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    Ivy & Major's birth story.

    Quote Originally Posted by Mommy2Cal&Major
    I'd been having false labor for weeks now, and on Monday night I was in the hospital with contractions 2-3 mins apart for hours, that eventually faded. I went home and the contractions were about an hour or so apart by early evening. I'd really wanted to just sleep on Tuesday night, so I told Major to please not come yet. He had other plans

    I couldn't sleep, I just felt weird and had diarrhea. So at 1am DH made some popcorn and we sat down on the couch to watch TV. At about 1:15 I had a pretty painful contraction, and then about a minute after it was over, I felt a gush. I immediately thought it was just a bunch of pregnancy discharge, so I stood up to run to the bathroom. When I stood up, it just burst out of. DH laughed and said "You just pee'd on the couch!" I ran to the bathroom and it was really flowing, and I knew right then that my water had broken!!

    DH was so excited, and I don't know if it was nervousness or what, but I started vomiting. I was OK after a few mins and we got Calvin up, packed his bag, threw in our hospital bag the last few things we needed, and headed off to the hospital. We checked in and got to our room at around 2:20am. The nurse who I'd seen the night before said "I just knew you'd be back tonight," when she saw me. She swabbed for amniotic fluid, and it came back negative! I was so upset, but I just knew it was my water. The nurse said it was likely negative from the amount of mucous, so she waited an hour and checked again, and sure enough, my water had most definitely broken. I got my IV at 4am, and then some bloodwork. My bloodwork showed that I was extremely low on potassium, so I had to get that in my IV as well. The nurse said my potassium level was likely the source of all my false labor.

    I still was only contracting about once every hour or so at this point, so not really in labor. At 7am, one of the doctor's checked me, and I was a 3-4. She said to start pitocin on me once I'd gotten enough IV fluids. At 8am, another doctor (the one who delivered) came to check me, and I was a good 5. I had still not had pitocin yet. She told me I could have my Epidural ASAP, then they'd get pitocin going on me. I was so excited!! At 8:30, the "Mr. Magic Epidural Man" came, and at that point, I started contracting about 7-10 mins apart. At 9am, they got the pitocin going. Around 10:30, the nurse checked me and I was at 6cm. I was so amazed that I was getting to be in labor without feeling a single contraction, I felt like I was cheating, lol. The nurse told me she thought I'd have the baby between 12 and 12:30. I started to get nervous then.

    At 11:30 I was at 8cm, and around 11:45 I started really feeling the need to push. My doctor was down the hall prepping for a c-section then, but she came down to see me and I was only a 9. She left to tell the other patient that it was gonna be a little bit before they could do her section. I had extreme pressure during the contractions, and had to pant to keep from pushing. Around 12:10 I said I needed my doctor, because I really had to push! She came and said I still had a small lip of cervix left, but I could try to push it out of the way. I tried pushing with a contraction, and it felt SO good. It took about 4 pushes to move the cervix out of the way. I pushed 3 or 4 more times, and his head came out. I heard the doctor say "his cord is in a true knot, and around his neck," and I got really scared. DH and I both said "Is he okay!?" and the doc said that he was, and told me to push again. One more push and he was out! She laid him on my chest, and he was pretty blue, and not crying. I was crying, and freaking out, and kept asking if he was OK. They cut the cord and he started crying then. They took him off of me right away and put him in the warmer with some oxygen, and he was just fine. His apgar's were 8 and 9. He weighed 7lbs, 4oz and was 20 inches long. His head was 13 and 3/4 inches, and his chest was 13 inches.

    I was only in 'real labor' for 3 hours and 57 minutes, and only had to push about 20 minutes. I can't believe how fast it went!! Something else weird is that when I was born, my cord was in a true knot, and also around my neck.
    Now the pics...

    About to get pitocin...

    Daddy holding Major for the first time

    Me holding Major

    Calvin meets Major

    The gorgeous hair!

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    Ok so here is Alexandra's birth story:

    I was admitted to the hospital at 6 am Wednesday morning and got all hooked up to the monitors I layed there for about an hour then they took me off the mointors and I got to be free for a bout an hour while I at my breakfast. My ob came in at 8:20 and checked me I was at 2 cm and 50% and then she broke my water and told me that I had till 1 pm to make progress and the I would have to have pitocin. the nurse recommened that I get in the shower and do some nipple stimulation so that is what I did and that was at 9:00 am. So after I got out, I passed my room and nothing was happening. Then at 10:30 I got back into the shower and did more nipple stimulation. When I got out the ctx were about 7 min apart and starting to hurt and I got out of the shower at 11:10 am and at 11:30 I had the worst ctx yet and I was having to breathe thru this one and the nursing staff was walking in with lunch and I told her that she will prolly need to put that in the fridge cause the ctx were every 2-3 min apart. SHe said lets check baby and see what kind of pattern we were getting with the ctx and check to see if I was progressing. Keep in mind that at 11:30, I was still at 2 and 50. And just a few min after this I was asking for the drugs cuz I was getting tired and she wanted to check me first and see a patten on the monitor when the nurse checked at 12:15, I was 6 and 90. So she let me sit up but I had to stay on the monitors. So I was sitting on the edge of the bed with Brian sitting next to me during the ctx in between he was eating lunch. He got to do that for about 20 min and the nurse checked again and I was at 9 and 100. My mom was working that day in the hospital at the front desk and answering the phone. She came up at 12:40 to see me and see how I was doing and that is when the nurse checked and got the 9 and 100. Mom only had 30 min to be there she called her boss and told her that she would not be back for about 30-45 min. I pushed for 4 ctx and 3 times each ctx and Alexandra was born at 1:02 pm on Aug 30.
    My labor did not begin till 11:30 so this 1 hr 1/2 labor was nice and short my other girls were 12 1/2 hrs and 14 hrs.

    I got no pain meds or pit.

    She weighs 6lbs 14oz and is 19 inches long.

    I will post pics when I get time she is sitting in her swing and getting hungry.

    Edited to add her gestional age: 38wks 1day
    wed Brian 1/27/2001
    homeschooling mama to
    DD 7/01
    DD 5/03
    DD 8/06
    DS 7/08
    DD 2/10

    Thank goodness I was never sent to school; it would have rubbed off some of the originality.
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    Caleb Beckett's Birth Story

    We arrived at the hospital at about 5:45 am on August 30th for our scheduled induction. After arriving and checking in we were walked up to L&D. It was a full house up there, so I ended up in the very small treatment room, until another room opened up. It wasn't too bad in the scheme of things though, one poor girl who came in after I did was in the hall. My IV was started and I was monitored a bit, as well as checked. I was still at 3 cm and having a few minor contractions. At about 7 am my pitocin was started. From 7 am to about 11 am we weren't very aggressive at all with the pit because we all wanted me to be in a different room to break my water, get my epidural, and deliver. Finally, around 11 am one of the other rooms opened up and I was wheeled down there. Shortly after I was checked and still 3 to 4 cm. My pit was bumped up and I had my epidural, then my water was broken. I didn't have very much fluid come out. I also had a catheter inserted.

    At about 12 or 1 something (I have no idea of exact times -- other than Caleb's birth time because I didn't have a clock on the wall, ) my nurse left for lunch. There were two nurses taking care of the hall. I started feeling really nauseous and asked Gray to get me some ice and a popscicle from the nurses station and tell them I was feeling sick. He brought them back and said I looked really pale. I told him it was most likely due to feeling so sick. He started looking around the room for something I could vomit in. I started shaking a bit too and was cold. None of the nurses came in though. My Dr. came in (it was around 2 something because OLTL was on) and I told her I was feeling really nauseous and she looked at my monitors. She said no wonder that my blood pressure was way too low. The room was all a buzz for a few minutes. I was given something to stabalize my BP, I think I was also given Finnegrin for the nausea, and the anesthesiologist (Mr. Bill) came in and adjusted my epi. I found out that my BP had bottomed out to 60 over something. My contractions still were only every 2 to 4 minutes apart and I had only progressed to about a 5. My pit was bumped up to try to get the contractions to at least every 2 minutes. When I was next checked I was about 6-7 but contractions were still not at 2 minutes and not as strong as they'd have liked to see on the monitor, and Caleb was still pretty high. My pit kept being bumped up (I was up to 40 --pretty much the highest they would go--by the end, 20 is about the norm.) I finally started feeling a bit of good pressure and was checked and was at a 9, it was around 4 pm. Shortly after I was checked again and had a bit of a lip. My doc had me push once to see how he would move down. We waited a few more minutes and then she had me push again -- I was fully dilated. She had me stop, as baby's head was right there. They broke down the bed and got me into position. I pushed a couple of sets and (probably 5-6 pushes total) and he was born screaming away at 4:56 pm. They were telling me what a big boy he was. I had no tearing and needed no episiotomy!! They placed him on my belly and Gray cut his cord. Then they took him over to clean him up. My doc was cleaning me up and delivering the placenta and I was bleeding out quite a bit. She expected I might since I was anemic and we had to go so high with the pitocin. I was given a shot in the thigh to stop the bleeding and the doc and nurse were kneading my tummy (it still hurts.) The bleeding finally slowed (though I was on meds for it the whole time in the hospital.) After they had Caleb all cleaned up they brought him over and I nursed him. He looked so very tiny to me and very much like his big brother Grayson. I finished up nursing, and Gray held him while I ate a nutrigrain bar, and had some apple juice. The nursery came to get him for assessment. Since they were waiting for shift change they went ahead and kept me in the L&D room and brought me dinner. I began feeling nauseous again and got sick. I felt a bit better, and continued eating. They were going to try to clean me up and I got sick again. I was given something for the nausea (not Phinnegrin) and started feeling better, and finally was able to move to my room sometime after 7 pm.

    Overall my recovery has been super easy. My pelvis is still pretty sore, like it was before, but aside from that, all has been really good. All in all I wouldn't change a thing about my experience, and especially about being induced. We were told by the nursery that they assessed Caleb as being 37.5 weeks instead of the 38.5 according to my LMP. Which makes him quite large. He had to have his blood sugar tested due to this, but all was fine, I just grow them really big . I just know if I'd gone full term I'd have been looking at another 9 lber. Maybe bigger.

    So here are Caleb Beckett's stats

    He was born Aug 30th at 4:56 pm He weighed 8 lbs 4 &1/2 oz and was 21 in.

    And here are some pics!

    Last Belly pics 38 weeks 5 days

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    I will start with the stats to get them out of the way and for all those who are not interested in reading the whole story:

    Samuel Adams Wilkerson - Definitely a boy!
    My EDD was Sept. 23, 2006
    Born Sept. 1, 2006 at 5:57 AM
    Gestation 36W 6D
    Weight 7.7 LBS
    Height 18.5 inches

    On Aug. 30th I was not feeling well and tried to get comfy by taking a warm bath and getting the kids ready for bed. Finally got them all in bed and was going to get in bed. I was feeling a pressure like a balloon was going to pop and decided to go to the bathroom after sitting for a bit. I pee'd (sorry for any TMI) and was going to get up when I felt more trickle out. I wiped and tried to get up and more came. I did this like 6 times. It was very clear and odorless. Finally, I could get up. I had a feeling to go get checked so I told DH (about 3:45 am Aug. 31st) that I was going to the hospital and will call him if it is anything. He made me go sit on the toilet to see if the process would repeat itself and he came in to assess it for himself. The results were the same and he agreed that I should go in. He wanted to come with me but I did not want to wake a babysitter for a possible false alarm.

    I drove myself to the hospital at 4:30AM about 15-20 min from my house. My contractions had started and were about 2 minutes appart. By the time I got there I could hardly walk. I would stop and rock and breath through each contraction. They hooked me up to the monitors and checked me with the acid strip. She said she could not see that it was my water... but that they would continue to monitor me. I was Just about a 3 and 60 % ephased.

    The contrations just got worse. They were 2-3 minutes long with a 30-45 second break in between. The doctor had me walk the halls and kept monitoring the progress. There was little to no progress even thought the contractions were steady, strong, and extremely hard. However because of the contractions and the fact that I was a VBAC he was not about to let me go home until A- my water broke or progress or B- my labor stopped. I walked the halls for about 4 hours (9am) then called DH crying and asking him to come join me because I needed his help! He found family to watch the children at home and came immediately with his mom. Just before he got there I became very Nauseated and made it back to my room from another walk around L&D shaking. I pee'd then hurridly turned and vomited in the toilet. As I was vomitting I felt lots of trickling down my legs and onto the floor. (Approx. 10:10 am) I buzzed the nurse who came and checked the fluid with the acidity paper. It immediately went Dark blue and she said " it could still be urine." I kept thinking, you are joking me right? I hopped into the bed (I was still in a triage assesment room.) DH and his mom showed up at 10:20 am We waited for the doctor to come check me again. At 11:15 am the doctor came in and checked me verifying what I already knew... that my water was indeed broken and I was at a 3 dialtion and 80% ephased.

    They immediately put me in my own birthing room. The doctor explained that he would like me to continue laboring without an epidural as long as I could to avoid slowing or stopping labor all together and avoid having to use pitocin. Pitocin was just an added risk to a uterine abruption. DH had to leave for a mandatory meeting in Salt Lake City (that could not be avoided) at 2pm. His mom stayed with me until he could get back. I was terrified that he would miss the baby being born but things were progressing VERY slowly and painfully.

    The remaining water had spilled all over the bed at noon and the nurse told me she would get to it in a while. Just before DH left I begged him to get my nurse to change the wet pad I was sitting in. She would not let me get out of bed and had not bothered to even check in on us. Nathan changed the bedding with me still there then left. While he was gone the same nurse came in and told me I was going to have a C-sec. and that my doctor had left to another hospital to deliver another baby. She did not come in to change my pad (I leaked continually until baby was born... large amounts of Amionic fluid because it kept rebuilding itself.) I finally told the other nurses that my nurse was not welcome in my room anymore and spoke to my doctor about her statement. She was just trying to scare me into a Csec so I did not have to be a burden to her any longer.

    5:30 pm DH returned and I was still a 3 and 80% ephased. I asked the doctor if I was allowed to move around because the nurse had told me no and he said I could walk around in the room but stay hooked up to my monitors which were vaginal monitors on baby and my uterus. The outer monitors had a hard time picking up any contractions. My MIL went home and DH walked, rocked, held me through my many contractions. I was checked at 8pm and was now at 85% ephased. Very little progress but it was progress. I lasted a few more contractions and then begged for an epidural that I got at 9pm after 17 hours of hard laboring. They were supposed to give me the minimal amount, but apparently the anesthesiologists minimal amount was not that minimal. My arms and chest went numb too. My contractions stopped all together. I asked for him to turn it down and he cut it in half. It was still too strong and I could not feel my arms so he cut it in half again. Finally it was helping remove the edge without being too strong. However it would fade off very easilly making me feel the contractions on my right side and crotch area. He kept having to be called in to add bullises that would last for an hour more. We found out that my contractions would pick up everytime the epi wore off so I would stretch out the time of getting more meds. In those times I would start progressing.

    At 10 pm I was at a 5 and 95% ephased! The doctor felt now that we would probably have the baby before midnight. DH and I were not so optimistic. Sure enough midnight came and went, but the doctor did give me some pitocin... at a 1 then moved it to 2. VERY LOW dosages of the watered down Pit.

    I was very nauseated the moment I got the epi to the time it stopped working. I would just vomit and vomit and DH would hold the small buckets for me then wash them out and run back before it would happen again. Then he would scratch me all over sinced I itched like CRAZY due to the narcotic they used in the epi. It was aweful! At 5am Sept. 1st, 2006 my epi wore off completely. The nurse came in at 5:30am and checked me. I was 9+ with nothing but an anterior lip. I told her I felt pressure and that I felt the baby was desending and coming very soon. The room began to buzz and the doctor came in. DH woke up and started video'ing the process. Sure enough... 5 pushes and me feeling the entire thing with no epidural working at all! Samuel entered this world. I did not tear or have an episiotomy. However I sure told them all that I did not like feeling all that pain! My words were: I can feel this and it sucks! Then on to my moaning and panting. LOL They put Samuel on my belly and he was very purple so I asked them to take him. I was so worried. He had swallowed alot of the fluid and blood. They got him breathing and screaming good. I just thought of how beautiful this little boy was and even though it hurt like hell... I would do it all over again for him!

    I did get some relief from the epidural that I was grateful for in the 25 hours of laboring... but I truly think it did more harm than help this time around. All in all it ended up not working during the time I needed it most and I basically experienced and all natural birth. (OUCH!!!) The + side was that I did not tear... just one skidmark (paper cut) and I did find that my recovery has been so much easier this time around. I am truly amazed by it all and am more in awe of the girls that have and do go naturally by choice. I almost wish I was strong enough to say if I have another baby I would go natural, but it hurts soooooooooo much and I do like having a bit of a break from the pain.

    Anyway, that is my story. I will have to update with pictures later since I am not home and can't figure it out now. Thank you for reading if you made it through.

    Product of Nathan & Cindy

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    Bradley Matthew
    August 31, 2006, 9:23 p.m.
    7 lbs 11 ounces, 21 inches

    I had been up almost all night the night on the 30th with what I assumed were normal pregnancy aches and pains since they subsided when I switched positions. I finally fell asleep around 8 am on the 31st and slept until about 10. At around noon, I was sitting at my laptop when I got another pain like I had been having all night. I didn't think much of it and stood up to get something. It hit me after a bit that the pain wasn't stopping even though I was moving and tryingi to ease it. I began timing the pains and found that they were coming regularly - lasting about 30 - 45 seconds every 4 - 6 minutes or so. They were not horribly painful, so I didn't think I was in labor, but finally decided to call the doc around 1:30. She wanted me to head on to the hospital just in case. We made it there around 3:15ish and I got hooked up to a monitor to time my contractions and monitor Bradley's heart rate. The nurse began lecturing me about false labor and said I didn't look like I was in enough pain so she doubted this was it. After about 45 minutes of being monitored she finally checked my cervix (why didn't she do this before?!) and much to our surprise I was dilated to 5. I was admitted and moved into a labor/delivery suite at about 4:30. The doc came in and asked what I wanted to do next, and I decided to walk the halls for a little while. My contractions still weren't that painful although my back hurt a lot. I was hooked up to an IV at 5:30 and decided to go ahead and get an epidural even though the pain wasn't bad because I didn't want to get to a point when I REALLY needed it and have to wait for the anesthesiologist. They called him and he was there right away. I am a huge needle weenie, but I barely felt it and it was WONDERFUL. I got the shakes really bad, but felt no pain whatsoever when I was checked or had a contraction. At 7:00, the doc came in and checked me and decided to break my water. Again, didn't feel this at all! She checked me again at 8:00, and we were shocked when she said I was already dilated to a 9! At 8:30, I started feeling the contractions again so my nurse topped off my epi and checked me again - I was ready to push ALREADY I had no idea what I was doing, but pushed how I thought I should! My nurse was so encouraging and it felt great to push. I felt no pain, but could feel pressure so knew exactly when to push. I pushed for about half an hour when I felt Bradley right there, ready to come out. It felt really cool! 1 more push and he started to come out. The nurse called for the doc and told me not to push. I didn't - but he was coming out on his own! The doc rushed over and 1 more push and she told me to look down - and there was my baby!! He was born at 9:23 p.m. It was so surreal that he was HERE! He had the cord wrapped twice around his neck, so he was kind of bluish, but she said not to worry and handed him to me slimy and everything . Looking at my baby laying there on my chest was a moment I will never forget. I was speechless and just cried. They cleaned him up and weighed him (7 lbs, 11 ounces) while the doc stitched up a minor tear and pulled the placenta right out. He had some fluid in his lungs since he came out so fast, so he had to go to the nursery for a bit while I recovered. At 11:00 I was given the OK to be moved into my room. I finally ate dinner and at 1:30 am they brought him back to me and I nursed him for the first time. I spent the entire night staring at him - it was just so amazing...

    Overall my labor/delivery was pretty easy and a wonderful experience. Recovery has been rough. I'm sore and sooo swollen and can't wait to feel normal again. But I love my son with all my heart and am just so so happy As I type this he is in my arms asleep and I am in heaven just listening to him breathe!!
    Laura, mommy to
    Bradley (8.31.06) and Tyler (10.19.08 )
    and a new little one on the way!
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    “Baby, I think my water bag broke already but not sure if it just discharge. I’m leaking a lot but not that much. It doesn’t look like discharge to me because its thin. I called doctor but she is doing surgery. Talked to the nurse and said to go there. What u think? Should we go to hospital?” --10:13AM August 31,2006.

    Sure enough, Bob was biking home fast from work that morning after he received that SMS message. We were on our way to Malar hospital, laughing and thinking to ourselves that it could just be a false alarm. I was not dilated and not at all feeling any contractions. We even hesitated to go to the emergency room and went up to the doctor’s clinic only to be told by the nurse to go directly to the emergency room.

    So off we went down to the emergency room, and found out I was having what they call a “high leak” of amniotic fluid. At about 11AM, I was already admitted at the hospital. They had given me a dose to help my cervix dilate and a dose that sure enough started those contractions. After 6 hours of labor, I was only 2 centimeters dilated and they told us that by 9PM, the doctor would have to make a decision if I had to go on c-section not unless I dilate well. Luckily, at around 945PM, doctor came to check me and saw that I am already 8 centimeters and so I was brought to the delivery room quickly.

    Push Push Push.. Come on Gabbie, it’s time to go out,” as Bob was saying. 30 minutes has passed, I was pushing and pushing, nurses had to check Gabbie’s heartbeat from time to time to know if she‘s handling everything well. Then, doctor had to do an episiotomy, because I was having difficulty pushing her out because of my narrow pelvic area. So there it goes that episiotomy, had one big push and then one after the other but still Gabbie is in there. Doctor had to use the vacuum to assist Gabbie out. So there goes our baby out in the world with her umbilical cord tied around the neck. But she’s a tough baby girl, cord was untied by the doctor and after about 10 seconds, there she was crying letting mommy and daddy know that she’s fine. It was kind of a tough experience, but everything seemed to happen so fast, we did not have time to be scared.

    Gabriella Renee Penry, born at 1030PM, August 31, 2006 Indian Standard time. Healthy at 7.2 lbs and absolutely sweet and beautiful. She melts mommy and daddy’s heart! Bob and I are so in love with her!

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    Katelynn Dawn’s Birth story
    started September 5th was having contractions 3 minutes apart around 8pm so me and my husband went to the hospital and they hooked me up to the monitors and I was 2CM dilated after about an hour they had me walk around the hospital for about 2 hours and would check me again. After the 2 hours we went back and there was no change but still having contractions so they decided to give me Tylenol 3 and send me home and told me to come back when they are more painful or my water breaks.
    I went home and was able to fall asleep the next day September 6th I was still having contractions but in no pattern and not really painful. I had a doctor’s appointment and she checked me and I was at 3CM and she swept my membranes. Went home and made supper and the whole time I was having a lot of cramps. After supper we watched TV for a bit and my mom was over and I started having very painful contractions so I counted them for 2 hours and they were about 5 minutes apart but the pain was just to bad and so I told them that it was time and since we had the false alarm the night before they said to wait a little bit long but I told them that I was going then so we left. When we got there I was 4CM so they decided I was going to stay and they broke my water this was around 9pm. After a couple of hours I got my epidural. After I got the epidural it seemed to take forever to kick in because I could feel ever contraction and they hurt but they did seem to be getting shorter and I was not dilating so they started some picton. After a few hours but did not seem that long since I was sleeping between contractions at this point they checked me and I was ready to push at 230AM on September 7th. Around 3:45 the doctor decided that I would need the vacuum since I was not making much progress. So they had stated that and it was not helping a lot I guess to he had to cut me and she came right out after that at 4:05am September 7th weighing 7lbs and 12OZ, and 21 ¾ inches. Right after she was born they felt that she was having some problems breathing because she had a bowel movement. So I got to hold her for about a minute then the took her to NICU, my husband had checked on her and she was doing better but wanted to keep her there for a few hours to just make sure. That night and the night before there were a lot of births so I had to stay in the labor and delivery area for the night till a room was free. I woke up the next morning just as the nurse was coming in with Breakfast and I asked when I would get to see my daughter and was told she would check. So I ate breakfast and around 9am I was able to see her. I tried to breastfeed her at this time and she would not. I was feeling pretty bad since she had not eaten anything yet. A couple hours later they bright her back and she would only latch on for maybe 5 minutes and was not sucking very much and I was starting to get frustrated so I decided to supplement her with some formula and she had that. I tried a few more times to breastfeed but she would rather the bottle so I decided to just bottle feed her and I got to go home September 8th in the after noon. Since she has been home she mostly sleeps but is a wonderful baby.

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    Wyatt William's birth story

    Quote Originally Posted by fadenaway4
    I checked into the hospital @ 8 PM Wednesday August 30th*my due date* to be induced as per the doctor. They started me on cervadil and gave me a sleeping pill. I woke up at 5 the next morning with cramps so I checked the monitor and sure enough I was having contractions.

    A quarter after 9 they started me on the pitocin, I was only 1 cm dilated and an hour and 15 minutes later I was only @ 1 1/2 cm. At 12:45 pm the doctor broke my water. I was contracting every 2-3 minutes all day long and wasn't having much progress. I was having back labor and the pain was unbearable, they gave me a double dose of Stadol*sp* and all that did was make me feel weird, but I def still felt the contractions. After another double dose of the stadol, I would pass out during the breaks in the contractions, but still felt the pain. Finally when I hit 3 cm @ 3:15 they let me get my epidural. That was grrrreat for about a half hour to an hour when it stopped working!!! They gave me a single dose of stadol, and of course, the pain was still there.

    I was pretty loopy from the drugs so the next few hours went by "quickly." They had to hurry up and page the dr. b/c i was ready to push. 20 minutes of pushing later, at 6:35 PM August 31st Wyatt William was born weighing 6 lbs 3 oz and 20 inches long. He was holding his breath so they had to give him oxygen but everything was ok after that.

    The dr. that delivered him happened to be the ONLY dr in the practice I haden't met yet! I think it's kind of funny that the only thing i was worried about was getting an episiotomy, and not the labor itself and it ended up that the labor was horrible and I didn't need an episiotomy. I only had a 1st degree tear and it has pretty much healed.

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    Damian Douglas
    Born September 8, 2006 @ 1:22 am
    Weight 8lbs 7oz and 20.5 inches long
    Head 36.5 cm and Chest 36 cm

    For many weeks we have been worried about Damians size because of my gestional diabetes. Since 31 weeks, I have had 3 or 4 US done to check weight (estimated weight) and he has always measured big. I also measured big. After many panic attacks lol, finally the dr decided to induce me. The date was scheduled for September 7 at 8am. So I go to bed the night before nervous, but went to sleep. The next morning I got up at 5:20ish and couldnt sleep anymore because I just wanted to go get this over with because my first delivery was hell with a 9lb 1oz baby, probably the worse experience in the world. So I get up get showered, get Dennis up and he showers. Dom was at mom and dads house, because we took him there the night before. All my stuff was ready to go. We were leaving the house at 7:30. 7:26 comes along and the phone rings. I thought it was mom, because we were meeting her at the hospital. But it wasnt, it was the hospital. They call to say that the night before it was so busy with babies coming that they will have to call me in a couple hours to come in. I was upset, but realized they couldnt help it. So I called mom and called my best friend kelli who was going to be there early with me. Then decided that we should go get something to eat because it may be my last chance. So we go to Eat n Park and got the breakfast bar. Then we come home and still no call. So my best friend came over and we sat and looked at stupid pics on line for a while and she said she is going to run home, because it may be a while.. So I said alright. So she left and I decided that since I was up the butt crack of dawn that maybe since I have to wait anyways, I should just lay down and rest my eyes. So I did that while Den sat beside me and played baseball. I finally woke up to the phone rining and looked and it was the hospital. It was around noon then. So I call mom and kelli and tell them that we are leaving. So we go.... When I get there, they take me to my room. Den sat out in the waiting room so I could get my stuff done, paper work, blood work, dressed in my gown, all that good stuff. My dr came in, checked me which really hurt like crap, and said I was 1-2 cm and about 75% effaced and said to start the pitocin. The nurse told another nurse to go get Dennis, but they didnt. It was about 3:30 when they finally got him. I felt bad for him, because he was probably wondering what was going on. And then mom and Kelli came in too. They started the pitocin at 3:30. Nothing happened much. But I got really hungry and they brought me a sandwich. And then a dinner tray. I ate both. Mom ran home to eat dinner, and Den and Kelli ran down to get something to eat. Still not much happening. Little contractions here and there. But it was just tightning of my belly. Nothing too bad. Everyone came back (kelli, Dennis and mom) Finally between 8-9 (cant remember) the dr came in and broke my water. Well, that is when the fun started. lol. My next contraction after my water broke was hard. Then they started to get harder. The nurse came in and checked and said I was about a 4 and said she was going to call for them to do my epi. It didnt take long for them to come. Once they put it in, the nurse gave me a foley cath. Which I felt, yuck, and which I hated. I laid on my left side for a bit and felt some pain, but thought it was the cath. Because that is what it felt like. Then they switched me over to the right side and then the contractions started to get harder. I delt with it a bit, but had the shakes bad. My contractions were coming in threes. I would get three, then I would have a break, get three, have a break. Sometimes though, I was getting 6 or 7 at a time. Finally I told the nurse that it was hurting too bad and for them to come check my epi. He did, and gave me more meds, but they didnt help much because it was pressure from him dropping in my birth canal. And he dropped hard and fast. She finally checked me and said I was complete. THANK GOD. And went and called the dr. You should have seen the poor nurse trying to get my big fat legs in the sturrips. I kept sayin I am so sorry I cant help you. Because I felt hopeless lol. Then she told me to push a few times. It felt really weird, because I couldnt tell if I was pushing because I was numb down there besides the pressure of Damian head. Finally I see the dr come along. And he checked me and said I was doing good and to keep pushing with my contractions. I still kept saying "am I doing anything, because I cant tell" And they kept saying yes. You are doing good. I didnt think I was, but they said I was, so okay. Finally I felt his head starting to come down and I kept pushing with contractions. I was pushing 3 times per contractions and by the 3rd, I was wearing out. But still pushed. Finally his head was really coming out and I could tell. Dr kept telling me to push, push, push. I tried and really was wearing out bad. I didnt think I could do it because I was getting so tired. Then they said stop pushing. I was kinda shocked because I wasnt pushing long. I thought it would take longer then that because with Domonik I pushed for over 2 hours. So I stopped pushing. He was taking care of him down there and damian wasnt breathing at first. He got him out and put him on my belly and Damian turned completly purple. He was alittle worried about him, but then finally he started to breath. They took him over to his little bed and gave him oxygen. I didnt get to see him much lol but everyone else did. He was crying so I knew he was alright. It was about 3ish when I finally got to see him and hold him and love him. His head and above his lip and ears were bruised for a while because he dropped hard and fast, but it seems like it is gone now. At 5 am, I got to my room and was able to relax. Damian stayed with us the whole time besides when the nurses needed him for vitals, bloodwork or the dr saw him. I didnt get much sleep the two nights I was in the hospital. First night, it wasnt til 5 we got in my room and then I slept on and off for a few hours (probably 3 hours the first night) and then the second night, Damian was up all night long with a gassy belly. Poor little man. So needless to say, I was ready to get home and sleep in my own bed. lol.

    My labor experience was wonderful this time around. It was a perfect birth. Hardly no pain during birth and no stiches. I hardly can tell I had a baby down there. It does not hurt one bit. I just have cramps, which are almost gone and my back is alittle sore from the epi and the bed. But other then that, I am good. And they arnt bad enough to not do it again.

    Right now, Damian is doing wonderful. First night home, he got up once to eat. Now last night was a different story. lol. He was up all night for some reason. But guess what, lol now that Domonik is awake, he is sound asleep. When Den gets home from work, I am napping... lol...

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    Quote Originally Posted by roseykat5

    well here we go lets see where do we start

    i start with the weekend first :
    since sat sept 2nd ive been contrating on and off as i wasnt sure at first ... i had back pain and hip pain and complained to the doc about it and he said nuthin was happen at the time but sounds like was goin into labour or am in early stages of labour that could take a week ....... then i couldnt sleep it continued well into sunday morning getting pretty intense at 430 am til 630 am then it quit on me just suddenly ... omg i wanted to cry as it kept me up all nite and all then i said ok fine ... then later on that morning on sunday it started up again and didnt quit just the intensity went up and down all day til that nite which turned into mon morn in wee hours i finally said enough was enough and went to l&d and see what going on ... if it would gotten stronger and or made a hugh differacne in 4 hours i was there it was some so they said walk some more til 12 noon it quit on me and was to small of change so they sent me home and said either the water breaks or contration gets stronger again and get back to track ....

    now for the story ......

    wed afternoon when i picked my girls from the bus stop from school and was on my way back just as i was coming up i felt a twinge that i decided to stop to see if contration was starting again and thats when my water broke in a big gush i went omg thats alot and definately my water..... i crossed my legs to stop the flow likewise ..... there was alot of peep walking by and i tried my best to be as normal as i could and not to make a big deal but im was so excited that it was finally happening ....

    but i couldnt do anything much right away as i had to call my mother in law and find out when she could come and couldnt come til after 6pm that nite so i waited and then i went to the hopsital

    got to the hopsital and arrieved at 930 ... checked and was the same as i was on sunday .... grrrr i said ..... i was told since the floor was out of stock on some meds and the floor was so busy they said to walk around til midnite and come back but stay there at the hospital ... come sooner if it gets pretty strong but i didn t have contrations yet still just twinges .... went back at midnite and still had to wait again for the room but they didnt want to check me as they were coming by an armful the patrients ... they just shove me in my room at 130 am that nite and then i had to wait til doc came in but she didnt come as she was too bsuy but told nurst to go ahead and give me the pit to get contration going it didnt get intense and painful til about 5 am and it was still tolerable and then at 515 i said i know shes there and i can feel her she said i went from 5cm to 7 cm when she checked and said i can go in 10 in sec soon but she was fully effaced but i sitll had anterior lip left ... so dont try to push as it can stall the birth ... then all of sudden she said invalentary push involentary push doc in here stat ... im like what huh but in pain trying to breath ...... wow what a rush i felt ... doc came in and one put her hand in and get rid of my anterior lip as she guided the baby head out of that lip and then she came on her own then while the doc checked for cord she took her hand off her head to clean her nose and mouth she flew out it was kinda funny cause i was trying to sit up and see her come out but she just flew out of me like she was trying say hey im here .. i was shocked at the size of her as my other kids were big and long she was tiny

    she arrived at 5:29 am and weighs 6.4 and half pounds and she so adorable and the kids just loves her and always wanting to hold her i think she gonna be spoiled with lots of love ...sorry we named her madeline-belle georgette ....... thanks for reminding me

    now thats my story

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