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    Ok, my turn - I better get this posted before I forget the details Like I could EVER forget!!

    At 2 weeks overdue, the Dr. scheduled me for a gel treatment. I had the first treatment, which didn't work. At this point I was not dialated or effaced. They scheduled an induction for Wednesday, just in case the gel didn't work. I went in on Wednsday & the hospital was so busy that they sent me home & rescheduled the induction for Friday. So, they gave me a second gel treatment. This time, the gel seemed to be doing something, as I felt really crampy, with a sore back all day. Then, at about 8:00 on Thursday night my contractions started. Right away, they were 5 minutes apart and lasting for about 45-60 seconds. I was surprised that they came so quickly right away. I also had a very sore back that prevented me from sitting or lying down. DH & I managed on our own until about 2:30 am. Then we called our doula to come over.

    I had to go back to the hospital on Friday morning for the induction. When we arrived my Dr said I could continue to labour a home if I wanted. Since labour had started they decided to hold off on the pitocin - I was very happy with this, as I had wanted a natural birth. We went home & I laboured until about 7:30 pm on Friday, at which point I was so exhausted - in labour for 24 hrs & on my feet for 36 hrs.! I wanted to go the the hospital to see how far along I was. As we were leaving, my water broke.

    When the DR checked me, I was only 2 cm & 50% effaced after 24 hrs of contractions 5 min apart!!!! I was so upset & tired. They wanted to start Pitocin to get things moving along, so I asked for a epi. I think I could have handled the contrax if things were progressing a little faster & if the back labour hadn't been so bad. At this point I was so tired, that I think it was exhaustion rather than pain that made me feel I couldn't handle it.

    So, I got the Epi (which wasn't as scary as I thought it would be) & they satrted Pitocin. After 16 hrs of Pitocin, I was only 4 cm & 100% effaced. They decided to give it another 6 hrs before deciding about a C-section. But, about 1 hour later, the baby's heart rate dropped. That was the scariest part. All these nurses came running in, they put me on oxygen & we didn't know what was happening. They decided to do the C-section right away.

    The surgery was actually pretty neat. I could feel everthing they were doing, it just didn't hurt! Modern medical science is so cool! Grace was born at 1:07 pm, after 37 hours of labour! We were all surprised that she was a girl (we had a feeling it was going to be a boy). And we were especially shocked at her FULL HEAD of Dark HAIR! She has a huge mullet! (Her nickname is Billy Ray Cyrus!)

    DH had some great bonding time with her in the nursery, while I was still in surgery. I thought that was the best part -he changed her first diaper, held her first, gave her her first bath, and cuddled with her right away. Now, he feels especially close to her & I love that.

    She was 8 lbs. 15 oz. and was posterior. They think her size & position prevented her from descending & putting pressure on the cervix, which was why I never dialated.

    Anyway, that's about it! The "Natural Childbirth" didn't quite happen the way I thought it would, but overall it was a good experience. I recovered very fast from the C-section. And, most importantly was have a beautiful baby girl!


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    Since I'm new to the board, I decided to post our birth story, even though it's been a while...

    Tess was due on October 4th and about 3 weeks before her due date my midwife checked to see if I was dilated. I was about 3 cm at that point and my cervix was VERY thin... Tessie was REALLY, REALLy low too. So the midwife was a little surprised and thought I would have the baby any day. The next week I went in for a stress test, just to make sure that everything looked good. Yup... except her heart rate dropped a little during some contractions. Had an ultrasound and everything was fine (except she was too low to measure her head).

    Went back in a few days for another stress test and everything was fine. Had my cervix checked again and this time I was 6cm and totally effaced. Hmmm... is the baby going to fall out or what? My midwife asked if I just wanted to go to the hospital and have them break my water. She figured that that was all I would need to get things going. I decided that I didn't want to kick her out, I'd wait for her to come on her own.

    Well, that was a Thursday and over the weekend we did a lot of walking around to try and get something to happen. I'd have some contractions (but I'd been having them for weeks) but nothing that felt like the real thing and they'd always stop. On Monday, the 29th of September, my midwife called and asked me to come in. I was checked again, everything was fine. She just couldn't believe that I didn't have the baby yet. She asked my dh if he wanted to see the baby's head. Okay, I was a little freaked out by that.

    Anyway, FINALLY that night I was laying on the floor watching a movie and noticed that I had a few contractions. Thought it was weird because I was laying down, but whatever. After the movie, I got up to go to the bathroom and I just felt weird. I felt nauseous and I was shaking a lot. My midwife had me so freaked out about the delivery going really quickly that I decided that we should probably go in. If they send us home, they send us home...

    About 30 minutes later we were in the hospital, in hindsight it was pure luck that they didn't have a room available to check me so they just sent me to a delivery room. As we were walking to the room I started to really feel strong, painful contractions and I thought I was going to puke. I asked for them to call for drugs... We got to the room and they checked me... totally dilated and ready to push. No time for drugs. 4 minutes later Tess was born. I was NOT expecting them to tell me it was time to push and I certainly didn't think it would only take 4 minutes! Whoa.

    The whole thing, from start to finish was about 45-60 minutes. Completely different from the first time around!
    -jodie, ryan 9.2.2001, and tess 9.29.2003

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    September 29, 2003

    Dr. Aulds office called to remind me of my appointment the next day. I had a horrible night before with very little sleep. Dr. Aulds told us the week before we would need to look at a C-section or induction if no labor yet by the 30th. I asked the lady if Pat could talk with me and a few minutes later Pat told me she would talk with the doctor about an induction. Pat called back about 30 minutes later and told us to be at the hospital the next morning at 6am. I called DH, he came home to talk and then he told his family and I called my family. We decided to let everyone hear from us around noon the next day instead of having everyone wait during a long labor.

    September 30, 2003

    We got dressed and cleaned. All the bags were packed and ready to load into the car. DH took pictures to document my last day pregnant and I posted a note to my Bulletin Board friends. We left the house, stopped for breakfast and made good time to the hospital in Huntsville.

    The hospital was very busy so we waited until almost 7am for a room. We got a room and started to settle in. My nurse was busy with another patient also so it took quite awhile to start the induction. The pitocin started around 9:30am and contractions began soon after. The contractions started to get regular and steady but I still felt good, just getting sleepy.

    Around 10am, contractions began to regulate. At 11:30am, DH and I stared making phone calls to let family know it would probably be awhile because I was doing so well meaning not much pain so probably not a lot of progress.

    Shortly before noon, Dr. Aulds came into see me. I was dilated to 5cm and he broke my water. Contractions then became painful and I asked for an epidural. We quickly made phone calls again to let family know it would be much sooner than we thought.

    After several contractions, I got a new nurse to assist in the epidural. The anesthesiologist came in and began the procedure. I was very uncomfortable. I was told to lie down flat. I started having pain the in the left side of my abdomen and a heaviness in my chest. My nurse allowed me to sit upright and then change positions frequently because I was in so much discomfort. Jameson’s heart tones were not being read accurately by the monitors because I was moving so much.

    She told me to lie back and then attached a scalp monitor to Jameson for accurate readings. I was dilated to 6cm at this time, around 1:45pm. My nurse paged for assistance and had both nurses become very alarmed. The heart tones were in the 80s and 90s and had been for a while. The labor room got very busy, Dr. Aulds was located in the hospital and they were prepped me for the OR. I heard the anesthesiologist say he wasn’t going to dose the epidural but put me to sleep. The anesthesiologist nurse was very kind and kept tell me to breath and everything would be fine. DH and I were terrified. We were both in tears as I was rolled into the OR. All I could remember and think of was losing Saxon and it was going to happen again.

    I woke up almost an hour later in recovery asking about Booboo. The nurse told me Jameson weight 8lbs 14oz, 20 ½ inches, apgars of 8 & 9. I started crying out of relief and joy. Dr. Aulds came in to see me, just to make sure I knew the baby was OK. The doctor told me it was a placenta abruption. It took them all by surprise because I never bled. He was also surprised Booboo was so big. I was just thankful.

    DH came to see me in recovery. He glowed as he told me about our baby boy. After two hours, I was wheeled to my room to see my family and Jameson. My day shift post-partum nurse wrote Jameson’s name on the board and brought him in to see me.

    As I held Jameson for the first time, I could only cry. I fell in love with a perfect baby boy I waited for all my life.

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    Even though it's been almost 5 months, I will still post this for you all to read.

    On September 11, I had my 39 week visit. I just thought that it would be a routine visit. I took the day off even though it was an afternoon appointment. I arrived at the Dr's office and everything went fine. My cervix was still high and I was only dialated 1 cm. That was fine with me. I still had a few days til my Due date. They took my blood pressure. It was a little on the high side, but it had been a little high all my pregnancy. (I'm sure everyone remembers. )My Dr. said that she wanted me to go to the hospital to be monitored for a few hours just to see how my BP did. I got really nervous. James had been still at work and was probably at home. Therefore, I wasn't able to call him. I called my mom once I got to the hospital and told her what was going on. I asked her if she could come or at least go to my house and tell James to get his butt to the Hospital. Her reply was that it would be a while because she was washing her car. That so pissed me off. I told her whatever and hung up called the our neighbor. After I got off the phone with the neighbors, the nurse posted a sign on my door that said '24 hour urine' Excuse me...the Dr said I was only supposed to be there a few hours. I was getting really nervous then. James finally arrived at the hospital around 5. He was mad b/c he hadn't eaten all day, needed a shower, and came immediately to the hospital. At that point I didn't know what was going on. I told him to go on home get a shower...get food...and come back. As soon as he leaves, the Dr. comes in and said that my BP wasn't looking any better, and being so close to my Due Date, that she wanted to go ahead and induce. Talk about BP shooting sky high!!!! I knew I was going home with a baby.

    It was explained to me that with my BP being high, I was going to be put on magnesium sulfate to keep me from having seizures while being in labor. (That upset me because I know what that is used for.) I signed all the paper work and everything.

    After all that, they weren't able to move me to a room because EVERYONE in my county was having a baby. hehehe. All the L&D rooms were full. So I had to stay put for a while. Finally, they were able to move me to another (a little larger than the first) room. THere they put me on the Mag sulfate and told me when a room became available, they would move me and put me on potocin. UGH! I knew this wasn't going to be the ideal labor I wanted. Well, later that night around BP shot up to 178/100. They brought me a BP pill to try and help bring it down. Well it brought it too low (78/69) too fast. If you have ever had the Flu, imagine that with a throwup virus times ten. That's what I started feeling like. It was awful. Poor James sat right next to me trying his best to help me. I almost felt sorry for him. Finally they got my bp back to normal and I was able to get a little rest. (Nurses were coming in and out all night.) Well, at 3 am just as James had dozed off. They came in, turned the lights on and said it's time to go. That was the last time I was able to get out of bed.

    I got settled in the room and they started the potocin. It wasn't too bad. I was handling the contractions fairly well. I got through the night, the dr came in that morning and checked me. I had not dialated at all. No progress...nadda. So the dr said they were going to crank up the potocin because they were only giving me a small amount. The contractions got stronger through the day. At three on September 12th, the dr came in and checked me again. No dialation. She explained to me that she was going to break my water (For what reason...I do not know.) and if I hadn't gotten any farther then they were going to discuss a c-section. Only because my BP wasn't getting better, but worse. And the only way to correct the problem was to get baby out. Well, the next two hours were a blur because I was being giving stadol every hour to two hours. (The biggest concern about that was they thought they would have to reverse the effects of drugs on Chloe.) My contractions were WAY strong(contractions were lasting 2 minutes and were 2 minutes apart), but I was maintaining control. I 5:00 on the 12th, the nurse came in and checked me. NO PROGRESS!!!! She said she was going to talk to the Dr. and see what she thought. I told her to forget that...Just tell the Dr. I had had enough. I told her just to cut me open and take this baby out. I was done. It was explained to me that they would have to slowly do the epidural because of my bp...they risked lowering like the pill. I told them not to worry with it, just knock me out and take her. Then I started feeling bad. I asked james if he was mad at me for making the decision because he wouldn't be able to be in there. He told me he just wanted a healthy baby and mommy and didn't care how he got it. So they came in and prepped me, and rolled me out at 5:30. They took me into the delivery room got me on the table. I was given anesthesia (sp?) and the next thing I know...I am waking up at 8:00 asking where's my baby. I remember being rolled down the hall, and there she was through the nursery window. The most beautiful baby girl I have ever seen. She was born on September 12 at 6:06 pm weighing 7 lbs 2 oz and 21 inches long. They didn't have to reverse any effects of drugs. Her Apgars were 9 and 10. She's already scoring perfect scores on tests. hehehe

    Even though I had the worst experience ever, I would do it over again and again just to have that feeling I had when I seen her.

    I will post pictures in a little while.
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