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Well, our first birth is almost here, so I thought it was time to start this *VERY* exciting thread!

I have seen this on other birth boards, and it seems to work best if we have comments about them in another thread, and limit this one to just the birth stories (for example, post your birth story here AND start a regular thread with the story). That way the last of the girls to go don't end up on page 10 of this thread! LOL!!!

:happybday: to all the new little babies!

Welcome to the world!

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Lisa (sweetmama)'s Birth Story:

Hi, Ladies--

It's been a whirlwind three days, but I am happy to be able to tell you that Lucas Maxfield was born on Friday, 8/15 at 11:48 p.m. He's a little peanut but so cute--5 lbs 11 ozs. and 19 inches long. Very healthy with the exception of a touch of jaundice which should clear up once my milk comes in and we are breastfeeding a little better. We got home yesterday evening. Here are the details:

Lucas' Birth Story:
I got up Friday morning at 1 am to take the first of what I assumed would be 50 trips to pee, and my water broke just outside the bathroom. I had just been to the dr. the week before, and nothing unusual at all was going on. This whole pregnancy has been pretty routine.

We got to the hospital at around 3:30 a.m., and I wasn’t really having contractions yet, but I was crampy. When the dr. saw me at around 7 a.m. I wasn’t dialated at all. He said if I had the baby naturally, that would be fine, since I was far enough along, but they wouldn’t give me anything to bring labor on since the kid was technically a week from being considered full term. If I didn’t go into labor, I just would have had to stay in the hospital for at least another week, which really didn’t thrill me…

When he checked again at Noon, I still wasn’t dialated. I started having contractions around 1 p.m. or so, which got progressively worse. By 7 p.m., I was 2-3 cm dialated, finally at 10 p.m. I was at 5 so I got the epidural, which is really a wonderous thing. Before that, they were giving me Stadol, which really didn’t do much to relieve the worst contractions. My contractions were coming in sets of 3, with each set being about 1 min apart.

Within 10 mins of getting the epidural, I went from 5 to 9 cm dialated, and pushed from around 11:10 until 11:48 when he was born. After I got the epidural, life was GREAT! I can't say enough good things about it! Getting him out was a breeze...I could have pushed for hours pain free like that. Plus I guess the fact that he’s little didn’t hurt either…

It really was a wonderous, positive experience, and I would do it all over again. I can't believe he is already here! Incidentally, we had just finished the nursery on Friday evening!

We are ready to do this all over again! Can't wait to hear other September birth stories!

Hope all is well with everyone. Will post pics later in the week!


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Trent's Big Day.....My Birth Story

So here I am...I finally have 10 minutes to myself so I am going to do my best to slam together a birth story for you all.
I hope you enjoy my day of trial and tribulations to make our family of three a family of four.

AUGUST 21, 2003
7:01 a.m. ~ The labour and delivery unit of Royal University Hospital calls to ask me to be there in one hour for my is the day.
Todd and I both shower, make some phone calls, eat breakfast and I even took the time to put on a bit of makeup and do my hair. We load up into our van and head out to the hospital.

8 a.m. ~ We are at the hospital and have been admitted. I have been sent to assessment where the induction will take place. I am in hospital garb and have been asked every question in the book by the nurses. Baby and I are on the monitor and all looks well. We are just waiting for the resident to come by and check me and insert the cervadil.

10:30 a.m. ~ the resident has come and gone she had a hard time reaching my cervix, still very posterior, long, and is externally 1-2cm internally 0cms. The resident isn't comfortable inserting the cervadil since she can't reach my cervix so has a dr. from the ob team come and do the inserting. Induction has now taken place.

10:45 a.m. ~ I am already contracting they are mild contrax...more "tightenings" than anything. They are fairly irregular.

12:00 p.m. ~ I am still having some contractions they are getting a bit stronger. I had lunch and am going to go walking around with my Mom to see if we can get things going a bit more. Todd has left the hospital to go and check on Joseph and do some running around.

2:30ish p.m. ~ Todd is back, we had a coffee with my Mom downstairs in the cafeteria. Still having contractions a bit stronger but not too regular.

4 p.m. ~ The nurses suggest I head into the jacuzzi tub to help bring on stronger labour.....twist my arm I love that thing. Dh comes and sits in there with me. I am feeling the contractions stronger and harder....I found they came on strongest when I put each foot on a jet....I read that foot massage helps bring on contrax I think it worked. I got very hot in there and uncomfortable the contrax are pretty regular and a decent length. I got out around 4:45 p.m. and asked the nurse for an epidural.
The resident came and checked me and said I am a good 2-3 and am 50-70% effaced so not ready for an epi...she again was unsure of her diagnosis and commented AGAIN that she had short fingers... I was uncomfortable with her assessment but whatever.
Since I wasn't epi ready they offered me some demmoral (sp?). I declined and didn't want that route...said I would walk around a bit to see what I could get to work.

5:30 p.m. ~ Dh is going out for a smoke...I told him I think I was going to die. The contrax were one on top of another and strong. He went out for a smoke anyways and I started crying, I was so mad that he left me. However, on his way out he comment to the nurse that I said I was going to die...she came to check on me. Being an older nurse she wanted to check my cervix...insinuating that the resident was unconfident....
Nurse said I was a good 3-4cm's and my membranes were bulging out....EPI READY!! WHOO HOO. So she totes me and dh (who is now back from his smoke break) off to labour and delivery to get situated and calls the anisthesiologist for an epi.

5:45 p.m. ~ We are now at L&D the nurse tells me I need to regroup and get it together...the Anisthesilogiest just went into the OR with an emerg section and will be over an hour!!!! :shock: :shock: :shock:
I mentally was not prepared for this. My contractions are strong and I am screaming, panting, breathing and making all sorts of comments. I am laying on my left side...I can't move. My new L&D nurse gets an order from my dr that I can have some Phentanol IV. 100cc's so she gives me 50ccs to calm basically makes me drunkish and I dont' really scream so loud during the next 2 contractions but basically pass out between each of them...minutes seem like hours. I keep telling Todd I am going to die and I can't do this. It was the most intense thing I have ever experienced in my life. The nurse gives me the other 50cc's of Phentanol. I dont' notice much of a difference but still am basically blacking out between each contraction. I havent' opened my eyes since I got into the bed at L&D.
The nurse gets DH to rub my back...he does his best but is unsure of what to do. He seems so calm. I sometimes liked him touching me, other times I wanted him to go away.
6: 25 p.m. My water breaks...I tell the nurse. She says it is clear but bloody. Contrax are still one on top of another and stronger than all get-up. I am still laying on my left side and am very close to the edge of the bed. I felt like I was going to fall out but had no energy between contrax to move...still basically blacking out between.
My mouth is so dry...I want ice..I get out the word "ICE" to dh...he spoons some in my open mouth...I now for the first time in L&D open my eyes because he has RAMMED my mouth FULL of ice it is basically bulging out...I spit most of it at him. He laughs. I now wonder if he just wanted me to shut up for two seconds LOL I dont' think I have swore so much in my life. I at one point asked the nurse to call 911. She was calm and asked why we would do that, my response was "Maybe they will help me"

6:40 p.m. ~ My urge to push has come and the nurse is telling me not to..she checks I am about 6cms. My dr is on her way to deliver.
I am HO HO HO HO HO'ing through dosen't really help they are so unbeliveably intense. I keep telling dh I can't do this and I am going to die...I really thought it was a better option at the time.

6:46, 7,8 ish ~ My dr has come in the room and is getting a glove on...I say "Dawne, I am dying" she says "Hold on sweetie we will get him out!" I then contract I need to roll for her to check me, I am on my back and she has ONE glove on to check my cervix and I open my eyes and said "I HAVE TO PUSH" the dr says 8cms dialated and baby is coming...I push twice and baby was out. I passed a ton stool on the table too and could totally feel it, but couldn't help it. My dr basically held my cervix open to let the baby through so it wouldn't swell up and close.
So at 6:48 pm Trent Christopher arrived. All 7lbs 14oz of him...he was beautiful. Todd got to cut the cord this time.

6:49 p.m. ~ It is all over my blackouts have stopped and basically so have the contractions...I feel so great! My head is so unbelieveably clear. The dr is delivering the placenta and I ask to see it. She showes it all to me (oh ya, she finally has two gloves on) it is pretty neat. Trent is at the warmer getting checked and weighed...Todd is with him.
I need a few stitches so I get a does basically nothing and I feel each stitch and the sharpness and "threading" of each stitch...the dr has given me a ton of local it just dosen't take. I seem to never freeze from local.

Sometime in here my Mom, Todd's Mom & Joseph come to see baby. They only stay 15-20 minutes since I am still in the delivery room. I feel so clear and am ready for anything. I can't believe how great I feel, not stiff, sore, just a little torn. I breastfed during this time too...both sides. His latch was good.

Everyone leaves and Dh makes some calls and I go into the shower...That is one thing that feels so great. I get dressed and get ready to go up to my room.
As I am getting ready the nurse says to me that I have been the only one to ever want to call 911 during labour and thanks for the lifelolng story she will always have to tell. I laugh about now but was searching for any means of help at the all seriousness.

I was very glad I had the nurse I had in L&D since she was older. I think she had the ages of experience in unmedicated births which kept her calm and was able to help me through. There are very few unmedicated births here and I think a younger nurse wouldn't have been as helpful.

So I think that is all how it happened. Having no epi was great AFTERWARDS and I felt so clear and healthy...but at the time blacking out and being so out of control was awful. But for the one hour that I was in full boar hard labour it was worth it.
Thanks for letting me share Smile

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Okay... Lets see if I can remembe it all...

On Tuesday I woke up with some pretty bad back ache type cramps. I was 39weeks 4 days and so I though, "well, maybe..." I got up and DH had decided last minute to take the day off. No real reason, he just felt like it. We went to the mall and just spent the morning walking and walking. The cramps started getting pretty bad at the mall so we came home and started watching the clock. The contractions were about 5 minutes apart, but they didnt really seem like contractions, just more like a bachache.

I decided to go to the hospital about 2:00 just to have them check and see what was going on. At 2:30 I was 2cm and 95% effaced. (WE THOUGHT) So they immediatly started pitocin admited me and got my iv started. (THAT NEEDLE IS HUGE)

They were going to check me about every hour to see progress but I guess they forgot because at 10:00 (yes, 71/2 later) they came in to check and after all that time I was now at 3cm and 70% effaced. I was SOOOOOOO MADDDDDDD that I had actually gotton false info the forst time and was not as far as I thought I would be. I could have screamed... So, they called the Dr. and he said he would come break my water. I then decided to order the epi as I knew the contractions would get worse after that and I was hoping to avoid the pain getting worse. The nirse said it was a great idea and so we put in the order. He was supposed to be there in about 15 minutes, but of course he was running late and the Dr came before him to break the water. AFter that, the pain was SOOOOOOO INTENSE.... I cant even describe it. It was SO MUCH WORSE then I imagined!!!! The anstiologist got there about 20 minutes after that and once that kicked in I was such a different person. The rest if labor was a piece of cake. At 9:30 they came in to tell me we were going to start pushing and at 9:59 Ethan Dean Kendler entered the world. He was sooooooo perfect. 7lbs 9oz and 20 inches long.

I did have an internal tear, but nothing external. They stitched me up and that was that.
I was fine for a while but the next day I realized I was in quite a bit of pain. I thought about it and had DH check and sure enough, I have the worlds record for number of hemoriods in one butt!!!!!!! (I know, TMI, but it is really that bad)
I have every medicine in the book and they seem to be getting better...slowley... The stitches are fine, but a little uncomfortable.

Ethan is breastfeeding good and I am doing fine. I am a little sore but I have an appointment on Tuesday and we will have them take a look and make sure all is well. Other then that we are soooo happy and doing very well. I am adjusting to my sleepless nights (he likes to be awake at night and sleep during the day)

I would LOVE to post pics, but am having a hard time getting them on the board. As soon as I can figure it out I will post some. I am a very proud mama and want to show him to the world...

I still look at him and think that it is soooo strange that he was in my belly a few days ago and now he is here. Its so amazing!!!!

If anyone can remind me how to post pics I will do that right away... Thanks for reading!!!!

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Posted: 02 Sep 2003 20:07 Post subject: The Birth Story of Emily Mckenna


Ok so I am going to try and type this all out the best I can remember it all.

August 26th 2003

My day started with me getting ready for my 11:15am appointment for my regular NST and checkup. I went there and things were pretty much the same, bp was slightly high again but nothing more than usual and then I got hooked up to the NST and was there for awhile and I had noticed that the baby wasn't having heart accelerations for awhile. So my doctor came in after about 30 minutes and there had only been 2 accelerations. She wasn't very pleased. So she said she was gonna have me do a Bio-Physical Ultrasound later that day in the office. I asked her what that was and she said they measure amniotic fluid, check for baby's reflexes, baby's breathing, reactive heart measurments. Basically they have a scoring system from 1-10. So I came home and talked with my Dad who was watching Matthew at the time and then I got a phone call from Celeste!! YAY!!! We talked about her having Matthew and a ton of other things. It was so fun and it made my day better! So after I got off the phone I called my mom and told her what had happened and she was worried but I told her not to be because if all else failed we would be having the baby, but of course none of us thought that would happen because we had false attempts before. So then Erik came home and we left for the u/s which was at 3:00pm. We got there and got called back and got the u/s done. Well, after about 30 minutes of pain from my kidneys the tech said I could use the restroom and he would call my doctor and tell her the results and see what was next. I knew at that point something was wrong. So we had to go see my doctor and she said that my amniotic fluid was a little low and there was no baby reflexes and they couldn't see the baby's chest breathing.I got a score of 2 out of 10. Not very good. So she wanted me to go to the hospital to get another Biophysical U/S since they were better equipped there. So we came home to get Matthew as he had been with my Dad all day and he was getting irritated not being with us. I should have known to grab my suitcase but I didn't want to get my hopes up so we left it at home. So we went to the hospital and got the NST done first and had a really great reactive strip on the NST so I got 2 points for that. So then my doctor came in and said well your strip looks good so I bet you u/s will be fine and that it was a fluke at the office. She said no matter what though she wanted to have this baby soon because of the scares and stress. So we had planned on having her on Thursday. So then we did the u/s and the same thing happened. They didn't score me anymore points. So then we went back to our room and the nurse comes in at 7:38pm and says you will be cut in 1 hour!!! My heart just about jumped out of my throat. I was SHOCKED! So Erik immediately left to take Matthew to my mom's and go grab the suitcase and hurry to come back to the hospital. I called my mom real quick and told her, she freaked out! In fact, she called me 2 minutes later to see if I had really called her. I laughed! So then I asked if I could have a 5 minute shower and they didn't want me to take that long so they said 3 minutes! So sure enough I took a 3 minute shower. I just wanted to feel clean and refreshed as I knew I wouldn't get another one until the next evening. So then after the shower everything went sooooooo fast! Iv in, bag of water in, more blood taken, I had to drink this sour stuff, signed a bunch of papers, took my jewelry off, had the anisthieologist(sp?) come in and explain how they were going to do the spinal. I told him I was a bit nervous and he said he would help and talk me through the whole thing, and was hooked up to the NST monitors at the same time. I swear, I couldn't even think. I was shaking from all the excitement. The coolest part was I had one of my friends as my L&D nurse. It was 8:15 and my DH still wasn't there, poor thing only had 45 minutes to do everything. I was getting really nervous because they were going to take me back and I was scared he wasn't going to get there in time. I heard one of the nurses who came in and said is this the stat c-section? So I guess it was something that was sort of an emergency. I didn't realize this at the time. Me and my emergency c-sections! So Erik shows up about 2 minutes before they took me back. Man was I relieved. I started to cry because I was so happy he was there and a little nervous at the time. so they gave Erik his scrubs and they took me back. I was shaking! So I got into the O.R. and it was so cold and sterile. I sat up on the table and they put monitors on me and these leg warmer things that keep your legs circulated so you don't get blood clots. So then it was time for the spinal. I had a nurse stand in front of me and she just held me and comforted me. The numbing agent was worse then the spinal. It wasn't too horrible in the long run. So then I immediately began to feel numb. Man, was that a weird feeling. They gave me some oxygen and put a blood pressure cuff on. I was just laying there waiting for Erik to come in. I wanted him in there so bad. I knew they had to wait to bring him in but I was so anxious. I just couldn't believe how fast this was all happening and I could not wait to see our baby! Everyone in there were excited about the fact that we didn't know the sex of the baby. It made it more exciting for them. The anesthiaologist guy was so,so nice and really kept me calm and relaxed. So they made the first cut and then called in Erik. I was so glad to see him. I started to get teary eyed because I was so nervous and excited. You can tell he felt the same. We were both just so taken back by this happening so fast. So about 10-15 minutes into the surgery I heard my doctor say "I see a girl bottom" I was SHOCKED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I said to Erik "WHAT???? What did she say" And my doctor said it again, it's a girl!!!! At that moment I had an outer body experience. Seriously. My happiness had overwhelmed me. I began to just sob of pure happiness. Erik was thrilled and said "I told you so" LOL! I expected that! I made a joke that she was breech because she had made us wait this long to find out what she was so she wanted to show the world what she was first thing! She came out screaming and happy! They showed her to me and I just exploded with happiness! She was so tiny and cute. I remember hearing the doctors and nurses going off on how cute and small she was. I was proud. So Erik went with them just a few feet away to check her out and do all the newborn things. Her apagar scores were 9 and 9! WOOHOO! After about a half hour Erik got to bring her over and I got to kiss her and look at her, and then about 10 minutes later they finished and I had been taken to recovery room. Erik and Emily were there with me. I got to breastfeed her and she latched on and fed for 15 minutes. I was so happy. I still at this point had not stopped crying yet. I would look at her and just could not believe she was a she!! LOL! I felt sooooo complete! I felt God really had blessed us knowing that this was our last baby. I felt so complete and it felt so right. So after about an hour in recovery I told Erik he had to go tell my family as they had been waiting since 8:00 to hear the news. By this time it was about 10:30pm. So he went out and told them, and he said "We have a baby" And my mom was like Erik pleaseeeeeee tell us...boy or girl!!!! And Erik said, we have an Emily Mckenna!!!!! I guess my mom just flipped out!!!! She told me later she just about passed out because she was so happy. Everyone screamed and made a big ruckus. I wish I could have seen it. If I was thinking straight I would have had him record it, but oh well. So he came back to me and about another hour later we got to go up to our room where my family could come now and see us. I remember my mom walking into the room and she just bawled, and I bawled and she held me tight and we bawled together and she was just so happy and so was I! (Man, here come the tears) I can't explain the joy and happiness I still feel to this day. My experience this time was so much more peaceful and pleasant it is unbelievable. Every doctor and nurse were just so nice this time and the 4 days of staying wasn't even so bad. I was so ready to come home though. We've had some trouble with her latching in the beginning but now she does latch. she just doesn't eat for very long and sometimes cluster feeds, so we supplement a little at night. She sleeps ok, and we are still working on it. Matthew has taken to her incredibly well and loves her so much. You can just see it in his eyes. He kisses her all the time. It's so cute to watch him with her. Wow, so that's the end and it's long! Sorry about that. But I wanted to make you all see what I went through and my wonderful journey. It's amazing how much your heart swells when you fall in love with your baby. And not only her but I fell in love with my husband all over again! It's amazing...just amazing!

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August 28: I was upset because there was no signs of labor and I spent the whole day at home not doing much I had a few contractions during the day but nothing to sent me into labor.. DH was working that day his 24 hr shift so he wouldn't be home until the next day.. Around 9:00pm dh called to check how I was doing and I told him well nothing yet no signs of anything so he said ok I will see you tomorrow and we will walk again, remember I've been doing this walking thing for about a week. We hung up and I went to bed I was really tired.

August 29: Around 2:30am I had this sharp pain cramp like and I got up went to the bathroom to see if I was bleeding or anything because it was extremely painful but no there was nothing so I went back to bed. At 3:30am I woke up again this time because I felt my underwear wet but it was very little so I thought it was that mucus plug since I was loosing it little by little.. When I went to the bathroom I checked and there was no mucus plug the underwear was a little wet so I pee and after I wiped there was the bloody show, I wiped again and there was more and more so I thought ok this is it.. That wet underwear was water breaking and I had the bloody show..
So I changed my underwear and put a pad on so I didn't leak the water.. I called dh at work and I told him he needed to get home because I had the bloody show and that my water broke he was asleep so it took him a few seconds to hit him. So he said ok I'm on my way.. Now I was feeling fine because I was not having any contractions or anything so ok I got dressed took all my jewelry off and I called L/D and I let them know I was coming but not right away because I had to wait for dh who was 30 min. away and then from my house to the hospital was another 45 min.
I then called my mom and I let her know that I was going to the hospital after I hung up with her DH called and ask me how I was doing and as I was about to answer him I had this painful contraction and I told him ok I just started the contractions I'm going to start timing them until you get here. The contractions were 5-6 min. apart and they were not that bad at times but then they got worse and worse.. in between contractions I called my sitter and told her I was going to drop my dd off at her house. Finally at 4:10 dh arrive contractions were 5 min apart but really bad lasting at least 45 seconds I'm still 45 min. away from the hospital and I thought I was not going to make it. we dropped dd at the sitter and headed to the hospital.. DH was so scared because the contractions were now 4 min apart and stronger.. Finally got to the hospital around 4:45 (dh was driving really fast) since they were expecting me they had everything ready I walked in to the room and the nurse tells me If I could give her an urine sample so I said ok and I did and there was more blood.. so I got hook to all the monitors and they were trying to put and IV but the contractions were 3 min. apart and it was hard to do in between them.. they finally got the IV in they called the dr the nurse check my cervix and she said I was almost 6 cm the dr came in and check at 6:15am I was 7 cm almost 8 and I was still in pain so they ask me if I wanted drugs and I said yes... so they gave me something thru the IV and waited for the anesthisiologist sp?? he arrived at 6:30 with the epidural I was so happy!!! after I had the epi... at 8:00am the other dr arrive since the first one was not on duty she left and the dr on duty arrive he was so nice he said I was still 8-9 that pretty soon we were going to start pushing.. I said fine.. Then the nurse came in again and told me lay down to one side because the baby heart rate has dropped and they couldn't find it she said it happens as labor progresses just lay on one side after a few minutes they found it. around 9:00am the nurse came with the dr they checked again and said I was at 10 and fully effaced but that the baby was more to one side than to the center so the dr tried to move her to get her where he wanted and he did so he said to go ahead and start pushing.. dh was holding one leg the nurse was holding the other the dr left to change and scrub and I started pushing I mean it was only 3 push and the head was there then they tell me to stop pushing ( I hate that part when they know you have to push) Finally the dr is in and all of the sudden there was about 20 people in the room, me and dh were like where did all this people came from because there were 2 nurses with me , the dr, 3 nurses for the baby, the ped. for the baby, the anesthisiologist, me, dh and a good friend of mine who came to see the birth.. Finally dr is ready and everyone is ready and they tell to me to push so I start to push again and on the second push baby was out they took here immediately to the warmer gave her some oxygen because of the drop in heart rate but she was fine apgar was 8 and she had swallowed some ammniotic fluid so they were making sure it was all out they cleaned her and measure her and weight her I couldn't see because the dr was telling me to push the placenta and he was talking to me but honestly I was not paying attention I was trying to look at my daughter.. Finally they gave her to me and I was able to hold her and she was perfect, Maria Cristina Mendez was 7 pounds 14 oz and 19 1/2 inches long and she was born at 9:28am on August 29, 2003

Sorry it was so long but overall it was not a bad experience so I can't complaint at all..

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It all started at 4:45 when I posted that I was getting my make-up on and getting ready to go! As I was blow-drying my hair, Neil started taking pictures of me and the battery to our camera went out!!! Where in the world do you get a lithium battery at 5 in the morning (we don’t have 24 hour stores here!). I knew that my neighbor Nancy (the midwife who was going to help with this whole thing) was up, so I sent Neil over to get one – he wasn’t happy with me! Amazingly enough, we left on time with my mom and Amanda and headed up to Aspen. We checked in at the front and headed back to the surgery dept. and there was NOBODY there!! Luckily Nancy was a few minutes ahead of us and she was all dressed in scrubs and ready to go – so she took us into recovery (where they prep you) and then it all started...

My mom, Amanda and Neil all were with me and wanted to stay until the last possible minute and they were fine with that. SO, I got into my gown and got on my bed and they monitored the baby and contractions – this was the first time that I heard his heartbeat! All those u/s and never heard it! The staff finally started to arrive and they came and did my IV and said that the anesthesiologist would be there soon. In the meantime, my nerves started to flare and I was getting really irritable – Nancy picked up on this and asked if my mom and Amanda would like to go to my room and wait and watch TV – perfect – they went! Neil got into his scrubs and looked SO cute in them!

The anesthesiologist was REALLY late and took about an hour to get there! You can imagine my nerves waiting for that epidural! He finally got there and we talked and he told me that he would sedate me quickly after the baby came out but not any sooner. At that point, Nancy brought in a woman who was a childbirth educator who wanted to observe the epi and the surgery – I was fine with that. Then I sat up, rolled forward and he started the epidural. I was fine for the numbing part – said ouch about 5 times and it was over and then when he threaded the catheter into my back, it didn’t hurt, but I got freaked out and started crying. He layed me down and I was bawling. Neil sat with me and Nancy brought me some tissue and my doctor came over to see if I was ok and I told him how scared I was. He tried to comfort me, but I was just inconsolable.

They rolled me into the OR. They gave me a pillow and started the epi full blast. There were so many people! Everyone was talking about the music and it was irritating me SO bad – my doctor started joking about putting on Iron Maiden and I was SO not amused. They strapped my arms down, but not tight – just loosely. Because of the epi, I also felt like I couldn’t breathe – they told me this was normal – that I was fine. At this point I rolled my head away from everyone and closed my eyes and wouldn’t respond to anyone – I wanted to be left alone. The nurse went to shave me and it HURT – they didn’t believe me!!! It really burned – even though I was supposed to be numb. Then she put in the bladder catheter. At this point, I knew what was coming and I heard Nancy above me just telling me that wherever I was to stay in that place because it was a good place!

I felt a light feeling go over my stomach left to right and then smelled some burning – one of the tools they use? I stayed fairly calm until a point when it felt like they were pulling my belly button to the ceiling – it really hurt and I yelled, and nobody really said anything, and it just continued. I started yelling and thrashing around – good thing for the arm straps! – and could feel the anesthesiologist putting more and more stuff into my back (you know that cold water running down your back feeling) – it took me a while to figure out what was running down my back!!! I felt Nancy pry open my hand and get my tissue out to wipe the tears off my face. Then they told me that I would feel more pressure and let me tell you it was the sickest feeling when they pulled the baby out – UGH!!! It was awful. I could hear my heartbeat on the monitor going CRAZY! I don’t remember much after this point, but Neil told me that at that exact second, the doctor looked at the anesthesiologist and immediately put stuff into my IV and I was instantly silent. I felt it burning into my IV. I did hear the baby cry and Neil said I kept asking if he was ok. I wanted to see the baby and Nancy told Neil that I wouldn’t be able to see him, but he brought him over anyway and I do remember a brief second of seeing his face, but I was still asking where he was. Neil said I put his little foot in my mouth and nibbled on his toes! I don’t remember anything after seeing his little face.

Neil was given the baby and walked him to the nursery where Nancy had arranged for my mom and Amanda to be called and be there for the bath, etc. Nancy had taken 14 pictures of the birth for us! I can’t wait to get them back!!!

Next, I was in back in recovery and waiting for the epi to wear off – they put a shot of Morphine in to keep me comfy for 12-24 hours! It was so weird – I felt like I was laying on a lazy Susan – I even made the nurse check to see if I was laying on something weird! Soon after, Nancy brought me Matthew and got me breast feeding. What a glorious feeling – it made me temporarily forget the whole surgery ordeal!

I was not in pain for about 24 hours, but my belly button area was VERY sore – so weird! My doctor and Nancy had never seen that, but told me that you can touch one place in the stomach and feel it in a completely different area – and in this case an area where the epi didn’t cover.

I went to my room soon after and got all set up with a PCA pump. Neil got to room in with me on the other bed and we sat together and just marveled over our new little angel.

PHEW – that’s all!

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Congrats Lisa, Jess, Celeste, Tina, Nicole!!!!!

Sorry if I missed anyone and I know I need to get on the ball and post mine... just been so busy!

I'll edit this with mine before she turns one LOL!

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Here it is- better late than never! WARNING: THIS IS REALLY LONG!!!!
As most of you know, I was having terrible back pain towards the end of the pregnancy. Sleeping was the most painful position for me, and I was very close to my wits end. Add that to being told the baby was probably 9 pounds, and worrying about decreased fetal movement, and my midwife and I decided to induce me on August 28th. My due date was either Aug. 31st or Aug. 23rd depending on which u/s you follow.
So on Aug. 27th I spoke to the midwife who wanted me to try Castor Oil the next morning. I was already a good 3cm dilated and 50% effaced, so if the C.O. started contractions, then I could still have a chance at going to the birthing center like I planned the whole pregnancy. Except- I HATE being nauseous. I really really hate it. And throwing up is even worse. Remember the terrible m/s days? Ugh. And for some people the nausea lasts through labor- which I was terrified of. So even though I knew it could help, the idea of making myself sick on purpose when it might now even work was so awful to me. I got my guts up to do it in the morning anyways. But then I had anxiety dreams about it all night. Seriously- I woke up dh crazy early in the morning and told him I wasn’t doing it. We called the mw in the morning as planned and told her I didn’t do it- that, plus Gavriel’s size made us scrap the birthing center- which I knew was going to happen. It was getting a little risky with the inducement and his size.
The mw called the hospital and they were REALLY busy and understaffed, and heading into Labor Day weekend with even less staff. The mw checked to see that I really wanted to do it- and I did. So she told me to get there as quick as possible and lie to them- tell them I was contracting. This is from the most innocent and sweet lady! But she wanted them to take me, and she knew they wouldn’t take a straight induction that day.
So we got there, and had to wait like 2-3 hours to get anywhere close to a room- but in the end I didn’t have to lie- they took me as in induction anyways b/c they saw what I looked like, and I was already in good shape with my cervix- and I think they really like my midwife:-)
I got hooked up to a fetal monitor, and not much was going on in terms of contractions. I had dilated a little more since my appt two days before, but the baby wasn’t low enough to break my water since there’s a risk of cord prolapse if you do it when he’s too high up. So the mw decided to go straight for the pitocin. They hooked me up, and although I was excited to get going, I was also pretty upset and disappointed about being so tied down and in this little labor room as opposed to this wonderful big and beautiful birthing center. I had multiple monitors and iv’s on me, and couldn’t walk more than two feet in each direction. So I was pretty grumpy Poor Dh and mom who had to put up with me.
The pitocin was started around 2:30 pm. BTW-Before this I also had antibiotics for the group B strep- no biggie if you’re already on an iv. I started having really small contractions about an hour later, but they weren’t strong at all, and kind of irregular. Basically, Ari, my mom, me and the MW were all hanging out in the hospital room waiting for something to happen. The MW- who is just unbelievable and amazing, had to stay with us almost the whole time since they were short of nurses to monitor me on the pit. She could have just stopped it and sent us home when they made her do that, but she stayed with us. She kept us amused with funny birth stories- Jess, I told her about your wanting to call 911. She loved that sweetie
A few hours later ctx were still sluggish, and she kept upping the pitocin level. I didn’t know this at the time, but after the birth she told ari that she had started to get scared that she had made a mistake inducing, and that I was going to end up with a c-section b/c of the pit not working. So she kept upping it much higher than she would normally would have. Around 6:45 I finally started having some uncomfortable ctx, and by 7:00 they hurt. We called the doula to come meet us at the hospital (she was nearby waiting for our call). At 7:30 the mw checked me and I was now 4 and fully effaced!! Yahoo! More importantly, the baby had dropped a little so she could break my water. Right after that things started to get really hairy. All of a sudden all the accumulated pitocin plus my own oxytocin, plus the water being broken- everything kicked in at once, and started getting MASSIVE transition-like contractions 30 seconds apart. It was really really painful. And the worst part was that I couldn’t really move around, no hot tub, nothing. Plus- b/c I had only been 4cm, there was no way of knowing how long it would last like that. I spent about 20 ctx debating about the epidural. Nobody wanted to tell me what to do, b/c they all knew that I didn’t want it to begin with b/c of the many risks involved, but later on the MW (who delivers almost all natural childbirth) told me that she had wanted to tell me to get it b/c the ctx were that explosive. But she knew it had to be my decision since if something went wrong I had to know that I had decided and wasn’t pushed into it. The doula told me the same thing afterwards- and my mom. The MW and Doula were talking me through each ctx- and let me just add that nothing was helping me. Not breathing, not sinking into the bed, nothing. They were so close together I just couldn’t get a rest, or even focus to do any of the relaxation techniques we had learned in our Bradley classes. And I didn’t feel like I could move. Only the doula applying warm heat and pressure on my lower back seemed to take away some of the pain, but not most of it. So 20 ctx later I decided to get the epidural. I think everyone in the room, breathed a sigh of relief, and they called for the anesthesiologist. Thankfully the MW lowered the dose of pit a lot until the guy could come, so I could move into position, and breathe a tiny bit. I was still having ctx, but normal labor ones, not the crazy huge ones. I could TOTALLY handle those, esp. coming from what I had just experienced. So the anes. comes, and the MW says he’s one of the best- and believe me, he was. He had all this paperwork to do with me, about the risks, etc, and I started listing them to him b/c I didn’t want to sit there for 20 min. while he did it- so after about 30 sec, he says, Okay, I think you’re informed, and had me sign the paper then and there. He did the epidural- actually a spinal so that it would work right away, and left in a catheter so it then functioned like an epidural, ie. could add more doses. Let me just say that this guy did a great job for the kind of relief that I wanted! I never lost feeling in my legs- had some tingling and itching, but not bad. After a little while I started feeling the ctx again- but they were like cramps, and light, not the huge ones. Towards the end, they even started to hurt, but when they offered to upp the meds I refused since I liked feeling what was going on, and didn’t want to risk not being able to push well. The mw checked me soon after the epi started and I was 8 cm already! Guess the massive ctx worked just as strong on my uterus! So the room finally relaxed. I rested, and we all hung out a little. Believe it or not, my DH and mom started taking orders for food since we wouldn’t be able to get kosher food delivered past a certain time at night, and everyone was gonna be hungry after the birth. So here I am, contracting away, and the MW and Doula are discussing whether to get pastrami or corned beef!!! It’s okay, I told them it was fine- I was so grateful for both of them.
Soon after, I started feeling some pain in my hip- kind of like sciatica, but not shooting down my leg. The doula massaged that, and it soon became pressure more centered in my bottom. I told them I was feeling pressure, and the MW checked me- 10cm and ready to push! I was so shocked that I was ready to fast, that I literally didn’t believe them that I was at the pushing stage. This was at 10:00 (keep in mind the explosive ctx had only started at 7:00-7:30, so I just couldn’t believe it). So I started pushing while on the bed. And in the beginning I couldn’t feel if I was making progress. And this was the one thing I had been scared about- having the strength to push. But to everyone worried about that- don’t be. Your body gives you the strength, and you can’t ignore the urge to push!
So I kept asking if I should move to a different, more upright position- being a good Bradley girl and all for squatting The mw and doula just looked at one another and shook their heads, I was doing just fine- the baby was on it’s way. At one point the nurse in there (who I don’t think was a favorite of anyone there) said, don’t worry dear, only a couple hours of pushing and the baby will be here! And the MW and Doula sort of look at each other and the MW says to me- it’s NOT going to be a couple of hours, this baby is coming down!
So I kept pushing- but I felt like panicking b/c everything I had read had said that when you’re pushing the ctx slow down so you can rest in between- but mine were about 10 SECONDS apart- guess the pit in my system and my own body wanted that baby OUT. But it was also really hard b/c I basically couldn’t rest at all between pushing. But the cool thing about my midwife- she knew I couldn’t ignore the urge to push, so she didn’t make me push for every second of the ctx. She said I could skip one, or wait a while- so I ended up skipping the beginning before it got too hard not to push and then pushing a little less for each one, but it didn’t matter b/c I was still pushing a lot b/c they were so close together. Next thing I know, the head is starting to poke out down below. And I still don’t believe that the baby is coming so quickly. Even then, I was sure the baby would slip back under my pelvic bone and still take forever. So then the mw has me feel his head, and tells me it’ll be out in 2 or 3 more pushes. And I’m in SHOCK! But I push away, and out comes the head. And they’re telling me that I can rest now- but I’m still having the urge to push- so I tell the midwife that I’m gonna push- and I do, and VHOOSH out comes Gavriel Simcha. He shot out of me really fast- everyone was in shock I think! And I couldn’t believe that it was over so fast and that he was there. The mw and doula were so amazing- helping me hold my legs, and the mw easing out the baby- I thought I was going to split apart and told her, but she kept me calm. The 9 pounds thing terrified me. But I only ended up with a small vaginal tear- 3 stiches, and an intact perineum. I still hurt a LOT for a week, but nothing I’m sure to an episiotomy or perineum tear. DH was also amazing. He stood next to me the entire day basically, and held my hand, whispering to me calming things. Mostly he was there. The doula did the more physical stuff, but he stayed next to me the whole time, and I was so grateful. My mom was also great- stood back and let the people do their thing, but within eyesight so I knew she was there. She cut the cord, and tells people about it all the time- it was her first vaginal birth (I’m her only girl, and we were all c-sections).
Everything else was pretty standard. I delivered the placenta pretty quickly; it didn’t hurt- no cramps. But it was HUGE. Like bigger than Gavriel- it looked like a big deflated basketball and was just a massive organ! I held the baby right away, nursed him, etc. got transferred to a regular room. I could go on for DAYS about what’s happened since then, but you’re probably exhausted from reading this much! The short version is: we got out of the hospital the next day b/c they were so understaffed, I wasn’t getting decent care from the nurses, and didn’t want to be there for the Sabbath. Gavriel had jaundice his first week, but has been ok since then. He does have thrush, and gave it to me (OW) which is NOT helping nursing. But we’re hanging in there. I’ve been a hormonal nightmare for DH, but hopefully that’ll get better soon.
Two things I want to add- the days post partum hurt! Two days after the birth I woke up with every upper body muscle killing me. Like seriously really weak- it was from me tensing every muscle while I pushed. And I was sore below- like really sore for at least a week. But it goes away- I swear! He’s two weeks old today and I’m wiping with toilet paper (sorry if TMI, but the day after I didn’t think I would ever wipe with TP again).
The other thing, is that I know I sound like a poster child for an epidural. But there really are risks, and not everyone is as good as the guy I had. So I wish everyone well with that decision- and remember that my experience with the insane ctx was not typical- usually they’re only like that for about 20-30 minutes during transition at the end.
It’s an amazing amazing experience. I still have active flashbacks all the time where I’m back in the room reliving it. Really amazing. And I wish everyone else a wonderful birth as well!!!

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So it's Saturday evening, Alexander has been put to bed, but refuses to fall asleep. Ari's watching the movie "!3th Warrior" with Antonio Banderas. William is laying on Ari's right side and is sleeping. I'm trying to catch up with ALL the posts I've missed while I've been at the hospital. (Needless to say, I'm failing!).

On Monday morning we went to the hospital and we got a room right away. I got a needle in my hand for the antibiotic shot and fluid. After I had recieved the antibiotics I got a chance to take a shower and after that the waitning game began. The wait wasn't too long, I found out that the time for the c/s was set to 10am. The midwife we had put in the catheder (sp?) and I was rolled into the OR.

I had to switch bed to the operating table and when I got on that I had to sit on the edge so they could put in the spinal. I LOVE the spinal!! it's so much easier than the epidural. It gives effect much quicker, but it also gets out of the body much faster. I had to lay down and they checked if I was feeling anything, which I wasn't. After the spinal I got a bloddpressure fall which caused me to feel very sick and nauseus. I leaned over to the right and almost threw up - but I didn't. The anaesthetist checked my bloodpressure and gave me medication to higher the bloodpressure again. They gave me more fo that several times during the c/s.

William started to scream before he was out - apparently they had gotten the head out, but the shoulders were "kind of" stuck so he screamed before he was out. They carried him beside me so I could take a look at him and I know i said "it's a little boy!" They took him away and cut the cord and washed him and put some clothes on, while I was getting ready - after they had put the clothes on they brought him back into the room and they put him on my chest. I was able to hold him even though they were finishing me up. It was such a precious moment. I was able to see him finding his hand and he started to suck on it immediatley. Then after a while they took him and Ari went with them to have him measured etc. When they was rolling me out of the OR i felt sick again and then I threw up, they checked my bloodpressure again and it was all good. When we got back into the l&d room we were able to spend some time alone with our new addition and I wasn't feeling too good, I still felt sick. Ari also called our family to tell what we had gooten and how the delivery had gone. After a few hours they came and told us that we were ready to go to the maternity ward (where all the new moms gets after the delivery - to rest and to get b/f working etc). I threw up again when I got on that floor. They were actually surprised that I was so sick - apparantly it wasn't common, and I also don't know ~why~ I was feeling that way.

We got the room. I got a private room (which I hadn't expected at all) with a phone, tv and a private bathroom. Willim was with us the whole time. I tried to b/f and he knew right away how it was supposed to work and b/f is still working like a charm!! I never expected it to be so easy - but I can't really compare with anything - since Alexander was actually born sick. After a while Ari left to pick up Alexander and bring him to the hospital so he could see his new baby brother.

Alexander wasn't too impressed. Of course he was curious but it wasn't anything he could play with! ~l~ I think he was a bit disapoitted that he wasn't allowed to do that. and he would definitely NOT cooperate so we could get any good pictures of them together. (we still haven't managed to do that)

Overall it was a good birth, I'm both happy and sad with my decision to go for the c/s. I'm happy because it went so much smoother than last time and yes, the test results showed that I did indeed have the group b strep even this time. Knowing that I feel so much better that I went for the c/s because I didn't put my baby in any increased risks to get it. I feel sad because I know now that I'll never be able to have a "normal" birth again.

William is sooooo beautiful and precious and he looks SOOOO much like Alexander - when he was a newborn). I'll show some when I find some that really shows it.

I need to go for now, i think it's time to feed Will.

I know I've more to say, but it'll be later! Smile

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Jake's Birth Story

Jacob Michael Stead
Saturday, September 13, 5:12 a.m.
9lbs 1 oz
21 1/2 inches long
37.5 cm head

I went in for my doctor's appointment on Friday, September 12....all was well and he said that if nothing happened by Monday, we'd talk about inducing. He ordered me another non-stress test, so I went to get that done later that day. While in the hospital getting my non-stress done, there were a few nurses who were concerned about Jake's heartbeat, so they ordered me some food, thinking maybe I was dehydrated or something to cause his heartbeat to be so high. What usually takes about 1/2 hr, kept me there for 2 1/2 hrs....needless to say I was tired and just wanted to go home. However, at the end, a doctor and nurse came in and said that they'd just talked with my doctor and said that because of Jake's heartbeat and how late he was (10 days), they were going to induce me. I was somewhat shocked...and asked if I could please go home first and get my things and my husband from work. I had to talk them into letting me go....I wonder if they thought I wasn't gonna come back or something :lol:. So I picked up Mike from work and we went home to get my things. We were both surprised at this turn of just wasn't what we were expecting.

So we checked into the hospital at about 5 p.m.and soon my doctor's brother came to induce me (my dr was out of town at the time). I had been concerned about induction cause I didn't want to go into hard labor all the sudden, but he assured me that he was just going to insert some gel that would soften the cervix and if I was ready to go into labor I would.....that made me feel a bit better. So he put in the gel and I laid flat for 1 hr. During that hour, I was starting to get slight contractions/tightenings in my back and lower abdomen. They were coming every 5-8 minutes and were lasting about 20 seconds. They were pretty light and didn't bother me too much at all. After that I was able to get up and walk around, which I did and sat and watched some tv. Then I settled in and had a bath and got ready for bed. Mike went home to sleep since the doctor said that it could be a long wait...possibly they'd have to induce with the drip tomorrow if nothing sounded like tomorrow would be the day, so we may as well get some rest.

I was still getting those light contractions which were keeping me awake, so I got some demeral around 10:30 p.m. It allowed me to sleep for only 2 hrs I asked for more, but they couldn't give me any more they said till 4. So I tried to go back to sleep. Around 2:30 a.m. I gave up and took a bath. In the bath I realized that the contractions were getting a bit I got out and sat in the rocking chair (which was comfortable for my back) and watched the clock. It was 3:00 a.m. and the contracts were coming every 5 minutes, but lasting only for 20 seconds still. They were pretty easy to work through being so short. At 4:00 a.m. I called the nurse to tell her that they seemed to be getting harder, so she came and checked me.....I was 5-6 cms already. Since it was 4, they gave me some more demeral. So they hooked me up for a non-stress test again and I quickly had 3 pretty hard contracts so they were helping roll over when *pop*, my water broke. And immediately I had to throw up too. Throwing up pretty much pushed out all my water it felt like! The bed was pretty wet!

So they wheeled me to labor and delivery and called Mike to come. By the time Mike got there (4:40 a.m.) I was in the tub again, trying to relax (ya right). The stupid demeral had kicked in because I felt so drugged and was trying to talke to him, but wasn't making any sense. He got there in good time though as he was very helpful to rub my back when the contractions were getting hard. They seemed to be getting harder and closer together and I was starting to feel like I couldn't really do this anymore. The nurse took that as a sign to check me out up on the bed I got (5:00 a.m.). She said I was nearly full! She they shot me with something to try to counteract the demeral since all it was doing was making me sleepy. And I asked if the doctor was coming and she said they were just gonna call him. She asked if I felt like I needed to push yet....and yep I did. Oh, it felt so good to be able to push, even though I wasn't supposed to push hard yet or anything. They quickly got the doctor who was around to come and give me an episiotomy as they'd asked Mike if I had one with Katie (and I did). The nurse was really concerned cause she said if I had this baby right now, I'd tear really bad, so the doctor came really fast to help. That didn't hurt too much...felt weird though for sure....I was more focused on pushing at that point. This was all happening very quickly as he did the cut between contracs since I was pushing during every contrac. As soon as he was done I got the go ahead to push hard....I don't know how many pushes it was (not very many), and my little man was out! It was 5:12 a.m. only 12 minutes after getting out of the tub! They put him on my tummy and it looked like he had dark curly hair to me...then they took him and put him in the warmer thing. Right then, my doctor got there....he was surprised that he missed the delivery, but he checked Jake out and pronounced him the picture of health and then came to check me out. I had torn he set in to stitch me up. While he was stitching, Mike had Jake and we were just talking about how fast everything had went and how much better this was than with Katie. We also were commenting on how funny it was that Mike had only been there 1/2 hr before Jake was born. It took 45 minutes to stitch me up...2nd degree tear. While it might sound bad...I had 3rd degree tears with Katie, so I knew that this would be MUCH better to handle and it was. By this time the demeral was starting to really kick in and I can't even remember Mike leaving or going back to my room to bed. The doctor commented the next day that I was really alert for someone who'd had such a high dose of that stuff. The dumb thing is that silly stuff does nothing for me in way of pain relief....all it does is make you so sedated that you can sleep through anything. Although it doesn't seem to work for me cause it only let me sleep for 2 hrs. Next time I'll definitely pass on the demeral cause it really doesn't work for me at all other than leave me feeling drugged!

Anyways, this is very long....but that's the story of Jake's arrival. It was later that morning when I took off Jake's touque that I discovered that he had bright red hair! Surprise to us, but very cute! We only had to stay in the hospital one day, and then we were super happy to be heading home. And now we're getting settled into a new normal for our's great!

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Well we arrived at the hospital at 7:30am for induction (after having a McDonald's breakfast of course) and got settled - put on the hospital gown and layed down. I must of waited for about an hour and a half before the dr came to check how far dialated I was and break my waters. He had difficulty with this and I know that people say that it is painless but I definitely have to disagree on that one. I was 4cm dialated and he eventually said that he thought that he'd broken my waters but wasn't sure so he'd go and come back later to try again if not. So anyway, the next thing was to give me the serotonin drip to bring on the contractions and soon after I started to feel them, although not really strong or regular at first. Anyway I had asked before being induced for a fairly early epidural so after a while dh reminded them and they called for the anaesthetist - they said he'd be about an hour. That was okay because at the time I wasn't even in established labour as my contractions were not hard or regular enough and I was not far enough dialated and the pain really was not that unbearable. Anyway, whilst we were waiting dh went and bought some muffins for us to eat - bluberry muffins. Whilst he was gone getting them the morning tea trolley came around with guess what - blueberry muffins. So I ate two bluberry muffins. So anyway, later the anaesthetist came along and he had trouble trying to find the correct space for the epidural to go in. It took him just under an hour - so I spent just under an hour curled up in a tight ball (not easy when you are 40weeks pregnant) trying to patiently wait for him to get the right spot. After multiple attempts at putting the needle in he ended up having me sit, although I still needed to curl up in a ball, and he ended up finding the right spot. I did however, start to experience chest pain (not suprising since I was in that position for so long) and the midwife reassured me that it would not take much longer at all and checked that I could hold on a little bit longer. I really wanted that darn epi so I said yes (and prayed that this anaesthetist would finally get it in without leaving me paralysed because of putting it in incorrectly). Anyway, finally it was done and that was just before 1pm. When I had the epi with dd it took about 3mins to put it in so you could probably imagine I was freaking out about what the hell this dr was doing. Anyway, it worked, eventually and it was all done. I sat up and ate lunch and then after about 1/2 an hour I was feeling contractions and asked dh to tell the midwife. She came and checked on me and said she'd ring the dr to see what she should do. Whilst she was gone I started to feel something trickle down my back so I asked dh to check. It was from the epi - I wasn't getting the constant top up I was meant to which is why I was feeling contractions. So dh got the midwife to come back and she and another of the midwives there replaced it and fixed everything up. After a while I couldn't feel anything anymore.
Anyway my contractions were coming stronger although the midwife said not as regular as she'd like. And my waters still had not broken (I thought that they may have because I felt a trickle but the midwife checked and said that that was blood, not amniotic fluid. So anyway the midwife called the dr to come back sometime around mid afternoon (3-4pm). So he did and he broke my waters sucessfully that time - much more comfortable with the epidural.
Soon after I was feeling ill, i'd been feeling nauseas for a while and so whilst dh was out of the room and the midwife too I actually started to vomit. I couldn't get up - I couldn't reach the buzzer to buzz the midwife because I dropped it on the floor so I just laid there screaming 'help'. Finally the midwife ran in followed by another saying 'oh are we ready to push' and i'm saying - No, I was sick but I dropped the buzzer. So they clean me up and get me a bowl in case I need to be sick. Dh arrives and the nurses leave me with him. I was sick again a few moments later but dh was with me and would run off to clean out the bowl asking if I felt well enough to hold off for a few moments whilst he cleaned it up.
By about 5pm the midwife asked if I felt the need to push and I said NO. So she said she'd check me again to see how far dialated I was - I was fully dialated at that stage. So she called the dr and told him that she was going to get me to start pushing and he said he'd be up as soon as possible. So I pushed for about 40 mins (vomiting intermittently in between pushes) from 5:20 until 6pm. The dr arrived at probably about 10 mins before 6 and then at 6pm he asked the midwife how long i'd been trying to push. He suggested that since i'd pushed for 40mins and the baby was not moving at all that we wait either until I felt the urge to push or another hour (whichever came first) and then try again. So we waited, no urge to push came so at 7pm we started up again. I pushed and pushed and pushed without anymore progress - the baby just wasn't moving. The midwife said I was doing well with the pushing considering I didn't have the urge to push (although by the time I had started to push I was starting to feel the contractions) but for some reason the baby was not doing anything. So the dr suggested the only option would be to use forceps. So basically he used the forceps for probably 2-3pushes and the head was out. I felt nothing, honestly, nothing - except the contractions. But I didn't feel the baby being pushed out at all. I only knew because dh said 'we have a head'. Well at that point the dr said he realised why the baby was having such a hard time moving and no progress was being made - his head was up instead of down. I asked if that was a bad thing and he said 'NO, it just explains why you had such a hard time.' Anyway the dr then just pulled the rest of him out and dh turned to me and said 'its a boy'.
I laid there holding him and I remember saying 'hello my beautiful boy' over and over. I held him and then dh cut the cord. They took him and cleaned him up and passed him back to me.
It was such a wonderful experience both better and worse than my labour with dd for different reasons. He was finally born at 7:54pm weighing 8lb even, 51cm long and head circumference of 35.5cm.

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Braden Robert Eisenhauer was born at 11:40 am on September 27. He was 7 lbs 1 oz, and 20 inches long.

My water broke at 5:45 am on Saturday, Sept. 27. It was about the weirdest thing I'd ever experienced. I wasn't having contractions yet, so when I called my doctor he told me to get to the hospital in the next couple of hours. So, I took a shower and did a bunch of last minute things. My contractions started maybe around 7 am, but they weren't too bad or regular yet. We checked into the hospital around 7:30. The nurse checked my discharge first to make sure it was my water and decided that yep, we're staying. We spent the next hour with just the nurse, being monitered and just answering some questions and signing papers. The doctor finally checked my cervix at 8:30ish, and I was 4 cm dilated and 100% effaced. Then they moved me to the room I was actually going to be staying in, and I got settled in there. By then my contractions were anywhere from 1 1/2 to 3 minutes apart. Owie! The nurse asked if I wanted to get my epidural right away, and I said yep! It was probably about another hour or so until the epidural finally came. As soon as it kicked in I was in heaven. I wasn't even feeling my contractions. They decided to start pitocin at the same time they started the epi, because they didn't want the labor to slow down. His heartrate had been getting some low dips, so they didn't want to put me through a drawn out labor. I was 6-7 cm dilated around the time of the epi. We just hung out peacefully in my room for a while then, just waiting for things to happen. Around 11 am is when everything changed. They decided to put an internal monitor on the baby, since they were having lots of dips in the heart rate with the external one. So they did that, and it didn't change. The dips were just getting worse, and taking longer to recover. It seemed like suddenly there were so many people in my room. The doctor was having them roll me from side to side to see if it changed anything, but it didn't. My blood pressure had also dropped quite a bit at this point. The doctor then said to everyone else, "The baby isn't tolerating this. We have to get her delivered." My heart just dropped out of my chest at this point. The doctor then explained to me that we were gonna have to do an emergency c-section because the baby couldn't handle the labor anymore. I was 8 cm at this point, and they didn't want to wait for me to get to 10. If they stopped the pitocin the labor would take too long, and if they kept it on the contractions would be too difficult. After that everything happened so quickly. The nurses shaved my stomach, and had my husband start putting on the scrubs. They then whisked me off to the OR while my husband was still changing. I passed my in laws in the hall. They had just gotten there, and had no idea there were even any problems yet. Once they got me into the OR they just started doing things so quickly. I was just bawling at this point. Since I already had the epi, they just upped the dose on that to make me completely numb. Then they allowed my husband to come in just as they were about to cut me. I was actually very uncomfortable from all of the pressure as they performed it, even though I was completely numb. They cut me vertically so they could get the baby out as quickly as possible. It seemed that he was out in practically no time. Dh looked at me and said "Braden's here", just as I heard his first cry. I didn't get to see him though, since I had the drape over my face and they took him to do all the stuff to him that they had to do right away. Dh went over and stood with him while the doctors worked with him. Eventually when they were finished they let Bob hold him, and Bob brought him over to me so I could see. It was kind of difficult, though, from that position. I hadn't been feeling to good during the stitching up, so they gave me some morphine and that helped a lot. Finally they were done stitching me up, so they unstrapped me and rolled me back onto my bed. They then finally let me hold Braden, which was really hard to do since my arms were pretty numb from the epi. I held on for dear life though. They wheeled me back to my room, where the family was waiting. They decided to keep him under the heating lamp because he was having a little trouble breathing, and they didn't want him to struggle to keep his own temperature up too. That was because he had some fluid in his lungs from the c section. After a few hours though, they took him off of the lamp and we've been together ever since. We had a little bit of a hard time catching onto the nursing, but he's been nursing like a champ for a few days now. He's slightly jaundiced, but his billirubin level wasn't high enough to worry about it. Overall, he's a healthy baby. He sleeps a lot too.

They only discharged me today. My blood pressure was a little higher than usual, so they wanted to monitor me an extra day. It came back down though. They also continued to check my blood sugars while I was in the hospital, and they have been great. I still have to do the 2 hour glucose tolerance test in 4 weeks, but I'm confident that it will come back alright. I'm still sore as all heck, but that's just reason to not have to do much.

Overall, my birth experience was the scariest thing I ever went through in my life. It didn't go anything at all like I was envisioning. However, I have a very healthy, very beautiful baby boy. That's all that matters to me.

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Had a dr appointment Tuesday morning (10/7), scheduled induction for following week. Around noon, started to have a little bleeding. Around 6 pm, contractions started, felt like braxton hicks with a little cramping. They were 5 minutes apart, and lasted like 30 seconds. Decided if this was it, I had shopping to get done. Had to pick up the Lion King that we preordered at Toys R Us and hit the bank. Contractions remained at 5 minutes apart 30 seconds long, so I thought nothing of it. Around midnight Rob decided we should go in to the hospital. I didn't want to because they were only lasting 30 seconds and were not bad. Around 1 am, I gave in and we went. As soon as we got in the car, the contractions picked up and were now a minute apart lasting a minute. When we got to the hospital, we could not get in, everything was locked, had to call security to let us in. Took the guy over 10 minutes to come. Got up to L & D, told I did not look like I was in labor, but they would monitor me anyways. After a half an hour of seeing that I was contracting regularly, thye decided to check me, I was 6 cm. So I got admitted. Got in the room and the nurse tried to do the IV since I needed to get pennicillin (+ strep B). She tried in my arm, noting, then my hand, noting but left a nice bump. She decided to seek help and called the IV team. The next lady got it in right away. I decided I wanted the epidural since there was a chance of needing a C section. The anesthesiologist was a JERK. It took over an hour for him to do the epidural. There was a button that was suppose to release the stuff, but apparently it didn't work. We found that out 4 hours later when he finally came back in to check since I was still feeling the contractions completely. He switched the button, but that one didn 't work right either. So the epidural never took. At 5 they finally decided to check me. I was complete, bag of water was bulging, but she was still floating and not engaged yet. We decided to wait an hour to see if she would drop down. At 6, when the dr came back, Izzy still had not dropped down, the talk of a C section began. But since a shift change was coming at 7, and Izzy wasn't in distress we decided to wait until 7 for anything. At 7:30, the next dr decided he would break my water and see if that would help her come down, she was still floating. Well when he was checking me, my water exploded, so he didn't have to break it. She dropped down immediately and we started pushing. Pushing was way to painful for me and I lost control. I begged for them to just use forceps and pull her out. But Izzy had her own plan and was coming out on her own with or without me pushing. They did end up using the vacuum to get her out though because her head would not come completely out. At 7:52 am on October 8 she was out. She did swallow some fluid since she was not in the birth canel very long, not even 20 minutes. It took a day for her to cough it all out. Breastfeeding is going alright, she is being supplemented with formula right now since she is jaundiced and my milk has not come in yet. So far she is doing good and the boys are doing great with her. Joshua is slowly coming around and get concerned when she is crying. The day she was born, he would not look at her or come anywhere near me. She is sleeping great at night. The first night home, she slept from 1 to 6, and last night she slept from 11-6. Not sure if I should let her sleep that long, but the pediatrician said not to wake her up for feedings, so we'll see if she continues to sleep that well. I still get up to pump though. Overall thiongs are going good.


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The birth story of Samuel Stephen Guy Lenser

We had had a couple of false alarms… the most recent on the Sunday before with 6 hours of contractions 5 minutes apart that ultimately just stopped. On the Monday (Sept 29, our due date) I went in to the midwife’s office and the pretty much painless 6 hours had gotten us nearly completely effaced, so we were pretty sure it would be soon. The pressure was on because my mother had already spent 9 days of her 2 weeks with us, and we all really wanted her to be here for the birth.

Tuesday night (1 day “past due”), around 9:10pm, we were sitting watching “Bowling for Columbine” of all things and I felt an almost audible “pop” inside. After my mother’s precipitous labours (she delivered my brother in 12 contractions, me in 6, my sister in 5), we figured we’d better call the midwife even though I hadn’t had any contractions yet to speak of. Got up to discover I was leaking waters, although it was the “constant trickle” effect rather than the “mad gush gotta get the carpets steam cleaned now” kind of water breaking.

By the time I got our student midwife on the phone about 10 minutes later, contractions were starting… not too bad, definitely more intense than they had been on Sunday, but not painful, just, well, unavoidable, and I was having to concentrate and breathe through them. The midwives were to arrive around 10pm and just before 10:00 I decided to go upstairs and wait for them… not only can you not hear the doorbell from our basement TV room, but the TV noise was beginning to drive me crazy.

The midwives arrived as contractions were beginning to feel quite serious. I went upstairs to our bedroom and called my best friend Shawna to let her know that she might want to come on over, and we were planning to have her at the birth too. Cristine (our MW student) checked my dialation shortly after, and said we were at 2cm… that this wasn’t technically “active labour”… But by the time she told me this I’m pretty sure I was well into the active phase. She had checked me and then conferred with Anne Marie (our certified MW), then come to talk to me about what I’d like to do next. I think they were hoping I’d tell them to go home but I could feel that things were moving pretty fast and told her I was scared to for them to leave in case they didn’t make it back in time. She told me they wouldn’t desert me, not to worry about it. She offered to do a “stretch & sweep” but I used the excuse of another contraction to not answer the question, I really didn’t want to be interfered with but at the time was still worrying a bit about wasting other peoples’ time. I got over that very quickly.

That’s the last thing I remember really clearly, after that it’s just snippets. I remember Shawna arriving, and I remember spending most of my labour sitting backward on the toilet (leaning on the tank) with Stephen on one side of me and my mum on the other. I was singing vocal exercises through each contraction, I have to call my voice teacher and let her know that her exercises were a big part of what kept me calm and breathing and my jaw loose through labour. I think she’ll like that. Stephen figured out very quickly to take my robe off me during a contraction, and to put it back on, and a hot pack too, as soon as the contraction was over because I was shivering uncontrollably between contractions. I got in the shower briefly (for about 2 contractions) but I was so cold between contractions that I couldn’t stand to be wet so I got out. For a while I worked on hands & knees on our bed, and it’s around this time that they checked me again and were surprised to find I had hit 5cm. I’m kind of amused that they didn’t expect me to go so fast. I remember Shawna coming into the room around then and I was actually lucid enough to speak to her… “I hope you’re not terribly bored” I said, I kept thinking that this must seem so long to everybody else! She told me I was crazy, that she’d never been so excited in her life. I love that woman. J Shortly after that I was back on the toilet – it was a good place for me because of the constant fluid leak and I found it took all the pressure off my “working parts” and let me really relax with each out-breath. I found I needed to rock my hips a lot, and that really helped too. I remember thinking I must be hitting transition… I had to do a lot of “thought stopping” and kept saying out loud “one at a time, just this one” and “I can do this” over and over again. My family didn’t realize that what was going on was that I was fighting with myself – I’d catch myself wondering how much longer I could do this – which is when I started chanting “just this one,” or find myself doubting that I’d could handle any more – “I can do this.” Cristine checked me again around this time and although I didn’t hear her say it at the time, I had only a lip of cervix left. My hindwaters were still intact, and she told me that the baby just needed to turn slightly and that we could help that by breaking the waters, so despite that I had not intended to have my waters broken artificially it seemed like the right thing to do. The contraction that I went through lying on my back waiting for Cristine to break my waters made me understand why women find labour so painful. It was the only truly “painful” contraction I had – the rest of them were incredibly intense and overwhelming, but pain is the wrong word for them. Pain describes a broken arm or the surgery I had when I was 18, but doesn’t *really* define what I was going through – except for that one 3-peaked contraction I went through lying flat on my back. Man oh man that one was brutal and I was really glad to get upright again! It was back to the toilet with me to let the waters drain a bit, and I had about 3 or 4 more 3-peaked contractions and started feeling a little bit “pushy.” Cristine suggested I go back to all fours on the bed, and that did the trick – as soon as I was in that position there was nothing I could do except let my body do its work. I really feel like I was a bystander in the pushing stage, all I could do was keep supplying oxygen to my muscles and try not to interfere.

The baby crowned in 18 minutes and was out in 20. No tears at all (although for some reason I wasn’t expecting the “ring of fire” around the FRONT, somehow I thought that it would only be my perenium that felt that! Silly me), just a small scrape where he had his hand up next to his face (yup, I pushed out a hand along with the head). I reached down to touch his head as he was crowning and was so amazed to find that it was pointy – I mean, we all know that the head moulds but I think I didn’t really understand until that moment how perfectly engineered this whole process is. I gave everybody a good laugh though, they told me to stop pushing as he crowned and I said “he won’t go back?”… They all laughed and Anne Marie said no you can’t put him back. I couldn’t explain at the time that that’s not what I meant, I was just damned if I was going to lose ground and let him slip back upward again – I was fully prepared to hold him there!!! But anyway the next push came and his head was out. The cord was loosely around his neck, and I was laughing while the rest of his body was born through the loop – I’ve never felt such a physical “relief” in my life, it was incredible! The four seconds that it took for them to pass him to me was an eternity. And I was so thrilled to have him in my hands that Stephen had to ask me to check the gender (the cord was between his legs). I cut the cord myself and set him free. He was born at 5:48am.

Shawna & Anne Marie had started a batch of muffins and some coffee as I started pushing, thinking it would be a while… Shawna says she had just got them into the oven when she heard her name called in a “serious” kinda way and she got sent to warm blankets in the dryer.

45 minutes later there were six of us on our bed eating hot apple-cinnamon muffins.

Our baby boy stayed nameless for about 4 days… somehow it just didn’t seem very important. He is now Samuel Stephen (for his dad) Guy.

He’s the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen.

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Noe’s birth story:
9-17-03 – went in for NST and AFI test (amniotic fluid index) because the baby was overdue by over a week (due 9-9-03). This is standard procedure at my dr’s office for overdue babies. I hadn’t had any problems so far………but the AFI test came back poor – I had oligoamnios (4.9cm, when the “safe” range is 5-25 cm). So the doctor said to come back that night to be induced. Wow we were totally not prepared for this. So I had lunch around noon, no dinner, and was admitted at 8:30pm. Induction with cervadil began at 9pm. I had to be hooked up to an external fetal monitor for 2 hours after they put in the cervadil, and had to stay in bed with “bathroom privileges” all night so the cervadil wouldn’t fall out.
9-18-03 – began having serious contractions that kept me awake around 1am…they got pretty painful around 4am. The cervadil came out with a contraction around 6am. Because my contractions were so strong and frequent, lasting about 1minute, every 2-3 minutes, they didn’t start me on pitocin yet. All day dh and I and MIL, my mom, and SIL walked around the hospital taking contraction breaks every 2 minutes. Finally around 3pm, I was only 1 cm dilated, so they started me on pitocin. That stuff hurts, and I had to be on the fetal monitor because of it. After 6 more hours of painful contractions, I was only 2cm dilated, so I finally submitted to getting an epidural. That did the trick and around midnight I was 9 cm dilated. However there were two separate incidences where the baby’s heart rate dropped to around 50 and the nurses ran into the room to give me oxygen, but her heart rate quickly went back up to normal so they weren’t too concerned.
9-19-03 – The epidural still felt good……ah. Was 9 ½ cm at 1am, so the dr finally agreed that we could start pushing. I felt the contractions and urge to push at about 1:30am…and could feel EVERYTHING by 2am, as the epidural had worn off (the bag was empty). However I was so distracted that I didn’t bother to ask for a refill. Finally at 4:41 Noe Madison arrived! She was purple, and came out with a ton of meconium. According to DH who cut the cord, she was covered in green, had wrinkly hands and feet, with a flat dented skull, and basically looked like ET (this is what he told the family minutes after she was born). I was too distracted with getting stitches for a 3rd degree tear.

Noe was 7 lbs 15 oz, 20 inches long, with blond/white hair and big dark blue eyes. Officially, 10 days overdue.

Her apgars were 8 and 9, and she was fine until 5pm when the nurses noticed her breathing was wrong. So they took her to the nursery, checked her out, and admitted her to the NICU for meconium aspiration. She was on oxygen at first, but they put her on a ventilator the next day, and diagnosed her with pulmonary hypertension. After several days the hypertension was gone and they put her back on just oxygen through a nose tube. After several more days we started bf’ing and finally after 11 days in the NICU she was able to come home. It’s been a rough scary time but now that we’ve been home for a week, we’re getting used to having a regular healthy baby around.
The problem is since she was on a ventilator, she’s at high risk for serious respiratory problems, so we have to keep her isolated (no grocery stores, malls, or other places where there could be sick people; limited visitors to our house; and no exposure to kids). We’ve been told these limitations by 3 doctors on separate occasions so I guess it’s pretty important.

That’s our story!!! We’re so happy to have her home at last.


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Luisa's Birth Story - LONG

Things started on Tuesday, September 30. I took some castor oil in V8 in hopes of getting things going. I only took 3TBS because the stuff is so horrible, I couldn’t see taking more. I ate dinner and within two hours of taking the horrible stuff, it came back up. I went to sleep around ten and woke up at eleven to contractions! I got up to sit at the computer – I noticed they were coming pretty often and while they didn’t hurt, they were uncomfortable. I started timing them and found them to be 2-3 minutes apart lasting 45 seconds to a minute. I called Esteban in San Jose and told him what was happening – he decided to come home just in case it progressed. He got home around 1am – I had been sleeping but was still having contractions. Between 6 and 7 am, the contractions stopped much to my dismay! I decided to try to get things going again by walking – I went shopping at Costco and Target to get some last minute stuff – I made sure to walk as much as possible at a quick pace. I had some contractions during this time but nothing meaningful and they stopped when I wasn’t walking. I went home and spent the rest of the day feeling sorry for myself. I had an appointment with my midwife on Thursday at 11:30 so I felt good about that until we got the phone call from her – she was at another birth and had to cancel – she would call me later to reschedule. I was so upset – I was supposed to be the next one to have my baby – I had a good cry over it. Claudette (MW) called around four in the afternoon – she asked if I wanted to come over that evening to have my membranes stripped – of course I said yes! When we got there, we did all the regular stuff and everything looked good. She checked my cervix and found it to be 2 cm (I forgot to ask what the effacement was) my cervix was a little high still but had come down since the last check she did. She went ahead and stripped the membranes as well as she could and then went over a list of stuff for me to do to help things along. I would have to drink a major amount of castor oil (8 ounces) – she called this the atomic bomb – it always worked. She also gave me some black and blue cohosh tinctures that I was to take in tea as well as the EPO and told us to have sex if possible as well. On the way home, we stopped and got the dreaded castor oil and a blender so I could mix it up in ice cream and soda. It took about 45 minutes to get the stuff down – I had to wipe the inside of my mouth and my tongue with a cloth after each drink to take the taste away. I kept it down about an hour before if came back up – I did all I could to hold it in but it was just to horrible – my stomach wanted nothing to do with it. It did get into my digestive track a bit and I had a little intestinal unrest but nothing like was supposed to occur with the mega dose. We decided to go ahead and have sex to see if that would help and then went to sleep.

At 4:20am I was awake in bed when I felt a pop and felt a huge gush of fluid. It kept coming and since I was sleeping on the edge of the bed, I could hear it hitting the floor. I woke Esteban up and told him. I got up to go to the bathroom and it just poured out of me. I walked around for the next hour or so – trying to stand on towels or in the bathtub – it was really kind of funny. I wasn’t having any contractions yet and was waiting patiently for them to start. At 6 am, Esteban called my MW to tell her what had happened – she was at a birth so she told him that she’d call to check in later but for him to call her if things got going. Esteban didn’t tell me that she was attending another birth – he didn’t want to stress me out worrying that she wouldn’t be able to attend mine. My mom came over a couple of hours later to help with the kids and the house. Since I was gushing fluid still, I asked her to get me some Depends, which were great – so nice not having to stand on towels. During the day, we went for walks and I tried to stay on my feet as much as possible in hopes that contractions would start but they never did. The midwife called and said she and her assistant would be over to bring me some herbs and a breast pump – hoping that we could get some contractions going. C and K came over with a list of things I could do – they brought a bunch of herbal tinctures, the breast pump and some estrogen crème to rub on my wrists and throat every two hours. She also left some Propalis and vitamin C for me to take to ward off infection and instructed me to take my temp every two hours. They left and I started in with the items they had left and continued until about 11pm and then went to sleep for the night. I got up at about 7am and started in again. K called around 10 am to see if anything was happening – it wasn’t. She said they’d be over in a bit. They arrived at 2 pm with all their gear – I guess one way or another, the baby would be coming sometime soon! C and K went with us back to our room to check my progress and assess the situation. I was having some contractions but mostly with the nipple stimulation. They checked my cervix and it was 3cm, 0 station. The baby’s HB was great and strong and my BP was good. We went through the day laboring a bit but the contractions would space out and I would have to go back to nipple stimulation to get things going again. I was most comfortable standing and rocking during contractions – I couldn’t sit – it hurt too much. When things slowed again around 10pm, we decided to let things be and go to sleep – I was tired and needed some rest. C stayed the night but K went home since she lived nearby. I slept some but was up often to pee and was really uncomfortable and started to have a horrible upper backache, which kept me from sleeping well. By morning, I was super tired and feeling discouraged. C had me put ice on my back and eat which helped a lot. I was able to sleep a couple of hours after that then I got up, showered and started nipple stimulation again to get things regular again. We went for a long walk, which helped, and when I got back, I was ready to get serious to get the baby out! My contractions became more regular – I would moan through them and sway my hips, which seemed to help. I had low back pain with the contractions, which is how I knew I was having them – I didn’t have any pain in the front and had to feel my belly to know when the contractions were completely gone. The baby did really well with labor – every time C checked the HB, it was chugging along beautifully even during contractions. At about 2:27 pm, C checked me and I was 7-8cm. 100% effaced and 0 station - starting to feel more pain – it was time to fill the tub – this was music to my ears! The water felt great – it was warm and relaxing to float between contractions. Contractions in the tub were okay- I would turn to my side and hold the side. I labored like this for 2 hours and once again, they contractions spaced out so I had to get out of the tub for awhile. I did nipple stimulation again and the contractions came back again – it was frustrating to say the least that my body needed help to do this. Once things were back to where they should have been, I got back in the tub – they had added water but it was too hot so they siphoned and added ice and cold water to get it tolerable. I guess I was getting close because the water felt fine earlier at the same temp. The contractions got more intense and I started making a lot of very loud noise with each one – C & K told me to make deeper sounds so I did. The front door was open – the neighbors probably thought someone was dying! At 5:09pm my body was pushing with each contraction and I was told to push if I felt like it. I pushed the first few times floating on back – I was arching and it hurt so K told me to curl around the baby – I was hurting so much and it seemed impossible so I came back with “I can’t!” She told me I could and on my next contraction, I did just as she said. It helped tremendously to be forward and have my feet on the bottom of the tub. After pushing like this for a while and getting the baby down enough to crown (5:45pm), they wanted me to squat in the tub to use gravity. I pushed so hard – I felt the baby moving down – I felt the ring of fire, which I never did with my other vaginal births. I want to mention here that Esteban was there the whole time – he would support my perineum when I pushed and was the one that delivered the baby’s head. I was able to push the baby out to the eyebrows and then had to get out of the tub(5:51pm) – the baby wasn’t budging and C couldn’t do much from outside of the tub. I climbed out of the tub and squatted beside it – Esteban got down on the floor and C was kneeling behind me and the rest of the head was out (5:53pm) – the baby still wasn’t moving down so C felt up inside and found the shoulders stuck – she couldn’t get a good grip so she took her gloves off and reached way up inside again – she was rocking me while trying to free the posterior shoulder, I was pushing and K was applying fundal pressure finally, C said “Thank you Jesus” and at that point, K said she knew the birth was over and out came the baby at 5:55pm. The baby looked great but didn’t cry so the APGARs were only 7 and 8. I wanted to be the one to announce the gender so I lifted the blanket and saw that we had another girl and announced it to the room. I was still squatting by the tub attached to Luisa. We had a twin mattress on the floor and we were able to maneuver me onto it and then I was able to hold Luisa – something I had never been able to do with any of my other babies. There was quite a bit of blood at this point and they weren’t able to see where it was coning from – I was given herbs, metheregin, a shot of pitocin and a bag of ice for my tummy. They were pretty sure it was separation bleeding from the placenta and told me to let them know when I had a contraction. It wasn’t too long before I had one and out came the placenta. The bleeding slowed way down and my uterus was clamping down so all was well. C gave Esteban the cord clamps and he cut the cord. I was a big, bloody mess so while I was being cleaned up a bit, the kids came over to meet their new sister – they all did so well. I had quite an audience watching the birth – Claudette and Kimberly, Esteban, my mom, our three children ( Christopher (10), Carla (8), and Ian (4), my SIL and my one-year-old niece! I was able to breastfeed and she latched right on! After she was done, Esteban took her and I went back to get some stitches and to get dressed. I got three sutures which wasn’t bad considering the amount of scar tissue and the fact that C had both hands in there! Then it was time to measure and weigh Luisa – 9 pounds 6.5 ounces – my biggest baby yet (4.5 ounces bigger than my too big to birth vaginally c/s baby) she was 21 inches long, had a 14.5-inch head and 18.5-inch shoulders! It was a great experience – I did have shoulder dystocia after all but it was managed responsibly this time unlike the two births I had with my former GP. It turns out that I have a kidney bean shaped pelvis and my babies get jammed under the brim – my outlet is fine, it’s just higher up that causes the problem. It’s been one month since the birth and Luisa is doing great. Another thing I want to point out is that every time fetal heart tones were checked, they were awesome – Luisa tolerated labor so well – IF I had been in a hospital (like I would have been “allowed” to VBAC) I’m sure they would have found some kind of problem with how she handled the contractions. It’s been one month since the birth and Luisa is doing great.


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Now that she's six weeks old, I finally feel ready to rehash it all! It seems like so long ago ...

Carmen Maisy DeVito
September 26, 2003
9:40 PM
9 pounds 3 ounces
23 inches long

Carmen was due on September 16 and my doctors would not let me go more than 10 days over. So we arrived at the hospital at 5:00 PM on Septmeber 25. I had called L&D 30 minutes prior to our arrival and was told to come on in ... there's plenty of room. But when we arrived they told us that ALL of the rooms had been taken in the last 30 minutes. But don't fret! It would only be another 20 minutes until one opened up. Well, TWO AND A HALF HOURS later I was in tears after sitting in a hard waiting room chair for that long. I finally went up to the nurses' station where they told me they had no idea how much longer it would be. At that point I fell apart and was really crying. Amazingly enough, a room opened up about two minutes later.

8:30 PM - My doctor arrives and informs me that another doctor in the practice has my files. So they have no medical information on me. She proceeds to ask me every question under the sun for about 30 minutes. I am nervous at this point.

9:00 PM - The doctor checks my cervix, which was not dilated at all 2 days earlier. She says I'm 2 cm dilated! On the monitor I'm having contractions every 5 minutes but can't feel them! The only limiting factor is that the baby was still positioned very, VERY high. But I was confident I was going to have a quick, easy labor after hearing these details. Lol

9:15 PM - A foley bulb is inserted to manually dilate my cervix. Contractions begin immediately and really aren't that bad. I even manage to get some sleep.

7:00 AM - Cervix has dilated to a whopping 3 cm. I am not in a good labor pattern. Baby is still very, VERY high. My doctor breaks my water and hopes things get going soon. The nurse lets me shower before they start pitocin.

8:00 AM - Pitocin starts.

8:05 AM - Contractions start getting much stronger and closer together.

10:00 AM - Pitocin is cranked up. Contractions are 4 minutes apart and VERY strong. I keep looking at the monitor and every one appears very jagged and at the maximum level. They are lasting about 1 minute each.

12:00 - 6:00 PM - Pitocin is continually increased. My contractions are becoming unbearable. I get 2 doses of Stadol that last about 5 minutes each and really do nothing for the pain. My doctor won't allow an epidural because she thinks it will stop the baby from coming down. Baby still has not budged. My doctor is starting to look concerned when she checks the baby's position.

7:00 PM - I am screaming because the contractions are so bad. They are one minute apart and as one ends, another begins. Baby's HR starts to drop with each contraction. The nurse gets excited and says she's going to check the baby's position because it looks like I'm in transition. No, the baby is still as high as when we arrived last evening. I'm only dilated 5 cm. My doctor checks me and says I can have an epidural. I think at that point she knew there was no way in hell Carmen was coming out naturally.

7:15 - I get the epidural and I am in heaven!!!!

8:00 PM - Baby's HR continues to drop with each contraction. They are still 1-2 minutes apart. The nurse comes in to check my BP and temp. My BP was 85/35. The doctor told her to check it again because it couldn't be right. The second time it was even lower, so they immediately gave me something to bring my BP up. Then my temp was checked and it was 103. My doctor checked the baby's position one more time and told me it was time to have a baby the other way (c-section). She said she was pretty sure the baby was big and was not coming out of me.

9:40 PM - Carmen Maisy DeVito is delivered via c-section. It was very scary for me since I had never had any type of surgery or even been to the hospital for anything in my life. But I would do all of it again to have her delivered safe and sound.

Thanks for listening!

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The new influx of birth stories has inspired me to post mine. And I swear pictures are coming, I just need a few minutes to get it together.

OK, here it goes.

Sunday, 9/7/03 was a beautiful early fall day here in New England. DH and I went to a local apple orchard to get some apples and cider donuts (yum). On the drive home I started to feel kind of crampy, but not really contractions that I could time. They subsided in the evening and we went to bed.

Mondya, 9/8/03 I went to work as usual, with no cramping at all. That afternoon I had a dr's appointment. When she examined me I was 2cm and 70% effaced. As I was leaving the office I started to feel the cramping again. I knew labor was on its way! DH and I went out to dinner and I went to the grocery store to get provisions for the hospital. I was really contracting, but still crampy. In the evening the craminess subsided again. I woke up at 12:30 with more crampiness. It still had no pattern.

Tuesday, 9/9/03 2:30 am I got up to pee and as I was on the toilet I heard a "pop," which I assumed was my water breaking. Now I felt regular contactions and they were really close together. By 3:30am they were 4 minutes apart. DH was shocked, "They can't be that close together yet!!" Oh yes, dear, they can. So we called to dr and got in the car to go to the hospital. We arrived around 4:00 am. I got changed into by comfy t-shirt and labored away. The pain really wasn't that bad, the worst part was throwing up at one point - yuck. I used my lamaze breathing and lots of warm blankets on my back to get through the contractions. The doctor came in around 7am and said I was about 7.5 centimeters. She felt things were going well and suggested I not take any meds if I didn't want to. I wanted as natural a birth as possible, so I did not get meds. An hour later I was dialated to 9.75 centimeters, and by 8:30 I was 10 cm. The nurse who was with us was all excited and told me to start pushing. Unfortunately I had no urge to push yet. So for about an hour and a half I was pushing with no urge. It was awful. I dreaded every contraction. By the time I did feel the urge I was exhausted. DH was great cheering me on for every push. The nurse set up a mirror so I could see Alex's head as he came down which was helpful. At 11ish he was ready to pop out. The doctor came in just as he was coming out. Come to find out, the umbilical cord was wrapped around his neck, which was unexpected. She rushed DH to cut the cord and Alex was fine. He was a beautiful 6 lb. 14 oz, 19 inches long baby!!

So that is it -- it was pretty straightforward, thank goodness. People laugh when I tell them I was grocery shopping while in labor -- it was a good way to pass the time I think Biggrin

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Bethany Paige's birth story.

5am Monday, Sept 29th. I woke up to a gush of fluid coming out, so I ran to the bathroom to see what it was. I figured I had wet myself a little so I went back to bed. I woke up again at 7 to more fluid. I figured my water had broken so I woke Matt up and packed my bag for the hospital. They checked me out and said it was not fluid, and to go home. At this point I was 4 cm dialated, and around 90% effaced. So, they stripped my membranes. I started having steady, painful contractions around 12:30 pm. I walked, walked, walked all day long. Around 6 pm the contractions seemed to fizzle out so I came home to get dinner. They picked up again around 7:30. At 9 pm when Matt got home from work we went to the hospital. The doctor asked me why I went home earlier that day, because I was already four centimeters. He thought I chose to go, he was surprised the doctor on call sent me. We waited an hour to be seen. I was still having contractions that were getting more painful, but I was still at 4. So, they decided to augment my labor with pitocin and breaking my water. The pitocin never got put in, because after they broke my water I went from 4-10 in two hours. The epi also never got in, apparently the spaces are too tight in my back, so I got a shot of stadol instead. I pushed for 5-10 minutes and she was born at 2:33 a.m. No episiotomy, and only a small superficial tear. The midwife commented on how my placenta was heart shaped, she has never seen that before. I researched it and apparently it is mostly seen in twins.

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Ok, my turn - I better get this posted before I forget the details :shock: Like I could EVER forget!!

At 2 weeks overdue, the Dr. scheduled me for a gel treatment. I had the first treatment, which didn't work. At this point I was not dialated or effaced. They scheduled an induction for Wednesday, just in case the gel didn't work. I went in on Wednsday & the hospital was so busy that they sent me home & rescheduled the induction for Friday. So, they gave me a second gel treatment. This time, the gel seemed to be doing something, as I felt really crampy, with a sore back all day. Then, at about 8:00 on Thursday night my contractions started. Right away, they were 5 minutes apart and lasting for about 45-60 seconds. I was surprised that they came so quickly right away. I also had a very sore back that prevented me from sitting or lying down. DH & I managed on our own until about 2:30 am. Then we called our doula to come over.

I had to go back to the hospital on Friday morning for the induction. When we arrived my Dr said I could continue to labour a home if I wanted. Since labour had started they decided to hold off on the pitocin - I was very happy with this, as I had wanted a natural birth. We went home & I laboured until about 7:30 pm on Friday, at which point I was so exhausted - in labour for 24 hrs & on my feet for 36 hrs.! I wanted to go the the hospital to see how far along I was. As we were leaving, my water broke.

When the DR checked me, I was only 2 cm & 50% effaced after 24 hrs of contractions 5 min apart!!!! I was so upset & tired. They wanted to start Pitocin to get things moving along, so I asked for a epi. I think I could have handled the contrax if things were progressing a little faster & if the back labour hadn't been so bad. At this point I was so tired, that I think it was exhaustion rather than pain that made me feel I couldn't handle it.

So, I got the Epi (which wasn't as scary as I thought it would be) & they satrted Pitocin. After 16 hrs of Pitocin, I was only 4 cm & 100% effaced. They decided to give it another 6 hrs before deciding about a C-section. But, about 1 hour later, the baby's heart rate dropped. That was the scariest part. All these nurses came running in, they put me on oxygen & we didn't know what was happening. They decided to do the C-section right away.

The surgery was actually pretty neat. I could feel everthing they were doing, it just didn't hurt! Modern medical science is so cool! Grace was born at 1:07 pm, after 37 hours of labour! We were all surprised that she was a girl (we had a feeling it was going to be a boy). And we were especially shocked at her FULL HEAD of Dark HAIR! She has a huge mullet! (Her nickname is Billy Ray Cyrus!)

DH had some great bonding time with her in the nursery, while I was still in surgery. I thought that was the best part -he changed her first diaper, held her first, gave her her first bath, and cuddled with her right away. Now, he feels especially close to her & I love that.

She was 8 lbs. 15 oz. and was posterior. They think her size & position prevented her from descending & putting pressure on the cervix, which was why I never dialated.

Anyway, that's about it! The "Natural Childbirth" didn't quite happen the way I thought it would, but overall it was a good experience. I recovered very fast from the C-section. And, most importantly was have a beautiful baby girl!


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Since I'm new to the board, I decided to post our birth story, even though it's been a while...

Tess was due on October 4th and about 3 weeks before her due date my midwife checked to see if I was dilated. I was about 3 cm at that point and my cervix was VERY thin... Tessie was REALLY, REALLy low too. So the midwife was a little surprised and thought I would have the baby any day. The next week I went in for a stress test, just to make sure that everything looked good. Yup... except her heart rate dropped a little during some contractions. Had an ultrasound and everything was fine (except she was too low to measure her head).

Went back in a few days for another stress test and everything was fine. Had my cervix checked again and this time I was 6cm and totally effaced. Hmmm... is the baby going to fall out or what? My midwife asked if I just wanted to go to the hospital and have them break my water. She figured that that was all I would need to get things going. I decided that I didn't want to kick her out, I'd wait for her to come on her own.

Well, that was a Thursday and over the weekend we did a lot of walking around to try and get something to happen. I'd have some contractions (but I'd been having them for weeks) but nothing that felt like the real thing and they'd always stop. On Monday, the 29th of September, my midwife called and asked me to come in. I was checked again, everything was fine. She just couldn't believe that I didn't have the baby yet. She asked my dh if he wanted to see the baby's head. Okay, I was a little freaked out by that.

Anyway, FINALLY that night I was laying on the floor watching a movie and noticed that I had a few contractions. Thought it was weird because I was laying down, but whatever. After the movie, I got up to go to the bathroom and I just felt weird. I felt nauseous and I was shaking a lot. My midwife had me so freaked out about the delivery going really quickly that I decided that we should probably go in. If they send us home, they send us home...

About 30 minutes later we were in the hospital, in hindsight it was pure luck that they didn't have a room available to check me so they just sent me to a delivery room. As we were walking to the room I started to really feel strong, painful contractions and I thought I was going to puke. I asked for them to call for drugs... We got to the room and they checked me... totally dilated and ready to push. No time for drugs. 4 minutes later Tess was born. I was NOT expecting them to tell me it was time to push and I certainly didn't think it would only take 4 minutes! Whoa.

The whole thing, from start to finish was about 45-60 minutes. :shock: Completely different from the first time around! Biggrin

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September 29, 2003

Dr. Aulds office called to remind me of my appointment the next day. I had a horrible night before with very little sleep. Dr. Aulds told us the week before we would need to look at a C-section or induction if no labor yet by the 30th. I asked the lady if Pat could talk with me and a few minutes later Pat told me she would talk with the doctor about an induction. Pat called back about 30 minutes later and told us to be at the hospital the next morning at 6am. I called DH, he came home to talk and then he told his family and I called my family. We decided to let everyone hear from us around noon the next day instead of having everyone wait during a long labor.

September 30, 2003

We got dressed and cleaned. All the bags were packed and ready to load into the car. DH took pictures to document my last day pregnant and I posted a note to my Bulletin Board friends. We left the house, stopped for breakfast and made good time to the hospital in Huntsville.

The hospital was very busy so we waited until almost 7am for a room. We got a room and started to settle in. My nurse was busy with another patient also so it took quite awhile to start the induction. The pitocin started around 9:30am and contractions began soon after. The contractions started to get regular and steady but I still felt good, just getting sleepy.

Around 10am, contractions began to regulate. At 11:30am, DH and I stared making phone calls to let family know it would probably be awhile because I was doing so well meaning not much pain so probably not a lot of progress.

Shortly before noon, Dr. Aulds came into see me. I was dilated to 5cm and he broke my water. Contractions then became painful and I asked for an epidural. We quickly made phone calls again to let family know it would be much sooner than we thought.

After several contractions, I got a new nurse to assist in the epidural. The anesthesiologist came in and began the procedure. I was very uncomfortable. I was told to lie down flat. I started having pain the in the left side of my abdomen and a heaviness in my chest. My nurse allowed me to sit upright and then change positions frequently because I was in so much discomfort. Jameson’s heart tones were not being read accurately by the monitors because I was moving so much.

She told me to lie back and then attached a scalp monitor to Jameson for accurate readings. I was dilated to 6cm at this time, around 1:45pm. My nurse paged for assistance and had both nurses become very alarmed. The heart tones were in the 80s and 90s and had been for a while. The labor room got very busy, Dr. Aulds was located in the hospital and they were prepped me for the OR. I heard the anesthesiologist say he wasn’t going to dose the epidural but put me to sleep. The anesthesiologist nurse was very kind and kept tell me to breath and everything would be fine. DH and I were terrified. We were both in tears as I was rolled into the OR. All I could remember and think of was losing Saxon and it was going to happen again.

I woke up almost an hour later in recovery asking about Booboo. The nurse told me Jameson weight 8lbs 14oz, 20 ½ inches, apgars of 8 & 9. I started crying out of relief and joy. Dr. Aulds came in to see me, just to make sure I knew the baby was OK. The doctor told me it was a placenta abruption. It took them all by surprise because I never bled. He was also surprised Booboo was so big. I was just thankful.

DH came to see me in recovery. He glowed as he told me about our baby boy. After two hours, I was wheeled to my room to see my family and Jameson. My day shift post-partum nurse wrote Jameson’s name on the board and brought him in to see me.

As I held Jameson for the first time, I could only cry. I fell in love with a perfect baby boy I waited for all my life.

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Even though it's been almost 5 months, I will still post this for you all to read.

On September 11, I had my 39 week visit. I just thought that it would be a routine visit. I took the day off even though it was an afternoon appointment. I arrived at the Dr's office and everything went fine. My cervix was still high and I was only dialated 1 cm. That was fine with me. I still had a few days til my Due date. They took my blood pressure. It was a little on the high side, but it had been a little high all my pregnancy. (I'm sure everyone remembers. Smile )My Dr. said that she wanted me to go to the hospital to be monitored for a few hours just to see how my BP did. I got really nervous. James had been still at work and was probably at home. Therefore, I wasn't able to call him. I called my mom once I got to the hospital and told her what was going on. I asked her if she could come or at least go to my house and tell James to get his butt to the Hospital. Her reply was that it would be a while because she was washing her car. :roll: That so pissed me off. I told her whatever and hung up called the our neighbor. After I got off the phone with the neighbors, the nurse posted a sign on my door that said '24 hour urine' :!: Excuse me...the Dr said I was only supposed to be there a few hours. I was getting really nervous then. James finally arrived at the hospital around 5. He was mad b/c he hadn't eaten all day, needed a shower, and came immediately to the hospital. At that point I didn't know what was going on. I told him to go on home get a shower...get food...and come back. As soon as he leaves, the Dr. comes in and said that my BP wasn't looking any better, and being so close to my Due Date, that she wanted to go ahead and induce. :shock: Talk about BP shooting sky high!!!! I knew I was going home with a baby.

It was explained to me that with my BP being high, I was going to be put on magnesium sulfate to keep me from having seizures while being in labor. (That upset me because I know what that is used for.) I signed all the paper work and everything.

After all that, they weren't able to move me to a room because EVERYONE in my county was having a baby. hehehe. All the L&D rooms were full. So I had to stay put for a while. Finally, they were able to move me to another (a little larger than the first) room. THere they put me on the Mag sulfate and told me when a room became available, they would move me and put me on potocin. UGH! I knew this wasn't going to be the ideal labor I wanted. Well, later that night around BP shot up to 178/100. They brought me a BP pill to try and help bring it down. Well it brought it too low (78/69) too fast. If you have ever had the Flu, imagine that with a throwup virus times ten. That's what I started feeling like. It was awful. Poor James sat right next to me trying his best to help me. I almost felt sorry for him. Finally they got my bp back to normal and I was able to get a little rest. (Nurses were coming in and out all night.) Well, at 3 am just as James had dozed off. They came in, turned the lights on and said it's time to go. That was the last time I was able to get out of bed.

I got settled in the room and they started the potocin. It wasn't too bad. I was handling the contractions fairly well. I got through the night, the dr came in that morning and checked me. I had not dialated at all. No progress...nadda. So the dr said they were going to crank up the potocin because they were only giving me a small amount. The contractions got stronger through the day. At three on September 12th, the dr came in and checked me again. No dialation. Sad She explained to me that she was going to break my water (For what reason...I do not know.) and if I hadn't gotten any farther then they were going to discuss a c-section. Only because my BP wasn't getting better, but worse. And the only way to correct the problem was to get baby out. Well, the next two hours were a blur because I was being giving stadol every hour to two hours. (The biggest concern about that was they thought they would have to reverse the effects of drugs on Chloe.) My contractions were WAY strong(contractions were lasting 2 minutes and were 2 minutes apart), but I was maintaining control. I 5:00 on the 12th, the nurse came in and checked me. NO PROGRESS!!!! She said she was going to talk to the Dr. and see what she thought. I told her to forget that...Just tell the Dr. I had had enough. I told her just to cut me open and take this baby out. I was done. It was explained to me that they would have to slowly do the epidural because of my bp...they risked lowering like the pill. I told them not to worry with it, just knock me out and take her. Then I started feeling bad. I asked james if he was mad at me for making the decision because he wouldn't be able to be in there. He told me he just wanted a healthy baby and mommy and didn't care how he got it. Smile So they came in and prepped me, and rolled me out at 5:30. They took me into the delivery room got me on the table. I was given anesthesia (sp?) and the next thing I know...I am waking up at 8:00 asking where's my baby. I remember being rolled down the hall, and there she was through the nursery window. The most beautiful baby girl I have ever seen. She was born on September 12 at 6:06 pm weighing 7 lbs 2 oz and 21 inches long. They didn't have to reverse any effects of drugs. Her Apgars were 9 and 10. Smile She's already scoring perfect scores on tests. hehehe

Even though I had the worst experience ever, I would do it over again and again just to have that feeling I had when I seen her.

I will post pictures in a little while.