Sevana Elise's birth story

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Sevana Elise's birth story

Friday morning I got up around 8 a.m got Elton changed and into the living room. While I was walking I started to feel leaking. Didn't think nothing of it but the more I would move the more I kept leaking onto my pantiliner.
9:30a.m I put Elton down for his nap went to lay down as I was feeling cxt as soon as I laid down more leaking.
10:00 a.m I decided to take a shower that's when water leaked all down my leg.
10:30 a.m I caled m Ob as I had an appointment at 11:40 that a.m they said to come in went and as I waited for the elevator a gush came I knew now it really was my water. She sent me to the hospital.
11a.m went home got last minute things ready for Elton
11:45a.m in triage got connected
12:30 p.m did the ferning test and it turned blue which confirmed my water ruptured. 3 cm
1:15 p.m In my room my awesome nurse Nancy put my i.v in for antibiotics due to my GBS+
2 p.m water broke some more
2:40 p.m 5 cm and in lots of pain
3p.m Got Nubain strong cxt my Nurse helped me breath which helped alot.
3:30 p.m gave me oxygen due to baby not moving and being sleepy.
4:15 p.m 6 cm lots of pain still breathing kicked out my sister and Elton because I wanted to scream and wanted it quiet. I didn't want to scare him.
5 p.m made me start blowing so I wouldn't push.
5:15 p.m In agony checked me 9.5 cm got everything ready. Started pushing 4 cxt and pushes and
5:30 p.m Sevana Elise was born. 8 lbs 4oz 19.5" long. She had the darkest hair and is absolutely beautiful. Total opposite of Elton but gorgeous. No tears a perfect delivery. Elton and Sevana are exactly 12 months and 1 day apart.

Her pedi had her blood drawn due to me being GBS+ and around 10 p.m Friday they said her labs showed she had an infectionso they took he to the newborn nursery to get an I.v in so she can recieve her antibiotics. She stayed that night in the nursery. Saturday morning she came back to my room and we started BF. She stayed with me the whole day except when she gets her meds. Around 5:30 p.m my nurse came in to run more test, they pricked her foot and put blood on the card in 5 little circles. Tested her bilirubin and it was 4.5 normal is below 5 so it was high. The dr. came in and informed me that my pedi request that she stay at the hospital for a week to recieve antibiotics. I was upset because Elton also stayed in the NICU for a week after he was born.

I was just discharged Sunday at 5:30 p.m. and Sevana is in the nursery. I am sad but know it's for the best. Here are lots of pics. Enjoy