Sophia's Birth Story

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Sophia's Birth Story

I had been having mild contractions for a few months 4c and 75% effaced.
That is normal for me! I had 2 nights in one week where my contractions were almost unbearable and was about to head to the hospital when they would stop cold turkey. Well this day I was very tired, even stayed home from church where my husbands is on staff , to take a nap. No contractions all day.
Later after getting my son in bed and my husband and I were heading to bed I decided to go to the bathroom one more time before going to sleep. While I was on the Stool I felt a girgling high up in my tummy, strange? I later reasoned it was my water breaking. I told my husband about it. He was realy tired so he said to let him know if it was for real and anything started happening. About an half hour after my water broke I had one realy strong contraction. It made me hold my breath and clench the sheets! I woke up my husband and told him about it, He was still unsure and was tired of the false alarms. He said to wake him up when the contractions were unbearable. The very next contraction was less than 5 min from the first and was even stronger. I woke him up again and told him I was sure this was it. I called the hopital and told them I was comming in.
Then I called my parents to come and get my son so we could go to the hospital. They live 5 min away. By that time the contractions were comming one after another, with no break. When my parents arrived (it seemed like it took them forever to get their, although later mom said dad was speeding the whole way.) Mom took one look at me and told my husband that we needed to leave now or plan on having our baby at home.
That got him moving at that point i was leaning over our banister moaning and swaying.
We got about 5 blocks from our house and I could feel my baby's head comming down the birth cannal. I yelled at my husband that we were not going to make it to the hospital. I think he thought I was joking. I started pulling off my pants, with that he knew I was not joking and the baby was realy comming.
He called 911 but could not remeber the cross street we were on. We were stopped by a gas station but the major road we were on had 3 of the same ones on it so it wasn't a good landmark. Well they finaly figured were we were. Thankfuly the firestation was only 3 blocks from where we were at so it only took a few minutes for them to get to us.
The hole time this was happening I was panting and trying not to push. Right before the emt arrived a county sheriff showed up. He took one look at me and turned 3 shades of white, and kept saying don't panick, don't push, don't panick don't push. I wanted to push him.
When the paramedics arrived the sweet woman was nice enough to ask if I thought if I could wait until I got into the ambulance. I don't know how i did it but I made it to the gurney, and was loaded into the ambulance. The paramedic yelled something about don't push until she got her gloves on. As soon as I saw one glove on I said. I'm pushing. And with one push the head was out. I had to wait a second then one more push and out came the rest of the baby. Forget about pushing with contracions. I was ready to have that baby out.
All of this took only 1 1/2 hours almost to the minute. We had our beautiful baby girl. She was 6lb, and 18 inches long.
Sophia is now 17 months old and still has a flair for drama.

We are curently TTC our third child and plan to have a home birth!

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Wow, incredible story. Sophia didn't need no stinkin hospital! Love it, thanks for sharing it!

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Wow! I'm glad there were no complications! Thanks for sharing!


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Wow! I know you posted this a while ago. But I just had to say, that was quite a story! Congratulations on your daughter!