hour to see how things progressed before the drip. I walked around the halls and bounced on my ball. I ate popsicles and called friends. The hour passed and there had been no change. I agreed to the pitocin. About an hour later, the contractions picked up and I went into active labor. I definately was feeling them get stronger. I took a shower, and it felt great! The contractions kept coming on even harder, but Dave sat with me and helped me though each one. I moaned as loud as I felt I needed and breathed through each one. At 1:30, when my doula showed up, I was getting terribly uncomfortable, but I forged ahead.

At 4pm, I asked to be checked again and I was at 8 cm and 95% effaced. Xavi was still at -2 station. I asked for some phentinyl, but the contractions were still very, very hard and coming on way strong. I took another shower, but it wasn't helping. I was exhausted. I hadn't eaten since 11 pm the previous night and had only slept 3 hours beforehand. I considered taking an epidural. My doula, Dave and I (as much as I could) discussed the options I had. I decided to get checked again before making a decision. I was still exactly the same. I wanted to rest for the pushing. I got the epidural.

The anesthesiologist was very quick and did a great job. I was grateful for the chance to rest in the dark a little. Dave was too. We all sort of half slept after Dave and my doula ate some dinner. It was exactly what I needed.

After what felt like an hour and a half of rest, the OB came in to check me. She said I was at 10 cm, 100% effaced and ready to push. My nurse at the time was super awesome. She really did everything she could to help me push. We did side lying positions, squatting, laying on my back with my knees almost by my ears, and she thought I was making pretty good progress. After about 2 hours of pushing, the OB came in to the room and said that she was concerned about the fetal heartrate. It turned out that the baby had been tachicardic for the past hour. His heartrate had climbed into the 190s at one point. Not only that, but he still hadn't come down by much. She then said one word that I didn't want to hear: C-section. I began to sob as soon as she mentioned it. Between pushes, I wept so hard. I really wanted to push the baby out. I was so looking forward to crowning and feeling his little head for the first time. I was so upset that after all this work, he would have to be surgically removed from me. I asked to be allowed to rest for a few while wearing an oxygen mask to see if that helped lower the heartrate. It didn't; it remained at 180 the whole time. After 15 or so minutes, my OB said it looked like the section was the way to go. She said she felt terrible for making me so upset, and that if the baby hadn't have been in distress, she would have let me push for much longer, so long as infection was not an issue. I needed a moment alone with my husband, so we kicked everyone out and talked about it. He had heard the baby's heartrate on the monitor, and he said he was concerned before the OB mentioned it. Knowing he was scared for the baby made me see it in another light. The goal was a healthy baby. Waiting too much longer could have been bad for Xavi, so I agreed to the C-section.

I was prepped for surgery, and I cried the whole time. I was so very scared. I had never had surgery before. I looked at Xavi's 3D ultrasound pics for strength, and the anesthesiolgist did his very best to comfort me while he upped my epidural. He was really sweet. Soon after, the drape came up and Dave came to sit by me. I told him to talk to me so that it kept my mind busy. I didn't want to know what was going on. I felt the pressure of hands going inside me and rooting around inside my uterus. It wasn't painful, but it wasn't a pleasant experience either. I felt them go way high up into my uterus and soon after, a spatter of blood hit the drape above me. Then, I heard the most beautiful sound in the word. My baby was crying. He had such a strong, amazing cry. Dave looked at me and said, "Do you hear that?! It's our baby!" He was in tears and he gave me a kiss before going over to watch them clean and weigh Xavier. While they checked him out, he cried so loudly. I tried to reassure him from across the room. "Hello Xavi, I'm here! I'm your mommy! I love you! It's all okay," I said, over and over, in hopes that he'd know my voice. All the fear and disappointment I had over the c-section almost vanished immediately. Dave brought him to me on the way out and, I got to kiss his little head and say hello to him. I will never ever forget that moment. It still makes me a little weepy to think about it.

They let my doula come in while I got stitched up and she sat with me and held my hand. The 20 minutes they took to fix me up felt like hours. I started shaking really badly and my jaw hurt like I had been chewing bubble gum for 48 hours straight. I hated being stuck on that table. Soon after they finished, I was wheeled to recovery to meet my amazing little baby boy and my wonderful husband. Even though I was shaking and numb, my doula helped me hold my son for a while, and it was beautiful.

When everything calmed down, my husband told me about how Xavier's head had a nasty laceration from hitting my pubic bone a bunch, and his head had moulded into a cone shape at a 45 degree angle. His head was cocked too much to get through. I am grateful to have a healthy baby and now that all is said and done, I wouldn't have changed a thing about how my labor went. I have learned so much about myself and have now seen an even more nurturing side to my husband. Have experienced pain greater than any other I had ever known, and faced some fears, which only served to help me grow stronger as a person and as a woman; and best of all, I have felt joy that surpasses my greatest expectations. For this whole experience, I am eternally grateful.

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Logan Matthew's birthstory

Tuesday ~ September 12
I had my 3rd membrane sweep at 2.30pm. My midwife made another appt for me for Monday at the hospital for a NST. She said I could either keep that appt or it would become a home visit. And as a joke she said, "Call me after 6am". I've previously been very accommodating so my response was "sure thing" :bigwink:

After the appt I had an errand to run downtown so by the time I got home it was nearly 4pm. I was a little disappointed because I wasn't feeling anything yet (prev pg I felt something within half an hour after the 3rd sweep). So I went walking around the property, and around, and around :lol:. Even got DH to join me because I felt like a dork and the neighbours were probably watching. Every once in a while I had a little "bounce" on the rebounder and then would go walking again. It got boring and very quickly. So I made dinner instead and carried on with the normal nighttime routine here.

Around 9pm I was sitting with my 2yo having quiet snuggly time before his bed. I was having backache at this point, right up to under my shoulder blades but no contractions. Finally at 9.20pm I said to DH that I thought something might just be happening after all. So I put DS to bed and then sent DH to bed too. I got on the pc and caught up here at PO. At 11.30pm I was tempted to ring my parents, who were staying with friends half an hour away, but decided to let them sleep. The back pain had turned into contractions but they were very mild and were coming 5-6 minutes apart. So I decided it was a good idea to go get some sleep and see what happens.

Wednesday ~ September 13
At 5am I woke, which was very unusual for me because I'm a heavy sleeper. Something had to have happened to wake me up. I laid there for 30 minutes, had a couple of more intense contractions so got up and had a shower. Going vertical made it come fast! I got out and DH was awake. I told him he needed to get up. I was in the kitchen timing them and they were coming 4-5 minutes apart! I'd called my parents and told them to come NOW (no coffee first, do that here). Then I rung my midwife, it was 6.20am. I told her it was her "friendly wakeup call and it was after 6am :rofl:".

6.45am Still waiting for my parents to show... in the meantime, my boys were all getting up. So we got them dressed and told them we would be going to the hospital and they would be getting the day off school :yahoo:.

6:50am my parents finally arrived and we were out the door! Contractions were coming 3-4 minutes and the occasional 2 minutes :eek:.

We still had a 20 minute trip to the hospital. DH said, "express way?", "bloody oath" I said, hanging on to the hand rails in the car (gotta love a proper 4WD with all the hang-on-for-your-life handles). It was about then when we got stuck behind a slow ute! Grrrrr, last time it was a ute pulling a boat and not doing the speed limit. I said to DH "pass him NOW!”

Half way to the hospital I told DH that I didn't want to do it today and to turn around and go home.

Anyway, we finally arrived at the hospital and it was 7:10am. I got to the delivery room (which happened to be the same room DS#3 was born in) and went to get ready. All of a sudden I felt a small gush, it was a bloody show. My midwife walked in 2 minutes after we arrived and got me on the table to check me out. I was 9cm dilated! I started getting the chills, which was also a good sign, so DH put my wooly socks on and tried to find me a blanket. Lying on my left side I had my blood pressure done, and then listen to the baby. It was about then I said I needed to :puke:. Once that was done, we were ready to go. 8:00am I got on my knees, the back of the bed was put up and it was time to push. A good 10 pushes and Logan's head was out. The cord was wrapped around his neck once so I was told to pant while that was fixed, another quick push and there he was at 8:04am. All done with no meds! (I'm so proud of myself :D)

Officially labour started at 5am (when I woke). So total labour time just 3 hours.

Logan had to be suctioned twice for mucus and then he came to me for a whole hour and a half for skin-to-skin time. He was weighed at 9.15am and was 3630gms (8lb) and 55cm (21.6") long.

I got two stitches for a minor laceration and have yet again got a vaginal wall prolapse.

We didn't want to stay long at the hospital at all. Got the all clear to go at 3pm and we were all home again by 4pm.

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Carter William Nohl's birth story!

Hi Ladies! Sorry this is late. Things have been extremely hectic! Here is Carter's birth story.... I will update this post with pics of him later on today. I could not figure out how to resize them so that they would fit. Need DH's help!

I went to OSF Hospital in Peoria, Illinois to be induced at 5 PM on September 5th. By the time we were checked in and had gotten settled into the room, it was 7 PM. At that point, they started the pitocin drip, which was to be turned up every half hour. The nurse mentioned that the dr did not have me on a very high dose, as he wanted me to get rest through the night and start the real labor in the morning. So, even after the drip was turned up between 7 pm and 3 am, I really did not feel much. I was having light contractions, but nothing painful. At about 3 AM, I started having terrible back pain, and could not seem to get comfortable in the bed. I kept having to turn from one side to the other, which really was nothing too unusual for me, since I had similar back pain while sleeping at home. Even though it seemed like it could be normal pregnancy pain, I figured that I should let the nurse know. When I told her, she made a comment "Oh, the joys of pregnancy". She basically assumed that it was just pregnancy pains. By the time 6 AM rolled around, I had even worse back pain. Since my nurse was helping with a C-section, a different nurse came in to check on me. When she found out what kind of pain I was experiencing, she informed me that I was having back labor, and offered me the narcotic drug. I figured that it was too soon for the epidural, and said yes to that drug. About an hour later, my dr showed up, and broke my water. He checked me, and found that I was 3 CM dilated, which is one more then I was when I came in. After the water was broken, the contractions came on VERY strongly in my back and my abdomen. So, I requested the epidural. Since there was only one epidural guy, and the hospital was overloaded with women in labor, I had to wait 2 hours!! I was not a happy camper, and kept telling the nurses to get me that epidural. Finally, around 9 am, I got it. The pain went completely away, and I was happy.

About 2 hours later, I felt a strange sensation (kinda like I had to poop), and called the nurse in. I told her that I was ready to have this baby. Well, unfortunately, she really didn't believe me since I was only 3 cm dilated just two hours before. With a skeptical look on her face, she decided to check me. To her surprise, she found that I was 10 cm dilated. At that point, I totally freaked out because the dr was not even there. I told them to call him immediately, which they did. He had them give me one more dose of the epi, and wanted me to hold off on pushing for awhile longer. He wanted the labor to go on it's own for a little while, and then he would be in later so that I could push. After about an hour, I told the nurse that I couldn't refrain from pushing much longer and to call the dr and tell him to get in. He showed up about 30 min later, and I was ready to push. I pushed for 20 minutes, and Carter William was born (September 6th, 2006 at 1:06 PM).

Carter was 6 lbs and 9.5 ounces. He was 20 inches long, and healthy!! I did have an episiotomy, which was kind of painful, but is healing well. All in all, I had a pretty easy delivery. The nurses at the hospital were very uncaring and insensitive, and unfortunatley, they pretty much ruined my whole stay at the hospital. I am very grateful though to have my beautiful son, and will not let the experience with those nurses put a damper on my special day. (I will be going to a different hospital if I decide to have another baby though!)

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Jax arrived last Friday(September Dirol at 2:31pm EST weighing 6lbs 8ounces 21 inches long and 14inch head. After 3 weeks of hospital bedrest for complications including Preeclamsia/toxemia/PIH.
I was exactly 37weeks and was induced that morning starting with a low dose of pitocin at 5am.
At 9am my doctor came in and I was contracting hard but hardly any progress. I was still 3cm and was effacing but thats it. She broke my water. OMG (the pressure after that killed me I swear). Every contraction I had hurt so bad with pressure I couldnt stand it. I started dilating very quickly after that. In fact One time around 10am(i think?) the nurse checked me and I was 5cm and then 15min later my doctor comes in and checks me and I was 8cm. I hit 9cm and totally effaced very quickly, but Jax's heart started to show he didnt like the pitocin (as they had turned it up high since 3cm), so they had to cut the pitocin off. And would you believe I actually stopped contracting at 9 freakin cm? :jawdrop:
Well i was contracting but very mildly. And no progress for 2 hours after that. Jax got better so they started the pitocin again low, and boom I was totally dilated and pushed for 14min and he was out. No tear and no episiotomy. My doctor actually helped me to avoid that by doing the perineal massage and told me to stop pushing once his head crowned so I could have time to relax and stretch out.
I did have an epidural- My BP was high (they had threatened c-section) and they said it would help. Im kinda glad in a way that I got it- I mean i was fine till the pressure sank in with every contraction. I thought I was going to die. I wasnt sure though If I was able to ask for a small dose of the epidural, I really still wanted a natural birth. So out of curiousity I asked the anesthesiologist if he would please only give me a low dose if possible because I still wanted to feel the contractions. So guess what? He actual did it! I didnt think it was possible but I still felt all the contractions and the pressure (though not as intense as before but still pretty intense) I was able to still move my legs and toes and everything. I wasnt totally numb or paralyzed like before when i had the epidural with DD. I actually felt it all, just not quite as bad.
Poor Mario though, you guys wouldnt believe. When I was just 3cm (and contracting hard though) he got so excited and nervous he threw up and almost fainted. I called the nurse and they helped him outside to get some air. Several times he had to get assistance because he was going to faint. And all the while im thinking "geez, we arent even to the exciting part yet".
He actually was removed from the room while i got the epidural because of his fainting spells, and also wasnt present for the pushing or delivery. They even had to draw the curtain in my room while I delivered my placenta because of his weak stomach and nerves so he could come in the room and see the baby without seeing the table. I did all the pushing all by myself holding my own legs and everything. He waited outside my door in the hall in the rocking chair with smelling salts.
Hahaha.. But anyways I did it! He's here and he is so beautiful. I was very pleased with my birth. I did it as naturally as possible with my complications.
We have had a rough start though. Jax came out more premature than we all thought. His birth weight was ok and so was his size, but somehow his cartilege in his ears hadnt developed so his ears were flat, and he had no sucking reflex at all. He didnt know how to suck a finger, bottle or anything u put in his mouth. In the begining we were trying to feed him with a medicine cup but that gave him to much air and he was throwing up. So they gave me a tube hooked up to a syringe and we did that and slowly he seemed to develop a little sucking reflex from it, but quickly stopped trying when he realized I would push the plunger no matter what, so he got a little lazy on us. Then we decided to try a preemie bottle, and he tried and tried and finally figured it out. He still wouldnt latch on to me though. We tried every feeding and I just wanted to cry. I felt like I should have stayed pregnant longer. They said they didnt understand exactly why he hadnt completely developed except their best guess was due to my placenta maybe being affected by my high BP. If thats the case its good we delivered him early, God only knows what other problems my placenta could have caused from the damage my BP was doing.
I was sent home and rented a hospital pump. Ive been pumping and feeding him through preemie bottles my milk but still trying to encourage latching and rooting (he never rooted or knew how). I would run the nipple of the preemie bottle over his lips to try to teach him how to root and when he was going to get fed. I did the same with my nipple. I tried and cried to get him to latch to me, and finally just a day or so ago he latched on! At first it was only for a min or two and he gave up, but now he is latching on really well. Well- except that his latch isnt proper because he is used to the preemie bottle nipple. But we are working on that. I called my lactation nurse and she has given me advice to not give up and just relatch when he is hurting me.
Anyhow he is crying now....

Here is some pics (including one last belly 5 min before they started the induction)...
Hospital picture
And my photobucket album sub catagory HospitalandBabyJax has the rest...
Here's an invite to view those..

You have been invited to visit a photo album

The read only password to view this album is: friend

Sorry to post and run, Ill be back after I feed Jax.

Congratulations to all the New Mommies!!!!!!

Edited to add: I forgot to mention he also has Jaundice. But it seems to be under control and getting better, if not they are going to send a nurse out to our house with UV lights. His last level check was 12.7. I think its getting better, he doesnt seem as orange as before. He also has a problem with his right hip, they said it hadnt developed completely either and has a click and doesnt think its dislocating when its moved but says its a possibility that it is. The doctor also said it should fix itself and it doesnt seem to be painful at all to Jax. In 2 months we will be getting an ultrasound if it doesnt appear to be better and perhaps discuss surgery if needed.
Weight is 6lbs 4 ounces. He was weighed Monday and was 6lbs 2 ounces. So still not back to birth weight but doesnt seem to be dropping anymore.

Im really happy he is here, he is a great baby! And he is more beautiful than every imagined. I love him incredibly.

My only regret is that I wish I hadnt had all the complications I had- so he could have stayed in longer and not had the problems he has had. Kinda feels weird knowing he was born early and on purpose for health reasons, it feels weird also knowing I should still be pregnant now and im not.

Still though he is such a blessing and miracle to us. Thats my story Smile

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"mydollymya" wrote:

If a mod could please add this to the birth story thread, thanks!!

Well, it all started on Sept. 12th. Well sort of. I'd had contractions for 3 weeks already and had been to the hospital for false labor 3 times already. By the time Sept.11 arrived I was so exhausted from the contractions and I just wanted labor to start so badly. I was in tears when Cory arrived home from work at midnight. I couldn't sleep, I wasn't hungry, and couldn't get comfortable. I had learned that the previous week I was already 4 cm dilated and fully efaced. The baby was sitting at a 0 station and ready to be born!
I went for a walk at 2:30 AM, Sept.12th. The walk helped calm me down and when I got home I was able to sleep a little.
At 9:30 AM I heard the loudest "POP" come from my belly that I literally jumped. I'd read that your waters breaking can cause such a sound but didn't really believe it. When I jumped DH asked me what was wrong. I said that I'd thought that my waters had broke and got up to see. Nope, false alarm. So I went to the bathroom and then got back into bed. 10 seconds later I was soaked, the bed was soaked and I had the strongest contraction! I yelled at DH to grab a towel and a pad. He was up and threw me a panty liner, LOL. Umm okay, the bed is soaked and a panty liner is going to help? LOL. He kind of realized that after he saw how soaked the bed was and threw me a bigger pad.
Another strong contraction, that had me bunched in a ball on the bed moaning. I think that this is when DH realized that this baby was coming NOW!
He ran to Mya's room and told her to get dressed in a hurry. He phoned my sister and told her that we were bringing Mya right away and tried to reach my mom but there was no answer. Meanwhile I'm trying to brush my teeth and finish packing my bags in between contractions. The problem was that there was no "in between" anymore. It was just one long contraction....
Let the dogs out to pee.... wait for them to pee..... bring them in and feed them......and we are in the car. The hospital is about 7 minutes from our house... my sister is about 15 minutes from our house and then another 10 minutes or so to the hospital. We phoned my sister to say that we were going straight to the hospital since things were moving so quickly. She said that she'd meet us at the hospital to pick up Mya.
We arrive at the hospital at 9:55. As soon as the nurses saw me they knew, and they had me strip and get into bed. They checked me right away and I was " 6 cm.... no 8 cm." I went from 5 to 8 cm in a matter of seconds. They phoned my Dr and told her to come right away.
I said that I wanted an epidural, as the pain was unbearable and the contractions just didn't stop. The nurse said that there was no time and she gave me some gas.I remember looking up and seeing Mya's round saucer eyes, she was white as a ghost. I felt so horrible for my baby girl to see me in such pain! The nurse must have noticed my concern as she had Cory leave with her, so I was all alone. They checked me again and I was completely dilated and they told me that I could push when I felt ready. My Dr arrived and told them to take away the gas... LOL. I think that I was abusing it Smile My mom arrived after my second push and watched Mya so that Cory was able to be there. 3 pushes later and my baby girl was here! She was born at 10:30 AM, only 48 minutes after my first contraction! I am still in shock! It was just sooo fast.
I have a tear, and severe bruising and swelling that they may have to drain. And the lovely hemmorhoids. Mom and baby are healthy though! There was some concern with Andi's fast breathing in the hospital and her lungs were filled with fluid because of the fast delivery. She has gotten much better over time. Her heart rate is still high, sometimes in the high 190s and we will see the Dr on Wednesday for a follow up appointment. My Dr is thinking that this is just from the stress her body is feeling from having so much mucus in her chest and lungs.
Andra Hope was 7 lbs, 6 oz and 20.5 inches long. Her head was 13.5 inches.
I knew that I would love her.... I just didn't know how much! I only met her 6 days ago and I already have a lifetime of love for her.

She looks exactly like Mya did at birth except that her hair is much lighter. It's amazing how closely they resemble each other!

Mya was so excited to finally have her baby sister.
It made me cry to see how happy she was. She is so in love with Andra.

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thaigirl wrote:

Introducing Ian Michael

We're home!

(If a mod could copy this to the birth stories thread, I would be so grateful!)

DH and I went to the hospital at 4am on September 14th to be induced. It was my birthday and the baby's due date. When they hooked me up to the monitor, they said I was already having pretty regular contractions, about 5 minutes apart-I was shocked! I hadn't felt a thing and I was still not dilated. At 5am they gave me the first dose of Cytotec. DH and I listened to music and played some games because I felt perfectly fine. I walked around some, and was a little disappointed that I hadn't really felt any contractions yet. But when the nurse checked me before my 9am dose of Cytotec, I was already at a 3! The doctor came in and broke my water at that point. Soon after, the contractions picked up, but they were still very light and I could talk through them. I was sitting on the birthing ball playing Phase 10 with DH.

A little while later, they decided to start me on pitocin. After about 10 minutes though, the baby's heart rate was dropping so they had me get in bed and lay on my side. That made the contractions significantly worse and that was when I started having to use the breathing techniques. They stopped the pit and I was hoping to be able to get back up, but they told me I would need to stay in bed for quite awhile, possibly the rest of the labor. That did not excite me. I was dilated to 4 at that point, and decided that if I had to stay in bed anyhow, I might as well be comfortable. So Mr. Epidural Man came to visit me, and gave me one of the best birthday presents! The epidural didn't hurt at all going in (really, my IV was worse) and it kicked in right away. It was wonderful. But then about an hour later, I started feeling contractions again. They called the epidural man, and by the time he got there about 30 minutes later, the epidural had pretty much completely worn off. He tried to give me some more meds, but they didn't work either, so he redid the epidural. The second one REALLY worked-I couldn't feel a thing below my belly button, and I couldn't move at all. That was fine with me, though!

It was about 4:15 or 4:30 when I had the second epidural and I was at 6cm at that point. We called my parents and let them know that it would probably be a few hours, and we would call when we were ready to push so they could come to the waiting room. DH and I were getting out UNO cards to play a game at 5:00 when the nurse checked me again-I was ready to push!! I was completely shocked that it had gone so fast (and glad that the epidural had kicked in!). They got everything ready and called the doctor in, and after only about 10-15 minutes of pushing, Ian Michael was born!! He was 20 inches long and weighed 7 pounds 15 ounces-I got my wish to not have an 8 pound baby! He's got a full head of dark hair too (maybe it was the heartburn). He is so adorable!!

Overall, I was shocked that everything went so fast and easily, and that I didn't even end up getting the pitocin for the induction-just the cytotec. I got a small episiotomy which is a tad bit sore, but overall I feel great and I'm ready to do it again! Ian is doing wonderfully and is already a pro at bfing. Here's our little guy:

You can see more pictures at

He is the best birthday present I ever could have received!!

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Allison Christine's Birth Story

Hello ladies!

I finally have a moment to post my birth story and share some pics of my beautiful baby girl! There were lots of bets that our surprise baby was going to be a boy, but in the end we got our little girl

We had decided that I was going to be induced because the baby was big, so I checked into the hospital on Friday 9/8 @ 2:30pm. At around 5:00pm that night, they gave me a suppository to rippen my cervix. I was having some good contractions after this which was no fun.. but, it told me that things were working. My dad & MIL were in the hospital with us the whole time - they were going to go home as the Pitocin wasn't going to be started until the next morning.. but, things started progressing and they decided to stay.

My nurse that night suggested that I get into the jacuzzi and try to relax.. and after hubby jumped on that bandwagon, I decided it might be a good idea. I got into the tub with my gown on and a word find book and tried to relax as best I could (contractions still quite painful). I stayed in for about 40 minutes and when I got out to change gowns and dry myself off, I saw this gross blob and I knew that it was my mucus plug! Then, I started trickling what I thought was urine.. so, went to the bathroom, got up and continued to dry off. The trickling began again! I had put a towel there to try to catch it and it wasn't pee but it honestly didn't dawn on me that it was my amniotic fluid. At this point, I heard my OB's voice coming from the room and I peeked out the door and asked her to come in... she confirmed it was my water leaking and she was so happy! The plan now turned into a waiting game and she figured that I may not even have to have the Pitocin after all.....

Contractions grew in intensity but they were still far apart. Some were close together but no real pattern yet. At 5:30 AM I decided to get an epidural. It helped, but for some reason only last a couple of hours until one section of my abdomen would wear off and hurt like crazy during contractions. I was continuing to dilate but slowly.. baby was doing great.

Around noon time on Saturday, the doctor came in to check on me (at this point, they had started the Pitocin because I was progressing very slowly on my own) and I was 6 cm dilated and 90% effaced.... we were all getting very excited!

An hour or so later, I was checked on again and the doctor found that my cervix was starting to get swollen. She told me that the head was still a bit high...

Yet another hour later, I was checked and my cervix was pretty swollen at this point and the baby's head was even higher..... so, the doctor talked about the possibility of a c-section.

She didn't like using forceps or the vacuum and told me that the baby's head was just too big and pushing on me with every contraction, thus causing the swelling. Since the baby's heartrate was perfect, she felt that a planned section was better than trying to move forward and having the baby get stuck in the canal - forcing an emergency c-section. This obviously wasn't the way I wanted to go, but it was best for baby so we went ahead with it.

They came to get me at 3:30pm and took me into surgery. I was SO scared. Hubby came in and sat next to me and I told him to just keep talking to me. I didn't feel pain, but I could feel pressure and that was bad enough! I also had the shakes so bad At one point, I heard one of the doctors say "and here's the uterus" so I knew they were close... then.... I heard the BEST words EVER....... "It's a GIRL" and then we could hear our baby crying!! I cried so hard, I was never so happy! The doctor said "Christine, look up real quick.." and I did and they were holding my baby above the curtain for me to see - she was beautiful....

Her stats were:

8 lbs 13 oz
21 inches long
Born 9/9 @ 3:56pm
And, she has a FULL head of hair!!!

All in all it was a tough time but it all worked out for the best and our girl was never put in any distress. No matter which way it went, natural or c-section, I still got to hear those precious words "It's a _________" and it was the best moment ever.

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Zanthie Paige's Birth Story

My beautiful girl Zanthie Paige arrived on the 8th September 2006 @ 11:47am NZST weighing 5lb 11oz and 50cm long. She came feet first into the world via a scheduled C section. At my 36 week appointment it was confirmed that she was still in breech position (footling breech) where she had been the whole pregnancy. Because of my heart shaped uterus it was not a option to turn her so the elective C section was what we had to go with. The day of her arrival Jarrod and I had to get up early at 6:30am as we had an hours drive to get to the hospital for an 11:00 am surgery. We had to get there 2 hours before hand. With nothing to eat for breakfast and the excitment and anticipation of our girls arrival we got all settled into the hospital. It was quite good as the women who give birth via C section get there own private room and we were rapt with that. @ arround 11:00 am (the surgery was late) I was wheeled to the pre prep room where Jarrod got dressed up in his blue doctors suite and I got my IV put in. That was a bit distressing for me as I really hate needles and the guy putting the iv in took 10 minutes to try and find a vein. :shock: Yuck. Then about 15 mins latter I was wheeled into the operation thetre with Jarrod in tow. Then came the epidural man I must have been the biggest baby ever as I just cried and sobbed the whole time they put that in. The bit that hurt the worst was the injecting of the anesthetic first. :ouch: Once numbness set in my private OB did the surgery and Jarrod took photos of the whole surgery it was amazing. My little girl came out feet first and had the cord wrapped around her neck once but the first time she cried I had tears in my eyes as then I knew she was ok. Her Apgars were 9 and 10. I stayed in the hospital for 4 days in total and came home on the 12th Sept. Zanthie is quite good with her feeds every 3 to 4 hourly. We are just so in love with our little girl and both baby and mum are doing really well. :bigsmile:

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"prattmommy" wrote:

Will a Mod please post this in the birth story thread for me. TIA

I went into the hospital on Thursday at 6:00 am to start my induction. Dr. came in at 8:00 to insert the Cervidil, contractions were started coming nothing super strong. The medicine had to stay in for 12 hours. I was able to get up after 3 hours on the monitors and walk around which was much needed. When she checked me then I was 2-2.5. Baby was still super high. Felt like he was holding onto my tonsils not wanting to let go. At 8:30 that night the Cervidil was removed and they decided to since I was contracting to just go ahead and keep me overnight and see if things progressed.

7:00 Friday morning Dr came in checked me and I was only 3 cm. She then decided to give me Citotek (sp). They went ahead and moved me to Labor and Delivery since this was baby #3 they didn't know how fast I would go. I was again able to walk after so long on the monitors which was great cause the back and butt were killing me. Nurse came in checked me agian after a couple of hours and I was still a 3. At that point I was scared to death that I was going to have to have a c-section. The nurse told me the dr was in doing a c-section and would be in after that to re-check me and see where to go from there. At 3:00 she came in checked me still a 3 but wanted to see if she could break my water. Well she did, Dr. comminted on how I had an Olympic size pool in there no wonder baby didn't want to come down. She said she had never seen that much water before. It was everywhere. She asked if I wanted an epidual and of course I was like YES!! I received that at 4:30 ( Dr. was a major ass!!) I could still feel them a little but nothing like before. At 6:00 I was checked again and I was a good 4cm, -2 station and 80% effaced. At 7:30 checked again still a 4 but was thinned out more. Started feeling alot of pressure at 8:35pm I was almost complete with just a little rim. But baby was still very high. I labored him down which was rough, I had to be given 3 boulus of epidual medicine and then had to have the epi man come in and give me even more since I was feeling so much of the contractions. At 10:10 I was ready to push and at 10:29pm Noah Phillip Joseph Pratt was born weighing in a 9lbs and was 21.75 inches long with a ton of black hair. I was able to hold him soon after birth and was able to b/f him right away. He is such an awesome nurser. He has been such a great baby so far.

On Saturday I was told that the chances of getting my tubal were up in the air since they were so busy, They kept me on NPO the whole day. Finally at 1:30 I was told my dr just finished up with a c-section and I was up next, so at 2:00 I went in for that. All went good, started having some pretty sharp pains in my side from all the air in my stomach but that is now gone.

I think Noah knew he was going to be our last and had to come out with a bang and make his appreance know and remembered. And that he did. He completes our family.
I will post pictures as soon as I can.

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Well, as you all know, I had been on bedrest for about the last 4 weeks or so. My BP has been staying on the high side. Friday, 9/15, I went in for my bi-weekly NST appointment. When I got there, the nurse took my BP and then said to lay on my side so she could take it again. I asked what my BP was on my back and she said, "I'll tell you after we take it on your side." So she takes it and says, "Much better, 128/85. We'll use that one." I ask what the first one was and she says, 177/110! I was pretty surprised to hear that. Also kind of taken aback that she was just going to put that one by the wayside. She left to take my chart to my doctor. Apparently, they passed each other up or missed each other because my doctor came in right after and said that she wanted to pop in real quick because she was going to do a c-section and she probably wouldn't be back before I left. She asked about my chart and I told her the nurse took it. So she asked what my BP was and I told her about both. She immediately took it herself and got 168/95. She told me then that she didn't want to risk it over the weekend. (She had me scheduled for an induction Monday). She called L&D and sent me straight there!

I was a little shocked to say the least! I didn't have my bag or anything! Luckily, Jason had come with me to that appointment. Something he NEVER does. So I was able to send him home to get everything. They started my IV around 4:30 PM. My contractions started coming almost instantly. They were pretty mild at first. The monitors weren't even picking them up until they got pretty intense (in my opinion). I was 2 CM when we started an only about 30% effaced. In about an hour I was only 2 1/2 CM and 50% effaced. Around 6:30, my doctor broke my water. I think around 7:30 or so, they went ahead and gave me the epidural, for which I was soooo very thankful! My contractions had me in tears at that point. My nurse was absolutely wonderful through everything. She barely left my room.

Anyway, my doctor told the nurse to call her when I got to 4 CM because she knew I would go quickly after that. She called her then and my doctor said that she would leave then and be there in about 30 minutes. Well, 30 minutes was almost too long!!! I was ready to push when she got there! I had to breathe through the urges to push for a while so they could get everything set up. He was out in about 4 or 5 pushes. At 10:34 PM, my beautiful baby boy entered the world! Biggrin I did have to have a tiny episiotomy, which I wasn't thrilled about, but it's a small price to pay!

I had to stay in the hospital an extra day because of my BP. They had me on a magnesium sulfate drip... awful awful stuff! I had to stay on it for about 30 hours. Made me feel like crap!

Anyway, we got home on Monday and here we are! He's a little jaundicey (if that's a word), but it isn't bad enough for phototherapy.

Here's his pic.... Smile



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Please add Christopher John (CJ). He was born August 24 @ 12:12 p.m. and weighted 4lbs and 10oz. He was 18 inches long. He was born at 36wks and 3 days. Thanks.


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Lucy's story isn't very eventful, but I thought I would post it anyway. I was scheduled to be induced at 6:30 am Tuesday morning, 9/19/2006. We got there and had the pitocin going by 7:30 am. I wasn't thrilled about being induced, but Lucy had decided not to come on her own, so we went ahead with the induction. I was so nervous and as soon as I got into the LDR room, I almost chickened out, but I was there, so I decided to stay.

The contractions started very mildly at around 8:00 or so and gradually got stronger and stronger. The nurse (who was wonderful) kept slowly uping the dose. My OB came in and broke my water about 9am and that helped move things along too. They never hit really hard all of a sudden, just a really slow build up of intensity with each raised dose. I was not feeling too bad and was able to walk around, use the birth ball, and get in the shower. All things I wanted to try. I wanted to see if I could do it with no drugs, but by about 3:30, after 8 hours, I was progressing nicely (about 5 cm and 100 % effaced), but the contractions were just getting too painful. I was almost in tears and my sweet dh was almost in tears watching me. I asked to talk to the anestheseologist because I had a lot of questions. She was very nice and patient and didn't force me or try to convince me to get the epidural. I finally decided it sounded very safe and decided to get it. I hate needles so much, which was my biggest fear about the epi. I don't know what I was afraid of. I barely felt the numbing needle and the catheter needle I didn't feel one bit. Gettin the IV in hurt about 100x worse than the epidural. Almost immediately, the contractions started to get weaker, and after 20 minutes, I felt absolutely no pain. I could feel my legs even, they were just numb. I didn't mind having to stay in bed, because I was so tired, no I could rest up for the pushing. I was talking on the phone, watching movies...

About 8:30, it felt like the epi was wearing off just a bit, so the anesthesiologist came back and put in some more medicine, and my new nurse (who was just as wonderful as the first) said I was 10cm and it was time to push! DH and I just looked at each other and smiled. We were so excited! He called my mom and sister, who were invited to be in the room immediately following the birth, and I swear they were at the hospital in like 5 minutes. They waited in the waiting room until after she was born. I felt no pain during the pushes, but lots of pressure, and everyone said I was a great pusher. After about 1.5 hours of pushing, her head was right there, and I could feel her ready to come out. Like 2 more pushes, and I felt her legs leaving my body and then heard her cry. I was really expecting to hear "It's a boy," (I am not sure why, just a feeling I had), but was very excited to hear "You have a beautiful baby girl!" She was put on my stomach for a minute, while dh cut the cord and then she was cleaned up. My mom and sister came into the room and could hardly stand that she was a girl.

I got a small tear, but not too bad and just have a few stitches. It was the best first birth experience I could have asked for, and I wouldn't change a thing. All the negatives I had heard about inductions and epidurals were not true for me and I was so grateful for that. I will certainly say, for all you ladies who were able to go through a birth with no medication, I really admire you! If you made it this far, thanks for reading. I have attached one more picture of Lucy at home today sitting in the sun. She is a bit jaundiced, so we had her shirtless in her crib. She is nursing like a pro and we couldn't be happier with her. Her skin is really wrinkled and dry from being 9 days late and her finger nails are SO long for the same reason, but she is perfect to us!

Lucy Aurelia
10:18 pm
7lbs 5oz
21 inches

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"ahanson74" wrote:

Sofia Ruth Angela (yes 2 middle
7lbs 6oz
20.5 inches

I'm not sure how coherent this story is going to come out, but I'll try my best. I got up on Saturday the 16th and went for a super long walk. After that I went to get the car washed since I kept telling myself that I didn't want to bring baby home in a dirty car. I got home and DBF was cooking. We were having some friends over for Mexican Independence Day and he was making enchiladas. Our friends came and we watched "Three Amigos". Later that afternoon/evening everyone went outside to sit in the garden. I started getting contrax and they were coming every 5 min but that was nothing new. I didn't feel like being in the crowd so I came in the house and got on the computer. I was just playing freecell and wondering if my body was gearing up for something. Sure enough at 8:30pm, I heard and felt a loud pop. I immediately went to the restroom and gushed fluid. There was no doubt that my water broke. I was so happy. I ran outside and yelled "my water just broke!!" and you have never seen a group of people jump up and get excited like they all did. They have all been there for us during the whole pregnancy, so it was really cool that they were here when it happened. After a few minutes contrax started coming on hard and fast. Since our hospital was almost an hour away, we got ready to leave right away. We arrived at the hospital at 9:30pm and after being checked, I was admitted. I was still 3.5cm which was no change from my last doc appt so I was a little frustrated that I wasn't further along. They got us into our delivery room which was really nice and the fun began. The contrax were getting really hard and difficult. I asked for a rocking chair and a hot pad since I was having back pain. I labored there for a few hours. I then got into the shower and stayed there for a bit. Since my water broke, they wouldn't let me take a bath. I really think if I was able to it would have made a big difference. I progressed pretty quickly and everyone was impressed that I hadn't needed any help. By 7:00am I was 9cm. Transition was unreal. I shook horribly and was very nauseas after each contraction and they were coming every 2 minutes. Unfortunately, this is where things went south. I got stuck at 9cm. We tried everything to get past that stage but nothing was working and I was getting exhausted. They started talking about csec if I tired myself out and couldn't push. They suggested pitocin and so I did it. Next thing I know there are docs everywhere. The baby didn't tolerate the pitocin at all, so it was shut off immediately. I was still 9cm. The nurse gently told me that an epi would probably help me get over the last hump and give me some rest so that I could push. They knew I didn't want one but more than that, I didn't want a csec, so very reluctantly I agreed to one. The epi man comes in and does his thing. I'm told it will be a few minutes before I feel it working. Well, it never did work. The only thing that numbed were my legs but I still felt everything else. They gave me another dose..still nothing and another...still nothing. Finally I told them to just let me push since I really was feeling the urge. I pushed for 2 hours feeling all of the pain but not my legs. It was incredibly frustrating because I didn't want the epi in the first place and then it ended up doing more harm than good. After pushing for so long, she was finally right there but I just had no more strength in me. When the doc offered to vacuum her (yet another thing I didn't want), I agreed. I just wanted her out at this point. One more good push and with the help of the vacuum, my daughter was born. It was an incredible thing to feel her head coming out and then her shoulders. What a relief. They placed her on me and she looked into my eyes. It was beautiful. I started bleeding really badly and the doc was concerned because although I had a 2nd degree tear deep inside (those stiches were not fun), there was blood coming from somewhere else and they couldn't find it. After another round of the epi, a local, and some major drugs in my IV, I still felt everything but they had to stitch me up. It hurt like hell but I was so tired that I didn't care. Well, that was the worst of it. Believe me when I say that the first time I held and breastfed my girl it all became okay. I was really bummed that I didn't get my natural birth and ended up with one intervention after another, but my daughter is finally here and she's healthy and happy. I guess at the end of the day, that's all I could ask for.

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"Faith1985" wrote:

Well I am happy to report that My little guy made finally came.. I have been alittle busy so I am sorry this is a little delayed..... He was born on his due date, which is funny to me becuase I thought I would have to be induced, and it is crazy because not many people deliver on their due date..... Anyways here is his birth story.....

On friday night I woke up to go to the bathroom and when I climbed back into bed I had a contraction it wasnt really painful, but it lasted about 45 seconds... then I woke up again to another one probably about 2 hours later and then I had another one a couple hours later and all of them were about 45 seconds later and I really didnt think anything of it cause well it was three within like 6 hours... Saturday morning around 8:30 I started to have contractions anywhere between 7 and 12 minutes apart and they werent that painful so I wasnt very concerned and they were only lasting any where from 45 seconds to about a minute and a half..... and that when on for about 2 hours and then they tapered off....
Later that day I started to have stronger contractions but they were still pretty far apart and then by 7:00pm I started having them regularly about every 8 minutes lasting close to a minute each time.... and they were gradually getting more painfull... So I called the hospital and they told me to come in and get checked out.... so my mom and I went to the hospital around 10:00 and was set up on the moniter and of course when we were there I was hooked up to the moniter I only had three contractions..... they werent very strong ones either...So the nurse checked me to see if I was dialated and i wasnt even 1 cm dialated and I was only 75% effaced.. so they sent me home.... I got home around 11:30 and I was kinda bummed cause I was expecting atleast somethng to happen.. but nothing.... so I went to bed and I didnt sleep very well cause I was still having contractions every about 15 minutes.... Sunday was a very painful day for me as the contractions picked up in intensity and they were consistently 10 minutes apart and they were lasting sometimes 2 minutes long... I didnt call the hospital at all cause I was waiting for them to get closer....I went to bed sunday night or atleast tried to and they started to get closer about 5 minutes and they were very long and painful.... I ended up getting no sleep and my mom got up and asked me if I wanted her to go get my dad from work so he could watch my neice and I said yes.... they were getting closer together at that point... so when she went to go get my dad I had a shower and called my friend who was going to be in the delivery room with me.... I told her what was going on and she told me to call her when I was at the hospital and knew what was going on..... I called the hopsital and they once again told me to come in... I went in and they hooked me up and I had contractions about 5 minutes apart and they were a little intense but I could breath through them.... The nurse checked me and I was only 2 cm dialated..... After they checked me I had another contraction and I felt something leaking so I told my mom to go get the nurse and tell her I was leaking and when they checked the fluid sure enough my water had broken so they had to keep me at the hospital...... They admitted me into a birthing room and they didnt hook me up to any moniters yet, I walked around with my mom for awhile and the contractions were still five minutes apart.... I layed back down in the bed and my contractions started to get closer.... about 3 minutes apart and 2 minutes long... they were getting more painful and so when the nurse came in I asked here when I could get an epidural... she said she would check me and if I was a good 3 cm then she would go get the guy who does it... I was 3 cm so she when to get the guy but when she checked me she popped the rest of my water and then not even a minute later my contractions where one ontop of the othere they seemed to be constant with maybe 5 seconds in between..... the epidural guy came and OMG it was the best thing to ever happen to me.... lol... at the time...... after the epidural my contractions started to slow down and not be as strong so they started some oxitosen(spelling??) to hopefully speed up the contractions and get them stronger... I was exahusted so they told me to get some sleep... I fell asleep and an hour later I woke up to about 4 nurses in my room.. The babies heart rate had dropped to below 90 for about 4 minutes..... so they had me get up on all fours and the heart rate came back up alittle... so my doctor came in and so did another doctor they checked me out and I still was only 3 cm and they hooked up a moniter to his head to carefully watch his heart rate... The other doctor checked me and was really worried cause his head was up really high and over really far..... so she told me that she really wasnt sure I would be able to deliver vaginally... and that a c section would be probably be the best for the baby... she told me that it was my choice and that they could start up the oxytocen again but if his heart rate dropped again that they would have no choice but to do a c section... so I said I would have the c section now... I was so exhausted that it seemed logical and I didnt want to put the baby in any more danger.... So in 10 minutes I was in the operating room and they started the c section.... my mom was in there with me and it felt sooooo weird with them pushing at my stomach.... He was so far up and over that they had to use forceps to pull him out.... BUt he was born at 3:53 pm on Monday the 18th His due date..... Pretty crazy...... they brought him over and he was beautiful.... they took him to the nursery and my mom left with him...i fell asleep on the table as they were stapeling me up..... I went into recovery for about 2 hours and then I finally got upstairs around 6:30 and they brought him to me out in the hall and I held him for the first time and he was sooooo tiny.... I got wheeled to my room and they brought him to me and the nurse showed me how to breast feed and it went pretty well.. he latched on and it was really good... I stayed in the hospital for what seemed like forever but it was only 3 days and I left on thursday morning.... My milk supply came in really fast and there is alot.... I feed him and then have to express some and I can express 2 ounces and still have it leak out and be ready to feed him... So I am going to buy a pump on tuesday.... I need it badly....

He is doing very well........
He was 7 pounds 7 ounces and 20 inches long.....
when we left he was 7 pounds 3 ounces
when the health nurse came he weighed 7 pounds 9 ounces which was on saturday... so in three days he gained 6 ounces and the nurse was happy about that..... he is feeding great and he only cries if I wait to long to feed him or if he is naked.... I love him to peices...

His name is Joshua Arthur Moe.......

I will have pics as soon as possible.... I can;t wait to see how much he weighs when I go to the doctors on monday.....

I am healing pretty good not to much pain......

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Nathaniel Graham H.
7 lbs. 3 oz.
18.8 inches
August 29, 2006 8:26 a.m.

Here is the birth story of Nate. We got to the hospital around 5 a.m. and they started all the prep work for the c-section. I had one nurse trying to put an IV in my hand and another shaving me from the belly down. My IV ended up being on the inside of my lower right arm. After that, I had my catheter inserted and this time it wasn’t near as bad as when I had it with William. I just relaxed and reminded myself that I didn’t need to go pee. I had to be in room with another woman that I’m guessing had her baby but I’m not sure if she had him/her in the room or what. I do know she had the TV on Animal Planet the whole time. They hooked me up to the heart rate/contraction monitors. I continued to have some pretty painful contractions and the next time a nurse walked in, I asked her if they were showing up. She said no but moved that sensor. Sure enough I was having them so I have no doubt I probably would’ve had him on my own in the not so distant future.
A nurse came back in and said surgery called and wanted me down there by 7 a.m. Huh? I didn’t think I was supposed to go until 9 a.m. I sent Jeff out to call Mom and tell them to hurry and get there with the kiddos. I had hoped to be able to see them before I went back. Around 7 they came and got Jeff and me and took us to the pre-surgery room. They told me I would be going into the OR around 8 a.m. so Jeff went out again to call and see where mom and everyone was at. They were still about 30 minutes away so we had no way of getting them the video camera or our digital camera. Luckily mom just bought her one. We just stuck ours in with Jeff’s clothes because they don’t allow cameras in the OR. I had a great nurse with me. I actually walked to the OR room and got set up. The drug guy (I never can spell that word right) explained everything he was doing to me. He missed the spot the first time and my left side was way number than the right so he got it adjusted. It didn’t take long for it to take affect. With William I remember getting very nauseous and them practically standing me on my head. This time I was given some drug that helped it to go away. Oh yeah, my yucky coughing and congestion returned the day before so I asked that the doc get me something for it after I had the baby. My epidural went in at 7:54 or thereabouts. Jeff was then brought in and they made their first incision at 8:06. It took 20 minutes for them to get the baby out. I guess I had a whole lot of scar tissue. It was great to hear him cry. His apgars were 7 and 9. I don’t remember why the nurse said his first one was a 7 because he cried right away. In this OR room I got to look around at him as they cleaned him up. And, I wasn’t strapped down to the table. They brought him over for me to look at and give him a kiss and then Jeff took him away for all his tests and such.
Meanwhile, I’m stuck on the table while they finish all the work. I teared up after he cut my tubes and examined them. It seems like it took another 30 minutes to finish with everything. All this time the doc and OR staff are talking about what to order for lunch. It reminded me of a dream I had early on in my pregnancy where after I had my c-section, the doc and staff lined up on the wall and started eating their lunch while leaving me on the table all opened up. I finally told the doc I had a dream about that. What are the odds?
My epidural started wearing off while I was in there. I was given 2 shots of morphine and something else to help me relax while there. Then I was wheeled into recovery where they made me stay for almost an hour. Two more shots of morphine and I was on my way to my room. They finally brought me Nathaniel. I asked the nurse to see what he had been given while waiting for me and she ensured me he was just given a bit of water (not even sugar water.)

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Hayley Marta
September 15, 2006
7lbs, 12oz
39 weeks, 5 days

Well, around 9:15am on Friday, September 15th, I felt a sudden gush of water come out. WOOHOO!!! My water broke. I ran to the bathroom. Rob walked in and I smiled at him and said Guess what, my water just broke. He asked if I was sure. YES I’m sure I responded. He immediately got on the phone trying to find us a ride to the hospital. Since I tested positive for Group B Strep, I was told I had to go to the hospital as soon as my water broke. I started packing the rest of the stuff needed for the hospital. Surprisingly, I remained calm whereas Rob ran around calling everyone and panicking. Around 9:30am, we got a hold of Rob's friend Brandon who was too excited to be the one to drive us. At this point I was still feeling fine, no contractions, just a little crampy. We got to the hospital around 10:00am. We went straight to the labor assessment room. Rob had to go re-register me since our address had changed so I waited in the room while he did that. He came back around 10:20am. The cramps had increased slightly but I had no idea if they were contractions or not since they weren’t overly painful. I was starting to get hungry so Rob asked the nurse if it would be OK if I had something to eat. She said it was fine so Rob went off in search of food. During this time, one of the beds finally opened up so the nurse got me hooked up to the machine that monitors contractions and the baby’s heartbeat. Everything looked fine. I started to get more cramps and sure enough when I looked at the monitor, they were contractions. Rob came back with some homefries and toast for me which I ate, very little though since the contractions became more intense. By this time, it was around 11:30. By 11:45, the contractions really started to hurt. Because I had just eaten and I wasn’t breathing slowly enough, I started to throw up during the contractions. Around 12:05, the nurse told me to let her know if I wanted any pain relievers but left right after asking me. I sent Rob to follow her because I wanted the epidural. He left the first time to “find her” and came back saying that she would be right there. (I found out after this was a lie, he hadn’t found anyone but had told me that to make me feel better) He went again when the next contraction came because I was in soooo much pain. He finally found her around 12:15 but she came back saying that I had to wait for a nurse to take me to the labor room before I could get the epidural. At 12:30, a nurse finally came and took me to the room. The doctor came in and gave me the epidural, what a relief!! Right after getting the epidural, there was a slight scare with regards to the baby’s heartbeat. It had slowed down a great deal so 2 other nurses ran into the room. They flipped me over on my side and gave me an oxygen mask. Soon after that, the heartbeat picked up. They explained this was a normal side effect of the epidural. After getting the epidural, I couldn’t even feel when I was having a contraction, I tried to watch the monitor which told me when they were coming, it was really hard to tell though. Around 1:30pm, another nurse came in to check to see how far I had dilated. I was at 4cm. The nurse explained that women usually dilate 1cm per hour so she estimated it would be around 7:00pm before I was fully dilated. Rob left to make phone calls to tell people the updates. Around 3:00pm, Rob's SIL Sandra showed up. 10 minutes later, my mum came in. I had not expected either one of them to be in the labor room with me, but it turned out to be better to have them there. Since both of them were there with me, Rob left to get some lunch for himself. Around 3:30, I started to feel the contractions get more intense, still no real pain, just more intense. I asked the nurse if I get the epidural topped up. She had to check to see how far I was dilated first. She checked and I was at 9.5cm!!! Everyone was so shocked since the nurse had estimated that I wouldn’t be there until 7:00. I started panicking since Rob wasn’t in the room but he came back within a few minutes and we told him the news. His jaw just dropped. The nurse explained that I couldn’t get any more of the epidural since I would have to start pushing soon and I needed to feel when to push. Well, around 4:30, I started to feel the need to push. I had Rob on my right side close to my head and my mum was beside him. Sandra was on my left side and the nurse was at the foot of the bed. I started pushing with each contraction. With each contraction I pushed about 3 times. The epidural was really starting to wear off, I was feeling each contraction in my lower back and it was really painful. Around 5:30pm, the nurse told me that she could see the head but it was still not far enough down. By 6:00pm, there was still no change so she called the doctor in to check on me. He told me that I was pushing fine but the baby just wasn’t coming any further at the moment. He told me that I had a few options. Right away, I thought oh no, I’m going to need a c-section. However, that wasn’t even mentioned. He said I could continue pushing but it would be at least another hour or he could use the vacuum and possibly even forceps to help out. He explained the possible complications and said I could also get more epidural since I was going to need an episiotomy. Since I was so exhausted from pushing by this point, I said I definitely wanted his help. I signed the forms agreeing to this and he left the room to prepare. It was about 6:30 at this point. Well, 5 minutes later, the nurse came back in and said she had some bad news, a lady had just come in and needed an emergency C-section, I’d have to wait another half hour before the doctor could give me the epidural so they couldn’t do anything until then. My mum left the room at this point because she needed a break. I had stopped pushing but resumed when I heard this since I didn’t know how long I’d have to wait. Well, around 6:50, the doctor came back in the room, saying the other woman could wait, he was ready to deliver my baby. All of a sudden there were 3 doctors in the room and 3 nurses had come in as well. Rob was still on my right side by my head and Sandra was on my left side coaching me. My mum hadn’t come back in but the doctors started. They topped up my epidural. I heard someone trying to get into the room (my mum) but they wouldn’t let her. Sandra even tried to leave so that my mum could get in but they wouldn’t let her leave either. Well, as soon as the epidural was in, I was told to start pushing with each contraction. I had no idea when the contractions were coming so a nurse had to tell me when to push. They put my legs up in the stirrups and I was pretty uncomfortable but those last few moments flew by. All of a sudden I heard, “There’s the head”, then came, “There’s the shoulders” and next thing I know, at 7:09pm, I have a screaming baby covered in blood weighing 7lbs, 12oz lying on my stomach. It was the most beautiful feeling. Both Rob and Sandra got to see Hayley come out and Rob got to cut the umbilical cord. It was absolutely amazing!! They took her to the other side of the room to get cleaned up but Rob followed right behind the nurse. He even got to trim the umbilical cord. I watched from the bed while the doctor delivered the placenta and Sandra stayed by my head. I did not want to know how badly I had been cut so I just concentrated on Hayley being cleaned up. I felt so bad for my mother since she had left the room at the wrong time, but it was the nurse’s fault for telling her it would be another half hour. I stayed in the hospital by myself that night. Breastfeeding was hard at first and they weren’t going to let me go home until I could do it well enough so Sandra spent all day Saturday helping Hayley and I learn how to do it. Sure enough we were doing well enough that I could go home Saturday night at 8:00pm. It was such a relief to be at home.

And that is Hayley’s birth story!!

2 minutes old:

1 day old:

Hayley and Mummy recovering:

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Harrison Bowden
Born: 15th Sept 2006
Weight: 3.74kg (8lb 4oz)
Length: 51.5 cm (20 ¾ inches)
Head Circumference: 36.5cm (14.37 inches)
Labour: 10 hours

After arriving at my Ob’s office for my 41 weeks appointment I was dreading ‘the talk’ about induction. However, I felt calm as my sister had traveled to see me (she lives an hour away) and take me to my appointment. Anyway as I took one foot through my Ob’s office door… wham… my waters broke :O OMG… I was shocked. Never has that happened to my Ob before.

So she sent me to the hospital to have an ECG and just to check that everything was fine. I was then sent home and told to phone in the morning to be induced if I didn’t go into labour by myself. So off I went home… by 9:30pm I couldn’t sit still I was having contractions… by 11pm we were on our way to the hospital as I wasn’t sure exactly how much pain I was suppose to be in.

We arrived at the hospital at 11:15pm and were taken straight into a delivery room. My midwife was really good and let me labour myself before asking if I wanted an internal at 1am. I agreed, by this time she had the gas on for me (Thank God for Gas!) and I was 4cm dilated… she then suggested morphine to help me relax and possibility dilate the extra 6 cm… I agreed. I also had some maxim for nauseous I was having. By 4am I was in the shower (with the gas!) and begging for another internal, the pain was so intense like nothing I could ever describe. My midwife agreed and I was 7cm! She said the baby’s head was ‘right there’ she made me touch it… she though it wouldn’t be long now.

After labouring another hour I told the midwife I felt like I wanted to push, so at 5am I began pushing… to no avail. They took the gas off me at this stage thinking it wouldn’t be long till the baby arrived. At 6:30am my Ob arrived and assessed me. She felt that the baby wasn’t quiet in the right position to arrive and that might be why things weren’t progressing. She decided that he would have to be vacuumed out as I was SO exhausted and I didn’t seem to be able to push properly. So in about 4 contractions with the suction attached and an epistomy later Harrison Roberts was born. I have internal & external stitches from a 2nd degree tear. He was a BIG boy for someone my size my Ob said… His head was never going to make its way into the world with just my pushing!

I felt like I had been hit by a train and it has takening me over a week to feel abit ‘normal’ again but I’m so in love with our new little man! What a miracle.

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Makai Schon
Born Friday, Sept. 15th
At 1:28pm via C-section.
Weighed: 8lbs 9 ounces
Length: 20 inches long
Head: 15 cm
Chest: 14 cm

Yep, I gave in and went with the c-section.

Here's what happened:

I went in on Thursday at about 8am. They started the cervadil at around 10am. Yep, I got to sit around for 2 freaking hours. I won't bore you with all the details other then, I was strapped to the bed the entire time because I had to be hooked up to the NST machine the entire time, plus I had an IV giving me fluids and my antibiotics, so anytime I got up to leave the bed, to use the restroom or take one of the two walks I was allowed to take, I had to push the IV pole around with me.

When the lady checked me before she put in the cervadil, she said I was closed tight and maybe 20% effaced(which means nothing). So she put the cervadil in. That wasn't too bad, but it hurt like a bitch while she was putting it in. I think she had long nails or something. So I laid there, bored out of my freaking mind. I had to keep the cervadil in for 12 hours.

Finally, contractions started after about 3 hours. They started out at about 15 minutes apart. Keep in mind, cervadil isn't meant to cause contractions. It only causes it with some people. Which was no big deal because they really didn't hurt that bad. They felt like mild cramps. Towards the end of the 12 hours, the contractions became 2 minutes apart and were more extreme, but still didn't bother me too much. (Turns out, I guess I do have a strong tolerance for pain. Go figure!)

The cervadil fell out of me, luckily right at the end of the 12 hours. But the nurse still shoved her freaking fingers way up in me to check my dialation and search for the cervadil. And at the end of the 12 hours, I was only dialated a finger tip and 60 percent effaced. I was still contracting every two minutes and they can't do another dose of cervadil for an hour, so we had to wait. We waited and after the hour, I was still contracting 2 minutes apart. So we continued to wait. And wait. And wait. about 5 hours later, I was still contracting too much to use the cervadil and she checked me to see what the contractions were doing to me. NOTHING! I was still only a finger tip dialated and 60 percent effaced. I was pissed.

After about an hour or so, the contractions had totally stopped. It was about 5am. Almost 24 freaking hours that I had been strapped to that bed. I was pissed, tired, and totally discouraged. So I told the nurse I wanted a c-section and didn't want to do another round of cervadil, because after another 12 hours, who knew where I would be and if we could even start the actual medicine that brings on the contractions and what not. She said ok, she would talk to the doctor when the doctor called and we just had to wait.

At about 9 am, the nurse came in and said she talked to the doctor who ok'd the c-section and that now we just have to wait until we find out when the next available time is. At about 10ish, she came back in and said the next available time was 1pm. The nurse came in and shaved me, added more freaking fluids to my IV and stuck in a cathetor.

Here are all the details to my c-section:

So I go into the OR. It is cold as hell in there. I sit on the bed, which is not an easy task with a cathetor and IV because it is way up high. I sit there waiting for the "medicine man" (I have no idea how to spell that A word) to give me the shot in the back. As far as I know, I didn't get an epidural, I got something similar, but different. When he finally got positioned behind me and was getting his stuff ready, I started bawling my eyes out because I was terrified. I have never had surgery and was afraid of the fact that I was going to be awake through it all and afraid the medicine would wear off during the surgery and I would feel the pain. The nurse stood in front of me and had me lean forward. I had to have my hands on my knees and she kept telling me to stop tensing up. I couldn't grip nothing. He cleaned my back with some really really cold stuff a couple of times. I guess he gave me a shot to numb my back, which felt like any other shot you would get in your arm. Then he put the other medicine in. I could feel the tube or needle, or whatever it was, going into my back and it stung like a bitch. I started bawling all over again. I haven't seen my back, but apparently there is still a mark from where I got the shot.

As soon as he put the medicine in, I had to hurry up and lay down because my body would start to immediately go numb. And it did. Before I was even laid down, I could feel my body tingling like your legs do when they are waking up from being asleep. I was laid down and although my body hadn't completely gone numb yet, I couldn't really move anything, but could still feel stuff. I could feel my legs sliding off the table and the nurses pushing them back up on the table and tucking something on the sides of my legs to keep them in place. After about a minute or two, my body, from the boobs down, was completely numb and I couldn't feel anything. My arms tingled lightly as though they were waking up and I felt heavy pressure on my chest, which the medicine man said was normal. I had to have an IV going the entire time and my blood pressure was being taken every minute. Oh, and he gave me medicine to make my heart race, which freaked me out because he didn't tell me anything until I said, "My heart is pounding really fast and hard." He said he wanted it to do that. Which of course freaked me out even more.

They put up the sheet so I couldn't see anything, but I could tell that they had lifted my hospital gown all the way up to my boobs and I was laying there, completely exposed. Something I really didn't like. After my body was completely covered with paper sheets and taped down to my body(something I didn't even know they did until at the very end), my sister was brought in to be with me.

I laid there and they said they were starting. I didn't feel anything. Not no pushing, pulling or anything that they tell you ahead of time that you may feel. My sister and I were talking like nothing was going on while they were hacking into me. After a while, they said they had the baby and he started crying. I guess there was a little problem getting his head out or something. I don't know. But it took a little bit to get him completely out of me. They didn't show him to me over the sheet like they show on TV. But honestly, I didn't care. I was feeling so freaking tired.

As far as I know, someone took the baby to the corner to check him and wrap him up and the doctor started sewing me up. And then it happened....the medicine started to wear off. I was laying there and noticed my arms weren't tingling anymore and I could feel them moving around inside me. They wrapped the baby up and gave him to my sister and that is when I first saw his little white butt. First thing I thought was "he's white". Go figure!

Anyway, my sister left with the nurses to the nursery with the baby and I was left there to be sewn up. I could feel parts of my body beginning to become un-numb and start tingling. Then I noticed I could wiggle my toes. Finally I asked, "How much longer?" As I said before, I was afraid of it wearing off and me feeling the pain. They said not much longer. I didn't mention I could feel the pain because I knew they would have given me more medicine which would mean I would have to stay in recovery longer because I wouldn't be allowed to leave recovery until I could wiggle my toes.

The only pain I could feel was a slight stinging on my stomach in one spot. Now I realize that must have been them putting in my drain. Finally they finished and they lifted me up off the table on this thing that reminds me of the movie Free Willy, when they lifted Willy up out of the pool on. They put me on another table and wheeled me to recovery. They used the Free Willy lift to lift me up and on to a bed in recovery. They needed to clean me up down there and put on a pad and what not so they went to spread my legs and I did it for them. They were all completely shocked that I could move my legs, especially since I could do it so easily. So they told me they were going to keep me there for an hour just to make sure I didn't spike a temp or anything. I just laid there watching the time go by. I was so freaking tired and wanted to sleep, so I tried to sleep, but couldn't.

After an hour, they took me to my room. They went and got my sister and mom and brought them into my room. My sister and mom didn't stay long, thank god, because I was so tired and all I wanted to do was sleep. After they left, I went to sleep. I didn't sleep much, because they kept coming in like every half hour to check my blood pressure and temp. They did that for the first 6 hours. So needless to say, I didn't get much sleep. I can't remember how long it was before they brought Makai in for me to see him. It was so surreal. I didn't feel anything. It was like holding someone elses baby. I kept looking for something that made him look like me or his father or anyone in my family. Something. I couldn't find anything. Still can't.

Well, I think I said everything about my c-section.

The first 24 hours sucked. I couldn't get up out of bed because I had to wait until the cathetor came out and they wouldn't take it out for 24 hours. After the 24 hours, I was finally able to get up and walk. It hurt so bad to get up out of bed. After walking and moving for a bit, it hurt a lot less. But that doesn't stop the pain from hurting like a bitch when I get up out of bed, get up from sitting, try to wipe after using the restroom, shift in bed to get comfortable, etc etc etc. It still hurts to do all of those things, but that could be because I don't take any pain medication. I maybe asked for pain medication 3 times the entire time I was in there. It just didn't seem to help. The nurses kept saying I was "being tough". I don't think I was. The only time it really hurt was when I had to move and after being in a position for a while, it quit hurting.

So here are pictures of Makai on the day he was born and his first day home.


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"blessed_mommy" wrote:

Leah Faith was born September 6th, it was unexpected at that (I wasn't due until the 19th)...enjoy the story!
On Monday (September 4th, Labor Day), I woke up really not feeling good. For about a week I had been really struggling emotionally and physically. Crying all the time, really sensitive, moody, and I had really bad pain low in my pelvis. It was like really bad PMS. I laid around all morning, and just kept showing the kids movies. After their nap, I felt like maybe I should get out and walk a while, maybe “jumpstart” things…so I took the kids down to the Village. We got out, I put them in the stroller, and we were headed for the park when we ran into a friend and her little girl. They invited us to a little coffee shop for a snack, so we went. Well I took Elijah out of the stroller and he was running around being silly. He decided to hang on a big round table and the whole thing dumped over on top of his hand! I jumped up, my friend jumped up, and we removed the table off of him. He screamed and screamed. I took him home, and Greg said we needed to take him to the ER. So we did. We were there three hours. Come to find out, a huge gas truck had spilled over on our main hwy, so that meant that the roads were closed and it was hard to get down off the mountain. I was feeling really weird, and so then I got nervous thinking I might have trouble getting off the mountain should I go into labor. Well it turned out that Elijah was fine…no broken bones just really swollen and bruised. We got home about 9:30pm and put the kids to bed.

About 2am Elijah woke up screaming in pain from his hand. I was up with him for a while and was able to get him (and Hannah) back to sleep in our bed. Well, then I couldn’t sleep and contractions began: every ten minutes on the dot. They weren’t really strong, but I couldn’t get comfortable with both Hannah and Elijah in the bed and so much on my mind. I got up, went on the computer for a while, cleaned some things, watched some TV….I don’t think I ever got to sleep. In the morning I was trying to figure out if the roads were open yet. When we heard that the one road out of here was doing police escorts, we decided to go down to the Birth Center and just get checked, if I was in labor I didn’t want to wait too long and chance not making it down due to the traffic from everyone trying to get down. I was still having contractions exactly ten minutes apart, and they were getting stronger. We called a lady from church and she came over to be with the kids and we left.

We stopped for lunch on the way. When we got to the Birth Center they had a big sign up saying “NO BATHROOMS” I was like “what?” They told me they were closing the building with plumbing problems. I said “You mean to tell me I am in labor and you don’t have a bathroom!” I was really upset, Greg said the two ladies behind the desk just looked at me in terror (I guess I was just a little rude, but I was in labor, what did they expect me to be like?) Anyway, then our midwife brought us in and told us that they indeed were closed, but that we could go to her house if we would like. Well then she checked me and I wasn’t even 1cm, but 50% effaced. I was really discouraged….after contracting every 10 minutes since 2am and not even a centimeter! She didn’t know if I was in real labor or not, but she had me drink some electrolytes and she said if in an hour my contractions were still going, then it probably was labor. So we went to Costco and walked around. The contractions never got closer together, but they did get much stronger. We left Costco and went to my midwife’s house. It was ok but not a place I wanted to have a baby. She did have a nice Jacuzzi tub with jets though! So we tried to rest but I couldn’t rest…contractions still coming, every ten minutes. The midwife came and checked me again, and I was just over 1cm, the baby’s head had come down a little, but no other progress. I thought I might be having false labor and I was really, really discouraged now…My midwife suggested we go out to dinner, and then come back and try resting again. She said I probably am having an “irritable uterus” and rest would make it go away. So she and her husband took us to Mexican food….that was really nice. Then we went back and tried to rest again. We went in the tub and relaxed, but still I couldn’t rest…I wanted to know if I was having this baby or not! The contractions were still coming, every 10 minutes, and getting stronger, but I just kept thinking this probably wasn’t it, and here I had wasted everyone’s time. Shortly after our tub the midwife came in and told us that the Birth Center was open now, so if we needed we could go back there. Then she went to bed. I think she thought we were going to go to bed, and then hopefully my “irritable uterus” would be gone in the morning.

After another hour of strong contractions, I told Greg to go find her so I could be checked. He couldn’t find her; he didn’t know which room was hers. He was walking all around her house knocking on doors…it was so weird …the whole thing was pretty uncomfortable and I was feeling neglected. Anyway, Greg finally found her, she checked me and I was 6cm, totally effaced, head low and she said “let’s get to the birth center!” This was at 11pm. Once at the birth center she told me she thought I would surely deliver by midnight. I was trying to have the baby born on the 5th instead of the 6th, but God had other plans.

From this point on…my contractions were really strong, but still not consistent…and they actually started getting less intense. I got in the tub, thinking I’d try for a water birth, but I just wasn’t having enough contractions. She had us doing a lot of nipple stimulation (which I hated) but it was helping bring on the contractions.

After a while in the tub she checked me and I was 9cm with just a lip left. I couldn’t believe it because I just hadn’t been feeling much at all. Then she had me try to push. It was the strangest feeling. I was pushing, but not effectively, I was just so tired, and really couldn’t even feel the contractions to push with. She tried me in a couple of positions in the tub to push, then she had me get out and sit on the toilet…that scared me to death because I could feel the baby coming down, and I totally thought I was going to have the baby in the toilet…then she put me up on the bed on all fours, and then I ended up on my back. I think total I pushed ten minutes. She had me feel the head as it was coming out, then one more push and POP she was out! My water broke as she came out and I saw a spray go across the room. They put the baby on my chest, and Greg looked and said “It’s a girl!” I was so relieved, but so worn out, and then it was clear that the baby wasn’t doing too well. Her nose was all stuffed and she was gasping for air. Immediately the midwife tried to clear her nose. Leah was spitting and sneezing out a whole bunch of liquid. At this point I was really worried. Her little chest was just gasping for air. They got her on an oxygen tank, and they did all of this while she was still on my chest, and the left the cord in tact until they knew she was stabilized. My midwife called over to the hospital and spoke with a Dr. who told her to keep giving her the oxygen, then to slowly wean her off. She started breathing better after about ten minutes and her color started getting really pink. Finally she was weaned off the oxygen and doing just fine. I held her, they cut the cord, I delivered the placenta, and I nursed her.

Leah was born at 1:54am, after almost 24 hours of labor, weighing 6lbs, 5oz, and 19 ¾ inches long! I almost had her on Greg’s bday (the 7th) but I guess she didn’t want to have to share her birthday with her daddy! We left for home just two hours after her birth, and by 5am on her birthday, I was home and in my own bed. I couldn’t sleep, too excited. In fact I was lying there and the whole right side of my body went numb. My arm, my leg, my face, even my tongue. I was freaking out and had Greg call the midwife. They calmed me down and figured it was probably a migraine without the headache (I have had this a few times before). My grandma and mom drove up and were at our house by about 4pm, and my grandma got sick and ended up in the hospital that night. I still couldn’t sleep! It had been almost 48 hours since I had slept, I was exhausted, but too much going on. I just couldn’t calm down, it was horrible. But once we found out my grandma was staying in the hospital, and Greg and my mom came home from taking her there, I was able to get some sleep. My grandma was in the hospital two days and two nights, it was very sad, but I was glad to have my mom there to help.

In hindsight, I think that emotionally I just wasn’t going to birth that baby at my midwife’s house and that is why it took so long. It was definitely a good thing because there wasn’t really any equipment at the house, especially for a baby who couldn’t really breathe. I also firmly believe, looking back, that had I been in the hospital: one, they wouldn’t have let me labor that long without contractions getting closer together, and two I really think I would’ve been a c-section. I think that Leah’s face was in my pelvis which made it hard for her to come down, and all the different positions my midwife had me in brought her out safely. At the time I hated it, but looking back, she knew what she was doing. Also, my water never broke, nor did we break it, and I think that was also God’s plan, as it provided extra protection. And it was very neat that when she was born with breathing problems, they left her on my chest the whole time and didn’t cut the cord. In the hospital they would’ve cut the cord and whisked her off away from me, and probably taken her to the NICU for observation….but instead it was awesome, she stayed with me the whole time! Praise God!

I tell you it has been one thing after another. Definitely a lot of stressful situations, but all in all, Leah is here and she is beautiful!!!! I am so blessed to have my beautiful BABY GIRL!!!

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Last Thursday I went in for my appointment knowing that my Dr would want to talk about induction as I was already 8 days past due, but I was expecting to wait until the following week. When the nurse took my blood pressure, it was extremely high. I had nice low BP throughout my pregnancy, but it had gone up dramatically the week I was due, and then was dangerously high at my last appointment. My Dr called the hospital and put me on call for an immediate induction.

We were scheduled to go in at 7:30pm on Friday night to start Cervidil. We went in, got situated in our room and started the process. I had to be monitored for the first two hours, but then if everything looked good and my BP was okay I would've been allowed to walk the halls while I dialated. I was already having contractions that were 4-5 mins apart, so we were really hoping that my cervix would ripen quickly and I'd be able to labor naturally.

Just when we were about to hit the two hour mark, three nurses came running into my room making me get on all fours, they strapped an oxygen mask to me, started an IV and pretty much freaked me out! I had had a 3 minute contraction that caused the baby's heart rate to drop way below normal and they couldn't get it back up. They figured she was lying on her cord or that my placenta was too deteriorated to handle the long contractions I was having. They finally pulled the Cervidil out and gave me a shot (Tributane I think it was called?) to stop my contractions--it made my heart race. They called my Dr in who told me they'd wait a little while and then re-start the Cervidil once the contractions stopped. They continued to watch me for a couple hours and found that my contractions weren't stopping and that baby's HR was decreasing during most of them and taking some time to recover.

My Dr came back in the next morning and told me that we could go ahead with the Pitocin even though my cervix was still high, hard and closed and hope that the contractions push the baby up against the cervix to help in dialation or we could go straight for the C-section. Since the baby was having problems with my pre-labor contractions, he was really worried about how she'd handle real labor. Also, he doubted that the Pit would help me dialate and we could end up in an emergency C-section later in the day. Jeff and I decided that even though we wanted a vaginal delivery, we would go for the C-sec because we didn't want to labor all day for nothing especially if it was putting my baby in danger. I was in the operating room within 30 minutes of making the decision! The spinal didn't hurt and the meds didn't make me sick--overall, it was a perfect procedure.

Jeff was able to watch them pull Eva from me and was still able to cut her cord (once she was detached from me), it was still an awesome experience to hear her cry and to see who had been growing inside me for almost 10 months!

So, it turned out the cord was tightly wrapped around Eva's neck and was keeping her from properly decending into my pelvis. Every contraction that pushed her down would actually tighten the cord even more. To make matters worse, she was face up and could not turn because the cord was too tight. Eva had also passed meconium while in the womb and needed to have it suctioned from her lungs. Even with that, her first Apgar was 7 and her second was a 9! My Dr confirmed that we would've needed a C-section no matter because the baby wouldn't have decended, so we were very happy we made the decision early in the day!

We're very much in love with our sweet baby and although her delivery was completely different than I wanted or expected, it was still amazing and wonderful in it's own way! I just wish the recovery process wasn't so painful!

Eva and her proud mama!

DH Jeff and his precious baby girl!

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Ok, it's been so long, but here goes...

On the 30th my FIL flew in and we had dinner at Penn Station. All through dinner I felt some back pain, but I assumed it was my typical pains. HAHA. We came to my house and played cards for abt an hour and I used the heating pad. I knew we'd have a baby soon when it didn't help.

After that the IL's left and I rested and showered. I talked to my dad online and he helped me time my contractions. DH and I walked to see if that would speed me up, or stop them. After so much pain before we weren't sure of anything.

We went to bed around midnight and I slept sound for an hour. I woke up with INTENSE pain. I waited it out and watched the clock. More pain every 7 minutes. I peed to see if that helped and wanted to make sure it wasn't BM cramps. Soon they were every 5 minutes. It was more pain than I had ever had and very different.

At 2:30 AM I was admitted to the hospital. My IL's and father and his wife (my other mom Smile ) came not long after.

I was determined to have a natural birth. I signed papers for an epi just in case. Abt 6 I was in so much pain I asked for some tylenol. hehe... they gave me Nubean (? I have no idea now or then?). I needed more 2 hours later. It was not helping after the first dose. My contractions piggy-backed and I was in so much pain. I walked, peed, threw up, lay down. ANYTHING to stop the intense pain. Finally I was holding DH's hand saying (not yelling according to everyone) and crying "OW OW, it hurts... it is worse now..." And begging for an epi. They had to do blood work, why, IDK! But it took FOREVER to get the epi. Finally Dr. Happy came in (no that's not his real name!) and of course every movement caused a contraction. So I was moving up as slow as I could. Suddenly NO PAIN!!! I was lucid and could breath!! All he had done was give me the numbing shot!

I labored forever it seemed and they gave me pitocin at noonish. At 11:30 I had my water broke. There was so little water. They upped the pitocin every so often to help me along. A new on call doc came on and more bloodwork. Later I would be thankful for this though.

At 5ish I was ready to push. Maybe 4:30ish? Musta been earlier. I couldn't see the clock. But I had to labor down b/c the Dr. had an emergency c-section to do. I was so upset!! AT LAST HE CAME!! (the dr.)

Things went downhill pretty fast after that. The baby's heartrate dropped, my temp spiked and the Dr. moved into action very fast. He had mentioned before he was very good at forceps births and had never had a bad one. Well, I think he knew he would have to do one with us. She crowned and I screamed. I have never felt such pain. I just kept pushing, wanting her out. I think that made it worse. He had the forceps in there, moving her head. She was stuck. They said "turn your head, he needs to give her some more room" and then a slight burn as he sliced me. 4 inches!
He got her moved and out came her head. I was so relieved that the pain was gone, I didn't notice she wasn't crying. I was freaked b/c I coldn't tell if she had a face. All I saw was her head. I kept asking if I owre my glasses b/c I couldn't see her. She was left facing, not up or face down. I saw her cord get pulled from around her neck and he was suctioning her. She never cried. She was grey looking. Finally he pulled her free from me and worked on her some more. It seemed forever before I heard her cry.

Dh's mother cut the cord. Then she was placed on my belly while he did some more stuff down there. Sam was then placed on the warming table and was pinking up. He stitched me up, then PRICKED HIS FINGER!!! Oh well. I was so tired and hurt so bad, I didn't hold her for 45 minutes or so. I then fed her. It wasn't big to me then. Iw as so tired and felt so sick. I had thrown up right after birth and felt sick still.

Things did not improve for me. They got me up to pee. Next thing I remember was nurses yelling at me "CHRIS! Stay with us..." and horrid!! smelling salts under my nose. I said Ok, then It happened again. I had fainted twice. They just got me in a wheelchair and a cold cloth on my neck.

Later they discovered I had a hemoglobin count of 6.6!!! I had nearly fainted twice more before they decided to check me though. I was cathiderized (sp?) for over 24 hours before the swelling was down enough for me to pee on my own. My bottom was bruised very bad. The nurses always commented on it being the worst they'd seen. One nurse reffered to my cut as a "vaginal c/s". But all that hurt was my right cheek and my tailbone.

I came home Sunday evening. I cried all the time. Finally I called the Dr. and got Paxil. I felt much better. Now we are all recovered and feel pretty good!!

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"LanaLei" wrote:

Since Izzy didn't receive the eviction notice on the 12th, my doctor decided to start induction on September 18th. I woke up at 6am that morning and called L&D to find out if they wanted me to come in. They told me to come in at 7am. So I woke up DBF and I started to get ready... I slept so yucky the night before because I was extremely nervous. I took a quick shower and started to get everything together... DBF decides to take a shower as well and within 5 minutes of him hopping in I hear screaming from the bathroom... I run in and find DBF in horrible pain, he pulled something in his back so bad he couldn't stand up. I helped him out of the shower and start to rub his back, grab him some Advil and some Icy Hot so he became semi normal and left for the hospital. He was in pain for the entire labor and delivery (poor thing).

We arrived and my Dr. started induction at 7:30am with 1/4 of Cytotec. I was still long and closed when she checked me. I had a saline lock IV put in that hurt like hell and was left to ripen. I really wish I could have gone home for this period of time. It was pretty uneventful. At 12:30pm my Dr. came in and checked me, said I was 1cm so she used another 1/4 of Cytotec. I started having contrations and I worked through them. I walked the halls and used my ball. 4:30pm came and I was checked again. I was at 2cm so she stripped my membranes (ouchie!) and said she'd be back to check me. I used my birth ball (best thing in the whole wide world!) to get through some stronger contractions. My Dr. came back around 7pm to check me again. I was 3cm and she was pleased (and she stripped me again.. ouchie!)... she said she thought it would take longer. She started pitocin and upped it every 30 minutes, she also started my antibiotics every 4 hours (it burns so bad going through the IV!!). I had to stay attached to an IV for the rest of the labor Sad .

I moved around alot during the night. Contractions got stronger and more regular... I have to say the birth ball made the contractions so much easier to deal with and work through them. 1am came along and I was so exhausted... They made me get into bed and that made the contractions worse but I was too tired to do anything else. I really wanted a natural birth, but staying in bed made everything hurt 10 times worse... They gave me a dose of Stadol (I will never use that stuff again) to help me sleep and ease the pain.

At 4am my Dr. came in to check me and I was 4cm and effaced so she broke my water. My DBF woke up and was freaked out by it, he said it sounded like a water balloon popping. He said he'll never forget that gurgling sound. After they broke my water, the contractions were stronger and longer. I had to get up... lying in bed made them worse. I wanted to use my ball. The nurse was very nice, she tried to set up the monitors on me the best she could, but they couldn't get the heartbeat to register so I had to go to bed. I was in so much pain, I didn't want to be in bed!! I had to stay monitored because of the pitocin. The nurse tried to help me through it... then she suggested either another shot of Stadol (which i definately didn't want) or an epi (which i didn't want either). I thought about it, and since I was immoble and needed rest to actually push went it was time, I decided to get it. The epi went in without a problem, didn't hurt and I could still move my legs. I was able to rest.

Around 8:30am I started having horrible pain and pressure. The monitor started buzzing every time the intense pressure came. Nurses ran in to check and asked how I was doing and told them it felt like I had to push. They called the Dr. and she checked me... I was 8cm. She told me to breathe through the pressure and called the medicine man. I didn't ask for him and he started messing with my epi. He gave me a bolis (sp?) and they made me lay flat on my back (which was awful). The bolis didn't do anything and I ended up feeling everything except the left side of my waist and buttcheek. I don't know what he did but he screwed it up. I had to breathe through this intense pain till 10:30am because my doctor was in surgery. The pain got worse and finally they said I can push with the feeling. My Dr. finally showed up at 10:50am and set up. I pushed with the pressure like I never pushed before. They put a oxygen mask on me that freaked me out, it made me feel like I couldn't breathe. I pushed 4 times for 3 sets in each time. My Dr. asked me if i wanted to touch the head and I was like No... she needs to come out now! The pain was the worst pain I have ever felt in my life. My DBF is holding one leg and the nurse is holding the other leg while I'm pushing. DBF commented on how the head kept moving up and down with each push. At 11:10am Isabella came out (at that time though she was still Baby No-name). The pain suddenly was gone... I was sore and all but the pain was forgotten... I ripped off the mask and breathed deeply. It was a sureal feeling. I was tired but it was a tired that felt so good, its hard to describe. The Dr. was surprised at how fast she was born, she didn't have much time to change, she thought it was going to take longer than it did... she was amazed at my pushing ability. I didn't even tear. I am disappointed about getting the epi... I think I could have done it natural if I was able to move around and use my ball more. I hope next time I am not inhibited.

My DBF was with me the entire time... for every appointment, u/s, bloodwork test, labor and the entire stay at the hospital... he was my greatest support system... he was in awe at what he witnessed, he watched her being born and cut the cord. The look on his face was amazing. It was the look of a proud papa. He picked her name, and we agreed on her middle name. I can't wait to do it again. (when I finish my education of course!)

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"saffronelephant" wrote:

Our baby surprise is a beautiful baby girl! Claire Helen was born on Thursday, October 5, at 6:03 am East Coast time. She weighed in at 7 lbs. 7 oz. and is 19.9 inches long. I'll give the full details later. It was not exactly the birth I envisioned (thanks to the days of "false" labor) and became especially difficult when I experienced "pain without purpose" for several hours, as my doula put it. I had the smallest dosage of pitocin possible and only dilated 3 cm over 4 hours. Then I had the smallest dosage nubane (sp.?) possible, fell asleep between contractions, and went from a 5 to a 10 in a little under an hour. I pushed for a little under an hour and she made an exquisite arrival that included the Dr. having me reach between my legs and pull her to my chest myself as she was born. Oh joy. 6 stitches from tearing (2 on my my labia). We got home today and I am overwhelmed, emotional, and exhausted. Breastfeeding is going well although one of my nipples is a little torn up. I'm going to sleep since she is sleeping. Pics soon.
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"LuckyMe2n2" wrote:

Lilah’s Birth Story

Lilah Peggy Morguess
October 3, 2006
2:24 p.m.
7 lbs. 10 oz.
19 ½ inches

Sunday, September 24
Baby’s due date

Monday, September 25
Appt. with midwife . . . cervix 80% effaced and dilated to maybe 1 cm. First membrane sweep.

Tuesday, September 26
Began losing mucus plug. By that night, the beginning of prodromal labor. Was up a good part of the night with painful contractions that went from about 10 min. apart eventually to about 6 min. apart. After being up for a couple of hours, felt exhausted and went back to bed. Fell asleep, and by the time I woke up a couple hours later, contractions had stopped. Feeling very discouraged at this point.

Wednesday, September 27
Michael stayed home from work because I was so exhausted and feeling low. I continued to have erratic contractions all day. MW came by in the evening to check on me (with a surprise to lift my spirits - a beautiful henna tattoo on her leg with Baby’s name!). Cervix now dilated to 2 - 3 cm. Second membrane sweep. Decided to stop answering the phone today unless it’s Susan (mw). Sick of people calling and asking “Where’s the baby?” and “When are you going to the hospital to get induced?”

Thursday, September 28
Not much going on. Continued to lose mucus and have cramping and contrax.

Friday, September 29
In very poor spirits. Feeling completely dumbfounded that this baby has not come yet since all my others came before their due dates. Feeling a complete loss of faith in my body’s ability to do what it’s supposed to do.

Decided that staying sequestered at home just waiting for real labor to start is taking a toll on me emotionally, so made plans to get together with a girlfriend on Saturday for lunch and a pedicure.

Saturday, September 30
Woke up around 3:30 a.m. with pretty intense contrax, about 8 - 10 min. apart. They felt different somehow. Managed to get back to sleep for a while and woke up around 6 a.m. to contrax about 5 min. apart and lots of bloody show.

Called Susan, and she came over and checked me: almost 100% effaced and dilated to 3 cm. Contrax continued to be about 5 min. apart for several hours. Michael got the pool blown up and we made up the bed, went for a long walk while Susan hung out with the kids. She left for a couple hours and I napped while the girls napped and Michael took the boys to the park. We couldn't get a hold of Alycia (babysitter) this morning!! Finally able to reach her early in the afternoon. Susan came back around 3:00, checked me again, dilated to 4. Michael and I decided to go for another walk, and the contrax really picked up then.

I hadn't eaten much so Alycia came over around 5:00 to stay with the kids, and Michael, Susan and I went to grab something to eat. It really turned out to be a fun day. Everything was so laid back and we laughed a lot. At the restaurant, my contrax were really intense and close together, but at one point outside the restaurant, Susan and I were laughing so hard we were crying (over what? Nothing much, just Michael trying to get the camera to work - I think we were all feeling a little punchy by then).

By the time we left the restaurant, my contrax were so intense and close together that we rushed home to get the birth pool filled. The birth seemed imminent and everyone was very excited. We called Mireille, our doula, on the way back to the house and she headed over.

Then we got home and . . . my contrax stopped!!! Seriously, the whole thing completely stalled out. Susan checked me and I was completely effaced and dilated to 4 - 5 cm!!! But the whole thing just crapped out. After 3 labors that were long, I fully expected this one to be long, but I never expected it to just STOP midway through. I was devastated. All that work my body had done all day long, and the emotional buildup, and NOTHING to show for it.

Susan, Mireille, and Alycia all went home after it became clear that labor had stalled. I think Susan expected that I would be calling her back in the middle of the night when things picked up again, but they never did. Michael and I were completely drained and we went to bed around 9:30 and slept fitfully until about 5:30 Sunday morning. I only had a few contrax during the night, some pretty painful but mostly pretty mild.

Sunday, October 1
Contrax coming probably every 15 - 20 min. Still lots of bloody show and fluidy stuff, but things did not appear to be progressing.

Feeling very discouraged and frustrated and wondering how much more of this I can handle. I felt bad that we had wasted Susan’s entire day yesterday (she even cancelled appt.’s with other clients), but she kept telling me how much fun she had with our family. She said that this was just a lesson in letting go for me, and that Lilah had her own agenda, and we were just invited to her birthday party.

She talked to a senior midwife about me and they came up with a theory that a couple of things may be holding things up - the fact that I have major separation in my abdominal muscles from carrying the twins, so there's nothing holding the baby in a true vertical position, and also the fact that I appear to have a lot of fluid which may be causing the baby to float instead of settling down onto my cervix to help it dilate. So at Susan’s suggestion, we bound up my belly with ace bandages to push the baby in and down - this was very uncomfortable - and we took the kids and headed for the nature trails for a long walk.

The walk is about an hour from our front door and back. Once we were headed back up our street, I suddenly felt a warm gush and my pants were all wet in a few seconds. My water broke! I was suddenly overcome with emotion and just started crying - weird, I know. It was a couple blocks to get home still, so there we are walking up the street with me in wet pants and crying. This was about 2:00 p.m.

I had expected the contrax to pick up pretty quickly after I felt that gush, but like everything else with this labor, nothing was going according to my expectations. Susan came over that evening to listen to the baby’s heartbeat, etc. Everything seemed fine. She didn’t want to do another VE since it appeared that my water had broken. She did a litmus test on the pad I was wearing and the pants I had been wearing when I felt the gush earlier, just to confirm that it was amniotic fluid - and they both tested negative! I was flabbergasted. I refused to believe I had just peed my pants - honestly, it just didn’t feel like that at all. Anyhow, Susan said there were several factors that could lead to a negative result and she really felt that it was inconclusive - maybe it was amnio fluid, and maybe it wasn’t. Because I had declined GBS screening and my GBS status was therefore unknown, she said there was some concern about having prolonged rupture of membranes with no labor, so if things hadn’t picked up by the following morning, she wanted to talk about getting labor going with black and blue cohosh and/or castor oil. I was not thrilled with either option, but kind of felt like I was running out of options.

Monday, October 2
Woke up again to contrax about 10 min apart. Talked to Susan on the phone and she suggested we bind my belly up again and go walking. She said to call her if the contrax got to be 5 min. apart. I was so sick of walking by this time! I was just tired of the whole thing. But we did it anyway, and while we were walking the contrax picked up. They became very painful and closer together. By the time we got home they were about 5 min. apart and hurting pretty badly. We called Susan and she said she would head over.

A little while later, Susan called. She wanted to know how my contrax were - how close together and how long in duration. I told her they were still about 5 min. apart and I guessed they were lasting about 45 seconds. Then she told me that she had another client in active labor!! Circumstances were such that she had to head over to her house, but she promised she would head to my house the minute I needed her. When I got off the phone, I lost it. I just started crying and ranting. I have to admit I felt abandoned. And guess what - my contractions STOPPED again. I really felt like I was at the end of my rope. Nothing was going the way it was supposed to. I was completely drained and devastated. I felt like if she had only come over, my labor would have continued. I know it’s probably not true, but I wasn’t feeling very rational at the time. I went into the bedroom and threw myself on the bed and just bawled.

A little while later, Mireille, my doula, showed up. Apparently Susan had been worried about my emotional state and called Mireille herself and asked her to come to my house to sit with me and make sure I was okay. Honestly, I just wanted to be left alone. I didn’t want to talk to anyone or have someone watch over me. I think Mireille was kind of at a loss as to what to do for me. She sat with me in the bedroom for a while and then said maybe a change of scenery would do me some good and suggested we go shopping. Was she kidding?! I was busy having a pity party - shopping was the last thing I was interested in. I was supposed to be having a baby today for God’s sake, not shopping!! I didn’t have the heart to tell her I just wanted to be left alone, so I finally figured I might as well go along with her or be stuck in my bedroom with her babysitting me. I suggested we go get pedicures instead, so we headed out. It ended up being okay - we got pedicures and went to lunch. At least it was a way to pass the afternoon. She left shortly after we got back home.

I was still in pretty low spirits - really just feeling kind of angry and frustrated at how things were unfolding over the last several days. I had talked to Susan earlier and she said her other client had had her baby and she was going to stop by our house that evening just to check on me. By this time, however, I figured what was the point? I decided to call her and tell her to skip it, and I was going to tell Michael to go ahead and go to work in the morning. I felt like a pot of water being watched to see when it would boil, and the pressure was really taking a toll on me.

When I called Susan, she said she was already on her way over to our house. When she got here, she listened to the baby, took my bp, tested my urine - everything looked fine. She asked if it was okay with me if she did a sterile VE, and I said okay. So she checked me and determined that I was dilated to 5 cm, but during a contraction I would dilate to 7 cm. It was just so completely bizarre how far I managed to progress without ever really going into and staying in active labor. She did the litmus test on the fluid in my vagina for amnio fluid and it came up positive! Very strange. I think she tried to sweep my membranes again, but there wasn’t much left to sweep. She hung around for a while, and my contrax started up again, about every 10 min. After a while, she went home and said to call her if they got to be less than 5 min. apart. This was about 9:30 p.m.

Michael and I went to bed, I think around 10:00. My contrax continued, and by 11:00 they were again about 5 minutes apart and painful. We called Susan and she headed back over, this time with her assistant, Katie, and our doula Mireille.

So by 11:30 we had 5 adults in our bedroom, including me and Michael. It was a little crowded, and honestly I felt stressed by all the people watching me and waiting for something to happen. I got into the birth pool, and of course my contrax slowed down. The whole thing was so utterly frustrating. I felt like I was letting everyone down, as if I just wasn’t doing it right. Finally after a couple hours, I said I wanted to just lay down. I figured I would take a little nap and would wake up in a short while to “better” contractions. Susan talked to us about starting black and blue cohosh in the morning, and then she, Katie, and Mireille went and crashed in the living room. Michael and I went to bed. I slept fitfully, as my contrax continued through the night, too painful to sleep through, but still 10 - 15 min. apart. I honestly was feeling like this baby was never going to come out on her own, and I was again feeling bad for dragging all these people away from their families to come to my house for nothing.

Tuesday, October 3
Everyone was up by around 6:00 a.m. It was a school day for the boys, but we decided to keep Joey home since school was only half day for him and it would be too much hassle to deal with the drop off and pick up. Michael took Kevin to school, and our neighbor would bring him home as usual. I really didn’t know what was going to unfold on this day, but I remember Susan saying something to the effect that we would be having a baby today. Mireille had class in the morning, and she and Katie both left our house a little after 8:00. In truth, I was relieved to have less people around.

I can’t remember what time I started taking the cohosh, but I alternated blue and black every half hour. I was still having contrax, but they were still only about 10 min. apart. Susan had me promise to take castor oil if the cohosh hadn’t made labor progress after 5 hours. At about 9:00 a.m. I asked her about breaking my water. She agreed to check me again and then we’d decide. When she checked me she felt a bulging bag of water and I was dilated to 7 cm even without a contraction. So she went ahead and broke my water.

Now, this part she didn’t tell me until later. Apparently, when she broke my water, my cervix closed back up to 4 cm!! It was the bulging bag of water pressing down causing the dilation, and after she broke my water, the baby’s head didn’t descend as far as it should have, so my cervix closed back up partially. Something was hanging the baby up in there and preventing her from coming down like she should, and Susan started worrying at this point, because now my water was clearly broken and my GBS status was unknown. She didn’t tell me any of this until later, and I’m glad because I’m sure it would have just upset and scared me.

The contrax continued all morning and they were very painful. I spent a lot of time walking around the house, and even up and down the stairs, trying to keep things going and hopefully to move it to the next phase. I was squatting and moaning through contrax by this time. The closest together they got was 9 min. apart. It was very discouraging and exhausting. We had already decided that I was not going to be able to labor in the pool because being in the water slowed the contrax down. I wouldn’t be able to get in the water until I was ready to push.

Michael called Alycia around 11:00 and she came over to take care of the girls and Joey, as I really needed him to give me his attention.

I guess around noon Susan made me sit down and eat some lunch and sent Michael to the store for some castor oil. I was not looking forward to that, but it was the next logical step and Susan assured me that she had had a lot of success with the combination of cohosh and castor oil. Michael got home with the castor oil and Susan made a smoothie with it - castor oil, orange juice concentrate, vanilla ice cream and vodka - yes, vodka. It was pretty nasty. My contrax were still about 9 min. apart and she checked me again. I was dilated to 9 cm!! She kept saying that there was no way the baby was going to be born without the contrax getting closer together - but there I was dilated to 9 cm and still only having contractions every 9 min. This labor seemed to be breaking every rule of nature.

After I ate some lunch and had the castor oil smoothie, I just wanted to lay down. I guess it was a little after 1:00 by this time. Susan and I went into the bedroom. I don’t know where Michael was at this point - maybe trying to put the girls down for a nap while Alycia looked after Joey? I laid down on the bed and actually managed to doze between contractions, but every time a contraction hit, I had to breathe and moan through it. Susan was a big comfort during this time, stroking my hair and arm when a contraction came and telling me I was doing good. Her presence was very soothing.

Suddenly, around 1:45 the contrax started coming closer together and I got the shakes. I was finally in transition! Michael was in the bedroom with us by this time. I had exactly THREE contractions that were 5 minutes apart, followed by another doozy two minutes later. Susan had left the room for something and suddenly I shot up on the bed with my hand between my legs and yelling for Susan that I had to push! Oh my God, it was such a shock, to go from contrax basically 10 min. apart all day long to this sudden feeling that something huge was pushing its way out of my body. I was suddenly very frightened.

Susan and Michael got me into the birth pool at about 2:00 and the contrax slowed a bit but were still coming at decent intervals and were very powerful. I fought the urge to push because it frightened me so much. With each contraction, I breathed deep in and out breaths and moaned. Susan told me to push whenever I felt like it and I kept telling her that I was scared and that it hurt, it hurt. Michael was behind me outside the pool supporting me in a semi squat position, and Susan kept asking me if I wanted him in the pool with me. No, no. I couldn’t deal with any sort of change at that point. Finally the urge to push became so powerful that I could no longer fight it and I began pushing . . . and oh my God, it felt like a train barreling its way out of my body. It felt like I was being ripped in half - seriously, I felt myself tearing down there, above and below my vagina. I began screaming at this point and Susan tried to calm me and told me to lower the scream to a grunt because it would help get the baby out. So I tried, I really tried, to grunt and pant, but I know I was still screaming too. I felt her head come out, and I thought the hardest part was over, that her shoulders and the rest of her body would just slide out with little effort on my part, but her shoulders seemed to be stuck. I was crying and saying “Help! Please, help!” over and over. Susan reached down into the water and felt around the baby’s head to make sure there was no cord holding her up. Finally, I pushed with everything I had and out came her shoulders and the rest of her body. The pain immediately dissipated. Susan got the baby out of the water and up onto my chest. I was still crying uncontrollably - I was just overwhelmed by the whole thing. But looking at my perfect little baby girl for the first time made the whole thing worth every minute and I was struck, once again, as I had been with the birth of each of my other children, by how incredible it was that I grew this perfect little human being inside my body and brought her into the world. Michael and I both felt the umbilical cord pulsing, and that was new. I had never felt a cord before, or even seen one close up.

I was still in the pool, and Susan said I was bleeding. I remember thinking “Okay, so what? Doesn’t everyone bleed after they push a baby out?” It was only when I saw the look on her face that I felt a little scared. She told me I needed to get out of the pool. She gave me a shot of Pitocin in my thigh and I yelled “Oww!” and then almost had to laugh - I had just pushed a baby out of my body and I was going to complain about a little shot now? She clamped the cord and had Michael cut it and then they helped me out of the pool and up onto the bed. Susan was examining me, trying to determine where I was bleeding from, but by this time the bleeding had stopped. I had no tears - this absolutely boggled my mind. When I was pushing, I had the distinct sensation that I was tearing from here to kingdom come - but in reality, I had not a single tear anywhere. Holy cow. I shifted on the bed and felt something huge come out of me and thought it was the placenta, but it was two blood clots the size of my fist. The placenta actually took quite a while to come out. We gave the baby to Michael and Susan took me into the bathroom and put me on the toilet, as being upright would help the placenta deliver. I again was fighting pushing it out - after the ordeal of pushing the baby out, I could hardly bear the thought of pushing anything else out. I sat on the toilet and managed to pee, and then finally, out came the placenta.

Here’s some stuff Susan told me later: she never did figure out where the bleeding was coming from after the baby was born. It didn’t really matter since it stopped almost immediately when she gave me the pitocin. But what she told me later was that while I was still in the pool after the baby was born, the blood was pouring out of me - she said it reminded her of an underwater volcano.

Another thing she told me later was that she thinks Lilah had her hand or arm up by her head, which was preventing her from descending properly. She said that when her head came out, she was face down, which is typical. Then she rotated, so that her shoulders would come out vertically - which is also typical. But then she apparently rotated back to face down, which meant that her shoulders were now horizontal in the birth canal! So when Susan reached down in the water to check for cord after the baby’s head came out, what she was really doing was trying to turn the baby without freaking me out. If her arm really was up by her head even while I labored, that would go far in explaining the completely dysfunctional labor I had. She didn’t descend down onto my cervix enough to dilate it and make the contractions progress, so I ended up with this wacky, erratic labor that progressed very slowly. The end result was a beautiful, healthy baby girl, but boy, that was some work bringing her into the world.

So far, Lilah is relatively peaceful (knock on wood!). My last three babies were pretty high maintenance, so I’ve been telling God for a while that I think I’m due for an easier baby this time. She’s a good sleeper and nursing beautifully. So far she really doesn’t fuss or cry a whole lot. We still haven’t figured out who she looks like. With the other kids, it was so clear even at birth whom in the family they resembled, but Lilah is a bit of a mystery. I think she has the same nose as Kevin, but other than that, I don’t know. The other kids have taken to her really well already, although poor Joey was a little scared of her after she was born and for the rest of that day. He apparently heard me crying and screaming (although Alycia took him outside - so I’m sure the neighbors heard me as well), and decided that the baby must have hurt me so he was afraid of her at first, which made me sad. But by the next day, he was kissing her and rubbing her head. The girls, who I was so worried about how they would react to a new baby, are completely enthralled with her. And Kevin, of course, ever the loving big brother.

Susan did one, two, and three-day postpartum visits to check on me and the baby, and everything looks good. On day three Lilah weighed 7 lbs. 6 oz. She was 7-10 at birth, so that’s pretty good. She’s been a little jaundiced, but my milk came in by day two, so the jaundice started clearing up pretty quickly.

I’ve spent a lot of time reliving the labor and birth in my head and analyzing it and trying to process it. Michael asked me a few hours after she was born if I would do it again if I had it to do over again. I actually hesitated, and that has bothered me. I think he asked me too soon, but the truth at that moment was that I didn’t know if I could do it again. Of course, three days later I feel like, yes, of course I would and could do it again, but I’ll never have that choice to make again, as Lilah must be our last baby. I’m trying to come to terms with parts of it still. If I had it to do over again, I would better prepare myself for the reality of an unmedicated birth. I have regrets, in that I feel like I was either very arrogant about the whole thing, or ill-informed, or maybe both. I feel disappointed in myself that I freaked out during pushing - even a little ashamed I guess, however silly that might sound. The realization that I’ve come to is that for whatever reason, I was under the belief that the worst pain I would feel would be the most intense contractions, and I had faith in myself that I could handle that. I had heard over and over that pushing is a relief, so I really believed that while pushing would certainly be work, pain-wise, it would be easy compared to the contractions. So I was completely shocked and unprepared for how pushing really felt, and it was terrifying for me. I had envisioned this fairly quiet water birth, where I would breathe and grunt my baby out, catch her myself, and pull her up onto my chest, and feel like Mother Earth herself. In reality, I screamed my baby out, and was too freaked out to reach down and catch her. I am completely and absolutely humbled by the whole experience.

In spite of what my perception was, Lilah seems to have experienced a peaceful birth from her end. When Susan put her on my chest, she looked up at me and coughed a couple times and then just lay there peacefully looking at me. I kept asking if there was something wrong with her because she wasn’t crying, she was just so serene.

So here I am, now the mother of five! Who ever woulda thought? Four days ago I was a miserable pregnant woman. Three days ago, if anyone had asked me, I would have said I am gladly done with all this pregnancy and birth business. But of course now I am already missing it, knowing it was my last. And today when Susan left, I found myself crying. I’ve become quite attached to her and will truly miss her and the care I got from her.

Life goes on.


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Mason Vernon born 9/18/06 1:59 p.m. at 40 wks gestation
weight: 8 lb 6 oz length: 20 inches head circ: 36 cm
My birth story (as far as I can remember anyway)

I was scheduled for induction on my due date 9/18/06 at 5 am as my husband and son would be going out of town in 5 days and we needed a baby here. I have never been 40 weeks pregnant before and it was really taking a toll on me emotionally and physically, I was more than ready to give birth to this baby. The kids slept over at my moms that night and I woke up early enough to shower etc... we went to the hospital where I was found to be dilated to 3 cm and not at all effaced (still) I was very thick and baby was very high. So I had to get a little vaginal pill to help my cervix do something. They put that in and my hubby & I took a nap. Around 7 am my doctor came in to visit and said that we could use two pills (one every 4 hrs) but that if nothing happened after that they would be sending me home. I was a little bummed to hear that and my hubby who was a little negative at this point because we'd been waiting so long and enduring so many contractions etc... that weren't doing anything for several weeks was convinced that we were going to be sent home eventually. I was having contractions about 10 minutes apart but they weren't painful and I had been doing this for at least a week straight. At 9:00 a.m. the nurse came to check my cervix and it was soft and she said it had changed enough that we could start pitocin. So around 10:00 I got pitocin and started having some good contractions right away, nothing too bad I was handling the discomfort just fine and glad to see some progress. At 11:00 my nurse was adjusting the belts and monitors again (we'd done this all morning so far) when the baby kicked me hard enough that my water broke. I didn't realize at first my membranes had ruptured, I had felt a pop and it seemed different but there was no fluid initially. Well as soon as the nurse left the room I had 2 hard painful contractions and when I contracted, there was amniotic fluid everywhere so I had to call the nurse back in and tell her that indeed my water had broke. From here on out, labor became very painful, contractions were intense and very hard and long and coming right on top of each other. I did okay for about 30 minutes and I was moaning through contractions, then it seemed I could take a breath, have a sip of water maybe and the next one would hit. They were very sharp contractions. By 11:30 I was ready for the epidural man very much. I was trying to focus and doing okay to get through but the contractions were just so intense and close together that if I could get a little rest and relief I was ready for pain medication!! I had to wait about 15 minutes and by the time he was there I was so focused on getting through contractions and working through the pain that they would have to ask me questions and give me instructions several times because I was not mentally in the room with the nurse, anesthesiologist, and my husband. I was in position for my epidural and upon first placement the anesthesiologist hit a vein rather than the epidural space and I got real fuzzy, my hearing changed, and my chest felt funny. He backed off right away and had to do the whole thing again which sucked but it was better to go through that and have a decent epidural than not. The second attempt worked fine and it took about 20 minutes before I was feeling some pain relief. I was dilated to a 5 at this point and baby was still up pretty high. At this point they had to put me on oxygen for my baby and keep me on my side because his heart rate was having decelerations and becoming erratic as my contractions got stronger and labor progressed. The nurse told me to let her know when I felt pressure and she would check me, otherwise she would be in in a couple of hours unless I needed her sooner. My husband slept and I laid on my side and rested but couldn't sleep. It felt nice to have break though from the contractions and the pain. Well suddenly I felt a great deal of pressure in my pelvis and then it would back off and a minute later it would happen again so I asked the nurse to check me. She did and I was complete and ready to push, Yay! It was 12:30 when I was complete and it took about 10 minutes for them to get the bed ready etc... for pushing. I pushed through a count of ten and my nurse was thrilled and said to the other nurse in the room, "wow this isn't going to take long, the baby just moved down 2 stations with one push". I pushed again. Then on the third push I didn't even make it through a count of ten because I could just feel the baby's head move on out (my hubby said about 3 inches then it went back a little when they had me stop). The nurse had turned around to get more pads and when she turned around she said, "STOP PUSHING!!. You're doctor isn't here yet!" She asked the nurse when he'd been called and about 30 seconds later he came through the door nonchalantly and said, "How are, OH!" then he proceeded to run around like crazy getting his gear on as fast as possible. He took one look at me and the baby crowning and started moving really fast. Then he sat down and said okay push, I got to a count of three and he said stop pushing this baby is coming out all by itself and that's exactly what he did, he just came right out at 1:59 p.m. I was amazed that after the very intense labor that I felt that the pushing was so easy. Especially when I learned that Mason was 8 lb 6 oz, the biggest baby I'd ever delivered. He came with rolls and a double chin. He's very mellow in temperament. I required one stitch which has been a true blessing in the recovery process vs. having many stitches like I've had before. Everything was good except that night I kept having severe pain that would come and go on my right side and down my leg even though I was on pain medicine. I couldn't sleep much at all that night because the pain was keeping me awake. My night nurse wasn't really paying attention to me either so that was difficult. But the next morning I was ok until about noon (we were going to leave at 2) when I had such severe pain again in my lower right quadrant extending down my leg that I couldn't move my legs or get off the bed or anything. My doctor was called and he ordered a pelvic/abd CT scan to rule out appendicitis as that was the nature of the pain. At 6 pm I had a scan and all came back negative thankfully. I still don't know what caused the severe pain I had and I probably never will. Unfortunally because of the contrast used for the test I couldn't breastfeed Mason (who was just getting the hang of it) for 48 hrs which was difficult. Even more difficult was getting him breastfeeding again once 48 hrs had passed but we are doing well now. At his two week visit he had already gained a pound, an inch and a cm in his head circumference so he is doing really well. We all just love him and it's so nice to have him here.